My Mannequin, My Wife – Part 2

by Johnsan

[You might want to read Part 1 to see how this one starts out. Ed]

I then began my own campaign to get Richard to allow me to help and get my hands on the technology to give Lindsay her fantasy anytime she wanted. I began placing calls to find out how things were going. He got back to me, but only belatedly; he said just what Lindsay had told me. The restorations were an ongoing problem. I again offered my services but he said he was just going to move on. I offered to buy everything from him but he stubbornly refused saying he really was only borrowing it himself. So it was this impasse lasted for a few months.

Then I remembered a friend of mine who was part electronics engineer, physicist, and nano- tech engineer. He was actually quite capable in many fields, but I knew he might just be the one to come up with a solution to the problem. Lindsay was off visiting her folks that night as we sat around discussing a possible solution. I think he didn’t believe me at first but he decided to continue to investigate as an intellectual exercise at the very least. He was able to detail a number of possible causes for why the problem with reattachment might happen. I asked if he would mind putting this all down on paper so I could show the owner of the technology; all he did was smile and nod.

I knew legally I’d violated the non-disclosure agreement with the casino but I hoped that with what my friend was preparing Richard would  ignore it; besides my friend was not going to spill the beans to anyone else. In fact for him this was all just a theoretical exercise. He later said he found the idea intriguing even if he didn’t believe it was possible.


Well, when I sent his work to Richard and as expected I received a very hotly worded e-mail from him. In it he threatened public action and a law suit. I just shrugged when I read that, I had expected that as his first reaction. I just hoped he’d re-read the documents and realize just how helpful my technical friend's discoveries might be.

A week later, the second e-mail from Richard I’d hoped to receive arrived. A somewhat contrite Richard admitted that my friend might indeed be of some help in resolving the problem with the device. He also offered to meet my terms, on the condition that my friend did fix his problem and also kept quiet about everything. We arranged a meeting shortly after; for the rest of that week I was ecstatic thinking of how I was so close to making my lovely Lindsay into a beautiful plastic display form again.


The time then came and my friend and I met Richard at his casino. There he was introduced to the remote and the little metallic pills that were used to change Lindsay and quite a few other young ladies as well. To say that my technical friend was surprised this was more than theoretical would be an understatement but his grin told me he was happily surprised by our little disclosure. He was more than willing to work on the problem and didn’t have any problem with keeping quiet about it. He took some of the transformation equipment with him and was back in his lab working on it in no time at all.


It was three or four weeks later that he said he might have solved our problem. First, he asked if Lindsay had taken pills both times she’d been changed when he called me. I told him yes and he said, “Ah ha that’s what I thought!” I then asked what it was he was thinking. He responded that the problem with all the young ladies who were having trouble with reconnecting parts was they had two different sets of nano-bots active inside of them, working against each other. The second pill Lindsay had been given was actually unnecessary as she still had the one from her first transformation. Evidently Richard and his technical staff were under the impression that the nano effect was rather short lived, that after being left unused in the body it was soon eliminated. What my friend found was that the nano-bots just went dormant until the next time the remote was used to radio commands to them. So with two different populations of nano-bots programmed differently, working seemingly together, but when it came time for restoration they started interfering with each other.

The best solution, according to him, was to either reprogram the old nano to deactivate it or to use some suitably programmed additional nano-bots to cleanse the subjects' system. Even just filtering their blood through an outside filter would suffice. He felt though the reprogramming would be the most effective and easiest to accomplish, besides it allowed the subject to continue to be changed in any manner desired. This was good news indeed; I was the happiest man on earth thinking that this would at last allow Lindsay a chance to have her desires come true. 

My friend then sent his report to Richard, who in a week or two got back to him and then me.


In his call I could tell Richard was indeed quite pleased he said he was going to send me a suitable remote and instructions on its use. He was also going to give my friend a full time position on his staff at the casino. In gratitude he also said Lindsay and I could be his guests anytime we wanted.  Half jokingly, I asked if that included the display windows as well. He responded with a chuckle "Of course, anytime. Lindsay is always welcome there, just remember to ship her attention to me first, otherwise she’ll end up in the inventory and we might never find her again."

All this time Lindsay was growing frustrated, but I would do what I could to help her. I’d put her on display in our house using those makeup tricks we learned to make her look more like a mannequin or statue. She grew very good at remaining still and unmoving for a remarkably long time. I’d often grow so aroused that I’d pick her up and carry her stiff body to the bedroom and make love to her all the while she’d remain as still as any statue or mannequin.

Soon the day came and the remote was mine, along with a set of instructions on DVD and text showing me how to use the device.  I did my best not to show my excitement to Lindsay. I wanted to surprise her with it! After about a week of getting to know the remote I felt I was ready. My Lindsay was ready as well; she’d been leaving hints all week that were getting less subtle all the time, that she wanted to play mannequin.

I’d been ignoring this, because I wanted her to really want this when I surprised her with it! Although she could have done some freezing on her own like I’ve seen her do she told me that she enjoyed it more when I’d participate; it even made it easier for her to focus on keeping still as I’d treat her just like a mannequin. She could lose herself in the moment and actually believe she was segmented plastic and not a woman struggling not to move.


So the day came, Friday to be exact, and I walked in from work to find Lindsay beautifully made up and waiting for me. She walked over and kissed me hotly and rubbed her awesome form against me. Smiling she said “I want you to be my dresser tonight! Make me your doll and play with me!”

