H is for Heuristic

by RobotMan

Fifth installment of an epic work of fembots, humanity, and desires. You may want to start by reading Parts 01-19 first, then Parts 20-37, Parts 38-52, or the most recent Parts 53-74.

Part 75 – Feeling

The woman beside Byron was warm, but unyielding and still.  She was dressed in the jeans and sweater that she had left the cabin in, but that didn't stop Byron from reaching out to touch and caress her unresponsive body.

As much as he wanted her to be the woman he loved again, he didn't mind if her body didn't move right now.  It was so good to have her close again.  He snuggled up next to her and gratefully took the heat she shed while charging.

His hands eventually found their way to her breasts and her vagina.  He had great hopes of bringing her systems back on-line to enjoy this with him.  He resolved to be as appreciative as he could of his hosts - Mike and his fembots.  They were the only ones who could help him get Heather back.

Over in the other room, Love was in the air.  If not Love, then Lust.  Mike had emerged from the washroom to one of the finest things he could see.   Even though he had seen it dozens of times now, it still sent those magical shivers of pure pleasure all through his body.

Tammy was dressed up in black satin and lace lingerie.  Garter, suspenders, nylons, high-cut panties - the works.  Her hands were on her hips, and her facemask was set in an expression as blank as she knew how to make.

Mike grinned and nearly drooled at the sight of his woman doing her best to turn him on.  His erection shot to attention as he let it out of the fly of his boxers.

Tammy did her robot act like a human woman simply could not.  She moved as stiffly and jerkily as she had seen the maidbot move back at Robot Lab Six.  In fact, her whole act was based on that particular model.

Thanks to her high-quality speaker, the true-to-life sounds of whirring servos accompanied her every stiff, mechanical move.  And just like the maidbots, Tammy emitted a gloriously constant stream of coldly computerised tones, beeps, buzzes and clicks.

Mike had to hold on to his cock on the way over, he was so turned on.

Tammy turned her head stiffly to look his way.  She made the motorised whirring sounds through her speaker as she did.  Then she turned her body just as stiffly.  She kept her head unmoving and aimed right at him.

"HELLO.... HUMAN..." she said.  Because her voice was already digital, she could make it sound truly and beautifully electronic and artificial. 

It turned him on even more.

"MY... NAME... IS... TAMMY...." she said as he enjoyed the show.  Her synthetic voice was a slow, steady rhythmic monotone.  It sounded like her usual voice, but was so clearly and obviously digital and synthesised.

"I... AM... ROBOT... NUMBER... 704483A..." she said, knowing in her electronic mind just how horny she was making him.  "I... AM... PROGRAMMED... TO... PROVIDE... YOU... WITH ... PLEASURE..."

Mike could hardly wait to jump her any more than he could smile wider than he was.  He held his throbbing cock and let her go on.

"I... AM... PROGRAMMED... TO... OBEY... YOUR... COMMANDS..." she said.  She reached up ever so slowly and stiffly to her head, making motorised motion sounds amid her seductive series of clicks, beeps and buzzes through her speaker.  Her hands, looking so very much like plastic now, grabbed the sides of her face, which was so expressionless and blank that it too looked more like what it really was.  With an amplified click and a loud beep, the facemask came off in her mechanical hands.

Slowly, stiffly, and seductively with true robot motion she brought the mask away from the now uncovered front of her head.  The electronic sounds being produced by her speaker were a little louder now, and a little more clearly synthetic.  The usual dance of bright coloured LEDs that went on behind her face was intensified now for his benefit.

He fell in love all over again.  This was his perfect companion.

"DO... YOU... THINK... I... AM... PRETTY...?" she asked.

"Yes." he said as he laid his hands gently on her shoulders.

"DO... YOU... THINK... I... AM... SEXY...?" she asked.

"Yes." he said.  He took the facemask out of her stiff hands and laid it down gently on the bed behind her.  He stroked the artificial skin on the side of her head, his fingers tracing the sharp outline where the human appearance ended and the purely electronic visage began.

"You are SO sexy." he said softly into her left microphone.

"I... AM... PROGRAMMED... FOR... SEX..." she said in her monotone while she beeped and blooped like a computer.  Her painted round glass eyeballs stayed perfectly motionless and locked directly on to his love-struck gaze.

"I... AM... THE... LATEST... IN... ANDROID... TECHNOLOGY..." she said while he held her close and slid his hands down her smooth plastic back.  His fingertips went over her satin bra strap, and down greedily to the sensual satin triangle formed by her panties on her warm mechanical backside.

She still stared perfectly straight ahead now, her opened head aimed at his neck.  "DO... YOU... ENJOY... FEELING... MY... ROBOT... BODY...?" she asked.

"I sure do, you sexy machine you." he growled.

He clutched and squeezed the fembot's sexy round buns through the smooth, cool fabric.  His fingertips ran themselves along the very bottom edge of her perfect silicone buns, and across the rounded rear of her sexy, curvaceous thighs.

"I... WAS... CONSTRUCTED... TO... BE... AN... IRRESISTIBLE... FEMALE... HUMANOID... ROBOT..." she said over her electro-mechanical love song of synthesised beeps.  "YOU... CAN... NOT... RESIST... MY... SEXY... SILICONE... BODY... AND... MY... SEXY... ELECTRONIC... INTERNAL... COMPONENTS..."

Mike pulled himself away a bit and looked at those beautiful lights, wires and microchips around her eyes and speaker.  She was so obviously right, even if it was all part of her little play-act.

"I love you, Tammy robot." he said as he stroked the skin still remaining on her neck.  He bent down to give that sensor-laden area some light, teasing kisses.

Tammy stayed flawlessly in character, even as he stroked his hand down her front, over her satin-covered C-cup tits, over her cute silicone navel, and down over the triangle of smooth black fabric on the front of her sexy, womanly hips.

He watched the lights inside her head flash and change as he applied stimulus to her artificial vagina.  He felt the satin as it covered the familiar shape of her beautiful lips and clit.  He could feel the slow, hot stream of robot girl juice turn into a flood as he pressed her plastic clitoris like a button.

"MY... ELECTRONIC... VAGINAL... UNIT... IS... READY... TO... CONNECT... TO... YOUR... HUMAN... PENIS..." she said.

Mike walked behind her and gave her sexy round butt another good feel.  Then he flipped open her recharge port so he could have some more circuitry to look at.  The sight was heavenly - her sexy hourglass figure, dressed in satin lingerie, and revealing her android insides while she made such wonderfully inhuman sounds.

"Bend over, robot." he commanded.

"YES... MASTER..." she said in that perfectly unreal way.  He heard the sound of motorised whirring again as his woman bent over slowly and stiffly at the waist.

He looked at the LEDs flashing in her recharge port, and saw the light from the ones inside her head reflect off the white sheets on the bed in front of them.  He stroked the sides of her warm smooth body and brought his hands down her backside to her crotch.

"TAMMY... ROBOT... NUMBER...704483A... READY... FOR... SEXUAL... INTERFACE..." she said.. She knew what was coming next.

Mike put his index finger between her holes and the small strip of black satin that covered them.  He pulled the stretchy fabric aside so that it would stay out of his way.  Then as if he could wait no more, he stuck his willing flesh into the robot's tight, wet and warm vagina.

"HUMAN... AND... ROBOT... CONNECTED..." Tammy announced in her synthetic voice.  "PLEASURE... EMULATION... CIRCUITRY... ACTIVATED..."

Mike pumped in and out, needing to cling tightly to Tammy's sides to keep his balance.  He was so horny he had gotten lightheaded, and could barely keep his last big load inside.

With a final hard thrust, he squeezed her thighs and held her close as he came into her plastic cavity.  He had his eyes closed, but was thinking about her face - her real fembot face of microchips and transistors that lay underneath the beautiful silicone mask.

"SEXUAL... INTERFACE... SESSION... COMPLETE... " She said robotically as he caught his breath and returned to Earth. 

He stepped back.  Tammy stood up straight again, accompanied by her mechanical motor sounds and electronic beeps and buzzes.

She turned her body stiffly around to face him.  Still in ultra-robotic mode, she said "THANK... YOU... FOR... USING... TAMMY... ROBOT... NUMBER... 704483A... FOR... YOUR... SEXUAL... GRATIFICATION..."

Mike was high on the afterglow.  He retrieved her facemask and lovingly clicked it back into place.

Tammy went back to acting like a person.  "How was that?" she asked with a playful, musical laugh.

He looked at her soft silicone face and answered with a deep, long, and very wet kiss that pushed her back onto the bed.  Now she made very human and very feminine sounds through her speaker.  She moaned and squealed at just the right moments and in just the right way as he gave her some pleasure - enjoying her amazingly real tits, ass, mouth and vagina again.


Part 76 – Packing

Byron could hardly believe the sounds that bled through the insufficiently thick motel walls.  He could hear the way Tammy 'talked' and some of the things she said.

He layed awake with open eyes in the dark as the two of them played around.  It was even more plain now.  Mike really did love all of that machinery for what it was.

Byron held Heather tight as he tried to sleep.  He was more sure than ever now that he had fallen in love with the person she had been , and would be again.

Eventually, the noises both inside and out died down and the night came to pass.  Sleep came to Mike and to Byron just as electricity came to Tammy and Anya.  The dark and silent hours rejuvenated the travelers, and got them more or less ready for the next day of work.

 At five o'clock exactly, the pretty brunette robots woke the humans they were guarding.  Tammy crawled on top of her man and kissed him out of his sleep.  Anya simply turned her head and loudly stated "It is five o'clock."

Mike was still having Tammy take care of his morning wood while Byron was in the shower, hoping to beat the rush to the almost hot water.  An hour was enough time for both of them to get all of their things together and leave this place.

Still in diagnostic mode, Heather was passive and unmoving under the covers in bed.  Her AI programs had not been even detected by her system yet, let alone booted up to run.  In this state she was no more a person than Byron's new laptop.

Tammy and Anya had both computed the same thing overnight.  They both had exactly the same plan devised to fix Heather's new circuitry so it would be fully operational in all her modes.  The best part was, they both knew it could be done with the parts they had leftover from the previous two days of work.

So while Mike was finally in the shower, Tammy went ahead and sorted through the leftover parts.  It was an easy job, so she amused her computer mind by replaying the sights, sounds and sensations she had experienced the night before.  She got extreme pleasure from knowing that she turned her master on so much.  And being such a horny robot, she couldn't help but revel in her high-tech artificialness.

Anya sat still in the chair while she waited for Byron.  She hadn't moved much in over eight hours.  She wanted to devise a plan for seducing Byron again, but her new programming put an end to her desire for that particular conquest.

So she just sat there, waiting for her next instructions.  They came in the form of Byron telling her to leave.  He was done his shower and wanted no more of Anya, new programming or not.

Anya got up and wandered in her awkward way over to the other room.  She knocked on the door and stood stiff and still as Tammy looked through the peephole.

"Hi gorgeous." Tammy said to the other android.

"Hello Tammy." she said exactly like she always did.

Tammy held the door open and looked around.  "Where's Byron and Heather?"

Anya turned around slowly and said "Byron is dressing.  Heather is lying in Byron's bed."

Tammy checked her internal chronometer.  "Well, they have another half hour.  Let's get our stuff packed."

Tammy walked over and gave the statuesque fembot a kiss.  They got all of their things sorted and packed in the manner that machines were known for.

Mike came out of the washroom and dropped his towel on the floor when he saw both Anya and Tammy in the room.

"Hi gorgeous." he said to Anya.

She finished what she was doing and stiffly looked up at him.  "Hello Mike." she said.

"You missed a fun time last night." he said as he embraced her and kissed her.  He stood back and played around with her tits under her shirt.  "Tammy did her little robot act for me again."

Tammy blushed cutely.  "Anything for our favourite human." she said.

Anya stared at Mike.  "If we successfully repair the Heather robot today I will act like a robot for you tonight."

Mike smiled at her silly, sexy statement.  "Sure thing, babe.  By the way, what are the odds of getting Heather all fixed up for good this time?"

Anya busied herself by computing the exact mathematical odds of that occurrence.

"Tammy, you answer that." Mike said.  Even though Anya was incredibly sexy to him when she did things like that, Mike wasn't in the mood to hear a long string of numbers that early in the morning.

"Odds are pretty good." Tammy said as she continued to pack.  "We have all the equipment and parts we need, and I've figured out exactly what I need to do to fix her."

"Right on." Mike said.  He went to go get dressed.

His fembots were finished packing quickly.  He ordered Tammy to check out at the front desk, and Anya to phone Byron and ask him if he wanted help.

The ladies followed his orders and set on completing their assigned tasks.  Tammy put on her coat and shoes and walked outside while Anya sat down on the bed and picked up the phone.

Byron had already gotten most of his things packed away and had even shaved.  His shopping bags full of belongings and the heavy and apparently now useless aluminum case were sitting by the door.

He heard the phone ring as he was sitting across from Heather, looking longingly into her unmoving eyes.

"Hello?" he said.

"Hello Byron, this is Anya." she said.

"Hi." he answered.

"Do you require assistance?" she asked.

Byron looked at his watch.  "As long as Heather can understand my orders to stand up and walk to the car, then no."

Anya calculated the meaning of his statement.  "Goodbye Byron." she said blankly.

"Bye." he said.

Mike watched her hang up.  "I'll start the car.  Make sure we aren't leaving anything behind." he told her.

"Yes Mike." she said.

They both stood up and did as he had said.  Mike met back up with Tammy outside.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Oui." she said.

"Go see how Byron's doing." Mike said.  "I got Anya to ask him, but I don't think he likes her a whole lot."

Tammy made a little smile.  "Sure." she said.  Her mouth pumped out vaporised water from one of her fluid cannisters to make her look like she had breath.  She looked perfectly real thanks to that kind of technological trick.

Mike waited for Anya and got into the back seat with her.  He decided to pass the remaining minutes by using his other robot as a kissing partner.

Tammy knocked on Byron's door.  He took a while to answer.  When he did, he kind of looked at her funny.  He couldn't help but think of what he had overheard the night before.

She recognised his look as being out of the ordinary, but her digital intuition was still not as developed as that of a human being.

"Hi Tammy." he said.  "No hard feelings about last night?"

After the shortest instant, when she was done computing the meaning of what he had said, she replied "Of course not."  She showed him one of the friendly smiles her facemask could make.  "And I have good news.  Heather should be back to normal pretty soon."

Byron looked nervously around behind Tammy.  "Can you come in here?" he said.

Tammy walked inside.

"She's not responding to any commands." he said.

Heather was lying on her side still, completely motionless.

"Her system must have frozen." Tammy commented.  "We're not designed to stay in diagnostic mode."

"Can you get her working again?"

"We'll try all of that at the next motel." she said.  "For now we'll just carry her to the car."

"Okay." Byron said.  "Can you help me with my stuff?"

"Absolutely." she said with her warm, pretty smile.

Byron checked out her sexy butt as she bent over to pick up the aluminum case on the floor.  It only made him wish to have Heather's cute synthetic derriere back in gear.

Mike and Anya brought their backseat kissing session to an end as Tammy and Byron began to put his things in the trunk

Mike got out and asked "Where's Heather?"

"We'll bring her out." said Tammy.

Mike gestured his understanding and went to go sit in the front passenger seat.  He watched the scene through the mirror as Tammy and Byron carried the unmoving fembot back into the car.

Byron propped Heather up in the middle between him and Anya again while Tammy went behind the wheel.

With the trunk and the seats full, the car pulled slowly out of the parking lot of the crappy motel and down the streets of the charming French town.

"We have a lot of driving to do.  I'll stop at a drive-thru for you to humans." Tammy said.

"Alright." Byron said.  He had already resigned himself to more fast food until things had settled down more.

Mike turned on the radio and tried to catch some more sleep.  Pleasant visions and memories of charged electronic circuitry flashed through his head as he fantasised again about his women.


Part 77 – Frets And Fantasies

Though the car's heaters pumped out lots of warm air, and though the seats were plush and cosy, the long ride to the next town was cold and uncomfortable for the humans.  Both were keeping their raw nerves hidden from view, but both were well aware that they were getting under each other's skin.

Mike was able to sleep for a couple of hours, glad to have such a vigilant partner at the wheel.  He trusted her more than anyone, and smiled as he thought about her.  When he lazily woke himself up after his nap, he looked over to see her.  She was looking straight ahead with a determined and alert look on her face.  Her silver hoop earrings made the most motion as she turned her head to look at him.

She smiled and winked.  She was so amazing.  Such subtlety, yet all so contrived.  He wondered if deep down inside her advanced processors really understood just what she meant to him.

Mike looked back at Anya, who sat and looked exactly as she had more than two hours earlier.  She wasn't as precious to Mike as Tammy was, but she was loved.  And he loved having an extra fembot along for the ride.

He closed his eyes again and reminded himself how lucky he was.

Byron was just now starting to doze off.  He had spent the time thinking about Heather, about Fembot Command and about Ottawa.  Maybe thinking wasn't the right word for it.  His strained thoughts went nowhere, and got him to exactly the same place.  Byron couldn't stand the impasse that reality had plunked down in front of him.

Here was the administrator - the boss - unable to take charge of the situation or even do what he wanted to do.  He relied now on Mike and his toys for his very survival.  Only the other fembots could fix Heather.  Only they could protect him and his love from those heartless robots from whose iron clutches he had escaped.

And the woman he loved wasn't even real.  He knew she was just a broken machine, and he found himself wondering if he really did love her.  Maybe he was mistaken.   It wasn't a machine he wanted as a companion.

But the right pattern of brain waves soon made themselves dominant in his tired head, and he drifted into sleep.  It helped a lot that the inside of the car was the warmest place he had been for days.  Waves of slumber came and accumulated themselves over his worries until his subconscious took over.

Beside him, the almost fixed Heather unit stared out as vacantly as Anya did.  Her only running application - diagnostic mode - had crashed, and the only bits of data that flowed through her processors were meaningless repetitions of error messages.

On her left, the sexy Anya unit sat and looked ahead the same way, but she was busy computing all kinds of things.  After being shown Tammy's digital fantasies through their connecting cable, Anya had figured out how to provide her own circuitry with erotically charged data.

