36 + 1

by RobotMan

This stand-alone story begins after the end of "H is for Heuristic", and there are a few more chapters still to come...

Episode 1

"Ready?" Anya said.

"Yep." he said.

"Ready?" she said, turned now to look at Tammy.

"AFFIRMATIVE." Tammy said, switched to a sexy monotone version of her voice.  She punctuated her statement with a short burst of computerised tones and beeping noises, then giggled and smiled as Anya led the way.

Mike was smiling too.  The girls were about to show him another good time.

He followed Anya as she walked out of his room.  Today she was wearing a translucent black silk blouse over a very tiny black satin bra and panty set.  Her heels were also black, and as tall as her electronic balance systems would allow.  This wondrously beautiful android had once again been modified so that now she was able to get wet just like any other series 558.

Her lover - and Mike's - was dressed up in a cute little outfit consisting of a tiny, tight pink T-shirt and black low-rise stretch pants with the word "FEMBOT" lettered in light blue across her sexy plastic butt.  Black leather ankle boots and pink frilly socks completed the look, along with a pink terry hair elastic holding her black hair in a pretty ponytail.

Mike held hands with this other 558 as they led him down the hall to a destination only they knew.  The three of them did this once a day.  Tammy and Anya would connect chest panel to chest panel and exercise their creativity subroutines in conjuring up an erotic excursion for them and their master to enjoy.

They were always intensely pleasurable for all.  With 36 beautiful female robots and one horny man between them, the possibilities were practically endless.  Tammy and Anya had spent enough time with him to know exactly what he liked.  There hadn't been a single one of these surprises that hadn't both delighted and thrilled him.

"What's been bubbling in your circuitry today?" he said jokingly as they led him down the staircase to the main level of the large secluded cabin.

"Something a little different from yesterday." Anya said.

Pleasant memories of that episode flashed back to him.  Tammy on the left, Anya on the right - facemasks off and pumping "The Robots" by Kraftwerk out of their beautiful speakers.  Between them was one of the two identical maidbots.  She had been programmed to 'dance' in her extremely stiff and mechanical way as the music played.  The dance had been choreographed by his black-haired girlfriends to show off some of what those maids could do to turn him on.

He listened and watched as the maidbot jerked around in time to the music; seductively opening and closing panels, turning and whirring her servos, removing and reconnecting limbs and her head.  Added to the music were the always welcome purely digital sounds that emanated from her curvy, glossy body.

Mike breathed in deep and let out a very contented sigh.  "What would I do without you girls?" he asked.

They laughed, sounding real and sounding happy too.  They walked with the human to 'the office'.  It was a room at the end of another hallway that had been decorated like a functionally professional business setting.  Mike had been there many times.

Inside was a cute secretary, a 510 named Diana.  She was an auburn haired, pale skinned android with a petite and slim frame - except for her hips, thighs and buns.  Those curves were big and sexy, with lots of tight silicone padding around her metal skeletal structure.

Diana was one of the 30 spare fembots stored at Robot Control Station 64.  An exact duplicate of her functioned as an agent on a mission somewhere.  The main computer wouldn't divulge details, but Mike didn't mind.  He quite enjoyed having the spare to play with.

He had first seen this robot standing upright and naked in a glass booth in the basement lab.  Her exceptional curves had immediately caught his attention.  They were unbelievable.  Nothing was flabby or sagging.  Gorgeously thick plastic thighs, wide womanly hips, and surely the biggest and roundest fembot booty ever manufactured by Robot Control.

Mike had thought this uniquely sexy electronic woman would look good as a secretary, so here she was.  All day, she worked alone in this office.  She looked quite busy - answering phone calls, working at the desktop computer and filing lots of paperwork.  But none of it was real.  There was never anyone on the phone.  The things she entered into the spreadsheet and the word processor were nothing but randomly generated gibberish.  All the paper was blank.

But the adorable little fembot with the sexy round ass was constantly at it.  When Mike and his girls arrived, the phone rang.  They waited and watched her react.

She turned her attention to the ringing phone, stared vacantly at it for a brief second, then picked up the receiver and put it up to her ear.  "Good morning, Robot Control Station 64, Diana robot number 7839061B speaking.  How may I assist you?"

Mike grinned at the scene and waited for the fake call to be done.

"Please hold, while I transfer your call to the appropriate department." the secretary said.  She reached out and pressed a few buttons on the phone, then hung up the receiver and turned to look at her three visitors.

"Hello Mike.  Hello Anya.  Hello Tammy." she said, turning her head with a hint of mechanicalness to look at each one in turn.  "How may I assist you?"

Mike liked the way these comparatively basic series 510 ladies operated.  At a glance, they looked human.  But after a moment of observation, their true identity as machines became more than apparent.  It made him wonder just what kind of mission her duplicate would be on.  She would no doubt be found out right away.

Tammy reached out to the desk and pushed back the nameplate which read "DIANA 7839061B".  Tammy swung her full hips on to the desk to sit down, smiled and leaned across to talk to the secretary.  "Are you busy right now Diana?"

The robot looked at Tammy as she ran her sentence through her language recognition systems.  "I am always very busy." she said with a cheerful, air-headed smile.  "There is always a lot of work for me to do."

"We need you to find something for us." Anya said with a nice looking smirk.

Diana turned her head to look at the other droid.  "I would be happy to assist you."

"We're looking for paper document number 2621." Tammy said after giving the human a wink.  "It's filed under 'Q', can you get that for us?"

Diana smiled and computed.  "Yes." she said.  She pushed her rolling chair back and stood up.  "I should be able to find it soon."

She walked across the speckled brown-beige carpet in her flared black leather heels until she stood before one of the grey metal filing cabinets.  Anya walked over and leaned against another, watching the synthetic woman as she worked.

Mike looked with lust at the big hips, thighs and buns on this unit.  The whole package looked even nicer dressed in the crisply clean black polyester pants and dark green satin button-up shirt she wore over her perky C-cup breasts.  Those slacks were so tight around the machine's big sexy buns that Mike could very clearly see panty lines as she bent forward to open the second lowest drawer.

The Diana robot was, of course, no virgin.  She and Mike had 'interfaced' several times since his arrival at this amazing place.  Her eye-catching figure was just as sexy to him as her limited 'personality', and a nice match to the circuitry available for viewing within.

Tammy looked at Mike.  She saw that he was getting very horny, and he saw the same in her finely adjusted facial expressions and colouration.  "It gets better." she said.

Mike went around the desk and sat in Diana's comfy chair as he watched the synthetic secretary look through carefully organised folders full of blank white paper.  He could guess what would come next.

