A Good Job is Hard to Find

by Living Statue


Theresa stepped into the steamy shower. The hot spray of water soothed her tired muscles. It had been a long day. Hell, it had been a long week, for all that matters. She was exhausted.

It was the beginning of her second month of college and she waited tables at Inferno's (she lovingly referred to it "The Pit"). It was a cramped, smoky night club/diner nestled on the far corner of the campus.  She needed the money, if she wanted to continue to go to school. Her scholarship covered only a portion of her tuition.  Jobs were quickly gobbled up the first week of school. The best jobs were naturally reserved for the returning students. Working the pit was the best job left and that wasn't saying much!  Theresa was a waitress, working the late shift, (8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.). Needless to say atmosphere brought out the worst elements of the nightlife . . . drunk, horny college boys with too much money and too few brain cells. At least the house band was okay and the tips were half way decent.

Theresa rubbed her neck vigorously, trying to work the kinks out. Her hand moved up to her hair. Her beautiful hair! At least it had been once. Her long luscious locks were matted to her head looking dull and lifeless. She brought a handful of her tresses to her nose and recoiled from the smell. The pungent stench of stale cigarettes, alcohol and greasy fried food permeated each strand. She screamed with frustration and flung her hair back over her shoulder. She was tired. Really tired! She couldn't handle much more of this. Between her job, studying, and classes she was drained. There had to be an easier way!

A conversation from a couple of weeks ago with her roommate Stacey leaked into her brain. Stacey had commented on how beautiful she was, that she could be a model. At the time, Theresa had dismissed it knowing that Stacey wanted her and just assumed that Stacey had been hitting on her. Maybe, she thought. Maybe I could be a model. She would make as much money. Maybe more if she was good enough. Plus I wouldn't have to work so many hours. The thought lingered in her head as she gently rubbed herbal shampoo into her hair. She inhaled deeply taking in the delicious smell of chamomile. She continued working the shampoo into a thick, rich lather.  Was she beautiful enough?

She rinsed her hair thoroughly under the hot stream of water. She added a conditioner and waited for it to work its magic on her damaged locks. While she waited, she grabbed her body wash and a loofa sponge. Theresa poured a generous amount of the peach scented liquid on the sponge and gently rubbed her neck and shoulders working her was down to her breasts in slow circular motions until she was engulfed in the intoxicating peach scent. Her whole body began to tingle from the friction of the sponge against her. Her aching muscles began to relax as she slowly rinsed off. She stepped out of the shower into the steamy dressing area and walked up to the mirror. She quickly wiped the condensation off with a towel and stared at her reflection.

Her beautiful black wavy hair hung down to the small of her back. She had a pleasant face with high check bones, pale blue eyes, a petite nose and full lips. Theresa twisted from side to side, carefully examining herself with a critical eye. She ran her hands down her sides and moved back up to her breast. She lifted them and turned to get a side view. They were large enough, her nipples were hard pink knots that pointed high. Next she moved down to her tiny waist, not bad. Her hips were a little wide, but not obvious. She already knew she had beautiful legs. She had been told repeatedly that night. Her hands slid down to her feet. They were small for her height (5'8") but they had beautiful high arches and perfect little toes.

She suddenly straightened and turned from the mirror. She dried off quickly and dressed in a soft pink tank top with matching panties. She ran a comb through her thick mane and gathered up her back pack and uniform (a tight black baby tee with flames on the front, red daisy duke style shorts, black fish net stockings and a strappy pair of red pumps). Her boss, Jim, claimed the reason behind the miniscule outfit was because the club got so hot. The truth was that the club did get hot, but she suspected he had ulterior motives for the girls' attire.

6:00 a.m. by the time Theresa stepped out into the cool, barren hallway. Of course, no one was up yet, but she was running late. She quickly made her way down the hallway. Her bare feet softly slapping the hard, freshly waxed marble floor. The smell of floor wax still lingered in the air. The slapping sound of her feet reverberated off the brightly colored walls and echoed down the empty corridor as she turned the corner and headed to the "living area." There were several couches, chairs and tables centered around a large screen tv and off to the left was a small kitchen. Theresa made her way over to the coffee pot. She needed coffee if she was going to accomplish anything today. She quickly poured water into the machine, added a new filter and measured out the coffee. She placed the pot on the machine and flipped the switch. Immediately, freshly brewed coffee began to drip down into the pot and the wonderful aroma of the caffeinated beverage began to fill her nostrils.