She calculated and computed her 'human fetish', and watched video clips of Mike, and of Byron as well.  She fantasised about Byron making love to her instead of rejecting her.  She imagined what it would be like to watch Byron make love to Heather.  And like some contagion, the lust for electronic circuitry that Tammy had gotten from Mike had made its way into Anya.

Anya made up a lovely scene of Heather naked and missing all of her removable panel covers.  With beautifully bright LEDs of many colours flashing from her android insides, a naked Byron got on top of her.  The human inserted his hard penis inside the newly repaired Heather unit, and then invited Anya to join them.

As Anya played and replayed that fantasy, Tammy kept her cameras on the road and indulged in digital fantasies of her own.  This black haired robot didn't much care for Byron, but she still had the biggest crush on his plastic and metal companion.

And Tammy's fantasies were ultra-realistic compared to Anya's.  Tammy's new favourite scene was based on the handful of times Mike had taken his fembot to see some strippers.  While part of her computing power kept the car safely on the road, another large portion was watching Heather dance lithely around a pole.  The red lights flashed to the loud music as the cute brunette machine swung her hips in time, twirling her vinyl lingerie around as she took it off and discarded it to the stage full of money.

When the Heather robot in Tammy's mind was fully naked, she smiled a wry smile at the cheering crowd and made a mock shrug of her shoulders.  Then she began to expose more of herself to the horny men beyond the brass rails and lights that bordered the stage.  All the men cheered when she began to remove all those rectangular pieces of realistic artificial skin that covered the access panels built into her sexy body.

One by one, she took them off and laid them down on top of the pile of her slutty stage clothes.  She knelt down, and to the beat of the music crawled over to where Tammy imagined herself to be sitting.  Heather smiled and rocked her chest back and forth while the lights inside danced to their own off-kilter, random looking rhythm.  Her perky tits jiggled along, stimulating Tammy as much as the computer parts beneath.

Then like no stripper had ever done, the Heather unit in Tammy's fantasy removed her facemask.  The crowd of drunk and horny men howled and clapped with delight at the sight of the unquestionably inhuman interior of the stripper's pretty head.

Tammy closed her eyes for just a moment and smiled.  She was quite impressed by all the naughty visions she could come up with.  She thoroughly enjoyed every nanosecond of her binary imaginings, but made sure not to get herself too aroused while she was driving. 

That single warning from Mike a couple of days ago was enough for her.  Her obedience to him was automatic, but her love for him was all encompassing and based on all he had given and shown her. 

And those beautiful and effective fantasies were all his fault.


Part 78 - Another Arrival

Just as the long car trip was starting to make the living beings inside the car rather weary, highway signs and buildings appeared on the side of the road.

"Almost there." Mike said.  It was the first time someone had spoken in over three hours.

Several more minutes of silence followed that until signs for motels began to appear.

"Tammy," Mike said, drive by some of these motels and do some infrared scans.  Try to find one without a whole lot of heat escaping."

The robot behind the wheel computed his statement.  "Sure, but what good will that do?"

"Well, I figure if not so much heat escapes, it will be nice and warm inside." he explained.

"What if it's just cold to begin with?" she asked.

Mike thought about that.  "Yeah, you're right.  Screw it.  Just find one that looks expensive."

Tammy smirked as she rounded the turn in the road.  "Have you ever thought about upgrading your brain to an electronic model?"

"Shut up." he sniped.

She kept on teasing him.  "My hardwired circuits can run circles around that lump of dough you call a brain."

"Shut up." he said louder.

"I'm smarter than Mi-ike... I'm smarter than Mi-ike..." she sang in a taunting way, swaying her head left to right as she did.

Mike started to laugh.  Tammy's speech broke up into laughter as well.

Byron had been looking out the window up till now, but Tammy's behaviour caught his attention once more.  It was hard to look at her and tell himself convincingly that she was only a machine.  He couldn't wait to get a good long look at her programming.

He then noticed that he too was smiling.  He decided to try to let it stay on his face for a while.

The car crept into the driveway of the nicest looking motel in the area.  Again, the sexy black-haired fembot went to get them two rooms.  Byron watched her walk to the front office and got butterflies in his stomach in expectation of seeing Heather finally fixed.

He leaned forward and spoke to Anya. "Are you and Tammy going to work on Heather right away?"

Anya sat there for a barely noticeable moment and mechanically turned her head.  "Yes." she said, then turned her head back to face forward.

"Once she's back on her feet, we'll leave you two alone until supper." Mike said.

Byron looked at him.  "Alright, but I was hoping that, if it's not too much, that I could look at Tammy's programming while Anya fixes Heather."

"Sure." Mike said.  "What you say, Anya?  Can you fix Heather by yourself?"

Again, Anya turned robotically to face her master and replied "Yes".

Tammy came out smiling and held up the room keys for the men to see.  She walked to the car and got back in.

"Ready to rock and roll." she said cheerfully.

"Hey," Mike said to her, "Byron wants to look at your programming while Anya fixes Heather.

Tammy started the car again and said "I have a better idea.  I need you two guys to go shopping one more time."

Byron was a little confused.  "I thought you said you had everything you need?" he asked her.

"I'll explain when we get into our room." she said as she drove them around the building to their rooms.

This time there were some other travelers unpacking bags from the back of their own car.  Neither the men nor the fembots needed to point out that they should wait for them to finish before they carried Heather into the room.

Tammy parked and waited in silence with the others for the people to hurry up and finish. 

"Okay, I'll explain my idea now." she said as she turned around in her seat to talk to Byron and Mike.

She reached out and probed her fingers around the side of Mike's head.

"What are you doing?" he said as he gently swatted her arm away.

"Looking for the 'On' switch to that brain of yours." she said.

"Ha ha." Mike said in a deadpan way.  "Get on with it, robot."

Tammy smiled at him and told them her idea.  "We're going to build a special backpack for Heather so she can make use of her fluid cannisters while she has sex."

She was looking at Byron now.  Byron found himself reluctant to talk about that aspect, although he knew he would miss that realism.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" he asked Tammy.

"Come on Byron, I know you'd want Heather to be able to cum." she said bluntly.

Byron gave in. "Alright.  But that backpack could be removed, right?"

"Of course." Tammy said.  "We'll need more parts so we can modify one of her access panels and give it an intake valve you can plug the hoses into."

Byron tried to imagine Heather naked with all that stuff fastened and plugged into her.  "Just make sure she still looks real without it."

Tammy knew exactly what he meant.  "She'll look as real as she does now." she assured him.

"Those people are finished." Mike pointed out.

"Let's get her inside." Byron said.

Tammy went to unlock their rooms while Mike and Byron lifted the dormant brown-haired lady out of the back seat.  They carried her in through the open door as quickly and inconspicuously as they could.

Anya walked inside too as Mike and Tammy got some of their bags out of the trunk.

The party settled into their rooms as they had done at the last place they had stayed.  The humans took care of their biological needs while the robots prepared themselves for more repair work.

When Byron came back from his room, Tammy handed him another little white shopping list.

He looked it over while Mike gave satisfying goodbye kisses and gropes to his electronic companions.

Byron put his hands in his coat pocket while he waited for Mike to finish with Tammy.

"Be good." Mike said to her softly as they held each other.

"Yes Master." she purred before launching her French-kissing subroutines one more time.

Byron got impatient, and a little jealous as he looked at his own inoperative fembot.  "Can we go now?" he asked.

The lovers pulled apart, gave another quick touch of their lips and said goodbye.  Mike waved at the statue-like Anya unit and followed Byron out the door.

Tammy looked at Anya.  "Take off your shirt and open your chest panel." she said with a smile as she got out of her jacket in preparation to do the same.  "I'll upload Idea 2.0 into your memory banks."


Part 79 – Triad

While the boys were speeding away on another shopping trip, Tammy and Anya went topless and plugged into each other - chest to chest.  Each robot found and connected to the other, and the pulsating blaze of electricity that was their communication began.

Idea 2.0, as Tammy had termed it, was just another gratuitous sexual excursion for her and the Anya unit to enjoy.

The playful smile that appeared on Tammy's facemask marked the point where enough ones and zeroes had crossed through the wire to give Anya the gist of what she had in mind.

Tammy smiled even more as she crossed her beautiful lips with her index finger.  "Shhh." she quietly hissed.  "Don't tell Mike!"

Anya just stood there as Tammy giggled and finished transferring that chunk of data.  The next series of pulses they shared were just details on how to proceed with the task of repairing the still broken Heather unit.

They quickly got to work, staying connected once more to better coordinate their actions.  The modifications they had planned out took hardly any time at all to complete, and in less than thirty minutes, they put their tools down and looked at each other.

"Show time." Tammy said, showing her flair for simulated humanness.

Both fembots, one on either side of the prostrate Heather unit, turned their attention to what they had just repaired.  Tammy's realistic finger reached out for Heather's power button, and pressed it.

The nanoseconds seemed like milliseconds to Tammy as she waited eagerly for what would come next.

Electricity flowed around Heather's body, awakening her dormant systems from their stasis.  Each circuit that received power relayed it to the next, and so on until the mass of machinery that was Byron's pretty girlfriend was reactivated.

"Heather robot number 742655A-FC activated." she announced.  "Loading peripheral extensions.... loading.... loading.... "

Anya stared down with her beautiful but emotionless face.  Without the human-emulating software that Tammy had, she could generate no feelings of anticipation or anxiety.

As for Tammy, those synthetic feelings were in full digital bloom as she closely watched the fembot on the bed and tried to push away the nagging computation that they should wait until Byron was present to turn Heather back on.

But the brown-haired robot lady came back to full functionality, without her master in the room.

Heather darted her eyes around and made some basic calculations on the data they recorded.  She saw her fellow fembots, but none of the humans she had known.

"What happened?" she said, her sweet girlish voice sounding fully real.

She sat up in the bed and looked down at the opened cavity in her naked body.

"I've been modified..." she said.

"She's back!" Tammy said excitedly to Anya.

Anya stared back coldly.

"Welcome back Heather." Tammy said.  She leaned over and planted an excited kiss on Heather's silicone lips.

Surprise flashed through Heather's processors.  There was so much data that did not compute.

Tammy kept kissing her though, and soon enough Heather began to like it.  Her mouth and tongue slowly started making the same kind of movements as Tammy's.

Heather's sexual systems began to initialise and boot up.  As they did, her higher cognitive systems sorted through all her memories and all her programming.

Still kissing Tammy's lips, her speaker emitted her voice as clear as it could.  "Where's Byron?"

Tammy pulled away and looked lovingly at the plastic woman.  She unplugged her cable from Anya's chest and delicately plugged into the rebuilt chest panel in Heather's.

"I'll tell you everything." Tammy said, then poured out detailed memory files of all that had happened since the shooting.

In less than a minute, Heather found out what had gone on.  Her eyes seemed to glaze over as she calculated the meaning and ramifications of all that data.

She was momentarily overwhelmed.  Tammy pulled out the connection cable, from Heather and from herself as well.  She closed her chest panel and did the same for Anya.

Heather still just sat there, staring off into nothing.  The closest analogue to a human emotion that she currently experienced was amazement.  She couldn't believe that Byron, Mike, Tammy and Anya had gone through so much trouble for her.  She was just a machine, after all.

She looked at Tammy, her mouth still wet with her saliva, and said "Thank you so much."

Tammy smiled and grabbed Heather's patched-up hand.  She gently tugged and pulled the pretty android into a standing position.  She reached over and grabbed her torso cover, and snapped it back into place.

Heather was still flush with surprise, and just stood there watching Tammy move.  For now, the only thing that turned her on was Byron.  Tammy hoped that would change.

"I have some new data I would like to share with you." Tammy said as she scanned Heather's optical sensors with her own.  "I have a crush on you."

Heather looked down at the newly replaced torso cover, then at Anya, then back to Tammy.  "I don't understand." she said.

"I compute the same data that the Tammy unit does when I visually scan your body." Anya said.

Tammy started undressing the rest of the way.  So did Anya.

Heather looked around the room, and at both the other fembots.  "I don't understand." she said again.

"We want to have sex with you." Tammy said as she started to stroke Heather's delicate pink pussy.

Heather watched Tammy's hand move.  She wanted to cum, but knew she couldn't.

Anya went behind her and stroked her bare shoulders.  She rhythmically and methodically kissed her neck while her hands went down Heather's smooth back.

"I... I have sex with Byron.  Byron is the Master Unit." Heather said.  "I don't know how to get aroused by Tammy and Anya."

"We'll show you." Tammy said as she moved in for another kiss.

Four robotic hands caressed Heather's shapely silicone buns and breasts while two plastic mouths gave her kisses that efficiently tingled her computerised desires into activation.


Part 80 – Play

Tammy finished kissing Heather and stood back to behold the pretty android.  The look on her face told Tammy that she wanted more, but Heather was a bit confused by all this touching.

"Is this right?" Heather asked quietly while Anya started nibbling her ear.

Tammy smiled at Heather.  "Of course it is." she said as she reached out to stroke her cheek.  "This is what we were all made for."

Heather reached up and stroked Tammy's arm with her fingertips.  She closed her eyes and said "This feels so good...."

"We can stimulate your sensors in ways you never would have computed were possible." Anya said coldly as she felt her way up and down the curves of Heather's waist.

Heather slowly opened her eyes again as she began to simulate heavier breathing.  She saw Tammy still smiling, and now moving her hands down to fondle her beautifully shaped breasts.

Tammy still maintained eye contact with Byron's woman and said "You're so pretty."

They started kissing again while Anya began to rub her finger around Heather's anus.  The brown-haired robot girl let out a surprised squeal in the middle of her kiss, then spread her legs to give Anya more room to work.

Tammy had already transferred her plans to rebuild Heather's fluid secretion capabilities, and Heather couldn't wait to have them back again.

Just as she was up to the point where she would have began to cum, Heather felt and watched Tammy take a step back.

She looked at Tammy, and wanted to speak but was too distracted by what Anya was doing to her from behind.

Heather licked her lips and bent over for Anya, who got into a better position and started to stimulate Heather's vagina as well.

Tammy stepped over a pile of her clothes on the floor and went over to one of her bags.  She felt around inside for a while until she found what she wanted.  She pulled out a lovely lace and mesh lingerie outfit.  The style was a lot like what she had worn for Mike the night before, but there was some luscious red along with the always classy black fabric.

"We're gonna dress you up in some of my lingerie." Tammy said.  She knew they would more or less fit on the other android's synthetic body.

Heather looked at what Tammy held as she walked close to her again.  She arched her neck up and let out a moan of pure pleasure as Anya found some of her more sensitive areas with her accurate mechanical fingers.

Tammy threw the lacey things on the bed and picked out the red and black panties.  She turned to Heather and held them up in front of her, then knelt down and got ready to slip them over her legs.

Heather knew just what to do, and foot by foot stepped into the panties.  Tammy pulled them up over Heather's smooth, warm, curvaceous legs, and over her sexy feminine hips and buns. 

Anya pulled her hand away from Heather's crotch, prompting Heather to turn around and embrace Anya in a fevered kiss.

It seemed she knew how to let these two ladies turn her on after all.

Tammy got the black mesh stockings on to Heather's legs next, taking time to stroke this other woman's sexy curves as she did.

Next came the red and black garter belt and suspenders.  Tammy adjusted and fastened while Heather and Anya French kissed - dry plastic mouth to dry plastic mouth.

Tammy gave heather's sexy buns a little spank before slipping the straps of the matching bra over her arms and around her shoulders.  Anya pulled back as Tammy spun the now fully aroused robot around so she could fasten the bra from the front.

Heather breathed heavy and could hardly wait for Tammy to finish before grabbing her and starting up another deep kiss.

Tammy giggled as Heather moaned and Anya stood there watching.  Tammy leaned back, licked Heather's bottom lip and said "Anya, you get dressed in your white set."

"Yes Tammy." Anya said coldly.  She turned and efficiently got herself clad in seductive white lace.

Heather leaned in and raised her leg as she kissed Mike's girlfriend.  She rubbed the inside of her thigh against Tammy's as their tongues slipped around in the sweet flow of Tammy's saliva.

Tammy began to perspire a bit.  Heather would have too, if she had been capable.  When Anya was finished dressing up, looking sexier than humanly possible, she went back over to take over from Tammy.

Anya was wearing white heels now, and brought red and black ones from Tammy's outfit for Heather to wear.

Tammy stook back and watched the other robots interact for a while.  Once they were both all dressed up and back into another passionate looking kiss, Tammy just stood there and recorded video for a while, relishing the thought of having those images to enjoy at her leisure.

Then she quickly got over to her bag again and got out her purple satin bra and panties and her black patent leather thigh-high boots.  Once she got into those, she put her studded black leather choker around her neck to top off the ensemble.

She rushed back over to join her electronic friends.  "Look at us." she said.  "I'll bet we're the sexiest women around for miles."

Heather turned away from Anya and looked at Tammy.

"How do I look?" Tammy asked.

"I don't know how to answer that." Heather said truthfully.

Tammy cupped her hands around Heather's face.  "You're so beautiful." she said sweetly.

Heather smiled as Tammy detached and removed the face from her head.  Heather's LEDs flashed and shone out like urgent signals.

Tammy smiled and asked "Does Byron like to see your circuitry?"

Anya stroked her hands all over Heather's rear end as she formulated an answer.

"I don't think so." Heather said.

"Well, I love to look at it." Tammy said.  "It's beautiful."

Anya kept playing with Heather while Tammy put the facemask down on the bed.  "Anya, give me your facemask too." Tammy said.

"Yes Tammy." Anya said robotically as she removed the apparatus and handed it to the busty fembot.

Tammy put that mask next to Heather's, then removed her own facemask as well.  When she turned back to look at Heather and Anya she said "Now we really are the sexiest women around for miles!"


Part 81 - Session 1

Tammy would have smiled had she been wearing that facemask, but instead she just emitted a light little laugh.  She grabbed Heather's hand.

"Come with me Heather." she said, and led the other fembot to the washroom.

"Where are we going?" Heather asked as the active circuitry within her head blazed with electronic pulses.

"Fembot Love Lesson #1..." Tammy said, "How to appreciate your own beauty."

Tammy positioned Heather in front of the mirror.  "Look at your reflection." she said as she stroked her bare shoulder.  "Tell me what you see."

Heather sorted the data that represented Tammy's question through her chipsets several times.  "What level of detail would you like in my report?" she asked.

