Soccer Mom Unit

by RobotMan

This stand-alone story is set in the same universe as contains much of the same technology of "H is for Heuristic" and "36+1".  There are a few more chapters still to come...

Part 1:  Dinner Spoiled

Brad swore and slammed his fist on the table.  He shook his head as he looked away, then decided he might as well enjoy the champagne.  It might make him feel a little better.  He got his legs off the chair beside him and stood up.

He picked up the bottle from the mostly melted ice and began to undo the cork.  Being so distracted now, he didn't notice that part of the wire cage holding the cork had snapped.  When he started to untwist it, the sharp metal end jabbed right into his thumb.

The pain was sharp - more annoying than anything.  "Fuck!" he shouted.  He was glad the kids weren't around to hear that.  He stuck the end of his thumb into his mouth so he wouldn't start bleeding all over the nicely set table.  Then he went upstairs to get a bandaid.

This was getting him very mad now.  His fiancee, Pam, was now almost three hours late.  She hadn't even called, and this wasn't the first time something like this had happened.

He caught his reflection in the mirror as he opened the medicine cabinet.  He looked angrier than he felt, and that pissed him off even more.  Tonight was supposed to have been special.  It had been exactly a year since he and Pam had first met.  They had planned this evening for weeks - making sure the kids were sleeping-over with friends, making sure that he didn't have to work and that she didn't have anything major to do the next day.

"Just perfect." he muttered as he impatiently unwrapped and applied the brownish cloth adhesive strip.  He tossed the wrapping into the waste can and turned the lights off as loud as he could.

He got outside the washroom to see Gloria's poodle shivering in the hallway.  The poor old thing was half blind and burdened with arthritis, but Brad couldn't bring himself to put him down.  He told himself that it was because the kids would miss him, but he knew it was really because that dog reminded him so much of his first wife.  Gloria had given Brad two beautiful, healthy children and much happiness.  For that, it seemed, fate had cruelly taken her away in a car accident.

Now the poor pitiful dog had been scared by Brad's anger, and was shaking and peeing on the carpet in the hall.

"No.... Charlie no!" Brad said, trying to sound comforting.  He closed his eyes and forced himself to take a deep long breath while he listened to the sickly poodle whimper.

Meanwhile, 25 minutes away by SUV, Pam was laying on her back on a padded examination table.  She had been stripped of her clothing and several panel covers including her face.  The electronic and mechanical devices that made her so different from Brad and the kids were visible now. 

They had no idea, of course.  The neighbors, their friends and his relatives suspected nothing.  Pam was one of the most advanced androids ever produced by Fembot Command.  It would take a lot more than casual interaction to find out the truth about her.

Just a few feet away from Pam's motionless chassis was one of the standard Fembot Command technicians.  She was naked too, as she always was.  Her name was Natasha, and she was exactly the same as all the other technicians operated by that organisation.  From the patterns painted on to her lifeless, unblinking glass eyes to the colour and texture of synthetic pubic hair constructed into her silicone crotch, there was not one difference between her and hundreds more of her kind operating in suburban basements throughout the country.

This one was in the middle of waiting right now - waiting for the Master Computing Device to finish calculating the last steps in this emergency repair job.  Earlier that day, Pam had been having coffee with her friend from across the street when a slight tear opened up in her flexible fluid intake tube.

As Pam drank the Irish cream spiked coffee, some of it began to drip down into her chest.  Not a lot of liquid had made it in, but enough had to make the robot suddenly excuse herself and drive almost across town to this inconspicuous house in another suburban neighborhood.

When she got there, she was greeted by Marcia - a less advanced Fembot Command unit.  Marcia functioned as a school bus driver, so thankfully she was home to let her 'friend' into the house.

That was just after 4 o'clock.  Now, it was after 9, and Natasha still wasn't done fixing the damage to the expensive Pam unit.  The human she lived with, Brad, had no idea where she was and had never been introduced to Marcia.  As far as he knew, she didn't exist.

But he was getting suspicious about Pam's unexplained absences.  This was by far the worst.  To not show up for her anniversary dinner, and to not even call made Brad see red.  After he had cleaned up the mess in the hallway, he forgot about the champagne and instead got himself a beer.  He went upstairs to get out of his nice clothes too.

He took a big, satisfying swig and put the can down.  He looked over to his dresser and instinctively went to close the door.  From that top dresser drawer, he pulled out a nicely framed picture of Gloria.  He looked into those eyes on two-dimensional paper and mouthed "I miss you."

Then he sat down on the bed and pulled his dick out of his shorts.  He looked at Gloria's picture while he masturbated and fantasised that she was still with him.  For the briefest moment, he had her again; with him as he dedicated his pleasure to her.

Somewhat anticlimactically after that, he came into a sock and closed his eyes while he returned to the here and now.  The house seemed so silent as he got up once more to put the picture away.  He always felt like smashing it after he did this, but he could bring himself to do that no more than he could bring himself to stop jerking off to it.

"Sorry." he whispered weakly as he returned the framed photo to its resting place; face down underneath his clean fresh socks.

For a moment, he thought about how similar in appearance those two women were.  Pam could have been Gloria's sister, though Pam was a little heavier set and taller.  He knew that the facial similarities are what first attracted him to Pam, and he had grown to first appreciate her big hips and thighs, then to love them.  That must have been part of the process of growing closer, he figured.  The fembot's huge and perfectly shaped DD breasts were easier to love though, and Brad was glad to have access to them.

But there was a lot that bothered him about Pam.  She wasn't very good with kids, or even with his friends and family.  His own children hadn't seemed to warm up to her like he had hoped.  Sometimes it looked like Marcus barely tolerated her, and there was only so much Brad could do to help things along.  Jessica was younger, and accepted the android a little more as a mother, but she still showed that she had misgivings.

She didn't seem to share his sense of humour either.  That was another thing that he really missed about Gloria.  He could joke with her about anything, but most of his jokes seemed to sail right over Pam's head.  At least she was great in bed.  And she never said no... when she was around.

Brad moved his neck around slowly to try and shake some tension out and went to have another drink of beer.  He got into sweats and sat on the bed for a while, wondering what to do.  After some contemplation and another few sips, he decided to watch some TV.  He also decided to talk to a private investigator in the morning.


Part 2:  Better Late…

While Brad waited and drank, Natasha was finally putting the finishing touches on Pam's rebuilt circuitry.  As a precaution, most of the affected electronics had been completely replaced whether the diagnostic scans showed them as damaged or not.  That faulty fluid intake tube that led from her mouth to what served as her stomach was also replaced and tested by all available means to be free of defects.

This situation could have been much worse.  If more coffee had gotten into Pam's insides, and certain vital chips and circuit boards had been hit, this particular mission might have ended right then and there.

New instructions for Natasha came as radio waves to the transponder in her head.  All the details the technician would need began scrolling fast on some of the monitors attached to the ceiling above the consoles.  Her bright blue eyes scanned those 1s and 0s and internalised the signals they conveyed.

When she was done, Natasha took the heavy front section of Pam's torso and pressed it back into place on her body.  Those huge DD breasts with those perfect and realistic silicone nipples fell to the sides of her chest as her internal systems re-connected with the torso cover.

Natasha could now plug the advanced android in for a series of diagnostic scans.  Once connected, the Master Computing Device would systematically check all the new hardware that had been installed to make sure it was all working as it should.

While Brad sat alone and ate some of the casserole he had made, the machine he thought was his human fiancee was still mostly dormant and getting examined by that supercomputer.  The naked technician stood by, watching the results as they poured on to several monitors.  Everything looked okay so far.

Marcia came down the stairs and walked into the lab at that time.  She had also stripped naked to ensure the technician access to all her ports and access panels.  The body she showed off was definitely not that of the typical school bus driver.  Marcia was as tall as Pam - a little taller than average but not like an Amazon.  She wasn't as advanced though.  Under Fembot Command's nomenclature, Marcia was a standard Type E robot.  Pam had been built with many of the same specs, but modifications and upgrades had made her officially Type E.4.01.05.

