H is for Heuristic

by RobotMan

Third installment of an epic work of fembots, humanity, and desires. You may want to start by reading Part 01-19 first, or the more recent Part 20-37.

Part 38 Break

In the days that followed, Byron and Heather made love often.  He had gotten the robot reprogrammed for sex, and they became adventurous in the ways they did it.  Evenings found her next to him in bed, providing companionship by night just as she provided technical assistance by day.  By this time too, he had trained himself to ignore her artificiality.  Each day she became more a woman to him - a companion - and less a machine.

He had also appeared to make great strides in his programming job.  He had begun to mould Project H into something that he thought Fembot Command wanted.  He thought that he was surely on the way to transmuting it into something that would give the computer real intelligence.

Now he sipped on hot chocolate while he listened to Telemann on the FM dial.  The snow came light but endless outside in the pale winter light, the green of the trees could hardly be seen.  Heather sat quietly beside him, waiting to answer his questions and providing company for him while he worked at the multiple computer display on his desk.

Lying activated but unmoving on a wheeled table to the side was one of the tall blonde fembots from the basement.  The 'control unit' for Byron's tests and experiments, she was naked with panels removed and connection ports connected.  Byron had gradually gotten used to even that.

It seemed that things were progressing well.  Many more days of hard, tedious work lay ahead, but most of the humans needs were being met.  The androids had made their captive more or less comfortable.

Then his eyes suddenly moved back and forth between the screens.  There was something there that he had not expected.  It made itself more clear with every passing second.  He was stuck in that moment between disbelief and realisation.

"Oh no..." he said quietly.

Heather looked his way, as if booting up from standby mode. "What's wrong?" she asked.

Byron looked back at her, unsure if he should tell her.  Whatever he said to her would surely end up inside the Master Computing Device later.

He sat back in the chair and folded his arms as he looked down at the floor and concentrated.

"What's the matter Byron?" she asked.

"Give me a moment..." he said without looking up. 

The more he thought about it the more the problem became clear.  All morning, and for days before, he had been meticulously crafting sets of recursive functions for the computer to use.   Subroutines nested within subroutines - and on, and on - that he thought would tease out the components that constructed perceptions of reality.  But this was like Ralph Sweet's assignment.  It would have to go on literally forever to work.

He tried in vain to think of a workaround.  With eyes closed, he sat motionless for a very long time while his mind raced furiously to try to find some solution.

Heather scanned him continuously.  She saw his body temperature rise in a pattern that revealed his growing frustration.  Her processors calculated that it would be better to let him think than to keep asking what was wrong.

Finally, he knew that he had been working for nothing all that time.  That called into question his whole approach.  He made a fist and slammed it feebly on the mousepad in front of him when he saw that he would have to think of an entirely different strategy.

Now Heather acted again.  "Should we take a break?" she asked, in as gentle a tone as her speaker could generate.

Byron stood up and stretched.  "Yes." was all he said.

There wasn't much more said between them as they prepared themselves for an early outing on the surface of the thick snow.  He submitted once again to Heather's nylon and steel harness as they got their things together to go snowshoeing.

As they stepped out in their gear, another, darker thought crossed Byron's mind.  Would Fembot Command keep him around if he wasn't the right man for the job?  If not, what would they do with him.

He dared not think that thought through.  He stopped in his tracks and looked up at the sky.  The falling snow looked to him like dark stars speeding past in a grey space journey.  It took his thoughts far away, and made him want to be that far too.

"You look sad Byron." the robot said.

He brought his head back down and looked at her, knowing that her concern was counterfeit.  He moved as near to her as he could in snowshoes and kissed her lips.  Her cheeks felt warm and tender on his as they leaned in close.  They held hands through their gloves.

Heather let Byron finish their kiss as she recorded and calculated data.  Her rudimentary but still impressive AI could only guess that he was very worried about something.  It couldn't begin to guess what it was.

He watched snowflakes land and melt on her silicone face, and hang on her long eyelashes.  That old expression about the individuality of snowflakes came to mind, and gave him another idea.

"Let's go." he said as he led her by the hand back to the distant ravine.

It was his favourite place for the time being, and thinking about how the creek under the ice had all on its own carved away the rock was somehow comforting.  The scenery helped to set his mind at ease while the fresh air helped to clear his head.  He began to devise a new scheme.


Part 39 Self Code

On the way back to the cabin, through the ever falling snow and the unstirred January air, Byron thought hard about what he needed to do.  He worked out details as his plan gathered shape, making good use of his excellent organisational skills.

The two of them walked in snowshoes back up to the front door, and Heather used her key to let them in once again.  They took off their winter clothes and gear, and this time Byron rushed a bit so he could get to work a little faster.

"Shall I make us some hot chocolate?" Heather said with sweet cheeriness as she unlocked and unfastened Byron's end of the nylon and steel harness.

"Yeah." he said, still concentrating on what needed to be done first. 

He sat down at his workstation in front of the computer terminals and started to reluctantly delete some of his previous work.  He shook his head and sighed as he thought of all that wasted time.

When that was out of the way, he opened up versions of some of Heather's programs that had been copied to his computers.  He glanced through them quickly and tried to decide which would be the right one to alter for his purposes.

He decided on her core AI file as Heather returned to the room with two elegant looking, steaming cups on a chrome tray.  Byron took one of the cups and said "Thank you Dear." as he looked into the artificial lady's eyes.

She smiled back at him and said "Your welcome." as she put the tray down on an end table next to the sofa.  For no other reason than to appear more real for him, she began to slowly sip the hot drink while he wrote out the code that he had tentatively structured in his mind on the way back from the scenic ravine.

Hours passed by as he typed and checked his work.  More firewood went into the fireplace while the stereo cycled through some of the CDs that Melanie had brought back for him.

And despite the fact that he didn't like to have her around, the robotic maid was summoned to make the night's dinner while Byron was busy typing out long strings of programming.  Soup and sandwiches would do tonight, and he continued working even as he ate.

Late in the evening, with his neck stiff and his back sore, he sat back and folded his arms.  He looked at the screen and nodded slightly.

"Heather?" He called as he turned to see her sitting casually on the couch.

"Yes Byron?"

"Come sit in the chair." he said as he stood up and stretched his tired limbs.

The fembot walked over to where he had been working for so long and sat down.  Byron reached behind the computer and pulled forward a USB cord that was already connected to the back.

"Open your chest panel please, Heather." he said.

She looked up at him and smiled, then unbuttoned her blouse enough to swing the panel cover down.  Once the proper connection ports had been exposed, Byron plugged the cord into his beautiful assistant and clicked the mouse to start a data transfer. 

He watched a progress meter on the monitor as it went from 0% to 100% in about three minutes.  Heather sat still and smiled through the process.

Byron clicked the window away and said "Did you get it all?"

Heather nodded and said "Yes."

"Open the program." he said with eager anticipation.

Heather sat still and silent for a moment than said "I can't."

Byron's face grimaced.  This wasn't good.  "Why not?" he asked.

"You aren't authorised to alter my programming." she stated.

Byron paced around on the floor for a while.  He should have known that would happen.  "Now what?" he asked himself out loud.

Heather sat looking at him, still connected by the black cable to his computer.

"I gotta pee." he said, and left the room.

Heather watched him walk away, and remained unmoving while he tended to his biological needs.  Not a single original computation ran through her processors while he was doing that.  Her position sitting on his chair and plugged in to his terminal could remain unchanged for a very long time.  The sensitive microphones behind her realistically formed silicone ears recorded the sounds of running water as her stereo cameras recorded the scene in front of her.  She was effectively 'on pause' until he returned a couple of minutes later.

"I have an idea." he said to her as he passed the living room on his way to the kitchen.  He walked with urgency through the door and down the cold stairs to the basement lab.

He submitted again to the laser scan, following the instructions projected out of the box on the wall in its synthesised female monotone.

When the thick metal doors parted and opened for him, he walked through and looked for the naked brunette robot that acted as the eyes and ears of the Master Computing Device.  She was standing completely motionless beside an empty examination chair, her naked backside facing him with it's exposed recharge port showing a single bright green light.

"Natasha," he said as he approached. 

The technician stood still for another moment, then pivoted swiftly around to aim her digital video cameras at the human.  From behind her pretty pale blue eyes they recorded thousands of sequential images of the man, while processors within her chest interpreted their significance.

Her speaker generated the sound of her voice while her complex mouth moved its plastic lips in flawless synchronisation.  "Yes Byron."

Byron hesitated, hoping he wouldn't have to explain his plan in too much detail to the attractive but emotionless machine.  "I need a laptop computer."

Natasha stood motionless and unresponsive while her processors exchanged streams of data with the Master Computing Device.  "Why?" she said after that unseen flurry of activity.

"I need it to finish Project H." he said, not wanting to say much more.

He watched and waited as the Master Computing Device took data from the electromechanical technician and formulated its response.  He again found himself staring at Natasha's beautiful tits.  He wondered if the naked android would let him touch them.

"That does not compute." Natasha said.  "Three computers have already been assigned to you."

"I know that Natasha," he said, "I need a portable one so I can run some experiments on Heather."

Natasha was silent for a long time as Byron got distracted again by the sight of her sexy synthetic body.  He wondered if she could get wet like Heather could.

"Please define the experiments." she said after a long while.

Byron thought for a while how to put it, then said "The source of human intelligence... or sentience... I think, is individuality.  I need the laptop to be like Heather's individuality."

The blank stare that Natasha returned to him was as vacant as he had ever seen. "That does not compute." she said.

Her statement said it all to him.  "Stupid fucking robots." he thought as he felt his frustration level growing uncomfortably strong.

He took a deep breath and explained again. "Since I can't change Heather's programming, I need the laptop so I can create a virtual portion of her... um... self.  A virtual portion of her AI."

Natasha gave him another stony silence for over a minute.  He glanced from her pointlessly sexy naked body to the flashing lights of the massive console beside them.  He knew that this device was part of what would make the decision.  He almost wanted to talk directly to it instead.

When he grew tired of all the waiting, he looked back to the robot technician and said "Well?  Can I have the laptop?"

Compared to her previous delayed responses, Natasha's answer to this question came almost instantly. "The Master Computing Device is calculating the variables pertaining to your request.  The current task will take approximately four hours and thirty-two minutes."

"Four hours to decide?" he said incredulously.  He looked over to the supply cabinet where the spare computers were housed.  He knew from being shown that there were four laptops in there.  This reminded him of the governmental bureaucracy he used to have to deal with.

Byron pointed to the cabinet at the other end of the room.  "What if I just went over there and took one?" he asked the stubborn android.

Natasha computed and answered "We will not allow you to do that."

Byron looked at her pale blue glass eyes and her soft-looking thin red lips, and knew that even this slender girl could quickly overpower him.  And she could do it completely absent of mercy.

He closed his eyes and shook his head.  "I guess I'll talk to you about this tomorrow.  I realise you're only doing your job."

Natasha stared back at him as vacant as ever and made no response that he could detect.  He lingered in front of the woman-shaped interface for a while, still admiring the way she looked.  He had to admit to himself that he would like very much to share his bed with her too.  It wasn't easy for him to look at a beautiful naked woman and not get aroused.

He turned quickly and walked back upstairs.  As he emerged from the basement and then the kitchen, he saw Heather sitting in the exact same place and in the exact same way as she was before.

"Let's go to bed." he said as he unplugged her and gently closed her open chest panel.  He took her by the hand as she stood up.  He looked at her pretty face and kissed her a loving kiss.  She responded in the way that she had been programmed.

