Colour Me Pink

Author: BigBird
Manips : MadBirdCZ

The two girls giggled as they entered the storeroom of the "Maggie's" Department Store.  "I can't believe we're going to go through with this," Marie flashed a mischievous smile to Andrea.

"Believe it.  The science behind it is solid," Andrea's breath came quickly as she tried to keep herself calm.  "There is a substance in the makeup they have here.  It's capable of turning us into mannequins for 24 hours," Andrea fixed Marie with a steady gaze.  "Can you imagine it?  We'll be mannequins on display in the store window here.  It'll be the ultimate bondage experience.  Totally immobile, IN PUBLIC!"  Andrea's eyes danced with excitement.

"Are you certain its safe?" Marie asked.  From her huge grin it was clear she was only slightly concerned about its safety.  Andrea had already reassured her several times while coaxing her into this idea, and the fact that Andrea was going to subject herself to this eliminated most of Marie's doubts.

"Yes, as I've told you before, I've seen plenty of the other girls go through with it AND turn back," Andrea said, almost skipping towards the dressing room style mirror on the north wall of the room.  "The transformation chemical is in the lipstick here.  They colour coded the name with the duration of the effect.  The first letter of the colour corresponds the first letter of the length of time you're transformed.  "Yellow" over there last for a "year".  Understand?" Andrea paused to examine Marie's reaction.  Marie was as giddy as a schoolgirl.

"Why?" Marie asked.

"That's right, "Y".  It’s the letter "year" and "yellow" have in common,” Andrea explained again.

"No, "why" did they name them that way?"

"Oh, that's so you don't get confused and apply the wrong one.  If you're only going for a daylong transformation like we are, then you don't want to mix it up and apply that yearlong stuff.  Or worse, the one that lasts forever,” Andrea said.

"Forever!?!?  Oh my God!  Isn't that a little drastic a thing to leave lying around?" Marie's eyebrows shot to the top of her head.

"Well, nothing lasts forever.  Even if you did mess up and apply that one, there's still a way out.  If the lipstick is rubbed off completely you'll turn back.  That applies to all the types of lipstick,” Andrea said as she searched the desk in front of the mirror.  "If our day-long makeup is rubbed off, we'll turn back immediately.  If you remove the yellow from a subject, she will revert after it’s been off for a month.  Removing the 'forever' lipstick will allow the subject to revert after a year of its removal.  This assumes you’re still in one piece of course, or you simply don’t revert until you’re put back together.  But we don’t need to worry about that, since only the permanently transformations can be disassembled.  We’ll have joint lines, but they’ll be cosmetic.  You could even say that you and I are ‘inseparable’," Andrea explained with a grin.

"Once we apply the lipstick we'll have only a few moments to pose ourselves before the transformation starts.  It's actually plenty of time, but I just thought I'd warn you so you don't end up in an awkward pose for a whole day,” Andrea chatted away as she kept rummaging through the drawers.  "Although this place is empty now, the merchandisers will show up in about half and hour.  They come into this store room and collect any mannequins - collect us - and then position them out in the store."

"Are you sure we'll get moved out into a display window if they find us back here?  What if they already have enough mannequins out there and just decided to leave us in storage,” Marie asked.

"They won't.  This particular store is closing down.  All the real mannequins are getting shipped away to other stores daily.  They're down to only a handful of real mannequin's left, and the rest that you see are just people like you and me.  So there is a large turnover, and so we'll definitely get moved out there.  Don't worry,” Andrea said as she found the lipstick containers.

"Oh dear,” Andrea said.  "I can't remember if these are the ones with the formula that increases the sensation of touch too.  Hang on, I'll go check."  Andrea turned to leave, and saw Marie already taking off her shirt.

"Eager, aren't ya?"  Andrea said with a smile.  "When you're picking your lipstick just remember: ALWAYS AQUA,” And with that she disappeared out the door.

Marie continued to strip down to just her thong panties.  She admired herself in front of the mirror for a moment, but her anticipation of applying the makeup was too much.  She looked over her unlabelled choices.  "Hmmmm, so Andrea said that the one that lasts forever, lasts always, was the aqua coloured one," she set that one down.  "Yellow is for a year," she set that one down.  "I guess leaves 'White Week' and Magenta Month, but what are these?" she set down the two containers she'd just made up names for and looked at two other containers.  "This must be "Complete Cyan" and "Partial Pink"," she reasoned.  So which one lasts for a day only?  Unable to decided, yet still itching to try something, she played it safe and put on "Partial Pink".  "If I only half change, I can always rub it off and go with something else," she said to herself, then puckered up and applied the pink lipstick. 

She couldn't help but touch herself as she thought of the impending transformation.  "I'm going to look so beautiful", she thought as her skin seemed to clear up.  Her freckles faded away, and she took on a bit of a shine as her skin changed into plastic.  She was enraptured by the changes in her own appearance as the transformation took place.  She felt her muscles stiffen as her motions slowed down. 