Theresa walked back to the sitting area and turned on the television. The news was on as she flopped down onto one of the couches. She listened to Casey Jones report on the airplane crash that had occurred two days earlier as she waited for the coffee to finish. Her head fell forward as she began to nod off, she quickly jerked it back, trying desperately to stay awake. Finally, the coffee finished brewing. She grabbed the whole pot and a mug, returning to her spot on the couch.

She removed a pen and paper from her back pack and reached over to the side table for the phone book. In mid reach she froze as a commercial came on that entranced her;

"Are you a young and attractive female? Are you tired of long hours at a go-nowhere job? Do you have what it takes to be a model?"
A handsome man said. "Hi, I'm Tom Sterling, and I may have the solution for you!" He smiled and pointed to the camera.
"Let me introduce you to the Sterling Modeling Agency. If you are looking for an exciting career opportunity and would like to earn a substantial income, please call me at 595-1226 to set up your appointment today!"

The number flashed across the screen quickly and then faded to black. The news was back on. Theresa scrambled for her pen as she recited the number over and over in her head. She hurriedly jotted it down on the pad of paper in front of her. What luck, she thought, I don't even have to look through the phone book.

She glanced at the clock on the wall 6:45 a.m. It was still too early to call. Maybe she would call anyway. They should have an answering machine and someone would call her back as soon as they got in. At least that way she could take a short nap on the couch while she waited for a return call. Theresa picked up the phone and began to punch numbers, her hands trembling with excitement. What if someone answered? What would she say? Her heart began to race at the first ring, by the third ring she was convinced that her heart would leap from her chest.

The phone continued to ring. After the eighth ring she pulled the phone from her ear and was prepared to hang up. Just as she was about to replace it on the base, she heard a deep male voice on the other end of the line.

"Sterling Agency, may I help you?"

Theresa put the phone back to her ear, but she was speechless.

"Hello, is anyone there?"

"Y-yes." She stammered.

"What can I do for you?" He asked.

"I want to be a model." She blurted and turned bright red.

" Well," he laughed. "Let's see if we can make that happen." He had a rich baritone laugh. "Do you have any experience?"

"No..." She said dejectedly. She was sure he would tell her he couldn't use her.

He heard the disappointment in her voice. Even in her sadness, her voice sounded sultry, he thought. "That's all right; do you have some pictures, proofs, or a zed card?"

"No, I don't" she began to panic again. "Your commercial didn't mention that I needed them."

"So, you saw my commercial, huh?" He said. "Not a problem. We have a photographer on staff. Can you be here by 9:00?"

"Really, I mean, yes. I can. What should I bring?" She was so excited she almost burst.

He laughed again and said, "Just bring yourself, we supply the rest. We have all the clothes, make-up and props you will need right here. By the way, my name is Tom. What's yours?"

She was shocked. It was the man from the commercial. She blushed again. "Oh, sorry Tom; I'm Theresa Ashland. Thank you so much for this opportunity."

"It was a pleasure speaking with you Theresa, I look forward to meeting you."

She hung up the phone and flew off the couch and raced down the hall to her room. This could be my break.

Tom went back to his work room. He was certain that he had found his next great model. If her sultry voice was any indication, she was absolutely gorgeous. He was so excited. He could hardly concentrate on his current task, completing the mannequin for Lady Elle's Lingerie Boutique. He was supposed to have his completed masterpiece at the store by 8:30 a.m. and he was already behind schedule. Tom was thrilled that the commercial had worked so quickly. He couldn't believe his luck, just one airing and already a potential new model. He continued to put the finishing touches on Jennifer. Just a bit more blush, perfect!

"I'm sorry that took so long, darling" he said as he gently brushed his fingers across the mannequin's cheek.

He moved Jennifer over to the full length mirror at the end of his workroom. "Just, look at yourself: perfect. I'll be right back, and you will be on your way!"

He returned to the agency by 8:45 a.m. He still had fifteen minutes before Theresa would arrive. He knew they would drag on as they always did when you were waiting for something special to happen. Tom sat back in his chair and stared at this clock as it slowly clicked away the time. He had started to doze off, when he heard a soft tentative knock on the door. He jumped from the chair and quickly glanced at the clock. It was exactly 9:00. She was punctual. He liked that. He slowly crossed the room, not wanting to seem too eager, taking his time unlocking and opening the door. The young woman standing there was even more beautiful than he could ever have imagined. His eyes traveled down her body taking everything in.

