License to Still

An Elaine Blonde Adventure

by Drake

Continuation of the espionagic escapades featuring the sexy sapphic superspy; read her previous adventure "Diamonds Are For Adventurers" by clicking here...


“No.  That is unacceptable.”  Elaine said crisply.  “Trish you simply cannot be telling me this.”

“But Elaine.  It can’t go on like this.  I’m so sorry.”  Patricia Halliday, alias Trish Holiday said, laying a hand softly on Elaine’s arm.

“It simply isn’t fair to me.”  Elaine said, her chin quivering with the effort of keeping a proper stiff upper lip.  “I just do not see why it has to be this way.”

“I know.  I know.”  Trish continued.  “But the decision had to be made.  I wish I could change things, but I can’t.  There won’t be any more Lesbian Cat Girl Theatre films.

“Never say never again.”  Elaine said wryly, regaining a bit of spirit.  “You never know.”

“Yes I do.”  Trish got up.  “Felecia showed me the figures.  Even cutting back the budgets, they lose too much money.   They were just supposed to be a cover for me to stay in the industry.“

“Shame really.”  Elaine shook her head, letting her long, blonde hair cascade around her face.  She pushed it back.  “Intellectual sexuality is far more interesting than the usual tab A slob B approach of most of your countrymen.”

“Tell me about it.”  Trish flopped down backwards on the bed, casually flipping her long, red pony tail to the side.  “But the last two films did us in.”

“They were bloody brilliant.”  Elaine said.  “Lesbian Cat Girl Theatre presents Plato’s the Repub-Lick.  Togas, slave girls and that rather stimulating glad-she-ate-her scene.”

“I think you mean gladiator.”  Trish corrected.

“I know exactly what I mean.”  Elaine said archly.  “The second one was even better.  Lesbian Cat Girl Theatre presents The Lesbi-tations of Marcie Aurelius.   A study of the philosophy of the Empress.  Dedicated to carnal pleasure and dunking nubile cat-maids in vats of liquid gold.  Smashing.”

“Well, it’s all behind us now.”  Trish said.  “The fantasies of a British super spy and an American agent don’t add up to a hill of beans in this crazy world… Elaine!”

“Gotcha.”  Elaine slipped the golden gun back into her shoulder holster.  Trish watched as the splash of the gold crept over her belly, quickly sliding up her chest and down, sliding under her clothes.  Her limbs locked in place as the micro-thin coating continued to spread over her.

“I’m no good at being noble.”  Elaine continued as she tugged at Trish’s clothes.   Trish tried to answer, but the gold covered her completely.  She lay helpless on the bed as Elaine finished stripping her.  The blonde stepped back and began running her hands over her own body.  Slowly she stripped away her clothes, folding each piece neatly and stacking them on a chair.  Finally, she climbed onto the bed, languorously sliding her lush body over Trish’s frozen, glittering form.  She lowered herself onto Trish’s frozen lips with a low, sensual moan.  “We’ll always have Karats.  Twenty four Karats.”

* * *

“What do you mean I have to hand in my golden gun!”  Elaine gaped at MMM.  “You can not be serious.”

“Mmmm, well, I am afraid I am.”  MMM brayed. “Budget cuts.  We just cannot afford to keep producing the shells.  It would be different if they were used in the line of duty, but the vast majority of them are, shall we say, recreational.”

“But..” Elaine’s chin quivered again.  “I have to practice to keep my aim sharp.”

“Of course you do, and there are non-volatile rounds for that.  Which you have used.”  MMM consulted a sheet on his desk.  “Exactly three of since we issued your golden gun.  This is compared to the.. Oh my.  235 special purpose freezing shells.  Rather a lopsided ratio Miss Blonde.  No.  Should the operational requirements of the mission require, it will be returned to you.  Otherwise.”

“Yes sir.”  Elaine drew the gun and slapped it into MMM's hand.  “Is there anything else; or can I nip out and throw myself into the Thames.”

“Only if you're wearing a white blouse my dear."  MMM said with offhanded lechery as he set the gun down.  The noted voyeur consulted the file on his desk again.  "That will however have to wait.  You have a mission."

"Smashing."  Elaine settled into a chair.  She shifted herself slightly.  Even through her disappointment, she quite enjoyed MMM's office.  It had grown increasingly cluttered, the Victorian furnishings complemented rather smashingly by the collection of erotic, nude statuary throughout.  The statues were trophies from some of Elaine's previous missions.  Allota Tongue and Buxomly Maid, their lush bodies sheathed in gold.   Lady Sarah Cleft, Elaine old school rival, turned to stone during an adventure in Greece.  Wanda Haveher, covered in a thin coating of granite, and the dastardly duo of  Countess Ivana Topoff and her muscular assistant, wrestling champion Sonya Licksatya - currently in a state of suspended animation, posed intertwined on one of the Countess's own trophy stands.  All of them beautiful and desirable.  Elaine felt the urge to embrace them all, to press herself against their cool, smooth, skin.

"MMM, Miss Blonde."  MMM's call broke her reverie.  She turned back towards MMM, slowly crossing her legs.  The old man's thin, scrawny neck nearly broke as he tried to catch a flash of her underwear as she finished the maneuver.  The irony was that she wasn't wearing any at the moment, but the distraction would serve her own agenda.  "The mission."

"Of course sir."  Elaine leaned forward, causing her breasts to strain against the buttons of her blouse, the white cloth parting slightly to flash thin bands of smooth skin.  "Ready to serve."

"As you are aware, there has been a great deal of concern over rising energy prices."  MMM's neck cracked again as Elaine uncrossed her legs.  "With the price of oil rising through the roof, you can see the potential for inflation to grow quite out of control."

"Yes sir."  Elaine stretched, arching her back and thrusting her breasts forward.  "I noted that when I last bought petrol.  I was uncertain whether it was more economic to refill of my jag, or buy a new one and hope it came with a full tank."

"Very droll Miss Blonde."  X massaged his neck.  Elaine took the opportunity to re-cross her legs.  It was like that Yank movie, the effect was similar, but Victorian furniture did not feature swivels, which would have made things more interesting.  "If you are quite finished with the levity."

"Of course Sir."  Elaine settled back in the chair, one finger idly playing against her blouse until the nipple stood out clearly against the white cloth.

"MMM, yes.  It has come to our attention that noted American scientist Veronica VaVoom is planning on making an important announcement concerning her cold fusion research at the Hub City Science Symposium this weekend.  We have intelligence that suggests that several other individuals and agencies are going to try and steal her research to use for their own nefarious ends.  Therefore, for Queen and country, I want you to steal her research, which we will then use for our own nefarious ends."

"Understood sir."  Elaine stood and reached for the file.  Somehow three buttons on her blouse had come undone, and MMM's eyes bulged as she leaned over to scoop up the briefing.  Merry Widows had that effect on most men and more than a few women.  "I will head down to draw equipment from the lab.  Do you mind if I take X along?  It is a science symposium and I am sure she can provide useful advice."

