My Mannequin, My Wife Š Part 1

by Johnsan

A different take on Disman's 'A Stiff Bet' and 'A Stiff Bet 2' from the viewpoint of her husband.

ItÕs funny how things work out! It all started with a family get together over the thanksgiving holiday. I  was driving with my wife Lindsay to visit my parents in El Paso when for fun and to break the tension of the upcoming reunion we stopped at an Indian casino for the night.

You see Lindsay and my mom didnÕt see eye to eye on things. It wasnÕt for lack of trying on their parts but it was just something they couldnÕt seem to come to terms with. So it was I had the idea to stop. I also knew that Lindsay might appreciate the gambling  as well. I knew she enjoyed it far more than I, we even had far different styles of play Š me being conservative to LindsayÕs go-for-broke. In Vegas, on our honeymoon, I saw just how much she loved it. I didnÕt think she was addicted or anything but she would take far greater risks than I. I guess I loved that about her as well!

She was far too beautiful to be with me, I sometimes thought. IÕve always thought she could model anytime she wanted to but when IÕd say that to her sheÕd just roll her eyes and laugh. Still, when she got dolled up it wasnÕt just my eyes that would watch her every move with lust! Her beautiful eyes and long blonde hair along with her lovely breasts all held up by those long sexy legs were a sight to behold! I felt quite lucky to have her! So it was I wanted to get her into a better mood to meet my family.

We had split up to gamble; I didnÕt mind, she liked to go from game to game I usually just stuck with one or two myself. Well, it was a few hours later when I got up, just having won a moderate amount of cash. I was wondering how Lindsay was doing and so I went to the bar at eleven thirty to wait for her. I ordered a drink and waited and waitedÉ!

My wife is usually very prompt unless thereÕs some reason so I got up and went looking for her. I went through all the different areas, including restaurants, and didnÕt find her. I then decided to try some of the stores.ŅMaybe sheÕs window shopping?Ó I told myself.

I walked by and saw the mannequins in the gift shop they seemed to have, but didnÕt see Lindsay at all, so I continued. The only thing wasÉ well one of the figures was blonde and shapely just like Lindsay but it couldnÕt have been her; it just eerily looked like her! I continued my search, getting more and more concerned! I envisioned her being kidnapped by someone; I was thinking it was time to contact someone in authority! I walked by the same window and saw the blonde mannequin again. It was so strange how much that one looked like my wife! I then went back to searching for Lindsay.

I went to the front desk of the hotel and asked to see the manager. A fellow named Richard Two Feathers introduced himself and smiled. He then lead me back to the gift shop, explaining how he had met Lindsay and asked her to try out a new casino game. Frankly I was beginning  to figure she had let her gambling  instincts get the better of her. I was wondering how much she had lost when he said Lindsay was going to be a mannequin for a week!

I know I stared at him like he was nuts! He then explained how, through a friend, he had gotten a brand new state of the art restraint system. While potentially for use in law enforcement or even long distance space travel, it completely froze the human body once activated. All it required was that the subject to swallow a pill that released the radio controlled microscopic robots that both preserved and restrained the subject. Richard assured me she was fine and could be kept in that state for three weeks if not longer. I asked about any ill effects from such a long period of immobility. Again he assured me none; on the contrary many subjects Š especially women Š found it enjoyable and wished to try it again!

I donÕt know if I believed him or not but I knew if something did go wrong, IÕd own this casino! He then pointed towards Lindsay, standing stiffly in the gift shop window. I turned my head and stared at her; that mannequin didnÕt just look like Lindsay Š it was Lindsay!! I demanded that she be released, thatÕs when Richard showed me the contract that Lindsay had signed; it seemed airtight. I sighed heavily and rolled my eyes. I do admit at the moment I was angry at her, I thought ŅDamn, Lindsay, I know you and mom donÕt get along, but is it worth it to be turned into a mannequin just to avoid her?Ó

As I gazed at her standing there though, all I could see was this beautiful blonde sexy frozen woman! The anger seemed to melt away, replaced by the love and for some reason the lust I felt for my lovely mannequin wife! That thought made me smirk! Richard and I then walked over to the gift shop, stepped in behind the window display where Lindsay was posed. Richard began to speak, telling her that I knew all about the gamble sheÕd made and the contract she signed. I then began to speak, saying I understood sheÕd let her gambling get the better of her. I also told her IÕd make up a story to tell my parents and then, smiling, added how lovely she was.  I said IÕd be back in a week to pick her up and would see her tomorrow before I left. I then hugged and kissed her. Her body felt so rigid and plastic!