Diana methodically leafed through page after page in the folder labeled 'Q'.  It was plain now to all but the 510 that this search would go nowhere.  Her motions repeated, and began to be strictly and enticingly rhythmic.  Her reddish brown hair lilted this way and that ever so slightly along with the turning of her neck mechanism.

"Found it yet?" Anya asked with a big smile on her sublimely gorgeous face.

Diana finished making a few more scanning motions, then turned her head to look at Anya.  "I am still searching for the document you requested.  I should be able to find it soon."

The phone rang then, another phantom call for the secretary to answer.  She marked her place in the folder by upturning her current blank sheet of paper, then stood up and announced "I have to answer the phone."

Looking cheerful and not exactly human, she walked back over to her desk.  She paused for a moment, and noticed that her chair was now occupied.  Mike was still sitting there, getting an expertly executed hand job from Tammy.

The phone rang again as Diana tried to calculate a way around the situation.  Tammy helped by standing up and kneeling down between Mike's legs.  She looked lovingly up into his eyes as she opened her mouth and took in his hard, throbbing cock.

Diana stood there, for a short while overwhelmed by the changing situation as the phone rang for a third time.  She finally reached over her desk to pick up the receiver.  Her nicely constructed breasts jiggled under her satin shirt as Mike watched her move.

She held the receiver up to her ear and said again "Good morning, Robot Control Station 64, Diana robot number 7839061B speaking.  How may I assist you?"

Again, she waited for a moment, obeying her programming in order to look like she was listening.  "Please hold, while I transfer your call to the appropriate department."

She put this imaginary call on hold too, and hung up the phone.  Mike leaned his head back and started to breathe heavier as he watched the secretary accomplish nothing.

She stood up straight and turned around again, headed back to the filing cabinet.

"Diana," Mike said, "take off your shirt."

She paused once more, then turned around to acknowledge the command.  "Yes Mike." she said.  She loaded the right string of software to make her finely articulated hands grip and manipulate the buttons one by one until they were all unfastened.  Then she wriggled her plastic and metal torso out of the smooth fabric garment as Mike watched with delight.

Her realistic tits jiggled again inside her black satin bra as she slipped the shirt off one arm, then the other.  Mike again smiled brightly as he watched the android standing still, wondering in her binary way what to do with the shirt.

She looked at her chair.  Her processors had first decided to drape the garment over the back of the chair, but when her optical system relayed its data back to her CPU, she realised she couldn't really do that at the moment.

Mike loved watching the fembot stay stuck there, her momentum interrupted by such a trivial matter.

"I'll take your shirt, honey." Anya said, grabbing it out of Diana's hands before she could turn around to look at the statuesque woman.

"Thank you Anya." she said.  "Now.... where.... was.... I...." she said.

The plainly machine-like pauses she made between those words got Mike even hornier as his robot dream girl giggled while still sucking his dick.

One single loud electronic beep came out of the secretary as she smiled and stood still, trying to cope with more than her limited processing power could handle.  She eventually turned back around and continued back where she left off.

Mike watched her butt wiggle ever so slightly as she kept searching.  Those tight polyester pants made her big silicone butt look simply amazing.  The panty lines he could still see under the fluorescent office lighting seemed to make a shape that led the view directly between her sexy round buns, and to the artificial vagina installed between her legs.

He half wanted to get up and stick himself inside her hot and juicy pussy, but he would let Tammy finish getting her enjoyment first.

Diana made another loud beep.  She stood upright very stiffly and said "ERROR."

The error signal was in a robotic monotone.  Mike was really enjoying this now.

Diana looked at Anya.  "Paper document number 2621 can not be found." she said simply.

"Why not?" Anya asked, pretending now to look impatient.

Diana was silent until a third loud beep came from inside her.  "That does not compute." she said.

"Why does that not compute?" Anya said quickly.

Diana turned partially around, then froze, then turned back to face Anya.

The phone rang again.

Diana was looking less and less human as she turned around again to face her desk.

"Diana," Anya called out loudly, "answer my question."

She froze again.  She moved her arm in a way that looked strikingly out of place.  As Mike watched he realised she was making the motion of answering the phone.  She put her arm back down by her side, then made the exact same motion as the phone rang once more.

"Diana," Anya called again, "find paper document 2621."

The thoroughly confused fembot turned around to face Anya.  Mike watched as she froze again, only moving when the phone was heard to ring.

She turned her head to the front and walked forward.  Her buns wiggled to her steps as she walked full speed into the open drawer.  It got pushed back in, but the 510 continued to walk forward.  She made another phone-answering motion with her arm.  At the very same time, she tried to correct herself by turning around to face the desk.

But her balance system was not responding properly.  The secretary overcompensated for her movements and ended up falling face down onto the carpet.

It startled the human in the chair, but he was still enjoying the show.  Tammy kept on sucking while Anya mockingly said "Uh-oh!"

Diana made some twitching movements as she emitted her greeting. "Good morning, Robot Control Station 64, Diana robot number 7839061B speaking.  How may I assist you?"

Mike could see that her facemask had been dislodged.  He thought that was really cool.  The malfunctioning fembot's twitching made her head move little by little away from the complex facial covering.  He very much appreciated the sight of her amazingly proportioned backside sticking out as she made jerky mechanical movements on the floor.

The phone rang again.

The damaged fembot spoke again.  "Robot morning Diana...  speaking assist... assist... assist... good morning...  How may Diana... Diana... Diana... Robot Control Station 64... 64..."

Mike was about ready to come.  Big-assed malfunctioning fembots could do it to him every time.

Anya quickly crouched down, and grabbing Diana under her arms lifted the secretary up and set her back on her feet.

More loud beeps came out of her error-filled body.  With her facemask on the floor, the enchanting display of lights and circuitry showed within her head.  Some of her hair had fallen forward to obscure the view, adding a nice touch of femininity to a very erotic display of electronics.

"7839061B." she said amid the beeping, growing now more frequent.

Mike let out a moan of pleasure.

"7839061B." Diana said again. "7839061B... 7839061B... 7839061B... 7839061B... " she repeated constantly as she turned her head to the left and the right.

Anya stood back again, smiling gleefully at the success of the delightfully devious idea that her and Tammy had computed. 

Mike listened to the changing quality of the robot's repeating voice.  It degraded steadily with each mindless repetition of her serial number.  She still twitched and moved in that sexy non-human way, eventually turning and making an awkward looking strut toward the wall on Mike's left.