"Of course."  MMM's wiped sweat from his forehead as Elaine buttoned her blouse.  "If there is nothing else, you may go."

"Thank you sir."  Elaine saluted sharply and turned on her heel and headed for the door, throwing a little more sway into her walk than normal.  As she reached for the handle, MMM coughed, drawing her attention.

"One more thing Miss Blonde."  MMM said.  "I am not a complete muppet.  Please place your golden gun on the table before you leave.  Really Elaine, I certainly appreciated your little show, and would be quite pleased  to see it again, when we have more time, but I'm not so unobservant as to miss you stealing back your toy."

"Yes Sir!"  Elaine undid two buttons and reached into her blouse, pulling a gun out from between her breasts and setting it on the table.

"Oh very good Miss Blonde."  MMM said.  "An excellent decoy.  The real gun if you please."

Elaine's stiff upper lip quivered as she pulled the golden gun out of a holdout holster on her thigh and set it next to the fake one.  She saluted again, using the two fingered British version of the classic Canadian one finger kiss off.

* * *

"Stiff upper lip."  Elaine reminded herself as she headed towards X's domain.  First Trish tells her that the Lesbian Cat Girl films are finished.  Then MMM takes her gun.  The day was not going well.  Fortunately X would have some new toys for her.  Yes.  Seize on the good and don't let it get you down.  Elaine stopped, puzzled.  The large doors that marked X's domain had been replaced with small booth, not much larger than a telephone kiosk.  Shrugging, Elaine stepped into the booth.

"Increased security."  Elaine muttered, closing the door behind her.  There was an ominous click and the glass sides of the booth became opaque, shutting out all light completely.

"Commencing Security Scan."  A disembodied voice echoed through the booth.  The tone was disapproving.   A wide green laser appeared at Elaine's feet and slowly moved up her body, leaving a slight tingling sensation as it passed.  It was uncomfortable, but not painful.  With a click it shut off.

"Scan complete!  Positive Identification!  Agent Elaine Blonde."  There was a hiss as a panel slid open, allowing her egress from the booth and into X's lab.

"Hi Elaine!"  Dee waved a greeting.  The diminutive American scientist was dressed casually in comfortable shorts and a faded T-shirt that bore the logo of a noted manufacturer of defenestration devices.  She bounded over and leaned forward, her eyes wide behind her large, round glasses.   "Suki, we need to adjust the scanner again."

"Oh champion."  Elaine realized that the kiss of air conditioning on her skin was more thorough that it had been some moments previous.  Her blouse, skirt and jacket had been reduced to tatters by the scanning laser.  At least one bra strap had given way too, leaving her feeling rather exposed.   X's assistants, dressed in  their usual costumes of lab coats and inadequate leather straps milled about.  Elaine snagged the closest and employed a complex arm bar and  foot sweep that sent the unfortunate assistant painfully to the ground, without her coat.  Elaine slipped the garment on while the assistant writhed on the ground in satiated satisfaction.  Masochists, Elaine shrugged.

"X is equipping another agent right now."  Dee said, "So I'm going to get you set up; then I have to split, Trish and I are headed back to the States."

"You're leaving?"  Elaine felt a pang.  The day just kept getting better.  Trish hadn't even said goodbye.  Then again, when Elaine had left her, Trish had still been a motionless, enticing, golden statue on the bed, so perhaps she could be forgiven for the lapse.  "When will you be back?"

"Don't know."  Dee motioned for Suki, X's chief assistant to come forward.  "I'm not allowed to tell you about our mission.  Sorry."

"Well make sure you pack some warm clothes.  Hub City is a little too cool for shorts this time of year."  Elaine noted helpfully.

"Okay, thanks, I'll... Nuts."  Dee frowned.  "I really wasn't supposed to say."

"I won't tell anyone."  Elaine said reassuringly.

"Thanks Elaine."  Dee turned to the beautiful oriental assistant.  "Suki, I need some demonstration subjects.  Can you get me an exceptionally hot, but prim and proper school teacher and four of her bratty, bad-girl, senior pupils.  All over the age of consent."

"No."  Suki shook her head.  "The Mistress told us not to use up our stock, we run  out."

"Yes."  Dee rolled her eyes.  "If you make X unhappy, she'll punish you."

"If I not make Mistress unhappy she punish me."  Suki considered with masochistic glee.  "I get punished either way! Lucky!"

"Good."  As Suki scampered off, Dee turned back to Elaine.  "X has some great new toys.  I think you'll be really pleased with them.  To start with, this little beauty.  The Golden Gun Mark II."

"Dee, you have just jumped to the top of my favorite people list."  Elaine said.  "What does it do?"

"Like your golden gun, it fires a cartridge filled with our modified version of Alotta Tongue's statue coating.  The new gun has increased range and accuracy as well as a three shot capacity."

"What is the meaning of this, unhand me."  Elaine turned as Suki and two other assistants dragged in the teacher.  Elaine was impressed.  Brunette hair caught up in a  tight bun at her neck, small, square framed classes and a body whose charms were amply visible even through a thick, conservative, tweed jacket and skirt.

"I'll demonstrate."  Dee thumbed the safety of the gun off and turned to the teacher, who had struggled free of Suki and was staring at Dee with a stern, entirely un-amused expression.

"Young lady, what is the meaning of this!  What is the meaning of those casual clothes!  We wear uniforms here. Why aren't you in school where you are supposed to be?"

"School's out for summer!"  Dee raised the pistol, squinting as she aimed and fired.  "School's out forever!"

The teacher winced as the gun coughed, her hand going to the small, black hole that had been burned through her blouse.  She started to say something else, but was brought up short as a shiver ran through her body.  Oblivious to everything else, she began running her hands over herself.  Elaine could see gold begin to creep up her neck and down her legs.  A moment later she froze in place completely, her hands cupping her breasts.  As Elaine moved to approach her, Dee grabbed the belt of her lab coat, holding her in place.

"Wait just a sec."  Dee said.  As Elaine watched, thin wisps of smoke began rising from the statue.  There was  a burst of heat as the teacher's clothes combusted, quickly burning away to ash, leaving the statue gloriously naked and shining.  "Isn't it great.  The new gun goes right through clothes, and will even penetrate a bulletproof vest.  Once the subject is completely covered, there is a purely external exothermic reaction that burns away all garments, but leaves the subject cool to the touch.  Plus we've upped the aphrodisiac effect."

"That is more than a little bit of all right."  Elaine said.  "How many rounds can you give me?"

"Oh, none.  Sorry."  Dee said guiltily.  "I'm not allowed to issue you one, but it was so cool, I just had to show it to you.  What do you think?"

"I think today is conspiring to get right up my spout."  Elaine admitted, masking her angry disappointment and reminding herself to keep a stiff upper lip.  "It's brilliant.  Now do you have anything that you can issue to me?"

"Let me show you this."  Dee brought out a small aerosol can.  "This is a combination disguise and weapon.  Watch."

