36 + 1

by RobotMan

This stand-alone story begins after the end of "H is for Heuristic"; you can read the Episodes 1-5 here, and 6--15 here. There are a few more chapters still to come...

Episode 16

Anya's stereo-optic cameras scanned Mike's image as he walked out of the walk-in closet.  The more creative of her algorithms and subroutines began to work on the task of dressing the petite 510 the way Mike had requested.

Anya got herself aroused at the precisely rendered imaginings she generated within her field of view.  For fun, and with her processors working full tilt, she extrapolated all the myriad bits of binary data required to visualise Diana dressed in various combinations of clothes.  She did all that while staring lustfully at the expressionless and unmoving secretary.

Since Anya had, like Tammy, chosen to adopt Mike's sexual preferences, she wanted Diana's exaggerated hourglass figure to be accentuated for full effect.  The choice of clothing the human had asked for would be enough to do that, but Anya wanted to go further.

She reduced the processor time spent on her clothing visualisations to 33% and began digitally formulating ways to enhance both Diana's figure and her mechanicalness.  The sentient 558 was getting horny again from all of that, and began to secrete a few drops of artificial cum while she looked at the mindless droid in front of her.

She closed her eyes as a surge of synthetic pleasure went through her system.  "Too bad Mike left," she said to Diana.  "I could use a big stiff human penis inside me right about now."

The 510 stared back, unblinking and unaffected.  After a little wait she responded to the other woman's statement by beeping.  Beads of artificial sweat appeared on Anya's forehead as she began to rub her crotch.  "Take off your clothes." she ordered as her fingers got wet with her own fembot juice.

"Yes Anya." Diana responded.

"Call me robot number 742703A." Anya commanded.

"Yes robot number 742703A." Diana said.  She beeped once more and began to work out the details of the steps necessary to get her out of her outfit.

Anya needed to sit down to finish pleasuring herself.  She calculated fast and came up with the idea to get a stool.  While Diana robotically removed her tight brown and black sweater, Anya trotted over to where the footwear was kept and lightly kicked the pink rolling upholstered stool over to where the other android was.  She sat down on it behind her to get a prime view of the secretary's backside.

Anya kept stroking her electronic vagina, generating digital pleasure for her processors and requesting more and more drops of warm and slippery wetness.  She watched Diana drop the sweater to the floor and then beep a few times as her CPU tried to work through all the complex operations needed to go to the next step.

While she leaned back and masturbated, Anya gave a little bit of thought to installing even more processor-taxing programs into the 510.  That would make her beep even more frequently, and make her behaviour look even more fake and artificial.  Anya smiled and closed her eyes as she felt an orgasm coming on.

Just as Diana stiffly bent over to unbuckle her ankle boots, Anya gave herself an intensely powerful orgasm in binary code.  Like every single one she had ever experienced, this one was completely predictable and firmly under her control.  As it grew and swelled, it reached a climax that took up just over 98% of her CPU's attention.  All other systems and computations were suspended for a few seconds of android bliss while Anya sweated and looked at Diana's big plastic butt.

Anya pumped out deep 'breaths' that morphed into moans, then faded again into simulated heavy breathing.  Her facemask had taken on a look that seemed to be numb with pleasure as she held on to that one spot in her entire body that held the most sensors - her clit.  After cooling down and reassigning her processor time to her previous calculations, she got up to go get a towel.

She smiled and wiped a fallen strand of her black hair out of her eyes as she stepped near to Diana.  She gave that woman's crotch a quick stroke from behind as she walked out of the closet and through the spare bedroom to the washroom.

Diana beeped again as her system started to finish computing how to remove her boots.  Everything being calculated within her chest was done without the awareness of self that resided in the chests of Anya and Tammy.  This robot was truly no more than an attractive machine shaped like a human female. 

By the time she had called upon her electronic and gyroscopic balance and stabilisation systems to help her in the task of removing those boots, Anya had strolled back through the closet door.  She had a big, satisfied smile on her face as she rubbed the white towel between her legs.  She had already dabbed the thick drops of saline solution off her face.  Soon she was all dry again, ready to finish up her creative imaginings.

She stood behind Diana again and watched the robot get completely naked.  As time went by, it exposed more of its skin as the pile of clothing on the floor became larger.  By the time the synthetic secretary was finished, Anya had figured out how she would be dressed. 

Without speaking, she walked up to the petite, curvy fembot and opened her recharge port.  She removed the cover completely and tossed it on top of the pile of clothing.  Anya licked her lips as she reached upward and did the same to the small access panel between Diana's shoulders.

"It's important for girls like us to show off our circuitry." she said as she turned Diana around by applying a rotating movement to her shoulders.  Two more beeps - so pleasing to Anya's microphones - came out of the other robot's naked body as she made little steps to turn and face the tall droid.

"Number three..." Anya said as she opened and removed the chest panel cover, "And number four."  She bent down enough to pry open the trapezoidal panel above the 510's standard vaginal unit.  That cover was removed as well and added to the pile.

"There." Anya said as she beheld the exposed beauty of the Diana robot.  "Now you look even more artificial than before."

"That does not compute." Diana said, as expected.

Anya went across the room to go get those tight gold shorts she had told Mike about.  She knew their location exactly, and spent hardly any time at all in opening the dresser drawer to get at them.  She walked back to Diana, holding the shorts out for her.  "Put these on." she said, listening to some more beeping as she turned around and went to get that bustier.

That too was in the dresser.  Once Anya had it in her mechanical hands, she returned to the other bot and waited for her to be done with putting on the shorts.  She reached out and stroked Diana's curves once they were pulled up all the way.  They were shiney metallic booty shorts, trimmed to expose the bottom half of a woman's behind.  Because her buns were so big, a lot more silicone skin showed on this particular android.

Diana's wide hips also made the waist band a little lower than it would have been on another lady.  It met up with the bottom of the opened recharge port almost exactly. 

"Nice." Anya said as she got horny again.  She walked around the petite robot and checked out the front.  The shiney shorts covered most of that panel above Diana's crotch, but revealed enough to show a few flashing LEDs.  And from above, one could look down into the recessed panel and see even more electronic goodies.

Anya bent down and gave Diana a kiss.  She then handed her the bustier and said "Next item, please.  The petite automaton made scans of the garment with her basic optical system, and began making computations in order to figure out just how to put it on.

Anya listened to her beep and decided to help.  She took it back from the confused robot and said "Raise your arms."

Using her almost completely silent servos and hydraulics, Diana raised her slender arms from the sides of her body until they were parallel to the floor.  That would suffice.  Anya unzipped the back of the strapless glossy leather bustier and wrapped it around Diana's torso.  She zipped it up part-way then went around to the front to make sure the secretary's boobs fit properly into the cups.

Anya smiled and sighed with delight as she looked at those nice tits now manipulated by the push-up effect of the bustier.  She went back behind Diana and zipped the thing up all the way.

"There..." she said with a satisfied smirk, "Now you need boots."

Anya walked over to the footwear side of the closet once more and picked up the calf-high vinyl boots she had chosen earlier.  They were high platform style, and would add a good six inches to Diana's height.  Three metallic gold stars were stitched down each side of each boot - twelve in all.  That would make a nice match with the gold shorts, Anya computed.

She walked over once more to the petite 510 and helped her get into the boots.  On Diana's legs they came up almost to the knee.  Tammy had originally gotten these sexy boots for Maria to wear, but they fit a few other androids here too.

At the end of that process, Anya smiled and took in the sight.  "Do you feel like a futuristic robo-slut?" she asked.

"That does not compute." Diana reported.

Anya thought about that and said "Nothing a little extra software can't fix.  Don't go anywhere."  She made a gesture to excuse herself and walked swiftly into the bedroom she shared with Tammy and Mike.  She grabbed one of the many connection cables lying on the low dresser and returned with it to the walk-in closet.

She opened her own chest panel and proceeded to connect to Diana's chest.  After a ping, Anya sent Diana some additional software to run.  Being so very good at formulating new programs and software for herself and others, Anya decided to streamline the additions Tammy had made earlier that day.  That would free up Diana's CPU for the calculations necessary to perform what Anya was uploading into her.

When a few minutes had passed, and Anya was all done, she closed the connection and unplugged the cord.  She closed up her own chest panel and sternly said "Identify yourself, fembot."

After another beep, a deliberately slowed and stiffened turn of her neck, and a novel flourish of electronic tones, she said "Hello, I am Diana robot number 7839061B.  I am a futuristic robo-slut."

Another delightful burst of randomly pitched synthesised sounds came out of Diana's speaker while Anya stepped over to one side.

"Excellent!" she said over-dramatically.  She laughed and said.  "Let's see your new strut.  Walk to Mike's room."

"Yes robot number 742703A." the robo-slut said.  She made some more of those beautifully unnatural sounds and started walking.  The software Anya had just given her made her swing her big wide hips in a seductive way.  It also made her steps more stiff and mechanical.  It now took longer for Diana to walk, but it looked closer to what the maidbots did now.

All that extra computing made Diana beep even more frequently, and the more she beeped, the more her speaker was made to produce little bursts of those distinctly computerised sounds.

Mike would be well pleased.


Episode 17

The mouth watering aroma of chicken roasting in herbs began to fill the house as Anya looked Diana over for a while.  "I think I'll send you on your way now." she said.

She stooped over to whisper several commands into Diana's ear.  After each command, Diana said "Yes robot number 742703A."

Anya gave enough orders to the 510 to occupy her for the rest of the day.  The robo-slut would be put to good use.

When Anya was finished, she gave Diana a kiss and said "I have to get dressed for supper, so you start working on your orders."

"Yes robot number 742703A." Diana said.  She beeped over the sound of some randomly pitched tones and made her stiff mechanical way out of Mike's room.  Her movements were slowed down from the way her series usually walked.  They were more stiff as well, as Anya had programmed detailed instructions into the robot's chest that made her movements more deliberate and clunky.

Compared with the 558s and the 542s, the limbs and joints of the 510s had fewer degrees of freedom.  That was a mechanical limitation, but Anya had seen fit to turn even some of those off with software.  The result was more robotic and artificial movement in every one of her joints.

