Soccer Mom Unit

by RobotMan

This is the completion of a stand-alone story (you may want to read the beginning first) set in the same universe as and containing much of the same technology of "H is for Heuristic" and "36+1".  

Part 11:  Lunch

With his hands on his hips and his shoulders back, Brad looked around the basement to see where he should start first.  It was a mess down there.  Lots of stuff could probably just be thrown out, but for a moment he thought the best thing to do would be to hold a garage sale.  Brad imagined a "Garage Sale" sign stapled to a pole, then mentally inserted a 'b' after the 'r'.

He decided to go upstairs for some trash bags and a beer.  He also brought a radio down with him as the game would be starting in about twenty minutes.  He cracked open the can and poured some of the satisfying drink into his mouth, then began to sort through all the junk.  A cloud of dust flew as he undid the lid of the first box.  He resigned himself to getting dirty at that point.

A little later as Brad was draining that first can, his robotic fiancee was parking that big blue SUV in their driveway.  The kids were rather more animated than usual, and started tearing through the house and stomping up and down the stairs.  Brad now regretted not ponying-up the cash for summer camp.

He heard Pam open the basement door and come down a few steps.

"What do you want for lunch, dear?" she asked.

He looked over and up at her from his place behind a stack of boxes in the corner.  All he could see right now were her legs and hips.  Her curves got him aroused again.

"Uh," he stammered when he realised he was staring too long, "Whatever you make for the kids I'll have some of that."

"Chef Boyardee?" she asked, awaiting his confirmation.

"Sure, why not." he said.

"Okay, I'll open two cans." she said and turned around to go.

He watched her legs and her butt move as she disappeared from view.  He got back to work.

Pam went to find the kids outside and told them to wash up before lunch.  After negating their complaints with impeccably processed logic, she went to go set the table and prepare their meals.  She called down to her man in the basement and told him lunch was ready.

"Can you bring it down?" he asked.

Pam computed the parameters of the situation.  "Why don't you come up and have lunch with us?" she asked.

He rolled his eyes.  "Okay." he said.  He climbed the stairs while Pam looked a little vacantly at him.  "For you." he said quietly as he passed her.

He went to wash his face and hands while Pam took care of lunch and the kids.  From the washroom upstairs he could hear her raising her voice to Marcus, telling him not to bring the super soaker into the house.  Brad would be glad to go back in to work tomorrow. 

He admitted he didn't know how Pam put up with those kids all day.  He figured it was all part of being a woman.  Little did he know it was because as a machine she had no limits to her patience.  But she put on a good act when she calculated that she needed to.

As the family shared their lunchtime meal, Brad was a little silent and subdued.  He couldn't help but be preoccupied with thoughts of the man he had just hired to tail his fiancee.  He hated this kind of indecisiveness that seemed to always tag along with those major choices he had to make.

That reminded him of his second thoughts about marrying Pam.  He looked at her as she talked to his daughter.  He didn't know why she never seemed to emotionally connect with the kids.  Now that he thought about it, she didn't connect that way with his friends, or with anybody for that matter.

He picked up a napkin and started to wipe some sweat from his forehead.

"Something wrong dear?" Pam said as she trained her video cameras on his image.

"No." he said as a reflex.  "Just... a little worried about that client.  I was supposed to do all that stuff yesterday.  I hope today wasn't too late to be doing all that for him."

Brad shut up when he realised he was over-explaining.  He looked over to his son.  "So how was your night, Tiger?"

Marcus smiled "We played Halo 2!  Neil has a new X-Box.  Dad, can we get a new XBox?  Please?"

Brad wanted to laugh, but kept an authoritative straight face.  "Maybe." he said.  "I don't know if you're old enough for those kind of games yet."

The boy rolled his eyes.  "Dad!  I'm almost eleven!"

"I know how old you are." he said.  He shoveled the remaining pieces of dough and meat into his mouth and got up from the table.  "I have to finish up in the basement."

He turned his back on the three still sitting there as he went to go get another beer.  He didn't want to admit it but one of the main reasons he wanted to marry Pam was just so he didn't have to deal with the kids so often.

For the next 90 minutes, Brad slowly picked away at his chores downstairs while Pam watched the kids and kept working on some of those difficult calculations.  She still couldn't figure out her man's recent behaviour, but that issue would in time be settled by a powerful supercomputer.

Eventually, the time came for her to get her near-daily maintenance session at Fembot Command.  She went back down a few of those basement stairs and called out "Brad honey, I'm off to get my hair done now."

"Okay." he said as he put the trash bag down and turned off the radio.  He picked up his beer and went to go watch the rest of the game on TV.  He got upstairs and saw Pam hug the kids goodbye.  She smiled seductively and waved at him from across the room, then walked out the door.

Brad turned on the TV and picked up his phone.  He surfed up to the right channel and waited until he heard the sound of the SUV's engine fade out into the distance.  Then he put the remote down and walked back to the basement to make that phone call.

"Hi, Colin?" he said  "It's Brad."

"How's it going?" Colin asked.

"Pretty good." he answered. "You?"

"Not bad"

"Hey," he said in a hushed voice, "she just left."


"Email me later, tell me what you saw."

"Got it." Colin said.  "I'm on my way.  Talk to you later."

"Bye." Brad said and hung up.  He looked around and went to go see the remainder of the ball game.


Part 12:  Hair Of The Bot

Natasha received and processed a batch of commands from the Master Computing Device.  She picked up the disembodied forearm from the cart and turned her naked android body around.  As she walked steadily forward she recorded the image of the blonde enforcer droid sitting up on the examination table.  She held the arm out to the droid and ran the necessary software procedures to generate the orders she would relate.

"Unit E3976C," the pretty technician said, "please reattach your left forearm."

With her facemask still off, the blonde fembot turned that head full of electronics to look at the other woman.  A stiff servo motor whirr accompanied that motion, barely audible over the constant beeping, clicking and buzzing of all the imposing looking metal consoles around them.

The golden yellow hair built into the woman's scalp was tied up in a tight, straight ponytail as usual, and her partial uniform of a black bra and panties were also still on.  Unit E3976C was one of three identical machines here.  She and her 'sisters', E3976A and E3976B, were of the Enforcer Droid series.  They were all identical, just as the Natashas were.  Fembot Command had built thousands of them to be that organisation's synthetic defense and offence.

Emotionless, strong and durable - they had before been responsible for terminating the operation of many other fembots... and some humans as well.  This particular lady hadn't yet done anything of the sort, but she was always ready and able.

Except for right now, that is.  Natasha watched the shapely, fit looking fembot stick the end of the plastic and metal appendage back to where it belonged.  She made some calculations then plugged the blonde into the nearby console through her already opened chest.

"Unit E3976C," Natasha said, "Please test and examine the functionality of your left forearm.  Run diagnostic scans on the device and upload the results to the Master Computing Device."

"YES... NATASHA..." she replied in her thoroughly mechanised monotone.  No one could mistake that sound for something lifelike.

Natasha mindlessly watched as the robot began to flex and turn its newly attached arm.  All the motors, gears and flexors were worked to all their limits and positions, and the data collected by the arm's many sensors was sent through the black wire that remained plugged into her chest.  The diagnostic scans processed by the buxom blonde's CPU then transmitted similar data from their digital, binary point of view.

The door to the lab slid open with a swish sound.  Pam entered looking as mindless now as she really was.  Her large tits bounced to her rhythmic walk as she went to go stand in the usual spot.

Natasha turned to look at the full-figured beauty as new instructions came wirelessly into her head.  Once her chest had finished processing those commands, she walked over to Pam.

"Hello Pam." she said.  "How was your day?"

"My day was fine." Pam replied.  "Thank you."

Her face now looked static and lifeless.  She had stopped running many of her human emulation algorithms and subroutines upon entry into Marcia's house.  That was standard procedure.  It didn't make sense to appear lifelike when nothing that lived was around to appreciate it.

"Please remove your clothes and sit next to the data exchange console." the technician ordered.

"Yes Natasha." Pam said, and began to undress.

Natasha's light brown hair bounced about her shoulders in an oddly out of place, feminine way as she turned around to go finish up with the Enforcer Droid.  As Pam got naked and sat down in the padded high-back chair, she passively recorded the view of Natasha's sexy plastic ass as it wiggled to her steps.  Under her normal operating conditions, Pam would have begun to process a few sex-related calculations and probability factors at such a sight.  But here in the lab that functionality was temporarily disabled.

Natasha entered some things into a keyboard on the console and turned to face the blonde.  "Unit E3976C, please finish your current batch of examinations and diagnostic scans.  Await further commands."

"YES... NATASHA..." she said as bright LEDs in red, green, yellow and blue flashed fast and in complicated patterns around the exposed wiring and circuitry in her head.  She kept on with what she had been doing before, and flexed her fingers methodically as Natasha walked back over to Pam.

"Pam, please remove your facemask and open your chest panel." the technician ordered.

"Yes Natasha." Brad's fiancee said as she reached up to comply with the orders.  That crucial few centimeters of silicone and circuitry that separated Brad from the truth about her came off first.  She now looked as unmistakably false as the blonde machine on the table across the room.

That facemask went in her lap, and her hand reached up to nonchalantly expose another twelve square inches of android technology to the room.  Fembot Command had also recently learned the shortcut of downloading from both the head and the chest of its agents at the same time.

In quick succession, the right series of cables got plugged into Pam.  They connected her hard drives and her audio/video/sensory system to her true master - Fembot Command's basement supercomputer.

The transfer of data began.  All the experiences of this synthetic wife-to-be were sent as strings of 1s and 0s at near light speed to the ever blinking and flashing consoles around her.  This is where the real thinking would be done.  The Master Computing Device set to work right away at Pam's issues and problems.  Brad, Marcus, Jessica, Charlie, and everyone or everything else she interacted with got converted to complicated equations and numbers.

While the gorgeous plump Pam unit sat naked and partially revealed in that chair, Natasha watched and read every last digit as it was transferred into the big machines.  Several monitors were attached to the ceiling above those terminals, and they flashed the data at impossibly fast speeds as massive swarms of binary code.

Since the processors connected to her electronic eyes could focus on her entire field of vision, Natasha could watch it all at once.  She spotted no errors or anomalies in the code.  While that happened, Unit E3976C lowered her newly repaired arm and halted all activity while she waited for her next orders.  Things were going as planned.

Now the time came to get Pam's hair replaced.  Natasha walked behind the woman and held up her index finger to the back of Pam's head.  From the tip of that finger extended a small but strong pry tool.  The technician used it to break the seal between the scalp and the skin of Pam's neck, then lifted enough of the silicone to expose a series of circular holes.