Dee sprayed her arm.  The thin mist from the can soaked into her skin, leaving it shining with an artificial, plastic sheen.  She offered her arm to Elaine, who tapped it with a long fingernail.  There was a sharp, rapping noise.

"We call it Mannequin-in-a-can or Mani-can for short."  Dee explained.  "Just spray it on exposed skin and you can pass for a mannequin.  The coating is brittle, so if you move around a bunch it will crack and fall off."

"Interesting.  Of limited use, but interesting."  Elaine noted, "And as a weapon? "

"Watch."  Dee pointed to the group of students that Suki and the other assistants had herded in.  They were cute in a trying too hard to be naughty sort of way.  Their school uniforms had been modified to show a nice expanse of midriff, and their skirts shortened to the extent that they could be mistaken for belts.  They looked around with a feigned, bored disinterest, ribbing each other and occasionally pointing to their teacher.  Who ignored them with a frozen look of erotic satisfaction.

"Incoming!"  Dee twisted the bottom of the can and lobbed it into the midst of the students.  The can exploded, releasing a cloud of mist than enveloped the foursome.  It cleared in moments, leaving a static diorama of plastic forms.  The girls had recognized the danger too late, and were leaning away from the can, their features frozen in mute surprise.

"Well, you've solved the problem of keeping order in the classroom."  Elaine observed.

"The Mani-Can uses a technology similar to the gun."  Dee explained, walking up and rapping her hand against the immobile breast of one of the girls.  Perfect stasis, and as usual the coating is pretty much indestructible.  Anyone within ten feet of the detonation is ready for the lingerie display in aisle seven."

"I could use a few of those."  Elaine admitted.

"Oh?  I'm sorry."  Dee's expression sank.  "That was the last one.  The next batch won't be out of production until next week."

Well that figured.  Elaine could feel the anger bubbling up.  Stiff upper lip.  Stiff upper lip.  No.  Sod that.  Dee noted the dangerous storm cloud brewing over the blonde agent and stepped back, a fearful expression on her face.

"Why did you show me these things if I can't bloody use them!"  Elaine yelled at the small scientist.  She felt a tingle as the emotional outburst reached its crescendo.   As if a wave of energy leapt from her body towards Dee.

"Aiigh!"  Dee threw up her arms as the force emanating from Elaine struck her.  Her skin paled, the color leaching away to white.  Her blonde hair solidified into a solid mass, and her fear filled eyes became blank as the transformation completed.  In an instant the pert scientist had gone from soft flesh, to pristine white marble.

"Dee.  Dee!"  Elaine rushed forward.  "What the just happened?"

"It worked.  How marvelous, and such a wonderful expression.  Elaine you really are good to me."  The sharp click of high heels on the tile floor announced X.  The tall, blonde scientist  took a moment to caress Dee's unmoving form.

"Did I just do that?"  Elaine said, her mind whirling.  "I was angry, I didn't mean to."

"Of course you were angry."  X turned towards Elaine, her riding crop slapping playfully against the tops of her tall, leather boots.  "It was part of the experiment.  Manifestation of abilities is usually predicated on a severe emotional state.  Rather than wait for it, I took matters into my own hands and arranged the aggravation.  The classic slow burn."

"You mean this whole thing was a setup just so you could do whatever you did to me?"  Elaine could feel the power rising in her.

"Not all of it."  X admitted.  "Patricia's announcement and MMM's rather cavalier curtailing of your operating budget were not my doing, but I could hardly let the opportunity pass when the pieces were so neatly arranged."

"You rebuilt the superpower machine!"  The shoe dropped with a thud.  Dana Lee Roth's machine!  "The green light in the booth, it wasn't a scanner, was it?"

"Of course not."  X said smoothly.  She paused to consider Dee for a moment.  Her arm flashed in two quick strikes, the riding crop slashing neatly through Dee's shorts and panties.  Hugging Dee's stone form from behind, X tugged the remaining scraps of cloth away.  She caressed Dee's frozen breasts with one hand as she slowly worked the woven leather of the riding crop up and down against Dee's stone sex.  "I have successfully replicated the effects of the earlier prototypes of her machine.  I have also stabilized the powers, but there are limitations.  Each use of the powers it grants burns off some of the effect.   Once it has all been used, the power will lie dormant until reawakened by recharging via the machine."

"How many times can I do this?"  Elaine said.

"I have no idea.  It differs from power to power."  X continued to caress Dee's still, stone form.  "I would hazard a conservative guess of a half dozen uses, but it could easily be treble that.  Or half of it.  Ah, it appears that darling Dee is thawing."

"Elaine! Don't turn me into ah.. ah.. AH!"  Dee cried out as she softened, transforming from unmoving stone to shivering flesh.  She ground her hips against X as she climaxed.  "Ohboyohboyohboy!"

"Sorry about that Dee."  Elaine said as Dee blushed bright red.  All the assistants broke into spontaneous applause. "But I dare say you deserved it for leading me on like that.  A rotten thing to do."

"X! Why did you do that to my shorts?  This is embarrassing!"  Dee struggled, but X gripped her more tightly, lifting the diminutive scientist completely off the floor.  She continued to caress Dee and bit down gently on the small scientist's neck.

"Look I hate to break up what is truly a beautiful dominance moment."  Elaine said as Dee continued to struggle in X's arms, but we do have a mission to accomplish."

"You have a mission to accomplish."  X said languidly.  "I will be remaining here to see to matters worthy of my attention."

"X."  Dee gasped.  "I have to go...oh!"

"Poor little Dee."  X said tightening her grip even further.  "What are you going to do about it?"

"Poor little Dee indeed."  Elaine noted.  "She doesn't know if she's coming or going."

"Coming first."  X noted as Dee's struggles shifted to frantic bucking as she climaxed again.  "That is what you Americans call one for the road."

"X, I'll get you for that."  Dee finally managed as she regained her breath.

"I can hardly wait."  X smiled fondly and placed Dee back down on the floor.  "Hurry back, I enjoy our time together."

Elaine watched as Dee gathered up the remains of her shorts and panties, and holding then strategically in front of her, made her way out of the lab.  She glanced at X, who was watching Dee's retreat with a small, uncharacteristic, genuine, smile.

"She'll get her chance sooner than she thinks."  Elaine said when Dee was gone.  "You're coming with me to the conference.  I need you to help me secure Dr. VaVoom's research.  I think Felicia is sending Trish and Dee to try and get it before we do."

"Elaine, do not joke with me."  X said harshly.  "Veronica VaVoom is not a scientist.  She's a rich, spoiled debutante.  Her research is nothing more than the pathetic cries of a mewling kitten."

"Well then, it is up to you to prove it to the world."  Elaine took a step back.  Dr. VaVoom's name had set X off, and the tall, muscular woman was absently swinging her crop with furious force.  As Elaine backed away, several of the other assistants edged closer.  Suki taking the more obvious course of  leaping into the path of the snapping leather tip.

"She calls herself a scientist!"  X moved from anger to out and out rage.  "She's on the cover of every research periodical published at the moment and she hasn't written a single peer reviewed paper!  Not one!  I published sixteen papers this month alone, and it is only the 10th!  How dare they make her the keynote speaker!"