In the back of my mind it did seem strange to be talking to someone who clearly seemed so artificial, even stranger to hug and kiss a display form. But when I did it, all I felt was desire and love burning deeply in me for Lindsay. I was glad Richard took our picture Š I knew it would be one IÕd want to see often!

That night all I could do was think of where Lindsay was and how sexy she looked! I also gave my parents a call and told them Lindsay wasnÕt feeling well and wouldnÕt be accompanying me. It was with a grin that I told my mom IÕd bring her a present from the casino I was staying at. I remembered what theyÕd dressed Lindsay in that day and thought about her being undressed, standing nude in the window as I walked out the door.

It was the next morning when I came down and saw my blonde mannequin standing there, wearing the robe theyÕd dressed her in. I walked up and whispered to my inanimate spouse what IÕd told my parents about her absence and that I was going to be bringing  a present for my mom.  I had the girl take the very robe Lindsay was wearing and wrap it up for me. It was incredible to see her completely nude and looking so much like a mannequin it was hard to believe IÕd made love to her at home! I really wanted to touch her then, give her a long hug and kiss, but IÕm sure the gift shop wouldnÕt want a customer to disturb one of their display forms even if she was my wife! I paid and took the package, then with the camera I had I took some pictures of her from outside the window. I knew theyÕd keep me warm for the long week ahead of me.

IÕd already assured her IÕd be back for her so I waved goodbye and left. In my thoughts though, all that week, I was thinking of Lindsay in the window. I was thinking of being with my frozen love in that window! I was dreaming of her unmoving naked body and how IÕd kiss and fondle her while she just was trapped inside of herself. Unable to walk away or do anything except experience my love for her!


I couldnÕt wait for the week to end so I could see her again. My fantasies about having her pose like that at home were taking over my waking thoughts! I arrived on Saturday at the casino, IÕm sure I was breaking some speed limits to get there! I made a beeline for the shop and gazed at my frozen love. She was still in all the motionless splendor IÕd imagined her in, except this time they had her dressed in a cowgirl something; I donÕt think Lindsay would ever have worn herself but she looked adorable in it!

I waved at her to say hello and went looking for Richard. We came back and got Lindsay then, just like she was any other mannequin, I picked her up and put her on a dolly. We then rolled her into the room where Richard said theyÕd transformed her. It was incredible; even her skin felt smooth and hard no wonder no one realized she was anything but a mannequin!

Richard then left us alone to get reacquainted. I began undressing my lovely doll right there!

Before I did I, gave her the longest hardest kiss I could! It was wonderful, kissing those unyielding lips, rubbing her firm body knowing that inside she was in the midst of a whirlwind of passion. Richard had told me about the side effects for women frozen in this manner. I touched her and rubbed her frozen nude perfection for a while before I unfroze her using the remote and watched as she slowly began to move. It was so sexy Š she was soooo sexy!! We made love so passionately right there IÕm sure they heard us in the casino! I didnÕt care; I had my own lovely living statue so I used the remote to freeze her every now and again while she was dressing. IÕd touch and kiss her while she was stuck in mid-motion! We finally got to our room with the remote and had even more fun! Eventually Lindsay hid the remote from me, or I would have used it on her for a lot longer!


When Lindsay and I left the next morning, Richard handed her a check for one thousand and one hundred and fifty dollars. We both smiled at that; he said it was from the gamblers who had bet on her. He did ask we keep this to ourselves but who would have believed it, I told myself. Besides, I wanted to see my wife frozen again so it would be better to remain in Mr. Two Feathers good graces!  I did ask if I could buy the remote, but he just politely smiled and refused.