The way Diana walked down the stairs and did everything else was now closer to the way the ultrarobotic maidbots moved.  And like the maids, Diana made computerised sounds come out of her speaker - though these were intermittent and not as loud.

Other movements had been programmed into the plump-assed secretary as well.  From time to time her head would turn slowly from side to side, as if she was scanning the room.  This too was accompanied by sounds that living things could not make.  Anya had also disabled Diana's eye-blinking algorithms and made her hips swing farther out to the side as she walked.

This was the sight that eventually greeted Mike and Tammy in the kitchen.  The two lovers heard the robot coming and were both watching as it entered the scene.

She stopped in the doorway and slowly scanned the room.  After that, she beeped and said "Hello, I am Diana robot number 7839061B.  I am a futuristic robo-slut."

Tammy and Mike looked at each other and started laughing.  "She looks good like that!" Tammy said as she mixed a salad.

Mike got up from his seat at the table and walked over to Diana.  "Well, hello Diana robot number 78... whatever your number is."

Diana's head moved machine-like to look at him.  "My serial number is 7839061B." she said.

"Anya did a pretty good job, didn't she?" he said as he turned his head to look at Tammy.

"I'll say!" Tammy said.

"I am a futuristic robo-slut." Diana said again.  "I am made of plastic and metal.  I am powered by electricity.  I do not have feelings or emotions.  I am programmed to seduce you.  You can not resist me."

Mike was already aroused again from watching Tammy move as she worked.  Now he was fully horny again as he looked at the circuitry and the tight fitting garments on the Diana robot.

"We're gonna be eating soon," Mike said, "why don't you come back after that and we can have some sort of multi-fembot orgy."

Diana looked at him, her expression seeming even more blank somehow.  She made a rather long series of different tones and bloops, then beeped loud once.  "Yes Master." she said.

Him and Tammy watched the machine turn her head and her body toward the door to the basement, then walk in her slow, stiff strut over to go downstairs.

"Anya's got such a dirty mind, doesn't she?" Tammy said happily as she and Mike watched Diana's big hips swaying back and forth to her mechanised steps.

The robo-slut continued to walk in that fashion until she reached the laser grid scanner by the door at the bottom of the steps.  She identified herself verbally to the disembodied fembot voice, telling it her name, serial number, and new designation.

The scanner couldn't possibly care, nor could it even understand the spoken language Diana generated.  That didn't effect the petite lady though, she was only following Anya's whispered orders herself.

When the big metal door to the lab slid open, Diana stiffly walked through and made some visual scans of the scene.  Maria was still standing in the exact same spot on the floor.  She ignored Diana until the secretary walked up to the technician and repeated "Hello, I am Diana robot number 7839061B.  I am a futuristic robo-slut."

Maria turned her head almost as stiffly as Diana had, and proceeded to stare out vacantly at her.  The Main Computer sent out instructions and Maria said "Hello Diana.  How do you feel?"

Diana looked at the sexy technician with the neatly bobbed, reflective shoulder-length hair.  She responded first to placate the request for a quick diagnostic scan.  "I feel fine, thank you." she said as her processors called upon some more of Anya's programming.  "I also feel like kissing, licking, sucking and fucking.  I require tits, ass and circuitry to fulfil my digital desires."

The mechanisms inside Maria's neck worked to get her head facing the way it had been before as Diana made another burst of fembot noises.  She then walked past Maria and around that first line of consoles to the more open area in the center of the room.  More optical scans revealed three more naked fembots lying face-up on examination tables.

Susan was still waiting to be picked up.  Melli was still lying there with a wet mouth and a wet pussy.  The other technician, Laurie, was still exactly where Mike had left her - faceless and wet between the legs.  With her advanced chemical sensors, Diana smelled the love juice both real and artificial in the air.  She wrote a detailed report of its presence to her daily memory log.

She made some more computer sounds then introduced herself in her new way to each of the naked fembots in turn.  Susan didn't respond at all, and Melli and Laurie reacted only as Maria had.

When Diana was done walking around between the examination tables, flaunting her circuitry and curves as she went, she recalled the next order from the series Anya had given.  She computed, beeped, and set upon carrying it out.

She approached the gorgeous brunette with the unique tattoo.  "Stand up Melli." she commanded.

Melli used her more advanced 558 chipsets to process that order much faster than Diana could have.  Since all these women were programmed by default to obey, Melli immediately complied.  "Yes Diana." she said as she got up from the table and stood beside it.

Diana did some computing of her own, beeped a couple of times over her new projections of other sounds and said "Call me Diana robot number 7839061B the futuristic robo-slut."

Melli looked emotionlessly at the small, chubby-assed lady and said "Yes Diana robot number 7839061B the futuristic robo-slut."

Diana processed the next steps required to fulfil Anya's orders and got to work on completing them.  She pulled down her tight gold booty shorts a bit and stood next to Melli.  She then turned her body 22° toward the taller brunette.

Melli stared out with perfectly empty eyes as the combined wetness of synthetic saliva and vaginal fluid glistened on her pink lips under the fluorescent lights of the lab.  Diana computed, calculated, and processed.  Her slower and less powerful CPU sent out another batch of warning beeps as she made it through the next steps.

The next command came out of Diana's moving lips from her magnetic speaker.  "Melli, masturbate my vaginal unit."

Melli processed that command in a flash and complied.  "Yes Diana robot number 7839061B the futuristic robo-slut." she said as she reached down between Diana's legs - without thinking or looking - and started to work on the secretary's electronic crotch.

Diana made a few more beeps and started emitting a long string of randomised tones that turned constant.  She moved her own robotic hand down to Melli's crotch and began to stimulate those silicone folds and creases.

Both ladies were now dripping steadily from between their legs.  They showed no simulated emotion or any other kind of response.  That strange act would have gone on indefinitely had Diana's system not crashed yet again.

Diana began repeating the exact same loop of random tones, followed by a beep.  Her hand too was making stroking motions that simply repeated exactly again and again on Melli's plastic labia.

Melli looked completely unreal and emotionless as she kept on stroking the malfunctioning 510 beside her.  She was as oblivious to Diana's system crash as she was to the notion that they were simulating an act of mutual pleasure.

Laurie noticed though, thanks to the processing of the Main Computer.  She sat up rapidly and mechanically, then turned her open head to look at the malfunctioning secretary.  The video data was analysed by the Main Computer, and was found to match the recorded audio data.  The Diana unit was indeed in the process of crashing.

Laurie got up off the table and walked over to Diana.  She aimed her faceless head at Melli and said "Melli, please end your current task and wait in front of your storage booth for further commands."

The extremely pretty brown-eyed bot looked at the technician and said "Yes Laurie."  Then she stopped what she was doing and went to fulfill these new orders.  A few drops of strongly scented cream dripped from her hairless vagina as she walked in her sexy way over to the booth.

Laurie acted upon more signals from the supercomputer and turned her head full of circuitry over to look at Diana.  She looked down at the 510's chest and saw that the panel was already open.  Laurie simply pressed the red power button and diligently monitored Diana's shut-down sequence.


Episode 18

While Laurie was taking care of the temporarily deactivated Diana unit downstairs, Anya was still in the walk-in closet deciding what to wear to dinner.  She had narrowed her choices down to two, but they were very different.  She now wondered if she should just get into some comfy sweat pants and a sweater like Mike and Tammy were wearing or if she should stick to her original plan and put on something truly stunning.

The more she thought about it, the more she had trouble deciding.  It seemed her processors couldn't make the choice in either way.  Then at last she reminded herself that comfort was an abstract notion that didn't really apply to an android who couldn't experience physical discomfort.

Anya blushed in slight embarrassment when she realised how obvious that now seemed.  She put the sweats back in the dresser and walked over to the evening gowns.  She leafed through the expensive dresses on the hangers and scanned them with her silently motorised eyes.  When she reached one of the dresses she had never worn before, she quickly made up her mind.

She held the label in her fingers and optically scanned it to make sure the dress would fit.  It would.  With a bright smile on her face, she pulled the hanger from the rack and looked the gown over.  It was all red, mostly a luxuriant metallic lamé with red sequin trim.  She envisioned herself wearing that garment, and got a little more excited thinking about the way she would look moving about dressed like that.

The dress was clingy enough to show off her curves and cut low enough on both the front and back to show off much skin.  Now that she had chosen the main piece, she quickly computed a choice of matching accessories.  There were some sequined red heels somewhere to match this very dress, and Anya's beautifully formed plastic feet would fit them well.  With some fine taupe nylons, the visible portion of her legs would look that much more inviting.

She then calculated and rendered a 3D image of herself dressed in those choices, and added some more things.  Long black satin gloves that ended past her elbows would nicely match her long dark hair.  Some custom designed earrings made out of ½ inch microchips and tiny gold coloured chains would also be quite compatible.

And of course a classy makeup job for her facemask.  The girls hardly ever wore makeup, so Anya would have to get that done in the basement.  Other than that, she set herself on efficiently getting into that outfit, and in a very short while had gotten everything on over her flawless naked body.

She looked at herself in the mirror when she had gotten into the nylons, the dress and the heels.  The complicated mathematics that followed within her chest told her that according to the reflected image, she did look quite hot.  She smiled and turned off the closet light as she walked into the bedroom.

Since she wanted her appearance to be a surprise for Tammy and Mike, she would have to find a way of getting her facemask down to the lab for her makeup job.  She thought about that for a fraction of a second and knew just what to do.

She sat down by the dresser then opened up her chest panel.  She located and found a certain type of adapter and plugged that into one of the exposed ports in her chest.  Then she pulled the phone close and picked it up to unplug the cord from underneath.  She led that cord over and plugged it into the adapter stuck in her chest.

Then as she sat ladylike on the chair - her legs crossed and her hands neatly clasped and folded over her knee - she dialed the basement lab.

After a few rings, Maria answered.  "Robot Control Station 64.  Maria reporting." she said as she held the phone to her plastic head.