Elaine ducked as X scooped up one of her milling assistants and threw her across the room.  The others lined up, elbowing each other for the chance to be next.  Elaine considered the consequences and the dove in, ducking under X's swing and grabbing her from behind.

"X, get a hold of yourself."  Elaine managed as X continued to rage.  Her grip slipped slightly and X took advantage of the lapse, grabbing Elaine, and hoisting her up above her head.

"Elaine, what wonderful undergarments."  X said calmly as Elaine's lab coat flapped open.  X put the agent back on the ground.  "Thank you, I needed to get that out of my system.  Our flight leaves in two hours, we should prepare."

"You are completely mental.  You do know that, don't you?"  Elaine said, retying the coat.

* * *

"Another trip to the United States, another invasive search."  Elaine said dryly as she and X left customs.  "I rather miss the days of the spy being a diplomat and avoiding such things."

"It was barely an inconvenience."  X said brusquely, her long leather trench coat swishing around her.  Elaine spared the tall scientist a glare.  X was dressed as usual in her high, black boots, leather shorts and corset, her blond hair and long braids topped with an officer's cap on indeterminate origin, the only insignia being a pair of crossed whips.

"That is easy for you to say."  Elaine said, "Given that you convinced the customs officer that you should be the one wearing the rubber gloves.  That, I daresay, is another first for Britain."

"You may say it."  X said haughtily.  "Such is my due."

"You really are taking the piss today, aren't you?"  Elaine said.  "As to more practical matters.  Our mission is straightforward.  You are to mingle in the conference and, when appropriate, loudly deride the good Dr. VaVoom.  I shall be identifying other foreign agents in attendance, and neutralizing them.  When the opportunity presents itself, I will isolate Dr. VaVoom and obtain her research notes and the contents of her self titled 'Astonishing Announcement in Cold Fusion."

"And what of Patricia and Darling Dee."  X raised her hand to beckon a taxi.  None stopped for her.  "Are we to neutralize them as well?"

"Yes."  Elaine nodded.  "But we might want to be gentle about doing so.  They may be on the opposite side this time, but there is no reason to be impolite about it.  We should all remain friends when this is over."

"Elaine, I shall be as gentle as a lamb."  X promised, as a man in a well cut business suit pushed past her to signal a taxi.  X grabbed him by his belt and heaved, tossing the man into the road.  There was a screech of brakes as a yellow Hub City Taxi skidded to a stop, the chrome bumper a scant few inches from the insensate, inconsiderate businessman.  X strode into traffic with an extra sway in her hips, opened the rear door of the cab and slid inside, closing the door behind her.  The cab backed up several feet and then tore away in a squeal of burning rubber; swerving to miss the business man who was regaining his feet.

"Look what your friend did to my suit!  I'll sue your asses."  The now disheveled businessman made his way back to the curb and shook and angry fist at Elaine.

"Champion.  Just champion."  Elaine silenced the outburst with a short, hard uppercut that caught the man squarely in the solar plexus.  As he collapsed, Elaine drove him over her extended leg, where he fell back into traffic, precipitating the sudden stop of another cab.

"The Colossal Center if you please."  Elaine slid into the back of the cab and adjusted her skirt demurely. 

* * *

"How uniquely American."  Elaine thought as she made her way through the Colossal Center.  The huge glass and steel monstrosity was hard enough on the eyes from the outside.  The inside was far, far worse.  Not content merely to build a combination hotel and convention center with the barest hint of taste or restraint, the designers had insisted that the whole bally hotel be placed upon a large shopping mall.  The mall in turn had visions that extended quite past crass consumerism, and had added an amusement park, a water slide park and a botanical garden.  The last was not so bad, but it was only a matter of time before the lush greenery was hacked down to make way for a larger food court, or a shiny gewgaw shop.

Changing in the cab had not been a problem, once she had convinced the cabby that his interests, and indeed the continuation of his very life, rested on keeping his eyes fixed on the road ahead, and not in the rear view mirror.  Dressing to the role of a scientist was a difficult task, as Elaine's own experience with boffins included X and Dee, both of whom were at opposite ends of the fashion spectrum.  Instead, she had taken the route of least resistance.  A conservatively cut Harris tweed jacket and skirt, a silk blouse with a single strand of pearls, and low, comfortable heels.  Her hair was caught up in a bun at the base of her neck and a pair of non-prescription glasses completed the outfit.

"My word."  Elaine was brought up short by a window display.  She had to look twice.  A costume shop; but not the tawdry and often tired kind frequented by procrastinators on their way to fancy dress parties.  Every seam on every cape screamed quality and taste.  The small, bronze sign, inset into a marble column, read 'Caroline's."

"May I help you?"  Elaine hadn't really intended to enter the shop, she merely stepped in to get a better look at the price of a bikini/mask combination.  The proprietress was stunning.  Long red hair with a hint of curl, pale skin, and deep green eyes.  She was dressed in a simple sheath of red cloth that accented her full figure.

"I was just looking."  Elaine said, her eyes falling on the large number displayed on the tag.  "My word, these are rather dear."

"Of course."  The proprietress continued.  "The ensemble you are looking at is one of a kind, a Caroline original.  Bulletproof, fireproof and stain resistant."

"Bulletproof and fireproof?"  Elaine scoffed.  "There's hardly enough cloth there to make that worthwhile."

"Something a little less daring then." The redhead gestured.  Elaine noticed that the woman's hands, while perfectly manicured, bore several calluses.  The arrangement would indicate a seamstress.  Caroline herself perhaps.

"I'm not really in the market for a costume Ma'am."  Elaine shrugged.  "Just idle curiosity."

"Please, call me Caroline."  The proprietress said graciously.  "Hub City is well known for its heroines and lovely villains.  Their powers are all unique, but one thing remains the same.  Not one would be seen in public without a Caroline original."

"It must be pleasant to have such a rapport with your client demographic."  Elaine said, "But I do have somewhere else I have to be."

"My gifts are twofold."  Caroline continued, pointedly ignoring Elaine's excuse. "Costume design, as you can see; and spotting those with powers.  You are crackling with energy my dear, at least to my eyes.  Therefore you need a costume.  What did you have in mind?"

"I don't need a..."  Elaine paused for a moment, her smile becoming wicked.  She was on an expense account, and MMM had taken away her favorite toy.  "Yes.  I do need one.  I shall be making my debut shortly, and do wish to make the proper first impression.  Oh, and let me assure you.  Price is not an object."

* * *

"I feel pretty, oh so pretty."  Elaine was practically flouncing as she boarded the main elevators of the Colossal  Center.  The sensation of several thousand dollars in bulletproof, flameproof and extremely thin fabrics sheathing her body was a new one; and one she could certainly come to enjoy.  They even fitted under her boffin disguise with nary a hint to their presence.  Caroline had been properly attentive in the fitting, and had come through with the final product in a surprisingly short time.  The elevator skimmed up the side of the hotel, offering a stunning view of Hub City, and a rather more intimate view into several of the hotel's suites.  Not everyone was diligent about closing their curtains.  Elaine considered taking the trip several more times as she was quite taken with some of the observed action, and wanted to see how it turned out.  No.  She reminded herself.  There would be time to play later.  Now she had a job to do.