“Oh that sounds nice, but how about if I’m your sculptor instead?” I grinned back at her.

Lindsay giggled, “You just want to run your fingers over me!”  she continued to grind against me, feeling just how aroused she was making me.

“Oh you know me so well! Now take off your clothes. I want a nude statue for my very own!” I ordered her with a smile. Lindsay grinned and began to disrobe, finally posing with a flourish in all her nude glory. It was then that I pulled out the remote and gave Lindsay a chance to see it. I saw her eyes open wide in surprise as she recognized it; her lips begin to form a question when I hit the button.

Lindsay stood there frozen in shock and surprise, her body no longer responding to her mind but it began to move as it flowed into a preprogrammed pose she had adopted long ago when she had posed for that statue picture. I could see the recognition in her eyes and her continued surprise as she realized she was really going to be a statue, just like in that picture we’d all seen in the casino in Vegas.

I picked up my perfectly posed wife and placed her on a pedestal I’d readied for my new statue. I strapped her feet and had her lightly leaning against a backrest in the corner where I was going to display her. I then placed the vase on her shoulder and pushed the next button. In moments she began to stiffen and pale as her skin color went from its normal California tan to the polished white of marble. I watched fascinated as her breathing ceased and her beautiful eyes went completely white as they too became stone. In moments she was no longer my wife, but a decorative expensive object d’art I’d make believe I had purchased in Italy.

I walked over to her and with the widest grin I’d had lately began to run my fingers over her smooth, hard, cool body. I caressed her stony breasts feeling how perfect they were and just stared at her thinking how beautiful she was. It was as if she was meant for this her whole life. I then just gently, since I didn’t want her to fall over and shatter, kissed her on her hard marble lips. I continued kissing her, planting them on the nape of her neck and shoulders; finally my lips began kissing her hard marble nipples as well while my fingers touched her hard smooth vagina captured for all time in stone. I didn’t care what it looked like, I wanted to worship my wife and her perfect body by this time. I fell to my knees and began to lick her stoned pussy, feeling her marble thighs and ass, feeling myself rising to dizzy heights of arousal as I enjoyed her petrified body.

I left Lindsay on display in the living room corner all that weekend. I even rigged up some lights just like those she would have had playing on her if she’d been displayed in that fountain at the casino. Besides fondling my statue, I was photographing her all weekend long. I’d touch her and tell her how I was just going to leave her in the garden all summer as a statue. I’d smile and tell her how she was always going to be a statue or mannequin from now on. I could just imagine how much she was enjoying it!


Monday night came and I restored her after again giving her a nice long fondling.  She was angry, but only slightly, she then grinned and giggled like a little girl. We then enjoyed ourselves all night long!

The next Friday and weekend were the same, except this time she was my mannequin all weekend long. I had her wearing everything in her closet and I would take her picture every time! For a lot of the weekend I had her in front of the living room window wearing the skimpiest thong bikini I could find so everyone could see her! Once I even took her apart and boxed her up, whispering I was going to keep her in storage for a while; maybe a month, maybe longer!

Of course, come Tuesday night I restored her. She later told me she had wished I would keep her like that for a month or longer! So it was that for the weeks to come she was a bra form, a pantyhose form, a torso form, a dress form; we even tried the more abstract mannequin styles along with the headless mannequin form Lindsay had enjoyed so much. We tried other things as well; for one weekend I’d reduced her down to just her torso. It was a little strange having her still flesh and blood and yet an armless, headless, legless torso. This was a different transformation; before her arms, legs, and head had just melted into her torso. Well, after getting her into this diminished form I then hit a button and watched as she became stone again. She was quite the conversation piece as she sat there. Her petrified nudity on display for all to see.  I took her to work with me that Monday and put her into a corner of the office. For the rest of the week she drew stares and comments along with quite a few caresses.

When I brought her home Friday and restored her Lindsay was literally gasping with pleasure! She threw herself at me and we made love for hours. Lindsay told me she loved what I’d done and she wanted to be back on display again. I smiled and agreed she would be. But with a twist.


The germ of an idea had been forming in my mind ever since Lindsay’s girl friend had stopped by one day. At the time Lindsay was changed to pure plastic and mounted on her display stand - she was also quite nude! At first I was concerned that the friend not get too close a look until I decided she’d probably never realize the display figure was really Lindsay. Leanne was surprised by Lindsay the mannequin, to say the least.

Leanne owned one store where she sold bridal and formal evening wear for women. I’d overheard her telling Lindsay how she had opened a new lingerie store but was short on display forms because of unexpected costs that had turned up.  So now she was shifting her few mannequins from one store to the other. It was really quite frustrating to her.

Leanne had glimpsed Lindsay’s naked plastic perfection and, in her bubbly friendly way, slipped past me to gasp as she saw the mannequinized Lindsay. She pointed and exclaimed “It’s Lindsay!… I mean, it looks just like her! Where, when?!!” she asked in amazement!

“It was a surprise for Lindsay as well!” I nodded “It was done by an artistic friend of mine and not too long ago. Do you like?” I asked, with a grin on my face as Leanne stared fascinated by Lindsay the mannequin.