Anya sat silently but projected a digital version of her voice through the phone line.  "Hello Maria, this is Anya." she said.  "I need a maidbot to come up to the master bedroom and take my facemask.  I'll download a makeup pattern and further instructions into the maidbot and send it back to the lab."

A moment of silence came over the phone line while Maria relayed Anya's request to the Main Computer.  When it had come up with a response, it transmitted it to Maria, who then relayed it verbally through the phone and into Anya's chest.  "Yes Anya." she said.

"Thank you Maria, sweetheart." Anya said through the wire.  "Bye."

Anya first disconnected the line, then unplugged it from the adapter.  She plugged the phone back in  and put it back in its place, then removed the adapter from her chest and closed up the panel.

Both maidbots were down in the lab again.  One was cleaning Laurie while the other was cleaning Melli.  Maria walked over to the nearest one, who was almost finished with the other technician.  She stared straight at the ultrarobotic woman and said "After you have completed your current task, please go to the master bedroom and accept orders from Anya."

The jerky and stiff moving robot lady made confirmatory beeps and buzzes, but to all but Maria they appeared lost among the ones she was already producing.  After another minute of cleaning, the maid put its supplies away and strutted out mechanically on her way upstairs.

Meanwhile, Anya was sitting in front of the mirror, leaning forward and putting on those neat microchip earrings.  Technically she had no need to look in the mirror for that, but she did so to look more human-like.  When both of them had clicked into place through the pierced silicone of her earlobes, she turned her head slightly in both directions and grinned.

She stood up to go get her gloves just as the fake looking maidbot entered.  "Hi sexy." she said to it as it constantly beeped and whirred so very loudly. 

Anya got her cable ready and opened up both chest panels.  Soon, she was transmitting detailed instructions to the mechanical maid on what to do with her facemask and how she wanted the makeup job to look.  At the end of the transfer Anya smiled and unplugged the cable.  then she removed the facemask from her head and handed it to the glossy-skinned maid.

"Be back soon." she said as she watched the maid turn and leave.  She went back to the task of getting her delicate looking hands and arms into those satin gloves while the robomaid walked down the stairs and back to the basement lab.

Mike and Tammy had noticed the maid pass by earlier, and they noticed it again now.

"She's got a facemask this time." Mike said.

Tammy looked over at the fast moving robot as she noisily disappeared down to the lab once more.  "It's Anya's." Tammy said.

"Think it's damaged?" Mike asked.

"I hope not." Tammy said as she went back to placing a candelabra on the table.  "I got a feeling she's up to something though."

The noisy maidbot returned to the lab and went right over to the makeup changing station.  She locked Anya's pretty face into the receptacle and began to wipe it clean in preparation.  Then she recalled the data Anya had transferred to her hard drives and began using the sponges and brushes there to apply the appropriate colourations and accents.

The efficient female robot was done very quickly, and in minutes strode by the seated and still Diana unit - hooked up to the consoles for a thorough diagnosis.  She stared out blank and unresponsive as the maid in the skimpy see-through outfit walked once more out of the lab.

Mike and Tammy knew the maids couldn't speak, so they didn't stop it to ask what was going on.  However they did notice that it was bringing Anya's facemask back again.  It went by to fast for Mike to see, but Tammy noticed the makeup job.

"It's just a coat of makeup." Tammy said casually as she sat at the table and waited for the stove to finish cooking the meal.

"She's pretty enough without makeup." Mike pointed out.  "So are you."

Tammy blushed a little and smiled back at him.

The loudly whirring maid walked back up the stairs to the master bedroom and to Anya.  That elegant looking android was again sitting and waiting in a very ladylike fashion.  When she saw the robomaid enter she stood up and said "Thank you!"

The maid held out the silicone and metal mask while Anya reached out to grab it.  She turned it around and brought it up to her head while she held her hair out of the way with her other hand.

The facemask snapped and connected back into place.  Anya looked over at the mirror and digitally zoomed in on her image.  She knew she looked good now - even hotter than usual.

"Thank you sexy robot maid." she said.  She leaned forward to kiss the maid's glossy plastic face, and left a bright red lipstick kiss on the machine's cheek.

Anya giggled at the sight and watched the loud and clunky maid turn and walk out of the room in that most mechanised of walks.  Anya felt her crotch get a little moist again as she watched the machine leave.  She couldn't wait until after dinner when she would be able to play around with some fembots again.

She opened the closet door and looked at her image in the full-length mirror for a while.   Even her own image was enough to get her sexual systems booting up again.  She sighed and closed down some of the more powerful programs and got herself ready to have a wonderful dinner with her lovers.  She booted up some of her rarely used food-appreciation software as she walked gracefully out of the room.


Episode 19

With all the beauty of a gently rolling waterfall, Anya came down the carpeted wooden staircase.  Her sequins shimmered and shone in the incandescent light and that of the fire in the fireplace.  Her expression was set to dazzle as much as her attire.  She looked very pretty - beyond gorgeous.

Tammy and Mike first caught a glimpse of her when she had stepped off the stairs and made her way toward the wide open door frame of the kitchen.

"Wow!" Tammy said, "You look awesome!"

Mike turned and leaned over his chair.  "Wow!" he repeated.  "Don't I feel underdressed now!"

Anya showed her lovers a bright and proud smile as she slowly entered the room.  "I just wanted to wear something nice for a change." she said humbly.

"You look great in anything." Tammy said as her systems quietly and reflexively configured themselves for sex mode.  She tried to resist the temptation to jump the other android and make love to her right then and there.

Mike was having similar thoughts and impulses.  He too wondered if he could make it through dinner with Anya's stunning, radiant beauty so near.  "Those earrings are so cool!" he said.  "You don't mind that we look like slobs?"

"Nah," she said, "you two are just as attractive to me for who you are."  She took a seat across from Mike and the flickering glow of the tall cream coloured candles placed on the table.

The buzzer on the oven went off at that time.  Tammy looked delirious with arousal as she stood up to go turn it off.

"I'm glad you like the way I look." Anya said as she looked at Mike.  "Tammy, you're sexy in those sweats too."

Tammy took a while to respond, as she was still trying to suppress her strong digital arousal.  "Thanks." she said as she blushed again.  Her modesty algorithms made her very attractive in that way.

"I'm gonna put on some music." Anya said.  Aware that she had an audience, she got up and made a little show out of walking across to the stereo in the large living room.  She knelt down and turned it on, then inserted a compact disc into the player.  A mix of very old Genesis songs began to play - personal favourites of Mike and his loving fembot companions.  She winked at Mike as she sat back down at the table. 

Tammy opened the oven and scanned the contents of the roast pan.  Her infrared and ultraviolet scanning capabilities made her quite a competent judge of whether or not the meal was properly cooked.  After her processors did some work, she decided that the chicken was ready for consumption.

"All done!" she announced as she went to grab some oven mits.

"That smells so good." Anya announced after some computation of the data collected by the chemical sensors behind her nose.

Mike agreed.  "If that tastes as good as it smells we're all in for a treat."

Him and Anya watched as the sexy Tammy unit reached into the oven and pulled out the pan erupting with steam.  She set it down on a large wire grate and turned to look at her lovers.  "It does smell good, doesn't it?" she said cheerfully.

The three made conversation while Tammy served the salad and poured three glasses of a dry sparkling white grape juice.  All three tried to avoid mentioning that problem that had caused Tammy so much worry and uncertainty.  They ended up discussing instead their differing uses for food, the scenery outside that would be revealed with the coming of Spring, and the physical attractiveness of various fembots in the basement lab.

Not long into their lively conversation they had each gotten a portion of roasted chicken and vegetables.  After a toast to android technology, they began to eat.  Mike and Anya both made sure to let Tammy know what a wonderful job she had done on the meal.  Tammy thanked them both.

They talked, joked, ate and drank for three quarters of an hour.  By then, all the food had been eaten.  Mike had received a larger portion, as he alone genuinely required the food for energy.  Anya hadn't gotten so much as a crumb on her extremely fine clothes, thanks to the finest electronically controlled servos and flexors available.

Tammy felt really good.  She volunteered to clear the table of empty plates, glasses and cutlery, and then phoned Maria to send up a maid to take it from there.  When the loud and stiffly moving maidbot arrived in the kitchen, Tammy greeted it and gave it verbal instructions on what she wanted done.  She then gave it a playful little kiss. 

Then the trio retired to the living room to relax in front of the fire.  They continued their conversation, and began to plan for something of a live action porn with a half dozen fembots participating.

The whole time, Tammy and Mike couldn't keep their eyes off of Anya.  She knew it, and reveled in the attention she got.

But Mike was too tired now for anything other than sleep.  "That was quite a day." he said as he breathed in deep and felt that satisfied fullness in his belly.  He looked at Anya and said "You look so good right now I could cum twice for you."

She laughed.  "I can dress like this tomorrow if you like."

"You should definitely do that more often." Tammy said, sounding relaxed and at ease.

"Well, I'm going to bed now." Mike said as he got up.  He didn't even need to invite the girls into his bed, as they always followed when he retired for the night.

"I'll just go down to the lab to get my facemask cleaned." Anya said as she excused herself.

"Okay, see you in a bit." Mike said as he went off to go brush his teeth.

Tammy turned the stereo off and checked on the fire before turning off the lights and walking upstairs too.  She got into the bedroom and turned on the light there.  She started undressing and waiting for Mike.  She was starting to feel a little anxious now. 

Mike emerged from the upstairs washroom and began to think of sleep... and maybe a little playing around with his attractive partners before that.  He walked into the bedroom to see Tammy waiting for him.  She was down to her black satin panties already.  She smiled as he came near and then gave him a big, long, tight hug.

"Thanks for making supper tonight." he said.

She held on to him for an unusually long time.  "Can I sleep between you and Anya tonight?" she asked quietly.

"Sure." he said.  Usually he slept in the middle, but he would gladly make an exception for the love of his life.

She stood back to look at him and kissed him.  "Thanks." she said.

"Are you still a little upset about what happened today?" he asked as he began undressing.