The elevator opened silently, inviting Elaine to the main floor of the convention.  She strode out confidently.   Where Dorothy had to deal with lions and tigers and bears - oh my.  Elaine was burdened with boffins and geeks and spies - Oh my.  Her trained eye scanned through the crowd.  The intelligence community must have been reading off the same page, as she quickly spotted a dozen covert operatives.  The great spymasters of France, Russia, Germany, Japan, and China had sent their best, and most beautiful agents after the cold fusion research.  Elaine's eyes quickly picked up X, who was holding court among a small sea of admirers.  Over to one side, Dee was circling the open bar, shooting regular glances towards X, a small, uncharacteristically wicked smile on her pert features.

"Excuse me."  A brunette brushed up against Elaine, ensuring that she rubbed up against all the best areas.  Elaine started, relaxed and then started again.

"Trish?"  Elaine managed a smile as she glanced left and right, and tried to figure out the best place to dive for cover.  Her American counterpart's jacket had fallen open slightly, revealing the butt of  an all too familiar pistol.  The golden gun mark II.  It would be a simple matter for Trish to draw and fire on her.

"Not yet."  Trish whispered confidently.  "I could have had you a moment ago, but where would the fun be in that.  You're going down Blondie."

"Was that an invitation?"  Elaine whispered back.  "I don't know what Felicia's orders were, but I am sure we can come to mutually orificial... beneficial understanding.  It is not lick... like we have to be on opposite sides."

"Your Freudian slip is showing again."  Trish teased.  "Sorry Elaine, but Dee and I are going to be taking Dr. VaVoom's research.  If you and X try and get in our way... let's just say we'll rock your world."

"Nothing like stiff competition."  Elaine managed, aware of how turned on she was becoming.  She could feel her new powers surging.  While it had originally been triggered by anger, lust seemed to be an even more potent tool for bringing it to the surface.  She fought to reign it in.  "I hope you say anything too harsh if X and I manage to come out on top.  Of course, if we come out on top, you will not be in a position to say anything, merely acquiesce in stony, sexy, silence."

"Keep dreaming Blondie."  Trish teased, rubbing against Elaine one final time before sliding away into the crowd.  Elaine let out a sigh.  It would be champion to let Trish win and spend a few days as her petrified plaything, but duty called.  Besides, she still had to show off her lovely new and very expensive clothes.  A feeling of power swelled in Elaine.  She would be victorious.  Nothing could stop her.  Not Trish.  Not Dee.  Certainly not Dr. VaVoom.

"Um Excuse me.  Is this thing on?  Check one.  Check one."  A squeal of feedback ripped across the room as a portly, middle-aged man approached the microphone and tapped it gingerly with a thick finger.  "I would like to welcome you all to the Colossal Center and this years Hub City Science Symposium.  We're pleased to welcome our keynote speaker Dr. Veronica VaVoom, who will be presenting her much anticipated paper on the state of her cold fusion research."

There was a burst of applause that grew even more enthusiastic as Dr. VaVoom stepped up on the stage.  She was certainly a bit of alright, and the crowd responded accordingly.  The high society scientist was dressed in a skewed version of a business suit.  Tight, low slung, trousers that allowed a flash of a black lace thong as she turned slightly; and a white belly-baring halter, nicely filled and cut low, with several of the topmost buttons conspicuous by their absence.  A short jacket completed the ensemble.  Her long, straight, black hair reached the small of her back, and shimmered as she walked.  A small designer briefcase was attached to her left wrist by a handcuff.

"Hi everyone!"  She smiled and leaned forward, blowing kisses.  "I'm like, so glad that you could all be here to like discuss really important science type stuff.  We're all going to have a lot of fun, and like learn all sorts of neat new things."

"Can we like, learn your phone number?"  A voice called out from the crowd.  Elaine had to smile.  It wasn't like Dee to be so vocal.  At least in that fashion.  From across the room, X spared Dee a quick, fond glance, before returning to glaring at Dr. VaVoom.

"Um.. I don't remember it."  Dr. VaVoom stumbled with the question for a moment before regaining some of her composure.  "Anyway, we've got some of the greatest minds in the world here, and it's like so cool to hang with you all.  I'm sure everyone is going to be really impressed with my presentation tomorrow.  So enjoy yourselves."

"Frank, get me away from these geeks."  Dr. VaVoom turned to the portly man.  "Um, is the microphone still on?"

There was stunned silence on the floor for a moment, and then a roar of applause and cheers echoed through the convention floor.  Elaine's smile turned into a grin; the majority of cheers were originating from the intelligence community, rather than the scientists, many of whom were still standing agape in outrage and embarrassment.  Elaine slipped into the crowd, sifting through the various conversations for any tidbits that might prove to be interesting.

"Of course my research into theta waves during female orgasm has been well received."  X held court over a group of scientist who were pressing ever closer, despite the obvious danger.  "But such research is only the tip of the iceberg, there are such depths to be plumbed and further areas to be explored."

"I looked over your theta wave papers."  A reedy voiced scientist noted, tugging slightly at his frayed collar.  "Do you think that a similar process can be applied to the study of male orgasm?  It is a mystery that I have considered exploring."

"Interesting."  X reached over and laid a hand tenderly on his right forearm.  "By the feel of things you have spent the majority of your years in exploring the subject.  The only mystery surrounding the male orgasm is why anyone actually cares about it."

As Elaine passed she couldn't resist and goosed X.  The tall, blonde scientist started, which was unfortunate for the man whose arm she was holding, which broke with an audible snap.  As he cried out in pain, X turned on a heel, her elbow crashing against the injured scientist's jaw, sending him insensate to the floor.  Elaine could feel X's fingers brush against the tweed, but managed to keep out of her reach.  She slipped deeper into the crowd.  A plan crystallized in her mind.  She had until tomorrow morning to get Dr. VaVoom's research.  The first step would be to eliminate her competition, after which she would be free to work her charms on Dr. VaVoom.  This was going to be fun.  They wouldn't stand a chance against her.  Her power was supreme and unchallenged.

* * *

"So what's the plan?"  Dee flopped back onto the bed in Trish's room.

"It's easy, short stuff."  Trish pulled off the brunette wig and shook out her bright red hair, letting it fall around her face.  "We eliminate the competition and then go after Dr. VaVoom."

"What about Elaine and X?"  Dee rolled over onto her stomach.

"We save them for last."  Trish smiled and patted the gun in her shoulder holster.  With quick, efficient movements she stripped off her clothes, until all that was left was a brief, red bikini bra and briefs.  She replaced her holster and smiled, her incisors lengthening.  Sleek ginger fur appeared all over Trish's lithe, athletic body and small, tufted ears sprouted from her head.  A long, supple tail lashed the air behind her.  "Ready for action?"