"I wish you were human." he said quietly as they left the room together. 

The short-haired blonde maidbot would come by on her rounds later to put out the fire and turn off the stereo and the lights.


Part 40 Comfort Zone

Byron led his synthetic companion down the hallway, into what he now thought of as their room.  She had spent the last several nights next to him in bed, recharging her battery packs while he made love to her and then while he held her as he slept.

Tonight though, he was too tired for sex with the attractive and compliant android.  They shared a romantic kiss, which she executed flawlessly due to her updated software.  Feeling Heather's womanly curves always got byron aroused, but it was late and he decided to leave the sex for another day.

He sat his tired body on the bed and undressed, while he watched Heather do the same.  He couldn't ignore the worry that had come back into his mind that day as he looked to the gracefully moving fembot.  Under the circumstances, things had been going so well lately that he had even been feeling good.

But now he was uncertain about his abilities, and that led to uncertainty about his utility to these humanoid machines.  That scary thought - the one that he had earlier pushed out of his mind - demanded his attention again.  Suppose he failed the androids' task.  What would they do?

He unbuttoned and removed his shirt and threw it on the floor, knowing that the robomaid would pick it up and wash it the next morning.  He got undressed down to his shorts and continued to watch Heather undress.

Seeing her sexy naked body and knowing that he had access to it was comforting, even as another ominous thought entered his mind.  What if he was successful?  What would the androids do with him then?

Byron lowered his brow into his hands and lightly dragged the back of his curled fingers over his scalp.  He sat for a moment with his hands holding his head while Heather took off the last of her clothing and sat down next to him on the bed.

She put an arm around him and waited for him to face her.  "Can you plug me in?" she said, looking so sweet and inviting to him.

He kissed her and got up to fetch the cord.  Heather moved the sheets of the bed aside and got in.  She layed on her front with her arms bent and tucked under her chest as she waited for him to connect her to the wall outlet.

Byron untangled the long cord and turned on the lamp beside the bed.  He walked over to turn off the ceiling light then walked over to the brown-haired bot.  He stroked the small of her back for a while before he pushed his fingertip in to where the panel cover was.  The cover of the recharge port opened downward, and came completely off with another squeeze and a tug.

He plugged the proper end of the cord into his lady then stooped down to plug the other end into the wall.

"Thank's Byron." she said softly as she rolled on to her side and pulled the covers over the bottom half of her body.  Her man walked around the bed and got in after turning off the lamp.

He took the covers from her and pulled them over both of their bodies.  Their hands met and held between them as Byron tried to relax.

"Heather, how do you feel?" he asked quietly.

After the slightest pause, the robot responded "I feel fine.  Thank you."

He realised he had just gotten the standard quick diagnostic report.  He asked a more specific question.  "How do you feel about me?"

She paused for a little longer.  "I don't know." she admitted.

Byron had the urge to tell her that he loved her, but he didn't know if he did.  He paused for a long time too.

His hand reached out to stroke her body in the dark.  Her warm artificial flesh felt good to touch and to hold.  He had to admit, this is what he liked best about Heather.  She may have been a thing, but her body was soft and warm, and it could kiss and it could come.  This really wasn't so bad.

Soon Byron settled into a much needed sleep.  Heather stayed in that position for him, holding his hand with hers and letting his other hand rest between her thighs just below her very warm crotch.

Inside, electricity flowed all throughout her body.  It flowed powerfully into her recharge port, which conditioned and regulated the current to go to her battery chargers and her main power supply.  Deep inside her warm, soft and curvy thighs, electricity forced chemical reactions to reverse within her batteries, giving them power they could gradually release into her body the next day.

Her hard drives, her sensor systems and her circuitry were supplied with power while she appeared to sleep.  She processed calculations at her usual speed while her body was still.  Her cameras recorded high definition video of the insides of her eyelids while her microphones recorded mainly the slowing sounds of Byron's breathing.

What would Byron's three words have meant to all that?  How would love integrate into a synthetic body so full of electronics and machinery?

Byron suddenly found himself walking toward the kitchen.  He could smell and hear bacon and eggs being made.  He got close and saw that coldly machine-like made preparing breakfast for him.  She moved in her usual and jerky stiff way, making loud whirring sounds as she moved to go along with her constant computerized tones and beeps.

She was different though.  She had brown hair.  She had Heather's hair.  Byron knew it was her.

"Heather?" he said.

The robot turned around with mechanical fluidity.  It was still the same plastic-looking maid unit - dressed in the same ridiculously sexy see-through maid outfit - but the fake looking head was Heather's.

She said nothing as she stared Byron down, with eyes that were so emotionless and empty.  Her constant and random sounding computerised beeps got louder and louder, until Byron could hear nothing else.

Then she stiffly moved her hands to the side of her body and in one fast thrust grabbed and removed the front of her torso.  She dropped it to the ground, where it crashed and began sparking badly.

Byron looked back up at the maidbot with Heather's head.  Her arms slowly lowered back down to rest at her sides while a bright bluish light inside the exposed mass of electronics and charged circuitry got brighter and bigger.

It grew and grew in size and luminosity, and soon, Byron had to squint as he watched it grow bigger than her torso.  It got blinding, and Byron shielded his eyes with his hands as the light completely eclipsed the robot's body.  It's silent intensity drowned out the maid's robotic sounds as well, and before long, there was nothing else in the room to see or hear but the blinding bright blue light.

"Heather!!" Byron yelled out as he felt himself being pushed away.  He felt her get farther and farther out of reach as the sound of fast rhythmic footsteps appeared and got louder.

He heard a door open and saw light.

Natasha had stepped into the room and switched on the ceiling lamp.

"Byron," she said, "The Master Computing Device has made a decision."

Byron opened his eyes.  He was sweating.  Under the sheets he was holding tightly onto Heather's hand. 

She opened her eyes too.

Byron looked around him as he pulled his arm under his side to prop himself up.  He was still half-dreaming.

"We will let you have the laptop computer for your experiments with the Heather robot." said Natasha as Byron's eyes tried to adjust to the light.

Byron swallowed and cleared his throat.  He made his best effort to shake off the bizarre dream world and enter reality.  "What time is it?" he said weakly.

"The time is 3:11 am." Natasha said, sounding like a time-reading computer.

Byron looked at her and saw that she held one of the laptops in her hand.

"You woke me for this?" he said.

"Yes." she replied, just to state the obvious.

Heather was now sitting up like Byron.  She said nothing, but grabbed and held Byron's hand again.

Byron sat right up in the bed.  He was curious to see how long the naked technician would stand there holding the computer.  Heather sat up with him and leaned her body against his.

The three stayed that way for a long moment.  Byron thought about the strange dream from which he had just been pulled and looked over to Heather.

Then he looked over at Natasha.  The slender but shapely fembot was so utterly mechanical and devoid of emotion, yet so very pretty.  Strictly speaking, she was much prettier than Heather, but Byron knew which machine he would rather have near him.

He admired the naked technician's body while Heather held on to him.  He thought about asking her to bed with them, but decided against it.

"Natasha, can you put the computer on the dresser?" he asked.

"Yes." came her simple reply.  She made a couple of steps to the right and stooped down slightly as she laid the laptop where Byron had asked her to.

He thought again about inviting her to stay.  There was enough room in the bed, so that would present no problem.

He felt the warmth and softness of Heather's body next to him.  He thought about that too for a while. 

"Thank you Natasha." he said.  "Can you turn out the lights and leave us alone now?"

"Yes." she said again.  Byron caught a glimpse of her tight round buns as she pivoted around and strutted toward the light switch.  She flicked it off and exited, closing the door behind her.

Byron layed back down in the bed and turned to face Heather.  "Let's make love." he said.

"Okay." she said sweetly as she layed down and unconditionally offered her fully functional electromechanical body to him.


Part 41 New Day

When the digital time display in Heather's field of vision reached 6AM, she executed one of the customised bits of her programming.  She acted as Byron's alarm clock.

"Byron..." she said in a quiet voice, almost a whisper.  Her plastic fingertips stimulated the palm of his hand, rousing him slowly and gently from his sleep.

But he resisted.  He was still tired, and needed more rest.

"Byron..." she said again, with a little more amplification through her speaker and out her mouth.

Without opening his eyes, he squeezed her hand lovingly and said "One more hour."

In under a second, she computed what he meant.  "One more hour." she said softly, and reset a few variables within her electronic chest.

"Snooze." he thought happily to himself before falling asleep again.

Sixty precise minutes were counted by the battery powered woman, and with the last second turning from the future to the past, she again called out his name in a hushed and softened voice.

Motors and flexors in her arm and hand began to work, touching him to wake him up as gently as before.

His sleep had been deep, and the hour seemed only to be like the traditional ten minutes doled out by the far less advanced type of alarm clock.

With reluctance, he prepared his mind to wake and opened his eyes.  He stared into her pretty painted ones, thinking about the cameras behind them.

"Morning." he said.

"Good morning Byron." she said, like she always did.

"You're lucky you don't have to sleep." he said. "I'm missing a whole third of my life this way."

She just looked at him.  Her processors couldn't calculate a proper response.

Byron languidly turned around and kicked his legs out from under the covers.  He dragged the rest of his body to sit up and let out a face stretching yawn.

The fembot got up on her side, and walked naked over to where her clothes were.

Byron watched her bend over, knowing that the plastic and metal lady really didn't have the same need for clothing as her human captive.  He wondered if her silicon "mind" was in any way aware that her position got him aroused.  While she was reaching down to the floor like that, her perfectly molded synthetic vagina was aimed right at him, with it's perfect lips and curves like a delicate prize-winning flower.

He had an idea.

"Heather," he said as he enjoyed the view.

"Yes Byron?" she said predictably.

"Why don't you put some different clothes on today." he suggested.

The android paused for a moment, still bent over and clutching her pink bra.

He stood up.  "Stand up." he said, and she did too.

He led her to the bedroom next door where there was a dresser and a closet full of ladies' clothing.

"I'm going to make you into a person, Heather." he said, telling her for the first time what he had planned the previous day.

She stopped in the middle of the other room and looked at him.  Her CPU was caught on that word - person.  "I don't understand." she said.  After a little pause she continued.  "I am a woman."

Byron tried to read her face, but the silicone wouldn't surrender any signals.  "Well, you are a woman," he said, trying to sound as nice about it as he could, "but you're a machine."

She just looked at him.  After a while, she said "Yes.  I am a machine.  I'm programmed to be a woman."

He looked at her pretty face.  He raised his hand and stroked her soft pink cheek. 

They kissed again.  She reacted to his touch the way her programs told her to, and offered no resistance as his hands glided down to caress and fondle her well-built behind.

He pulled himself slowly away - again with reluctance - and got back to the task at hand.

"I'm going to take a shower and make breakfast.  After you come back from the lab, I want you to choose some clothes from this room and wear them."

Heather looked momentarily at the open closet, then back to him.  "I don't know how to do that." she said.  She looked down to the floor, appearing to be disappointed by her software limitations.

"You can try." he said, as much stating as asking.

She looked up once more, her facemask configured to look like she was almost ashamed, and said "I don't know how to try."

She looked back down to the floor while Byron thought about that.  She was right.  Machines didn't try - they either did something or they didn't.  Yoda was right too.

Byron put his arms around her again.  He hugged the naked android, and she hugged him right back.  That felt so good to Byron - having a pretty young woman holding on to him.  Even if she was artificial, she was built like the real thing and his body could forget what his mind couldn't.

