The Spy Who Gloved Me

An Elaine Blonde Adventure

by Drake

The newest of the espionagic escapades featuring the sexy sapphic superspy; read her previous adventure "License to Still" by clicking here...

The only sound was the whispering creak of the cutter as it transcribed a perfect circle in the museum skylight.  There was a slight crack as the glass broke away and was slid aside.  A thin silken cord dropped into the museum, stopping just short of the marble floor.  The cord waved slightly as a lithe figure slid down it, her gloved fingers controlling her descent with a complex arrangement of wires and stays.  She stopped a few feet from the floor and turned slowly on the rope, her goggled eyes taking in every detail of the room.  Cases filled with valuables surrounded her.  The exhibit was only going to run for two more days.  The gems and jewelry of England, including several pieces that belonging to the Royal Family.

The figure flipped over; hooking her legs over the ropes and reached behind her back; she brought out a small hand crossbow, pulled back the string and set an oddly thick bolt against the string and took careful aim.   The bolt flashed through the air, striking a small panel at the far end of the room.  There was a flash of blue electricity as the capacitors in the bolt delivered several thousand volts and quite a few amps to the security system.  There was a small trail of smoke as the few lights remaining flickered out.  The figure uncoiled from the rope and dropped lightly to the floor.  As she approached the first case of jewels two more figures slid down the rope to join her.

“We have five minutes.”  One of the newcomers said, brandishing a stopwatch.  The female voice had a strong Slavic overtone that hinted of the Russian steppes.

“Get the jewels from those cases.”  The third said in the same odd accent.  “I will see to the ones over there.  Anya, you will get the rest.”

“As long as I can take this off!”  Anya peeled off her mask and goggles and hung them from her belt.  She approached the case that her partner had indicated.  It was a display of a classical Elizabethan gown, with the accompanying jewelry.  The mannequin was highly realistic, with blonde hair styled up in an elaborate coif.  The blue eyes were particularly enticing, as if she was alive.  Anya couldn’t help noticing the impressive cleavage, accented by the gown.  The only incongruous garments were the elbow length, black gloves. With a quick swing of her hammer, Anya smashed the glass.

“Sorry babushka.”  Anya stepped up to the mannequin.  “I am to be stealing all your lovely jewelry.”

“I think not.”  The mannequin’s blue eyes blinked.  Anya felt the wind rush out of her lungs as the woman – it wasn’t a mannequin, stepped forward and delivered a short, hard punch into her midsection.  She staggered back slightly.

“Who are you?”  Anya gasped.  Whoever it was they didn’t hit that hard.  The woman smiled and jumped off the platform.  The thin plastic coating that covered her cracked and began falling away.

“Call me Goldilocks.”  Elaine Blonde said.  “And you are Anya, Tanya and Tatiana.  Soviet agents turned jewel thieves, or as you like to be known.  The Three Bears.”

“You will be mauled for hitting me!”  Anya tried to step forward but was brought up short.  A strange sensation was welling up from where the blonde woman had hit her.  It felt warm and more than a little naughty.

“Don’t mind that.”  Elaine smiled and dove away.  “You are about to become a bare bear.”

“Bare bear?”  Anya trembled as the sensation increased, reaching every part of her.  She tried to move forward but it was futile, she was rooted to the spot.  Beams of bright light, like lasers began stabbing out from where she had been punched.  They grew in intensity, flashing around the entire room.

“Anya!”  Tanya and Tatiana watched in horror as their partner shone brighter and brighter, turning away when it became too painfully bright to watch.  There was a final flash of light accompanied by a crackle of static.  The light faded.

“Anya?”  Tatiana approached her partner.  Anya stood frozen in front of the case, her hands raised as if she was shielding her face.  Every scrap of clothing and equipment had vanished, leaving only a few wisps of smoke to hint that they even existed.  Every inch of Anya’s skin and hair was covered in gold.  Tatiana reached out a tentative hand.  Anya’s skin was as hard as metal.

“She is gold!”  Tanya managed.  “Solid gold!”

“She seems happy enough.”  Elaine appeared behind Tanya and drove three fast punches into the Russian’s shoulder, back and side.

“Ow!”  Tanya swung a backfist at her attacker, but the blonde woman nimbly sidestepped.  “Oh…”

“According to my sources,” Elaine pulled out a pair of dark glasses and slipped them on as the golden light began erupting from Tanya, “The erotic effect of transformation is magnified with multiple strikes.”

“Nyet!”  Tanya staggered forward, falling to her knees as the effect intensified.  Golden light flared out again, filling the room.  Tanya’s cries were cut off abruptly.  As the light faded, another statue graced the museum floor.  Tanya was still on her knees, one golden hand thrust hard against her glittering sex, the other lifting one golden breast to her mouth where her shining tongue teased the nipple.

“By Lenin’s pickled privates!”  Tatiana backed away from her frozen partners.  It was definitely time to make a strategic escape.  She had lost track of the blonde woman in the light that had accompanied Tanya’s transformation.  Tatiana leapt for the dangling, silken cord and began shimmying up it.  The gold and jewels she carried were enough to keep her quite well taken care of for years to come; especially if she didn’t have to share with her partners – who looked like they had for more gold than perhaps was good for them.  Tatiana reached the roof and hauled herself through the hole in the glass.  A slight tug at her belt alerted her.

“So you were already up here.”  Tatiana dropped into a fighting crouch, warily circling her opponent.

“Rather.”  Elaine tossed the bag of jewelry back down into the museum.  “And I don’t mind telling you that climbing in this dress is a bit of a bother.”

“You will pay for what you did to Anya and Tanya.”  Tatiana threatened.  “I am former Soviet Karate champion; fight will be hard on you.”

“Well, I did box a little at Oxford.”  Elaine said.  “But admittedly I am not in your league when it comes to hand to hand.  Which is why I spread out land mines on the roof.”

“What!?!” Tatiana looked down for a fraction of a second.  She snapped to block the punch at the last possible minute, the blonde’s black glove striking her wrist.

“Champion.”  Elaine stepped back as the golden light sparkled on Tatiana’s wrist.  The tall Russian woman paused for a moment and then blurred forward, tackling Elaine and slamming her into the rooftop.  Elaine tried a joint lock to dissuade the Russian, but could not get the proper grip.

“You will not take us.”  Tatiana raged as the golden light grew more and more intense.  There was a bright flash of light that lit the entire roof of the museum.  Elaine shut her eyes and turned her head to escape the worst of it.  As she opened her eyes again, she was greeted by the site of a pair of perfect, golden breasts, the large, peaked nipples pointing straight at her.

“I don’t know about the porridge or the beds.”  Elaine said.  “But these are just right.”  She tried to sit up, but was unable to shift the golden Russian, whose hands were still grasping her.  To make matters worse, her dress has been caught peripherally in the Midas effect, leaving the front in tatters.

“Well that figures.”  Elaine relaxed and took in Tatiana’s frozen, golden form.  “Look, we may be here a while, so proper introductions are in order.  I am Elaine Blonde, Agent Double-D-Seven, Licensed to Thrill.  Now, if you don’t mind, I think we should get to know each other better.”


*  *  *


“Bother and double bother.”  Elaine paged through the after action report.  She made several corrections, her fingers dancing playfully over the keyboard.  That was better.  Elaine Blonde was not found naked and helpless under the golden coated body of Tatiana Getzherof.  Elaine Blonde had used her unmatched skills to neutralize the Russian cat burglaress and martial arts champion at the cost of her wardrobe.  That was much better. 

A small, insistent alarm sounded from her computer.  Duty was calling.  Or rather MMM was calling with some new descent into perversion, disguised as spying.  It was enough to get right up one’s spout.  There was a time that she had used her cunning to alter the course of foreign policy.  To save Britain and in some cases the entire world from the apocalyptic machinations of heinous fiends.  That was the true work of a spy.  Not to gallivant around the world, chasing after a legion of statue fetishists, some of them her allies, leaving a trail of frozen maidens in their wake.  Smooth, up-thrust bosoms, sparkling under a sheath of gold.  Pert, heart-shaped bottoms; rock hard in the most literal sense.  The delightful curlicues of pubic hair, frozen into individual whorls of petrified perfection.  Oh sod it.  Elaine leaned back in her chair running a hand over her peaked and sensitive nipples.  Okay, there were some very good reasons to go chasing after the statue fetishists.  Her further contemplation was broken by another alert from her computer.

“MMM, damn it Elaine.”  MMM’s voice brayed out of the speaker.  “If you’re going to make yourself late, do have the common courtesy to turn on your web cam.”

“Understood sir.”  Elaine glanced at her web cam, which had been turned to face the portrait of Queen Elizabeth that decorated the far wall of her office.  “I will be there shortly.”

With a slightly frustrated sigh, Elaine slid to her feet, taking a moment to smooth her dark skirt and ensure that the buttons of her blouse were within the thinnest margin of giving way.  She might need a distraction, and buttons popping combined with a saucy merry widow was one of the classics.  Rather than wait for the elevator she took the stairs, pacing herself as she ran up the eight flights.  Just enough exercise for a slight flush and the merest hint of perspiration.  She paused at the door to Honeypenny’s office.  MMM’s secretary was pacing around the small, crowded space.

“You appear to be agitated Miss Honeypenny.”  Elaine said.  The three bears, quite bare and lovely in their golden coatings were arranged haphazardly in the room.  “I do know a rather delicious method of disposing of such excess energy.”

