Ten Heroines in Lingerie

by Northern Chill

   Author's note :  This is the fourth part of a serial revolving around a trip to a South American island by ten heroines.  All characters mentioned in this serial are the property of their respective companies. There are elements of sexuality and nudity in these stories so if this bothers you, please move on.  

This is meant strictly as a parody.  Enjoy !

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        Chapter 4 - Bad storm on the rise

        The winds whistled and howled all around the hotel with small twigs going aloft for a few seconds before settling back down on the sandy soil.  At the dock at the far end of Maniquo Island, the boat that the hotel used to ferry customers back and forth from the mainland was out of the water and stored securely inside in a nearby shed.

         Inside the hotel, the staff members, along with the help of several heroines, were busy pulling furniture away from windows that faced the strengthening winds.  The hotel manager Quiero Lalkes was directing staff where to store the furniture while the executives of Luscious Lingerie looked on with growing apprehension.

        "For a building that is supposed to be safe against this type of weather, the hotel staff and management certainly are moving a lot of stuff around.  Did you get a chance to talk to the manager about the electricity and what happens if the storm knocks out the power?"  Valerie asked her assistant as she saw Lauren, aka Yankee Girl,  lift one of the oversized couches in the lobby towards one of the ballrooms not being used.

        "Well, after being reassured several times that the power won't be lost due to the hurricane, Quiero did finally say that they have a back-up generator that can be used for up to twelve hours if the power goes out.  However, she then went on to say that, in the almost four years she had managed the hotel right from when it opened, they have never used it at all," Debbie replied as she jotted a note down in her Palm Pilot.

        "I certainly hope she's right because the contract we signed with the hotel owner ensured our company that the show could be staged here no matter what.  We've got 36 hours before the show is supposed to go on and I don't want anything left to chance,"  Valerie said as she walked out into the main lobby near where the statue of Fairchild stood with the set of bra and panties still adoring the shapely stone figure.

        The two executives walked back into the main ballroom where they saw most of the preparations had been made for the telecast.  Janet Van Dyne was at the far end of the room talking in low tones to her fellow heroine Valkyrie that seemed to be an effort to calm the latter down.  On the runway, Patsy Walker, known in her heroic exploits as the heroine Hellcat, was seeing how she looked in a white and black corset, panties and thigh-high stocking outfit.  With her past work as a model, not to mention a very attractive appearance, Patsy looked to be one of the feature models for the show.

        As Valerie and Debbie looked over the folding chairs stacked up against the walls and passed several display forms that showcased some of the items the company sold to the public, Valerie was about to make note about the room to her assistant when there was a loud CRASHH!!! heard outside the building.  The two hurried back out into the lobby just in time to see what looked like the remnants of a tree crash into the boathouse located a short distance from the hotel.

         Lyta Trevor, aka Fury, and Janet dashed outside the hotel and saw the beginnings of a fire starting to become visible in the boathouse.  However, before either of them or the hotel workers could get any closer, the building exploded with a large fireball blossoming outwards which consumed the contents within.

         "Damn, this is just great!  Can anything else go wrong?"  Quiero shouted out loud as she momentarily lost her cool, calm demeanor as hotel manager.  The brown-haired woman looked out at the burning building as her employees, with the help of the heroines, managed to get the fire under control before the wind blew it elsewhere.

          "Well, once this hurricane blows through, we'll contact the mainland to send us a replacement boat and  talk to our insurance people about our losses.  Sigh....."  Quiero murmured to herself as she looked at the smoldering debris that was even now being tugged at by the mounting winds in the area.

          "You really should come inside, Ms. Lalkes.  The winds and rain are going to make it a certainty that we have to secure the entranceways in the next fifteen minutes to protect the interior of the building,"   Carlo said while dropping down his sunglasses slightly in seeing his boss' frazzled condition.

          Nodding in agreement, Quiero waved her staff and the heroines back inside the hotel once the fire was completely subdued.  As it happened, they had just got inside when another tree crashed to the ground as a result of the wind and landed exactly where the hotel manager just had been.

          Meanwhile, Valerie and her assistant were looking on the activity with more than a passing interest.  "Well, so much for shuttling the press in right after the storm stops.  Oh, well, once everything has been secured, let's try and get back to the rehearsal part of the show.  There's no windows where the show is to take place and it's in the center part of the building so it's as good a place as any to wait out the hurricane," the CEO said confidently to her assistant.