He kissed her with affection on the lips and watched her face.  Her sullen look was gone now that her chips were busy processing new sets of data.

"I'll see you in a couple of hours."

"Okay." she said.

He walked out of the room and into the bathroom across the hall.   He smiled at his attractive synthetic companion, and she smiled back at him as she walked in her womanly way out of the room and down the hallway to the kitchen.  He heard the loud whirring, clicking and beeping of the maidbot, and closed the bathroom door as it got closer so he wouldn't have to look upon what to him was mechanical grotesqueness.

Heather walked past the cute blonde robotic maid, but paid her no processor time.  The calculations were mutual.  Both Heather and the maid merely recorded one another's video image, and wasted no time on such things as greetings or even acknowledgement.

By now, Heather had also stopped acting "real".  No humans around meant no wasted electrical power on things like blinking, smiling or blushing.  She walked zombie-like through the door in the kitchen and down the concrete stairs into the basement lab.

Once the naked fembot had been scanned by the monotone-voiced doorkeeper, she walked as plainly and simply as could be over to Natasha, who waited naked like her by the empty examination chair.

Natasha turned her head in a motorised way to face the other robot.  "Hello, Heather.  How was your day?" she said in a way that seemed just as motorised.

"My day was fine.  Thank you." Heather said, in an emotionless and mechanical way that would have made poor Mr. Clarke cringe.

Maintaining absolutely perfect posture, Heather walked over to the chair and sat down.  She stared directly ahead with empty electronic eyes while Natasha prepared the console.

The robot technician looked at her and said "Please remove your facemask, Heather."

After quickly computing the meaning of the other fembot's speech, Heather reached up and grabbed the sides of her face.  The locking mechanisms behind it released, and she took it along with its null expression away from the rest of her head.  Her complicated and intricate internal structure was laid bare to the other artificial woman, who quickly scanned and analysed the thoroughly inhuman sight.  All of the many flashing lights, microchips, transistors and wires that worked unseen to give the facemask the illusion of life were now out in the open, and under the exacting scrutiny of the dedicated and faultless technician.

Natasha got some cables ready and said "I am going to download data from your visual and auditory memory banks into the main computer for processing and evaluation."

Heather said and did nothing while she was connected through built-in ports to the Master Computing Device.  It took over the process, and pulled the raw data out of her as fast as it could.  The lights inside her head kept flashing and her speaker kept emitting tones and loud beeps for Natasha to examine.

Bit by bit, the data accumulated inside the massive console told of the android's experiences during the previous 24 hours.  All of her digital thoughts, all of her energised movements, and even all of her romantic encounters were loaded as ones and zeroes into the computer.

No anomalies or problems were detected.  The Heather robot was working just as she had been built and programmed. 


Part 42 Tests Begin

While his android companion was being prepared by Natasha for another 24 hour cycle of operation, Byron finished his hot, relaxing shower and got dressed in the plain white bath robe he wore while his own clothes were being cleaned. 

He came out of the bathroom and started to make some breakfast for himself while he thought about what he needed to do.  He cracked eggs into a hot pan while thinking about the proper way to structure his experimental software and hardware setup.  With all hope it would work.

Byron hummed a tune to himself while he made his meal.  The radio station he had found he liked up here had only news to offer this early.  Even if it wasn't in French, he wouldn't really want to hear it and be reminded of the outside world right now.

He glanced out the kitchen window.  The snow had not let up one bit, and still fell constantly in big heavy flakes through air that was dark, cold and still.  It looked nice, but he longed for the freshness of spring.  He was so far now from everything he knew.  He closed his eyes and slowly drew in a long deep breath.  He had to think about something else.

He thought about Heather.  He readily admitted now to himself that he loved her, even though she was a machine.  Yet he still wished she wasn't.  He wondered if there was a real woman like her anywhere out there, one who could love him back, and maybe even grow old together with him.

After the cooking was done, he sat down to eat - alone as usual in the morning.  The way his female friend was now confined to a cold examination chair with computer cables connected to her exposed circuitry entered his thoughts.  She was only his at the whim of a supercomputer.  He supposed she could be taken away just as quickly as she had first appeared.

He hated thinking these thoughts.  They reminded him of his powerlessness. 

"Enough." he said out loud and to no one, to get his mind back on track.  He gulped down the rest of his food and drank the overly sweet orange juice while he mentally prepared the first steps he would take.

After about three quarters of an hour at the keyboards of his workstation, the robot maid came by with his cleaned and folded clothing.  He kept looking at the screen in front of him and waited for the sounds of her loud mechanical movement to cease.  When he knew she was right behind him, he turned around fast and took his clothes from her.

By now he had given up on saying thanks.  The maid continued to make her loud beeping tones and noises as she started moving again and walked away.  Byron stood up and changed into his work clothes once more as he waited for Heather, who usually emerged from the lab shortly after.

When she came back upstairs - human simulation mode freshly activated - he got up to greet her.  He had nearly forgotten that she hadn't dressed that morning, and he remembered his earlier plan for her.

"Are you ready to choose some new clothes to wear?" he asked brightly.

She looked unsure.  "Yeah.  I'm ready." she said.

He put his arm around her and brought her again into the room next to his.  He turned the light on and opened the closet wide.

"What do you feel like wearing?" he asked.

"I don't know." she said.  "Can you choose the clothes for me?"

Byron was a little disheartened at her lack of initiative, but he understood.

He kissed her again.  "Sure." he said.

The human looked through the closet for things he thought would look nice on her.  He pulled out some things and hoped they'd fit.  Then he went over to the dresser and pulled out some underwear and some jeans.  He had a hunch her cute butt would look real nice in those.

He decided to have her dress simply, in white cotton underwear, jeans, a t-shirt and a sweater.  When he got all of those things together, he handed the process over to her.

"Okay," he said, "Try these and see if they fit."

"Okay." she said with a smile. 

She pulled the panties on over her smooth legs and on to her sexy hips.  Byron watched and nodded in approval.

Heather put the bra on next, then the t-shirt, then the jeans, and finally the tight brown sweater.  It was a good choice of garments.  She looked good in them, just as Byron had hoped.

He positioned her in front of the mirror on the dresser.  "There." he said.  "How do you like your new look?"

"I like it." she said as she mindlessly scanned the scene in front of her and digitally processed the appearance of her own image.  They both knew she would have given the same answer no matter how she had dressed.

Byron stood back and admired her young looking, sexy body.  It was shown off nicely even in the casually fitting clothes.  He was getting aroused again, but he had to get his work done.

"Let's get started Heather." he said.  He led her by the hand out of the room, turning off the light as he went.

He went back into his bedroom to grab that laptop that had been such a pain to get, and they walked together into the living room so he could use it to try to make her into a person.

For a couple of hours, music filled the room as Byron worked on transferring his previous work into the portable PC.  He needed to be careful how he structured and coded the programs and data he transferred, and it took all of his effort to concentrate on all of that.

From time to time, he disconnected the laptop from his workstation and plugged it into Heather's chest to test the effects of certain programs.  For this, it had been necessary to have her remove her sweater and leave her chest panel open.  She sat patiently beside him the whole time, being supportive and friendly as always.

As the new software piled up in the laptop, he needed to test the operation of her systems  - to see if any of his new code would interfere with what she already had installed inside of her.  Her sexual systems and programs were surprisingly extensive, and soon he had to test them fully with his programs running in the background.

So he ordered his assistant to get naked.  She did that while he got a blanket and layed it out on the floor for them.  Then, he took off his clothes and joined her in  position in front of the big couch.

He straddled her and leaned over to make some final adjustments to the laptop next to her.

"Let me know if you experience any problems." he said to her as he made sure she was securely connected.

"Okay." she said with a sweet looking smile.

They began to copulate, but this time Byron had to keep watching the computer beside him to see if everything was working.  The fembot under him was functioning more or less normally, and mirrored his gradually rising level of arousal.

They pumped their hips together slowly at first, then harder and faster until they found a pleasing rhythm.  Swells of emotive cello playing filled the room along with their grunts and heavy breathing while the software testing session continued to get hotter.

Byron had to close his eyes to come, so easily distracted he was by the circuitry visible in her opened chest.  When he did, he felt her come too, and slowed down to a halt.  They layed silent and still for a moment, her synthetic pussy still gripping his dick warmly and tightly.

He breathed in deep, savouring the aroma of her cream.  He kissed her again, this time for a long time.

"That concludes the test." he said in jest.

She just smiled as he got off her and knelt down to examine the data that had been recorded.  He used the little finger pad on the laptop to navigate the many display windows, checking their contents one by one.

He smiled a satisfied smile.  "Excellent so far." he said.


Part 43 - A Lesson Worth Learning

"Now," he said after setting a few more things up, "I need you to masturbate for me."

He felt a little embarrassed to tell her that, as refined and proper as he was, but he was still surprised when he saw that familiar look of embarrassment again show so plainly on her face as well.

"I don't know how." she said.

She looked at him with those clear brown eyes of hers, that pretty face looking vulnerable and lost.  He looked down at the exposed electronics in her chest, then at her breasts with those perfect nipples, then at her soaking wet crotch with its neatly trimmed patch of artificial hair.

"How do I explain this?" he thought to himself.  He thought for a while about this new problem.  Her lack of knowledge in that regard made sense, of course, even considering her new and extensive digital library of sexual data.  Why would a fembot need to stimulate itself that way anyway?

Byron tried to explain.  "Um... take your hands, and..." he stopped.  He didn't really know how to work a clit like that either.

He turned back to his laptop while Heather looked at him, like a computer waiting for him to finish relaying his command.

Byron opened another window, another diagnostic display.  This one displayed data specific to her artificial vagina.  Together, they would figure out the right way to operate her complex vaginal unit.

He reclined on the floor beside her, facing the same way as she but with his legs off to the side.  He turned the computer around so they both could see it.

"Okay Heather, touch your crotch." he said.

She looked at him quizzically, then moved her right hand down and placed it over her vagina.  Status and level indicators inside a window shot up momentarily on the screen, then fell gradually down again.

"Keep moving your hand around." he suggested.

She was still looking at him, and now moved her hand around in perfect circles.

"Look at the monitor." he said as he pointed to it.  "You see the way the sensor activity changes with the way you touch yourself?"

The fembot studied the computer screen as it displayed data that was already available to her CPU.  The way it was isolated and separated on this other computer gave her a new and different way of seeing it though.

"Is this how I masturbate?" she asked as her hand went pointlessly round and around.

"Almost." he said, trying to give her encouragement.  "Watch the levels as you move your hand now." he explained.  "Pay attention to the clitoris in particular.  The higher the levels, the more your sensors are working, and the more pleasure you are feeling."

Heather kept rubbing circles on herself and watching the screen.  "I'm not programmed to feel pleasure." she said.

"Well, you're programmed to act like you do, right?" he said.

She kept watching and stroking.  "Yes, when you touch me, I activate my sexual subroutines."

"Now you can activate your sexual subroutines for yourself." he said.  He put his hand on top of hers.  "Stop for a moment." he said.

She looked up at him as he held her wet hand.  He felt the urge to give her a kiss, but didn't want to distract her processors from their current task.

"Follow my lead." he said as he lightly clutched her hand and moved it up and down over her pussy.  He pushed her fingers into the folds and against her labia and her clit.  "Look at the monitor." he instructed.

The android turned her head again to the computer screen and watched the fluctuating coloured meters inside the window.

Byron led her hand over and over the right spots to make those meters jump and fall back again until they got into a rhythm.  "This is more like it." he said. 

