A Good Job is Hard to Find -- A Monumental Change

by LivingStatue and Panicman

This is the second chapter of a continuing story; you can read the beginning here. Ed.


Tom passed the days in quiet despair, anticipating Theresa's return. She was due to return in the morning. He needed to get his mind off of her, so the time would pass more quickly. He had thrown himself back into his work during her absence. He had created several new works of art, but none had equaled her beauty. Now, he was merely hours away from their reunion. Time seemed to slow, and he was growing impatient. He needed something to distract his anticipation.

Tom decided to call Anna. She was one of his best models, always eager to please. Anna had been scheduled to have three weeks off, but he was certain that with a little convincing (and an offer of extra pay), he could get her to return tonight.

Anna knocked on the gallery door less than twenty minutes later. She was wearing a white camisole top with a short navy blue shirt and high heeled navy blue pumps. Her long blonde locks cascaded in soft waves down past her shoulders. Her stunning green eyes sparkled with excitement.

"It's good to see you, Anna," Tom said. "Thanks for getting here on such short notice."

"Anything for you, Tom!" She flashed him a radiant smile as she passed into the gallery.

Anna made her way to the back of the gallery, stopping occasionally to talk to one of her petrified friends. When she reached Sarah, she hopped onto the pedestal, hugging Sarah's plastic form lovingly. Anna whispered into the folds of her stiffened ear, kissed her glossy lips and then hopped back down to the floor.

She turned to Tom and said, "Okay, I'm ready now." She turned around and walked into Tom's spacious workroom.

Anna and Sarah have been models for Tom for a little over two years. They met while on an assignment for him. They quickly became friends, roommates and then lovers. They were both dedicated to their work, and both saw each other as much as they could. They had been planning a trip to the Carribean for a couple of months now, and he had promised them the time to get away. He would keep that promise.

Anna had already begun showering, so Tom got her injection ready while he waited. She preferred to be conscious and aware while posing for Tom as a stiff mannequin figure. Tom had created a special formula about a year ago, as many of his models preferred to know what was going on while they were on display. They got quite a rush, watching people watching them.

Now he offered each of them a choice. Anna always preferred to see who was enjoying the sight of her hard, curvaceous body. She was proud of how she looked, and she loved being on display. She exclusively posed as a mannequin, and she was definitely one of the best. Tom expected everything to go quickly, without a hitch.

Anna emerged from her shower, walked past two rows of clothing towards the stool in the center of the room. She silently removed her robe and seductively leaned over the stool. The anticipation of transforming into a mannequin excited her.

Tom injected her quickly and then began to apply her makeup. As he applied the pancake base to her body, he began to discuss her assignment.

"You will be on display at McCafie's Department Store. The girl you are replacing is displayed in a reclined position on a shelf, so I will need you to pose in a similar manner. Perhaps a provocative sitting pose. I need to pick her up, and drop you off, before the store opens in the morning, so we don't have a lot of time. I leave it to you to pick an appropriate pose, and I will make any necessary adjustments, okay?"

"Of course, Tom," Anna smiled brightly at him. "You sound really anxious for... what's her name, anyway?"

"Theresa," Tom said dreamily.

"Ah, Theresa. Well, you seem anxious for her to come back to you," she said with a knowing smile and wink. "Could it be that you have finally fallen for one of us?"

Tom cleared his throat. "Of course not! You know I love all of you equally!"

Anna giggled softly to herself. She had struck a nerve! Tom could be so easy to get a rise out of sometimes! Oh, well, I've got work to do. She stiffly walked over to her pedestal. The sound of her bare feet on the hard studio floor sounded louder than when she arrived fresh from the shower. Anna thrilled at the sensations occurring in her hardening body!

She stood in front of the pedestal, waiting for Tom to help her. No matter how many times she had done this, she still had difficulty climbing up on her own. Due to her stiffness, as well as her stature, it was nearly impossible for her to accomplish the leap on her own. She stood a mere 5'4" tall and weighed about 104 pounds. It was not physically possible for her to swing her petite form up like most other models do. Tom was always happy to assist her!

This time Tom grabbed her around the waist and lifted her onto the platform, seating her on the edge. Anna crossed her right leg over her left seductively, making sure to point her toes to accentuate her arches and tighten her calf muscles. She arched her back, pulled her left shoulder backwards slightly. She then turned her head so she was looking over her left shoulder. Her arms fell gracefully to her sides, gently bracing her position on the pedestal.

