Global Protectors – Strip Mall

by Marcus Lycus

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Part 3 – Hanging Out

Despite his misgivings, Hogan had to admit the doc had some good ideas. For example, Doc had wanted to test how long the helmet’s victims would follow orders. A lesser genius would just have told them to stand around until they came out of the trance on their own but that Doc Ratcliff…

"Fuck all of these men and cum as many times as you can. I want you sluts to enjoy every second of it."

So Hogan was plowing the slutty blond chick and across from him Phil was trying to squeeze his thick dick into the Chinese chick’s tight ass. Parker had taken the redhead with the big tits behind some barrels (he didn’t like performing in front of an audience) and they could all hear her crying out in ecstasy. Marty, another one of the mercs, was getting a hand job from the depressed-looking brunet while Josef took her from behind. The rest of the techs and mercs were lining up for their turns. All the while the girls were screaming and moaning and begging for more. They’d been at if for two hours and showed no sign of slowing down.

Still Hogan had this nagging thought that he was supposed to be doing something. Something with the helmet, but he just couldn’t remember what.

He finished with the blond and handed her off to one of the pimply-faced tech guys (Leroy? He could never remember their names). He just had time for a shower and to get back into uniform when the doc called for him and his squad.

"They’re here! They’re here! I hope you’re not too tired out because the Global Protectors are here! A-ha-ha-HA!"

"Doc, remember what I said about the insane laughter?"


On the roof Rising Sun used her electronic skills to deactivate the alarms and unlock one of the skylights.

"Good job, must be your Japanese ninja skills ay?"

"Uh, right." She chuckled but added "baka onna" under her breath.

"Silence, we are on a covert mission."

"Yes, yes good point Tigress. Silence from here on out okay?"

"Roger!" Rising Sun barked.

Tigress just sighed.

So, silently, the three heroines hovered down to the mall floor. Their improved eyes soon adjusted to the dim light; the main hall was empty. They crept along the hall, their high heels clicking too loudly in the empty mall. Turning a corner past the Cinnibun they found themselves in the food court. It too was empty and silent, even the fountain was turned off. They tried a side passage that leads to Best Buy but it too was empty.

"Strange" Rising Sun whispered "you would think there would be security guards or janitors or something." Tigress just shooshed her and gestured back to the main corridor.

Maple Leaf was getting frustrated. While she did not want to question the integrity of a member of WEEP she was starting to think this might be a prank call. Wandering a closed mall in the dead of night was not her idea of fun. In fact they could get in trouble if someone caught them. Technically the GP were supposed to get permission from the cops before entering private property. Worrying about the team’s reputation, she started to trail behind the others as they headed for the corridor to Macy’s. Then she spotted a clearance sale on summer shoes with some very nice Italian open-toed shoes reduced to less than $100. She made a note to come back here and pick them up before someone else snatched them up.

Then, noticing the others had gone ahead; she hurried to catch up. She didn’t see them in the Macy’s corridor so she tried the hallway to the restrooms but they weren’t there either. Maybe they’d doubled back? She listened and thought she heard something back towards the food court.


Turning the corner towards Macy’s, Rising Sun caught sight of a VX goon slipping around the corner towards the bathrooms. Signaling Tigress, the two concentrated and hovered in the air, silently moving forward after their prey.

Under the mind control helmet, Hogan grinned. The heroines were taking the bait! He was glad the doc had given him the helmet back for this. Not that it was a big surprise, the doc was willing to take his chances with a bunch of cheerleaders but there was no way he was gonna risk himself against three superbitches.

They flew around the corner and faced him. The heroines automatically adopted their trademark pose; hands on hips, legs apart, confident smiles on their faces. It would have been pretty scary if he didn’t have the helmet.

"Surrender now-" Tigress began but got no farther as Hogan activated it.

"Shut up."

They shut up.


The two gorgeous women put on their nicest smiles.

"And follow me."

They followed him along a rear passageway towards the food court where the rest of his squad was waiting. Looking at the two incredible bodies behind him Hogan could hardly contain himself. The bulge in his skintight pants was very noticeable.

