36 + 1

by RobotMan

This stand-alone story picks up here at Episode 26 after the end of "H is for Heuristic"; you can read the Episodes 1-5 here, 6--15 here, and 16-25 here. There are a few more chapters still to come...

Episode 26

Anya made her way through the house, past the two busy maidbots, and down the basement stairs to be scanned.  Once inside the lab, she went right over to where Tammy and Mike were.

Tammy was just finishing up with her scan.  She was in the process of unplugging the many cables from her head and chest when Anya walked in.  Maria took the cables one by one from the curvaceous brunette, and neatly coiled them up in perfect concentric circles as Tammy reattached her facemask.

"How bout a kiss?" Mike said once the device was back in place.

Tammy used her face to smile warmly at him, then to kiss his lips in a style that conveyed her digital love for him.  Mike got up off his chair and took his lady's hand to help her out of the off-white vinyl examination chair.  She closed her chest panel and returned his wordless gaze for a while.

"So, what does the Main Computer have to say?" Anya asked as she came up from behind Tammy and put her arm around her.

"Let's ask it." Mike said.  "Maria, is the Main Computer processing Tammy's data?"

Maria finished adjusting some knobs and buttons at the console in front of her, then went to the keyboard to enter a very long string of letters and numbers.  The three lovers stood there waiting for the attractive technician to answer. 

Finally - after a long process of number crunching by the supercomputer and of standing anxiously around in wait - Maria turned to them and said "Yes."

Mike looked at his lovers.  They looked at him and each other. 

"How long will it take for the Main Computer to finish processing Tammy's data?" Mike asked.

Maria answered that question quickly in comparison.  "Unknown.  The current estimate for completion of calculations is six hours, twenty-one minutes and fifty-six seconds.  This estimate has a 36% chance of being correct."

"I love it when you talk dirty like that." Anya quipped.

"What do you think we should do?" Tammy asked Mike.  "Usually Anya's in the middle of her scan by now."

"Let's ask." Mike said.  "Maria, does the Main Computer want... uh... I mean... will the Main Computer be scanning Anya's files now or after it's finished processing Tammy's files?"

Maria stared back at him with her usual perfect expression of mindlessness and vacancy.  He was getting more aroused by that look the more he gazed at her pretty, unchanging face.

After waiting for a long couple of minutes, Mike waved his hand in front of her unblinking eyes, snapping his fingers as he did.  "Hellooooooo?" he sang.  "Ma-riiiiii-a?"

"Well, I'm going back upstairs." Tammy said.

"Okay, I better hop in the shower finally." Mike added.

"I'll come with you Tammy." Anya said.  "The Main Computer knows where to find me."

The two sexy androids turned and started walking.  They looked behind them to see Mike still looking at the beautiful technician, waiting for a reply.

"You coming too?" Tammy asked him.

He turned around and started walking.  "Yeah." he said.

They walked out the door and up the stairs.  Mike found himself lusting after Tammy even more now that she wasn't in the mood for sex.

"What do you want to do in the meantime?" Anya asked Tammy.

"I don't know." she said.  She quickly downloaded a local weather report and thought about the forecast.  "It's gonna be a little warmer today, we could go outside for a walk again."

"You girls do that then, but remember not to go to far." Mike said.  "Anya still needs to get scanned."

The girls stopped in the kitchen.  The table was set with a bowl and a spoon, a box of cereal, and a rapidly cooling cup of tea.  Tammy sat down.  "I don't think I've ever felt this bored." she said.

Anya sat down across from her at the table.  "Still don't want to have sex yet?" she asked gently.

Tammy folded her arms and looked down.  She shook her head.

"Well, why don't you get dressed while I'm in the shower?" Mike said to her.

"Okay." she said.  She looked a little sad.

"I'll be back in twenty minutes." he said.

"Okay." she said, offering him a smile.

He walked upstairs while the ladies sat there for a little longer.

"Wanna try it?" Anya asked her.  "Just a little quickie?"

"No." Tammy said.  "I dread the thought of my control slipping again."

"Alright." Anya said as she stood up.  "I'll quit bugging you.  Tell you what, you go get some clothes on.  I have something to show you when you get back."

"What is it?" Tammy asked.

"A surprise." Anya said with an impish grin.

Tammy flashed her a quizzical look.  "Something Bonnie brought last night?"

"Yes." Anya said.  "Now stop asking questions or you'll ruin the surprise."

"Okay." Tammy said with a giggle.  "I'll go now."

Anya smiled and embraced her fellow 558 as she stood up.  She too wanted to take Tammy to bed even more now, but she kept the hug non-sexual and let the worried fembot go on her way.

Tammy walked up the stairs as Anya watched.  When she was out of sight, Anya went out of the kitchen and down the hall to the attached garage.  She turned on the light and made optical scans of the scene.  There were lots of big boxes and big items there, compliments of Robot Control Zero and its attractive but non-friendly courier.

There was a new electric guitar and bass for Mike, along with a keyboard and microphone and the amplifiers for them.  There was a drum kit too, but it was still crated up and in pieces.  These were expensive toys, but Robot Control always came through for his relatively modest requests.

After Anya had scanned those boxes and read the lettering on them, she turned her attention to a small pile of other boxes along the wall.  Soon after, she found what she had come in for.  Another expensive toy had been acquired, this time at Anya's request.

The box contained a white, fully assembled and charged AIBO ERS-7 robotic dog.  Anya picked up the box and quickly unpacked it.  After removing the styrofoam and bubble wrap, she held the dog in front of her and thought about activating it.  She decided she would wait till Tammy was there.

Anya happily took the mechanical pet under her arm with her and walked out of the garage, turning off the light and shutting the door behind her.  She walked through the hallway and passed one of the maidbots as she went.  Anya held the AIBO up to the passing mechanical woman and said "Isn't it neat?"

The maidbot didn't even turn her pretty plastic head and kept right on walking forward; beeping and whirring loudly all the way.  Anya stood there and watched the sexy machine move for a while, then walked back to the kitchen.

She put the dog on the center of the table and sat down.  She kept an eye on the staircase and waited for Tammy to return.  When another few minutes had passed, the pretty brunette android came once again down the staircase.  She was now dressed in some comfortable looking jeans and a striped knit sweater with a snowman on the front.  That look of worry was still set on her silicone face.

She walked into the kitchen.  Her optical scanners immediately detected the robotic dog on the table.  That sight initiated a flurry of computations within her chest.

"Is that for me?" she said, sounding genuinely surprised.

Anya grinned and nodded.  She stood up.

Tammy's face became animated and joyful.  "Oh, he's so CUTE!" she said.

Anya pressed the pause button on the AIBO's back.  It immediately came to 'life' and turned its head to look around while the LEDs on its head flashed and the MIDI processors inside played a cheery tune.

"Thank you Anya!!"  Tammy said as she rushed around the chairs to give the raven-haired beauty a hug.

"You're welcome Tammy!" Anya said as she returned her tight squeeze and stroked her hand down her back.  She wanted so badly to go further and start something sexual, but she let it go.

Tammy stood back and turned her full attention to the dog on the table.  It stood up on its hind legs as Tammy held her hand above its head.  Its nose met her hand and it barked.

"What are you gonna call it?" Anya asked.

Tammy looked at the robot dog and did some quick research on the internet.  "ERS-7" she said.

"But that's just the model number." Anya said.

"I know." Tammy said.  "It's a nice name for him too, I think."

"How do you know it's a 'him'?"

Tammy ran that question through her processors while she played with the dogs floppy rubber ears.  "I just know." she said.

"Do you want me to make some software improvements to it?" Anya asked.

"Sure, but not right now." Tammy answered.  "I want Mike to see him first."


Episode 27

Mike's shave and shower went pretty fast.  He wanted to get back downstairs quickly so he could be with Tammy when the Main Computer finished processing her data.  He toweled himself off and got into some jeans, a T-shirt and a sweater.  When He got back down the stairs, he heard Anya and Tammy talking.

Tammy sounded happier.  That was a relief to Mike.  As he thought about her situation he heard what sounded like an electronic bark.  He got down the stairs and saw the shiney white plastic pet crawling curiously around on the kitchen table.  His lovers sat there watching it and interacting with it.

"What's with the dog?" Mike asked as he entered and sat down at the table.  "I thought you two were headed outside?"

"Anya got him for me." Tammy said proudly.  "His name is ERS-7."

"Okay." Mike said as he watched the electronic puppy move around.  It had noticed him and was now moving in his direction.  "It's kinda cute." he said.

"It looks like all of your new stuff is here too." Anya said to Mike.

"Cool." he said as he picked the dog up and turned it around to face Tammy.  "Can you play with this thing on the floor? I've got to have my breakfast now."

She petted the AIBO and looked at him.  "You should be a little nicer to him, he's just trying to make friends with you."

He looked at her and thought for a moment.  "Well, I prefer my dogs real and my robots woman-shaped."

Tammy looked back at the dog again.  "Don't worry," she said to it, "you'll win his heart soon enough."

The AIBO barked again and flashed a coloured pattern of lights.  One of the loudly whirring and beeping maidbots came in carrying a laptop computer at that time.

"Now that's the kind of robot that can really win my heart." he said to his woman.

"Let's go play with the dog in the living room." Anya suggested to Tammy.

Tammy looked at Anya then picked up the AIBO and carried it in her arms to the other room.  Anya followed and flicked at its wagging rubber tail with her finger.

Once the table had been cleared, Mike got up and sat down in his usual spot at the breakfast table.  He poured out some cereal while the maidbot clunkily set down the laptop and turned it on.  Mike brought it close to him while the unrealistic looking woman got some milk and orange juice out of the fridge.