Natasha poked the tool into the holes and used it as a screwdriver.  One by one the screws in the holes were set to the right position.  When that was accomplished, the entire locking mechanism that kept the ingenious hair system attached to the robot released its hold.  The rest of the scalp peeled away easily, revealing the cold looking metal of Pam's cranium.

Pam's glass eyes continued to stare out blankly through it all.  She would have known exactly what was happening had she given it any thought, but there was no thought at all going through her processors.  That functionality too had been temporarily deactivated.

While she sat there in a perfectly empty state, Natasha got a new scalp and a new hairdo unpackaged for her.  The underside of the silicone apparatus held excess hair neatly tucked away so that it could be gradually pushed out and extended over the next three weeks or so.  It fit neatly exactly where the old scalp had been, and clicked into place along the perimeter and some spots in the middle.

After it had been attached, Natasha used her fingertip pry tool to set the screws in those holes back into the locking position.  Through structures that were nanoscopic in scale, the edges of the scalp came into a tight seal with the surrounding silicone and brought the replacement piece into perfect alignment.  The seal was so tight and flawless as to be waterproof.

A few minutes after Natasha had finished that, The Master Computing Device had finished analysing and computing Pam's data.  One major problem was apparent right away.  The amount of control that the fembot held over the human was diminishing.  This had been anticipated after the previous evening's repair session, but not to this degree.  It appeared that not even sustained maximum secretion of her artificial sex hormones and pheromones could sway her biological target enough.

It took the supercomputer a little more processing to find a solution - almost an hour.  In the meantime, Natasha prepared the android agent for her eventual return to the world of people.  The pretty mask that was her face got reattached, and the new mane of long black hair styled to look like it hadn't just been encased in cellophane.

The stiff moving, ultra-robotic blonde maidbot came around to, and beeped and whirred as she picked Pam's clothes from the cold clean floor.  She set those neatly on the table nearby and stood at attention, still making lots of unnatural computer noises as she stared out with unblinking glass eyes.

When the newest plans and programming were ready for Brad's woman, they got sent immediately into her chest.  Newly streamlined and automated procedures had been developed, so the new programming would simply load itself into her current software configuration once the transfer was complete.

Another transfer went on between the pretty technician and her console-encased controller.  Natasha went over and got a small fluid cannister from out of a cabinet along the wall.  With it she returned to Pam's naked seated body.

"Pam, please extend your right arm and detach the bottom cover of your forearm." Natasha ordered.

"Yes Natasha." Pam said as she held out her arm, underside up.

A click came from the part as a seam appeared just below the elbow.  Natasha pulled away and removed the lower half of that forearm, and inserted the small tube of liquid into an empty receptacle.  The ends were clamped by some of Pam's machinery, and the technician put the bottom cover back where it belonged.

"Pam," Natasha said, "please exchange your spent battery cartridges with fresh battery cartridges and return to your mission."

"Yes Natasha." the robot said.

She got out of the chair while some of her new software began to install itself.  Her plump buns jiggled nicely to the sway of her wide hips as she walked over to get new batteries inside her.  The undersides of her thighs came off then as she began the process.  The old cylinders came out of her left leg first, and were replaced by ones that were fully charged.  The same thing happened inside her right thigh, and the covers of curvaceous flesh went back into place again.  That was the fast way of doing it.  Having Natasha take care of that would have added precious minutes to the process.

Pam sorted through her new instructions and loaded the software that would allow her to dress herself.  She walked past the short-haired maid in the see-through uniform and began to put her clothing back on.  She wasted no time and was soon looking like she had when she had entered the lab.

Without words of parting, she left and climbed up the stairs to the kitchen.  Marcia was waiting there, unmoved since she had let her friend into the house.  She activated her motion systems too, and led her fellow fembot on her way out.  It was only when the two got to the door that their human emulation software booted up once more.

Marcia immediately unpaused their previous conversation as Pam got her handbag over her shoulder.  The two traded comments and smiles like real women would, and kept on talking that way as Pam stepped out of the door.

"I'll call you later then." Pam said with a cheerful smile as she turned one last time to face Marcia.

"Okay," that robot responded, "let me know how you like the recipe!"

"Okay, bye!!" Pam said with a final wave.  She walked over to her vehicle and disarmed the alarm.  She unlocked the door and got in.

Colin was in his parked car a few houses away.  He snapped pictures through a remote control that led to his camera.  Its zoom lens would pic up what he couldn't get close enough to see.  He watched her through the rearview as she started the engine and backed the SUV out of the driveway. 

She drove up toward him on her way.  She didn't even glance his way as she passed, but he had come prepared - he was busily studying the map he had unfolded over the steering wheel.

With a quick look up at the road a few seconds after that, he blithely folded up the map again and took his time going the long way around back to his office.


Part 13:  Deceitful Deeds

The game was over on TV, and the latest loss for Brad's team sure didn't help his mood any.  His fatherly duties had also called him away frequently, so he had mercifully missed seeing the most cringe-inducing plays. 

But now the kids had gone off to play with friends and he had his laptop out on the table again.  He was anxiously checking his email every few minutes, waiting for any sign from Colin.  None had come by the time he heard the SUV pull back into the driveway.

A sudden surge of adrenaline pulsed through him as he closed his email program and opened up a spreadsheet instead.  From his vantage point the front door was plainly in view.  He was in the same seat in which he had spent much of last night.

The door unlocked with that familiar series of clicking sounds and in walked Fembot Command's android agent.  She made her scans and calculated probabilities from the data faster than he could know what was going on.  She showed him a smile, the kind that looked like it could grow a lot bigger and warmer.

"Well?" she said.  "How do you like it?"  She toyed with the edges of her new hair, which looked freshly cut and shone with uniform brilliance.

"Looking good, honey." he said as he got up from the chair.  He carried his own plans through now, and went over to kiss her.

She saw him coming.  Before he could get close enough to act, she scanned and recognised patterns in his body posture and movement, along with his facial expressions to try to formulate an estimate of his most likely intents.  She quickly put her purse to the side and opened her arms wide for him.

He went along with it and embraced her.  In addition to the presumed concealment of his misgivings, he got the side benefit of feeling her sexy womanly body in his arms.  Her intent was similar, but the means of calculation that had brought them about could not have differed more from his.

Her prime objective now was to get him back under a satisfactory amount of control.  The Master Computing Device had picked up on his suspicion after going through the data she had collected.  It couldn't yet know that he thought she was cheating, but it knew that the bonds of trust between them had been loosened.

It had programmed some new instructions into her chest to deal with those issues.  Brad knew that Pam was always horny, but now he would see her libido get even more intense.  He had already noticed something different by the way she had grabbed his body of flesh.

They were now kissing deeply and passionately, as if they were star-crossed lovers who had been parted for weeks.  Neither of them seemed to care that the front door was still wide open.  They kept kissing, groping and fondling until the sound of a city bus roaring by broke the spell.

They separated and shared a laughing look.  The robot closed the door while Brad looked lustfully at her perfectly shaped ass.  Then he suddenly remembered the rest of the situation.

"You always look fantastic, you know that." he said to her.

"You don't think it's too short this time?" she asked, following some of her more recently installed subroutines.

He made an effort to appear like he was considering that.  "I like it." he said.  He honestly couldn't see a difference between the way she looked now and the way she always looked after a hair appointment.  Either way, she was hot.

She imitated a demure but proud look and said "Thanks.  You're so sweet."

"Did you pick up the jersey?" he asked.

Her face changed to show first surprise, then recognition, then regret.  "Oh shit." she said.  "I forgot."

A dozen things came to Brad's mind all at once.  "Did she really forget?  Was she even at the mall?"

"I'll go get it tomorrow." she said.  In her own way of course, she knew she didn't really forget.  She was nowhere near the mall where Marcus's customised birthday present awaited pickup.  Marcia's house and the basement lab were in another part of town entirely, and there had been no time to fetch the gift.

"Okay." Brad said.  He was suddenly out of things to say and do.

Pam made the next move.  "Where are the kids?" she purred.  If her tone of voice didn't tell him what she wanted, the look on her face was clear enough.  He would also smell the synthetic cream that came from between her legs fairly soon.

Brad tried to put the more distrustful of his thoughts away.  "Jessica's down at the playground with Annette and her kids, Marcus is over at Kurt's."

"Wanna go upstairs?" she said.

"I have to go to the washroom first." he said with a smile that started forced but soon got real.

She laughed in a sexy way as her processors worked to keep up with the ever-changing situation.  "Okay, I'll meet you in a few minutes."

They parted with a kiss.  The man trotted up the staircase for a welcome diversion while the machine pointed her video cameras about the area and made some scans.  Her thermal-optic system detected heat patterns and made them known to her CPU as binary code interpretations of sequentially recorded images.

More binary code flashed and scrolled along her field of view as she turned her head and loaded some of her new instructions into her chest.  She finished making calculations and bent down to take off her shoes.

In socks, she stepped across the living room as the sound of the toilet flushing got processed and recorded by her audio systems.  She heard the water as it rushed through the pipes to come out of the just opened sink tap.  Her eyes remained set in front of her though.

Those eyes blinked a few times thanks to some specialised software embedded in the circuitry behind them.  But even through her momentarily closed eyes, her advanced infrared imaging system could detect the telltale shape of Charlie curled up in his usual hiding place.

The android got to her knees and reached under the table.  The dog shook with fear as her mechanical hands gripped his aged body.  He whimpered and snorted shallow breaths as his frantic eyes looked about him.

Pam was silent.  She held him firm as she brought the fingers of her right hand into position.  Her infrared scans switched to high-resolution mode now as she looked at the helpless poodle.

The index finger she had positioned slightly outward now pointed at Charlie's neck.  From out of that fingertip came a long, thin steel tube - a syringe.  It extended up and through his skin until it hit one of the veins that she had detected from her scans.  The dog cried as a strong solution of pentobarbital and phenytoin got pumped into his body.  Within under a minute his heart stopped.  His eyes remained frozen in that look of frantic fear as Pam retracted the needle back into her finger. 

The software that had made her do this was from the Master Computing Device.  It had decided poor Charlie's fate based on Brad's complaint of him peeing on the rug the night before.  Brad said it made him angrier than it actually had because he didn't want to appear to be so mad at Pam.  Fembot Command's solution was to eliminate the animal.

Pam layed Charlie's body down in front of the table and stood up.  She ended her infrared scans and loaded an entirely different batch of software to her chipsets.  Upon her facemask went one of her most seductive looks as she licked her red lips and lubricated her vagina for another act of sex with Brad.


Part 14:  Chain Of Events

After he had washed up all nice and clean for his woman, Brad came out of the washroom ready for some more playing around.  He found Pam already naked and laying on the bed.  She configured her facial expression to show arousal and expectation, and smiled hotly as he walked close.  She could see the bulge in his pants growing.