Afterwards it was different for us! I became interested in mannequins and stories of women becoming mannequins. Lindsay, my wonderful mannequin wife,  did a number of things to be my mannequin whenever we wanted! She kept herself smooth between her legs and learned to apply makeup so she could easily pass for a display figure! She was even able to remain absolutely still for a bit just like one. I loved it and I hoped she did too!

As the weeks progressed into months, my desire for my frozen wife continued unabated. IÕd fantasize about her as being any mannequin I saw and in any story I read.  I even began thinking of her as various forms I would see as well. I always did think she had the most perfect breasts in the world so sheÕd make a lovely bra form, I thought. I was even thinking of her as other kinds of things:  statues, figurines, Barbie dolls, robots, even love dolls! I could see my beautiful Lindsay as any one of those, each turning me on in so many ways! The only problem was that it was only me who felt that way.

It seemed that whatever spark of erotic desire that posing and pretending to be a mannequin had engendered in Lindsay as a result of her experiences seemed to fade as time passed. She told me she was bored with it and not really interested in our little role-playing anymore. This was very disappointing to me and I guess was probably the impetus for my later actions. Unfortunately this did lead to some tension in our personal lives, but I still loved my wife!


I did remember that the owner of the Indian casino, Richard Two Feathers, planned to give us a ring. HeÕd wanted Lindsay to come by something he was planning on creating in Vegas. Without Lindsay knowing, I went ahead and got in touch with Richard.  Of course at the time I just planned on trying another offer to purchase the equipment heÕd used on my wife to freeze her. Again, he politely refused but did tell me of his plans for a similar game to the one my wife played in Arizona, but this time in a Las Vegas casino.

As we began to discuss his plans, he asked if Lindsay would still be interested in participating! I could only honestly tell him ŅperhapsÓ since sheÕd mostly expressed a lack of interest in being a mannequin anymore but perhaps the monetary incentive would again lure her into it!

Richard chuckled at that and thatÕs when I asked if he was just going to freeze her like before when she lost? He said that was still what he had in mind. I then asked if the technology existed to just not freeze but actually transform someone into a mannequin just like the fiberglass plastic ones that stores use? He softly chuckled, saying while they hadnÕt considered that yet, they had done some study over using it to transform someone into stone. Richard then added that he couldnÕt see any reason why not, if they could indeed change someone into stone!

It was then I asked if instead of just a plain mannequin they might have a number of different penalties for her if she lost. Richard smiled again and asked what I had in mind. I began to explain in detail how there should be other options for her to be changed into such as a statue or form just to make it more interesting. I could hear him grin over the phone as he said he liked the idea. I did ask that he call Lindsay and ask her if she wanted to participate but not to tell her IÕd called him first. He laughed and agreed, then asked why was I so interested in having my wife changed! I told him that it was such an incredible erotic experience to have my wife transformed into a mannequin that we - or at least I - couldnÕt get enough of it!! Again he chuckled and admitted, much to my shock, that heÕd also enjoyed using that little pill on a few young ladies he knew!


So we kept in touch through e-mails and phone calls. During this correspondence, we had decided that Lindsay if she landed on the mannequin penalty should spin again on another wheel. On this wheel she would have a number of different transformations that could happen to her. It ended up being six more different chances for her to be frozen and changed. One was the surfer mannequin; sheÕd be wearing a bikini and be a complete mannequin. Next was the golfer, where sheÕd only be from the waist up and sheÕd be in some sort of pose with a golf club. Third would be a statue in a fountain; I thought that might be very interesting for her! Fourth would then be as a complete mannequin, but headless, wearing a formal gown. The fifth would have her only as a form, with no head or legs and mounted on a stand. Number six would be perhaps the most radical - she would have no head; her legs would become a pantyhose form, while her top half would be a torso form displaying bras.

I suppose I should have felt guilty, but the idea of my Lindsay becoming a statue or display form was so erotic it probably clouded my judgment a little. A part of me kept telling myself that deep down sheÕd love this as well. Between the time that we finalized what we were planning till Richard called saying that everything was ready, I was fantasizing every day about Lindsay being a mannequin!

