Wonder Woman and Friends vs the Artiste

by Northern Chill

  Author's note :  This story arc is based loosely on a show from the Wonder Woman TV series of the 70's.  However, this serial is a bit darker in tone and subject manner with scenes of nudity, sexuality and strong language.  If this bothers you, please go elsewhere otherwise enjoy!

  All characters mentioned here are the property of their respective companies except for the ones I've made up.  This story is meant strictly as a parody and is not intended for profit.

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     Chapter 4 - New figures to admire

     "Where do you want me to stand, sir?"  Inge said in a Swedish accented voice as she stood in front of a blue backdrop waiting for her directions.  She was wearing a blue corset with black and gold tubing that was tied tight to accentuate her amply-sized breasts.  Black panties with knee high stockings, clear high heel shoes, lacy gloves running up to her elbows and a black choker with a golden heart in the middle completed the outfit of the tall Scandinavian beauty.

     "Call me Art, Inge.  If you could, turn sideways in front of the backdrop and hold your left hand up so that the fingertips are just brushing the underside of your chin.  Slide your left foot slightly forward and bent at the knee as if you're resting your full weight on it.  Stare straight ahead with your lips slightly parted as if what you see is a very intimate sight to you,"  Art said as he adjusted one of the overhead lights that was shining down on the set.

     After making the corrections he desired, Art looked to see Inge had followed his directions almost to the letter.  He adjusted her left hand slightly and moved her right hand back so that it was resting slightly on her hip.  Satisfied, Art moved to where his camera was set up and the remote control he always had nearby for settings like this.

      "This man is so nice... I wonder if he knows any artists back in Stockholm that he can refer me.... UNNNHHH!!!!"  Inge thought to herself before her perceptions were interrupted by a strange tingling that shot through her entire body.  To her horror, the blonde nordic beauty found that the temporary immobility she had assumed in taking the artist's pose was now seemingly permanent.  She could not move or talk in the slightest no matter how much she wanted to or tried.  Inge stood there, staring off into the distance while she heard  figures moving around out of her line of sight. A second or so later, even those perceptions faded away as Inge's mind faded into darkness like all the other living art in the gallery.

     "Well, Art, another figure for one of your exhibits.  Art?  Art, is there something bothering you?"  Toni said as she witnessed her employer wander off after placing the model Inge into immobility.  Under the influence of the ankle chain, everything that would have repulsed her before now seemed perfectly natural.  Putting models as well as other subjects, like the famous Wonder Woman, into a living stasis was something she looked forward to helping Art with in any way she could.

     "Oh, there's nothing bothering me directly, Toni.  It's just, well, I wonder if I should be thinking beyond the limitations I've placed on myself here.  I mean, I know my upcoming exhibit "OBJECTS OF DESIRE " that will feature many of Wonder Woman's friends will be a masterpiece, but then what?  Where do I go from here?  After a while, they all blend together and it's nothing... nothing at all!!!"  the man known as the Artiste cried out as he threw his hands out and gestured towards the ceiling.

      Toni, who had started stripping Inge of her lingerie, stopped what she was doing and walked over to the distraught man.  "Art, just calm down.  You're a phenomenal artist and you bring in record crowds.  If you want, I can call in some women I know so you can add to your exhibits.   I can even set up the works for you if you're feeling stressed out,"  the enthralled aide added, glancing around at the living works on display.

      Art whipped around and glared at his assistant.  "You?  Who said you would have any say in my artworks? Perhaps you need some time on display yourself to make that clear!" the villainous artist snarled, while simultaneously depressing a button on his remote control.

      "Buuutttt....."  Toni started to say before her voice vanished like her conscious thoughts did a second or so later as she joined Inge and the others in statuesque immobility.

      Art walked around his immobilized assistant and sat down on a nearby bench where he stared off into the darkness without moving for about thirty minutes or so in silent contemplation.  Finally, the artist stood up with fire in his eyes and walked over to the two immobile women with any hesitation of before gone. Moving in a determined manner, Art quickly stripped Toni of her clothing and then gathered up the bundles of clothing and shoes to take them to the back room.