He caught the side-view of her magnificent, plump robot ass as she emitted garbled cycles of her degrading digital voice.  It hardly sounded like speech anymore.  He finally came into Tammy's realistic mouth as Diana hit the wall.  She bounced back and hit it again, and again, and again.

Tammy let out a contented moan as she swallowed and licked. 

"I guess I'll call Maria now." Anya said with a hearty laugh.


Episode 2

Anya smiled and looked at the cute malfunctioning lady as she went past her to go use the phone to call the technician in the basement lab.

Mike caught his breath and said "Wait."

Anya looked at him.  She was puzzled for a moment, but then extrapolated data from previously observed patterns to guess what he wanted to do next.

"Let's see what we can do before we go calling tech support." Mike said as Tammy stood up and licked her lips as she rinsed her mouth.

"I like the way you compute!" Tammy said jokingly to him.

Anya smiled too.  "What should we do Master?" she asked in a sultry voice.

Mike looked at the scene and gave it some thought.  By now, the sounds coming out of Diana's exposed speaker sounded like a loop of contorted digital tones.  She was still walking into the wall, facemask off and right arm intermittently trying to make phone-answering motions.

"Reboot her." Mike ordered Anya as he stood up and fastened only the top button of his jeans.

Anya gave back a knowing smile, then pulled the petite secretary away from the wall.  With her 558 strength, she held on to the 510 and opened the malfunctioning girl's chest panel.  Then she simply pressed the big red button inside.

Diana froze, and so did the flashing patterns of bright LEDs in her head.  Then, they went dark... but only for a few seconds.  The loud, familiar single beep that signaled fembot rebooting was heard, followed by a few not so loud ones of different pitch and timing.  The mesmerising display of multicoloured indicators lit up again, flashing in patterns that signaled the status of the rebooting system.

"DIANA ROBOT NUMBER 7839061B ACTIVATED." the machine said in her diagnostic/boot mode monotone.

The sub-facial flashing continued for a long time as her inner scans revealed all the problems the malfunction had caused.  More beeps came out singly and in clusters too. 

All the while, Diana's lifeless glass eyes pointed out straight ahead as Mike stood in front of her.  His fingers were stroking her realistic vagina through her polyester slacks.  The plastic pussies of the 510 series weren't customised like the 558s and the 542s, so they were all identical.  Mike had even been shown a storage compartment full of spares, which was quite a sight.  The combination of soft looking pink silicone folds and dangling wires and electronics reminded him what he liked best about his new living space.

But Mike much preferred those parts to be installed in pretty synthetic hotties like Diana.  And the parts of her that were custom built were incredible.  Tammy and Anya certainly thought so too.  They were almost as fond of Diana's big plastic bubble butt as Mike.  Anya in particular spent a lot of time in the pretend office, masturbating as she watched the secretary shake her stuff.

Now, as they waited for Diana to reboot her AI programming, they all stood near, stroking the sexy fembot.  Tammy stood behind Diana and to her right, feeling her curved backside with one hand while the other hand stimulated her own electronic vagina.  She scanned the other droid's sexy curves with her stereo video cameras and used the data recorded that way to increase her own binary arousal.

Anya was busy stroking the other bun, and getting the other hand to work on the secretary's plump-looking, firm thighs.  Her and Tammy looked at each other as they stroked.  They smiled and kissed, then put their processing power back to work on Diana.

Mike could smell Tammy and Anya getting wet.  It got him hornier, and hungry to taste the synthetic juice they could offer.  What he wanted most now though, was a taste of some Diana robot pussy.  She was still having troubles booting up though.

"Tammy," Mike said, "what's Diana's command key code?"

Tammy pinged the Main Computer with a wireless signal, and then searched through the part of its database that she had been allowed access to.  "903L0005327KG24YS." she said.

"Tell her to get out of diagnostic mode already." Mike said with a smirk.

Tammy smiled and stooped down to speak softly into the other android's ear.  "Diana, override diagnostic mode safeguards and commence full system load, command key 903L0005327KG24YS."

A loud flutter of beeps and tones came out of the auburn haired lady's speaker as her system interrupted its internal scans and went ahead with a full program reboot.

"DIANA ROBOT NUMBER 7839061B ACTIVATED." she said again in the pleasingly monotone version of her voice, still nicely affected by sound generation errors.

Mike continued to rub her warm crotch as he waited and watched.

Her voice remained digitally altered as it switched to its normal tone.  "Diana... Diana robot number 7839061B has experienced an improper... improper... shut-down and reboot procedure."  She said mindlessly.  "Possible system errors... errors... have... have... been detected."

"Can you put her facemask back on?" Mike asked Anya.

With a smile, Anya bent down and picked up the oval-shaped device.  She snapped it back into place as the secretary beeped again.

"Please contact... contact... contact... Robot Control... Control... for assistance." Diana said.

The movements of the fembot's mouth lagged behind her speech by about a half a second.  Mike was really enjoying this now.

He stood up and put his hands on Diana's shoulders.  "You don't mind if I have sex with you first, do you?" he asked her.

She moved her head machine-like to look up at him.  "I am not programmed to... not programmed to mind." she said, her voice sounding broken and her mouth moving late.

Her arm began pushing forward and up again.  She was still trying to make that phone-answering motion. 

Mike thought of what to do about that.  "Tammy, can you remove this arm please?" he asked.

"Of course." she said, pulling her hands away from her crotch and Diana's butt in order to grab her by the shoulder and disconnect the limb.

Diana beeped yet again as she looked up with her video stare at Mike.  He watched Tammy set the slender, well crafted arm aside and slowly pushed Diana's bra strap over the edge of her shoulder.

Anya made some fast computations and unhooked the satin bra from behind.  The shiney fabric slid off the two perky mounds of silicone built into Diana's chest as Anya pulled the bra off and down her other arm.

"Possible... possible... system errors  have been detected.  Please... please...please... contact Robot... Robot... Robot... Robot... Control for assistance.... assistance." Diana said again, losing more and more of her human-like appearance.

"Don't worry," Mike assured her, "We'll get you fixed after I've had my fun."

She just stared back as beeps and tones came out of her body and her speaker.  Mike took her by the remaining hand and led her over to the couch.  Tammy and Anya stayed behind and held each other as they watched their master.  This was all for him, after all.

Mike sat down on the burgundy sofa and pondered how to proceed with the slightly malfunctioning 510.  He narrowed down his options to three: sex from the front, sex from behind, or oral.