Brad felt that bulge press against the inside of his pants and quickly unzipped his fly.  He smiled back at the fembot and felt his heart pound faster as he took in the sight of her beautiful, feminine curves.  As he pushed thoughts of private investigations to the back of his mind, he thought of all the things he'd like to do to her 'flesh'.

"Why don't you get behind me?" she said.

He quickly pushed down his pants and boxers and stepped out of them.  He left his shirt on and climbed on the bed behind the plastic and metal woman.  She lifted her leg enough to let him in, and loaded sex programs and protocols by the dozen within her electronic chest.  Her sweat came out faster as her pink clit and labia began to drip with wetness from her automated vagina.

He propped himself up on his side and thrust his hips in close to hers.  His cock slid in while his whole groin area tingled in anticipation.  In seconds, he was sliding in and out of the fembot's tight, hot pussy.  Their legs were intertwined and rubbing to their rhythm as he put his right arm around her torso to play with her perfect breasts.  She moaned and gasped and panted - all as she had been programmed to do.

In the midst of that hot moment, he closed his eyes and suddenly saw Gloria's face flash across his mind.  He opened his eyes again, putting force back into his faltered rhythm as he looked at the woman beside and below him.  He had to force himself to recall her name.

"Oh.... Pam......" he said. 

She replied with a loud feminine gasp of pleasure, and an increased flow of synthetic vaginal lubricant.  Ultra-quick diagnostic messages returned from various bodily systems revealed that she was operating as she had been intended.   She also appeared to be having some success with her mission.  She would have gotten some more pleasure from that thought had she not been a machine.

Brad kept thrusting harder into her pussy while trying not to think of anything but her.  He kept his eyes open and watched Pam's face - her closed eyes, her hot, gasping mouth.  He would have time later to feel guilty about wanting the woman she had replaced.

Both lovers felt a climax coming on then.  The human intensified his movements, as did the android.  Together, they got hotter and wetter, faster and harder until they came in unison.  No sooner had they released their fluids together than they heard the doorbell.

The way it rang twice in quick succession was a sure sign of who it was.  They both knew it was Jessica.

Brad laughed.  "Boy, she's got some timing."

Pam just moaned, deliberately appearing to still be overtaken by the pleasure of the moment.

He got up and pulled his shirt down to soak up the fluids from his cock.  He walked with his legs a little bowed out and approached the open window.  Even though he couldn't see her he called down "Hi Jessi".

"Hi-i! Open the door daddy!" she said with playful urgency.

"I'll be right there princess." he said.  He had to laugh to himself as he took his shirt off too and threw it on to the pile of his other clothes.  He looked over to see Pam now laying on her back with her legs spread wide, masturbating.

"Do you ever stop?" he asked mockingly as he got his bathrobe from behind the door.

Pam just moaned again as she tracked his movements with her visual system.

Brad put on the robe and exited, making sure the door got closed properly behind him.  He made a pit stop at the washroom to wash his hands and dab some cologne on his neck to mask the smell of love.  Then he trotted down the stairs to let his daughter into the house.

"Hi Daddy!" she said.

"Hi Sweetheart." he said.  "Did you have a good time at the playground?"

"Yeah!" she said.

She started going on about things he could barely comprehend - the fantasy world of little girls and their playtime imaginings.  He made every effort to appear to be listening intently as he closed the door and walked back to the edge of the stairs.

"Wow, that sounds like fun." he said for no other reason than because it sounded right.  "I'll be right back, dear."  He started to climb the steps as he heard the fridge open.  "And don't make a mess in there."

She barely acknowledged him, and kept talking about her play episode in her play-voice.  Brad got into the washroom and quickly used a washcloth to clean off his private parts.  He rang that out in the sink, tossed it down the laundry chute and washed his hands and face.

He looked at himself in the mirror.  He wished he had more days off, even if it meant having to be there for the kids more often.  He had to admit, it wasn't really that bad.  Then he started to think about when Gloria had suddenly entered his mind.  It kind of bugged him to think that he was with Pam because of who she looked like.  He really did wonder now if that was the case.

Then he heard Jessica scream.  He immediately came out of the washroom to see what had happened.  He rushed back down the stairs to see her kneeling on the floor in the corner of the living room.

She was crying now, more uncontrollably with every passing second.  He saw Charlie in front of her, and got near soon enough to realise what was wrong.

"Oh no." he thought as he walked across the carpet and knelt down beside his daughter.  She started bawling loudly as he put his arms around her.  He looked down into Charlie's dead eyes and felt his own well up to the verge of tearing.

For a long time, he was just as stunned as Jessica was.  He heard Pam walk up behind him.  She said out loud the same words he had said to himself.

Brad decided to stand up, and brought the child to her feet with him.  "It's alright." he said comfortingly, even though he knew it wasn't.  "He's in a better place."

"Charlie's deaaaaaa...." she tried to say.  She leaned into her dad as he held her tight.  She shook with wrenching sobs as he tried to comfort her.

Pam loaded a batch of software to her processors and acted in one of her predetermined ways.  She started crying too.  "He was old, Jessi." she said.  "God has him in heaven now."

Pam came around and put her hands on the younger human's shoulders.  Brad looked at his fiancee and moved close to whisper in her ear.  Her AI picked up on the gesture, and she moved her left microphone close to his mouth.

"I've got to get rid of the body." he whispered.

She looked at him with fake tears in her fake eyes and nodded slightly.  Brad pulled out of Jessica's embrace as Pam took over the task of trying to calm her down.  He looked down at Charlie and wondered just how to go about doing this.

He picked the carcass up and held it tenderly like it was still the family friend they loved.  Those tears that had been gathering in his eyes rolled out now.  He walked slow with the dog's body down to the basement to go find a box.

Pam used her ultrafast processors to adapt to the situation like a real human would.  She led Brad's daughter to the couch and sat down with her.  Every thirty seconds or so she said something that had been predetermined to be meaningful or comforting.  Jessica just kept crying, though she was no longer shaking.

When Brad got back up the stairs, he held a closed cardboard box in front of him.  "Pam," he said in a subdued voice, "I'm gonna put Charlie in the backyard until Marcus gets home.  So we can all say goodbye."

He was choking up with those words.  Pam used the reactions of the two humans to modulate and fine-tune her own reactions.  She appeared sadder herself now.  The internal reservoir that held her artificial tears was nearly twice the size of the reservoir that had held the euthanising toxin.  She could cry about what she had done for a convincingly long time.


Part 15 - Inertia

Marcus came home shortly after that.  He saw the look on his dad's face and knew right away that something very bad had happened.  He too started crying when he heard the news.  His tears made Jessica sob more, and Brad felt a couple more searing hot tears burn down his face.  Pam watched and recorded, and maintained an appearance that had earlier been programmed into her.

Brad brought his son out to the back yard to say goodbye to Charlie.  Pam went about making some snacks for the kids, and turned the TV on to cartoons.  Her actions added to the surreal, not-right quality of the moment. 

Brad felt himself getting angry.  From time to time, his mind flashed back to the email from Colin that he knew was waiting for him.  His foul mood made him overly pessimistic about what would be found.

For now though, he had to drive to the animal shelter to have Charlie's body cremated.  He said a sombre goodbye to Pam and the kids and brought the cardboard box to his car.  Charlie would ride in the front seat one last time.

Brad had also brought his laptop.  It was driving him up the wall now to see what Pam had really been up to.  The benefit of the doubt was no longer available from him to her.  He found himself now hoping there would be enough evidence to act soon.  He put the computer behind the cardboard box on the seat and drove off.

With a head full of hurt turning into rage, he drove down the road until he got to the animal shelter.  He walked in with the box.  The people there knew exactly what to do.  They made it as painless for him as possible.  He handed over the last final remnant of his former wife Gloria and paid them the going rate.  He slouched as he left the building and got back to the car.

Now in the parking lot, he checked his email finally.  The amount of time that it took to download told him that there were pictures.  He hesitated in order to take a much needed deep breath before he clicked the message open.  He swallowed and clenched his mouth shut as he read what the PI had seen.  Pam hadn't gone to the mall.  Instead, she had gotten her hair done at someone's house.

"Why lie about it?" Brad asked himself.  He looked at the pictures.  Nothing much could be seen.  A vague image of Pam and some blonde woman by the door was all there really was to see.

Brad closed the thing up and sat back in the drivers seat.  "What am I doing?" he thought.  He felt like phoning Colin.  He thought about that for a while, then realised that the man had given all the information he could have in the email.  Brad just needed to talk to someone right now.  He looked at his watch.  It would be evening soon.

He started up the vehicle and drove back home.  He really couldn't wait to get back to work tomorrow.  Pam could take care of the kids and their crying, and their questions.  He wished he knew how to be a better father.  He wished Gloria hadn't died.

When he got back, the house was still under that quiet but surreal pall.  Pam had done all she could under the circumstances - all that she had been programmed to do.  Her operators had added a few more functions to her usual repertoire in order to deal with the aftermath of her actions.

Unfortunately, the supercomputer had not correctly anticipated the outcome.  It had calculated that the removal of Charlie from the situation would relieve Brad of some worry.  It had computed that its fembot agent would have more of his time now.  That machine was quite wrong.

Pam couldn't figure it out of course.  She could only notice that the expected increase in access to the human hadn't materialised.  Brad got home and immediately went to go lay down in the darkened bedroom.  Pam had analysed and computed his reason, and had come to the conclusion that she had best keep her distance for the next few hours.  This wasn't what her creators had intended at all.

Supper came that night with reduced appetites for the humans.  The robot among them watched and scrutinised their actions as always, and swallowed less of the leftovers herself.  She began a new log in her memory banks - more things for the Master Computing Device to try to figure out.

She could already tell that Brad was getting farther out of her grip.  Only that supercomputer in Marcia's house could attempt to figure out why that was.  In the meantime, she gave him the space she computed he needed.  All the extra calculations were making her processors run hot, and she started appearing languid and lazy because of it.

Darkness came over the neighborhood like a changing scene in a dream.  Everyone went to bed a little earlier that night.  While Pam waited for Brad in the bedroom, she tried to work through some of those complex calculations.  In this way, she wondered if she should even try to seduce him tonight.  After several minutes of shuttling digital bits between her advanced processors, she eventually decided against it.  Her mission appeared to be in danger of failing, but she could not feel alarm or despair.  She could not feel anything.

Brad came into the room more than ready for sleep.  He hardly looked at Pam.  She had dressed in a lovely cream coloured satin teddy, but he wouldn't be getting near her for sensual love tonight.  He had already gotten off in the washroom to thoughts of Gloria.  He was done for the night.

He made small talk with the robot though - the kind of idle chatter that always came along with life-changing events.  He looked into her eyes as they talked about bills and groceries and wondered if she loved him like he thought he loved her.  He really doubted that now.