Tom quickly made a few adjustments. He raised her chin up and turned her head a little further to her left. He then arched her back further and brushed out her hair one last time before he turned on the heat lamps.

Tom moved a mirror into Anna's line of sight. Anna's smile widened immediately. She loved to watch her own transformation. She stared excitedly at her own reflection.  Quietly the crackling began. Her entire body took on a glorious sheen. It started with her toes and slowly crept up her feet. The electrifying tingling coursed through her ever stiffening form.  The process continued up her calves and thighs until it reached her throbbing sex. The sensations shot through her body with increasing frequency. It traveled over the smooth, taut, flesh of her stomach. The closer it moved to her breasts, the more erect her nipples became. Soon they were hard, shiny pebbles of plastic. She was ready to explode with the first of a series of orgasms. Wave after wave of electricity streamed through her body. Her transformation was nearly complete. Her arms petrified, then her neck. Finally her face became hard. Her lips frozen in a beautiful demure smile that belied her ecstasy.

Anna continued to watch as the process completed itself. She also watched Tom as he watched her change. Something is different, she thought. His excitement was evident as always. His jeans were stretched tautly over his erection, barely able to restrain it. The desire in his eyes was distant though, as if he were imagining someone else in her place.

Tom had watched as Anna slowly petrified, changing her into a living mannequin. He was thinking of Theresa, and imagined that it was she that was changing, not Anna. He was filled with an animal desire, so basic he could hardly restrain himself. He was being tortured! Instead of taking his mind off of Theresa, he had only increased his need for her.

It was 5:30 a.m. when Tom strapped the pertified Anna into the front seat of his tan mini-van. He liked to let the girls ride up front with him, depending of course on the position they had been frozen in. He wanted them to be as comfortable as possible, besides they were not just cargo to be delivered.

As they raced toward McCafie's, Anna thought, Everything is flying by so quickly! She couldn't make out where they were, no landmarks stood out. Everything just sped by in a blur. Tom parked the van at the back of McCafie's at ten minutes to six. He was early for his meeting with Mrs. Billings, the display manager. He didn't mind though, it gave him a few minutes to clear his head before retrieving the one he truly loved.

Five minutes after Tom and Anna arrived, Mrs. Billings' green Ford station wagon pulled up next to them.

"Good Morning," Mrs. Billings said cheerfully.

"Good Morning, Mrs. Billings. It's great to see you again," replied Tom.

Mrs. Billings walked to the back door of the department store and unlocked it. Tom took this as his cue to remove the dolly from the back of his van. He wheeled it around to the passenger's side door and lifted Anna from her restraints. He placed her on the dolly, careful not to scrape her plastic limbs on the hard asphalt.

"I hope you brought us a good replacement, Tom. I'm truly sorry to see this last mannequin go. She has increased our lingerie sales markedly during her short stay with us," Mrs. Billings said as she stepped through the open door. She quickly disarmed the alarm system and stuck her head back out."Are you sure she can't stay with us just a little longer?"

I've got to see this Theresa. She must be an absolute knock out! Not only has she enchanted Tom, but she even managed to get the display manager to notice her too, thought Anna.

"No, Mrs. Billings, she has already been rented to another store. I have to have her there this afternoon." Tom replied in a white lie. Silently he said, She has plans with me. He smiled to himself and then said to the manager, "I promise to bring her back as soon as I can, but she is one of my best mannequins. I can't guarantee anything."

Tom wheeled Anna over the threshold of the store entrance into the storage room. It was filled with a variety of merchandise, props, and of course, mannequins. The mannequins predated Tom's contract with the department store. The older mannequins could be taken apart and repositioned, but they lacked the realism of Tom's mannequins. That is why the owner was so taken with the newer, more life-like mannequins that Tom provided. Tom made certain to tell all of his clients that his mannequins were created from life casts of real women, and were therefore anatomically correct in every way.

Mrs. Billings suddenly giggled softly and said, "Tom, you are going to think I'm a little off, but I started talking to your mannequin. Each time I passed her or adjusted her clothing, I would tell her about my day, and each night I would stop by to wish her sweet dreams. She is so perfect and lifelike that it seemed natural to speak with her."

Tom also laughed and winked at her, "I'll let you in on a secret, I not only talk to them, I name them." He glanced down at Anna's frozen form. Her eyes stared blankly back at him.   "I've named this one Anna," Tom said. "I think of them as beautiful young women not just mannequins. They are my friends."