      Fifteen or so minutes later, Art returned to the display area where the immobile women were, trailed by his newest assistant.  Dressed in a bright red tube top and blue leather skirt with shiny tan colored pantyhose and white high heels, Karla looked like she might have been heading out to one of the local clubs.  However, the glazed look in her eyes -- courtesy of the IMD bracelet she was wearing -- indicated Karla would not be heading out on the town at all that night.

      "Well, Karla, we better get things get ready for the new exhibit.   Wonder Woman should be coming by here in the next few hours with our first addition to the exhibit, the heroine named Starfire.  Once we're set up with that part, I want to get my grand piece of art started... one that, when it is all done, will have the name of the Artiste on the mind of every influential person in the world,"  Art crowed enthusiastically as he picked up the nude Inge figure and carried her towards his other exhibit.  Karla obediently assisted him with both Inge and Toni as the two set up a display that, in Art's mind, was only the beginning of something bigger and better.....


      Elsewhere at that moment.......  

      Two humungous demons, with large forked tongues flickering out of their maws and barbed tails swishing back and forth smashing into parked cars nearby, advanced slowly up the paved street roaring loudly as they proceeded.  The police, who were tipped in advance anonymously, had evacuated everyone in a three block radius where the monsters were to appear seemingly out of nowhere.  Consequently, there was no one anywhere to be seen except for a lone female figure standing roughly three blocks from the advancing creatures.

      Dressed in a silver costume that seemed to be nothing more than two silver bands covering her amply sized breasts that ended in a fairly ornate collar around her neck and tiny silver panties with matching knee high boots, the golden skinned woman with red hair that flowed down past her waist looked like a bimbo that might have danced in the local strip clubs on a nightly basis.

      However, for those who followed the police beat in their local papers or via the internet, the woman was the heroine Starfire, whose name derived as much from her fiery temper in battles as from her powerful bolts of energy that packed a fearsome punch.

      "Get out of the way, bitch!  If you don't, I'll be using the bones of your skeleton to pick gristle out of my teeth,"  the red and yellow furred demon roared in English that seemed to be several centuries old in dialect.

      "If Blaxus doesn't tear those lovely limbs off you, woman, I will while I'm feasting on your heart!"  the other demon, which had green and black skin with a row of barbs visible down its' back, yelled as it lifted one of its huge claws in the air as if ready to take a swipe at Starfire.

     The alien heroine's mouth twisted into a sneer upon her opponent's boasts. "Well, foul creatures, I think today there'll be no feasting or roasting today by either of you except back in the fiery pits from whence you came!"  Starfire cried as she pointed her right arm straight at the onrushing creature and discharged one of her powerful energy bolts.

      The ground shook with the impact and a loud KABLAAMMM!!!  echoed through the air as the demon hurtled through the air before crashing into a nearby car where it laid unconscious.  Its compatriot barely had time to acknowledge what had just happened before it also flew backward in the air where it crashed through the brick wall of an abandoned two story building and caused the structure to collapse onto the creature.

       "Those demonic beasts didn't just appear out of nowhere without someone helping them.  It's time to find who the evil person or persons who summoned them here before more chaos comes to the area and threatens the innocent people of this planet,"  the alien heroine said softly to herself before taking to the sky.

       As Starfire flew slowly over the street looking for anything out of the ordinary as police sirens wailed in the distance, a purple-haired woman dressed in a bright green dress that covered her from the neck down stepped out of the shadows of an alleyway.  Morgana Le Fay was an immortal sorceress whose existence was believed to be based in the myths of the King Arthur legend.  However, in her schemes for world domination and total subjugation of humanity,  the crimefighters of the world had come to know her as a very powerful sorceress who was ruthless and contempt for all those she encountered.

       "I'm afraid, Starfire, that by the time you are done your search for the root cause of this incident, my plans to wreak havoc and taking over this planet will be well under way.  Once I have completed the spell of Zatakeroth, the ancient spell of the followers of Mephisto, portals to the bowels of hell will simultaneously appear on every populated continent in the world.  Before the armies can react, they'll be overwhelmed by thousands of demons and the leaders will be begging me to put a stop to the horror.  Of course, I'll agree after they turn over all power to me as it should be!"   Morgana said with a sinister expression appearing on her face.

       "Let me see.... where did I put that parchment with the incantation I needed?"  the sorceress muttered softly as she started to look through the bag lying on the ground next to her.

       "Maybe you should look for a spell that will let you get of this alleyway unscathed,"  a familiar voice called out from the shadows behind Morgana.

