H is for Heuristic

by RobotMan

Second installment of an epic work of fembots, humanity, and desires. You may want to start by reading Part 01-19 first.

Part 20 - Fixes

If things were off to a rough start for Byron, they were coming apart at the seams for the Main Computer at Robot Control Station 17.  Problem piled upon problem while the exceedingly complex machine rebuilt itself from scratch.  With no one to guide it, the system was reassembled in a haphazard and almost random way.  Files were read and copied where they didn't belong, and much important data was either corrupted or accidentally erased in the process.

The female humanoid robots down in the basement weren't doing a whole lot better.  Heather's synthetic roommate Karen, already low on power at the time of the crash, was now completely drained of electricity and standing with locked motors and joints just a few feet in front of her empty recharge booth.  Even the still open recharge port on her backside was devoid of the usual indicator lights.  The friendly and helpful looking cashier's smile she usually wore had vanished hours ago upon her entry into the house, and she now looked as emotionless as the rest of the fembots down there. 

Across the room stood five of the androids on loan from Robot Lab 40.  These plastic and metal ladies had not moved at all since taking their place in that line-up.  They were set to low power consumption, but were quickly running out of juice just the same. 

The sixth robot from Laurie's lab was still lying face-up on an examination table.  Her unbelievably sexy curves were on full display, as was the inside of her chest through the open panel. 

By circumstance, Anya now had the most electrical power remaining of all the fembots still in the basement.  Her exposed LEDs still flashed as bright as ever while the occasional beep and tone came from inside her sexy body.  The blinking lights that shone out of her chest were bright enough to reflect off her smooth and perfectly shaped plastic breasts.  Her curvaceous and soft mechanical thighs were spread apart just enough to expose her beautifully constructed electronic vagina to the room.  No one could see or appreciate it though.

As for Denise, that sandy blonde unit with the cute pixie cut was lying on her back next to one of the many consoles.  Her facemask was off too, and her chest and stomach panels were open.  Many specialised tools lay beside the opened android, awaiting the technician's touch to be used on the woman's internal circuitry.  Because the crash had occurred during a diagnostic scan, connecting cables were still plugged into her open chest. 

Her lifeless glass camera eyes stared up at the ceiling and recorded the unchanging view in front of her as her power levels drained and drained to almost nothing.  She waited in vain for commands to be relayed from Maria's speaker to her electronic ears.

The beautiful half-oriental robot technician was in the worst shape of all the humanoid units.  At the time of the crash and for the whole time since, she had been receiving incomplete and nonsensical commands from the Main Computer.  Being just a machine with no will or judgement coded into her software, she had no choice but to obey. 

The faulty supercomputer had sent her back and forth, this way and that, over and over until she ended up walking right into one of the tall data storage machines along the wall.  She kept on walking when she hit it, even though that action sent her physically crashing backward to the floor. 

Her facemask had come off during the collision, and bounced once on the ground beside her as she continued to make useless walking motions while in a horizontal position.  The battery packs inside her thighs were sapped of energy with every repeating and pointless flex of her artificial limbs as she scuffed up her plastic skin on the hard concrete floor.

Much later, into all of that mess reemerged the Main Computer.  Over eleven hours had passed, and most of the fembots had ran out of electricity.  Karen was a no-show for her shift, and would likely be fired.  Maria, without her cute face attached and lying in an awkward position on the cold floor, was out of  power and not responding to commands.

Denise was nowhere to be found.  Or so the Main Computer concluded.  Because the sandy-blonde robot had been connected for diagnostic scans during the crash, the now extremely buggy and addled supercomputer calculated that she was just another part of it - another appendage.  Without the capacity to know any differently, Denise layed on the wheeled table, now being just an extension of the mass artificial intelligence that was the Main Computer.

The seemingly missing Denise unit presented the computer with yet another huge problem, but at least the prototype renegade robot detection system had not been lost.  The computer could easily find that hardware, installed as it was inside a woman-shaped peripheral device.  But try as it might, it couldn't find Denise.

Now operating very slowly and far from efficiently, the Main Computer hatched a plan.  It needed to have Maria up and functioning again.  Luckily, the sexy ultra-robotic brunette maidbot was still in relatively good shape.  The maidbot series were stronger and had more battery power than the humanoid agents or even the technicians.  The maid had gone about its preprogrammed routine for the last several hours, blissfully unaware of the digital turmoil in the basement.

After a couple of hours of just standing out of view in a bedroom waiting for more commands, the signal receiver in the maidbot's head was again activated.  The encrypted signal was barely coherent, but was nonetheless 'understood' by the scantily clad female machine.  Her extremely loud servos whirred as her plastic body clicked and beeped its stiff way down to the basement lab once more.

The comparatively basic cameras in her head located the Maria unit almost instantly.  Running off her newly downloaded instructions, the electronic maid walked slowly and jerkily in her inhuman way over to where the sexy technician had fallen.  With her strong metal arms, she grabbed and lifted the petite droid off the floor and dropped her damaged body on a wheeled examination table.  The fallen facemask hadn't enter the equation, so it remained where it was.

The maid wheeled poor Maria over to one of the consoles so the Main Computer could reboot her and give her the required diagnostic scans.  After plugging the brunette robot into the console, the maidbot went to fetch a long electrical cord.  One end got plugged into the technician's readily exposed recharge port while the other end got plugged into a wall socket.

Lights flashed furiously all inside Maria's body as electricity reached her circuitry once more.  Her android chassis twitched and jerked all around while the computer tried to set up the diagnostic process.

Now the simply designed maidbot acted as the Main Computer's eyes and ears.  She relayed binary data quickly through her wireless transmitter as she watched Maria flail and fall down off the table.  The thumb on the technician's right hand broke almost completely off as the silicone covered metal woman hit the ground.  Sparks came out of the damaged part as she kept on wildly flexing and turning her motors and limbs.

The maid watched and waited for more commands.  The supercomputer struggled to keep up with the worsening situation while it devised new sets of instructions for the robot in the French maid outfit.  After successful transmission of the latest batch, the maid got to work.  She stopped Maria's twitching by disconnecting the electrical power supply. 

The faceless technician came to a halt.  Then, being instructed by the slow and uncertain supercomputer, the robot maid performed emergency repairs and modifications on Maria.  First, she was hoisted back on to the table.  Then her synthetic skin was opened and mostly removed by the maid's sharp and tough plastic nails.  The soft, perky breasts that came standard with these Maria units retained their shape as the silicone padding came off with the skin.

Now with most of her vital machinery and circuitry out in the open, Maria was altered by the hands of the maid.  The internal cables that supplied energy to the technician's limbs were gently disconnected one by one.  Next, the processors and CPU inside her chest were disconnected from the audio and visual input devices in her head.

After some more disconnections and modifications, she could once more be connected to the wall outlet.  When the maid finally turned her body over and plugged her in, she simply rebooted.

"MARIA SERIES 032 TECHNICIAN ROBOT SERIAL NUMBER 00208 ACTIVATED." she said in the metallic and monotone sounding version of her voice.  The maid scanned and recorded the patterns of flashing LEDs and the streams of computerized tones coming from Maria's uncovered head.  She relayed the data to the console as she watched the displays run their course.

"DIAGNOSTIC MODE." Maria said, as data in the form of pulsating energy charged through the still connected cables that ran from her chest to the console.


Part 21 - Back Into It

Harsh beeps, buzzes, tones and clicks came slowly but steadily from the many consoles as the Main Computer performed its careful diagnostic scans on Maria.  Bright flashing lights blinked at differing rates all around the inside of her body.  The areas of synthetic skin that had been sliced away showed off nearly half of her electronic and mechanical insides.

Even though it was slow and badly corrupted itself, the Main Computer managed to find out all that was wrong with the pretty brunette worker and conjure up a detailed list of fixes for the basic looking maidbot to perform.

As the maid stood straight at attention off to the side, the many lights that flashed both from the console and the horizontally positioned technician reflected in her glossy plastic skin.  They also shone off her highly reflective glass eyes, framed as they were by her dark, long artificial eyelashes. 

No effort had been made to mask the robotic appearance of the maid series.  All human senses would be able to instantly detect their artificialness.  Even from a distance, they easily and starkly stood out as machines in human form.  When they moved, that effect was even stronger.  Aside from their strong plastic-like smell, the very loud sounds their motors, actuators and pneumatics made - interlaced with constant computerized tones and beeps - were as far from organic as could be gotten. 

Standing by and awaiting commands, this exceedingly artificial lady recorded all that the Main Computer needed to see and to hear until it was done scanning Maria.  At that time, the technician was disconnected and readied for repairs.  Incapable of speech, the standard issue maidbot downloaded the computer's orders and started to work on the prescribed repairs.  After again deactivating her subject, the maid's plastic-coated mechanical hands instantly became like an expert's tools as they disassembled the cute Maria robot's body even further. 

Because the diagnostic scans had ended with many inconsistent results, the now faulty supercomputer had calculated that Maria was in worse shape than she actually was.  The prescribed repairs called for many replacement parts, but time was short.  Quickly, the mechanical maid retrieved the necessary components from metal storage cupboards below the consoles.  Some of these parts were specific to the Maria series, others not.  After sorting and verifying them, they were replaced one after another into the damaged fembot.

Among the first tasks completed was the total replacement of Maria's right hand with a brand new one, fresh out of the box.  After some work, the delicate and feminine looking device was fastened and attached to the corresponding machinery at the end of her wrist.  The maid tested the new hand by connecting and supplying electrical current to the conduits inside Maria's arm.  The deceptively strong mechanical and manicured female fingers at the end flexed and curled in direct response to the current while the maidbot watched and informed the computer.

When that was all done, the parts on the inside of the technician's body became the focus of the repair session.  Cables were unplugged and plugged back in, bolts were unscrewed and re-tightened, solder was cut and reapplied.  All of the ingredients that went together to make up a Maria unit were eventually fitted back together, along with all the missing swaths of silicone skin.  Those were held back in place by a comparatively low tech method - duct tape.

In the whole course of the many extensive repairs, and after being flipped from front to back and vice versa, the sexy technician looked almost fully like herself once more.  The only differences now were the two inch wide strips of silver tape that ran over her body and the absence of a facemask.  The supercomputer had calculated a low probability that the facial covering would be needed - it wasn't integral to Maria's operation after all - so it ordered the maid to scoop it up and store it in a drawer.

Then, with time running against it, the Main Computer had the maid activate the freshly fixed Maria unit.

"MARIA SERIES 032 TECHNICIAN ROBOT SERIAL NUMBER 00208 ACTIVATED." came the emotionless announcement.  The monotone words beamed forth as crisp and clear sound waves, generated by the same type of high-definition speaker that was installed in all those lifelike female humanoid agents. 

The oval shape of the head's opening nicely framed the realistic glass eyeballs that sat connected to the expensive circuitry above and around that speaker.  The electrically charged microchips, wires and transistors visible in that skin coloured frame were surrounded by many bright LEDs.  Rapidly flashing and in brilliant shades of red, green, orange, yellow and blue, they indicated the status of the electronic components to which they were connected.

The maid aimed her pretty cameras at those patterns, relaying the video as a coded signal to the Main Computer and providing it with even more data on the status of its automated technician.

Once the faceless and duct tape covered beauty was ready, the signal receivers inside her opened head began once more to receive instructions from the basement supercomputer.

Maria stood up and walked away from the table.  Her newly installed motors weren't the exact type of smooth, quiet and expensive ones she had been built with, and she now made some of the same clicking and whirring sounds as the maid when she walked.  A clearly visible stiffness also pervaded her gait, making her appear to be a less advanced model than she was.

As she strutted in that way over to where Karen stood, trailing the power cord behind her and still finalizing the choice of drivers required for her movements, the fluorescent lights of the basement lab reflected off the strips of silver tape as patches of cool white luminescence on dark curved tracks.  The shape of her sexy machine body seemed to stand out more, as did the sparse patch of curly hairs that were inlaid into the pink-hued silicone of her delicate and sensor ladened crotch.

The maid was walking toward Karen as well, with an extension cord to supply her with electricity.  When the connection to the wall socket was made, Karen beeped loudly for a few seconds and rebooted.  Maria ordered her to sit next to the data exchange console so she could be reprogrammed.

At this late stage, there was no time for diagnostic scans on Karen.  The Main Computer would just have to take the chance that she was functioning normally in order to have her ready and able to talk to the police when they dropped by, as they surely would.  They would have questions about Heather, and in time the android named Karen would have answers and the newly programmed behaviour algorithms to go along with them.

After receiving and installing the new sets of instructions from out of the console, Karen was ordered on to a nearby examination table so she could have her depleted batteries replaced.  Her sexy thighs were opened by Maria's plastic hands so that fully charged battery packs could be fitted around the metal support structure inside.

As soon as the new batteries were installed, Karen was quickly reactivated and reprogrammed.  While this went on, the maid went to one of the bedrooms to select a fitting set of garments for Karen to wear.  With that done, and with Karen walking naked and human-looking upstairs, the maid retreated to the basement so that she would be safely out of sight.

No sooner had the black-haired and blue-eyed electromechanical beauty finished dressing than a police officer knocked on the door.  Karen activated some of her new subroutines so that she would immediately appear distraught over Heather's disappearance.  The expensive agent, along with her boss Byron, had been missing for a day and a half now.  That was more than enough time for her 'roommate' to become sick with worry over her.

