Just two People in Love ...

by Rotwang

Steve huddled against the soft black velvet mannequin sitting besides him in the couch. He had posed it against his body and felt the warmth of its body against his. He rubbed the soft, warm breasts and cradled his head against its neck. He rubbed his cheek against the soft velvet and closed his eyes. He ran the back of his hand over its leg and huddled right up to it.

He stayed like that for some time and almost drifted off into sleep. He opened his eyes and got up. He stretched himself and yawned.

He put out the television and turned back to the mannequin. He picked it up and carried it upstairs to the bedroom and carefully put it down on the bed. He adjusted the limbs and fluffed up the pillow before gently pushing the head down on it. He removed his clothes and covered himself with a single thin bed sheet. He rolled over to the faceless black mass besides him and grabbed it. He posed on arm round his waist and slowly closed his eyes, staring at the faceless mannequin.

The next morning Steve woke up and stared at the ceiling. He glanced besides him and saw the mannequin laying on its side. He smiled and rubbed the smooth featureless face and gently bowed over where its ear would have been and whispered "Unlock Julie."

Upon saying the word, the mannequin quivered faintly and raised its hand to its head. Steve helped it up and undid the small Velcro strap that covered the zipper. He pulled the zipper down and slipped the black velvet skin over flesh-toned shoulders and a white faceless head. He popped open the head and out cascaded long auburn hair. Julie smiled as he saw him and watched her own black velvet body. She rubbed it and placed her head against his shoulder.

"How was I ?" She asked.

"Great, you enjoyed it ?"

She nodded and slipped one arm out of her sleeve and rubbed her soft body.

"I love this suit." She said faintly, falling back on her pillow, closing her eyes.

"I'll make you some breakfast." He said and got out of bed, wearing only a T-shirt and shorts.

Julie came down the stairs wearing a jogging outfit. She sat down at the table and smiled at Steve as he put down a tray with breakfast cereals before her. She grabbed the bottle of milk and poured some over the flakes.

"Any idea on what next ?" She said.

Steve pursed his lips and shook his head. "I dunno, you choose."

"I think I have an idea." She said playing with her spoon in her cereals.

Julie ran sleek fingers over her leg and straightened out any wrinkles or air-bubbles in the skin-tight rubber suit she was wearing. Making sure everything looked right, she pulled the hood over her head and slipped the mask over it. It pulled tightly over her face and she adjusted it, till it fitted snugly. Although the eyes had a blank stare, she could see through them and watched her trim figure in the mirror. She made a few mannequin poses and rocked her head from side to side to see how it felt. She pressed a button and stood still waiting for Steve.

Steve opened the door of the room and saw the mannequin standing in the middle of the room. He smiled and said. "Lock Julie."

Inside the mannequin, Julie felt her consciousness become very small. She could still see and hear, but like she was watching it all from far away. With the retreat of her consciousness, she also felt her body become very stiff, like plastic. She was slowly becoming a stranger in her own body.

Steve picked the mannequin up and carried it over his shoulder up to the attic. The mannequin was stiff as a board and he put her down in the middle of a mock-up window display. He had arranged it while Julie was getting ready and put her down facing the scene. Julie saw the red lights and the pieces of lingerie hanging from women-shaped cut-outs. He twisted her round and adjusted her pose. He went back and took out some fine ivory-white lingerie and laid it all out before her.

First, he tilted her gently and slipped the panty over her foot. He rocked her the other way and pulled the legs together and slipped the panty over her. He pulled it over her legs and pulled it snugly over her crotch. He adjusted it over her hips and brushed it smooth. Then he took a c-cup bra and adjusted it over her firm breasts. Then he took a corset and tied her waist in delicate white lace ribbed corset emphasizing her shape. Last came the stockings, white with a flowery pattern. He tilted her again and slipped the stockings over her foot as quickly as possible and did the same with the other. With utmost care and gentleness he pulled the tights over her legs and rubbed them smooth.