He realized they were still standing in the doorway when she cleared her throat and said, "Tom?"

"Yes, yes, you must be Theresa. Please come in," he made a sweeping gesture for her to enter.

She gracefully made her way past him, and his eyes followed her every move. She slowly turned around taking in everything.

Wow, she thought, this place is amazing. She was awestruck by the agency's beautiful outer room. The carpeting was a thick plush hunter green and the walls were painted a softer, paler shade of green. There was a beautiful antique chandelier that hung from the high ceiling. Its crystal prisms reflected the morning sun that streamed through the large bay window on front and left sides of the room, splitting the light into tiny rainbows of color splashed throughout the room. Lush plants dotted the perimeter.

The most stunning feature of all were the lovely statues and mannequins that stood on various pedestals and platforms. They are so life-like!   All of the statues were naked, not one detail overlooked. You could see every line, every curve. Even the tiny bumps on the areola surrounding each erect nipple were represented. They were each a glorious homage to the female form.

Theresa went up to the closest statue. It was breathtaking, she thought as she ran her hand over the cool, smooth marble surface. No seams anywhere, unbelievable! The attention to detail was extraordinary. The mannequins were equally splendid, displayed in a wide array of clothing ranging from ball gowns and business suits to sportswear and sexy lingerie. Exquisite attention had been paid to the accessories. Necklaces, earrings, watches, silk stockings and high heels adorned most. Unless you were looking for them, many could be mistaken for a woman who had stopped to check the time or search the crowd for a loved one. As if they had frozen in time for just a moment.

Tom left her to explore for a little while, watching her reaction to his works of art. "Do you like what you see?" he asked and smiled.

"Oh yes," she said. "Did you do these?" He nodded his head slowly, studying her. "They are absolutely lifelike in every detail."

"I know, that's exactly the look I've tried to achieve. My clientele expects nothing less."

"You are very talented. How do you find the time to do all this and run a modeling agency?"

"You'd be surprised how easy it really is," he said knowingly. "I'm also the photographer."

"But how-"

"Let's get you started, okay?" He interrupted her question quickly. Taking her hand, he led her over to the large mahogany desk situated against the right wall. He motioned for her to sit as he walked around to the other side.  "Okay, let's get the paperwork out of the way." Tom pulled a thick stack of papers from the desk. "It's a standard modeling contract; I just need you to sign and date the first and last page and initial the pages in between," he recited as he slid the contract across the table to Theresa. "Don't worry about reading it now, it's just a bunch of legal speak and you get your own copy. You can read it later." Please just sign it, he thought.

Theresa smiled and replied "Okay." She signed everything and handed it back. He tore off her copies and she jammed them into her purse.

"Let's get started, shall we." He was so excited, he nearly ran to his workroom. Theresa followed quickly behind.

When she walked in the room, she was surprised at the differences between the front room and this one. There were rows of women's clothing lining the left side of the room. A long table ran the length of the back of the room. It was piled high with a variety of wigs and make-up kits.

On the right side there were two statues each striking seductive yet elegant poses. Next to them was a mannequin laying on her back. She had one of her legs bent at the knee, and the other was crossed over the top with her toes flexed showing her lovely instep as if she just removed a high heeled shoe. One of her arms dangled casually off the side of the platform. Beautiful, Theresa thought.  A drop cloth covered the floor, with a high stool in the middle of a set of free standing lights. So, she thought, this is where the magic begins.

Tom asked her to sit on the stool and he began to reposition the lights. He walked up to her and held her chin in between his fingers turning her head from side to side. Then he stepped back.  "Okay, Theresa, I'm going to give you simple instructions and I need you to follow them without question. Do you understand?"  She nodded. "Are you thirsty?" Again she nodded.  Tom left the room and returned with a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses. "This will help you to relax."

Theresa took a glass and began to sip the wine. It was a good vintage, almost sweet. Tom drank his as well, watching her the whole time. After her second sip, he noticed her muscles began to relax and she slumped down slightly in her chair. Now she was ready.