Tigress was as amazing as she had been the day before. Her tall body was filled out with sleek muscles like a dancer or gymnast and capped with two amazing tits. The Japanese chick (Miss Fuji? Kamikaze? Geisha Girl? He couldn’t remember her name) was almost her opposite. Thin but curvy with modest tits that were in perfect proportion to her small frame. She was the kind of girl you could lift up and pound into the wall. And both of them were in his power. He just had to get them ready before their leader Canada Chick (or whatever her name is) caught up with them.


Maple Leaf flew into the food court ready for anything. Or so she thought. As it turned out she wasn’t ready for this.

Rising Sun’s leotard was off, exposing her tight body and small bush. She was on her knees, her arms were wrapped around the waist of a VX Merc and her full dark hair was flying back and forth as she sucked eagerly on his dick. Tigress was on her back, also missing her costume, as a tall mercenary pounded between her legs. Frighteningly, she was not fighting back but thrusting into him while moaning "harder, harder". Both girls had glazed eyes glowing a faint blue.

Like the blue glow coming from the eyes of the mercenary in front of her.

"Stop right here sweety, don’t move."

Unable to control herself, Maple Leaf froze.

"Oh yeah" Hogan muttered as he walked around the helpless heroine taking in her chest and tight ass. "That’s what I like to see." The Canadian was a classical beauty, a nice compromise between the Amazonian Tigress and the waif-like Rising Sun. Hogan was glad he’d waited for her.

"OK bitch, on your knees."

Unable to speak or move without his command, Maple Leaf found herself on knees looking up at the merc and his bulging pants. She tried to protest, to escape but could do nothing, not even think of a plan. Her only hope was if this villain messed up and gave her the wrong command, or if the helmet failed for a second… With her speed and strength she could crush that damn thing before he could blink.

"Now say, ‘I want you, I need your hot cock.’"

"I want you, I need your hot cock" she repeated mechanically. She got some small satisfaction from making his insulting words sound like a subway announcement.

"OK, OK, but I want you to feel it, I want you to feel incredibly horny, I want you to feel the need for a cock, I want you to need a man."

Incredibly Maple Leaf felt command of her thoughts and her feelings slip away. All her life she had worked hard to achieve her goals. As Jillian Havre she had graduated from college early sacrificing her social life for her grades. Law school had been no different, she had pushed herself, skipping dates and parties for networking opportunities and study sessions until she graduated at the top of her class. She had been the youngest district attorney in Toronto’s history and the first woman. She had pursued organized crime and helped drive it out of the Toronto construction industry. After the mob had almost killed her she had clung to life long enough for Dr. Boyd to save her. She had been reborn with fantastic powers and a new life as Maple Leaf, leader of the Global Protectors. Since then she had spent all of her time fighting crime or doing the organizing and footwork essential for the team to operate. She had done a lot in her 31 years.

But it had come at a price. She had only been with 3 men in her life and had not even had a date since gaining her powers. Too many Valentine’s Days had been spent with nothing but a bottle of wine and a Brad Pitt video.

All this went through her mind as she felt the feelings well up, memories of her old boyfriends and almost forgotten pleasures overwhelmed her. Her body responded, her nipples grew hard, her vagina moist, her body heated up and even her face took on a desperate, hungry look.

The part of her mind she still owned tried to resist but it was no good, all she wanted now was a hot cock inside her and there was nothing she could do to stop the desires unleashed. A low moan escaped her lips.

"Now, take off your costume, and make it sexy Captain Calgary."

Slowly Maple Leaf’s red gloved hands pulled down the zipper; she hugged her breasts and slumped her shoulders letting the shoulder straps fall. She looked up again at the mercenary and slowly peeled the spandex off her sweaty breasts cupping them from below offering them up him. The bulge in his pants got even larger. Her hands reached for her hips and pulled the costume down lower, finally pulling it off her wet pussy and down her long legs. Maple Leaf, proud leader of the Global Protectors, started to tremble; she wanted it so much…

The merc put his gloved hand in her hair and pulled it sharply, yanking her head towards his crotch. He popped open his fly and his thick cock came free, inches from her mouth.

"Suck it superbitch."

‘No!’ she thought, ‘not this!’ She had never put one of those in her mouth, ever. The boys had asked of course, but that wasn’t her style. There was no way Jillian Havre was going to do something like that; she liked to be on top, getting as good as she gives. And now she needed to be fucked, more than ever in her life! She couldn’t waste that fine cock in her mouth; she needed it in her throbbing cunt. But she no longer had a say in these things. Unwillingly she opened her mouth and closed it around the Dutchman’s dick.