Nice cover, Tom, Anna mused to herself.

"Tom, I understand completely," Mrs. Billings said. "They are stunningly beautiful. You can tell them anything and they never get mad. They don't judge you in any way or tell you what you've done wrong in your life. They are true friends." She gently patted his arm.

They continued to converse as they made their way through the storeroom to the sales floor. They navigated their way through the men's clothing department, passed the women's makeup and fragrance counters. Then they made a right turn passing the women's casual wear and finally stopped in front of the lingerie department.  Tom held his breath as he looked at the back wall of the department. There she lay, his beloved Theresa.  She was reclined on a shelf, looking as lovely as the day he had brought her here.  He took his camera from around his neck and began shooting roll after roll of film.

Mrs. Billing pulled a small step ladder out from the middle of a round rack stocked with a variety of lace teddies. She placed it below the shelf on which Theresa was displayed.

Sweet Jesus! She IS the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, Anna thought jealously. Sarah is going to flip when she meets her.

Tom continued to stare at Theresa, mesmerized. Her long back hair had been brushed neatly with several small tendrils cascading over the side of the shelf. Her face remained frozen in place with her eyes staring blindly up to the ceiling.  Her beautiful breasts were coved by a stunning gold lamé bustier. She wore a matching gold thong. Her legs were clad in sheer silk stockings that had been dusted with flecks of gold. They were held in place with small hidden dabs of spirit gum. Tom liked the change in Theresa's clothing. In fact, he thought, I'm going to buy the outfit to take her home in. Mrs. Billings had taken very good care of his most treasured acquisition.

Tom reached up and placed one hand under Theresa's back, the other under her bent knees. He carefully brought her down the step ladder. He cradled her in his arms, close to his chest. When he was sure Mrs. Billings wasn't looking, he secretly placed a light kiss her right breast. When he stepped off the last step, he lowered her petrified body gently on the sales floor.

Mrs. Billing had turned her attention to Anna. She had decided on one of their new camisoles for the new mannequin to wear. It was dark green trimmed in ivory lace. The plunging neckline would accentuate Anna's voluptuous bust line. The sides were slit very high and adorned with more of the ivory lace. Next she chose a matching pair of ivory colored silk pantyhose.

Mrs. Billings started dressing her in the pantyhose. She placed Anna on a stool and stood behind her. She leaned over Anna, struggling to pull them up over her stiffened legs. She had reached the point where Anna's legs were crossed and moved around to Anna's side and knelt to get a better view. She carefully guided the delicate fabric through the narrow space that separated one frozen limb from the other. She pulled the pantyhose up over Anna's hips and then ran her hand down Anna's body to smooth out any imperfections in the hosiery.

Mmmm, that feels soooo good, thought Anna. She was exhilarated by the older woman's touch on her hard shapely legs. She loved being fussed over like that.

After finishing with the pantyhose, Mrs. Billings cut the straps along the back seam of the camisole. Then she pulled it over Anna's head and down her immobilized torso. She lifted the stiff figure up from the stool and slid the fabric down further over Anna's firm, shiny buttocks. Then she proceeded to sew the straps back in place with amazing precision. No one would ever notice they had been cut at all.

Tom had been so preoccupied with preparing Theresa for their departure, that he hadn't even noticed Mrs. Billings dressing Anna. When he finally did notice, Anna was completely dressed and Mrs. Billings was brushing out her blonde locks.

"Tom, would you mind helping me put Anna up on the shelf before you leave?" Mrs. Billings asked.

"Of course, I'd be happy to" said Tom. "I was wondering if I could possibly buy the outfit that Theresa is wearing?"

"I'll give you the outfit, as long as you promise to keep bringing me these wonderful mannequins."

Tom laughed, "You've got a deal!" He picked Anna up off the stool and carried her up the step ladder. He set her on the edge of the shelf. She looks happy.

"I'll finish things up here, Tom. Thank you so much." Her eyes began to tear up as she looked at Tom. "You have made a very old and lonely woman happy with your magnificent works of art."

"I'm glad you like them; you'll have to stop by my gallery sometime." He handed her a business card. He watched her as the merchandiser climbed the step ladder and fussed over Anna. What a sweet lady, he thought.

Anna watched silently as Tom took Theresa away. I hope you get what you have been waiting for, Tom.