“Oh yes, it’s excellent work - so lifelike! It’s almost like Lindsay could walk away at any minute!” she grinned. “I really should have taken Lindsay up on her offer to model for me but at the time I was just too worried about my new store to think straight.” Leanne admitted. “I really wish I had an outstanding body like your wife’s so I could be made into a mannequin too!” Leanne sighed. “Well those who can’t, sell!” she smiled wryly and at that moment I noticed just how lovely Leanne was. True, not as beautiful as Lindsay but still she was quite nice!

It was then that Leanne’s eye’s sparkled with a proposition. “Well, would you be willing to sell the figure?” Leanne asked me.  “I can offer you at least four hundred for her even though I’d have to post date the check!” Leanne grinned and swept an errant blond hair from her smiling face.

I grinned and looked into Lindsay’s glass eyes. “Lets head to the dining room and discuss this.” I gently led Leanne from the living room, all the time thinking just how Lindsay would be reacting. She was probably going to be upset that her friend had discovered her and now her husband was discussing plans to sell her to her best friend. I knew another part of Lindsay was enjoying the thought of being sold though, treated as an object like just any other display mannequin.

As for me, I wasn’t planning on selling Lindsay, but renting her out was something that I had thought about. That’s exactly what I’d told Leanne in the dining room. Leanne smiled and gave me a peck on the cheek. She then said she’d come by day after tomorrow to pick up Lindsay.

I was right, when I restored Lindsay, albeit without giving her any way of moving her limbs although she could speak, she let me have it! She asked me what I was thinking, letting Leanne see her nude and was I really going to sell her? I grinned and replied that Leanne had seen the mannequin that looks like my wife, not actually my wife. Then I chuckled and added I was considering Leanne's offer to buy that mannequin for now! I then changed her back into mannequin form for the balance of that weekend.  I then called Leanne and told her to pick up Lindsay on the coming Friday instead.


The rest of that week, after I’d restored Lindsay, she kept pestering me over whether I was going to sell her or not. I know it was bad but I kept leading her on.  I made sure she told everyone she was going to be on a vacation for awhile but I wouldn’t tell her how long. I don’t think she really believed I would sell her, but in the back of her mind it was a possibility that she enjoyed. How do I know?  Well, when I considered out loud whether to sell her clothes or just put them into storage, I caught a brief smile and then she frowned at me.

On Friday, Lindsay was hesitant when I pulled out the remote. I caught a look of panic in her eyes and yet she stayed in range. I smiled at her and told her to pose, which she obediently did. In moments she went from sweet smelling, soft, warm, sexy flesh to hard, cool, smooth, sexy plastic. I hugged her as I nuzzled her inanimate form and told her the truth. That I’d leased her to Leanne for at least a month.

I then disrobed and disassembled Lindsay, putting her pieces into a box for Leanne to take with her. Leanne walked in later, smiling, eager to take her new mannequin with her. She opened the box that Lindsay was in and grinned. Leanne thanked me and took her new mannequin with her. I told her I’d be down tomorrow to see how she looked on display. As Leanne carried Lindsay away and put her in the back of her van, I was missing my beautiful mannequin already.


The next day I went down to the Leanne’s store and walked around the outside looking for Lindsay. When I didn’t see her in any of the windows I walked inside and that’s when I found her. She had on a red wig now and was wearing a blue satin looking dress that clung to her as it went all the way down to the floor. It did show off her cleavage quite nicely as it hung from her shoulders with its straps. She even had a long pair of matching opera gloves and I was sure her shoes were matched as well. Lindsay was beautiful as she stood there stiffly on a small platform looking out with that sexy blank look on her face.

For the next two weeks, I’d come by at least twice a week and see what new thing they’d dressed Lindsay in. I’d take her picture and talk with Leanne  as well. It was while I was chatting with Leanne that I began to think that Leanne too might enjoy being transformed into a mannequin just as much as Lindsay was. I filed that bit of information away and enjoyed Lindsay on display.

It was half way through her one-month lease that Leanne took her apart and moved her to the lingerie store. There, a scantily clad enticing sexy Lindsay was placed on display. Again I preserved her on film for the future during my twice weekly visits.

As Lindsay’s time on display neared an end, Leanne asked again if I would sell her. I told her I’d think it over, but never said yes. Finally, Leanne showed up carrying the disassembled Lindsay in a box. Leanne thanked me and asked if she couldn’t get an extended lease on Lindsay for say a year.  I smiled and told her no. Leanne smiled and replied it was worth a try. She then added, “I was wondering if I could get a mannequin made by your friend that could look just like me, but maybe a little better?” then gave me a charming grin.

“Well, I could ask him!” I said, knowing there was no way. Or was there? It was then I decided to try a bold alternative. “You know, there is something I should show you. Would you mind putting the Lindsay figure back together and standing her in the corner for a second?”

 A puzzled Leanne agreed, while I retrieved the remote.

“So what’s the big secret?” Leanne asked with a smile.

“Well that mannequin that you’ve been dressing and displaying this past month and were just now holding just doesn’t look like Lindsay, it is Lindsay!” I replied bluntly, watching her expression.

“Oh, stop it! You can't be serious. See!” she thumped on Lindsay’s breast, hearing the hollow sound of plastic, “This a mannequin, albeit a very life-like one but still just a facsimile of Lindsay.” she explained to me with a big smile that meant she was going along with the joke. “By the way, where has your wife been all this time; you tell her to give me a call,” she added.

“Tell her yourself; you’re standing right next to her, touching her shoulder!” I instructed.

“Ok, fun’s fun, but this is getting strange. I’m going now; you get some rest, Carlos you seem to need it,” Leanne said with a look of annoyance on her face.