Hearing the content moans of the other two superbitches Hogan decided to give one more little order. "You feel more horny superbitch, you like this, you’re getting off on it, a cock in your mouth just makes you hotter and hotter till you cum, wait, wait, OK cum!"

Just as Hogan’s dick exploded in her mouth Maple Leaf finally lost control arching her back and screaming in pleasure as his hot semen spilled across her face and breasts. Panting she could only mutter "more, please more."

"Y’know bitch, I could totally change you, with this thing I could make it so all you want is to suck cock, so the only way you can cum is to suck cock. No more flying around waving your tits in guy’s faces, just the rest of your life on your knees sucking cock and getting off on it. Wouldn’t that be something?"

Even though it wasn’t an order, the words started to make Jillian’s body feel hot, while horrifying her mind. Could he really do that? Would this the end of Maple Leaf? Would she and her teammates end their days as whores in some VX barracks? It seemed unthinkable but here they were fucking villains and enjoying it. She didn’t know what she could do.

Then more VX goons had arrived. One burly merc lifted Rising Sun off her feet and started fucking her against the wall while Tigress went on all fours taking two of them at once. A couple of them pointed at the Canadian heroine and smiled.

Hogan waved for them to come over. "Guess we’ll wait a bit on your whoreification Canada Cunt. For now, just fuck any guy who asks and make sure you enjoy every second of it."


Below the food court, Kris’ tongue explored Eliza’s eager mouth. Her long nimble fingers massaged her friend’s pussy and the brunette reciprocated. They still had their skirts on but their bare chests were rubbing against each other. Breast to breast, nipple to nipple. Oh why hadn’t they done this sooner? She felt so aroused, she was so happy she’d talked the new girl into the joining the squad. So, so, happy. Mmmm.

The guys were too tired to keep going so they were just watching while the girls sought satisfaction from each other. One of the techs had brought out a camera and was eagerly filming every second of it. Natural exhibitionists, the cheerleaders were competing to find the most outrageous stunts to attract the camera’s attention.

Then Kris blinked and froze. Suddenly Eliza’s tongue didn’t feel so good; it felt kind of gross. And watching Lindsay go down on Clare was just icky and Nicole shoving a tennis ball between her legs, that was just painful.

She broke off just as Eliza’s expression was changing too.

"OHMYGAWD!" they both screamed.

The other girls seemed to be snapping out of it too, but before they could do anything besides run around screaming the guys got up and tackled them. The VX goons tied the struggling girls up tight; they had plenty of rope from Eastern Mountain Sports’ supply room. Soon they could barely move, all they could do was plead and beg to be let go.

The doc showed up after a few minutes. He checked his watch. "Six hours. Interesting. Now then girls, let me get my helmet and I will have some new instructions for you, something I’m sure you will find completely repulsive! A-ha-ha-HA!"

Kris, the pampered cheerleader, started to cry.


Smiling, the doc headed up to the food court. He had hoped to catch some of the orgy but after the cheerleaders and these insatiable heroines the men were just spent. Instead they had put Rising Sun and Tigress in lace teddies from Victoria’s Secret and were lounging around as the humiliated heroines served them vitamin drinks from GNC. Parker took another protein energizer from the Japanese girl and slapped her ass as she walked away. Helplessly under the helmet’s control, Rising Sun just giggled and smiled at the mistreatment. Tigress leaned over to serve Phil giving him a great look down her top. Feeling a bit stronger he opened his silk robe (grabbed from Macy’s) and guided the African heroine’s willing mouth between his legs.

Maple Leaf had been singled out for special treatment, she was on top of a table dressed only in a cropped wet tee shirt and black leather panties dancing to a techno mix they’d grabbed from Sam Goody’s. The men cheered her on and stuffed singles into her waistband. Despite the helmet’s control, tears fell from her eyes as she was forced to carry on like a stripper for the villains. Hogan was waving another single at her when the doc reached up and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Oh hey doc, want this?" Hogan took off the helmet and offered it to the doc who seized it in both hands and cradled it to his chest. "My precious…" he hissed disturbingly. Catching himself he looked at his second in command.