Tom turned to Theresa. He wanted to pick her up and carry her in his arms to the van, but he knew that he shouldn't. Instead, he placed her on the dolly and wove his way out of the store.  He began to tremble with excitement as he placed her on the back seat of the van. Due to the position she was frozen in (lying down) he couldn't have her ride up front with him.  He was so excited, he wasn't sure he would be able to concentrate on driving them back to the gallery. He shot out of the parking lot and sped home.

Once they reached the gallery, he took her upstairs to his apartment. It ran the length of his gallery and workroom. It was sparsely decorated, since he spent little time there. He had tried to fix it up a little in preparation for Theresa's return.

He brought her stiffened body into the bedroom and laid her gently on his king size bed. He grabbed his camera and took a roll of film. Capturing every angle, every detail. Then he removed her clothes. Her naked body lay on the new silk sheet and pillows he had bought for her. The room was filled with fresh flowers and candles were everywhere. Soft classical music played on his stereo. He had planned every detail.  On the dresser to the left of the bed was an elegantly wrapped present he had purchased three days earlier for her, two champagne flutes, and an empty ice bucket. Tom left her reclined on the bed while he went to get the champagne and the jar of reanimating cream.

Upon his return, Tom set the jar down on the bedside table. He wanted to savor the last few minutes of her first mannequin pose. The cream would take some time to work its magic, yet he needed to touch her before the process began. Tom sat down on the bed next to Theresa and ran his fingers through her luscious ebony hair. Then he slowly traced is fingers down the hardened features of her face. He leaned over her and passionately kissed her hard, pouting lips. He held her chin between his fingers and stared deeply into her vacant eyes, just as he had done before he brought her to McCafie's.  His fingers continued down her neck to the little hollow at its base. He bent down and gently brushed his lips back and forth across it. He trailed kisses down her left breast, across the small valley between it and the hard globe that was her right breast. He licked her erect nipples. His hands ran down her arms past the bent elbows to her stiffened fingers and kissed the tips of each of them. He ran his hand over the smooth surface of her belly and circled the small indentation that was her belly button.

He sat back up and grabbed the jar off the side table. He got up and moved to the end of the bed, near her lovely feet. Tom opened the jar and began to rub a thick layer of the cream onto her plastic feet. He slowly continued up her calves and then her thighs. He stopped at the apex between her legs and lightly kissed her petrified mound before continuing over it. He applied the cream generously as he moved up her torso and down her arms. Next Tom turned her onto her side and coated her backside. He rolled her onto her back once again and moved to her face. He coated her face and the folds of her ears with the magical ointment. When every inch of her reclined, immobile body was covered, he placed the jar back on the table. He waited.

Tom stared at Theresa's body as the cream was sucked into her plastic form. He waited for the first signs of her transformation. Moments later, her body lost its glorious sheen. It started at her feet and moved up her body like a slowly advancing wave. Her once shiny, hard body became matte.  Tom continued to gazed upon Theresa's form. He squinted, looking for any more changes to occur. The anticipation was almost too much to bear.  Then it started, with her toes. They became darker as they returned to her natural skin tone. They visibly softened and the nails became distinguishable.

He knew that they were still "thawing" inside, but his desire grew even more. He unzipped his jeans. They were so tight now, they were hurting him.  Tom moved closer to Theresa. With a trembling hand, he reached out and touched her left foot. He could feel it continuing to change. He wiggled each of her toes. They moved quite easily.  Tom laid down beside Theresa with his feet placed near her head. The process had continued to spread its magic up to her bent knees. He reached out again and grabbed her feet. He brought them to his mouth, sucking on each of her toes. He gently bit the softened padding of her delicate feet.  He shifted her body so that her feet hovered over his face. Tom ran his hands down the length of them, massaging the perfect arches. He continued to lick, suck, bite and massage her gorgeous feet, as he felt the warmth returning to them.

Tom ran his hand up Theresa's legs. They too were nearly transformed. Her skin had begun to transform up to her waist now and continued upward. He shifted her feet back to the bed and slid out from under her. Standing, he removed his clothes and left them piled in a heap on the floor.  He needed to feel her body against his naked flesh. He laid back down on the bed next to her, rubbing himself against her evolving skin. He kissed her still rigid face softly and whispered in her ear. His hands roamed freely over her. He had been waiting for this moment for so long, it seemed like an eternity.

Tom sat up and moved Theresa to the middle of the bed. He spread her legs apart carefully, as they were still a little stiff. He positioned himself between them and bent down, licking at her nether lips. He rubbed the hard knot there in gentle circular motions. He couldn't wait any longer! Tom moved up so that he was poised just above her most intimate place. His penis throbbed with anticipation. His hands moved to Theresa's hips and held them tightly. Then, with no hesitation, he plunged his rock hard member into her warming pussy.