It was then I pointed the remote at the mannequin, pressed the button, and began the restoration of Lindsay. Leanne’s eyes widened as the smooth cool plastic she had been touching began to change. She pulled her hand away like it was on fire and stared gaping at what was happening to the display figure that she had rented from me earlier. The mannequin began to soften its shiny smooth appearance, changing to warm soft flesh. The fixed glass eyes were becoming flesh and looking about at Leanne and myself. The mannequin's seams disappeared as well and her smooth naked crotch filled out and divided as Lindsay’s womanhood reappeared.  Soon, a naked breathing Lindsay stood where a mannequin had once been. Lindsay’s expression was a mix of surprise, pleasure, curiosity, and unhappiness.

Leanne just stared at Lindsay, not saying anything. Lindsay looked back, blushing, as she stood nude in front of her old friend.  Finally Leanne spoke - I’m sure it was supposed to be something profound but it came out as an unintelligible gurgle. Leanne cleared her throat and tried again. This time she asked only, “Lindsay?!” wondering if her eyes were deceiving her.

Lindsay gave her a crooked smile, “Yes, it’s me! I was the mannequin you had for a month.” Lindsay then scowled at me. “I thought this was supposed to be our secret?” she asked.

“I can’t believe it! How long have you been doing this?” an incredulous Leanne asked, still staring at Lindsay as if she hoped she could divine the secret on her own.

“Well, it all started with a trip to visit my parents..” as I began to recount the tale to Leanne, we sat down on the couch. Lindsay went off to dress and was back in a few minutes. In moments after I’d finished telling Leanne, I saw her occasionally stealing glances at her former mannequin and looking off as if lost in thought.

“Can you change others with your magic remote, or is Lindsay the only one?” Leanne asked.

“Actually I can! I have some extra pills a friend sent me!” I grinned as Lindsay looked on in surprise. Even Lindsay didn’t know I had them. 

Leanne was trying to grasp the possibility. “So all I’d have to do is swallow one of those, and you could change me into a mannequin. That's all? How long could you leave me like that?” she asked with a remarkable intensity, as if her hopes and dreams were being played out before us all.

“Well actually indefinitely, but it’s been recommended that after six months the subject be restored to make sure they’re all right. Lindsay's done at least a month just now, as you know. Does that answer your question? Now let me ask you one. Why do you want to know?” I asked with a grin; already knowing the answer but wanting to hear it from her.

“I’ll let you know after I ask Lindsay something,” she answered looking at my wife. “Did you really enjoy being a mannequin? I mean, was it an erotic experience for you?” Leanne asked Lindsay pointedly.

Lindsay looked at Leanne and then at me; I could see the blush coming to her cheeks. Her friend had never been so candid. Lindsay nodded and grinned, “Yes, very much so! Being on display and being touched is something I found I really loved! Not to mention how one caress on your frozen body feels like a myriad sexual touches all wrapped into one. So, yes, I love being a mannequin - especially a form!” Lindsay’s honest enthusiasm seemed to infect both woman as I could see the excitement building in Leanne as well.

“That’s all I needed to hear!” Leanne said with a smile as she turned to me. “To answer your question, I want you to give me one of those pills and then change me into a mannequin as quickly as you can manage it. I’d love to see how it feels! At least for one day!” Leanne looked at me with her exuberant smile and pleading eyes. “To tell you the truth, I’ve always had this crazy idea that I’d love to be a mannequin and displayed in my own store!” Leanne giggled. “If I do enjoy it, I’d want you to change me and leave me as a plastic figure for a month so I could do exactly that!” she added with a sparkle in her eyes.

“We can do that!” I said with a grin as well “Wait here while I get everything.” I stood up and walked to the study where I kept the pills and remote I’d gotten from Richard. Lindsay followed me in and began to whisper.

“What are you thinking, telling her all this?” Lindsay demanded.

“I just felt she might be someone who might enjoy this and it looks like I was right!” I replied with a grin.

“How do you know she won’t start telling everyone in creation about us and this thing?” Lindsay asked, pointing at the remote in my hand.

“I’m thinking she’s going to have a vested interest in this now and besides, don’t you trust her? She's your friend.” I asked Lindsay with a bemused smile.

“Well, yes, but never with something important like this.” Lindsay shook her head as if to shake out the apprehensions that were troubling her. “I just don’t want to end up plastered on all the tabloids and news channels every hour. I mean if that were to happen, we’d never get any peace and my days on anonymous display would be over,” Lindsay explained with a frown. "That's a lot to risk on trust."

“Well if that ever happened, I’d have some things I could do so you wouldn’t be in that position for long, but yes it would be an untenable situation. I think we can trust her though; there’s more she might have in mind.  Besides Leanne has two stores where she can have you on display, even if this leaks out. I think it’s worth the risk!” I grinned at Lindsay to help assuage her fears, then hugged her.

We then went back to the living room where a visibly excited Leanne was just getting off her cell phone. She looked up and smiled, “Just telling my employees that I won’t be in today! You don’t mind if I spend the rest of the day, ah, here do you?” Leanne asked with her infectious grin.

I shook my head, “No, now all you have to do is swallow this.” I handed her a little silvery pill, exactly like that one Lindsay had taken so long ago in Las Vegas. The pill that had changed both our lives.