IÕd told Richard to give Lindsay a call, making the offer and not to mention my part in this at all. Later Lindsay came up to me telling me of how Richard had called and offered her so much money to again play and take a chance on being a mannequin for a month! It took some work for me to hold back and act surprised! I was as supportive as I could be for her but alas because of my new job IÕd have to miss out and IÕd be gone for three long weeks anyway, or at least thatÕs what I told Lindsay! Actually I was planning on being there and watching everything!

While Lindsay was getting ready, I got an e-mail from Richard, asking if IÕd mind if he added something to the plans we had for my wife. He suggested that we add the chance for her to lose some of her clothing during the game in addition to the mannequin penalties. Ordinarily I wouldnÕt have considered it but the thought of my scantily clad wife being transformed was overpowering, so I agreed.

So the day came and I said goodbye to Lindsay, wishing I could go with her! I was really proud of the way I came off and didnÕt let on that I was going to be there the whole time enjoying every minute of it. Already, I could see her being displayed in the window of one of the Vegas stores Š again a perfect mannequin for all to see! Lindsay was off to the airport to be flown on a private jet Richard had sent for her and I began doing my packing. Soon I was off to the airport myself, flying commercial, and then by taxi to my own room. I got there almost as soon as Lindsay did!


I called Richard to see how things were going and he assured me that everything was in place for LindsayÕs time on display! He informed me that after some initial photos sheÕd be ready to play. I hurriedly showered, dressed, then went over to hide in the crowd as we waited expectantly for Lindsay!

It was quite a bit later when I watched Lindsay walk in and I donÕt think I was the only man there feeling all the blood rush south! Her legs were so lovely in the hose and the way that business suit seemed to hug her form was great! I sat back and watched as she began to see just what sheÕd look like as a mannequin or form. The expressions on her face were wonderful; there was a mix of shock and wonder, I think.  I was watching from an adjoining room on a television monitor since I didnÕt want Lindsay to know I was there.

I watched her begin to play, but what she didnÕt know was that the whole thing was rigged. There was no way she was not going to become a mannequin of some sort for at least a month. What did surprise us was how fast she came to the slot that would make her a mannequin. Richard later admitted that was completely by chance; he had nothing to do with it appearing so quickly.

It was RichardÕs quick thinking when he proposed that they go on and raised the stakes. Now she would spend two months as the twin forms but now had a chance to win more money! I grinned as he proposed it to her. Knowing my Lindsay; sheÕd go for the chance to make that money. I watched as she seemed to consider it. She then asked if she could ask my opinion; I just had to smile when she said that. ŅOf course it was alright with me!Ó I had to chuckle.

They then came for me, now I must admit this was unexpected! I had planned on her not even being aware I was in Las Vegas. Richard, to his credit, had decided that to keep her playing it was more important for her to speak to me than for me to play the voyeur. So I came out, smiling, and took a seat looking at my beautiful wife with a smile I hoped would show her how I cared.  She asked me if she should agree to be a pair of forms for two months and I readily shook my head yes!

Lindsay then agreed, much to everyoneÕs delight! Richard then explained the bonus round;  now this was another surprise! He had to have come up with this on the spot or was thinking of this before himself. I loved the idea of having Lindsay as a second type of mannequin for another month! She seemed a little lukewarm to the idea, but Richard and I were depending on her lack of restraint when it came to the cash being offered that would lead her to becoming a mannequin again.

She began to spin the wheel slowly, winning cash when she landed on a strip spot. My grin widened as she choose to strip and not pay the thousand dollar penalty. Lindsay looked at me and I just smiled back, which she took to be my approval! Of course considering how lovely she is I didnÕt mind her showing off her assets! Her skirt came off and everyone applauded since her legs are so great! Well, everything below her waist is so great!! Of course everyone had voted that she would remove her skirt, including me! 

She then continued and again she hit a strip slot. When she did everyone cheered; me the loudest of all, of course. When the voting was over this time her top came off, much to everyoneÕs approval! Now ordinarily Lindsay is shy about her great body but this time she seemed to accept her nudity and decided to show herself off in the best light! So I watched as she seemed to throw out her chest to show them off; I applauded and grinned with the rest of them. She was so beautiful it was incredible! Someone even yelled out how nice a rack she had! I just had to chuckle, I think in a way this was a very liberating experience for her.