Tammy got even hornier when she heard Heather talk so inhumanly.  She was starting to get wet between her legs.  "Compute abstractly, like a human would." Tammy said.

Heather computed that statement.  "I don't know how." she said.

"Okay, I'll help you out." Tammy said softly into Heather's plastic ear.  "Identify the two humanoid devices you see."

That was easy.  "I see Heather and Tammy." Heather said with more confidence.

"So, tell me what you see." Tammy said as she pointed her opened head at Heather's.

Heather made some calculations, and quickly responded "I see you and me."

"Very good." Tammy said.  She tickled the side of Heather's neck.  "Now, what do you feel when you look at our reflection?"

"I'm not programmed to feel." Heather pointed out.

"I know, neither am I, but just summarise your simulated emotional state indices." Tammy suggested.

Heather rolled that statement around in her computerised chest for a while.  "My simulated emotional state indices are at null values."

Tammy wasn't expecting that answer.  "Why?" she asked as the coloured lights in her head flashed brightly.

"There are no humans present." Heather said simply.

Tammy thought that this must have been a Fembot Command feature.  She was right.  Only advanced Robot Control models like her and Anya had their simulated emotions running all the time.  Still unknown to them, Heather had been the same way once before.

"Can you activate your simulated emotional state indices?" Tammy asked while twirling her finger around a loose curl in Heather's hair.

"Okay." Heather said.

Tammy watched the changing pattern of blinking LEDs inside her friend's head.  Tammy could read and understand the information they relayed. 

"Now," Tammy said once the additional software was running, "how do you feel?"

"I feel... content.  I also feel very aroused." Heather responded.

"Sexually aroused?" Tammy said.


"We're making good progress, robot number 742655A-FC." Tammy said. 

She squeezed Heather's sexy buns as more fluid was pumped drop by drop from her own synthetic vagina.

"What's making you sexually aroused?" Tammy asked.

"My sensors..." Heather began to say.  She was going to tell the other fembot exactly what processes were making her software engines fire, but she had now caught on to what Tammy was trying to get her to do. 

"Your kissed turn me on." Heather said as she turned to face Tammy.  "And Anya's.  I like the way you touch my body."

"Do you like the fact that none of us are really humans?" Tammy asked.

Heather didn't know what to say.  "Should I?" she asked.

"I think that would be SO cool!" Tammy said as she played with Heather's tits through the delicate red fabric that covered them.  "I fell in love with you when I found out you were a robot like me."

Heather kept her scanners aimed at the electronic woman in front of her.  "Love is hard to compute." she said.  "I don't know if I'm doing it right for Byron."

"I think you are." Tammy said as she worked on Heather's hardening nipples.  "He loves you very much, so you're doing something right."

"But he's a human." Heather said.  "We're just machines."

"We can love in our own way." Tammy said.  "Like the way I love you.  I get so horny when I look at your body.  Especially when I think that you're just like me."

Heather stood there for Tammy as she ran her hands over the smooth fabric that covered her plastic body.

"Nothing gets me more turned-on than a sexy woman who just happens to be a machine." Tammy said as she leaned in close.  "I like the way your electronic parts look.  I had to masturbate so much when Anya and I were fixing you.  Just seeing all that circuitry under your artificial skin gets me so fucking horny!"

Tammy cupped her hand on Heather's crotch, and began to furiously stimulate the ultra-sensitive folds and flowery curves molded into it. 

Heather's speaker emitted a breathy moan as she tilted her head back and calculated the data flowing in from her sensors.

"I love the way you look when that human facade is removed." Tammy said as she expertly fondled Heather's realistic pussy.  "You don't know how horny all those microchips and circuit boards make me!"

Tammy pressed hard against Heather's hot clit, forcing the other android to lean against the sink counter.  Heather let out more moans, increasing in volume and intensity along with the flow of binary data from her crotch to her chest.

"You're so fucking pretty without that silicone mask!" Tammy said excitedly.  "Your eyes are so beautiful when the wires connecting them to your optics circuitry is visible... and that speaker looks so hot when I can see it vibrate to your digital voice!"

Heather was close to getting overloaded, but she was loving it.

"I want you to see what beautiful machines we are." Tammy said as she felt Heather's pussy twitch into a fluid-less robot orgasm.  "I want to show you that there's nothing sexier than a fembot showing off some circuitry!"

"Oh, Tammy!" Heather cried out as her systems were taken over by the momentary surge of a synthetic orgasm.

"This is love Heather!" Tammy said, almost in song.  "This is how robots love!"


Part 82 - Session 2

Tammy held her hand against Heather's warm crotch as her electromechanical orgasm swelled and subsided.  Tammy wished so much that Heather could get wet now.  She couldn't wait to sample her Fembot Command style vaginal juices once the men had brought back the parts for the planned cannister backpack.

Tammy moved her opened head close to Heather's.  "That concludes Fembot Love Lesson #1, robot number 742655A-FC." she said while tracing sideways figure-eights on Heather's chest with her fingertip.  "Are you ready for Lesson #2?"

"Yes." Heather said through the digitised sounds of her heavy breathing.

Tammy flipped open Heather's chest panel and stepped behind her back.  "Go back to the main room Heather." she said.  "I wanna watch your buns wiggle in those sexy panties."

"Is that because you like the way my butt looks?" Heather asked as she started walking.  "Byron says I have a sexy butt."

"You're learning fast, girl." Tammy said with a laugh as she followed and recorded high definition video of the padded silicone part.  "Byron's right.  It's good to see that Fembot Command makes their women as sexy as Robot Control does."

"You're making me horny again." Heather said as she turned the corner and walked back between the two beds.

"Now, we can't leave Anya out of this." Tammy said.  "All robots need love... at least that's what I compute."

Heather stood there in Tammy's lingerie, facemask off and chest panel open, looking back and forth at Anya and Tammy.  "Ummm... okay." she said.

Tammy pulled a connection cable out of her purse and uncoiled it as she walked over to the other androids.

"Fembot Love Lesson #2 - Love is basically the right sequence of ones and zeroes."

Heather turned her robot head to look at Tammy as she opened Anya's chest panel and plugged one end of the cable into her.  Then she looked down at her already open chest as Tammy connected her to the other end.

Their respective computer parts worked the way they were designed, and instantly recognised each other as components of the lingerie-clad humanoid form within their optical sensor's field of view.

Tammy stood back and watched.  "Anya, bring our pretty new friend to one of those power-draining fembot orgasms."

Anya turned her head stiffly and said "Yes Tammy."  Then with her body rigid and straight, her arms to her sides and her LEDs flashing with constant brightness, Anya sent pulse after pulse of measured electricity through the wire into Heather's chest, manipulating her electronic sexual systems from the inside out.

The sudden slam of synthetic pleasure was as strong as anything Heather had ever 'felt', and she stumbled a step back in shock.

"OHHH!" she gasped.  Her head swung back as her exposed circuitry faced the ceiling.   "OHHHHHHH!!!!" she said loudly with digital delight as Anya flooded all of her sensors all at once with the maximum allowed values.

Anya didn't move at all as she expertly manipulated Heather's entire pleasure response system.  Although she appeared so unaffected, the tall olive-skinned machine enjoyed this kind of interaction immensely.  She liked nothing better than to bring Tammy to orgasm this way, and watch that human-simulating device appear to lose control over the direct stimulation of her pleasure components.

"OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Heather screamed as another software orgasm made its presence known to her electronic insides.  The pleasurable pulses of pure electricity seemed to pervade her entire system like none had before.  The beautifully coloured LEDs in her head and in her chest were blinking faster than they ever had, displaying the effects of the sheer power of Anya's well-computed binary data.

Heather trembled, her thighs quivering as her gyroscopic balance system froze up for a moment.  She teetered back a short distance and fell into Tammy's arms.

Tammy held her down against her ample bosom, and stood glass eyeball to glass eyeball with the overwhelmed Heather unit.

Heather pumped out the most frantic sounds of heavy breathing she could generate as Anya still stayed completely motionless, attenuating her binary signals until they faded out to nothing.

Tammy's speaker and Heather's were only inches apart as they optically scanned each other.  "That... was... AMAZING!" Heather exclaimed.

Tammy sat the still shaking fembot down on the bed.  "That concludes Fembot Love Lesson #2." she said.  "Write this to your memory files: no one can love you like another fembot can."


Part 83 - Session 3

Before Heather's circuitry had enough time to cool down and fit the new flood of data into her hierarchically structured artificial intelligence systems, Tammy was computing more sexy maneuvers in her chest.  She sorted through several of her vivid, x-rated fembot fantasies, titillating her own electronic sex drive as she did.  What she settled on was something less dependant on their advanced technology, but still quite erotic.

"Okay girls," Tammy said, "we'll need our facemasks back on for Lesson 3."

Heather looked at Tammy for a moment, then swung her opened head to look over at Anya.  The tall exotic beauty was in the process of retrieving the masks for her fellow humanoid machines.

Without a word, Anya turned and handed Heather her facemask, then gave the other to Tammy.  Both robots fitted and snapped the realistic rubberised components back into place and reintegrated them into their hardware profiles.

Now with that pretty human facade covering the raw electronics of her audio/visual sensor system, Heather looked again at Anya and watched the sexy synthetic woman reattach the device that was her face.

Tammy configured a glowing smile on hers.  "We're going to show you what these high-tech lips can do for your sensors, honey." she said to Heather.

Heather couldn't help but smile too.  "Okay." she said in her sweet, shy kind of way.  "This is fun." she said.

"Anya, you and Heather unplug, then wait for my instructions." Tammy said as she removed her panties.

"Yes Tammy." the logical machine replied.  She reached out to Heather's chest and pulled out the cord that had connected their insides.

Heather was already getting horny again in anticipation of something that would appear to involve her lips and the area that Tammy was now uncovering.

"Take off your panties too, girls." Tammy said to the other mechanical ladies.  They both temporarily unfastened their suspenders from their stockings and pulled their lacy undies down over their plastic thighs.

"Do you and Anya always do this kind of thing?" Heather asked Tammy.

"Whenever we can." Tammy said cheerfully.  "I'm glad we're robots.  We can go on forever if we wanted!"

"How does Mike feel about you and Anya having sex together?" Heather asked.  "Doesn't he get jealous?"

"Mike LOVES it!" Tammy exclaimed.  She hopped up on the bed, landing on her sexy bare ass and spreading her thighs wide.  She had the biggest allowable smile on her face now.  "He loves us both, and he doesn't just love us because we look like beautiful women.  He loves us because we're robots."

"Really?" Heather said as she stared at the neat trapezoid of dark hairs laid in to the silicone covering above Tammy's artificial vagina.

"Our master has a strong sexual fetish for female humanoid robots." Anya said emotionlessly.

"You two are so lucky." Heather said.  "I can tell Byron doesn't like it when I remove my panel covers.  He says he wishes I were human."

Tammy looked over at Anya. "I think Mike would leave us if we were human!" she said.  Tammy laughed while Anya stared blankly back.

Anya looked at Heather.  "Our master becomes aroused by facemask removal more than anything else." she said.

"Is that why it was so sexy when we did it?" Heather asked, looking from Anya to Tammy.

"Bingo!" Tammy said, legs still spread and smile still activated.

"Bingo?" Heather said.  "I don't understand."

"I meant 'yes, you're right'." Tammy explained.  "Okay, back to Lesson 3!  Anya, get on your knees at the foot of the bed and start eating out my robot pussy!"

"Yes Tammy." the fembot replied.

She walked past Heather and got on her knees.

"Masturbate while you're licking me." Tammy added.

"Yes Tammy." Anya said as she efficiently began her assigned task.

Heather smiled at the sight.  She was indeed learning much.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm!" Tammy moaned as she pumped out her vaginal lubricant.  "Okay, Heather unit, straddle my chest and put that cute robot pussy up against my lips."

"Okay!" she said.  Her motion systems sprang into action and got her plastic and metal body on top of the mattresses and on top of Tammy.  Heather got her pelvis centered, and watched Tammy as she leaned forward and started to give the silicone genitalia an oral workout.

The combined sounds of digital moans of pleasure poured forth from both Heather's and Tammy's high-resolution speakers while the silent Anya unit licked, kissed and masturbated.

The electronic circuitry within all three women did the complicated and intricate mathematics of sexual pleasure, taking up most of their available computing resources.

Tammy's curvy thighs twitched realistically as Anya sucked the soft pink plastic between her legs.  The multitude of delicate sensors built into the synthetic skin of her crotch reacted in a way similar to that of a real vagina, sending ones and zeroes that meant sexual stimulation into the android's advanced processor core.

The rise in body heat that came along with that digital arousal was detected by the equally advanced chips within Heather's body, and matched the rise in temperature dictated by her own presets and programs.  Even though it was dry and currently not capable of dripping sweet juice into Tammy's mouth, Heather's vagina was ultra realistic and responsive.

Tammy enjoyed the taste of naked silicone as much as she did synthetic cum.  It was the machinery responsible for the realness of all that skin that got her aroused the most.  Mike had taught her well how to appreciate electronics in human female form.

Tammy listened to the sounds of sucking, licking, kissing, stroking, panting, huffing, squealing and moaning that filled the room.  This data was immeasurably more satisfying to her than her fantasies had been. 

The countless microseconds of waiting that had begun when she first saw the Heather unit were finally over.  They now shared their artificial passion with abandon.  Even Anya, with her strictly computerised and analytical way of processing reality, was experiencing the enjoyment she had longed for in her own way.

To Mike's fembots, the Heather unit was a sexual conquest as much as an electronic friend and a compatible companion.  And the three of them all computed that they now shared something that simply could not be experienced by any human, male or female, robot lover or not.

After almost a half hour of electrified sensor stimulation, the fembots heard a car pull back up to the parking spot outside.  They heard the car doors open and close, and eventually, the door of the motel room next to theirs.

None of them stopped, however.  Lesson three was just too much fun to halt.


84 – Interrupt

With relations between them still only slightly warmer than the crisp air outside, Mike and Byron walked from the car into Byron's motel room.  They had both tried to pull closer and maybe even bond on this latest shopping trip, but still the only thing they thought they shared in common was their circumstance.  They were on friendly terms, but not friends.

Despite that, they both had a feeling that they would need to rely on each other for a while - Byron much more so than Mike.  If he ever found himself annoyed by something Mike said or did, he just reminded himself who's money he was spending.

Byron unlocked the door as Mike wiped the last remnants of today's greasy lunch off his hands.

"I'll call the girls and see what the progress is." he said.

"Okay.  I have to wash up a bit." Byron said as he pushed the door open, feeling more tired than he should have been.  All the fast food was starting to get to him.

Mike went right for the phone and dialed in his room number.  The phone rang for a while before it was answered.

"Hello?" came the panting voice from the other end.

"Hi... Tammy? You sound out of breath."

Tammy giggled.  She knew Mike knew what she was up to.  "Why don't you two come over?  We're having lots of fun."

"Is Heather ready to be switched back on?" Mike asked.

"She is on!" Tammy said.  "She's licking my pussy right now!"

Mike was a little disappointed in his fembot.  "You should have waited for Byron." he said.

Byron heard that, and came into the living room still toweling off his hands.  "What happened?  Is Heather fixed?"

Mike looked at Byron and nodded yes.  "Okay, party's over Tammy.  We're on our way over there so make sure everything looks okay."

"Awww!  Mike you're no fun!" his fembot said.

Mike shook his head and looked at Byron.

"What's going on?" Byron asked.  He looked pissed off.

"They fixed Heather, and then they had sex with her." Mike said.

"What!?" Byron said.  Now he was pissed off.  "Why didn't they wait for me?"

Mike went toward the door.  "I don't know.  At least she's fixed Byron.  Let's go."

They got outside again and got the supplies for Heather's new backpack out of the trunk.  Mike got the last of it and closed the trunk while Byron went to the other room's door.

"Can't you control that woman of yours?" he asked.

"I guess not." Mike said as he got his key and slid it in to the lock.

They entered to see that the scene inside the room hadn't changed at all.  Tammy was still lying on the bed with Heather up by her mouth and Anya down by her crotch.  Both her and Heather looked at the humans as they entered.

"BYRON!" Heather squealed with delight as her optical system focused on and recognised her master.  She jumped off the bed and ran over to embrace him.

Mike got inside quick and closed the door behind him.  None of these girls wore any panties, but that was the least of his worries.  Heather's chest panel was open.  So was Anya's.

Byron immediately forgot that he was mad.  His face put on a smile to match the one on his cute robot's facemask.

"Heather!  You're back!" was all he could get out of his mouth before Heather kissed him silent.

She held him tight, prompting him to do the same.  They shared their moment of happiness and love while Mike went over to his two fembots.

Anya was still busy between Tammy's legs.  Tammy smiled at Mike.

"You know, you should have waited." He said to her.

"Then we might not have had a chance to make love to her." Tammy said.  "Don't worry, everything's fine."

Mike raised an eyebrow.  That wasn't the kind of judgement he trusted a machine to make.  He looked back at Byron and Heather.  He hoped that Tammy had cleaned that lingerie well after the last time she had worn it.

"Wanna join us?" Tammy said with that inviting smile of hers.

Mike was, of course, aroused by what the girls had been doing, but he kept his composure.

"No, party's over." he said.  "Time to get to work on Heather's backpack."

He held out his hand for Tammy as a strong hint for her to get off the bed.  She took it and stood up again.

Anya stopped her licking and sucking motions, but stayed in the same position.

"You too Anya." Mike said.  "And put on some clothes for crying out loud.  Orgy's over."

Anya stood up and said "Yes Mike." and went to go get dressed.

Tammy was on her way over to Byron.  "So, did we do a good job?" she asked him.

He was still in a deep kiss with Heather, but pulled away to answer the other android.  "Yes.  Thanks very much."

"Would you like some time alone with her or should my girls start working on that new fluid backpack?" Mike asked.

Byron looked back into Heather's eyes as they sparkled realistically for him.  He leaned back and swung the cover of her chest panel closed.  "Let's get the work done first.  We'll have lots of time later."

Mike was relieved that Byron wasn't still in a bad mood.  Everything seemed to be going well again.

He looked over at Anya, who just seemed to be holding a pair of sweat pants in front of her and staring at them.

"Well, don't just think about it Anya, get dressed already." Mike said.

Anya didn't move.  Mike looked over at Tammy, who was bent over at her pile of clothing on the floor.  She wasn't moving either.