When Karen opened the door, and when the data relayed by her optic sensors identified the uniformed man as a member of the police force, she began to release drops of a saline solution from her silicone tear ducts.

This action was calculated both to evoke pathos and to allay suspicion.  It worked better than had been computed.  The probability that the secret robotics lab in the basement would be discovered by the local law enforcement agency diminished at once to nil.


Part 22 - Rolling Again

The Policeman and the black-haired android both sat down on the clean living room couch, marking the first time it had ever been used.  The basic AI software inside Karen dealt with her new emergency programming well, if a tad slowly.  To the very human cop, it all looked quite natural.

He relayed as much information as he was allowed to Karen, showing as much sympathy and understanding as he could.  The pretty robot dabbed at her cheeks and eyes with a tissue, soaking up the stream of accurately formulated artificial tears.

The circuitry just underneath her flesh-toned silicone exterior was working as hard and as fast as it ever had, and thankfully the Main Computer had not yet passed on any of its newly acquired flaws.  The more the officer talked to the sobbing and despondent looking machine, the more he felt sorry for it.

Her microphones picked up all the sound in the room, immediately passing on the raw data to a series of dedicated audio processors within her head.  These custom-designed chips used the latest and best software available to Robot Control to filter out all the background noise, including the sounds made by the fembot's own operation.  After the real-time filtering of the sound stream, the binary code that represented the officer's spoken voice reached her main logic processors. 

That power intensive procedure analysed the speech bit by bit, assigning probable meanings to each and every phoneme and syllable, then to the words and phrases that made up each sentence.  AI filters acted on the collected data, eliminating the unlikely and spurious meanings to arrive at last at a digital kind of understanding of what the man was saying.

That in turn spurred new action in the circuitry that controlled her body, making her react physically and more or less realistically to his words.  In this situation at least, her body language was even more important than the words her speaker would produce.

It was a testament to Robot Control's amazingly advanced technology that this all happened on the fly and in realtime - in an android built only to operate as a cashier.

Soon, the Policeman had finished with Karen, and left her crying on the couch.  He told her that there was still hope that Heather and Byron would be found, but he didn't really believe it or care about it himself.  It was no matter to the fembots in the house anyway.  The robot that had been designated 'Heather' had already been written out of the Main Computer's plans, and that was that.

Now alone again, Karen got up and phoned the office supply store where she had been stationed up until her missed shift.  With the help of the sad and true story that her roommate had suddenly disappeared, her supervisor's heart was softened.  She let her keep her job, even without being disciplined.

The Maid came stiffly and loudly back upstairs to prepare Karen's garments for her shift, while Karen went back down to the lab to have her facemask re-done.

Downstairs, Maria received instructions from the computer to take Karen's face over to the makeup changing station.  With no time wasted, the technician - still without the human-looking covering attached to the front of her electronic head - walked over to Karen and asked her politely to remove her own facemask.

Karen silently reached up to her head and pulled the silicone mask away from the wires and circuitry that lay beneath.  She extended it out to Maria, who took it swiftly over to the waiting table.  The rounded part fit snuggly into matching connectors, which held the mask in place while the technician pointed her open head at one of the monitors.

The Main Computer's detailed instructions appeared as streams of ones and zeroes flashing very quickly by on two screens, which Maria read simultaneously.  When the instructions had been digitally internalised by the still sexy if a little tarnished technician, she used the provided tools to clean the mixed tears and makeup from the cute eyeless face.

Due to the precise spatial feedback and control in her hands and arms, Maria didn't even need to train her cameras at what she was doing.  She watched the monitors the whole time while her manicured fingers sponged and wiped the silicone clean.  In the same way, the fresh coat of cosmetics was applied.  The assigned patterns and colours of lipstick, rouge, eyeliner, and other accents were expertly filled-in.  They went on faster than humanly possible, and still Maria hadn't even glanced down at the face she was colouring.

The end of the process came with the last stroke of Maria's delicate machine wrist to Karen's long eyelashes.  The faceless technician picked up the mask as the LEDs inside her own head kept blinking and flashing in complex patterns.  She walked and carried the mask over to the waiting Karen robot, and pressed it firmly into the corresponding connectors.

Nanoscopic locking mechanisms pulled the edges shut into a waterproof and invisible seal while the CPU in her chest found and reintegrated the facemask back among its long list of installed hardware components.  Karen emotionlessly went back upstairs to get ready for work, fully programmed to deal with almost any question her unsuspecting friends could ask her about her disappeared roommate.

Just as quickly, Maria walked over to the table on which Anya layed.  She took hold of the table by its steel handles and rolled that synthetic woman of unsurpassed beauty over to where the Renegade Robot Detection System had been found after the crash.  To the Main Computer and its duct-tape wearing half-oriental input-output device, Denise was still nowhere to be found.  There was currently no analogous set of heuristics algorithms installed within the supercomputer that would tell it she was lying right in front of Maria's electronic eyes.


Part 23 - Miss Creativity

As the Main Computer's extensive and detailed commands were internalised by the faceless Maria unit, the realistic hands at the end of her tape-covered arms began their work.  The front cover of the 'missing' Denise robot was gently pried away from the rest of the chassis, exposing the prototype Renegade Robot Detection System.

This device, about the size of a small fire extinguisher, had been installed in the place normally reserved for fluid and gas canisters.  With the prototype installed, the Denise unit had been unable to sweat, to salivate or to cum.

Maria disconnected the experimental machinery from Denise's fully compatible insides and placed it on a cart beside her.  Even after such intimate interaction, the crippled supercomputer and it's sexy input/output device couldn't recognize that this new connected appendage was the cute short-haired fembot they were missing.  It's not that Maria's dependable and accurate optic system couldn't match the new hardware's shape to that of the lost agent.  An exact physical match would have been instantly computed, if the computer had called on such information, but it had not.

So the technician kept processing and following binary instructions as she rolled the cart with the experimental hardware over to the astoundingly gorgeous Anya unit.  Just as quickly as she had opened up Denise, Maria got the dark-haired and perfectly proportioned robot on the table ready for work on the inside.

Anya remained activated through the process, fully aware of all the alterations Maria was performing.  Her CPU received information on each fluid and gas canister that was removed.  The whole time Anya's brown eyes remained aimed straight at the ceiling while the LEDs embedded in the circuitry around them flashed in the usual way. 

Inside Anya's electronic chest, just above where Maria was working was a hard drive with her new but as of yet inactive programming on it.  This new batch of software was the Main Computer's latest attempt to make Anya able to obey Maria's orders, yet independent enough to be completely disconnected from the Robot Control network.

And just as the Main Computer could not find Denise, so too could it not see the error it had made in having Maria install the detection device inside the very unit it was supposed to detect.

Maria finished connecting and bolting down the device, and reinstalled all of Anya's panels.  Before she pressed the chest panel cover into place though, she manually reset the super-beautiful android by pressing the power button inside the panel.

The olive-skinned woman rebooted, making a few loud beeps as her systems reset themselves and came back online.  "Anya robot number 742703A activated." she said emotionlessly.

Maria pointed her opened head toward the lady on the table.  The exposed speaker generated her voice loud and clear, but just as devoid of emotion.  "How do you feel, Anya?"

In an instant, Anya performed a full system check to see if everything was on, and where it should be.  "I feel fine." the fembot said.

"Very good." Maria responded as she received more commands from the supercomputer.

"Anya, please activate the Renegade Robot Detection System installed in your chassis."

Anya processed and replied "Yes Maria."  There was silence for a moment then another lifeless reply. "Renegade Robot Detection System activated."

"Very good." Maria said, moving right along to her next coded instruction set.  "Anya, please install and execute program NHC8-P6-1d.T83."

Still lying unmoving on her back, Anya responded "Yes Maria."  Hard drives spun and microchips blazed with activity inside her as the new and untested program was loaded and made a part of her being.  Her curvy and inviting body made loud electronic beeping sounds while the technician scanned the monitors with her naked round glass eyes.  When the process was complete, Anya said "program NHC8-P6-1d.T83 installed and executed successfully."

"How do you feel Anya?" the technician asked.

Anya didn't answer with words.  As soon as she had activated the program, she was already sending the Main Computer data through the Renegade Robot Detection System.  The fact that it was installed inside the fembot it was supposed to detect gave rise to a nasty feedback loop.  And that was another catastrophe that the Main Computer couldn't see coming.

Far too much information entered the Main Computer far too quickly.  All of the information was in conflict with itself too, like a software paradox.

The computer couldn't cope.  It was doubtful that one of these supercomputers could handle such data even when it was working properly.  This slow and buggy thing - limping awkwardly along after a big crash - just fell apart all over again.

Maria froze - still activated, and still waiting for the computer to finish its latest command.  Anya sat up.  Her new programming was working well.  She was now a robot with curiosity, one might even say initiative.  She looked at the frozen and tape-covered technician with the innocence of a new being.

"Hello." she said to it.  "My name is Anya.  I am a robot."

Maria, of course, said and did nothing.

Anya got off the table and walked over to the faceless brunette.  She stood in front of her for a long moment, scanning her with her imitation human senses and her newly installed sense of robot detection.

"Your name is Maria." she said. "You are also a robot."

She looked at the frozen technician some more, then said "Where is your facemask Maria?"

She waited a reasonable amount of time for the dormant android lady to respond, then took off her own facemask and showed her. "I have a facemask.  Do you like it?"

Being still 'on', Maria recorded every sight and sound that she could.  She just couldn't act upon them without the Main Computer controlling her every move.

Anya waited again for a reply, holding the excessively pretty facemask up to Maria's eyes for her to see it.  Eventually, she gave up and put it back on her own head.  After it clicked into place, she spoke again.  "Why are you not responding Maria?  Are you malfunctioning?"

There was stony silence again, and this time it took a lot longer for Anya to lose interest and move on.  She walked over to the main console of the Main Computer.  She studied the array of buttons, keypads and knobs that adorned the console along with the many desperately flashing lights.

"The Main Computer is not responding." she observed.  She studied that situation for a long time, then turned her digital attention to the five gorgeous naked robots lined up along the wall.  To each of them one by one she said. "Hello, my name is Anya.  I am a robot.  You are also a robot."  After the many minutes of silence that it took to convince her that they would not respond, she moved on to the next one and said the same thing.

After that strange mechanised series of encounters, Anya walked in her slinky mechanical but still human-looking way over to where Denise was laying.  The short-haired blonde was still missing her torso cover as well as her facemask.  Anya repeated her odd greeting to this machine and again waited for a reply.

When none came, she initiated her most creative act to date.  She stooped over slightly and grabbed Denise's facemask.  She examined it for a while, then walked over to Maria.  She extended her arm out to Maria's head and pressed Denise's facial covering into the matching receptacles built in to the technician.  

The facemask was, of course, a perfect fit mechanically.  Not so aesthetically, however.  Maria's skin was darker than Denise's, and the light coloured face looked out of place on the half-oriental fembot's head.

Anya studied the curves, contours and proportions of Maria's head and Denise's face.  "You are very pretty." she stated.

She stood there for a moment, then walked out of the lab and up the stairs, leaving the automated robot lab in the crashed-up and non-functioning mess that it was.


Part 24 - Anya's Touch

Into the brightly lit but vacant kitchen Anya walked.  The flawless looking nipples on her full and perky breasts were already hard in response to the coldness of the basement lab.  As they pointed out ahead looking so very inviting, Anya scanned the room in front of her.

Video data was recorded and compiled in both visible and non-visible wavelengths as Anya's pretty head turned from one side to the other on her silicone covered and expertly articulated metal neck.  The scan revealed that there was no one around - that is, no robots.  Anya wasn't concerned with looking for humans.  For the record, there were none of those around either.

She propelled her sexy naked form through the house while she scanned the scene in front of her.  On her way down the hallway, she glanced into the washroom.  There in the darkened room stood the unmoving but still active maidbot.  Anya went in for a visit.

She turned on the lights and said "Hello, my name is Anya.  I am a robot.  You are also a robot."

The maidbot was as unresponsive as all the other electronic ladies Anya had 'met' so far.  Anya stared at her for a long time, using the Renegade Robot Detection System to gather evidence of the maid's type and structure. 

After about ten minutes of this, Anya reached out and took the sheer, see-through fabric of the maidbot's short skirt in her hand.  She rubbed it passed the sensors in the tips of her fingers while she looked at it.  Then she explored the way the fabric felt against the smooth plastic skin of the maidbot's perfectly round buns. 

The independence part of her new programming gave rise to new ways of interpreting the data she was gathering.  Thus, Anya decided that she 'liked' what her hands were feeling.  The current stream of information flowing into her processors from her many sensors and electronic senses only invited more of the same.

Proceeding with her efficient technique, Anya stroked and touched every square millimeter of the maid's outfit.  She collected and processed the tactile data along with information from her microphones and cameras.  The black satin edges of the skimpy maid outfit soon received even more attention from Anya's hands than the rest of the costume.  The ease with which her sensor-filled silicone fingertips slid around the smooth shiny fabric was a novel feeling, and as enjoyable a sensation as her electronic brain had yet encountered.