That model number reflected her advanced AI and functionality, which was as good as Fembot Command could program and construct.  Pam's body also differed from Marcia's in a more noticeable way.  Whereas Marcia was relatively slim if a little plain, Pam was a voluptuous plus-size beauty with big sexy curves and an enchanting face.  It was hard not to notice her plumpness, especially around her backside and her bosom.  Her belly had a little extra silicone padding too, but it wasn't gross to look at and made her appear that much more like a real woman.

As with all Fembot Command units, the skin tone and complexion of the Pam robot were realistic yet flawless.  There was no cellulite anywhere.  Randomly placed and sized birthmarks had been stamped into her silicone covering along with little synthetic hairs on her arms and in other places.  The area around her crotch had been made to look as if it had just been shaved, and similar techniques had been used to construct the skin under her armpits and on her legs.

Pam made sure she only 'shaved' in private, and the combination of superior product design and finely tuned AI programming had kept the illusion of her realness intact to Brad for a whole year.  This is what Pam's primary function was.  Her creators had made her to see just how long an android could maintain an intimate relationship with a human and not be discovered for what it was.

Deep inside Pam's chest however, were a set of commands and protocols to be followed if that illusion broke.  They ranged from disappearance to murder, and could quite easily be carried out by a machine with no emotions such as the beautiful voluptuous fembot on the exam table.

For the time being, those instructions sat as dormant as she layed on the table while the Master Computing Device finished up with its scans.  Marcia stood off to the side, waiting to be ordered about and worked on by the pretty blue-eyed technician.  Her video cameras watched and disinterestedly recorded the scene as Natasha walked over to Pam and unplugged the connection cables from her chest.  The technician then returned to face her subject and issued new commands.

"Pam," she said, "please roll over on your front side so that I may exchange your spent battery packs with fully charged battery packs."

"Yes Natasha." Pam said while the lights in her opened head flashed to reflect her computations.  She used her arms and her thighs to roll over on the table just as a real woman would, only powered by gears, hydraulics, pneumatics and artificial flexors.  The large feminine curves of her backside came into prominent view and shook slightly from side to side as the black-haired robot settled into position.

Natasha - in need of being plugged in herself as indicated by the light that had started flashing in her own exposed recharge port - went right to work and removed the rear portion of Pam's plump thighs.  Those smooth pliable sections came off to reveal all the inner workings.  The battery packs, the titanium and hard plastic skeletal structure, the wires and computer electronics all contrasted the flesh toned covering with colours of bright silver, grey, white, red, green and blue.  That contrast was even more stark considering the delicate looking pink plastic vagina above and between.

While Natasha marched around the lab to change Pam's batteries, and while Marcia stood off to the side in complete immobility, the standard Fembot Command Maidbot came down into the lab.  She whirred and beeped loudly and constantly as she made stiff and inhuman movements on her way over to where Pam was.  In her glossy-skinned and mechanical looking arms she held out the pile of Pam's neatly folded clothes so she would return to her mission looking just as she had before this emergency repair session.

The maid was cute - a slim blonde with a pixie cut.  She was dressed exactly like the maidbots produced by the rival organisation Robot Control, but she wasn't as physically strong or durable.  She completed her assigned tasks much like her counterparts though, and was the most obviously inhuman type of robot that Fembot Command constructed and maintained.

She put Pam's blouse, slacks and underwear on a stainless steel table, and laid her shoes and socks beside that pile.  Then with as much mechanical and electronic movement and noise as she had made when she entered, she left.  A noticeable and very artificial smell of plastic lingered in the air down there for the other fembots to passively detect.

Natasha had by then done the battery switch, and was now pressing the padded coverings of Pam's thighs back into place.  The interlocking mechanisms that ran all around the seams pulled the part in tight enough both to conceal the borders of the opening and to make her 'skin' functionally waterproof.  Thanks to that technological advancement by Fembot Command, the more expensive and important agents like Pam could take showers, though any living things nearby could be put at risk of electrocution if the seal system failed.

That was low on the list of Fembot Command's concerns however.  Right now in this lab, the important thing to do was to have the sexy Pam robot back up and running and on her way back to her mission.

After making some more settings and adjustments at the consoles around her, Natasha ordered Pam to sit up.  The technician went to get the cleaned and similarly maintained facemask and reattached it to Pam's head.  She looked so emotionless as she stared out from her stiff position seated on the cold table.  Natasha trained her stereo optical sensors on that blank face and relayed more orders from the Master Computing Device.

"Pam, please display the primary planned explanation for your absence that you will offer to the human unit Brad."

"Yes Natasha." she replied.  She suddenly loosened her posture and her expression to look real, though the open chest panel still gave her away.  "Sorry I'm late dear." she said, looking a little pained and repentant.  "I got held up in traffic."

Natasha waited for the Master Computing Device to make its calculations, then returned to type in some long alphanumeric strings to the keyboard in front of her.  She then connected the Pam robot to the terminal again and initiated a minor reprogramming session.  Then she watched.

"Sorry I'm late dear." Pam said.  "Sorry I'm late honey." she said, a little differently.

Natasha recorded her facial expressions and fed the data instantly to the supercomputer.

"I'm sorry I'm late dear." Pam repeated.  "Sorry I'm late.... Sorry I'm late dear."

Natasha pressed a few buttons.

"I got held up in traffic.... I was drinking coffee with Annette, and I lost track of time... I went to the dry cleaner's, but then I remembered I already did that.....I went to the dry cleaner's but I did that yesterday...."

The technician entered some more strings.

"I ran into an old friend from high school..... I ran into an old boyfriend from high school.... I ran into an old girlfriend from high school...."

Natasha pressed another set of buttons.

"Sorry I'm late dear.  I ran into an old girlfriend from high school." Pam said. 

Natasha had her repeat that line with slight changes to her facemask when she said it.  She watched her say that excuse 14 times then made final settings on the console.  She unplugged the agent's chest and closed up the panel.

"Pam, please get dressed in your most recent garment series and return to your mission." Natasha said.

"Yes Natasha." she answered, the simulated emotion instantly gone.  She got her big hips off the table and stepped over to where her clothes were.  She looked down at the pile, made her scans, and started the task of dressing.

The slender brown-haired technician faced the school bus driver and said "Marcia, please sit in the chair next to the data exchange terminal.”


Part 3:  Homecoming

Showing all the warmth of a commercial refrigerator, the freshly repaired and dressed Pam robot strutted machine-like out of the lab and through the small house to the front door.  She booted up her personality software again and put her usual proud smile on display.  By the time she got to the front door she was swinging her noticeable MILF hips in her usual sexy way.

She slung her large purse over her shoulder and stepped outside into the cooling night air.  She hadn't brought a jacket, but it wasn't cold enough yet for one to be really needed.  Her nipples did become erect though, as soon as her temperature sensors indicated the chill to her CPU.

The street lights had just flickered on below the colourful but fading summertime dusk, giving the residential neighborhood that false fluorescent glow.   The agent's SUV was right where she had left it.  She got in and made a last quick system check before loading the appropriate software and driving off.

Reams of nearly unintelligible data in binary code and in english flashed and scrolled across her high-resolution field of vision as she navigated the large vehicle through the familiar streets.  Her fast processors handled it all without a hitch, and managed to sort through all of her new programming and instructions while maintaining her excellent driving ability.

Inside her chest, she was getting her story straight.  Her excuses had been conjured up by the Master Computing Device, and had been calculated to be as plausible as they could be under the circumstances.  The biggest problem that the supercomputer had recognised was the large lapse of time that needed to be somehow if falsely explained away.  It was now 9:28 PM.  More than five hours needed to be accounted for, and the computer-generated excuses needed to be believed.

The big blue SUV zoomed through the darkening streets at exactly the speed limit, and made it back to Pam's base of operation in 23 minutes and 43 seconds.  Without wasting any time, Pam turned off the ignition and got into character.  She put a tired look of regret on her face, loaded her digital arsenal of apologetic words, and began to secrete noticeable amounts of her synthetic sex hormones and pheromones.

Brad heard the key as it got pushed into the front door.  He felt his blood pressure rise as he muted the ball game and  turned sideways on the couch to face the foyer.  He downed another sip from his third can of beer.

