Ten Heroines in Lingerie

by Northern Chill

Author's note :  This is a serial story of 10 chapters based loosely on the old movie "Ten Little Indians". I hope everyone who reads it enjoys this tale. All copyrighted characters mentioned are owned by their respective companies. This should work be regarded strictly as a parody.
      Enjoy !

Chapter 1 :  Getting the Show Set Up

                "Yes!"  the blonde woman exclaimed as she sat back down in the overstuffed chair that was behind her. "Valkyrie just confirmed her willingness to participate!  That makes it 10 — exactly the number I was looking for in our show."

                  The other woman in the room with the blonde looked up from the chair she was seated in.  "I am truly amazed, Valerie!  I never thought you'd be able to pull off this idea of getting heroines to model lingerie in a runway show for us.  How'd you pull it off? " she asked her boss.

                 "I convinced them that our offer was genuine, which it is, and a unique opportunity for them to be seen in a different way.  We fly them all down to a secluded South American Island resort for 10 days of fun in the sun and a few spectacular runway shows where they'll model our latest lingerie line for an online video feed.  We donate $20 million spread around to the charities they choose and bask in the great publicity it'll bring to Luscious Lingerie," Valerie exulted as she looked over some paperwork. "A few, like Valkyrie and Black Cat, were a little wary of prancing up and down the runway in next to nothing so we expressed them a package with samples of our product line as well as a form so they could see how they look on a body other than their own.  Valkyrie was the toughest of them to convince and we had to get some of her closest friends in the hero community to coax her into it.  Next week, we fly them all down for the biggest publicity event this industry has had in a very long time," she continued as she sifted through some folders on her mahogany desk.

                   Valerie looked at the other woman. "Debbie, do you have the maps of the island we've decided on for this extravaganza?  We should try and finalize where we might want to place the exterior shots for the promos," she inquired.

                    Debbie pulled out several maps and spread them across the desk top.  "The location that this will be taking place at is called Maniquo Island, about 200 miles off the coast of Brazil.  It had been totally uninhabited for years, though Brazilian natives still talk of a tribe which lived there centuries ago in the caves.  About 3 years ago, the northern tip was developed for an exclusive tourist resort.  Accessible only by boat; a pier built from ground up leads to a four star hotel called the Tripleo Ranseo Formito, or TRF for short.  It's considered the off season for tourists right now so we should have the run of the place, pretty much to ourselves," she said rattling off the details with precision.  "The hotel manager is named Quiero Lalkes and she'll have a small but highly efficient staff available to help us out in any emergency.  A brand new convention center, just completed, will be perfect for setting up the internet feed and all the staging for the runways and such.  I'll arrange to bring along some prototypes for our new swim wear line for possible shooting around the caves and beaches if the ladies don't mind," Debbie summed up, looking at her boss for approval.

                   Valerie nodded. "Sounds good.  We won't need much in the way of security for this event especially with the presence of all these powerful women roaming around.  The tech people are there now setting up all the cable and monitors we need for the broadcast feed.  Once everything is set up, we should have an event that will generate millions in sales for the company, not to mention the publicity this kind of spectacular entertainment brings.  It'll be fantastic!!"  she exulted, with a look of supreme happiness written all over her face.

                  Debbie pulled out her cell phone. "I'll start confirming the date and time all our heroic models should be at the airport for our private company plane to take them to  the airport in Curitibia. From there, a three hour boat ride to Maniquo Island for our guests and the start of 10 days they'll never forget," she crowed as she started punching in numbers furiously.

          Next night.....

                   The svelte woman set down the flyers and samples from Luscious Lingerie on her wooden coffee table and walked down the hallway of her home into the lavish bathroom.  Removing her silk robes and the few articles of undergarments she was wearing, she turned on the shower and stepped inside the stall.

                   Letting the hot water run down her body, she felt good letting the soap and water clean away the day's travels. She ran her hand up and down her body, noting how her nipples were firming up under the heat and caress of her soft hands.  Strangely enough, she was starting to feel tingly all over her body as if her skin was being caressed by multiple pairs of hands.