"Gotcha," Dee rolled off the bed and picked up her backpack, strapping it in place.  A polished, metal tentacle poked out of the top, but she pushed it back in.  "You naughty little tentacles, stay hidden."

"I'm going for a climb."  Trish headed for the balcony, flexing the small, sharp claws that emerged from her fingers.  She winked with one green cat-slit eye.  "Nothing can stop us."

* * *

"I spotted the British agent."  Mariko giggled as she looked out the window of her room.  "She has been riding the elevator up and down for the last five minutes."

"That doesn't make sense."  Her partner, Katsumi noted.  "What is she doing?"

"Something naughty."  Mariko pointed and handed Katsumi her binoculars.  "Look."

"Sugoi!"  Katsumi gasped as she tracked the elevator's path.  The shameless Brit was pressed against the glass of the elevator, one hand rubbing frantically at her breast, while the other was thrust down the front of her skirt.  "Why is she doing that?  Mariko?"

Katsumi turned with a gasp.  Her partner was staring out of the window, her pale skin and dark hair fading to smooth, white stone.  As she glanced back to the elevator she felt something invisible strike her.  She managed a step backwards as her limbs stiffened.

"What's happening to me?"  Katsumi could see her hand, still outstretched and holding the binoculars.  Her fingers were slowly fading to pale, white stone.  She watched her faint reflection in the glass window.   She was becoming a statue!  In front of her, still perched on the sill, Mariko sat perfectly poised.  The white marble of her skin contrasting with her soft, blue bathrobe.  Katsumi noticed that the robe had slipped and Mariko's right nipple was peeking out; as stiff and hard as the rest of her.  She tried to shift her eyes, but it was too late, she could see her eyes in her own reflection.  They were pale and white, with no hint of pupil or iris.  She was a statue, every bit as frozen as her partner.

* * *

"Lovely.  Just lovely."  Elaine gasped as the elevator whizzed back upwards.  Her fingers continued to stroke, rubbing up against the silky smoothness of her new costume, caressing the flesh that lay beneath.  Her power roared within her.  She had already taken care of two Italian agents, and now the Japanese contingent had fallen victim to her stony superpowers.  It was fabulous.  She made a mental note of both rooms, fully intending to visit later to fully appreciate the fruits of her powers.  The thought of slowly undressing the helpless agents brought another burst of pleasure and Elaine cried out in ecstasy, momentarily forgetting to send the elevator back down without taking on new passengers.  There was a ding as the doors slid open.  A pair of scientists gaped at the sight of Elaine relishing a particularly fulfilling orgasm.  Their glasses steamed up instantly.

"Oh champion."  Elaine regained her senses.  "Sorry chaps, just dropped a contact lens and was trying to find it."  She slid past them and headed to the bar for a drink.

* * *

"Dmitri, there is someone here."  Drago had to hunch his massive body in order to peer through the small window set in the door.  He straightened up to his full seven foot height.  His partner nodded to him.  Dmitri Vassilov knew that nothing short of a stick of dynamite could stop Drago.  The mission was proceeding admirably, he had made contact with Dr. VaVoom, and would shortly be visiting her room for what he hoped would be an intimate encounter.  While he was engaged in the good Doctor., Drago would be unleashed upon the other agents.  None of them would be a match for the unstoppable Russian juggernaut.

"Dmitri.  So good of you to see me."  X stalked into the room, Drago trailing behind her, his ham-sized hands slowly opening and closing with dread intent.

"X?"  Dmitri went pale underneath his tan.  "Sweet merciful Lenin!"

"Is your friend going to introduce himself?"  X looked Drago up and down appraisingly, noting the overlarge shoulders, and huge, solid muscles.  It was odd having to look up, as her own haughty height of six foot, two inches put her well above her contemporaries.  Drago smiled, an unpleasant expression that revealed blunt, gapped teeth.

"Drago! Kill her!"  Drago needed no more instruction, and spread his arms wide, with the intention of enveloping the smaller woman.  As he moved, X's arm shot out with smooth precision, the side of her hand impacting squarely of Drago's adam's apple.  The huge Russian made a choking noise, his hands moving to his throat.  X brought her right leg up and slammed it into the Russian's left knee.  The joint made a wet, popping noise and collapsed, sending Drago to the floor.  He made an inarticulate sound a scant moment later as the pain hit him; as his mouth opened, X filled it with her boot, driving the big Russian backwards.

"Such a lovely introduction."  X smiled walked over Drago's prone form, grinding her heels with every step.  "Now Dmitri, I do not want you and your friend out of this room in 25 seconds.  I do not want you out of this hotel in three minutes, and I do not want you out of this city in less than an hour.  Understand?"

"Nyet."  Dmitri quavered.  "You do not want us to go?  You want us to stay?"

"I want you to stay."  X smiled like a shark.  "If you stay, I get to ensure that you do not interfere with my mission.  If you go, I am denied the opportunity of rendering both of you permanently helpless."

"Shit."  Dmitri paled further.  Her patted his jacket to ensure that his wallet and passport were in place and then grabbed Drago by the collar and started to drag him from the room.    X nodded as the door clicked behind them.  Two seconds to spare.  She quickly and efficiently stripped the room, locating Dmitri's stash of finest caviar.  Tucking the tins into a briefcase, she stalked to the balcony and stepped outside to watch for Dmitri and his crippled friend.  They still had thirty seconds to leave.  As she watched a flash of tawny fur caught her attention.  A woman was scaling the side of the building without the aid of a rope.  X reached into a pocket of her trench coat and brought out a small pair of binoculars.

"Patricia."  X murmured, feeling a warm glow sweep though her as she watched the lithe, agile cat-woman drop silently onto a seventeenth floor balcony.  Darling Dee had stolen the super-power generator and put it to excellent use.  X watched for a moment longer, enjoying the play of muscles under Trish's tawny fur.

"I should leave you for Elaine."  X smiled.  Trish's enhanced strength and agility would be a wonderful challenge to defeat. "But I won't."  Turning on her heel, she left the room and hurried towards the elevators.

* * *

"Where did she go?" Antoinette glanced behind her.  Beside her Giselle panted, trying to catch her breath.

"It's still in here somewhere."  Giselle managed.  "What's going on?"

"I don't know."  Antoinette  turned a full circle, her gun at the ready.  The mission was going steadily downhill.  They had stolen maid's uniforms and were preparing to raid Dr. VaVoom's room, under the pretense of cleaning it.  They had rolled their towel cart into the service elevator, when everything had gone crazy.  All the buttons had lit up and the elevator had plunged into the depths of the building.  They had emerged into one of the many machine rooms that provided the massive hotel's needs.  The elevator remained dead and unresponsive behind them.  Then they had been attacked.  Silver tentacles had whipped out of the darkness, snatching at their uniforms and then retreating.  They had run, but their tormentor seemed to be everywhere.

"Hi there."  A voice called out from the darkness.  "Welcome to my parlor said the spider to the fly."

