Global Protectors – Strip Mall

by Marcus Lycus

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Part 2 – Mall Rats

It was almost noon when the SUV pulled into the parking lot of Lone Pine Mall. Phil drove them past the first 3 underground levels to a garage door in a dark corner of the mall, much too far from the elevator for most customers. After he punched in a long code on his remote and the door slowly opened. They drove in under the watchful eyes of several cameras and automated laser cannons. Once the crew in the control room were satisfied, a second door opened and allowed them into VX’s secret Megapolis headquarters.

Doctor Ratcliff, the new head of Villainy eXtreme’s Megapolis science branch, ran out yelling at them "Did you get it? Did you get it?"

Grinning Hogan climbed out with the helmet cradled in his arms. "Yep, we got it right here, one fully operational Mind Control Helmet!"

"At last it is mine again! Those fools at MTI said it could not be done but my genius alone was able to perfect the device! But then those fools in the government took it from me and tried to lock away my notes and my research! Well now I have had last laugh! How could they suspect I would simply take my research to Villainy eXtreme and have you steal back the helmet?"

"Uh, right doc, we know that. You say it every time we talk about the helmet. I mean really, you sound like a comic book character sometimes."

"Oh yes, very sorry, I am still trying to adjust to my new role as a supervillain."

"Well doc take it from me, you’re trying too hard. Just tone it down a bit, we’re all professionals here."

"Right, right. What happened to the rest of your group? We heard on the radio there was trouble."

"Yeah, some superheroines interfered, they got Commander McGee and the first squad. We barely got away. We, uh, sort of had to use the helmet on one of them."

"You, you used the helmet? And it worked?"

"Yeah, we, uh, got the superchick to fuck a couple of bums, it was really something…"

"Excellent, excellent, those fools in the government took away my creation before I could even use it but now that it is mine once more I shall use it to fulfill my every whim! A-ha-ha-ha!"

"Doc, you’re doing it again."

"Oh sorry."


The Villainy eXtreme base was located under the mall for several good reasons. Unlike a deserted warehouse or a castle in the Himalayas, trucks and personnel could come and go from a shopping mall at all hours without attracting suspicion. The base could use the city’s power grid and water supply and everyone would assume it was just the Christmas Lights or fountains, VX could even put cameras and guards all around the base and the customers would actually be grateful! Plus if any superheroes attacked they would be afraid of doing serious property damage and or accidentally hurting some bystanders. The VX crew would have more than enough time to get out.

The base wasn’t too large, just a dozen or so foot troops and another dozen scientists and technicians. With the commander and his team captured it was smaller still. The VX team didn’t have to worry too much about anyone finding them, the prisoners all had post-hypnotic suggestions implanted about a secret base under Megapolis harbor or some other unlikely location that would keep any searchers busy for weeks.

Doctor Ratcliff was a new addition to the base. No one was sure if they could trust him but he had brought more than enough know-how in the areas of psychology and psychic research to make VX Central appoint him chief scientist for the base, a job that technically made him second in command.

Probably not a good job for a frustrated former professor turned rookie supervillain…


Hogan joined Dr. Ratcliff in his office. The walls were covered with EKG readouts, CAT scans and other unknowable scientific data. Behind his desk was a row of cages filled with monkeys, each wearing some kind of electrical apparatus on his head.

The doctor turned to the VX trooper with wild eyes and demanded "Now give me the helmet!"

"Actually doc, I’m supposed to send it off to VX central, remember, they were gonna use it to mind-control the president and replace him with a drooling idiot? You’ve got all your research here, so you can just make another…"

"What! Preposterous! You’re just like the government, trying to take away my precious; well you can’t have it. Give it to me!"

Hogan was starting to get a bit worried. Like most VX troopers he was ex-military (Dutch Marines, they count!) and pretty big. The doc was just 5-foot zip and over 50 but he was angry and practically foaming at the mouth. And technically he was in charge with McGee gone…

So Hogan made one more attempt to explain his orders. "Um, doc I really have to-oof!" Hogan fell over as the doctor kicked him between the legs and grabbed the helmet before it could fall. Gasping for breath Hogan tried to reach the door before the doctor could put the helmet on and…


Hogan stopped.