Marie could still slightly rub herself until she felt the separation points cut through her shoulders and wrists.  She saw the changes proliferate through her body, carving it into separate pieces.  She was aroused by it all, and she looked absolutely stunning. 

She desparately wanted to keep rubbing herself, but the price of her transformation was that she could no longer do so.


A short time later, Andrea returned to the room, applying her aqua lipstick.  "We're in luck!" she exclaimed from the doorway, unable to see Marie.  "These are indeed the touch sensation-enhancing chemicals.  I've removed my panties since they can actually get uncomfortable when you're so easily stimulated, and I recommend that you do the same,” she hiked up her skirt a bit to prove her point.  "I make it a point to physically hold my skirt down right before the transformation happens. What with going commando while on display and all..." Andrea froze in mid-sentence.  

Her transformation hadn't started yet, but she had just come within sight of Marie standing in front of the mirror.  Andrea was shocked to see Marie's nearly naked body frozen and plasticizied, still touching herself, wearing pink lipstick.

"You put on PERMANENT PINK!?!?"  Andrea was so shocked her teal coloured lips could barely form the words.  "I explicitly told you to always, ALWAYS, choose Aqua.  Or Temporary Teal as its also known. Why would you choose Permanent Pink?"




Andrea stared at her rigid friend in disbelief for a few more moments.  She regained her composure and went to rub the lipstick off Marie, but she’d been standing gawking for so long that couldn't move anymore!  Her arms and legs wouldn't respond, having already turned to plastic.  The change swept upwards, and Andrea felt the skin on her face drying out.  "Oh no!  I'm freezing up!  Marie, don't worry, as soon... as I turn...... back I'll..... rub... off..."  Andrea's words were cut off as she too became a mannequin, powerless to help her friend.

Marie's tremendous excitement in her new form died as soon as she heard her mistake.  She wanted to scream back at Andrea and let her know it was unintentional.  Let her know to change me back and not to leave her like this. 

But she couldn't move at all.  She just stood admiring herself in the mirror, with no sign of getting released.  In addition to her immobility, she was quickly understanding why Andrea removed her tight clothing.  Her mannequin-still hypersensitivity was making wearing thong panties a most uncomfortable experience. 

One she might never be able to rectify, ever.







Two clerks entered the storeroom.  "Hey Bill, where are we going to put these two cuties?  Lingerie?" asked Marvin.

"Well they ain't going together.  Have a look 'ere,” Bill jerked his thumb at Andrea's mouth.  "This one 'ere's a temp.  We'll put her in that pretentious "artistic apartment" set that we just removed a girl from.  But this one," he pointed at Marie "is just a regular mannequin.  They put that there pink lipstick on the real mannequin's so we'd know which ones are to be shipped to the other stores."

"WHAT!?!  SHIPPED TO OTHER STORES!!!  ME?!?!" Marie panicked "NO!  You can't do that!  I'm not an object to be transported anywhere you like!  You have to leave me here!  I need to stay here so Andrea can turn me back!"

"Alright, I'll move Lil' Miss No Panties," Bill grabbed Andrea and hoisted her over his shoulder  "And you box up Lil' Miss Only Panties."

"NOOOOOO!!!  Don't ship her elsewhere!  How am I supposed to turn her back if you send her away!"  Andrea mentally screamed,  "At least tell me where you're sending her!"  Andrea's mental cries went unanswered and she soon found herself in her new home, flashing her (lack of) goods to anyone that walked by.  Plagued by the embarrassment of her pose and anguish for not being able to help her friend she silently watched the store clock tick towards her freedom.

Marvin grabbed Marie's head and twisted it off.  Marie was horrified to see her plastic body from a totally new angle: in Marvin’s hands.  Marvin placed her head into a small box and then went back to disassembling the rest of her.  She saw her plastic body from behind.  Her translucent thong was wedged between her to shiny plastic cheeks.  Marie was tormented by the hypersensitivity of her body as Marvin copped several cheap feels as he took her apart.  She hated every minute of it, and every minute seemed to be getting worse.  When he was finally done, she lay in pieces in two separate boxes.  Evidently he had left her panties on her and was shipping her as is.  This was going to make for one very long, very uncomfortable journey.

"I hate this foreign alphabet.  I can never end up spelling the names of these crazy Eurasian cities the same way twice," Marvin said to himself as he filled out the invoices for each of the separate boxes.

He lowered the clipboard as he approached the box containing Marie's head and torso.  She could see the writing on both invoices, and not only had the idiot misspelled the city - he'd simply left out the country names.  This would make it far harder to realize the mistake.  Her lower half was going to Budapest in Hungary, and her upper half was going to Bucharest in Romania.

Knowing that as soon as she was in transit she'd never be fully reassembled, Marie desparately tried to scream at Marvin to correct the misspelling.  Marvin made no sound save for the *snick* as he pulled out a sizable strip of duct tape.  The lid of the box closed in and was sealed as the poor girl tried to envision just how Andrea was supposed to complete a near-impossible task of finding ALL of her.


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