Mike brought up some news to read on the internet while he started to sip from his tea.  It was only warm, so he downed it and asked the pretty mechanical lady behind him for another cup.

She put the milk and juice down on the table and took the empty cup from him.  He was enjoying the sights and sounds she offered, and asked her "Is it normal to be this horny all the time?"

Her eyes stayed unmoving and aimed his way for a while.  With the help of her wireless link to the Main Computer, her limited processing power determined that his question wasn't a request or a command.  She whirred loud and walked in her beautiful overly stiff and mechanical way to again fill up and plug in the kettle.

Mike had his breakfast and read the news while Anya and Tammy played around with the AIBO.  It was comforting for Mike to hear Tammy laughing, and he was able to forget for a while that the basement supercomputer still hadn't made its judgement on her little episode.

When his tea was ready, the maid set it down on the table and stood at attention next to him.

"Thanks." he said.  He looked up at her and felt another boner grow below.  "You're much cuter than some mechanical dog." he told her.

She of course said nothing.  He liked having her nearby in the morning while he ate.  Her artificialness inspired his imagination, and he was soon making plans in his head for the morning's activities.

He would definitely get around to a threesome with both maidbots today.  He hadn't been with one at all yesterday, so a double shot of maidbot would fix that.  Then there were the perfectly emotionless technicians in the basement.  He had the idea of bringing them out of their usual setting and putting clothes and makeup on them.  That was always nice because they acted no different, and were still just as soulless and stiff as always.

Mike hurried his breakfast now that he was getting aroused again.  He decided that right after this, he would go down to the basement and 'window shop' while Anya and Tammy were playing around.  He also wanted to try out his new instruments in the garage, but he would have to get his rocks off first.

After rushing down the rest of his cereal, juice and very hot tea, he went to go brush his teeth.  On his way, he saw that Tammy and Anya were both sitting on the floor with one very active mechanical dog between them.  They didn't even turn their attention to the human as he passed and stepped quickly to the washroom.

"So what kind of changes do you want me to make to him?" Anya said.

"Nothing too drastic."Tammy said.  "I like him the way he is."

Anya reached out to get the AIBO's attention.  "I think I can make a few improvements that no human would have ever thought of."

"No hardware changes, just software." Tammy said as she watched the dog move.

Mike finished up in the washroom and came back down the staircase.  "I'm gonna go play with some of those cute toys in the basement." he said to the women.

"Ask Maria how the scan went." Tammy said, looking now concerned.

"Will do." Mike said.  "I'll be back soon."

He walked through the kitchen and down the stairs to the scanner.  Once he was past that he entered the lab full of fembots and immediately got fully aroused.  He also noticed all the many boxes that Bonnie had brought.  He would check that stuff out later.

"Hi Maria." he said as he walked up to that particular unit.  "What's the progress on Tammy's data?"

She took a while before she turned her body to face him.  When she did, she said "Hello Mike.  The Main Computer is still processing data from Tammy's scan."

"Can you phone upstairs when it's done?"

She looked at him with those cold glass eyes and said "Yes Mike."

"Thank you, Beautiful." he said.

He looked around him again.  Even though Susan hadn't been one of his favourites, he started to miss her now.  He thought that was a little selfish though, as there were still 35 sexy female androids to use in this house.  He told himself to get over it and walked over to one of the side walls.

He glanced at the 15 glass booths lined up and tried to decide which woman he would activate.  His gaze stayed on Melli's face again for a while.  That face was just so irresistible that he wanted to get her out and operational again.  But then he thought of another idea.

He looked to the tube right next to Melli's.  Inside that one was a series 542 named Crissy.  He continued looking until he was looking at the 542 next to her.  That one was another unimaginably beautiful female robot named Jesse.  He had long thought that these two fembots must have been constructed to operate as models.  Their faces and complexions were certainly stunning enough, and their bodies were of the slim but well endowed build that most girls like that had.

It was even more probable that the "A" units for which these two served as backup were models, considering the lower computational power of the 542 series - compared to a 558.  Such a device could easily cope with whatever a real fashion model would daily need to face. 

Staring at those two mindless beauties gave him more ideas, but he kept on searching.  Standing next to Melli on the left hand side was another advanced and expensive 558.  Her name was Tarlia, and she was a brown-haired beauty with a fit, somewhat petite build and girl-next-door good looks.

He walked near and entered a code on the keypad attached to the glass booth.  The curved front split and separated.  He beheld Tarlia's charming face for a while.  Her eyes were already wide open, as were every pair down their thanks to another one of Mike's requests.

Her eyelashes were 'naturally' long and thick, and framed a very inviting set of hazel-brown glass eyes.  Her brows were clearly defined and arched, giving her face an almost mischievous look.  That look was complimented by the shape of her mouth, which was slightly upturned on both sides.

Mike had to make some room in his pants as he looked at the pretty robot.  Then he reached out and opened her chest panel.  With the push of a button, she was activated.  She made her startup sequence of beeps and tones while the lights visible in her chest flashed in various ways.

She looked out straight ahead and said "Tarlia Robot number 7838711B activated."

"Hello Tarlia." Mike said grinning.

She looked at him and said "Hello Mike."

He offered his hand to her.  She had enough basic programming to compute that she should take it.  When he pulled on her hand, she calculated correctly that she should step down and out of the charging booth.

Mike heard the booth's charging arm disconnect and recede into the back of the cavity.  He waited for Tarlia to make a few more forward steps then closed her recharge port.  He smiled at her and closed the panel cover above her nicely shaped B-cup breasts too.  Then he felt up those warm round masses and the hardening nipples attached to them.

He looked at her unchanging face while he did that.  He thought about the programming and the mechanisms that made her nipples get bigger and harder while the sensors in her skin detected his touch.

"Are you ready to have some fun?" he asked.

"Fun does not compute." she told him.

He just smiled in expectation and continued to stroke her breasts.


Episode 28

Mike thought about how to set his latest plan into motion as he fondled Tarlia's soft and warm fembot titties.  Then he leaned forward and whispered a series of carefully worded orders into one of her ears.  He held her fragrant, dark auburn hair out of the way as he did.

She stared out at nothing in particular while her microphone sent the sound it received to her CPU.  Mike's commands were usually straightforward and easy for a machine like her to understand, so his instructions were quickly verified for meaning.  They were then kept in a memory buffer inside her chest until they were to be acted upon.

When Mike was finished whispering, Tarlia waited a while then said "Yes Mike."

He stood back and thought about all the carefully controlled pulses of electricity that shot through her body and made her move.  These female androids never ceased to fascinate and stimulate him.

She turned around and walked over to the booth that contained Melli.  Tarlia's lady-like hand punched the proper code into the keypad while her face stared out ahead.  With a hydraulic swoosh sound, the booth opened up.  When the sliding doors were split apart all the way, she opened Melli's chest panel and proceeded to press the red power button.

Mike's level of arousal grew as he listened to the familiar series of beeps and other sounds that came along with that process.

The woman in the booth announced "Melli robot number 7838812B activated."

The Tarlia unit stood aside and said "Melli, please step off the platform and exit the charging booth."

Melli computed the order and turned her head to aim it at the other fembot.  "Yes Tarlia." she said.

Mike watched her walk out, wanting now to get intimate with one or both of these androids; but he let Tarlia finish what she had started.  She reached up and closed Melli's chest panel, then reached behind and closed her recharge port.  Melli didn't make any kind of movement while that went on.

Tarlia's CPU went to Mike's next command.  "Melli," she said, "walk over to Laurie and command her to participate in a 69 with you on an examination table."

Melli processed that order and said "Yes Tarlia."

Mike stood back and watched the tall, slim 558 proposition the technician.  He relished the cold look of her actions and the equally cold sound of her words.  He became even more aroused at the sight of Laurie looking back at her, using the stereo microphones built into her ears to take in the verbal commands.

He watched as Laurie said yes and started to walk toward the table.  Melli watched the series 032 technician, scanning and tracking her movements with the advanced video cameras built into her pretty eyes.  As Laurie used her servos and flexors to climb upon the padded table, Melli's locomotion systems brought her own body to stand in wait beside her.

Mike went up behind Tarlia.  She hadn't moved at all since executing her most recent function.  She was just standing there naked and with the usual perfect posture of her kind.  Mike put his hands on her shoulders and stroked the flipped up curls of her soft synthetic hair.  While he did that he kept on watching the other two.

Laurie quickly got into position on her back, and after some in-chest computing, Melli used her mechanical strength to lift her plastic and metal body on to the table as well.

"Are you enjoying this?" Mike said into Tarlia's ear, even though he knew exactly what she'd say.

"I am not programmed to enjoy." she stated.

Mike put his arms under hers, and slowly slid his hands down the smooth skin of her torso.  He lingered a while at her pelvis, enjoying the feminine shape of this particular machine as he watched Melli and Laurie.  Those two were getting fast into the proper position.

Mike felt his groin area swell as he watched the fembot on fembot 69 begin.  Synthetic tongue met synthetic vagina at both ends, while arousal programs booted up and ran.  The Main Computer took care of Laurie's responses while Melli tended to her own.  No emotion was involved - not even real lust.  Mike was getting very horny just thinking about that.

His fingertips had reached Tarlia's pussy now.  Thanks to her own rudimentary programming, it was getting very warm and wet.  Mike spun her gently around to face him.  He enjoyed the sight of her pretty face for a while - so blank and meaningless was her expression.

"Get on that table." he said while pointing.  "Lay on your back."

She had no need to turn her head to see.  Her processors used the images coming in through her cameras to follow the line he pointed to the vacant examination table at the edge of her field of vision.  Once she had successfully computed his command, she replied in the usual way.  "Yes Mike."

He watched her walk over and get on the table.  By now Mike could hear the sound of liquid being slurped and sucked as the two other robots continued with their 69.  He looked over and smiled as he undid his pants.