I expected her to get another spin when this bald chubby guy motioned to Richard; they conversed for a moment then he faced the audience and mentioned a betting opportunity on the monitors on each table. Now throughout this, bets were taking place on what or what not Lindsay would do. This one in particular was would she agree to serve drinks in her scantily clad condition. Now, throughout, IÕd been placing small wagers like everyone else so again I did. When she was asked, she seemed to pause for a moment then agreed. Again she made me a little side money! It was amazing, watching my normally shy wife walk around doing a perfect job as a cocktail waitress in semi-nudity and of course everyone loved it. To show their appreciation they tipped her quite generously, in fact I did as well. Lindsay really seemed to enjoy being the center of attention in this way. I enjoyed watching my beautiful little mannequin-to-be!

With the drink service over she began to play again. Lindsay had only won a few hundred when again she was forced to choose between paying a thousand dollars or removing some clothing. Again she chose to strip, I guess after all sheÕd done so far it was getting easier for her. Well this time Richard gave her the chance to bet what money sheÕd won so far on what everyone would vote for her to remove next. As everyone had guessed it was her bra, which Lindsay was able to turn into some money on her own bet. Well, with everyoneÕs rapt attention on her she began to remove her bra. Lindsay even made a little joke of it but I think everyoneÕs mind - including mine - was anticipating her luscious breasts, not any humor. So still somewhat nervously she removed her bra and in the cold and I think some excitement, even if she couldnÕt admit it to herself, her nipples came out erect and hard. It was beautiful and at this juncture someone asked for her to serve another round.

Again my shy but sexy Lindsay made her way around the room to everyoneÕs smile applause and most importantly for her tips! When she came by me I was grinning wildly enjoying her movements; she was incredibly sexy in that room!  Her hips swaying and her firm breasts mesmerizing everyone around! The chubby bald guy even slipped her something; I think it was his phone number! Well, I should have been jealous of all the attention she was getting but I knew she loved me so I just enjoyed her reaction. I knew she was flattered by all of it, even if she was practically naked.

When she had finished serving again it was time for her last spin. This time Richard announced that all penalties and winnings would be doubled. Lindsay gave it a final spin and luckily for her she got another thousand, which when added to her previous winnings and tip money left her just one hundred short of have enough for three spins of the smaller wheel. Since each spin cost five thousand dollars Lindsay only had enough for two spins. Well, before I could do anything, the bald guy ran up and gave her the extra hundred she needed.

So with her fifteen thousand she began, but first Richard asked her how many spins she was going to buy. Lindsay stood there, topless, mulling it over in her mind till she announced that she was only going to buy one spin for now. In truth I was hoping she would go for more than one but one was alright. This time though, I knew she wouldnÕt get the fifty thousand and would definitely end up as a mannequin for another month. Richard did announce to her that she would only have a week between transformations. Now, I think everyone was hoping she would win the money but I know myself and perhaps one or two others were hoping sheÕd land on a mannequin spot that in fact I knew she would.

Lindsay spun the wheel and like clockwork it fatefully landed on the headless mannequin wearing an evening gown! Most everyone was disappointed for her, but myself and a few others let our cheers slip out. Now for my part I wanted to see her become a mannequin and, well, I did bet on it. I think she was a little miffed at me for betting on her becoming a mannequin but I knew the fix was in. I think she was disappointed she hadnÕt won, because she decided to call it quits right there. Even after Richard tried to get her to continue playing by asking what her choice might be and offering to make all the spots that choice, the statue specifically, she still refused.


So Jean RichardÕs assistant then began the process. With a push of a button on a remote, Lindsay began to change. Her body began to move as if programmed; from what Richard had told me she would assume the same pose sheÕd had when they photographed her. Jean had put her bra back on and as her body hardened those breasts became rock solid plastic as her whole body began to give off the shiny luster while becoming artificial.  Jean then clicked a button and, with a look of surprise, Richard lifted her top half from her hips and legs. I grinned as she uttered a Ōholy cowÕ! I know that was another bet someone had just won. I was watching as LindsayÕs torso was placed on a small pedestal she couldnÕt move but could speak, just barely. Her body was now in the needed pose; she was almost completely changed when Richard complimented her and Jean removed her arms. Richard then offered me the chance to kiss my beautiful mannequin! I couldnÕt wait - I walked up and kissed those firm plastic lips of hers! I wanted to tell her so many things; I so wanted to explore her form, but it was time for her to go on display. Jean walked up and pulled off her head now. I knew from Richard that her awareness was concentrated in her torso and legs for the most part.