As I handed her a glass of wine, Leanne looked at Lindsay then at me. “Bottoms up!” she said, quickly swallowing the pill and downing some of the wine. There was a pause of a few moments and then she looked expectantly at me “I don’t feel anything happening?” Leanne frowned.

“Well that’s because I haven’t used this on you! I held up the remote and Leanne smiled again. "Ready to be a mannequin?"

“Wait a minute!” Leanne announced as she got up, walked over and then began whispering in my ear. All I could do was smile as I heard her suggestion. I quickly nodded my assent, leaving a puzzled Lindsay to wonder. But only for a moment. Before Lindsay could ask anything, I pointed the remote at her and pressed a button.

Lindsay froze, unable to move but still flesh and blood. I could now pose her and move her limbs. I picked her up and sat her on the floor in front of the couch. I moved her legs to one side with them crossed in front of her, all of her weight on her hips, using the front of the couch to support her. I put her left arm over so it gently rested on her right knee and her right arm so it lightly touched her right thigh. I then turned her face to the left so she would be looking in that direction. Lindsay held that pose like the living doll she now was.

I then had Leanne sit perpendicular to Lindsay, with her body facing away from Lindsay. I had her hold her knees together but casually splay her feet and legs. Leanne’s arms were held straight and on her knees, her hands resting on top of one other. Leanne was also looking over to the left of her body in the same direction as Lindsay. I quickly pushed another button freezing Leanne into position too, hoping she'd enjoy it after all the anticipation and fantasies. I made sure they were both posed perfectly. I then gathered the wigs and clothing they were going to wear that night, coming back to the living room and then pushed the final button. Immediately the change began on Lindsay; within moments she was again a beautiful, artificial-looking mannequin.

Now for Leanne. I had to do something special, per her request. Leanne was quickly transformed into a mannequin, but in this case her body and face began to mimic Lindsay’s precisely. In no time at all I had twin mannequins, posed alike. Only the clothing they wore differentiated them.

I smiled as I began by taking Lindsay apart, dressing her in a black feathered sheer baby doll. After getting it on her along with her shoes, I replaced her blonde wig with a retro-looking red wig made up in a flip. I then dressed the Leanne mannequin in a similar baby doll, but in white. I took her blonde wig and, using the remote, made it an exact copy of Lindsay’s red one. I slipped a pair of white heels on Leanne’s feet as well.

I stood back to admire the twins and then used the remote to make some last minute adjustments to their makeup before being finally satisfied. They were both lovely! I then began taking pictures of them so I could show them later. I left them like that the rest of the day, admiring them, rubbing my hands over them. I even caressed Leanne’s hard plastic body in places that would leave her in frozen ecstasy. I told them both jokingly I was seriously thinking of keeping them like that for a couple of months in the window since they were just so sexy! I hope it turned on Leanne as much as I was.

I left my two newest mannequins in my collection alone that evening to enjoy their newfound frozen forms. It wasn’t till the next morning after an early morning fondle of both of them and a kiss to their rigid lips that I brought Leanne out of her mannequin idyll, back to the real world.

Leanne stretched and smiled as she began to move, a big smile crossing her face as she looked at Lindsay, who still remained a mannequin. Leanne smiled at me as well, “That was so wonderful!” she giggled. “Thank you for all your kind attention as well, Carlos!” she stood in her high heels, still wearing the white baby doll I’d dressed her in. She walked over as gracefully as her long legs could carry her and planted a kiss on me.

I didn’t mind, since at the time she was still looking like my wife’s twin. So I kissed her back, hard! Surprisingly she didn’t pull away so I began to touch the body I was so familiar with.  I  knew it wasn’t Lindsay, but yet it was in some way. I began to make love to this faux Lindsay with the real Lindsay sitting there frozen in plastic next to us.

Leanne then began to run her hands over Lindsay’s frozen form as I was licking and kissing her. She grinned at Lindsay and said “Carlos, why don’t you leave Lindsay stashed like this and I’ll put her in my store and I’ll be your Lindsay from now on!” she offered, with a wicked  grin.

Her head was in Lindsay’s plastic lap as I was kissing her on the nipple and rubbing her other breast. I looked down and grinned “I like that idea!” I leered mischievously, “You’ll be a much better Lindsay than she is, anyway! We’ll just make her into a form and no one will know!” I laughed, knowing how Lindsay was taking all this. Then we both looked at each other and laughed, knowing we weren't serious. Were we?

I took the remote and began to change Lindsay back into flesh and blood.  She continued to sit there unmoving since I’d kept her frozen. She blinked in anger at us while we smiled at her. “I think she believed every word we said!” Leanne giggled, speaking to me as if Lindsay couldn't hear her.

“Well, we did our best, didn’t we? I believe my performance was one of the best!” I laughed and smiled at Lindsay. I hit another button and Lindsay flopped into the couch like a rag doll, unable to move herself; she was completely at our mercy. I picked Lindsay's pliant form up and kissed her. I then began to undress her as Leanne began to touch Lindsay in an affectionate way. Together we began to make love to Lindsay.

Lindsay couldn’t speak or move as we used her like our personal love doll. I was inside Lindsay while Leanne was kissing and touching her breasts. I knew just from looking into her eyes Lindsay was enraptured by it all. We’d take turns, or both just be all over her body, worshiping it with ours. While Leanne was alone and I was watching her, I hit a button on the remote and froze Leanne in mid-caress, then another allowing Lindsay to move on her own.