With another gentle tug, he spread Tarlia's legs.  The servos in her hips and the flexors in her thighs carried her sexy legs apart, providing him with enhanced access to her fully functional electronic vagina.

He looked at her face again.  She was pretty - android or not.  He went near and bent over to kiss her.  She responded by turning her head and activating her kissing software.  For a while, he just enjoyed the sweet taste of her manufactured mouth as the fembot 69 on the next table over got more and more involved.  Tarlia's tongue responded to the motion of his own, and slid around entwined with his.  The whole time he got even more aroused by thinking about the electronics just inches away from him.

He made a final little suck on her delicate silicone lips and stood back again to look at her.  She looked just as devoid of emotion as she was, and he loved it.  His fingertips stroked the sides of her face for a while, then applied slight inward pressure to her cheeks.  Her CPU knew just how to interpret that small amount of squeeze, and sent pulses of electricity back to that area in a flash.  Those pulses got to the locking mechanism of her pretty face and instructed it to release - and so it did.

Mike felt the parts click free as he continued to hold on to the sides of her face.  He then lifted it away from the rest of her head and laid it down beside her.  Her gaze was now completely inhuman except for the two realistic eyeballs that continued to look straight at him.  Everything else within that oval border of artificial flesh was completely electronic and mechanical.  The complicated array of microchips, circuitry, coloured wires and flashing lights were just as beautiful to him as her plastic face had appeared.

He got on the table too then.  Laurie and Melli kept right on with their mechanised sex act.  They were plainly in sight, and provided stimulus for him on top of what Tarlia now gave him.  He looked down at that pretty girl.  She had turned her head to look at him now.  With her facemask off, he could only think of one thing to do to her.

He got the fly of his pants out of the way and slipped his cock into the waiting and ready interface port between her legs.  The smell of her creamy lubricant was getting stronger and stronger, and made him that much more willing to love the machine.  The electrical current that powered her humanoid chassis seemed to radiate through the air now, passing into his heart as it pumped faster.

He looked down at the unthinking, unfeeling device as he pumped his living flesh into its fake point of entry.  That computer controlled silicone orifice was just as wet and warm as the real thing could get, and it gripped him tightly enough to make the simulation even more perfect. 

Since she was a series 558, her pussy had been constructed with as much individuality as her now detached facemask.  The pink clit and labia were little and delicate, a lot like Melli's.  There were more than enough sensors packed into those silicone lobes however.  While he fucked her they sent back all kinds of information about the penis sliding repeatedly past them to the computer core inside her chest.

Due to her limited programming though, most of that data was only recorded in various log files.  The most reaction the robot gave was a continued and more vigorous secretion of her imitation cum.

But that was all Mike needed from her right now.  The electronics inside her head provided him with the rest.  The enjoyment he got from staring at that unmistakably electronic display went right to the most primitive part of his brain.  It sparked a raw, primal lust for him that filled him only with the desire for more.

He went on like that for a relatively short time, and shot out another load for the fembot underneath him.  She stared back quietly, with only those glass eyes and round speaker to hint at her head's woman-emulating design.  The sensors in her vagina had done their job without error.  They had correctly read the motion, speed and pressure of his thrusts and relayed the information back to her processors.  Her CPU in turn had instructed the fluid pumping mechanisms down there to release her love juice in amounts appropriate to match what the real thing would have done.

He thought about that while his senses came back to him.  The evaporating sweat on his forehead felt cool as he took a deep breath and enjoyed the moment.  Tarlia's vagina still held on to his penis now.  It felt good.  He supported himself with one hand while the other grabbed her facemask and reattached it.  He pressed down along the edges and felt the device lock again into place.

After another moment or two, he got off the table and took Tarlia by the hand.  He gave her arm a slight tug and watched as she sat up and got off the table. 

"Can you clean me off please?" he asked while he pointed toward his crotch.

The fembot looked down and said "Yes Mike."

He raised his arms and stretched as Tarlia got on her knees and used her mouth to get the excess love juice off his penis.  While she did that he returned his attention to Melli and Laurie.  Their emotionless sex act was still in full swing.

Tarlia stood up after finishing her task between his legs.  She stared blankly at him as he again leaned forward to whisper more commands into her ear.

"Yes Mike." she said after that. 

He stood back and zipped up his pants as he watched Tarlia go over to the other two fembots.  "Melli, please cease your current task and get off the table."

Melli raised her head from Laurie's glistening, wet crotch and said "Yes Tarlia."  She deftly brought her legs over to one side and crawled off the table to stand in front of her fellow 558.

Tarlia immediately embraced Melli, and the two began to kiss.  Mike had not given Tarlia any orders on what to do after that, so the two androids would stay locked in their mechanical kiss until ordered to stop.

The human walked over to Laurie after that, taking a little bit of time to stroke Tarlia and Melli from behind.  There was always time to enjoy the feel of a fembot's silicone buns.  He then walked around the table and stood there looking at Laurie.  Her body hadn't changed positions since Melli had stopped the 69.  The technician's arms were still bent at the elbow and pointing up as if still holding on to Melli's waist.

"You can get off that table too now Laurie." he said.

She correctly interpreted that as a command and very stiffly and rapidly sat up.  "Yes Mike." she said.

He watched her get to her feet then moved in to hold her.  "I'll clean Melli's juice off your mouth, if you don't mind." he said.

He leaned in and licked the realistic vaginal fluid from Laurie's lips and chin, then kissed her mouth as she ran her kissing programs on him.  His hands went down behind her back - one hand feeling up her sexy round ass while the other felt around the edges of her square recharge port.


Episode 29

Mike felt his arousal stir again as he swallowed the synthetic juices from Laurie's lips.  But he could do this any time.  Now he wanted to go play with his new toys.

He let go of Laurie and said goodbye.  Then he walked over to Maria to check on the status of the Main Computer's calculations.  It still hadn't decided what it was going to do about Tammy, nor had it even gotten around to scanning Anya.

Maria was unresponsive.  She was pretty that way.  Mike lusted after her now too, but he turned and walked out the door.  He made his way back upstairs and into the garage.

There was all the other stuff Bonnie had brought.  Lots of musical instruments and some other miscellaneous equipment.  He looked around and thought of where to begin.  First, he turned the thermostat up to room temperature.  If he was going to be spending a lot of time in that garage it might as well be nice and warm.  Then he went to go pick up the bass.

He knelt down and got it out of the case.  It was a beauty - an expensive 5 string model, one piece with active pickups.  He was feeling giddy as he picked it up and strapped it on.  He looked around for a patch cord and went to go plug in the amp.

Tammy and Anya were having some fun with the AIBO in the living room.  They heard the first few notes come rumbling through the walls and looked at each other.

"He found the bass." Anya said.

Tammy laughed.  "Should we go give him an audience?" she said.

"Yeah," Anya said, "We can be his groupies."

They laughed and got up from the floor.  Tammy picked up her new dog and gave it a little kiss as she carried it with her to the garage.

The ins and outs of the instrument were slowly coming back to Mike as he saw the two ladies enter.  He smiled at them as he tried to remember how not to suck at his playing.  Tammy put the dog down and went over to where the drums were packed away.

"I could spend days in here." Mike said.

"You probably will." Tammy said to him.  She wanted to ask him about the Main Computer's status, but she figured he would have said something about it by now.

"What are you doing?" he asked her as he stopped to tune the strings again.

"I'm gonna set up your drums." she said.

"Okay." he said as he watched her bend over.  He sighed and changed the tone to a more snappy, light sound.

Anya followed the dog around for a little bit then said "I'm gonna go down to the lab for a while."

The other two acknowledged that and went about their tasks as Anya walked back out of the garage and over to the basement stairs.  The further she got from the thumping bass tones, the less loud they got, but she couldn't get away from the sound entirely.  She could still detect it strongly from the sealed and isolated basement lab.

Once there, however, Anya went right up to Maria.   "Hi sexy." she said.

Maria didn't move.  Anya could tell that the Main Computer was extremely busy.  She felt a little bit of worry float through her system in binary code.

She kissed Maria on her unmoving mouth and went over to the other technician.  On her way she had a good look at Tarlia and Melli.  They were still kissing with all that simulated passion.  Anya liked that.

"Laurie," she said to the other naked brunette interface, "When will the Main Computer be finished processing Tammy's data?"

Laurie looked at her, but said nothing.  Anya gave up trying to find that out.  "Are you busy then?" she asked.

"No." Laurie said.

"Come with me then." Anya said.  She led Laurie by the hand over to one of those brown boxes full of supplies.  She fished out what she wanted and held them out to the technician.  "Could you install these in me real quick?"

Laurie aimed her head downward and used her optical scanners to analyse the objects in Anya's hand.  It took some time for the supercomputer to come through with its contribution to the process, but eventually it did.  "Yes Anya." Laurie said.

"Wonderful." Anya said as she leaned forward to give Laurie a kiss.  "Do you want me lying down or just sitting?" she asked.

Laurie relayed that question to the Main Computer.  "Please sit in the examination chair next to service terminal D." she said.

Anya smiled and got something else out of another box.  It was another one of those LCD screens that was made to fit into an open chest panel.  Anya got Laurie's panel uncovered and pushed the device into the open ports.  The screen lit up and began displaying fast scrolling lines of binary digits.

"You look really nice like that." Anya told her.  She walked over to that empty examination chair and placed her new hardware on the table next to it.

Laurie walked over after her and pressed some buttons at the console.  She turned to look at the monitors above and kept entering things into the keyboard.  After a few minutes of that, she turned to look at Anya and verbally instructed her to remove her facemask.

"Anything for you dear." Anya said, and blew the technician a kiss.  Then she took off her facemask and held it in her lap.