“Really Miss Blonde.”  Honeypenny put her fists on her shapely hips.  “I don’t have time for this today.”

“Well my schedule is free this week.”  Elaine said.  “What about Wednesday at tea time?  Don’t wear anything complicated on my account.”

“Miss Blonde.”  Honeypenny said archly.  “I really do not need this sort of banter right now.”

“I’m so terribly sorry.”  Elaine said.  “I’ll save my banter for later then.  What is the problem?”

“Space is the problem.”  Miss Honeypenny gestured widely.  “MMM is running out of space and want me to keep one of the three bears in my office.”

“And that is a problem how?”  Elaine asked.  “Aside from the obvious distraction.”

“I don’t know which one to pick!”  Honeypenny exploded, gesturing to Tanya, frozen mid stroke, her golden tongue flicking her own frozen nipple.  “She’s beautiful, but that pose is just a little too hot.”

“And Tatiana.”  Honeypenny continued, gesturing to the largest statue, caught in the act of grabbing someone.  “Lovely, but her expression is a little too cold.”

“My word.”  Elaine said.  “You seem to have fallen into a classic cliché.  May I offer a suggestion?”

“As long as it does not involve you, me, a hot-tub, several containers of scented bubbles and an assortment of waterproof, battery powered devices.”  Honeypenny said warily.

“Very well, I will offer a different suggestion.”  Elaine said.  “It seems a shame to break up the set as it were, so move all three back into MMM’s office.”

“There isn’t room.”  Honeypenny exploded with ill grace.

“Please, let me finish.”  Elaine said.  “Explain this to him, and suggest that you move Allotta Tongue and Buxomly Maid into your office.  I don’t think MMM would begrudge that.  I happen to know that they are your favorites.  As was conventional wisdom with the three bears – that one is just right.”

“Miss Blonde.”  Honeypenny flushed red.  “You weren’t supposed to see that.”

“Well, that is that problem solved.  I’ll just see myself in then.”  Elaine brushed past Honeypenny and sauntered into MMM’s office, throwing a slight swagger into her hips.

“Miss Blonde, MMMM, you’re late.”  Hunched behind his desk, MMM looked awful; which was par for the course.  The wizened peeping tom was pursuing a thick folder of documents.  “Britain faces a crisis.”

“A true crisis sir?” Elaine sat down uninvited.  “You’re not just putting me on?”

“Regrettably no.”  MMM said.  “We stand on the very edge of the abyss and I am counting on you to haul us back to safety.”

“No statue fetishists; no traipsing around in the altogether; no gratuitous Sapphic sex scenes?”

“Not sure; your choice; and I have never known you to refuse one.”  MMM responded to each query in turn.  “Really Elaine.  All I know is what Felicia has briefed me on, and I am uncertain as to the full ramifications.”

“Let me see those.”  Elaine leaned forward, deliberately offering a glimpse of deep cleavage from between the straining buttons of her blouse.  MMM made a short, bleating noise as Elaine tugged the file from his hand.

“My word.”  Elaine opened the folder, glanced and then slammed it shut.  She handed it back to MMM with a small moue of distaste.  “Please tell me that those pictures are not indicative of the mission.”

“I should hope not.”  MMM resumed his perusal of the folder.  “Though I daresay that the contents of this folder should ensure that the Prime Minister maintains our department’s funding at its current level.”

“A thirty percent increase would be more appropriate.”  Elaine eyed the folder.

“Really Miss Blonde.”  MMM said huffily.   “I do sometimes question your motives.  We do this for Queen and for country; not merely to maintain our funding.  I will be asking for a reasonable twenty percent increase.  No more.”

“You really are a manipulative old bugger.”  Elaine commented dryly.  She was about to elucidate further when the door to MMM’s office was flung open and Felicia Biter rushed in.  Felicia was MMM’s American equivalent, a spy mistress of cunning and vision.  She was also a shameless exhibitionist; and wearing her favorite outfit.  Elaine smiled.  Felicia’s favorite outfit consisted solely of Felicia.  The older woman was toned in the manner of a Russ Meyer model, solidly put together with beautiful, large breasts and wide, sensual hips.  Her evenly tanned skin glistened as if lightly oiled – which it probably was.

“MMM, turn on the TV.”  Felicia said, propping one beautiful buttock up on MMM’s desk and turning slightly.  There was a neat pop as MMM nearly dislocated his neck trying to sneak a less than surreptitious glimpse between Felicia’s thighs.

“Hey Elaine!”  Blonde hair cut short and large, thick, round glasses.  Dee’s eyes took in all the details of the office.  “I saw the Three Bears!  Did the gloves work?  X said they would, but I wasn’t sure the auric effect could be sustained as a reaction, the nanite replication cycles seemed too short, but it worked.  I love the statues.”

“Hey blondie.”  Elaine tried to get up but was pushed back into her chair as Trish dropped into her lap and pressed her lips to Elaine’s.  The struggle was useless as Trish’s uniquely talented tongue traced around Elaine’s lips as if caressing a far more intimate place, before thrusting deep to engage the English spy’s tongue.  Elaine felt like she was melting and her hands tangled themselves in Trish’s long, red pony tail.  It had been too long since she had last seen Trish – nearly a week - and her body reacted strongly to the red headed spy’s expert ministrations.  She shuddered in a sudden, silent, orgasm.

“Well Miss Blonde.”  MMM said.  “Statue fetishists, nudity and a gratuitous Sapphic sex scene.  As our American allies say, you seem to be batting 100.”

“All for Queen and country!”  Elaine managed, pulling away from Trish.  “Now, what is this all about?”

“Two weeks ago one of our research labs was broken into.”  Felicia explained.  “The thief or thieves managed to disable security, incapacitate the staff and make off with the Harmonic Urge Modular Psychotronic Emission Device.  We fear that they plan to use it to further their agenda.”

“Harmonic Urge Modular…”  Elaine paused.  “Felicia, am I correct in saying that we are HUMPED?”

“It’s worse than that!”  Dee burst in.  “They also took the Harmonic Acceleration Relay Device.”

“So we’re HUMPED HARD.”  Elaine said dryly.  “I don’t suppose they also took the Fractal Remote Oscilloscope Meter and the Beam Emitting Horizontal Impelling Nanite Device?”

“Miss Blonde!”  Felecia started, her breasts shaking enticingly with the motion.  “How do you know about that?  It’s supposed to be classified!”

“I was making a flippant comment about your excessive use of suggestive acronyms.”  Elaine said.  “But I can see that my sarcasm is far less developed than your research reality.”

“It’s okay Felicia.”  Dee said.  “She got it wrong.  It’s the Fractal Reflective Oscilloscope Meter… Nuts… Sorry.”

“So we’re subject to being HUMPED HARD FROM BEHIND.”  Elaine said.  “Besides the obvious connotations, what sort of danger is the world in?”

“The  Harmonic Urge Modular Psychotronic Emission Device is perhaps the most powerful short ranged mind control machine ever devised.”  Felecia explained.  “It can compel a person to do anything that the operator says.”

“That is rather concerning.”  Elaine noted.  “And the hard from behind part?”

“Separately the devices are harmless.”  Felecia explained.  “But combined, they allow the Harmonic Urge Modular Psychotronic Emission Device to be utilized via a directed satellite relay.”

“Bloody hell!”  Elaine exploded.  “You mean that your unknown group of thieves could take control of anyone on Earth?”

“That is correct.”  Felecia said.  “We attempted to recover the device earlier in the week.  Our agents disappeared without a trace and we were warned that there would be a punishment and that any further attempts would elicit a much harsher response.”

“MMM… here.  Almost have it.”  MMM had risen from his desk and was pulling at the large doors of the cabinet behind his desk.  They gave way with a pop, showering the old man in a flood of DVD cases.  Grumbling and bleating, MMM brushed the cases away to reveal a large television screen.

“Any of the news stations.”  Felecia instructed.  She glanced at the pile of fallen DVDs.  “MMM dear.  You haven’t been sharing.”

“MMM?  What?”  A small twinge of colour crept up MMM’s cheeks.  “Not time for that Felicia.  Not time at all.”

“Not time for what?”  With a swift, athletic grace, Trish unfolded herself from Elaine’s lap and slid around MMM’s monolithic desk.  She snatched up a case and retreated.  “Elaine!  Look at this!”

“The Spy Mistress and the Statues.”  Elaine read the neatly handwritten label.  “Alone and thinking herself unobserved, the sexy Spy Mistress explores the contents of an erotic gallery.  Is this what I think it is?”

“MMM Dear,” Felicia cooed.  “You recorded that and didn’t send me a copy?”

“MMM, Let us watch the news then.”  MMM brayed as he attempted to change the subject.  “They’re re-running the State of the Union Address?”

“The State of the Union Address.”  Felicia confirmed.  They watched in silence for several long minutes.

“They’re using it on the President.”  Elaine noted.  “There’s no way that he can be saying those things.”

“No.  He’s just drunk.”  Felicia explained.  “Here it comes now.”

“Eeeeww!”  Dee turned away from the screen.  “I didn’t just see that!”

“I’m afraid you did.”  Elaine confirmed.  “I have long expected unreasonable behavior from the Vice President, but stripping and dancing with tassels on his nipples is perhaps a little extreme.”

“He’s not even a good dancer.”  Trish said appraisingly.

“So you see.”  Felicia said.  “I am unwilling to commit any more agents to this.  The potential for repercussions is too great.”