           Thirty minutes later......

           Consuela pushed her cleaning cart down the deserted hallways that she had traveled many times in the past with a pleasant look on her face that masked her true feelings.  She was one of the staff members who had volunteered to work in the hotel during the big lingerie show (figuring the tips from such a famous and internationally know group of women would be astronomical) but things had not turned out quite as she had planned.  For one, except for a few, most of the heroines tipped no better than the tourists who usually frequented the resort.  Another was that the snooty woman who owned the company that was staging the big show was always hassling her to get things for her or clean up an area that Consuela had just cleaned no more than thirty minutes later.  To top it all, a big hurricane had came into the area meaning all these women would be cooped up and make her life miserable.

           "I should have gone back to the mainland with everyone else and worked for my uncle at his restaurant in Lima.  This  is going to be sheer hell until this is all done,"  Consuela muttered to herself as she got out several towels from her cart and walked over to the room nearest her.

           "Hello?  Room service here with fresh towels...."  the maid said as she knocked on the room door.  After several more unanswered knocks, Consuela reached into a pocket on her uniform and dug out the pass key she used to get into rooms for cleaning and changing linen and bedding.  Unlocking the room door, the dark haired mid 30's woman stepped into the room carefully with a pile of towels draped over her forearms.

           To her surprise, she heard the shower running in the room's washroom and realized that the occupant might not have heard her knocking on the door.  "Hello?  This is the hotel cleaning staff here.  I'm here to change the bed and leave you fresh towels,"  Consuela said loudly hoping to get the attention of the room's occupant once again.

           Five or ten seconds later, the maid opened the door with her pass key and stepped inside the luxurious room.  Closing the door behind her, Consuela looked around but saw no sign of the occupant in the bathroom, though the shower was indeed running.

          "Strange... maybe the woman went to get a bucket of ice or talk to those other snobs at the show.  Thank goodness this is the last room I have to clean today and then I can head to the area set aside to ride this big wind storm.  What is this?"  the maid said as she changed the towels in the bathroom and headed back into the main room to strip the bedding, where she spotted several items lying on it.  Stepping over closer to the bed, Consuela saw several boxes, a camera and what appeared to some sort of list.

          "Hmmmm... this looks like a list of all those super powered snobs that they have brought in for the show.  Why do some of their names have red crosses over them though?"  the maid said softly to herself as she leafed through the papers on the bed.  As she did, the closet door behind Consuela quietly swung open and a figure stepped out and moved behind the unaware maid.

          "Wait a second.  I remember who it is that is supposed to be staying in this room.  Gosh, how could I be so stupid and forget it?  It must be all this talk about the hurricane and putting stuff away that made me forget.  I wonder....."  Consuela started to say before suddenly falling silent as the figure gripped her from behind with one arm around her throat and the other wrapped tightly around her chest.  The maid tried desperately to break from the grip but found her strength rapidly draining from her limbs.  She tried to yell for help but all she could muster was a hoarse gasp that was barely audible beyond a few feet.

          "Sorry, darling, but if my plans for the weekend are going to come to fruition, I have to make sure that no one is aware that something is amiss until the very end.   For you, that means silence and in a way that will insure it,"  the person intoned while simultaneously massaging the maid's neck and chest vigorously.

          "Please.... let me.... ooooohhhh... let me go!!!...."  Consuela gasped in a pleading voice to her unseen attacker but her words fell on deaf ears.  In fact, her struggles to break free seemed to be growing weaker by the second for some unexplained reason.  After a minute or two, the attacker noticeably loosened the grip around her body which coincided with the maid's losing her ability to speak altogether.  The she tried to step towards the doorway and get away from the room's occupant, whose name she no longer could recall, but her legs no longer seemed to want to move.  In fact, the same thing applied to her arms, which hung stiffly by her sides, and the rest of her lithe body.

          Only Consuela's eyes still responded to her thoughts and they glanced around wildly as she tried desperately to figure out what was going on.  Without warning, she felt her maid's uniform being ripped from her body in a rapid and deliberate manner.  This was followed by the systematic removal of her bra, panties and hose in a deft manner with the tipping of her body to the side by a person whose face seemed.... seemed unimportant.

          "Don't worry about it, my pretty little maid.  By the time this is all done, you'll be wearing the finest lingerie available and be admired for how nice it looks on you.  Unfortunately, from your perspective, you may not notice your fans looking at you,"  the person said with a small snicker before going into the closet he/she had just emerged from and retrieving a small pink box with the logo of Luscious Lingerie emblazoned in gold on the top.

