My Mannequin, My Wife – Part 3

by Johnsan

[You might want to read Part 1 and Part 2 to see how this one starts out, since there is quite a bit of backstory coming into this chapter. Ed]

I had planned on visiting Lindsay and Leanne as often as possible but just as I was making these plans, my job came between me and my two wonderful display forms. I had to leave town for what turned out to be three weeks in total. I was heartily disappointed by my forced absence. So when I returned anxious to see the two beautiful mannequins Lindsay and Leanne had become I went right over to the Leanne’s lingerie store.

As I arrived there and parked in front instead of seeing it open for business on this weekday, it was closed. In fact from peering in the windows the shop was strangely empty. I looked all around for any clue as to what was going on. I finally saw the going out of business signs, which were quite a shock.

By now I was really worried about what was going on. Lindsay and Leanne were gone and I had no clue as to where. To everyone the two forms who were formerly living women were just commodities to be sold. Luckily I had programmed the remote to  ensure that both Leanne and Lindsay had  serial numbers present on their plastic bodies.

I went through Leanne’s address book and found some of the phone numbers for her former employees. I began calling them and trying to find out what happened. 

When I talked to Lucy, she told me that the bank and Leanne’s former business partner had closed both stores. Of course this took everyone by surprise as no one knew about this silent partner of Leanne’s. I asked about what happened to the store fixtures. Lucy told me that some company, she thought it might go by the name of  South Coast  Mannequins, took away all the stores mannequins. Lucy also asked if I knew where Leanne was. It seemed Lucy was hurting over the loss of her job. I felt guilty at what had happened because of what I’d done.

I offered to help her out, which Lucy accepted reluctantly. She told me she was really hoping for another position in a store where she could use her skills as a visual merchandiser. Lucy blushed slightly as she told me how she liked working with the lifelike forms and mannequins Leanne’s store used. I had to smile at that as well.

I then asked if she’d done any modeling herself. She smiled even broader and blushed again. Lucy admitted she had indeed modeled a little. I then further asked if she ever did any freeze modeling. This time she giggled and told me she had done that as well. Lucy then said that what little she did she had really enjoyed.  I told her how my wife had loved it as well. Lucy smiled at that and I asked innocently how long she could hold a pose.  Lucy shyly admitted she could freeze herself for at least twenty minutes sometimes half an hour. I told her how wonderful that was. Lucy went on to say how relaxed she felt and how calm she was when she was in a freeze; then she blushed and mentioned also how turned-on she felt when she was trying to stay motionless.

I grinned and said I could imagine how erotic she would look as a mannequin. I then told her how Lindsay had the same feelings when she was frozen as well. Lucy asked how long Lindsay could hold her freezes I had to chuckle when I said for over an hour. From the expression on her face I knew she was impressed and somewhat aroused. Lucy asked how Lindsay did it. I grinned as I told her she had help. Lucy then asked if she could watch Lindsay freeze someday. I told her anytime, but right now Lindsay was out of town, so if she wanted to drop by and see some of the pictures I took of her I’d gladly show her. Lucy smiled and said she would.

I also told her that if any of the other shop girls needed help I might be able to find something for them. Lucy said she would and thanked me for my help. 

Later that day I called up Tina but unfortunately got her answering machine. When I called Maria I was more successful. Maria seemed to be doing better, having already found a new job; she was able to tell me that it was the same company that Lucy had mentioned. She gave me the number she had written down for them and with that I thanked her.

I then began making calls to find out what had happened to Leanne’s display forms, including the mannequins that were Leanne and Lindsay. When they asked me why I wanted to know I told them that two of the three-quarter forms were ones I’d lent to Leanne. It wasn’t for almost a week till I got a response. Luckily with the serial numbers I’d given them they’d found out that Leanne had been sold to a shop in New York City. Lindsay on the other hand had been sold and shipped to a clothing boutique in Paris.

I was glad to find them, but disappointed that they were so far from home. I found the phone numbers to contact the individual stores where they had ended up, leaving messages at both of them. Unfortunately I couldn’t take any time off to go and retrieve the display forms. Things were quite busy at work and leaving me little time for anything else.  I hoped that Leanne and Lindsay were enjoying their “vacations”.

As time went by I finally found out that the number for the store in New York was changed. It seemed the shop had moved, so again I was left trying to determine where Leanne was. With the store in Paris I was having a lot of language difficulties, but from what I understood they weren’t interested in my attempts to buy Lindsay back.

I was feeling pretty low, knowing how I’d lost both Lindsay and Leanne, not to mention putting all Leanne’s employees out of work. So it was with some happiness when Lucy and Tina finally called me back.

Tina had finally gotten my message; I again had asked her for her help to find out what had happened to Lindsay and Leanne. I also had found Tina hurting too after losing her job so I’d given her what help I could. She said she’d talked to Lucy about those pictures of Lindsay’s freeze modeling and would I mind if she came as well. I readily agreed, saying I hoped they would come by soon.

I also received, out of the blue, a call from Tricia.  She was a mutual friend of Leanne’s and Lindsay’s; I had even hired her a few times for some secretarial work. She asked if I knew where Leanne had gotten to? She also wanted to talk to Lindsay. I had to tell her I really didn’t know where Leanne was but that Lindsay was out of town. Tricia then said she’d spoken with Lucy and she was surprised at hearing about Lindsay’s freeze modeling because Lindsay never mentioned it to her before.

I then told Tricia she was welcome to stop by and see the photos of the sessions herself. Tricia, normally morose and sullen seemed, to brighten at that remark. I asked her if she’d been to Leanne’s shop before it closed; she said she had been there for the big clearance sale and remarked on how the shop’s closing was quite a surprise.

Of course I had to agree about that. I asked Tricia if she saw any of the store fixtures being sold. Tricia admitted she really didn’t know anything about that. She then asked why I wanted to know. I gave her the same story about how I’d lent Leanne two forms I owned for her store, not saying anything about who was modeling them.  Tricia then asked why I even had them. I smiled at the phone, admitting I had a collection of mannequins. Her voice seemed to change in tenor as she asked why. 

I then told her of my and Lindsay’s increasing interest in mannequins as her curiosity about freeze modeling began. I then explained how Lindsay enjoyed posing with real mannequins on occasion. Tricia giggled nervously, saying that did sound like fun. I then mentioned how I found those highly realistic mannequins to be very attractive and sexy. Tricia said she thought so as well. I was surprised at how Tricia seemed to be opening up.

I then admitted I had one life-like mannequin that was an exact copy of Lindsay. Tricia said she was very interested in seeing that figure for herself.  I had to fib again, saying that unfortunately I’d leased that particular mannequin to someone, but I did have  some pictures of her. Tricia then said she would indeed like to stop by, asking when would be a good time.  She seemed very enthusiastic, almost eager.

I had to smile as I stopped to think for a moment. I then told her this coming Saturday would be okay. Tricia agreed and said she’d stop by in the afternoon. That would be the day after when I got a call from Lucy who had asked if she could stop by with Tina on Friday evening. I readily agreed and said I’d be waiting for her.

I guess in the back of my mind I wasn’t just planning on only showing the Tricia, Lucy, or Tina those pictures of Lindsay and Leanne. I was imaging all three girls in the same positions I’d had Lindsay and Leanne in as mannequins. I should have felt guilty about it, but I missed Lindsay a lot. I wondered what would come of all this. I was also wondering how Lindsay and Leanne were doing.

It wasn’t like I hadn’t been looking for them. I had found the store Lindsay was sold to. It was a bridal shop in France, located on an avenue called the Rue de Commerce. I had finally gotten up the chain and spoken with the owner who, it turned out, was an American woman who had married someone she’d met from France. Again I asked if I could persuade her to sell me Lindsay, I explained how Lindsay was inadvertently sold when she was just on loan to the store that had closed. Karen, the owner, while very apologetic, said she regrettably was unable to comply with my request.

Leanne, I found, was sold to a lingerie store in New York called Bare Necessities.  I was still having trouble locating it after it that store had moved though. The forwarded phone number was still giving me trouble; every time I’d tried to call I got a message saying it was disconnected.  New York was a big city; the phone company there wasn’t helping.

It seemed they both might be staying away for much longer than I’d planned.

So Friday came quickly; when I arrived home that night I got everything ready in a rush. It wasn’t long when the doorbell rang and I opened it to find Lucy and Tina waiting there. The girls smiled warmly, saying hello which I returned as well with my own welcome, beckoning them inside.

They were both dressed up like they were going to have a night out on the town afterwards – in other words, dressed to the nines and looking gorgeous! Lucy with her fine Asian features was beautiful in her black leather dress and matching boots. She grinned at my surprise and gracefully swept by me. Tina was lovely as well, with her blonde locks framing her own delicate features. She was dressed in a latex dress that hugged her shapely body, showing off her D-cup breasts and curves. Tina walked by in her boots with a giggle and smile as well.

They both seemed very excited; perhaps a little tipsy. I was sure they’d done a little pre-celebrating somewhere before they arrived at my door.  I was taken with both of these lovely ladies as I breathed in their lovely scents. Lucy’s jasmine and Tina’s expensive perfume were very intoxicating. I admired them as they walked into my house.  Lucy, with her dancer’s body, was shorter though her breasts seemed just as large and exquisite as Tina’s.  I also was enchanted by her sly smile  and the way her eyes seemed to sparkle with mischief. Lucy just seemed to drip with sex appeal.

Tina was also garnering my attention with her sexy walk and smile. While taller and a little heavier, that just made her seem even sexier with her full curves and well endowed breasts. I watched appreciatively as they walked into the living room and sat on the couch, crossing their legs.  Both accepted my offer of some liquid refreshments, choosing a white wine and an imported lager.  We chatted for a few minutes, making small talk.

Lucy was the first to speak, asking if I had those pictures of Lindsay. I smiled, nodded, and produced the thick album. As we all began looking at the pictures, starting with the ones of Lindsay at the Indian Casino, I could see the girls were absolutely riveted by the pictures of Lindsay standing in the display window. They both began to ask me questions about how she was able to pose like that and how she looked so much like a mannequin.

When I finally told them how long she had been on display, I’m sure they didn’t believe me from the way they giggled and rolled their eyes.  When they next saw the pictures of Lindsay in Las Vegas I knew immediately they didn’t believe that amazing marble statue was she.  Lucy asked if these were done with Photoshop or some other trickery. I said no, that those were really pictures of my wife as a statue. They just looked at me and giggled, but I insisted.  Again both Lucy and Tina accused me of having them  on.  Tina then asked if I meant Lindsay had been body painted to look like a statue. I again said no, which caused them both to shake their heads in disbelief at my statement.