She looked at the floor momentarily and nodded.  "I'm a little scared about my scan tomorrow."

He stepped out of his fleece pants and held her again.  "We're not gonna let some supercomputer change you around." he said confidently.

She leaned into him and listened to his heart beating again.

Then the sound of the front door opening was heard.  Mike had to think for a while but Tammy knew right away what it meant.

Anya came quickly up the stairs at that time too.  She walked swiftly to the doorway and said to the embracing couple "Bonnie's here!"

Mike turned to look at Anya.  She looked very excited, almost like a kid on Christmas.

"You gonna come see what she brought?" Anya said delightedly.

Tammy wasn't moving and neither was Mike.  "No, we'll take a look tomorrow morning." he said.

"Ah, you're no fun!  Goodnight!" Anya called out as she trotted back down the stairs.  Mike and Tammy heard her shout "Hi Bonnie!" just before Mike closed the door all but a few inches.

He looked at Tammy and took off his sleeveless undershirt.  "Bedtime, Sugar." he said as he went to sit down so he could take off his socks.

"Shouldn't you call me Aspartame?" she said jokingly as she got her recharge cord ready.

"I guess I should." he said with a chuckle.

She handed him the cord and reached behind her back to take off her recharge port cover.  Then she turned around and waited for him to plug the cord in.  That always gave her pleasure, even more so when he connected the other end to the wall.

He heard his fembot sigh as he plugged the other end into the power outlet.  He walked close to her again and kissed her goodnight.  She was so soft and warm, and felt so real even as his hand glided down her back and touched the electrical connection in the cutaway of artificial skin.

"Wanna fool around?" he said gently.

Tammy had too look away.  She looked down and said "I'm not ready yet."

Mike just held her like that and waited for her to explain a little more.

"I'm afraid to loose control again." she confessed.

He hugged her tight again and said "Don't be afraid."

She was silent for a long time.  "But I am."

He sat down on the bed, pushing back the clean white satin sheets as he did.  "Let's just stay close to each other tonight then." he said.  "I'll hold you.  I won't get you turned on if you don't want me to."

She looked back up at him and forced a smile.  Without another word she turned off the light and crawled into the big bed with him.  She managed to get her recharge cord mostly out of the way, but he certainly didn't mind having it between them.  They turned on their sides so she could be held by his arms like that through the night.


Episode 20

Anya watched as Bonnie coldly entered the house and started walking.  She had been programmed with a purpose, not a personality.

"Cold as ice." Anya quietly said with a smile as she watched and followed the android courier.  Anya had been giving herself the idea that she should at least try to seduce this particular machine.

The makeup was off her face now, but Anya was still dressed in that wondrously beautiful gown.  The alluring satin gloves, fine nylons and sequined heels were also still part of the ensemble.  In this state, the fembot named Anya would have gotten noticed by almost anyone.

But Bonnie was again all business.  She had a job to do, and she was programmed to act with urgency.  She went straight to the lab and straight to Maria.

The technician looked downright congenial compared to the fast moving lady in the dark business suit.

"Hello Bonnie." Maria said "How do you feel?"

Bonnie didn't speak.  She responded by quickly uncovering the connection ports in Maria's chest.  The large purse she held tightly in her strong metal hand was something more than it appeared to be.  Moving inhumanly fast, Bonnie opened it up and pulled out a connection cable.  As soon as the end of that black cord got plugged into Maria's chest, the Main Computer received updates of the situation from the inconspicuous looking purse.

Laurie sprang into action.  She still hadn't gotten around to putting her pretty face back on.  Her fast flashing LEDs shone bright amid the background of high-tech electronics as she walked over to Susan and pressed her power button.

Susan made the usual startup sounds - a few beeps and clicks and the monotone announcement of her name and serial number.  Laurie aimed her circuitry-filled head at the tall blonde and told her exactly what to do next.  The instructions were brief but detailed - typically efficient for these ladies.

Susan got up off the examination table and walked upstairs to go pick out her assigned clothing.  While she did that, Bonnie was in the process of taking off her heels, her skirt and her nylons.  There would be no time for her to stand around and charge this time.  Maria watched and received instructions from the supercomputer to exchange the spent batteries in Bonnie's thighs with fresh ones.

Both of the pretty but inhuman maidbots - one of them with Anya's red lipstick kiss still on her cheek - got new commands beamed into their heads as well.  They marched mechanically upstairs to begin unloading the contents of Bonnie's big white van.  Some of the things Anya and her lovers had been waiting for were now here.

In only a few minutes, the basement lab had gone from a state of stasis to one of bustling activity.  Anya looked at Bonnie, and wanted now to make the courier one of her conquests.  But she eventually computed that she shouldn't meddle.

She was very horny again, so she followed Susan upstairs.  She managed to catch up to the naked fembot just as she was entering the walk-in closet via the spare room.

Mike and Tammy heard the droid enter the closet.  They both knew it must have been the leggy blonde in there, fishing out her assigned outfit.  Mike squeezed his woman tight and kissed her neck.  "Aren't you glad you're not like that anymore?" he asked.

Tammy made a loud contented sigh in response as she snuggled in closer - pushing her big curvy hips back against his body.  Mike wanted to start playing with those sexy round buns of hers, but he knew she didn't want to get turned on that way - not until she was ready.

Then they both heard Anya sing out: "Susan's on a mission!  Susan's on a mission!"

Mike and Tammy laughed at that, and listened to hear what Anya was saying to the naked blonde.

"I can't hear what she's saying." Mike said.

Tammy instantly helped out by projecting through her speaker the sounds that she received, analysed, and filtered.  Mike could then hear Anya's conversation coming out of Tammy's mouth, and thanks to Tammy's high-tech processors and efficient software, the relay had a latency of only 5 microseconds.

Mike listened to Anya give Susan advice.  He thought that was strange, but he was fascinated by the notion.  It was like an older sister giving advice to a younger sister just before she left for university.  Only the things Anya was telling her were hints on how to become sentient.

Mike wondered if that was a good idea.  He knew that susan was only a copy of an agent already on a mission somewhere.  He had no idea what that mission could be, but it was a safe bet that the sudden self-awareness of Robot Control's agent would have unpredictable and undesired effects.

Mike got up.

"Where you going?" Tammy asked.  She stopped projecting Anya's conversation through her speaker at that time.

"I've got to tell Anya not to interfere with Susan's mission." he answered.  He turned on the lamp and half-closed his eyes while he went for the closet.

Tammy sat up and looked at him with puzzlement.  Her eyes had no need to adjust to the sudden presence of light, and were wide with wonder.

"Anya, what are you doing?" Mike asked.

"I'm preparing Susan for the real world." she said cheerily.

Susan seemed oblivious to everything around her.  Unknown to both Anya, Mike and Tammy, she wasn't programmed to consider anything other than her immediate objective right now.  Anya's words would have no effect on her whatsoever.

"You shouldn't be trying to influence the way Susan computes." Mike said.  "You might be interfering with one of Robot Control's missions."

"Oh, come on Mike, a girl like me can always use a little sentience." Anya said.

Mike leaned back into his room.  "Tammy, you wanna order Anya to stop telling those things to Susan?"

"Alright, alright, you've made your point." Anya said as she looked upward and shook her head.  "No fun.  That's you."

Tammy came in, looking pretty as always considering she had just been roused from the act of simulating sleep.  "Can't you two play nice?" she said.

Anya walked up to Mike and put her hand inside his shorts.  She grabbed his privates and started to gently stroke and squeeze them.  "I can play very nice if you like." she said

Mike laughed and pulled her hand away.  "Sleep now." he said.  "You should go back to the lab and play with one of those 30 spare fembots.  Remember them?"

"29 now." Tammy said.

The three of them looked in turn to Susan.  She too was moving fast and had now gotten almost completely dressed in underwear, socks, canvas pants and a white sweater.

"Join us when you're done down there." Mike said to Anya and gave her a kiss.

"Yes Master." she said and stuck her middle finger out at him.

He rolled his eyes and led Tammy back to bed.

Anya turned off the closet light and squeezed one of Susan's tits as she walked by.  She decided to go down to the lab so she could start opening her presents.

Once she got past the laser grid scanner, she made some scans of her own and quickly located the loot.  There were now some very average looking cardboard boxes spread out upon a few examination tables.  The larger items Bonnie had brought with her remained in the heated garage for Mike to find later.  Anya grinned and went over to check those smaller boxes out.

The first one she opened was just miscellaneous parts like the ones Bonnie brought every time.  There were cannisters of powder for the bodily fluid mixing machine, spare cables, spools of wiring, circuit boards and other mixed electronic and mechanical gizmos.

The lady in red walked over to check out a slightly larger box.  Right at the top of that one was a folded garment of white vinyl.  Anya's grin got wider as she pulled the sexy nurse uniform out of the box.  It was exactly as it had appeared on the web site. 

She wasted no time and got out of her red dress in order to put on the vinyl skirt and top.  It zipped up tight over her perfect silicone breasts.  The skirt was very short, and nicely showed off her sexy humanoid legs.  A little white nurse's cap went on top to complete the look.  There was even a large novelty syringe for her to carry around as well.

Anya would get into white underwear and panty hose soon enough, along with a nice pair of white heels.  But for now, she kept searching.  The remainder of that second box was more of the same kinds of things that were in the first.  There were a few special, new items in there, but those would have to wait for the technician's touch to be of any use.

The gorgeous dark-haired android kept looking in boxes, finding only the usual supplies that kept Robot Control Station 64 running smoothly.  There were a lot more outfits for her and Tammy and some other droids to wear as well.  When Anya had searched through every last box that the maidbots had brought down, she realised that Robot Control Zero hadn't gotten her latest request in time.

She was a little miffed, but she got over it pretty fast.  She had found some interesting new devices packed in with the usual machinery.  She took one out and had a good look at it.  It was a 6x4 inch monochrome LCD screen, with a certain pattern of connectors protruding from the other side.  Anya knew right away what that device had been made to fit.

