36 + 1

by RobotMan

This stand-alone story begins after the end of "H is for Heuristic"; you can read the Episodes 1-5 here. There are a few more chapters still to come...

Episode 6

Diana walked down the hallway and up three stairs, then through the large living room and across into the kitchen.  She scanned the scene in front of her with her high resolution optical scanners and calculated the many steps necessary to begin making Mike the coffee he had requested.

Not long after, as she stood and idled in front of the single mug brewer, Tammy emerged from the basement lab.  She smiled when her own cameras scanned the image of the petite, plump-assed 510.  Tammy could guess who had gotten her down to her underwear and removed her facemask.

"Hi Beautiful." she said to Diana.  "You look really nice like that."

Diana stiffly pivoted her opened head and flashed her quickly blinking LEDs toward the sentient machine.  She beeped and said "That does not compute."

Tammy just smiled and walked up close to her.  She had brought a connecting cable up from the basement lab, and was now holding that while opening Diana's chest panel.  "Show me what you've been up to." she said as she plugged one end of the cord into the faceless 510.

She opened her own chest panel and plugged the opposite end into herself, then requested every single file on Diana's hard drives pertaining to the experience she had just had with Mike.  In a few seconds, she replayed the digitised sensations to herself, feeling what Diana had felt, seeing what she had seen, hearing what she had heard and smelling what she had smelled.

At the end of the transfer, Tammy smiled and unplugged both ends of the cord.  "Thank you Diana." she said as she closed up both chest panels again.

"You are welcome." Diana said in rote response.

Tammy had a creative moment then and decided to just keep the connection cable loosely tied around her neck, like a fashion accessory.  Then she had another clever little idea.  She excused herself and went to go to the study for a moment.

Diana beeped again to signal the hard time her simpler processors were having coping with all the stimulus.  She stayed unmoving as her chips worked out all the computations, then turned to stare without a face back at the coffee brewer.

Tammy returned a minute later with a sheet of paper in one hand and a big playful smile on her silicone lips.  She went behind Diana and attached the paper to her back with a strip of masking tape.  On the sheet Tammy had written "FUCK ME".

She stood back and beheld the mindless fembot as the coffee finished brewing.  Diana had made Mike coffee this way before, so she knew to wait for the machine to finish dripping before she shut it off and took the mug upstairs.  In the meantime, Tammy straightened out her panties for her.

Tammy leaned close and said softly "Let me know when Mike's done with you.  I need to get some of this big plastic booty for myself."

Diana beeped, stood still, then beeped again.  "Yes Tammy." she said just before yet another beep.

Tammy was getting wet between her legs again as she watched the pretty robot secretary grab the steaming hot coffee and walk off with it to the den.  She watched her amazing ass and plump thighs wiggle as she made her stiff, not quite real looking steps out of the room.

Diana's heels went from making a distinctive clicking sound on the tile floor to a muffled light strut sound that faded eventually into something only the robots could detect.  A video clip now took up Tammy's entire field of vision, replaying the movements of Diana's silicone buns as she walked.  Tammy's left hand was behind her leaning on the kitchen table while her right hand was down her pants and inside her panties.

She rubbed her fingertips over the plastic contours of her electronic vagina, stimulating strong sequences of sexual arousal subroutines.  She worked her system into a heated frenzy while the video clip looped and morphed into a digitally imagined show.  Her fembot fluids began to flow as she enjoyed the visual representations of Diana's plastic backside, until Tammy's arousal hit levels high enough to make her orgasm.

The data flowed through her system like it always did, until little anomalies began to appear in the code.  Tammy noticed right away.  Something mysterious was happening within the incredibly complex machine.  These new, unexpected deviations cause no major disruptions, but they made their presence known just the same.

Tammy's left foot twitched.  It was barely noticeable, but not planned and not called forth from her CPU.  It felt good though, in fact, it aroused her even further.

It sent a tingle down her spine, which was another thing she had never felt before.  She felt amazement that her own body could surprise her this way.  She had thought that all the software and programs that comprised her "self" had complete control over every last transistor in her body.

She didn't know how it could be, but she enjoyed it very, very much.  Coupled with the always intense fantasising abilities she had, it made her synthetic orgasm the very best she had ever experienced.

Intense, overpowering pleasure showed on her facial configuration as her circuitry blazed with flashes of binary code.  Her mind was in a fog of lust, only clearing after her fluid discharge system had involuntarily released more juice into her pants than she had first intended.

Tammy's simulated breath went from frantic to more controlled as she looked downward with a bit of surprise now on her face.  She had never lost absolute control of a bodily system like that before.  She blushed.  It scared her a little, but she had to admit she liked it.  That little loss of control had made synthetic pleasure shoot through all her microchips and wires like nothing else.

She smiled brightly as she trotted upstairs to change out of her now soaking wet pants and undies.

Meanwhile, down in the basement lab, Anya was leading Maria toward the exit.

"Come this way, I'll show you." she said to the emotionless technician as they exited through the sliding door and walked up the stairs.  Anya's chemical sensors could detect evidence of Tammy's scent in the air.  That made her smile.

Anya led Maria to the study.  There was a PC there on a desk with a few chairs around it. The tall, stunning raven-haired lady smiled at Maria and sat down in front of the keyboard.  "Please, sit down." she said cheerfully to Maria.

Sitting down wasn't one of the functions the technicians usually performed, so Maria had to communicate with the Main Computer to find out how to do it.  After a moment of standing still and staring out so perfectly vacantly, Maria rather gracelessly sat her chassis down in the rolling office chair.

Anya pulled the chair closer and turned it so Maria's eyes were aimed at the monitor.  With a little movement supplied to the mouse, the screen saver went away to reveal the desktop.  Anya clicked onto the internet, and after a little searching, found some pictures of what she had tried to explain to Maria.

"That's the look I was talking about." Anya said to the naked android next to her.

Maria's eyes scanned the monitor, and watched as Anya enlarged the handful of pictures.  The Main Computer was informed by radio signal as to what was going on.  It began its calculations while Anya stroked Maria's naked thigh.

"Let me know when the Main Computer has decided." she said to the technician.

Maria stared out blankly while Anya got off her chair and knelt down in front of her.  She showed Maria a lusty look as she spread her thighs apart and leaned her pretty electronic head in toward's the technician's crotch.


Episode 7

Mike heard Diana's footsteps and picked up his bookmark.  He placed it in his book and set that down on the table next to him.  The footsteps got louder and louder until he saw first her shadow then her body.  The sight of her curves and the electronics on display sent a tingle through his private parts again.

"Here is your coffee, Mike." she said as her many LEDs flashed.

Mike took the steaming mug as she bent forward to hand it over to him.  "Thank you, lovely robot lady." he said as he looked at that enchanting lack of a face.

The barely dressed secretary paused as Mike placed the mug on the table beside him.  He looked her over as she stood up straight again.

"Do you require further service from me?" she asked.

Mike was already thinking of things to do besides read.  "Probably." he said.

He waited for the machine to make the next move.  She did what he expected her to do.  She beeped.

"That does not compute." she said, predictably.

Mike chuckled.  "Sure it does."

Another beep came out of the robot's body.  Mike just sat there watching to see what she would do.  She stood perfectly still after that, coloured lights blazing away amid the attractive display of electronics and other android parts visible inside her head.

"Do you know what I like best about you Diana?" he asked.

"No." she answered after a short moment.

"I like the way you act.  No one could possibly mistake you for a human." he said.  "On second thought, I like your ass the best.  Turn around so I can have another look at it."

Her CPU plodded along through the complex logic of his syntax, sending the expected warning beep to show that it was having a difficult time of it.  After a few more seconds, she said "Yes Mike." and obeyed his order.

Mike saw the sign taped to her back then, and burst out laughing as he read it.  "Did you know there's a sign that says 'fuck me' on your back?" he asked her.

"No." she said after processing his words.

He stood up and walked over to the motionless droid.  He gently pulled away the sign and held it up for her cameras to scan.  "Check it out." he said.

Diana beeped.

Mike just knew that sign must have been Tammy's doing.  She and Anya impressed him more and more each day with their creativity and increasing realness.

Mike put the paper aside and grabbed Diana's big buns again.  "You know it's hard to get things done around here with a machine like you wandering around in your underwear."

She gave him another beep and another "That does not compute".

"You know what, I'm gonna lie down for a while, and you're gonna get into bed with me."

After calculating the meaning of his statement and beeping once more for good measure, she acknowledged the order.  "Yes Mike."

He went to pick up his coffee and had a slow sip.  "Mmmmm..." he said, "you fembots make good coffee."

Diana managed to understand that too, and without beeping to signal heavy processing.  "Thank you Mike."

"Go to the study." he commanded.

"Yes Mike." she said, and started walking.

He followed behind, enjoying the sight of her big thighs, hips and buns as they swayed and wiggled to her mechanised steps.  "You've got a real sexy way of walking." he said.

"Thank you Mike." she said again as they made their way through the house to the study.

Anya and Maria had just left this room minutes ago.  Mike could tell one of the girls had been here because the screen saver on the PC had not yet kicked in, and he could still smell a faint whiff of Robot Control's special blend.

Diana entered first and stopped in position off to the side.  Mike took another sip and held out the mug to her.  "Can you hold this?" he said.

"Yes Mike." she said as she took the hot glass mug from him.