"Who are you?"  Giselle drew her pistol and pointed into the darkness, trying to figure out where the voice was coming from.

"I am the Mistress of Machines!  The Tentacled Techno-babe!  The prettiest, smartest and all around greatest inventor in the world!  Bow down before Doctor Octa-Cutie!"

"You are kidding me."  Antoinette managed as she spotted the speaker.  A short, blond girl wearing an outrageous costume.  Her slight figure was sheathed in a skin-tight outfit of purple and pink, complete with short boots and a pair of wrap-around goggles.  Emerging from her back, four silver tentacles writhed.  Her belt was large and slightly ungainly, loaded with a variety of pouches.

"Stop or we shall shoot you."  Giselle gripped her gun with both hands, and sighted down the barrel.  "I said stop!"

"Go ahead and try."  Dee crossed her arms and stuck out her tongue.  Giselle tried to pull the trigger, but it was stuck and remained unmoving under her straining finger.  As she tried to shoot again, a tentacle shot out and ripped the gun from her hands.

"All machines and mechanical devices obey my every desire!"  The strange figure laughed.  "Now what to do with the pair of you?"

"You could let us go?"  Antoinette slowly reached down to the throwing knife concealed in her shoe.  As her fingers brushed the deadly blade, the tentacles reared up, spraying something at her.  A glob of clear gel splashed over her hand and foot, instantly hardening.  Another one secured her other foot to the floor.

"Oh Non!"  Giselle turned to run, but was brought up short as her feet were glued to the floor.

“Voulez couches avec moi ce soir?”  Dee sang.  “Sorry I don’t know any other French.”

“That’s very good.”  Antoinette struggled against the glue that bound her.  “Zat is a fabulous idea.  Don’t you agree?”

“Oui.”  Giselle nodded quickly.  “An excellent idea.  Let us loose and we shall show you a wonderful time.”

“Then you will bow down before Doctor Octa-Cutey.”  Dee jumped up and down and clapped her hands excitedly.   She regained her composure.  “Of course you will.  All bow down before my beauty and brilliance.”  The tentacles whipped forward again, tearing what remained of Antoinette and Giselle’s clothes to pieces.  “Why wait.  You may bow down to me now.  What?”

Dee’s eyes widened behind her visor.  The French spies had stopped moving; their faces frozen with a combination of fear and pleasure.  As Dee watched, the pair slowly hardened, their beautiful soft flesh becoming pale, white marble.  It only took a moment until the pair was completely petrified.  Giselle reaching for her knife, crouched slightly, her beautiful, rounded bottom presented lovingly, and Antoinette in a running pose, her feet sill adhered to the ground.

“Oh dear.”  Elaine’s voice called out from the darkness.  “I do believe you’re a little too late.  What is it that you American’s say?  Oh yes, you snooze, you lose.”

“Elaine!”  Dee shouted furiously, her eyes darting left and right.  “I’m going to get you for that!”

“Hardly.”  Elaine called back, slipping behind a bank of dryers.  It would be so easy.  Dee would become a statue, just like the others.  No one could stop her.  The power that burned in Elaine was ready to reach out and ensnare the short blonde scientist.  Elaine shook her head as if to clear it.  She was as confident as the next world-class super-spy, but this was ridiculous.  The machine!  That was it.  Dana Lee Roth and her scientist friend had shown all the classic symptoms of megalomania.  Even cute and perky Dee was not acting like her normal, slightly submissive self.

“Champion.”  Elaine kept her mind focused.  Knowing the trap was at least half the battle, and knowing that her opponents would be supremely overconfident would help.  Even if she was smarter, more powerful and greater than any of them – or all of them.  Elaine shook her head again.  It was not going to be a walk in the park to stay focused.

“There you are!”  Dee exalted, shooting blasts of glue towards Elaine.  The blonde super-spy rolled to the side, the globs of sticky ooze missing her by scant inches.  She dashed down a corridor and headed towards the emergency stairs.  She could here Dee coming in pursuit.  The little scientist would be very dangerous, but Elaine had a wonderfully, wicked plan in mind.  Nothing could go wrong, Dee wouldn’t stand a chance.

* * *

“I feel kitty, oh so kitty, and kitty and witty and wise.”  Trish mewed happily to herself as she rubbed her tawny body up against the two golden statues that stood incongruously in the center of hotel room.  She had been introduced to Helga and Dagmar socially; the two tall and busty Germans had been guests of the American consul some years back.  Trish began purring loudly as she wrapped herself around Dagmar’s frozen form, pressing her face between the upturned, golden breasts, her long, sensitive whiskers brushing against the gently glowing golden nipples.  She batted a paw against the right breast and stepped back.  She was unstoppable.  While she had to rely on Dee’s improved Golden Gun, her superhuman agility, speed and strength meant that she could handle anyone with ease.  Even X couldn’t stand against her.  Trish’s purr grew louder and deeper.  Dee couldn’t handle X, she lacked the killer instinct.  She would freeze the haughty scientist and present her to Dee as a gift.  Or better yet, take both of them to play with.  Or even better.  Elaine.  Trish checked her holster.  She had plenty of bullets left, including a trio of Damnit Granite Janet.  Elaine would be so sexy, her blonde hair and pale skin covered in smooth, gray stone.  Just the thought of it, was enough to give the kitty some cream and Trish let her fingers brush lightly against her barely concealing bikini bottom.

“Mew?”  Trish’s ear perked up and swiveled slightly, orienting on the door.  There was no mistaking the sound of those heels.  Her nose twitched, clean leather and soft flesh.  X!  With a happy purr, Trish bounded across the room and slid under the bed with a sinuous motion.  She drew her gun and quickly changed the magazine to Marvelous Marble.  The haughty blonde Amazon always looked good in pale white marble.

The door bulged on its hinges and then slammed open as X kicked it open.  She strode into the room, taking in the two golden statues with the barest of nods.  She kicked back with one leg, easily hooking the door with her toe and slamming it shut.

“Well Patricia,”  X smiled her best shark’s smile.  “I see you have been busy. Shall we?”

“Sure!”  Trish rolled out from under the bed and fired.  The bullet from the golden gun burned through X’s corset, leaving a splash of white.  “Too slow kinky!”

“Oh Patricia!”  X laughed warmly, running a gloved  finger around the hole in her corset and then licking the tip.  “That tickles.”

“What?”  Trish backed away as X began stalking towards her.  “Why aren’t you freezing?”

“Do you think I’m so foolish as to leave myself vulnerable to my own weapons.”  X chortled.  “I am fully protected against darling Dee’s little toy.  Now to business.  My magnificent strength and skills against yours.  X tossed away her leather coat and stretched languorously, her firm, powerful muscles standing out as she loosened up.  Trish matched her pose for pose.  X couldn’t beat her.  Nobody could beat her.  She was unstoppable.  Still.  She had seen X in action and the tall scientist was easily the most dangerous fighter she had ever seen.  And her golden gun wouldn’t work.