He hadn't eaten Diana's plastic pussy for a while, so he decided to stick with that idea.  He began by placing his hands on her awesomely curvy hips.  He stroked down their bowed out shape, down the smooth polyester that clung so tight to her big curves.  He looked at her thin waist as he held her like that, and decided it was always a good time to see more circuitry.

He opened the rectangular panel below her breasts and removed the cover.  Diana's eyes continued to stare out straight ahead while his eyes looked all around her electronic insides.  The contrast was beautiful - complete stillness from the outside, but so much electrical and mechanical activity going on within.  He thought of all the pulses of electricity going through her circuits; more binary digits than he could number.

With the panel open and arousing him with its dazzling brilliance, he started to unbutton the top of her slacks.  The zipper came down almost without a sound as the cloth separated to reveal her black panties.  They were bikini cut, with a very feminine trim of fine lace around the top and sides.

Mike kept pulling the polyester down the sides of her rounded hips.  With her ass being so big, he had to pull the pants down from behind too.  His cock was rock hard again from all this.  As he moved his hands down the almost spherical globes of silicone that were her buns, he thought for a moment about just getting behind the pretty petite robot and pumping in and out between those plastic cheeks.

But he was still quite thirsty.  Even though Diana was a less advanced model than most of the women here, she still had a fully functional vagina that worked great and tasted better.

When he had her pants down to her knees, he pulled the panties down to join them.  Diana's standard 510 series pussy was visible now, along with the perfectly geometrical trapezoid of built-in auburn hair above it.

There was even more electronic circuitry above that too, and Mike got it exposed as soon as his fingers could remove the little panel of synthetic skin.  Just a few flashing LEDs, coloured wires and printed circuits were visible amid some flexible tubing, but its position above the fully functional vaginal unit was a magical combination for him.

When he had gotten the artificial secretary ready,  he got up off the couch and walked behind her.   "Might as well." he said as he opened the recharge port above her buns and removed the cover.  He gave Diana's big sexy butt a good squeeze as he told her to sit on the sofa and spread her legs.

"Yes... Yes... Yes... Mike." she said, stuttering electronically while mouthing the words later than they came out of her speaker.

She turned stiffly and placed her big round derriere on the sofa.  The empty expression on her malfunctioning face as she spread her legs was priceless.

Mike knelt down before the petite fembot and reached with his finger inside the little panel open above her pussy.  He flicked a small switch to the middle position and waited for the scent of Diana's robot girl juice to meet his nostrils.

The artificial juice, filled with artificial pheromones and hormones, was like a strong wine to him.  It intoxicated him to even smell it coming out of such nice looking silicone.  When he pressed his mouth against the plastic labia and tasted her, he nearly came right then and there.

Diana wasn't programmed to enjoy this though.  She acted merely as a fountain now, providing him with whatever his fingertips had requested. 

Tammy and Anya were also quite aroused, and kissed and rubbed each other while Mike had his fill.

Then a loud beep and a sharp crackling noise came out of that little panel.  The loud pop of sparks followed, causing Mike to scurry back and stand up.

"Shit!" he said as he laughed and watched a puff of smoke curl and float into the air.  "So much for that idea." 


Episode 3

Diana's sudden burst of sparks had startled all the persons in the room; Tammy and Anya included.  Their reaction was as human as Mike's, and it took a few moments of silence and Mike's laughing comment to fully relax their stance again.

Mike could see all that in their faces - the tenseness that only they among androids could show.  He knew what it meant too.  He had to admit, they owed their sentience to him.  He also knew that they would lay it down in sacrifice to protect him if needed.  And they had both told him exactly that.

But his laughing got them both laughing again as Diana began emitting a prolonged alarm tone from somewhere inside her.

"Fun's over" Tammy said as she looked at Diana's placidly frozen face.

"Should I call Maria now?" Anya asked.

"Why don't we just bring her down there?" Tammy said.  She walked right over to Diana and reached out with her finger extended to shut her off.  The alarm went silent and the display of flashing LEDs went dark.

Mike held his crotch as he watched his fembots gather the secretary and her parts in order to bring them to the lab.  He was still very horny, and hadn't yet gotten his fill.  But he knew there would be many opportunities for fembot sex down in the basement.

Tammy bent down and took the unmoving 510 over her shoulder.  Anya picked up the detached arm and the many panel covers that had been removed.

"All ready?" Tammy asked, cheerful and full of life.

"Lead the way." Anya said with her lighter load.

"You think Maria will be pissed that we broke Diana like that?" Mike asked.

"She's not programmed to get pissed." Anya pointed out.

"You know what I mean." he said.  "I've crashed a few girls here, but never to the point of causing physical damage."

"Oh, stop worrying." Tammy said as the trio walked from the hallway into the kitchen.  "Maria's so bored down there she'll probably thank us for bringing her something to repair."

Mike made a lighthearted sigh.  He knew Maria couldn't get bored or pissed or anything like that, but still he didn't like the thought of damaging one of these gorgeous machines.

The triad of lovers eventually made their way down the steps to the scanner and past its tedious but apparently necessary scanning process.  The large stainless steel door to the lab slid open, and in they walked.

Mike tried not to ejaculate too soon as he looked around at all the tits, ass and circuitry.

"Ma-ri-a!" Tammy sang as she optically scanned the room for the main technician.

Mike saw the naked black-haired robot standing behind a nearby console, stooped forward to work a portion of the confusing array of buttons and switches.

After a pause, she stood up straight and turned her head nice and stiffly to look at Tammy.

"Hello Tammy.  Hello Anya.   Hello Mike." she said emotionlessly.

Tammy was in the process of gently laying the pretty busted fembot on an empty wheeled examination table.

Anya walked over to the technician.  "Hi Maria." she said as she put her arm around the other lady's waist and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.  "You look sexy today."

Maria turned her head to look at the statuesque brunette android beside her.  "That does not compute." she said.

Anya laughed and started to play with Maria's breasts.  "We need you to do one of your famous repair jobs on Diana over there." she said.

Anya explained to the robot technician what had just occurred while Mike and Tammy stood over by the now horizontal synthetic secretary.

Tammy rolled the robot over to lay face down.  Diana's incredibly big naked butt stuck out below her open recharge port, making Mike so horny he was getting dizzy.

"Look at this ass!" Tammy said excitedly as she grabbed the sexy big round plastic buns and squeezed them in her mechanical hands.  "I can see why Anya likes this unit so much."

Mike just gawked.  He needed something to screw... now.

Tammy read his heat patterns and his facial expression.  She knew what he needed now too.  She grabbed him by the hand and led him over to another examination table.  This one wasn't wheeled, so it wouldn't move around.