Finally, they saw the pictures of Lindsay posed stiffly as a mannequin. Lucy asked where I had the mannequin made and I just smiled, saying I made her all by myself.  They both laughed at that; Lucy then asked me to be serious, stop kidding around, and tell her where I had that mannequin made. I again said I’d made the Lindsay figure right in this house. Tina pushed further, asked just how I did it and could I make one of anyone else. Lucy grinned and echoed Tina’s request, though still not really believing me.

I just had to smile when I told Lucy and Tina I could indeed make a mannequin of anyone. Even them.   They gasped and giggled some more; it was Tina’s turn to blush.

As to precisely how, I told them that I could show them, if they agreed to volunteer to pose. Lucy and Tina conferred with each other in whispers for a few moments before smiling their agreement. Lucy spoke first, stating she wanted to go first, asking how long it would take. I told them not as long as you might think; then I disclosed the special process I had found that could have a mannequin look-alike of someone created in just a few moments if I had a trusting and willing volunteer.  That was a really broad hint.

By this time they were both extremely curious and not a little incredulous at these claims. I then asked them to wait while I got the equipment I’d need to make the mannequins. It didn’t take long to gather up some of those small pills and the remote I’d used before to turn Lindsay and Leanne into mannequins.  Those had been stored in a very safe place.

When I returned, I found Lucy and Tina in conversation and giggling. Lucy stood up and asked what she had to do first, saucily adding whether she had to also be nude. I chuckled and told her only if she wanted to.  Lucy asked me what I wanted. I grinned and said for her go ahead and disrobe but leave her boots on. She grinned and began taking off her clothing, much to Tina’s amusement as well.  It turned out she wasn’t wearing much under that supple leather sheath; only a black thong panty.  Moments later she was standing nude in her high heeled boots that arched her feet so nicely; that’s why I wanted her to keep them on. I gazed appreciatively at her lithe anatomy. I smiled and nodded when she looked at me and asked if I liked what I saw.  I answered that she’d make a wonderful mannequin, if she wanted to go through with it. Lucy said of course and asked what was next.  I gave her one of the little miracle delivery devices and told her to just swallow it, with a chaser of wine if that made it any easier.

Lucy looked at the tiny pill quizzically and then at me. She then asked what the hell was this for.  I’m sure she imagined it was some kind of tranquilizer; thinking I was just going to drug the two of them. Tina was staring at me as well, waiting expectantly for a decent answer.  I looked at Lucy and said that the pill was an important part of my technique for making realistic mannequins out of her and Tina. She wondered aloud again how this tiny pill would do all that if she swallowed it. I told her seriously that she was just going to have to trust me and that if she didn’t, there was no reason to go any farther. Tense seconds passed.  Tina just stared at Lucy’s naked figure while sneaking glimpses at me to see what I was going to do.  I waited patiently.

Lucy finally giggled a little nervously and said it was kind of late for her to back out now, then gulped the pill down, dry, with a proud smile.

I smiled back at Lucy and told her to get into an appropriate pose while I pulled out the remote. It was funny how they both simultaneously asked what it was for, like they were twins in fact. I told them this would activate the tiny machines that were now flowing in Lucy’s body, then demonstrated by pointing the remote at her and pushing one of the buttons; instantly freezing Lucy in her mannequin pose.  Tina gasped in surprise, then looked on in rapt fascination, as Lucy stood unmoving while the seconds stretched out.  This was a better performance than any freeze modeling she had ever seen before. Lucy wasn’t even breathing as she stood there. Tina walked up and looked more closely at Lucy; then began touching Lucy’s nude body in a very intimate manner while smiling. The motionless Lucy just stood there, staring into the distance, as she was being  fondled.

Tina looked over and asked me how long Lucy could stay like this. I answered for a very long time, if I wanted, I added with a grin.  With that I pressed another button and in moments Lucy’s smooth skin began to change color and texture, becoming quite pale and glossy. It was becoming a mix of fiberglass and plastic, just like a genuine mannequin’s. Seams began to form over her body, as her eyes became glass copies of her deep brown orbs. Tina could feel how hollow Lucy’s figure had become as she stared in surprise at her transformed friend. Tina almost knocked her over as she continued to touch Lucy’s hardened skin, but she quickly collected herself and balanced the stiffened girl upright.

Tina asked if she was really a mannequin now; as an answer I twisted off Lucy’s right hand and offered it to Tina, grinning while saying it seems so, then replaced the hand. Tina seemed especially pleased and began to thoroughly explore Lucy’s new plastic form, commenting that she was quite exquisite this way while placing her hands on Lucy’s now hardened perfect breasts. Tina then began using her tongue on Lucy’s breasts, then kissing them with her full lips as I’m sure she did when the two were alone. I had to agree that Lucy was now one beautiful mannequin, saying so out loud as I brought over a stand for Lucy to be mounted upon.

Tina smiled too, then picked up her hollow artificial friend and spindling her upon the chromed metal pole.  I then told Tina that how, even as an inanimate object, the subject would experience everything around them; including an enhanced sense of touch that according to Lindsay was quite erotic. Tina seemed to really enjoy this tidbit of information as she ran her fingers over the rounded smoothness between Lucy’s legs.

For my part, I was again enjoying having a beautiful mannequin in the house now that Lindsay was gone.  After a few minutes, I gently asked Tina if she also wanted the  chance to feel what Lucy was enjoying right this moment.  Tina smiled and nodded vigorously. I then gave her another of the little pills and watched as she swallowed it.

Since she’d seen Lucy’s transformation, I asked Tina if she had a particular pose in mind before I changed her into a mannequin. Tina took a moment to think and then nodded, adjusting her stance so her feet were spread out slightly and her left hand rested lightly on her hip. Tina then arched her back so her bountiful breasts stood out. I could clearly see her nipples were standing erect through the latex of her dress.  She turned her head slightly so she gazed at the Lucy mannequin with a very seductive smile on her face. Tina then seemed to will herself to hold very still.   I hadn’t touched the remote yet; this was all her doing.

I looked on and grinned, telling her what a wonderful pose she’d adopted.  Tina didn’t flinch; she just remained frozen. I then had an idea and whispered in her ear, asking her if she thought Lucy would love a makeover. There was the slightest of nods from Tina.  I then pushed a button or two on the remote and watched as Lucy the mannequin began to change in astounding ways.

Lucy began to become taller, her limbs growing more slender as they elongated. Her plastic skin began to darken, while her hair grew longer till it reached her waist. Lucy’s Asian features changed as well, her lips growing fuller and her eyes becoming wider. Her hips flared out somewhat and her rear filled out. Before our eyes what had been an Asian mannequin that bore Lucy’s features became a six-foot tall African mannequin. She was no longer Lucy at all; she was a completely different looking mannequin now, totally unrecognizable to anyone who knew Lucy before.

I then looked at Tina to see her response.  To her credit she only seemed to smile wider, otherwise not even flinching an inch. As I looked over her frozen body though, I think I did see some wetness on her inner thigh.  It seemed all this was exciting the young woman a lot. Whispering to her, I told Tina that soon she too would be a frozen plastic thing of beauty as well.  I think she shuddered a little with desire then.

I quickly pressed the button on the remote and immediately Tina was frozen solidly in place; she no longer had to fake it.  I ran my finger along her soft inner thigh and smiled as I felt the moisture there. I then whispered in her ear again, telling her it seemed she wanted to be a mannequin quite badly and if she was lucky I might forget to change her back. I then pressed another series of buttons and, just like her friend, Tina was quickly changed into a hollow plastic mannequin as well. She must have moved slightly just before she hardened, because I had to hold her up as she began to tip over. I smiled and told her how lovely she was now. With one hand around her firm waist and the other grabbing a nearby stand, I quickly mounted the newly minted Tina mannequin in place.

I stood back and admired Tina, then I found my hands drawn to her plastic form as hers had been drawn to Lucy’s. I began to rub her latex dress against her round, very firm, plastic breasts. It was so nice to be able to enjoy caressing a beautiful doll again like I used to enjoy Lindsay. I realized then just how much I was missing my wife.

Telling Tina the mannequin how much I really enjoyed a beautiful Asian doll, I then used the remote again and Tina began to change as well. Her limbs began to lengthen, growing slim and graceful as well. Tina’s waist, like Lucy’s, began to shrink down to impossible proportions for a woman but normal for a fashion mannequin like she’d become. Tina’s facial features began to change as well; she now resembled an exotic beauty from Japan or Hong Kong. Even the skin shade was altered to something you’d see on an Asian woman.  Her flaxen nylon hair, though, remained the same color as it had been, just growing longer so it, like Lucy’s, reached to her waist. Now Tina too was an anonymous mannequin that no one could ever think was once Tina the plus-sized shop girl.

I looked the two lifelike mannequins over as they both stared at each other with their now glass eyes. I gave each plastic girl I quick kiss, wishing them a good night, then grinned while telling told them I’d see them in the morning and not to move a muscle.  Not that they could in their present form.

After a night of having dreams about Lindsay as a statue that came to me, I awoke at the very beginning of morning. I sleepily went downstairs and was greeted by the tableaux of my two newest mannequins. I looked at them with a gleam in my eye as I decided to make a new photo album for the newest display forms.

I brought down some of Lindsay’s lingerie and clothing. Getting out my camera and putting some good pulsing rock music on the sound system, I then began photographing my plastic models wearing everything from bras, panties, and garter belts to short baby doll nighties. I then began putting them into various outfits, snapping their pictures alone and with each other. It was a couple hours later when I finished and dressed them both back up in the original clothing that they had arrived with.

I then went over to the Lucy mannequin and, with a grin, restored her. As she took her first breath, a long high-pitched utterance of pleasure escaped her full lips. Lucy lifted her dress and her leather panties were glistening with the juices from her multiple orgasms. With wild dark eyes and licking her lips she moaned. Her hands seemed to sense her new form for the first time, gravitating to her large breasts and nipples which she began to rub. I smiled and asked her if she had enjoyed the experience. By way of an answer, Lucy walked over in all of her statuesque glory and wrapped her arms around me. While I looked on in surprise, she brought her lovely lips up to mine and gave me a kiss so deep and erotic that I did nothing except enjoy it.  I hugged her exquisite form close to me; again before I could speak or stop her, she began to undo my pants slipping them off me. Lucy then fell to her knees and those big sexy lips began to work on my manhood as she took it in her hands with a smile.