          Setting the box on a nearby table, the person opened it up and removed an eggshell white push up bra with frilly trim and shoestring panties.  After swiftly slipping the lingerie onto the immobile Consuela, the person moved behind her and started to massage her vigorously.

          "What.... are..... you.... doooooo?"  Consuela gasped before falling silent as her ability to speak vanished just like her mobility.  She felt an odd tingling sensation starting to spread rapidly throughout her body that was unlike anything she had experienced before in her life.  Looking downwards, the maid saw that her body was becoming glossy and artificial in appearance with blemishes and freckles disappearing right before her eyes.  Even stranger, she had the oddest feeling that she was growing shorter by the moment though this fact, strangely, was of vague importance to her. 

          "Oh, I think it's becoming quite apparent what I'm doing though it might be difficult for you to comprehend,"  the individual responsible for Consuela's changing state said while continuing to caress the maid's chest, stomach and waist.  The room was completely silent for what seemed like sounds of happiness coming from the only mobile person in the room.

          "Comp... apparent... what is.... ooohhh... I look so good in this bra and panty set.... it feels so right to be wearing this....."  Consuela thought as her thinking seemed to be drifting into a more simplistic type of thinking... a passive type of thinking that was opposite of everything she normally thought.

          Consuela's eyes became fixed and unmoving like the rest of her body has become as her transformation continued its rapid process.  Her legs, which indeed were shortening as Consuela had just surmised, seemed to disappear altogether followed quickly by her arms.  Before Consuela's mind could register the fact that she no longer had any limbs, she felt her eyes, ears and mouth disappear as if they were being vacuumed up. In truth, her head was shrinking into the torso form she now was and in a matter of seconds, it had vanished altogether.

          The person responsible for Consuela's transformation chuckled evilly as the torso form slightly wobbled upon completion of the transformation before sitting still on the room's plush, carpeted floor.  Nodding in approval, the person reached under the bed and pulled out a box with the LL logo stamped in the center of the box's top.  The malevolent individual set the box down on the bed before reaching down and picking the torso form off the ground with the hands encircling the plastic bosoms of the form.

           Consuela's mind, now solely revolving around its new purpose, exulted in the pleasure that rippled through it.  "Yess... I am being used for the purpose I exist for, to display bra and panty sets..... I am fulfilling my purpose.... I am content..." the shapely form thought before settling into the box it was put into by what it assumed was its' new owner.

           "Sorry, darling, but you picked the wrong room to stumble into for cleaning,"  the person said calmly before closing the lid on the box and leaving the form in darkness.......


           With the hotel as secured as it could be against the approaching weather event, the people dispersed to different areas to keep themselves busy before resuming rehearsals for those involved with the show.  As for the heroines, a couple agreed to stay in the lobby area near the Fairchild statue in case there was any problems around the hotel's main entrance or if the hotel's employees needed any assistance.

            For the others, some took advantage of the brief respite to get something to eat while others relaxed in their rooms or elsewhere.  In the case of Lyta, she decided to head off to the hotel's gymnasium area and do some light working out while waiting to return to the show's rehearsals.

            As the blonde heroine changed in the locker area, Lyta reflected briefly that maybe this wasn't the correct activity to be doing at this moment given the chaos that seemed to be enveloping the hotel.  However, if there was one thing that was stressed to her as she grew up as an adopted child of the Amazon women of Paradise Island (where the famed heroine Wonder Woman originally came from), it was that she should treat her body like a temple and kept it fit and trim at all times.  Judging by the way the white lycra leotard slipped tightly over her waist and ample sized chest, it was a vow that Lyta took to heart.

            After donning a pair of sneakers that were much more comfortable than the boots she wore with her costume, Lyta headed into the deserted workout room and started doing her warm-up routine.  As she bended and stretched her lithe body, Lyta wondered if she shouldn't try and convince everybody to evacuate to the mainland in case the storm was worse than predicted.  Despite the resort manager's assurances that everything would be ok, Lyta had a nagging feeling that something bad would happen.

           "Enough worrying for now... time for me to do some serious exercising....."  Lyta thought as she completed her warm up and stepped up on one of the step trainer machines that the hotel had arranged to bring in for her and her fellow heroines.  Selecting a pace that was roughly the same as when she was chasing down a petty crook on a city street, Lyta quickly settled into a comfortable pace.

