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 This is the main page for the Legacy of Timeless Beauty.  This page will highlight the latest stories in the archive for the year to make it easier for you to find them quickly.

 The oldest entries have been removed from this page to a yearly history page but remain on the normal by-author pages.  Additional index pages have been added; #4 in 2002 and #5 in 2006.

 A writer's group has been started to discuss the craft and techniques involved. However, there has been very little message activity recently and it is not clear whether the moderator is active any longer or not.

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24-Dec-2012 FreezAntix & Zero & Dmuk The Incredible Impromptu Mannequins: Taking the Tuckerverse
Merry Christmas to All!!
  FreezAntix & Zero Maggie's Clock VIII: Time Out of Joint  
  Zero Tales from the Tuckerverse: Securing the Throne The IT Files: Hui's Nemesis
    Tucker's Wand XXXIII: Justice Doesn't Mind  
  MadBirdCZ Thief Caught
  Panic The Hidden Masterpiece -- Maid For Punishment: script  
  Zero & FreezAntix & Tek Tuckerverse Wiki : timelines, character profiles, and more...  
17-Nov-2012 Zero Tucker's Wand XXX: Happy Birthday Tucker Holmes Tucker's Wand XXXI: The Number of Love
    Tucker's Wand XXXII: Ring Around the Wand The IT Files: Takahishi's Choice
  FreezAntix Maggie's Clock VII: Promotional Material  
  FreezAntix & Zero The IT Files: Scott's Paradise  
  Latent Lurker Another Life Cheat Code
  EHY To Life - The Complete Story
(compiled by Commodore)
  Tek Spydoll, Inc: Reaping the Rewards  
  Jay Petto Lacey Lee  
  Monyca Meiyers & RVASFR Eternal Luster - Episode 0 (origin)
  Dede The Dolls  
  Commodore One Man's Ideal Woman  
17-Mar-2012   Zero Maggie's Clock V: Maggie's Palace Mother on Hold
(a tale of the Tuckerverse)
      Tucker's Wand XXIX: The Waking Moment Anna's Worth
(The IT Files)
    FreezAntix & Zero Scott's Business (revised)
(The IT Files)
    FreezAntix Maggie's Clock VI: The Contest
    FreezAntix & Tek Spydoll, Inc: Collaring the Kitten  
    Zero & Susie Just Another Day  
    Zapped! The Harvesters - Chapter 8.1, 8.2, 8.3
(an Alien Invasion story)
    Latent Lurker Gadget's Ride To the Manner Leased
    Panic Wicked Tongue  
  ~chainedknee Brand New You
(from Deviantart)
Free Sample
(from Deviantart)
  PoseMe & Jack & EL_Refresho The Spy Who Mannequinized Me
(from Stuckposing forum)
  Zero & FreezAntix & Tek Tuckerverse Wiki : timelines, character profiles, and more...  

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