        "Who the hell....?"  the sorceress spun around with her right hand already starting to glow bright red from the spell she was mentally preparing for whoever might be waiting for her.

        However, before Morgana had a chance to react, she found herself flung backwards much like her demonic minions had.  The only difference was that the cause of her flying through the air and landing on her back slightly stunned was not an energy bolt but rather a powerful punch courtesy of a familiar face.

        "Some day, vile witch, you will learn your lesson and cease your plans to enslave all your fellow women.  For today, however, you will merely have your latest scheme foiled once again!"  Wonder Woman called out as she emerged from the alley with a determined look on her face.

        "Ha!  It's taken entire armies to defeat me in the past.  Do you think a solitary woman dressed such as you could hope to defeat me?"  Morgana called out to the fast approaching heroine.

        "We'll see, witch!"  Wonder Woman cried as she leaped at the arrogant villainess.  At the last second, the sorceress managed to erect a defensive shield in front of her that absorbed most of the blows from the enraged heroine.  However, the mystic protection Morgana had put up was quickly crumbling under the power of Wonder Woman's attack.

        "I think it's time I put this bitch somewhere where she won't be trying to pound me into the pavement... maybe the plane which is inhabited by the six armed creatures of Delos will be a good place for her!...."  Morgana thought to herself as her left hand started to be surrounded by a purple aura.

        Before the villainess could direct her spell at the heroine, the ground seemed to open up from under and she fell to the ground momentarily stunned.  Whipping her head around, she saw a familiar figure land on the ground with her right hand still slightly glowing.

         "Starfire!"  Morgana said while silently cursing herself for forgetting about the red-haired alien heroine.  Before she could cast a spell, the villainess found herself the target of another energy bolt from Starfire and a simultaneous blow from Wonder Woman.  The combination of the two sent Morgana hurtling upwards into the air before landing up against a brand new SUV and crumpling to the ground.  The sorceress groggily tried to pull herself to her feet before slumping back to the pavement unconscious.

         The two heroines confidently strode up to where their foe was and quickly bound her hands and gagged her mouth while waiting for the police to take her to a special designed prison for detainment.  As they stood and heard the sirens grow closer, Wonder Woman looked at Starfire and coughed slightly to get the woman's attention.

         "Starfire, after everything is wrapped up here, could you meet me at this address just after sundown tonight?  There is something strange going on there and I want to wait until the business is closed to investigate it closer,"  the Amazon heroine said to Starfire with a tone that seemed a little forced in assuredness.

         Starfire was a little puzzled by the request.  "This is the address for some sort of art museum.  Why would you need my help against foes that use such an insignificant base of operations?"  the golden skinned heroine asked her friend, while planting her right fist on her hip.

          "Curse you, Artiste, for making me do this....!"  Wonder Woman thought to herself and almost blurted out the truth behind what she just said.  However, she recalled the villain's warning when they were last together and with no real plan to free all the immobilized women the Artiste had accumulated, the heroine had little choice but to keep the truth a secret for now.

          "Well, my sources tell me they may have hostages they would use against a single attacker but with the two of us going in separate entrances, they can't try that on us both,"  Wonder Woman replied with as much certainty as she could muster.

          Starfire smiled and slightly nodded.  "A good plan and one that will keep the casualties to the innocent at a bare minimum.  If you want, I can take on the criminal elements while you rescue the hostages.  Does that sound acceptable?"  the busty heroine said to her colleague with an anticipatory look appearing on her face.

          Wonder Woman nodded though privately she had hoped that Starfire would have ultimately declined to meet her.  "Perfectly reasonable, Starfire.  I'll see you there at that time!" the heroine said as the police finally arrived at the scene of destruction.

           "....and hopefully you'll forgive me someday...." Wonder Woman thought silently as she took to the air.

          Elsewhere...at that exact moment...... 

          "Excellent!  This is going according to plan better than I dreamed!   I thought that Amazonian was going to tell her friend and we'd have to immobilize her right there and then.  Instead, they'll both be here in a matter of hours and I'll add my first heroine to my display," Art crowed as he clicked off the computer monitor that was showing a live feed from the web camera hidden inside Wonder Woman's bustier.  The villainous artist stood up from his computer chair and walked about to the main area of his museum where his newest assistant was hard at work on his next exhibit.