She unzipped her new nurse outfit and opened her chest panel.  She took the cover right off and stuck the little screen into her chest.  A quick examination of the device quickly taught her all she would want to know about it.  It was a new tool to more thoroughly examine and diagnose an electronic woman such as herself. 

Had she been in diagnostic mode, the screen would have been filled with the same data that scrolled across the monitors here in the basement lab at those times.  But as she was in her normal operational mode, the screen instead displayed certain calculation processes in 1s and 0s.  The effect was like aiming a video camera at its own output.

Anya looked down curiously and smiled.  She could see exactly what was on her mind this way.  "Neat!" she said.  Within seconds, she had figured out ways to manipulate the pattern of 1s and 0s on the screen.  For fun, she started displaying some rather low resolution images composed of those two digits and empty spaces.

Anya looked around the lab and decided to try it out while making love to one of these lovely female androids.

Maria and Laurie were too busy, as was Bonnie.  Desiree, the human's personal fitness training device, had come down to the lab as well to end her day charging in a waiting booth.  Anya looked off to the side and saw Diana sitting in an examination chair.  She took another one of those screens and brought it over to the petite fembot.

"Hi cutie." Anya said. 

Diana stared out in her attractive blank way and said "Hello Anya."

Anya could tell right away that the little sexy robot was no longer running her new customisations.  She didn't really mind though.  Diana's default lack of personality was attractive enough.

Since the 510 was still missing those four panels from earlier in the evening, Anya simply leaned forward and plugged the device into the woman's chest.  "Let's see what's on your mind." she said as she stroked Diana's plastic chin with her fingertip.

Anya watched the display.  The low-resolution graphics revealed what Anya already knew: Diana's mind was as blank as her expression.

The sentient 558 looked her over.  She had been undressed by the technicians and now sat charging and waiting for their attention.  Anya looked around.  She decided to take Diana upstairs to the spare bedroom.

"Come with me Diana." Anya said as she held out her hand to the electronic secretary.

"Yes Anya." she replied and stood up.  She moved like a 510 should move now.  All of Anya's customisations had been deleted apparently.  She also hadn't beeped like she had been doing frequently all day.  It seemed that Tammy's little updates had been wiped from her hard drives as well.

"You sure are a sexy machine, Little Miss Big Hips." Anya told her as she went to go unplug the long charging cord from the wall.  She rolled it up on her way back over to the secretary.  "Let's go to bed together." she said.  "I'll lick your plastic pussy, and you'll lick mine.  I'll play with your plump ass and look at the electronics in your head.  And then I'll show you what cuddling is."

"Yes Anya." Diana responded.

The two walked toward the large sliding door and exited the lab.  "Do you like my new outfit?" Anya said.

"I am not programmed to like." Diana said.


Episode 21

The raven haired, blue eyed 558 led her fellow fembot up the stairs and away from the bustling activity of the lab at night.  Anya whispered in to Diana's ear: "Don't talk, just obey."

Diana stared back and went as far as generating the words for a response, though her newest order made her remain silent.

They walked silently hand in hand across the kitchen floor and slowly up the staircase to get to the spare bedroom.  The new LCD screens they had plugged into their chests were backlit, and looked relatively bright in the darkness of the rest of the house.  The fire in the living room was glowing only slightly now, and the light from the waning half moon barely made it through the thick drapes and blinds that covered the large windows.

Anya knew she could be quiet enough with Diana not to wake Mike, but she knew Tammy would hear her.  That was computed to be okay, Mike was the only one who actually slept around here anyway.

When Anya had led her automatic companion into the bedroom, she made her stand in the middle of the floor.  In the dark, Anya used her infrared and night-vision scanners to enjoy the hourglass shape of the 510's body.  She went behind the unmoving naked droid and used her sensor-laden fingertips to feel the exaggerated curves of the secretary's hips.

"You're my favourite robot..." Anya whispered into one of her microphones, "right after Tammy, of course."

Diana stayed silent and still.  Her basic 510 programming didn't allow her to generate feelings of pleasure at the sensation of touch she now experienced.  Even if she had been capable of running the most advanced software Robot Control supplied to its 558s, it wouldn't have been the real kind of pleasure that only Anya and Tammy could feel.

It turned Anya on even more to think about that.  This other fembot was such a soulless, unfeeling machine - so different from herself now but not all that far from how she used to be.  She walked around to Diana's front and read the quickly changing LCD display for a while.  That verified what she already knew - that Diana was only a complex device responding in preprogrammed ways to various outside stimuli.

Anya processed a quick list of choices for what would come next.  She decided that she would again enjoy the unique traits that Diana had to offer, and those were her wide hips, her plump thighs and her big round buns.  The four absent panel covers that had earlier been removed would not be missed for the next little while.

"Lie down on that bed, face-down." Anya whispered.

Diana processed to the point of understanding, then silently got into the requested position.  For a while, Anya just watched the other robot in the dark.  She could see more than enough without any lights turned on, and studied the curves and contours of Diana's rear for a while.

She lifted her new white vinyl skirt and began to play with her pink silicone 'rose petals'.  They were already moist with Anya's brand of sweet smelling dew, and only got wetter as they were pressed and pulled apart by Anya's delicate fingertips.  The 558 quickened and deepened her simulated breaths while she looked at the completely mindless fembot on the bed.  Such a slim body she had, but so big around the middle, and not flabby or fat in any way.

Pretty soon, Anya needed physical contact to extend and deepen her arousal.  She walked around the bed in the dark room and sat down, leaning her taller body over and resting it on one hand.  With the other, she followed the shape of Diana's big round butt.  Her fingers stroked and felt up and down, side to side. 

Anya's thighs began to restlessly press together as the temperature of her electronic crotch began to rise.  When she gazed at the opened recharge port above that magnificent ass, she reached yet another stage in her arousal.

She stood back up and as fast and silently as she could she undressed.  She took off everything: the new nurse outfit, the nylons, the gloves and the heels.  When she slid back onto the bed, all she was wearing were the microchip earrings and her new chest panel LCD.

She had laid down with her body in the opposite direction from Diana's.  She gave that robot another command, this time spoken just loud enough for the 510 to hear.

Diana followed the order and raised her body.  She got on all fours and moved to the center of the bed while Anya stayed on her back and did the same.  They aligned themselves accurately and began initiating a fembot on fembot 69. 

Since the programming alterations Diana had received today were all gone, Anya had to use the switch inside the open panel above the 510's pussy to make her cum.  She went right away to the top setting, and Diana began to pump out her fembot juice as fast as her software would allow.

Anya gave her some delicious cream to enjoy as well, though the secretary was incapable of actual enjoyment.  The way she mechanically fulfilled her orders was an even bigger turn-on for Anya, and it felt just as good to her pussy.

The whole time that went on, Anya was enjoying the sight and the sensation of Diana's extra large mechanical backside.  The buns were so clearly defined and sculpted in silicone; even as the robot's curvy legs were spread over Anya's torso.  Anya could do this for years without getting bored.  She was aware though of her draining power.  She saw that the graphical power indicator in her field of view had reached 20% now.  Soon she would have to be plugged in to charge.

Diana would too.  Her recharge cord was still plugged in to her back, but the cord trailed uselessly off the bed and on to the floor.  She was getting low on power as well, as Anya accurately calculated.

But the kissing, licking and sucking continued.  Anya drank in the drippings from the pink fountain between those two very plump buttocks just as Diana did the same by rote.  Anya's hands stroked and squeezed those two padded mounds and felt their clear edges all around.  She held on to Diana's womanly hips and pulled that electronic woman closer to her thirsty mouth.

The advanced and reliable chemical sensor behind Anya's cute nose related important data to the processors in her chest.  The smell of Diana's soaking wet crotch, along with her own just an arm's length away made her arousal subroutines activate and reactivate one by one and in clusters until they were all pumping out the mathematics of sexual attraction in unison.

Anya let out a realistic and powerful moan that had every effect intact but the sound.  She kept doing this while she continued to suck synthetic fluid from Diana's plastic vagina.  Her hands moved faster and clutched and squeezed harder as they slid around and around the 510's awesomely sexy butt.

Diana responded exactly the way she had been programmed to act in this situation.  She moved her head around with stiff little motions as her wet silicone tongue and lips caressed and sucked a pre-computed path along the topography of Anya's pussy.  Her shoulder-length auburn hair draped over Anya's groin area and tickled her hips and belly; adding to her binary code arousal sequences.

Though all the newly added programs within Diana's chest had been removed, her software was not completely back to the way it had been before.  There were some vital system files that had been altered and thus deleted.  One of those was part of a power regulation subroutine that would help to determine which of the robot's presently functioning systems were to be considered vital to its current mission and which were not.

That bit of code was routinely called for when a series 510 unit such as Diana reached a remaining power level of only 20%.  Because her power regulation system could not find that file, it crashed.

That went completely unnoticed by Anya, who madly slurped away in the sweet smelling silence.  She continued to enjoy the sexy secretary from the rear even as it entered a low-level diagnostic state.  That change in operational status would normally have been verbally announced, but Diana was still following the order not to speak.  The unit's tongue continued to lick and slide all over Anya's wet pleasure device just as it had before, and the two of them went on for several more minutes like that.

Then came a point where Diana's low-level diagnostic scan required feedback from her power regulation system.  Something like that wouldn't have even been a problem for sentient androids like Anya and Tammy.  For any other 558 or 542, it would have merely been logged and looked at later.  But for a 510 it meant trouble.

Diana's diagnostic programs crashed, which caused a failure in her hardware management module.  That made her beep loud once.

Anya knew that something was wrong now.  "Uh-oh." she said to herself as she felt the plump-assed robot's mouth come to a stand-still.  In a split-second - before Anya could compute what to do next - Diana's fluid system erroneously set itself to full release.  While her malfunctioning body instantly locked itself into its current position, all of her fluids drained out of their exit points at top speed.

Her unblinking eyes dripped out all of their completely meaningless tears in a single salty stream while her pores sweated out their own pheromone-filled solution.  Out of her vagina now flooded the entire contents of her nearly full fluid container.  Synthetic cum flowed as if from a faucet out of her slippery pink flower - down into Anya's mouth, down her cheeks, down her chin and all over her hair.