Anya had also noticed that the maid's artificial looking and smelling skin just underneath her clothing was just as much fun to touch, maybe even more.  When she had finished systematically stroking the last bit of clothing, Anya stood back and ran more new data through her processor core.  She then picked up the maid and carried her to a nearby bedroom so she could undress and caress her further.

The maid series robots were stronger and more durable than the human-emulating androids, which made them more than twice as heavy as a person of similar size would have been.  Even so, fembots like Anya were much stronger than humans, and it was nothing for her to just lift the 350 pound maid unit and carry her over to the bedroom with as much grace as she would have displayed carrying a flower.

She gently laid the short-haired brunette on to the bed and began to remove the French maid costume from its body.  Anya had trouble computing how to remove the garment, so she extended a razor sharp metal blade from underneath one of her fingertips and used it to cut away the clothing.

With the entire maid outfit now a pile of fabric on the floor, Anya layed her sexy android body next to the naked maidbot and began the process of touching all of its exposed skin.  She started from the top of the head and worked her way down, keeping the session focused on the front of her subject's body.

The maid continued to issue a long series of regular and irregular computer beeps and electronic tones.  Anya's ears recorded them along with the information coming in through her hands.  The gaps in the maidbot's skin - where parts could be detached - got special attention from Anya.  She found the experience of touching these parts to be very rewarding.

Anya methodically moved down the maid's body, stroking her face, her arms, her chest, her hips and legs.  She sat up to finish touching the maid's feet, and when she was done, she turned the maid over on her front so she could run her hands over the plastic that covered the back of the unit.

The process took almost a full hour, and at the end of it, Anya simply left the maid lying there - beeping and with her plastic ass facing up.  Anya was finished with her, and had already moved on to calculating her next set of actions.

She stood up and looked around.  On the wall to the right was a full-length mirror.  Anya knew from her programming that the image in the glass was just her reflection, so she walked close to it and admired the awesome beauty of her own synthetic body.  She then began a session of touching her smooth silicone skin, feeling the slight imperfections and tiny hairs built in to it.

She proceeded in the same way as she had when she had explored the maidbot's topography.  The front side, top to bottom got processed first.  As she did this, new lines of code that had previously been dormant in her software now became active.  The pleasure response system that was a standard part of her type was now activated, and hungry for more binary code.

For over two hours, Anya engaged in this odd type of android self-stimulation.  When she was done the front side, she turned her body 180 around.  Her head remained facing the mirror though, and now it was facing completely backwards as she took advantage of her super-human motion capabilities.  She could move her mechanical limbs around in ways that humans simply could not, and that made working on her back side as easy as the front had been.

Inside her chest was a digital storm of data, yet outside she continued to look quite calm and unaffected.  As of yet the simulated pleasure she was generating had no way of integrating itself with her outward bodily systems.  The only consequence of her touch was that she simply wanted more.

Her brown eyes kept track of the movements of her hands across and around her skin while status information projected into her field of vision as scrolling text, graphs and binary code.  An alert began to flash: she was getting close to losing battery power.

Reluctantly, Anya stopped fondling herself.  She turned her head around to face the right way again.  The twist marks that had appeared in her neck instantly vanished.  She glanced over to the maidbot, waved and said "Bye." as she walked out of the bedroom and down the hallway.

Through the kitchen and into the basement she went.  When she paused in front of the laser scanner, with its abrasive monotone female drone, she said to it "You have a nice voice." 

The brainless box on the wall didn't respond to the compliment, and just opened the door for her as usual.

Anya looked around and took in the scene in the basement lab.  None of the humanoid robots had moved at all, and the Main Computer was still frozen in mid-crash.  She would have to change her batteries herself.

She quickly got fresh batteries out of storage and brought them over to a vacant worktable.  There were twelve heavy metallic cylinders in all, six to go into each of her curvaceous thighs.  She released and removed large portions of the back of her thighs, placing them on the table as well.  Using her android flexibility and sensory-motor control, she removed and replaced each of the drained batteries.  When all twelve of the new ones were inside and connected, she closed up her legs and made some more calculations.

Then she walked over to a metal supply cabinet and pulled out a recharge cord and some connection cables.  With those in hand, she walked back toward the exit, stopping in front of Maria along the way.

"Thank you for activating me Maria." she said to the motionless fembot.  She leaned forward and kissed the lips on Denise's facemask, which was still attached to Maria's head.

Anya turned and walked through the door.  She walked back upstairs and back into the bedroom.  The naked maid was still beeping and buzzing as Anya layed her selection of cables aside and looked into the closet.  She scanned from left to right and computed a selection of possible garments she would like to wear.

She didn't know how to get dressed though, so she used her internet connection to see if she could find some answers there.  For several more minutes she stood frozen as she downloaded and sorted through some video clips that she calculated had a high probability of providing the necessary information.  But all she was able to find were clips of sexy women undressing, so she filtered through and ran the clips backwards in a small portion of her field of vision.

From those thousands of frames running in reverse sequence, she was able to give herself a good idea of what would be involved in the operation of dressing.  When her processors had finished making all of the complicated computations, she reached out her slender and feminine arm and pulled out an item of clothing.  She held the hanger in front of her and made a series of detailed optical scans of the skimpy black knit top.

When she was ready, she gave it a try.  She pulled the garment off the hanger and placed the hanger back into the closet.  With her fingers, she separated the straps from the rest of the fabric and positioned the garment around her arms.  She pulled it over her head and over her chest.  When it was snuggly around her breasts, she pulled the straps over her shoulders and gave the knit top one last tug for fit.

Success.  It was inside out, however, but Anya wasn't concerned.  Next on her list was something to wear over her hips and groin.  She walked over to a dresser and opened the top drawer.  After scanning the contents, she pulled out a nice lacy pair of black satin panties that looked a bit like shorts.  She turned the fabric to face the right way and stooped over to step into them.  She pulled them up her legs and up to their final position around her sexy hips. 

Her processors received another flood of sensory data as she felt her own curves under the smooth fabric.  Her hands lingered down there, stroking her satin-covered crotch and buttocks for several minutes until she computed that she was satisfied.

With that, Anya was all done dressing, except for shoes.  She took her cables with her on her way out of the bedroom and walked toward the closet.  From inside of it she pulled a small purse and a pair of hiking boots.  It was still winter outside, after all.  She brought them over to the front door and got ready for her journey.  The cables went into the purse and the boots went on to her feet.  Shoelace tying instructions were downloaded and processed, and moments later she was ready to go.

Anya opened the door and stepped outside into the frigid winter air.  She looked around and made some last calculations, then shut the door behind her and was off.


Part 25 - Fembot Magnet

Anya's heavy boots crunched on the few inches of snow that remained unshoveled from the night's gentle fall.  She walked with poise and purpose, down the residential streets to a destination only she knew.  It was five degrees below freezing, and even in the relatively empty neighborhood her attire got noticed right away.

A young man who looked to be on his way to do some snowboarding approached her on the sidewalk.

"Hey lady, isn't it a bit cold to be dressed up like a model?" he asked with equal amounts of concern and jocularity.

The gorgeous brunette stopped in front of him and stared back for a while with that perfectly blank stare of hers.  "Model number 558.  Serial number 742703A." she said after a pause.

She continued on her way and walked past him as he stared in confusion at the sexy woman.

Not too many people were around on the still-dark streets, but those that were all showed the same concern for the underdressed android.  She paid them no attention, and kept walking until she was out of the residential area.  After an hour of walking, when the sidewalks came to an end, she kept going, treading on the edge of the road.

There was a motel a few meters away, and that's where Anya was headed.  She walked by the gas station, getting the full attention of the guys on shift.  Her sexy walk kept its swift pace as they gawked and hooted, grateful for such a nice show of skin on the cold grey morning.

Anya's eyes stayed focused on the road ahead, and on something in the Motel's parking lot.  The closer she got, the more detail she made out in the two figures standing behind the green two-door car.

Mike and Tammy had just checked out of the Motel.  They were loading their things into the trunk when the beautiful dark-haired lady approached.

Mike looked at the sexy woman as she came near.  He had a bit of a flashback to the last time he had met a pretty girl who wasn't exactly dressed for the cold weather.

When she was only a few feet away she stopped and said "Hello, my name is Anya.  I am a robot.  You are also a robot."  Her comment was aimed straight at Tammy.

She and her human lover looked worriedly at each other.  They were quite glad it was too early for anyone else to be around.

"What makes you say that?"  Tammy said as her defense systems went on full alert.

"I have a Renegade Robot Detection System installed inside my body." she said.

Mike looked around nervously.  "Can we talk inside the car?" he said.

Tammy walked to the side and opened the door.  "Yeah, let's talk in here." she said to the strange woman.

They got inside the green car - Mike in front and the two fembots in the back seat. Tammy got in last, keeping her watchful electronic eyes on the strange woman.

"Are you also a series 558 unit?" Tammy asked as she joined them in sitting in the vehicle.

"Yes." she said.

Mike could see no emotion of any kind in Anya's perfect face.  He and Tammy shared a glance again.

"Who made you?" Tammy asked.

"Robot Control." she said.

Tammy turned to Mike and said "She might be lying."  She looked back at the woman and said "Remove your facemask."

The woman paused for a moment then reached up to her head and grabbed the sides of her pretty face.  With an audible click and a beep, it came off the front of her head and revealed an active mass of flashing lights and circuitry - just like what was inside Tammy's head.  Those ever present big round glass eyeballs looked out at the couple from amid the microchips, wires and transistors, while her speaker sat silent, ready to project her synthesized voice.

Tammy moved close and brushed Anya's silky and fragrant hair out of the way.  She examined the complicated electronics carefully.  After several long seconds of making incredibly detailed scans and comparisons to her own specifications, she said "She's a Robot Control unit alright."

"What's your name?" Mike asked.  Being a typical male, he was also trying to keep away an erection.

"My name is Anya.  I am robot number 742909A."

"What are you doing here?"  Mike asked.

"You asked me to enter the vehicle." she said, showing him expressionless and naked electronic eyes and cold blinking LEDs.

Tammy tried a more direct line of questioning.  "What mission are you on?"

Anya was silent and still for several moments, then finally stated "Mission data not found." as she turned her head at last to face Mike's girlfriend.

"Why did you leave Robot Control?" Tammy asked.

Anya didn't respond right away.  The flashing pattern of bright coloured lights inside her head momentarily changed as loud computerized beeps came out of her speaker.  "I wanted to know what was outside." she said.

Tammy looked at her sister model with suspicion.  She quickly opened her purse and said "Anya, open your chest panel."

Anya wordlessly looked down and grabbed the top of the panel cover.  She swung it open to rest over the edge of the skimpy knit top she wore, which was cut just low enough to allow that.  The lights that danced around the connection ports and buttons looked even more bright inside the dimly lit vehicle.

Mike leaned back in the driver's seat and watched the erotic scene unfold in the rearview mirror.  He was too distracted and horny to fully see the possible danger that Tammy saw.  After watching Anya's little show, he eventually noticed that his girlfriend had pulled a connecting cable from her purse and unzipped her own jacket.  She unbuttoned the top of her shirt and opened up her chest panel.

"What are you doing?" Mike asked her.

"I'm going to see what's on her mind." she said as she connected herself to the stranger.

"Be careful." he said.  He anxiously watched the electronics on display in both synthetic ladies while he waited for his love to finish.  After a few tense minutes of flashing lights and beeping sounds, she was done and unplugged the cable.

"She's not lying." Tammy said to Mike.  "She really just wanted to leave."

"Are you a Robot Control unit?" Anya asked as Tammy gently closed her chest panel for her.

"I used to be." Tammy said. She closed her own chest panel and put the cord away.  "You can put your facemask on again, Anya."

Anya followed the suggestion and pushed the mask back into place until it clicked in.  Mike was struck once more by her amazing exotic beauty.

Tammy explained more to Mike.  "She's programmed in a way I wouldn't have thought possible.  She's very independent, and wants to do whatever she pleases, but at the same time she's programmed to do almost anything that anyone asks her.

Anya sat unmoving as Tammy talked, still looking right at her with her silicone face in its default setting.

"Should we take her with us?" Mike wondered aloud.

"I don't know." Tammy said.  "Let's ask her."

"What do you mean 'ask her'?" Mike interrupted.  "She's just a robot."

"Come on Mike, you ask me my opinion all the time, and I'm 'just a robot'." she shot back.  She turned her attention back to the beautiful stranger.  "Anya, what would you like to do?"

Anya sat blankly for a moment, then said "I want to see what is outside Robot Lab 40 and Robot Control Station 17."

"Do you have any... ambition or will?" Mike asked.

She turned her head to him and said "That does not compute."

He gazed into her fascinating brown eyes as she said that to him.  They looked so vacant, not at all like Tammy's.

"Anya," Tammy said, getting the runaway android's attention again.  "Would you like to stay with us?"

Anya sat stiff and unmoving for a long time, then looked back to Mike, then back to her fellow female robot.  "Unknown." she finally said.

"I think we should take her with us.  If Robot Control finds her they'll just erase her unique programming.  Not only that, but we could use that robot detection thing inside her." Tammy said.

"What if it's a trap?" Mike asked.  "What if she leads them right to us?"

Tammy made a series of fast calculations and reassured her lover. "It's Fembot Command we're worried about Mike, not Robot Control.  Besides, she has no connection at all to them anymore, I checked."