I should have stopped her. I should have remembered I was married to Lindsay. Instead I let her go and I just enjoyed every minute of it. Looking back I guess all those months of being without Lindsay had made me rather horny.  In moments Lucy’s expert lips and tongue milked me dry. I let her wipe me off and pull my pants back on. She then smiled and said thanks which, given the previous minutes pleasuring, seemed kind of unneeded. Lucy then walked over to a full-length mirror to look at her new form. With a broad smile she said how she loved her new look. Lucy then asked how long she could stay this way. I told her as long as she wanted to, just like Tina there. Lucy looked over at Tina’s posed figure and grinned.

Lucy walked over and began to examine Tina the Asian mannequin closely, purring how adorable Tina looked like this as her long fingers explored Tina’s hard hollow plastic body. I told her she and Tina were both very delightful as mannequins. Lucy then told me how much she enjoyed being one, then looked at me with a sexy grin and asked if she could be turned into plastic again. I told her certainly; anytime she or Tina would want to be changed I’d be eager to help. Lucy then giggled and said that she thought Tina would be better off as a mannequin for a while.

I asked if she meant for good. Lucy smiled, saying maybe later but for now, just for this weekend. She then said as long as she was in this different body she was going to use a new name. Lucy then told me that for at least this weekend she would be Chantelle and the Tina mannequin was to be known as Lily. Chantelle then asked for a packing box so she could take Lily home with her.

I went off for a few minutes to retrieve a box for her; when I came back she’d already completely undressed Lily and had begun taking her apart. As we began packing the mannequin’s parts into the box, I told Chantelle that I wanted them both to come back Sunday afternoon, so I could show them off to another friend.  Chantelle winked mischievously, smiling, then said she’d be there and would bring Lily with her. After that, I helped her carry the box with Lily and the support stand to her car. Chantelle waved as she drove off and I walked back into the house.

I thought over what had happened and wondered if Lindsay would understand why I was doing this or if she would be angry at my behavior with these other women. I didn’t feel like I was betraying her; it felt more like I was an answer to these girls’ unspoken desires. Yes, it did answer my need to watch a beautiful woman become a beautiful inanimate object, but it felt better having them desire this as well. I must also admit I was having a crazy idea or two begining to germinate in my head. What if one or more of them wanted to remain as a mannequin for a longer while, would she mind doing it here?  Would they allow me to continue dressing and posing them?  That was a titillating idea! A collection of mannequins that had formerly been living women!

I wondered if  Lindsay would object to the whole thing or, in her present form, would she want to join it as well. Should I even tell her about these other mannequins if any of them did want to remain? All of this kept going through my mind all that day. I decided to try again to talk to someone where Lindsay was being displayed and ask to purchase her. Unfortunately the owner rejected my offer once more; I think she was beginning to lose patience with my calls.

I was worried what all this time frozen into a rigid plastic figure was doing to Lindsay. Was she becoming a mannequin in mind and spirit now? Would she return and think she had always been a mannequin or desire to remain as one forever? From some of the experiences that Richard had related with his collection of transformed women, that was indeed a possibility.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t restore her to normal; not yet.

I wondered about Tricia and how she would deal with the truth about my life-like mannequins. I also wondered if she’d want to try being transformed for herself. I’d planned on changing Lucy or Tina into a copy of Lindsay as a mannequin so I could show her to Tricia. I spent some time imagining how Tricia would look as a mannequin, as to my and Lindsay’s eyes Tricia had a really nice body.

By one of those odd coincidences, Tricia then called and told me she’d be stopping by around eight tomorrow evening. She asked about Lindsay again; I told her that Lindsay was in Europe now on a working vacation. Which, in some sense, was the completely true. I could hear the envy in her voice when she said how great that was for Lindsay. I replied that I knew Lindsay was having a great time. Tricia then asked me to have Lindsay give her a call when she had a free moment.  She then wrapped up the call, saying she would see me tomorrow and finished with a cheery good bye.

It wasn’t long till Sunday rolled around; early in the day I called Lucy, now Chantelle, and told her to show up around six or so.  Chantelle’s sexy voice replied that she and Lily surely wouldn’t forget. I asked how they were doing. Chantelle replied she and Lily were having a wonderful time, but asked if I wouldn’t mind giving them a little more time to enjoy their new forms. I told her that after tonight, they could be whatever they’d like for as long as they’d like. She seemed to enjoy that idea but Chantelle mentioned that she, for one, wouldn’t mind if I chose her next form again. I laughed and told her that I wouldn’t mind that either, saying she’d always be a beautiful mannequin to me.

Around six pm, Chantelle walked in, wearing a tight white leather mini-dress and boots.  She oozed sexuality with every movement and motion. She smiled while giving me a very affectionate hug and kiss.  With a flourish, Chantelle sat down and asked how I was doing. She grinned at me as I was blushing after her intimate touch. I managed to get out that I was doing fine, but then hesitated. She asked if her actions were making me uncomfortable. I shrugged, admitted that while I appreciated her wonderful attentions, I wasn’t sure if Lindsay would feel the same.  Chantelle chuckled and reminded me that Lindsay was currently a mannequin standing in a window way over in France and wouldn’t know what was going on. I answered that was true but when she comes back, well, I usually don’t have any secrets with her.

Chantelle looked at me with a mischievous gleam in her dark eyes. She asked if Lindsay would mind if I’d been unfaithful with a love doll. I told her that Lindsay probably wouldn’t mind it too much, as long as the doll was an inanimate object. Chantelle then edged closer so I could feel the warmth of her body and asked if I’d only changed girls into mannequins. She gave me this sensual smile, running her fingers along my thigh; I knew exactly what she was going to ask but I wanted to hear it from her first. I smiled and said not just mannequins; I could conceivably change any woman into anything. She asked, even love dolls, then smiled again knowingly. I just nodded; she then got really close and whispered to me that she’d love to be a sex toy, so if I wanted to she would love for me to change her into one.

I really wasn’t too surprised but I was fascinated and very aroused by her bold statement. I looked at her lovely oval face with her long curly brown hair framing it and asked, for how long. Chantelle grinned said let’s try it for a week honey and then, if I like it, as long as we… then she smiled even more broadly, continuing… as long as I wanted her to be in doll form.

Now, while I hadn’t been too surprised by her request to be a love doll as she had steered the conversation in that direction, I was surprised by that little addendum she’d thrown in. I just stared quietly at her for a moment before asking her if she wanted to be changed permanently.

It was her turn to take a moment to pause and look at me. Then with a saucy smile Chantelle, also known as Lucy, said that was the only thing she’d been thinking about all night long. She asked if that was a problem. I shook my head and told her that it wasn’t and that I was just wondering if she’d thought about this seriously.  Thought it all the way through, that permanent wasn’t something you could change your mind about later. Chantelle looked at me with her big brown eyes and said she had, telling me if she decided to go through with it she would need a few weeks to clear things up before she came by for the transformation. I nodded again and said, well if she was really serious I would carry out her wishes. I asked what she would want to do after she was transformed.

Chantelle grinned and entwined her arm in mine and asked if I wouldn’t mind if she then moved in. Giggling, she said she wasn’t particular, any convenient shelf would be fine. She then added that if I didn’t want to keep her, I could find someone and sell her to them she wouldn’t mind either. I patted her hand and told her that as long as she wanted to, she could stay here. Chantelle then added with a grin that as long as she was here I would be the one to determine what she was and how she looked. She said that was what any owner had the right to expect.   She really wanted to be an object.

I smiled and said I couldn’t own her; it wouldn’t be right. Especially not the way she looked now.  Chantelle, with a very serious look on her face, told me that I’d have to be her owner if she chose to remain a doll or toy; from the moment she arrived she really was determined to become only an object, to used and loved, but an object nonetheless; an object had to be owned by someone. I had to agree with her logic and said I’d be her owner if she wanted to go through with this. Chantelle smiled and gave me a hug with a kiss on the cheek.

I looked at the clock and told her that now I wanted to get her and Lily back on their stands in plastic form so my friend could see the two of them in all their motionless glory. Chantelle smiled; together we went out to her car and retrieved the box that contained the disassembled Asian mannequin that Tina had become. Chantelle reassembled Lily upon her stand while I went to get the remote.

When I returned with the remote and an unoccupied stand for Chantelle, she had Lily assembled and mounted. Tina, now looking like Lily, was quite striking with her long hair and exotic features. She was as nude as the day we had packed her into a box for Chantelle to take home. I then watched as Chantelle began an enticing strip tease, moving her curvaceous body close to mine and hotly tantalizing me with it. Soon she too was nude and snuggling in my lap.  I gave her body a caress and kissed her full lips, telling her it was time for her to get into a mannequin stance so I could make her plastic again. Chantelle grinned, got up, and stood in that sexy pose that again showed off her amazing body.  I said thanks, pushed the appropriate button and she, like Lily, became plastic and hollow. I picked her up before she fell over and slipped her onto the stand next to Lily.

I stood in front of the two mannequins, admiring them and wondering to myself which one I would change into a copy of Lindsay. I looked at Chantelle and smiled then I looked at Lily.  It was really hard to chose; I really loved how they both looked. I decided on Lily and using the remote and its memory of my wife’s appearance I pushed the appropriate controls. The tall beautiful Asian mannequin began to morph, her skin tone and features changing including the hair on her plastic head. In moments I was looking at an exact copy of my Lindsay in mannequin form.

I think that for a moment or two I forgot that she was really Tina and not really the woman I was married to. I began to touch the Lindsay mannequin, smiling and softly telling her how I missed her. My fingers began to explore all the familiar places on her stiffened body then I found myself kissing her hard. I was moments away from changing this faux Lindsay back into flesh and blood when I realized what I was doing, and with whom.

I stepped back and sat down heavily on the couch. I stared at the new Lindsay figure and sighed. At that moment I was probably the most depressed about what had happened to the original Lindsay. Only moments later, I remembered that Tricia was about to show up so pulled myself together and got ready for her arrival.  None too soon, either.

The doorbell rang and I went to answer it. I smiled as I saw Tricia standing there. She said hello shyly and walked in, a little nervously. With her sandy blonde hair and trim athletic body she was quite attractive. Still with all her good looks she always seemed rather sad and very shy around others. Around Lindsay and I though, Tricia felt confident enough to actually be a little more outgoing. I smiled at her and said it was good to see her again. Tricia thanked me and asked if Lindsay was around. I told her no she was in Europe right now. She then asked what she was doing in Europe. I said she was vacationing in Paris and, well, actually doing some modeling as well.

Tricia smiled and softly laughed. Tricia then asked how she had landed that plum position. I told her someone had seen her photos from the display and that, well, things just went from there. I really wasn’t lying, since Leanne had been the one to see Lindsay’s photos first and then all of that had taken place.