As I hoped Lindsay, was too turned on not to return all that Leanne had given her and more. I sat and watched enraptured as my wife and her new twin sister made love. It wasn’t long before I went over and began to make love to Lindsay again with Leanne watching us. As I did I froze Lindsay as well, so I had two Lindsay love dolls in my bed. I posed them and made love to the two of them for quite some time.

I’d finished and got up kissing my two dolls on the lips. I then proceeded to clean them both up before I gave them back to their full mobility. I then went and showered, leaving the twins alone on the bed. 

When I finished I found the two of them hugging each other giggling conspiratorially. I looked for the remote and found it was missing. I just looked at them and they both looked back with as innocent a look on their beautiful identical faces as they could muster.

One of them asked, “What’s the problem, Carlos honey?” as the other Lindsay giggled.

“Where’s the remote?” I asked sternly.

One Lindsay looked at the other in mock confusion. “Remote? What remote, Carlos my love?” she asked with a sweet saccharin smile on her lips while the other Lindsay giggled.

I was grinning as well by this time, “You know very well, the one I change the two of you with!” wondering what the pair of them were up to.

“Oh that one! We hid that, didn’t we?” the Lindsay on the left announced, looking at her twin on the right who grinned and nodded her head in assent.

“We’ll tell you where, but first you have to pick out which one of us is really Lindsay…!” finished the one on the left.

“…and which is Leanne!” added the one on the right. Already, they were completing each others sentences. I began thinking this was getting out of hand.

“Then I’ll get the remote?” I asked, wondering how far this was going to go.

The Lindsay on the left smiled while the one on the right spoke “Eventually, but what you have to do then is change us into forms so we can be both on display in Leanne’s store," the one on the left piped up "together.”

“Now if you pick out the correct Lindsay, we get to be on display for one month only,” continued the Lindsay on the left while the one on the right smiled.

“But if you get it wrong, Lindsay gets to be a form for three months in Leanne’s store! Now Leanne would like to be one, too, but she does have a store to run so after the first month she’ll have to be restored," the Lindsay on the right informed me, while the one on the left giggled.

“But that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t like to be changed for some displays a few days here and there maybe even a week or two! Just to keep her hand in, so to speak!” offered the Lindsay on the left. "How's that sound?" finished the right hand Lindsay.

I nodded, grinning as I listened to the two doppelgangers. “So I get to choose who is who? So how do I get to choose? Just by looking at the two of you or is it more -- interactive?” I smiled broadly at that.

The two of them looked at each other in another rendition of mock outrage. They then giggled and the one on the left spoke, “Why, any old way your little heart desires, Carlos my love!” she smiled brightly. I grinned wolfishly back at her.

“All right then!” I responded and proceeded to the one on the right. I grabbed her and began kissing her whilst I was rubbing my hands over her luscious body. The other Lindsay looked on with a smile. I then began using my fingers to touch the first Lindsay’s most intimate regions. My fingers sinking deep into her warm wet hole, I felt and heard her moan. Meanwhile, the other Lindsay was rubbing her nipples and grinning as I continued to fondle and caress her identical sister. This went on for awhile till I grabbed one of Lindsay’s sex toys and slipped it into the vagina of the Lindsay I was playing with. I then looked at the other Lindsay and straddled her. I quickly began kissing and fondling her as well.

It was after making love to the Lindsay I was with and out of the corner of my eye watching the other playing with herself that I made my decision. I got up off of the one Lindsay and pulled the toy out of the other. They both looked at me like I was spoiling their fun. They both smiled when I told them I was ready to choose. I grinned and picked the Lindsay I had given the sex toy to.

They both gasped and laughed then hugged each other. The Lindsay on the right got up and handed me the remote from one of the drawers she then kissed me and spoke: “Goodbye for three months, Carlos! Now Leanne will take good care of me and you!” she said with a smile.

Did I not recognize my own wife? Well not really, but I think we both wanted to see what it would be like for her to be a form for three months. “I’ll be back on this Friday by that time I can make arrangements for us!” Leanne said to Lindsay she then turned to me. “Don’t worry we’ll be fine and I’ll take good care of my newest display form!” Leanne winked.

“Well this has been a mountain of fun but I’ve got to go now. Carlos could you do the honors?” Leanne asked. I then hit the remote and in moments Leanne was back to her normal self, wearing the white nightie. She quickly dressed and then looked in the mirror. Leanne smiled a little sadly when she saw her old face; at least that’s what I thought at the time. Leanne then turned and gave me a hug and then hugged Lindsay, both of them calling each other sister. I just laughed as I watched them.

We then walked Leanne to the door and said goodbye, promising to be ready for her on Friday when she returned. Lindsay looked at me and asked if I minded her being gone that long. I shrugged and told her that while a part of me always would miss her when she was gone, another part was overjoyed at the fun I’d hope she was having! Lindsay gave me a big hug and kiss for that! It was true I was missing her and enjoying her being transformed  when she was gone for months at a time it seemed to feed my fetish I guess.

Lindsay then said she wanted to look something up so with that she went online with our computer. I went and got something to eat. It was moments later she called me over to where she was surfing and showed me some forms she found on a web site by a company that manufactured mannequins. Lindsay then asked if I could program the remote to change her and Leanne into similar looking forms.

