The Girl Gallery - Part 2


by Dreamwriter

[Read about the beginning of the gallery in Part 1. Ed.]


 Another Sunday in Church finds Mike looking for his next girl for the taking. This time he sees Angela sitting in a chair. She is wearing a purple dress and tan pantyhose. While sitting the chair, she raises her leg so she can tighten her shoe. When she bends her knee, the hem of her skirt slides back toward her, exposing her white panties in full view. Mike enters the room. They are alone; Angela does not hear Mike come in.

Looking down at her shoe, she doesn't notice Mike holding his pda. The pda is equipped with a special camera. Mike aims it at Angela and presses a button, saying "smile, Angela".

"What?" Angela replies, surprised, looking up from her shoe, leg still raised. Suddenly, she cannot move. Angela is held in position by a beam emitted by the pda. The beam is breaking down Angela's body into digital bits and being absorbed into the pda. In 5 seconds Angela is gone. Just another missing person report for the police to handle. They are still on Tina's case from a week before, getting nowhere.

  A few hours later, Mike returns home. Mike goes to his workroom and places the pda into the docking cradle. The computer activates the beam emitter to restore Angela; this takes a few minutes while the lights dim. After 10 minutes, Angela is fully restored to breathing healthy teen age girl again. But she is unable to move.

Angela is still disoriented from the effect. Mike altered the restoring so she remains still. "Well Angela, you looked so beautiful in that position. You obviously didn't count on me coming in on you." Mike walks up to Angela, stroking her long brown hair and caressing her face.

She asks what has happened to her. Mike tells her she will become special love doll. Mike begins to run his hands up and down her raised leg. As he nears her crotch, she begs him not to do this to her.

He smiles. "I think you secretly want men and boys to see you in the position you find yourself in. You like to tease us with peeks up or under your dress. I can feel your pussy getting warm as I massage the cotton panel on your hose. I can see in your eyes that you are enjoying it, Angela, admit it. Remember when Tina vanished last week? I performed a experiment on her. I'll show you the video of her transformation."

On a big screen television Mike plays the video of Tina's transformation. Angela cries while watching, knowing now there is no escaping her own fate.

 "I can pose you in any position and you will stay that way. The process for you is simple, I will undress you and then a solution will be given to you. The solution will preserve your beautiful body inside and out. You will no longer need food or water; your monthly cycles will stop. Even your lovely hair will remain clean and shiny as well as your skin. I can do whatever I want to you. You will be on display for friends of mine. They too will enjoy being with you. You will be the most perfect love doll. Alright, it's time I undress you now."

Mike straightens out her leg. Taking off her shoes, Mike rubs her feet. Mike stands Angela up so she stands her two feet. Her dress slides down her legs. Mike brings down her arms along her sides. Walking around her, Mike stands behind Angela. Mike, who now has a massive hard on, presses his body against her. Angela can feel Mike's hard one rub against her butt. Mike unzips her dress and slides it off her shoulders. Angela's dress falls to the floor, then Mike releases her bra. Coming around to face Angela to inspect her breasts. Mike gives both a nice soft caress and thumbing her nipples making them hard and erect.

"Very nice and firm, Angela. Lets take off your hose and panties all right?" Mike slides his hands into the waistband, sliding the hose over her hips and moving down slowly. Now with her pussy exposed, Mike rubs her soft labia and slides a couple of fingers up into the warm vaginal opening. Pulling his fingers out and sticking them into her mouth, he asks the motionless girl "How does your pussy taste? Sweet, I'll bet and still virginal tight too. Not saying anything? Alright, then I finish pulling down your pantyhose." Soon they are down to her feet; Mike pulls them off her. Now she is completely naked.

Mike takes her to the toilet. "Angela, have to make sure you are cleaned out." Mike makes Angela sit down on the seat. "You know, I've waited a long time for this; I just want to have you suck my hard one before you are done." Mike takes his pants and shorts off. His erect member is guided into Angela's open mouth and he moves her head back forth. In a few minutes Mike explodes some spunk into her. "At least you will have tasted some man juice before you're completed. Now it's time ; the process will progress over night. You will sleep with me tonight."

Mike produces the same dildo that he used on Tina. "Angela, I used this on Tina. I'll insert this in your mouth, it goes pretty far back. The solution will flow into you. First it will rid your body of all waste products. Second, it will polymerize your organs. I will then insert a tube that will connect your mouth, pussy and butthole. It will make cleaning you up easy after giving pleasure to someone. Your skin and hair will remain soft and perfectly preserved. As I said you will be the most life-like love doll ever made."

He switches on the machine. Solution flows into her quickly. After a few hours, Mike shuts off the machine and removes the dildo. "Well, Angela almost done; here is the tubing for inside your body." Mike forces it into her mouth and shoves further down. Using a fiber optic camera, Mike guides the lower ends to where they need to go. When the solution sets the tubes will firmly held in place.

"Angela, let's go to bed, shall we?" Mike says cheerfully, carrying Angela to the bedroom and setting her on the bed. Mike gets a silk nightgown for Angela to wear, slipping on her sexy body. Mike pulls her close to him, has his way with her before he goes to sleep. She is so beautiful.

"Angela, right now you still are young woman; in the morning you will be a new love toy. I have a special satin-lined doll's box for you when not in use. See you in the morning then."

In the morning, she is firm all over, like rubber, and much lighter. Mike picks up the doll and places her in the box. Over time, Mike's friends enjoy his new creation. 


The end of Part 2... continued?

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