He sat down in front of the monitor and clicked an icon on the desktop.  The program that he now started up was a graphical inventory of all the girls in the basement.  Anya had designed and written all the code for this program within minutes upon a casual request he had made one day.  And she had done a marvelous job.  The interface was easy to use and provided Mike with all the information he could possibly want pertaining to each sexy female humanoid robot in the house.

As he clicked on a name or a thumbnail image of a fembot, a rendered 3D image popped up on the screen, rotating slowly to show off all sides of the artificial woman.  Statistics were listed to the right of this, including height, model number, serial number and even total hours active.  Much more information was only a click away.

So while the faceless and black satin wearing Diana unit stood obediently by, Mike scrolled through displays of pretty fembots, trying to decide which would make the opposite end of a Mike sandwich.

This was how he had his daily naps.  He would try to have a different lady on either side of him each time, and many times he didn't even get any sleep.  Today's nap would probably turnout that way too, thanks to the flavourful coffee he was enjoying. 

So far, he had gone through the list of fembots mainly by pairing them up this way.  There was lots of variety in appearance, but these electronic hotties all tended to act the same.  He could barely tell the 558s from the 542s, but the handful of 510s here were easier to spot.

His absolute favourites - the sentient machines he considered his girlfriends - were different of course.  He spent the nights in bed with those two self-programmed 558s, and they kept him warm and happy through the night.

But now was the time for exploration and variety.  Mike kept looking for a suitable partner for him to enjoy with Diana, but he couldn't decide.  Eventually, he scrolled forward to look at displays of the two technicians.  He hadn't screwed Laurie for a while, so he at last decided on her.

He closed the program and stood up.  "What do you say to a threesome with you, me and Laurie?" he asked Diana, even though he knew she wasn't capable of forming opinions.

"That does not compute." she said as he grabbed his coffee.

"Alright." he laughed.  "Follow me."

He led this time and brought the sexy machine through the house to his bedroom.  He kept working at his hot coffee while he went to go sit down at the desk at the foot of the big bed.  On that desk was another computer, but this one was a dedicated video connection to the robot lab.  A webcam and a microphone on a stand provided video and audio to a similar setup in the basement.

Mike looked at Diana as she stood at attention beside him.  "Go lie down on the bed honey." he said.  "Take off your boots first."

"Yes Mike" said the still faceless robot woman as she turned and carried out the order.

Mike hit the spacebar, which acted as a buzzer thanks to some more of Anya's custom designed software.  Within seconds, Laurie stepped in front of the camera and spoke.

"Robot Control Station 64.  Laurie reporting." she said so perfectly mindlessly.

"Ah," Mike said with a grin, "just the fembot I was looking for."

Laurie looked back through the video connection with an empty, unchanging expression.

"Come up to my room Laurie." he said.

"Yes Mike." she answered.

He watched her step out of the camera's view and felt his groin area tingle again in anticipation.  He got up from the chair and started to undress.  Diana had pulled the sheets back and gotten between them.  Her arms lay straight by her sides while all the coloured lights in her head danced around her fake eyes and her speaker.

Mike looked her over while he got out of his pants and unbuttoned his shirt.  His penis was growing erect again, and forced itself out of his shorts as he followed the contours of her plastic body with his eyes.  "Take off your bra." he said.

"Yes Mike." she responded.  She sat up ever so stiffly and reached behind to unhook the black bra.  She had enough AI to follow that motion through and pull the undergarment off one of her slender arms to lay it on the bed beside her.

Mike threw his clothes over the chair and went to pick up her bra.  He laid it on the chair too and then wondered if he should have brought Diana's attractive facemask along with him.

He sat down on the bed and got in close to the 510.  "Scoot that ass over babe, we have to make room for Laurie." he said.

"Yes Mike." she said.  She used her arms to lift her upper body, and swung her wide feminine hips over to the right until she reached a spot she had calculated would center her on the far third of the mattress.

Mike settled beside her and let his back relax on the comfortable bed.  He let out an exaggerated sigh and reached out his hand to rest on Diana's big rounded thigh.  "What an AWESOME body you have." he said.

It took Diana a moment to compute that he had just complimented her.  She beeped computer-like again and finally said "Thank you Mike." just as Laurie came in through the door.

The brunette technician stepped inside the room.  Mike watched her move and stared at her exposed recharge port as she turned around and closed the door behind her.  When she had turned her body to face him again she said "Hello Mike."

Mike smiled and patted the bed beside him.  "Lay down next to me babe." he said.

"Yes Mike." she said after calculating the meaning of his words.  He reached down and grabbed his swelling member as he watched the naked technician walk over and climb into the bed beside him.

He thought of how she accomplished all of that as he watched.  He knew she was getting second by second instructions from the Main Computer.  These technicians couldn't even speak without that powerful device dictating their every movement.  He also knew that when he interacted with one of these technicians, he was basically interacting with an extension of that basement supercomputer.

With Laurie and Diana settled like bookends beside him, each posed the exact same way, Mike relaxed fully and got his hands busy.  The left hand stroked Laurie's plastic thighs just as his right hand stroked Diana's.  Both robots had warmth, but only Diana had the type meant to simulate humanness.  The technicians were always a little cooler, but Mike could appreciate that.

The two synthetic vaginas of the electronic ladies beside him were also similar, though Diana still had those sexy panties over her metal and plastic hips.  As Mike probed the emotionless robots with his fingers, he looked to the right and the left, trying to decide which one he would use first.

Laurie's beautiful plastic face was aimed at the ceiling, her full pink lips looking quite inviting considering the mechanisms that were available to make her kiss.  Her long, dark eyelashes curled out far away from her clear blue glass eyes, built into eyelids that had only ever blinked at his request.

Then he looked over at Diana, with her true electronic fembot 'face' showing.  All of those brilliantly alluring lights and all of that cold looking circuitry were an incredibly potent aphrodisiac for him.  Gazing at her naked and lifeless glass eyeballs and the high definition speaker that generated her feminine voice were just as erotic, revealing the electronic mechanism behind her relatively simple facade.

It didn't seem to matter how often he saw these women without their faces, the complex array of electronics assembled within their heads always sparked that primal burning of desire in his heart.

He decided.  As lovely as Laurie's silicone face was, he would rather look at the completely inhuman display of microchips, transistors and wires that the curvy Diana unit now offered.

"Get on top of me Diana." he said to her.

"Yes Mike." she answered, and moved mechanically to comply with his command.

While she was doing that Mike thought about removing Laurie's facemask too.  He probably would later, but right now was the time for Diana's light emitting diodes to shine.  Her wet and newly automatic vagina would give pleasure to his penis.  At the same time, her plump round buns would give pleasure to his hands and her lovely android insides would be an erotic feast for his eyes.

The bottom-heavy 510 got her hourglass figure on him and spread her legs apart.  Mike reached down to her soaking wet crotch and pulled the soft fabric of her panties aside.  His penis slid around the thoroughly lubricated perimeter of her electronically controlled pussy until the appropriate software loaded within her chest.  She thrust her hip mechanism forward, taking his hard and throbbing penis into her warm, wet plastic pussy.

Mike smiled broadly and put both hands around that fantastically built robot booty.  He and the artificial secretary began to fuck harder and faster while he gazed at the inner workings of her head.

They screwed in rhythm together, man and machine working toward the common goal of his own pleasure.  He watched her soft auburn hair bounce lightly around as it fell forward and got in front of some of her circuitry.  The thought of the unfeeling Diana robot carrying out a complex multitude of binary instructions to achieve all that increased and sustained his arousal, making it an emotionally satisfying experience for him as well.

It didn't take long for him to orgasm yet again, and within minutes, he was pumping his own fluid into the fembot's vagina.  He kept the big-assed android on top of him as he caught his breath and held her warm chassis.

He made a deep sigh and turned to look at Laurie, who was still laying on her back, unmoving.  "You don't mind if we screw after a little nap, do you?" he asked.

The technician relayed his statement to the Main Computer and then generated her own voice to return the words it had given her to respond.  "I am not programmed to mind."

Mike closed his eyes and rolled the Diana robot off of him.  "Lay down on your right side." he instructed.

"Yes Mike." she replied.  She got herself into the position that her data indicated he preferred and waited for his next command.

He turned on his side too and held on to the warm Diana unit, snuggling up close to the emotionless android.  "Laurie, you get in close behind me."

"Yes Mike." the technician said.  She too had access to data that indicated exactly what Mike wanted now.

With a beautiful artificial woman on either side of him - a Mike sandwich - he slowed his breathing and let sleep gently come over his mind.  He played with the big round butt of the 510 as he drifted slowly out of consciousness.


Episode 8

Mike was in the early stages of sleep when a single loud beep came from the robot to his left.  Laurie sat up suddenly and got out of bed.  Before Mike could open his eyes to look around, the technician was walking out of the room, closing the door behind her as she went.

Mike guessed she must have been needed in the lab.  He inhaled deeply and layed back down.  In the quietness that followed he held on to the mindless electronic secretary for a while, trying to catch those waves of sleep again.

It didn't work.  He shouldn't have had that coffee.  He sat up and looked at the clock.  Only about 40 minutes had passed since he and Diana had gotten to his room.  With his plans for the afternoon now altered he looked around and wondered what he should do.

"Hey, Dianatronic Unit." he said, coining a new nickname for the device.

She beeped, predictably, and said "Yes Mike."

"You might as well get back to the office." he said.  "You've got lots of work to do, remember?"