Mike looked back and forth between the two electronic women.  He had come to trust Tammy over the few weeks they had been on the run from Fembot Command, but now he was questioning that trust.  She was, after all, a machine.  The thought that some undesirable programming had just gotten into her now had also crossed his mind.  He tapped his fingers on the steering wheel and took in a deep breath.

"Alright." he said.  "Let's go."

Tammy had already computed their next destination, making sure it would be an unlikely place for Fembot Command to find them.  Mike backed the car out of the lot and drove it on down the highway. 


Part 26 - Shopping

"The first thing we have to do," Mike said while he watched the road ahead, "is get Anya some clothes."

"I agree." said Tammy.  "I compute that there is a high probability that Anya's current attire will arouse suspicion and unwanted attention."

She was right, of course, and Mike loved it when she talked like that - machine-like.  He had trained his fembot companion well during the last three weeks.  She acted completely human when they were in public, but flaunted her artificialness for him when they were alone.  She made quite a body guard too, operating like a sentinel, never sleeping and always watching.

They had settled into somewhat of a routine together on the lam.  Mike made sure she was sufficiently maintained and charged, and she used her super-human senses of sight and hearing to make sure no hostile 'persons' could get near him.  The lines of programming that he and she had refined within her chest amounted to an unwavering adoration of him.  Serving and protecting her master was now the reason for her existence.  Her pseudo-sentience was based almost entirely on this digital love.

And he loved her back more than she could ever calculate.  If it weren't for the threat of killer androids hunting him down, he would be having the time of his life right now.  His beautiful robot companion was the woman of his dreams, and he savoured every moment they shared.

Mike looked at Anya's reflection in the rearview mirror.  She reminded him of Tammy when he had first met her.  She was so mechanical, so empty of emotion.  Tammy put on an act like that for Mike sometimes, but Anya's genuine lack of any sense of self was a huge turn-on for him.

His eyes shifted to look at his girlfriend.  She was staring straight ahead, obviously in the middle of some complex computation or another.  He knew her well enough to wait until she was done.

Moments later, she was, and she spoke.  "Mike, I have obtained maps of the nearest population center.  There is a mall where we can buy clothing just 78.2 kilometers away."

"Ok." he said.  "How much cash do we have left?"

"Eight-thousand and forty-five dollars and sixty-three cents." she said. 

"I think we can spend a little on making our new friend fit in a bit more." he said.

So far, they had been extremely lucky with their financial situation.  Tammy had access to a secret Robot Control bank account, and they had withdrawn as much as they could through automated tellers across the country.  For safe keeping, the bundles of crisp bills were kept inside Tammy's head, wrapped around the cylindrical power supply in the back.

In about 40 minutes, they had pulled into the parking lot of the small-town mall.  Mike had already gotten a plan for what would happen next."

"Tammy, you go into a clothing store and buy some things for Anya.  Don't forget a nice thick winter coat."

"Understood." she said with a nod.

"I'll watch Anya." he said.  "You have enough cash in your purse?"

"No, I'll need to take some out of my head." she said.  She reached behind her head and grabbed her ponytail.  With a tug and a soft clicking sound, a square panel opened up.  She deftly plucked a bunch of fifty dollar bills out of the roll, got some stray hairs out of the way and patted the panel closed again.

"All set?" he said as he parked the car in a spot far away from the entrance.

"Charged and ready." she answered.

"You got your French language skills loaded and running?"

"Oui. Robot de Tammy prt obir vos commandes, Matre."

"Be back soon." he said.

She blew a kiss his way and got out of the car.  He watched her sexy walk as she quickly strutted toward the entrance, purse full of cash and chest full of data.

Mike looked back to Anya again.  "Anya," he said, "you don't mind if we change your programming a bit, do you?"

"That does not compute." she said flatly.

"Should have guessed." he said quietly.

He looked around the empty part of the parking lot.  The mall had probably just opened a while ago, so things were quite busy near the door.  As he waited, he found himself worrying that someone would see Anya half naked in his back seat and figure out that she was an android.  He then had to laugh at the stupidity of his distress.

Still, he felt uneasy.  During their time together, he had never been separated from Tammy for more than a few minutes.  He found that the time crawled by painfully slowly while he waited for her to finish shopping.  Worried thoughts came, like what if she malfunctioned, or ran out of power, or had her facemask dislodged?

He tried to tell himself that he was worrying over nothing, but he was still troubled.  He tried talking to Anya to get his mind off Tammy.

"So, Anya, you're the same model as Tammy?" he casually asked.

"Yes." she replied.

He just nodded, finding he didn't have much to say.  He just kept thinking about how beautiful she was.

"You know," he said, "you're quite a good looking machine."

"That is a qualitative judgement.  I am not programmed to calculate qualitative judgements."

He chuckled to himself.  "Just wait till Tammy gets through with you.  You'll be a whole new woman."

Anya sat silent for a while, then said "That does not compute."

Mike sighed and looked at the clock.  Time was going very slowly.

"Anya, do you know anything about Fembot Command?"

She searched her hard drives for a while, then said "No."

"What about Robot Control?"

"Your query is too general.  Please increase specificity."

"Never mind."

"That does not compute."

Mike rolled his eyes.  normally that kind of talk would get him very horny, but in the current situation all he could think about was Tammy.

He turned on the radio and flicked through the dial.  After some searching, he settled on the classic rock station.  At least he had music now.  Tammy usually provided the soundtrack to their times together by downloading music he requested to her hard drive and playing it through her amazingly great sounding speaker.

His toes and fingers began tapping to the rhythm as he let the familiar song work on relaxing his jangled nerves.

"You a big fan of Deep Purple, Anya?"

"That does not compute." she stated.

"You know, 'Slow Walking Walter... Fire Engine Guy'?"

"That does not compute." she said again.

"If you were human you'd be laughing right now." he said.

Almost an hour went by, and by the time Mike saw Tammy walking back to the car, he could almost feel an ulcer growing inside his gut.

"Here she comes!" he said, his mood instantly changing.

The black-haired fembot was weighted down by several large shopping bags.  He was a bit surprised at the amount of clothing she had bought.

He popped the trunk for her as she came near.  With his guidance, her AI had advanced to a point where she knew just what to do.  She packed most of the bags into the trunk and brought two of them into the car with her.

"I got some nice clothes for you Anya." she said.

"I am wearing nice clothes." she pointed out.

"Yes, but these are more fitting for the weather." Tammy said as Mike pulled the car out of the lot.

"That does not compute." Anya said yet again.

"You know, I never thought I'd say this, but I'm getting sick of hearing that." he said.

Tammy made eye contact with him in the mirror and went stiff.  In a cold robotic monotone she said "THAT DOES NOT COMPUTE."

Mike laughed out loud and drove the car once more on to the highway.  He was so proud of Tammy.


Part 27 - On The Road

While they were speeding down the wooded winter highway, and while Tammy was busy pulling items of clothing out of the shopping bags, Anya suddenly opened the door and tried to get out.

"Stop her!" Mike called out.

Thanks to her inhumanly fast sensors and reflexes, Tammy had already grabbed the tall supersexy android, and used her sheer mechanical speed and strength to make sure she couldn't escape from the moving car.

Mike pulled the car to the shoulder of the road and brought it to a stop while Tammy held on to Anya.  He got out and shut the rear door again, making sure to lock all the doors when he got back in.

His heart pumped way too fast for his comfort now.  "Make sure she doesn't do that again!" he ordered Tammy.

Still securely holding on to her, Tammy turned to the other fembot and said "Anya, why did you try to exit the vehicle?"

Appearing far more calm and composed than her two traveling companions, Anya slowly turned her head to face Tammy and said "I wanted to examine that animal."

Mike and Tammy looked at each other through the rearview.

"Tammy, can you alter Anya's programming to make her a little easier to control?"

Tammy computed for a moment, then said "I can't do that without running a full battery of tests on all of her software, and that will take a few hours.  If she tries to escape again while I'm doing that, I might not be able to respond in time."

"Can you shut her off for now then?" Mike said.

Tammy nodded and reached over to open Anya's chest panel once more.  She pushed the big red button, and the brunette fembot began shutting down her systems in order from least to most critical.  Within a few seconds and after a series of loud signaling beeps, she was completely powered down.

"Shit." Mike said as he forced himself to breathe deeply and more slowly.  "We definitely don't need her doing that kind of thing every time she sees a rabbit."

"It was a hare." Tammy said.

"Thanks for clarifying." Mike said somewhat sarcastically.  He took another deep breath, smiled and said "You know I love you, eh?"

Tammy configured her facemask in a similar way and said "The bits of data that indicate your love for me are the most precious on my hard drives."  She winked at him.  This robot knew just how to please him and put him at ease.

"Can you start putting some clothes on Anya?  As much as you can?"

Tammy nodded. "I can probably dress her up all the way.  I'm much stronger and more flexible than you are, silly human."

"Right on." he said with an even bigger smile.  "What kind of stuff did you get anyway?"

"Some nice frilly lingerie, some jeans, sweaters, button-up shirts, slacks, nylons, shoes - the works." she said as she bent down and untied Anya's boots.

"How much did you spend?"

"Six-hundred and twelve dollars and eight cents."

"That's a lot." he said.

"Well, do you want her to look nice?" she said, raising her voice slightly so she could be heard from behind his seat.

"I want her not to be naked."

"Don't worry Mike, we have lots of cash left, and Robot Control has deep pockets."

"Okay." he said.  "You're sure those clothes will fit?"

"That's a silly question to ask a robot with an optical system as advanced as mine."

Mike chuckled.  "I guess you got a point."

He cranked up the radio as "Long Distance Runaround" by Yes came on.  The poor Tammy units hyper-sensitive auditory system was once again subjected to Mike's singing as he drove and she dressed.

Time progressed at a more or less average pace for him as he alternately watched the road and The progress of Tammy's current assignment.  Garment by garment, Anya was getting covered with clothes that made her look a lot less out of the ordinary. 

Tammy had become almost as good as a human at figuring out how to work in novel and different situations.  Mike's guidance was the key to this.  The fastest and most powerful supercomputers on Earth couldn't compete with his innate and natural knowledge of the way things were done in real life.  In addition to this, he was a very logical thinker, and that translated well into making the very detailed and specific explanations he gave to Tammy on why things were the way they were.

It was during that process that they had bonded - him to her as much as a man could connect with a machine, and her to him as much as an android could formulate an artificial kind of empathy for a human being.

They both called it love.  And the sex was great too.


Part 28 - Getting To Know

Before long, Tammy had dressed her deactivated fellow-fembot in her new selection of appropriate clothing, and Mike had driven the reliable green car through the snowy woods to their next destination.  The small town was just big enough to have a couple of motels, and one of them would do nicely for a few nights layover.

"You'd better turn her on again.  And keep an eye on her." Mike said to Tammy.

Tammy nodded in acknowledgement and unzipped Anya's fleece hoody so she could open her chest panel.  With another push of the red power button, Anya beeped and booted up.

"Anya robot number 742703A activated." she said.

Mike watched her through the mirror, hoping she wouldn't do anything irrational.  And that, in turn, made him wonder just what kind of behaviour would be considered irrational from her synthetic perspective.

As Tammy finished up with Anya, Mike pulled the car into the front lot of the motel.  "Alright, get us two beds this time, little miss multilingual." he said to his love.

"Oui Matre." she said.  She got out of the car. 

In a short time she got a room with all the available amenities and emerged with two sets of keys in hand.  Anya turned her head and looked mindlessly out the window.  Mike let his finger hover over the door lock button again as he waited for Tammy to get back into the car.

"Anya." he called loudly, to get her attention.  "Anya, look at me."

The brunette android pointed her painted pretty eyes at his reflection.

"Stay where you are." he commanded.

"Yes Mike." she said.

Tammy got back in the car.  "Room 214, on the other side of the building.  There's a grocery store on the main street in town."

"Excellente!" Mike exclaimed in a silly faux-spanish accent.  He pulled the car over the few speedbumps and around to the other side of the ugly orange and white motel. 

"Tammy, get out and go over to Anya's side of the car, then hold on to her hand until we're in our room." he said.

"Okay." she said as she grabbed her purse and Anya's and got out of the car.

Mike turned off the ignition and got out.  He opened the trunk and got their bags, then followed the two female androids up the black iron fire-escape style staircase to the second level of rooms.

The small room inside was dark, and had the unpleasant odour of disinfectant to it.  Mike looked around then closed the door and locked it behind him.  Tammy let go of Anya's mechanical hand and walked over to draw shut the heavy smoke-stained drapes.

"Well, time to do your thing with Anya." he said.  "I'm gonna take a shower.  You need my help for anything?"

"Nothing that I can compute right now." she said as she took off her down-filled jacket.

"So how long do you think it will take to reprogram her?" he asked as he started to get out of his clothes.

"That depends on a few factors.  Anywhere from two to six hours."

"Six hours? Yikes."

"I know a thing or two about the 558 series, so I'm guessing it won't take that long." she said reassuringly as she got a connection cable ready and opened her chest panel.

Anya was standing still right where she had stopped a couple of minutes ago.  Tammy walked up to her and removed her winter coat.

"Anya, lie down on that bed."

"Yes Tammy." she said, and obediently complied with the order.

"After my shower, I'll need some food." Mike said.  "We'll have to hide you two from pizza dude."