As he layed beside her on the mattress, he wondered what Colin would find in the next few days.  With the mood he was in right now, he thought that maybe Pam wasn't the one for him after all.  He had to admit there wasn't a whole lot of depth to their relationship.  The sex was amazing, but they didn't connect like he had with Gloria.

"G'night." he said as he rolled over on to his side to go to sleep.  Those feelings of longing for the departed had come back to him again. 

"Night dear." Pam said as she scanned him with her lifeless eyes.  She couldn't begin to know what kind of woman she needed to be for him now.


Part 16 – About Face

Morning came, but the warm air and sunlight couldn't sweep away the feelings of sadness that had come over the household.  Breakfast conversation was awkward for Brad and his android fiancee.  The closer he got to leaving, the more he wanted to get away from the house.

She did her part like she was programmed to, and scanned and recorded his actions and reactions.  The little bits of computing she tried to do on her own on this whole messy affair made her processors overheat.  She had to stop trying to figure things out and just be a housewife and a mom for now.

Brad left without kissing Pam goodbye.  He tried to act as casually as he could about it, but he knew she noticed the difference.  There was no way he could know how detailed her recollection would be.  That would be something else for the Master Computing Device to work on.

As her man drove away, the fembot sat at the breakfast table and sorted her files for the coming day.  She loaded the appropriate bits of data to her memory as the kids got up for breakfast.  She could see that they had not slept well.  Jessica especially looked like she had been crying through the night.

Pam loaded certain software configurations and went to greet the kids with hugs.  She made them breakfast and repeated much of what she had said the day before about Charlie's passing.  The kids weren't really listening.  A strange kind of quietness settled over them - the two young humans and the fake one.

Meanwhile, Brad was at the office.  He was talking to Colin on the phone again.  Nothing much could be said to advance the situation without more surveillance though.  Colin told brad that and reassured him the best he could.  He was used to dealing with anxious clients.  He would be able to follow the voluptuous brunette again today, to see where she might go.

When he got off the phone, Brad threw himself into his work.  He needed distraction badly, and there was plenty here to take him away from what was going on in his personal life.  He even managed to brighten his mood by talking and joking with co-workers.  Soon, he was his usual confident and somewhat cocky self again.

By mid-morning, Pam had gotten the kids ready for their day and loaded them into the SUV.  She sat her plump plastic butt down in the driver's seat and called-up specific batches of her programming.  She loaded the route to the soccer field into her chipsets and started the vehicle.

Marcus was dressed for practice and sitting behind the android.  He was unusually silent now, staring out the window and not saying much on the way over.  Jessica was quiet as well.  She usually hummed to herself before her piano lessons, but not today.  her sad head hung low as she played with the end of the seat belt strap.

Pam had by then abandoned all her attempts at making calculations to try to figure out what was going on.  Only that supercomputer would be able to try and fix its blunder, and even to see that it was a blunder at all.  For now, the robot operated in her normal mode, with the right mood modifications to appear less happy than usual.

When she got to the soccer field, she was one of the first parents there.  She got out and said hi to the coach.  He too could barely stand her.  Some better and more refined programming might have helped her fit in easier with these humans, but she was already running the latest software from Fembot Command.  She couldn't help it.

She left Marcus there in the company of his coach while she drove Brad's daughter to her piano teacher's house.  There too, Pam was tolerated instead of liked.  That people saw her as a "fake" and shallow human rather than a realistic android was actually a reflection of her highly advanced technology.  At least they didn't suspect she wasn't what she appeared to be.

And with no ability to feel slighted or hurt, Pam went back to the SUV.  She drove back to the soccer field to use her complex software and hardware on some more unsuspecting humans.

A handful of other mothers had gathered by now to watch their kids practice.  One portly blonde saw Pam coming and said to her friend "Look who it is... it's the Stepford wife."  They cackled together as Annette gave them a disapproving look from the side.

Annette was Pam's de-facto 'friend'.  She seemed to be the only human who wasn't mildly or strongly repulsed by the woman-shaped machine.  She was strongly attracted to Pam in a sexual way, though she tried her best to hide it.  Had she chosen to show that attraction, the dark-haired beauty could have easily provided her with as much pleasure as she provided Brad.

Annette watched Pam walk over from the parking lot.  She watched her large breasts bounce to her sexy steps.  She felt a sudden flash of heat, and a few tiny droplets of sweat came upon her forehead.  She could feel herself blush as she noticed her eyes drawn toward Pam's crotch.

She pushed imaginings of those sexy plump thighs out of her head as the android came over and sat beside her.  "Hiya Pam." she said.

"Hi Annette!" Pam said as she calculated.  She leaned forward and looked at the other women gathered for the practice.  She gave them an unreturned hello and generated some conversational data she could use on Annette.

"So how's it going?" Annette asked.

"Oh," Pam said dramatically, "not so good.  Our little Charlie died last night."

"Oh no!" Annette said.  "I'm so sorry."

Pam looked at her for a while.  The processors inside her chest took some time to run those words through her language and logic filters.  She had a hard time coming to the obvious conclusion that the woman wasn't in fact claiming responsibility and apologising for the death of the animal

Annette looked back into Pam's eyes as the robot stared back unmoving.  She saw this occasionally from Pam - those moments when she seemed to blank out for a while.  This one lasted a long time though.

"That's okay." the machine eventually said.  "He was pretty old already."  She reached up and brushed some hair out of her face.  The hand she used for that insignificant but deliberate act was the same one that had been used to inject the dog with that fatal chemical mixture.

Annette put her hand on Pam's thigh.  "You have my sympathy." she said.  She quickly took her hand away so the gesture wouldn't appear out of place, but she relished the moment and felt herself get a little aroused from it.  She wished she could touch her sexy friend all over.

Pam stared at Annette again.  Calculations of sexual intent had been processed for this particular human before, but no more than any other man or woman that Pam had met, except Brad.  This cute petite lady with the little honey-blonde curls was doing an excellent job of hiding her attraction, but now Pam was recording and analysing heat patterns coming off her body.

Those patterns seemed to indicate sexual arousal.  Pam computed the possibilities for a while, and remained frozen - just looking at the blonde.

"Are you alright?" Annette asked.

Those words triggered a halt in the stream of calculations.  In a split second, Pam's AI scanned through her system logs and realised she had been sitting motionless for the past 8 seconds.  Her spine straightened as she leaned back.  She smiled a little for the human's benefit.  "I'm fine... just thinking."

The microphones in the robot's ears suddenly detected the sound of Marcus angrily screaming.  He was swearing too.  The head attached to her neck mechanisms swiveled quickly to aim her cameras at the field.  She zoomed in and saw Brad's son and another child falling together on the ground.

She froze again as she tried to process what she saw in her field of vision.  The coach stepped in and broke up the fight, but Marcus was enraged.  He spat at the coach.  The coach expelled him from the field.

"I think you better go take care of your boy." one of the other women said to Pam.

The fembot turned her head slowly to look at the lady.  They were all looking at Pam now.  She made another system check and realised she hadn't blinked her eyes in 51 seconds.  Her eyelids closed 3 times in quick succession as she sat there rock still.

"Pam!" Annette said.

The robot looked at her friend.  She scanned her face and digitally derived meaning from her expression.  Her processors couldn't cope though.

"You better come get your kid out of here!" the coach shouted.

Pam looked down at him.  She stood up slowly and awkwardly, and shouted back "I'm fine... just thinking."

Now nearly every human there was looking at Pam.  She turned her head slowly from left to right as she scanned the field.  She saw Marcus stomping off to the washroom. 

"I'll give you a call later." Annette said.

Pam was unresponsive.  She was using her processors to calculate too much at once.  She began to write corrupted data to her drives in error.  After a few more very long seconds of that, she started walking down the steps of the bleachers.

When she was only four steps from the ground, a cluster of sensors in her legs failed.  That malfunction made her CPU believe her foot was down on the next step when it wasn't.  She transferred her weight to that foot as it came unexpectedly down.  Her plastic and metal body toppled over.  She hit the ground face-first.

Annette and another woman got up to see if she was alright.  Within her electronic core, multiple alarms and signals had started.  Most crucial of all was the report coming into her CPU that her facemask had become disconnected.  Her AI quickly overrode all other non-essential functions and raised her arms up to her head.

Luckily, her thick mane of black hair had shielded the exposed circuitry from view.  She was able to reattach her facemask before she raised herself from the ground.  She got to her knees, and from there stood up.

The coach had come over too.  He was still wiping his face with a towel as he said "You hurt?"

Pam looked at him.  Error messages and warnings of all sorts flashed in front of his image in fast-scrolling binary code.  Without a word more, she turned around fast and ran toward the SUV.

"Where are you going?" Annette called after her.  The android didn't answer.  She had one priority now: return to base.

"What the f......" the coach grumbled.  "She forgot the kid!"

Pam cleared her running virtual memory of all but the data required to make it back to her Fembot Command station.  She held on to her chin so her facemask wouldn't suddenly disconnect and fall off.  Some of her bodily systems started to fail, mostly those built into her head.  The video stream she recorded started to get interrupted by flashes of static.  Her right microphone was no longer returning any audio signal at all to her processors.

Still, she managed to drive all the way over to Marcia's house without anything major happening.  And because of her reduced cognitive functionality, she didn't notice Colin's car as it followed her through the suburban streets.


Part 17 – Head Off

Natasha stood in the basement lab and waited for the advanced Pam unit to arrive.  The Master Computing Device had received the agent's silent alarm, and had made all the necessary preparations for an emergency diagnostic and repair session.  Pam's robotic friend Marcia was standing at attention five feet away from the front door.  As soon as her microphones detected the sound of Pam's vehicle, she would open the door to let her in.

Pam came in a steadily deteriorating  but still functional state.  She kept holding on to her expressionless face so it wouldn't fall away to show the neighbors what she was.  She got out of the SUV and quickly trotted up the path and up the few concrete steps to Marcia's door.  A fall here could have been disastrous, but she made it up okay.

The slim blonde school bus driver let her in.  No friendly banter had been programmed into her this time, so she acted quite robotic when she opened the door.  Colin had taken the ballsy move of parking right across the street, so he managed to see the odd behaviour displayed by the two 'women'.  He watched them on the screen of his PDA - fed video by the tiny spy camera clipped against the window.  He found it even more strange that Pam had left the SUV door wide open.

Marcia came out later to close it.  The way she moved was eerie to him.  He watched her turn her head from left to right in a very mechanical looking scanning motion.  He got an uneasy feeling that she would spot him, but she quickly turned back around and walked back into the house.  He felt his body relax as he saw her disappear behind the front door.