“Ew! Ew! Ew!”  Dee shook her head back and forth.  “The former House Majority Leader is shoving money in the Veep’s g-string.”

“But if we do anything, they could use the device on our leaders.”  Elaine said with concern.  “Could you imagine the Queen doing something like that during her Christmas address?”

There was a loud thump as MMM collapsed, his forehand smacking onto the center of his desk.

“MMM!”  Felicia rushed to the stunned spymaster and cradled his head on her bosom.  “Speak to me!  Are you okay?”

“He’s fine.”  Elaine said as MMM roused slightly.  “But I think you hit a little too close to his ultimate fantasy.”

“EW!”  Dee winced again, her eyes squeezed shut as she shook her head back and forth.  “Ew! Ew! Ew!”

“At least she’d make the tassels work.”  Trish shrugged.

“Elaine Blonde.”  MMM cracked open one eye.  “I am ordering you and X to recover the stolen device.  Miss Halliday and Dee will accompany you; Felecia has placed them under my command.”

“Understood sir!”  Elaine rose and snapped off a salute.  “We won’t let you down.”

“Oh and Miss Halliday.  My DVD please.”  MMM managed.

“Sure.  Here you go.”  Trish tossed the case back on the pile.  “Later Felecia.  C’mon Dee, let’s go collect X.”

“Trish.”  Elaine asked as the trio left MMM’s office and headed down to X’s domain. “Please tell me that you lifted the disk.”

“What sort of question is that?”  Trish smiled.  “Of course I did.  I swapped a copy of my latest film.  I’m sure he’ll enjoy it.”

“Lesbian Cat Girl Theater presents Something Whiskered This Way Comes?”  Elaine smiled.  “I loved that one – by the licking of my tongue, something whiskered this way comes.  Very intellectual.”


*  *  *


“This is rather unexpected.”  Elaine leaned back against an unoccupied lab bench and watched as Dee attempted to wheedle X into joining them.  The tall, muscular scientist was all but ignoring the short, blonde’s pleas.

“She’s just messing with Dee.”  Trish said sourly.  “Hey Kinky!  Are you coming or not?”

“Patricia.”  X looked up in annoyance.  “There is nothing in my agreement that forces me to go out on assignments; and I am in the midst of some delicate research that demands my attention.  I will not leave it for some frivolous mission; even for darling Dee.”

“Pull the other one X.”  Elaine laughed aloud.  “You just want something in return, don’t you?  How very mercenary of you.”

“Oh! No! No you don’t!”  Dee piped up, blushing.  “Are you suggesting that I…”

“Hardly my darling Dee.”  X smiled.  “If I am to have you, it will be earned through competition, not mere trade.  Are you offering a wager?”

“Okay.”  Dee’s eyes hardened behind her glasses.  “But if I win or lose, you have to come with us.”

“And if I win, you’re my plaything for a day?”  X smiled wickedly.  “Not good enough I’m afraid; even if I win, which I most certainly will, I am still saddled with this tiresome mission.”

“One sec.”  Dee rummaged around in her backpack and pulled out a cellular phone.  She dialed a number and then whispered furtively into the mouthpiece.  With a happy nod she skipped over and handed the phone to Trish.  “It’s for you.”

“Hello.”  Trish held the phone up to her ear.  After a moment she handed the phone back to Dee.  “You’re a little blonde traitor.”

“I take it you have something else to wager?”  X asked.

“If you win you have to come on the mission, but you also get Elaine and Patricia.”  Dee said.  “Felicia and MMM volunteered them.  Is it a deal?”

“Dee!” Elaine shook her head.  “That wasn’t cricket!”

“You’d better win.”  Trish said warningly.

“Why Patricia, we’ve had such fun together.”  X teased.  She stood up and threw back her lab coat, revealing her tight, leather bustier, shorts and long, black boots.  “When you’re ready Dee.”

“I’ll need a few moments.”  Dee fidgeted with the cellular phone in her hands.  There was a slight coughing noise.  “Gotcha!”

“A golden-gun concealed in your phone? Silly little slave.”  X chortled, eyeing the splash of viscous liquid that had impacted between her impressive breasts.  “Don’t you know that I am immune to your bullets.  Oh!  Ah!”

“These are new.”  Dee jumped in the air and delivered a high-five to Patricia.  X took a half step forward, but stopped as silver flowed over her skin.  It only took a moment to cover the tall, blonde scientist completely, leaving her frozen; a shiny, silver statue in the middle of her lab.  “I win!  Lucky!”

“Well done short-stuff.”  Trish said as Dee skipped over to examine her prize.  “You finally won.”

“I knew she had the broad spectrum nullifier in her hat.”  Dee said, circling the silver statue.  “So I came up with a formula that is activated and deactivated by a chemical, rather than electrical means.  She’ll be frozen until I spray her with the antidote.”  Dee reached out and stroked X’s silver breasts.  “Hey! They’re still soft!”

Elaine and Trish winced as the statue blurred into motion.  Dee had enough time for a single muted cry of dismay before X had her gagged and hogtied.  She casually tossed Dee’s backpack aside.

“I look forward to collecting on our wager.”  X’s silver lips parted in a victorious smile.  “But we have a mission to complete first.  I have some new equipment for you Elaine; and as luck would have it, a demonstration subject.  Darling Dee, if you have any objections, please state them now?”

Dee’s muffled cries were barely audible from behind the gag.  X placed her on the floor and walked over the where Elaine and Trish were standing.

“First off, an Albedo screen projector.”  X said, displaying a ring on her right hand.  “Simply squeeze the sides of the ring and you will be covered in a highly reflective silver coating.  It will deflect laser beams, make you impervious to fire and creates a slight static field that will force substances, like acids or Darling Dee’s new bullets, away from your body.”

“You knew!”  Trish exploded.  “You knew about Dee’s new gun and built a defense specifically against it.”

“Very good Patricia.”  X taunted, the silver seeping away from her body.  “I can see why you are one of Felicia’s top agents.   Darling Dee invents in her sleep, so it was a simple matter to listen and learn what she is planning to build.”

“It’s no use getting mad Trish.”  Elaine shrugged.  “What else do you have for us X?”

“Accelerated molecular disintegrator grenade with target recognition capacity; It will eat right through a blast door.”  X held up a small, silver cylinder.  “You flip the cap off, depress the button and then throw.  It has an effective radius of 10 feet.  Allow me to demonstrate.”

“No!”  Trish leapt forward as X casually tossed the grenade to where Dee was writhing on the ground.  As she reached out to grab it, there was a bright flash of light which completely enveloped both American agents.

“As you can see.”  X continued as the light faded.  “It only affects non-organic matter; and certain organic fibers.  Really Patricia, you know I do not deal in lethal devices.”

“X!”  Dee shrieked, suddenly free of her restraints; as well as every scrap of clothing.  Beside her, Trish was equally naked.  Elaine let her eyes travel over every supple, sensual curve on Trish’s lithe, athletic body.  It had been a very long week, and it would be lovely to have the leisure to once again explore Trish’s command of exotic techniques.

“Very funny.  It is to laugh.”  Trish crossed her arms over her lovely, up-thrust breasts.  “Anything else you want to embarrass us with?”

“Para-ray.”  X held up what looked to be a small flashlight.  She pointed it at the pair and depressed the button.  A wide beam of light shot out, bathing Trish and Dee.

“I can’t move.”  Dee announced, her eyes darting back and forth helplessly.  Beside her, Trish remained silent, frozen in her disapproving pose.

“The paralysis remains as long as you keep the beam trained on the targets.”  X switched the device off.  “The battery should be good for about five minutes of continual use before it needs to be replaced.”

“Champion.”  Elaine said.  “And I can get more charges for the gloves you made for me?”

“Of course.”  X said.  “Patricia, Darling Dee.  There are lab coats hanging on the rack over there.  Please cover up if you are feeling vulnerable.”

“I’m going to get her for this.”  Trish grumbled, stalking over to the rack.  She grabbed a coat and pulled it on with angry, jerky movements.  “Watch your back Kinky.  I’m gunning for you… Oh!”

“And finally, a little trap I rigged up.”  X announced as Trish staggered slightly.   A small strip of adhesive that you can easily slip into, or onto someone’s clothing.  When it comes in contact with flesh the capsules imbedded in the strip are activated, releasing the same compound that is in your golden gloves.”

“You… dirty.. Oh! Ah!”  Trish managed as the blinding, golden glow enveloped her.  It faded almost instantly, revealing a frozen figure.  Trish had succumbed to the erotic effect of the device, one hand clutching at a peaked golden nipple, her head thrown back and eyes closed; savoring the sensation of being transformed.  The lab coat had been reduced to a few charred fragments of black cloth, which fluttered to the ground around Trish’s gilded feet.

“And what a wonderful trap it is.”  Elaine marveled.  She walked over and embraced Trish’s golden figure; reaching around with one hand to stroke the smooth, cool, surface of Trish’s incomparable backside.  “X you never cease to amaze me.”

“Hey!  That’s not fair.”  Dee stamped a small, pink foot; causing her modest breasts to quiver.  “I helped her with some of these.”

“I know.”  Elaine smiled.  “I also noticed that you didn’t warn Trish about the trapped coats.  I wonder why?”

“Um…”  Dee blushed and looked down.  “I was going to… but…”

“You wanted to see the result.”  Elaine pressed closer to Trish.  “I can see why X is so fond of you.  Underneath that sweet, innocent exterior, lies a heart of exquisite darkness; a sensual, insatiable creature that lives for moments of erotic fulfillment.  You let Trish freeze herself; savoring the thrill of her falling prey to your oh-so naughty invention.  Her perfect golden figure and captured lust an unmistakable tribute to your genius.”