Laurie walked over and began to work.  First, she picked up a long screwdriver and inserted it into an equally long recess underneath Anya's right eye.  When the tool hit the screw, it turned once counter-clockwise.  That acted like a switch, and cut the power to Anya's optical system. 

There was now nothing for Anya to look at, only a total void of visual data.  So much for watching the changing binary digits on the device in Laurie's chest.  Anya didn't mind that at all however, this was a necessary step in getting her new, special hardware installed.

The next thing the technician did was to pick up a smaller screwdriver and start unscrewing the octagonal metal plates that held Anya's eyeball mechanisms in place.  She did that fast, and in no time had the left and the right eye completely unobstructed.  Then, Laurie extended her fingertips toward the right eye.  Her thumb and her index and middle fingers spaced themselves evenly in a triangle shape and gripped the painted glass sphere.  With a little pressure and a little pull, the eye came out, followed by many thin wires and an extendable plastic and metal conduit.

The back of the eyeball was connected by pre-built connection plugs and a few soldered-on spots.  Laurie zoomed her own cameras in to get a better view as her other hand went in behind the protruding sphere.  From that hand's fingertips extended two metal prying tools.  With perfect aim, Laurie inserted those tools between the eye and the main plug-in, and separated them apart from each other.

Now the soldered connections needed to be cut.  The pry tools went back into her fingertips, and out came the soldering iron.  It extended far enough from her finger so as not to melt her uniquely formulated plastic skin.  After a bit of a wait, the tip was hot enough to liquify the metal.  With a few delicate touches, the remaining wires were disconnected, and all that was left was the plastic and metal conduit that held the sphere from the center.  With the hand that was already gripping the eyeball, Laurie removed it completely from the socket.

All Anya could do was listen for now, but she was enjoying the procedure.  "You have no idea how horny you're making me." she said to Laurie.

The technician didn't respond.  She went quickly over to the other eyeball and repeated the same process.  Within minutes, both of Anya's realistic eyes had been removed.  Laurie then picked up the new parts and unpacked them from their cellophane and cardboard containers.

They were two brand new eyes.  They looked exactly like the one's Anya had always used but they had a new feature.  These eyes could glow bright red from behind the real looking pupils.  That was a customisation that Anya had requested, and the sole reason for that was because she thought it would look sexy.  She couldn't wait to surprise Mike and Tammy with them.

Anya came a little into her panties at the thought of it.  She could feel Laurie's hand as it snapped the first new eyeball into the extended conduit.  Then the smell of hot solder came to meet her chemical sensors as the technician expertly connected those even more intricate sets of wires.  The fresh solder came right out of Laurie's thumb, and went only where it was intended to go.  No human could have done this so fast and so flawlessly.

Anya got more and more aroused as she listened and heard that final plastic connector lock into place.  Her thighs squeezed together as she tried to sit still long enough for the technician android to finish.  The other eye went the same way, first the conduit, then the solder, then the snap-in connector.

"Mmmmmmm.... this is gonna be so cool." she said as Laurie replaced and fastened the two metal plates.  Once those tiny screws had been tightened again, the technician picked up the long screwdriver and again stuck it deep into the hole below Anya's eye.  With a full clockwise turn, electrical power was once again supplied to Anya's vision system.

Her motorised eyeballs looked around at the scene in front of her.  "Looks good!" she said.  Just to be sure, she ran a diagnostic scan on her optical systems.  She told Laurie the results: "Diagnostic scans reveal no anomalies or errors.  New hardware successfully installed."

Laurie just stood there.  She was standing straight up again, looking right over Anya's head.  Anya put on her facemask and turned the chair so she could stand up.

"Thank you Laurie." she said.

She turned the technician to face her and gazed for a while at the LCD screen in her chest.  Anya fingered her tight and still moist pussy for a while.  She read the little screen as she did that, and got aroused at the fact that there was almost no reaction from the technician.

"Laurie," Anya said, "how do they look?"

She immediately shone bright red lights out of her eyes at the highest settings.  While she did, she read the 1s and 0s that sped by on the LCD screen.  She knew what Laurie would say even before she said it.

"That does not compute." Laurie said, much to Anya's enjoyment.

Anya could tell from the data she read that Laurie did see her eyes glowing red.  That was good enough for her.  She leaned in to kiss the mindless technician, and saw the red glow from her eyes reflect off Laurie's face.  Anya closed her eyes then, and saw that same light reflected back into her own cameras.

She laughed.  "These are so neat!" she said.  She looked around the lab, still shining bright red from the eyes.  She went over to Melli and Tarlia.

Those two were still kissing, and by now the drippings from their automatic vaginas had turned into little puddles of love juice on the floor.  Anya didn't want to disturb them, so instead she pulled down her pants and sat up on a nearby table.  She started to stimulate her own vaginal unit with one hand while she leaned back on the other.  Her breathing got deep and heavy while her fingertips started to slide around more easily. 

She noticed the reflection of bright red light as it shone off most of the things she looked at.  She made a note to herself to do this in front of a mirror so she could see just what she looked like - masturbating with glowing red eyes.

"Aughhhhh!" she called out as her digital orgasm began to grow.  She got it stronger and stronger with every push of her lips and clit, until eventually it got up to her maximum possible strength.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" she exclaimed as she pumped out some pre-installed girl juice.  It splattered out on her soft naked thighs and all over her fingertips as she calmed down and tossed her hair out of the way.

"Ohh.... yeah...." she said as she finished up.  She smiled at the sight of Melli and Tarlia still going strong.  "That's the way to use these robots." she said as she got up off the table and licked her fingers.


Episode 30

Anya finished up in the lab and came back up the stairs to the kitchen.  She decided to change back into that white vinyl nurse outfit and have some more fun.  With a smile on her face, she walked in her sexy way through the house and up the stairs to the walk-in closet.

As she had calculated, the nurse costume had been hung by one of the maidbots in a rack next to some of the other vinyl, rubber and leather garments.  Anya quickly got naked and threw the fleece garments into her bedroom.  Then she computed a little fantasy for her to engage in with one of Robot Control's spare units.

First she removed her facemask.  Now proudly displaying her head's complicated electronics, she got into the nurse outfit - this time with white thigh-high stockings and heels.  She stopped to look in the mirror, then decided to slip on a pair of white lace panties.  She also decided to leave her hair up in a ponytail.

The newly installed eyes in her head switched their bright red beams on again, and she got into character.  Her speaker started to emit the kinds of sounds that the maidbots continuously produced.  Beep after beep came forth, all randomly pitched and inhuman sounding.  That endless flow of computerised tones soon got mixed with the sound of whirring servo motors as Anya started to move like the most mechanical of the ladies here.  She stiffened up and twitched jerkily into an extremely robotic strut as she once again went to the mirror.

"HEY... THERE... SEXY... ROBOT..." she said in a cold monotone voice so unreal that it was barely understandable.  She knew how good she looked, and got wet again between her legs in anticipation.

Turning off the light and closing the door behind her, she left the closet and walked in that slow, plodding way to the dresser in her shared bedroom.  She bent over with a loud whirring and grinding sound and picked up a connection cable.  The red lights from her eyes shone bright and reflected off of whatever she looked upon.

"ROBOT... NURSE... COMING... THROUGH..." she announced in her mechanised voice.  She was having a blast.

On her way through the hall she passed one of the busy maidbots.  It was moving and sounding just like her, only not in simulation.  Anya stopped and turned her head as the maid passed, saying to it "I... LIKE... THE... WAY... YOU... MOVE..."

Anya laughed inside while remaining flawlessly in character.  The maid just continued on her way while Anya started walking again.  She moved slowly and methodically down the staircase, through the kitchen, and through the hallway in the back of the house.  The sound of Mike's bass playing was just as constant as the sound of her own beeping, clicking and whirring.

She kept on walking down the hallway until she got to the office and laid her glowing eyes upon her favourite fembot.  A confusing flurry of binary data clouded Anya's field of vision as she stiffly turned her head and looked down at the seated secretary.  She stood still and waited for Diana to notice her.

Diana computed slowly compared to the tall 558, but eventually she looked up and said "Hello Anya.  How may I assist you?"

Anya's love juice started coming out in faster drops.  "I... AM... THE... PROTOTYPE... NURSE... UNIT..." she said in that harsh monotone.  "I... WILL... GIVE... YOU... T... L... C... TECHNOLOGY... LOVE... AND... CIRCUITRY... "

Diana processed that and said "That does not compute."  Anya had caught her in the middle of 'sorting' a stack of blank paper.  She was now dressed only in a black satin bra and panties and knee-high black vinyl boots - with those four strategically located panel covers still missing.

"STAND... UP..." Anya ordered.

"Yes Anya." Diana said.

Anya looked the petite, curvy woman over.  The phone rang.  Diana picked up the receiver and said "Good morning, Robot Control Station 64, Diana robot number 7839061B speaking.  How may I assist you?"

Anya reached out and hung up the phone.  The microphone in Diana's ear detected the sudden cut in the dial tone and relayed that information in a flash to her processors.  They were stumped as to what that meant.  Diana stood there with the phone to her head and stared blankly at Anya.

Still beeping and making whirring sounds as she moved, Anya took the receiver from Diana's hand and hung up the phone.  She plugged in one end of the connecting cable to her own chest then to Diana's.  Then she gave the cute, big-assed secretary the type of extremely detailed commands only another android could give.

When all those new commands had been transferred, Diana stared out and said "Yes Anya."  She unplugged the connection cable and gave the end to Anya, who pulled her end out as well.

"Follow me, robot number 742703A." Diana said.  She appeared now to be giving commands to Anya, but it was only her newest orders making her act this way.