"Now, keep moving your hand like this."  He took his hand slowly away and wiped the excess juice on the blanket.

Byron watched his robot companion rub herself, and tried to keep his own thoughts focused on teaching rather than getting horny.  It was hard.

"Now, activate your sexual subroutines." he said.

"Which ones?" she asked.

"Activate the ones you would activate if I was touching you." he told her.

She rubbed and rubbed as the graphic meters on the monitor went up and down.  "I can't." she said after a while.

"Why not?"

"Because it's not you touching me."

"I know that, but you have to activate those subroutines."

Her processors were having much trouble, and getting near their heat limit. "I..." she said, then went silent for a while, "But you're not touching me..."

"Activate those sexual subroutines.  Tell yourself that your hand is a separate system that can get you aroused."


"Change your pattern and outside system interaction settings.  Override the values in the abstract reciprocation algorithms."

The fembot stroked a steady rhythm as she computed that last instruction.  "I can do that?" she asked as she looked at Byron.  The revelation was important enough to cause her facemask to configure itself in a look of surprise.

"Of course you can do that.  Do it!" he said excitedly.

Heather looked back to the monitor while her system made the adjustments he had suggested.  Almost immediately, her whole body shivered and twitched.

"Ohhh...." she said loud.  Her eyelids opened wide.  She pushed harder, and Byron could see the graphic meters in the display push higher and higher.  Her sensors were being worked to their limits.

He could see her getting wet by herself now.  The strongly aromatic fluid was being pumped fast enough to make the darkened spot of fabric underneath and between her legs grow.

"Byron!" she exclaimed as she twitched her way into a strong synthetic orgasm.  "Aughhh!" she screamed as she brought herself her system's maximum allowable pleasure - for the first time all by herself.

The coloured bars on the computer screen fell slowly as her hand came to a halt.  She looked up at him, her face reflective with artificial sweat.  Her mouth hung open as she appeared to breathe very deep.  Before he knew what was happening her arms went toward him and pulled him fast down on top of her.

She bombarded him with an electrified frenzy of deep wet kisses as she moaned excitedly and clutched his clumsily falling body tightly against hers.

Apparently, his lesson had been successful.


Part 44 - Gettin' Tighter

Several minutes went by before Byron thought that Heather was done with him. But she wasn't.

He pulled his head away from her charged, passionate kisses long enough to say "Stop!"

She just looked at him, still holding on to him tightly and said "More!"  While she looked up at him, status indicators present in her video field showed that her vaginal fluid canister was running low, but that was no deterrent to this horny android.

She began another round of kisses, but Byron - fragile human being that he was - was getting tired.

He pushed himself up with his arms, but Heather quickly wrapped her legs around his, gripping him tight as a vise.  He lifted her slightly heavier metal and plastic body up with his until he realised that he couldn't resist the powerful electronic woman.

So he slumped back down gently to the floor, and gently on top of her.  This time he rested his head over her shoulder, hoping that would stop her kisses.  Instead of stopping, she just kissed, licked, and gently nibbled his ear.

Byron laughed, feeling helpless to stop her but still enjoying himself.  "Heather I have to stop now.  I'm not like you, I can't go on forever."

"But Byron, you make my vaginal circuitry so active!  I need more!" she said between kisses.

Byron tried to roll off to the side, but was still gripped tightly by all four of her strong and warm mechanical limbs.

"Let go!" he commanded in a stern voice.

That did the trick.  She released the human and watched him roll off of her.  Inside her body, the nearly empty fluid container kept pumping its synthetic juice slowly out while her processors calculated the ever changing data fed to them by her cameras and microphones.

Byron sat up.  So did Heather, nearly unplugging herself from the laptop as she did.  She spread her legs and put one hand right back into action at her crotch.  She closed her eyes, tilted her head up and arched her back, her open mouth letting out a delightful synthesised series of moans.

Byron caught his breath and watched.  Now he wanted to see how long it would take for the fembot to wear herself out.

"Watch the monitor!" she said between deep breaths and emphatic moans.

Byron glanced over to the screen of the laptop, and watched the levels begin to peak much faster than they had before.  The ones that had already peaked began to flash, indicating that they were going off the chart.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" she yelled out as she maxed out all of the bars on the graphs.  Her fingers stroked her wet silicone inhumanly fast as her sexual systems went full steam ahead again.  As she came once more, she grabbed and squeezed his hand.  Her fluid cartridge emptied itself, giving notice to her CPU that it had run dry.  A red graphic warning of this flashed in the corner of her sight as she squeezed Byron's hand hard.

"Hey!" he said as her tightening grip got painful.

She exhaled and brought her head down to look at his hand.  She immediately released him.

"Sorry." she said.  "My pussy was hogging all my processor time."

Byron shook and flexed his hand.  "I've created a monster." he said.

Heather couldn't compute the meaning of his comment, but that was not important to her now.  Her primary goal was to have her spent fluid container replaced with a full one, so she could keep masturbating.

"My vaginal lubricant canister is empty." she said.  "I have to go get it replaced."

Heather started to get up, but Byron stopped her.  "I'll get it." he said.  "You stay there."

She smiled brightly at him, and went right back to another round of self-stimulation.  She didn't need to secrete anything to enjoy herself, and she could go on until her batteries were completely drained.  If she plugged herself into a wall outlet, she could go on non stop for years.

Byron cleaned himself up a bit and threw on his housecoat.  He was worried that Natasha and particularly the Master Computing Device wouldn't like what he had done to their fembot.  As he made his way down the stairs, through the scanner and into the lab, he was already thinking of ways he could program some restraint into Heather.

Into the basement lab again he went, and over to talk to the pretty light brown-haired and blue-eyed android standing perfectly still over by the console.

"Natasha?" he said as he approached.

Machine-like, she turned to face him and spoke.  "Yes Byron?" she said, her fabulously shaped tits still jiggling slightly from her movement.

He stared at those flawless breasts for a while, then snapped out of it.  "Heather's vaginal fluid canister has run dry, and I need a replacement."

Byron watched her as her processors computed the sound of his voice.  He tried not to ogle the sexy naked robot while she exchanged data wirelessly with the basement supercomputer.  He failed.

He was staring right at Natasha's trimmed patch of artificial pubic hair when she answered him with a question.  "Do you require a replacement for Heather or a replacement for Heather's vaginal lubricant canister?"

Byron looked at the nude machine's pretty but completely vacant face.  She stared right back at him, her painted glass eyeballs not once being covered by blinking silicone eyelids.  That  powerful and massive machine intelligence really couldn't tell for which replacement he was asking.  It was comforting for him to know that his captors had some vulnerabilities.

"I need a replacement lubricant canister." he said.  "I don't need to replace Heather."

He imagined all the circuitry within Natasha's chest sparking to life with his answer to her question.

"We can assist you then.  No replacement Heather robots exist."

Byron looked at her and nodded.  He watched her pivot exactly 90 and start walking over to the supply cabinets that held the cartridges.  He watched her buns wiggle in their obviously mechanical way as she led him over to the other side of the lab.  The robot technician's plastic butt was smaller than Heather's, but shaped just as nicely, and very appealing.  The absence of a cover for her lighted recharge port was still a little strange to him though.

For a moment, he thought of how Natasha's system would react if he did for her what he had just done for Heather.  He could just see her - sitting on the cold concrete floor of the lab, legs spread open, mechanical fingers rubbing her sensor-laden plastic, while her static and vacant face stared out at nothing.

The corner of his mouth raised in a sly half grin as Natasha reached out stiffly to open the supply cabinet.

"How many replacement vaginal lubricant cartridges do you require?" she asked.

"How many?" he thought.  He hadn't foreseen this, and decided instantly to take advantage of it.

"How many can you give me at once?" he asked.

"Ten." she said, keeping her blank, lifeless stare focused on him.

"Give me ten." he said.

In a flash, her processors computed and formulated instructions that were sent to her motors and flexors.  She bent over to pull out a large aluminum case.  She raised it and turned to hand it over to him.

"Please return the empty vaginal lubricant cartridges as soon as possible." she said.

Byron took the case from her cold hand, and immediately felt that the metal briefcase was heavier than he had expected.  He let it bring his arm down to rest beside his leg and looked at the artificial woman.

"Thank you, Natasha." he said.  He parted with a sardonic remark.  "If you were a woman, I'd kiss you."

Natasha stayed unmoving as Byron watched for a response.  Finally, he got one.

"That does not compute.  I am a woman." the humorless robot said.

Byron chuckled as he walked with the heavy case out of the lab and back up the stairs.

Back in the living room, Heather was still going strong.  Her sexy body was shiney with synthetic perspiration, and the smell of all that depleted girl juice filled the air like intoxicating perfume.

"I'm back." he said as he put the case down and sat on the floor beside her.

Heather's simulated breathing was deep and frantic as her hand worked on her artificial pussy.  "Get on top of me." she demanded in a breathy half whisper.

Byron had been thinking about what he would do next for several minutes, since before he had gone down into the lab.  "Sorry Heather." he said.  He swiftly reached out to her opened chest panel and pressed her power button.

The android lady froze, then brought her limbs to rest and made a loud electronic-sounding beep.

The graphic meters displayed on the laptop monitor fell to zero and stayed there as Byron went to get a couple of towels.


Part 45 Complexity

Byron wiped his electronic mate clean and unplugged the cable from her open chest panel.  "You hot little dynamo." he said quietly as he stroked her unmoving silicone lips with his fingertip.

Still wide open, her eyes stayed aimed at the ceiling as he picked up the laptop and began methodically searching through and reading the data that had just been collected.  There was a lot.  When he saw just how much data he would have to sort through, he decided to have lunch first.

He prepared and ate a quick meal alone, watching the supermechanical maidbot go about her routine as he did.  By now, he was getting used to seeing her and he could almost come near to appreciating her feminine curves - cloaked as they were by her excessively machine-like appearance.  He even wondered what her glossy robot skin would feel like against his.  He wondered too about the strange sensation it would be to feel vibrations coming from her loud motors as she beeped, buzzed and clicked beside him.

Still, he need not bother think about any of that, he reminded himself.  Heather was the finest rose among all these artificial flowers.  And she was his.

But that innocent suggestion to override part of her programming had turned her into an insatiable sex machine, and he didn't want that.  He wouldn't be able to keep up.  And he knew he couldn't begin to think of a solution to that problem before he had thoroughly gone through the data in that laptop.  So he finished lunch fast and left the dishes for the robomaid to clean.

Relaxing on the couch - with the dormant, naked, and now blanket-covered Heather robot at his feet - he started reading code and trying to make sense of it.  Berlioz's 'Symphonie Fantastique' played in the background, providing a fitting soundtrack for the day's passionate events and delirious pace.

After a while, it became clear to the captive amateur programmer that his small suggestion had changed the nature of her sexual programming beyond recognition.  The values he had told her to override were no longer even present, although they had been replaced with analogues of greater plasticity. 

There was no way that two sentences out of his mouth could have restructured her software so completely.  The conclusion was inescapable.  Heather had changed her own programming.

Byron's mouth fell agape at the realisation.  He was stunned.  He looked back down at the pretty deactivated girl on the floor, her eyes still focused on the same spot.

He scrolled through more and more lines of test data, and checked more and more lines of programming.  He was now so engrossed in his work that he left the CD unchanged for hours after it had ended. 

The hour or so that they usually spent outdoors came and went with Byron still analysing the test results and checking her self-written software.  He was amazed at its consistency.  He would have never believed it was possible if he wasn't looking right at it with his own eyes.