           Karla had taken the immobile Inge and dressed her in a sky blue diving suit with matching boots that was an exact copy of the one worn by the actress playing Wonder Woman in the 1970's TV show.  She had added plenty of facial make-up plus colored contact lenses to Inge's eyes in case any of the museum patrons looked too closely at the face.  As a final touch, Karla had added a little padding to Inge's chest and ass to further enhance the figure's appearance.

           Once the dressing of Inge was complete, Karla picked up the immobile woman and carried her over to where the Artiste had set up a display titled '60's, 70's and 80's '.  She, with the aid of Art, set Inge into what looked like a miniature water tank with clear plastic walls that looked to be about twenty feet long and twelve feet high.  Attaching a hose to a wall water tap, Karla filled up the tank after Art attached clear, synthetic ropes to Inge's ankles and wrists.  Once the water was up to the woman's chest level, Karla shut the water off and walked over to a smirking Art.

          Digging out a remote control (which the villainous artist seemed to have an endless supply of ), Art depressed the green button followed by the red one.  A few moments later, Inge seemed to dive under the water and started to 'swim' in tight circles around the edges of the tank.  For any of the gallery's visitors, it would look like a dummy or robot that was programmed to mimic a human being as the ropes were virtually invisible to the naked eye.

          After another button pushing resulted in Inge's taking on an upright pose with her arms resting on her hips, Art motioned for Karla to drain the tank, wipe down the transfixed model's body and start adding the props and designs he had thought up.  While he watched his obedient assistant, he glanced at his watch nervously again and started glancing around for the proper area for him to observe the arrival of Starfire and Wonder Woman.

          If the villainous artist had been paying closer attention to his exhibits, he might have seen a figure lurking behind his Greek one.  The figure was taking a long look at what Art and his aide were doing and judging by the slight nod of his/her head, it was meeting with silent approval......


       Landing on the ground in the alley next to the museum, Starfire quickly made her way to the side entrance warily looking around for unwelcome opponents as she moved.  After satisfying herself that no immediate threat existed, the buxom gold-skinned heroine pulled open the unlocked door and stepped inside the building.

        Making her cautiously forward, Starfire saw that the museum was deserted with track lighting illuminating the many exhibits that were on display.  Puzzled by the lack of an identifiable target, the heroine boldly strode into the middle of the main floor where she stood and looked around for anything out of the ordinary.

         "Wonder Woman.... are you here, Wonder Woman?  It looks like the criminals you hoped to apprehend have already fled the area rather than face our combined might,"  Starfire called out as she planted her fists on her hips and glanced about for fellow heroine.

         Moments later, and without warning, the golden lasso of Wonder Woman encircled the busty woman and Starfire found her hands pinned to her sides by the lariat.  Before the bound heroine could react to her predicament, she heard the voice of Wonder Woman echo through the quiet, gloomy museum area.  Strangely, it seemed like Wonder Woman was difficulty talking for a second or so before coming clearly audible.

          "Don't move, Starfire!!  Don't move or talk!!!"  the heroine shouted from what seemed to be a vantage point behind Starfire.  Just like that, the bound heroine found her will to talk or move vanish under the influence of the magical lasso.  Although it was a familiar effect that Starfire had seen Wonder Woman do before to enemies she was battling, the bound woman was baffled and enraged by her colleague's treatment of her.

           "Forgive me, Starfire.  I don't have any choice in what I'm about to do,"  Wonder Woman said softly as she walked up behind her fellow heroine.  Starfire desperately wanted to turn around and confront her captor but she was compelled to obey the lasso's holder and remained immobile and silent.

           Suddenly, the bound heroine felt her long mane of hair swept aside exposing her neck and bare back.  A moment or so later, Starfire felt the clasp on her collar being fiddled with by Wonder Woman and before she knew it, the collar came loose exposing her large breasts and toned abdomen to any who might see.  The immobile heroine felt a pair of hands reach around from behind her and caress her ever so tenderly.

            "What in X'hal's name are you doing, Wonder Woman?  If this is some kind of joke or initiation right, you've picked the wrong person to trifle with!"  Starfire thought angrily as she sensed her nipples stiffening under the ministrations of her tormentor.