It was so tight! Although it had softened enough for him to enter her, it was still hard enough, that it was as if she were a virgin. It clamped down tightly on him. Tom nearly came right then, but in the middle of this ecstasy, he noticed a change in Theresa's face. Her mouth had opened slightly, and her eyes seemed to roll up. He had to hold out just a little longer!  Tom began to move inside her rhythmically. In and out. In and out. He moved faster and harder with each thrust. Suddenly he felt her chest move as her crystalized lungs changed back to flesh.

Theresa gasped her first breath of air, at the same time she moaned softly. Her eyes began to focus on what was in front of her. She could see an ornate oak headboard, and it seemed to move back and forth. She could hear someone breathing heavily and felt Tom's thrusting cock as it moved inside of her. The orgasm that she had been having for the last two weeks had barely begun to subside, when she was gripped with another.  She was dazed by the waves of ecstasy that shot through her, but she knew it was Tom that was making love to her. Her stiffened arms slowly moved up and around his neck. At the same time, her legs moved up and gripped his waist. She started to move her hips, grinding against him.

Tom bent down and kissed Theresa's neck and she moaned again. Her sex became soaked in her own juices as Tom slid in and out of her. She squeezed him tightly between her thighs. She never wanted this to end.

Theresa raised her head and looked directly into Tom's eyes. They were glazed with his growing excitement. She pulled his head down to hers and kissed him deeply. Her tongue darted out and probed the soft wetness of his mouth. Tom kissed her back with such intensity, she lost all control and threw her head back as she was thrown into another orgasm.

Tom came with an explosive thrust. He shot his seed deep inside of her, with an almost violent passion. He had never experienced such a release in his life!

They laid there with their limbs tangled for what seemed to be hours. In reality it was only a matter of minutes. Both of them were breathing hard, their chests heaving as they gasped for air.

Theresa was the first to recover. Tom was lying with his eyes closed and a satisfied smile on his face. She laughed softly and brushed his sweaty hair from his forehead.

"So, what happened?" She said. "I thought you were going to put me on display. Didn't the process work? Or did you change your mind?"

Tom opened his eyes and said, "Oh, it worked alright! You were on display for two weeks. I couldn't wait for you to come back."

"Come on, we were just in your workroom a little while ago. You know, you don't have to lie. I'm glad we just did what we did."

Tom got up from the bed and walked out of the room. When he came back, he was carrying a large photo album.

"Do you want some champagne?" She nodded in agreement. "Okay, here look at these pictures. I just developed them. They are some of my best work."

Theresa opened the album as Tom poured two glasses of champagne and sat down beside her on the bed. As she flipped through the pages, her eyes widened. There were pictures of her in Tom's workroom as well as on display in a department store. There were more pictures of her in a different outfit. They must have been taken when he picked her up. There was another mannequin on the sales floor as well as a pleasant looking older woman. The older woman appeared to be dressing the mannequin.

"Is that really me?" She said as she traced her finger over a picture of herself. "I look so different, I look beautiful. So, it really did happen, I became a mannequin. It just doesn't seem like two weeks had passed." She lifted her wide pale blue eyes to meet Tom's brown ones.

"You are beautiful, Darling." Tom said as he kissed her cheek. "We do have a lot to talk about. What is the last thing you remember."

"I remember you kissing me and touching me. Then I felt, um, I felt a wave of electricity shooting through me. I had an incredible orgasm." She blushed and lowered her eyes. "Then I felt you inside of me and we were making love."

"Theresa, you were having that first orgasm for the entire two weeks. I did it on purpose, so that you were happy during the entire time. Then, I brought you back here today, applied a reanimation ointment, and started to have sex with you as you transformed back. I was going to wait until you were completely changed, but you were just so beautiful..."

"That's okay," she said and touched his chest. "I really enjoyed it. Do you do this sort of 'service' for all of your models?"

"No way! I have never done this before, but I've wanted you since the first moment I saw you. I think I'm infatuated with you." Now it was his turn to blush. "Actually, Anna — the other girl in the picture — was giving me a hard time about you this morning. I don't know how she knew, but she could tell something was different. She said it was about time I found someone. I really hope I have." His eyes looked imploringly at her.

"This is all happening so fast," she said. "But I have never felt this way in my whole life. I knew the moment I first saw you that I wanted to be with you, too."