I watched as her parts were put into a box and her two forms were moved to the store where she was to be on display for two months. I really wished I could have taken a few moments to make her feel really good! Instead, I just watched as she was dressed in a bra and pantyhose. I then took some photos of her and sat down nearby watching my wife the display forms! I laughed to myself as I imagined  showing her off to friends and relatives. It also turned me on, imagining my standing there my hand on her plastic shoulder, smiling and saying meet Lindsay, my wife! SheÕs only a form these few months but I still love her maybe more so! Then I would have kissed her on her stump and cupped her plastic breasts!

Richard came by while I was lost in my reverie; he smiled and said how beautiful she was! He grinned and then leaned closer. To my surprise he said heÕd already started his own private collection.  He then assured me sheÕd be well taken care of, heÕd make sure of that. Unfortunately I couldnÕt stay there for the whole two months but I did visit often, so Richard was very accommodating to me.


One of the things IÕd do was walk into the store and touch Lindsay. Her smooth plastic skin was so wonderful to touch. I loved feeling her boobs as they jutted out so rock hard! IÕd then walk over and run my hand over her plastic legs and crotch. IÕm sure the sales women were staring at me, wondering why kind of weirdo I was, but I wanted Lindsay even more now so I didnÕt give a damn what they thought!

I will admit I did fantasize about keeping her as a pair of forms even after we went home; I could imagine  how good sheÕd look placed on a set of pedestals in the living room! When I couldnÕt visit Lindsay, IÕd just be thinking of her all the time. I even used some photo editing software and would use it to try to make her look artificial in some pictures IÕd taken of her before this all began. This was even better than that week last year; she really was a mannequin again and would be for quite some time!

Eventually though, her stint as twin forms came to an end. I couldnÕt be there for her restoration but luckily Richard had saved it on DVD for me to see. It was almost as exciting  as watching her changed into a mannequin. When I did arrive a week later, I was so glad to finally hold Lindsay in my arms. I kept calling her my little mannequin! I told her how I used to visit her and photograph her. I told her how I was so excited by her transformation. Then we were alone and I showed her how much I really loved my perfect plastic doll! I think though I may have unnerved her a little when I told her how I kept fantasizing about her being a form. Still, it was wonderful having the flesh and blood Lindsay to enjoy for those weeks. As for her transformation into the second mannequin, Richard had decided since I couldnÕt be there for her first week back he would give her a whole month before she had to be changed.

Lindsay did tell me how she kept looking at the headless mannequins, imagining  herself as one of them. She did say this whole experience did have her thinking of mannequins herself. In fact she admitted it had been a very relaxing and pleasurable time for her. I was happy when I heard that! The last thing I wanted was for her to be miserable, since I wanted her to enjoy it as much as I did if not more.

I did manage to stay long enough to see her go through her final transformation. I was beside myself watching as Jean had her strip and put on the dress she wore when the took her photograph. With a quick press of the button she began to change in moments my sweet warm blonde wife was a hollow plastic figure. Jean again removed her head, leaving her a headless mannequin with the same seams where she could be taken apart to be dressed.

I did say goodbye to Lindsay this time as well. I walked over and wrapped my arms around her hollow body. I was careful not to lift her off her stand as I hugged her and kissed her neck. I whispered ŅI love you so much, my little mannequin!Ó

Jean then removed the dress and wheeled her nude plastic body out into the mall. I couldnÕt have been more happy as I watched her being put into a window on display. I told myself I was going to have to have her like this again at home! When the clerk in the dress shop was finished putting Lindsay on display, I casually walked over and gave her a surreptitious caress along the deep V of the dress she was wearing.