                   She moaned out loud as the sensations became stronger and more intense.  She reached down impulsively to caress her own sex and noticed how sluggish her movements were becoming. "God, this feels so good...mmmm...." she thought to herself as she rubbed her hands slowly over her soapy body.  Along with the erotic waves of pleasure that were rolling through her body was a feeling that she was feeling lighter somehow.

                   She slowly raised her head up and noticed that the shower wall seemed to be different somehow as if she was looking at it from a different height now.  One other thing she noticed was that her arms were unable to reach her lower extremities now as if they were getting shorter by the second..

                 "What.?.What's..happening to me !" She shouted weakly through an erotic haze of pleasure as she found her body totally unresponsive to her thoughts.  She couldn't move her head at all and, even though she couldn't look down, she knew her legs were getting shorter by the second as well.  It felt as if her skin was tightening and growing thicker by the moment, with the water beating off the surface like was made of a foreign material.

                  After another minute or two of standing rigid like a statue in the cascading water, she heard the bathroom door open and someone walk in.  After a second or two, the water slowed to a trickle and stopped altogether, no doubt due to the stranger turning the water off.  She wanted to shout or indicate somehow her predicament but to no avail.

                   She then felt her amazingly light body (or torso as it now effectively was) being picked up and walked out into the living room where it was set down on the coffee table.  She tried to see who it was that had moved her but all she could make out was a vague shape.  Suddenly, she felt a towel being rubbed all over her body drying off the remaining water that was dripping off her.  The sensations of her skin being cleaned and polished sent waves of pleasure coursing through her especially when her breasts were attended to.  Her tits seemed a hundred times more sensitive than before and she almost mentally blacked out from the pleasure the towel brought.

                    After the cleaning, the person then brought out a full length mirror and for the first time the woman who just a few minutes ago was taking a shower now saw what she had become.  Made of a clear translucent plastic, she now resembled a bra display form that was seen in high end department stores.  Her sex was completely smoothed over and the aureoloes around her nipples had completely disappeared.  Her hair had now plastered itself to her head and was made of the same plastic resin the rest of her now consisted of.  Her legs were missing, so her body now ended midway down her thighs in a flat clear plastic base.

                    As if to emphasize the point, the stranger then dressed the form in a lacy black push-up bra and matching panties.  This proved quite stimulating for the new form as her thoughts, getting hazy and foggier by the second, were now centered on displaying lingerie as best she could.

                    Before her mind completely slipped into darkness, she saw the stranger's form shimmering and changing.  It was becoming — her!  The duplicate woman then turned to the dressing rack by the door, put on a quick change of clothes that fit her perfectly, and picked up a waiting suitcase.

                  "Good-bye, my dear! I'll be taking your place in this little expedition of yours, if you don't mind.  Don't worry, I'll be back to take care of you, after I finish off those wretched heroines.  Don't go anywhere! Ha! Ha! Ha!.." she taunted the plastic mannequin unmercifully before leaving the room with the form sitting there amidst a pile of flyers for what they proclaimed was: "The Ultimate Lingerie Show — Ever!"

          The following week...

                   The chartered plane revved its motors as several women climbed the steps into the plane.  A towering buxom redheaded woman, known as the heroine Fairchild, exchanged playful jabs with the diminutive jet-setter known worldwide as the winsome Wasp. Several attendants were busy scurrying back and forth, making sure the seated women had everything they needed to be comfortable for the long trip.

                    Valerie stood up and called out from the front of the plane. "Ladies, if you'll take your seats, we'll be taking off in about 10 minutes for an experience you  will never forget!"  The ladies responded with a mighty cheer before starting to chat amongst themselves over who should wear what.

                    Everyone took their seats as the plane taxied into place and set off down the runway. Once in the air, the women moved around freely in the plane chatting and ordering drinks from the helpful attendants.

                    "If only these super-bimbos knew what fate really awaited them... HA! HA!" one person in the back of the plane thought evilly to herself as she sipped her mai-tai and smiled.


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