Inside, all the robots were ready for the crucial repair job that had suddenly come up.  Natasha was fully charged.  Those ingenious repair tools disguised as delicate, feminine hands at the ends of her arms were in perfect operating condition and ready to work on circuit boards, wiring, silicone skin and metal frame components.  One of the three enforcer droids had been activated and programmed to obey the technicians commands should she need assistance.  The cute blonde robomaid with the pixie haircut was strutting around machinelike bringing tools and spare parts within easy reach of the beautiful naked technician.

When Pam entered the lab, the usual human-like greeting procedures were dispensed with, and she immediately began to remove all her clothes.  The maidbot was close behind her, picking up the garments and draping them over her strong, glossy-skinned arm.  Pam's facemask fell off as she reached behind her to unhook her DD bra.  The blonde enforcer droid moved in fast and stiffly to retrieve the device and set it down on a cart full of tools and parts.

Natasha watched the fembots move and waited for the black-haired one to sit down and submit herself to the first round of diagnostic scans.  Her face was just as blank and devoid of expression as she turned her head to follow Pam's movements.  Once the damaged android was sitting in the chair, Natasha removed the chest panel cover and plugged connection cables into both Pam's chest and her head.

Data flowed immediately into the Master Computing Device.  The major damage that Pam 'knew' about was reported first, then a series of innumerable tests were performed on the rest of her system.  One by one, each electronic component was queried about its state of functionality.  The binary responses sent back were compiled, and over time revealed an image of the state of the robot's entire system.

There was much work to be done.  It would take hours to get Pam back into a safe, stable operating condition again.  Most of the electronics within her head would have to be entirely rebuilt and replaced.  The interlocking mechanism for the facemask would also have to be fixed, as would most of her video and audio recording systems.

The damage from that one fall was so great in fact that Fembot Command would have to send out a whole replacement head for this agent.  Since that wouldn't arrive for several days, Natasha and her pretty mechanical assistants would have to fix Pam's existing head the best they could.

Work on that started right after the diagnostic scan was done.  Soon, Pam was layed out on an examination table while her head was removed and brought over to a different table.  the facemask was on a separate cart from that too.  The Master Computing Device had its work cut out for it now.  It had to control its sexy technician while she worked on Pam's head.  It also had to make Natasha issue timely orders to the enforcer droid as that unit fixed the damage to Pam's neck and chest.

The ultrarobotic maidbot received its detailed instructions straight from the supercomputer, so it could work on Pam's facemask without input from Natasha.  The maid's task was to touch up the silicone covering built into the mask, to remove the scratch and scuff marks from the fall.  After that, hopefully Natasha would be free to try and repair the incredibly complicated locking mechanism built into the perimeter of the oval component.

With all that heavy-duty repair work the supercomputer had to coordinate, it had no time or processor power to formulate an excuse for this new set of missing hours.  Pam's excuse to Brad - and to everyone else involved in this strange, sudden event - would have to be invented later.  In the meantime, Natasha disassembled Pam's head, E3976A worked on fixing the damaged upper body, and the barely human-like maid heated and polished the scratched silicone of the agent's lifelike face.

Marcia had joined the rest of the female robots in the basement lab too.  She stood straight and unmoving by the door, awaiting commands from the machines that controlled her.  Colin had by then parked in an alley behind the house and gotten so bold as to walk into the back yard to try to peer through some windows.  He figured there were enough trees and bushes in the yard to conceal him from obvious view.  This was perhaps foolish, but Colin wasn't the type of man to recognise the thin border between courage and foolhardiness.

He noticed that all the basement windows were boarded up with plywood.  That kind of thing was always a sure sign that there was something going on inside that needed to be hidden from view.  He quickly checked to see if anyone was looking, then crouched down by a dryer outlet next to one of the blocked-out windows.  He opened it and took a sniff.  It didn't smell like a marijuana grow-op, but he now wondered about the possibility that other drugs might be manufactured there.

He put his ear to the pipe and had a listen.  He couldn't hear anything unusual.  He stood up and made a quick look around.  It looked as though his camera wouldn't get any use back here.  He walked casually back to his car and went to go park outside the front of the house again - this time a little further away.

His gut told him that Brad's fiancee was indeed cheating on him, but he suspected that his client wouldn't react well to the news that she was having an affair with a woman.


Part 18 – Field Nil

Inside the suburban Fembot Command station, the frantic minutes turned into hours as the electronic beauties in the basement worked to fix one of their kind.  Though they could move and work at superhuman speeds, they still weren't able to repair the Pam unit until over six hours had passed.

It was only at the end of those seven hours that the Master Computing Device attempted to generate an excuse Pam could use for her absence.  While the robotic soccer-mom was getting her batteries replaced, the supercomputer was stuck in the worst way on what to make her say.

Another 20 minutes went by before the vast artificial intelligence encased in all those consoles simply gave up.  It figured that the generation of such an elaborate excuse would take another three hours, after which an entirely different excuse would be required to explain that further delay.  So it sent Pam on her way without any guidance at all in that area.  She would have to come up with her own excuse and apology routines.

She got back into her SUV at around half-past five.  Her own comparatively basic AI had only just then started to process the need for an explanation.  As she loaded and ran her driving programs, she set aside a small portion of her processing power to find a way of mollifying Brad.  She calculated success of that task to be somewhere around 2%.

Colin had changed vehicles by then and now tailed her home in a pickup truck.  He had sent an email update to brad, but there wasn't much now to add to it.  Colin could think of his own excuses for Pam, and he was sure his client would come to many of the same conclusions.  He always felt a little bad about these failing relationships, but he always got over it quick.

When the black-haired fembot got back to the house, she had made no progress at all in thinking of a way to explain why she had suddenly disappeared for half the day.  She fell back on her most reliable defenses - her artificial sex hormones and pheromones.  She walked with a moist plastic crotch from the vehicle to the door and reached into her purse to get her keys.

Brad opened the door, triggering the generation of a startled response from the robot.  She scanned his face and read the expression.  She saw that he was mad.

He glared at her a second longer, then moved in so she could enter.  She walked through the threshold and made some more scans with her newly repaired and rebuilt optics system.  Her freshly fixed microphones had picked up the sound of the television, and her eyes verified that it was on.  The two human children were sitting in front of it.

She looked back at the other human.  He was still furious.  He waited for her to kick off her shoes and grabbed her forcefully by the wrist.  He led her by that plastic and metal appendage to their bedroom.  After closing the door a little harder than he should have behind them, he turned to look at her.

She stared back with a blank look.  Her processors couldn't quite figure out what kind of facial expression her facemask should make.

He just shook his head as he looked at her.  "Well," he said, "what do you have to say for yourself?"

She automatically searched through her system files to find any kind of excuse at all.  No data was found.  "I..." she said hesitantly, "I don't know."

"You don't know?" he said, even angrier now.  "YOU DON'T KNOW??!"

The anger she detected from him made her load some preliminary crying procedures.  he saw her eyes flutter, and saw the moisture as it collected between her silicone eyelids.  He too was speechless now.  He wanted to ask her where she had been, but he knew.  He wondered if he should reveal to her that he had hired a PI to follow her.

"Marcus got kicked off the team, by the way." he said, trying desperately to calm himself.  "Your friend Annette took him to her place, and picked up Jessica too."

Pam's AI 'knew' she should say something, but her overtaxed logic circuits couldn't keep up.

Brad looked away, bit his lip and shook his head.  "We'll talk about this tomorrow.  I'm going to the bar."

The highly advanced android stood there stumped and speechless as Brad turned his back on her.  He removed his tie and threw it to the side, then stormed out of the bedroom, slamming the door this time.

Inside Pam's chest, her computations had started to crash and hang.  There were too many calculations going on at once.  She had to remain motionless for several minutes while her system got itself back in order.  The best she could do with these issues now was to file them away for later processing by the supercomputer at Marcia's house.  She would have to make another visit tomorrow.

By the time his fiancee had gotten herself moving again, Brad was already walking into the bar a few blocks away.  He sat on a stool close to one of the TVs and tried to let the video and audio wash his rage away.  He looked over at the barmaid.  She was new, and this was only the second time he had seen her.  He needed to talk to someone, so he decided to call one of his single friends.

Brad pulled his phone out and dialed up the number.  "Hi, Khaled?"

"Hey B-Rad, what's up?"

"Wanna meet me at Morgan's?"

"Uh, sure, how come you're drinking tonight?"

Brad forced a laugh into the phone.  "I'll tell you when you get here."

"Okay, see you in a bit."

"Bye." brad said and closed his phone.

He looked at the barmaid again.  She was almost done with another customer, so he just enjoyed looking at her young tanned legs for a while.

"Hi." she said when she came over.

"Hi," he said, "jug of Grasshopper please?  Two glasses."


He sighed and turned his attention back to the game on the screen.  He wasn't too fond of soccer but he knew Khaled was.  When the jug of draft was in front of him, he paid and left a nice tip for the cute blonde girl behind the counter.

"Can I get a steak sandwich too please?" he asked her.  "Rare."

"Okay." she said cheerily.  He watched her walk back toward the kitchen and poured himself a glass of the creamy wheat ale.  He thought about what it would be like to be single again.


Part 19 - Visitors

Back at the house, Pam was showing her pre-programmed parenting skills to be inferior to those a human could have shown.  After she had gotten her electronic 'thoughts' all sorted out she had come out of the bedroom still unprepared to effectively deal with the situation.  Marcus looked remorseful but was still defiant.  He was also still sad about Charlie dying the day before.  Jessica was obviously very sad about that.

Pam went about the evening as usual, reheating leftovers and cooking a little bit of new food to add to it.  She had barely spoken to the children, and that intrusive quietness almost drowned out the TV.  She had no protocols, subroutines or algorithms to fall back on for this kind of thing.  All she was able to do was to maintain configuration 6.12 on her facemask.  That look was meant to convey the type of sadness called for by the recent happenings.

After the table had been set and the half new, half old meal set out, Pam told the children to wash their hands and sit down for dinner.  That caused trouble right away with the boy.

"My hands are clean." he said.  "I already washed them."

"Not recently." the machine replied.

"It doesn't matter!" he shot back.

Pam looked at him while Jessica went to use the soap and water.  The android pulled up the appropriate files and gave him the standard line. "You have to wash your hands before you eat.  It's important.  If you don't, I'll tell your father."

"He doesn't care what you say too!" the boy shouted.  "He wouldn't have left if he did!"

Pam's logic circuits couldn't calculate the exact meaning of all those words, but her AI knew from his expression and body language that he wasn't being friendly or polite.  Her silicone facial covering reconfigured itself again, now looking mad and authoritative - expression 5.32.

"If you don't wash your hands, I'll tell your father." she said.  error messages started flashing before her electronic eyes as soon as the words left her speaker.  The top levels of her hierarchical AI system had caught her being overly repetitive.  She froze the way she was while the processors in her chest sorted out some of this mess.