Tammy kissed him then leaned over on the table and let him figure out the rest.  He smiled and looked at those cute, tight pants.  It amazed him how Robot Control could get pants like this, with that word printed across the rear end.

He stroked his woman's comparatively smaller, but still nicely plump buns and then pulled those pants down to her knees.  She spread her legs and smiled, closing her eyes and feeling ones and zeroes that meant anticipation flow through her processors.

She moaned as he stuck his very hard and very willing penis inside her warm and wet vagina.  The feminine robot acted as woman-like as she could for him, knowing exactly how he liked it and fulfilling every perceived desire he had.

They listened to Anya talk as they got a good, hard rhythm going.  Anya was basically telling Maria how sexy the Diana unit looked while she was crashing and malfunctioning.  Maria couldn't begin to comprehend why this was valuable information, but she kept dutifully listening anyway.

Anya's hands were very busy too -  caressing, stroking, holding and squeezing the less mechanical and more womanly parts of Maria's chassis.  When she at last got around to finishing her description of the events that had led to Diana's malfunction, she realised that Mike and Tammy needed more time to 'interface'.  So she started kissing and groping Maria.

The Main Computer churned away gigabit after gigabit of new data, formalising its plans into cold hard data the technicians could use.  Laurie walked over to the table that contained the deactivated Diana.  She was naked like her fellow technician, and without a cover for her recharge port, as always.

She stared out in a completely empty way as she waited for Maria, but that robot was occupied at the moment.  Anya's unbreakable embrace held the series 032 technician robot close while she showed it the kind of love it was simply not built to appreciate.

Mike was finishing up with Tammy around then, coming hard into her hot wet silicone orifice.  They stayed close together as they slowed their breathing and heartbeats - one half real, one half counterfeit.

"I love you Master." Tammy said.  She stood up and turned around to put her arms around him.

Their eyes locked on to each other's.  They shared an intimate moment of lovers' afterglow for a while.  Tammy looked over at Anya and Maria.  Anya was kissing the stiff and unyielding technician more deeply now.

"Let's give them time to finish." she said to Mike as she looked at them.  She smiled and brushed some hair out of her face as she walked over to greet the other technician.

"Hi Laurie!" she said.

"Yeah, Hi Laurie." Mike said.  "You look hot today."

Laurie turned her head mechanically to look at the human and said "My operating temperature is within normal limits."

Mike and Tammy shared a look and a light laugh at the technician's expense.  Then Tammy reached out and grabbed Laurie's hand.  She placed it on the Diana robot's plump round ass and moved it around with her own hand.

"Would you like to learn how to get aroused at the sight of a sexy woman?" Tammy asked the mindless repair-bot.

"That does not compute." Laurie said.

Tammy went ahead anyway.  "You might as well start with a perfect specimen, like robot number 7839061B here.  Isn't this just the perfect ass?"

It was obvious that Laurie didn't share Tammy's enthusiasm.  She didn't even look down as Tammy led the technician's hand all around the awesome curves of the damaged droid's backside.

"You got this covered?" Mike asked his fun-loving fembot girlfriend. "No pun intended."

"Yeah, I guess so, why?" she asked.

"I'm gonna track down the maids so I can eat." he said.  He leaned in to give her a kiss.

She met his lips and used hers to execute that function.  "Me and Anya will handle things." she said.

"Okay." he said.  "See you girls in a bit."  He waved to Tammy and to Anya, who was in what looked like a one-sided embrace with Maria.  He walked out the door and up the stairs.

Tammy turned to Laurie and asked "Are you getting horny yet?"

Laurie turned her head to look at the sentient fembot.  "I am not programmed to get horny." she said.

"That's what makes YOU so damn sexy." Tammy said as she started to gently play with Laurie's nipples.

Laurie hadn't moved her hand, and it was still resting on the round hill of Diana's big rump.

"So," Tammy said to the technician, "here's what happened.  Anya and I were having a little fun with this 510 here, confusing her simple processors and watching her sputter around in a nice looking software crash."

Tammy looked at Diana's butt again.  It looked even more prominent as it stuck out from her thin waist and the rest of her small, slim body resting face-down on the table.  Her very curvy thighs were exposed almost to her knees, showing off their alluring form as their rounded shape thickened to accommodate the robot's wide hips.

Diana turned back to look at Laurie.  "If you think this plastic ass looks sexy now, you should have seen it jiggle when she was malfunctioning."

Tammy smiled, and paused as if waiting for a reaction.

"Anyway, we re-booted her, and overrode her startup diagnostic scans.  Then Mike got her synthetic vaginal fluid flowing, and I guess some chips overloaded down there."

Laurie then received commands from the Main Computer and got to work to fulfill her orders.  She rolled the secretary over once more to face up and wheeled her over to one of the diagnostic terminals.

Tammy went over to Anya, who was still holding the pretty Maria unit in place and giving it kiss after kiss.

"May I cut in?" Tammy said.  Only her and Anya had AI sufficient to understand the remark.

Anya let go of Maria, and immediately the main technician went to go help Laurie.

Mike's girls stood there and watched the two naked machines as they acted upon the detailed digital instructions being beamed from the Main Computer to the transponders in their heads.

"They're beautiful, aren't they?" Anya said.

Tammy smiled brightly back at her fellow 558.  "I like the always open recharge ports the best." she admitted.

"I just had an idea." Anya said.

She turned to start walking over to a keyboard/monitor interface, motioning with her hand for Tammy to follow.

Tammy watched Anya as she began typing impossibly long alphanumeric strings into the keyboard.  With no human-friendly way of operating this interface, it was basically for fembots only.

Anya accessed some of the data the Main Computer had recorded.  She brought up a graphic representation of the information she was looking for.  The screen  was titled "ROBOT USAGE", and below that was a horizontally structured bar graph.  As soon as their optical sensors recorded the first flicker of that screen, Mike's girls found out which fembots were Mike's favourites - so far.

Tammy topped the list, but following very closely behind was Anya; so close they were virtually tied.  Third and fourth in usage were Maria and Laurie.  The ones here at Robot Control Station 64 had experienced many things that no other technician built and maintained by Robot Control had experienced.

They alone out of thousands exactly like them had worn clothing, ventured outside and shared a bed with a human.  It meant absolutely nothing to them, but it helped to show the Main Computer that Mike was serious about his love for female androids.

Number 5 and 6 on the list, also pretty much tied were the ultra-robotic maidbots, which inadvertently  flaunted their artificiality like no other model could.  They had also been shown much affection by the human, who relished their computer sounds and plastic-like smells as much as their mechanical but feminine form.