            After a minute or two, the fondling ceased altogether but before Starfire could start to think of a plan to get out of her predicament, she felt some sort of necklace fastened around her neck.  Simultaneously, a woman she had never seen before appeared in her line of vision holding some sort of remote control in her hand.

            "Well, so this is the infamous and very sexy heroine Starfire.  I think Art will be very happy that you'll be joining us here at the gallery and that Wonder Woman followed his orders to the letter,"  the woman called out while waving her right index finger an inch or two above the remote.

             "What is this strange woman talking about?...... who is this Art fellow?... orders?.... what is.... HEY!!......"  Starfire thought as she tried to make sense of what she was hearing.  However, her thinking was interrupted by the parting of her hair around her neck and the attaching of something around her neck that was definitely not part of her costume.

             "That isn't....."  Starfire started to mentally react to this newest surprise when the woman depressed a button on the remote.  In that instant, the heroine's plans to regain her mobility ceased to be formulated as her mind went blank and still just like all the other living display figures in the building.

             "Excellent!  I'll strip down Starfire while you remove your lasso, Wonder Woman.  Art should be back here any minute and I think he has another heroine in mind for you to bring here soon,"  Karla said as she quickly moved forward and, setting down the remote on a nearby pedestal, started to strip the silver costume off Starfire.  As she did, she completely ignored the silent Wonder Woman as she figured the heroine had learned not to interfere with her employer's plan.

             Karla walked around the nude, immobile Starfire and nodded in obvious admiration.  It seemed that all heroines kept themselves in tip top shape and, out of the skimpy costume the alien wore, Starfire would have turned the head of a blind man with her voluptuous physique.

              "Well, my dear, as much as I'd love to leave you as you are now for the exhibit, Art has something specific in mind for you that requires that I make a few alterations.  Don't worry, though, they won't hurt.....ha!"  Karla exclaimed with a note of nastiness evident in her voice.  Digging out a straight edge razor and a can of shaving cream from a bag she was toting, the brunette leaned down and lathered up Starfire's nether regions.  After shaving the heroine's pussy and other areas that contained the tiniest hint of body hair, Karla set aside the razor and cream and made ready to start the next part of preparation.

             However, it was at that moment that Karla heard a fairly loud CRUNCHH!!!!!! and she stopped what she was doing. Looking around, she was surprised to see Wonder Woman standing by the table Karla had placed the remote.  Judging by the pieces of plastic and metal that were falling from the heroine's clenched right fist, it seemed Karla had underestimated Wonder Woman's resolve.

             "Now that you can't use your little toy to force me to follow the sinful deeds laid out by your boss,  you will help me free all the other women that are on display in this horror house.  If YOU do what what I say, I MIGHT......."  Wonder Woman started to say as she took a step towards Karla with her golden lasso in her right hand.  However, the heroine suddenly fell silent and her forward motion stopped with her in mid stride.

             Relieved that she wasn't going to have to deal with Wonder Woman, Karla walked forward intending to remove the lasso from the transfixed heroine's grip.  Before she took more than a step or two, she heard a low chuckle come from behind her that sounded familiar to her.

             "You know, I would think that a heroine as legendary as Wonder Woman would think that there might be more than one of my IMD controllers available for usage.  Well, judging by her reaction, it seems like I'm going to have to alter my plans concerning her.  Right now, let's strip the costume off Wonder Woman and prepare both of them for the exhibit, shall we?"  Art said somewhat sternly to his enthralled assistant.

             With that, the two swiftly removed the red, white and blue costume off the Amazon leaving her naked as she was once before.  Art and Karla moved over to Starfire at that point and carried her over to the back of the museum followed by the other immobile heroine.  While Karla started to pin back the long, waist length mane of red hair that Starfire had, Art retrieved a can of non-toxic flesh colored body paint from a nearby paint.  Once Karla was done pinning the frozen heroine's hair into a bun as best she could, she and Art started to paint Starfire from head to toe with particular attention paid to her nails, nipples and areolas.

             While they waited for the paint to dry, Art and Karla turned their attention to the naked Wonder Woman.  Art brought out a bright red one piece swimsuit and handed it to Karla to slip on the frozen heroine while he held her.  As Karla slowly pulled the tight fitting suit upwards, Art's grip came to rest just under Wonder Woman's large breasts.  Although the artist usually didn't let his mind drift to dreams that were of a personal nature, Art found himself fantasizing about having the frozen heroine in his hands at his beck and call to indulge his every sexual whim.