Pam opened the door, and faster than Brad could blink she scanned the scene, analysed the objects, integrated the non-visual data from that moment, and called forth the relevant subroutines.

She saw that her man was angry.  He saw that she looked sorry, and he had to work to maintain that angry look.

"Sorry I'm late dear.  I ran into an old girlfriend from high school." Pam said, just as she had rehearsed.

He didn't believe her.  "Why didn't you call?" he demanded.

Pam tried to compute that.  That was something the Master Computing Device had missed.  She processed as fast as she could but ended up just staring at him while still motionless in the doorway.

"Well, come on in already." Brad said as he turned back to face the TV.  He took another big gulp.

Pam was stuck computing.  It took her a few seconds to finally step fully inside and close and lock the door behind her.

"I'm so sorry dear." she said to buy time.

Brad didn't answer.  He tried to continue watching the game, but his mind wasn't paying attention.  He felt like going to bed, arguing, going to the bar and embracing her all at once.

Pam made some preliminary calculations and ran the parameters through some of her more advanced AI components.  She put her purse down as the corners of her eyes started to slowly push out some artificial tears.

She sat down on the chair beside the sofa.  "Please forgive me Brad." she said.

He didn't look at her for a long time.  He downed what was left of his drink and got up.  Still without looking at her, he went toward the kitchen and threw his can somewhere into the corner.  The aluminum sound reverberated and settled as he stood for a while out of the android's view.  She heard him take a measured breath and watched as he rounded the corner again.

"How could you do this tonight?" he asked.  "Of all nights!"

The robot tried too look as sad and helpless as she could, but he wasn't falling for it.  She got up and said "I lost track of time.  It'll never happen again, I promise."

That pissed him off more.  "You said the exact same thing last time." he said.

She just looked at him, trying to cope with all the many difficult calculations that she needed to make.

"Oh Brad," she said as the tears came out faster, "I don't know what else to say."

She went forward to embrace him.  He threw her arms back from him.

He was a little surprised that he did that.  Though he could have no conscious way of knowing it, her artificial pheromones and sex hormones were having an effect on him.  But they were backfiring.

"Let's talk about this in the morning." he said as he turned his back to her.  "I'm going to go sleep in the guest room."

She scanned his image while her CPU tried desperately to salvage the situation.  She had been counting on her synthesised feminine charms to smooth things over, and couldn't begin to compute how they had failed.

"Dinner's in the fridge." he called out just before slamming the washroom door.

Pam's plastic tear ducts kept pumping out the saline solution from the reservoir inside her torso.  She also kept pumping out the chemical laden juice from her synthetic vagina, still attempting to effect the human in a positive way.

She turned her head methodically left to right to scan the room.  Her thermal sensors indicated that Charlie was cowering in the corner under a small table.  That dog had always been a hinderance to her.  He had only ever growled at her or hid from her.  Of course she could feel nothing in return to the animal, but the actions that resulted from her computations always ended up as mere tolerance.

But that was a minor matter.  When she was done scanning the living room, she walked into the dining room and logged that scene to her memory.  The table was still set for two, with candles and a fresh bouquet of sweet smelling flowers in the center.  The champagne bottle sat now in cool water, with it's top partially unwrapped.  Again, no feelings ran through Pam's chest.  Just data to be calculated.

One of those calculations was for her to intake some food.  Her human-like appearance needed to be maintained after all.  Still looking sad and guilty on the outside, she emotionlessly went through the steps of turning off the television,  preparing a small portion of the night's meal for herself, and reheating it in the microwave.  She would wait until the next day to give Brad all those meticulously crafted excuses.

Brad was sitting on the edge of the bed in the spare bedroom.  He had always wanted to put a TV in there, and now he wished he had.  He wanted to stay hidden from Pam now, as some sort of half acknowledged childish revenge, but he was getting bored.  He layed down on the bed from his seated position and folded his arms over his head.  For a long time he just looked at the ceiling and wondered just where his relationship was going.


Part 4:  English and Math

When Pam was done consuming a portion of the meal she had missed, she sat back for a while and computed.  The silicone skin around her eyes had turned a reddish colour to match the small streaks of mascara that had dripped down with her fake tears.  The actuators in her face had been set into patterns that conveyed a depressed and sad look, and her strong mechanical spine had configured her posture to match.

From all outside appearances, she looked sad and sorry for what she had done and what she had not done, but all of that was meaningless as far as her insides went.  To her processors and the pulses of electricity that blazed through them this was just another night, just another series in a constant stream of ceaseless calculation.

Her immediate concerns now were sorting out and analysing the reactions she had observed in the human.  She had to react according to those to appear real, so she methodically indexed and stored them according to type and meaning.  While she rested at the table, leaning back and slouching, her CPU ran probability algorithms on all that new data to develop possible courses of action which she might take.

When she had more or less defined the limits and parameters of possible processes open to her, she slowly and languidly pushed the chair back and cleaned up.  She made sure she was quiet and thorough.  Her AI knew she shouldn't leave a mess for Brad to see in the morning.

With the kids gone, several tasks that were awaiting completion around this time could be skipped entirely.  Her Mom duties were effectively on hold until those two children returned to the house.  Her girlfriend/fiancee duties were also on hold it seemed.  She still computed that she should offer her bodily systems to Brad for sex, but his reaction to her absence indicated that she shouldn't bother him right now.

She rechecked some of her computations while she cleaned up and got ready to simulate sleep in the bedroom.  Many of the more detailed and complex mathematical procedures could not be carried out by her electronics, so she began writing data to the portion of her file system that needed verification and processing by the Master Computing Device.  She did that while brushing her teeth, cleaning the cosmetics off her facemask and expelling finely minced and chemically dissolved food from her artificial digestive system.  Then the robot turned out the lights and retreated alone to the bedroom.

Brad was still awake and listening.  A few seconds after he saw the hall light go out and heard the bedroom door close he got up to go use the washroom.  He stopped and looked at his reflection in the mirror again.  He didn't like looking so tired and mad.  He went to the toilet and wished he could know just what Pam had been up to.  Then he thought to himself he probably didn't want to know.  It hurt him a lot to think of her with another man.

Pam's microphones detected the flush of the toilet and the running of water through the faucet into the sink.  She was down to her underwear now, and fully aware in her digital way of how attractive she looked like this.  A set of computations made her deliberate on the possibility of exiting the room to invite him to bed with her, but her AI overruled that for now.  It wasn't a matter of wanting or loving the human after all, it was a matter of manipulation for mission success.

She took off her big bra and her panties and got into her nightgown.  Usually there was a series of sexual activities that went on between those two steps, but not tonight.  By then she had also stopped releasing those aphrodisiac chemical compounds from her artificial pores and her artificial vagina.  That functionality would again be switched on when Brad was present.

As for him, he went back to the living room and turned on the TV again.  He got himself another beer and surfed the channels for another hour before retreating back to the spare room.

For several hours then, neither Brad nor Pam really slept.  For him that was because of the circumstances.  For her that was just the way she operated.  Her simulation of sleep was quite real though, and she layed on her side of the bed with an arm stretched out where Brad's place was.

She got up to go use the washroom just before dawn, as she usually did.  Brad was half awake, and decided to go meet her when she came out.  She heard him out there of course, but still configured her face and her body to show mild surprise when she saw him.

Her widened eyes began to tear lightly again as they faced each other in the hallway.  He looked no better.

"We need to talk." he said.

"Okay." she said meekly as the inside of her chest blazed with processor activity.  She began to secrete Fembot Command's blend of synthetic pheromones and sex hormones again.

The human walked into the bedroom.  The android followed.  They sat down next to each other on the bed, though they kept a little more distance than usual.

Brad sighed and said "Pam.... you know how much I'm in love with you."

She looked at him in the lamplight and tried to calculate his meaning.  She nodded.

"You really hurt me today." he said.

That caused trouble for her CPU.  She quickly loaded and sorted through memory files to try and recall what she had done, but then her AI took over and realised he wasn't talking about physical hurt.  That left only the possibility of emotional hurt, though that kind of thing was no easier on her chipsets.  Both the Master Computing Device and her own electronic brain had miscalculated the degree of emotional pain her absence on this night would cause.