Marcus just walked away from her and sat down at the other end of the table.  He made sure to be as loud as he could be as he took the covers off the pots and spooned the food onto his plate.

Pam's head turned to look at him.  Her face was still set in that most recent expression, but her cognitive functions were bogged down with attempts at error correction.  She needed to buy some time for herself.  She pulled up the right program and ran it through her CPU.

Tears came to her eyes as she started simulated crying.  She half-ran up the stairs and retreated to her bedroom.  Once inside, she continued to make those sobbing sounds, though they eventually trailed off into nothing.  She remained standing inhumanly straight and still just behind the door however.

Jessica was almost too scared to come out of the washroom when she heard the imitation adult go past.  The kid timidly opened the washroom door and looked around the hallway.  When she got to the table, she asked her brother "What happened?"

"Pam's crying because I didn't wash my hands." he said.

Things were a little more lively over at the bar.  Khaled had joined Brad at a table in the corner so he could listen to his friend whine about his relationship.  He too had gotten a steak sandwich, and was now forking the last of the ketchup-soaked French fries into his mouth.

"You know," Brad said "the more I think about it the less special she is."

"You said that already." Khaled reminded him.

"Yeah, but it's true." Brad said firmly.  He thought now about her similarities to his deceased wife, but he wasn't ready to admit to his friend what he was just beginning to admit to himself.

"You could have lots of other women." Khaled told him.  "I noticed that waitress was staring at your chest."

"That's okay, I've been staring at hers."

They laughed.  Brad emptied the remaining contents of the pitcher into his glass.

"I guess we should go soon, eh?" Khaled asked.

"Why?  You wussing out on me?"

"Dude, We have to work tomorrow."

"You know what?" Brad said.  "Fuck it.  Fuck work.  I need to get drunk."

"Hey, I don't have as many sick days as you do."

"Come on Khal, take one for the team."

He looked at Brad.  The man's eyes were starting to get that sloppy, happy glow.

"Sure." he said.  "The long weekend starts now I guess."

"Atta boy!" Brad said.  "Let's get another jug."

"Okay, we can just stare at that waitress until she comes by."

"That's an easy job." Brad said as he leaned back.

"So you pretty much made your mind up then?" Khaled asked.

Brad nodded as he looked down at nothing in particular.  "Pretty much."

"When you gonna tell her?"

"I should do it A.S.A.M.F.P." Brad said.  A determined look had flashed over his face once more.  "It's not good to drag these things on and on."

"Good idea.  You know, Pam wasn't really right for you anyway.  She's kind of... big."

Brad chuckled.  "Yeah, but it's not gross... she looks good naked, she doesn't have any rolls or shit like that.  Her tits are pretty amazing, and I've kind of come to like her butt, it's got a really nice shape to it.  And she may have big hips and thighs, but it's all firm and shaped really nice."

Khaled waited for him to finish. "More cushion for the pushin'?" he asked slyly.

"Yeah..." Brad laughed.  He subdued his voice a little and continued "she fucks like an animal though... I've never seen anything like it.  We could be arguing over something, and ten minutes later we're doing it... and I mean NASTY shit."

"That'll be hard to give up." Khaled said as he pushed his plate away and took a swig of beer.

"Yeah, but it's honestly her best feature.  She's terrible with the kids, she's terrible with my friends, and she's terrible at conversation.  She's pretty shallow."

Khaled looked at his friend as he went silent for a while.

The barmaid came over then.  "Can I get you guys anything?"

"Yeah, another pitcher of Grasshopper.  And can you start a tab for us?"

"Sure!" the young lady said.

"Thank you." Brad said.  He watched her legs, her hips and her butt as she walked away.

"Dude, you're staring."

Brad laughed.  "Yeah, I know.  She's pretty nice though."

"You should strike up a little conversation with her."

"I have to finish up with the black-haired one first..." he said, "not good to work on two projects at once you know.  Besides, this one's a little young.  I've got those two kids to worry about."

"You know, this reminds me when I broke up with Karimah.  It seems like all she was good for was sex.  And belly dancing."

"For some women that's a good thing." Brad said, downing another mouthful of beer.

"Well, I'm like you... I want to be able to talk to someone without feeling like I have to dumb myself down.  I still miss that sexy Arab figure of hers, but there was nothing upstairs."

"I know what that's like."

"The weird thing is, she wasn't dumb.  She knew a lot... she could be very smart sometimes...  I dunno.  It's weird, like she was from another planet or something."

"Maybe she was from the same planet Pam's from." Brad chuckled.

"Planet of Complete Bimbos..." Khaled joked, "that would be a nice planet to visit, but I couldn't live there."

The barmaid came back around then.  "Here you go guys!" she said cheerfully as she set the full frosty jug down on the table.

"Thanks." Brad said.

"Thank you." Khaled added.

"You're welcome!" she said with a practiced smile as she picked up the empty plate.  She turned around swiftly and returned to her post.

"She's probably from that same planet." Brad said quietly.

"Heh heh... I wouldn't doubt it." Khaled said as he poured himself a beer.  "You know I think Karimah got picked up by the aliens again, because nobody's seen her for a while."

"Maybe." Brad said as he poured the last of the old jug's contents down his throat.  "Visitors from that planet can't stay long in our atmosphere."

"Yeah... too much thinking going on for them here."

Brad sat up and poured some more beer into his glass.  "I tell you, I don't think Pam's gonna take it well when I tell her goodbye.  I hope the aliens take her back to Bimbo Planet too."


Part 20 – Normal Behaviour

Brad was enjoying his little break from reality that night.  He and Khaled played some pool and threw money into the jukebox to hear songs they could have heard on the radio for free.  The alcohol had thinned out his blood and acted like an analgesic on his body and his mind.  In his drunken haze, he found himself stealing longer and more frequent glances at that cute blonde barmaid.

She was dressed to enjoy the weather and to increase the amount of cash she got in tips.  The shape of her figure lent itself quite well to that, but Brad knew it wouldn't be right to look too much at the curves she seemed all to eager to display.  He was still a family man, technically still engaged to be married.

Back at the house, the machine he was to marry wasn't doing so well.  She had begun to act quite strange to the children as she joined them for the rest of dinner.  It seriously freaked the kids out when she got back to the table.  Her eyes had reddened around the edges as part of her simulated crying routine, but she was acting friendly - happy, even.

Inside her chest, the number crunching that had brought her AI to this faulty behavioural result was in dire need of error correction.  That would have to wait until tomorrow however.  She recorded the reactions of the two children to her log files, along with the mathematical discrepancies she had encountered while trying to put her system back into working order.

Humans were never easy to deal with or straightforward enough for her software to fully comprehend.  Now, under all the stress from events and circumstances she couldn't begin to fully compute, she fell back on standard AI functions.  She was courteous and almost charming to Marcus and Jessica, not behaving at all like a parent would have.  The kids saw that and instinctively knew something wasn't right inside her.

Jessica just stared while Marcus hurried his meal and got away from the android as fast as he could.  Eventually his sister caught on and excused herself from the table before finishing.  Pam just smiled brightly at them both.  She looked empty and blank as the corners of her mouth lifted into that default pattern.  She scanned the scene in front of her as her microphones recorded the sounds of two small humans retreating to the back of the house.

She sat there for a long time after that.  She swallowed more than twice the amount of food she should have due to another error in calculation.  Because it was so busy with other data, her AI didn't catch that mistake until she stood up to clear the table.  As she hummed a song to herself and continued to sift through complex binary functions, the kids snuck off to bed as quietly as they could.  Pam just ignored that activity.  Any more interactions with unpredictable humans right now and she might just do something Fembot Command would regret.

In the fading light of the summer night she sat down on the sofa and tried to figure out why Brad had not returned home.  She sat up with perfect posture, her legs crossed and her hands clasped ladylike on her knee.  That same default, blank smile showed on her silicone face while the electronics behind her well-constructed breasts ploughed through some of the less complicated computations.  As the sky around the house turned from blue to orange to black, she remained seated and still.  Of all the probabilities she had calculated, the only strongly positive one was that things would be better after she returned from the lab at Marcia's house tomorrow.

When her internal chronometer reached 11:00 PM, she stopped all her current calculations and instead began putting her files in order so the Master Computing Device could more readily deal with them.  After that, she had officially given up trying to figure anything out.  Still wearing that meaningless, fake smile, she stood up and cleared the table in a quiet, efficient manner.

Her 'mind' was totally blank now.  Her processors took the lack of activity as an opportunity to cool down, only now having to work with her motion and sensory system.  She loaded dishes into the dishwasher and put more leftovers back into the fridge.  That bottle of champagne still sat there, unopened.  Her eyes saw it but her CPU generated no 'thoughts' of any kind over it.  She closed the fridge door on it again and walked up the stairs to the washroom to brush her teeth and wash up for bed.

Once she was behind the closed door of the bedroom, she quickly got into a pink silk camisole and got between the sheets.  Her next actions were as automatic as her breathing.  She started to masturbate, even though no human was around to appreciate it.  Usually, when she played with herself like this it was a prelude to some processor-intensive sexual activity with the human.  But now it was just another routine called forth by processors that couldn't know what was going on.

She stroked her pussy while regulated pulses of electricity flashed through her circuitry as data and mathematical operations.  Her fingertips spread her nicely shaped labia as fluid pumps released more lubricant and synthetic sex chemicals from their dwindling supply.  Every touch of her fingertips to her plastic clitoris generated waves of binary code that zoomed at near light speed into her chest as artificial pleasure.  All that data benefited no one.  No real enjoyment existed anywhere within her electronic and mechanical frame.

Her thighs twitched and her legs writhed in an accelerating rhythm while quiet moans and heavy breaths came out of her mouth - generated by the magnetic speaker behind it.  Her eyes stared blankly and unblinking at the ceiling.  Graphically displayed among other operational data in her field of view were binary interpretations of her sensor data.  She monitored her actions like that and made sure to give herself a strong digital orgasm - like she always did.

Her other hand reached up to give her nipples some attention.  She clutched at her big perfect tits and rubbed those now erect points between and under her sensitive mechanical fingertip.  Her torso heaved in rhythm to the pushing of her hips, and soon her whole body was moving to give the impression that it had been overtaken with raw sexual pleasure.  Her eyelids closed halfway as part of her preset facial expressions.  They closed all the way as the moment of climax was generated.

Her artificial vagina flowed with artificial juice as her hot body sweated and eventually stopped its frantic yet controlled movements.  Her simulated breathing slowed too as she wiped her hand on the sheets beside her.  When the last of the data had been recorded, she wrote the completed file to one of her hard drives as just another masturbation session and orgasm.  There were no feelings of any kind before, during, or after the event.  There was only a rudimentary calculation that since Brad was not around, she should next go into sleep mode.