             "Ummm, Art, could you move your hands for a minute?"  Karla said softly while looking at the face of her disoriented master.

             "Huh?  Oh, sorry, I let my mind wander a bit,"  Art said and quickly removed his hands from Wonder Woman's body.  He noticed with some chagrin that his absentminded caresses had caused the heroine's nipples to harden and poke outwards quite noticeably against the fabric of the swimsuit.  Frowning momentarily, Art retrieved a small spray bottle filled with water that he often used for his live exhibits that weren't disguised as statues or something similar.  He sprayed a thin mist of water over Wonder Woman's chest and arms while Karla put a pair of dark sunglasses on the rigid woman.

             After carefully fitting a pair of sandals on the heroine's feet, Art bent the left arm at the elbow and raised the hand so that it appeared she was shading her eyes with it.  Karla bent Wonder Woman's right arm in a similar manner with the hand coming to rest on the waist.  After tucking a floatation device that matched the swimsuit in color in the area between the right arm and body and fitting a long blonde wig over Wonder Woman's familiar black hairdo, Art and his assistant turned their attention to Starfire.

             For the alien-born heroine, the blank look in her eyes matched the lack of awareness in her being.  Art and Karla lifted up Stafire and carried her over to an exhibit with STORE DISPLAYS marked on a sign on the front of it.  There was a wooden table set towards the back with a large blue screen forming the backdrop for the exhibit.  Art secured the immobile Starfire onto the edge of the table via a large clamp that couldn't be seen by anyone walking by.  Once done that, he adjusted the immobile heroine so that her feet weren't touching the floor before moving onto the next step.

             Karla retrieved several latex sleeves and what looked like a hood devoid of openings that were the same color as the backdrop.  While Art retrieved the outfit he had in mind for his newest exhibit, Karla slipped the coverings over Starfire's head and arms with the latter stopping just short of her shoulders.  After the coverings were on, Karla stepped back and turned on the powerful light that Art had set up to be trained directly at the inert heroine.

              Smiling, Art saw that the illusion he was looking to create with the special lighting had been created.  To any of the visitor's to the gallery, it looked like there was a store display fixture that would be used to model bra and panties or swimwear in the exhibit.  Art noted that the paint covered all the imperfections with only the slightest of indentations where the nipples were.

              "Very good.... very good indeed!  I don't think anyone would ever mistake this work for the alien heroine Starfire.  Now to finish the decorating part......"  Art said softly as he flicked off the light and walked over to the immobilized heroine.  Temporarily removing the rigid Starfire from the clamp she was in, the deranged artisan dressed her in a black satin bra and panties set.  Once done that, he returned the heroine to her secured position before proceeding to his next step.

             Stepping back, Art activated the rotational part of the clamp mechanism and watched as Starfire slowly rotated until she was upside down with her legs pointed straight upwards.  Once that was done, he walked over and slipped gold colored fishnet pantyhose over the heroine's rigid limbs.  Looking over the work, Art shook his head slightly and got out the remote control that controlled the IMD unit draped around Starfire's neck.

             After punching a combination into the remote, Art watched as the left leg of the immobile heroine bent at the knee with the lower half moving to rest, ever so slightly, against the right one.  It was very reminiscent of the fixtures seen in any of the stores Art had been in the past when shopping for.......


             "Oh, that happened a long time ago....it's time to put her behind me and concentrate on my present work...."  Art thought to himself as he absently ran his hands over the silky legs that were extended in the air.  A single depression on his remote and Starfire returned to the normal upright position.  After running his hands over the heroine's torso and tugging slightly on the blue sleeves encasing the arms that were extending outwards, Art stepped out of the exhibit with his mind turning to his newest project.

             "Karla, could you come over here?  I need to prepare the Lifeguard figure for transport to its' new home and make sure that....."  Art started to say before going silent upon seeing the clearly upset look on his assistant's face.

             "I don't know how it happened, but Toni and Inge are gone.....!!!!"  Karla exclaimed with a look clearly fearing retribution for being the bearer of bad news.

             "WHAT THE HELL????" Art exclaimed........

             To be continued....... as the Artiste continues to create

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