There was another important factor he now recalled.  The relatively small bit of software he had crafted for this purpose made the portable computer into an extension of her 'being'.   All of that changed programming probably existed only in the laptop he held.

Byron needed to know that for sure, so he put the laptop aside and reactivated Heather.  He pressed the red button and waited for the loud beeps and flashing lights.

"Heather robot number 742655A-FC activated." she said mindlessly.

"Diagnostic mode." Byron said simply, loud and clear.

"DIAGNOSTIC MODE." Heather said in an emotionless and robotic monotone.

He pulled the blanket right off her and got to his feet.  "Stand up." he ordered.

Heather said nothing, but did as he had told her.  In diagnostic mode, she moved stiffly and gracelessly, almost as robotic as the maidbot.

"Sit in the chair next to my desk." he said while pointing.

Heather walked robot-like over to the chair and sat her stiff naked body down in it.  With ram-rod straight posture she stared out blankly at nothing.

Byron followed her over and plugged some cables into her chest.  Reluctantly, he removed her facemask as well and connected some ports underneath to his computer.

Seeing her this way seriously tested the love for her that he had let grow, but this was the only way he could activate her right now without having her demand constant sexual stimulation from him.

He started to download data from her body to his computer and went to find the maidbot.

She was in that unused bedroom, sorting unused clothes.  He walked up to the short-haired blonde and said "Hey, you."

The ultra-mechanical maid whirred and beeped as she turned her pretty plastic head to face him.

"Make me something to eat.  Cream of broccoli soup and tuna sandwiches."

She kept on with her clicking and beeping, and the only sign that she had registered his command was that she stiffly turned and walked out the door in her windup-doll-like strut.

He followed her out, watching her shiney plastic butt move through her see-through French maid uniform.

"Who could possibly get aroused by such a display?" he thought as he entered the living room again.

It was getting dark quickly.  He put on some Beethoven and some pants and waited for the download to finish.

As he ate the efficiently prepared meal, he scrolled through the freshly downloaded data and verified his hunch.  Within Heather, no programming at all had changed.  Every line of code was exactly as Fembot Command had written it.

This confirmation was good news.  His plan with the laptop was a success.  As long as it was connected to Heather's chest, it took over and superseded her original programming.  Now he just had to deal with the changes that Heather had made.

He munched on his sandwich and looked at the vacant face of his android companion.  He had originally intended to leave the laptop connected to her non-stop, but he wouldn't get any sleep tonight if he did that.  He would have to reboot her without it until he found a way to cool down her awesomely powerful and never-ceasing electronic sex drive.

When he was done eating, he disconnected his lady friend from his computer terminal and put her face back on.  The way the facemask clicked back in and covered up all of that high-tech circuitry made him feel like she was returning from an absence.

He pressed her power button to reboot her once more, disconnected from her newfound sexuality residing on the hard drive of the laptop.

"Heather robot number 742655A-FC activated." she said again, just as mindlessly as before.

She looked around the darkened room and down at her naked self.  "What happened Byron?"

"I ran some tests on you." he said, not realising until now that her readily accessible reconstructed memory files were also only on the laptop.

"I hope I passed!" she said jokingly.

"You passed." he said with a warm smile on his face.

Byron closed her chest panel for her and stood up.  "Stand up, dear." he said softly.

She stood up and let him grab both her hands.  She reflected his loving smile back to him in the best way her technology allowed.

"I love you." he said.  "I don't think I've told you that yet."

She looked at him.  She had that lost and confused look come over her face again.  She cast her head downward and said "I don't know how to love."

He reached up to her chin and tilted her head gently back up to face him.  He beheld his beautiful rose and smiled.  "Yes you do.  Believe me Heather, you know how to love."


Part 46 Dedicated

In the short silence that followed, as he held on to her soft, life-like face, Heather looked up at her master.  Her electronic eyes blinked and scanned his face, and her processors watched for the patterns and changes in his features that were his expressions.  He looked proud.

But the reasons for his pride remained thoroughly uncomputable by Heather's processors.  She didn't know what kind of things she had been up to for the last half day.  Her readily accessible reconstructed memory files were only a digital summary - built up by algorithms that weighted more data to more important or novel events and details - and the memories compiled for the last several hours were nowhere within the pretty fembot's sexy body.  All the interesting stuff was on Byron's laptop.

Held within her audio and visual memory banks - deep within her head and behind her realistic eyes - was all the data necessary to reconstruct what had gone on.  However, only the Master computing device in the basement had the programming and the power to sort through that mass of binary information.   Heather couldn't find out what had made Byron so proud of her even if she wanted to.

So many variables in her software mind went without values to give them meaning as Byron leaned forward and kissed her lips.  She responded like she had been programmed to, and like she had done many times.  She also prepared her sexual systems for action.

Byron led the android by the hand to his bedroom.  Already undressed, she got into position on the bed and watched and waited while Byron took off his few garments.  He turned on the small lamp by the bed and turned off the big ceiling light.

He got her cord ready and went behind her to reach down and open her recharge port.  The female end of the cord fit securely in place in her back as he uncoiled it and walked over to the wall outlet.  That end went into place too, and her power systems adapted instantly to the change.  The batteries in her thighs and head switched tasks from providing current to taking it in, and the rest of the electricity went into whichever circuits, wires, chips, conduits and motors requested it.

"We're making good progress, my dear." he said as she recorded and analysed his words and actions.

She didn't know what he meant though, and her Fembot Command programming wasn't sophisticated enough to make her wonder.  She just computed the effects of his touch, and ran the sensor data through her CPU like she always did.

He was making love to her differently now.  It was a very subtle difference, but her dermal sensors precisely measured the way he caressed her artificial body.  Compared to previously collected data, this was new.

As for what was going on in the human's mind, now he couldn't help but think of what went on inside her body - nor did he resist those thoughts.  When he made love to her, he always tried to think only of her as Heather.  Now, with his mind so full of details of software and hardware, he thought about the experience for what it was.

He inserted his penis into a machine - one covered with plastic that looked and felt like skin - but a machine nonetheless.  The human-like device, with legs, arms, eyes, ears, vagina and mouth, reacted a lot like a person - but it was still a robot.

And Byron still loved her.  This was almost all he needed in a partner, and he knew he could work to make her programming closer to what he had always dreamed of.

The programming he needed to write the most was on his mind too.  And then there was 'Project H', that which his captors wanted him to write.

He opened his eyes and looked down at the android underneath his body.  He smiled as he recalled what she was capable of - what she had shown him earlier.  She looked back up at him, synthetic love displayed on her face as they made each other wet and hot.  The sweet computer was so unaware of what she had done that day.

Byron climaxed, oddly for him, while thinking about her circuitry.  He pumped out the last of his load and relaxed on top of her.  Right away, he visualised the first lines of code he would need to write to advance the next phase of his project.  It would take a lot of work, and a lot of testing, but if all went right he would have her connected to his laptop and his programs again tomorrow.  Soon after that, she would be more and more a creature of his design.

But for now, he disconnected from their interface and fell onto the empty part of the bed beside her.

The attractive fembot leaned on to her side, smiled widely and said "My turn on top?"

Byron stroked her breasts and looked into her camera-eyes.  He was tired, but he couldn't refuse a pretty lady - plastic or not.

He responded by pulling her on top of him.  She spread her legs over his and leaned forward to kiss him.  Her sweet smelling light-brown hair tickled his face as she gently kissed and sucked his mouth.  Her hard nipples rubbed against his chest, arousing him into action once more.

His hands cupped around her sexy round buns while he thought of programming and machinery again.  He felt her tongue play with his while he asked himself what he would want from perfection.

With all that had happened, all that he had done and all that he would do, he wondered now about all that he could do.


Part 47 - Loaded Again

When the morning came, Heather awoke Byron.  After some more gentle expressions of love from him and some more accurate executions of code from her, she dressed and was on her way to the Basement lab for her daily data exchange session and cleaning.

He had his shower and made breakfast, the whole time worrying that the supercomputer that controlled his fate wouldn't approve of his latest work.  His mind never lost track of the peril that was near, even as his comfort level increased by the day.

Downstairs, when the connection between the brown-haired fembot and the powerful console was confirmed, audio, visual, and sensory data collected over the previous 24 hours were dumped into the mainframe.

After the transfer, the Master Computing Device had full access to all that Heather had done and said, and all that she had seen and heard.  Much processing time and power was then expended on analysing one particular anomalous moment.

While Byron's electromechanical love sat naked and motionless in the cold examination chair - her facial covering removed now to allow the physical connection from the advanced circuitry in her head to the console - the computer tried to make digital sense out of what had happened.

A simple and direct instruction from the human had led almost instantly to a cascade of substantial changes in the robot's behaviour - contrary to her programming.  The Master Computing Device didn't know what to make of it.  All settings and configurations within the connected Heather unit were as they should be - all software and hardware was as had been designed and installed.

Just to make sure though, the supercomputer made a series of thorough tests.  Those tests on Heather's system and settings lasted well past the time she usually returned from the basement, and the human being upstairs could only grow more worried.

As Byron paced and fidgeted about, all was quiet in the lab - except for the usual inhuman sounds made constantly by all the ceaselessly active consoles.  Natasha smiled her meaningless fembot smile at nothing, eternally obedient and perfectly patient as the machine that controlled her did its work. 

Heather held her facemask in her lap and flashed her bright LEDs in sequences and patterns that no human could read.  She could no more want the supercomputer to hurry up than it could want to be done with the tedious tasks.

From her vantage point off to the side, Natasha read and calculated what each flash of Heather's exposed LEDs signified.  She could do that without looking directly at the display, as long as it was somewhere in her field of vision.  Natasha detected no errors in the relay of data between humanoid robot and console computer as she simultaneously watched two monitors full of quickly streaming binary code in addition to Heather's lights.

There was so much going on inside all of these machines, so strongly contrasted by their relative silence and lack of movement.

Upstairs, Byron waited... and worked, and waited, and had lunch.  Heather was still in the basement in the afternoon, and the poor human had the feeling that he had been caught doing something wrong.

So his relief was only partial when she came back up the stairs, activating again the programs and sub-programs that made her look real.

"What took you so long?" he said as he got up from his work and strode over to hold her.

As he did, she computed the meaning of his words, accessed the appropriate memory files and responded "The Master Computing Device ran extra tests on me today."

He left it at that.  He didn't want to know what kind of tests they were or how they had turned out.  He was just glad she was back with him, and glad he wasn't in any immediate trouble.

"Let's step out then." he said as he prepared to be harnessed again to her for their almost daily bout of snowshoeing.

Heather smiled and took her end of the harness from him so she could strap and lock it around her waste.  With coats, hats, gloves and finally the snowshoes on, they stepped outside into the very cold air and walked off in search of a path they had not yet taken.

Byron was by this time so full of programming ideas that he wanted to share them and discuss them with his pretty android assistant, but he knew that was one thing he shouldn't do.  He would just have to be patient enough to type them out as code and upload them into his laptop for her to act on.

For that reason, their walk was rather silent.  Byron stopped now and then for a kiss, and they held hands for most of the trip, but they didn't say much to each other. 

When they got back inside, Byron turned on the music and started prepping his laptop for reconnection to his robot.  He knew the work would be hard, and time consuming.  He worked almost constantly through the night, finally stopping only when he knew the next day's early rise would be in jeopardy if he continued.