           Twenty or so minutes later, Lyta stepped off the machine and walking over to the weight training apparatus.  She had just laid back on the padded bench with her head under the weights she was prepared to lift when the overhead lights started to flicker rather ominously.  Five or ten seconds later, the lights winked out altogether and left the room in complete darkness.  Although emergency lights kicked on right away, it left the room gloomy and poorly lit at best for anyone inside it.

           "Well, normally I would wait until the lights came back on before resuming my exercising but the women on Paradise Island always told me to finish what you start regardless of the adversities.  I'll do my 50 reps here and if the lights haven't come on by then, I'll move to another apparatus that doesn't need electricity,"  Lyta mentally determined as she started to lift the 3-ton weight she had added to the bar for her reps.

           Lyta finished her weight lifting relatively quickly and after setting the bar back on its supports, she sat up on the bench and wiped her neck and face with a nearby towel.  Noticing that the gym's lights had yet to return, she thought over what to do next in her workout.  Mentally eliminating the parts that involved the electrically powered machines, Lyta decided to keep things simple so she retrieved a jumping rope from a nearby shelf and started skipping rope in front of a wall mirror.

           The blonde heroine had only been skipping for about three or four minutes when the emergency lights too went out without warning and left the room in complete darkness.  After one or two more rotations, Lyta dropped the rope to her feet and debated whether to wait for some of the lights to return or join with her fellow heroines in the main lobby once her eyes adjusted to the darkness.

           However, before she had a chance to make a decision, Lyta was grabbed around the shoulders in a tight grip for a second or two before being flung to one side.  The heroine landed on her face and was momentarily stunned by the power of the attack.  Before Lyta had a chance to recover, she felt her attacker (whoever it was) land on her back and pin her with his/her weight.  Lyta then had her arms grabbed, one at a time, forced outwards and pinned with what felt like metal bars of sorts.

            "Who.... who are you?"  Lyta shouted as she desperately tried to see who her attacker was.  However, her inquires were met with stony silence with only the somewhat heavy breathing of her assailant audible in the room.  As the seconds ticked by,  Lyta's struggles to break free grew weaker as it felt to the blonde heroine that her strength was rapidly being drained from her body.  Even though her attacker was no longer on her back, Lyta didn't have the strength to stand up or remove the poles pinning her to the floor.

            As it turned out, Lyta's attacker pulled out the metal rods that had pinned Lyta's hands after a few more minutes.  Usually, this would result in the blonde heroine jumping up and engaging her assailant in furious combat but the fatigue that had crept into her limbs was becoming more pervasive throughout her entire body.  The best Lyta could manage was to pull her arms in toward her body and pull herself upwards slightly as if she was about to do push-ups.

            In a move that was just as fast and surprising as the initial attack, Lyta's attacker leaned down and, grasping her around the waist, pulling the heroine to her feet.  The heroine seemed to be in sort of cataleptic trance as she wasn't putting up any kind of fight whatsoever.  The only indications that she was still conscious was that her fingers were still twitching, though her arms were as rigid as steel beams, and her blue eyes were bouncing around wildly in their sockets.

            "What...is.... going on.... here?...... this is... a... resort.... the last place.... I expect... an attack... by.... uhhh.... getting hard.... to..... think.... hard to.... what.... is.... happening...... to.... me.....?"  Lyta thought to herself even as her assailant, who she was unable to clearly identify even yet, started to methodically strip the heroine of her exercise attire.  As she quickly became nude under the attacker's swift ripping away of her garments, Lyta thought that if she was lucky, one of her fellow heroines or even a hotel staff member would walk in and discover the two of them.  Unfortunately for her, the gym was silent save for the tearing of cloth and nylon though Lyta could hardly feel it whatsoever.

            Once the heroine was nude, her assailant stood her up on her feet just as the emergency lights came on.  Lyta found herself staring at one of the mirrors and realized almost immediately that her odd feelings were based on much more than fatigue and such.  She saw that her skin had taken on a glossy appearance that was visible over 90% of her body and looked to be still spreading.  Freckles, blemishes and other imperfections had vanished altogether or were in the process of doing so with the affected area now looking like the rest of her skin — shiny and flawless.