It really bugged him when she just stared back at him like that, but he had grown to accept all the AI limitations he saw as her 'quirks'.

"I need to know Pam..." he asked, "do you still love me as much as I love you?"

An answer appeared right away in her logic circuits.  "Yes." she said.  After another moment of heavy processing she added "I love you just as much."

He had to look down.  There was a feeling in his gut that told him she didn't mean it.  He wanted to ask her about what she had really done that evening; to interrogate her.  Then he thought there might just be a possibility she had told the truth.

"I wanted us to celebrate last night." he said as he grabbed her warm, realistic hand.  "Words can't tell you how much I love you."

A tear rolled down her right cheek as she ran into trouble computing his syntax.  That last statement had presented too much of a problem for her AI, so she logged the statement, went with her best guess and instead focused on his body language and facial expression.

She forced a fake little smile and asked "Are you still mad?"

Brad nodded slowly.  "I'll get over it though." he said, not sure if it was true.  "I was already in a shitty mood actually." he added.  I cut my thumb on that champagne bottle.  And Charlie peed on the floor again."

"Oh no." she said, trying to make the sound waves from her speaker sound sympathetic.  She logged those last two statements of his to her memory files.

"Is it too late to celebrate?" she asked.  "Can we make love?"

Brad looked down at her lap.  He suspected that her sweet honey pot had been defiled by the seed of another man.

He leaned close and put his arms around her.  "I'm too tired right now." he said.  "I haven't slept much."

"Okay." she said.  Her processors had run out of things to make her mouth say.

"I'm gonna go back to the guest room." he said without explanation.

Her head turned as her optical scanners followed him to the door.  Neither of them said anything more to each other as he exited and closed the door behind him.  She shut down her chemical secretions again.

Feeling mainly confused now, Brad went back to the washroom to jerk off.  He tried not to think of Pam at all as he did.


Part 5:  Automated Temptation

The remaining hours of the early morning passed slowly for Brad in his half-sleep.  For Pam they passed with uniform sameness to all the other passing microseconds she had ever counted.  She was lying in bed working out strategy, and he was basically doing the same.

Both were up before breakfast time.  Pam was first, and sat herself down with a hot and creamy cup of coffee while she waited for the human.  Every sip she took initiated a diagnostic scan on her fluid intake system - just to be sure.  All her parts were working just fine.

Pam's main plan as she sat in waiting was to try to invite herself into the shower with brad.  Sex could be used as a gift, a tool and even a weapon.  Pam's creators knew that, and they had imprinted that information into the artificial woman's storage media.  This anger and distance Brad was showing was computed to be interfering with Pam's mission, and that situation needed to change.

After she finished her coffee, Pam got up and scanned through her daily checklist of chores and cued tasks.  The kids weren't due back until around noon, so a very large chunk of that to-do list had been eliminated for that day.  That left a bunch of other chores she could do, but some would have to wait until Brad was awake.

She loaded some files and went to feed the dog.  She walked to the kitchen and bent over as she opened one of the cupboards.  She pulled out the bag of kibble and unrolled the top, then walked over to the corner and poured exactly 150 pieces into the bowl.  She had them counted in an instant as soon as they came out.

The next step of calling the animal over was skipped due to the presence of a sleeping human in the house, so she rolled up the bag and put it back in the cupboard.  Charlie was lying down under that same table as last night, resting his aching body on a folded wool blanket.  He was too freaked out and scared of the fembot to go near it.  Even though he was hungry, he would wait until she left the room.

As she went to go sit down again, she heard Brad stirring in the guest room.  She activated her chemical traps again and went to stand in the hallway to wait for him.  For a few minutes she stood motionless while her vagina wetted and the barely detectable but powerful aroma dissipated in the air.  The hallway stayed constantly in her field of view as she waited for Brad to appear from the doorway to the left.

When she heard him reach the door, she started moving slowly forward.  She put a look on her face that was half seductive and half submissive.  He saw her and smiled a bit.

"Hi.  Wanna take a shower?" she said as she swung her hips a little more to her steps.

Brad watched her walk toward him.  Her voice to him was clear and melodious, like a constant love song.  And even under her nightgown those big feminine curves of hers were visible.  He thought about her offer as she reached down and grabbed the bottom edges of the garment.  Her facemask appeared more seductive now as she lifted and removed the white and pink gown.  She tossed her mane of synthetic hair as her flawless large breasts jiggled around for a while.

She could see the bulge behind the cotton of his boxer shorts as it grew and pushed outward.  She could do that while retaining eye contact with him.  She also made scans of his body temperature patterns and compared that data with similar scans made seconds ago.

He was getting turned on.  Still, for a time he just watched her sexy plump naked body as she stepped even closer.  He could smell the cream from between her legs now.  He was about to give in and say yes when she moved in all the way and put her arms around him.

This time he let her, and put his own arms around that well-built machine.  He loved to feel her breasts pressing against his chest when he held on to her.  His penis swelled to about full size as she pressed her sweet wet lips on to his mouth.  He closed his eyes and let himself get taken.

Their kiss started slow and sensual, and lasted for a very long time.  If their was any doubt in either Brad's mind or Pam's processors that he still loved her, it was effectively diminished to nil.  She worked hard to make sure her movements were natural, and to make sure her body reacted as if it were real.  He got pleasure and got reminded why her absence bothered him so.  He didn't want to share this woman with anyone.

When things got hot and her scans and readings indicated he was ready to take it further, she pulled away and winked at him.  He grinned and watched her gorgeous feminine hips sway as she walked into the washroom and bent over to turn on the taps in the bathtub.  The shower head spurted and started to spray as the water got up to temperature.  Pam pulled the shower curtain aside and stepped in.

The priority inside her computerised bodily control systems now was to keep water and moisture out.  Specialised seals that were usually open - like in her ears, nose and mouth - were shut tight and electronically verified.  The experimental product development process that Fembot Command had undertaken to produce robots like Pam had taken years. It had resulted in lots of water damaged circuitry and many completely ruined test units before an effective and reliable water-proofing system had been developed.  The fruits of that labour now stood as a voluptuous raven-haired beauty with her perfect skin getting realistically wet.

Brad could only be enticed by that highly advanced android as he watched her waiting for him.  He took off his grey T-shirt and his boxers and went to go join his fiancee.  He stepped into the tub and pulled the shower curtain closed behind him.  Their bodies slipped around in the splashing wetness as they groped and fondled each other.  Brad's desire was now eclipsing his mistrust, and the woman he loved was being made aware of that.

Her balance system got called upon to work extra hard as she raised her left leg and pressed her very wet groin against him.  He held on tight to her and kissed her big lips again while his hands squeezed her large and firm plastic buns.  He was incredibly turned on as her erect nipples slid against his chest in all that splashing water.  He leaned back as she put her leg down.  He grabbed and lustfully squeezed both tits from the front.

The look on her face when he played with her boobs told him she enjoyed it, but of course it was just a certain configuration of the actuators and other mechanisms behind those high cheek bones and that classy looking chin.  Her enjoyment was never real.  It was only a carefully planned and executed display reacting to certain stimulating factors in order to advance the goals of her programming and of her mission.

All the mathematics being done behind her big and almost unrealistically perfect breasts seemed to indicate that her actions were being successful.  The human was once more under the spell of her chemical, electronic and mechanical charms.  Last night's problems and hurt feelings would hopefully become distant and seldom visited memories for him.  Her CPU processed the probability of his full forgiveness of her at an encouraging 73.905%.

In the back of his own mind though, he wasn't so sure.  He wasn't thinking about it now, but he was still determined to find out the truth about her absences.  Like the business contracts and agreements he helped draft at work, his marriage to Pam needed to start from a vantage point of complete honesty and trust.  To him, she was still on probation.


Part 6:  Manipulation

The two lovers finished off their sex then finished off their shower.  She cleaned his body and he gladly returned the favour.  His hands were so very close to her circuitry during that process, but fooled completely by her synthetic skin.  He let himself forget his anger for the moment too and kissed her deeply on the lips as he shut the tap off.