Those six fembots took up almost 70% of the time Mike spent with the hardware in this house.  There was a sharp drop off from the sixth to the seventh, but it was no surprise to Tammy and Anya who that seventh droid was.

It was no doubt a combination of factors that made Diana robot number 7839061B the most frequently used of the 30 spare robots usually kept in glass booths along the basement lab walls.  She was, of course, a relatively basic series 510 - obviously fake and not intended to impersonate a person.  But Diana was still Mike's favourite 510 here.

She was also very pretty.  Her hair was a lovely deep reddish brown, and it perfectly framed a facemask constructed to have vaguely Scotch/Irish features.  High 'cheekbones' and a refined, classy chin were definitely part of the attraction, as were her sky-blue glass eyes, framed by happy-looking eyelids and long curled eyelashes.

Even so, all of the female robots here were just as pretty or prettier.  Many of them had supermodel looks.  So it must have been something else that attracted Mike so often to the petite machine who spent her electrical power acting as a superfluous secretary.

Anya and Tammy smiled at each other.  They knew exactly what the Diana unit's best feature was.


Episode 4

Mike found both maidbots in the kitchen, idling away the time and staring out into space.  He had made this the place for them to wait when their chores were all done so he could easily find them. 

The perfectly identical short-haired brunettes stood side by side, both dressed in their skimpy see-through maid outfits, and both making the loud unnatural sound that maidbots constantly produced.  Their never-changing expressions and their never-blinking eyes were also identical, as their every feature had been stamped into industrial grade silicone by the exact same template.

Mike walked up to the nearest one and enjoyed her artificial beauty for a moment.  The maidbot series were not assigned names like the other robots here, and the only way to tell them apart was to open the rear access panel between their shoulders and read the serial number.  Mike saw no need for names either.  He called them "Hey You", "Maid" and "Robot", among other things.

These girls were anomalies among his fembot friends here.  They were built differently and behaved differently.  They were the most obviously machine-like of all the synthetic women in the large house.  Even if they wouldn't announce their presence with constant computerised beeping and motorised whirring, their skin would give them away instantly.  Their flesh-like silicone covering was not textured or coloured to appear real in any way.  It had an unnatural gloss to it as well, looking clearly like plastic from far across a room.  The many gaps in the skin where parts could disconnect were also an instant giveaway, and the strong plastic smell it gave off reminded one more of vinyl than flesh.

Put together in voluptuous, underdressed feminine bodies full of motors and electronics, they were quite irresistible to him.  He could watch them move all day, and nearly had done just that a few times.  During his explorations of their form he had noticed just how different they were from ladies like Tammy and Anya.  With the 558 series, the 542s, the 510s and even the series 032 technicians, the face was a heavy, circuitry-laden mask that could easily be removed for whatever reason.  Behind its human facade were the human looking eyes and the human sounding speaker that helped maintain the illusion.  They were built solidly into the head along with the rest of the video, audio and chemical sensing equipment that each fembot carried around.

But in the case of the maidbots, the face couldn't be removed without first removing four very long machine screws, and access to those openings in the back of the head required removal of the velcroed-on wig.  After removing each screw with a sufficiently long screwdriver, the entire front half of the head could be detached for servicing.  The eyes stayed securely in the faceplate, and were only semi-spherical painted glass covers for the comparatively low resolution video cameras that were standard in this type of woman.

The full, plastic lips of the maidbots could not move or open, and served a purely aesthetic function.  There was no speaker behind a maidbot's mouth.  They lacked the ability to talk just as they lacked the ability to blink or even move their eyes.

Another difference in faceplate/facemask removal between the maidbots and the other women here was that thick bundles and ribbons of coloured wires remained connected to the maids' faceplate when it was detached from it's separation point behind the ears.  All the other Robot Control models could walk around all day without a facemask, showing off their sexy circuitry while still being able to fulfill their programming.

It wasn't so for the maidbots.  The different but still very attractive pattern of microelectronics visible within their plastic heads could only be available for viewing when they were immobile.  

Other panels they had built into their bodies were placed in similar locations, but contained differences in structure and circuitry that ranged from minor to major.  Only the recharge port at the base of the spine was more or less identical to the other android models.

Seeing how variety is the spice of life, Mike took these differences in stride, and appreciated the very artificial beauty of these well-built devices.

To order today's lunch from these machines, He relayed a series of verbal commands to the closer of the two maidbots.  Since these models had no processing power or programming to interpret his words, the audio signals that the microphones inside their ears had received were relayed to the Main Computer.  It decided what to do about his request, and sent a blaze of binary pulses back into each pretty unit's head in order for it to begin working on his meal.

He sat back and enjoyed the show of the two mechanical twins preparing his lunch for him.  All the while they beeped, clicked and whirred, looking as inhuman as anything he had ever seen.  He fantasised about what else he could do with these two, and reminisced about what he had already done.

Meanwhile in the basement lab, Tammy and Anya had once again connected chest to chest so they could exchange ideas.  Still communicating, but silent, they had walked over to watch the naked Maria and Laurie units repair the damaged Diana robot.

Since they shared Mike's fetish for fembots, they quite enjoyed watching the lovely, plump-bottomed secretary get methodically scanned, taken apart, altered and pieced back together again.  They enjoyed it so much that over the course of the next two hours, they both ran their vaginal fluid cartridges dry.  Being careful not to make a mess, most of the realistically flavoured and strongly aromatic liquid had made its way from one android's vagina to the other's mouth.

The two female lovers, now naked like the technicians, panted and caressed one another as they headed over to another examination table.  This one was off in a corner, at the end of a row of 15 fembot-filled glass booths.  Behind it was a massive wall-sized machine that ran constantly mixing the ingredients for replacement fluid cartridges.  The human and his favourite fembots had made this machine work much more than it ever had since his arrival.

As the machine mixed away, Anya layed her almost unrealistically sexy body down on the table while Tammy unplugged the cable that had connected them.  Tammy then removed the entire front of Anya's torso, in order to get access to the spent cartridges inside.  As they smiled lovingly at each other, Tammy took those containers out and placed them into a slot in the big machine.  They would be cleaned and later refilled.

Anya watched Tammy's buns wiggle as she walked a few feet over to the other end of the machine.  She reached in and pulled out another set of cartridges - full to the brim with fembot love juice.  Tammy placed those cylinders inside her lover's body, and reattached the front of her torso, giving her gorgeous tits a squeeze as she did.

Anya stood up and traded places with Tammy.  Off came the torso cover, and out came the empty cartridges.  In went the full ones and back went the skin-covered device.