Tricia, now somewhat relaxed, sat on the couch and smiled at me. She asked about those famous photos. I had to grin when she said famous. I told her that they had better not be and if Lindsay finds out I’ve been showing too many people her photos I’m sure she’d throw a fit.

Another tinkle of laughter followed from Tricia’s lips. I was beginning to notice just how truly lovely she was when she relaxed and let go of herself. I offered her a glass of wine;  she took with another lovely smile. It was then I began to notice just how good her body was. Tricia had the legs and a shape that any woman would have envied. While not very tall, she was tall enough to hold oh-so-easily. Her eyes and lips seemed to glisten and sparkle. While older than my Lindsay and Leanne, not to mention my two new mannequins, she was still quite attractive. On this occasion she seemed even more attractive than I’d ever seen her before.

Her dress seemed to cling to her well-shaped form. I could see her breasts which, while not as large as some, were very nice. I really could see her as a beautiful mannequin. Tricia had even taken great pains to apply her facial makeup so she looked enhanced and not obviously made up.

She smiled and asked me what I was staring at. I told her that she looked great and asked her why she didn’t do this more often.  Tricia blushed and shyly responded with her eyes downcast that she really wasn’t attractive but wished she was. She paused and added, just like your mannequins, looking directly at Lucy and Tina.

With that she got up and began to examine the ersatz Lindsay mannequin. Seeing the Lindsay figure nude I think got Tricia to blush a little. Tricia began lightly touching the mannequin that resembled my wife. Tricia asked who had made this amazing plastic twin of Lindsay. I grinned and said with the help of a friend, I did.

Looking up with a sparkle in her eyes and that broad smile, Tricia asked me if I’d done very many of them. I told her that so far I’d done three others besides my wife. With a grin, I added that none of them seemed to have any complaints. Tricia giggled and giving me her best wide-eyed look asked if I’d be able to make a mannequin of her.

I smiled and laughed then told her it seemed like she was asking me to turn her into a mannequin, not just make one look like her. Tricia seemed to get a far away look and sighed heavily. She then nervously laughed and agreed, saying I’d seen right through her.

I walked over close and looked Tricia in the eyes. I asked her if there was something else. Tricia just blushed deeply and stammered. She told me that it just seemed to her that mannequins were always so eternally lovely. With a self-conscious laugh, Tricia admitted she envied them sometimes; even wishing she could see what it was like to be one.

I took her by the hand and had her sit down on the couch again. I asked her to tell me more about those feelings. When she began to blush again I assured her not to be so embarrassed as I’d heard similar things from my Lindsay as well as some of her friends. Tricia seemed to relax at that and smiled up at me. She then said that she’d love to be as beautiful as my Lindsay was. Tricia motioned over at the mannequin that looked like Lindsay, sighed, then told me how Lindsay really looked dazzlingly beautiful as a mannequin. She just wished she could look that good and be as desirable as Lindsay looked as a mannequin.

I asked Tricia if she was a mannequin, would she want to be desired then? Tricia grinned back and said, of course she’d want to be well displayed too. With a smile she said she’d have to always be well-dressed when she was on display.  Wouldn’t you miss being able to move, I asked her. Again she smiled and admitted she’d always been intrigued by the idea of being immobile. It was something else she wondered about, just how it would feel not to be able to move at all.  I smiled then I asked her about becoming plastic and being able to be taken apart; did that give her any pause? Tricia shook her head and announced that she was actually sort of thrilled by the idea. It just would make her feel so like an object, which was one of the things she loved about the whole idea.

I told Tricia that in reality Lindsay used to tell me just how really good Tricia looked.  Lindsay would often admit that Tricia did have a very model-looking body. The only thing holding Tricia back was her own self-consciousness about it, Lindsay had said.

Tricia was really blushing now. I then asked her that if I could somehow change her into a mannequin, would she want to be? Tricia smiled as wide as she possibly could and said yes, she would. I then asked if she wanted to see those ‘famous’ pictures of Lindsay now? She nodded and said yes. I went and retrieved them for her, sitting alongside while Tricia looked them over with that same big smile. Tricia looked up at me and asked who took the pictures and had morphed them. It was my turn to grin as I told her I had taken the pictures but they hadn’t been altered in any way. Tricia looked me in the eye and said she found that hard to believe. She then asked if it was a makeup effect, as she held up a picture of Lindsay as a marble statue.

I shook my head and told her that no makeup was used.  Tricia looked at me in disbelief, then asked if I was seriously expecting her to accept that Lindsay was that statue or any of the objects in these photos. I nodded, then she pointed at the Lindsay mannequin, asking if that was her too.

I told her that in those photos it was Lindsay indeed, but now Lindsay was a display form in a store in France. I pointed to the mannequin that looked like Lindsay and told her that this was actually one of the sales girls from Leanne’s store. I then related the whole story from when Lindsay was first frozen in that casino to events earlier this weekend when I had transformed Lucy and Tina.

I could tell it was a lot for her to digest when Tricia just sat there and stared at the two mannequins. It seemed like hours as she just gazed at them; I could see she was lost in thought. She looked at me with her big eyes and asked if I could change anyone. I told her I could. Tricia then asked what would she have to do to become one.

I grinned and asked her if she was serious.  She told me she’d never been more serious in her life.  I asked her what did she want me to do with her?  With that beautiful infectious smile, she said she wanted me to turn her into a beautiful mannequin for at least a day or two.  I nodded and agreed with a smile.

It seemed like only moments later that I’d given her one of those little pills and a glass of water to wash it down. I was holding the remote in my hand.  There was an empty display stand in the middle of the floor.  I looked at Tricia and smiled warmly as she looked a little nervous. I then asked her if she’d like to first talk to one of the other mannequins. Tricia smiled brightly and nodded yes.

I then pointed the remote at the Lindsay mannequin and brought her back to life. Tricia watched, fascinated, as the mannequin became flesh and blood within a few seconds; then the former mannequin blinked at Tricia and myself with a broad grin.

The now living replica of my wife walked, naked, over to Tricia and introduced herself with Lindsay’s voice. Her eyes grew large when she heard her new voice. This Lindsay looked at me and asked me who she was now.  I smiled and told her I needed a replica of the mannequin my wife had been to show Tricia.

The faux Lindsay returned my smile with one of Lindsay’s that just pulled on my heartstrings. She then walked to me, her now warm and sexy body arousing me greatly. The facsimile of Lindsay put her arms around me in a hug and smiled. She told me she was my wife and kissed me so hard and deeply that I didn’t think to stop her. Instead I pulled her closer and tighter, kissing her back.

It was a few moments till I got a hold of myself and disentangled from the copy of my wife. For her part this version of my Lindsay was a little unhappy that we had stopped; I saw her pout a little. I then saw how Tricia was blushing with a grin on her face.

I started blushing myself a little embarrassed at how I got carried away. Tricia then said teasingly that with Lindsay away I must be sowing my oats. I probably blushed even deeper at that remark. It was then that the Lindsay copy announced that she was right there for me, with a devilish grin and wink at me.  I then told Tricia that I loved Lindsay and, while I did miss her so, I really had no desire to cheat on her with anyone else.

Tina, now an exact copy of Lindsay, grinned and squealed like a little girl. She gave me another hug and nibbled on my ear. She then said how much she loved me too and snuggled even closer with her lovely naked body. I frowned and looked at this new Lindsay, reminding her that she only looked like my wife.  Tina then pouted and walked over to stand next to Tricia.

Tricia smiled at this version of Lindsay. The copy of my wife returned her smile with a lusty grin. This new Lindsay then asked Tricia if that was any way for me to treat his loving wife.  Tricia giggled and smiled, nodding her head in agreement. My ersatz wife then smiled at Tricia and said, if he doesn’t need his wife maybe Tricia could use a new lover instead. Tina, now my wife’s twin, then got very close to a surprised shy Tricia and gave her a long passionate deep burning kiss.

Tricia at first was caught off guard and was pulling away when she seemed to pause. She then pulled Tina closer and kissed her back just as ardently. I just watched amazed as the two of them locked lips in this startling lovers embrace. Tina then began using those long fingers my Lindsay had to slowly remove Tricia’s clothing, touching her and kissing her.

I don’t think Tricia was really into women normally but the idea of having this woman that looked so much like my wife, who had also just been a mannequin, seducing her was such an erotic thing she couldn’t help herself. I watched silently, in rapt absorption, as the simulacrum of Lindsay made passionate love to one of her friends. I was almost thinking of joining in when I had an inspiration, grabbed the remote, pushed a button, and watched as they both froze in mid-embrace.  They made the most erotic sculpture I had ever seen.

I sat and watched the two of them posed like statues for what may have been a half hour or so when I decided what to do with them. I took the remote, pressed a few more buttons and watched as they both began to change. Their skins became shiny yet hard as seams began to form at the appropriate locations. Soon they were both hollow mannequins, but captured in poses unlike any you’d normally find anywhere. I quickly found platforms to hold them up and left them for the time being as nude loving display forms.

All this did have an effect on me as I recalled my earlier conversation with Lucy, who was now Chantelle the mannequin. I went over and looked at her standing there frozen and oh so beautiful. I wanted someone to be with me that night; I really wanted my wife, but with her gone I gave in and brought forth the remote.  I had done this before when Lindsay and Leanne had both been at my home that night.  Within an instant the hard plastic that was Chantelle’s mannequin body softened into a silicone rubber and latex such as formed the body of a Real Doll.  In moments she was now a sex doll and still looking as beautiful as she did when she had been a mannequin.

I took the limp Chantelle doll in my arms and carried here upstairs to my bedroom.  For the rest of that night I made love to my new doll while thinking of Lindsay, so far away.

To be honest, I was turned on by the idea that my love doll had been Lucy the sales girl but I was also excited by how she’d actually seemed to have invited this. I knew for her it was an enjoyable experience; at least that’s what I had hoped. I did whisper to her how I was thinking of keeping her like this forever and just telling Tina she’d gone home already. I enjoyed teasing her a little.

The sun shone all too early the next morning as I lay there next to this sexy artificial woman. I was rubbing her lovely large breasts fingering her nipples when I finally decided it was probably time to restore her and Tina back to flesh and blood again. 

I began by cleaning up my love doll and getting her dressed.  When I finished I used the remote to change her from Chantelle, the ebony Real doll, to Lucy the oriental Real doll. I enjoyed her as a very hot Asian Real doll as well so I grabbed the camera and took some shots of her in that form. I then carried her down and sat her on the couch where she could see the two mannequins I’d left in an unmoving romantic tryst all last night.