As the sound of water drips echoed off the brightly lit tile, he stepped out and reached for a bath towel.  He gave it to her and got himself another one.

"Let's go for another round when we're dry." she said.

He laughed lightly.  Her libido was incomparable.  "Sure." he said.  "You're like a machine, you know that?"

She just smiled at him and patted down her plastic covering while her system diagnosed itself for possible damage from all the moisture.  They looked at each other as they dried.  Brad was getting horny again as he watched his woman pat down the area between her legs.  The plumpness of her parts looked very inviting to him.  Nothing sagged or hung out too far on her body.

He started to smile in a more relaxed and easy way as she wrapped the towel around her hair.  She tied that up in itself and offered her manicured hand to him.  He hung his own towel up on the door hook and grabbed her hand.  The heat generated by the operation of her electronic and mechanical systems came through her flesh and seemed like natural warmth to him.

They smiled coyly at each other and experienced expectation in their own different ways.  Together they walked hand in hand and naked to the bedroom.  Her processors sifted through some complex binary functions while he closed the door.  He looked at her beautiful body from behind while she finished off a particularly complicated batch of data.

"How do you want it?" he asked.

She computed and turned to face him.  The look configured on her facemask was Fembot Command's default sexually playful look.  Without a word, she crawled on to the bed on all fours and arched her back in to stick her big round butt out.

He took one look at that sight and knew exactly what she 'wanted'.  Her silicone genitalia were pink and swollen with simulated arousal.  The cool breeze that blew through the open window caressed her naked plastic, and the sensors embedded into it caused it to show little goosebumps.

Brad hardly noticed.  He was more focused on the overall position of her body now, which was both welcoming and submissive.  Her absence the night before was far from his mind as he got behind to mount her.

With her speaker producing realistic moans and panting sounds, he began to slide in and out of her vagina with the aid of her scented, creamy lubricant.  They sweated while he let his mind wander into that zone of pleasure and she continued to diagnose her sealing systems.  As the heat and the passion in the room rose, her humidity sensors indicated that it was safe to once again open those previously sealed compartments.

The sound that came to her microphones was now clear, and her nose could now draw air directly to her chemical sensors.  New calibration settings were registered and the newly available data analysed - all while she made every effort she could to appear like a real woman in heat.

Her overall temperature rose, with hot spots on the areas of artificial flesh that were now most active.  Sweat came from fluid canisters in her chest, through the complicated circulation system, past the nanoscopic sealing technology that kept her facemask on and finally out of the pores built into her skin.  Along with it came more chemicals to influence the human.

They had their effect, as they always did.  The room was soon filled with the smell of sex, and the human was soon dizzy with intoxicating pleasure.  He channeled his energy into his oncoming orgasm as it grew and finally burst into being.  His hips stopped pumping back and forth as he held on to the fembot and let his semen fill her tight hot pussy.

They came down from their real and simulated pleasure together.  She got up off the bed while he sat down and caught his breath.  She recalculated some values and wrote to some log files on her hard drives as she went to sit beside him.  She leaned past him momentarily to glance at the clock, even though the exact time was always displayed digitally in her field of vision for her cameras to see.

"I should make breakfast." she said.  She kissed him.  "What do you want?"

"Bacon and eggs." he said, deciding to treat himself to something greasy.

"You trying to catch up to me?" she said tauntingly as she grabbed on to his slight belly.

"Hmmmm........." he said, being cut off by another kiss on the lips. 

He was going to say that her belly wasn't very fat, but he told her that often enough.  To be perfectly accurate, of course, there wasn't a gram of fat in her body.  It was all silicone padding.  After spending a whole year with that android he might have noticed that her body had never once changed.  He hadn't.

The two of them turned in fully to face one another while she shuffled variables about and extrapolated them to arrive at tentative probabilities.  He interrupted her processing by grabbing and playing with her hairless pussy again.  She generated a groan of girlish glee with her speaker and leaned back on the bed as he kept on playing with her labia and with her clit.

Those devices returned controlled flashes of electrons back as data to her processors while her cameras watched him lay down and prop himself up on his elbow beside her.  his other hand reached out and lazily stimulated the stiffening nipple on her nearest breast.  Warnings flashed by quickly in her field of vision as he increased her digital pleasure.

She immediately stopped her most recent series of calculations and put all her CPU's power on processing this new round of sexual activity.  Her hand reached down under his arm and grabbed his penis.  The metal fingers inside received signals to move together as the gears and flexors in her wrist and elbow did their part.

He looked into her eyes and thought to himself that she was now 'under his spell'.  Her empty eyes looked back into his, and saw that he was being manipulated as planned.


Part 7:  Lies

For another little while the couple played around on the bed.  Brad wasn't willing physically or mentally to take this session any further, so he pulled his hands back and again sat up.

Electricity raced in pulses through Pam's chest as she figured out how to generate a natural looking response.  Her AI wasn't sure if she should try to offer more of those prefabricated excuses or if she should just go make breakfast.  That created an awkward moment between them after she sat up.  He looked at her and wondered just how much he could trust her now.  He started to make plans in his head.

"You make that breakfast now, I have to check my mail." he said as he patted her knee and got up.

She watched his naked body as he got up to get dressed.  "Okay, sexy." she said.  "Should I bother get dressed first?"

He laughed.  "You're serious?" he asked.

She just stared back blankly as she stood up.

"Ever fried bacon in the nude?" he asked her.

She quickly sorted and scanned through old memory logs, then sifted through her pre-programmed false-memory parameters.  "No." she answered.

He looked at her for a moment and dismissed that little exchange as just Pam being her quirky self.  "Might as well make sure you're dressed before you have to pick up the kids." he said to break another awkward silence.

"Okay." she said as she unwrapped that already loosened towel from her head.  She let her thick loose curls of jet black hair fall in waves around her shoulders and back as she aimed her head upward slightly and turned it gently from side to side.

She got into her underwear as he was sitting down to put on some socks.  She decided to present those carefully crafted excuses to him now.  "Do you want to hear about my evening?" she asked.

He kept looking at his feet as he pulled on his grey gym socks.  He didn't want to hear or talk about it right now, but he decided to let her have her say.  "Sure." he said, still looking at his feet.

Pam processed and blinked.  "Well, I was across the street with Annette having coffee, when I remembered I had to go to the dry cleaner's."

"You did that the day before." he interrupted.

"Yes, then I realised that when I got there, but when I was at the mall, I ran into that old friend I told you about."

Brad just nodded as he went to get a clean shirt out of the closet.

"Her name is Marcia Roves." she said after retrieving the correct file from her memory banks.  "She grew up in Port Coquitlam too."

"That's quite the coincidence." he said.  He was getting mad again.  This all sounded like bullshit to him.

"Isn't it?" Pam said happily.  She adjusted her mood display settings when she saw that brad didn't share her enthusiasm.

"Anyway, she's only been in town for a few months.  I went over to her house and she made sandwiches.  I totally lost track of time."

She was sounding sorry again but Brad was barely listening.  He felt like telling her off, but he had said all he thought there was to say last night.  "I'm gonna check that mail now." he said.

He got up, buckled his belt and walked out of the room.  They hadn't made eye contact since before the subject came up again.

Pam watched him leave, and spent some time alone computing and calculating.  She re-initiated those calculations she had earlier put on hold too, and used her time alone to sort some things out.  Her immediate plans were updated and changed slightly.

She sat down for a while to apply makeup to her silicone face and finished putting clothing over her curvy womanly body.  She went downstairs to start breakfast.  Brad had turned on the TV and was watching sports highlights as he set down his laptop on the coffee table.  This situation was strained and strange for the both of them. 

Brad hadn't intended to do anything work-related today, but now he needed an excuse to get out of the house.  He looked at the screen through his new mail, but didn't find anything that would give him a valid enough reason to go in to the office today.

Meanwhile, Pam was putting her advanced android technology to use in making a standard morning meal for them both to consume.  She tidied up the kitchen as she did, cleaning up what Brad had messed up while cooking that dinner for their botched anniversary date.

The sizzle and splatter from the pan got loud and prompted Brad to turn up the volume on the TV.  He really craved time alone to think right now.  His mixed feelings were a drain on his mood and on his outlook.  He wanted to get closer and farther away at the same time.