“It’s not like that…”  Dee’s blush was nearly incandescent.  “I just wanted to make things up to you for losing the contest.”

“Oh.  My mistake; but thank you for your efforts on my behalf; your apology is accepted.”  Elaine let her fingers lightly dance over Trish’s frozen form.  It was a shame that their mission was so pressing, as all manner of lascivious acts were aching to be enacted on Trish’s immobile golden body.  Alas duty called.  “Can you see about unfreezing Trish and finding you both some clothes.  Regrettably, we have work to do.”


*  *  *


Another exciting day in the service of her Majesty.  Elaine thought silently as the seconds hand of the clock made an excruciatingly slow journey around the face of the clock.  The mission has started some four days ago.  Four very long days.  X and Dee had put their heads together and come up with a smashing device to help triangulate the source of the mind controlling waves – but it had to be monitored constantly, and the secrecy around the project had forced the four members of the team to take up the completely unrewarding task.  Twelve hours staring at the monitoring screens and then twelve hours off.  Elaine glanced at the clock again, appalled at how slowly time was moving.  She and Trish were into their third hour with another daunting nine to go.  Fortunately the time hadn’t been completely wasted.  They had two of the three signals they needed, but the wait for the third was dragging.

That was the small problem.  The bigger problem was Trish.  Unlike Elaine who understood patience; the athletic redhead had a hard time staying still for five minutes, let alone twelve hours.  Even worse, the forced restriction caused her to become uncontrollably horny.  This in itself was not unusual.  Elaine knew of dozens of things that would cause Trish to become uncontrollably horny; trips to the grocery store, basketballs, small bells and strangely enough C-Span broadcasts.  The problem was that in all the other cases, there was an avenue of immediate relief.  In this case, there was not.  The equipment had to be monitored constantly and that did not leave any time for the sort of distractions that Trish had in mind.

“Elaine! Play with me!”  Trish wheedled returning from a short break.  Elaine sighed as she spared Trish a glance.  Then a second glance.  The third glance convinced Elaine that she was about to be completely and perhaps successfully tempted.  Having abandoned all attempts at subtlety, Trish had put on one of the many costumes from her adult film career.  This particular one was from a recent film; Lesbian Cat Girl Theatre Presents The Rise and Fall of the Roman Cheshire.  Sure there had been some liberties taken with the plot – less politics and a few more Medusae and it had been a little too intellectual; but still.  Trish was clad in a thin, white toga, her red hair decorated by a wreath of golden laurel leaves.  Cute pink faux cat ears on a head-band finished the ensemble.

“Trish, we simple can not…. Oooh”  Elaine shuddered as Trish leaned over and gently licked her neck from ear to collarbone.

“Empress Claudi-puss commands you.”  Trish said as Elaine gasped in pleasure.

“Wait just a tic.”  Panting, Elaine managed to push Trish away.  “I know how good you are with your tongue, but that was special even for you.”

“Do you like it?”  Trish poked her tongue out at Elaine.  “I had Dee add a little something subcutaneously; a pleasure response enhancement generator to start and a few other toys as well.  If it feels that good on your neck, imagine how it will feel somewhere else.”

“I can think of several examples of somewhere else.”  Elaine managed.  “Very well, you have convinced me.  You had better slip out of that outfit and slip into something more comfortable.”

“Now you’re talking.”  Trish winked, the toga flying one way, the laurel the other.  As she turned back to Elaine she was brought up short by a slight coughing noise.  “Elaine!”

“I am sorry about this.  More so than you know.”  Elaine explained, holstering her golden gun.  The splash of white marble was already expanding, flowing quickly over Trish’s beautiful tan skin.  “However, we have a job to do, and I simply cannot monitor this infernal device with you sitting on my face.”

“S’okay.”  Trish managed as the coating slid up her neck.  She had managed to slide her hands down to her sex before they had locked in place.  “If you need anything I’ll…be…here.”

“Bother.”  Elaine turned back to the console.  There was enough reflection off the screen that she could make out Trish standing statue-still behind her; her peaked, stiff nipples, pointedly taunting her.  The American spy was going to enjoy this shift far more than Elaine was.  It was hardly fair.  Perhaps she could turn the tables on Trish on the next shift and spend her time in a state of sexy, statuesque, satisfaction.

“This really is not my day.”  Elaine muttered.  The satellite sensor had lit up and was streaming data.  The location was in the middle of the Pacific, but there was nothing marked on any of the maps.  That meant the device was located on a ship, or there was an uncharted island out there.  Elaine locked the coordinates in and reached for the phone.  Her hand touched it and then withdrew.  She could delay the next part of the mission for at least a few minutes; unfreeze Trish and….

“This bloody attention to duty shall be the end of me.”  Elaine grabbed the phone and punched in the number.  For Queen and bloody country.  “I’ve found them.  We require transportation to the following coordinates.”


*  *  *


“Final check.”  Elaine said in the darkness of the passenger hold.  The supersonic transport had brought them to the coordinates at break-neck speed, and they were now about to attempt further break-neck tactics in exiting the vehicle and making a direct descent onto the target.  A target that radar and satellite imaging had the galling discourtesy not to detect.  It was enough to put one off spying completely.  Elaine glanced over at her team.  Trish and Dee were clad in tight, black body suits as befitted the night work; while X was eschewing such fripperies and clad in her normal uniform of shorts, bustier and long leather coat.

“Um… Elaine.”  Dee raised a tentative hand.  “How are we getting down?”

“Para-wing collapsible gliders.”  Elaine said, and then paused for a moment.  “Let me guess, you haven’t trained on them?”

“No.”  Dee admitted sheepishly.

“Why didn’t you bring this up sooner?”  Elaine counted slowly backwards from ten.  Getting mad at Dee was like punching a kitten.  You could do it, but would inevitably feel bad about it afterwards.  “It was on the pre-flight briefing that X gave you… aha.”

“Am I that transparent?”  X chortled.  “Do not worry darling Dee.  My para-wing has excess capacity, and I will ensure you reach the ground safely.”

“Oh.  Okay.”  Dee said relieved.  “Is there anything I have to do?”

Elaine and Trish rolled their eyes in unison and turned away.  While brilliant as an inventor, Dee cultivated a special blind spot when it came to X’s myriad machinations.  There was a startled gasp as the tall, blonde, dominant scientist descended like a hawk upon her shorter, blonde, submissive, companion.  Buckles clicked and leather straps hissed as X bound Dee up into a conveniently contained and enticingly displayed package.

“X!”  Dee protested, unable to move an inch.  “What are you doing?”

“I cannot have you thrashing about throwing off the balance of my craft.”  X explained. “I also cannot have you yelling out in fright, or anything else during our descent.”

“You wouldn’t!”  Dee saw the ball gag in X’s hand.  He eyes widened and she clamped her mouth shut, shaking her head back and forth as best she could.

“Of course she would.”  Trish shrugged.

“Now Dee.”  X smiled.  “We shall be departing shortly and there isn’t any time to argue.  I am afraid I shall have to solve the problem of your reticence.  I think you recognize the Electro-Vibe Dee 3000.  Good.  I think a setting of seven is appropriate.”

“Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!OHBOY!OHBOY!OHBOY!”  The moment X slid the toy down the waistband of Dee’s suit the cute blonde began quivering in pleasure.  X took the opportunity to clamp the gag in place, reducing the volume to a barely audible “Uhbuh, uhbuh.”

“Drop in three.”  Elaine ensured her own harness was secure.  X picked Dee up and strapped the much smaller woman securely to her own harness.  All three moved to the aircraft’s rear loading ramp.  The warning light turned green and the ramp opened up, the sudden explosion of pressure sending all four women spinning out into the inky black night.

“Do we actually have a target?”  Trish asked as her para-wing glider deployed smoothly, snapping into place.   The taught, wings caught the wind and Trish began descending in a tight spiral.

“Just a tic.  Target confirmed.”  Elaine said, he throat microphone transmitting her voice to the others.  “Shift 30 degrees and maintain current descent pattern.”

“Towards what?”  Trish asked.  “I see black.  Oh and more black.  There’s something else… What is it?  Oh yes.  More black.  Just what are we dropping on top of?”

“Pish-posh. Where is your sense of adventure?”  Elaine snorted.  “I have known you to drop on top of several things with far less information.  Dee certainly does not have your trepidation.”

“Dee is hanging upside down with the world’s most powerful vibrator to keep her company.”  Trish rebutted.  “We could be descending into an active volcano and her succinct reaction to her imminent fiery doom would be ‘Ohboy!Ohboy!Ohboyohboyohboy.’”

“Funny that.”  Elaine noted.  “As she doesn’t much care for boys.  Look there is our target.  As you can see, an unknown island that is somehow shielded from radar and satellite detection, and if my eyes do not deceive me, an active volcano.”

“Oh Boy.”  Trish managed as her para-wing struck a thermal and was buffeted about.  She regained control with some effort.

“That’s the spirit!”  Elaine banked her own wing about gracefully, slipping through the thermal and continuing her descent.  “Fear not, we should not be forced to land in the volcano.  Next to it shall suffice.  I shall take the lead.  Confirm on my mark.”

“Confirm.  Follow the bouncing blonde.”  Trish said.

“Confirm.  Following Elaine.”  X responded.