I took the remote and pointed it at her and, with a press of a button, watched as her sensuous silicone body became flesh again.  With a sound of utter delight and sexual frenzy Lucy announced to everyone how much she had enjoyed her transformations. Along with her loud and passionate utterances I also saw and smelled the wetness from between her legs as she touched and rubbed her body in response to the waves of orgasms rippling throughout her reanimated form.

Minutes later, Lucy lay there panting, her eyes unfocused, as she recovered from all that had happened to her. Finally she seemed to become aware of her surroundings and grinned widely as she looked at me looking at her. She told me it was rather naughty of me to make her a love doll then she giggled and sighed, just like I asked you to.

Lucy then looked over and saw Tina with Tricia in their plastic embrace. Lucy got the biggest smile on here face and said how sexy and beautiful they both looked in that frozen tableaux. She stood up and walked over to where I stood. Lucy told me she wished she could be locked into that sort of loving artificial pose. She began touching my chest and rubbing against me when she said that.

I just smiled as she looked at me and said how much she enjoyed the weekend. Lucy saucily remarked how much she loved being a sex toy as well and again restated her invitation for me to make her one again maybe for a much longer time. I grinned as I told her it would be my pleasure and I was glad she had found the experience something enjoyable. Lucy laughed, saying the pleasure was hers, then added she would indeed be back later and I could change her into anything I wanted to. She then pointed at the two mannequins locked in passion and asked if I was going to restore them now as well.

I looked at them and smiled then looked at her. I asked her if she wanted to take Tina home as she was once more as her personal mannequin. Lucy giggled and admitted the thought had crossed her mind, but continued in a more serious vein saying that Tina and she probably should go back to normal for now.  I nodded then walked over with the remote and with a press of a button restored both Tina and Tricia to flesh. They both remained frozen though, unable to move, but they were still poseable by anyone who wanted to shift their limbs and bodies.

I then walked over and began to disentangle the two lovers. I picked up Tricia and carried her away, standing her figure up next to the wall. She didn’t weigh that much even as flesh and blood.  I then turned my attention to the naked frozen facsimile of my wife as she gazed off into space, arms still raised to hold a missing lover.  I was just staring at her as Lucy sat there watching with a knowing grin. I was tempted to just carry faux Lindsay off to the bedroom and leave her posed in the corner. Lucy remarked how really good Tina looked as my Lindsay, then asked what was I going to do with Tricia now. I replied she was going to remain awhile longer as a lovely mannequin.  Lucy smiled and said she was a very lucky young lady.

With that, I went over to Tricia and with a quick press of a few buttons changed her back into a mannequin again. Tricia began to move into an appropriate standing display pose for the mannequin she was becoming and very swiftly became hardened hollow plastic again. Lucy giggled and softly applauded, then came over and ran her fingers over the newly created mannequin.  She sighed wistfully and, coming closer and kissing Tricia on the lips, wished her a wonderful time.

Lucy then smiled at me and wandered over to Tina. She gave Tina a nice fondle on her breasts then began licking her nipples while her fingers touched the folds of Tina’s  womanhood.  Lucy then began kissing Tina passionately, making love to the frozen form of the woman who  looked like Lindsay. It was then that I unfroze Tina, who cried out as she came but still responded to Lucy’s loving touch in kind.

I could see the wetness from Tina’s vagina as it flowed down her thighs and spilled onto Lucy’s clothing. They continued kissing and licking each other as they made love. I just watched them for a number of minutes till they both seemed to climax.

I sat there as they both just held each other and hugged. With a smile I asked Lucy how she liked making love to Lindsay. Lucy grinned back and said she loved it, giving the Lindsay imposter a kiss in the process.  It was then Lucy and Tina seemed to share a look and a smile.

They both got up and walked over to me. In moments they were both hugging and kissing me, telling me how grateful they were for this new opportunity I’d given them.  I told them it was my pleasure and if they ever wanted to, they were more than welcome here.  Tina giggled and mockingly asked if that included as a substitute wife. I grinned and said definitely but then she would be spending the rest of her life looking like my wife’s twin. Tina laughed and told me in a husky, sexy, version of my wife’s voice that she’d be glad to, only if I wanted her to be Lindsay!

Lucy then smacked Tina’s shapely behind and told her was time to go back to reality for now. I agreed and used the remote; in moments Tina was changed back to her normal form and contours. Tina pouted a little, expressing disappointment that her fun was ending, but she quickly dressed anyway.

Lucy had by this time cleaned up and was ready to get back to her life as well.  They both went to the door and thanked me again for the enjoyable weekend.  With an indisputable promise of returning soon to try more things, they left.

I was then left alone with Tricia the mannequin but I had to go to work. So I went to work and left Tricia to enjoy the rest of the day as a polymer beauty, posed on her stand.

When I returned home I first stopped to admire Tricia and remarked again how lovely she was and said I hoped she was enjoying it too as I gave her stiffened figure a little caress.

Later, after dinner, I came back to her to photograph her; then on a lark I took some of Lindsay’s lingerie and clothing and began using Tricia as a form to model it. She really was an amazingly perfect mannequin. After admiring her plastic body for awhile and keeping her posed nearby while I relaxed in front of the television. I then kissed Tricia on her plastic cheek and said goodnight.  She was by then dressed in a sheer black negligee.

It was the morning of the next day when I came down and said a hello to my plastic houseguest. I caressed her hard body one last time and told her how much I enjoyed having her here. I then told her that she could be my guest again anytime, for as long as she wanted. With that said I turned the remote on her and watched as she softened into living flesh.

Erotic sounds of pleasure began to emanate from her soft red lips. I grinned at her loud moans in fact as they increased, reaching the level of a scream of joy perhaps. Either way it meant Tricia had indeed enjoyed her stint as a life-like mannequin.

Standing there shaking and rubbing her body with a grin that grew to become carefree laughter she opened her eyes and smiled at me. Tricia was still damp from her orgasm and the sweat that glistened on her body. Her sandy blonde hair framed her lovely face and she had the most contented look that I’d ever seen her having. I smiled as I asked the obvious question if she had a good time. Tricia responded in a husky sexy voice that she had an amazingly wonderful time. With a smile she noted how much she liked the way I’d dressed her when she was plastic and frozen.  She did a little twirl, showing off the revealing negligee and puff-toed pumps she had been displaying as a mannequin. Tricia came closer and put her hand on mine, standing very close to me. Still with a contented smile, she told me how sexy she felt when I was touching her and dressing her.

Before I could respond she gave me a squeeze on my arm and sighed. With that same smile Tricia told me she’d love for that feeling to go on forever. I asked her if she meant she wanted to just be a mannequin and nothing else from now on.

She looked at me with a thoughtful expression on her face that was difficult to figure out.  Tricia then told me she was having difficulty separating fantasy from reality right now, that these past few days had been a fantasy come true for her and how she just wanted to run headlong into it and spend the rest of her days within that fantasy. Just the thought of being permanently young and beautiful, on display for the world to see, was so incredibly arousing to her. Then having someone to dress her and posess her as a precious object of beauty was instilling in her a mounting desire to become plastic again, even now. Adding to the joy were the erotic feelings aroused when she was being touched, not to mention the surreal pleasure of being taken apart. Tricia grinned when she said she was wondering what it would be like to be stored away as a disassembled mannequin and that in fact she would be looking forward to it.

I almost pushed the button on the remote that would grant her that wish, but didn’t want to push things too quickly even though it was clear how much she was enjoying this.

I smiled and rhetorically asked if she’d be back. Tricia looked up and grinned, then teased me with a quick pouting expression as she asked with an expectant smile if I’d mind so very much if she came back. I shook my head and told her no, I didn’t mind at all, she could stop in anytime she wanted.  I’d have a mannequin stand and an empty corner waiting for her. Tricia then came over and gave me a hug, thanking me. Then she went and grabbed the clothes that I’d brought for her to change into in the upstairs bedroom.  Interestingly, as a living woman she was slipping back into her old self-consciousness, though just minutes before as a mannequin she was at ease being totally naked when I was posing and dressing her.  Strange how her logic worked.

When she came down, Tricia smiled and told me she’d put Lindsay’s clothing away for me. I asked if she wanted a cup of coffee or some breakfast. Tricia smiled and said, no, she had to leave and take care of some things. With that she grabbed her purse and turned to me telling me she’d be back in a little while for, she hoped, a much longer time. And with the closing of the door she was gone.   My house instantly seemed very empty again.

I spent the rest of that week just thinking of Tricia, Tina, and Lucy; remembering how delightful they had looked. I began to imagine them all posed as mannequins and on display in the living room.  That brought my thoughts around to my Lindsay again; wondering how she was doing. It’d been months since she and Leanne had been sold, but I knew the addresses where they both still where. I just needed the time off to go and get them but it wasn’t happening yet.  Work continued to occupy a majority of my days.

So it was already Friday evening when there came a knock on the front door and Lucy’s smiling face greeted me, quickly followed by Tina’s laugh. Lucy was carrying a shoulder bag as she came inside. I asked how they were doing; they both said fine but they wanted to ask for a favor. A favor, I repeated; Lucy grinned and nodded.  With a hopeful smile I asked just what kind of favor they needed.

Lucy and Tina looked at each other knowingly, giggling eagerly like young girls with a secret.  Lucy then looked at me and told me straight out she wanted me to turn her into a doll for a few days. I chuckled, asking if she wanted to be just like she was the last time she was here.  My memories of Chantelle came flooding back.

Lucy shook her head no and said, not really, that what she and Tina had in mind for her appearance was more like a sort of Barbie doll.  I smiled as I nodded, then asked Tina what she wanted to be changed into. Tina smiled and said she wanted to become Lucy’s twin again while Lucy was a doll.

I was surprised by their request, but pleasantly so; honestly I did have some daydreams in that respect. I wondered just what the handheld device was really capable of.  After all, it had been able to transform Lindsay and Leanne into torso or leg forms, not only into full mannequins. I also recalled changing Lindsay into a bust and taking her to work, so it did occur to me that I might be able to change any of the girls into figurines or dolls.

It was with a smile that I told the two of them that I’d be delighted to grant them their favor, but said that I needed to do some reprogramming of the remote with my laptop computer in the den. The girls insisted that they should follow me so they could pick out the absolutely right doll figure for Lucy to become. I didn’t protest; I was quite interested to find out what they had in mind for Lucy.            

We gathered in front of my computer as I began looking for examples of what Lucy was hoping to become. With their help it wasn’t long when we found a picture on the net of the doll she desired to be transformed into. It was called a Bratz doll; specifically a Cloe Bratz doll.  I looked at the image, then at Lucy and remarked on how cute she’d look that way. Lucy continued to look at the doll’s picture with wide-eyed appreciation; she was probably already imagining herself as that doll.