He found himself just staring at the computer screen and not paying attention to anything but his thoughts.  He stood up and went to the washroom.

Pam watched his actions the whole time in the form of infrared scans.  She couldn't tell much, but other evidence she had recorded made his upset mood clear to her AI.  She decided not to say anything more about Marcia or the invented reasons that had been made to cover for her emergency repair session.

Once the breakfast was done, Pam brought the meal out for her to consume and Brad to enjoy.  She set the table for breakfast with cutlery and coffee too.  Brad came out of the washroom to see his fiancee bent forward showing off that perfect cleavage through her light sweater.

She stood up and smiled at him as he walked toward his chair.  He gave her a kiss and sat down to dig in.

She sat down too and began to load up her fork with the delicious meal.

"What time are you going to go pick up the kids at?" he asked her.

"Around 11 or so." she replied.

"I should be back by then I hope." he said.

She looked at him.  Puzzlement showed on her plastic face.  "Where are you going?"

He looked her straight in the eye and told her a lie.  "I have to check in today at work.  One of our clients needs something."

"Oh." she said after some silence that stretched over the sounds of eating.  "Remember, I have a hair appointment at 2.  Someone needs to watch the kids."

"I'll be back by then." he said with a reassuring smile.

Her fluid pumps began to work again.  "Do you have to go in this morning?" she asked.  She was trying to be as seductive as she could be now.  "It's your day off Hon.  Can someone else do it?"

"No." he said, trying not to get annoyed.  "It has to be me.  And it has to be soon."

Her sexual charm subroutines were still in full effect.  "I was hoping we could have the morning to ourselves."  She laid her hand on his.  "You know."

He smiled at her, though it was as fake as the ones she showed him.  "There will be other days off." he said.

He decided to down his breakfast as fast as he could so he could get out of there.  His hot coffee burned his tongue as he tried to get it out of the cup too fast.

Pam kept eating, watching, recording.  A machine like her couldn't understand his behaviour right now, but a powerful supercomputer would be able to crash through those complex numbers later that day.  She would return to Marcia's house and the Master Computing Device for the regular task of scalp maintenance.

One of the advances that Fembot Command had made was hair that appeared to grow.  The synthetic follicles were pushed out little by little from the silicone on her head, until they reached the limit of their full length.  Then, that scalp with its fully extended hair was removed and replaced by another that could operate the same way for another few weeks.  That way, the Pam robot looked even more like a real human female.  She came standard with many tricks like that, all designed and tested to deflect suspicion.

Her trip to Marcia's house would also provide an opportunity for that basement supercomputer to figure out the things that her processors could not.  It would do the major calculating and decision making, and attempt to find a way for her to smooth things over with Brad.

For now though, she kept trying to be sexy and subservient.  Her current settings made sure she would do nothing that might upset him for the next few days. 

"I'm off now." he said as he finished the meal on his plate and stood up.  He drank the last bit of coffee and went to go brush his teeth.

"Okay." she said as she kept eating at her slower pace.  She watched him walk upstairs then listened as he used the washroom.  Her seductive secretions shut down again.  Her most recent attempt at chemical ensnarement had left her panties wet and in need of a change.

While she waited for him to return she ran some diagnostic scans on her systems.  Everything checked out, so she just finished breakfast and began to clean up.  Brad returned after a while and packed up his computer.  Pam started loading the dishwasher while she watched and recorded what he was doing.

He went to the door and put his sneakers on.  "I'll see you in a couple of hours." he called out as he opened the door.

"Hurry back!" she said as she trotted around the corner, large breasts jiggling.

He looked at her and waved goodbye, then left to get in to his car.

She recorded the scene of the front door closing and went to go change those panties.


Part 8:  Lies

Brad drove off down the street and opened the windows to let the summer air in.  He was headed downtown to the office, but not to work.  He switched the radio from sports talk to music so he could concentrate on his own thoughts.  He had to make sure he was really going to go through with this.

The morning rush-hour was over, and the streets were a lot easier to navigate now.  Brad decided to drive through the trendy shopping district to get to his office building, even though he would have to sit through about a dozen traffic lights.  The reward for that was eye candy.  Lots of young ladies in not much clothing were out already, showing off their taught bods and bouncy curves.

With his shades on, Brad could stare at the young women unnoticed.  Each red light on the street gave him a few minutes of the local T&A show.  He kept his eyes on a few hotties he liked.  They were the ones showing off the most flesh, of course.  Brad admitted to himself that he liked looking at the ones he would want to actually touch the least.  He really wished his office was closer to this street.

He got there eventually though.  He parked in his usual spot in the parkade and walked casually but quickly through the cement complex to the offices.  He said hello to some people he recognised as he got on the elevator.  He felt lucky to be wearing comfortable clothes while they wore their everyday uniforms of white shirts, dark slacks and ties.

When he got to his office, he smiled at his co-workers who had already started their day.

"B-Rad!" one of his colleagues called out.  "Forget it was your day off?"

Brad grinned and said "No, I forgot some things here."

He wasted no time and immediately got into his office and shut the door.  He grabbed the yellow pages from behind him and sat down in his chair.  The big heavy book plopped on his desk, and he started thumbing through the alphabet.  It took him about half a minute to find what he was looking for - private investigators.

His fingers dialed a number on the most no-nonsense ad he saw, and he waited.  He held his breath and sighed as he listened to the ringing over the phone.

Meanwhile back at the house, Pam was cleaning more than she usually did.  This had been calculated to be a good way of atoning for last night's inexcusable absence.  She cleaned the washroom, the kitchen including the oven, and vacuumed almost the whole house.  The extra energy that the batteries in her plump thighs put out presented no problem at all.  They had been changed quite late the previous day, so they had lots of electricity to provide to her cognitive and motion systems.

At the end of all that work, she sat down on the sofa and remained motionless until Brad returned.  That was perhaps not the best way to pass the time.  Anyone who would be interested could have looked through the window and seen her just sitting there, so inhumanly still.  But the processors and circuits that made up her mind didn't know any better.

Her human fiancee had at that point hired a man named Colin to check out exactly what Pam was doing to pass her time.  Colin had even agreed to start his surveillance today.  He would begin to trace the movements of the robotic Soccer Mom as soon as she left her home.

Brad had felt something weird go through his body after he had hired that man - a weird kind of tingle or shiver that tried to tell him he should talk things over with his woman.  But brad shook it off.  He told himself that this was the only way to get the absolute truth, and he really couldn't see any harm in trying to find the truth.

He stood up tall and walked out of his office.  "See y'all tomorrow." he called out to his fellow workers.  He waved and said more goodbyes as he walked out the door and over to the elevator.  He took the ride down to the parkade feeling like he had just accomplished something, although he also felt like he had just opened up a can of worms.

"Too late now." he said to himself as he strode in sneakers back to his car.  He drove out of downtown and again took the scenic route back home.

It was about twenty minutes past ten when he got there.  Pam was sitting on the sofa, not doing much of anything.  She heard him though, and as soon as she recognised the unique sound patterns of his car, she got up and reactivated some of her previously dormant systems.  Her CPU made some computations and sent signals to her vagina to self-lubricate again.

She waited at the table for him, leaning back against it while synthetic pheromones and sex hormones came out of her metal and plastic body.

He got the mail out of the box and opened the door.  He saw her right away, and right away he knew what she wanted.

He couldn't help but smile.  He was already in a randy mood from watching young tits jiggle uptown.  His eyes looked at her large and even nicer breasts. 

The smile on her face grew.  "It's gonna be a hot one today." she said as she started to take off her sweater.  The white T-shirt she wore underneath revealed a lot of that wondrous shape to the human.  It was stretched tight around her perfect bosom - so tight it showed off every contour of the white satin bra underneath.

He walked close and chucked the stack of bills and junk mail on the table next to her.  She kept looking at his eyes as he concentrated on her boobs.

"I don't think I've wished you a happy anniversary yet." he said.

"Not yet." she said.  She made her lips look pouty and full while synthetic saliva wetted them to give them an alluring gloss.