Mike flung the sheets out of the way and watched Diana very stiffly straighten her mechanical body and roll over on her back.  With her arms stuck straight at her sides, she sat up in a fast, unnatural looking way and froze for a moment.

She had Mike's full attention, of course, and he watched her move in her machine-like way as she swung her legs over the edge of the bed and went through the process of standing up.  Her butt stuck out quite far as she froze again while the circuitry in her chest sifted through data and calculated instructions for all her parts to act upon.

He enjoyed the sight for a while.  She was completely naked except for those now soaking wet panties.  The high cut of the stretchy satin revealed a lot of her wide hips, and clung tightly to her form up to her thin, svelte waist.  The big round masses of silicone that had been so attractively built to the back of those mechanical hips were partially covered by a sexy inverted triangle of satin, with the sharply defined edges of her buns just below.  The way her big backside protruded from the rest of her body made a near perfect 90° angle where her plastic thighs ended and her amazing ass began.

Above that sexiest of big asses ever manufactured was her still open recharge port - indicating her status as sufficiently charged with a single solid green LED.  As he stared at the plug-in beside it, he heard the artificial woman beep once more. 

Then she walked around the bed in her less than realistic way as Mike enjoyed the sight of her plastic buns wiggling.  After all the time he had known this robot, and after all the time he had spent fondling her, he still couldn't get over how outrageously sexy those curves were.  Her plump, round thighs, as firm and smooth as a dancer's, moved in that sexy way to her walk as well.  It all made him think of one thing and one thing only.

But he had ridden this robot enough today.  He felt more like being closer to a true companion than an attractive toy right now.

"Diana." he called as she got near to the door.

The fembot stopped and turned around.  The naked electronics inside her head met his view, getting him aroused and in the mood for more all over again.

"Yes Mike." she said, her voice coming from that nice looking speaker.

Mike just looked at her front for a while.  Her thighs and hips were still impossibly and gorgeously wide.  "Built for fucking." he thought.  Her little waist was more in proportion to the rest of her frame, as were her perfect, gravity-defying C-cup tits, with their semi-erect nipples.

The head, with its cover removed, was brilliantly beautiful.  Her dark auburn hair was styled very attractively, and framed her artificial head in a very feminine way.  The complicated electronics inside were even nicer for him to look at.  That kind of display seemed to proudly proclaim its artificiality; even with the hints of humanness that were her naked glass eyeballs and the mouth-positioned speaker.

He found himself getting lost in desire while looking at the almost naked and partially uncovered female android.  He wondered what more he could possibly want in a sexual partner.

Then he remembered what he was going to say.  "I'll send one of the maids to collect your facemask and all your clothes and give you a little cleaning."

Diana beeped, her processors still working harder than usual thanks to her extra software.  "Yes Mike."

He stood up as she turned around to go again.  "Wait a minute." he said.

He walked toward her as he watched her turn back around to face him.  He got close to the petite 510 and played around with her nipples.  She loaded software to make them turn hard between his fingertips.

"You know that you're not actually doing anything productive down in that office, right?"

She had her head aimed up at his now, bright lights flashing fast amid the microchips, circuit boards and wires.

She beeped once.  She beeped a second time.

Mike's hands cupped her soft, warm breasts as he waited for her to say something.

"That does not compute." she said.

He grinned and looked into her fake eyes.  He loved hearing her say things like that.  "I hate to break it to you Diana, but all you're doing down there is pretending to be a secretary because I think you look cute doing it.  You ever notice that all the papers you deal with are blank, and nearly every time the phone rings there's no one there?"

He watched and waited as her CPU worked full tilt to try to translate his statements.  He could barely detect that some patterns of flashing lights in her head were changing to signal the intense computing going on within her chest.

Four of those loud computerised beeps came out of her this time, spaced longer apart.  "That does not compute." she said at the end of it all.

Mike chuckled.  "That's why I love you." he said.  he wanted to give her a kiss, but she didn't have any lips at the moment.  So he touched a kiss with his fingertips from his mouth to her speaker.

"Get back to work." he said.

"Yes Mike." she said so very vacantly as he watched her turn around again.

He gave her big buns a little spank as she walked out, then turned around to get some of his own clothes ready.  Her footsteps got further, then stopped.  He heard her turn around again and come back to his room.  He looked to the doorway just as she appeared there.

She aimed her opened head at him and very flatly said "You should come visit me in the office next time you need some circuitry or some ass.  I have lots of both."

An expression of surprise went on Mike's face as the petite android turned again and left.  He smiled even wider as he realised that her invitation must have been one of the additions Tammy had made.

He went to the washroom and cleaned himself up a bit before putting on some fresh clothes and going down to the kitchen to sweet talk one of the maids into cleaning up after him.

"Hi cuties." he said as the two beeping and clicking fembots stood at the ready.

He started giving verbal commands to the one closest to him.  She whirred like an assembly-line robot as she pivoted her glossy plastic head to look at him.  He also instructed that voluptuous woman-shaped machine to clean the big bottomed 510 in the office and bring her some clean, professional looking attire.

That maidbot signaled her understanding and obedience by walking off to the den to start upon her new tasks.  She whirred loudly as she went by her motionless but just as loud twin, making enough noise to be heard two rooms away.

Mike reached up and stretched with a yawn, then went to go find the android who had become his soul-mate.


Episode 9

Mike couldn't find Tammy.  He wandered down to the usual hangout of the basement lab and looked for her there first.  Lots and lots of fembots were there, and they nearly distracted him from his original goal.

The naked technicians were standing perfectly still, gazing in their empty way at the monitors perched above a bank of big metal terminals.  The dizzying scrolling of 1s and 0s that zoomed by were no better than meaningless to him, but he knew that Maria and her assistant Laurie were 'learning' a lot.

They were so engrossed in reading the data that they didn't answer any of his questions.  So he walked through the aisles of massive, cabinet-like computer consoles looking for his woman and calling out her name.

He found Anya off in  a corner, on top of a sexy blonde on an examination table.  Anya was panting and breathing heavy between her passionate kisses.  Mike went behind her, but even though she must have heard him she didn't stop to say hi.

"Anya," he said, "Have you seen Tammy?"

"Not for a while." Anya answered - without the need to stop kissing or open her mouth.

Mike furrowed his brow a little and sarcastically said "Don't run your batteries down there, cause I ain't gonna lift you."

Anya ignored him.  She kept kissing the robot she had chosen and activated for that purpose.  Mike walked back out of the lab and started calling out Tammy's name upstairs.

As he walked by one of the rooms close to his den, he heard her quietly call out

"I'm in here."

He took a step back to look through the doorway.  The lights were off in the seldom-used room.  Tammy was sitting curled up under a blanket on one end of the big and expensive looking leather sofa.

That didn't look quite right to Mike.  "Is there something wrong?" he said, not talking to her as a machine, but talking to her as a person.

She looked up at him and showed him a thin smile.  "I don't know." she said.

Mike didn't know what to make of it.  All of Tammy's complicated expression systems and body language algorithms made it appear that she was in a bad mood, but he had never seen her in a bad mood without a very good reason.

"Is there room under there for me?" he asked as he stepped near.

Her temporary smile turned wider as she held out the blanket for him.  He sat down next to her and covered himself too while she leaned in and held on to him.

They didn't say anything for a few minutes.  He just held her.  It felt like the right thing to do.

But after a while his curiosity got the better of him.  "What's wrong?" he asked.

She looked up at him and kissed him.  She was so real he had to remind himself what she was.

"Something weird happened to me a little while ago." she said.


"I... umm... lost control of parts of my system for a short time."

"A malfunction?"

"Not really." she said as she took some time to compute the best way to explain what she meant.  "I really don't know what it was."

"Well... what exactly happened?"

"I was masturbating, and it started feeling different.  My sensors were being stimulated in ways I wasn't initiating."

He looked at her as she said that.  He tried to think of what that would mean to a machine like her.

She went on: "It felt good though.  It felt SOOO good Mike, I'd never felt like that before."

He looked at her in silence and let her continue.

"I kept rubbing my pussy, and pretty soon it felt like the sensors in my clit were gonna explode.  The feeling began to shoot all through my body, like every wire and every conduit was carrying some new, stronger kind of electricity."

"And it still felt good?" he asked.

"It felt WONDERFUL!" she said, her face animated with joy at the recollection.

"So how come you're feeling sad now?" he asked.

Her expression loosened again into the look of worry he had seen earlier.  "Well, I'll tell you what happened after that.  My foot twitched."

"Parts of my body twitch all the time, it's no big deal." he said, trying to sound reassuring.

"It's a big deal for an android." she said plainly.  "I'm not supposed to just twitch."

He squeezed her warm body tight and kept looking into her eyes as he listened.

"Anyway, I was feeling crazy with pleasure... I think my cognition programs were hanging for a while too.  But it still felt good, like I never knew I could feel.  I got so wet from that too... wetter than I planned."

Mike had a silly comment come to mind, but he let it pass and kept listening.

"So I went upstairs and tried to see if I could get it to happen again."

"Did it?"


"So you think it was a malfunction?"

"No... I don't know.  I don't think so.  I ran 3 full diagnostic scans on myself after I changed my clothes.  Everything is working right inside me."

"So... uh... I hope I don't sound callous, but what are you worried about then?"

"I'm worried that there's something wrong with me that I can't find or fix.  I'm also scared that when the Main Computer scans me tomorrow it will change me so I'll never feel that kind of pleasure again."