Tina looked at the picture too, then at Lucy and she grinned, saying that doll would be great.  I knew she was thinking of Lucy as her new Bratz doll and the playtime to come. In moments, after using the laptop, I’d programmed the remote with the new template for Lucy’s coming transformation.

We went down to the living room where they’d left the bag Lucy had brought with her that evening. Lucy then began to disrobe as Tina took some items out of the bag and got them ready. I looked on and saw what Tina had in her hands it was a full set of doll clothes, made for a Cloe doll, I supposed.  She also had one of those display boxes the dolls come in, made of clear plastic with places to hold the figure and for the doll’s accessories.

Lucy stood there nude and ready, with a smile and air of impatient anticipation. I then pointed the remote to begin her transformation. There wasn’t long to wait; Lucy’s skin began to alter from flesh to plastic with seams forming, but unlike a mannequin as she had been before. Her features began to alter as well, from the beautiful Asian she normally was to the cute blonde exaggerated features found on the doll. Her eyes began to grow larger as her lips became fuller and her nose grew smaller. Finally, unmoving and now plastic, Lucy’s body began to shrink, growing smaller and smaller in front of us much to Tina’s and my mutual delight.  It wasn’t long until Lucy was only eleven inches tall, just like any other Cloe doll, which along with her new facial appearance made her indistinguishable from any Bratz doll you could find in a store.  Of course she couldn’t move but her frozen expression looked very happy.

As soon as Lucy finished changing, Tina gave a school-girl squeal of delight and picked up her transformed friend. Tina smiled and began brushing Lucy’s long wavy blonde hair and caressing her naked doll’s body.  Tina looked at me grinning, saying how beautiful Lucy was now.  I had to agree with her as she took her new doll and began dressing her in the clothes they’d brought with them.   The garments fit Lucy perfectly now.

After Tina had finished dressing her new doll she showed me how Lucy looked in her new form. I couldn’t have picked her out from any doll on the shelf in a store now. I even ran my fingers over her synthetic body admiring how she now looked. Tina smiled and asked if I’d like to play with her too. I smiled but shook my head, telling her not now but maybe later. Tina smiled and took the doll into her hands and kissed it on those big full plastic lips. She then told me when she got her new doll home she really would be played with and displayed fondly. Tina then placed Lucy inside the clear plastic box with her accessories and closed it up. She then put her doll and its box in the bag they’d brought.

Tina then looked at me with that look of mischief and seduction, then asked me for the second part of the favor. I asked her what she wanted me to do. With a salacious grin she asked me to change her into an exact twin of Lucy.

I laughed and asked her if she meant Lucy the woman or the Bratz doll. Tina grinned and said, the woman, of course. I repeated of course with a smile and then asked her why. Tina just got an enigmatic look on her face and said I’d find out later. Tina then began to disrobe, glancing at me as she did, smiling suggestively when I looked upon her nude body. When she was completely naked, she looked at me and said she was now ready.

I took the remote and made some adjustments then hit the button initiating her own transformation. Tina began to change into an attractive Asian woman. Her hair became darker and longer while her features became as oriental as Lucy’s had been. Her skin tone and figure changed also, becoming more delicate and petitie. Rapidly the change came to a conclusion and left Tina with her eyes closed and lips pursed as she let a long erotic moan escape from her lips. I watched as Tina enjoyed one of the erotic side effects of the transformation.

When she was finished with her orgasm, she glanced over at me and smiled. Tina then asked how I liked her new look. I said it was very flattering for her. With Lucy’s smile she said she thought so as well. Her hands began to explore her new body, caressing here and there. Tina then sighed contentedly and gathered up the clothing Lucy had left behind.  She then began dressing herself in Lucy’s clothing while she thanked me for doing this favor for the both of them.

When she’d finished dressing, this transformed Tina gathered up the clothes she had originally worn when she had walked in my door and put them in the large bag with her Lucy Bratz doll.  Tina then hugged and kissed me then told me she and her new doll would be back in a short while for another quick favor.  Then a very happy Tina skipped out the door and was gone. I smiled as I thought about what kind of fun the two of them might have. I also enjoyed changing the two of them that evening to something different, then thinking how nice it would be to do that kind of thing more often.

It was a week later when I again heard from one of the girls I’d changed earlier. In between I’d just been hoping to hear something from any of them and was going to work like normal. I was really happy when the doorbell rang that night and I saw it was Tricia standing at the door, looking as lovely as ever. When the pleasantries were over, I invited her in; when she stepped inside, I noticed she had a suitcase in her hand. I’d also noticed a cab pulling away instead of seeing her car sitting there in the driveway. I asked her after she sat down if there was something wrong with her car. Tricia smiled and said, no, she had just sold it. I guess she saw the look of surprise on my face and she grinned. Tricia then pointed at the suitcase and said she got rid of her condo as well, along with leaving her job. I now wondered if something was wrong, so I asked her if that was so. Tricia giggled and said no; not in the least, as she put her hand in mine and smiled.

She thanked me for my concern and began to explain. First off, she said that when she’d left that morning a week or so ago, she was full of thoughts of immediately returning and becoming a mannequin figure again, but as she neared her home she began to think how silly she was being.  It was then she told herself that she might try the experience again for a day or two but that was it.  She had managed to convince herself it was silly to want to be turned into a mannequin forever.  My face must have fallen a little at hearing those words.

Tricia then grinned, telling me that was what she had thought, but as she lay back on her bed that memories had begun to come to her. Those delicious memories of being posed, immobile, plastic with that heightened sense of touch driving her insane with sexual desire when anyone touched her or even looked at her just seemed to occupy her mind. Tricia got a far away glint in her eyes as she related this to me and also began to tell me how she had loved being taken apart when I dressed her. Tricia admitted that these thoughts came to her, not just once but over and over, soon repeating every day.

Tricia giggled as she said that her former resolve began to melt under the impact of those strong memories that seemed to be growing in intensity with every passing day. She then re-examined her feelings and finally had to admit to herself that she very much wanted, if not needed, to be a display mannequin again. This time, not for a few days but for weeks or months at the least. Tricia convinced herself she just had to find out if she really wanted this as badly as she imagined and desired. Tricia looked at me, smiled, and then told me she had then decided to go through with the transformation with no hindrances or hesitation or looking back.  It was then that she decided to get rid of her car and other possessions along with quitting her job, thinking that if she found she wanted this to become permanent then getting rid of those details first would prove helpful. If she decided it really wasn’t for her, Tricia pointed at her suitcase, at least she had enough to begin over again.  All that was left of her past existence was inside.

Tricia then smiled at me again and asked for me to transform her into a mannequin figure for a period of six months.  She wanted to experience being posed and dressed, fussed over like any other mannequin would be.  After that period was over, she wanted me to bring her back so she could tell me whether she wanted to go on permanently, or not. Before I could respond, Tricia continued, saying she wanted to be a mannequin that had her original appearance for at least a month but after that I could change her into any kind of mannequin I wanted her to be. Tricia did ask that she only be turned into a mannequin; she didn’t have any desire to be anything else, despite how good Lindsay had looked as a statue. She then asked whether I’d mind having a realistic mannequin that wasn’t my wife standing around the house for the next six months with a smile on her face. Tricia quickly added that she hoped I wouldn’t mind me adding her figure to my collection of mannequins if she decided to stay, but if I did have any qualms then I could sell her after the trial period. Tricia also hoped if I did keep her that I might lease her to a store where she could be displayed.  Why would she ever think I would want to sell her?

I guess I was speechless; I just stared at her, looking at her smile, thinking a thousand different thoughts. As I sat there, trying to formulate the words, Tricia just smiled back and waited patiently for me to answer.  I finally asked her about her family and friends; wouldn’t they be wondering what happened to her?  Tricia’s smile seemed to fade as her mood became somber. She then lowered her eyes and told me that no one would be looking for her; that part of her life was over, no matter what.

I paused for a moment and then told her with what I hoped was a warm smile that I’d love to have her as my mannequin. Confirming that I’d do as she wished, I said I would hope that she could have fun being here.  

Tricia then looked up and smiled at me even more brightly than before, then reached over to give me a very friendly hug.

I stood up and asked her if she wanted to proceed right away. Tricia smiled and nodded in affirmation.  I asked her to stand up and disrobe while I got the remote and her display stand, leaving her in the living room as I went off to acquire those things. When I returned she was standing there unclothed, looking quite beautiful as always. She looked up as I walked in and smiled at me even while she was blushing a bit. Despite all those times I had seen her nude, she was still a little embarrassed at being naked in front of me. Tricia then admitted that when she was a mannequin she didn’t feel as self conscious as she did when she was flesh and blood. I smiled and told her she had nothing to be self conscious about she was so very lovely. Tricia then blushed a deeper shade of crimson and giggled, telling me I must say that to all the mannequins. I smiled and laughed as well, then I asked her to pose.

Tricia then moved her tempting body into a very alluring pose, yet one you might have seen any display form in a window carrying off. Tricia even had an expression on her fase not far removed from one you’d expect on any mannequin. Not quite a smile, but one of confident beauty and poise. I wondered if she’d been practicing in front of a mirror, then pointed the remote at her and watched as her elegant pose and wonderful expression were frozen into fiberglass reinforced plastic for the next six months.

I then picked up Tricia the newly minted mannequin and placed her hollow polymer body in front of a large mirror on her display platform so she could see her new form. I gently caressed her and told her how nice it was to have a beautiful mannequin like her. I then left her there to enjoy her new life while I went to bed.

As the days went by I admired my newest mannequin as often as I could. I mostly kept her downstairs, but every few days I’d change what outfit she’d be modeling out of Lindsay’s wardrobe. I did go ahead and alter Tricia’s figure somewhat to ensure she’d be a better fit to the clothes, but I hoped she wouldn’t mind.  

I was the only one to enjoy my mannequin’s loveliness, other than the maid who would come by every few days. I wondered how strange she thought I was, with all these mannequins standing posed around the house. I had her come by less often, since lately with all these transformed women popping in and out during Lindsay’s absence she just wouldn’t understand.

It was almost two weeks since Tricia’s arrival and three since I’d seen Tina depart. As I was relaxing at home, looking at Tricia wearing a slinky cocktail dress from Lindsay’s closet, I was thinking I should take her up to the bedroom to show her off in some of the lingerie when the door bell rang.

I went to answer it, not expecting anyone in particular. When I opened it I saw Tina there smiling, when she said hello and gave me a hug.  I invited her in and noticed her carrying a bag.  I asked her how she was doing as her best friend’s twin. The Asian looking woman batted her eyes and laughed, then told me she had been busy selling Lucy’s things, quitting her job and selling the car. I must have gaped in surprise when she told me that. I then asked her why and wouldn’t Lucy be a little miffed by her actions.