"You will obey me and forget about sending my helmet away."

Hogan nodded.

‘Excellent’ the doctor thought. He had not spent thirty years researching psychic amplification to miss this chance. He just wished he were back at MTI to try out the helmet on some coeds… Ah well… perhaps later.


Back at the Global Protectors office, Maple Leaf was trying to figure out how the team would afford their Superhero Insurance, pay for their lawyers, cover Dr. Boyd’s travel and research expenses and still pay the five heroine their stipends on time. She wondered if she had any favors left in Ottawa that would get them another grant from the Canadian Government.

Tigress and Valkyrie were out on the grounds practicing another combat drill (nice that someone on the team had time for practice) while Rising Sun and La Sola had taken the night off.

The phone rang and she wearily answered it. "Global Protectors, Maple Leaf speaking…"

She hung up minutes later with a vicious headache. Detective Mulligan had just spent ten minutes cursing her and her team for losing the VX goons. It seems the item they’d snatched was not as harmless as she’d thought. It was developed by Dr. Ratcliff, a renounced expert on psychic amplification. Just like the Global Protectors’ patron Dr. Boyd, he was researching ways to increase the human mind’s potential psychic energy. But while Dr. Boyd specialized in psychokinetic effects (the GPs flight, invulnerability and super-strength were all benefits of their psychokinetic fields) Ratcliff specialized in telepathy. The doctor had vanished from MTI a few weeks ago along with all his research, he might have been kidnapped or he might have gone of his own free will. The cops thought his little gizmo could be some kind of working mind control device. It sounded impossible, but a year ago Maple Leaf would have told you that flying women were impossible too.

She mentally promised the Global Protectors would be the ones to recover it, just to make Mulligan choke on his words.


Looking at the mall through VX’s network of cameras Ratcliff tried to pick his first test subjects.

The goth girls shoplifting at Record Land? No.

The secretaries lining up to see the new Julia Roberts flick? Some of them were OK.

The college grads shopping for interview suits? Worth considering.

The sorority chicks at the Gap? Not bad.

That smoking hot girl trying on bras at Victoria’s Secret? Hmm…

The five cheerleaders getting out of a new Kia? He smiled; they would be perfect.


Her short red skirt flapping between her tan thighs, Kristen led her squad into the mall. The last game of the season had just ended and (as usual) the football team had lost badly. But the cheerleaders (as usual) had a great year and would be heading to the national championship in Datona Beach! After all the work they’d put into their new routine, Kris figured they could all use some retail therapy.

The parade of five high school beauties got a good amount of attention in the mall, not just from the guys their age but from a lot of middle-aged guys too. Creepy how many thirty-year old men were still gawking at 18-year-old cheerleaders. But with their short skirts and the skimpy red tops exposing their tight midriffs, most guys couldn’t help but stare.

The girls were having fun, checking out the clothes and the guys and stuff until they walked past an electronics store. Clare and Nicole looked at the TVs and started to giggle. Kris rolled her eyes and looked. Yup. She was never going to live that down was she?

"What’s so funny guys?" Eliza asked.

"Oh it’s Kris’ idols on TV" Clare pointed to the footage of the Global Protectors fighting some villains. "Hey Kris, why don’t you fly over and help them?" All the girls laughed.

"I don’t get it."

"It’s stupid, forget about it."

"No, no, no you have got to hear this. It was just before you transferred over, Kris signed up for something called CRY or something…"

Kris rolled her eyes and sighed "WEEP"

"Whatever, some kind of superheroine fan club, and she became like the group leader…"

"Team Heroine…"

"...and got all of us to sign up too."

"Mom thought I needed more extracurricular activities."

"So we all got these cheesy posters and had to watch this dumb video about how if you’re true to yourself you can do anything, like fly or rip up a tank. Really dumb, all that stuff’s fake anyway."

"Like your tits."

"Oh come on Kris it was funny."