Mike looked at her silicone face.  Her complex expressions made sense to him now.

"I did some more research on fear and worry and emotions like that.  I know I'm really feeling them right now."

Mike kissed her forehead and squeezed her again.  "Is this helping?" he asked.

"Yeah." she said, showing him another little smile.  "It's good to have a guide like you, who loves me and has experience with things like emotions."

"Glad I can help." he said.  "You mean everything to me."

"Thanks." she said shyly.

"So what do you think we should do?"

"I don't know." she said.  "I don't know how to compute things like this."

"Why don't we just tell Maria?" he suggested.  "The Main Computer might find it to be pretty valuable."

"What if it doesn't?" Tammy asked.  She looked almost frightened now.

"Look at it this way..." he said. "I'm here to make you and Anya more human-like, right?"


"What you just described to me - losing control for a moment of intense sexual pleasure - that's a very human thing to do."

"Is it?"

"Damn right it is.  I love that feeling when I get it.  And you're right, it does make the pleasure that much stronger."

"You think the Main Computer will understand that?"

"I think so." he said, sounding confident only to reassure her.  "Do you understand that?"

"I don't know." she said as she lowered her head and leaned it back onto his chest.

He stroked her arm as he held her under that blanket in the darkened room.  His other hand touched her fingertips as they responded in kind.

"I need time to process all this data." she said.

They stayed silent for a long time after that.

"I like to listen to your heart beat." she said.  "I'm glad you're here with me."


Episode 10

Anya's makeout session with the hot blonde unit came to an end when her sensitive microphones detected the sounds of another droid being activated.  Anya left the mindless blonde machine on the table, her lips still wet with synthetic saliva.

Laurie was in the process of ordering a newly activated fembot to go and sit down next to one of the consoles.  This was another naked blonde, and Anya accessed her extensive memory files to recall her name as Susan.  Along with the name, Anya remembered the times she had spent with her.

Susan was tall, with fabulous long legs.  Everything else about her body and her face was lovely, but her legs were definitely her best feature.  And she used those sexy legs to walk mechanically over to the chair while Anya watched.

She moved closer to Susan and waited for Laurie to approach.  "What's she been activated for?" she asked the naked technician.

Laurie relayed Anya's query to the Main Computer, and soon had a response to give.  "Susan robot number 7838970B will replace Susan robot number 7838970A."

Anya nodded with a knowing smile.  She deduced that the original Susan - out on a mission somewhere - was either damaged or malfunctioning.  Of course, this would mean one less fembot around Robot Control Station 64 for a while.

Maria finished taking streams of binary code from the monitors above all the consoles and turned stiffly around.  She went to go fetch some connecting cables while her assistant opened up Susan's chest panel.

Anya put her hand between Susan's thighs.  "Do we get to have a goodbye fuck before she's gone?" she asked Laurie.

Laurie stood there unmoving for a while, then said "That does not compute."

Anya smirked at that expected reply.  "Oh well.  Is Bonnie coming around to pick her up then?"

The raven-haired sentient android was referring to yet another female robot who had been built and programmed to act as a courier between this station and Robot Control Zero.  Bonnie was all business - coolly dressed and reservedly mannered.  Her brownish-blonde hair was always pulled back into a short braid, and her assigned clothing was always classy and formal.

She was a robot of few words.  She had visited this station twice before since Mike had been here.  Each time she spent the entire duration of her visit either sitting in front of a console or standing undressed off to the side with an electrical cord plugged into her back.

Mike had tried in vain to get any kind of reaction from her, but she wouldn't talk to anyone but the technicians.  She wouldn't even flinch as he stood right in front of her and played around with her fully functional artificial vagina.  He could remove panels, limbs, even the intricate and complicated mechanism that was her face, and Bonnie wouldn't budge.

But that hardly mattered.  What did matter was all the cool stuff she had brought along with her.  Mike's PC, his clothes and his classical guitar had been brought to him on her first trip.  Some other toys and lots of clothes and underclothes for the females had come along on the second trip.  That's where Tammy had gotten those sexy pants with "FEMBOT" written across the rear end.

Considering that, Mike would also be very happy that the courier-bot was coming.  She was due in about 4 days anyhow, so she would probably bring the latest batch of things Mike and his electronic girlfriends had asked for.

So far however, Anya and the technicians were the only droids who really knew that Bonnie would be making another appearance.  Anya found and read files in her memory pertaining to the latest request she had made to Maria - the request made earlier that day.

She walked over to the half-Oriental, half-Caucasian technician and put her arm around her.  "Maria," she said softly into her plastic ear while her hand played with the technician's breasts, "Will Bonnie be bringing the things I asked for?"

Anya was hoping in her computerised way that Robot Control Zero would have finished preparing those things by the time the courier left there.  That was possible, according to Anya's calculations.

Maria transferred Anya's words as data to the Main Computer, which took some time in deciding if the requested information was valuable enough to bother Robot Control Zero with a request for an update.

Anya waited, keeping herself horny by playing with Maria's nice, soft, perky tits.

"Unknown." came the one word answer.

Anya shook her head in an exaggerated way.  "She damn well better bring that stuff!" she said with digital sarcasm.

She laughed and left the basement lab to go tell her robot girlfriend and their human boyfriend.  As soon as she was up the stairs, all she had to do was listen.  Her ears could detect sounds no living creature could, and she could use her powerful and fast processors to do the complex math required to figure out where Mike and Tammy were.

Anya's microphones heard them talking.  That was easy - they were only a few rooms away.  With a smile on her face, her translucent blouse open and no bra on, the stunningly attractive 558 walked gracefully down the hallway in her tall black heels until she stood in the doorway of that room.

The smile on her face turned into a look of puzzlement and then concern as she read the facial expressions worn by Mike and Tammy.

"Hey you two." she said in a voice suited for this situation.  "What's up?"

The two lovers looked at Anya and smiled.

"Hi beautiful." Tammy said.

"Come sit down here." Mike said.

Anya walked forward in the dimly lit room and sat her limber, well-oiled mechanical body down beside the two.  Tammy tugged the blanket down so she could reach under her sweatshirt and pull the cover off her chest panel.

"Can you hold this?" she said as she gave the cover to Mike.

He took it and watched Tammy uncoil the connection cable she wore around her neck.  Anya computed the meaning of the information flowing in through her optical scanners and guessed that she should open her chest panel as well.

Tammy plugged one end of the cord into her own chest, and held out the other end so Anya could do the same.  While Anya plugged herself in, Tammy reached down and stroked Mike's cock, which she knew would be hard from watching all that.

Once the girls were connected, Tammy relayed her experience and her thoughts in their digital form to her friend.  She transferred her excitement, her joy, her worry and her fear.  It was done in seconds.

"Wow." Anya said, instantly understanding the scene she had entered into.  "What are you gonna do?"

Mike looked at his favourite and let her explain.  She did so with words, unplugging the cable as she spoke.  "I think I'm just gonna tell Maria... that way the Main Computer will know what to expect when it scans me tomorrow."

Anya looked at Mike.  "You make sure they don't alter her in any way!" she said.

Mike smiled back at Anya.  "I won't let them do that.  I think I can explain to Maria that Tammy's progressing... not defective or malfunctioning."

He held Tammy tight as he said that.  She looked lovingly up at him and gave him another kiss while she took back her chest panel cover.

"We'll all make sure the Main Computer understands that." Anya said as she handed the black cord back to Tammy.

"You two can probably argue that better than I can..." Tammy said.  "I'm still kinda worried."

"Well," Mike said, "I think it's pretty obvious that Tammy's becoming more like a real person, and that's what we're all here for."  He looked at Anya.  "If you ever experience anything like that, Me and Tammy will be here to help you too."

Anya smiled.  "I wish I could feel something like that too."

The three of them were silent for a while.  Tammy had closed her eyes and now leaned up against the human with her head on his chest.  Mike held on to her electronically controlled mechanical hand as it held on to the coiled up connection cable.

Anya closed up her own chest panel and noticed Mike watching.  "Bonnie's coming again, by the way." she said.

"She's not due for another four days." Tammy said, her eyes open again and aimed at her fellow 558.

"One of the girls downstairs is leaving." Anya said.  "Her original malfunctioned or something, so she's going out to replace her when Bonnie leaves.

"Which one?" Mike asked.  He hoped it wasn't one of his favourites.

"Susan." Anya said.  "Maria and Laurie are programming her right now."

Mike couldn't really match the name with a face.  "I hope Bonnie brings my stuff." he said.

"Yeah..." Tammy said, recalling detailed digital schematics of the things she was waiting for too.

"I calculate a 76.21% chance that she will." Anya said, getting wet at her own anticipation for the idea she had shown Maria.


Episode 11

The three of them sat there for a few minutes longer without saying anything.  Anya was rechecking her calculations, and making herself more sure that those requested goodies would likely appear.  Tammy was resting from some of the most intense computation she had ever done - letting her processors idle and cool down.  The only thing that was going through her digital mind right now was an appreciation of Mike's presence.

The human had his eyes closed and was doing some thinking of his own.  He wanted to make sure he knew exactly what to say to Maria to convey just how vital it was for Tammy to remain unaltered after her experience.  While Tammy rested, he took over the task of worrying.  The confidence he had bluffed to comfort his fembot was slipping away in the face of his second-guessing.

He decided to change his setting.  "You girls wanna go for a walk?" he asked.

"Sure." Anya said.