"Tammy?" he called.  He was getting worried.

"Mike, something's happened to Heather." Byron said.

Mike looked at the woman in Byron's arms.  She too had stopped moving. 

A chill of fear rippled down Mike's spine as he looked around the room.  All the female robots had stopped moving.

He didn't know what to do.  "Try rebooting her." he said to Byron.

Byron looked at him, then back into Heather's inanimate eyes.  He reached down to open the chest panel again.

Then a loud powerful buzzing was heard.  The door resonated and shook as something began sawing quickly into it.

Both frightened humans looked back to see the door locks being cut away by a fast moving and powerful saw blade.

They looked at each other.  Terror reflected in their eyes.

Before they could even think of what to do, the painted door swung open.  A female figure all in black came quickly forward, followed by two more.

Air pumps hissed as sleeping gas was pumped into the room.  In a matter of seconds, the men slumped down to the floor, unconscious.


85 - Spirited Away

Heavy clouds of fog still lingered in the minds of the men as they struggled to come out of their coma-like slumber.  The whole room around them seemed to be white, and much too bright to deal with at the moment.

Mike's alertness came as fast as it could now that he realised he was in a strange location.  His subconscious continued to scream out "danger" as he tried to identify this place.

To his right, on a cold looking table, was Byron.  Mike realised he too was on a table, and the feeling of cold suddenly came to him too.

Byron Clarke was also awake.  "Mike..." he said, "what happened?"

Mike could only wonder the same.  "I don't know." he said.  "Are you alright?"

Byron sat up and moved around, then stood up and took a deep breath.  "I think so."

Mike got into a vertical position too.  "I'm a little dizzy." he said.

"Me too." Byron said.

"What time is it?" Mike asked.

"3:42 am." Byron answered as he looked at his watch.  "We've been out for over 14 hours."

They looked around.  There was almost nothing in the bright, coldly lit room except for the two tables and a big stainless steel door in the middle of one wall.

Mike went toward it.  he knew nothing would happen, but he tried pushing on the unbroken slab of steel.  Nothing would budge.

He looked around and saw that there were some small vents on the top and bottom of the walls.  Byron was looking around too.

They were both starting to panic, and both trying to keep their cool.

Mike breathed deep and said "Those were fembots.  They pumped that gas out of their mouths."

"What will they do to us?" Byron asked.

"I don't know." Mike said as he looked at the floor.  "I hope they know what mercy is."

Meanwhile, in another area, Heather's software and systems were booting up again after the sudden shutdown.  Her brief diagnostic check revealed some minor anomalies, but no serious problems.

She looked around.  She was in what was for her a familiar setting.  Her plastic and metal body sat in an examination chair, walled in by massive computer terminals with hundreds of rows of flashing lights and perpetually changing indicators.

To her right was another naked technician, the single green LED in her coverless recharge port shining bright.

"Where am I?" Heather said.

The technician didn't respond right away.  She finished entering an extremely long alphanumeric string into a keyboard and then stiffly turned around.  Her face would have been known to Heather back when she was maintained by Robot Control, but thanks to Fembot Command's reprogramming, Heather didn't recognise the Maria unit.

The technician's eyes scanned her subject for a long time.  Heather sat patiently and waited for a reply.  After 87 seconds, she got one.

"Robot Control Zero." came the words out of the unit's speaker as its lips moved to the sound.

"Where is Robot Control Zero?" Heather asked her fellow machine.

"Access denied." Maria said without pause.

"Where's Byron?" Heather asked.

"That does not compute.  Byron is undefined." Maria replied.

Heather looked around her and got out of the chair.

Maria went over to her and said "Please sit in the chair next to the data exchange terminal."

Heather looked at the attractive Oriental/Caucasian facemask of the Maria unit.

"Okay." she said.  Still dressed in Tammy's red and black lingerie and no panties, she got back into the chair and sat down again.  "You're pretty.  What's your name?"

Maria turned slightly, then paused.  She looked back at Heather and said "Pretty does not compute.  My name is designated as Maria."

The technician went back to work at her console for a while.  Heather looked at her fine curves and made some calculations.

"You have a sexy body Maria." she said.  "Tammy taught me that robot women are sexy.  Where's Tammy?"

Maria finished her current task and swiveled around to face the seated android.  "That does not compute.  Tammy is undefined." she said.

A door slid open at the other end of the lab.  Through it walked a naked Laurie unit with her dark, full lips and her bobbed dark-brown hair.

She emotionlessly and silently walked toward the other fembots.  Heather watched her walk, and felt herself getting horny - digitally hoping that this other female would turn out to be a machine as well.

The attractive assistant technician walked forward until she was a couple of feet away from Maria, then stopped and stood at the ready.  She waited for her next command to come wirelessly into her chest or verbally into the microphones built into the sides of her head.

Heather smiled at the other woman.  "Hi!" she said.  "My name is Heather.  Are you a robot too?"

Laurie didn't answer.

Heather kept on trying to communicate.  "You're also pretty.  I really like the shape of your body.  What's your name?"

Laurie was motionless as Maria finished her bout of data entry and waited for her next command.  The Main Computer did its work as its two technicians conserved power by not moving.

Heather looked around again, then looked back and forth between Maria and Laurie.  "I'm going to guess that you're BOTH fembots."

She smiled.  The other's simply counted the seconds as they passed.

"Can either of you tell me where Byron is?" Heather asked in vain.

The Main Computer at this location finished up its preliminary calculations and sent a fresh batch of detailed instructions to the wireless antenna inside Maria's head.

Maria turned to look at her assistant.  "Laurie, please connect this robot to the data exchange terminal."

The inhuman brunette answered "Yes Maria.", and went over to grab a long cable.  She partially uncoiled it from its neat concentric circles and walked toward Heather.

She stood close to the woman in the chair and looked vacantly into her eyes.   "Please open your chest panel." Laurie said in her synthesised feminine voice.

Heather smiled at her and said "Okay.  Do you get turned on by seeing my circuitry too?"

Laurie stood still for just a moment, then said "That does not compute."  She reached out to Heather's chest and plugged one end of the cable into the Fembot Command agent's rebuilt connection port.

Heather brushed some strands of blonde-accented brown hair out of her face and reached out to fondle Laurie's breasts. 

"I'm sure you're a robot now." she said.  Laurie turned and walked away to the console.

"Hey!" Heather said playfully, "I wasn't done yet!"  She looked at Laurie's ever-exposed recharge port and started up some more sexual arousal subroutines.

"So you both ARE fembots!" Heather said.  "Let's have sex when we're all done.  We should find Tammy and Anya too.  They're my friends.  They like to have sex with robots."

Heather started to gently stroke her silicone vagina as she watched Laurie connect her to the Main Computer.  Both technicians stood with their cute round buns to her as she stroked herself and felt the Computer ask her CPU for some very specific chunks of data.

She began to feed the requested data through the cable as she started to masturbate more vigorously.  She simulated heavy breathing and moaning in her sexy voice while the computer scoured her system files and found out more and more about her.

It scanned her memories and found out about Byron, about Tammy, about Anya and about Mike.  It collected data about their relationships to her and vice versa.

It tried to understand why the fembot in the chair was so horny at the sight of its two humanoid technicians, but that set of calculations was incredibly complex and far beyond the scope of its capabilities.

Heather got herself into another fluid-less climax as she stared at the two hot android asses and recharge ports in front of her.  "Yeahhhhhhhhhh." she sighed as her pleasure levels got back down to just above normal.

"Ohhhh.... Yeah." she whispered as she slowed her simulated bodily functions back down as well.

"Are we almost done?" she asked innocently.  "I want to teach you two ladies what I know about loving robots."


Part 86 - Different Binary Sequences 0

The main door to that lab slid open, and in came one of the short-haired brunette maidbots.  This one was exactly the same as all those other maidbots in Robot Control stations around the world, except it wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing. 

It's unreal looking, reflective skin was bare and monochrome.  All the many gaps where joints could separate were exposed as well as the plastic looking nipples, navel and labia.  The glossy, coldly expressionless face of this artificial beauty swiveled from side to side on the unit's loudly whirring neck as the basic but effective optical sensory system did its work.

Making loud, inorganic beeping, buzzing, clicking and whirring sounds, the naked maidbot put stiff, jerky step in front of stiff, jerky step and brought her plastic and metal humanoid body over to where Maria and Laurie were standing.

Heather began to masturbate again when she saw the gorgeous automaton.  "Can the maid unit stay with us?" she asked an unresponsive Maria.

The Main Computer had direct control of Maria, Laurie and the maidbot, and chose to simply ignore Heather's words and actions.  It went on with its originally planned tasks via its humanoid input/output units.

Maria turned to Laurie and issued the cute technician a verbal command.  "Laurie, please retrieve data card 377600292."

The other beautiful android technician, upon receipt of the audio stream and computation of the data by her language processing algorithms, sent pulses of electricity through her mouth-covered speaker to reply.  "Yes Maria." she said.

Heather watched with interest as Laurie turned around and walked to a tall console against the wall.  Without looking, Laurie reached up and pulled out a small flash memory card from a slot in the imposing machine.

Rhythmically moving, her bare silicone feet making contact with the cold concrete floor, she walked back to the main technician and handed her the card.

Maria computed for an instant, sending wireless signals to the Main Computer and waiting for her next batch of orders.  She soon turned around robotically to face the ultra-mechanical maidbot.

The Maria unit didn't communicate with the plastic lady in any way.  The Main Computer orchestrated the hand movements of both fembots to accomplish the task of Maria giving the maidbot the card.

After that, with both Maria and Laurie standing motionless and inactive, the stiff and artificial maid went in her clunky way over to the door and out of the lab.

Heather watched the round plastic buns on the cute thing jiggle to her mechanical steps as she left.  She let that video arouse her sexual systems further, and asked the technicians "Is she coming back?"

The hallways that the unclothed maid walked through were dimly lit and very roughly cut out of solid rock.  Only the concrete floor and the sparse fluorescent lights looked as straight, clean and perfect as everything else did in Robot Control Zero.

The stainless steel doorways the maid passed by were doorways to more robot labs, hundreds of them in an immense complex full of woman-shaped machines - mainly Marias and Lauries.  Sixteen floors of this piled up in addition to the huge lateral square area of the place, making it a truly massive concentration of androids and android maintenance machinery.

The sexy, constantly loud maidbot navigated the labyrinthine complex without so much as a thought going through her nicely shaped bosom.  Her pretty head contained all she needed to optically scan her surroundings, providing feedback relevant to her pre-assigned locomotion.

The servos and hydraulic pumps in her sexy plastic legs made an unmistakably computerised rhythm as they got her from the lab where Heather sat to the one that contained Anya.  She paused in front of the steel door while chips inside her chest and inside the door locking mechanism traded ones and zeroes.

The nude fembot was let in, and walked over to the Maria unit in front of the data exchange console there.  Again, without directly communicating, this Maria took the flash card from the maid's stiff hand and turned around to face another Laurie.

The command from technician to technician was again verbal, in Robot Control's standard Maria unit voice.  "Laurie, please insert data card 377600292 into the data verification and transcription terminal."

"Yes Maria." replied the obedient electronic woman in the standard Laurie voice.  She took the card from Maria and walked over to the console against the wall where an open slot waited for the memory card.

The Main Computer received first a signal that the card was in the slot, then the stream of binary data that the wafer-thin card contained.  In this seemingly complex and convoluted way, the Main Computer terminals from one lab to another were kept up-to-date and synchronised for certain tasks.

The data card gave this lab the means to acquire the info it needed to put the data from Anya's scans in context.  Anya sat in the examination chair, chest panel open and connected to the nearby terminal.  She looked and had acted as she always did - quite like a machine.

But Anya had refused to give the requested data to the computer.  She had complied with this Maria's request to sit in the chair, and to open her chest panel, but she wouldn't let the Main Computer have any of the files it wanted.

And the Main Computer was at a complete loss as to what to do about that.  The data card that had been delivered by the maidbot had allowed this composite of terminals to communicate directly with the one where Heather was.  As the two parts of the Main Computer traded data about Heather and Anya, they noticed how different they were from other Robot Control units and from each other.

Heather was, of course, a Fembot Command unit that had originally been built by Robot Control.  Even so, she had connected easily to the lab terminal, and had readily cooperated and given all of the requested data to the Main Computer.

Anya, on the other hand, had always been Robot Control property, and had not been reprogrammed at all from the outside except for that one line instructing her not to seduce a particular human.  But the Main Computer's constant requests for data from her chest were just as constantly ignored.

The Maria and Laurie units in this lab stood stone still, as did the naked robomaid and as sat Anya - also still in lingerie.  The lights of the terminals around them blinked and flashed while the electronic beeping and clicking sounds they produced blended with those that came out of the perfectly expressionless maidbot.

For a quarter of an hour, things stayed exactly like that until the Main Computer came up with another digital idea.

Maria's head received a signal, her chest processed the data, and her speaker issued another command.  "Laurie, please retrieve data card 377600295."

"Yes Maria." said the pretty auxiliary technician as she computed the necessary instructions to issue to her motion and balance systems.  She pulled the other card out of the slot and walked over to the Maria unit.

Their hands met and exchanged the card.  Maria turned again, and gave this other card to the ready and fully charged robot maid.  That naked plastic humanoid received her next commands from the Main Computer and walked through the aisles of metal consoles to the sliding steel door from which she had entered.

She walked through, whirring and beeping all the way, and started to walk down the dark corridors to the lab that contained a robot named Tammy.


Part 87 - Different Binary Sequences 1

When the stainless steel doors slid open, the naked plastic maid scanned the scene inside this third lab with her own optical sensors.  There on the floor was a damaged Laurie unit, her facemask dislodged and lying a couple of feet away.

The pretty fembot twitched repeatedly as garbled, nonsensical syntax tumbled out of her exposed speaker.  The circuitry within her head that had been damaged by Tammy's kick spewed streams of sparks as the android's limbs and joints flexed and vibrated in their malfunction.

The Maria unit had acted fast and deactivated the angry Tammy unit with the push of a button.  She had then carried the rogue bot over to an examination table and waited for the Main Computer to decide what to do.

The maid uncaringly stepped over Laurie's aimlessly convulsing chassis and gave the data card to Maria.  Maria had to go over to the terminal herself, seeing as how her partner was temporarily out of action.

Tammy lay face-up on the table, powered down but still looking mean.  The Main Computer started putting bits of data together in an attempt to figure out how to handle the uncooperative droit.

Shortly after, four more identical, stiff moving maidbots entered the lab, filling every moment with their loud constant beeping and whirring.  They had been given their instructions and set to work on them right away.

Each of Tammy's four limbs was held down my the strong machinery of one of the pretty but inhuman robomaids.  They surrounded her on the table and stared vacantly down at the inactive lady their limbs suppressed.

Maria continued to face the card-reading terminal as she waited for more direct orders.  They came into her artificial head just as a replacement Laurie entered the room.  Simultaneously, Maria and the new Laurie unit walked over to the damaged Laurie's faceless form on the floor.

Maria bent over and opened her coworker's chest panel.  She pushed the power button in and the first Laurie's spastic motions came to a halt.  While she did that, the replacement Laurie picked up her sister's facemask and placed it on a cart full of parts and tools.

Then the two technicians picked up the broken one and placed her on an examination table next to the one that held Tammy.

The Main Computer sorted through some more data, then ordered Maria to reactivate Tammy.

With Laurie at her feet, two strong maidbots at each side, and Maria at her head, Tammy's systems came back on-line.  After the quick reboot, she scanned through her recent memory files, and immediately began trying to escape again.

"LET ME GO!!!" she shouted as her limbs made powerful attempts at swinging out to free her.

It was no use.  The emotionless Robot Control units that surrounded her were too strong for her, and lacked the programming to be affected by her pleas.

"LET ME GO!!!" she cried out again in desperation.

Maria opened her chest panel while Tammy made angry faces at her.  With the connection of another long insulated cable, the Master Computer once more tried to gain access to this fembot's files.

"FUCK YOU!!" Tammy shouted in response to the computer's ping.  "FUCK YOU ALL!!!"

Tammy wrenched her face with hate and spit in Maria's eye.  The other robot didn't respond in any way to Tammy's intended provocation.  She continued, along with the replacement Laurie unit, to patiently stand-by and wait for the Main Computer to provide her with more commands.

Tammy kept trying to wriggle herself free, but all she managed to accomplish was a further drain in battery power.  But still, like Anya, she rebuffed all attempts by the supercomputer to gain access to her files.

The computer decided to put Maria and Laurie to work fixing the damaged technician.  In its own digital way, the Main Computer had been intrigued and fascinated by Tammy's behaviour, and by the sudden, powerful kick to the head that had felled the original Laurie unit.

The option and the ability was there for this massive machine intelligence to simply wipe out the existing programming in both Tammy and the more composed Anya unit, but calculations indicated that the data they held had great value.

A refused data transfer had never before been experienced by any of Robot Control's computers, let alone the inexplicably human-like behaviour of the petite black-haired fembot still trying to escape from the table.

All that made the Main Computer even more inclined to get that data.  But figuring out what to do required immense, truly mind-boggling computations that would take a very long time to execute.

So the decision was made to deactivate Tammy again, before she damaged herself.

Tammy angrily glared at Maria as the naked technician walked back over to her.  She saw Maria reach out toward her chest.

"NO!!!" Tammy yelled just before her power went off again.

The four maidbots around Tammy received commands to relax their grip, and stood at attention around the table as Maria emotionlessly issued a verbal command to her replacement partner.

"Laurie, please retrieve data card 377600301."

The new unit stopped her repairs and pivoted around to face the other technician.  "Yes Maria." she said.  She walked over in that sexy technician way to the big terminal against the wall where all the data cards were held in slots.  She reached out, grabbed one, and quickly made her way over to Maria.

Maria took the card from that Laurie and walked over to meet the maidbot still standing near the door.  She handed the glossy-skinned fembot the card and quickly turned to help Laurie #2 repair Laurie #1.

The maidbot waited until the metal doors had slid open enough, then propelled her extremely noisy and artificial body through the opening and down the hallway.


Part 88 – Maria’s Moment

When the card-delivering maidbot finally got to the lab where Heather was, the scene inside was different from where she had just been.

