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New Stories from 2006

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 These aren't exactly new, but they are the new stories from 2005 and before arranged in the order by date they were added to the archive.







The most current new stories remain here and will be split out, by year, in January

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31-Dec-06   RobotMan 36 + 1 (parts 26~35) Soccer Mom Unit (parts 11~23-conclusion)
    Zero Hearts of Stone and Ice (Gorgun's Return)
Fuel to the Fire
      Preserving Beauty
Legend of the Spoony Bard
    TinySexyGirl Inflated Changes  
    Window Dressee Not Only Hypnotized!
(Nicht Hypnotisiert - translated by Dmuk)
    Baobab Total Bulls**t  
  Zero Character Index to Lady Justice series
(illustrated by Zero )
22-Nov-06   RobotMan 36 + 1 (parts 16~25) Soccer Mom Unit (parts 1~10)
    Zero A Day With Gorgun
Pair of Timeless Tricksters
      Character Index to Lady Justice series
(illustrated by Zero)
    Baobab Future Fair (1~3) M.A.M.I
    Dr. Balmung The Perfect Gymnast  
    Zapped! Girls Under Glass (the Professor's Secret) 7 - Mr. Pitt makes another request . . .
    BigBird Knob A Problem At All
(illustrations by MadBird_CZ)
    Dmuk After A Fashion
( with illustrations by LikeStatue)

Index to the Brief Encounter series
  Rodin A Not-So-Brief Avenging Encounter
15-Sep-06   Dmuk After A Fashion Index to the Living Statues series
    Leem Horny Goddess  

Colour Me Pink 2
(illustrations by MadBird_CZ)

Czech The Inventory
(illustrations by MadBird_CZ)
      Wicked Wiccan
(illustrations by MadBird_CZ)

    RobotMan 36 + 1 (parts 6~15)  
  Emma Kaufmann The Dinner Party
(from Hoot Island site)
15-Jul-06   CMQ The Living Statues: Cindy’s Story
    BigBird A Strange Solution
(illustrations by MadBird_CZ)
Athenius vs. Spartius
(illustrations by BigBird)

Colour Me Pink
(illustrations by MadBird_CZ)

    Zapped! Girls Under Glass (the Professor's Secret) 6 - A Reunion Of Sorts . . .  
    RobotMan 36 + 1 (parts 1~5)  
    Dream Writer The Girl Gallery 3  
  Mr. K Statuesque Blond
(from Hoot Island site)
  Drake The Spy Who Gloved Me
(crossposted with permission of Author)
16-May-06   Disman A Stiff Bet 2 - Raising the Stakes
    Johnsan My Mannequin, My Wife 1, 2  
    Dream Writer The Girls Gallery 1, 2  
    Anime1979 Sophia's Day at the Universal Fair Raye’s late night job at the Wax Museum
    BigBird Gaining Confidence
(illustration by MadBirdCZ)
Guessing Game
(illustration by BigBird)
      Jealousy is such a Hassel-hoff (illustration by BigBird) Wind-Up Barbie Doll
(illustrations by BigBird)
    RobotMan H is for Heuristic (Chapters 75~99)  
    JMD Party Toons  
  T Ray Deal Unlimited Energy
(crossposted with permission of Author)
20-Mar-06   TinySexyGirl Adjustments The Wand
    Paul Jutras A New Pair No Longer the Oldest
      Wrong Part Of Town  
    Anthyrax & BigBird The Presence and The Presents (illustrations by BigBird)
    BigBird Fencing Some Artwork (illustrated)  
    VanMan Living Lycra  
    Sonya Esperanto Superheroines - Dolls  
    Muscleborg For Them  
    Leem The Fountain  
    CMQ The Girl from S.T.A.T.U.E. 2  

Girls Under Glass (the Professor's Secret) 5 - What Goes Around, Comes Around

    RobotMan H is for Heuristic (Chapters 53~74)  
    JMD Halloween Showdown  
    Dmuk Living Statues - Pawns of the State 5b (w/ Q)  
    Verina Du'Arden The Dolly Dildo  
  Northern Chill Femforce - Perfect in Plastic, ch.5
(from Yahoo group)
Wonder Woman and Friends vs the Artiste, Ch.5
(from Yahoo group)
24-Jan-06   Cobalt Jade Just Another Public Stoning
(illustrations by Minus269)
    Leem Chola and Seki (Parts 1 and 2)  
    TinySexyGirl Potions Presents (illustrated)
    JMD & Alexandria Tales Of The Wand 9
    RobotMan H is for Heuristic (Chapters 38~52)  
    Dmuk Breaking the Mould (illustrated)  
    Marcus Lycus Global Protectors - Strip Mall 1, 2, 3, 4
(from Wizard's Lair at Superheroine Central)
    Northern Chill Ten Heroines in Lingerie - 4
(from Yahoo group)
Femforce - Perfect in Plastic, ch.4
(from Yahoo group)
      Sexy in Rubber (illustrated)
(from Yahoo group)
Voodoo Spell (illustrated)
(from Yahoo group)

Wonder Woman and Friends vs the Artiste, Ch.4
(from Yahoo group)


Alexandria_ML, Panic

Mannequin Fun 1, 2 (& refreshed from Medusa Realm stories archive)  
    MRC Living Statues - A RADical Evening  

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