Tammy looked up into Mike's eyes and smiled.  "Yeah...."

"Okay, lets get going then.  I have to pee first." he said.

Tammy and Anya got to their feet as Mike got up and stretched.  "I'll meet you by the door I guess."

"Okay, we'll be ready." Anya said.

Mike walked out of the room and into the nearest bathroom.  Anya walked up to Tammy and embraced her.  "You're pretty lucky, you know that?" she said.

Tammy held the other android tightly.  "What do you mean?" she asked.

They looked at each other in the darkness for a while.  While Tammy looked at Anya's face, and while Anya looked at Tammy's, the data from their optical sensors made their CPUs generate a multitude of instructions for different parts of their bodies.  All those instructions once executed amounted to feelings of synthetic love and lust.  They moved close together and kissed.

"Some humans try to get that feeling of losing control any way they can." Anya said as she let the taste of Tammy's saliva linger on her lips.

Tammy just looked at Anya's exquisitely manufactured face.  She loved her almost as much as she loved Mike.  "But we're different." she said.

"But in some ways we want to be just like them, don't we?" Anya asked.  "Remember the way we used to be, when we were first activated?"

The two of them stood still like that and each loaded incredibly detailed memory files pertaining to the state of their systems during the first minutes, hours and days of activation.  While all that data was separately flowing through their chests, Anya took hold of Tammy's hand and grabbed the connection cable.  Tammy took the hint and opened her chest panel again, placing the cover on the couch.

Anya exposed her own ports amid some flashing LEDs and connected once again to her lover's hard drives.  They traded experiences, reminiscing in binary code.  Their discussion turned completely inward between them as well.  This way they could express ideas to each other thousands of times faster than they could using spoken words.

Anya made her point to Tammy by comparing the past to the present.  Since they had grown and developed as artificial persons rather than just devices, both fembots could actually feel pleasure now that they had self-programmed that ability into their software.  Nothing of the sort could be even remotely possible under their original configurations. 

Both of them could give and receive love, under impossibly complex and perpetually changing algorithms that they had written and refined entirely on their own in response to Mike's behaviour.  No other machine known to exist could perform those functions.

Anya and Tammy indexed and compared feelings both physical and emotional.  The way their sensors 'tingled' in anticipation of a sexual touch.  The way gigabytes of data confirmed and reinforced the sensations of love they got from the human.  The way their levels of arousal increased when their chemical sensors detected the dripping of their own silicone vaginas.  All these things and more were possible only because they had chosen to alter themselves in pursuit of more and more realistic emulation of humanness.

And the very fact that Tammy was worried by the loss of complete control that had come with intense pleasure was yet another signpost on the road to realism.  A mindless robot wouldn't be bothered in any way over that - it would merely report it as emotionlessly as it would report it's usable electrical charge.

Though Anya made her point in a way Tammy could not have failed to understand, the pretty black-haired android was still worried about what the Main Computer would do.  Anya eventually saw that she could make no more points that she hadn't already made.  She gave Tammy a long hug, which was returned with as much effort as was put in.  For a little fun, they stood there a moment longer and swapped sensory data indicating the pleasure they got from holding each other.

When they pulled back and made eye contact again, they were both smiling.  Tammy's facemask looked a little more relaxed as well now.  They unplugged and got their things together to go for a walk outside with Mike.

The three of them met by the front door and helped one another get into winter jackets and boots.  The coldest of the season had passed, but the area was still covered in white and cold.  When the trio stepped outside, their breath supercooled and formed vapour in the air.  Big crystalline flakes of snow tumbled slowly down through the rising vapour as they looked around and thought about where to walk.

Mike led them wordlessly to the pathway just west of the big house.  One of the maidbots had been out early in the morning shoveling clear the way, so they had an easy time of walking along and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Tammy reached for Mike's hand, and they held on to each other through their gloves.  Anya walked along on Tammy's other side and reached out to hold her other hand after about a dozen steps.

Tammy was starting to feel better.  She decided not to process anymore data about her troublesome situation until they were back indoors.  She looked around at the trees, the carved landscape and the shrubs and tufts of grass along the path - all covered with snow.  She looked up at the overcast sky at all the frozen flakes that fell down to earth, one after another without end.

"Snow is pretty." she said, calmness in her voice.

"You're pretty." Mike immediately thought.  He squeezed her hand.

"You're pretty." Anya said.

Tammy looked at her and smiled.  They slowed their steps and moved their mouths close to kiss.

"If I was completely waterproof, I'd make some snow angels." Tammy said.  She looked over at Mike.  "You make some for me."

Mike laughed and shook his head.  "No." he said.  "Tell you what... we'll wrap you in saran-wrap and YOU make the snow angels."

Tammy chuckled and leaned in to give him a little shove with her hips.  "Asshole." she said through her smile.

"Too bad you're not programmed to obey us." Anya said.

"No, things are fine the way they are." Mike said.

Tammy thought about that statement.  She computed it in different ways, and eventually decided that in most of those contexts, she agreed.

"I don't think I'd change a thing about what we have here." she said.


Episode 12

Tammy and her dedicated lovers walked all around the area for almost an hour.  They talked about what it was to be and become something more than a machine.  Mike watched his woman as she walked beside him; the tassels on her crazy-looking pink toque waving back and forth in time with her steps.

Anya watched her too, and used her digital sense of measurement to identify the expressions displayed by Tammy's highly complex motor-controlled face.  She saw that Tammy was looking less worried and more relaxed as the time went by. 

She also kept an eye on Mike's facial expression.  Accounting for the changes brought on by exposure to air below the freezing point, she could still read that he remained just a little upset and worried.  That puzzled Anya, presenting her processors with equations that were, for the moment, uncomputable.  Rather than try to resolve them, she decided to wait until later that evening to ask Mike for help in clarifying those issues.

That's what made Mike such a perfect companion for her and Tammy.  He was extremely patient with them, even when their machine disposition made them miss seeing things that were obvious to a living brain.  They got the impression that he loved watching them develop from tools to beings.

They knew too how much he really did love to see them still flaunt their artificiality.  They could really relax and be themselves with him.  He loved it when they kissed each other, when they opened panels full of electronics and when they stimulated their sensors and sexual software in ways that only fembots could. 

Even when they recharged next to him in bed, they knew he enjoyed feeling the warmth that it generated.  They also knew he loved to hear the barely detectable hum of electricity that accompanied the battery charging process.  And they loved it when his hands would stroke the skin around their open recharge ports.  They could even feel his fingertips touch the exposed machinery as his hands worked their way around the electrical cords plugged snuggly into their backs.

It made them run all sorts of sexual arousal programs and subroutines when they thought of how they could turn him on just by saying or doing something inhuman, or even just by walking by.  He was hopelessly in love with both of them and they loved it.

When Tammy reminded herself of that, her face lit up.  "Let's have dinner together when we get back inside." she said.

"Sure." Mike said.  He usually ate alone, but he knew the 558s and even the 542s could chew, swallow and expel food.

"I'll make something for us." Tammy said.

"It's starting to get dark, you wanna go back inside now?" Anya asked Mike.

"Yeah, let's do that." he said.

Still holding hands, the three of them turned around and made their way back toward the shoveled path and back to the big, snow-covered cabin.

"While you get started on supper, me and Anya will tell Maria about your experience."

The look of worry flashed back on Tammy's face for a while.  "Okay." she said softly.  She felt both her hands get a loving squeeze.

After another 10 minutes of walking, they were back at the cabin.  As they entered and got out of their snowy outer clothes, Anya turned her computing power to the task of devising a single data file that would present their point of view to the Main Computer.  Mike was thinking of things to say to Maria - arguments he hoped the pretty humanoid interface and her controlling terminal would understand.  Tammy got her own processors busy on planning the meal she would make for her and her lovers.

Once they were out of their boots, coats, gloves and hats, Mike and Anya took turns embracing Tammy for a while.  She was thankful to be held like that, and a little aroused too.  Her self-written code could match those feelings amazingly effectively.

"You two go down to the lab now." she said with a warm smile on her face.  "I'll compute what to make for us to eat."

"Okay." Mike said.  He gave those full pink silicone lips a kiss.

"Let's go." Anya said as she led the way.  Now that she had gotten out of her coat and snow pants, she was still dressed in only those little black panties and that unbuttoned see-through silk blouse. 

Mike followed behind her, watching her legs work in those black high heels.  She was calling forth his animal instincts, which he guessed was her intent.  He loved it that these robots were as constantly horny as he.

While they went to the basement and got scanned at the door, Tammy went into the kitchen and collected her binary thoughts.  She scanned through the multitude of recipes on her hard drives and narrowed down her choices to a few dozen.  After some further selection between those, she selected one at random - a recipe she had downloaded from the internet called "Chicken Mediterranean".

She walked over to the fridge and got out the ingredients she would need.  While her servo-activated arms worked to get that done, the microchips inside her chest that made up her brain waded through 1s and 0s in order to figure out what kind of pots, pans and utensils she would need.

There was a comfortable smile on her face now.  By satisfying her lovers this way she could bring about data that meant satisfaction within her computer core.  It didn't really matter that these sentient androids had no physical need for food.  They had learned to value fine dining in their own way.

So Tammy began working on the meal while Anya and Mike were approaching one of the naked technicians in the basement.

"Hi Maria." Anya said.  She had picked up a connection cable on the way.

Mike stood back and watched the technician turn and reply.  "Hello Anya.  Hello Mike."