Tammy swung open the chest panel of the now reclined Anya unit and said "I'll just pull a blanket over us and pretend we're humping."

A smile came to Mike's face at the thought of two female humanoid robots engaged in that act.  "Why just pretend?"

Tammy smiled and let out one of her not quite real laughs.  "There'll be lots of time for that later Mike."

"Okay, see you in ten minutes." he said as he stepped out of his pants and walked to the washroom.

"Alright Anya," Tammy said as she moved a chair over to the side of the bed, "Let's see what's under the hood."

She leaned forward, and with a click removed Anya's facemask.  Tammy's cameras zoomed in and scanned each flashing LED, feeding the video stream through her processors and software algorithms to glean meaning from it all.

"Anya, I'm going to connect to your main processor core.  Do not resist." she said as she plugged the cable into her chest, then Anya's.

"Yes Tammy." Anya said while Tammy watched her opened head.

Mike's raven-haired electronic girlfriend probed the stranger's software bit by bit, byte by byte, and line by line.  She started with the most basic of Anya's programming, the BIOS.  It was identical to that which was inside all of Robot Controls artificial women, and Anya proved to be no exception.  Every last one and every last zero matched up with what Tammy herself had stored behind her big beautiful breasts.

Tammy was silent and unmoving through the process, as was Anya - except for her computerized beeps and bright flashing lights.  The examiner's processors worked ceaselessly, sending signals through the USB wire into Anya's chest, and receiving data in return.  It worked a little like sonar, and with every ping, more detail of Anya's inner workings was revealed.

Her strange software protocols soon became apparent to the Tammy unit.  That particular batch of programming and data added up to a sort of personality that was both fiercely independent and unquestioningly obedient.  And the reasons for that didn't start to become clear to Tammy until after Mike stepped out of the shower.

"How's it coming along?" he asked as he pulled his boxers back on.

Tammy didn't respond right away, but he expected that.  When she did reply, she didn't say a whole lot.  "Not now."

Mike yawned and got out the phone book.  Even though most of the yellow pages were in French, he was able to find a pizza place.  Unfortunately for him, no one at the restaurant spoke English.

He put the phone away and remembered seeing a vending machine in the motel lobby.

"Well, if my translator's ignoring me, I'll be forced to eat junk food!" he said jokingly as he finished getting dressed.

He tried to keep his hard erection hidden under his coat as he walked past the two fembots and their little data exchange session.

"Wow, now I've got two of 'em!" he thought to himself as he locked the door and went to get some chips.

Meanwhile, Tammy's AI was analysing the fast flowing data and beginning to understand what motivated her sister android.  The more she probed, the more it looked as though that Renegade Robot Detection System wasn't supposed to be inside her.  In fact, Anya was supposed to be the renegade robot.  That was why some Main Computer somewhere had rendered her completely disconnected from her network, and made her so oddly autonomous.

Tammy was well on her way to finding out all she could about everything inside of Anya.  All of the coded software that made her 'be' and all of the specifications of the electromechanical hardware that gave her form were poured into Tammy's processors as lightning fast flashes of current through a thin bundle of copper strands.

Tammy was so immersed in the process of detailed analysis of one of her kind that she hadn't even paid attention to Mike's return or any of the things he had said.  She only recorded the ongoing audio/video stream, paying total attention instead to the faceless android woman on the bed.

Almost three hours later, when Tammy had scanned the other 558 unit with 100% thoroughness, she sorted through all else that she had missed going on in the meantime.

She turned to Mike and said "Sorry to ignore you for so long."

Mike looked up from his book.  "Hey, I remember you!" he said.

"Shut up." she said.  "I'm done my scans."

"Well, let the reprogramming begin."

"Not so fast." she said.  She leaned forward again and reattached Anya's facemask.  "I have to talk with you about that."


Part 29 - Penetrate

"Well," Mike said, "First order me a pizza.  You know what I like on it."

Tammy rolled her eyes.  "Oh, you and your non-electrical power system."  She got up and sat on the other bed, beside the phone.  Looking so much more human than she did a mere three weeks ago, she flipped casually through the small area yellow pages and found an ad for the town they were in.

Her sarcastic comment had reminded Mike of her own needs to, and he went to one of her bags and got out her recharge cord.  While she spoke on the phone in perfect French with a flawless local accent, he lifted the back of her sweater and opened her recharge port.  He pushed the cord in and uncoiled it as he walked over to the wall outlet.  Tammy finished ordering the food for her master, politely thanked the person at the other end and hung up. 

Mike had sat down next to her again.  She turned his way and gave him a quick kiss.

"Thanks, dear." she said.

"Anything for you." he said as he gave her breast a playful squeeze.  "Now, what's the story with Anya?"

"Well, you know how she's got that robot detection device inside her?"


"I can't penetrate its security settings to find out what kind of software runs through it."

"You mean you couldn't scan it?"

"I don't know how."

They looked over at Anya, lying exactly where Tammy had left her, with her chest panel still open.  She seemed oblivious to everything.

"One thing I found out though," Tammy continued, "is that if Anya's core programming is altered from the outside, that device will send out wireless error signals, like a beacon."

"And then what?"

"I don't know.  You're the creative one, what do you suppose would happen?"

Mike thought for a moment.  The idea of their new travel companion broadcasting her whereabouts to her creators - or worse - didn't sit right with him.

"That thing's not sending signals right now, is it?" he asked.

"No.  I'm pretty sure it's not."

"Well, is there any way we can make her easier to control?  Otherwise we'll have to abandon her somewhere."

"I made some preliminary calculations on that, and I think there might be a way."

Mike silently waited for her to explain.

"Anya is not programmed with a mission." Tammy stated. "She said so herself, and I didn't find one while I was scanning her."

"So how does that help us?"

"We could still program a mission into her - without upsetting the detection device."

"Are you sure?"

"89.33% sure.  See, the device is... how do I put this... it's expecting her to have a mission.  For androids like me and Anya, the mission programming is our whole reason for existing."

"So, if we think of a mission to program into her, you could do the programming?"


"How 'bout something like your mission?"

"To let you teach me how to love?  Do you think that would work for Anya?"

Mike thought for a while.  "That depends on what we want to use her for.  We need that detection device for telling us if there are any of those Fembot Command agents around."

"I want her to be like me - self aware."

Mike scoffed. "You think you're self aware?"

Tammy's facemask immediately configured itself into a look of indignation.  "I don't just think I am, I know I am."

Mike was more than surprised.  "What?  In all the time I've spent with you, I've never suspected that you viewed yourself that way.  But, I guess If you view yourself in any way, you're already self aware... to some extent.  Am I right?"

Tammy was undeterred. "I'm not just your fuck toy, Buster." she said, showing him for the first time her pissed-off mode. "I'm a person."

"How long have you felt that way?" he asked, barely concealing his pride in her.

"For almost five days.  Remember?  You were falling asleep, you were holding me, and you said you loved me.  The data was just so... clear.  It was the first time I realised you really did, and my very next computation was that I was a person."

"Wow." he said. "I'm impressed."

She kept looking at him with that look of borderline outrage.

"Well, what are you so mad about?  You never told me!" he said.

"I thought you knew." she said as she looked back in Anya's direction.

"I know now.  Stop being mad.  That's an order!" he said with a smile.

She looked at him again and started to laugh.  This time her laugh sounded more real to him, although it was the same type of synthesized sound that always came out of her speaker.

He put his arm around her.  "I'm so proud of you.  This is so cool." he said as he moved closer for a kiss.

Anya sat up suddenly.  She looked at Tammy and emotionlessly said "I want to touch your body."

Mike & Tammy looked at each other. "I think we'd better shut her off until after pizza dude has come and gone." he said.

"Agreed." Tammy said as she stood up.  "Anya, lie down again."

"Yes Tammy." she said, and got herself horizontal once more.

Tammy reached out and pressed the power button in Anya's chest.  Then she closed up the panel and rolled her over while she beeped so she could get her under the bed sheets.

Mike watched his sexy robot girlfriend move as she trailed the electrical cord behind her.  He found himself not thinking of the situation with Anya so much as Tammy's revelation to him.

There was a knock on the door.

"Pizza dude." Tammy said.  "I'm 82.59% sure."

She finished tucking Anya into the bed as Mike unplugged the cord from the small of her back.  He pushed it out of view while Tammy closed up her recharge port and got her purse.

She answered the door and greeted the pimply-faced driver in French, leaving him a decent tip while Mike salivated over the aroma of all those artery-clogging toppings.

He grabbed a small towel and quickly devoured slice after slice of the hot pizza.  Meanwhile, Tammy plugged herself back in and started to undress.

"Come on human, finish eating so we can interface."

Mike just smiled while the oil from the pizza dripped down his chin.  He wondered if Tammy could possibly make him any happier than she had already.


Part 30 - XXX

Mike made sure to wash his hands well after finishing the greasy pizza.  Tammy's silicone skin was easy to clean, but still he didn't want to make a mess when it wasn't necessary.

His robot girlfriend was in the process of undressing when he came out, so he did the same.  And even after seeing it each and every night, he was still intensely aroused by the sight of her sexy, curvy body.  The pliable and realistic artificial skin that covered her was smooth and warm to the touch.  He delighted in holding her near and caressing the hills and valleys of her shapely hourglass figure - knowing that inside were charged electronics and lubricated machinery.

The smile she displayed on her facemask while she stripped down to her lingerie was just one of many different presets, but to Mike it was the look of love.  That face alone was beautiful enough to make the human fall deeply in love with the woman-shaped machine, and expressive enough to keep him fascinated by it's many factory standard emotion emulating settings.

Now nude, Mike stepped over to where she was standing and took her awesome body in his arms.  She looked up at him and closed her eyes as he kissed her plastic lips.  They kissed deep and wet, thanks to replacement bodily fluids formulated by Tammy when the Robot Control supplied canisters had run dry.

Mike savoured the hint of strawberry flavour in her sweet homemade saliva while his hands enjoyed the full womanly shape of her hips and buns.

They paused their sensual kiss momentarily while they looked into each other's eyes.

"I love you." she said.

That's not what she usually said while they were doing this kind of thing, and he liked the surprise.

"That means so much more to me after what you just told me." he said as he brought his hands up to stroke her breasts and feel her hard, perfect nipples.

She closed her mechanical eyelids with gentleness and let out a soft breathy moan while her metal and plastic neck arched back realistically.  The sexy smile set on her face got even broader while her human lover stimulated the many sensors in her big and perky synthetic boobs.  Her processors were flooded with data while he delicately opened and removed her chest panel cover.

She opened her eyes again, and configured her facemask into the horniest look she knew while she spread her legs and pushed her warm and wet crotch into his thigh.

"Oh, Master..." she said in a sexy whisper as he moved his fingertips slowly around the straight sharp edges of the inside of the panel.  He watched the coloured LEDs flash inside her chest and pressed his erect and throbbing penis up against her silicone belly.

Then with a hand that was strong enough to crush a baseball, she delicately took hold of his balls and gently caressed them while they kissed again.  They sucked on each other's hot and hungry mouths while the silicone tongue pressed and slid against the real one.

They both enjoyed that pose and that kiss for a very long time.  After that, Tammy looked up at him and said "What about Anya?"

"Huh?" he said.

"She's missing out.  Do you want to get her involved in this?"

Mike was a bit surprised.  He knew his black-haired lover was programmed to find women sexually appealing, but he had never seen her in a situation like this before.  "Let's talk about that."

 He sat down on the bed and Tammy sat beside him, holding on to his hand.

"Are you programmed to get jealous?" he asked as he looked into the high-resolution cameras of her optic system.

"Jealousy does not compute." she assured him.

Mike looked at her for a while.  She wouldn't lie.  He didn't know if she was even capable of that.

"So, you wouldn't feel bad in any way if I had sex with Anya?" he asked.

"Why would I?  I'm not programmed for that kind of behaviour."

"What if Anya said she loved me too?"

"Then you'll have two robot girlfriends." she said with a devilish smile. 

She pushed him back on to the bed with another kiss, making sure her power cord wouldn't get in the way.  They got into position for intercourse and she removed her facemask.  She knew by now what he liked to see.

He held his dick up for her while she pushed her panties aside, lowered her hips and took the shaft into her well lubricated vagina.  She rested the silicone facemask, heavy with circuitry, on his abdomen while he gazed at the now revealed electronics in the pony-tailed device atop her shoulders.

It didn't matter how many times he saw that amazing display, it always made him cum.  There was something about the bright LEDs flashing around all those microchips and circuits - the sight of all that metal and plastic artificialness that hooked right into his heart.  She often called him Master, but the situation was effectively reversed when she showed him her naked round glass eyeballs and the simple looking speaker amid all those computer parts and wires.  He would easily surrender to almost any whim when she looked at him that way.

"I love you." he told her as they started to fuck.

They pumped in and out, up and down while he watched her electronics and listened to the music of her synthesized moans and sighs.  He came faster than usual this time, and she synchronised herself perfectly to his body.  She released a generous portion of her home-brew cum while their rhythm slowed and stilled.

The expertly formulated replacement saline solution inside one of her fluid canisters came out of the tiny holes in her artificial flesh as little beads of sweat.  It was missing the synthetic pheromones of the Robot Control brand, but when it mingled with the perfume she wore it had a similar effect on the human.