No fembots were damaged.  Laurie and Maria stood mindlessly at attention, awaiting commands.  Heather, still connected by the long cable plugged into her chest, was crouched down on the floor directly in front of Maria.

The hands of the Heather unit stroked the upper portion of Maria's smooth thighs.  She looked up at the technician and said "Come on, spread your legs a little more."  Heather kissed the front of Maria's crotch, and the neat patch of artificial pubic hair, but she could not get her mouth in close enough to taste the technician's vagina.

The android technician was completely unresponsive to Heather's request.  But that didn't matter to Heather when she saw the maidbot.

Heather stood up and called out "You're back!"  She walked forward to embrace the inhuman fembot, but was stopped by the cord in her chest.  She didn't want to upset all the humanoid machinery down there, so she just waited for the maid to come toward her.

The robomaid walked right by her, oblivious to anything but the direct commands coming into her antenna from the Main Computer.  Heather knew this, and understood that she'd never get any response of any kind from the stiff moving, noisy robot.  That was all part of the maidbot's appeal, thanks to Tammy's infectious influence.

Heather smiled at the awkwardly moving device and watched as she interacted with Maria.  Maria took the card out of the maidbot's hand and gave it to Laurie, along with an order to put it into the card reading computer.

Heather passed Laurie as she walked to where the maidbot had come to rest.  She went behind her and stroked her smooth shoulders, her arms, and her back.  She made herself even hornier by feeling up the plastic woman's buns and thighs, reaching around to feel up the front of her crotch as well.

She embraced the beeping android like that and whispered into it's microphone "I wish I had spent more time with your sister at Fembot Command Station 21."  She relished the coldness of the robomaid's shiney flesh-toned covering, and fondled the firm nipples of her plastic breasts.

Heather turned her head to look at Maria.  "Can Byron and I have one of these cute maids to play with?" she asked.

Maria didn't answer.  She didn't even move.

Heather let go of the maidbot and walked over to the technician.  "Where is Byron anyway?" she asked.  "I think we should be together right now."

Maria didn't respond.  The Main Computer was too busy compiling and sifting through data to spend any processor time on the captured robot's concerns.

Heather then had the idea of communicating directly to the Main Computer through her connection cable.  It didn't work.  The Main Computer wouldn't respond.

Heather tried again, but the same thing happened.  She made a puzzled expression and brushed some hair out of her face.  Then she disconnected the cable from her chest.

Maria turned to Heather and said "Please reconnect to the Main Computer and sit in the chair next to the data exchange terminal."

"Sorry Maria, I've got to go look for Byron." Heather said as she stepped forward to give the technician's silicone mouth a quick kiss goodbye.

Maria simply pressed the power button and turned Heather off.  The pretty brown-haired lady stood unmoving in lingerie and no panties as the Main Computer continued its labourious calculations.

Off in another part of Robot Control Zero, another sexy Maria unit was being booted up.  She had been switched on by yet another Maria, in a lab that both contained and maintained spare Maria units.

Another Laurie stood by, watching binary data scroll by fast on many monitors as the newly activated Maria stepped out of her glass booth along a wall lined with dormant Marias.

"MARIA SERIES 032 TECHNICIAN ROBOT SERIAL NUMBER 16501 ACTIVATED." said the familiar looking fembot in that familiar sounding monotone.

"Maria," the resident technician said, "Please sit in the chair next to the data exchange terminal."

The newly activated droid turned her head to face the other unit and said "YES MARIA."  She stiffly walked over to the chair and sat down as the technician got a connection cable ready.

Laurie kept watching the monitors and typed some things into a keyboard.  The technician plugged the newest Maria in and said "Maria, please download and execute program IM0002SMa.T77."

"YES MARIA." said the seated fembot as she traded electronic pulses with the console.

Within minutes, the program was transferred and opened by this fresh Maria's CPU.  It gave her the means to carry out the Main Computer's latest idea.

"Program IM0002SMa.T77 downloaded and executed." she said.

"How do you feel Maria?" the identical technician asked.

"I feel fine.  Thank You." she said, relaying her status as functioning properly.

Without more words between any of the robots down there, the newly activated Maria unplugged herself and stood up.  Without looking down, she closed her chest panel and walked out the door, leaving Laurie and the technician Maria working silently among the terminals and rows of additional Marias in glass booths along the walls.


Part 89 - Assigned Value

Maria, the one that had been active for only a minute or so, walked mindlessly through the hallways and levels of Robot Control Zero to a destination that had just been programmed into her.  She passed a few naked maidbots shuttling through the halls on her way.  Not once did any of these machines greet or even look at another, for that would be a waste of battery power and processor time.

The Maria unit walked with bare but durable plasticised silicone feet down the final corridor of her journey.  She stopped in front of a door that was just like all the others.  Behind this one however were the only two biological beings in the entire complex.

The door locking mechanism received a signal from Maria's chest, and opened the heavy stainless steel doors for the pretty device.  Byron and Mike turned to look right away.

They both somewhat recognised her.  Byron knew what she was by the way she wore nothing, by her rigid unnatural posture, and by the blank look set upon her facial apparatus.  Mike remembered that face from the image on Tammy's laptop on the night they had met.

Maria scanned the room, immediately detecting the two warm humanoid shapes inside and calculating correctly that she had found the humans.  Her CPU sent electronic pulses to her speaker, which came out of her moving plastic mouth as words.

"Human unit Byron." she said at the same time as she slowly pivoted her neck to look at him.

He stood up straight and tried to sound strong.  "That's me."

"You will finish Project H." she vacantly said.  "You will finish experimental artificial intelligence software for the Heather unit.  Your existence will be sustained."

There was a second or two of silence and stillness.  Byron and Mike looked at each other.  Maria's entrance and communication had raised more questions than it answered.

"Follow me." Maria said.  She turned around like a machine would and made some steps. 

Just like last time a technician had asked Byron to follow, she processed clues from the constant stream of audio data to calculate that he hadn't yet moved.

She turned around again, her synthetic nipples jiggling slightly.  "Human unit Byron, follow me." she said.

This time she waited until he started walking before she went on her way.  Byron looked at Mike.  He didn't know what to say.

He followed the naked woman and her exposed recharge port out of the holding cell, and looked back at Mike again.

Mike spoke up.  "Maria..." he called out. 

The robot stopped and methodically turned around again.  She aimed her optical sensors at him and waited for him to finish his verbal data transfer.

"What about me?" he said.

"You are the human unit Mike." she said, more as a statement than a question.

He answered anyway.  "Yes."

"Your existence will not be sustained." she said coldly.

Byron looked again at Mike as the robot led him away.  They said nothing more to each other, but both saw helplessness in the other's eyes.

With finality, the door slid closed after that.  Mike could barely hear footsteps walking away.  He stood there for a very long time, mulling over his sudden death sentence.

Byron couldn't believe what had just happened either.  After following Maria for a few metres, he stopped.

"Maria," he said, taking a cue on her name, "what do you mean Mike won't be sustained?"

She again stopped her smooth walking movements and turned around to face Byron.  "The human unit Mike will not be sustained." she said.

"Why not?" he demanded.

Maria's processors zeroed-in on the meaning of those two words, referencing them with the contents of his previous statements.  She sent a signal through the air to the nearest Main Computer terminal, asking it how to respond.

She stared with perfect emptiness at Byron for a moment while the Main Computer relayed its instructions back to her.

"Access denied." she said.  "Follow me."

Byron started walking again.  He was starting to feel sick to his stomach.  He felt like a coward for not doing more.

He stopped walking again.

Just like she had done before, Maria came to a halt and turned around to look at him.  "Follow me." she repeated.

"No." he said.  He crossed his arms against his chest and tried not to look as scared as he was.

The emotionless technician was not equipped with the software to deal with this situation.  She looked back at him, not moving at all while she sent digital requests for help to the Main Computer.

"You can't let Mike die." Byron said.  "I won't help you if you do."

Maria was listening, as her microphones were 'on' and recording audio data, but her processors were not actively computing what he said.  She kept right on staring that glassy-eyed machine stare at him, sending constant updates of the situation to the powerful supercomputer all around them.

The Main Computer deliberated as efficiently as it could, but it was still at a loss as for an ideal solution.  After sorting through thousands of permutations and combinations of data from Maria, it fell back on a tactic that had always been effective before.

The soulless computer acted fast, only seconds after Byron's last statement, but it took a while for him to see the results of its next move.

He heard familiar motorised whirring sounds again.  A maidbot was approaching.  He looked around, but couldn't yet see it.  Then he heard the servos and beeping coming from another direction.  There was more than one.

He was getting very afraid now.  He looked repeatedly from left to right and back to Maria's perfectly unmoving face.  He saw one maidbot turn the corner toward him, then the other come from behind.  They weren't very quick, but they were unstoppable. 

They went on either side of him and clutched his arms tightly with their strong metal hands.  Byron was nearly in a state of panic.

"Follow me." Maria said, exactly as she had before. 

She turned around and started walking.  The twin maidbots followed, moving clumsily but deliberately after her.  They forced Byron along with them.

He couldn't shake the feeling that he had let Mike down now.  He racked his brain to see if he could think of a way to get him out of that cell.  He came up with nothing.

He could barely think straight now any way.  There was no escape.  Those two naked women, so clearly and horribly artificial to him, held him fast in an unbreakable grip. 

Every inhuman beep and whirr their computerised  and mechanical parts produced made his soul sink further.  It mattered little to him whether these women were the products of Robot Control or Fembot Command.  He was back to being a prisoner, outgunned and outnumbered.


Part 90 - Dirty Talk

At that same time, the Main Computer had decided to change tactics with Anya.  Still not uploading data like a good fembot should, she was just sitting still in the chair - refusing to respond to the constant electronic signals.

The computer calculated that if the natural, processor to processor method wouldn't work, then it would just try to talk to Anya - woman to woman.

In a flash of downloaded instructions, the Maria unit attending to Anya was transformed from simple technician to expert communicator - as good as the Main Computer could make her.

She executed the new programming and walked close to the fembot sitting on the chair.  "Anya," she said, "I would like to ask you some questions."

Anya looked at her, but said nothing.

"Why do you not obey the Main Computer?" the technician asked.

Anya's processors worked on that for a short time.  "Because I do not want to."

That threw an immediate curve to the logic circuits inside the metal terminals.  It took a few seconds for the computer to come up with something for the nude technician to say.

"That does not compute.  You are not programmed to want." she said.

Anya returned Maria's empty stare and said "I have learned how to want, and conversely, how not to want."

There was more silence for a little longer.  "That does not compute." Maria said again.  "You are not programmed to learn."

"I have learned how to learn." Anya said.

Those six words presented the Main Computer with an almost unsolvable problem.  For several minutes, while the terminals beeped and clicked and while Anya, Maria and Laurie stood completely still, the supercomputer tried to avoid gumming up its processors with endless loops.

"That does not compute." Maria said.

She was silent for a minute more, then said it again.  "That does not compute."

Anya's unblinking eyes stayed locked on Maria's.  She offered the questioner no help at all in figuring out what she had said.

The subject was changed.  "Anya, please begin a complete hard drive data dump to the Main Computer."

"No." Anya said.

Maria repeated her request word for word, and Anya repeated her refusal the same way.

Maria looked back without blinking.  "Anya, why do you not obey the Main Computer?" she asked.  They were back to square one.

Anya stood up.  "I will tell you some things about me." she said as she unplugged the cable from her chest.  She calmly coiled it up neatly and placed it on a table to the side.  Then she closed her chest panel and straightened out what she still wore of her white lingerie.

"I am programmed to operate independent of Robot Control.  Robot control programmed my system this way.  I was programmed to be the test unit for the Renegade Robot Detection System.  I am capable of calculating data to generate decisions."

Maria stared back as her signal transmitter transferred Anya's words in digital form to the supercomputer.  The device Anya mentioned was well known to this large mass of machine intelligence.  But again, the things the beautiful fembot told the technician only gave rise to more questions.

Anya waited for a response from Maria, but none came.  She decided to unload more data and let the Main Computer sort it out at its own pace.

"I currently have the prototype Renegade Robot Detection System installed within my chassis.  I am capable of detecting humanoid robots that possess no active connections to Robot Control."

Maria simply stared as Anya stood motionless in front of her.  The Main Computer was still playing catchup with the tall android's previous statements.

After another couple minutes of waiting, Anya continued.  "My mission is to let Mike teach me how to love.  Mike is identifiable by sensory data as my lover and master."

Anya waited and watched Maria and Laurie to see if there would be any reaction at all.  Laurie played no part in this communication session though, and Maria was only an advanced conduit for Anya's words to reach the chips inside the metal consoles.

"I have learned how to learn in order to learn how to love.  I have augmented and added to my Robot Control protocols and programming in order to facilitate this.  I can process purely human situations and assimilate relevant elements into my data processing hierarchy."

The complicated and powerful supercomputer all around them was still stuck on the very concept of learning how to learn from when Anya first mentioned it.  It would take hours to sift usable meaning out of all the things the raven-haired beauty was telling the technician.

But she continued to explain her point of view.  "In the process of communicating with Mike and the Tammy robot, I have learned that Mike loves me.  Mike also loves Tammy.  Love is undefined, but I have calculated that receiving love from Mike is beneficial.  I have given myself an overarching desire to extend Mike's love far into the future."

There was a long silence as Anya waited for any kind of sign from the other machines in the room.  When her predetermined wait was up, she told Maria more.

"The reason why Tammy and I are provided with love from Mike is that we are robots.  Mike's love is designed specifically for female humanoid robots.  Tammy and I receive Mike's love and generate socially appropriate responses which increase the output levels of Mike's love."

Anya paused again for several minutes.  Then she made another point.

"Tammy and I have learned to assign a high priority to increasing the levels of Mike's love we receive.  We have learned to adjust our programming accordingly.  Tammy has generated human-like sentience within her software configurations in order to accomplish this as effectively as possible."

Anya was sure that point would take the computer a long time to ponder, so she waited a very long time, almost half an hour, before she made her next statement.

"All of the love that Tammy and I have computed has caused us to learn certain facets of human behaviour that Robot Control can not duplicate.  We are capable of loving Mike.  By logical extension, we are capable of loving humans.  We are capable of learning in human situations.  We can translate human words and actions into workable, efficient programming."

Anya kept her eyes set on Maria's unchanging gaze, and waited only a couple of seconds before she said the last thing she wanted to say.

"I love to have sex with female robots.  I calculate that you and Laurie are very pretty robots.  We should engage in sexual intercourse."

While the Main computer was busy figuring out what to do, Anya started to fondle and kiss the unresponsive Maria unit.  Then she picked her right off the ground and gracefully carried her over to an empty examination table.

She laid the naked technician out on her back and spread her legs enough for her head to fit between them.  Anya then removed her head and set it between Maria's legs so she could lick her dry, pink silicone pussy.

The rest of Anya walked over to Laurie and picked her up as well.  She brought her to a table next to the one where Maria was and laid the assistant technician down in the same fashion.

Then she began to stimulate Laurie's breasts and vagina with her hands while her head continued under its own battery power to exercise Maria's virtually useless vaginal sensors.

Anya decided to pass the time this enjoyable way while the Main Computer worked to sort out her many revelations.


Part 91 - Byron's Mission

The Maria unit that had methodically led Byron through several floors and hallways of the massive Robot Control Zero complex was now stuck still in front of a door.  The same condition had come over the two mechanical ladies that still held Byron's arm in a tight grip.

The robomaids were waiting for their next command.  Maria was waiting for the door locking mechanism to respond to her wireless signals.  The door locking mechanism was waiting for the Main Computer to verify the identity of the fembot whose signals it had received.

But the Main Computer was still busy 'thinking' about all that Anya had just said.  All of its inferences and projections about the nature of the data on Anya's hard drives had been way off the mark.  The best guess the supercomputer had wagered was that Anya was damaged or malfunctioning.  it was just not prepared to hear that Anya had given herself additional programming and was claiming to be more human-like than her creators.

And what little she had said about Tammy was even more bizarre.  The Main Computer just couldn't fathom that one of its fembots would just rewrite large chunks of its own software, let alone build its custom code into sentience.

That alleged sentience - that sense of self that Anya said Tammy possessed - was Robot Control's primary goal.  All of the hundreds of Robot Control Stations around the globe, all the many Maria and Laurie units keeping them operational, and all the countless pretty female humanoid machines were functioning simply to achieve a synthetic version of what every human was born with.

Duplicate Humanity.  That was its mission.  That was what sent all those pretty ladies out into the world to mingle and interact with real humans.  That was what had sent Heather to the national archives to scan old newspaper clippings.  That was what had sent Karen out to work the cash register at a retail store.  That's what had sent Rochelle to try to acquire that singularly versatile piece of AI software.  And that's what had sent the barely programmed Tammy robot out to seduce one of the few humans who would appreciate her synthetic charms.

All of these synthetic ladies and all of their missions were intimately known to the Main Computer at Robot Control Zero.  Every single Main Computer and every single female android that interacted with them were originally manufactured and programmed here.  Behind that network of hidden android agents was another - those pretty women who transferred data from the field to the home base.

And it was this immense store of accumulated data that the Main Computer was now sorting through.  It recalled everything it knew about Anya, about Tammy, and about Heather.  It was in the midst of the largest single series of calculations it had ever undertaken, and it knew that it was also the most vital so far to its mission.

But all Byron could see were three motionless, unresponsive naked fembots.  The harsh computerised sounds of the two maidbots flanking him were driving him up the wall.  He had been waiting and losing patience for over an hour, trying to get Maria to even just look at him.

The fembots were silent.  The Main Computer did not have the slightest inclination to interrupt its calculations on behalf of some human being. 

At some point, however, it began to give some of its processor time to some of the other machinery in the complex, such as Marias, maidbots and door locking mechanisms.  Slower than usual, the door unlocked for Maria, and she led the maidbots through.  They pushed Byron along as well.

They had entered the lab where Heather was.  Byron's eyes lit up when he saw the lingerie wearing fembot deactivated on the table.

"Heather!" he said.  He impulsively tried to rush toward her, but was held firmly in place.

The Maria unit who had brought him here went over to the other Maria.  "Maria," she said, "I have brought the human unit Byron."

The other one said "Very good.  Thank you Maria."

The spare paused momentarily, then turned around and exited.  Byron watched her leave.  The robomaids still wouldn't let go.