After that, Tammy took Anya's hand as she stood up from the table.  "So what do you think of my idea?" she asked, referring to some of the ones and zeroes that had earlier flowed between their processor cores.

"I'm surprised we didn't compute it sooner." Anya said.

They leaned in and kissed, then held hands and went to get into their clothes as they watched the technicians finish up with Diana.

After a few more applications of solder from the combination dispenser and heated applicator that was part of Maria's hand, the technicians connected the secretary to the nearby terminal for a final round of diagnostic scans.

Laurie watched the monitors above the consoles while Maria stood still and waited for commands.  The Main Computer communicated electronically with Diana's body, step by step determining whether or not everything was responding and functioning as it should.  One by one, Diana's components were scanned and passed until at the end the entire system was approved for activation.

The antenna in Maria's head received the command to activate the fembot on the table.  The technician unplugged the cables then pushed the red power button to initiate the boot sequence.

Tammy and Anya watched the LEDs flash inside Diana's chest.  They could read the patterns of light and listen to the sound of beeping to find out that everything was running smoothly so far.

"DIANA ROBOT NUMBER 7839061B ACTIVATED." the auburn haired lady said in her monotone. 

"Thanks Maria." Tammy said.  She gave the emotionless technician a hug, then walked over to her assistant.  "Thanks to you too, Laurie." she said, hugging this naked plastic woman as well.

Anya was smiling at Diana, and closing up her chest panel as her systems rebooted without incident.

"How do you feel, Diana?" Anya asked as she let her fingertips linger on the other android's chest.

"I feel fine.  Thank you." Diana said in her standard voice, giving the code for "no errors found".

Tammy walked back over to the examination table and showed Diana's optical scanners a playful smile.  "We have an assignment for you Diana." she said as she offered her hand to the 510.


Episode 5

While Tammy and Anya were having fun in the basement lab, Mike was eating a delicious baked lasagna meal with a side of Greek salad and enjoying the company of the never speaking but never silent maidbots.

After lunch came his daily workout in the exercise room.  A tall blonde android named Desiree had been selected by him and programmed by Anya to be his personal trainer.  She was a 558, but lacked realistic human emulation software.  The only girls that had that were Tammy and Anya.  Mike liked it this way.  He liked the fembots here to act like the machines they were.

Desiree's programming had been augmented with all the functionality necessary to act as the perfect fitness trainer.  She told Mike what needed work and what was coming along smoothly.  She told him how to adjust his caloric intake, and she told him how many calories he burned while having sex with her.  She also dispassionately scolded him for his high-fat choice of meals, like the one he had just eaten.

Today's workout had been as invigorating as always, and after giving Desiree a parting kiss, Mike headed off to take a long hot shower.  The ability to kiss that  these androids possessed would usually have been part of more extensive human emulation software, but Mike had insisted on his arrival that every robot here - except the maidbots of course - be programmed to kiss and to have sex.

This way they maintained their non-human charms, and even Maria and Laurie knew exactly what to do when Mike took their rigid artificial bodies in his arms and started to press his mouth to theirs.  The more advanced the model, of course, the better the kissing.  The 558s were the great kissers, and Tammy and Anya competed constantly for the title of best kissing machine ever built.  They practiced often enough on each other too.

Mike used to fantasise about things like this, now he remembered and planned.  He had now been with each of the 36 female robots here at Robot Control Station 64 at least once.  He had also picked out many favourites, some of the prettier faces and curvier bodies.

So far though, what he had done with the Diana robot was unique.  Her stature, her figure, her model number and her perfect blank stare had won her a special place in his heart.  It was for the sole purpose of watching that fembot walk around and work that he had come up with the fake office idea.  The fake secretary still ended her days like most other robots - standing stiffly upright in a charging booth overnight unless she was a guest charging with him in his bed.

But that still made him wonder about jealousy.  Both Tammy and Anya constantly reminded him they weren't capable of that, and he knew that was true, but he still sometimes felt uneasy about spending too much time with other fembots.  His logical mind was in the process of getting his emotional mind over that hurdle though.

After his shower, and feeling relaxed and very happy with his current situation, he went to the den that he had selected out of all the many rooms in this large house to sit and relax with a book for a while.

As soon as he sat down and picked up his book, a knock came on the door.

"Come in." he said, expecting either of his sentient lady friends to enter.

But when he looked to the doorway as the door swung open, he saw Diana.  He noticed the shape of her wide hips first.  It was a pleasant surprise.

"Hello Mike." she said, sounding halfway between mindless and artificial.  She made a half dozen steps forward and came to a stop a few feet away from where he sat.

He got up.  His penis was already getting hard again, simply from the sight of her sexy shape.  "Hi Diana, what brings you here?"

Diana looked up into his eyes as he came close to her.  One loud beep came out of one of her internal circuit boards.

Mike knew what it meant to hear a 510 like her make that kind of beep.  Her processors were getting overtaxed, and needed a little time to cool off.  That was part of her appeal.

She spoke after a slightly long moment.  "Are you in the mood for some robot ass?"

Mike was a little surprised.  He'd never heard a 510 talk like that before.  He watched as she smiled in her fake way and turned around to show off her rear end to him.  She had changed her clothes again, and now wore a light pink short-sleeved blouse and a pair of tight brown polyester slacks.

And if those black pants from this morning looked good on her, these ones made her fantastic plastic fanny look simply amazing.  The way that fabric was cut and stitched made her big round buns stick out even more noticeably than usual.  These pants seemed to pull her buns up and out, giving her butt such clear definition that he could hardly contain himself.

"Tammy said I look beautiful in these clothes." Diana said.  She beeped.  "Beautiful does not compute."

Mike grinned and tugged on the front of his pants to give his cock room to stand up, and walked forward a few steps to get close enough to the robot to touch it.

His right hand went right for the center of the display while his left stroked down the side of her hip.  He felt those panty lines again.  They felt good to his fingertips, as he fondled the artificial woman through the artificial fabric.

She hadn't moved or flinched at all, even as his hands followed the contours of her form all around the most sensor-filled areas of synthetic skin.  That was one thing he adored about these women - without human emulation programming he just couldn't forget for a moment that they were machines.

Even as he greedily got his hands full of Diana's ample booty, and got his nostrils full of the carefully formulated scent of her femininity, he was constantly aware that he was fondling a computerised mechanical device.

That smell of arousal continued to grow as he held on to her wide hips and dry-humped her polyester covered ass.

He brought his hands up to cup her often overlooked breasts and spoke into the microphone built into the right side of her head.  "Diana, I can smell your vaginal fluid.  Are you secreting it now?"