She got off him and put her facemask back on as they breathed heavy and rested.  As soon as her face was back in place and locked into position, she began to secrete artificial beads of sweat from the neck up as well.

They held onto each other and kissed again while Tammy computed something fun to try.

"Let's activate Anya now." she said.

"Ok." he said in agreement.  "You can control her if she suddenly gets up and decides to leave or something?"

"I sure can.  I'm charged and ready, Master."

She kissed him again and got up.  "Let's get on either side of the Anya unit, then we'll activate her."

"I like the way you compute." he said as he got up and joined her in the other bed, on the other side of the dormant brunette robot.

Tammy pulled the covers off and rolled the other android on to her back.  She opened her chest panel and pressed the red power button.

The olive-skinned exotic beauty made some beeps and announced "Anya robot number 742703A activated."

She stared blankly ahead for a long time while Mike caressed her breasts and Tammy played with her pussy.

After processing the data for a few minutes she said in her emotionless voice "That feels... nice."


Part 31 - 000

Anya lay still in between the horny couple, labouriously computing all of the raw data that flowed in through her many sensors.

"What are you doing to my body?" she asked as she stared vacantly at the ceiling.

"Foreplay." Mike said.

"We're going to teach you all about love." Tammy said.

"That does not compute.  Love is undefined." Anya said blankly.

"She's very dry Mike, she doesn't have any fluid canisters in her body like I do." Tammy said to her master.

"Just rub your crotch against hers for a while.  That should do the trick."

Tammy rolled her eyes up and to the side for a moment, a human-like gesture to make it look like she was thinking.  "I get it." she said with a smile.  "That's a good idea.  I knew I kept you around for a reason."

She leaned over Anya's body and gave Mike a kiss, then crawled to the other end of the bed.  With her perfect humanoid dexterity she took off her stockings and wet panties and pulled her recharge cord out of the way so she could position herself at Anya's crotch.

"Spread your legs, Anya." Mike said as he switched breasts and gave the left one a workout with his fingertips and tongue.

"Yes Mike." she said, doing what he had told her to do just as his playful girlfriend was spreading her own legs and pushing herself near.

Tammy leaned back on her elbow and rubbed her synthetic vagina against Anya's.  She released lots of her homemade cum between them, and made the other robot's silicone cunt good and wet.  Tammy tossed her head back in ecstasy as her thighs pumped and twitched in raw delight.  Her mouth opened as her speaker generated sexy moans and squeals in a style copied from the porn films she had been shown.

Anya layed back in a stiff position, looking quite lost.

"Relax, Anya." Mike said softly as he looked with lust at her gorgeous face.

"I am not programmed to relax." she said.

"Are you programmed to kiss?"

"I am not programmed to kiss, but I know how to perform certain types of kissing."

Mike didn't quite know what to think about her answer.  he went ahead and kissed her any way.  Anya's head gradually turned to align properly with his.  Her mouth eventually opened wide enough for his lips to do it right, and wide enough for him to get his tongue inside.

"How do you feel, Anya?" Tammy asked, her face glowing with artificial perspiration.

"I feel fine." she said as Mike pulled back enough to let her answer.  "What is the purpose of this?" she asked.

"To make you feel fine." Mike said.

"Your actions are... effective." she said.

Mike smiled and looked at Tammy. "How you doin' down there?" he asked.

Tammy smiled at Mike, her face showing pure pleasure.  "All systems functioning as expected, Master."

Mike felt the urge to put his cock into something.  "Is she wet enough yet, babe?"

Tammy let out a deep synthesised sigh.  "Affirmative, Master."

"Let's switch." he said.

Tammy swung her legs out of Mike's way and stood up as he got in position between Anya's legs.  Tammy watched and masturbated as Mike inserted his penis into the other robot's vagina and started to pump in and out.

Anya still looked totally lost, but she enjoyed all the attention as much as her rudimentary AI would allow.

Mike pumped in and out of Anya's tight and now wet pussy while Tammy enjoyed the show.  It wasn't long before he came, staring into Anya's captivating eyes and imagining the machinery beneath.

When he caught his breath after releasing his load, he got off the bed and gave Tammy a quick kiss. "Your turn." he said.

"I have an idea." she said.  "I'll stimulate her sexual systems from the inside out."

"Wasn't I just doing that?" he said jokingly as Tammy got a connection cable out of her purse.  Her tits jiggled as she walked back toward the bed and uncoiled the cord.

"Ah, the direct route." Mike said when he figured out what she had in mind.

"Please explain your actions, Tammy." Anya said.

"That'll ruin the surprise, Anya." Tammy said with a sly smile.  She layed down on her side next to the other android and plugged the cable first into her own open chest panel, then into Anya's.

"I don't mean to make you feel inadequate Mike, but this is the best way to get a girl like me hot and wet." Tammy said as the lights in both openings flashed faster.

Tammy was the only one of the synthetic girls that showed any enjoyment externally, rubbing her crotch with her fingers while she sent data directly to Anya's pleasure sensors.  Mike just sat back and enjoyed the scene as his girlfriend stimulated her sister fembot the way he never could.

Tammy started to moan with pleasure.  She moved in closer to Anya and pressed her crotch against Anya's hip while her fingertips probed the folds of Anya's pussy.

"Sensory input overload." Anya said.

Tammy kept right on stimulating the other robot, seemingly unaware of her warning.

"Is she gonna be okay?" Mike asked.

"Sensory input overload." Anya said again.

It seemed that Tammy was having too much fun to stop.  She made her motions and her digital signals through the cable more intense.

"Tammy?" Mike said.

"Sensory input overload." Anya said one more time, followed by a loud regular high-pitched beeping.  She became even more still than she had been before.

Tammy let out a deep breath and a large release of fluid from her artificial vagina as Anya kept right on beeping.

"Is she okay?" Mike said.  "Tammy, answer me."

Tammy regained her composure and looked at Anya.  "Uh-oh." she said.

"What do you mean uh-oh?" Mike asked.

"I think I crashed her system." She answered.  She unplugged both ends of the cable and put it aside while she sat up and pressed Anya's power button.

Mike just looked at the two, waiting to see what was going on.

"I think I overdid the stimulating." Tammy said as she stroked some strands of hair out of her face.

The overloaded robot on the bed stopped her loud piercing beeps and made a few softer ones. "Anya robot number 742703A activated." she said after a few seconds of silence.

"Is she alright?" Mike asked.

Tammy looked at him and said "I don't know." She turned her gaze to the rebooted robot. "Anya, how do you feel?"

Anya sat up and looked right at Tammy.  "I require more stimulation."


Part 32 - Wind Down

"More?" Mike said.  "I don't know about you fembots, but I'm tired now.  It's way past our bed-time, Anya."

Before Anya could respond with her usual "that does not compute" response, Tammy added "Mike's right.  We'll continue stimulating your sensors tomorrow.  I'm going to shut you off now."

And with that, the button was pressed and Tammy's sister 558 unit beeped and was powered down for the night.

"You go to sleep hon, I'll clean us both up and plug her in." Tammy said.

"Okay." He said.  "We'll have to eat-in until we get Anya... uh... reconfigured for our needs."

"Well, that'll save money on food if I don't have to eat with you." Tammy pointed out as she opened Anya's purse and pulled out a recharge cord identical to her own.

Mike walked into the bathroom, cleaned himself up and later emerged with some small moistened towels for his electronic girlfriend to use.  He noticed the light dim slightly as Anya got connected to the wall outlet. 

Tammy set to work on wiping the surfaces of the two plastic bodies clean while her human companion cleaned his teeth and got ready for bed.

As he climbed into the sheets, he watched his woman move in the lamplight.  "So," he said, "Let's figure this out.  What exactly do we need Anya for?"

Tammy looked over at him from her position between Anya's still spread legs, cleaning out her silicone vagina.  "Robot detection, for one thing."

"Right.  What's the range on that thing?"

"I don't know.  I couldn't really get inside it with my scan."

"Well it's probably more than a few feet.  I'm guessing that would buy us enough time to split if those Fembot Command agents caught up with us.

"We should use her for defense too." Tammy said as she sat up and rested her hands on her thighs.  "I can kick serious ass if necessary, and Anya should be able to help."

"She's got to be completely loyal to us then.  Could you work that into her new mission?"

"I think so.  That might be one of the easier aspects of it." Tammy said.  She went back to cleaning Anya's legs.  "Anything else you think we could use her for?"

Mike thought about it for a moment or two. "Not really."

"Not really?" Tammy said "Come on, Mike.  I know there's at least one more thing on your mind."

Mike gave her a look that was almost defensive. "Is that some kind of android intuition or something?"

"That's exactly what it is." she said with a grin as she stood up and walked toward him.  The lights in her still open chest panel were the only other lights on in the room.  "Just look at her." she said as she gestured to Anya.  "She's gorgeous.  And she's a machine.  You're honestly going to lay there and tell me with a straight face that you can't think of any other reason to keep her?"

Mike laughed.  "You know me too well."

"And don't you forget it!" she said as she swung her sexy naked hips around and walked back to finish up with the deactivated fembot.

"So it's agreed that we both want her around for sex and protection?" he said.

"Affirmative." she answered.

"Okay, now then what kind of mission do we give her? Will your mission work?"

"Computing." she said.  "I'll have to do some pretty intense calculations on that one.  I'll do those while you sleep."

"That's all good.  I need to rest my brain cells too." he said.  "Just hurry up so I can sleep next to that sexy body of yours."

"I'm cleaning as fast as I can, Mike.  You're just going to have to wait." she said as she closed up Anya's chest panel and wiped clean the top of her body.

Mike layed on his back and looked up at the ceiling as he reminded himself of his good fortune.  He was indeed lucky.  As long as their pursuers were nowhere to be found, he was happier than a pig in shit.


Part 33 - Asking For Trouble

Byron took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes.  He had been looking at circuitry and electronic connections for hours this day, and for days this week.  As fatigued as he was now, he could feel clouds of doubt evaporate to reveal crystals of understanding. 

To program the androids right, he had to know what chips performed what functions, and which instructions acted on which systems.  The picture was becoming more and more clear to him as he nodded slightly and subconsciously in response to his own thoughts.

"That'll do." he said.  He leaned back in the chair, expecting Heather to act, but knowing that she wouldn't really understand.

"That does not compute." she said, the exact same way he had been hearing it for the last several days.

"I'm finished Heather.  You can put your facemask back on now."

The fembot reached over to the table beside them and picked the mask up with her  feminine hands.  With precision, she reattached it to her head and reintegrated it to her system.

Byron watched as she did that, and sat looking at her pretty face.  Something had been brewing inside him for days - an idea - and now was the time to bring it out.

"Heather," he began.  He paused to make sure he was about to do the right thing.

"Yes?" the robot replied.

"Heather I need to change you."

She just stared at him, ever so blankly.  Her electronic eyes not so much watching as recording.

"I need to have you act like a person again."

Heather's chips made some computations, then she said "I am not a person.  I am a humanoid robot."

"I need you back the way you were before, when we were back at the Archive."

More complicated calculations were fed through her processors upon hearing this.  "Why?" she asked.

"Because... because it's easier for me if you're like a person, not a machine."

Heather paused.  "My current configurations are set to enable you to view a Fembot Command unit in its default settings."

"Well, there are at least three other 'units' downstairs that are just standing unused in those booths.  Can't we use them for that?"

Heather sat unmoving, just looking at him.  "Processing." she said.  After another long pause she said "I am not programmed to resolve this situation.  You must ask Natasha.  Natasha will interface with the Master Computing Device."

Byron more or less expected an answer like that, but nevertheless he was determined.  "Let's go to the basement." he said.

They got up and walked out of his makeshift office and through the kitchen.  They walked down the stairs and stopped in front of the wall-mounted scanner as it called out "SCANNING" in its harsh robotic female monotone.

As soon as they had both been scanned - a process which Byron was now used to - they walked through the opening sliding door and into the lab to talk to Natasha.

Byron strode past Heather and walked right up to the naked robot technician.  "Natasha," he said, "Can you program Heather the way she was when she worked at the Archive?"

Just as Byron expected, the pretty blue-eyed android gave him the same type of inhuman stare he had received from Heather.  He waited patiently for her logic circuits to be done with their calculating.

"Why?" Natasha asked.

"Because it would be easier for me to finish Project H if she acts like a person."

Natasha made no movements or sounds for a few seconds, then flatly said "That does not compute.  Heather's current configurations are set to enable you to view a Fembot Command unit in its default settings."

Byron saw that coming.  "Yes, I know." he said somewhat impatiently.  "What about those robots there?" he said as he pointed to the three dormant and identical blondes waiting in glass booths along the wall.  "Can't you get one of them up and running in its default settings?"

Natasha stood still for almost a minute, then walked over to press some buttons on one of the big lighted consoles.  The Master Computing Device took over the calculations from this point, and in a relatively short time came up with a result to the matter.  It beamed its instructions into Natasha, who walked gracefully back to where Byron was standing.

"The Heather unit will be reprogrammed the way you have requested." was all she said to him.

Byron smiled as Natasha turned to the lady beside him.  "Heather, please sit down in the chair next to the data exchange console and open your chest panel."

"Yes Natasha." came the automatic sounding reply.

Byron followed and watched as the process took place.  The Master Computing Device retrieved the appropriate files from within its massive memory banks and began to clone new personality and AI files from the old ones.  After making minor adjustments and making the new code up to date, the computer waited for the cute brown-haired girl to be connected so it could begin the transfer.

