The Girl Gallery - Part 1

by Dreamwriter 


Mike had a dream of creating a gallery so he could display the most beautiful girls that he knows.

One day he sees a girl named Tina. Tina is however not so attractive. While in church one Sunday, everybody is standing for prayer. Mike is standing behind Tina, she bends over at the waist to put something on the floor. She is wearing a light colored dress. When she bends over, her white-with-flower-print panties are visible, she is not wearing a slip. Everybody has their eyes closed, so nobody sees Mike place a device on Tina's back. Before Tina can straighten up, she vanishes. 

Later Mike returns home and finds Tina bent over, frozen in position just as she was in church.

Mike's plan for Tina is odd. He will try a new experimental transformation solution on her. Mike picks up Tina's rigid body and carries her to a very large flower pot. The pot is filled with dirt. Mike removes Tina's shoes and places her in the middle of the pot with her soles of her feet on top of the dirt. Tina is still catatonic from the transport effect.

Mike then collects a few things and returns. Mike stands on a platform that surrounds the flower pot. The pot is about 3' across and 3' deep. Mike adjusts the setting of the device on Tina's back, and waits.

In a few minutes Tina begins begins to become alert to her surroundings. Tina, now confused, yells out. "Hey what's going on here?" She still can't move from her position.

Mike replies to her, "Tina let's face facts; you're not very pretty or smart. I doubt you will ever get a man. So I am going to do you a favor. You are wondering why you can't stand up and why you're standing atop a pot of dirt with no shoes on?" Well I'm going to try something new on you. You going to be transformed from a human girl into a living, growing tree. That's right, I said tree.

"But how?" Tina says.

"By injecting a solution into your body. The solution is a mixture of tree enzymes, some plant growth formula and some other things to help your body adjust to becoming a tree. I have decided that you will become a oak tree. The squirrels and birds will feed on the acorns and build nests."

Mike begins cutting off her dress , bra and panties. Mike tells Tina she won't be missed and she will serve as a example to the other girls that will follow her. But she will be the only one transformed into a tree. Mike shows Tina a pump gun with the solution in it. On the nozzle end is a dildo connected to a tube that goes to the tank holding the solution. Mike waters down the dirt around Tina's feet.

Mike tells Tina that her feet will begin to sprout roots into the dirt. "Well let's begin shall we?" Mike puts some gel lube on the dildo for easier insertion. "Ok Tina, here it comes," he says as he spreads her butt cheeks apart exposing her butthole. With Tina bent over - butt up in the air - Mike inserts the dildo into her hole.

Tina screams in pain. "Tina, the pain you feel now is nothing compared to what is coming when the transforming begins." With the dildo firmly in place, Mike squeezes the trigger, pumping the solution into her. "Tina you will remain frozen in this position for a while the solution begins working inside you," he tells the helpless girl. The dildo is moving in and out as it pumps the stuff in. For Tina it feels as someone is screwing her in the ass as she continues to scream in agony. Mike laughs as he caresses her breasts.

 After about a half hour the roots are sprouting from her toes and heels. "Ok, Tina I can remove the dildo now." Mike pulls out the dildo from Tina's butthole. The solution seals up her hole so nothing comes out when it is removed. Tina stops screaming and tries to catch her breath.

Then Mike removes the transporting and freezing device from her. "Ok Tina, You can stand erect now. Don't try to pull your feet out. The roots have taken hold in the dirt enough. The solution will now begin to break down your DNA. You will be able to move your arms and talk for about ten minutes before they begin to become stuck in position. The arms will become branches and your mouth will remain open as tree hollow. I will insert the dildo later for some more solution injections. Of course your skin will go from flesh to green and begin to form bark. To speed things along I have added a UV light to simulate sunlight. With regular watering and feeding, I should be able to transplant you outside soon."

  Tina starts yelling and screaming at Mike. Mike just laughs at her as he strokes her skin. Stroking her pussy , Mike tells her he is filming the process on to a dvd and will send a copy to her parents so they know what happened to her. "I won't appear in it, I will remove myself digitally from it. I'm doing them a favor too. They won't have to worry about you meeting someone. Tina, your arms are going to soon start raising up toward the sky and stay there to become branches."

Tina starts crying in pain. "I told you the pain would be worse when the process progresses," he soothes her. "Your breathing will slow and you will stop screaming in a minute. Before that happens, I will insert the dildo into your mouth to inject more solution." Mike inserts it far enough that would make her gag if she could but she does feel it. It starts pumping in and out as before.

After a hour, Mike removes the dildo and says "Tina I'll bet you never thought you could suck a dick for a hour."  Tina's skin is starting to turn green slowly, beginning at her feet. Her hair is falling out. Mike showers her with a little water like an April shower. "Tina, in the morning I will transplant you outside."

Sunrise comes and Mike moves her outside to a spot where a hole has been dug. Mike removes Tina from the pot and places her in the hole. Her body is already rigid like wood. She faces the eastern sky so the sun greets her in the morning.

"Tina, welcome to your next life."

Mike stops the filming. Now the other girls to follow will know I mean business, he thinks to himself.


Continued in Part 2: Angela joins the Gallery...

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