“Unbuh!Unbuh!”  Dee’s muffled voice came through the headset..

Elaine twisted the controls and sent her glider into a steep dive, aiming for a small stretch of beach that nestled right into the tree line.  At the last possible moment she pulled back on the harness, nearly standing the glider on its tail.  She released her harness and dropped easily to the sand, dragging the glider behind her.  In moment all three were down.  While Elaine collapsed the gliders, Trish broke out a collapsible shovel and quickly excavated a hole large enough for all three.  X shimmied up a tree and returned with a wide palm branch, which she used to smooth out the sand that had been disturbed by their landing.  In moments the beach was as pristine as it had been prior to their arrival.

“Excellent.”  Elaine whispered as she kept watch.  “Well done all.”

“Aren’t you forgetting something?”  Trish pointed to where Dee was still quivering on the forest floor.

“She seems to be enjoying herself, and I saw not reason to interrupt her until it is necessary.”  X said.  She caught Elaine’s glare and shrugged.  “As you wish.”

The tall, blonde scientist lifted Dee up and began undoing the straps and buckles that held her immobile.  Dee’s quivering became a full fledged thrashing as her limbs were freed.  As the ball gag came away, X pressed her lips down upon Dee’s sealing away the smaller scientist’s orgasmic screams.

“We’ll bloody well be here all day.”  Elaine stepped over and thrust a hand down Dee’s pants, pulling the vibrator free.  She considered smacking X with it, but decided to forego the pleasure.  X would likely savor the sensation, and if she didn’t, the resulting tussle might well undo their work or worse, reveal their presence on the island.

“Oh boy…”  X recanted her lock on Dee’s lips and withdrew, smiling dominantly.  It took several more minutes for her to regain her breath.  “X!  That wasn’t nice!”

“Shhh!”  Elaine slapped a hand over Dee’s mouth, cutting off any further comments.  Dee’s eyes widened when she realized how loudly she had spoken.

“It wasn’t nice.”  Dee whispered vehemently.  “Okay.. It was nice, but it wasn’t nice in a nice way, next time do it nicely.”

“See.”  X smiled.  “Darling Dee is already pining for the next time.  Such an insatiable little slave.  My insatiable little slave; as are you all when we complete this infernal task.”

“Don’t rub it in Kinky.”  Trish groused, handing Dee her backpack.

“How wrong you are Patricia.”  X corrected.  “Under my command you shall let me rub whatever I want, however I want, for as long as I want.  Or perhaps you shall rub with that tart tongue of yours, and I or perhaps Elaine, shall enjoy your ministrations.”

“Look.”  Elaine whispered.  “We have a job to do and all this talk of rubbing is wetting…wasting time that we could put to better juice..use.  Better use.”

“Someone’s Freudian slippery is showing.”  Trish teased, pointing to Elaine’s nipples that were now clearly defined under the smooth fabric of her suit.  “And that’s not all.”

“All of you are getting right up my spout.”  Elaine winced at the unintended entendre.  “Shall we get about the mission.  Please.  As a favour to me.”

“Can do.”  Dee reached into her backpack and brought out a hand scanner.  “I don’t know how they shielded the island, but I’m betting it is projected; and we should be under the projector now.  I should be able to find the source from down here.  Just a sec… Wow Elaine, they really are hard.”

“Forget about my nipples for just a moment.  Please.”  Elaine managed.  “Do you see anything?”

“Besides your unforgettable nipples?”  Trish teased. 

“Gotcha.”  Dee smiled widely hand held up the screen.  “I’m picking up emissions from the Harmonic Urge Modular Psychotronic Emission Device.  Almost there.  Got it.  I have a signal lock, this will lead us right to them.”

“Well that is good news.”  Elaine said, taking a bearing from Dee’s scanner.  “I shall take point.  Trish, you back me up, Dee in the middle, X is on the tail.  Let us complete this mission.  The future of the world rests on our boulders… shoulders and we shall not be found panting…wanting.”


*  *  *


“Two guards.  Automatic weapons.”  Elaine reported to the others.  The jungle had given way to the side of the volcano.  Dee’s scanner had led them unerringly to a set of double steel doors, set into the rock face.

“Those are our agents.”  Trish whispered.  “The ones Felicia sent before us.  They’re working for the enemy.”

“I doubt it is of their own free will.”  Elaine said.  “Our enemy, whomever they may be, is certainly using the stolen device to force them to serve.”

“So do we take them?  If so, I would like the one on the left.”  X said quietly, her hands opening and closing in anticipation.

“We do not know if they have means of opening the door.”  Elaine observed.  We shall wait until they are relieved.  That should grant us an opportunity to gain entrance.  It will also allow us to observe their security, so we know when they report and how often.”

“Good thinking.”  Dee hunkered down.

“Or we could rush in right away as they are changing shifts now!”  Elaine dashed forward as the doors slid open smoothly.  Trish was right on her heels, followed by X.  The four guards started as the trio attacked, but their startled cries were cut short.  Elaine swept the legs out from under her target.  As the woman fell, Elaine pounced on her, rendering her unconscious with a simple choke.  Trish’s opponent went down nearly as quickly, victim to a perfectly timed spinning kick.  X took the last two, snatching them up by the collars of their uniforms and slamming them together several times.  In a moment all four were tied, gagged and secured out of sight.  Elaine lifted the electronic pass from the last guard and slipped through the steel doors, Trish, X and Dee following her.

“We’re inside.”  Dee said as she shrugged out of her backpack.  The short blonde then pulled her top off, revealing her chaste, functional bra.

“Yes, and far more readily that I would have guessed.”  Elaine’s own top was already on the floor and she unclipped her bra, letting her large, firm breasts escape their confines.  She kicked off her boots and shimmied out of her pants, sliding her panties off at the same time.

“Things can’t be going this well.”  Already naked, Trish walked over the far wall and stood against it.  She placed her hands over her head, the motion causing her breasts to rise, the peaked nipples bouncing fetchingly.

“This is why I dislike field operations so,”  X said as she stood next to Trish; her pale skin a stark contrast to the redhead’s Californian tan.

“Um… Why are we all naked?”  Dee squirmed as she tried to maintain a scrap of modesty; a task made impossible by her position.

“I suspect it is that sign on the wall as we came in.  The one that said that all spies are to strip naked and stand against the far wall with their arms over their head.”  Elaine said dryly.  “Ladies, I fear we have been HUMPED HARD.”

“Well that’s great!”  Trish scowled.  “At least it wasn’t  FROM BEHIND.  We get to see who did this to us.”

“Indeed you do.”  A rich voice sounded from across the room.  The entire wall slid away, revealing a short, raven haired woman.  She strode across the room, her legs displayed enticingly as the slits on her long black gown revealed them with each step.  Her body was thin, but curved nicely at the hips and bosom.  Only the thick, horn-rimmed glasses and short, page haircut, distracted from the elegant look. “You have fallen under the sway of…”

“Bunsen Burnadette!”  X exclaimed with a shocked expression.  “You mean I’ve been captured by you?”

“Wot?”  Elaine blinked.  “X you know her?”

“Of course.”  X said.  “Little Becky Burns.  We went to Mad Scientist School together.”

“I am the Burning Heart!”  The raven haired woman stomped a foot.  “Not Bunsen Burnadette!  Don’t start that again X!”

“Did you ever manage to graduate?”  X continued.  “I mean really, you were at the bottom of the class in every subject.”

“Stop that!”  The woman screamed.  She paused.  “No.  Do not say anything else until I give you leave to.”

X’s rebuttal was cut off abruptly.  The tall blonde attempted to speak but no sound emerged.

“Better.”  Regaining her composure Becky Burns turned back to the others.  “My brilliance was not merely in the lab.  Such brilliance that created this island paradise and the brilliance that shall make me leader of the entire world!”

“Oh well done.”  Elaine said.  “I am quite impressed. Sorry we got off on the wrong foot; really, as you well know X is quite impossible on her best days.”

“You don’t know the half of it.”  Becky slumped slightly.  “Bad enough she was the top of the class, but she was also the top to all the underclassmen.  One week I had to do all my work standing up because she wanted to break the school record for recreational flogging.”

“I know.”  Dee said.  “She was team captain.  She still has her Quirts pennant.”

“But now she is under my power.”  Becky continued turning to X.  “You may grovel for forgiveness now.”

“I shall do no such thing.”  X said. “You were a complete fraud, you never invented a thing.  The only reason you passed any of your courses was by stealing ideas from your classmates!”

“I said grovel!”  Becky exploded.  Elaine was about to say something, but thought better of it.

“I’m sorry!”  An outraged expression on her features, X prostrated herself in front of Becky.  “You are my better.  I should never have made you do the banana walk at the Commencement.  That was not fair of me.  I should not have replaced your shampoo with Tentaculas Anasid.  I never should have embarrassed you by filming your tryst with Humpy the school mascot and broadcasting it…”

“Enough!  You may rise.”  Becky said.  “Now you shall turn your inventing knowledge and skills to my ambitions.  Does that make you happy?”

“No.”  X grated.

“Now, now.”  Becky said, clearly back in command of herself.  “You will find me a far kinder mistress that you ever were X.  In fact, I shall reward you now.  Pleasure yourself for me.”

“X!  What are you doing?”  Dee cried out as X reached out and grabbed her.  The tall blonde grabbed the shorter scientist by the ears and forced her head down.  “X this is embarrassing!  Why are you Mmmph! Mmmmph!”