"Of course" was my immediate response, "it’ll only take a few minutes," I added. I then told her she should give her family a call and give them a convincing reason as to why she was going to be gone for three months otherwise they’d think I’d done away with her. Lindsay giggled and said then in three months she could reappear and tell them how I’d turned her into a form. I just shook my head and announced how that was a guaranteed one way ticket to the asylum for her! Lindsay laughed and said she’d give them a good cover story so not to worry. She then went off to make her call and I proceeded to program the remote.

It was an hour later when she finished her call and came to see how I was progressing. I’d just finished when she came in and so I told her. Lindsay gave me a broad grin and asked is she could have a glimpse of coming attractions. I smiled and said I couldn’t see why not.

I had her stand in the middle of the room as I pointed the remote at her and pressed the button. In no time at all she began to change, her skin becoming hard and glossy as she stood frozen. But the nanobots didn’t stop there they continued with their work soon I watched as her legs seemed to disappear up into her thighs soon followed by her head as it seemed to dissolve into her neck leaving her naked plastic body on the floor. Lindsay was now an exact copy of one of the forms she had seen on the site. I picked up her hollow plastic body and showed her to herself in the mirror. I ran my fingers over her smooth plastic breasts and whispered how sexy she was! I caressed her now plastic arms; they were just like they normally were when she was a mannequin. I could have removed them and left her armless as well as legless but they seemed so elegant on her now diminished form.

I set her now, a brand new form, on a table in the bedroom. I then grabbed one of Lindsay’s bras and dressed the new Lindsay form in it. I marveled at how she looked now. It was Tuesday so I figured I’d keep her like this till Friday morning. I then took more pictures of her to add to my collection. I figured she was probably wishing she was in Leanne’s store but she would have to wait. For now she was a form in my collection.

I didn’t leave her alone as the days went by I did my best to keep her around no matter what. When I got home from work I’d give my new form a caress and kiss. I then picked her up and carried her to whatever room I was in. On Thursday though I noticed Leanne pulling up so I had to place Lindsay the form in the closet so I wouldn’t spoil the surprise. Leanne came in with a grin wanting to talk to Lindsay but I told her that unfortunately she was gone to her parents and wouldn’t be back till Friday.

I was surprised when Leanne wasn’t that disappointed. In fact she grinned and said that wanting to talk with Lindsay was just a pretext.  Leanne grinned and asked if I could change her into a mannequin till Lindsay returned.  Well I didn’t take long to agree. I asked her to accompany me to the living room. As soon as we entered the room she began to disrobe. Leanne smiled and asked if I’d mind dressing her and mounting her on a support rod.

I had to grin and say no. Leanne then showed me a picture of the mannequin she wanted to be and I quickly excused myself to program the remote. When I got back the clothes she wanted me to dress her in and the stand were waiting. The mannequin she choose to become was totally unlike anything resembling her. It was a Patina V mannequin dark skinned and with full lips. Leanne was going to be a beautiful African doll was what I was thinking as I saw her choice.

Leanne was practically shaking with anticipation as I walked back into the living room. I just smiled and pressed the first button in moments Leanne froze in place. She then began to move as if someone was posing her. Finally she stopped moving and the next series of changes began to take place. Leanne’s skin began to darken and become glossy as it became the fiberglass of her now hollow mannequin form. She began to grow taller and thinner as her proportions changed to that of her new body. Her face began to adopt the features of the mannequin she had chosen. It was exotic and sexy on her. In moments the blonde Leanne was now a beautiful African frozen model.

I took my time looking over her new body and I will admit doing my fair share of caressing of her perfect plastic form. Eventually I took her apart and dressed her in the white dress and matching shoes she wanted. I then lifted her up and carefully mounted her on a support rod leaving my newest mannequin ready for display.

So  the rest of that night I had two mannequins again, Leanne in the living room and Lindsay in the bedroom. The only question I had was how to keep Leanne from learning about the surprise that Lindsay had for her. At least before I had Lindsay restored. 

When I woke up that Friday I smiled as I saw Lindsay there in the corner where I’d placed her that night. I remembered that we had a guest mannequin downstairs so with a sigh I figured it was time to bring Lindsay back. I got up and picked up my diminutive wife and placed her on the bed giving her a quick fondle caressing her luscious hard breasts. I even began licking her hard plastic breasts and while doing that I used the remote to restore her. I felt her soften and warm under my lips and tongue as she became flesh and blood. I felt her chest rise and fall as she began to breathe again. As her voice returned I heard her moan and felt her hands on me as she hugged me closer. I made love to her as she returned to normal and felt her shiver as she orgasmed not once or twice but over and over as the pleasurable feelings washed over her again and again.

I held Lindsay as she lay there next to me recovering from her sojourn as a form. She smiled as I looked down at her and said she had a wonderful time. I told her that Leanne was downstairs. Lindsay was surprised and she asked when Leanne had arrived that morning. With a grin I told her how Leanne had arrived Thursday night and how she’d wanted to be changed into a mannequin. Lindsay got up and went down stairs to see how her friend looked.

I found Lindsay staring at the new Leanne and giggling. Lindsay smiled at me and said how lovely Leanne was looking. When she saw me with the remote she got an expectant look anticipating what I was going to do or at least she thought so. I smiled and asked Lindsay if she wanted to undress Leanne. Lindsay smiled and began immediately to undress the ebony skinned mannequin.

Lindsay began to caress Leanne’s plastic breasts. She actually seemed turned on by the way Leanne looked. Lindsay began to kiss Leanne’s plastic body and fondle her. I was also turned on by the sight of Lindsay and Leanne so as she touched Leanne I touched Lindsay.