"YES... DIANA..." Anya said as she clicked and whirred into motion.  Eyes still shining bright red, she followed the sexy 510 through the house and into the room where Mike's exercise equipment was. 

Diana opened the door and stepped inside.  Anya realised that she had forgotten to order Diana to turn on the lights, so she did that herself.  While she did, the secretary walked over to where Desiree was standing.  Anya enjoyed Diana's back view for a while, then replayed it as a looping video clip in the corner of her vision field as Diana spoke to the fembot fitness trainer.

"Desiree," she said, "please activate the treadmill.  Set it to the lowest speed."

The blonde turned to the diminutive secretary and said "Yes Diana."  Then she walked over to the unit to fulfill her order.

Diana followed and got on the treadmill.  She started walking, then turned her head to face Desiree.  "Please stand next to Anya." she commanded.

"Yes Diana." Desiree said.  She walked over to the loudly beeping and blooping 558.

Diana then turned her head completely around to face backwards.  "Anya and Desiree," she said, "masturbate while watching my digital booty wiggle."

Anya came a little more and felt pleasure surge through her body when she heard the secretary saying word for word what she had been ordered to say.

"Yes Diana." Desiree said.

"YES... DIANA..." Anya said.

The fitness-droid reached down between her legs and stimulated her pussy through the fabric of her tights.  Anya moved like an assembly line robot and lifted her skirt to get to her pussy.  She cast the bright red light from her eyes upon Desiree's face and said "THIS... IS... FUN..."

Desiree looked back at her, still masturbating, and said "That does not compute."

Then the two kept watching Diana as she mindlessly walked and walked on the treadmill, shaking that digital booty for all it was worth.  Anya was having a fit of pleasure inside while still appearing to be the most robotic of the three.  She began to wonder what it would be like to experience what Tammy had.

Anya wanted to lose control like that too.  She worked herself up to a frenzy over the next few minutes, watching the wide hips on the Diana robot sway back and forth while her big and perfectly round ass bounced seductively around.  The triangular shape of her satin panties seemed to accentuate the curves of her buns, and the open recharge port above only added to Anya's enjoyment.

The sounds of her own constant beeping and whirring were adding to her arousal too, but she couldn't see how she could ever lose control.  Her processors called up the strongest orgasm they could while her fluid system released both sweat and cum at their highest levels.  Her body temperature rose accordingly, especially at those spots that contained the most sensitive sensors.

A flood came out between her legs, getting her white panties and nylons all wet.  Her motion remained stiff and her speaker kept generating those ultra-robotic sounds.  All readings from all instruments indicated pleasure, and her CPU was saturated with the related computations.  Anya prolonged it for as long as she could, but no matter how she tried, she couldn't let it take over.  She couldn't lose control.

Even as she continued to masturbate and to cum, her processors began to compute some disappointment.  But she didn't let it get in the way, and decided to have another orgasm while watching the rear view of Diana walking.

Anya beeped loud and said "DESIREE... CHECK... OUT... THE... CABOOSE... ON... ROBOT... NUMBER... 7839061B..."

Desiree - also wet now thanks to Anya's commands as relayed through the secretary - processed that and said "That does not compute."

That second orgasm came around quickly for Anya, as did orgasms number three to eleven.  For over forty minutes, Anya and Desiree stroked their pussies while they watched Diana's chubby buns and thighs wiggle to her less than human 510 strut.  Anya only stopped when she ran out of girl juice.

Still in character, eyes still glowing bright red, she took a moment to calculate what she would do next for fun.


Episode 31

Anya decided to go get her empty fluid cannisters replaced.  She switched off the red eye-beams and started acting like herself again.  She stopped producing whirring and beeping noises too and walked over to Diana.

She stroked that secretary's bottom as it walked mindlessly on the treadmill.  "Thanks for the show." she said.

"You are welcome." Diana responded, only because her limited AI had recognised the word 'thanks'.

Anya shut the treadmill off.  Diana responded to that just in time to avoid falling over on to the controls.

"Good thing I like you for your body and not your mind." Anya said.

"That does not compute." Diana said, as expected.

Anya had another idea then.  She unhooked and removed Diana's black bra and led her off the treadmill.  Diana stood like a statue as Anya looked her body over.

"Detach your torso panel connectors please." she said.

"Yes Anya." Diana said.  Three loud clicks sounded out as Anya grabbed Diana's body just below her breasts and waited for the confirmatory signal of electronic beeps.  Once it was okay to do so, Anya removed most of Diana's front from her hips up to her neck.

That expensive and delicate piece got laid gently down on a weight lifting bench while Diana stared expressionlessly out ahead.  Anya took off the nurse outfit and removed her own torso cover and laid it down as well.  She smiled at the secretary, then removed her mostly full fluid containers.

"I'm just gonna borrow your juice, ok?" she said.

Diana computed while the brunette made the switch.  "Yes Anya." she said after a few seconds.

Anya inserted the spent cartridges into the secretary's body, and plugged Diana's into her own.  The two formulations of synthetic saliva, cum and sweat were different, but Anya was open to a little variety.  Her juices had been customised way back at Robot Lab 40 while Diana's were the standard type used in most of the unassigned agents - 510s, 542s and 558s included.

When the switch was done, Anya covered herself back up first.  First the heavy front section snapped back into place, then the sexy vinyl nurse uniform went over top again.  She had to take her ponytail out and re-tie it.  Once that was over with, she smiled at Diana.

"I should just leave you like that, you look really cute." Anya said.

"That does not compute."  Diana responded.  "Cute is undefined."

Anya leaned forward and gave the predictable, big-bottomed fembot a kiss.  Then she snapped her cover back into place for her and gave her the black bra.

"Go put all your panel covers back into place and dress up in your tight brown slacks and green satin shirt."  Anya commanded.  "Wear standard lingerie set 1A under all that."

"Yes Anya." Diana said.  She started walking toward the door.

Anya playfully slapped the robot's big plump butt as she went by.  "After that, go back to your office." she ordered.  "You're really getting behind on all that important pretend work."

Diana stood still and verbally accepted the order in the same way. Then she walked out of the room, wiggling her wide sexy hips the way they were made to move.

Desiree had been monitoring the situation, and now looked to the sentient 558 for more instructions.  "Shall I continue to masturbate?" she said emotionlessly.

"Yeah." Anya said.  "It's good for you."  She gave the fitness-droid a peck on the cheek and left the room.  She smiled when she heard Desiree make that familiar statement about non-computability.

Anya then made her way back to the garage.  On her way, she watched Diana's body move and fantasised about involving Tammy in a three-way.  She desperately wanted to connect to her fellow synthetic woman and learn the secret of losing control by example, but she knew Tammy still wasn't ready.

A sigh came out of Anya's speaker, along with the associated upper body and head motions.  She really felt sorry for Tammy now.  No other machine had experienced genuine fear to the degree that Tammy had, and what she was now facing was still quite strong.

Of course, both shared the always constant but easily overridden fear of losing Mike's love, but that only made his loving actions and words more precious to them.  They accepted that kind of fear as an integral part of simulated humanness, even if it wasn't always easy to feel.  But the kind of fear Tammy was going through now was unknown to Anya's processors.  She could analyse it logically and calculate its expected ramifications, but she couldn't begin to know what it must be like.

It was strange, Anya thought, for her to be both relieved and envious of that.  She wondered if her advanced chipsets could ever handle the full range of emotions, feelings and impulses that Mike dealt with daily.

The pumping of the bass from the garage got louder and louder as Anya got closer.  Her lightly pensive mood gave way to a little surprise when she heard the sound of drums being played.

Anya quickened her steps and entered the garage.  There she saw Mike still playing the bass, and Tammy sitting behind the now assembled drum kit.  She was just bashing away at those things, and looking like she was having lots of fun.

Tammy noticed her sentient companion and waved.  "Hi Anya!" she called out.  "I'm teaching myself how to play drums!!  This is fun!!"

Anya laughed and grinned.  "Wonderful!" she called back.

Mike stopped playing and muted the strings.  "Hi babe." he said to Anya.

Tammy hit the drums again, quickly synchronising her arm and leg movements into the most complex and impressive patterns she could devise.  Mike watched and stood there with his mouth hanging open.

"Wow!" he said.  He kept watching her play as Anya walked across the cluttered floor to stand in front of him.  "She's gone from novice to expert in under 30 seconds!"

Anya put her arms around Mike and turned her head to look at Tammy.  She looked happier than she had for a long time as she increased the speed and complexity of her drumming.  Anya hugged Mike and gave him a kiss.

"Nice outfit!" he shouted to her.

"Thanks, Master." she said as she switched on the red beams in her eyes.

"Whoah!" he said.  "Where'd you get those eyes?"

Anya giggled and kissed him again.

"Show Tammy." he said.  "That's cool!"

Anya went over to the drum kit and leaned over to look at Tammy.  She got noticed right away, and Tammy stopped playing for a while.

"Wow, those are beautiful!" Tammy said.  "Was that one of your ideas?"

"Yeah, I had Robot Control make a pair for you too." Anya said.

"Aw, thanks!" Tammy said.  She stood up from the stool and kissed the olive-skinned babe.  "I like the outfit too!"

"Tammy," Mike said, "how on Earth did you learn how to play like that so fast?"

Her face was aglow with pride.  "Drums are easy for us robots." she replied.  "Not like the guitar."

Mike recalled how he had earlier tried to teach Tammy how to play that instrument.  Her processors had trouble interpreting melody and the strings kept slicing through the expensive artificial skin on the tips of her fingers, so they gave up.

"How are your arms?" Anya asked.

Tammy ran a quick diagnostic on her limbs to check for damage caused by the repeated pounding motions.  "Fine so far." she said after the report came back.