“Well she does seem to find that pleasurable.”  Elaine observed as X forced Dee’s face against her groin, rubbing Dee’s lips across her labia. 

“She’s not the only one.”  Trish added.  Dee’s protests had given way to a frenzied licking.  She reached around to clasp X’s backside, fondling the taut, muscular, flesh as she continued to pleasure her mistress.  Dee released one hand and slid it between her own legs, stroking with increased passion.

“Perhaps you should join them.”  Becky prodded Elaine.

“Champion!”  Elaine reached down and picked up her golden gun from the pile of clothes at her feet and fired twice.  The shells splashed against Dee and X.  The pair redoubled their efforts, climaxing as the wave of white covered them.  Their cries were cut off abruptly as the Marvelous Marble completed its journey over their intertwined bodies.

“Drop the gun!”  Becky commanded.  Elaine complied instantly.  X and Dee made a lovely sculpture.  X still held Dee in place, while Dee’s stone fingers grasped X’s bottom tightly.  Her own sex was displayed invitingly from between spread legs, the labia parted slightly to allow her fingers access.

“That is not what I meant, but I appreciate the demonstration.”  Becky plucked the gun from the floor.  “X always makes such wonderful toys.  How does it work?”

“I don’t know the science of it; at least not well enough to explain it.”  Elaine admitted.  “It freezes the target in a state of suspended animation, with the added bonus of a highly raised state of sexual excitement and some tactile sensitivity and awareness.”

“So she can feel this?”  Becky delivered a hard slap to X’s backside.  Her face screwed up in pain and she waved her bruised hand.

“Yes, though the coating is incredibly hard.”  Elaine said.  “You reverse the effect by firing the gun without a cartridge in it.”

“Fascinating.”  Becky pulled the clip from the golden gun and worked the slide to eject the cartridge in the breach.  She pointed the gun at the frozen pair and depressed the trigger.  The marble melted away from X and Dee, who picked up where they had left off as if they had never been interrupted.

“You both may stop.”  Becky told them.  X released Dee who stood up, a bright red blush rising over her features.  “I have the guards I need, so I will have to find something to do with all of you.  No matter.  You are not allowed to escape.  You are not allowed leave this place.  You are not allowed to attack me or harm me in any way.  Should you attempt to do any of these things you are to distract yourselves in a most pleasurable way.

Elaine watched as Becky gathered up their clothes are various devices and swept out of the room.  The wall closed behind her with a whoosh, leaving the four alone.

“I will not stand for this!”  X exploded.  “I shall not be slave to that woman, now or ever.”

Elaine watched as X took a step towards the wall.  The tall scientist faltered for a moment, a hand reaching out to cup one breast, rolling the nipple between thumb and forefinger.  By the next step both of her hands were massaging her breasts.  As X tried to take a third step she collapsed, her hands sliding down to massage her sex with an animal intensity.  She came almost immediately, a mixture of pleasure and rage flowing across her features in equal measure.

“Frustrating isn’t it.”  Elaine observed as X pounded the floor.  “To be beholden to an old enemy.”

“It could be worse.”  Trish said.  “At least she has an employee recreation agreement that I can get behind; besides, I can’t let Kinky have all the fun.”

Trish’s abrupt leap for the door was brought up short as she fell to the floor, her hands darting all over her own body, before settling into a pattern of expert stroking, patting and tweaking.  The consummate show-woman and aware of her audience, Trish took her time, ensuring that her companions were made privy to every quiver and pleasurable moan as she brought herself closer to climax.  With a final twist of her lithe, supremely flexible body Trish demonstrated that she was capable of demonstrating an epithet that most people would find anatomically impossible.

“Well done Trish.  Bravo.”  Elaine applauded gently as Trish gathered herself back together.  “Now we need to be practical.  We are under the sway of an insidious mind controller.”

“How can we get out?”  Dee asked.  “If we even think of escaping we have to.. OhBoy!OhBoy!”

“Precisely.”  Elaine said as Dee slumped to the floor, pleasuring herself.  “I admit that it is a difficult situation.”

“Elaine.  You have thought of something.”  X managed to get back to her feet; a fleeting hope passed over her features and then she slid back to the floor, her fingers busying themselves.

“Perhaps.”  Elaine leaned over X.  “However, there is nothing in our agreement that says that I must tell you; unless you offer something to me in return.”

“Put it to her Blondie!”  Trish chortled.  “I love this.”

“Very well.  You may have Trish.”  X managed as she continued to massage her sex, her glistening fingers plunging helplessly back and forth.

“Perhaps…”  Elaine prompted.

“And Dee!”  X’s teeth were gritted as she approached climax.  When there was no response she shouted out.  “And me as weeellll!”

“Champion.  First rate.  All the way.”  Elaine said.  “Now, I realize that you have been all rather too busy with other things to give the matter any thought, but the answer is obvious.”

“What answer? Ohboy!”  Dee managed between gasps.

“Our Miss Burns is not very precise in her commands.  For example.  We were told not to leave; but she failed to tell us what we were not to leave.  This room?  This island?  The galaxy.  Likewise are we escaping her control?  Or this facility?  Her failure to be precise means that we have a great deal of latitude in dealing with the commands she gave us. It is all a matter of personal interpretation.”

“Well done Elaine!  Well done!”  X regained her feet as the compulsion vanished.  Trish flipped back up as well, while Dee remained prostrate on the ground.

“Be with you in a sec.”  Dee’s hips bucked, her trim backside slapping against the floor.  “Still coming!”

“When you are quite finished.”  Elaine said.  “Now, as we are not allowed to harm Miss Burns, we shall have to render her incapacitated in another fashion.  Trish, you are with me.  X, take Dee and find the HUMPED HARD and shut it down.”

“How do we escape from here?”  Dee asked.  Her hands slid to her breasts and caressed her already stiff nipples.  She stopped with some effort.  “I mean how do we escape this room; not the galaxy.”

“I have it covered.”  Trish walked over to the wall and pressed up against it.  Elaine watched fascinated.  After several moments, Trish extended her tongue and slowly licked several circles on a small section of the steel.  There was a muted beep and the wall slid out of the way.

“I told you Dee put a few other toys in here.”  Trish winked.  “Wasn’t there an old adage about a honeyed tongue opening doors?”

“Yes.”  Elaine considered the implications, feeling the strong warmth of desire flow through her from toes to crown, with special attention from certain parts in between.  Now was not the time.  Duty called and she would not be caught sitting down on the job, no matter whose face it was, or the capabilities of the tongue that the face possessed.  “You all know what to do.”


*  *  *


X considered the dilemma carefully as she peered around the corner.  She had already incapacitated several guards; but there was no telling what sort of defenses the HUMPED HARD device had around it.  It had been embarrassing to be caught flat footed by Becky Burns, and it would not do to be caught a second time.

“So what do we do now?”  Dee said quietly.  The short blonde had taken a jacket from one of the guards, which allowed her a modicum of privacy.  The garment was several sizes too large for her and hung down almost to her knees.  It was very cute and X felt a pico-second of regret over what she was about to do.

“Wha!!”  Dee’s arms wind-milled as X scooped her up and carried her down the corridor, holding her like a shield.

“Navigate for me.”  X said, closing her eyes.

“Um… okay.  I think that’s the lab ahead.  There’s a sign on the door.  It says Lab.  There also a note underneath that says…. X let me go!  Let me go now.”

“Not yet my darling Dee.”  X said, feeling the shivers run through Dee’s slim frame.  She could already guess what the note had said, and was not about to look at it.  She pressed forward to the door as Dee’s struggles increased.

“X! X!”  Dee abandoned any thoughts of stealth.  “Let me down!  Let me down!”  The pair pushed into the lab and X let Dee fall away.  The tiny blonde immediately tore at the jacket, throwing it away as she slipped to the floor, her fingers already dancing over her body.  Becky really was predictable.

“Intruder!” A half dozen researchers and at least one guard leapt to their feet.  X opened her eyes and took in the room.  Across the lab, spread out of one table were the devices that Becky had recently liberated from Elaine and Trish.  Ignoring the cries around her, X sprinted across the room towards them.  A hastily thrust out foot sent the tall blonde staggering, her momentum carrying her across the table, scattering the various spy gadgets in all directions.

“Don’t move.”  As X regained her feet she saw that she was staring down the barrel of the golden gun.  The guard was at least fifteen feet away and held the weapon in a solid shooting stance.  X’s eyes narrowed dangerously as she prepared to leap.  There was a cough as the weapon fired.  The shell caught the edge of X’s thigh as she tried to dodge.

“Gotcha!”  The guard said as liquid silver began sliding over X’s tall, muscular body.  The dominant scientist gasped in pleasure as her limbs slowly succumbed, locking in place.  In moments it was complete.  The silver statue stood at one end of the lab, the cool, fluorescent lights glinting off the reflective surface of her skin.  The erotic effects were evident in X’s small, peaked nipples, and near orgasmic expression.

“X! Oh Boy!”  Dee managed breathlessly from the floor.  The guard walked up, the golden gun carefully covering her.

“I don’t know how you escaped, but I think we’ll just be a little more careful this time.”  The guard squeezed the trigger.  Dee couldn’t dodge and the shell impacted on her flat stomach.  As the erotic effect took her, she redoubled her already considerable efforts at self satisfaction.  A wave of gold crept across her body, freezing her heaving breasts in place, the nipples pointing at the ceiling.  She arched her back as the effect crept around; one hand massaging her sex, the other across her mouth, the small, golden teeth biting the finger in an attempt to mute her orgasmic cries.