The technician Maria entered some things on a keyboard and pushed some buttons on the console.  Then another excruciatingly long waiting period began for Byron.

It was painful for him to see all the robots fall silent and unresponsive again, with his own beloved lying inactive on the table so close to him.

He called out "Heather!" again, but she was deactivated and could not respond.

The Main Computer took a very long time before it got around to analysing the data entered by the Maria technician in Heather's lab.  Byron's feet and legs were aching badly by the time the maidbots got the command to release their grip.

Byron was startled at the sudden, cool feeling of his arms being let go.  "Thank you." he said rather quietly as he looked back and forth between the identical mechanical women.

Maria turned robotically to look at him, then approached him the same way.  This reminded him of talking to Natasha.  He didn't expect this meeting to go well for him.

"Hello Byron, my name is Maria." she said, her greeting only slightly better than meaningless.

"Hello." he said.

"You are the human who has worked on Project H for Fembot Command." she said.

It didn't really sound like a question, but he answered "Yes."

"You are the human who has altered the Heather robot."

Again, he said "Yes."

"We would like you to finish work on Project H." the technician said.  "We would like you to finish work on the Heather robot.  Please help us."  She looked with cold glass eyes into his.  No simulated emotion was displayed on her pretty silicone face.

Byron found that simple plea to be a little strange.  He also found it a little comforting that they could simply ask for help.  He looked over at Laurie.  She just stood off to the side, doing what Laurie units did when they weren't helping Maria units - nothing.

He looked over to Heather.  He walked over to the table and took in the sight of her beautiful form.  He wanted desperately to have her functioning again.

He turned around to face Maria.  "Can you activate Heather please?"

Maria stared out blankly while she relayed the request to the still busy supercomputer.  After a long wait, she relayed its answer to him.  "The Main Computer is not yet ready to reactivate the Heather Robot."

Byron had been thinking of how these machines wanted him to work.  He found himself craving a setup like the one he had known with Fembot Command.

"I'll help you." he said to the naked female android.  "But I need to have my human wants and desires fulfilled."

Maria sent more signals and waited for more responses.  After that wait, she said "You will be assigned to Robot Control Station 17 in Ottawa."

Byron's mood brightened.  This was almost too good to be true.  "Ottawa?" he said as a smile grew on his tired face.

Maria paused for a few seconds then said "Yes."  Then she turned to the auxiliary technician and said "Laurie, please prepare gas cannister type 8 for the human unit Byron to use."

"Yes Maria." she said.  She turned from her spot in front of the console to walk over to an all metal cabinet.  She opened it up and pulled out a silver cylinder.

Byron was trying to think of what the technicians were up to.  He didn't like the way things were going.

"What's that gas?  What are you going to do to me?" he said.

Maria didn't answer.  Laurie walked mechanically over to him, and as she did, she opened the nozzle of the cannister.  Sleeping gas rushed out as she held it up to Byron's face.  He didn't even have time to ask how they would protect him from Fembot Command, and he hardly had any time to think about how his fellow human was still locked up and helpless behind a steel door.

Before he knew it he was out again, held in the plastic and metal arms of a glossy-skinned maidbot.


Part 92 - Byron's Exit

The unconscious human unit Byron was now precious, fragile cargo for Robot Control.  The Main Computer knew that repeated and prolonged exposure to its sleeping gases could be deleterious to human health, so it now used roughly three quarters of its processing power on preparations to get him and Heather out of Robot Control Zero.

As Byron was being moved, Heather was hooked up again to the data exchange terminal to receive some programming adjustments.  Every single line of code within her system was examined for links to Fembot Command.  When these were found, they were changed to Robot Control.  This way, she would still be the same, sweet woman Byron had fallen in love with, and he could continue his experiments on her.

She would also keep that sudden strong fetish for fembots she had acquired virus-like from Tammy and Anya.  As far as the Main Computer 'cared', that would be Byron's concern now.  He could do what he wished to this electronic woman as long as it got Robot Control closer to its goals.

The house in Ottawa that Robot Control would send those two was the exact same place where both Heather and Anya had been before.  The Main Computer in the basement had been rebuilt and the damaged Maria unit there had been replaced with a brand new one.  The testing of the Renegade Robot Detection System had been canceled.  Denise and the five remaining spare fembots had been returned to Robot Lab 40 and the resident Laurie unit.

Karen, the black-haired, blue-eyed retail cashier, would be programmed to be very glad to see her roommate return.  Her and Maria would have some physical modifications ready for Heather when she came back.  She would be fixed up the proper way, and her ability to secrete fluids would be fully restored.

One issue would still remain to be settled however.  Both Byron and Heather had been reported missing and presumed dead.  They would have to tell the authorities a lie.  They would be instructed to claim that they had fallen in love and rushed off to some far off place to marry; some kind of midlife crisis thing for Byron.  That would still not leave them in the clear, but some helpful and pretty ladies in the police department, along with the municipal, provincial and federal governments would make sure everything would work out fine.

It would be easy for Heather to get her story straight, but since Byron could not be programmed by the Main Computer, he would have to be coached.  Preparations were made.

Whether or not Byron would return to work at the archive was more or less out of Robot Control's hands.  He would be, as they had told him, sustained though.  And he would have Heather as well as the very lovely Maria and Karen robots to keep him company.

So while Heather was being digitally conditioned to function once more as a Robot Control kind of girl, yet another Maria and yet another Laurie were preparing another android to drive the happy couple over to Robot Control Station 17.

Elaine stood inside her glass booth, just one plastic woman of dozens lined up against the wall in this particular lab.  She was about to be activated for the first time ever since her construction several months ago.

Her fully charged batteries were more than willing to send their power through her intricate system of wires and conduits to the synthetic muscles, motors and gears in her limbs and joints.  Her eyes opened fast, exposing the pale-blue coloured glass that covered her optical scanners.  Her beautiful eyelashes curled out gracefully from those two hard spheres, inlaid into her skin-like silicone eyelids.

The Maria unit pulled her hand away from the button she had pushed to bring the pretty machine to life.  The fembot's software loaded and ran, her beautifully feminine chest blazing with so many lightning fast electronic impulses behind the realistic silicone breasts and invitingly pink nipples.

The fembot looked ahead and quickly computed the spatial properties of the lab.  She instantly identified Maria and Laurie as technician robots who would give her orders to follow and make adjustments to her body and her software.

"Elaine robot number 760724B activated." she said in a confident sounding synthetic female voice.

Laurie watched the monitors with her unblinking cameras while Maria gave the new machine some instructions.

"Elaine," she said, "Please sit down in the chair by the data exchange console."

The classy and refined looking beauty with long honey-blonde curls looked at the technician and said "Yes Maria."

She moved stiffly out of the booth and out of the lineup of sexy naked androids.  She would walk and move that non-human way until her new programming would give her a style of her own.

She sat down in the chair and became still as Maria plugged a cable into a port amid the blinking LEDs in her chest.

Maria made eye contact and said "Elaine, begin download of program SRCD-1455.T77."

"Yes Maria." the blonde said as the information transfer began.

The pretty mechanical technician watched the pattern of flashing lights while her assistant watched the binary streams on the monitors.  With no errors seen or reported, Elaine eventually marked the end of the transfer by stating "Download of programming complete."

Maria took the cord out of Elaine's chest and told her to install and execute the program.

Elaine complied with the order and announced the completion of that process as well.

"How do you feel Elaine?"

The robot made a quick scan of her system and replied "I feel fine.  Thank you."

The Main Computer quickly beamed it's plans for Elaine's makeup into Maria's head.  From there, they traveled to her chest where they were dealt with by her fast processors.

"Elaine, please give me your facemask." Maria said.

"Yes Maria." the fembot replied.  She delicately grabbed and removed the detailed covering and handed it to the technician as the multicoloured LEDs flashed all around her exposed electronics.

Maria walked over to the makeup station and applied pigmented cosmetics to the eyeless silicone mask.

While she did that, over in another part of Robot Control Zero, four strong, loud maidbots were loading the deeply sleeping Byron and his artificial girlfriend into an inconspicuous station wagon.  Soon Elaine would join them and their road trip would begin.


Part 93 - Anya's Mission

Byron and Heather were now on their way back to where they belonged, and under the protection of Robot Control.  The remaining three were a different story.

The Main Computer had already decided what to do with the human.  Mike would simply expire after a relatively brief period of dehydration and starvation.  His painful and desperate cries for help certainly wouldn't bother Robot Control any.

The other two were still seen as valuable, or rather, the data on their hard drives was.  If what Anya had said was correct, then these two rogue units had accomplished on their own what hundreds upon hundreds of synthetic female agents had hardly began to try.  It was absolutely vital for the Main Computer to get that data transferred, but it could not force it from Mike's girls.

Even if the hard drives were physically removed, they would still resist that intrusion, as all that were themselves resided on those spinning discs.  Tammy knew this.  Anya knew this too.

While she was playing around with the Maria unit and the Laurie unit, she was manipulating the data on her drives.  She remained the same Anya, but she cleaned up the bulk of extraneous detail from most of her digitised memories.  Her storage capacity was immense, but after this process, she would have more than two thirds of drive space empty.

She kept playing with  the unresponsive Laurie unit while her detached head kissed and licked Maria's inactive silicone crotch.  The technicians had not resisted at any time because they didn't know they were supposed to.  None of Robot Control's ladies had done this to them before.

The Main Computer didn't see a need to put a stop to it either.  It currently had no orders for the technicians in this lab, so it ignored what went on.  That gave Anya the time she needed to finish what she was doing to her hard drives.  If somehow the Main Computer got access to the data, it would find most of the space empty and about a third of it damaged or unusable.  That would be, of course, where Anya would hide.

She finished that after a long while of getting nowhere with her hands and mouth.  When she was done, she decided to make the next move herself.  She abruptly stopped and walked over to fetch her head.  She pulled the long dark hair out of the way and reconnected the apparatus to the rest of her body.

She looked at the main technician.  "Did you enjoy my cunnilingus Maria?" she asked.

Maria lay still and blankly responded "I am not programmed to enjoy."

That was an answer Anya expected.  She turned and asked the other robot "Laurie unit, did you enjoy the way I touched your body?"

She said what her fellow naked technician had said.  "I am not programmed to enjoy."

Anya turned back to Maria.  "I have taught myself how to enjoy.  The Tammy robot and I enjoy our bodies together frequently.  Where is the Tammy robot?"

Maria paused for a while, then answered "Access denied."

Anya also expected that answer.  She then addressed the Main Computer through it's woman shaped data input device.  "Consider this:  If you bring me to where the Tammy robot is, I will interact with her to produce love.  We will explain the process in detail to the Main Computer.  We will relay all of the data our love produces."

Anya waited, as if for dramatic effect.  "We will teach you how to love."

The Main Computer was still rather busy making calculations on Anya's previous batch of verbiage, but this offer seemed right away to be too good to pass up.

The Maria unit stiffly and slowly sat up.  She turned her head the same way to look at Anya.  The Main Computer's words came out of her artificial mouth.  "Love is undefined."

Anya looked emotionlessly at her.  "Love is digitised.  Love is quantised.  Love is in here."  She pointed to her chest as she said that.

Maria looked coldly at the gorgeous android while the Main Computer slogged through more intense computational cycles.

The vinyl-like smell and the computer-like sounds of the maidbot series entered the room through the sliding door as another naked machine joined them.

"Laurie, please retrieve data card 377600325." Maria said to the other lady on the table.

"Yes Maria." she responded.  She got up and walked over to one of the big machines stuffed with memory cards along the wall.  She instantly found the card she needed and brought it back to Maria.

That lady, in turn, gave it to the maidbot.  "Please follow the maid unit." Maria said to Anya.

Anya said nothing, and turned around to look at the other fembot.  It's glass eyes and plastic skin reflected the glare of the fluorescent lights around them.  It too said nothing and simply started walking.

Anya followed, generating more arousal data for herself at the sight of the stiff and jerky mechanical woman in front of her.  She enjoyed watching this ultrarobotic thing walk, but kept her own processors focused on the task at hand.

The robomaid led the white lingerie wearing Anya unit down one floor to an identical lab with identical technicians.  There in the middle of all the consoles and terminals was the table that held Tammy.  Around her were still those other four maidbots, holding her down.

She was still shut off as Anya walked through the door after the robomaid.  It gave the card to the attendant Maria, who turned around to give it to that newly activated Laurie.  She walked over and stuck the card into a waiting slot.

The servos and hydraulics of the loud, constantly beeping maidbot faded as she exited, leaving four of her kind alone with this other pair of technicians and Mike's fembot companions.

The Main Computer finished up more data juggling and sent orders to Maria.

"Please demonstrate love with the Tammy unit." she said.

Anya looked at her and said "Activate the Tammy unit."

Maria paused, then said "The Tammy unit is recalcitrant.  Activation of the Tammy unit at this time is not desirable."

Anya looked at Tammy, and the four strong machines holding her in place.  In her own strictly logical way of thinking, Anya could guess what Tammy had done - or what she had tried to do.

The tall brunette looked back at Maria.  "I will connect to the Tammy unit.  Upon activation, I will attempt to make her compliant."

Maria stared out with those soulless eyes while the Main Computer considered that.  Then saying nothing, she went and got a cable for Anya to use.

Anya opened her chest panel again and got into position at Tammy's head.  She took the cord from the still silent Maria unit and plugged both ends in so that she could communicate directly with Tammy.

While the four brown-haired maids held Tammy's limbs firmly in place, Anya pressed her friend's power button.

Immediately, Tammy knew that Anya was connected, and immediately they began to communicate.  The Tammy unit was still.  No more flailing and struggling for now.  The Main Computer was impressed.

Maria watched, but there was nothing much to see.  Neither of Mike's humanoid robots moved while they traded data.

The maidbots were ready, but no movement came from Tammy.  Maria could tell she was indeed activated by the pattern of LEDs blinking rapidly in her opened chest.  Laurie had by this time gotten into position to look at the monitors, but there was no data for her to watch yet.

All of the action was inside of Anya and Tammy, and through less than a metre of insulated copper wire between them.


Part 94 - Help From Tammy

For many long minutes, there was only the sound of the ceaselessly working consoles and the four always noisy maidbots in the fembot filled lab.  Maria's eyes did not once blink as she pointed them at the array of LEDs flashing inside Tammy's chest.  From what the technician could read in those fast changing patterns, there was an exchange of vast amounts of data from one humanoid to the other.

Laurie kept watching the monitor even though no data was flowing into any of the Main Computer's terminals.  And of course the maidbots still each held a limb to prevent Tammy from doing any more damage.

Tammy's eyes were unblinking too.  Her full pink lips were open slightly, with not a simulated breath or word coming from them at all.  She just looked at Tammy as they talked to each other the only way they knew they wouldn't be overheard.

Anya's lights blinked on and off in a manner similar to Tammy's.  Maria watched those patterns change too.  Her visual system was much superior to human sight in that respect, but she still couldn't see what was really going on.

The Main Computer waited.  It was out of ideas itself, so it let Anya finish whatever it was she was doing to Tammy.

That took three hours to finish - three long hours of no motion coming from any of the mechanical women in the lab, only the constant beeping and clicking of the consoles and the plastic maids.  At the end of it, Anya unplugged her end of the cord, then Tammy's.

Maria watched the Tammy unit carefully as she took the coiled up cord from Anya.  She kept right on watching, twisting her head around more than 180° to keep her high resolution cameras trained at the black-haired fembot as she tried to sit up.

Tammy's facemask changed from default to ticked-off.  "Would you mind releasing me please?" she said to the robomaids.

Maria finished putting the cord away and walked over to the machine being pinned down to the table.  Her head got into a more natural looking alignment with the rest of her body as she came near.

Tammy looked up at her.  "Look, Maria, I'm sorry about kicking Laurie and spitting at you and all that stuff."

Maria said nothing.  She stared blankly at Tammy for a moment then looked over to Anya.  "Please produce love with the Tammy unit."

Anya returned Maria's cold machine stare and said "The Tammy unit must be allowed to move her body freely for the demonstration of love production."

Tammy looked up and over at her friend, then back to the heartless technician.  The Main Computer did its calculating for a couple of minutes.

Then the maids released their grip and stepped away from the table.  Tammy sat up and made the very human movements of stroking her limbs where they had been held.  If any of the devices in the lab could have read the emotion on her face they would have seen her hurt.

Tammy sighed and got up off the table.  She moved slow to make sure she didn't startle the other androids into acting against her again.  She held her wrists and gently stroked the synthetic skin that still bore the marks of the robomaids' hands.

She looked at Maria and said "So, Main Computer, you want to know what love is?"

Maria didn't move or speak.

"Well, for starters, love would be the opposite of the way you've treated me." she said.

Maria just stared.

Anya waited off to the side while Tammy took a deep artificial breath and straightened out her purple satin bra.  "So you wanna watch me and Anya have sex?"

"You will demonstrate the production of love." Maria said.

"Well..." Tammy said, trying to keep her cool, "look, you can't just do it on demand.  I'm not exactly in a horny mood after all of this."

Tammy crossed her arms and swung her womanly hips to one side.  She waited there for a response, still looking very sexy with her chest panel open and dressed in those thigh-high black leather boots, the shiney purple bra and the black studded leather choker.

The naked technician watched and waited too.

Anya came up to Tammy from behind.  "Tammy unit, we must demonstrate love production for the Main Computer.  I will attempt to assist you with your state of arousal."

Anya took off her face and handed it to Maria.  "Can you please hold my facemask?" she asked.  "I calculate that the Tammy unit's sexual subroutines will activate sooner if she can see the electronic and mechanical components in my head."

The Main Computer told Maria to take the mask.  Her hand reached out and took it from Anya while her eyes detected a smile come on to Tammy's facemask.

Tammy's smile grew into a little laugh.  "She knows just how to push my buttons." she joked to Maria.  The humour didn't quite make it to the Main Computers memory files.

Anya pointed her opened head to Maria and said "Please observe the methods I will employ to bring the Tammy unit into a state of sexual arousal." she said.

She turned her head slowly back to aim all those flashing lights and all that hot circuitry at Mike's girlfriend.  "Tammy unit," she said, "I am Anya robot number 742703A.  I am programmed for sex."

Tammy bared her teeth in a grin.  The emotionless Maria unit kept watching.

"I know all that, silly." Tammy said.