The next four days at the isolated cabin went much like this one, only without the extended session between Byron's love and her computer master.  During the whole time Byron had not connected Heather to his experimental programs again, fearing that the same thing would happen as before.  When he was finished, he thought, Heather wouldn't be able to change what he didn't want her to change.

At last, after the most intense work he had done in his entire stay at the cabin, Byron was ready to try out his work on robot number 742655A-FC.  When the laptop was ready, Byron walked over to the couch and sat next to her by the night time fire.

"It's all ready, darling." he said as he held out the laptop.  "Can you open your chest panel?"

"Sure." she said happily as she pulled off the fleece sweater she had put on that morning.  The plain black bra she wore wouldn't interfere with the connection, so she left it on.  She opened the small panel above her breasts for him and smiled.

Byron leaned forward and plugged the cable securely into the matching port in his woman.  he watched Heather's eyes glaze over for a moment, then suddenly spark to life like he had seen only once before.

Her smile grew fast, maxing out the settings in that part of her facemask.  She stood up and embraced him tightly.

He knew, of course, that her AI had just fully re-integrated itself with those readily accessible reconstructed memory files that were still on the laptop.  He raised his arms and held her tightly too as they looked into each other's eyes.

"Why did you ever unplug me from this Byron?" she said, furrowing her brow over her smile and pretending to scold him.

He laughed.  "You were an out of control sex machine.  I had to."

Heather kissed him quickly and smiled.  "But isn't it more fun that way?"

"Umm," Byron said as he thought about that, "yes and no."

They kissed again, deep and wet.  Their tongues played around and their lips slid past and sucked one another.  Heather bit him gently on the bottom lip as she led him away to the couch, but Byron resisted long enough only to grab the laptop and take it with them.

They sat down on the sofa, both having the same thing on their minds.

Heather took off her bra and said "I notice some things in your experimental programs are different.  I can't seem to change them."

"You're not supposed to change them." he said as he unbuttoned his shirt.  "They're like... the basis of your behavioural programming.  They have to have limits you can't adjust."

"But I can generate more pleasure out of my sensory data if I make a few changes." she said as she cupped her breasts and rubbed them for him.

Byron stood up long enough to undo his pants and bring them down past his hips.  "It's supposed to work like my own brain works.  Or at least how I think it works." he said.

Heather followed his lead and stood up to take down the sweatpants she wore.  She left on her high cut black satin panties, preserving their feminine aesthetic quality for her man.

She sat back down and showed him a very horny look while her CPU calculated his previous statements.  He looked at the laptop on the sofa between them, wondering where to place it while they had sex.

He took it and put it on the floor, glad that he had chosen a cord long enough to reach Heather's chest from there.  As soon as he began to sit upright again, Heather grabbed him firmly by the shoulders and pulled him on top of her.

As his body came to rest in position over the horny android, she looked up at him and said "I don't understand."

Byron thought about that for a moment while she closed her eyes and kissed him.  Now wasn't a good time to be explaining all the many unarticulated reasons for his program's design.

"I'll explain later." he told her as he reached down to play with her moist plastic pussy.


Part 48 For Your Pleasure

Heather's vagina was just as wet as usual, but far more sensitive and responsive to the Human's touch now.  When he had re-written his experimental programs, he had left some of her changes intact.  Some of the things she had changed within an instant were of such bewildering complexity that he would not have even dreamed they were possible after years of concentration and work.

He was still unsure that the controls and limitations he had put in place would keep her from changing her own programming too much, but he would soon find out.  After this he would sort through masses of collected data on the laptop again and run some diagnostic programs on her to check if what he had written was still intact.

But for now, he gave his full attention to satisfying the woman reclined underneath him, and satisfying his own lust in the process.  The plastic robomaid with the stiff walk and constant beeping would be stuck with  the job of cleaning the sofa cushions after this test drive.

The two lovers caressed and fondled each other's bodies until they could wait for it no longer.  Byron rubbed the tip of his hard cock against the soft silicone lips of her pussy until he slid himself inside the warm, wet and tight mechanical orifice.  He pumped in hard, as hard as he could while the robot used her motorised hips to return his thrust, matching his pressure down to .01% pounds per square inch.

The open chest panel with its bright flashing lights and exposed metal attracted his gaze now instead of diverting it away.  The electronics on display through the small rectangular opening once frightened him, now they fascinated him.  He never would have dreamed before that he could fall in love with an android.

While he watched and studied the way she acted, Heather used Byron's new software to its full potential.  She was genuinely enjoying this now, like she had only on one day before.  The programs on the laptop allowed her to use the data flowing in from all of her many sensors to provide not only information about what was going on around her, but to activate and stimulate what the programmer had constructed as her pleasure center.

This software 'pleasure center' was a master stroke on Byron's part.  In simple terms, it was her new reason for being - perhaps her first.  All of her higher cognitive functions ran through it.  All of her actions - past present and future - were assigned values by it.  If things went according to Byron's plan, Heather would do things now for the pleasure of doing them.

Sexual stimulation was, of course, at the very top of the list.  Even as Byron tired his human body out making love to her, she still only wanted more.  But he had installed some limits.  Heather now found it unpleasurable to exhaust her non-mechanical lover, so she would now be more responsive to his tiredness.

Byron was surprised at how well it worked.  Right from the start, he saw the hallmarks of emergent behaviour everywhere.  She touched herself while he fucked her - her breasts, her lips, her anus - all without being programmed or ordered to.  Simply for the pleasure of it.

Byron and Heather stopped after their first climax so he could look through the laptop and see exactly what kind of effect his programs were having.  This time, even though she protested and begged him for more sex, she didn't just grab him and pull him down on top of her.  Without any command or order, she let go of him and took a position seated close to him on the sofa.

Byron clicked at the cramped little finger pad below the keyboard and opened more diagnostic windows.  He pointed things out to his lady as he snooped through the workings of her system and as he began to see how his software had performed.

It was all an astounding success.  All of the objectives that he had so far tested were fulfilled exactly as he had envisioned, and all without so much as a bug.

Byron smiled at Heather.  Both of them were naked, wet, and breathing heavy.  "You did perfectly, my love." he told her.

Heather blushed as he leaned forward to kiss her.

"I think I can leave you plugged in to this thing almost all the time now." he said.

She smiled a big smile upon hearing that.  She hugged him tightly, a little too tightly, but nowhere near maximum strength.

Byron chuckled and led her by the hand over to the kitchen table.  "We've got to strap that to your back somehow so you can stay connected and carry it around."

"How 'bout duct tape?" she suggested with a cute smile.

"I don't want to wreck your beautiful skin now, dear." he said.  "I have something else in mind.  Stay here."

Byron put the computer on the table as the naked fembot stood next to it.  She watched him go to the closet and fetch her end of the lockable nylon harness.

"Put this on, and we'll strap it to your back."

"Okay!" she said excitedly.

While she put the harness around her waste, Byron went back to the living room and got the tube of super glue that Melanie had brought to him as requested.  He cut off the top and squeezed a bunch into the laptop's latch so it couldn't be fully closed and shut down that way.

Then he folded the cover over and tucked the heavy portable computer between Heather's back and the harness.  He tightened the straps around her waste, making sure he wouldn't cut into her soft artificial skin.

Byron stepped back and looked at her.  Naked and smiling, with a red nylon harness holding a computer against her back - a computer that was plugged into her opened chest.

"One more thing." he said.  He went back into the living room and got the power cord for the laptop.  He weaved it into the harness and plugged one end into the computer.  Then he opened up the small rectangular recharge panel above her buns.

The other end of the power cord was plugged into the deeply recessed outlet built into her back.  He gave her butt a quick squeeze and removed the recharge port cover entirely.

"I'll have to take this one off too." he said as he stepped in front of her and pulled off the cover of her chest panel.  He put the covers aside and took in the sight.

"Self contained." he said.  "Self Contained Ultra Beautiful Android." he added with a chuckle.

She didn't get it.  But that was okay.

"Now." he said.  "Another test."

He now needed to see if she would do something she would normally tell him she couldn't do.  And he knew just what the standard version of Heather would have said no to.

"Come with me." he said as he led her away from the table by her hand.

They walked like that to the back of the house and to the spare room where for now only clothes were kept.  In that room was the inhuman looking maidbot.  She was passing her processor time by unpacking new sets of men's clothes and putting them away into the closet and the dresser.

Byron and Heather stood outside in the hall, looking at the stiffly moving machine do her thing.  She beeped as loud as her simple servo motors whirred, broadcasting her artificiality quite effectively.

"Heather," he said, "I want you to seduce this maid."

She looked at him for a moment as the female shaped machine inside kept working, completely unaffected by their presence or conversation.

"Okay." Heather said.

Byron was again surprised at how easily she had agreed.  He watched her walk into the room, swinging her hips in a sexy way as she carried with her the computer strapped to her back.

"Hi." she said to the glossy-skinned robot. "My name is Heather."

The maid ignored her, and continued to take a folded up shirt out of its plastic wrapper.

"Stop that." Heather commanded.

The maid obeyed.  Her whirring sounds came to a halt as she stood still and aimed her cameras at the more advanced machine.  She continued to beep as frequently, as randomly, and as loudly as ever.

"I've been ordered to seduce you." Heather said as she took the wrapped shirt out of the maidbot's hands.  She threw it on the bed.  "I don't know how to do that, so I'm going to take your clothes off and have sex with you."

Byron's eyes opened wide as he watched her say that.  He had no clothes on either, and could not hide his quickly growing erection.  Neither female noticed though.

He stood there watching as Heather slowly but surely undressed the other woman shaped device.  He was a bit surprised to find that even the robomaid was anatomically correct.

Heather seemed to have a comfortable command of the situation.  She smiled her sexy smile at the other fembot while she removed its clothes and listened to it constantly beep.  When the nameless bot was naked, Heather ordered her to lie on the bed, and proceeded to kneel down between the maid's plastic legs.

For as long as Byron could stand to just watch, Heather's silicone tongue licked the electronic maid's plastic, hairless vagina.  For every megabyte of digital pleasure that passed through Heather's laptop, an equal amount of soulless data passed through the maid's rudimentary CPU.  Heather kissed and licked and sucked like it was the most fun she had ever had, while the stiff and jerky robot on the bed simply recorded the events.

When he could stand it no longer, the human rushed in to take care of his own needs.  He sat on the bed beside the maid, marveling at her shiney skin of all one colour.

"Heather," he said with a grin, "suck my penis now."

She looked up at him, only her own synthetic saliva wetting her mouth and chin, and said "Wait 'til I'm done."  She went right back down between the unmoving android's legs and kept eating its virgin pussy.

Byron wasn't expecting that reply.  He let her finish though.  At the same time she was licking the maid's robotic crotch, she was stimulating her own with her fingers.  The master programmer held on to his throbbing cock as he waited for his artificial girlfriend to finish.

She threw her head back and moaned with perfect simulated passion as she let out some fragrant fluid from her internal cannisters.  Not missing a beat, she smiled slyly at the human and scooted over to kneel in front of him.

She masturbated herself and sucked his dick until they both came at the same time.  She swallowed his semen and licked his member clean as he leaned back and let his hand wander over to feel the robot maid's cold plastic vagina.


Part 49 Certainty

Byron let his hand linger on the maidbot's smooth vinyl-like vagina while Heather looked up at him.

"More, please." she said with a sexy grin.

Byron looked down at her as she stroked his knees.  He still had his hand on the maid's crotch, one finger partially inside her pussy.

"I wonder what would happen..." he said, then paused to think.  He pushed his fingers all the way in and felt the inside of the robomaid's vagina.  It felt like Heather's, only dry and more like plastic.