"I need you to go past the racks of clothes into the bathroom and take a thorough shower. Use the unopened bar of soap, shampoo and conditioner provided. It's been developed especially for my models. Put on the robe when you finish and come back here, okay?"

"But, I just took a shower this morning. I really don't think-"

Tom frowned and interrupted her, "I asked you to follow my instructions without question, right? You did agree that you would, but if you can't then you are free to go right now."

"Yes, but-"

"I just need to make sure your skin is as clean as possible. It's not a special request, Theresa, I ask all of my models to do this."

Theresa nodded her head once more, got up and unsteadily made her way to the shower. She was still confused by his request, does he really think I wouldn't shower before I came here? She shrugged and silently continued on her way.

He called after her, "I'll pick out some clothing for you and get the make up ready. Make sure you follow my directions, there is no hurry, we have all day." She waved back at him and smiled. She turned on the shower and opened the bar of soap. She hopped in and began her usual ritual of washing and conditioning her hair. Then she rubbed the bar of soap between her hands and scrubbed her face.  This stuff is amazing, she thought, my skin has never felt so soft.She continued to scrub her body, working her way down her stomach to her sex. As she rubbed, hair began to fall away and wash down the drain.

Theresa dropped the bar of soap and ran her hands over the smooth surface. The touch of her own hand sent a tingling sensation through her body and she became very wet. She was getting really turned on!  She finished her shower, toweled off and blow-dried her hair. When she looked in the mirror, she realized that her hair was shinier and healthier looking than it ever had before. Her skin had taken on a glow and she realized that the soap had removed all of her body hair, including her eyebrows.  She really liked what she saw. It was like a different person staring back at her. She ran her hands over her entire body relishing the feeling of smooth skin. I've got to get some of his products for myself! She turned out the light and headed back, ignoring the robe.

Tom was busy arranging things on the table and didn't hear her come up behind him. He spun around as though he sensed her presence. "You look gorgeous! What a difference my products make, huh?" His eyes hungrily took in her body. She was perfection! "Please sit down and we will get started."

She positioned her body on the stool as he continued to work at the table. Her back remained towards him and she didn't hear him come up behind her with the syringe. He plunged the needle into the soft flesh of her left buttock. She felt a slight sting as the needle penetrated her skin.

"Hey, what are you doing?!" Theresa began to panic and her eyes grew wider.

He walked around to face her and brushed her cheek gently. "Don't worry, my love. This will help you to hold your poses for me better. Your limbs won't tire so quickly. It won't hurt you at all, I promise."

She relaxed a little bit, his calm words soothing her. "Okay, you just surprised me."

"I'm going to apply a light pancake powder to your face and body to even out your skin tone. This will only take a couple of minutes and I need you to stay completely still."

He began by applying the powder to her face and worked his way down her body until every part of her was covered except for her sex. It was just slightly lighter than her normal skin tone. He stepped back to examine his work for a moment and then continued with the task at hand. He worked the powder into her skin taking his time covering the crevice between her legs. As he worked, he could feel the heat her pussy was giving off and the juices that had begun to flow. He mused to himself, If you like this baby, just wait, it gets better.

Theresa was blushing profusely as his hands touched her in such an intimate way. Oh, I have no self-control, she berated herself. I have to distance myself from this. It's his job to make me look the best.

When he finally finished and straightened, up she tried to shift her position. The stool was hard and cold against her buttocks. When she moved she realized that it wasn't just the stool that was cold, it was her, and the feeling was spreading. Her muscles were also starting to tighten from holding still for so long. This was going to be harder than I expected, she thought.

"Are you uncomfortable?" Tom said. "Go ahead and move around a little now, because you are going to need to hold still longer in this next phase okay?"

"Thanks; I'm a little cold too," Theresa replied as she stood up and stretched her slim body, twisting from side to side and then bending at the waist.

"Don't worry, that's normal. You'll continue to feel stiffer as the drug reaches all your muscles. The other girls have told me that it feels really good." He looked at her to see if she believed him. She did. This was too easy."Please sit back down and we will apply your make up." He slid a chair and cart in front of her and removed a variety of brushes, pencils and tubes as he sized up her features. Now he took a black eyebrow pencil and drew lines over each of her eyes. Yes, this will work nicely. Next he put fake eyelashes on each of her eyes. She tried not to blink, but she was not used to the feel of them and they weighted down her lids. He applied a light coat of mascara to them and then brushed a plum shadow on each of her lids. He sat back on his chair and admired his work. Not bad. Now for a light brushing of a blush and a complimentary shade of lipstick. Perfect!