So that's what she did.  She rolled over on her side as scented cream continued to drip out of her synthetic pussy.  She activated programs and subroutines that would make her body look like it was asleep, and closed her silicone eyelids over her glass camera-eyes.  Her processors rested now.  She was like a computer with the monitor turned off.  Her AI had given up trying to deal with all of her problems.


Part 21 – After Math

Closing time at Morgan's Pub came around rather soon for Brad and Khaled.  They had downed 6 pitchers between them, and they sure acted and looked like it.  The sudden turning on of all the lights in the place was the indication that it was time to get out.

They had been lucky enough to find parking behind the building rather than out in front on the street.  Their cars would still be there for them to pick up the next day.  Feeling ready to pass out into sleep at any moment, Brad pulled his phone out and called for a cab.  Khaled leaned his own tired body against a streetlight so his fogged-up mind didn't have to worry about keeping him upright and balanced.

Brad clumsily paced around as they talked and waited.  It wasn't long before the cab showed up to whisk them away.  The driver made sure he was quick in dropping them off, as Brad was looking a little pale now.  He got dropped off first and gave a ten to Khaled as he said goodbye.  He yawned and staggered toward the door of his house as the taxi pulled away and disappeared into the quiet suburban night.

He was anxious to get out of his work clothes finally, and more than ready for bed.  He decided to go to the guest room again so he wouldn't wake Pam.  As quietly as he could in this state, he unlocked the front door and stepped inside.  He got out of his shoes and went to use the washroom, then retreated again to that spare room.

He layed down on his back and immediately got the bedspins.  The room seemed to twist and rotate around him, causing him to get nauseous fast.  He got up and bolted across the hallway to the washroom.  He closed the door behind him and got to his knees in front of the toilet bowl.  Into it he retched the contents of his stomach, and heaved some more after for good measure.  He knew he had tried to cram too much fun into his stolen night of freedom.  There wasn't a chance in hell he'd make it into work that morning.

He stood up after he was sure he was done and washed his hands and face again.  The android in the next room heard and recorded the sounds.  Her AI could easily decode the story being told by this particular sonic sequence.  Brad had come home drunk like this before, and spent the pre-dawn hours puking into the toilet a few times too.  She compared probability calculations and decided that for her own good it was best to just stay away from the human until he woke up several hours from then.

He staggered back to the guest room and layed down again.  This time, he took some advice from his drinking friends and rested with one leg off the bed.  The effect of having one foot grounded might have been purely psychological, but it seemed to help.  The spinning effect wasn't nearly as bad, and he could now coax his mind into shutting down for the night.

It was a fitful sleep for him.  He heard Pam get up, then the kids.  He got up too, and pulled his phone out of his pants on the floor so he could call in sick to work.  As he layed down again, he heard his family prepare for and eat breakfast.  Their talking was thankfully at a minimum, and he drifted again into some much needed rest.

Later on, Pam had sat the kids down in front of the quieter than usual TV for some electronic babysitting.  She had some needs of her own to attend to now.  She walked quietly up the stairs to the bedroom again and closed the door.  She locked it too, then went over to close the window and shut the blinds.  When she computed that the possibility of being watched or seen was minimal, she sat down at the dresser in front of her makeup mirror.

She looked at her reflection as her hand reached up to grab the sides of her face.  Her interlocking mechanisms released it, and she pulled it away from the rest of her head.  Now the video cameras behind her eyes made some detailed scans around the edges of the oval-shaped device.  Some of the contact points weren't connecting, and that could cause big trouble if it wasn't dealt with soon.  Point by point, the voluptuous fembot scanned the connectors and logged the details to a file on one of her hard drives.

After two minutes of that, she turned her attention to the complicated machinery perched atop her neck and shoulders.  She looked at the mirror and leaned in close to make the same kinds of scans to her opened head.  While bright LEDs of many colours flashed around the complex circuitry and electronics, she recorded a high resolution video stream of all those matching points around the edges where her pretty silicone face clicked in.  She held her bangs out of the way with her other hand as she scanned the top portion of the rounded edge.  A second file of confusingly detailed results got written down for the Master Computing Device to read later.

When she was done, she kept holding her hair out of the way and clicked her human-looking face back over the purely artificial one.  Her round glass eyeballs were once again framed by natural looking eyelids and eyelashes, and her naked magnetic speaker was once again hidden by her full red lips.  She looked at her own perfectly empty expression as she received and recorded more data on this latest connection.  21.7% of the extremely small but important connection points had again failed to properly connect.  Her stay at Marcia's house today would have to last longer than planned.

When she computed that she looked fully human again, Pam rolled up the blinds, opened the window and unlocked the door.  She went downstairs and waited for Brad to get up.  The kids were again mostly ignoring her.  Marcus was watching action cartoons while Jessica was laying on the floor in front of an untouched colouring book.  She kept looking under the table where little Charlie used to hide.

Pam sat silently too.  There wasn't much for her AI to make her speaker say.  Almost an hour went by before Brad emerged from what was becoming his room.  Pam's microphones recorded the sound of him walking slowly to the washroom and closing the door.  She stared out blankly as she waited, but now at least she wasn't so dumbly smiling.  She would wait for him to come out before telling him she was on her way out again.

He took his time in there.  He emptied his bladder once more and swallowed some aspirin from out of the medicine cabinet.  He came out at last and went straight to the kitchen to get some more beer inside him fast.  The old 'Hair of the Dog' cure still worked the best.  Pam stood up as he was walking down the stairs.  He didn't look at her.  She followed slowly as he went into the kitchen.  She waited with automatic patience as he reached inside the fridge and cracked open a cold one.

"Brad honey, I need to go shopping again." she said, using the excuse that was most likely to be believed.

The man finished gulping until he needed air, then closed his eyes and hoped the alcohol would reach his brain fast.  His bloodshot eyes looked at her as he kept the can near to his face.

"Sure." was all he said.

She leaned in close and set her digital voice to whisper mode. "I'm gonna pick up Marcus's jersey too."

That reminded Brad about what had happened with his son the day before.  He set a major frown on his face and took another drink.

"So that should take you, what.... five hours?" he asked, being as cynically sarcastic as he could be.

"About that." she said, totally missing his point.

"Whatever." he said.  He knew exactly where she'd be going.  He had a phone call to make now to make sure her movements were recorded.  He wandered slowly around her sexy plump chassis and went to go sit down on the couch.

Pam watched him leave the kitchen and made a series of calculations.  Still, there was nothing she could figure out for herself.  She went to the washroom just for a realistic display of humanness, then said goodbye and left the house.

Brad listened for her to be gone finally, then went to phone Colin.


Part 22 – Mundane Maintenance

Colin knew this would be the last time he'd have to watch that pretty and voluptuous woman.  Brad had told him as much, and he knew himself that enough evidence of infidelity had been gathered.  This had been a rather easy case.  What else could excuse so many hours at the same woman's house two days in a row?

He took his job seriously though, and followed her in a different rented car.  He trailed her movements from Brad's neighborhood to Marcia's door, and set up shop at the top of a hill just a few houses away.  He got more photos of Pam entering, and some of those included that blonde woman again.  Evidence on top of evidence, but it was all in a day's work.

The work that started up inside the house was also routine - but only for the house's non-human inhabitants.  Brad's soon to be ex-fiancee was quickly seated in a white padded high-back chair while the machinery around her got ready to get her into a better operational condition.  That problematic face of hers came off again so cables could be plugged into connection ports behind it.  Those fabulous, perfect breasts of hers remained as lovely as ever as a rectangular patch of skin got opened above them for the same purpose.

Lights flashed, consoles beeped and electrons zoomed through cables as the Master Computing Device took in what Pam's electronics had to say.  The data from her self-diagnostic scans and system checks got interpreted and stored first.  Then a complete set of external diagnostic scans were performed on the unit.  Those complicated logic problems that had so far only served to stump her AI were given a quick check by the supercomputer.  It decided in microseconds to install some new, experimental hardware in its android agent.  Pam entered as a Type E.4.01.05 android, she would leave as a Type E.4.01.09 kind of girl.

With her simulated breathing stopped for now, Pam was absolutely still as Natasha went to where she had been ordered.  She bent her slim feminine body over, showing off some beautiful curves and that sexy ever-exposed recharge port.  Her bright blue eyes scanned the contents of the drawers and cupboards while the supercomputer beamed more details to the transponder in her head.  She grabbed some of Fembot Commands latest advanced electronic components and laid them out neatly on a cart nearby.

Then she stood up and walked back over to the sexy plus-size fembot sitting across the room.  Natasha trained those icy, unblinking eyes on that synthetic woman and reached out to remove the black cables that still connected her to the console.  Then the technician verbally commanded Pam to get out of the chair and get her body on to the waiting examination table.

"Yes Natasha." came the digital voice from her speaker as bright LEDs flashed quickly all around her exposed machinery.  Pam computed, then moved.  Her round wide hips swung in an automatically sexy way as she walked barefoot across the cold concrete floor.  The harsh fluorescent lighting reflected in the curly waves of black hair built into her head, making them seem to be more vibrant and alive than their synthetic composition should allow.

Her plump and perfectly round buns jiggled as she came to a quick halt in front of the table.  Her massive and flawlessly shaped breasts shook even longer while the computer parts behind them prepared to get her body into a horizontal position.  She raised her left leg and leaned forward, gradually bringing the whole of her chassis on to the table.  She layed there staring out with those eerie, inhuman looking glass eyes as Natasha's finger made contact with the power button inside the woman's chest.  Shut-down procedures initiated, and in seconds Pam was off.

While all that was going on behind closed doors, Brad was trying to get his kids out of the house so he could go get his car.  It took a while to convince those sullen and sad kids to go out and play with their friends, and even longer for them to leave the house.  Eventually, they became someone else's problem for Brad.  He brushed his teeth and chewed on some gum to hide the beer smell, then called for a taxi and rode it down to Morgan's pub.

That bar was on the edge of that trendy street where all the young ladies flocked to show off their bodies.  Brad spotted a few tight skirts and low-riding shorts right away as he got out of the cab.  He felt a little bit of his confidence surge through his still pounding head as he mentally reminded himself that he would soon be single again. As he walked around the block to the alley behind the bar he gave some more thought to what kind of woman he would look for next.

He had indeed grown accustomed to Pam's larger curves, and had grown rather fond of big plump booty.  But he was also hoping to hook up with someone a little slimmer.  That kind of woman would do more to impress his friends.  He daydreamed for a while and envisioned his perfect woman.  His shoulders suddenly slumped when the woman of his dreams turned out once more to be Gloria.

"I had her." he thought as he forcefully kicked a small stone out of his way.  It bounced erratically over the asphalt, and bounded sharply to the right - right over to hit the side of his car.