“Notify the Burning Heart.”  The guard said.  “It looks like she has some prisoners on the loose.”


*  *  *


“Nice view.”  Trish commented.  The room had to be Becky’s.  The decoration was opulent in the extreme, and the wide, curved windows looked out over the whole of the island.  In the distance, the white beach could be seen beckoning.  She cocked an ear and smiled.  “I think she’s in the shower.”

“Champion.”  Elaine was already moving through the room; rifling through the various shelves and cupboards.  “Aha!  Found you.”

“Data discs?”  Trish looked at the sheaf of media Elaine was holding up.

“These are the original plans.”  Elaine confirmed.  “According to what X said, I don’t think our Miss Burns can recreate the technology on her own; she might have backups somewhere, but I am betting that she’s just paranoid enough to keep them close.”

“Great.”  Trish concurred.  “So how do we take her?  We’re not allowed to hurt her.”

“Follow my lead.”  Elaine said, heading towards the sound of the shower.

“Wha!  What are you two doing here?!?”  Becky had just finished lathering up when she suddenly found herself the filling in a spy sandwich.

“You said we were to serve you.”  Elaine’s hands slowly massaged Becky’s shoulders.  “You didn’t know how, but we thought we could make a few suggestions.”

“You’re going to rule the world.”  Trish leaned close, her tongue sliding out to lick gently at Becky’s neck.  “All the really good minion positions are going to fill up fast, so we decided to jump to the front of the line.  We’re not inventors like X and Dee, but I think you’ll find we have our own skills.”

“We’re very skillful.”  Elaine confirmed, her hands sliding down Becky’s back.  She pressed closer, her hands reaching around to cup the woman’s breasts.  Her fingers glided dexterously over Becky’s soap-slick nipples, teasing them to rigid points.

“I.. Oh!  OH!”  Becky shuddered as Trish slid down her body, her tongue neatly slotting itself into her sex.  “Oh!  Oh! Please!  Stop!”

“If you say so.”  Elaine left off her caressing, while Trish turned her head slightly, resting her cheek against Becky’s soapy thigh.  “Do you really mean stop, though?”

“No...”  Becky gasped trying to regain her composure.  “You just caught me by surprise.”

“Oh dear.  I am so terribly sorry about that.”  Elaine said.  “Would you like us to continue?”

“Yes… My slaves.”  Becky said.  “As you said, you are both highly skilled.”

“Yes Mistress, we are.”  Elaine’s fingers danced with butterfly lightness on Becky’s taut nipples.  “Oh, if you tell us to stop again, shall we just assume that you are caught up in the moment and wish us to continue?”

“Yes… Oh… Yes!”  Becky shuddered as Trish commenced her licking again.

“So we should just use our best judgment in interpreting your wishes.”  Elaine slid around slightly, moving into position to kiss Becky.

“Yes!”  Becky’s hips ground in small, tight circles, maximizing the pressure of Trish’s tongue on her sex.  As the first orgasm rocked her, she slumped slightly, forcing Elaine to hold on tightly to keep her on her feet.  Elaine let go with one hand and redirected the shower head, allowing the gently pulsing water to rinse the soap from Becky’s twitching body.  As Trish gave Elaine a quick thumbs up, the small room was filled by an alarm klaxon.

“Alert!  Alert!  The prisoners are trying to escape!  Repeat!  The Prisoners are trying to escape!”

“Ah!  You bitches!”  Becky struggled free of Elaine and Trish’s grasp.  “Both of you, Freeze!”


*  *  *


“So what do we do with these two?”  The guard gestured to the two metallic statues in the lab.  “Do we unfreeze them?”

“No.  We better wait and find out what the Burning Heart wants done with them.”  One of the scientists said.  “That really is a nice toy.”

“I’ll say.”  The guard placed the golden gun down on the table.  She stooped down and ran a finger across Dee’s golden chest, tracing small circles around the frozen nipples.  “I wonder if she can feel this?  Or this?”

“I always thought you swung that way.”  The scientist commented as the guard leaned further forward, her lips embracing Dee’s right nipple and sucking gently.  “She’s a cute little one to be sure; but I like to think bigger.”

“She’s all yours.”  The guard released her mouth to speak.  The scientist approached X, noting the incredible musculature and large, proudly jutting breasts.  She considered the tall, silver statue for several long moments.  Her eyes narrowed.  The statue’s right hand was clutching something.

“Um…”  The scientist took a step backwards.  “Something is wrong here.”

“No.”  X’s eyes opened, white and blue against the silver.  “Everything is going exactly as I planned it.”

“Oh shit!”  The grenade left X’s hand and arced gently towards one corner of the lab.  Scientists dove blinding out of the way.  There was a pause and then a bright, white light erupted.  The corner of the lab was now circular, as if someone had taken a geometrically precise bite out of it.

“I fear that HUMPED HARD FROM BEHIND has been rendered rather limp by a single flick of my wrist.”  X commented, her silver-sheathed features lighting up in a predatory smile.  She took in the guard who was still bent over Dee’s frozen form.  The smile became even colder.

“Seven against one.  That’s not fair at all.”  X bared her teeth further in a shark’s grin; white against the silver.  “Why don’t you call your friends and even the odds somewhat.”


*  *  *


“Freeze mistress?”  Elaine said.  “But we must use our best judgment; I judge that you are far, far too tense and should be rogered until your are quite insensate.  Dr. Holiday, do you concur?”

“You know.”  Trish considered, pausing to lick between each phrase.  “The patient has been under a great deal of stress lately.  She is also quite tasty.  I concur with you Dr. Blonde.  A course of skilled cunnilingus followed by some digital penetration, and perhaps the addition of a suitable instrument.”

“I concur.”  Elaine said, tightening her hold on the struggling Becky Burns.  “Hippocrates even told us to start with cunnilingus.  A very wise man; if that is not an oxymoron.”

“Oooh!  What?  He.. Ah! Ah! Oh! Ah! Never.  Oh God! Said that.”  Becky managed as Trish doubled her efforts, paused and then redoubled them.

“Of course he did.”  Elaine squeezed Becky’s nipples, pulling at them slightly and letting them snap back.  “He said - At first do no dong.”

“At first do some tongue.” Trish paused in her licking to issue the correction.

“No.  Perhaps it was – At first do no wrong.  Trish, are you doing wrong?”  Elaine pondered.

“She just came like a freight train.”  Trish observed.  “And I’m going back for seconds.  You tell me, am I doing it wrong?”

“No.”  Elaine could feel her own sex pulse in time with Trish’s licks.  It was hardly fair that the villainess was on the receiving end.  Still the mission came first.  Then it came again.  A third time.  The fourth and fifth followed in quick succession and Elaine let Becky slide down to the floor of the shower; confident in Trish’s ability to keep the near-insensate woman under control.  She padded out to the bedroom and took a quick inventory.  The top right drawer contained the expected panties, and another surprise.

“The Electro-Vibe Dee 3000.”  Elaine mused.  She turned the dial up to ten and padded back to the bathroom.

“Look what I found.”  Elaine held the device up.

“I’m ready for it!”  Trish looked up from between Becky’s legs, her tongue moving in indescribable geometric patterns on the villainess’s sex.

“You’re being greedy.”  Elaine said.  “Our mistress get it first.”

“OH GOD!”  As the dildo slid between her thighs Becky’s whole body shook as if taken by a spasm.  She thrashed about on the damp tiles, splashing water in all direction.  Elaine slid down to cradle her head, her hands amusing themselves with Becky’s quivering breasts.

“Dee actually uses this on ten?”  Trish said with some awe as she watched Becky peak at a state of continual orgasm.  The scientist thrashed, bucked, shrieked, spoke several eloquent phrases of Latin and finally collapsed, her breathing slowing.

“Doctor Holiday.  We’ve lost the patient,”  Elaine said.  “I fear the pleasure has overcome her.  She shall be unconscious for hours.”

“Well…”  Trish said.  “We’re here, naked’n’horny, with a shower, soap, plenty of hot water and the world’s most powerful vibrator.  What would you suggest?”

“I know what I would suggest.”  Elaine managed through gritted teeth.  “But we still don’t know if the mission is completed or not, so we will secure Dr. Burns; and go find X and Dee.”

“Okay.”  Trish bounced to her feet and hefted Dr Burns over her shoulder.  “If you change your mind…”

“If I change my mind.”  Elaine muttered, watching Trish’s perfectly formed backside retreat into the bedroom, “I shall remove this rather obnoxious devotion to duty.”


*  *  *


“Well done, all of you.”  Felicia beamed.  She perched one lovely buttock on the corner of MMM’s desk and leaned back to better display her lush, tan body.  “You recovered the plans, defeated the villainess, and have secured our organization a rather nice island paradise from which to launch further endeavors; or take our holidays.”

“MMmm, yes.”  MMM concurred, he tried to shift to get a better view of Felica’s magnificent torso, but his neck gave an ominous crack and he settled for staring at her spiffing backside.  “My only regret is that my office has become rather cluttered, I am not sure where we can place Miss Burns.”

“Oh you don’t need to worry about that.”  Dee babbled happily.  “Um, we’ve already made plans.”

“Miss Burns shall serve her sentence as a test subject in my laboratory.”  X smiled languidly, lightly stroking Dee’s arm with her riding crop.  “Should you wish to see her, I shall make her available.”