It just kept on flowing - so strongly scented to arouse and stimulate, but coming so inhumanly fast and at such extraordinary speed.  Anya was genuinely surprised, but she enjoyed the experience tremendously.  She could even hear the sound of the fluid cannister as it pumped out the last litres of liquid and seized up.

Diana made one more loud beep and shut down.  She was thoroughly wet all over and locked in place above Anya.  She didn't move either.  "WOW!" she silently exclaimed to herself.  As the shock of the situation wore off, she realised she was cumming hard too, making that bed even wetter.

She lifted one side of Diana's body and got out from under her.  Synthetic love juice was all over her face, all in her hair and dripping down her naked body.  With a frantic smile set on her glistening facemask she looked down at herself and made some calculations while she stared at the still plugged-in LCD screen.

Quickly and without stopping to wipe herself off, she reached under Diana's chest and pulled out the screen from her open panel.  Anya held the device in front of her and used the buttons and finger wheel on the side to scroll through reams of recorded data.  Reading it as fast as it flashed across that little screen, Anya eventually learned just what had happened to the pretty but now non-functional lady.

"Oops." she said within her chest.  She grinned wider then as she picked up a dry blanket and started to wipe herself off.  She had just computed an idea for tomorrow's fembotic excursion with Mike.

Episode 22

Anya managed to wipe most of the powerfully scented cream from her body with the blanket.  She optically scanned Diana in the dark.  That robot was now dormant and still rather wet.  There was a danger now of synthetic bodily fluids dripping into her open access panels.

Anya threw the blanket over Diana's body, dry side down, and went to the washroom to get some towels.  She remained as silent as she could be, and didn't bother to turn on any lights.  When she got back to the spare bedroom with a few large bath towels, she began to soak up the artificial sweat and cum that coated the silicone skin of the deactivated secretary.  Anya couldn't keep from getting aroused again as the towels rounded the curves of the 510's plastic body.  It seemed her strong digital libido knew no limits.

She kept herself focused on the task at hand however, and managed to get the other robot more or less dry.  She tossed the damp towels to the floor for the maids to get later and picked Diana up in her arms. 

As a 558, Anya was roughly 4% heavier than a human woman of her size would have been.  Diana, on the other hand, was a more primitive and basic 510 unit.  The sum of her parts added up to weigh about 11% more than an equal sized human female.  Even so, Anya's mechanical parts were very strong, and she could lift almost five times her own weight with those silicone covered titanium arms.

Diana's weight posed no problem for Anya to lift at all, and she was able to stay silent as her bare feet carried her graceful frame across the floor, down the stairs and into the basement laboratory.

When she got there, and when she got past the laser scan, she saw that Bonnie was getting her things together to go.

Still carrying Diana in her unchanged position, Anya smiled at Bonnie as she slung her computerised purse around her shoulder.  "Will you be back in a few days with the other things I ordered from Robot Control Zero?" Anya asked.

Bonnie said nothing.  She didn't even look at the tall supermodel-type android.

Anya turned and put Diana's rigid chassis down on an empty examination table.  She walked over to Bonnie just as she was momentarily still and computing her next instruction sets.  Anya reached out between Bonnie's legs and gave her unresponsive electronic vagina a firm stroke.

"Bitch." Anya said with a sly smile.

Bonnie finished her round of calculations and quickly went back upstairs to the garage.  Susan was all ready to go too, and sat idling in the passenger seat of the unmarked white econoline van.

With the visitor on her way out, Anya computed that she could safely bother Maria again.  She walked up behind the half white, half Asian lady and squeezed her sexy round ass.

"Excuse me, little miss technician robot." Anya said softly into one of her electronic ears.

Maria turned around to face the 558.  Anya's hands were still reaching down around Maria's hips, so she began to stroke that other fembot's tight pink pussy.

"Yes Anya." Maria said coldly and completely unaffected.

"I've gone and made Diana robot number 7839061B crash again." Anya explained.  "Can you have a look-see and get her sexy ass up and running again?"

Maria listened and relayed the data to the supercomputer.  It deliberated and beamed a response back into Maria's head for her chest to calculate further.  "Yes Anya." she replied.

Anya bent down to give Maria a kiss, but the technician moved quickly out of reach on her way to go work at one of the nearby consoles.  Anya watched as the technician pressed buttons and monitored patterns of flashing lights.

The sentient mechanical lady looked around the lab.  She was still extremely horny, and being down here made that feeling even stronger.  The gorgeous Melli unit was still standing outside her booth.  Angela, the tall blonde robot Anya had been kissing and caressing earlier in the day, was still lying unmoved on that same examination table.  Desiree was still dressed in her fitness trainer outfit and still waiting to be dealt with.  Laurie, the other petite brown-haired technician, was now standing unused and faceless off to one side.

Normally, all of these female androids would have been cleaned, maintained and put back in their booths to charge by now.  Susan's visit had interrupted the operating schedule though.  Anya knew that, after all, it was more important to supply a backup imposter for a mission than to clean up after the human and his horny fembot companions.

She stayed there in the lab for a few more minutes, watching things get back to normal.  Eventually, Maria had reactivated Diana in order to have her unlock her joints so she could lie down.  While that technician worked, the other one went around the lab to Melli and Angela and verbally told them to get back into their charging booths.

The maids returned to the lab then to start cleaning those two robots while Laurie went over to finally get her facemask.  She snapped it back into position and once again stared out expressionlessly as she received more instructions from the Main Computer.

Anya had started masturbating at all she saw around her, and now decided to use the Laurie unit to finish the job.  She sat down on the nearest examination table and called out "Oh, Laurie!"

The robot that had that name programmed into her mechanically turned her head to look at the naked 558.  "Yes Anya." she said.

"Get on your knees and lick my pussy." she commanded as she spread her legs wide.

"Yes Anya." Laurie said again, while the Main Computer sent detailed instructions into her pretty head.

Anya smiled as she watched the obedient device get between her legs and bring its face right in close to her crotch.  Anya's eyes closed as she began to enjoy the pleasure of receiving cunnilingus from the mindless android technician.  The digital pleasure came in pulses and waves as Anya thought about the processes behind Laurie's actions.

She thought of the way her mouth and tongue moved, and the electronic systems that made them work like that.  She thought of how Laurie was no more than a mobile extension of that multi-console supercomputer, and how she herself was now essentially receiving oral sex from the Main Computer.

As the sensors in her vaginal unit responded to the motion, temperature and pressure of Laurie's tongue, Anya used her high-tech processors to translate those incoming megabytes into what her CPU could use as pleasure.  And to that 'mind' located within her beautiful chest, the pleasure was real - as real as her arousal and desire for femininity and circuitry.

As Anya's chipsets churned through all those 1s and 0s, her arousal levels began to peak.  The data still flowing in from her crotch sent her system into another steadily building electrified orgasm, and she began to release a more sustained flow of juice into Laurie's mouth.

In a flash, Anya decided to give Laurie half of what she had left, and opened her valves all the way to drench the technician's face with sweet, slippery love juice.  It poured out into the technician's mouth, over her face, down her chin and down her neck on to her chest.

Anya waited until she calmed down enough and let out a healthy laugh.  "Sorry about that, Laurie." she said.  "I thought you could use a little more."

Laurie received more commands from the Main Computer.  She stood up and looked blankly at Anya.  "That does not compute." she said, her face still glistening with cum as it dribbled down her chest and on to her perky tits.

Anya gave her a long wet kiss.  "Goodnight Laurie." she said.  "See you tomorrow."

Laurie just stood there motionless as Anya licked her lips and walked away.  The supercomputer sent Laurie back to work still wet while Anya stepped out of the lab and up the stairs again.  She was now more or less satisfied, and decided to stop off at the washroom to clean herself more thoroughly before joining her sentient lovers in bed.


Episode 23

Mike was still awake when he heard Anya walk in through the bedroom door.  He didn't say anything though as he was trying to catch those elusive alpha waves and ride them into slumber.  He still had his eyes closed too, right up to the point where Anya plugged her recharge cord in and walked around to the far side of the bed.

The smell of synthetic female cum that lingered in her hair was immediately noticed by both Mike and Tammy.  They both found it highly arousing, though the mechanisms that brought those feelings about within them could not have been more different.

Tammy's curiosity algorithms and subroutines began to fire up, but she didn't want to speak and risk waking her lover.  Mike wondered just what Anya had been up to as well.  he was now looking at her as she crawled silently into bed beside Tammy.  He noticed that her chest panel cover had been removed.  The handful of bright LEDs he saw inside got him a little more aroused as he watched the lady lay down and turn around.

She brought the covers over her body as she did that.  Tammy reached out and put her arm around Anya as the newcomer snuggled in to get her warm body close to Tammy's.  While Tammy did that, she felt Mike's penis get hard, as it was pressed close against her bottom.

That gave Tammy a welcome feeling of emotional warmth to know she was so adored and cared for.  It almost made her forget her worries for a while.

Mike had those same worries on his mind too.  He couldn't sleep.  The more he layed awake, the more he thought about Tammy's upcoming scan with the Main Computer.  And the more he thought about that, the more unsettled he became that it would make a bad decision.  The last thing he wanted was for it to start messing with the person Tammy had become.

He continued to lay awake like that.  Tammy was already in sleep simulation mode, and within seconds Anya joined her.  They were both as alert as ever, just with eyes closed and breathing slowed to look as if they were sleeping.  After a while, that simulation began to influence the human, and he gradually got closer and closer to unconsciousness until it finally overtook his tired mind.

The night then passed without incident while the three got rejuvenated.  As Mike's mind relaxed and exercised in a dreamstate, electricity flowed into the two female robots and recharged the battery packs inside their thighs. 

While he was in deep sleep, his base desires conjured up a dream for him to enjoy.  He dreamt about Diana's big ass - that he was watching her move around in the office, watching those big spheres of silicone jiggle in those tight brown pants of hers.  The dream changed to him in possession of a life-size silicone replica of that amazing ass.