"Oh, fuck!" he said out loud as he walked close to see the damage.  Sure enough, he had just put a tiny dent and a scratch into his passenger side door.  He wanted to shake his head, but it hurt too much.  He just accepted another small defeat from fate and got into the other side.  He started up and hoped the journey home to his couch would be fast and painless.

Coming around the corner in his vehicle, he stopped to let a pedestrian slowly cross his path.  He saw her blonde hair bounce in the sunlight and checked out her body.  He smiled a bit.  then she looked at him.  He noticed it was the waitress from last night's shift at the bar.  He made an effort to smile more, and waved his hand in recognition.

She seemed to slow her pace, and stared back at him with a look of complete disinterest on her face.  His smile faded as she continued to look at him that way.  The longer her stare went on, the more discouraged he got.  She kept showing him that look until she was nearly past the front of his car.  Then her head turned to face forward once more and she kept right on walking.

Brad forced a deep breath into his lungs and felt his chest ache.  He kept his eyes on the road and went home.


Part 23 - Grasp

The inside of the house was quiet compared to the outside.  No screaming and playing kids were around to annoy him now.  He kicked off his shoes once more and went to go lay down on the couch.  He felt like sleeping, and for a while thought if there were any good reasons why he shouldn't just crash here.

So he slept on the couch for a few hours while his son and daughter played and his fiancee visited her friend.  Brad didn't like the thought of losing Pam to another woman, but somehow it was more comforting than the thought of losing her to another man.  He knew that the main reason he would call off the engagement was because she had been lying.  At least, that would be the main reason he would tell her about.

The other, equally strong reasons he had been thinking about for the last few weeks would remain unsaid.  He admitted now that he had wanted her to replace Gloria, and not to be her own person.  When the similarities between those two women were stripped away and Pam was appraised on her own, she didn't meet his standards.  He felt a little guilty that he had let their relationship advance this far when he should have realised all of that a lot sooner.

Those thoughts dogged him as he drifted in and out of light sleep.  After a few hours of that, he got tired of thinking and decided to just distract himself somehow.  He got up and stretched.  He still felt shitty and hungover, but not as bad as before.  Another beer sure would hit the spot though.

He opened a living room window and went to the kitchen to do the same to get some air moving through the house.  He had a more pleasant feeling come over him as he breathed in the fresh breeze.  "I could get used to staying home and not working." he said to himself as he went to the fridge for another beer. 

He paused and looked at the still unopened bottle of champagne sitting there.  He wondered if he should have one more night of drunk wild sex with Pam before giving her the boot.  He grabbed a can of beer and put that thought out of his head.  He had already given her enough time.

The satisfying cracking sound of the can bounced once off the kitchen walls as he slowly lifted the can to his lips.  He drank from it fast and gulped down a generous portion in order to chase his hangover and his blues away.  He walked out to the living room, hoping the kids would phone and tell him they'd be staying for supper with their friends.  How lucky he would be if that would happen, he thought.

Sitting back down on the couch, he found himself on the verge of another one of those Zen moments.  Living for the moment was something he hardly ever did, and now the moment seemed to be almost crystalising around him.  He sat and drank and enjoyed that for as long as it lasted.  It seemed to melt some of his stress away.

That only lasted until an ambulance zoomed past in the distance.  Suddenly, everything was as ugly and noisy and messy as it always was.  He flicked on the TV and surfed for a bit.  He noticed Pam had been gone at her friend's house for over four hours now.  He tried not to think of what they might have been doing.  It was bad enough she had lied to him about it - even worse that she hadn't invited him.

He started feeling mad again.  He went to go check his email.  Sure enough, there was another message from Colin.  Again, it was confirmed that Pam had not gone shopping.  She had only gone to visit her friend again.  Another few pictures of the blonde woman letting her in only made Brad madder.  His resolve hardened.  This would be the night he would tell her to leave.

He finished with his email and got himself another beer.  Just as he was closing the fridge door and cracking the can open, he heard the SUV pull back into the driveway.  He took a deep breath and went to go wait by the door.

Pam was in the process of shutting down the engine and preparing herself for interactions with human beings by loading different software modules into her AI system.  Her pretty eyes blinked a few times at randomly determined intervals and she exited the vehicle.  So far, her new experimental hardware was functioning just as Fembot Command had calculated that it would.

She turned her head and scanned the yard.  None of the kids' toys had been left out.  That indicated a high probability that they weren't home.  She identified Brad's car parked out on the street by its shape, colour and license plate number.  She computed that he had returned home as well.

More digital configuration went on inside her chest.  She loaded software that would help her hardware deal efficiently with the human she called "Brad".  Another one of her false smiles went on her plastic face as she swung her sexy hips and strutted toward the front door.  Her calculations were now anywhere from 4% to 9% faster thanks to her newly installed circuitry.  The odds that she could get their relationship back to where it had been before appeared now not to be so dismal.

To pursue that end, she started getting her crotch wet again.  Her synthetic pheromones and sex hormones would hopefully add to other built-in charms like her amazing breasts and sexy plump buns. 

Brad cleared his throat and swallowed as he listened to Pam's key unlock the door.  He was thinking about how to say what he wanted to say.  By the time he saw the attractive woman enter, he had decided on a course of action.

"Hi Honey!" she said cheerfully as she walked in and closed the door behind her.  She made sure to give her hips and buns a little shake as she did.

He wasn't looking down there however.  "Come upstairs please Pam, I have to show you something."

Pam ran his words through her language and logic filters.  The tone of his voice got analysed too.  The mathematical answers she ended up with indicated trouble ahead.

She followed him up the stairs.  He entered their bedroom and put down the half full can of beer.  He chased away the screen saver from his laptop screen and opened up Colin's latest email.  When he had gotten a picture of Pam and her blonde friend displayed full-size on the screen, he lifted the computer from the table and held it right out for her to see.

"This is you and your friend Marcia Roves, am I right?" he asked.

Pam's object recognition software had come to that conclusion long before his words had come out.  She stayed there silently looking at the screen while her AI tried to calculate the best way to answer him.

"Yes." she said sheepishly.

"And that's you walking into her house earlier today, right?"

The robot looked up at his face.  She saw that he was upset.  "Yes." she answered.

"And that's were you've been going all this time." he said.  It wasn't a question, and he didn't wait for an answer.  "You've been lying to me Pam.  Lying through your teeth to the one you said you loved."

Pam's computations began to get overly complex and too intense.  She ended some of them and tried to keep up with his syntax the best she could.

"Her name is Marcia Roves." she said after retrieving a file from her memory banks.  "She grew up in Port Coquitlam too."

Brad put the computer down and looked at her face.  He saw no sign of repentance or even shame.  "Our engagement is off." he said bluntly.

Pam started pumping out more of her synthetic aphrodisiac fluid.  All of her sexual systems went into overdrive to try and bring him back under their control.

"But Brad, I love you!" she said.  The edges of her eyelids glistened with artificial tears.

He just looked at her and shook his head slightly.  "I don't think you do.  I don't believe you."

Her new processors worked fast and hard, but there was just too much emotional data and too many calculations for her to make now.  All she could do was look at him with a vulnerable expression set onto her silicone face and slowly push more saline drops from the corners of her eyes.

"I'll give you thirty days to get out of my house." he said coldly.  "You should probably ask your lover if she'll take you in."

"But Brad!  You're my lover!!" she exclaimed.

She rushed toward him with open arms.  She tried to embrace him as he tried to push her away.  Her quick, machine-like reflexes had gotten hold of him first though, and she held him tight as her mouth moved in to kiss him.

Brad was angry now.  He didn't know she could be so strong, but he was determined to get her away from him.  "No!" he said.  He reached up and pushed her face away.  Immediately, alarm messages and error codes flooded Pam's field of vision.  Both Pam and Brad looked down to the side to see her facemask fall and bounce on to the carpet below.

Brad's heart missed a beat.  He looked in shock at the eyeless oval face staring up at them.  He looked back to the woman still holding his body.  There was nothing at all natural or human about what he saw inside her head.  The cold display of soulless electronics there made him freeze with fright.  His lips trembled as he looked at the bright coloured LEDs that flashed fast all around the complicated array of microchips and circuitry.  Pam's beautiful eyes were now piercing and lifeless as they stared right at him.

He barely had time to realise what he had discovered before her electronic speaker emitted her voice.  "You are not supposed to know." she said.

Her hand raised impossibly fast to his throat and gripped tightly around it.  Her ultrafast processors had instantly guided her grasp to his windpipe and carotid arteries.  She began to squeeze as his hands shot up to try to get him loose.

His wide-open eyes looked in horror upon the machinery that had always been hidden by her realistic facade.  He felt himself get dizzy as the blood stopped flowing to his brain.  Air stopped flowing to his lungs too as he tried to struggle.  He began to see spots.  Suddenly he could no longer hear, and then he saw only black.

Pam continued to squeeze her hand tight.  It was strong enough to crush every last bone in his body, and sensitive enough to detect the moment when his weakening pulse ended.  When it did, she let go and watched Brad slump to the floor dead.  She aimed her opened head down at his body and made a new series of calculations.  Suddenly, those were easy to make now that there was no need to display or compute emotions.

She bent down and picked up her facemask again.  It snapped back into place as she went to pick up Brad's corpse.  She hoisted him over her shoulder and walked out of the bedroom.  One of her default smiles showed as she walked down the stairs and dropped him onto the couch.

Then she went outside and drove the SUV into the garage.  In moments, the door closed after it and she emerged back into the house to get the body.  She threw that into the back of the vehicle as a digital signal got sent wirelessly from her head to the supercomputer at Marcia's house.  Preparations would be made there while she made her way over.

The SUV got back on the road and made it back to that suburban house in about a half hour.  By that time, Marcia's large white van had been filled up with all the machinery that had once been one of Fembot Command's Master Computing Devices.  This was the standard procedure after a mission had failed so horribly as this one had.

Pam got to the house and pulled her SUV into the garage.  There she loaded whatever else remained, along with one maidbot, one Natasha, and three Enforcer Droids.  All that machinery was covered with blankets and packed away out of view.  When all the unexplainable appliances had been removed from the house and packed away, Pam and Marcia got into the SUV and the van and headed out toward the highway.

Back in the basement full of gutted-out consoles and glass booths, a timer soon ran out of numbers to count and hit zero.  A small fire started, sure to spread and eventually to engulf the whole structure in flames.  The authorities would find the unusual setup in the burned out mess, but some attractive females high up in their ranks would see to it that no major investigations began over it.

The same would be done for whatever investigations would begin to try and answer the question of what had happened to Brad.  No body would be found, and neither he nor Pam would ever be seen again.  It was all a terrible waste of time and resources for Fembot Command to have a project end this way, but even this outcome could add useful information to their database.  The extraction of knowledge from the world of humans was to continue unabated.



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