“Well done then.”  Mmm brayed.  “If there isn’t anything else…”

“Yes well congratulations are all fine and good.  Three cheers, for she is a jolly good fraulein and all of that.”  Elaine said tersely.  “But Felicia, I have to take exception with the behavior of your agents in this endeavor.”

“Elaine!”  Dee and Trish protested.

“Hush!”  Elaine silenced them.  “Do you realize that these two spent more time playing with themselves than actual spy work.  Every time I turned around one, or both of them were working themselves into a froth.  It is unbelievable.  Don’t look so smug X, you weren’t much better.”

“It’s not fair!”  Elaine sank into her chair and crossed her arms across her chest, pouting magnificently.  “All three of them got to have tremendous orgasms every moment of the mission, and I was left holding the bag; doing all the work and getting none of the pleasure.”

“Look Elaine.”  Felicia said consolingly.  “I am sure that our department can make it up to you somehow.”

“You heard her.”  Elaine jumped up happily and winked at Trish, Dee and X.  She tossed an envelope on MMM’s desk.  “Make it happen.  See you all bright and early tomorrow.”

“Mmm dear.”  Felicia said as the British spymaster opened the letter and read; an expression of angelic joy spreading across his withered features.  “Have I just made a tactical error.”

“Mmmm, yes m’dear.”  MMM reached over and patted her hand.  “Yes, you have.  As all of your resources were placed under my command for the duration of this mission, I fear that I have a final duty for you; in the name of staff morale.”


*  *  *


“Hey Felicia.”  Trish said as her boss walked into the simulator room.

“Ungodly hour.”  Felicia said, stretching.  She was dressed in far less than Dee, X or Trish; which was not unusual.  The other three were wearing loose white bathrobes.

“Well, you did volunteer Elaine and I as part of X’s bet.”  Trish noted.  “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

“Goose me and I’ll cut your film budgets.”  Felicia groused.

“Uh-uh.  Rule number one.  What happens when you fulfill a bet; stays on the bet.”  Trish said.  “We all lost to X, and X lost to Elaine; You got suckered by Elaine.  So we’re hers for the day.”

“I know.”  Felicia sighed.  “I’m just being a poor sport about it.  I am sure I will be more enthusiastic after my first cup of coffee.”

“It’s starting.”  Dee said, dragging X by the arm.  The tall scientist allowed Dee to pull futility for several moments before acquiescing and following her lead.  A small, round table appeared out of nowhere.  Four crisp, white envelopes appeared, as well a tea service and four cups.

“They’re addressed to us.”  Dee snatched up her envelope.

“Don’t do it short stuff.”  Trish cautioned.  “You open that up; poof a cloud of white powder and you’ll be a statue.”

“Do you think so?”  Dee ran her fingers over the envelope, patted it and held it up the light to try and peer through it.”

“I thought it would be the tea.”  X opined.  “Ceylon, served black with lemon, but if you add sugar or cream a binary statue formula is created, freezing you in place for not knowing proper tea serving etiquette.”

“I can’t decided which on to choose.”  Trish said with a smile.  “Do I want to be served up a pedestal, or see if Elaine left me a Dear John-dusa letter.  Or the automatic dart throwers in the table with petrifying venom on the tips.”

“You’re all paranoid.”  Felicia fumed.  She grabbed her envelope and tore it open.  She extracted a single page and read it quickly.  “I have no idea what this is all about.”

“Oh boy!”  Dee jumped up as she read her letter.  “Oh boy!  This is so keen.  Elaine really loves us.”

“She has agreed to waive our responsibility in regards to the bet.”  X asked hopefully.

“Better that that!”  Dee enthused.  “We’re going on an adventure.  Warrior Princess Dee!”

There was a sparkle of light and Dee’s robe vanished, leaving her slim body vulnerably naked for several long seconds.  The lights reappeared around her, slowly solidifying into a short leather skirt, thin leather halter and a pair of pristine white panties.  A silver shield appeared on her arm; and an ornate sword, scabbard and belt wrapped around her hips.

“Better and better.”  Trish opened her envelope.  “Trishia Flamehair!”

Her own transformation was equally swift, although Trish added a few extra movements and bumps and grinds to add to the effect.  Her robe was replaced with a long, deep, purple cloak, and the rest of her body barely covered in the briefest of red bikini bra and matching thong panties.  A snap of her fingers brought a wooden staff, topped with a golden orb into her hands.

“Elaine.  I will have revenge on you for this.”  X grated from between her teeth, tearing her letter into smaller and smaller squares of paper.  “Xandria Priestess of Love!”

X scowled as the robe vanished to be replaced by several ethereal scraps of transparent white silk, held together by thin golden chains.  The costume seemed too small for the tall scientist’s muscular frame, and seemed too soft to survive the contact long.

“Nice. But you’re a Priestess of the goddess of Love.”  Trish couldn’t help twisting the knife.  “So you should smile more.”

“I am smiling on the inside.”  X grated, her eyes dangerously narrow.  “But sometimes love hurts.”

“So who are you?”  Dee asked glancing at Felicia.

“I still have no idea what this means.”  Felicia said.  She swallowed and then spoke.  “Felici-dusa!”

The lights appeared and vanished almost immediately, as a delay with Felecia’s already wonderfully naked body would be anti-climatic.  They formed into a body encompassing clock and hood that covered Felecia from crown to toes.

“I agree with you X.”  Felicia spoke softly.  “Love hurts.  I would love to hurt Elaine for making me wear… clothes.”

“So what are you?”  Dee said excitedly.  “A myrmidon like me?  A wizard?  What?”

“Shall I show you my pretty warrior princesssss.”  Felecia let the sibilant S hang in the air.  “Do you dare look upon a face that the gods wished for their own and then cursed for its beauty?”

“Um.. Maybe later.”  Dee said, her senses catching up with her enthusiasm.

“Chicken.”  Trish shrugged.  She dropped the staff and walked up to Felicia, embracing the woman and thrusting her face into the hood of the cloak.  For several long moments the only sound was that of a very deep and passionate kiss.

“See, perfectly safe.”  Trish disengaged, and glanced down at how her nipples, now peaked and hard, poked out from under her bikini.  “Unless you consider a wardrobe malfunction to be unsafe.  Get back in there you perky little scamps.”

“Okay so I was wrong.  Let me see Felecia?”  Dee scampered up and looked under Felicia’s cloak.  “Felecia, you have scales!  And your eyes! Your eyes!”

“Perhaps I should have told Dee that I close my eyes when I kiss.”  Trish said conversationally as Dee staggered back from Felicia.  The small blonde warrior’s steps grew increasingly stiff as her flesh slowly faded from pink to smooth gray stone.  She froze in place, one hand desperately, albeit unsuccessfully shielding her eyes, the other reaching for the hilt of her sword.  The pose caused her short leather skirt to hike up, revealing a flash of white panty.

“Oops.  Dee make mistake, go stone.”  Trish walked over and rapped a knuckle on Dee’s gray shoulder.  “Alas, only a cure from a Priestess of Love can free Dee from her stony fate.”

“Very well.  Dee Unfreeze.”  X commanded, gesturing.  She scowled and gave the statue’s frozen rump a swat.  “I command you in the name of the goddess of love to unfreeze!  Do it now Dee!”

“Doesn’t work like that.”  Trish commented.  “You have to be gentle with her.  Tender.  Graphic.”

“Very well.”  X knelt in front of the statue and tore the white panties away with a casual display of strength.  She laid her head against Dee’s stone thigh so that her warm breath blew across the cool stone folds of Dee’s frozen sex.

“I beseech thee, Goddess of love.”  X said with a low, warm, throaty purr.  “Let each kiss act as a conduit to your grace, freeing my darling Dee from her prison of stone.  Let my tongue soften this hard flesh and make it soft, wet and ready for what is to come.”

“She’s good at this.”  Felicia commented.

“I want to be turned to stone next.”  Trish nodded as X pressed her lips to Dee’s stone sex and gently kissed and caressed.  There was a thrum as the grey began to flow from Dee’s body.

“Ohboy! OhBoy!”  Dee grabbed X’s head and pushed it harder against her, grinding her hips as climax engulfed her.  “Thank you.  That was nice.  In a very nice way.”

“I serve the goddess of love.”  X rose and embraced the smaller woman in a tight hug, that grew tighter and tighter every second.

“Um..X..Can’t breathe.”  Dee managed, and then inhaled with a whoosh as X released her.

“So what’s next.”  Trish wondered aloud.  The answer came in the form of a letter that appeared on the table.

“In this year the shogun’s most famous ninja cat warrior Mew-bei Yagyu rebelled against his commands and left his service.  The shogun sent many of his samurai pussy-cats and Ninja cat warriors after Mew-bei, but none returned.  Finally a solution came to him, and he summoned warriors from across the seas; their task, to enter the lair of Mew-bei Yagyu and defeat her.

“A quest!”  Dee enthused drawing her sword.  The white of the room faded as stands of bamboo sprung up.  The air became crisp and cool and the hard floor, a well maintained earthen road.  “Fear not Shogun.  Warrior Princess Dee will not let you down!”

“Hey, we have credits.”  Trish pointed.  “Oh Elaine!  That’s terrible.”

“Lesbian Cat-Girl Theatre Presents – Cat House of the August Moon!”

“Elaine, I am going to kill you.”  X stated as the title scrolled past them and into the distance; she fingered the perky cat ears that perched on her skull and looked with mild distaste at the tail that lashed behind her.


Coming Soon – Cat House of the August Moon

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