Strange, Kris thought, no one had mentioned that whole dumb thing for months and yet it comes up now. At least no one had mentioned that as a ‘heroine’ ranked WEEPer she had a direct line to the Global Protectors’ office. She’d used it once to see if they could get Maple Leaf to appear at their school but never got an answer. Stupid club.

"Hey guys, look! Shoe sale!"

The happy cheerleaders forgot all about superheroines and stuff and ran off to check out the shoes.


Deep in his lair, Dr. Ratcliff put on the helmet and headed for the secret passage to the shoe store. Dressed as a clerk Hogan followed.

The doctor giggled to himself, ‘shoe sale’ for women is like cheese for lab rats, they home in on it wherever they are.


Outside the shop, Kristen caught sight of Jesse, Eliza’s younger brother and wanna-be punk rocker. Who she totally was not in love with. As if.

Waiting till the rest of the squad went into the shop she slipped away to say hi him to. To be polite OK. Not because she likes him or anything. As if.

"So, like, The Rolling Stones?" she asked pointing to his black tee shirt. "Are they like, your band?"

Jesse tried not to roll his eyes as he answered "No, they’re a groundbreaking British rock group that have been around since the 60’s, I’m surprised you’ve never heard of them."

"Oh…" Kristen muttered feeling silly. Jesse was like so smart and knew all about music and stuff and played guitar real good and had dreamy eyes… But she didn’t like him. Not at all. As if.

"I’ve gotta go, cause like, there’s a shoe sale and stuff. Bye."

She ran off, her short skirt rising and falling over her tight butt leaving poor Jesse confused and very horny.


In the basement of the World Peace Institute Rising Sun and Tigress shared the shower room, relaxing after their hard practice. Warm soapy water spilled down between Tigress’ massive breasts as she gently rubbed them with her strong fingers. Next to her Rising Sun’s smaller chest but thinner body provided an equally attractive alternative as the young Asian reached lower rubbing lotion between her legs and sighing contentedly. The two beauties shifted closer together and looked into each other’s eyes…


Enough of that.

Back to the plot.

"Tora-san, do you have any plans for tonight?"

"There’s a Grace Jones film festival at the Castro Theater tonight, I’m going to see that and then patrol the west side for gang activity. Would you care to join me?"

"Oh I’m very sorry but I actually have a date."

"I thought you were on call?"

"Don’t worry, the computer here will forward any calls right to my cell phone. I can respond just as easily from the restaurant as I can from here."

"Perhaps, but I do not like it. We should have a heroine here at all times in case of emergency."

"I agree it sounds good but we’d need some more members and more money before that could happen. Besides, it’s been weeks since we got a call at night. Anyway, enjoy your patrol!"

"Oh, I will" Tigress said licking her lips as she remembered her last patrol and all the naughty young boys she had found. "I will."

Rising Sun looked at her funny but dismissed her nasty thoughts as paranoia and cultural ignorance. She was still learning to deal with the Kenyan woman and her other teammates from around the world and had to keep an open mind rather than indulge in perverse fantasies.

Tigress meanwhile, indulged in a perverse fantasy involving her and a dozen naughty gangers.


In the shoe store, the tall blond clerk smiled at Clare and Lindsay. The two cheerleaders turned and gave the hunk all their attention.

"Say um, Hogan" Clare asked reading his name tag "do you like, work out and stuff? You’ve got nice big shoulders."

"Yeah, I lift some weights but mostly I like to race motorcycles and snowboard. You ladies ever ride a motorcycle? Ever feel the power of motor throbbing between your legs?"

"No, but I bet Lindsay feels a motor between her legs every night!" Clare laughed. Lindsay turned beet red and Hogan smiled.

"Hey" he whispered "I probably shouldn’t tell you this but we just got a new shipment from Italy and it’s in the back. We haven’t out it put yet but if you’d like to take a look I can show you. You guys can get first pick, they’re all on sale."

"I dunno…"

"Geeze Lindsay, what? Do you think he’s gonna take us in the back and have his way with us?" Clare whispered "Let’s check it out." They called Eliza and Nicole over and the four girls headed into the dark, secluded back room.

"So, like, where’s the shoes?"

"Just one minute girls, I’ll get them now."