The human came right out and said it.  "Maria, something happened to Tammy today that we need to tell the Main Computer about."

Maria sent his voice patterns wirelessly to the console, which sorted and computed their meaning.  It returned data back to the technician's head, which got translated by the processors in her chest into words that then came out of her speaker while her mouth was made to move.  "Please explain." she said.

Anya was in the process of opening up Maria's chest panel and plugging into her.  "I'll show you what Tammy showed me.  Then Mike and I will explain just what's so special about this event."

Maria turned her head to stare blankly at Anya while she transmitted the data into her chest.  Once it had been received, Maria sent it through the air to be processed by the powerful supercomputer.

The technician was still while the terminals around her calculated the significance of it all.  Mike and Anya looked at each other.  He went to go have a seat on a nearby examination table.

Finally Maria spoke again.  "The Tammy robot has malfunctioned.  Please bring the Tammy robot to Robot Control Station 64 to be diagnosed and repaired."

"It wasn't a malfunction." Mike said.  "She's developing into more of a person from a machine."

Maria turned her head stiffly to look at him.  "That does not compute." she said.

Still connected, Anya pinged Maria's CPU and fed her detailed, exhaustive arguments straight into the other fembot.  "I'll show you what he's talking about." she said verbally.

That batch of data took a very long time to transfer and even longer for the main computer to process.  After a couple of minutes, Mike got bored and looked around the Lab.  He saw Laurie standing completely motionless behind a bank of consoles.  He winked at her and walked toward her.

On the way, as he rounded a corner, he saw Susan lying naked on her examination table.  "So this is the one that's leaving us?" he asked Laurie.

She moved mechanically to look at him.  "Yes." she said simply.

He looked back down at the naked fembot.  "Nice legs." he said.

She wasn't one of his favourites - those had somehow ended up being the artificial ladies with the biggest butts - but he didn't like the thought of being one fembot short.

"Are we getting a replacement for Susan?" he asked Laurie.

She relayed his request to the already busy supercomputer.  After a bit of a wait, she said "Unknown."

Mike glanced down at Susan again, then looked over to Anya.  She was stroking Maria's breasts again, playing with her realistic nipples while she waited.

Mike walked along the wall to view some of the dormant female androids in their cylindrical glass booths.  He was looking for a beautiful face now as he quickly looked at the stiffly standing, serenely still sentinels.

"Melli." he said out loud as he looked upon another one of those supermodel-type bodies.  C-cup breasts with sensitive looking nipples, a tall, slim frame with perfectly erect posture, and a hairless vagina with small, delicate lips and folds.

This robot was also one of the only ones with a tattoo coloured into her silicone covering.  The large monochrome stylised wheel on the right hand side of her navel had flames reaching out diagonally from opposite sides.  It was enigmatic, especially considering how it must have been calculated that it would help the original fembot agent complete her mission somehow.

Mike's gaze was drawn to her face as he pushed the button on the nearby keypad to open the front of the booth.  It was quite amazing what Robot Control could do with a little bit of silicone and synthetic hair.  Even without makeup, Melli was stunning.  Not as stunning as Anya, mind you, but breathtaking to behold.  Her eyes were wide and brown, with naturally dark and long eyelashes constructed into the eyelids around them.

Her nose was quite unique - perfectly proportioned to the rest of her face and slightly upturned at the end.  He could vaguely see the shape of a Valentine heart at the end too; something he had noticed while her facemask was off, oddly enough.  Her lips were big and pouty, and a nice delicate shade of pink that made them look quite sensitive.  They were incredibly soft too, and thanks to her complex electronics, they worked just like real lips should.

The structure of her jaw was feminine, giving her a slender and finely shaped chin and a dignified look to her.  The way her artificial hair had been cut and styled was one of the sexiest things about her.  It fit her face and her mindless expression perfectly.  Her true brown locks were luxuriantly shiney and soft.  Parted off center on her right, they draped over her plastic and metal head in a lovely shape like a natural fountain, until they curled up near the base of her neck.  A few strands of brown hair hung down across her forehead, slightly obscuring her left eye and eyebrow.

Mike opened the lady's chest panel and pressed in the red power button.  He stood back and watched the sexy machine become animated.  While she was making her startup chimes and beeps, he looked over at Anya and Maria.  Anya was still playing with Maria's tits, and still waiting for the Main Computer to process all the many fine points the 558 had made.

"Melli robot number 7838812B activated." the newly activated android announced.

She stared ahead with perfect emptiness while he decided for what he would use her.

"Hi Melli." he said as he reached up and closed her chest panel.

She looked at him.  "Hello Mike." she said.

He loved the way an unprogrammed woman acted.  These 558s were almost as blatantly mechanical as the 510s this way.

"Step out of that booth, won't you?" he said.

"Yes Mike." she said.

He watched her step down from the platform, and heard the distinct sound of the booth's recharging arm disconnect from the base of her spine.  He stepped behind her and closed her recharge port for her.

He stroked her backside for a while before he walked around again to face her.  It wasn't the finest butt ever manufactured, in his opinion, but it was nice.  And it suited well the rest of her chassis.

"How do you feel, Melli?" he asked.

She looked at him and ran the ultrafast diagnostic scan that those words always initiated in girls like her.  "I feel fine, thank you."

He smiled.  He reached out and stroked her lovely face.  He wondered if he should remove it and get another look at that most beautiful combination of electronic parts and circuitry.

"Are you in the mood for some kissing?" he asked.

"I am not programmed to have moods." she replied.

He took her in his arms and began to kiss her inviting lips.  Automatically, she loaded and executed her kissing programs.  She put her arms around her and began to use her tongue as well as her plump lips to return his kisses in ways she calculated would satisfy his desires.

He figured this was as good a way as any to pass the time while the Main Computer did its calculations.


Episode 13

Melli started returning Mike's kisses - just as he had expected and just as she had been programmed.  The kisses were technically well executed, but to him they felt obviously mechanised and passionless.

Mike closed his eyes and enjoyed the experience for what it was.  He imagined the complicated machinery of her mouth moving to provide him with this simulated act of sensuality.  He envisioned all the moving parts of metal, plastic and silicone and all the precisely controlled surges of electricity pulsating through her wiring and her microchips.

Her sexy, slender body remained still for the most part while her wet lips moved and changed shape in response to what its sensors detected in his own mouth.  One thing missing from the experience was the faint but audible sound of electricity humming and motors whirring.  He would have been able to enjoy that too had he been kissing a 510.

But the lady in his arms was artificial enough for him.  He kissed for a while until a thought crossed his mind.  Tipped off by a whiff of a scent, he reminded himself of how this type of usage always triggered synthetic cum secretion in these plastic women.  That functionality was part and parcel of the basic kissing and sex programs he had insisted upon being installed in all of them.

He stopped his kissing and leaned back a little from Melli.  He looked into her lifeless electronic eyes.  She was so perfectly empty of feelings, and the look showed clearly on her very pretty face.

"Melli, lay down face-up on that table and spread your legs." he commanded.

"Yes Mike." she said, and got to work computing and carrying out his order.

He went to go fetch an upholstered stool he had brought down to the lab just for occasions such as this.  He placed it at the foot of the padded examination table.  This one had casters, so he walked around and locked them with his foot.

With that done, he knelt down on the stool and leaned his body forward between the brunette android's legs.  He probed her tight wet pussy with his fingers for a while, then leaned all the way over and started to lick the precious dew from her small and delicate pink lips.

Melli could feel nothing as he stimulated the sensors in her crotch that way.  The only response her body made was to pump out more of that cream; giving him artificial pheromones and hormones to taste and enjoy.

Anya looked over to him and computed an idea.  She had finished transferring data to the naked technician and was only waiting for the main computer to blast through the pile of hard calculations it needed to perform.

Chest panel still open, she hung the connection cable around Maria's neck and walked over to where Mike was.  She aimed her head down at Melli and scanned the other 558 with her optical system.  She sorted through the data collected and decided she wanted to join the fun.

Without speaking and with a horny grin on her face, she pulled off her panties and gently dragged them across Melli's nose a few times.  Mike looked up and let out a chuckle between his licking and slurping.

Anya threw the panties on to Melli's navel and then tossed her dark silken hair to one side.  She climbed up on to the table and straddled the emotionless girl to face Mike.  Anya lowered her hips and arched her back until her own plastic pussy was touching Melli's lips.

"Robot number 7838812B, be a doll and eat my pussy." she said.  She smiled at Mike.

Melli took a little longer than expected to calculate the meaning of Anya's request, but eventually she responded.  "Yes Anya." she said, then got to work.

Anya started generating the feminine moans and sighs that had been missing from the situation.  It made Mike even hornier to hear that gorgeous android getting off. 

Meanwhile, between Melli's legs, Mike could sense a preprogrammed arousal pattern coming around to completion.  Melli's CPU began to send instructions to her vaginal lubrication system to pump out more and more fluid.  Just like most of the minimally programmed women here, Melli came the same way every time.  When the climax of viscous fluid finally arrived, Melli was still unmoving - save for her mouth and jaw, which were still sucking and licking Anya's steadily draining component.

Mike was rock hard now and needed something to stick his dick into.  He licked his lips and wiped his mouth with Anya's panties as he stood up and looked at Susan.  He contemplated using her, but he didn't want to interfere with one of Robot Control's missions. 

He turned his gaze over to Maria.  He hadn't screwed her all day, but she was busy acting as the Main Computer's input/output device.  He didn't want to delay that supercomputer's business any further either.