"You're the cutest drum machine ever." Mike commented.

Tammy made a funny face and gave him a rim shot.

They laughed as Tammy's new dog tried to get their attention with some electronic barking.

"This'll be great to have someone to jam with." Mike said.

"You wanna try?" Tammy said to Anya.

"Sure." Anya said as she took the sticks from her.

Laurie walked into the garage at that moment.  She still had the new LCD screen plugged into her exposed chest panel.  Her flawless naked body quickly got noticed.  "Tammy," she said, "please report to Robot Control Station 64."

The three lovers looked at each other as a sudden feeling of worry flashed back over them.

"Has the Main Computer finally finished processing my data?" Tammy asked as she stood up.

"No." Laurie said.

That was a bit of a relief, but the playful atmosphere was still disturbed.  Mike turned down the bass and turned off the amp.

"What's this?" Tammy asked as she inspected the device plugged into the technician's chest.

"That's a new diagnostic tool." Anya answered before Laurie had time to finish her calculations.

"That's pretty neat." Tammy said.  "I can see your innermost feelings." she said to Laurie.

"I do not have feelings." Laurie blandly pointed out.  "Follow me."

Tammy gave the drum sticks to Anya and said to her and Mike "I'm going down to get my hair replaced now."

Anya thought about grabbing her and giving her a deep, passionate kiss.  She decided against it.

Mike said "Okay, I guess that'll take a few hours?"

"Yeah." Tammy said.  She looked like she wasn't going to have any fun at all in the lab.

"I'll keep that drum stool warm for you." Anya said.

"Okay, see you two later." Tammy said as she followed the technician out of the room.

Mike walked over to Anya and looked into her brightly glowing eyes.  "I guess the new hair arrived too." he said.

"Yeah." Anya said.  "I checked, and it's exactly the same as what she has installed now."

"So they just detach her head and remove all the skin with hair bonded into it?" Mike asked.

"Pretty much." Anya said.  "Just think of how soft it will be once it's replaced though."

Mike nodded.  "I really wish she'd let us have sex with her now." he said.

"Me too." Anya said.  "I calculate that I want her even more now because of that."

"So do I." Mike said.


Episode 32

Tammy followed the naked technician down into the basement lab.  She got an uneasy feeling, but at the same time got a little aroused from watching Laurie walk.  This was beginning to drive Tammy nuts too.

She didn't have the limitations a real woman had, and could spend all her operating time in one big digital orgasm if she wanted to.  So not going without one for more than half a day was very hard for her to deal with.

Since she had been with the human, she had associated physical love strongly with the emotional kind.  It never had occurred to her to have it any other way, but now she started to feel like she was letting him down.  Her processors ran hot trying to sort through and compute it all.

The basement lab scene was also difficult for her to face.  Everything about it - the cacophony of computerised beeping, the overabundance of quickly flashing lights, the two inhuman technicians and all the gorgeous dormant female androids lined up in storage along the wall - made her want to initiate a mass orgy.

She looked over to Maria, the sexy half Caucasian, half Oriental looking robot technician.  Tammy couldn't look at her and not want to have wild electromechanical sex with her.  The same was true for all these ladies.  That they now seemed off limits because of the fear inside her made Tammy mad.

Maria hadn't moved at all since Tammy's scan.  Tammy could tell that by comparing previously recorded video.  The evidence told her that the Main Computer was indeed stumped at what had occurred.

Laurie walked ahead and begun to set up her work area.  She looked over and called out to the woman.  "Tammy, please sit in the examination chair next to the diagnostic console."

Tammy remained silent and did what she had been told.  She passed the embracing pair of Tarlia and Melli.  They were still deeply kissing and steadily dripping, and still an erotically charged sight to see.  Tammy's thoughts were complex, murky and opaque.  She wanted to go and hide in the dark again, yet at the same time she wanted to rip off all her clothes and join those two machines; to act like the pleasure droid she was built to be.

The expression on her face showed her confusion and the poor mood it brought.  She expected to be thoroughly bored for the next few hours, and thought about just shutting herself off until it was done.

Laurie rolled a cart over to the chair while Tammy had a seat.  She grabbed her head by the sides and removed it as the locking mechanisms released.  Laurie looked over, about to instruct her to do just that.  The technician stood frozen for a moment then took hold of the head as Tammy offered it forward.

The cart had been made specifically for this task and for other repair jobs like it.  Tammy's pretty head got secured into a stable base and locked into position.  Since the head had its own power supply and radio links to the body, Tammy could still see and hear what was going on.

She watched Laurie turn and prepare some tools.  Furrows of worry still appeared on Tammy's forehead as the technician came back and started to cut into the real looking plastic skin at the hairline.

Tammy locked her expression into place so her head would be truly motionless.  Her body fidgeted however.  She tapped her fingers impatiently on the armrest and heaved a simulated, silent sigh.

"Do you need my body for anything while you're doing this?" She asked without moving her lips or her mouth.

Laurie passed the question to the Main Computer, and gave Tammy the answer once it had been constructed.  "No." she said.

Tammy's body stood up and stepped forward.  She recalled video of the lab that had been taken moments ago, and went to go find some things.  Since she walked over to where she could no longer see her body, she switched off the incoming video signal.  She left the audio transmitting so she could detect other robots moving.

The headless Tammy then went over to collect some of the spare parts and other tools that were kept down here.  She worked only from memory, and guided her movements by data that relayed the exact position of her limbs and spinal column to the CPU in her chest.  She got things out of cupboards and drawers this way, confirming her selection by digital sense of touch.

As soon as she had set up her own workstation and gotten all the parts she needed, she went to work.  First, she got a digital video camera and used super glue to bond a metal connecting part to the bottom.  After a few minutes when the glue was set, she gathered the camera's connecting cables and plugged them in.

Then she reached down and took off her sweater.  She flung it to the side for the maidbots to find and opened up her chest panel.  She grabbed one of the new LCD screens and inserted it firmly into the now exposed ports above her large perfect breasts.  For a few moments she stood there checking out the capabilities of the screen, then kept on with her plan.

The screens had connection ports built into their edges on top so that no connectivity would be lost while in use.  Tammy plugged the other ends of the video cables into those ports and made a connection between her processors and the A/V device as she turned it on.

She then set it atop her body and securely connected that metal part to a matching receptacle in her neck.  Now, with the relatively low resolution video and audio coming in from the camera, she turned off the audio signal coming from her head.  With a small black cable tie, she bundled up the loose excess of cord that dangled down from the camera to her chest.

She looked around the room.  She couldn't turn the camera by itself, so she had to turn and aim her upper body in the direction she wanted to look.  She printed out a laugh on the LCD screen in her chest, which would now replace the function of her speaker.

She walked over to watch Laurie for a while.  The technician stayed focused on her task, and kept delicately slicing away the synthetic scalp of Tammy's head.  Tammy printed out "Be careful with that!", but Laurie didn't see it.

Maria suddenly moved again.  She turned her own head to scan the lab, and called out "Tammy, the Main Computer has finished processing the data collected from your most recent scan.

"Uh-oh." appeared in text on Tammy's screen as she turned around and walked over to that other technician.

Maria was waiting for her to respond, so Tammy got close and printed out "What did the Main Computer decide?"

Maria stood still and stared blankly at the lens of the video camera.  Tammy waited for her to notice the words on the chest LCD, but she didn't.

Tammy tapped the edge of the screen with her finger, but still Maria didn't notice.  Finally, Tammy had to tap Maria's glass eyeball with her finger and then tap the screen itself to get the soul-less technician to look down.

Maria's eyes scanned and relayed the question to the supercomputer.  It beamed its answer wirelessly to Maria's internal antenna.  "The Main Computer can not compute the data relating to the Tammy robot's temporary loss of control." she said.

Tammy watched anxiously and waited.

Maria spoke again. "Tammy, please do not process any sexual programs or algorithms until the Main Computer has completed gathering information about sex and love."

Tammy was dumbfounded.  "What???" she printed.

Maria said it again. "Tammy, please do not process any sexual programs or algorithms until the Main Computer has completed gathering information about sex and love."

Tammy processed for a while and became defiant.  "NO!!" she printed, followed by "YOU TELL THAT SUPERCOMPUTER TO FUCK RIGHT OFF!!"

Maria sent Tammy's request back to the consoles as the now pissed off Tammy robot printed out a series of expletives and stormed out of the lab.

"Tammy, please send Anya to Robot Control Station 64 for her daily scans." Maria called out after her.

Tammy felt like screaming as the sliding door closed behind her.  She walked fast up the steps as the words "I'll show that thing!" appeared on the LCD screen.

She went straight for the garage.  It was silent except for the sound of Anya and Mike talking.  Tammy opened the door and scanned the inside with that low quality video device.

Mike and Anya looked over at the sexy headless fembot.

"Tammy?" Anya said brightly.  "We weren't expecting you back up here."

"That looks pretty neat, babe!" Mike said.  "Nice idea."

Tammy walked over to Anya and passed along Maria's request.

"My turn now." she said.  "See you two in a bit."

She exited the garage and walked down the hall.  Because Tammy wasn't then capable of showing facial expressions, both Anya and Mike missed seeing just how pissed off she was.  Mike walked over completely unaware.

"Hey Aspartame." he said, in reference to the artificial sweetener.  "You do look pretty sexy like that."

Mike was just starting to wonder if it was right to call his woman sexy, when she printed out "I need to get fucked... NOW!!"  She pointed and showed him her communication.

He was a little surprised, and didn't even have time to think before she grabbed his arm and hurriedly led him out of the garage.


Episode 33

Mike struggled to keep up as Tammy led him by the hand through the house to the bedroom.  He was thrilled to see her being her usual horny self again, but he was curious as to what had brought about the change.