In his dream he beheld that perfectly copied part as a functional work of art, those wide feminine hips rotating slowly around in his field of view until it became as an image in Anya's spare fembot inventory menu on his computer.

It was strange that he would dream of such a thing when he had unlimited access to the complete sexy Diana unit, fabulous big ass and all.  He could order that machine to do anything he wished, and could remove her facemask and fondle those warm plump buns whenever he wanted.

And so the night went on.  His dreams faded into incoherent subconscious babbling as he slept and held on to the very warm electronic woman beside him.  She entered his dreams always as the embodiment of pure love.  It was this android Tammy that was his partner and his soul mate, and every part of his being felt that as strong as it knew how.

Morning came upon them as usual, with the pretty humanoid machines slowly stirring in order to gently rouse their man.

He woke up to the pleasant sound of kissing, and sat up to see Anya and Tammy gently holding, caressing and kissing one another.  He had no need to look at a clock or ask for the time.  He knew it was 7 o'clock in the morning.

"Good luck." Anya said as she got out of bed in order to let Tammy out.

"Thanks." She said as Mike swung his legs over the side of the bed.

He let out a big yawn as the girls unplugged each other and closed up their recharge ports.  Tammy was always first to get scanned in the morning, and today would be no different in that respect.

"I'm gonna go downstairs with you." Mike said as he watched her walk around the bed.  He was sure he looked a lot worse in the morning than any android would.

"Thanks, Darling." she said.  She walked over and sat next to him and gave him a big hug.

"So what did you get up to last night?" Mike asked Anya as Tammy leaned her head on his shoulder.

Anya shot him a mischievous smile and said "I found some of the new toys Bonnie brought, then I had a 69 with Diana and made her crash."

"Sounds like fun." Tammy said.

Little bits of Mike's dream flashed back to him as he listened.

"It was great!" Anya said.  She thought about telling Mike all about how she got doused with Diana's artificial sex juice, but she didn't want to ruin the surprise she had planned for him. "Are you gonna take your shower after Tammy's scan then?" she asked.

"Yeah." he said as he held his arm around his woman and stroked her shoulder.  "I think you should come down to the lab too, just in case the computer needs your perspective on the issue."

Anya nodded. "Anything for robot number 704483A." she said.

"Ready?" Mike asked Tammy.

She pulled him near and kissed him.  "Yes Master." she said tenderly.

The two got up together.  He straightened out his shorts while she pulled down her panties and stepped out of them.  He looked at both fembots for a while.  Both completely naked, and one without her chest panel cover.  He felt another erection growing, but he knew now that he would have to wait.

"Let's go." Tammy said.  She led the way out of the bedroom and down the hallway to the large carpeted wooden staircase.

Anya followed Tammy and Mike followed her.  Anya slowed her steps until Mike was beside her.  "She's got such a sexy wiggle, doesn't she?" she said.

Tammy blushed and looked back to see Mike and Anya leering at her backside.  She giggled and kept walking on her way; down the stairs and into the living room.  There was a maidbot in the kitchen, preparing the morning's breakfast for the human - who was supposed to be in the shower right now.

"Hi sexy robomaid." Tammy said as she gave the device a friendly wave.

Anya winked at the machine as she passed, and Mike just waved and enjoyed the view of the robot's glossy breasts beneath her see-through maid uniform.  The maid was perfectly oblivious to all of that, and kept on whirring and beeping on her pre-assigned way.

The three got down the basement stairs and met the laser scanner.  Tammy put her face in front and let it do its work.

"SCANNING." it said with its disembodied metallic monotone.

Tammy waited until it was done, then said "I'm so nervous." She waited by the door and watched as Anya submitted to the scanning process.

"Make sure you tell the Main Computer that." Mike said to Tammy.

Tammy looked back at him with an expression that relayed both concern and trust.

"We're here for you babe." Anya said as the scanner was finished with her.  "We won't let anyone or anything change you."

"SCANNING." the box called out again as Mike came near with closed eyes.  The red laser lines made a grid on his face that moved slowly down and back up again in order to measure its contours and match the data to its extensive store of information.

"SCANNING COMPLETE." came the judgement of the wall-mounted computer as it opened the door to the lab.

The three lovers went through.  Mike and Anya stayed close behind Tammy as she walked over to the empty examination chair and sat down.

"Hi Maria." she said as the pretty technician pivoted stiffly to face her.  She simulated the act of drawing a long, deep breath and swung down the cover of her chest panel.  "Plug me in." she said as she braced herself for what would come next.


Episode 24

Maria looked at Tammy in that cold and distant way and said "Yes Tammy."  The technician got a few cables while Tammy waited anxiously and rapped her plastic fingertips on the arms of the chair.

Mike rolled over a wheeled examination table for him and Anya to sit on.  He locked the casters and jumped on while Anya optically scanned his actions and calculated that she should sit herself beside him.

Tammy glanced over at them.  She was grateful for their presence, and for the concerned look on their faces.  She looked over at Maria again.  She held a bundle of different connection cables in her hand now, and was making some adjustments at the control board of the nearby console.

When she was done, the technician turned her attention back to the woman in the examination chair.  "Please remove your facemask, Tammy." Maria said.

Tammy said nothing as she reached up to her head and pulled off the front cover.  With all that seductive circuitry now exposed to the room, she layed the mask down on her lap and heaved a deep sigh.

Maria looked mindlessly at Tammy, aiming her view at those naked glass eyes.  "I am going to download data from your visual and auditory memory banks into the main computer for processing and evaluation." she said.

Tammy already knew that, but she didn't mind watching the technician repeat herself so perfectly like that.  Under different circumstances, that would have gotten her in the mood for lovemaking.  But now it just seemed to add to the tension.

Maria plugged connection cables into the ports both in Tammy's head and her chest.  This simultaneous download was a new way for Robot Control to do things.  Mike had suggested it one day as a way of saving time.  Otherwise, it seemed that the supercomputer and its obedient humanoid servants would have never figured out something like that.

The Main Computer made its connections to Tammy's system.  At that moment, Mike saw her nipples harden.  Even under all the stress she felt, Tammy was getting turned on my the process of connecting.  Anya had noticed it too, and got a little aroused herself in reaction.  She found Mike's hand and held it while they watched Tammy's exposed LEDs flash amid the microchips and connection ports.

Tammy continued to simulate breathing even as she sped data at ultra fast speeds through the plain looking wiring that stuck out of her head and chest.  It would take several minutes for the last 24 hours of Tammy's experiences to travel across those wires and into the big metal console.  It would take even longer for that thing to try to make sense of her momentary loss of control - if it even could.

Tammy turned her opened head to look at Mike and Anya.  "You two can go do something else for a while if you want." she said, black cables partially obscuring her eyeballs and her speaker.

"We'll stay here with you." Mike said.

Anya leaned in close to him and started to kiss the side of his neck.  Mike decided to give in and do the same.  He was determined to stay sitting upright though, so he only went as far as kissing Anya and fondling her perfect tits.

It didn't really feel right to get into anything too intense under the circumstance, so he just settled again into watching over Tammy while he held the other sentient android's hand.  There were some other things going on around the lab at that time though.  Desiree was being activated by Laurie, and was soon led over to another terminal so she could receive her limited amount of programming and preparation for the day.

Within under a minute, the fitness-droid was again standing up and closing her chest panel.  After that, Mike watched her silently walk out of the lab on her way to go get dressed in her usual tight spandex exercise wear.

"There's one down." Anya said quietly as she turned to Mike.

She then turned to look at another of those large glass tubes along the wall.  Mike looked too and saw Laurie walking toward the one that contained Diana.  Laurie opened the sideways-sliding curved glass cover by entering a code on the numeric keypad.  Then those dainty mechanical fingers reached out and opened up the chest panel built in to the robotic secretary.

The red power button was pushed and the now fully repaired, charged and cleaned Diana unit announced her activation.  Laurie asked her to relay a quick diagnostic report, and the petite 510 responded that everything was operating just fine.  Mike and Anya turned their heads to keep watching as Laurie led Diana over to the terminal where Desiree had just been.  They kept watching as Diana was hooked up to the computer to receive slight programming updates and information specific to the tasks assigned to her today.

Mike looked back over at Tammy.  She was watching too.  Her nipples were even harder now.

"How's everything going?" Mike asked her.

She aimed that head full of electronics at him and said "Good so far."

Mike looked over at Tammy's attendant technician.  "Maria," he said, "has the Main Computer gotten to the point where Tammy lost control yet?"

Maria pivoted her head to look at him.  She didn't answer, and he presumed that the supercomputer that existed in bulky metal terminals all around him was too busy to give him an answer.

While the always nude technician was looking at him though, he began to fantasise about her.  That particular fembot was one of his favourites, and he often got a craving for her unique technician-style of movement and speech.  There was also something about her status as an extension of the Main Computer that attracted him to her, as it did him to Laurie.

He enjoyed thinking of what she was when he had sex with her.  It was exhilarating to screw an android that was such an integral part of the massive machine intelligence in that basement, and one that had no means of independent thought for itself whatsoever.  Even the basic 510 series robots were more autonomous than the 032 series technicians.

Mike's daydreaming was interrupted by the sound of the other technician giving Diana some commands.  He turned around to see that petite lady stand up and close her chest panel.  She turned her naked body and began to walk toward the exit.

"Diana," Anya said, "come here."

The 510 stopped and turned her head to look while her chest computed and calculated.  "Yes Anya." she said as she turned the rest of her body and stepped over to where the tall 558 was.

"Disregard Laurie's instructions for your garment series today." Anya said.

"Yes Anya." the empty-headed secretary responded.

"Wear your black satin bra and panties and those knee-high black vinyl boots I had you wear three days ago." Anya commanded.

"Yes Anya." Diana said as she turned her body to face the door.  She walked in her obviously inhuman strut toward the large stainless steel door and waited for it to open.  Mike, Anya and Tammy were all watching as the cute 510 rhythmically swung her big hips and walked through the doorway.