"Well, you have some decisions to make. You can either go back to college and your waitressing job, or you can stay here and work for me. Either way, I want to be with you. You can stay right here with me . I'm not going to pressure you into anything. I want you to think about what you want." Tom said. "If you do chose to stay here with me, and work for me, there are some great benefits. You don't age while you are transformed. No wrinkles, no dark circles under you eyes, no sagging; you will stay young almost forever."

Theresa stared at him. "I don't have to think about it, I want to stay here and be with you always. I usually take forever to make up my mind, but my instincts tell me that this is right. I need you."

Tom's face lit up. He had been sure she would turn him down and he wasn't sure he could handle that rejection. Now, he didn't have to worry any more. She wanted him! He hugged her tight to his chest.

"Oh God, this is perfect — you are perfect" he said. She really was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Tom got up from the bed and walked over to the dresser. He picked up the neatly wrapped package he had for Theresa. "I bought you something. Just a little present to show you how much you mean to me," he admitted, handing her a small box wrapped with shiny silver paper. There were tiny white angels embossed on the paper. A lovely silver ribbon held it closed.

Theresa pulled on the ribbon and removed the box from the paper. She quickly opened it and folded back the delicate tissue paper inside, then gasped as she stared at the package's content. Nestled in the tissue paper was a gorgeous gold chain with two gold hearts linked together. Inside the hearts were two small blue stones. She had never seen anything like it!   "Thank you! It's amazing." She said as she leapt up and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Its a very special necklace," he said. "Don't put it on now, it has a very special purpose. You can wear it for me later, okay?" She looked a little dejected but nodded in agreement. "I will keep it here for you until the time is right." He took the necklace from her and set it on the dresser. "Oh, one other thing. We should set up a special account for you that I will deposit your money into for each assignment. You can use the money anyway you like, any time you want. You will get statements to let you know how much you have earned," he said, getting down to business. "I have a perfect next assignment for you, if you want it."

Theresa looked at him with interest. "What is it? Another mannequin job?"

"Not exactly; you would become a living statue. That process is also completely reversible," he said quickly. "I have a client who is very rich. He collects statues, but he likes to have a variety. He changes his mind so often that he would rather rent them than buy them."

"Does it hurt? The change, I mean?" she said.

"Not at all! There is one catch though; the assignment's length. You would be there for about six weeks. Although for you it would seem as if no time had passed," he stated. I'm the one who will notice! he said to himself.

"That's a long time to be away from you, but I will do it," she said and smiled passionately at him.

"Okay, then we will begin the process tomorrow morning." Tom said. "Though I'm not ready to give you up quite yet." He laid her back down on the bed and kissed her deeply. They made love for hours, exploring each other completely. It was as if they could never be satisfied. Their sweaty bodies moving rhythmically in perfect harmony. Exhausted, they fell asleep, still wrapped in each others arms. By the time they woke, it was nearly morning. The day and night they had together had passed too quickly. They made love once more and got up for the day. They showered together and then had breakfast. They both ate as if they were starving. Then they curled up together in the living room and watched television for a while, discussing current events and their future together. Time was passing quickly and they both dreaded their separation. Daylight came and the sun shone through the curtains of their apartment. They knew the time had come.

Although they would be apart, Tom couldn't wait to see what she looked like as a statue! Just the thought of how beautiful she would be made him hard. Meanwhile Theresa was filled with mixed emotions. She didn't want to leave Tom's side, yet the idea of becoming a living work of art excited her.

They went down to the gallery. When they walked into Tom's workroom, Theresa noticed that the posing stool that had been in the center of the room was gone. It had been replaced with a small, square block of marble. The pedestal stood about a foot high and two feet wide. Her heart began to race.

"Wait right here," Tom said. He walked over to the worktable and picked up a large box. He carried it over to Theresa. Inside were rubber gloves, a pair of stiletto heels, and a bottle of spirit gum. Retrieving a stool from amid the racks of clothing, Tom had Theresa remove her clothing and sit down on it. He propped her right foot on his knee and separated her toes. Then he grabbed the bottle of spirit gum. He brushed a light coating on the inside of each of them. He set the bottle down and pressed her toes together, molding them. Then he put her high-heeled shoe on. He did the same with her left foot.

Tom took her hand and led her over to the pedestal and helped her up. He went back for the box and brought it to the base. When he stepped away, Theresa bent down to touch the cool marble base.