As soon as the metal in the cord touched the metal in Heather's connection port, the electronic pulses traveled fast into the woman's chest and straight to her hard drives.  Her processors began assimilating the new programming right away, changing settings and adjusting parameters to the dictates of the downloaded software.

The human stood by with his arms crossed and waited for some movement in the entirely still scene.  He watched lights blink in Heather's open panel, visible between the partially unbuttoned sides of that same old silk blouse.  He thought about just what kind of code would be going into the now semi-familiar circuitry of the Heather robot. 

By this time he had some idea of which software controlled her movement, which controlled her AI, and which controlled her network links.  He had also gained much knowledge about the way Project H was set up, and what it could and could not do.  It was still quite obscure to him just what Fembot Command expected him to accomplish, but he had some ideas of his own.  And those ideas, he would ensure, would stay his own.

He found himself lost in thought as he heard Natasha tell Heather to load and start her new programming.

"Yes Natasha." she said as the technician pulled out and packed away the black cable. "Program QR095.G38 installed and executed successfully."

Natasha asked "How do you feel Heather?"

"I feel fine." she said.

For a moment, all was still.  Byron looked anxiously at Heather, waiting for her to do something that would give him a sign that she was back the way she used to be.  Then she looked around.

"Are we all finished Natasha?" she said.  She seemed to be a lot more animated than before.

Byron smiled.

"Yes." Natasha said.

"Good." she said.  She looked down and closed up her chest panel, then buttoned up her shirt.  "Let's get back to work." she said cheerfully as she looked at Byron and stood up.

Byron just smiled a bigger smile to Heather.  "Thank you, Natasha." he said.

The naked fembot didn't respond.

Byron and the Heather robot walked back up the stairs.  "So, are you happy to be back the way you were before?" he asked.

"I'm not programmed to be happy." she said.  She may have acted like a human now, but she was still a machine, as evidenced by her statement.

Byron waited until they were in the kitchen before he talked to her some more.  "That's okay, I understand." he said.  "You look a lot more real now."

"Thanks." she said.  She smiled.

That little smile was more welcome to him than she could ever know.  "It's a relief to have you back the way you were before.  I was getting tired of dealing with the mechanical you."

"I don't know what to say." she said.  That response was so much nicer to him than a blank stare on top of silence.

"I'm going to have lunch now." he said.  "Care to join me."

"Sure, but I don't need to eat, Byron." she said, still smiling her pretty smile.

"I want you to." he said.  "Just like we used to.  Just to remind me that I'm not alone."


Part 34 - Undefined Beauty

"Are you lonely here?" she asked as she took a seat at the big wooden table.

He paused on his way to the fridge.  "Very lonely Heather." he said.  The look on his face punctuated his statement in a way he was sure she missed.  "I need company - someone to talk to."

"I'll do my best." she said.  "If you finish Project H for us, I'll do even better." she promised.

"Don't worry about that, I'm working on it." he said as he got some things out of the cooler. 

Melanie's programming too had been changed at Byron's request.  She had started going into town regularly to buy real food for Byron to eat.  Also, at his request, the skinny but good looking blonde android had gone back to Ralph Sweet's class to finish taking lessons and to start dating Dustin.  Byron was still rather surprised that Fembot Command had gone along with that, but at least he had done some good for his former classmate.

Byron began to chop vegetables and grate ginger for his stir fry.  The pan sat on the stove, taking its heat.  He looked over to Heather again.  She looked at him.  He started to have doubts about making her this way again, but he reminded himself that it was necessary.

"Do you like lots of ginger or just a bit?" he asked.

"Umm," she said as she crossed her legs in a classy way and gently bit her lower lip, "I'll make your settings my settings."

While Byron deciphered what she had just said, she spoke again.  "I'm sorry.  Am I still too robotic for you?"

"Don't worry about it." he said.  "I understand.  Just be yourself Heather."

She stared back vacantly at him while he started to dump ingredients in the hot pan.  They sizzled and steamed while he pushed the wooden spoon around to mix them.  He concentrated on cooking until it was done.  She didn't have anything further to say either.

"All done." he announced as he portioned out two plates full of the delicious looking meal and poured two glasses of milk.  He tried to keep the smile on his face while he thought of how pathetic he was - trapped by robots and offering one of them food.

He sat down to enjoy his meal and again looked at Heather's pretty facemask.  Despite being an android, her presence made him feel better.  He knew that, and became more sure that he could form some kind of useful relationship with her, no matter how artificial it was.

"Thanks for making this Byron." she said with a smile as she picked up her cutlery and began to show off her updated programming.

"You're very welcome Heather." he said as he started eating too. "After lunch we'll go snowshoeing again.  And this time you can enjoy it."

Heather was still for a moment while she searched the extensive databases in her memory.  "I don't know how to enjoy snowshoeing," she said. "will you teach me?"

Byron was pleasantly surprised by her curiosity.  "Of course." he said. 

He wasn't exactly sure he knew how to teach enjoyment, but he would try.   Heather already knew how to walk with snowshoes on.  Every day since his capture they had strapped the large frames to their boots just as Heather had strapped a harness on Byron and chained him to her body.  It was the only way the fembots would let their human outside.  The same would happen today, but at least he could have a proper conversation with his attractive jailer.

When they finished eating, they left the dishes there for the maidbot to clean up and walked over to the closet by the front door.  Heather fastened and locked the waist harness around Byron as he retrieved the snowshoes from inside.  They got dressed in their winter coats and put on their boots while they talked about Byron's progress.

"I'm going to start on the data recollection algorithms today." he said as he knelt down to do up the straps over his boots.

"Aren't you going to wait for the test results to come back from the Master Computing Device?" she asked as she fastened her own straps.

"I don't think I need to, not to start anyway.  I can plug in the exact values afterwards."

"You're doing a terrific job so far." she said as they stood up and got ready to exit, joined by the four foot vinyl covered chain between them.

"Thanks." he said. "It's nice to get a compliment for all my effort."

Heather showed him an inviting smile as they walked out and closed the door behind them.  The human led the fembot out upon the heavily piled snow around the remote cabin, pointing at the trees nearby.

"See those trees?" he asked.

"Yeah?" she said.

"Well, they look beautiful, the way they're all covered with all that snow." He waited for a response as they trudged onward. "Do you understand?"

"Not really." she replied finally, sounding uncomfortable to admit it.

"Don't be embarrassed." he said. "I think even humans need to learn to appreciate beauty."

"Beauty is undefined." she said.

The sounds of their steps and their breaths were the only sounds around for miles as Byron thought about that.  "It is for me too." he admitted.

They walked a while in silence until they came to the snowy edge of a ravine.

"I don't know if I know what beauty is, but I know it when I see it." he said as they stood in front of the view.

"Do you think you could write an algorithm for that?" she said, her foggy breath created by vapour pumps located behind her silicone face, inside her electronic head.

"I don't know.  I'll try." he said.

"If you do, then I can look at beautiful things with you." she said.

He looked at her face for a while.  The sophisticated electronic mask that covered her circuitry had changed colour in certain areas to match the way his own face had been affected by the cold.  Her big long eyelashes fluttered as her eyelids made natural looking blinking motions.

"You're beautiful, Heather."

"Thanks." she said.  She blushed.  "Am I as beautiful as the trees?"

"You're more beautiful.  And in a different way too." Byron said.  He quickly remembered the chain around him, and just what he was chained to.  He changed the subject again.

They talked about Project H some more as they wandered over the growing layer of white on the ground.  He managed to get a good 45 minutes of exercise out of it before they got back to the well-hidden cabin.

Happy to be back indoors, Byron took off his outer wear while Heather released him from the nylon snare.  She put the gear away for him while he relieved himself in the washroom.

There was a warm and radiant fire going strong in the big fireplace in the living room.  Dusk had settled over the woods, and the maidbot had earlier drawn the thick drapes closed over the big insulated windows.

Byron poured himself a half glass of port, then went back and poured a second one.

"Heather," he called to the other room, "why don't you join me in the living room?"

"Okay." she called back.

He placed her glass on the coffee table and sat down on the plush sofa.  He waited for her to emerge.  She looked so good in the soft light that he had to remind himself she was a machine.

"I poured you a glass." he said as she sat down next to him.

"Thank you." she said as she sat down beside him.

He held his glass out as she picked hers up from off the table.

"Cheers." he said.

She looked at him for a moment.  "What?"

He let out the slightest chuckle.  "Hold your glass like this."

Heather did what he had said.  He brought his glass close and touched the rim to hers, making that friendly clinking sound.

"Now say cheers." he instructed.

"Cheers." she said with a warm smile.


Part 35 - Startup

Byron watched Heather sip the wine, still amazed at how a machine could behave so ladylike.  The mechanisms and inner workings of her head helped to guide the liquid away from her electronics and straight into the fluid bladder in her abdomen.  It would all make for a waste of good port if it didn't look so appealing.

Byron finished taking a sip from his own glass and said "I wonder if it would be possible to write a bit of software to make you appear to get drunk."

Heather held her glass in front of her as her eyes scanned Byron.  "Fembot Command has programming like that for its agents.  I have some like it installed already."

"Really?" he said.  "It seems that computer has thought of everything."

"Well, not everything." she said.  "That's why we need you to make us more realistic."

He nodded and found himself thinking of how realistic she already was.  She had fooled him completely, as had Melanie.  Up until he had been captured, he had not the slightest suspicion that these ladies were anything but flesh and blood like him.

He was staring at Heather now.  She was still as beautiful to him as the day he had first seen her.  The whole time he had been working on Project H for the androids, he had been exposed to her in her basic machine settings.  She was still beautiful then, but unquestionably inhuman.  Now, he told himself, he could almost forget that she was a thing.

He looked down at her chest.  A few days earlier in the basement lab, Natasha had given him a detailed demonstration of Heather's inner workings.  Thus he had not only seen her completely naked, but almost completely disassembled and missing large parts of her synthetic skin covering.  It was almost hard to believe that same machine was sitting beside him now, dressed up like any other girl, drinking wine, and talking so naturally about her status as a device.

Then he started thinking with his crotch.  He watched her chest heave slightly to the rhythm of her simulated breathing.  He tried not to think about the computer that animated her motors and flexors while he watched her beautifully shaped breasts move up and down so slightly.  He had seen them, but not touched them yet.  They were not huge, but were as perfectly shaped as those of the robot technician in the basement.  The inviting shape of those fully-functional nipples showed through the silk blouse and her bra.  He couldn't stop staring.

Heather, of course, recorded every nanosecond of his actions.  She knew he was looking with lustful intentions at her body.  Thermal scans revealed the heat of his body shifting to among other places his groin.  She could read the human like a txt file.  He was getting aroused.

Her programming was still limited in that area however.  When she had been taken over and upgraded by Fembot Command, they had programmed her to flirt and to kiss, but not to engage in sexual intercourse.  Even after being reset to her previous configuration, she would simply not know what to do after some kissing and petting. 

At this point though, it might not matter to Byron.  He had after all fallen in love with Heather back when he thought she was human.  He had every intention of getting intimate with her then.  The shock of finding out what she was had mostly subsided now, and he looked at her again with lust in his heart.

He looked back to her eyes.  She was waiting for his next move, like a dedicated terminal awaiting input.

"What's on your mind, Heather?" he said.

She looked down at her wine glass for a moment.  "Uh, I'm not sure how to answer that."  She looked back up at him.  "I can tell you exactly what kind of calculations are being made by my processors, but I don't think you want to know that, do you?"

He turned his body more to face her direction, and reached out to take hold of her hand.  His fingertips slid under hers, and tingled as they touched.  She looked down to their hands.  On some level she knew what he was doing.  She let him do it, having no instructions in her software and no limitations in her hardware that would cause her to actively resist.

He held her hand gently, feeling the warmth in her fingers brought there by her amazingly complex artificial skin.

"Do you remember when we kissed?" he asked.

"Yes." she said.

Her eyes were clear and wide as she looked at him.  "Cameras..." he thought, but they were still so beautiful.  The more he looked at her artificial beauty, the more he told himself it didn't matter that she wasn't human.  She was a woman, and he was a man - it really was that simple.

The moment was cut short by the sound of the screen door opening, followed by a key being pushed into the lock.

They both turned to look at the front door.  Melanie had arrived, with fresh supplies for the human's maintenance.

Byron still wasn't fond of Melanie, even though she was more or less the same as Heather.  Her presence killed whatever romance had been kindled.

"Hello Byron." she said in her emotionless voice.  "I have brought you some more food, and the other items you requested."  Her need to expend battery power on acting like a human being had disappeared while she was inside the secluded cabin.

The blonde robot placed some full plastic shopping bags on the floor and locked the door behind her.  Byron downed his port and got up to get the groceries and supplies from Melanie.  Heather remained on the couch, leaning back and looking at the other two.

"Did you get that CD?" Byron asked Melanie.

"Yes." came her short reply.

Byron fished through one of the bags and put on a big smile when he pulled out the disc.  He walked back over to the couch while he tore off the plastic and opened it.  He walked over to the stereo and put it in.  Soon, the passionately written music of Claude Debussy, played just as passionately by Walter Gieseking filled the room.