"Anyone seen Kris?"

"She was behind me a minute ago…"

Hiding behind a shelf of Doc Martins, Doc Ratcliff licked his lips. Yes, this was exactly the type of girl he wanted to use for his first test. They were the appetizers before he humiliated and deflowered Dr. Boyd’s over-rated Star Whores. Hitting the power switch he stepped out.

"Like, who the hell are you-"

"Shut up you brazen hussies and stand at attention!"

Three of them shut their mouths, locked their legs together and stuck out their chests but Clare just looked at him blankly. "Like, what’s a blazing husky?"

Ratcliff grit his teeth. "Just stand at attention you… bimbo."

Clare stood at attention.

"Now follow me you painted jezebels!"

The girls didn’t move.

"Sigh… follow me cheerleaders."

They walked after him.


Kris walked into the shoe store but her squad was gone. Puzzled, the cute blond stood there for a few minutes until a tall blond guy with huge shoulders walked up. "Looking for your buddies? They went in back to check out the new shoes, come on I’ll show you."

"Um, sure, like cool, let’s go."

But as he led the scantly clad teen into the dark passages behind the store, a voice called out, "Hey you, new guy, come here and help me with these orthopedic shoes, yeah you, next to the cheerleader."

"Crap" Hogan muttered. "Yeah, yeah, coming Mr. Bundy."

Shrugging her narrow shoulders Kris headed to the back alone.

Looking around she barely caught sight of her friend’s red uniforms as they disappeared through a fire door. Hurrying to catch up she grabbed the door before it shut. Slipping through she found a narrow staircase leading down.

"Guys?" she called. But none of her friends answered. "Guys, this is kind of creepy." But the other cheerleaders just continued downward following some guy wearing a motorcycle helmet.

Humming "Oh Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind…" to himself, the Doctor did not hear her.

Kris was about to turn around cause this was really weird when she remembered the WEEP code: "Always stand by your teammates, no matter what the odds." Sure she could go call the cops or something but while she was running around who knew what could happen to her buddies. Taking a deep breath she followed them down.

At the end of the stairs the girls passed through a thick metal door. Kris slipped under it just before it closed and ducked behind some barrels. On the other side her friends were lined up in some kind of loading dock area. There were big Villainy eXtreme logos everywhere and dozens of guys lined up gawking at them. The short guy in the wacky helmet started to say something.

"Stand there you pretty little strumpets, base harlots shaking your buttocks before the oafish buffoons you admire so much more than men of towering intellect!"

The cheerleaders blinked and started to come out of their trance since they had no idea what those instructions meant.

"I mean, I mean… stand still you damn whores!"

They stood still.

"Oh you all thought you were too good for the likes of me didn’t you? Signing up to major in Comparative Literature or Marketing instead of Parapsychological Psychic Enhancement or Metahuman Biology! Leaving me with a bunch of nerds and dykes in my classes! Well who’s too good for whom now?"

Once again the cheerleaders started to come out of their trance since he was obviously talking in some kind of nerd gibberish.

"I mean, stand still you cocksuckers!"

They stood still again.

"Now girls… let’s do a real test… remove your panties!"


Kris watched horrified as the cheerleaders dropped their panties. She couldn’t believe that helmet could make them do something totally against their natures. Well kind of against their natures. Well, something they usually didn’t do till they’d had a beer. Whatever. She was surprised.

Fishing in her purse she dug out her cell phone, surprisingly she had reception even down here (the mercenaries had insisted VX install a transmitter so they could call their favorite 1-900 numbers). She thought about dialing 911 for a second but, hey, she’d paid $5 to get that Global Protectors hotline number so she may as well use it. Strange that they’d been talking about WEEP just before, otherwise how could someone explain her having a direct line to the GP? Just one of those weird coincidences she thought. I guess the truth is stranger than fiction.

She selected the hotline and hit the connect button. Maple Leaf’s stern voice greeted her.


"Hello you’ve reached the Global Protectors’ Women’s Empowerment and Education Program hotline. No one is here now to take your call. If you would like to leave a message, please press 1. If you would like to be connected to the member on call, please press 2."