I grabbed Lindsay from behind and began kissing her shoulders as she licked and kissed Leanne the mannequin. I made love to Lindsay right there as she made love to Leanne.

My hands reached around and grabbed Lindsay’s breasts my fingers playing with her nipples that were so hard. Lindsay was kissing Leanne’s plastic breasts as I fingered her lips between her legs. I then pushed her down and slipped into her from behind while she kept her attention on Leanne. It wasn’t long before we feel spent at the feet of our new Leanne mannequin. I whispered that soon she and Lindsay would be together for a month and no one would know the difference. I softly told Lindsay how she was going to be just another nameless plastic torso in Leanne’s store. I whispered how everyone would just be looking at her chest all day. I felt Lindsay softly whimper and shudder in delight to that. I told her how I loved her and wanted her to be my beautiful mannequins always!

After we’d finished I pulled out the remote and returned Leanne back to her living form but I left her looking as she was as a mannequin. Leanne shuddered with pleasure and uttered the longest moan I’ve ever heard outside of Lindsay’s. Lindsay smiled at the new look for Leanne.  Leanne enjoyed it as well as she examined herself.

I then asked if Leanne had made the preparations for Lindsay and herself. Leanne nodded as she and Lindsay continued to touch each other affectionately. Leanne then told me she’d left instructions for her staff about receiving two new forms. She’d written them out and left a copy in her purse.

I nodded as I grabbed the remote and readied it for the transformation of Leanne and Lindsay.

Lindsay  with a grin told Leanne how she wanted to be the one to dress her when she was a form. Leanne smiled and told her she’d like that. Leanne then said if Lindsay really wanted to do just that the keys for the lingerie shop were in her purse. Leanne then told us how to turn the alarm system on and off so we could deliver her after the store closed. Leanne then asked Lindsay what she was going to dress her in. Lindsay just smiled enigmatically and told Leanne it was a surprise.

Leanne giggled and said that was okay as long as Lindsay wore the same. Lindsay smiled and agreed winking at me seeing that I would be dressing her. I then used the remote and pointed it at Leanne. The dark ebony skinned Leanne began to change. Leanne froze and stiffened once again. The color of her plastic skin began to change becoming the traditional tan of  a  flesh tone mannequin. Leanne’s legs dwindled till all that was left were her thighs. Leanne’s head then softened and flowed melding into her neck till it was completely gone as well.

Leanne now looked as Lindsay did when I’d changed her into a form. Leanne even had the same arms that Lindsay did just like a traditional mannequin. Lindsay began to examine her almost as she was changing before our eyes. Lindsay turned to me and smiled saying she tingles to the touch. I watched as Lindsay ran her fingers over the truncated Leanne. Lindsay smiled while she told me how beautiful Leanne looked.

I nodded and told her she’s very lovely and so will you be after we get her and you to the store. Lindsay looked up and asked when we’d leave. I told her we’d leave after the store had closed so she’d have a chance to dress up Leanne.  Lindsay agreed and then wondered aloud what we’d do until then. Of course she had a grin on her face when she said that.

I didn’t disappoint her as I began pushing buttons on the remote and watched as Lindsay stopped moving. Her skin began to change from its normal warmth and softness to something equally soft but that quickly began to cool. I was amazed how lifelike my wife was in her silicone doll form. I carried her off to while away the hours till the store was closed.

After a number of hours making love and enjoying the undivided attention of the silicone sex doll that was my wife I changed her back to her normal human form. I think I surprised her with this change but from the sounds and expression she made as the orgasms racked her body after her restoration I think she enjoyed it.

Lindsay kissed me again and said she enjoyed that. I told her it was time to get ready and I’d get Leanne boxed up. So as I went downstairs and put Leanne the form in a box I had available Lindsay got dressed. In moments we were on our way down to Leanne’s lingerie shop.

It was dark in Leanne’s store when we arrived and let ourselves in. After turning off the alarm I turned some of the lights on while Lindsay carried the box containing Leanne into the store.

As I came in I watched as Lindsay was grinning surrounded by a number of bra and panties combinations. I just watched as she began trying out various things on Leanne, using what she could find in Leanne’s store.

Finally Lindsay seemed to find an item she thought she enjoyed  on Leanne’s new body. It was a four piece bustier set. It was a black velvet trimmed stretch mesh bustier with four adjustable garters and matching gloves, stockings, and g-string.  It looked very sexy on Leanne. Lindsay looked at me and asked how I liked it. I told her I loved it but for her it should be in red. Lindsay smiled and found one set in red.  I took it from her and told her I’d be dressing her after her change.

We’d placed Leanne so she was surrounded by a number of bras and panties on a small shelf just big enough for her and one other form. I then instructed Lindsay to disrobe which she did.

I then kissed and hugged my wife for the last time as a living woman. Lindsay smiled as I pushed the appropriate controls on the remote. With a bit of reluctance at losing her for the next three months I changed Lindsay into a similar torso form as the one Leanne was now.  The only difference was that Lindsay was posed so she would look as if her left hand was resting on Leanne’s shoulder. I dressed Lindsay in the red bustier set and gazed on my two mannequins fondly. I kissed Lindsay on her stump and rubbed her hard breasts. I gave Leanne a kiss on her stump as well. I said goodbye to the two living forms and cleaned up, leaving the two new display forms looking as if they’d been there always.



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