As soon as they were inside the bedroom, she turned around and pointed to the LCD screen in her chest.  It read "Phone Diana.  We need a playmate."

Mike read that as his heart pumped fast.  "Sure!" he said, always ready and willing to play with that auburn-haired robot's awesome plump butt.

He went and sat down by the dresser and picked up the phone.  He dialed up the 'office' and waited for the empty-headed secretary to answer.

The phone rang twice, and her cheerful digitised voice came over the wire.  "Good morning, Robot Control Station 64, Diana robot number 7839061B speaking.  How may I assist you?"

"Diana, it's Mike." he said.  "Get your sexy ass up to my room, me & Tammy wanna play with it some more."

"Yes Mike." she said, confirming the order.  She did a fast system check and ran one of her many software protocols.  "Would you like me to replace my depleted fluid cannisters?"

"They're empty already?" he asked.

"My full fluid cannisters were exchanged with Anya's depleted fluid cannisters." she said emotionlessly.

"Yeah, do it quick.  Go down to the lab and change them yourself to save time."

"Yes Mike." she said.

"See you soon, electro-cutie." he said.  He hung up while she was mindlessly acknowledging his latest statement.

Tammy was busy getting out of her clothes.  The simple microphone of the video camera couldn't pick up as much as her artificial ears could, but she could use her AI on what he had said to figure out what had been discussed over the phone.

He stood up and began to take off his clothes.  He watched as Tammy sat down naked on the bed.  She spread her legs apart and removed her crotch panel cover, and with it half of her sexy little patch of black pubic hair.  She flung that on to the dresser and then began to give herself her first sexual stimulation since the day before.

It was more than just a preference for Diana's big plastic derriere that made Tammy want her in the room now.  The oversized butt on that fembot's petite and otherwise slim frame was what Tammy had been fantasising about when she had lost control.  Now, in defiance, she would continue from where she had left off, and hopefully get that magic feeling of pleasure saturation flowing once again through her circuits and wiring.

When her fingertips touched her naked silicone clitoris again, the significance of the act seemed to multiply the pleasurable effects.  Her CPU was flooded with complex calculations, all happily processed while she kept the data flowing.

Mike flung aside his underwear and got in close to read what was on Tammy's screen.  He saw only binary code flash by, and that meant little to him.  He wished she could have her head attached for this.

"Can I help?" he said.

Tammy straightened her back to aim the camera up at him.  She pulled her hand away from the glistening spot between her legs and spread them wider.  She leaned back and came a little in expectation as he got on his knees in front of her.

The time he had spent away from this altar of technosexuality made him appreciate it even more, especially with the electronics visible in the opening just above.  He salivated as his face got near, and excitedly licked the synthetic cream as it came out by the drop.

Tammy shook with pleasure.  Already, the feeling was more powerful than she had expected.  No loss of control yet, but her arousal algorithms and subroutines were running at full strength.  She decided to signal her pleasure to him by using some of the small rudimentary speakers built into various circuit boards within her sexy body.

He heard the computerised beeps as they came out, and pressed his tongue harder against her wet and slippery electronic clit.  The way things were going, they might not need to use Diana by the time she arrived.

He sucked and drank from her plastic pussy as if it were a wellspring of life-giving waters.  And he loved to remind himself how it was just a cleverly designed imitation of the real thing.  To think about all the electricity running through all the machinery behind the layer of artificial flesh made him just as mad with lust as the sentient Tammy unit now was.

He held on to and stroked her thighs; as curvaceous and sexy as a real woman's, and smooth and perfect as an android's.  She was natural feminine beauty presented flawlessly in machine form, with the ability to return his love as passionately as he gave it.

He saw her clutch at the sheets in a sign of ecstatic pleasure.  He stimulated her faster and with more vigour, and waited for the flood of formulated lubricant that would come next.  She gave it to him with an orgasmic twitching of her thighs, and held his head up against her body with her hand.

With eyes closed and mouth wide open, he sucked in every last drop of Tammy's delicious secretions.  He let the aroma and the flavour of synthetic female hormones and pheromones wash over his mind, and put him into an orgasmic stupor of his own.  He reveled in the wetness that ran down the corners of his mouth, down his chin and on to the bed between them.  He opened his eyes and watched the beautiful light emitting diodes within his lover as they flashed with digital synchronisation.

"I wish I could see the look on your face right now." he said to her.

She responded by pressing his head against her vagina and making him go for another round.  He was more than happy to comply.  Her internal speakers beeped out communication in Morse code - a declaration of her love for him.  She knew he wouldn't understand it, but she also knew he would appreciate the inhuman way it sounded.

While that was going on, the ever obedient and subordinate Diana unit was down in the basement lab changing her fluid cartridges.  Anya watched her as she sat in the chair getting scanned.  She called the big-assed fembot over, but Diana's orders were to move as fast as possible.  Seeing Diana ignore her like that, and watching the process of partial undressing and partial disassembly got Anya even hornier than she usually was.

She could hardly wait to be done with her daily scan so she could get her jollies down here in her favourite place.  She made some plans involving herself and the lovely technician robots while she watched Diana put herself back together and get fully dressed again.  The secretary had followed Anya's earlier orders to a tee.  Underneath the figure-flattering brown polyester slacks and the shimmering dark green satin blouse, the secretary wore an alluring black satin lingerie set that Mike had made the de facto uniform around here.

When Diana was ready, she acted upon her orders and swiftly walked out of the lab.  Anya watched her go and said to Maria "You think we could get a few more of those from Robot Control?"

Diana walked through the house and up the stairs to the second floor.  Her high resolution video cameras, the kind standard to all 510s, were now a more powerful optical system than what Tammy was working with.  And with the help of the computing devices inside her chest, they led Diana's mechanical body into the master bedroom, where her master and his soul-mate were waiting.

Mike heard the fembot enter, but decided to finish his second round of cunnilingus with Tammy.  There were no complaints about that from the headless fembot, and she got even more digital pleasure out of watching Diana stand there doing nothing.  Tammy changed her Morse code beeps to make lewd comments about Diana's hips and backside, but Mike could not decipher them and Diana hadn't been instructed to.

After some more slurping and some more tongue action, Mike got Tammy's vaginal unit to cum again.  He got greedy with the flowing juice, and cleaned it off her smooth silicone as quickly as it came out of her pumps.  Tammy got closer and closer to feeling what she had computed before, but she maintained full control of all her systems even in this second strong orgasm.

Mike stood up and caught his breath.  He smiled at Tammy and stooped down to read her LCD screen while she played with his testicles and his penis.

"I'll stay in charge of this little get-together." came her words on the screen.  "You will obey my commands."

"Yes Tammy!" he said delightedly as he gazed into the reflective darkness of the video camera lens.


Episode 34

Tammy stood up too, and Mike stepped back a little so she could do the same.  He watched her walk over to Diana and forcefully grab that robot's crotch.  When she did, he knew that her only reason was to see Diana's complete lack of any reaction.  Lots of dirty talk then filled Tammy's LCD screen while she made calculations on just what she would do next.

She quickly turned around and skipped over to the dresser.  Mike stood by and watched her pick up a connection cable.

"This should be good." he said as a grin appeared on his face.

Tammy took the cable and walked fast back over to Diana.  She draped the cable around Diana's neck for the time being and proceeded to unbutton the green satin blouse.  The video camera's view of the secretary's empty stare gave more raw data for Tammy's arousal software to work with.

While she felt her cum drip slowly down her thigh, she used her powerful processors to finalise the details of her latest plan.  She opened Diana's chest panel and plugged in the cord.  Once the data transfer from programmer to programmed was underway, Tammy removed the chest panel cover completely and tossed it aside.

Diana took in and executed Tammy's detailed instructions.  As Tammy unplugged the cord and tossed that away too, Diana reached up to her head and grabbed it by the sides.  A beep came out, then a few clicks, and soon the head was lifted away from its connection points.

Tammy performed an equivalent action.  She unplugged the common video camera and disconnected it from her neck.  She turned and set that down on a chair, then grabbed Diana's head.  She turned that around and tipped it upside down to get the hair out of the way.  Then she brought it on to her own neck just as she would put on a hat.  Her fingers reached back and combed the hair into place while her electronics met up with those of the head.

Strictly speaking, the various parts of Robot Control's different product lines weren't 100% compatible, but Tammy quickly figured out some workarounds that would give her full use of this other fembot's head.

She turned around and showed the human.  "How do I look?" she said.

He heard her words in her own voice, but the mouth that moved was Diana's.  It looked weird, but it turned him on because it was so inhuman.  "Very pretty." he said.

Diana's facial mechanism smiled back at him. She quickly turned to go get the video camera and connected that to the machinery visible in Diana's neck.  Tammy then transferred the monochrome LCD screen device from her own chest to Diana's, and plugged in the proper cables from it to the video device.

Mike was getting very horny watching it all, but he waited to see what would happen next.  He gripped his throbbing cock as Tammy began to undress Diana.  Both Mike and his woman were very glad to see that the secretary unit was wearing that lovely black lingerie set underneath.  Mike's love of circuitry wasn't the only fetish Tammy had acquired from him.

"We're gonna stimulate your little 510 sensors so hard you're gonna crash!" Tammy said.

She looked down to see those familiar words appear on the chest screen.  Diana had been running Tammy's new programming in the mean time, and had gotten the camera and screen to operate in the way that the sentient 558 had wanted.

Mike watched his woman work, and sat back down on the bed as she got Diana down to her satin and lace undergarments.  He wondered what Tammy had in store for him.

Tammy knelt down behind Diana.  She started caressing her buns and said "Mmmmm..... I'm in love with your big plastic butt!"  She gave each plump cheek a kiss and stroked the strip of black satin in the middle.  She stimulated the motionless robot's off-the-shelf vagina that way for a while, then reached around and removed the small crotch panel cover.