"Please be aware this is for emergency use only, misuse of this hotline will result in suspension from WEEP. If you would like to continue please press 1.


"Please input your WEEP membership number."


"Connecting. The member on duty is…"

The voice changed "Rising Sun".


Kisume Hiro (a.k.a. Rising Sun) smiled at her date. Ryusuke Yamamoto was such a gentleman. An electronics engineer for Toshiba, he had so much in common with her. But after four dates he had not even kissed her, she was starting to wonder if he really liked her. Well tonight she was wearing a short tight black dress, and they were eating at a romantic Italian restaurant, having wine by candlelight, if this didn’t work nothing would.

Across from her, Ryusuke adjusted his pants again and tried to look at Kisume’s face rather than down her dress. She had been teasing him on the last few dates, dressing sexier and going to these romantic places but had never even given him an opening to make a move. Plus she was always very mysterious about her job, she’d canceled a date or two because of some ‘work emergency’ but always dodged questions about what she did. He’d decided that if nothing happened tonight, he’d cut his loses and move on.

They were talking about satellite phones and the failure of Iridium when her own cell phone went off. She quickly excused herself and left Ryusuke alone at the table for ten minutes. When she finally returned she was flushed and didn’t even sit down.

"Yamamoto-san, I’m so sorry, but there is an emergency at work and I must leave now, I will call you tomorrow! Gomen ne!" And without so much as a handshake the girl grabbed her bag and left.

Sighing Ryusuke called for the check and took out his cell phone. After erasing the cocktease’s number (and blocking calls from her) he dialed Yuki. She wasn’t as good looking but at least she put out.


Darting into an alleyway Rising Sun took out her GP communicator and called the team. She felt terrible about leaving Ryusuke but knew that if he was a real gentleman he would understand.

She opened her bag and took out her costume. Checking to make sure no one was around she slipped out of the dress and into her leotard. The mask and gloves followed. Then she looked at the long boots with annoyance. If only she had brought some of that lubricating lotion, it would sure be handy now. But she hadn’t, so she had to spend fifteen minutes squeezing her long muscular legs into the tight leather boots.


Soon Rising Sun, Maple Leaf and Tigress were hovering over the dark mall. The last customers had headed home and the clean-up crews were pretty much done. At least they wouldn’t have to worry about innocent civilians.

They were missing La Sola, who had turned off her communicator for the night and Valkyrie had headed to a college lab upstate, out of range. They had left messages for both of them but Maple Leaf figured the three of them would be able to handle this job. For the same reason she’d decided against calling the cops. This was going to be their mission, their chance to show off.

Rising Sun used her communicator to put in another call to Kris to get more information, but there was no answer. Was she in a dead zone or had something happened?

"Sorry Maple Leaf, no answer."

"I see. You say it was a WEEP member?"

"Yes member 323632, Kristen something or another."

Maple Leaf smiled; she’d make La Sola eat her words later. Fan club indeed. "Any idea where in the mall they are?"

"No she seemed panicked and only gave vague directions. But she definitely said VX and mentioned the mind control helmet."

"OK, we go in together so they can’t pick us off one by one. Tigress, do you think the helmet can effect us?"

Tigress paused for a second, feeling a bit dizzy. There was something about the helmet, something she wanted to say but just couldn’t remember it now. "I- no, I think our powers will protect us."

"I agree Maple Leaf, we’re invulnerable to most weapons, I doubt this mind control helmet would work against us."

"Sounds good, let’s move."

And so the Global Protectors headed in.


Doctor Ratcliff smiled as the cell phone rang again. He as almost tempted to put Kris on, but her mouth was otherwise occupied just now…

The pretty blond cheerleader was completely under his control, on her knees with her full lips wrapped lovingly around Ratcliff’s thin member. He gently stroked her silky blond hair. She’d almost ruined everything, her and her stupid cell phone but luckily Hogan had come back and spotted her in time. Now her direct line to the GP would lead them into a trap.

It was so delicious! Ratcliff tried to fight the urge, he really did but he just had to give in and let his maniacal laughter fill the room.


Hanging Out in the mall...

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