"Don't!" Tom cried. Theresa straightened quickly, startled by his harsh cry. "If you touch it, you will begin to change. The pedestal is a living piece of stone. If you don't do it properly, it will capture you forever in its image."

"I'm sorry," she said. "I had no idea it was so powerful. I won't do it again," she became frightened and shook visibly.

Tom assured her, "Don't worry, my love, I will do this right. I would never transform you permanently. When I recite the spell associated with this living stone it will be safe to transform you. It's kind of like asking permission to use its special properties to change you for a short period of time." She smiled at him, but she was still a little apprehensive.

Tom put on the rubber gloves and centered Theresa on the base. He put her right foot slightly back and removed her shoe. He flattened her glued toes and pressed the ball of her foot to the cool stone. He began to recite an incantation.

Theresa understood what he was doing, but she could not determine what language he was speaking. It was some ancient language that had been long forgotten. As he pressed down on her foot and finished the chant, she felt a magnetic pull that glued her foot to the base. She could not move it at all. The transformation had begun.

Tom brought her right arm upward and forward in a sweeping motion. He then put her left arm out behind her with her hand pointing down. He lifted her left leg high behind. She appeared to be captured in a ballerina's graceful leap.

"Theresa, this is how I want you to be posed when the transformation is complete. I'm sure you felt a pull on your right foot when it made contact with the pedestal; that will hold you in place. Just remember to keep your left leg high behind you and your arms spread gracefully like they are right now," Tom told her. "You don't have to keep your pose right now."

"You mean I can move around?" She asked him.

"Well, not exactly, you can relax your arms a bit and as long as you keep your left shoe on you can relax that leg as well. However, do not touch any part of your body that is in the process of transforming, or it will freeze in that position."

Tom tore the rubber gloves from his hands and moved around behind Theresa. She could hear a soft rustling sound, like clothing being removed. What is he doing, she wondered.

"Tom, don't you need to keep the gloves on?" Theresa asked him.

"No, I just needed to wear them when I was near the stone, or I would freeze up too." Tom said. Then she felt him press against her back. He had climbed onto the pedestal with her. She leaned back against his powerful naked chest. He planted a kiss on her ear.

She tried to turn around, but her right foot remained affixed to the stone pedestal. She put her hand back to touch Tom's body. He was still wearing his jeans.

"I want you so much," he whispered in her ear as he kissed the nape of her neck. She laid her head on his shoulder and kissed his open mouth.

As their tongues danced in and out of each others mouths, Theresa felt her right foot become cold and stiff. She tore her mouth from Tom's and looked down. She could hear a low humming sound, as her foot became very pale, almost alabaster.

"Tom, I can feel it working its way up my foot and spreading to my calf," Theresa stated. "It feels cool and my foot is tingling. There is a strange, calm feeling moving up inside of me."

Tom replied, "Just relax and let it flow through you, darling. I promise you it will be wonderful."

She leaned back against him once more and she could feel the hard bulge in his pants. She reached back and unzipped his jeans, freeing him from the confines of the constrictive material.

"Why don't you take those off," she purred.

"I would love to, but if my body were to touch your while you were changing, my body would change right along with you," Tom said. "Besides, I would look kinda silly just wearing my tennis shoes."

Theresa laughed softly as the image of Tom naked, save a pair of shoes, strutting around the studio invaded her mind. "Yeah, that would be funny, and me without a camera," She joked.

"Besides," Tom said, "my client wouldn't be happy if he was delivered a statue of us attached at the hip!"

"That's too bad, I think we would look lovely," Theresa giggled.

Tom reached around Theresa and cupped her breasts in his big hands. His fingers pulled and twisted her nipples until she moaned loudly. Music to my ears, he thought. His mouth covered hers once again with a long, deep, passionate kiss.

Theresa's hand moved back once more and she stroked his large erection. She brushed her fingers lightly over the red tip. Tom moaned and thrust himself towards her. Just the guttural sound of his tormented moan made Theresa wet. Juices began trickling down the inside of her thigh.

The low humming sound continued to drone on in the background as her calf transformed. Tom pushed Theresa's left leg further from her body. He worked his hand between her pink nether lips, searching for the hard, little nob just inside. He gently rubbed it as Theresa continued to pump his hard shaft. She gyrated her hips against him, yearning for him to enter her.