Theresa tried to remain motionless and it was becoming easier to do so as the drug moved through her body. She felt the cold spread from her backside to her stomach and travel up to her breasts then each of her arms. Funny, it really doesn't feel so bad. The potion continued to work its magic, affecting her sex, which began to tingle with the chill and she felt an uncontrollable urge to touch herself again.

Tom watched her eyes. She was getting excited again. He'd better finish up before she got too into what was taking place within her body.  "Theresa, let's get you into position over here, okay?" Tom pointed to a platform near the mannequin. The first thought to enter her mind was that appeared to be a cross between a sacrificial altar and a pedestal. Next she noticed an ornately decorated mirror suspended directly over the altar. It hung merely a few feet above it. Odd, she thought, but quickly dismissed it. She hesitated for only a moment wanting to satiate her desires, but then she got up and stiffly walked over to the platform.

She was having trouble getting up there and into position. Tom reached out, picked her up, and placed her atop the pedestal. As she looked down at him with those piercing pale blue eyes, he could see she had gotten even more excited when he touched her.  Her eyes revealed the desire she felt and her lips stuck out slightly in a seductive pout.  He really wanted her! He knew he didn't have much time left -— not nearly enough to do what he wanted to. Oh, well that will have to wait.

Theresa was desperate now. Her body was throbbing with desire. The cold that she had felt in the beginning was gone, replaced with an uncontrollable need to be pleasured. Please, Tom, she begged him with her eyes. She needed him.

Tom ignored her silent pleas and brought his equipment over. "Darling, we are almost done. I'm going to position you now and I need you to stay in that position. This is very important. You cannot move at all, okay?"

She nodded affirmatively. It was an effort just to do that and it sent a wave of sensations through her already tormented body.

Tom jumped onto the platform and walked around Theresa. He had her sit down and arched her back so that her breasts stuck out further. He bent her elbows behind her and rested them on the platform to support her weight. Next he bent her legs at the knees with just her feet touching the pedestal. He pointed her toes and lifted her arches. Then he pushed her head back so that her long locks brushed the base she was seated on.

Tom jumped down off the platform and grabbed his airbrush. "How we doing, honey?"

"I'm okay, but this is really an uncomfortable and difficult position to hold," she said with some strain in her voice. Her arms and legs were trembling.

"Don't worry. It will get easier in a few minutes," he said with a knowing smile. "Okay; now I'm going to spray you with this finishing gloss. It will give you a beautiful glow."   He pushed her hair back from her forehead and asked her to close her eyes. He sprayed the liquid on her face. Her skin immediately began to feel tight, not a bad feeling almost like a mud pack. Working down her neck, breasts, and torso, he continued to spray until every part of her body was coated and saturated.

Tom brought the special heating lamps up and placed them around her figure. He quickly made a few necessary adjustments to her pose, moving her right elbow slightly further away from her body. He placed his hands under her knees and lifted them a little higher. Next he pressed his hands to the instep of her luscious, little feet, increasing their arch so that just the tips of her toes reached the platform. Then he jumped back down and flipped the switch.

Theresa could feel the intensity of the heat as it penetrated her skin. Something was happening and she wasn't quite sure what it was.  She could hear a strange crackling sound. It was faint at first and seemed to be emanating from somewhere near her feet. She shifted her gaze to the mirror on the ceiling, carefully studying her reclining form with growing concern.  She watched in amazement as each of her toes changed. At first it was subtle they began to take on an unusual shine. Then the skin itself hardened and smoothed. She could still see the detail of each of them, but the nailS had taken on the same coloring as the rest of the toes. The crackling continued to grow louder as the transformation continued to work its way up her feet.

Her feet grew heavy with the change, but it was much easier to hold them in place. As if they were staying there on their own. There was no need to fear losing her pose. She couldn't.  The attention to detail was utterly flawless. By now her legs were completely altered and it continued to work its way up the rest of her body.  The crackling sound increased until the changing skin reached her sex. That too, hardened and the throbbing grew to a heightened pitch. Upwards the feeling moved until it reached her breasts. Her nipples became so hard they felt as if they would burst from her chest.  Then it split and traveled to her arms and her face all at once. So heavy but yet comforting. Now she realized what was happening. She was becoming a living mannequin!