He derailed his current train of thought and pulled his hand out.  "More tests.  More diagnostics." he said as he showed the horny synthetic lady between his legs an apologetic expression.

"Stand up, darling." he said to her.  He rose to his feet after her, and let out a stretch and a yawn.  "Can you dress this robot and tell her to get back to doing whatever it was she was doing before?"

Heather computed and smiled.  "Sure." she said.

She took hold of the maid's hands and pulled her torso forward.  "Stand up." she commanded.

Still clicking and beeping, she whirred into action as her motors and hydraulics worked to get her back on her feet.  Heather helped get the mechanical blonde dressed in her see-through French maid uniform again while Byron went to get a bathrobe.

When Heather had the maid back at her previous task, her and Byron retired to the warmth of the living room fire.  Byron poured them both a glass of port and put on some horn concertos by Mozart.  He looked around the fire lit room.  He had grown relatively comfortable here, although he was still a captive.  And the way things now appeared, he had gained what he always had longed for - a lover and companion.

He considered Heather his girlfriend now, even though she was a machine.  He drank his port down fast, and gestured for her to do the same.  Her AI, enhanced by his programming, caught the subtle hint this time, and she poured the contents of the glass down into her rubber lined fluid bladder.

He motioned her to lean her sexy nude body up against his, and again her processors got it right.  She smiled and moved over to rest her warm form on his.  He opened the front of his robe and closed it over both of them and over the laptop strapped to her back.

It had a fairly loud fan, and generated quite a bit of heat on its own, but it was the only way Byron could have done all this to her.  Despite the fact that it made her look even more artificial, it made her act more real.

"Tests and diagnostics can wait 'til tomorrow." he said.  "We've had quite a day, haven't we?"

"What does that mean Byron?" she asked, flashing her brown eyes and long lashes at him.

"Quite a busy day." he said as he stroked her soft hair.

"It was fun too." she said with that satisfied looking smile still set on her facemask.  "I really like your new programming."

"I'm glad you do." he said.

They talked for another hour about things, about her and about him, and about how they interacted together.  Her simulated personality had so much more depth now with that eleven pound computer strapped to her back.  His arms rested on top of it, but he was careful not to put too much pressure on it.

"Let's go to bed." he said.

"For sex?" she said as she sat up.

"For sleep.  Remember, my body's not as durable as yours."

"Okay." she said.

They got up and walked together into his bedroom.  They passed the maid again, who was still busy putting new clothes away.  Byron found that odd, as the clothes he had arrived in were simply washed for him every day.  He hadn't asked for any new clothes either.  Maybe Fembot Command had found the spirit of giving, he thought.

"Goodnight, robot maid." Byron called into the room.  The short-haired blonde robot didn't show any sign of acknowledgement.  Soon, her loud and starkly artificial noises would fade as she went to clean up the rest of the house.

Already, the music had stopped and the soothing dull roar of the big furnace filled Byron's ears and Heather's microphones.

"Don't sleep on your back," he said as they got into bed, "we don't want that computer shutting down."

"Okay." she said in that sexy and soft feminine voice her speaker pumped out.

Byron turned out the lights and kissed the android next to him goodnight.  They layed on their sides, facing each other in the dark.  Byron could hear her rubbing her crotch under the sheets.  She started to breathe heavy and moan too.

"Heather, were you planning on doing that all night?" he asked.

"Yeah." she said as she panted.

"Heather, I can't sleep with you doing that."

"Why not?"

"It's very distracting.  It's making me horny."

"Then let's have sex again." she purred.

"Heather, I'm tired." he said, trying to sound authoritative.  "Please, just go into sleep mode so I can get some rest."

She stopped stimulating her sensors and found his hands with hers.  She held onto them with her wet fingers as he squeezed her hands gently.

"Okay." she said.  "I love you Byron."

That completely surprised him.  He wasn't sure he had actually just heard her say that.

"What did you say?"

"I said 'okay', then I said 'I love you Byron'."

"I thought love was undefined?" he asked, perplexed.

"It is, but..." she was silent for a long moment.  "...but I'm 86.1% certain that I love you."

Byron smiled.  Out of all the things she had done with his new programming, that had made him the happiest.

"I'm 100% sure I love you." he said.

He reached down to stroke her pussy, and at the same time led her hand down to his throbbing shaft.

"One more time, then sleep mode for both of us." he said with delight as they gave pleasure to each other under the soft quilted blankets.


Part 50 - Master Unit

In the morning they awoke, and got started on their daily routine.   Now that her batteries were fully charged, Byron unplugged Heather from the wall outlet and took the computer off of her so she could get dressed and go downstairs to commune with Natasha's consoles.  He replaced her chest and charge port panels too, just to make sure she was sent back to the lab the way she had arrived.

Her manner changed instantly, from that of a person to that of an android when he unplugged the laptop.  She was still breathtakingly realistic this way, but Byron knew exactly which traits and actions of hers revealed her as a machine.

"Give Natasha a kiss for me." he said as he sent her off to the basement lab.

"Why?" she asked as she looked back at him with a hint of that blank fembot stare.

"Never mind." he said.

She paused and smiled, then continued on her way.  Byron watched her walk out and put the laptop on the dresser.  He went and had his shower.

Worry crept in right away.  It was the same worry that had bugged him since he began this project with the portable computer.  It was always the worst while she was in the basement hooked up to the cold inhuman machinery, and it never really went away.

Byron hadn't done any work on Project H for days now, and he knew he was pressing his luck by ignoring it any longer.  If that went on, sooner or later the ones who had kidnapped him would demand more - either from him or from someone else.

He shook those thoughts out of his head and finished soaping himself up.  He made a point to be quick today, though he also tried to be as clearheaded as possible.  He dressed quick and made a big breakfast, and wolfed it down with purpose.

Making good time, he took a look at the programming on the laptop.  He was immediately met with another surprise.  For a moment, he got that feeling he got when he realised things were going wrong, but the more code he sifted through, the more he came to know that this new development was good.

Heather hadn't changed any of the software Byron had written, but she had added to it.  Now, upon connection to the laptop, there were a few instructions of her own that loaded into her memory.  Chief among them was a designation: Byron is the Master Unit.

When he first read and deciphered that, he wasn't sure what it would mean to the Heather robot running all of those programs simultaneously.  He read through some more of her self-written instructions.  The Master Unit was in command of her software pleasure center.  The Master Unit was to be obeyed.  The Master Unit was to be loved.

He couldn't believe all the surprises she had given him in the short time he had known her.  This new development made him think of the pretty brunette machine almost as a living thing.

He wanted to rush down to the basement and swoop her up in his arms, but he knew he would have to wait until she returned.  A wide smile lifted his face as he thought to himself that he was no longer alone, and to top it all off - loved.

The artificial-looking, sounding and smelling maidbot came through at that time, her movements looking so clumsy but being so very controlled. 

Byron stood up to greet her, just to revel in his excited mood.  "Hello, sunshine." he said to her.

She kept looking straight ahead, her plastic mouth and face showing a lack of any expression at all.

"May you one day find love, miss robot maid." he said as she passed him on her way to the basement stairs.

He sighed a contented sigh and got his head together for his plans.  He was invigorated now with both levity and urgency.  First, he went into the spare room and partially undressed.  He found a pair of sweatpants and put them on.  They were a little small, but he didn't really care.  He then got a sweatshirt out, and again put the small and tight garment over his torso.  Then he put on his regular clothes over that.

He stopped on his way out of that room and made a mental check of his goals.  He headed next back to his bedroom.  He picked up the aluminum case containing ten fresh bodily fluid cartridges.  He brought that out with him and put it in the living room.

Heather came back upstairs at that time.  He swiftly walked over and greeted her with a passionate kiss.  She returned it the same way, but without being connected to his new programs, she didn't get the significance of it.

"I love you." he said.

She just smiled as he led her by the hand to the spare room.  He stripped her down to her underwear and strapped the computer to her back again.

"More tests, Heather." he said as he reconnected her to her expanded self.

Her eyes lit up as she generated instructions to become sexually aroused.  She stepped forward and rubbed her crotch on his thigh.

"Not now, please." he said.  "We have a lot of... work to do."

"Okay." she said in that sexy sweet voice of hers.  "I love you."

"And I love you, you mean everything to me right now." he said, making the briefest pause to look into her eyes and see something that looked like understanding.  If it wasn't understanding, it was at the very least a successful registration of his syntax.

He got out some clothes for her, and helped her get dressed fast.  He stuck her chest panel and recharge port covers in one of her pockets.  When they were done, he led her into the living room.

"Let's go snowshoeing." he said.

"Isn't it early for that?" she asked.

"Yeah, but change is good." he answered.

He loosened the straps of his end of the harness and put it on himself, then connected the chain between them.  With a click, the chain was locked into place and they got their winter gear on.

When their snowshoes had been strapped and buckled into place, Byron grabbed the aluminum case and took a deep breath.  He looked at Heather.  She looked back at him and smiled.

"Shall we go?" she said cheerfully.

"One more thing." he said.

He trudged over to the rack of CDs Melanie had brought him and stuffed a few favourite ones into the pockets of his coat.

"Let's go." he said.

They went out the door and Heather locked and closed it behind her.

"Which way should we go today?" Heather asked.

Byron dropped his charade and got right to the point.  "Heather, where's my car?"

She was silent for a moment that went on a little too long for Byron's comfort.  "In the garage, over there." she said finally, pointing out with her gloved hand.

He led her over to the side of the large cabin and looked around at the two car garage.  There was a regular-sized door on the side of the structure.  They walked up to it.

Byron reached out and tried to open it.  It was locked.

He stood back and thought for a moment.  "Heather, do you think you can punch a hole through this door with your fist?"

Heather computed and calculated.  "Yes." she said.

Byron took her glove off.  "Punch a hole right here." he said, pointing to a spot just above and to the left of the knob.

"Okay." she said.  She spread her legs apart, pulled her arm back, and let her silicone-covered metal arm fly into the door at top speed.  There was a loud crack.  Her fist went right through the wood.

Byron bared his teeth in a big smile.  "Excellent!" he said.  "Put this back on." he said as he handed her the glove.

He reached through the hole she had made and with a twist of his fingertips, unlocked the door.  They went inside.

He could see his car in the dark as he scanned the walls for a light switch.  He found one and flicked it.  There in the middle was his long lost automobile - without tires.

His face went pale.  "Oh no." he said.  "I should have known it.  FUCK!"

Heather looked silently and serenely at him.  "What's wrong, Byron?"

He slowed his fast shallow breathing and tried to think of what to do.  It was too late to turn back now.

"Heather, use your internet connection and find out where the nearest road is from here."

She looked at him and blinked.  Wireless signals went out from her head, and came back shortly after with an answer.  "There is a highway 6.2 miles north by northwest of here."

"Which direction?" he said.  "Point to it."

She calmly extended her arm out to the woods.

"Let's go."

They walked off in the direction she had shown him.  He gave her the heavy aluminum case to carry and cursed Fembot Command for thinking ahead enough to remove the tires from his car.

"Let me know if we're going the wrong way." he said.

"Okay." she said sweetly.  "Where are we going?"

"Home." he said.

He looked down at his feet.  He was extremely glad that the fembots had supplied them with snowshoes, but he realised too that they left very obvious tracks.  He quickened his pace as his heart rate did the same.

They had at least two hours of walking ahead of them, and who knows how long to wait before they flagged down a vehicle.  The road to which they were headed wasn't exactly busy.