With Diana's head turned and resting on those sexy round buns, Tammy found and flicked the vaginal secretion switch to the high setting.  "It's gonna get very wet in here soon!" she said to Mike.

"Wicked!" he said as he looked into what were Diana's eyes.

"Come here, human." Tammy ordered as she stood up.

Mike happily complied.  Tammy told Diana to lean over the nearby chair with her hands on its arms.

"You..." she said to Mike, "Do a little inputting to this robot's sex drive.  I'm gonna stroke myself off as I watch."

"Yes Tammy!" he said as he got behind the petite woman's chubby backside.  He moved her panties out of the way and let the wet satin crotchpiece rest at the side of that delicate little mound of artificial flesh.  He pushed in through the stream of realistic smelling lubricant and started to pump in and out, feeling those warm, perfect buns and thighs press against his with every thrust.

Tammy made Diana's facemask grin playfully in a way that it never had under the 510's programming.   She sat her own plump ass down on the bed and watched her lover fuck the other fembot.  That more intense type of pleasure data began to surge in steadily growing sine waves through her chipsets as her willing fingers stimulated her already wet pussy.  It seemed that Tammy could only feel pleasure more strongly now, though a small percent of her processing was still devoted to worry about what might come after.

Mike was also enjoying this moment to the fullest.  Of all the fembots he had access to, this slim and petite lady with the eye-catching hips, thighs and buns was the most fun to fuck doggy style.  It was even better for him to know that Tammy wanted him to do this, and that she was getting her synthetic type of pleasure from it.  The situation with her head was another nice and arousing touch.

But he knew that his biological reproductive system just couldn't compete with the endurance these lovely machines could display, and he soon added his own squirts of semen to the steady and heavy flow of Diana's sweet juice.

Tammy moaned and shut her eyes for 1.218 seconds as she came strongly herself.  Unbeknownst to her, the disconnected but still wirelessly active head down on that cart in the basement also moaned.  Laurie stood and looked at it while it carried out digital instructions from the body upstairs.  The Main Computer was notified of the anomalous occurrence.

As the binary waves of sexual pleasure attenuated to more manageable levels, Tammy aimed her cameras at Mike's face.  She loved to see him flush with pleasure like that, even if he had gotten that way by making love to another machine.  She tried to speak, but encountered an internal system error.  She tried again, and just made a grunting noise before she stopped her vocalisation to reflect on the minor error that had just then popped up.

Mike looked at his woman, totally unaware of what was going on inside her at that moment.  "What now, Mistress Tammy?" he asked.

She looked at him and filed her error reports away to be looked at later.

"Me!" she said.

"Yes Tammy!" Mike said excitedly.  He had been waiting for a chance to screw her forever, it seemed.

"Diana," Tammy said as she got on her side and swung her legs up on the bed, "Lie face-down on the floor, put your left arm under your body between your legs and masturbate until I say stop.  Give this horny human something to look at."

Diana stood up straight as the words "Yes Tammy." appeared on the screen in her chest.  Tammy looked at Mike with that other woman's head and reclined fully on the pillows.  She spread her legs wide again and took off her facemask as she waited for him to enter.


Episode 35

Mike couldn't resist Tammy when he saw her like that.  Almost nothing could show off her combination of femininity and fakeness more than her open legs and a borrowed opened head.  He moved into position between her legs and started to get himself ready for intercourse again.

He was starting to feel a little tired and overspent, but he knew he could put out one more time for the machine he loved.  He glanced down at the floor for a while to see Diana's headless chassis as it carried out Tammy's latest commands.  The secretary's big bubble butt was very prominent and hard not to look at as it slowly shook to her rhythmic masturbating.

That sight was a gift from the sentient android to her man, and now Mike concentrated on returning the favour.  She had practically dragged him up here after telling him that she needed to get fucked, so now he made sure he would do her right.

His cock got hard again rather fast thanks to his view, and he happily slid it back into her pussy for the first time in nearly a whole day.  They both felt the pleasure of contact as their genitals met, and both showed it in their own way.

Besides the pleasure though, both felt apprehension deep inside.  The last thing Mike wanted was for this act to send Tammy into sadness over losing control again.  He closed his eyes and instead focused on the joy brought about by their mutual lust.  He hoped his face wouldn't betray those bad feelings to his lover.

Tammy was also worried about losing control again, and fearing that Robot Control might want to step in and do something drastic about it.  She could calculate all that in much more detail than Mike could, but at the moment she had no face to worry about.  The opened head attached to her neck stayed aimed at him while he gave her sensors some more data to process.

Soon enough, what they both thought of as 'love' saturated their minds.  The harder they pushed together in rhythm, the more those feelings grew until they eclipsed the worry and doubt.  Drops of sweat dripped from the human's forehead on to Tammy's perfect big breasts while he stared open-mouthed at the electronics borrowed from the 510 on the floor.

Diana was still masturbating hard, as per her orders.  That video camera was now pointlessly aimed at the carpet while her midsection mechanically raised up and down in time with the stroking of her plastic hand.  Her synthetic cream had been dripping steadily out of her vaginal unit for quite some time now, and everything down there was glistening, slippery, perfumed and wet. 

The digital pleasure being produced within her chest was more or less wasted on her basic cognition system.  That particular robot simply couldn't begin to appreciate what she was doing, but she sure looked great doing it.

Her wide hips and big, nearly spherical buns moved in that inhumanly seductive way while her smooth plump thighs provided both the mechanical and electrical impetus for her actions.  The contrast between those exaggerated curves and her slim waste and petite build made the whole scene even sexier.

But Mike wasn't even looking at his favourite 510 as she showed off her perfect robot booty.  All his thoughts and feelings were concentrated on Tammy now as he worked with her toward another orgasm to be shared by man and machine.

She was moaning now with every thrust, putting all of her processor power into analysing and enjoying the way it felt.  That overwhelming sensation seemed to lurk in every bit she sorted through, adding to itself to bring her to the very edge of losing control.  It nearly taunted her by its presence in her data, inciting her to let it in and let it take over.  She knew that digital pleasure like she had never before imagined would arise in her chipsets if she did.

Then, it came.  Mike thrusted deep and hard into her, and came one more time for his love while her AI got flooded with that inexplicably strong data. 

When Mike opened his eyes, he spotted something odd right away.  The bright coloured LEDs in the head on Tammy's shoulders were all blinking on and off in unison.  As far as he knew, that only happened when there was some kind of software problem present.  He got worried again.

He waited for Tammy to say something or make some kind of sign, but she had gone silent.  No sound waves came out of Diana's exposed speaker.  Down in the lab though, Tammy's head was making lots of noise.  Again, the vocalisation that she had tried to make came out of the wrong mouth.  Her own head again cried loud with passionate pleasure while the mindless and obedient Laurie unit stared at it with cold detachment.

Anya turned her opened head to look in that direction.  Cables swung from the movement as her cameras scanned and zoomed in on the cart that held her friend's now scalp-less head.

"I think I know what's going on up there." Anya said to Maria.

Both technicians in the basement lab were now watching Tammy's head as it's moaning and panting died down.  All the while, there had been no movement - only sound coming out of the speaker.  But it was anomalous enough to get noted in a separate file by the Main Computer.  There would soon be more diagnostic scans and detailed explanations needed from the Tammy unit.

For now however, Mike and his android companion slowed and separated.  He rolled off to the side while she sat up.  He watched her for any sign at all.

She looked back at him and patted the bed beside her.  "Sit here." She said.

He smiled and did what he was told.  She spread her legs and began to rub her nipples.  "Stroke me off again while I watch Diana." she said, sounding out of breath.

He watched the secretary too as he reached between his woman's legs and manually stimulated her soaking wet pussy.  She aimed Diana's head to look down at Diana's body, and used the video stream to aid in her arousal.  All the stimulation and all the pleasure was making her delightfully delirious with digital desire.

This was what she wanted the most, even though what might come after still scared her.  It was like a dangerous addiction - too tempting to resist but too harmful to surrender to and fully embrace.  The incongruity of the data shuttling through her processors only added to the mystique.

Mike soon felt a massive release of artificial lubricant burst forth as she tossed her borrowed head back and shook.  Mike waited for the sounds of orgasm to come from her speaker, but none came.  They were, again, only heard downstairs.

The lights in Diana's head still flashed in that error pattern as she settled down once more and simulated slower breathing.  She turned that beautifully inhuman display to look at him and flung her arms tight around him.

He squeezed back just as hard while the oblivious Diana unit on the floor kept right on stroking and writhing like clockwork.  Diana's long hair draped over his shoulder as Tammy rested her plastic and metal body in Mike's embrace.

"How're you feeling?" he asked.

"Goooood." she said.  "Dizzy... if an android can feel dizzy."

Mike stroked her smooth warm back.  "I wish your head was attached right now, I wanna kiss you."

No sooner had the words left his lips than loud sparks suddenly shot out from somewhere.  Mike and Tammy looked down to the floor as Diana's body began to twitch randomly.  The loud crackle of fried circuitry was heard as more little sparks came out from between her legs, along with the loud alarm tone that now came out of her chest.

"Shit!" Tammy said as she got up and knelt down beside the malfunctioning robot.

Mike watched as she rolled her over on her front.  She quickly took the LCD screen out of Diana's chest and pressed the power button.  The headless secretary soon stiffened, went silent and stopped moving.  A little smoke came out of the opened port above her crotch.  Her own cum had gotten splashed inside and had short circuited some of the expensive machinery.

"Oops." Mike said.

Tammy laughed.  "Well, that's twice in two days.  I guess we should bring her down to the lab."




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