Steve got up and took a few steps back and watched the mannequin in the display. He looked to his right and rubbed his mouth trying to find the right wig. He settled on a long brown one with reddish highlights and adjusted it over the shoulders and back, ruffling it slightly. He watched the blank-faced mannequin and closed the glass window. It looked like a saucy lingerie-shop. He got to his chair and undid his jeans buttons ...

After Steve had taken a shower and got back up in the attic holding a big box, wrapped in silver paper and tied with a golden ribbon. It took him some time to get where he wanted, just where Julie would see it. He walked up to the window and spoke the words. "Animate Julie."

The mannequin mechanically cocked its head and pumped its shoulders. It took a step forward, while twisting its head slightly and watched Steve. Steve smiled and the mannequin adjusted her pose lowering its torso holding both hands to her stomach.

"I got something for you." He said, pointing at the box.

The mannequin swiveled on its heels and cocked its head towards the box.

"Lock Julie." He said and the mannequin shook slightly before freezing again.

Steve smiled teasingly and circled the box.

"Unlock Julie." He said, standing behind it.

Julie felt the control of her body return to her and slowly came to life. Steve helped her remove the mask and wig and let Julie grab the silver paper and tear it off the box. It was a huge box made from cardboard and she pulled it open. Inside was a lot of crumpled paper and what looked like a metal mask.

"Wow !" Julie picked up the head and felt her heart skip a couple of beats. She watched the smooth female robot head and looked up at Steve, who smiled and nodded. "You'll just have to make an appointment with them for a body cast."

Steve knocked on the door and a young man opened it. "Hi, Rick. How's Julie doing ?"

Rick looked at him with a puzzled look on his face. "She's not here ?"

"I thought you were going to finish the suit today ?"

"Yeah, but she isn't here, she told us she would come tomorrow, on her birthday." Rick let him in.

"I drove straight from work, she didn't call me or anything. Did she say why she wouldn't come ?"

Rick shrugged. "Not that I know."

"Weird." Steve said. "Uh ... "

"What ?"

Steve smiled and shook his head. "Nothing."

Rick smiled as well and pointed at Steve. "You want to see it ?"

Steve nodded faintly. "After all it's a gift from me to her."

"Well I suppose you could."

It looked like a metal version of Julie. He instantly recognized her face. It was fully assembled around a mannequin and Steve watched it.

"It looks perfect." He said. "You're artists." He patted Rick on the back.

Steve crouched before it and watched it. He looked under her leg and made out the cover he had specified. He tapped it and felt the metal leg.

"She'll love it. It's perfect." He looked back at Rick, who looked really happy, perhaps a bit too happy.

He looked back and saw that the robot was staring at him. He hesitated for a split-second and saw the leg touch the ground. The robot reached out and grabbed his head, kissing him with her steel lips.

Steve fell on his butt and had to brace himself with his hands.

She got up and stood above him. He looked at her long silver legs and watched her looking down on him. He rolled over to get back on his feet and the robot grabbed his waist, slipping her arms under his arms. He watched and rubbed her metal hand and picked it up, kissing it. She slipped to his front and looked him straight in the eyes. He saw her pretty face and touched her nose, the way he used to. She pressed her body against his. Grabbing her, he kissed the smooth metal face and felt a deep emotion come out. His head slipped over her shoulder and he kissed her articulated neck. The robot-head tossed back and she seemed to enjoy the moment. One of her hands slipped over his crotch and rubbed it gently. Covering her hand with his he let her slip through his pants and reach for his parts.

He helped to guide her hand in and felt the smoothness of her hands. He grabbed her face and stared at it. She stared back with silver eyes and then the mask split open.

"Oh damn." Steve said. Julie reached for her face and tried to slip it back into position. But he grabbed it.

"I should send you to Japan." He said watching her radiant smile.

He examined the thin metal mask and held it alongside her face.

"You should know how it feels to have it so close to my face, it feels like my face." Julie said. "The whole suit fits so well it's scary." She went over her body, sensuously rubbing it.

"It's perfect." Steve said, kissing her. "Just wrap her up."

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