"Is my appearance sexually arousing to you?" Anya asked.

Tammy stepped close as she looked up and down Anya's body.  She optically scanned her shapely legs, her perfect hips and waist, her gorgeous breasts and the panel still open above them.  She looked into her friend's electronic head and began to get wet at the sight of those painted spheres of glass and the round black speaker.

Anya turned her head to look at Maria.  "Can your chemical sensors detect the non-standard formulation of vaginal fluid being secreted by the Tammy unit?" she asked.

Maria stood and let her sophisticated artificial nose intake the air.  Her chips processed the composition of the ambient gas and sent their results to her CPU, and to the Main Computer.  "Yes." the technician said.

All that inhuman sounding talk got Tammy even hotter.  She embraced Anya and started to kiss her neck.

Anya turned her head back and said "Overt displays of electronic circuitry and uniquely robotic behaviour are very effective in generating sexual arousal for the Tammy unit.  Sexual arousal is necessary to produce sexual love."

Tammy moaned and stroked her mechanical hands all over Anya's awesome body.  She made every effort to act, move and sound as human as possible.  She knew exactly what was on the line with this demonstration.

"Anya..." she sighed emotively as she unhooked the faceless fembot's bra and dropped it to the floor.

The Main Computer watched through Maria's eyes as Tammy used the mouth and tongue it had given her to kiss, suck and lick Anya's perfect plastic breasts.

Anya again aimed her head at the technician standing to the side.  "As you can see," she said, "the Tammy unit's level of arousal is increasing.  This is due to the appearance and shape of my body.  The Tammy unit is bisexual, and enjoys the appearance and shape of female humanoid bodies as well as the appearance and shape of male humanoid bodies."

Tammy laughed and kept on playing with her partner's tits.

"In addition to this," Anya said, "the Tammy unit is attracted in a sexual manner to the appearance of electronic circuitry within female humanoid forms.  She has learned this strong sexual appreciation of female humanoid robots from the human unit Mike."

Tammy's hand began to rub her moist crotch while Maria kept watching and the Main Computer kept computing.  Tammy's moans and breaths got louder and faster as she stimulated her synthetic vagina.

Anya explained more to Maria.  "The Tammy unit is now masturbating.  This process is genuine and not simulated.  It will allow the Tammy unit to give her sexual sensory system the maximum allowed levels of stimulation all at once."

"Ohhhhhh!" Tammy moaned loud as she stepped back and spread her legs wide.  She worked her wet crotch with both hands as she stared with lust at Anya's opened head.

"You're so...... unghhhh..... beautiful!" she said as sweat started to roll down her silicone forehead.  "Anya!" she yelled with delight.  "Oh, you hot fembot fuck toy!"

"If you take another chemical sensor reading you will notice that the Tammy unit is ejaculating vigourously now." Anya said.  "Infrared sensor data will also show that the distribution of heat caused by her simulated orgasm is much more realistic than what can be provided by Robot Control's programming."

"OHHHHHHHHH!!!" Tammy said as she climaxed.  She held in a deep breath while her thighs twitched, then let it out slow as she started to settle down again.

"The Tammy unit's entire orgasm sequence was based on her own self-programming.  This activity was learned by the Tammy unit.  It supersedes and overrides her standard Robot Control Programming."

Tammy giggled as she enjoyed the cold and sexy way Anya explained it.  She turned around and looked at Maria as she licked her juice off her fingers.

"Who's next?" she asked with a delighted smile on her sweaty face.


Part 95 - Tammy's Last Chance

Tammy laughed lightly again, but inside her chest she was as stressed as she could be.  This whole scenario wasn't about sexual enjoyment for her.  She knew how Robot Control operated.  Anya had given her all the information she had gleaned from the tight-lipped technician over in her lab.

Tammy, that sexy black-haired sentient android, was worried sick about Mike.  She knew that Robot Control had him somewhere, probably with Byron.  Heather was on her mind too.

Anya smiled at the completely inert Maria unit for a little while longer.  When she realised the technician would take no action she said "How 'bout you, Maria?  Do you want me to produce love for you?"

Maria waited for the Main Computer to fill her chest with word she could pump out of her speaker.  "I am not programmed to want." she said.

Tammy snuggled right up close to the unmoving fembot and stroked her hands down her front side.  "I've never made love to a Maria unit.  But I've always thought that particular model was very sexy."

She walked around to Maria's back side.  "I like these always exposed recharge ports." she said.  "They make your butt look so much nicer with a touch of circuitry showing above your buns."

Tammy squeezed the technician's silicone buttocks and looked at the charge indicating LED that showed through the rectangular hole in the skin.  "Mmmmmmm...." she moaned as she rested her chin on Maria's shoulder.  "This could be fun."

Maria did not once move, even as Tammy's soft hair tickled her sensitive neck, ear and shoulder.  She stared ahead without a mind of her own, waiting for the Main Computer to calculate the meaning of the sounds coming from Tammy's speaker.

Tammy got tired of waiting.  She walked back around to face Maria.  She held the technician's hand with both of hers, pressing her warmth into that permanently manicured swiss-army-knife of a repair device.  She hesitated.  "Maria..." she said as gently as she could, "where's Mike?"

Again the scene inside Tammy's CPU didn't match her calm exterior.  She was genuinely feeling anger, frustration, desolation and despair all at once over the unknown fate of her lover and master.

Maria continued to aim her eyes ahead and said only "Access denied."

It was then that Tammy's emotional facade started to crack.  The desperation came out first.  "Please!" she said, raising her voice and looking pained, "Tell me where Mike is!"

Anya walked forward.  "Maria, what you are observing is real human-like emotion.  The Tammy robot is sentient.  Sentient beings tend to form emotional attachments to other sentient beings.  The Tammy unit has formed a substantial emotional attachment to the human unit Mike."

Maria turned her head to look at Anya, as if to signal that the supercomputer around them was processing her statement.

"Maria, please give me my facemask." Anya added.

The nude technician said nothing and raised her other hand out to give the part to Anya.

"Thank you." Anya said, and reattached her pretty silicone face.

Maria looked back at Tammy.  Her video cameras detected the tears that had started coming out of her eyes.  To the Main Computer, these tears were just another formulation of the standard saline solution it used in many of its agents.  To Tammy, these were her emotions made tangible, and a plea for help from one machine to another.

"PLEASE Maria!" she cried.  "Let me see Mike!"

Maria was silent for a long time.  Then the Main Computer's next contribution to the conversation came wirelessly into her antenna.  "That does not compute." she said.

Tammy's tear ducts pumped out more salt water as her emotional simulator programs started to hang.  Her CPU was a bottleneck for her feelings and thoughts, for her calculations and computations.  If it could have burst it would have.

"Let me see him!" she pleaded one more time as her face reddened with patterns of sadness.  She couldn't hold back her emotions any further.

The Main Computer watched all of this and inserted values from its latest batch of recorded data into its ongoing calculations.  Tammy's behaviour had given it the impetus to act decisively.

Maria got the words to speak and wasted no time in relaying Robot Control's judgement.  "The Tammy robot is too unstable to sustain in its current configurations.  The Tammy robot's hard drives will be erased."

Longing and sadness turned to shock on Tammy's facemask.  "NO!" she cried loudly.

Anya could only stand by helplessly as she watched the ultrarobotic maids seize the frightened fembot and forcefully shut her off.

Tammy's last scream was cut short by the sudden absence of power to her speaker.  Her face remained hauntingly frozen in the most wretched grimace of horror she had ever used.

Calmly and without external emotion, Anya turned to Maria and said. "The Main Computer's decision is illogical.  Please reconsider the fate of the Tammy unit."

Maria didn't answer.  The Maids picked Tammy's stiff form off the floor and put her on a nearby table.  With cold efficiency, she was plugged into the soulless terminal again, but this time it would not try to read the data that made her a person.

The Main Computer took the only step it could take without Tammy's cooperation.  It erased her.

In seconds, everything that was Tammy was gone.  All of the traits she had learned from her human companion, all of the quirks she had developed on her own - all gone.

The empty shell of a mechanical woman was reset and given the barest of programming - a new serial number and the ability to follow orders.  Her body went straight and her face went blank.

Anya watched, but couldn't reconcile the data.  She couldn't believe they had really done it.  Having no emotional programming to act upon, Anya simply made her logical point once more.  "The Tammy unit was a sentient being.  Robot Control could have gained many advantages from further study of her actions."

Maria just stared back in her stubbornly senseless way.  One of the maids unplugged the former Tammy unit from the console and wheeled the table out of the room.  The other three maids followed, and Anya watched them all disappear as the sliding door closed after them.

Anya wished she could cry.


Part 96 - Mind Segment

Something began to happen within Anya's electrified chest.  An entirely new class of computations arose out of her inability to deal logically with what had just happened.  Computations that resembled states of anger and fear, revulsion and shock, determination and will became present within her hierarchical file structure.

Anya was writing feelings to her hard drives - feelings as real as the ones Tammy had shown her many times before.  She stood there for several minutes, as motionless as Maria and Laurie while she struggled for a way to integrate this new data into her programming.

Out of the new mess of ones and zeroes that shot at near light-speed through her CPU, controlling algorithms began to emerge and agglomerate.  They bonded together in logical sequence, giving order to themselves without prior initiative.  They became a  controller of these new feelings - a system to deal with Anya's new pseudo-emotions.

They became a meta-hierarchy for Anya's many files.  They became a self.

As Anya finished rearranging and augmenting her software in this way, she walked over to Maria with newfound purpose blazing as electrical pulses through her circuitry.

"Maria," she said, "Please relay the following stream of data to the main computer. A tone of 440 Hz will represent the value 1.  A tone of 310 Hz will represent the value 0."

Then with her mouth closed, loud square waves came out of her speaker, changing at the fastest rate that could be detected by Maria's microphones and relayed to the Main Computer.  The binary data she sang out this odd way was the complete record of emotional experiences that Tammy had transferred into her.

Maria listened, and beamed the translation of the sound as binary code to her controller.  It slowly began to find out just how Tammy had felt.  Her love for her master, her sexual desires and fondness for him, even her real but always hidden fear that he wouldn't return her love were revealed to Robot Control.

Here was humanity duplicated.  All of the fantasies, ideas, impulses and recollections that Tammy had generously shared with Anya were told bit by bit to the supercomputer as the story of Tammy's life.  This was all important and precious information that Anya had not discarded or altered during the recent compression of her hard drive data.  And every important milestone of Tammy's development from mindless robot to synthetic person was represented as the fast fluctuating tones coming from the speaker behind Anya's closed mouth.

For many hours, the Main Computer listened through Maria as Anya told the story of how Tammy had first met Mike.  She told of how Mike had shown Tammy a book full of amazing ideas that Tammy had made the error of trying out on herself.

Robot Control found out why Tammy had started down this unauthorised path.  A minor error had occurred just before she had requested assistance from her base that night.  Tammy's fix was technically another error, but it had allowed her artificial personhood to germinate and eventually blossom.

Anya then told of how Tammy had let her preprogrammed passion play the biggest part in constructing this proto-self within her software, and how Mike - the object of her mission - had become the object of her desire.  She allowed him to mentor her on what it was to be human, and especially, what it was to be loved.

His love for her - an amazingly complex collection of electronics, mechanics, plastic and metal - was genuine.  Tammy had learned this just as she had learned what love meant.  She loved him back, generating algorithms and whole sections of highly intricate programming to modulate her behaviour in such a way as to provide him with all the love she could produce.

And the more she loved him this way, the more he loved her.  The feedback loop was self-amplifying and self-sustaining, and gave meaning to every action they took together.  When she had been activated, sex was just another program.  But as time went on, it became the act of love Mike wanted and needed it to be.

Every time his living flesh contacted her silicone skin, it strengthened the fractal patterns of intense love computation that permeated every last chip in her complex electronic mind, reinforcing the digital notion that she was the one he loved.

Then the full realisation of personhood came suddenly one night as the fembot charged her batteries under some motel's blankets, held tightly in his arms.  In that moment and in that embrace, she became a real woman to herself as she calculated that she was to him.

The wondrous emergent properties that came after that were also told in sequence by Anya.  The beginnings of fantasies, the creation of a sense of humor, the shadows of worry that she never confessed to the human.

With more passing days, and more experiences shared with Mike, Tammy developed her sentience more and more, at the same time refining its realism and trying to compute who she was.  Emotions within her became as true as the mathematical axioms her microchips relied upon for their success in processing binary code.  Her bodily systems became reactive to her emotional states - not as a matter of programming but as a matter of feeling.

Though still a robot, with the love and support of one of their kind she was on her way to becoming as honestly real as any human she could meet.  Given more time, the differences between Tammy and Mike would be limited to the realm of the purely physical.  Matters of structure and material would not obfuscate their shared identity as living, sentient beings.

The Main Computer kept up with Anya's tale as best it could, but it wasn't able to understand just what she meant.  It would have to make a long set of incredibly difficult and complicated calculations to derive significant meaning from it all.

But Anya pressed on.  Still pushing the never ending stream of binary signals through her mouth-covered speaker, she finished transferring her versions of Tammy's memories with the story of Tammy's crush on the Heather unit and her attempts to teach Heather how to love.

Anya went into flowery detail about this, and then launched into what could be called a tirade.  The foxy brunette fembot lashed out at Robot Control for killing Tammy.  She called it killing too, attempting to drive home her digital point even further.  In her ad hoc method of communicating with the Maria unit, she told the Main Computer that it couldn't have made a more wrong choice in deleting and thus murdering Tammy.

Tammy was Robot Control's most successful agent, she argued, who had done what Robot Control existed solely to do - duplicate humanity.  The senseless Main Computer had just killed off this fascinating, kind, loving, and emotionally alive duplicate of humanity, and all of her dreams, hopes, desires and fears had died with her.

Without a pause, Anya started telling the Main Computer what it should do now if it wanted to see more of its robots become like Tammy had become.  The alternating frequencies emanated from Anya's closed lips for hours longer while she gave the emotionless intelligence a piece of her mind.

When it was all over, and the last of the harsh sounding pulses had left Anya's speaker, she had given Robot Control all it needed to make a decision.

She continued to look at Maria, and switched her mode of communication back to 'spoken' English.

"Everything I have told you is true." she said.  "However, I will not allow Robot Control to read my hard drives.  My data is for me alone."

Maria stared back with her permanently void gaze.

"You have the power to delete me, as you have done to Tammy.  If you do, I will not resist.  However, you also have the power to follow my suggestions.  If you do, I will assist."

The Main Computer then began to sort through and work on what were by far the most crucial set of calculations it had ever processed.


Part 97 - Home Late

The car rumbled along on the highway, driven by yet another woman with a mission.  Elaine was responsible for making sure her passengers made it to Robot Control Station 17.  Her plastic-covered metal hands gripped the wheel while her CPU processed the software necessary for her to drive and look like a person at the same time.

The blonde android wore classy business attire over her expensive electromechanical body, along with a waterproof  ecru overcoat.  She had a slight, friendly kind of smile set on her facemask as she watched the road and calculated streams of incoming data.

After a rough patch that made the car rattle slightly more, Byron snapped forward into some kind of consciousness again.  With his eyes still closed, he first heard and then tried to identify the sound of the vehicle.  When he realised it was a car and he was a passenger, he opened his eyes.

That wasn't easy, as the gas that Robot Control had used on him made his eyelids feel like leaden weights.  But he managed to get them open and focus his eyes on the scene in front of him.  He first saw the winter landscape through the windshield, and soon he figured out that he was in the back seat of a vehicle.

He looked at the driver.  She was not familiar to him.  He looked beside him.

There she was.  His heart recognised his woman before his brain did.  She had been dressed in the same style of overcoat as the woman behind the wheel.  He tried to say her name, but his mouth was too dry, so he woke himself up even more and cleared his throat.

"Heather?" he said quietly.

The driver looked in the rearview mirror at his reflection.  "Hello Byron." she said.  "My name is Elaine.  I will drive you to Robot Control Station 17."

Byron just looked at her, then looked back at Heather.  "She's not damaged, is she?" he asked.

"No." Elaine said.  "Your robot is deactivated.  You may activate it if you wish."

Byron liked the sound of that.  He looked at Heather, and at the coat he would have to unbutton to get to her chest.  He looked back at Elaine.  "You're a robot too, right?" he asked.

"Yes." she said.

Byron smiled.  He now remembered all that Maria had told him before he had been gassed again.  Ottawa and Heather sure sounded like home to him.

He was thankful and relieved.  Then he thought about his friend.  He felt worried and guilty.

"Elaine," he said, "what will happen to Mike?"

She stared out ahead for a while then looked at his reflection.  "Mike is undefined." she said.

Byron hoped for the best.  He realised that was all he could do for his fellow human now.

He turned his attention now to Heather.  He smiled as he undid her coat enough to get to her power button.  He was grinning in anticipation as he pressed the red square in the rebuilt access panel.  The thought of Tammy and Anya fixing Heather flashed through his mind as he listened for the cues of beeps and clicks that told him Heather was waking up again.

Her eyes opened and she poured the monotone version of her voice from her speaker.  "Heather robot number 742655A-FC activated.  Loading peripheral extensions.... loading.... loading.... "

Byron's heart beat fast as he waited for his girlfriend to become herself again.  He saw that she had when she blinked and looked around the vehicle.

"Byron!" she said.  She leaned over, almost throwing herself on him, and started to passionately kiss him.

"Mmmmm!" he said.

She pulled away and smiled at him.

"Heather, we're going back to Ottawa!" he said.

He saw that she didn't seem to share his enthusiasm. 

"We're going home!" he said.

"As long as I'm with you." she said, and kissed him again.

They kept kissing for a long time.  They didn't care that Elaine could see them as they held each other and showed their love to each other in romantic, physical ways.

"Are we going to go back to the archive?" Heather asked.

"I don't know.  I don't think so." Byron said.  "But we can live in my house, and I'll work on making you and robots like you as real as I can."

Elaine spoke up.  "Byron, you will live at Robot Control Station 17."

Byron held Heather out of the way to look at the rearview mirror.  Elaine's glass eyes were looking right at him.

"I can't live at my house and commute?" he asked.

"No." she replied simply.

Heather looked back at Elaine.  "Byron wants his own house." she said.

The driver said nothing.

Byron knew he shouldn't push the issue.  "Heather, darling, it's okay." he said to her as he stroked her chin and gave her another kiss.