He could get a whiff of her arousal now.  "Happy anniversary." he said just before pressing his lips onto her pliable plastic mouth.

She stood up and pressed those fabulous DDs into him as her arms went around his back.  He returned the hug and let her crotch feel his growing erection.  He tried to push away all thoughts of what he had just gone out to start.

The android went into full seduction mode as the human enjoyed her powerful, beautiful scent and played with her large, firm butt.  He pressed that silicone covering against her internal skeletal structure while electricity flowed constantly from her thighs outward to every limb, motor and circuit board.

The speaker just behind that hot mouth began to generate accurate digital approximations of sexual moaning sounds.  He leaned back and moved his hands up to her shoulders so he could look into her eyes.  They looked real to him, of course, just as if she were a living thing.

"We have some time before you get the kids, lets go upstairs again." he said.

She kept her unfailing electronic gaze on him while the computer parts behind her amazing breasts made a few calculations.  "Let's do it right here."

"On the floor?"

"On the floor." she said as she stood back and peeled the T-shirt quickly away.

Brad smiled and went back to check that the door was locked.  He now felt like he was getting away with something as he started to take off some of his clothes.  The sneakers got kicked off while Pam reached behind her back and unhooked her bra.

Now unleashed, those massive, flawless tits bounced lithely to her every move.  She sat down on one of the chairs at the table and held her hand out to the human.  She curled her finger inward, making one of the sexy "come here" motions that she had on file in her memory banks.

The human knew what was next.  He unzipped and stepped out of his pants and walked over to his love.

"Take that shirt off." she said.

He did so, and threw it over to where his pants were.  Then he looked over to the living room window.  "Hang on." he said.  He rushed over to close the blinds, then came back around to his sexy black-haired fiancee-droid.

He put his hands on her shoulders and moved his hips close to her while she grabbed her boobs and pressed them around his hard penis.  She used her hips, her spine and her arms to manipulate those large mounds of silicone into a steady, forceful up and down motion.

She kept tit-fucking him while her video cameras looked up into his eyes.  He loved to look down at those eyes while she did that.  He hadn't the slightest suspicion that they were glass and that they scanned and recorded  him in both visible and non-visible wavelengths of light.

She could tell by using several scanning methods that he was getting hornier and ready to climax.  She adjusted her bodily systems and settings accordingly.  Her strongly scented robot love juice came faster out of her plastic vagina as she began to take deeper simulated breaths.

She moaned while her nipples got bigger and harder.  He closed his eyes slowly as he got near to orgasm.  It didn't take long after that for him to shoot semen all over her neck and all over her facemask.

The two slowed their breathing as she used her finger to clean his pearly white cream from her realistically coloured skin.  She licked the excess off her finger and repeated the process while he stood back and looked her over.

The electronics in her chest shuffled and zoomed 1s and 0s around for a while until they came up with another little plan.  She stroked her crotch noticeably through her jeans and said "I've got something down here for you now."


Part 9:  Thighs

Brad grinned a devilish, greedy grin as he looked down at Pam's plump, curvy thighs.  He loved it when she squeezed those warm curves against his head while he licked her ultra-realistic female genitals.

Expectation rushed through his body with the hot blood that pumped from his heart.  He loved her taste, which was quite a compliment to the designers of her synthetic systems.  They had accurately duplicated that artificial cream down to the subtlest nuances in scent and flavour.  It was his departed wife Gloria that had given him a taste for the female nectar, but it was this android that had made him an addict.

He looked around at the scene and wondered if he should go through with it.  For one thing, he thought of this area as a family meeting place.  It somehow didn't seem right to go eating pussy where he talked to the kids about their grades.  Also, he had just screwed and came into that box not so long ago.

Her exposed skin was reflective with beads of sweat now.  She looked at him in a way that had been calculated to please.  She saw his hesitance, and her processors tried to turn the video into math her CPU could understand.  She licked her lips and eventually said, "I douched after you left."

He looked into her eyes and gave her a playful, overinquizitive look.  That information made up his mind, and he took her hand so she could stand up and pull her pants down.

She smiled and started to cum a little more for him to make sure he got off to a good start.  She hadn't actually used a douche to clean out her mechanical love canal, of course.  It had been sprayed clean from the inside using water she had drank earlier.  The effect was the same though.  That android and those like her were very clean and sanitary.

The robot pulled those jeans down past her knees and sat back down.  Brad was sure he wanted to do this elsewhere now.

"You know," he said, "This is gonna get too messy to do here."

She looked up at him and immediately 'understood'.  "Okay." she said.  "Let's go upstairs."

He watched her smile, stand and start to walk up the staircase.  He pulled up his own pants high enough to follow and watched her perfectly plump plastic ass wiggle to her strut as she climbed those carpeted stairs.  It came to him that he appreciated her body just as much as her mind - maybe more - but he decided not to think about that just then.

It was easy to get his mind back on track when he saw how wet his woman was getting.  She was starting to drip from that flawless and perfectly formed spot between her legs.  She looked down at him as she turned the corner.  Just as she had processed, he was getting horny and watching her imitation hips sway to her carefully computed steps.

She waltzed into the bedroom with the swagger of a just paid prostitute and bent all the way over in front of him.  This was both to rev him up even more and to get those jeans off her legs.  He enjoyed the sight and kicked off his own khaki pants too.  Then he watched her sit down on the bed and spread those fine thick thighs for him.

From her vantage point, she watched, scanned and recorded his actions.  Everything she saw, no matter how mundane or commonplace, was later analysed and compiled into Fembot Command's existing database of knowledge.  It was only through the existence of such a database that her present programming was even possible.

Every single sexual act that every single Fembot Command agent had performed had been recorded and reported to a supercomputer just like the one in Marcia's basement.  Once written as a data file, the experience was broken down into its elemental components and rigorously studied and analysed.  With enough data collected, certain profiles began to emerge.  Fembot Command learned this way what men wanted, what women wanted, and what its female robots could be built and programmed to offer.

And Pam's offering of carefully formulated chemicals was now available to her human.  He got on his knees in front of her while her body ramped up the amount of heat it generated.  His tongue went right to her wet and glistening clit, and stroked up and inward on it.  the sensors built into it returned data to her CPU that was used to modulate her responses.

She gasped and cried out in simulated pleasure.  A twitch came to her thighs as goosebumps appeared on her skin down there.  Brad licked, sucked in and swallowed some of that inebriating juice.  His recent hesitations were now far away from his focus as he tasted and caressed the artificial labia and clitoris in front of him.

A steady rhythm grew between them as he anticipated and took advantage of the pulses that grew out of her simulated heavy breathing.  With his head buried between her legs and his eyes closed, his hands grabbed her big sexy thighs and stroked their feminine contours in a lusty, feverish way.

Several minutes of his abandon and her computation went by, until her orgasm algorithms began to alter her sexual operations.  She made faster breaths and squeezed her thighs against his head as she got ready for another android orgasm.  He knew it was coming too, and made sure his mouth was open and his tongue ready to drink in what she would dispense.

Her thighs suddenly separated and held still while another large portion of liquid was pumped out of those reservoirs inside her chest.  Through the flexible plastic tubes it flowed until it came out of the pink plastic contrivance that was her vagina.  The machinery of her pelvis began to settle down as her digital voice gave him feminine moans of pleasure to enjoy.

She sat up, again moving her thighs against his head.  He was still lapping up the liquid, getting all he could from her fountain.  She stroked his head for a while as her simulated breathing, pulse-rate and body temperature got back to normal levels.

"Now..." she said in a subdued, breathy voice, "how do you want to drill me?"

Brad kept on slurping for a while, then sat down on the floor and licked his lips.  He smiled at her for a while, then looked over at the clock radio.  "We should probably finish this tonight.  Marcus and Jessica will be waiting for you."

Pam looked over at the clock too, even though she always had the correct time in her sights.  She also knew there was no time for more sex with the human.  She had only asked because it made her appear more like what she wasn't.

"Okay." she said.

She watched him rise to his feet.  His erection was still hard and needed to be taken care of.  he pulled up his underwear and pants over it though.

"Wanna come with me?" she asked as she stood up too.