Tammy leaned her faceless head back and sighed.  "This is taking SO long." she complained.

"I'm gonna go get a chair so I can sit right next to you." Mike said.  "I'll be right back."

He gave Anya a peck on the cheek and walked out of the lab himself.  He trotted quickly up the stairs and walked through the kitchen.  He saw Diana ahead of him, walking slow and a little clunky.

"Diana..." he called out.

The petite, slim lady with the extra big hips, thighs and buns stopped and turned around.  "Yes Mike." she said.

"I need something to fuck." he said as he came near and grabbed her by the hand.  He led her into the living room and bent her naked body over the back of the couch.  With one hand, he reached in front of her and removed the panel of artificial skin above her crotch.  With the other hand, he found her fluid release switch and set it to medium.

As an added bonus for him, one of the very noisy and very robotic maids was right in front of them, dusting the stereo equipment.  She had her back turned to him, and was slightly stooped over - showing off her own round plastic buns as she constantly whirred, beeped, clicked and buzzed.

Mike breathed in the telltale plastic smell that came off the maidbot's unrealistic glossy skin.  It got him even hornier.  His penis was very hard now, and throbbed as it stuck out of the fly of his boxers.  He aimed and thrust his hips forward and penetrated the plastic vagina of the emotionless Diana robot.

"Ahhhh..." he said, "that's better."  He held on to the secretary's shoulders as he pushed in and out - slowly at first, but faster and harder with every push.  Her warm plastic pussy was now nice and wet thanks to her refilled fluid container and repaired fluid release system.

This was a quick screw for Mike, and he was finished with the secretary pretty soon.  The always erotic sight of the mechanical maidbot gave his orgasm that much more of a boost.  He slowed his pumping to a halt as he came inside the sexy 510 from behind.  He held on to her hips now, squeezing that marvelous shape and pressing her body against his.

When he caught his breath again, he commanded "Get on your knees and suck my dick clean."

"Yes Mike." the robot said.  He got out of her way as she turned around and dropped to the floor.  She immediately took his entire shaft into her mouth, and used her realistically formulated saliva to help suck the combination of fembot and human juice off his member. 

She had processed his order correctly, and knew that her function was not to stimulate him further, but merely to get all the fluid off of him and into her.  After she was done that, she pulled her head back and stood up.  "Do you require any further services Mike?" she asked.

"No," he said with a satisfied smile.  "You go on your way."

"I must go to the office." she said as she showed him one of her meaningless expressions of amiability.  "I am always very busy.  There is always a lot of work for me to do."

"Get one of the maids to clean out your pussy first." he said just as she turned to go.

She turned back around and looked at him with empty eyes for a second.  "Yes Mike." she said.

He smiled and tucked his cock back into his shorts as she walked around the sofa and walked up to that dusting maidbot.  He turned and walked out of the room as he heard Diana say "Maidbot, please clean out my pussy."

He went into one of the unused rooms and picked up a rolling chair.  He brought that with him down the basement stairs and submitted again to the scanning process.  As the bright red lines traced patterns on his face, he thought again of Tammy.  He hoped that she would be finished uploading her data so the Main Computer could analyse it.


Episode 25

Mike got back into the lab to see Anya standing behind Tammy, lightly stroking her shoulders and reassuring her with comforting words.  That gave Mike a nice feeling to see his women care for each other like that.

Anya looked behind her as Mike walked toward them with the chair.  He set it down and then sat himself down in it.

"You wanna sit on my lap or something?" he said to her.

"No." she said with a laugh.  "I'm gonna make a quick trip upstairs actually.  I need a dose of fembot pussy."

Mike chuckled.  "I just got mine." he said.

"You and your one track mind." Tammy said as she turned her head to look at him. "Typical man."

"What about Anya?" he asked.

"Typical fembot." Tammy said.

Mike smiled as he enjoyed the sight of the many cables still plugged into his woman's open head.  As arousing as that was to him he knew that Tammy was still computing thoughts of stress.

"I'll be back real quick." Anya said.  She turned her sexy naked body and walked like a catwalk model out of the room.

Mike rolled the chair close to Tammy and took hold of her hand.  "Is the download almost done?" he asked.

"Another six minutes or so." She answered.  She sighed again and nervously fidgeted with the facemask on her lap.

"I hope you don't think that me and Anya care any less about you because we had to go get fucked while you were down here." he said.

Tammy let out a little laugh. "No." she said.  "I know you need it.  I'm kind of frustrated because I really need it too."

There was a lull for a while.  Only the sounds of the loudly active consoles and the footsteps of the busy Laurie unit could be heard.  Mike looked at the bright coloured LEDs that flashed inside Tammy's head.

"I'm too scared I'll lose control again." she said.  "It's been a long time since my last orgasm."

"You know some women go years without one." he said.

"Yeah, but their not robots." she said.  "I've gotten used to the idea of having a few dozen each day."

Mike thought to make a little joke, but let it pass.  "Anything I could do to help?" he asked.

"We'll wait and see." she said.  She squeezed his hand tight as he looked into her realistic glass eyes, obscured as they were by connection cables.  "Maybe the Main Computer can think of a way to fix me."

"What do you mean, fix you?" he said.  "You're not broken."

"Well, if I'm too scared to get aroused, there's gotta be something wrong with me."

"You did three complete diagnostics on yourself, remember?"

"Yeah, but what if I can't diagnose my own problems this time?"

"I thought we were sure this was part of your development."

"I'm not so sure now." she said as she turned her head from him and looked down at her facemask.  "I'm really confused.  I just want this fucking scan to be over with so I can find out what the Main Computer thinks about all this."

While Mike stayed with Tammy in the relative silence that followed, Anya was upstairs looking for a silicone piece of ass.  She walked calmly but quickly up the stairs and into the walk-in closet.  The light was already on inside.

"Hello again, you sexy inferior model." She said as she saw Diana bent over an open dresser drawer.

Diana received the sound waves that constituted Anya's voice and ran them through her speech recognition algorithms.  Her processors conjured up a response, which was transmitted through the magnetic speaker behind her pretty mouth.  "Hello Anya."

Anya walked over to the petite robot and took the black panties from Diana's hand as she stood up and turned around.

"If you weren't so damn cute you'd be obsolete." Anya said.  "Slight change in plans Diana.  Before you get dressed, you're gonna stand there and be my little fembot love toy for a while."

Diana's electronic brain processed that last statement while Anya reached up and started to remove those same four panel covers from the plump-assed 510.  Anya had them all removed and set aside by the time Diana answered "That does not compute."

"That's it..." Anya cooed.  "Be your robotic self.  There's nothing lovelier."  She reached down and closed the dresser, then picked Diana up and sat her on top.  "Spread your legs apart." she commanded.

Diana computed that order and verbally relayed her understanding.  Then she shifted her weight from one side to the other and back so she could work her mechanical hips and swing her thighs open.

Anya licked her lips, wetting them with artificial saliva.  "I like the way you 510s move." she said.  "You know you're my favourite around here."

"That does not compute." Diana said as Anya grabbed the back of that fembot's knees and pulled her body forward a little.

Then she stroked her long black hair out of the way, tucking it behind her ears as she reached out and again flicked Diana's switch; this time to the maximum setting.  Android love juice began to drip quickly out from the pretty, delicate structure of plastic between the empty lady's legs while Anya bent forward at the waist to bring her hungry lips down to meet that spot.

"Mmmmmm......" Anya moaned while her mouth fed drops of viscous liquid to a series of chemical sensors dedicated to digitally defining taste.  The intense aroma of the lubricant was also analysed and enjoyed in binary code.

The few coloured lights amid the exposed electronics just above Diana's crotch flashed and changed in order to relay a visual representation of the fluid secretion process.  Anya's eyes were half closed, but she read those patterns and let them add to her arousal.

Some of the android cum began to drip from Anya's mouth, so she reached up and turned the flow down one notch.  Her other hand was busy stimulating her own electrically powered vaginal unit, which was itself getting prepared to release a load of lubricant.

She kept on working both sets of wet silicone lips and clits like that while Diana stared out completely unaffected.  From time to time, Anya glanced up at that pretty static face.  It made her even hornier to see Diana's lack of response while her pussy brought forth all that delicious juice.

Anya moaned loud again as she felt an orgasm grow inside her chipsets.  1s and 0s compiled and multiplied in such a way as to send shivers through her whole body while her hand and mouth continued to stimulate both vaginal units.  She slowed the motions of her fingers and mouth as her own artificial fluid came out faster and faster.

She was still fully in control of the whole situation however, and kept the flood to a reasonable level so she wouldn't make too much of a mess.  She even remembered to flick Diana's switch to the off position so that her love spring would stop flowing.

When the whirlwind of pleasure computations had been processed, Anya opened her eyes and caught her simulated breath.  She smiled and laughed, and licked the juice off her fingers while she stared at Diana's beautiful, unchanged face.

"Wasn't that fun?" she asked the 510.

"Fun does not compute." was her response.

Anya lifted the petite woman up again and set her back on the floor.  "I have to go now, but I'll be back later to visit." she told her.  She gave Diana a quick kiss and turned to walk away.

"Oh," she said as she turned around again, "Before you get dressed, you should lick your pussy clean.  Bye!"

Anya waved as Diana computed.  "Yes Anya." she said.  She spread her legs apart and reached up to grab the sides of her head.  The interlocking mechanisms in her neck that kept it securely attached released, and she removed it from its place atop her shoulders.  She turned it upside down and placed it between her curvy thighs with the mouth right on her crotch.

The auxiliary battery inside the head powered the mouth as it licked and sucked the excess juice off.  When the silicone tongue and lips had done their job, Diana lifted her head and reattached it to her neck.  The fluid caught in her mouth was sent to her rubber stomach compartment as she calculated the necessary steps to take to get her dressed in Anya's assigned outfit.

Anya meanwhile was getting into some clothes herself - simple pink sweat pants and a grey sweater this time, along with grey socks and a pink ponytail elastic.  She blew her reflection a kiss as she left the bedroom and walked back down the stairs.



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