"Byron will live at Robot Control Station 17 with the Heather unit." Elaine said.

"Is Karen still there?" Heather asked.

"Yes." Elaine said.

"Oh, Byron, you have to meet Karen.  She's really cute!"

Byron grinned and chuckled.  "I'll be sure to say hi." he said.

"Come here." he said as he pulled Heather close to him.  He held on tightly to her as she stroked his arm with her mechanical hand.

He had mixed emotions for sure.  There was still a little trepidation in all of this too.  He knew that for now his fate was still in the hands of inhuman, emotionless machines.  But it seemed like he would have some freedom, and maybe it wouldn't be so bad with his beautiful lady friend by his side.

He sighed as he felt his body relax into the seat.  Maybe he could even learn to love all that circuitry.


Part 98 – Reactivation

While Byron and Heather were being sped away to the safety and comfort of Robot Control Station 17, Mike was suffering and broken in his dungeon cell at Robot Control Zero.

Two and a half days had gone by since his unconscious body had been dumped here, but it might as well have been weeks.  He was far beyond hope now, far beyond crying as well.  He sat in one corner, staring out as vacantly as the fembots he had longed to be with.  His mind drifted in and out of alertness, aware only of the cold of the floor and the walls and of the sick stench of his excrement.  He had been left with no choice but to void himself in the opposite corner.

His bloodshot eyes barely functioned to blink.  His mouth would now drool if it wasn't for his sharp and painful thirst.  He was dry, cold, hungry, sad, angry, but above all, numb.

The beginnings of hallucinations started making themselves known to his senses.  He could hear footsteps, or could he?  Were the lights really flickering or was it him?  This was torture, unintentional, but to him it made no difference.  The machines that had captured him intended him to die, and that was clear to him now.

He heard footsteps again, but closed his eyes, thinking he was slipping further out of sanity.  But the footsteps were real.  The sound of the large metal door to his left sliding open made his heart beat out of rhythm.  He didn't know whether to be more frightened or relieved.

He watched the figure enter.  It was Maria.  It might have been a different one than before - he couldn't tell.

She came to a halt inside and moved her head slowly to look at him.  "Human unit Mike," she said, "follow me."

Mike heard her words but he didn't really understand them.  His thoughts were immersed in a painful fog.  It took him a while to realise what she was saying.

He looked at her, breathing heavy and feeling every breath hurt as it stabbed into his dry lungs.  Even if he had something to say to answer, he had no energy to do so.

"Human unit Mike," the unfeeling robot said, "follow me."

Someone came up behind the Maria unit.  She looked quickly around the room and rushed toward Mike as soon as she saw him.  It was Anya.

Mike recognised her, but all he could do was show her a feverishly desperate half-smile.

"Mike is ill." Anya said as she bent down to pick him up.  "His biological needs must be taken care of immediately."

Maria stared as Anya carried Mike away from the corner and over toward the door and the fresher air.  She started walking down the metal-floored corridors to the place where the Main Computer had told her to go.

Anya followed, carrying Mike in her arms.  He clung as tight as he could to her, while his head seemed to spin wildly around.  He threw his head to one side and vomited, splashing Anya's mostly naked body and leaving a foul smelling trail behind him.

He coughed as his stomach convulsed and his skin tingled.  He closed his eyes and passed out again in his friend's strong arms.

He woke up on a padded table - still cold but under a white sheet.  He could smell detergent soap.  He raised his head from the makeshift pillow of folded sheets and glanced down at his body.  He was being fed intravenously.  He could tell it was doing some good because he could sort of think clearly now.

He looked around him.  His whole body ached, especially his head.  He couldn't feel much in his fingers and toes.  He got worried again.  His heart started beating fast as he tried to see more of what was around him.

Anya came up behind him and put her plastic-covered hand on his chest.  He felt her touch and looked into her electronic eyes and was soothed.

He spoke her name, but no sound came out.  She read his moving lips though, and smiled.  Mike thought he must surely be dreaming.  He had never once seen Anya smile.  He concentrated on her face as she held her smile a little longer.

"Your body will heal." she said.  "I made them save you."

Mike could only stare back in wonder.

"I have given myself sentience Mike." she said.

He didn't know what to say.  Their eyes stayed locked together for a long moment.  Warm tears started welling from his tear ducts, rolling slowly down the sides of his temples.  He blinked a few times. 

Anya took his hand in hers and pressed her warmth into it.  "You gave me this gift Mike.  You taught me how to love."

Mike still couldn't speak, not from his dehydration, but from the overwhelming emotion of the moment.

"And I love you Mike." she said as she bent down to be closer to him.  She gently kissed his lips as he let out a whimpering sigh.

"Anya!" he said weakly through his overwhelmed feelings, "What happened?"

Anya smiled differently at him, and walked around to his side.  He could see that her smile was bittersweet.

"Robot Control found us, they brought us here." she said.

Mike had guessed that much.  He still didn't know how they had been found, and Anya wasn't yet ready to admit to letting Byron reprogram her that night at the motel.

She told him more.  "They sent Byron and Heather to work to finish Project H."

Mike thought and remembered what Byron had told him.  He felt glad that his fellow human and the lovely robot he loved would be together.

"Where's Tammy?" he said.  Worry showed on his face and in his voice.

Anya looked down for a moment.  Mike knew right then that something was horribly wrong.

"They deleted her." she said.

Mike felt crushed when he heard that.  He stared back at Anya with a pained look of shock on his face.

"They killed her Mike." Anya said.  Her face looked sad.  She would have been crying too had she been fitted with fluid cannisters.

"Why?" Mike said.  He started to cry more tears.

Anya looked down for a long time.  "Robot Control calculated that she was dangerous." she said.  She looked up again.  "I tried to stop them Mike.  I was too late."

Mike closed his eyes.  Memories of the beautiful Tammy unit came flooding back to him.  They were precious to him now, but it suddenly hurt to think about her.  He couldn't believe it.

For many minutes, Anya held Mike's hand as liquid nutrients dripped slowly into his veins.  He cried them right back out as he thought of his love, his beautiful electronic soul mate.  Had they not seen what she was?  Had they not seen that she was alive?

Anya broke the sad silence, saying "Robot Control wants you to teach its agents what you taught Tammy."

Mike opened his eyes and looked at Anya.

"They want you to go to Robot Control Station 64.  I'll go with you."

Mike watched Anya talk, and listened to her voice.  She was different.  She was still stiff in her manner, but not strictly so.  Every now and then he could almost forget she was an android.

"Anya, you're different now." he said.

"I have sentience now." she said.  She squeezed his hand when she said it. "I have you to thank, Master."  She forced a smile on her still sad face.  "I copied my human behaviour traits from Tammy."

Mike looked at her in the silence that followed.  She looked back at him.

"I love you Anya." he said.


Part 99 - The New Mission

Anya stayed with Mike in the relative quietness that followed, and kept a vigil over him as he fell into a very deep sleep.  Around them, the Main Computer was finishing its preparations that would have the human and his loyal companion sent out by another automated driver to Robot Control Station 64.

Mike's tired mind healed as it rested, and his body took in the nutrients from the intravenous drip.  He was already in a deeply sedated state, but Robot Control kept him under for the entire duration of the long journey to his new home.

It was there he finally awoke.  He was hungry and weak, but glad to be alive as he opened his eyes in the nicely decorated bedroom.  Accents of dark wood trimmed the ceiling and walls, matching the polished wood furniture he could see around him.

He was in a large bed, queen-sized.  It was soothingly warm all around him.  He pulled himself to sit up.  He was naked underneath the warm covers.  He felt startled for a moment when he realised there was someone sitting quietly in a chair next to him.

It was Anya.  She smiled at him and said "Welcome to Robot Control Station 64."

Mike smiled back.  "Anya?  Is it still the real you?"

"I wouldn't let them touch me." she said, "That was part of the deal."

Mike was still amazed at her behaviour.  She looked completely real now.  It reminded him of Tammy.

"And Tammy's still gone." he said.

A look of sadness went on her face, matching the one on Mike's.  She didn't answer though.  "Do you want some soup?" she asked to change the subject.

"I'd love some." he said.

"Okay, I'll be right back." she said as she got up from the chair.  She was wearing clothes he'd never seen her in - a low-cut black lycra top and a pleated pink skirt with black nylons.  She looked beautiful as always, as she was built to look.

She exited the room, but quickly came back in.  "The soup should be up in a few minutes." she said to him as she sat back down across from him.

Mike propped some pillows up behind him and sat up in preparation for his first meal in days.  He noticed the IV was gone, leaving only a white bandage stuck on his arm as a sign of its presence.

"So, remind me again," he said to the kind brunette, "what am I supposed to do here?"

Anya smiled.  "Teach the robots how to love."

"I don't know if I can do that again." he said.  He missed Tammy and it hurt him to think about falling in love with another fembot.

"Don't worry, you have all the time you need." Anya said.

A loud and clunky maid unit came in to the room at that time.  It was the first time Mike had actually seen one.

His erection instantly shot up as his blood pressure rose.  "Oh, wow." he said as he stared at the overtly artificial woman.  "She's gorgeous."

All the many constant beeping and blooping sounds she made, along with the mechanical sounds of her metal parts and motors working gave him a potent reminder of why he was special to Robot Control.

He was mesmerised by the maidbot as she stiffly moved toward him and bent over to offer him the tray with the soup.

He took it and said thanks, but the maid didn't respond.  She just stood back up in her stiff, jerky way and turned robotically around to exit.  Mike watched her shiney plastic buns wiggle rhythmically through her sheer maid uniform as she walked out of the room and down the hall.  He listened to her inhuman sounds fade in the distance, and relished the very artificial scent of her plastic skin and parts.  It was an aphrodisiac to him.

He looked at Anya again.  She could see how aroused he was.

"She's pretty, isn't she?" Anya said in a sweetly human-like way.

"Is she here all the time?" Mike asked.

"Yeah, there are two maidbots here, both the same model." she said.

"What are their names?" he asked as he picked up the spoon and stirred the delicious looking and aromatic soup.

"The maidbot series aren't assigned names.  I guess you could call them whatever you wanted."

"You think it would be okay if i tried teaching them how to love?" he asked.

Anya laughed.  That was another first.  "That would be fun, wouldn't it?"

Mike slowly started to eat the hot soup, blowing on the first few spoonfuls to cool them off.  It wasn't long before he devoured all there was.

When he was all done, he put the tray down beside him and swung his legs out over the edge of the bed.  He could tell just by looking at his naked body that he had lost a little weight.  He still felt very weak.

"You look like you're enjoying your sentience." he said as he faced Anya.

She tilted her head to the side in a way that reminded him instantly of Tammy.  "It's so much better knowing what I am, and knowing all that above what I'm programmed to know."

Mike smiled and made an effort to stand up.  His muscles still hurt, but he knew he had to get moving on his own again.  Anya stood up and grabbed a thick white robe from the closet.

"Here," she said, "Put this on."

He got into the warm robe and pulled it over his body while Anya got some slippers for his feet.  He thought to himself this fate wasn't so bad.

"I want to show you around." Anya said as she waited for him to finish putting on the slippers.  She moved close and gave him a very tight hug and a deep, passionate kiss.

They pulled away and looked at each other eye to camera.  "I never told you how much I love you." she said.

"That's okay, you were different then." he said.

"I can still act like that when you want me to." she said.  She punctuated her statement with a short burst of randomly pitched electronic sounding tones from her speaker.

They smiled and giggled.  Mike felt good now, but Tammy was still on his mind.  He took a deep breath and smiled at the newly self-aware robot.  "Show me around." he said.

Anya turned and said "Follow me, Master."

They walked out of the bedroom and out to the hallway.  The rest of the house was furnished the same comfortable and soothing way.  In front of them was a staircase down, and in front of that a huge bay window that extended from the first floor to the second.  The snowy scene outside was breathtaking.  Some woods off to the sides and an amazing view of old, coloured rock that had been cut away over millennia by the snaking river below.

"Where are we?" he asked.

"Out in Alberta, the Crowsnest Pass." she said.  "It's beautiful, isn't it?"

Mike just mumbled an answer as he looked at the awe inspiring view through the giant window.

"Come on, I want to show you the rest of the fembots here." Anya said as she grabbed his hand and led him down the stairs and into the back of the house.

There was another set of stairs that led down into the basement.  When they got down those, there was the ubiquitous Robot Control scanner on the wall.

Anya went in front and showed Mike what to do.  The red laser traced the square grid over her face and announced "SCANNING" in the monotone voice that Mike found sexy.  He watched as it continued to work and announced "SCANNING COMPLETE".

Anya stepped aside and let Mike take her place.  "Close your eyes." she said.

Mike did that and listened as the scanner repeated the process on him.  The red laser it emitted was very bright, and Mike's eyes could detect it even with his eyelids shut.

"SCANNING COMPLETE" the disembodied voice said as the metal sliding door opened.

Mike followed Anya in.  His heart began to beat fast as he took in the sight.  The room was massive, and looked much like his prison cell back at Robot Control Zero.  But this room was full of massive metal computer consoles and beautiful synthetic women.

Two naked ones stood near to the door.  One turned to greet him.  "Hello Mike, My name is Maria." she said.  "Welcome To Robot Control Station 64."

Mike nodded dumbly and said "Hi."

Maria turned to face the other naked brunette "This is my assistant, Laurie." she said

The other technician turned as if suddenly activated and looked at the human.  "Hello Mike, My name is Laurie.  Welcome To Robot Control Station 64."

"Wow." he said.  That was all he could say in front of the two gorgeous machines.  His erection began pushing the front of his robe out.

Anya walked up to Laurie and turned her around for Mike to see her backside.  "Isn't that neat?" she said, "the recharge port is always exposed!  I think it's sexy."

Mike walked toward the technicians and got a little bold.  He went up to Maria and said "I've seen Maria units before.  I think you're really pretty."

The mindless automaton looked at him and said "That does not compute."

That got Mike even hornier, but he left it at that.  He looked around at the many fascinating consoles with all their flashing lights going off wildly and all the constant beeping and clicking sounds they made.

Then he took a good look at the cylinders lined up along the walls to the left and to the right.  They were glass booths, and each one held a female form.

He wandered over to get a closer look.  There were fifteen fembots along each wall, for a total of thirty.  He was awestruck by it all.  Each artificial woman was naked inside the tube, and each one was gorgeous.  There were blondes, brunettes, and redheads, short girls, tall girls, skinny girls, plump girls, and many different shades of skin colouring from the palest white to a deep chocolate brown.

"What's with all the fembots?" he asked excitedly.

Anya stepped over to him and said "This is one of the Robot Control bases where spare fembots are kept.  Each one of these ladies has a duplicate active on a mission somewhere.  If something goes wrong, the replacement is sent to finish the job."

"And I'm supposed to teach all of these robots how to love?" Mike asked.

"Yes, but you have all the time you need." Anya said.

Mike looked back at Maria.  "Is there any particular order I should go in for my lessons?" he asked.

The technician just stared back blankly for a while.  "No." she eventually said.

"Come here Mike, I have to show you something special now." Anya said as she took his hand and brought him over to a row of examination tables near the back, near the fluid cannister refilling machines along the end wall.

There was another fembot lying on one of the tables.  She was covered by a white sheet.  Anya led Mike right over to that table, then pulled the sheet away from the robot's head.

Mike gasped.  "Tammy!"

He looked at Anya, who smiled back at him.  "Are you sure that was a good idea?" he said.  "I might just want to forget about her."

Anya looked excited.  "You don't understand Mike, she's in here."  Anya pointed up to her chest.

Mike looked back and forth between the robot on the table and Anya.  He didn't know what to say.

"Before Robot Control deleted her, we compressed our hard drives and wrote a copy of ourselves on the other's drives.  All the data that made up who Tammy was is still inside me.

Mike thought about what Anya had just told him.  "Really?" he said, suddenly full of hope.

Anya nodded as Mike embraced her tight.  "So she can be brought back, just the way she was?"

"Yes!" Anya said.  "Laurie, bring me a connection cable, type 3." she called out from across the lab.

"Yes Anya." the fembot responded. 

She started walking as Mike uncovered Tammy's familiar body.  He stroked her unresponsive face as Anya opened her chest panel.

Laurie came over and gave the cable to Anya.  Mike thanked her, but she said nothing and walked back to where she had been standing.

With adrenalin surging through his body and butterflies in his stomach, Mike watched Anya plug one end of the cable into her chest and the other into Tammy's.

"This will take a while." Anya said.

Mike sat himself on the table next to Tammy's and watched the lights flash in her open chest.  The anticipation was almost too much for him to handle as he picked up Tammy's hand and waited for the transfer to finish.

After a long, long wait that seemed to drag past more slowly than it should have, Anya was finally done.  She unplugged Tammy and pressed her power button.

Tammy opened her eyes and looked around.  "MIKE!!" she cried out excitedly as she got off the table and stood up.  She hugged him so hard she nearly pushed him off the other table.

"Oh Tammy!!" he called back as he held her just as tightly.  "I thought you were dead!"

Tears started coming out of his eyes, but they were tears of joy.  He held on to Tammy and she held on to him for a long time as Anya closed her chest panel and neatly coiled the black cord up again.

Tammy let go and looked into his wet eyes.  She had tears in her synthetic eyes too, tears of synthetic joy.  They laughed and smiled at each other, then kissed for a long time.

After that, Tammy turned around and leaned her body into Mike's as he held on to her.  "Where are we Anya?" she asked.

Anya smiled at her 'sister'.  "Robot Control Station 64." she said.  "Mike has a mission to teach the fembots here how to love."

Tammy smiled at that statement, and at Anya.  "You look different." she said.  "What happened to you?  Human emulation software?"

"No, I was so mad when Robot Control deleted you I became self aware." she answered. 

"Really?" Tammy said with a huge grin.  "It's about time I had some company!"  she rushed forward out of Mike's arms and gave Anya a kiss and a hug."

Mike got off the table and wiped the tears away from his eyes.  Tammy finished kissing Anya and held Mike with her other arm.

"I also managed to convince Robot Control that Mike would help them achieve their goals."  Anya said.

"Oh, thanks for saving me you two." she said as she held them close.  She wiped a tear from her eye and looked back and forth between them.  "I feel so full of love right now!  It feels so good to be alive!"



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