"Nice job with the super bimbos Hogan. I was reviewing the tapes and I am very impressed. I especially liked your idea for that one" he said pointing to Maple Leaf.

"Thanks doc, guess we’d better get them downstairs before it’s time for the shops to open huh?"

"No, no, I’m still interested in just how long these commands will last, the cheerleaders lasted six hours before they stopped obeying but that was with them being very… active. Now we will see how long it lasts when the girls are at rest. Clean them up while I get ready for the next phase."

"Um doc, me and the guys are a bit tired, we kind of thought we could get some rest…"

"Are you telling me you big strong young men can’t get it up anymore? I have trouble believing that. Phil? Are you done for the day?"

Phil sipped his Gator Aid while Tigress’ mouth tried to find some last reserve of strength in his limp dick. "Um, no doc, I’m ready for another go, yeah, I am, really."

"Excellent." Doctor Ratcliff put on the helmet. "Girls stand up. Follow Hogan and do anything he says. Anything. And enjoy it."

Hogan smiled. He was dog-tired, but he had to admit the doc knew how to keep his employees motivated.


Hogan had the heroines strip again and toss the expensive lingerie in the trash along with their costumes. Then he led them into Bed Bath and Beyond to wash up at one of their shower demos. Phil ran into Best Buy for a digital camera to record the day’s events.


"OK, Jap chick on your knees, and lick the black girl’s pussy, that’s good. Now Tigress kiss the white chick, use your tongue, and white chick rub her breasts a bit more, that’s great."

In the shower the three women happily responded to Hogan’s fantasies feeling each other’s gorgeous bodies getting to know one another in ways only a woman could. In her mind, Maple Leaf found herself enjoying the shower, the feel of Tigress’ strong arms around her, her dark thigh between her white legs. She knew it was just the helmet’s effect (damn it! There had to be some way to escape it!) but still, it felt so good.

"What is taking so long here?!" The doc demanded.

"Uh sorry doc, just making sure they’re all clean. We got them real dirty. Uh, come out here girls, I think you’re clean now."

The three women stood at attention under the doctor’s leering gaze.

"So these are Doctor Boyd’s greatest accomplishments? Three bimbos who are powerless before my genius? We were schoolmates you know, long ago in Hamburg. He with his dreams of psychokinetic enhancement, me with my dreams of telepathic enhancement. He used to mock me; saying telepathic enhancement was a dead end, good for little more than curing bed-wetters or making people quack like a duck. Well who’s laughing now Boyd? Who’s laughing now! A-ha-ha-HA! A-HA-HA-HA!"

"Um doc?"

Ratcliff moved up to Tigress, who towered almost a full foot over him. He snuggled close to her sucking on one breast while rubbing his body up and down her wet skin. "Oh yes, oh yes, you are mine now, not Boyd’s mine…"


"Come back in fifteen minutes!"

"OK… you’re the boss."


Fifteen minutes later, clad only in fine Egyptian cotton towels, the three heroines walked back to Macy’s where the VX minions had set up a beach display with a sign saying ‘Swimwear Clearance – Going Fast!’. Three bikinis were laid out for them. Or, rather, two and a half bikinis. Rising Sun put on a black bikini with a padded top. Tigress got a green string bikini that barely restrained her mighty chest and Maple Leaf got only a brief red bottom that did not entirely cover her ass and left her breasts hanging freely.

Under the doctor’s direction they posed on the display, Tigress and Rising Sun laughing and pointing at Maple Leaf as she tried to cover herself. The matching top to her bikini hung from wires over her as if it was blowing away in the wind.

"Bend over more Rising Sun, act like your sides are splitting because this is so funny. Tigress take a deep breath, deeper, stick out your chest more, excellent. And Maple Leaf, move your hand up a bit so we can see the bottom of your nipple. Excellent, you’re even turning deeper shade of red…"

Finally satisfied with their pose, Doctor Ratcliff gave them their orders for the day.

"Stand there, do not move. Be statues. Do not blink. And I want you to think. Think about my genius and how for all your powers and all your heroism I defeated you. Think about that, pretty girls, and tonight we’ll find some new way for you to entertain us. A-HA-HA-HA!"

With that, the VX crew finished cleaning up and headed for their secret lair.


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