Tina, with Lucy’s face, just laughed and shook her head no, causing her long hair to ripple attractively. She then pulled the little blonde doll out of the bag and kissed her, telling me that this had Lucy’s wish since before I had turned her into a doll. She then set the doll on the couch next to her, bending the Lucy-doll’s poseable legs so she wouldn’t fall over. I guess I had a bemused look on my face after that last tidbit of information. Tina just grinned and pulled me down next to where she and Lucy were sitting. Tina then began to slide her borrowed figure over and slid into my lap. Her arms snaked over my shoulder and she planted a deep kiss, her tongue sliding in to confront mine.

I probably should have pushed her away and said no thanks, politely. Instead I pulled her closer and kissed her as hard as I could.  I guess I was really missing Lindsay and so again I took the opportunity to be with a lovely woman.  At least that’s what I’ll say if anyone asks me.  As soon as we finished kissing,  Tina looked  at me and whispered huskily that she wanted to be my sex doll that night. I grinned and rubbed her hardened nipples, asking what kind she’d like to be. She moaned as I rubbed against her and said anything I wanted her to be, she’d become. I took off her blouse and threw it to the floor and slid off her bra.  I then picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. There I licked her small breasts and told her she’d be my latex sex doll that night.

Tina giggled and grinned telling me she wanted her tits to be big as inflated balloons. She also insisted that after I was finished using her, she had to be deflated and put away like a good sex toy. I smiled and said of course, but first I have to finish taking off your clothes. I then removed her skirt and panties followed by her heels and nylons. 

Leaving her naked on the bed, I went for the remote, returning to find Tina fingering herself and with her eyes closed whispering to herself that she was a love doll. I came over and pushed her fingers deeper into her pussy and licked her nipples while she softly moaned. I then pointed the remote at her and pushed the button.

Tina’s skin began almost immediately to change color. It went from an olive shade to a pale, tan, shiny, latex. Simultaneously with the changing tone of color was her abrupt loss of motion. She stopped making any sounds or moving, then slowly her arms and legs began to assume the sprawled open pose that bespoke of a sex doll’s willingness to please. Tina’s mouth then began to reshape itself into an open latex orifice, pink in color, quickly followed by her pussy and, I was certain, her ass as well. Then I watched, fascinated, as her eyes changed into large painted facsimiles on her latex skin; additionally her breasts began to expand until she was at least three sizes bigger than normal.  Gone was the svelte brunette Asian woman who walked in that evening. In her place was an inflatable latex Asian sex toy.

I grinned and fingered Tina’s inflation plug then began to fondle her artificial body. Quickly I lubed up my brand new sex toy and put her to good use that evening. I made sure to give all three of her openings a work-out that night. I got her covered by my juices as well, so I then took her and cleaned her up in the shower. After she was cleaned and dry, I pulled her plug and using my hands pressed down on her inflated body forcing all the air out of her.

When she was nothing but a limp empty skin of latex rubber in the shape of a buxom woman, I folded her up more or less into a square shape. I think she would have been surprised when I got the box out I had in the closet. It had been one that I had for an old doll from a while back and with a grin placed I placed Tina inside, then whispered to her that it was her new home from now on.

I quickly fell asleep that night and didn’t wake till late the next day. I looked over at the deflated Tina sex doll in her box and grinned. I then showered and had breakfast before I turned my attention back to her. I took Tina out of her box and laid her flat on the bed.  Rooting around in the closet I found the old electric air pump and connected the hose to her inflation plug.

As Tina began inflating back into three dimensions I went and got the Bratz doll on the couch downstairs. Leaving the doll on a dresser I turned off the pump and closed the love doll’s inflation plug. I rubbed the Tina doll’s inflated breasts and looked at the Cloe doll with a grin.

I then took the remote and placed the Cloe doll on my bed next to  the inflated Tina and restored Lucy to her human form. I looked on as the eleven-inch doll grew till she was five feet one inch tall. Her skin began to change from the glossy pinkish doll’s color to Lucy’s normal hue. As she changed from plastic to flesh, her seams disappeared as well. Her wide-eyed full lipped blonde face changed back to the exotic oriental loveliness that Tina had earlier worn.

Lucy didn’t stir a bit she just lay there for a few seconds after the restoration had finished. I grinned as her eyelids fluttered and she took in a deep breath. Lucy then moaned and closed her eyes as her hands were drawn to her warm body, which was nude since I had undressed her in doll form before restoring her. She spent the next few moments relishing the erotic feelings that had overwhelmed her.

When she was done she smiled and opened her eyes. She saw me there and looked over at her friend who was now a love doll. Lucy giggled and began to touch the love doll. Lucy then told Tina what an adorable sex toy she made. Lucy explored the doll’s tits and then looked at me with a grin. Lucy then asked if I’d make her breasts as inflated as Tina’s were when she was turned into a sex toy.

I laughed and told her that she could be even bigger. Lucy then looked at me with a lascivious look and asked if I’d used Tina. I grinned and replied that I had to test out a newly manufactured doll before I made any others.  Quality control, and all that, I said.

Lucy smiled broadly at that and agreed that a new doll did have to be tested.  She then fingered Tina and looked at me with a grin. Lucy then told me I’d have to promise her to be the next one tested. I laughed and agreed that when she came back again to visit it would be her turn.

Lucy then licked Tina’s inflated tits with a delighted look on her face. I asked her if she wanted to take Tina home as she was. Lucy grinned and told me it was tempting, but she had another form for her in mind.

I grinned and asked if it was a doll. Lucy laughed, asking how could I guess. I smiled and told her I could arrange it, if the two of them just wanted to be kept together in the same doll case or window. Lucy then sauntered over to me in a fashion intended to make me or anyone watching her lust after her delicious figure.  On her tiptoes, she whispered that she wanted me to tell her what she’d be and where she’d be kept and that in two weeks I’d be able to do just that with her and Tina! For now though, she wanted to borrow my computer for a bit.

I showed her to it and off she went. She told me she wanted to take care of a few things first before she began looking for examples. I asked what she was searching for. Lucy smiled as she said she was thinking of making her friend a nice repainted fashion doll. She then added that first she had to take care of closing some online accounts and such.

We then spent another twenty to thirty minutes looking at pictures of dolls and models until Lucy spotted one she thought was appropriate for her inanimate friend. Lucy was grinning from ear to ear as she pointed out the doll to me. It was a beautiful African doll called Esme that had been repainted to look even more lifelike.  Tina would have long streaked blonde hair and a very dark complexion, which together would make her very exotic and sexy indeed.

I then began to use the program I had on the computer to adjust the settings on the remote to emulate the doll’s look when I changed Tina. In moments I was ready and we quickly adjourned to where Tina was still laying in her latex form. Lucy gave her a final kiss and then watched as I pointed the remote at Tina and activated the correct controls.

Tina began to rapidly alter, transforming from the love doll doppelganger of Lucy to the blondish African doll that she was to become.  She began to darken, her hair growing longer and becoming lighter. Her body going from soft latex to a more firm plastic as doll like joints formed in appropriate places. As those changes occurred her face began to assume that of the Esme’s, becoming its twin. With all these alterations, the most striking was her shrinking as she became as diminutive as the fashion doll she now resembled.

As soon as Tina finished changing, Lucy picked her up and was moving her limbs while examining her little body. Lucy looked at me with a grin and announced this was the doll she’d always wanted. Lucy then took the new doll in her hand and went back downstairs. I followed and watched as she went into the bag Tina had originally brought. She brought out a different, more stylish outfit than what she’d worn when she had been a small blonde Bratz doll and began to dress her tiny new doll.

When finished she admired her new doll for a moment or two and placed it in the bag Tina had originally brought. Lucy turned and grinned at me, thanking me for changing Tina and she asked if I’d now change her to be Tina’s double. I laughed and said yes, telling her I had sort of expected that.  She grinned and told me it was her turn to quit Tina’s job and sell her things.  I asked if Tina had been impersonating her all this time and not herself, didn’t they miss Tina at her old job. Lucy informed me that Tina had taken vacation time before she had become Lucy’s twin. With a happy grin she said it was now her turn to take care of all of Tina’s loose ends before they both came back for their final stay.

A final stay, I asked, did that mean they were both going to return to be permanently changed? Lucy nodded vigorously, with a broad grin, saying it was what they both wanted; that they had decided this shortly after being changed their first time. I then asked about their friends and relatives, wouldn’t they wonder what became of the two of them. Lucy shook her head with a doleful grin, admitting both she and Tina had no close relatives and really no close friends other than each other so no one would be missing them if they disappeared.

She then smiled brightly, saying that I’d be the only living person in both their lives from now on, if I didn’t mind.  If I did, she said she wanted me to just sell them after changing them both into dolls, but only as a matched set of course.

I just had to shake my head, again being presented with another woman or in this case two women wanting to be changed into inanimate objects on a permanent basis seemed quite incredible to me, but here they were.  I smiled back at at Lucy’s puzzled look as I explained. She laughed and said I’d just have to get used to it if I continued; she thought their might be quite a few more women like her and Tina out there.  She was right, of course.

I had to agree as I took the remote and pointed it at Lucy. I pressed the necessary buttons and watched as she morphed into a double of the original Tina. She was now taller and blonde with Tina’s lovely American but not Asian features.

Lucy looked down and went to a nearby mirror to get a better perspective on her new form. She massaged her new breasts and fondled her ass smiling as she began to feel herself up. With a smile she remarked on how much fun it was to fondle Tina from this perspective.

I grinned and said it must be, since I noticed Tina was having just as much fun with yours. Lucy whirled around in Tina’s body and pushed her chest out. She giggled and in a leering sexy manner offered me a chance at Tina’s body. I let my hand caress one of her nipples. I told her it was quite tempting but I might not let her go to take care of all those loose ends like she wanted. Lucy smiled with Tina’s face asking if I’d box her up later, like I had with Tina. I nodded, using my fingers to caress her nipple again; by this time they were both erect. Her eyes closed and a shiver went through her whole body, followed by a soft moan. I told her it was the weekend, so I could give her a little tour of her future life from now on.

Lucy’s eyes then fluttered open followed by a smile. Lucy looked in the mirror and seemed to consider things for a moment. A giggle left her lips and as if to confirm things in her mind asked if I’d make her inflatable like I did for Tina. I nodded emphatically telling her it’d be my pleasure. She told me she’d like that as she’d already been a silicone doll, she wanted to see what being an inflated latex doll was like. Lucy then looked at me and told me to go ahead!