Again I would make the trip to see Lindsay on display, watching her and taking her picture. Every night thinking of her on display being seen by all those people who never realized she was alive inside that hollow plastic body! It also turned me on knowing that every touch and caress on her body would make her feel so good. I imagined she might really come to enjoy being a mannequin more than she realized. I even fantasized about her being nothing more than a part of my mannequin collection for the rest of our lives.


The day then came for Lindsay to be restored. I was there personally; wanting to welcome her back in the most tender way when we got to be alone in our room.  I watched as Jean used the remote and Lindsay went from pale plastic to warm flesh, her seams disappearing as she did. Then something strange happened Š Jean tried to reattach LindsayÕs head, but it wouldnÕt stay! There she was, talking and moving carrying her head in her hands! At first this was worrying I was thinking how could she be like this for the rest of her life!

Jean contacted Richard, who was getting back from Los Angeles and would be there in an hour. I watched Lindsay standing there, headless and despite my apprehension over her condition I thought she was damn sexy in her present condition. ThatÕs when I had the idea; we should get a chance to enjoy it while it lasted! Lindsay thought I was crazy but she went along with it, thatÕs when I feel even more deeply for my wife! We went to my room and in moments I had her undressed and was kissing her all over! IÕd run my fingers over her stump and tell her how much I wanted her. I would look at her head on the pillow as I was making love to her body; her lips wet, her eyes closed, soft moans escaping her red lips! All I could think of was that she was my doll come to life, my fantasy plastic woman made flesh! When we finally finished and I was laying there, holding her against me, her head on the pillow next to me, I had this other idea. I grinned and told Lindsay to use her head to give herself some pleasure down there. I smiled as I reminded her of how she said I didnÕt do it as well as she would have liked.

I laughed as Lindsay argued that IÕd lost my mind. Finally she relented, I think she was as curious and anxious as I was that she try it. She sat on the bed with her legs split and held her head between her legs as I lay behind her rubbing her shoulders and caressing her breasts. Lindsay went down on herself and spent the next hour or so moaning so loudly I think everyone on the floor heard her. She just orgasmed away and when she smiled at me she was covered in her own juices. She kept checking her back, saying from the look on my face and the sounds I was making she was sure I got her all sticky. I laughed and pulled her closer so she could feel my arousal. I said ŅNo not yet but could you help with that?Ó  Lindsay grinned and handed me her head. She began pursing her lips like a dollÕs while her hands began fondling her body. Lindsay did indeed help me with my problem, much to my pleasure.

Just as we were relaxing in the afterglow there was a knock on the door. Richard was there and was finally able to reattach her head. He later admitted this was a bit troubling. Evidently, Lindsay wasnÕt the only one who was having trouble with reattachment upon restoration. Frankly, he admitted, he was thinking of canceling  the program till it could be sorted out. I offered my help on the condition that I receive one of the devices to use on Lindsay. He gave me his standard friendly smile and said heÕd consider it.

So our little adventure ended. We went home and life began as before, but with one difference. My plan had an unexpected but completely welcome side effect. One day I came home and found Lindsay frozen, unmoving as well as she could be.  I was surprised but very pleased! Lindsay came out of her pose and admitted that her three months as a mannequin had really affected her thoughts. She shyly told me she really wanted to do it again! She wanted to be a mannequin, or statue, she didnÕt care which; even a form would be alright! Lindsay said she was becoming obsessed with it.

I grinned as I told her it was alright, that I was kind of obsessed with her being all those things as well. She shook her head and said ŅWe must be nuts! I want to be a mannequin and you want one for a wife!Ó

I grabbed her by the waist and kissed her hard. Then I looked deeply into her eyes. ŅI want you and only you as my wife!Ó I grinned. ŅNow, whether flesh or plastic or stone it really matters not, because youÕre the woman IÕm obsessed with but, yes, having you frozen and in plastic or marble just seems to enhance your incredible loveliness, my wonderful doll!!Ó

Lindsay just giggled  as I picked her up and carried her off to show her just how much I loved my doll! Later I suggested she give Richard a call; she said sheÕd already tried but he said heÕd had to cancel the program because of some problems with restoration. I just nodded as I recalled what heÕd told me before. I then assured her that weÕd find some way to get her a chance to be put back on display again.



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