Her eyes searched from side to side looking for Tom. She was completely immobile now, except for her eyes. She felt the last of the air rushing out of her lungs as she felt them crystallize inside her.  Her heartbeat slowed until even she could no longer detect it. Then her vocal cords atrophied and there was nothing left for her to do but stare at her immobile body with mixed emotions of horror and fascination. Where is Tom? she wondered. Why doesn't he speak to me! She wanted an explanation.

Tom stood by, silently enthralled with her transformation. He didn't want to spoil anything by speaking. There was time for explanations afterwards and he didn't want to miss one moment of the magic.  His body reacted to her transformation like never before. Yes, he was always turned on when his models became his works of art, but the sight of her posed there was truly breathtaking. He wanted her so much. He ached for her. He sighed audibly when he heard the last bit of air being expelled from her lungs. He knew he had only a few moments before she was no longer able to see him. He had some explaining to do and he wanted one last look at her beautiful eyes.

Tom quickly hopped onto the platform and looked deeply into Theresa's eyes. "Theresa, I need to explain some things to you, okay. As I'm sure, you have figured out by now the statues and mannequins you saw today are real women. They have all gone through the same transformations that you have. They are not in any pain, just as you aren't. This is not a permanent state! Do you understand what I am telling you? I can reverse the process at anytime. The average lengths of assignments are two to five weeks. There are no adverse side effects."

He waited until he was sure she had a chance to take in what he had just told her. "Just relax and enjoy this experience, it can be very pleasurable. I can't wait to show you what you look like. I know I told you that you were gorgeous before but now you are a goddess to be worshipped. All of my clients will be vying for the chance to display you in their store."

Tom grabbed the clothes that he had chosen for her while he waited for what he had just told her to sink in. He put a delicate purple lace demi bra on her now rigid body, along with a matching lace thong. Next he put a purple garter belt on her and attached pure silk nylons. He brushed out her hair and adjusted her slightly on the pedestal.

With each touch of his hand, Theresa's body reached. Her skin felt as though it were alive with electricity. She almost climaxed right then, forgetting about her situation. She still wasn't sure fully what was happening to her, but her earlier feelings of fear had been replaced with feelings of sheer ecstasy, and she never wanted it to end.

Before he put the finishing touches on his latest masterpiece, he wanted to show her just how beautiful she was. Tom brought up a full length mirror and held it out in front for her to see.

Theresa stared at the reflection in the mirror; her skin was now hard, smooth, and radiant. He was right. She did look absolutely stunning. Her initial reaction faded as she continued to stare back at herself. Maybe this isn't so bad. She had never felt more sensual or alluring in her life!

Tom set the mirror aside. "As I told you, you are the perfect mannequin model. Your first assignment will last two weeks. When you are done, I will reverse the effects and we can discuss your options. You can either continue to work for me, or leave the agency. Just so you know, not one girl has ever opted to leave me." He bent down and kissed her hardened mouth and brushed her hair back once more. His hands roamed the petrified features of her curvaceous body.

Once again, Theresa was engulfed in the electricity of his touch. He moved down her body until he reached her sex once more. This time he bent down and kissed her and gently fondled her stiff knot until she could take no more. Her body was gripped in the throes of the most intense orgasm she could ever imagine. With that the process completed itself. Each muscle was strained to its limit; her eyes froze in place so she could no longer see Tom.  She felt a surge of electricity echo through her still form as her mind shattered into pleasure.

This was exactly how Tom had wanted her first time to be. Now, she would be trapped in the ecstasy of her own orgasm for her entire assignment.  He was really going to enjoy waking her back up. Two weeks seemed so long to wait!  He kissed her one last time before placing her on the dolly. He didn't want to share her with anyone, but that was his job.

He chose a place for her in the front window of his expanding gallery. She had just been admiring the other statues and mannequins here only a few hours earlier. Now she seemed right at home displayed amongst them. She looked absolutely stunning as the sun shone down on her figure, highlighting all of her best features. He was so proud of the way she transformed so perfectly into a mannequin that he had already started planning her next transformation.

Theresa would make a breathtaking statue.

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