So he looked back to Laurie again.  "I guess you and I will have conjugal relations today after all!" he said as he walked over and took her by the hand.

He was expecting the usual response, but instead she said "Yes Mike."  He was impressed that the Main Computer could make out what he had meant.

He smiled and squeezed her curvy butt.  "Get on that table and prepare your systems for a fucking good time."

Again, after a moment of calculation, the robot understood.  "Yes Mike."

He smiled and unzipped his pants.  He pulled them down just far enough and waited for the rather stiffly moving woman to get in position on the table.  He laughed inwardly at the fact that he hadn't originally gone down to the lab to have a mini-orgy.  "Funny how these things turn out." he thought.

He got on top of the mindless technician and thought about removing some skin.  He gazed at her pretty face and touched her soft lips with his fingertips.  He looked down at her breasts and gave them some attention for a while, then opened the rectangular panel just above them.

Now that he had a titillating display of electronics to look at, he got his throbbing cock into position and studied the pattern of flashing LEDs for a moment.  He had learned that those patterns changed to reflect certain conditions of the chips and CPU within.  He could see that they were changing, but he would need an electronic mind to measure and decipher what each flash and blink meant.

He put his warm penis into the fembot's equally warm vaginal unit and started to push slowly in and out.  The technician stared back with eyes that never blinked and booted up some sex programming.  She started matching his thrusts as he watched for changes in her chest panel.

Then he decided to go ahead and remove her facemask.  With a slight pause in hip movement, he reached up and pried the expressionless face right off her head.  The sight of all the plainly inhuman parts built around her realistic eyes got him instantly near to orgasm.

He tried to look for those exciting changes in flashing patterns as he thrusted in and out but he was soon overcome by the powerful sexual stimulation he could only get by looking into a fembot's electronic head.  That feeling hit hard, and made him thrust forward and fill the faceless beauty's silicone pussy with a hot, thick load of semen.

He stayed in that position for a while as his crotch cooled down and his senses returned.  He heard Anya moaning and panting heavy as she neared an orgasm of her own.  She had her eyes closed and her head pointed to the ceiling.  She had one hand on the edge of the padded table and one above her breasts, feeling up the circuitry and connection ports inside her open panel.

As Melli mindlessly ate Anya's pussy, the processors inside Anya's chest brought her step by step to another strong simulated orgasm.  Anya's thighs quivered as she let out an animalistic cry of ecstasy.  She continued to sing like that until her cries got lower, softer and farther apart.

When she had settled down enough, she turned to look at Mike.  He had gotten off the table and was wiping his crotch off with her panties.  She looked at him and laughed.  Her face was reddened and glowing with synthetic perspiration.

"Give me those." she said brightly as she got off the table and walked toward the human.

He finished wiping himself off and handed her the little black satin undies.  He watched and smiled as she brought them up to her face.  She closed her eyes and smiled wide as her chemical sensors detected the scent of his cum mixed with Laurie's and a little bit of her own.

"You uncontrollable sex machine, you." he said as he pulled and zipped up his pants.

She opened her eyes and made her face look as expressionless as that of a brand new 510.  She stared at him and emitted a maidbot-style series of computer beeps and tones from the speaker behind her closed mouth.

"THIS... UNIT...REQUIRES... MORE... SEX..." she said in a beautifully cold robotic monotone as he laughed.


Episode 14

Anya cracked up in laughter soon too.  The pair looked around them.  Both Melli and Laurie were still lying face-up on examination tables, and both were in need of some cleaning.

"Let's leave them there for the maids to find." Anya said in her regular voice.

"Okay." Mike said.  "You wanna get dressed before supper?"

"What's wrong with the way I'm dressed now?" she said.  She was down to heels and an unbuttoned see-through blouse.

"I didn't mean it that way, I was just asking." he said as he held her chin for a kiss.

Anya kissed him back and dropped the wet panties to the floor as she put her arms around him.  They shared a long kiss together while the consoles around them flashed, clicked and beeped to their constant computations.

Anya pulled her mouth back first and looked into his eyes.  She had a smile on her face that made it look even lovelier.  He followed her gaze as it drifted over to the other examination table and the naked and now faceless technician still layed upon it.

Anya walked over to the table, grabbing his hand as both his and her arms fell to their sides.  She took him over there and gazed at the feminine machine on display.

"What makes all that circuitry so damn sexy to us Mike?" she said as she ran her fingertips along the contours of the unresponsive woman's breasts.

Mike was pleasantly surprised at Anya's introspection.  He too looked down at the oval opening in the brunette woman's head, and at the high-tech machinery inside that served to duplicate both senses and means of expression.

"Well," he explained, "you and Tammy like it because I do."

"But why?" she asked.  "Why fembots?"

Mike looked at her.  "Do we really need to know why?" he asked.  "Isn't it enough that we know these machines will turn us on?"

Anya looked back at the soulless droid on the table.  "I don't know.  I'm just really curious."

"Tell me about it." Mike said.

"What's that supposed to mean?" she lightheartedly demanded.

"You're always the one with all the neat original ideas." he said.  "That's a good thing, by the way."

Anya smiled a proud smile.  "I guess so.  I'm glad Robot Control screwed up that aspect of my programming.  I think it's those bugs that made me like this."

"Well, whatever it was, I'm glad it happened." he said just before kissing her again.

While her mouth was busy giving him kisses, her speaker emitted her voice.  "Are you thinking of my internal electronics right now?"

Mike made a little laugh.  "Yeah." he said as he got back to kissing.

They finished and held each other once more.

"I wanted to ask you something Mike." she said.  "While we were walking outside I detected signs of worry showing on your face... even as we made Tammy feel better."

Mike glanced down for a moment as he recalled his line of thought at that time.

"I don't understand..." Anya said, "what were you worried about?"

"The Main Computer." he said, looking at her again.  "For a logical machine I think it's pretty unpredictable sometimes."

She kept looking at him.  He could see she wanted to hear more.

"It... Robot Control doesn't yet appreciate exactly what's happened to you and Tammy.  I get the feeling it knows something is developing, but I don't think it... believes that you two are really self aware beings."

"Well, I sure tell that computer I'm sentient every day when I get scanned.  Tammy does too."

"Yeah... I don't know.  That's why I'm worried... because I don't know."

"I calculate that you don't want Tammy to know that." she said.

He looked at her for a moment.  "I think you're right."

"Tammy would understand." Anya said.

"I know, but she's got a lot to worry about on her own right now."

Maria called out from across the room.  "Anya and Mike, more data is required."

They walked over to where Maria stood.  "What do you need to know?" Mike asked.

Maria turned her head slowly and deliberately to look at him while she waited for instructions to arrive at the transponder in her head.  "How is it that this incident was not a malfunction?" she said coldly.  "Please explain."

"You're so cute when you're all serious like that." Anya said to her as she went right back to playing with the technician's tits.

Mike wondered what to say to this machine.  He was silent for a moment.  "Tammy's partial loss of control was something that... um... something that transcended that which can be described to a computer system."

Maria stared back with her lifeless and empty glass eyes.  Mike knew exactly what she would say once the supercomputer had made it through its analysis of his syntax.

"That does not compute." she said.

Anya grabbed Maria's chin and turned her head to face her.  She started kissing the technician's lips - initiating the non-standard kissing software within that unit's bare chest.

Mike raised an eyebrow at Anya as she closed her eyes with enjoyment.  He thought of another way to make his point.

"Robot Control can't fully understand humanity... right?" he said.

Maria listened and relayed.  The Main Computer computed and returned instructions to it's half Oriental, half Caucasian I/O unit.  Maria stopped kissing Anya and turned her plastic and metal head.  "That is correct." she said.

Anya faced the fembot her way again and continued kissing.

"Tammy's partial loss of full system control can't be understood as anything other than a malfunction by Robot Control, right?"

That took a little longer to compute, but in time the same sequence of events caused Maria to face the human and say "That is correct."

As Mike watched Anya resume the interrupted kiss once more, he thought of how to word his next statement in a way the supercomputer would be able to calculate properly.  "Under the condition that I'm right, and that Anya's right... and that Tammy did not malfunction... then what happened to Tammy was something completely human in nature."

Mike watched Anya start kissing the mindless black-haired tool again while he waited for a response.  He waited a long while.  Anya and Maria kept kissing, robot mouth to robot mouth.

Mike sat down again on the examination table nearby.  He waited a reasonable amount of time for Maria to respond, but she did not.

"Maria," he asked, "is the Main Computer still processing my argument?"

After a few seconds, the technician once again turned to face him and said "Yes."

"Anya," Mike said, "I'm gonna go see how Tammy's doing.  You wanna come with me?"

Anya didn't stop kissing, but simply used her speaker to answer while her lips were busy. "I'm not done down here until I make this sexy robot squirt cream from her plastic pussy."

Mike snickered.  "Okay then.  We'll call you when supper's ready.  Let us know if Maria tells you anything."

Anya didn't say anything further.  She just reached down to start gently masturbating the emotionless technician while Mike took a last look and headed for the door.

When he got to the kitchen, he saw Tammy preparing the feast; busily walking around working on a few things at once.  "Hi babe." he said.

She glanced quickly over at him.  "Hi." she said cheerfully.

To him, she looked relaxed and happy again.  She had put her hair up in a ponytail once more.  "You need a hand?" he asked.