            Lyta mentally gasped as she felt her pussy start to twitch and moisten as if it was being stimulated by an unseen source. An agonizing few moments later, Lyta watched as the edges seemed to pull tightly together before the whole area smoothed over as it became artificial and glossy like the rest of her.  Simultaneously, she felt her anus forming into what seemed like a perfect round opening with the interior stretching into a cylinder of sorts.  Strangely, the heroine could sense what seemed like a cold metal plate start to form out of nowhere over the top of her transformed anus though it didn't completely cover it judging by the breeze she felt traveling up her transformed opening.

            Before she had a chance to even attempt to comprehend what was happening to her, Lyta saw with her fixed vision that there were more changes happening to her body.  She could see what appeared to be hinges or something similar appearing on her shoulders, wrists, waist and left leg as if she could be separated into pieces and packed away in a wooden box.  Her breathing, which was already diminished considerably, seemed to disappear altogether as her chest stopped rising and falling.  Her nipples and areolas faded away as her breasts became twin mounds of rigid plastic or whatever material her body was becoming.

           Suddenly, she felt her arms being grappled from behind by her attacker and were being positioned in a manner suiting his/her desire.  Her left arm was left to dangle at her side with the hand slightly brushing against her thigh while her right arm was bent at the elbow with her right hand resting on her hip.  Images of herself posed in a window or on a store floor displaying clothing of various types started to cloud Lyta's mind.

           "A MANNEQUIN...... I'M BECOMING A PLASTIC DISPLAY FIGURE...... I'M A HEROINE.... NOT SOME DISPLAY FORM......... THIS CAN'T BE....... I..... I..... I NEED TO WEAR SOMETHING FOR MY OWNER..... NOO!!!!!...... YESSS!!!!....... WHO CAN BE DOING THIS?........ MY OWNER?.... NOOOO!!!!....."  Lyta's thoughts churned in conflict with herself as she tried desperately to maintain her tenuous hold on who she really was rather than the inanimate item she was becoming.  However, her mental struggles were weakened as she felt her eyes become nothing more than colored glass with her mouth freezing into a warm smiling expression that belied the inner rage she was feeling. ¬†She couldn't move.

           With the transformation complete, the attacker, whose identity still seemed hidden by darkness though Lyta knew she should have some clue, picked up her inanimate form around the waist and carried the mannequin to the back of the room.  Resting it up against the wall, the person briefly went into a nearby closet and returned with a box carrying the LL logo on it.  Opening the box, Lyta's attacker quickly dressed the mannequin in the lingerie that was contained within before moving to clean up the mess resulting from the fracas the two had engaged in.  Once done, the person returned to the closet and pulled out a second box that looked to be a hat box of some sort.  To Lyta's shock, the person plucked her own hair, which now was nothing more than a wig, off her head and replaced it with a shiny brown wig that was shoulder length and cut in a way that looked totally opposite to Lyta's usual style.

             After picking up the mannequin and impaling on a display stand that Lyta didn't recall seeing before, the attacker picked up the lightweight mannequin and carried the transformed heroine quickly across the floor.  As she passed the wall mirror she had looked at before, Lyta saw that she was dressed in what looked like a red and gold corset with matching garters and fishnet stockings.  The fact that the colors of her outfit were similar to the ones she wore when performing heroic deeds was an irony not lost on Lyta.  Unfortunately, the contemplation of her current predicament was becoming secondary to the thoughts of how her owner liked her displaying the outfit chosen for her.

            Ten or so minutes later....... 

             Janet and Lauren were standing in the hallway chatting among themselves as they watched several hotel workers who had not gone ashore continue to move material into the main rooms set aside for the lingerie show.  The two stood under the lingerie-clad statue that, in reality, was the transformed Caitlin Fairchild and watched the rain beat against the building outside.

             "I know these lingerie executives are determined to put on the show no matter what but this is ridiculous!"  Janet said with disbelief as she motioned for Lauren to follow her into the main room.

             "Well, I suppose they figure they lose too much in terms of negative publicity and such if they cancel at this point.  Say, have you seen Fairchild or Lyta at all tonight?"  Lauren replied as she stopped to admire a strikingly realistic mannequin that was dressed in bright yellow and red.

             "I'M HERE!!!... RIGHT HERE!!... LOOK CLOSER!!!.... I...I... LOOK GOOD IN THIS FOR MY OWNER... I HOPE THEY ARE PLEASED.... NOOOOO!!!!!!......"  Lyta mentally shouted over and over though no one could hear... or would......

             Elsewhere in the room, a faint smile crossed someone's face as if they just heard something very funny.......

             To be continued.........

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