I took the remote and pointed it at her and watched as Lucy in Tina’s blonde guise began to change into a blonde latex sex toy. She was becoming inflated, with her breasts larger than in her flesh and blood form. Her lips were now held in a permanent circular pout ready to accept anything into her inviting latex mouth. I gazed down to her smooth crotch and saw how her vagina was now also a circular orifice opening into a latex pocket made just to accommodate my male member. Even though her eyes were just painted on I think I saw a glint of erotic rapture in them. Needless to say, I took my Lucy sex doll and put her to good use. I made sure all her openings worked like a sex toys’ should. When I was done, as I had promised her, she was deflated, folded, and stored in her box.

I kept Lucy that way for two nights it wasn’t till I came home from work on the third day that I decided to change her back so she could complete her errands and then return later. I inflated her and laid her out on the bed then pointed the remote. Pressing the appropriate button I watched as the love doll that looked like Tina but was actually Lucy changed into a woman once again. I had to grin as she caught up on all of her orgasms, feeling the release her lips parted and she let out a sound of passion that shook the rafters. Lucy practically cried as she moaned, telling me afterwards it was so much more pleasurable than she’d even imagined. It made her want to be a doll always Lucy said, grining as she told me that; she almost begged me to turn her back and forget everything else she had planned.

When Lucy had recovered her composure somewhat she noticed how juicy it had made her and the large wet spot she’d left on the bed. A puzzled look then crossed her sexy countenance and she slid a finger into her now normal girlish hole; then she laughed. Lucy looked at me and smiled telling me she liked how I had just used her and left her a dirty little doll.  I just smiled and nodded. She then added I really needed to clean her up before I let her leave the house.  I again grinned and nodded.

I picked her up and took her into the bathroom I sat her on the counter next to the sink and started the shower. Taking off my clothes, I carried her into the shower and began soaping her up. All this time Lucy didn’t move, remaining still and smiling thoroughly while enjoying my attentions. My fingers did their best to get all the crusty bits out of her vagina, which caused her to close her eyelids and moan passionately. I rubbed her clit and then moved up to wash off her tits and nipples. I then bent her over and washed all of her other openings squeaky clean to her delighted squeals of joy.

I rinsed her off and used my tongue to lap off her nipples and then kissed her on her lips. Lucy whispered how she loved being my doll which when she glanced down saw how aroused I was. I then pushed her to her knees and watched as her lips went into an “O” shape with a glint of mischief in her eyes. I then held her head and watched as she accepted my rod just like a doll might. I then slid her back and forth just like she was a doll as her eyes closed and she moaned. It wasn’t long before I’d climaxed in her mouth and she swallowed everything I shot into her.

I picked her up and she grinned back, winking at me.  She still didn’t want to move on her own, it seemed.  I then turned off the shower and carried her out of it, sitting her on the counter next to the sink. I dried her off thoroughly with a towel and carried her into the bedroom, laying her flat on the bed. Lucy then smiled and said I should dress her, too.

Retrieving the bag, I found a fresh outfit in the bottom. I then looked at it, a pair of thigh-high heeled boots and sheer nylons along with a short leather dress that covered her from neck to thighs. A pair of leather opera gloves completed the ensemble. I then began to dress her in it, to Lucy’s giggles and smiles as I slid and pulled the leather clothing onto her shapely form as she just lay there. After I finishing dressing her Lucy smiled and suggested that I should comb her hair too. I found a brush that Lindsay would use and began to brush Lucy’s now blonde hair while she remained still. I finished as she smiled and looked up at me. I then commented that she really was a living doll. Lucy smiled, saying she was and she’d want to belong to whoever wanted to play with her and would take care of her.

I smiled and said I wanted her to be my doll, then adding quickly I wanted Tina to be my doll as well.  Lucy then broke her self-imposed immobility and gave me a loving hug and a suggestive kiss. It was with some emotion that she said she was so happy to hear that and that Tina would be, too. With a grin though she said she wanted to get herself together and get going along with her new Tina doll. Lucy got up and finished getting ready. In moments she was finished and we went downstairs; I had gotten dressed while she touched up her face in Tina’s style.

Lucy put the clothing Tina had worn here into the bag, making sure Tina the fashion doll was safe in there too. Digging out the keys to Tina’s car and grabbing her purse, she smiled, thanking me again for all I’d done and telling me to expect them both back in a week or two. I told her it was my pleasure and I couldn’t wait to see them again. I saw her to the door and watched as she quickly got to the car and left.

When I was alone I began to think back over I’d done in the past few weeks. I was truly amazed at how blasé I was becoming, that I was doing all these fantastic things with and to women who were almost strangers not long ago. I was wondering who was really being changed; was it them or was it myself. I never would have believed that I could so ready to objectify a woman, but somehow when she asked me to, I wanted her to just be happy in whatever shape I could make her into.   Like Tricia, standing beautifully rigid as a mannequin, trying out her new life in plastic form.

Then my thoughts turned to Lindsay and Leanne, who had remained mannequins all this time. I was sure of where they both were now but I didn’t know how they were. They’d been forms now for almost three months. I really needed to go and retrieve them, then restore both. Poor Leanne; she lost her business,s but I managed to make sure everything else of hers was taken care of, though it left me feeling quite guilty over all this of course.

I had been so overwhelmed with work that I couldn’t get any time off but now the crunch was letting up. I was determined to go in a few weeks time and find Lindsay in that shop in France and get her back. Even if it meant stealing her, but I’m sure I could come up with something. I still had to field the calls from Lindsay’s family and I had a call from a detective asking about Leanne’s whereabouts so I had to get them back.

It then occurred to me if I absolutely had to I might be able to have Lucy or Tina impersonate them for a while. Hopefully I could get the real women back here and restored so I wouldn’t have to resort to that. I then returned to Tricia, who’d been wearing my wife’s lingerie on display in our bedroom after I moved her there and dressed her.

After all the events of this extended weekend, getting back to the normal workweek seemed a surreal experience. I felt like it wasn’t as real as what I’d been doing with Lucy, Tina and Tricia. I needed the money so I just persevered with my paid labors. Every few days I’d change Tricia’s clothing and move her here and there in the house. I didn’t want her to be bored with her surroundings. Today the sexy petite mannequin was displaying a new corseted bustier I had recently purchased just for her to model for me.

Again it was a couple of weeks later and I was falling back into my old rut when on a Friday I had a visitor. Answering the knock at the door; I grinned as Lucy, still wearing Tina’s face and body, smiled and said hello. I watched as the cab she’d taken here drove off and I invited her in with her large suitcase.

She glided in with a grin and plopped down on the couch, crossing her long pantyhose-sheathed legs. I asked her how was her time as her friend’s twin. Lucy grinned as she told me how she’d enjoyed being her blonde compatriot. Lucy winked and added she already knew how much I liked it too.

I then took a moment to admire Lucy. She was wearing a tight white lycra dress that came down to just below her rounded bottom. It hugged her whole body, showing off every curve and cusp. I have to admit I was turned on by the sight and by the white boots that came up to her thighs. I was pretty sure she noticed her intoxicating effect on me.

Lucy smiled as she asked me if I’d missed the two of them. I nodded and grinned as Lucy scooted closer to me. She snaked her arm around mine and held my hand, resting her head on my shoulder and sighing with contentment. Lucy told me how much she and Tina had been looking forward to this day. Then she hugged my arm and sighed again. After I asked where Tina was, Lucy nodded towards her purse and said Tina was inside.

Lucy then looked up and smiled at me. She asked me if I wanted to play with her tonight or with both she and Tina if I liked. I hadn’t thought of it till then, but I realized of course I could. I could turn them both into love dolls if I wanted. I remarked I could really get used to that. She smiled at me and said I should since now they were both my property.

I then asked when they wanted to be turned into mannequins afterward. Lucy grinned saying I could determine that but if I wanted I could change them tomorrow.  Or should I just leave you both love dolls for a while, I asked. She nodded, grinning again, saying of course I could whatever I wanted; after all I was now their new owner.

I then looked at her and smiled. I then told her it was time to take my dolls to their new home. I got up, then picked Lucy up in my arms. She went limp and passive, still smiling as I carried her up the stairs.

I took her purse out of her hands after laying her down on my bed. I grabbed the remote and activated it. Lucy was instantly frozen on the bed, then quickly she began to change. In less than a minute, she was again an inflatable rubber sex toy.  She lay on her back, her lips pulled into a welcoming orifice of latex. Her tight lycra dress kept her legs from spreading but I didn’t mind.

I began to slowly slide Lucy’s tight dress up her now inflated rubber thighs. Her now huge inflated breasts pushed against the tight lycra. I’m sure she was loving this, as I worked her pantyhose down towards her knees.  I took off what I was wearing and then lubed her up. I then took Tina out of Lucy’s purse and set her in a chair, pointed the remote at her, observing the transformation as she too became a love doll.  Tina still kept the high-fashion appearance she had as a smaller plastic doll but I knew she didn’t mind watching us.

Turning back to Lucy, I slipped into her, feeling her tight rubber hole grab and hold me like she was made just for me.  It wasn’t long till I climaxed inside my new Lucy sex doll and then, after recovering, using her open latex mouth as well.

I set Lucy on a nearby chair, hooking the toes of her boots around the chair legs so she wouldn’t topple over and grabbed her friend Tina, whose dark chocolate skin and long blonde hair looked so good, and started to fondle the doll.  Then after a considerably longer time waiting for myself to recover sufficiently, I began to use Tina as the sex doll she’d become.

I was very tired and satisfied that night as my two new sex dolls watched me sleeping from their chairs.

The morning came and I woke up to the wondrous sight of the two transformed love dolls. I took a shower, grabbing them both to clean them up before storing them both away. I rubbed their rubber, inflated, bodies and licked their rubber nipples. After drying them off I grabbed the box I had used before to store them away. Looking at Lucy, though, I had another idea. I deflated Tina and folded her up in the box.  Lucy’s limp form I laid out on my bed and then used the remote to change her into a Tina mannequin. She still was a twin of her blonde friend but now plastic and ready to be displayed.

I took a stand and disassembled Lucy, then reassembled her on the stand. I dressed her back in the clingy dress, hose, and boots she’d worn earlier. I admired her for a while and whispered how glad I was to have such a beautiful mannequin.

It was a great weekend for me as I left the house that day. I now had two mannequins and a love doll, all formerly living women who’d volunteered to be changed. In moments I remembered the two other women including my mannequin wife Lindsay, who were now trapped as forms. That was a sure mood killer for me; It put a real damper on the rest of my day.  I told myself to quit stalling; I had to get them both back soon!

…to be continued...

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