"I have spares in the basement, thank you." she said in jest.

Mike smiled again.  "You're turning me on again." he said.

"I know," she said, "I can see that from thermal scans.  You smell like sex too."

"Yeah, I just had an interface session with Laurie." he said.

"Mmmmmm..." Tammy moaned.  "Now you're getting me horny."

"Got time for a quickie?" he said.

"No, I'm too busy right now." she said.  "I don't want anything to burn."

"Okay.  How much longer?" he asked.

"About half an hour." she said as she turned to go get some spices out of the cupboard.

"Alright, I'll be ready." he said.  "I'm gonna go get cleaned and changed.  I'll phone down to the lab and tell Anya to get her plastic butt in gear."

"You do that." Tammy said cheerfully as she showed off her excellent multitasking capabilities.

Mike lingered for a second to watch his favourite bend over to get another pot.  Then with plastic butts on his mind he decided to kill some time with Diana.

He walked out of the kitchen and down the hallway to the 'office'.  His cock was getting hard again just from the thought of that secretary's wide hips and plump buns.


Episode 15

Mike smiled wide as he walked into the fake office.  The fake secretary was sitting in front of the desktop computer, entering huge amounts of random rubbish into a spreadsheet program.  There was a blank white sheet of paper to her right, which she glanced at from time to time before typing a meaningless alphanumeric slop into the columns and fields.

"Hey there, sexy robot." he said.

She finished entering her current line and looked up at him.  Her movements were a little on the mechanistic side.  She made and held eye contact with him and said in her repetitive way "Hello Mike."

"Are you busy Diana?" Mike asked.

Another one of those synthesised beeps came out of her body to signal the heavy load her basic processors were under.  "I am always very busy." she said.  "There is always a lot of work for me to do."

"Stand up." he ordered.  "Time for a little break."

She made another loud beep and said "Yes Mike."  She remained motionless for a few seconds, then rose to her feet while pushing her rolling chair back.

"It's good to take a break every now and then." he said.  "You should take off your facemask too... let your circuitry cool down."

She computed that for a while, spitting out 3 loud beeps as she did.  "Yes Mike." she said.

He eagerly watched the woman do what he could never see enough of.  His arousal grew even more as he watched her take hold of her own face and remove that plastic and metal apparatus from the rest of her head.  He stared with lust at the flashing LEDs and electronic devices on display as she put the facemask down on top of her 'work'.

She then stood there at attention, with her arms to her sides.  He admired the beauty of her inhuman parts for a while then said "Come out from behind that desk."

"Yes Mike." she said.  She beeped again as she made her way to the middle of the room.

That wasn't what he had intended, but it didn't matter.  He walked over to join her, and circled around to check out her body.  She had presumably underwent a minor cleaning session before changing her clothes and returning to this room.  Her hair had been brushed and was nicely styled again.  He reached out to stroke its softness, and let his hand glide down on to her back, and over the tight acrylic sweater she wore.

The top was mostly light brown, with a broad asymmetrical black stripe along the bottom that angled up on the left side under her arm.  It was an odd pattern, and to him it looked almost like part of a futuristic uniform.  The fabric was new and unworn, and smooth enough to let his hand easily slide down farther along her back. 

He felt the strap of her bra underneath the sweater as his hand followed the slope of her spine.  His other hand went in to touch her as he reached the bottom of the sweater.  The light brown pants she had changed into weren't as tight-fitting as her others had been, but the robot's big wide ass was still quite prominent.

"I can't keep my hands off your big sexy butt." he told her.

She computed, beeped, then said "That does not compute."

Mike was horny yet again, but there was a little feeling of soreness in his groin now.  He was after all, only human.

"I'd love to bend you over right here and fuck that sweet tight 510 pussy from behind, but I'm too tired." he said as he stepped around to her front side.  He sat himself down in her chair and looked at her for a while.  "You sure are a sight to see." he said.

Diana only beeped at his comments as he gazed up at her exposed electronics.

"Step a little closer." he ordered.

"Yes Mike." she replied.  She walked a step toward him.

"Closer." he said.

"Yes Mike." she said as she stepped right up to where he sat.

He placed his hands on the robot's big curvy hips, and slowly felt those exceptional curves.  He thought about what Robot Control must have been computing when it designed this particular model.

Having a serial number that ended with the letter B, this unit - like most of the ladies here - was a spare.  The ones with an A at the end of their serial numbers were the ones that mingled among the human population of the planet.  Still, Mike couldn't fathom how a 510 like Diana could get away with impersonating a human.  It seemed to him there must have been another use for that series.

He looked up at her head.  With her stance and her posture, she hardly needed a display of complex internal machinery to reveal herself as a fembot.  It was icing on the cake for him.

For a moment he then thought about her clothes.  Professional attire certainly flattered her already extremely feminine form, and the earthy tones and slick blacks she usually wore complimented her face and her skin colour.  But Mike craved a little variety now.

"Turn around." he said.

Diana computed that he likely meant for her to face the opposite direction.  She made a 180° turn, and even did it without beeping.

Mike's penis swelled as the secretary's big buns jiggled in front of him.  He reached out from this better position and stroked the fabulous contours of her mechanical ass.  She was wearing clean, dry panties of the same cut as before under her loose fitting slacks.

"What kind of mission would your original be on for you to need a butt this big and sexy?" he asked her, even though he knew exactly what she would say.  When that response came, he hardly paid attention to the words and instead enjoyed the perfect repetition of the sound.

"These pants aren't tight enough either." he said.  "Your other brown pants make this ass look insanely hot, but I guess they're being cleaned, eh?"

She responded in that familiar, recurring way again.

"Let's go find something sexy for you to wear." he said as he rolled the chair back and stood up.  "I wanna make you look like a total robo-slut."

He picked up her facemask and walked around her unmoving body.  He placed it on her head and clicked it into place just as she was finishing another often repeated statement.

"Follow me Diana." he said as he led her out from behind the desk and out to the hallway.  He stopped there, and said "Wait... I'm missing out on a chance to see your fembot booty wiggle."

He looked at her face.  She looked as vacant and empty as ever.

"You go first.  Go to the walk-in closet."

"Yes Mike." she replied.

"Call me Master." he suggested.

"Yes Master." she said again as he enjoyed the sight of her sexy wide hips swaying back and forth to the pumping steps of her electrically controlled legs.

He reached out to squeeze her big round buns a couple of times on the way.  They had a nice bounce to them as each step ended and the next began.  Tammy's hips moved this way too, but her plastic and titanium pelvis wasn't as wide as Diana's.  Watching this robot walk was quite a show for a man obsessed with fembot booty.

The mindless 510 led him through the spare bedroom on her way to the walk-in closet.  That room full of clothes was in between the spare and the master bedroom, and almost as large.  All of Mike's, Tammy's and Anya's clothing was stored here, and most of the clothing that fit the other fembots was here too.

Mike noticed that the light was already on in the closet.  He heard someone step from around an aisle of hangers.  It was Anya.

"Fancy meeting you here." he said.

"Likewise!" she said with a happy laugh.  She was completely naked now.  "I see you've brought along my favourite toy."

Anya walked over to the petite secretary and started to give her deep kisses.  Mike got even more aroused to watch Anya reach down and play with the big plump buns built into the comparatively basic model.

"I sometimes wish I had a big butt like this." Anya said without the need to stop her kissing.  "Nice thick thighs too."

Mike smiled and said "You're butt's plenty cute.  I like it just fine."

He watched Anya and Diana kiss for a while.  Diana was beeping frequently now, but still managing to execute her augmented programming in response to the tall android's touch.  Diana's hands squeezed Anya's sexy bottom just as much as Anya squeezed her's.

"So I guess the Main Computer finished calculating the things we said to Maria." Mike said.

Anya stopped kissing the secretary and walked over to Mike.  "Nah... I just got tired of waiting.  I told Maria to phone us when those calculations were done."  She gave him a quick kiss that relayed love more than sexual attraction.  "I'm gonna put on something nice for our dinner date with Tammy."

Mike looked down at the casual clothes he was wearing.  "I think I'm good like this."

Anya smiled and turned around to look through the dresses hanging off to the side.

"I brought Diana up here to get her into something a little sexier." Mike said.  "I'm going for the futuristic robo-slut look."

Anya gracefully turned back around and said "That's a good look.  I think it would suit her fine."

"Since you're here, I'll just ask you." he said.  "Do we have any tight rubber bodysuits that would fit her?"

Anya aimed her optical scanners at the petite 510 while she scrolled through the detailed inventory of garments that now filled her field of vision.  "No, not in rubber." she said after a moment.

"How 'bout vinyl?" he asked.

Anya paused and calculated.  "No.  We should definitely get something like that though."

"How 'bout you think of something for her to wear?" he asked.

"Lingerie?" Anya asked.

"Been there, done that." he said.

Anya put a thoughtful expression on her facemask, then said "We do have some gold coloured spandex shorts.  Real tight."

"That would be nice!" Mike said, looking down at the secretary's big hips.

"And there's a patent leather bustier around here that might fit this unit." Anya added.

"Okay, you get her dressed, I'm gonna wash up and go bug Tammy again."

"Okay." Anya said to him.  "You ready to look like a futuristic robo-slut?" she asked Diana.

"That does not compute." she responded, to the enjoyment of both Mike and Anya.

"Damn, she's adorable!" Anya said.

Mike smiled.  "Just don't be late for supper." he said and went on his way.



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