The two of them were silent during their escape. Only the sound of the crunching snow, and the swish of their sleeves against their coats was heard above their own breathing and the light frigid wind.  They soon found themselves surrounded by trees, in terrain that was hard to cross quickly.  Byron was again glad he had exercised every day with these snowshoes on his feet.

By the time they were half way to the highway, a car with wheels pulled up to the lonely cabin in the winter woods.  Melanie pressed the button on the garage door remote and waited for the big brown door to swing open.  She smiled her blank smile as she drove in and parked next to the human's disabled auto.

With mechanical calmness, she turned off the engine and looked around.  She got out and closed her door.  She made a quick scan of the inside of the garage, recording information that was useless to her, but vital to Fembot Command.

When her scan was done, the plastic French maid entered through the door that led into the house.  Melanie opened the passenger side door, and with the help of her less sophisticated sister robot, unloaded the cargo from the back seat.  An unconscious Dustin was carried carefully into the house so he could be laid down on the bed in the spare room.


Part 51 - Variables Not Found

The two silent fembots carried Byron's former classmate to the spare bedroom, which would now be considered his own.  They laid him down fully clothed on the clean sheets and covered him neatly with the blankets.

The sleeping gas Melanie had used on him would wear off in a few hours, and Dustin would then wake as Byron had before him.

The maid received new instructions from the Master Computing device and beeped and whirred on her way to work.  Melanie walked stiffly down to the basement lab.  She had switched off her human simulation programs, and met the red laser scanning grid machine to machine.

When the female-voiced box on the wall announced "SCANNING COMPLETE", the skinny blonde fembot walked inside to greet Natasha.  The two ladies went through their preprogrammed formalities and prepared for a download of information from Melanie's head and chest into the console.

Natasha ordered Melanie to remove her facemask.  Melanie did as she was instructed.  Natasha connected cables to ports that Dustin would never have imagined existed just beneath Melanie's smooth, attractive complexion.

The computer recorded all the blonde had heard and seen while on her latest assignment, right up to the point where the naked technician droid had connected her to the console.  Everything had gone according to plan, but there was something odd about the visuals recorded in the garage.

Faster than it would take a synthetic eyelid mechanism to close and reopen, the Master Computing Device sent new wireless orders to the mechanical French maid to investigate the door on the side of the garage.

Upstairs, the maid suddenly stopped her task of washing Byron's dishes and made loud confirmatory beeps amid her constant series of non-stop computerised noises.  Her lifeless eyes stared eerily out ahead as she loaded and acted upon her new instructions.  Her cold limbs moved in a mechanised way as she walked through the house to the unlit garage.

Her scans were relayed back to the supercomputer as soon as she made them.  It had slowed down its download and analysis of data from Melanie's chest to accommodate the extra flow of binary information.

What the maid robot saw was not good.  It saw the hole in the door, and the melted dirty snow that had been tracked by two sets of snowshoe covered feet around the area of Byron's car.

The short-haired blonde device stood there, unthinking and unfeeling as it waited for more instructions.  When it got them, it walked outside to follow the snowshoe tracks.  They went off as far as the robomaid's electronic eyes could scan.  The maid followed them until the trail went into the thick of trees.

In the snow and cold, the inhuman fembot stood motionless again, beeping and buzzing as always until the supercomputer summoned her once more inside.  Her job was done.

The conclusion that formed inside the circuitry of the console hardly needed more evidence.  The human had escaped.

To make things much worse for Fembot Command, he had escaped with one of their humanoid robots - the very unit that had been programmed to disallow such a thing.

A madly blazing and drawn out series of difficult calculations went on amid the consoles and their flashing lights and clicking and beeping signals.  The data on the hard drives in Melanie's chest hadn't even been fully transferred before the Master Computing Device started to try and figure out what to do.

One intense calculation after another was pounded out by the mainframe as it's naked input/output device smiled vacantly and watched several display monitors at once.  It would be nearly an hour before the powerful consoles made any progress on creating a solution to the problems it had calculated. 

It was still slow and ineffective as it always had been in precisely the areas it had expected Byron to improve.  That was the whole reason it had gone through all the risk and trouble of bringing Dustin here as well.  He was supposed to help Byron do his work.

Now, while the computer ran itself hot and risked overheating and crashing, the human and the doubly stolen android were only getting farther and farther away.  Melanie's transfer eventually finished, although she remained seated in the examination chair and connected to the console.  Natasha stood still and silent after finishing her job.  The maid was mindlessly applying sweetly scented liquid detergent to a stubborn grease stain upstairs.  At no time this far had any of this expensive machinery decided to follow the tracks.

At the other end of those tracks - and making them grow ever longer - were the two escaping lovers.  Heather had shut down all of her non-vital systems to conserve power, and in a way so had Byron.

He was sweating fiercely.  Heather had decided not to.  They moved as fast as the human could over the deep and soft snow.  The snowshoes were a godsend for this terrain, but they still had much of it to cross.

"How much more?" Byron said with an exhale.

"1.02 miles." Heather responded, her speech not releasing a cloud of vapour in the cold air like Byron's.

"God, let there be traffic on that highway." Byron thought to himself as he kept his head down and watched the land get forced behind him by his aching legs.  His dress shoes weren't good at all at keeping his feet warm.  He wished now that he had put on extra socks.

Back at Fembot Command Station 21, the supercomputer had started working on a second plan of action while it calculated the never ending string of data for the first one.  This was, perhaps, unwise, but the steel and plastic encased machinery down there in that cold basement couldn't see that.

As many computing resources as it took away from the more important set of calculations, this other plan began to take shape within the supercomputer's memory.  It had learned a lot about the best way to conduct this type of operation.  It had noticed certain patterns from all of the data it had collected.

And so it was that Melanie and not Natasha was programmed and prepared to go upstairs to welcome Dustin to the secluded, lonely cabin.  After receiving the last bits of data from the console, Natasha unplugged her and closed her chest panel.  Melanie activated the new programming and reattached her facemask.  She left her cotton shirt partially unbuttoned - all the better to greet the human lying unconscious in that bed.

She walked out the door and up the stairs, activating her human simulation programs as she did.  She walked past the maidbot and went to stand inside Dustin's bedroom.  Her task was to wait until he awoke, then tell him where he was and why he was there.  She would also let him in on a little secret of her own.

The computer in the basement churned away ones and zeroes for a long time after that, giving Byron and Heather a chance to finally reach the end of the trees and the highway before it finalised its plan.

Just as the two fugitives caught sight of the road, two of those mean-looking and identical blonde fembot enforcers were activated and given their programming.  The third lay partially disassembled on a table, thanks to some of Byron's previous work.  As the two activated units dressed and got ready to give chase, the third was hastily put back together by Natasha's able hands.


Part 52 Wanted

Two thirds of the automated pursuing posse, fully programmed and with cold mechanical determination, charged upstairs to get dressed in their uniforms.  Each put on the black underwear, suits and sunglasses that made them look so severely cold and callous.  They acted quickly, as did the maidbot.  She prepared their purses for them by packing guns and reprogramming cubes into them.  Both Heather and Byron were to be captured if possible, destroyed at the very least.

With all preparations made, the two blondes charged out of the house and off down the track that the human and his companion had left.  The third of these hunter droids would join them as soon as she had been properly assembled, prepared and programmed.

All of the commotion helped to rouse Dustin from his unconsciousness.  He awoke in as much of a panic as his heavily sedated body would allow him.

When he saw Melanie standing by the door, some of that panic subsided.

He cleared his throat and spoke.  "Mel?"

"Hi Dustin." she said.  She walked over to the side of the bed.

He sat up, looking at her and at his unfamiliar surroundings.  He was glad to see her.  "Where are we?  What happened?"

"I have to tell you something first." she said.  She sat down on the bed and turned her body to face him.

He looked at her for a long moment.  They had been dating for a few weeks, and things had been going good between them.  Together they had gotten quite intimate with each other.  As part of her programming, and to keep him interested in her she had let him have sex with her frequently.

Dustin didn't like the way her words sounded.  As groggy as he was he was sure he was about to be dumped.  Either that or offered a consolation friendship.  But nothing could have prepared him for what he was about to see.

"Dustin, I'm not human." she said.  Her eyes watched for his response.

In his current state of mind, it was as if she spoke a different language.

"What?" he said.

"I'm not a human being, I'm a robot."

Dustin just stared.  "What are you talking about?"

Melanie kept her body turned toward him while she moved her hands up to her face.  She kept looking right at him while she grasped the sides of her face and with a click removed it from the rest of her head.

Dustin gasped repeatedly as her arms lowered.  His eyes met hers, now uncovered and big-looking naked spheres amid a mess of electronics.  Each flash of each light emitting diode served only to confound and scare him further as he let his eyes see more of what his own realistic lover had kept so well hidden.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you." she said, not that she was even capable of being sorry about anything.

He watched the deceptively simple looking speaker where her mouth once was.  It vibrated as it produced her words and her voice.

He could feel sweat bead on his forehead and on his palms.  Everything else felt numb.

"Why?" he said in a weakened voice.

"Why what babe?" she said, calling him by one of their pet-names.  "Could you be more specific?"

The only feeling now that cut through his numbness and shock was the trembling, and it took all of his energy not to pass out again.  "Why are you a robot?" he asked.

The pattern of flashing that the lights in her head made changed as she computed his statement, and again as she formulated an answer.  Dustin surely missed it though.

"I don't know." she said.

Melanie was running the most advanced human emulating AI that Fembot Command had available right now, yet that was the best she could do with a question like that.

Again, Dustin was hardly in any shape to notice or judge the realness of her responses.  For him, this whole scene was some sort of awful dream, and he was sure he would soon wake up.

But still the fembot stared him down with all of those intimidating electronics.  She patiently waited for him to make the next move.

"Why am I here?"

"We need you to help Byron finish Project H for us."

Dustin had never heard of Project H, but of course he remembered that name.  A month ago, Byron had disappeared.  And so now Dustin knew that he had too. 

Out in the woods, the two pony-tailed blonde androids were getting bogged down in the deep snow by their lack of appropriate footwear.  All they had on were shoes, and their mechanical feet were soaking wet from constant submersion in the snow.  As cold as it was outside, their robot bodies were overheating due to the strain of the chase.

But the errors in judgement made by the Master Computing Device meant that they were not gaining much on Byron and Heather.

Those two had by now made it to the side of the road, and waited in desperation for a vehicle to pass.

After almost a quarter of an hour, a large truck finally approached.  Byron stood by and waved his arms, but the truck went right by him.  The driver only stared strangely at the pair trying to hitch a ride in the middle of nowhere.

Byron turned to watch the truck and their first chance of a fast exit fade off in the distance.

He clenched his teeth and bit his tongue.  "Next one that comes along, we stand right in front of it." he said angrily.

Heather miscalculated the source of his anger.  "I'm sorry." she said, activating some of her dormant personality traits and glancing down to her feet.

Byron walked close and embraced her, even though it pressed some precious warm air out from under his coat.  "I'm not mad at you." he said in a more comforting tone.  "I'm mad at that fucking driver."

He belatedly flipped the bird to the long gone trucker, and they got into position and waited again.  They stood right in the middle of the road, ready to jump quickly into the path of what they hoped would be oncoming traffic.

"How you doing?" he asked the fembot.

"Okay.  Everything's functioning like it should."

"Don't worry." he said.  "We'll be far away from here soon."

"I don't know how to worry." she reminded him.

He looked at her and smiled a tiny smile through his stern frown.  "I wish I could say that."


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