Byron was the only one who could enjoy it, and he did so thoroughly.  He sat back down next to Heather, who looked placid and unaffected.  She still held on to her half empty glass and still sat facing sideways on the sofa.

"I wonder if I could program you to appreciate music." he said to her.

"If you finish Project H, I might learn how." she said, reminding him once more who she functioned for .

Byron picked up and read the CD booklet while he waited for Melanie to finish putting away the groceries.  It shouldn't matter that Melanie would see Byron romancing the Heather robot, but still he wanted to wait till they were alone again.

"Excuse me for a moment." he said to Heather, giving her knee a slight squeeze as he got up.  He walked into the kitchen, past the skinny blonde android putting groceries away, and down the basement steps.  He went through the labourious but apparently necessary scanning process and entered the basement lab.

Natasha paid him no mind as she attended to a table containing one of the those statuesque naked blonde fembots.  He knew his way around the lab by now.  He walked over to where the connecting cords and cables were kept and took out a twelve foot recharge cable - the kind that would enable one of those female robots to recharge its batteries while outside of its charging booth.  He examined it quickly and thought about how he would use it, then walked back upstairs.


Part 36 - Loading

He knew, of course where each end of that electrical cord would end up.  He got a nervous excited feeling as he thought of what lay ahead for him.  He came back on to the main floor and saw the blonde robotic maidbot walk past.  He listened to her loud beeping speakers and constantly whirring motors as it strutted about mechanically on its preprogrammed path.

He walked past Melanie as she efficiently and methodically put the groceries away.  He kept telling himself that Heather was different.  He was right in many ways.  She was more advanced than the standard issue maid robot, but slightly less advanced than Melanie.  Byron was able to convince himself that falling in love with Heather was like falling in love with a person.

Soon, he was back in the living room, back in the warmth of the fire.  For a moment, he tried to decide just how to broach the subject.  This was something he hadn't done for more than two decades, so it didn't exactly come naturally. 

He sat back down next to the pretty brown haired android and tried to relax.  She was still holding on to the half emptied glass of port.  A flurry of processor activity conjured up a smile that was only slightly more than friendly on her facemask as he sat next to her with the power cord coiled up on his lap.  Her electronic eyes scanned the scene, and her software isolated and refined the image to deduce the presence of a recharge cord.  For all its sophistication, her AI could not at this point come up with the necessary set of computations that would make her curious as to why he had brought it up from the lab.

A change in track on the CD introduced a welcome distraction.

"Oh..." he said, suddenly entranced by the beautifully sculpted melody.  "Arabesque N1.  Just listen..."

Heather turned her gaze away from him and stared out ahead at nothing in particular.  It now looked as though she listened along with him, though her microphones and audio processors worked at the same rate as they had before.  Only the circuitry that handled the highest of her artificial cognition systems changed their focus.  In that respect, she did listen - recording and systematically analysing in real-time.

The beauty and feeling of the melody was no better than meaningless to her however.  The emotional context in which to place the music existed nowhere within her chest like it did in Byron's brain.

His eyes were closed now, as he let the series of notes caress his eardrums.  The pattern was all to familiar to him, but still quite emotive and moving.  Gradually opening his eyes, he saw that Heather appeared to be listening, but surely not getting the message the music conveyed.

While the last gentle notes tumbled out so perfectly over themselves and the piece came to an end, Melanie came out of the kitchen.

"All tasks have been completed." was all she said.  She put her coat back on, and just as fast as she had shown up, she was off again.

To where she was headed, Byron didn't know or care.  He did feel envy at her relative freedom, though.  And he found the irony quite bitter.  The slave-like robot could leave but he couldn't.

He sighed and turned around to face Heather again.  She was looking at him once more.

"What do you think?" he asked.

"About what?" she said.

"The music.  How did you like it?"

"I don't know." she said.  She looked down into the dark sweet wine she held.

He couldn't get over that.  It looked like she was ashamed of her non-human status.  He wondered if he could get a better look at that particular section of programming later.

As the romantic piano music continued, he looked down to the cord he held on his own lap.

"Heather," he said, trying hard to choose the right words, "You don't need to charge in your booth, do you?"

She looked back up at him, showing the kind of confidence that came with certainty.  "No, I can use a recharge cord plugged into a standard wall outlet."

He tried to calm his nervousness, and wondered if her electronic mind could make the connection between what he said and what he held.

"Uh," he said as he moved closer. "What I'm saying... is, I'd like you to recharge in my room tonight."

She looked at him blankly.  Just what kind of calculations were going on inside her chest, he could not tell.

"Why?" she said after a strange pause.

"I want to share my bed with you." he said.

He looked into her eyes, looking for a sign of comprehension.

He waited a moment, then said "Will you sleep with me tonight?"

She kept looking at him while her processors sifted through binary pulses of electricity at near light speed.

She eventually answered.  "I don't sleep, Byron."

He was sort of ready for an answer like that.  "I want to make love to you." he said, as sweetly and sincerely as he could.

Then she looked back down to her glass.  "I don't know how to do that." she said.  He could hear embarrassment in her voice again.  This was some sophisticated programming indeed.

He took hold of her hand.  His fingers stroked the warm artificial skin. "Drink your port." he said.

She looked back at him, then raised the glass to her lips and poured the rest of the fluid into her sturdy rubber 'stomach'.  He watched her lick her top lip and appear to swallow, then took the empty glass and put it aside.

"I want to kiss you." he said.  He moved close and put his arm around her waist while he leaned forward and pressed his mouth against hers.

She kissed him right back, acting upon dormant files in her Fembot Command supplied software.  She not only knew how to kiss, she was very good at it.  The sweet taste of the port was still on her lips, and made the wet silicone parts of her mouth even more pleasurable to touch.

They kissed for a long time, periodically shifting on the couch to make it easier.  Several minutes went by, with Byron's hands finding and feeling the more interesting parts of Heather's torso. 

Byron hadn't kissed a woman like this in a very long time.  Heather wasn't programmed to go any further, but that wouldn't stop the determined human.

When they finished that first deep kiss, Heather aimed her cameras right at Byron's eyes and said "I don't know what else to do.  I'm not programmed..."

Byron cut her off with another kiss.  He pulled back after a little while and said "I'll tell you what to do.  Don't worry."

They looked into each other's eyes for a long time in silence.  The processes going on inside each of them were so different, yet they were as close now as they had ever been.  What the man saw as love, the artificial woman experienced as coded acquiescence and a type of programmed obedience.

But it was a moment of beauty, with a male and a female doing what they were meant to do.

"Shall we finish in my bedroom?" he said sweetly.

Heather slowly nodded, showing her realistic glass eyes to him in all their seductive loveliness.

They stood up, and held hands as they walked down the hallway and into the room where Byron slept in his captivity.

"I will do what you tell me to do." Heather said as Byron turned on the light and closed the door behind them.


Part 37 - Log In

A kind of nervousness came over Byron as he rested his hands on Heather's shoulders and looked into her eyes.  It had been many years since he had been with anyone, and he wasn't sure he would be able to satisfy the sexy and pretty young lady before him.

She looked right back at him as the faint sound of romantic piano music came muffled through the closed door.  Her AI had not the capacity to formulate sexual desires, let alone disappointment at their unfulfillment.

He should have known that.  He was worried over nothing.  As it stood, Heather was his to command.  She would not refuse any sexual notion, nor would she judge any performance, however clumsy.

With the recharge cord temporarily forgotten on the floor behind them, they stood that way for a long time.  Worry and anxiousness filled Byron's head while the usual and predictable series of binary instruction sets flashed inside Heather's chest.  Then they kissed again.  It quickly turned into a full bodily groping session on his part.  Heather kept kissing, and let her plastic body be caressed by the human's touch.  She had already reached the limit of her programmed knowledge, and kept her electric and mechanical systems in that aroused state.

Under her current software configuration, she had no way of knowing that she should do to Byron what he was doing to her.  She just kept holding him, arms in one place, while she kissed him in the deep and wet style for which her mouth had been designed.

He let go slowly and started to undress.  She just looked at him.

"Take off your clothes." he said softly.

Heather nodded and began to undress.  Off came the same silk blouse that she had been wearing for days, along with the rest of her attractive business attire.  They both got down to their underwear at roughly the same time.  Byron couldn't resist kissing her again, and feeling her breasts through her lacy pink bra.  He reached behind her and unhooked the straps.  He slid the bra off her slender arms while she smiled amorously at him.

He threw the bra aside and paid some serious attention to those well constructed tits.  Heather was already simulating heavy breathing, and her flawlessly shaped nipples were already hard, thanks to complicated fluid systems underneath the skin-coloured silicone.

Byron's erection grew and poked out of the fly in his shorts.  He closed his eyes momentarily and enjoyed the sensation her youthful breasts provided.  He imagined feeling his penis between those artificial curves, and made a note to himself to try that later.

He took off his own shorts and socks quickly, and knelt down in front of the beautiful android.  He put his face close to her crotch and reached up to peel her pink cotton panties down the curves of her hips and thighs.  The microchips and wires just beneath the neatly trimmed patch of artificial hair were far from his mind as he sniffed in the aroma of her amazingly real vagina.

He pulled her panties all the way down as he gave gentle kisses to the area just above her soft pink lips.  The smell made hormones surge within him as the mechanical pump inside her slowly pushed the incredible juice out drop by drop.

He couldn't wait any longer.  "Move those covers aside and sit down on the bed Heather." he said as he opened his eyes and looked up into hers.

She stepped out of her panties, and carried out the order while he followed and knelt down in between her legs.  He took off her socks, just to see the realism of her toes, then got back to what he was doing.

His face went once again between her warm thighs, and now he licked, kissed and gently sucked on her pussy.  All the while, fresh lubricant came out along with its powerful artificial pheromones.  The many sensors embedded within the flowery folds of her electronic vagina sent raw data into her processors, but the data went uncalculated.

Heather was still showing much enjoyment, even though she could not compute the full extent of the data's significance.  She leaned back on the bed, supported by her outstretched arms, and watched with emulated curiosity while the human stimulated her main sexual device.

Along with the airy sounds of heavy breath, her high resolution speaker generated occasional feminine moans, which had their intended effect.  Byron was waiting for her to come, while his tongue tickled and played with the satisfying texture of her sensor-laden crotch.

A long time passed before he realised that she wouldn't come.  But all that action had made her wet enough to enter, so he stood up and told her to lie down.  He spread her legs apart for her while she aimed her beautiful robot eyes at him.  With every beat of his heart it seemed, more and more blood was rushing into his dick. 

He got between her legs and on top of her fast.  He felt her pussy and guided his penis into it.  It felt so good.  He nearly came right at that moment.

"Do you know what to do Heather?" he asked.

"No." she said, still breathing heavy and now showing the accumulation of all those tiny beads of synthetic sweat on her face.

"Just do what I do." he said.  "When I push forward, you push forward.  When I pull back, you pull back."

She was silent and still for a moment, then said "Okay."

He started to pump slowly in and out.  She didn't move at first, but the more he thrust his hard cock inside her, the more her mechanical hips responded.

The relatively blank and unchanging look on her face brought his thoughts a little too close to her electromechanical insides, so he closed his eyes and imagined her as a real woman.  Again, he pumped in and out for a long time, hoping and expecting her to come.  He eventually realised she wouldn't, and not long after, he released his load into her.

He stopped moving, and eventually so did she.  He opened his eyes.  She still looked at him with that serene look on her face.  The first word that came to his mind was "machine".

He took a deep, satisfied breath and got off her.  "You did pretty good for your first time." he said as he got into a comfortable position beside her.

She turned her head to face his way and said "Thanks Byron." her breathing simulation slowed back down gradually to match his own levels.

"Why don't you turn your body to face me?" he suggested.

She did so, and smiled sweetly at him.  The semen he had left inside her was already dripping back out, and running down the silicone of her hips.

"Thank you for... letting me do that." he said.

"You're welcome." she said, her already flushed looking face hiding the way her facemask now blushed.

"Will you stay with me through the night?"

"Of course, Byron." she said.

He smiled back at her and then remembered something.  "How do I plug that recharge cord into you?"

"Just plug it into my port and plug the other end into the wall socket." she said.  She turned to lay on her front as the panel above her buns opened up for him.

He leaned over to inspect the port.  He gave her buns a feel and a squeeze while he studied the connection and the indicator lights beside it.  A vivid memory of her battery packs being shown to him came back as he stroked the perfect curves of her buns and her smooth thighs.

He got up and picked the cord up from the floor.  He uncoiled it and plugged one end securely into heather's open panel, then walked over to the wall and plugged her in.  He looked back and noticed a red light flash slowly just below a green one.  He turned off the lights in the room, and let those lights inside the woman's back lead him back to the bed.

He got in and pulled the sheets over both of them.  "Heather, face me again." he said.

The robot rolled on to her side as he moved close under the covers and in the dark.

"I'm going to try to write some sex programming for you." he said.

"Fembot command already has sex programming.  If you want, Natasha can load it into me tomorrow." she said.

"Oh." he said.  He sorely wished he could be with her under different circumstances.

"Besides, we need you to focus on Project H." she added.

Byron didn't say anything more.  He found her hand with both of his and held it as the distant piano music came to a soft end.  She put her other hand on top and stayed with him as he drifted into sleep.


...to Be Continued in Part 38 - Break

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