Tom took his cue and pushed his stiff member into her hot sex. They moved their hips in perfect time as the low humming filled their ears. Theresa looked down once more and realized that her foot was now completely transformed. It was the same shiny, smooth alabaster marble as the pedestal. She could feel her leg beginning to tingle and harden. She knew they only had a few more minutes before it would spread to her moist vagina. Theresa reached behind her with both hands and grasped Tom's buttocks, pulling him even closer to her.

Tom realized that her thigh was beginning to transform and he wanted to satisfy her before it was too late. He knew that he would have to pull out before he came because there would be no time to clean her up but, he would give her an orgasm to remember!

With Theresa guiding him, Tom thrust in and out of her in long, hard motions. He speared her stiffening body on his hot rod over and over again, until he nearly exploded. He continued to work on her clit as he slowly pulled out of her.

Theresa shuddered as the first wave of orgasm hit. Tom did not stop working his hand on her red hot flesh. She came again and again. Her screams of ecstasy drowning out the low humming of her altering flesh.

Tom kissed her once more before taking his gloriously skilled hand away. He hopped down off the pedestal. He put his shirt back on and the rubber gloves. Theresa's thigh had fully changed and the tingling spread upward to her sex.

Tom hopped back up behind her and prepared to get her back into her pose. "Okay, Theresa, we don't have much time. I need to repose you now."

Once again, Tom brought her left leg back and high behind her, remembering to remove her shoe. Then he posed her right arm up and forward in a sweeping gesture. Finally he moved her left arm behind her with the hand pointed down. Once again she became the graceful dancer.

Theresa held as still as she possibly could. With Tom's assistance she held her leg perfectly motionless as the tingling spread through it. The tingling sensation had traveled up her leg and waist simultaneously. She knew it wouldn't be much longer before Tom wouldn't need to support her at all.

As Tom held her left foot and leg in position above and behind Theresa, he could feel the flesh crystallizing beneath his gloved fingertips. He reveled in this incredible sensation as he gently kept her leg in place, so as not to leave an indentation on her flesh as it hardened into marble.

Over the next few minutes the changing flesh of her waist and left leg became hard shining stone. Tom let go of her leg and the petrified limb stayed perfectly stationary. He then rested his arms for a while, so he could watch her as her chest began its transformation. The low, deep humming grew louder as her organs began to crystalize. Her lungs expanded and her breathing became momentarily labored, before they slowly became hard stone inside of her. Her breathing relaxed, slowed, then became nearly imperceptible. At the same time her heart also crystalized.

Thump, thump, thump. Theresa could hear her heart beating inside of her chest. As it crystalized the beats came slower. Thump... thump....... thump........ thum... until there was no sound at all. She remained conscious and alert, but things had changed. It was very strange as she felt herself solidifying.  Everything around her appeared as if in a dream, as though none of it was real.

Once again, Tom climbed onto the pedestal with Theresa, this time to hold her arms in position. A surge of adrenalin shot through him as he felt them transforming. A look of pure unabashed adoration etched upon his face.

Theresa could feel Tom's gentle grip on her stiffening flesh. Just his touch enhanced the tingling sensation in her almost completely transformed body. As the feelings spread to her neck and head, she knew that Tom would once again let go of her and move back to watch the progression taking place.

Tom did so, releasing her arms and stepping down from the pedestal. He stood directly in front of Theresa, so that the last vision she had would be of him.

The delicate folds of Theresa's ears stiffened first. She was no longer able to hear Tom or the low humming sound. Instead she could feel the sounds echoing within her. Her face froze next. Her wide blue eyes became unseeing orbs of glorious marble. Her mouth stiffened with her lips slightly parted in a sensuous smile. Her face was captured in an overall look of desire and awe.

The last change occurred when her lush, ebony hair lost all color and became a glowing white marble, matching the alabaster coloring of her stone body.

Even though Theresa could no longer see or hear the world around her, she was in tune with her surroundings as if she had become one with them. Not only could she sense sounds, she could feel the presence of Tom in the room, watching her. She would remain in this conscious state throughout her assignment.

Tom's eyes traveled up and down her glorious marble body, taking in every detail. He reached out to her and ran his hand over her. The cool stone that was now her flesh tingled once again under his loving touch.

Again, Tom was left to agonize over Theresa's departure from him. This time he would have to wait even longer, but he knew that she would definitely be happy to see him. He smiled to himself as he gently polished her hardened alabaster skin to a perfect shine.

He couldn't wait for her to try on the necklace he had given to her. She was in for a wonderful surprise.

Continues in Part 3 - Golden Surprise...

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