Diana's answer didn't come right away.  First, her body beeped again, sending a powerful swell of arousal through his crotch and through his body.  He pressed his hot cock up against her equally hot buns even harder as he waited for a reply.

"Yes." she said after all that computing.

That made Mike wonder what had gone on in the basement lab.  Without human emulation software, the only way for a 510 to cum was to have the panel above her vagina opened, and to have a switch manually set to one of three flow settings.

"Have you been reprogrammed?" he asked as he felt her plastic nipples get hard and big.

She didn't answer right away.  She beeped two times while Mike waited for her to respond verbally.  The big-assed Diana robot was turning him on more than she usually did now.

After more repeated thrusts of his hips against her plump backside she spoke.  "Tammy has provided me with additional programming in order to more efficiently satisfy your sexual needs."

That explained her new functionality and her new vocabulary.  Mike smiled as he thought about Tammy deviously plugging herself into Diana's chest in order to get her new ideas across.

He couldn't stand to wait any more.  "Get naked." he said as he took a step back and started to take off his pants.

"Yes Mike." she said after a pause.

"Call me Master." he commanded.

"Yes Master."

She stayed with her back facing him as she started to undress.  The android unzipped and removed her black leather ankle boots first, showing off the bending-over capabilities of her hip and waist mechanisms.  Then her hands performed the complicated movements of unbuttoning the front of her blouse.  When he watched her stiffly wriggle her torso out of her top, he noticed her bra was black satin, the type he preferred his women to wear.

"Leave your underwear on." he ordered as he stepped out of his jeans.

"Yes Master." she said.  He kind of wished he could hear more beeping come out of her body, but he didn't want to crash her system... not yet anyway.

His penis swelled and throbbed as he watched the cute secretary strip out of her pants.  Only a machine could unfasten and spread apart the fly so methodically, and shake her sexy wide hips so rhythmically while bringing the tight slacks over her plump curves.  He could just imagine her servos working as she lifted her plastic legs bit by bit to get the pants over her thick, smooth thighs.

At last, the brown pants fell to her feet and she stepped out of them.  She stood perfectly still then, waiting for his next command.

He walked close to get a feel of her satin undies.  One of the things he loved almost as much as fembots and big round butts was lingerie, preferably black satin.  And right now this sexy series 510 offered him all three.  His hands stroked the sensual, smooth satin that stretched over her wide behind.  He didn't think the sight could get any better, but then he decided to remove her recharge port cover.

As he let that fall onto the pile of her clothes, he turned his full attention back to her sexy curved butt.  He crouched down behind her to switch the view, and placed his hands on the insides of her plump thighs.  He stroked downward, reveling at the smooth sight and feel of all that silicone.  Even staring right at those uncannily wide, round buns he still couldn't believe how big they were.  And they appeared even more exaggerated on this android's petite and slim body.

His penis started to drip now.  He could wait for penetration no longer.

"Diana," he said as he stood up, "kneel down on all fours."

That statement took a lot of computing power for her basic chipsets to decipher.  She beeped again to signal the delay, but once the meaning of his command had been translated into the type of binary code her electronic body could understand, she looked to the floor and began the incredibly complex function of kneeling down.

He watched her as she crouched and lowered her mechanical body, eventually to end up in a fine position for fucking.  She provided him with three additional electronic beeps to keep him aroused as her CPU struggled to deal with all the intense calculations.

Then after all that, she was ready.  So was he.  He quickly knelt down on the carpet behind her and got himself close to her already wet pussy.  He put his fingertips on her panties and felt that they were quite wet down there.

He smiled and stroked the sides of her round hips for a while before grabbing her panties and pulling them down over her smooth and big curved posterior.  The satin went down over her buns, over her hips and down along her thighs.  The fabric clung to her crotch, but with another slight tug, it came away from that bit of plastic and fell down to her knees.

Mike got in even closer and eased his hard cock into her standard 510 human interface device.  He thrusted hard from behind until it was in all the way and he heard her beep.

He smiled and closed his eyes, flush with sensual pleasure all through his body.  He came out a little and pumped in hard again.  She beeped again.  It looked as though the new bits of programming Tammy had given her were increasing the work load on her processors.  That was just fine with him.

He went on pushing in and pulling back, and she began to respond with similar movements of her mechanical chassis.  At every moment of full pressure, when he was deep inside her and pushing hard, her body beeped.  He was really starting to appreciate the subtle charms of the 510 series now.

They fucked like that for only a few minutes before his arousal turned frantic and exploded.  He held tightly on to her wide hips as he came into her plastic pussy, causing her to increase her rate and frequency of beeping.

He forced deep breaths of air through his nose as he closed his eyes and tilted his head upward.  He exhaled deeply and said "Wow!"

Diana beeped.

He grabbed her nearby blouse and used it to wrap around his wet dick as he pulled it out of her.  He wiped off the combination human/fembot love juices and did the same for her.  She remained unmoving as he looked into her recharge port.  He gave her big cheeks a slap and stood up.

"Thank you Diana." he said.  "You can go back to calling me Mike now."

"Yes Mike." she said after a pause.  She didn't beep this time.

She stayed kneeling on the floor like that for a while longer until her CPU made it through the computations necessary for her to stand up.  Mike zipped his pants and buckled his belt as he watched her finally stand and pull her panties back over her sexy curves.

He had another idea.  "Diana," he said, "Stay dressed in only your underwear but put your boots back on."

That caused another beep, and a delayed response of "Yes Mike."

She bent over and got back into her cute little boots with the flared heels while he watched.  Even after all the sex, he found himself getting horny again.

"Come here." he ordered.

"Yes Mike." she said as she walked over with her vacant expression, stiff posture and mechanically swinging hips.

He kissed her, and she kissed back in her basic, non-passionate way.

"Go get me a cup of coffee." he ordered.  "You know how I like it."

Another beep sounded, then the predictable and welcome reply.  "Yes Mike."

She turned to go, but he stopped her by holding on to her shoulder.

"One more thing." he said.

She turned to face him, staring at him with her bright blue eyes and flawlessly emotionless countenance.  He reached out, stroked her cheek, and removed her facemask.

"Go get that coffee, beautiful." he said as he enjoyed the sight of all that thoroughly inhuman electronic circuitry around her naked glass eyes and cold digital speaker.

"Yes Mike." she said.  She gave him one more sexy electronic beep, and said "Beautiful does not compute."

Then she turned and walked toward the door, her big silicone ass wiggling so nicely to her quick, small steps.


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