"No," he said, "I'm gonna start clearing out the basement."

"Like you were gonna have done by spring?" she said mockingly.

He looked at her and gave her a mildly disapproving gesture.  She just leaned in and gave him a nice deep kiss.  He always found it a little interesting that she didn't mind kissing him after his whole mouth had been so intimate with her private parts.  She certainly was a highly sexual creature.

"I'll be waiting for you though." he said.  Again, he felt like he was lying.  He already knew what he'd do after she left.

"Okay Dear." she said.  She stepped out of her pants and walked out of the room and around the corner to the washroom.  There she wetted a small towel and wiped her crotch clean.

Brad sat down on the other side of the bed and looked out the window.  A few cars drove slow past their school zone street, momentarily interrupting the rambunctious shouts of joy he could hear from the children at the nearby playground.  He seemed to be in a kind of Zen moment, and enjoyed it for what it was.

Pam returned and got back into her pants.  She watched him as he watched the world.  Her CPU computed that something might be wrong.  She kept scanning him with those high-resolution cameras while possible explanations of his current behaviour scrolled past her field of view.  One by one those possibilities got worked-over by her AI until she 'guessed' that he was thinking about last night.

He wasn't though.  He was just being for a change, not thinking or remembering or planning at all.  It was a short lived state, but it was always welcome for him.  It wasn't something a robot would be able to understand.

That female-appearing machine kept getting dressed, and as a finishing touch she sprayed some moderately expensive perfume onto her silicone covering.  That little spray seemed to bring Brad out of his light meditation.  He stood up and showed her a smile.

She smiled back, but was still computing ways of minimizing the effects her absence had caused the night before.

"I guess you're off then?" he asked as he walked near.

"Yeah." she answered.  It was all her processors could come up with.

He gave her another quick kiss, and tasted the mint she had put into her mouth.

"See you in a bit." he said. 

She waved goodbye and showed him a pre-computed smile of her own.  He stroked her big tight ass as she turned and exited the room.  He stood there listening for her steps to fade, and then for the sound of the front door.

He turned around again and peered out the window as he heard her heels click on the driveway.  As the sound of the SUV door opening and closing came in through with the summer breeze, he went once again over to the dresser and pulled the framed picture of Gloria out from under his socks.


Part 10:  Mom Duties

With her posture perfect and her mechanical hands firmly on the steering wheel, Pam backed the large blue vehicle out of the driveway and started driving slowly down the neighborhood street.  The scene recorded by her stereo video cameras got overlaid with a graphical display of the route she would need to travel.  This dynamic map rotated and zoomed in as relevant data flashed quickly near the sides.  All the while, she was able to see through it and operate the vehicle in an efficient and safe manner.

Once she had the route stored in her memory, she turned up the radio and began singing along.  She did this by first identifying the song then downloading lyrics via her fast wireless internet connection.  Her mouth mechanisms then moved in synchronisation with her synthesised singing voice as she steered the SUV through the intersections and playground zones.  To other drivers and pedestrians, it would appear that she was just enjoying the music.

On top of all that activity, the processors inside her chest that acted as a kind of electronic brain were busy with separate procedures of their own.  She was still trying to refine her calculations pertaining to the behaviour she had seen displayed by the human.  She had to know what it all meant in order to function the way she ought.  She also had to plan out the kinds of things she would talk about with the kids.  Lists of possible statements were compiled in memory buffers to be used on them later - selected according to the situation and circumstances.

It was all a drain on her cognitive systems, but Pam was one of the most advanced computing machines around.  There was at least as much raw computing power within her voluptuous frame as there was in some of the world's finest supercomputers - the ones officially acknowledged to exist, that is.  Some things had to be sacrificed for the moment though, and those were low level bodily functions like simulated breathing and constant, minor movements.

Her modes of operation had to change though once she got to her first destination.  Jessica's friend lived closest to Pam's assignment site, so she got picked up first.  The pretty plump android parked the SUV on the street and went up to the front door to ring the bell.  She chatted for a while with the mother of Jessica's friend while the girl got ready.

Soon after that, Jessica came over and gave Pam a hug.  "Hi Pam!" she said.

"Hi sweetie!" Pam answered.  "Did you have fun?" she asked, selecting the statement from one of those lists she had previously constructed.

She listened and calculated, and after a while said goodbye to the adult human and her child in the house.  She led Brad's daughter back to the SUV and came up with more things to say as she listened to the child's words.  Jessica was always easier for Pam to deal with than Marcus.

That boy was staying a few blocks away at his friends house.  This other part of her duties went much like it had with Jessica, except Marcus was aloof to the robot as he usually was.

"Hi Pam." He said, without a hug.

The android reached out and tussled his hair a little.  Marcus moved his head away and scowled.

"Don't!" he said.

Pam just smiled, and shared a seemingly-knowing look with the mother of his friend.  Marcus was suddenly subdued now as he put on his shoes.

"Thanks for watching the little monster." Pam chuckled to the other woman.

"Oh, he was good." she said  "Like I said, he's welcome here any time.  So are you."

Pam looked at the other woman.  That last statement had made her quickly calculate the possibility of sexual interaction with this other female human.  As quick as a blink of her eye, Pam scanned the woman's image and processed her dimensions with sexual attraction algorithms.  She computed percentages and probability rates and decided that this woman would make a fine sexual partner, but that was most likely not what she had meant.

"Thanks." Pam said without missing a beat.  "Me and Brad should have you over for dinner some time."

The other mother shuddered a little at the thought.  She didn't know Brad very well, but she got the impression that he was a little conceited and full of himself.  She had spent much time with Pam however.  Both ladies attended soccer games and practices to watch their boys play.  That boy's mother did not like Pam.

"Well, I guess you're off now." she said, dropping a subtle hint to the realistic robot.  "I'm on my way out soon too."

"Okay." said Pam.  "See you tomorrow!"

"Bye!" she answered with a fake smile.

"Let's go Marcus." Pam said cheerfully as she grabbed the boy's hand.

He recoiled at her touch and slipped his hand out of her grasp as they exited.  "Stop treating me like a kid!" he complained as they got back to the vehicle.

"You are a kid." she said after a very simple logical and syntactical operation.

"I'm almost a teenager!" he said defiantly.

"You're almost eleven..." she pointed out, "that's not teens yet."

Marcus huffed and frowned harder.  He picked up the same vibe that most people did about that big beautiful black-haired woman.  Something wasn't quite right about her, and people could spot that intangible uncanniness after a while.

The kid got into the back and sat next to his sister.

"Hey, Jessicrap." he said pointedly.

"MOM!" she complained loud.

Pam closed her door and turned to look at Marcus.  "Stop calling your sister names." she said sternly.

"I don't have to listen to you!" he said.  "You're not my mother!"

Pam made some almost instantaneous computations and answered "I'm your guardian.  Besides, if you don't listen to me, I'll tell your father."

The kid returned Pam's annoyed look with one of his own.  He was silent and sat back to buckle up his seat belt.  Jessica began talking excitedly about her night as the blue gas-guzzler started up again and made its way back to Brad's house.

Over there, Brad was on the phone to Colin.

"She's going to get her hair done," he said, "she'll probably leave around quarter to 2."

"Okay, I'll be watching." Colin answered.

"She usually takes a long time, sometimes three hours for that."

"I'll check it out."

"Okay... will you be close enough to get pictures?"

"If I need to be I will."

"Alright." Brad said.  He looked at the clock.  "That's about all I can think of right now."

"Sound's good.  I'll be sure you know what's going on."

"Thanks.  I'll talk to you later."

"Okay, bye."

Brad clicked the phone off and went to the fridge for a beer.  He cracked it open and saw Charlie get startled by the sound.

"Oh, poor little guy," he said as he put the can down.  He crouched down to give the dog some attention as he stood in front of his kibble.  He was eating more slowly as the days went by.  It broke Brad's heart to see his health deteriorate like that.  Still, he was over 13 years old.  He was a senior citizen as far as poodles went.

Brad felt the animal start to calm down as he stroked him.  After a few minutes, Brad picked up his beer again and went down to the basement to see what he could clean up.



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