“Mew!”  Trish’s eyes brightened as she flexed her claws.  The gun hadn’t worked because X was wearing something that kept it from working.  Well she could fix that.  Trish blurred into action, ducking beneath X’s kick and slashing upwards with her claws.  The leather laces that held X’s corset and bustier closed parted easily and the leather garment fell away.  Trish flipped backwards to avoid, X’s counter strike, feeling the whistle of air as the punch narrowly missed her face.  Magnificent.  X’s uncovered breasts were impossibly firm, the small, pink nipples peaked and hard.  There was still a white spot on her smooth abs where the marvelous marble bullet had struck.

“Nicely done, Patricia.”  X moved forward, trying to force Trish into a corner.  Trish let her think it was working and then leapt, easily jumping over X and landing behind her.  A quick swipe with her rear claws shredded the back of X’s tight, leather shorts.

“Full moon tonight.”  Trish purred.  X made an inarticulate sound of rage and grabbed at the hem of her ruined shorts, tearing them away in a single, powerful motion.  Trish took a moment to reconsider.  All that remained were X’s long, leather boots and the officer’s cap she always wore.  While not impossible, it would be hard to get the boots off.

“Got you!”  X’s powerful hands closed on Trish’s forearm and yanked her into a bear hug.  Trish could feel the air being forced from her lungs.  X was even stronger than she appeared.

“Tickle-tickle.”  Trish managed, her tail darting around to brush against X’s sides.  Not ticklish.  The room began to spin as X increased the pressure.  It would be over soon unless she could do something.  The hat.  Trish’s tail shot upwards, catching the brim and knocking it off X’s head.

“Oh!”  X released Trish and staggered backwards, falling to her knees.  The white splash on her abs began to spread over her.  “Oh Trish! You’re so good to me!”

“I like statues, make me quiver, Meow-mix, Meow-mix please deliver.”  Trish bounced behind X and cupped, the immobile marble breasts, her claws tapping the hard, frozen nipples.  X was quivering with pleasure, both hands busily rubbing at her sex.  Trish leaned close as the marble continued to creep over X’s body.  “You know what, I’m going to give you to Dee.”

“Oh! Thank you!”  X whispered as the stone covered her face.  Trish hung on for a few more moments, her hands exploring the solid, white statue.  Finally she got up and swapped clips, slipping the golden gun into her shoulder holster.

“One down and the best is yet to come.”  Trish considered for a moment and then tore away her bikini bottom and straddled X’s perfect white thigh.  “That would be me, and I deserve this.”  Her hips worked furiously until she let loose a magnificent howl of satiation.  As the pleasurable spasms faded, she gave X a final lick on the nose and then bounded out of the room, snagging her bikini as she went and tying it back in place.  The only thing standing between her and Dr. VaVoom was Elaine Blonde, and she planned on giving the British super-spy a licking she wouldn’t soon forget.

* * *

“Come on slowpoke, get a wiggle on.”  Elaine taunted, hurtling up the stairs.  Behind her several globs of glue splattered against the wall.  It was some ten flights of stairs and Dee was flagging.  The poor little dear, Elaine thought, she should be spending more time in the gym and less in the lab.  Elaine hit the last door.  The amusement park.  Champion.  It was late enough that the park was closed and lit only with a handful of lights.  The perfect place for an ambush.

“I’ll.. get.. you.”  Dee gasped as she burst through the door.  She leaned against the frame and took several deep breaths, her small chest heaving under the thin body stocking that covered it.  Elaine ducked around a carousel and circled about.  It was going to be too easy.  By the time she had slid around to the other side, Dee had vanished.

“Where are you?”  Elaine cooed gently.  A flash of movement caught her eye and she dodged aside instinctively.  It was only a security camera.  As she moved away the camera tracked her motion.

“Hello Elaine.”  Dee’s voice issued from the small speaker set under the camera.  “Welcome to by parlor said the spider to the fly.”

“Pretension doesn’t work for you, Dee,”  Elaine observed.  “You are cute and perky.  You should play to your strengths.”

“My strengths?”   A tittering laugh came through the speaker.  “I control all machines!  Cameras are watching your every movement, relaying their signals back to me.  I am everywhere, and nowhere!  You cannot hide from me.  I see your every move.”

“Really.  Then watch this.”  Elaine grabbed at her blouse, tearing it open.  Her tweed jacked at skirt were next.

“Oh boy!”  Dee’s enthusiasm carried through the speaker.  Elaine was not terrible surprised at the reaction, but it was gratifying nonetheless.  Her costume consisted of an abbreviated halter, cut low in the front to reveal her excellent cleavage to full effect.  The black halter was patterned with a Union Jack on the left breast and a small, stylized lizard on the right.  Tight, black, spandex pants clung to every delicious curve of her hips and bottom.

“You dare!”  Elaine strutted towards the camera, her hips swaying with the smooth precision of a metronome.  She ran her hands over the spandex, ensuring that her peaked nipples were visible through the thin material.  “The Mistress of Machines?  The Tentacled Techno-babe?  Sorry Dr. Octa-Cutey, but you are complete out of you class.  Call me the Blonde Basilisk.”

“How about I call you mine!”  Silver tentacles reached out and snagged Elaine, securing her arms and legs and lifting her off the ground.  “Gotcha!”

“How embarrassing,”  Elaine said dryly.  “Any other tricks?”

“Several.  Don’t try and turn around.”  Dee advised as the tentacles began taking liberties with Elaine’s lush form.

“That’s it then?”  Elaine struggled futilely against the increasingly lascivious bonds.  “You can control a few camera and have four silver sex toys at your beck and command.  Colour me not impressed one whit!”

“I control all machines!”  Dee shouted back, gesturing.  As she did all the rides lit up and started moving.  “Every single one of them!  They all answer to me!  I am their mistress! And.. and… oh nuts!”

“As you said.  Gotcha.”  Elaine noted as the tentacles fell away.  Around her the amusement park shut itself down.  Dee’s magnificent display had drained the last of her powers, leaving her quite helpless.  “My turn.”

“Elaine… Don’t…”  Dee fumbled for at her belt for something.   Elaine called on her power, which was singing through her body.  She was already quite invigorated by Dee’s tentacled caresses.  The power reached over the perky blonde, but faded as it struck her.

“It appears I am out of power too,”  Elaine noted.

“I can’t move!”  Dee cried out, her hands still reaching into her belt.

“I am sure it is only temporary.”  Elaine stalked towards the diminutive scientist.  “Here, let me help you with that.”

Elaine unclipped the utility belt and rummaged through it, taking inventory.  A golden gun!  The Mark II variety, and a lovely collection of cartridges.  What a thoughtful girl Dee was.  A small canister caught her eye.

“Mannequin in a can?” Elaine held it up and showed it to Dee.  “So you had more than one?   Really Dee, you should not lie like that.  You do know that karma will return and bite you rather hard in the bottom.  Or if karma is unavailable, I am sure that X will fill in.”

“Elaine!  What are you doing to me?”  The frozen scientist could only move her neck slightly as Elaine began peeling away her costume.

“I should think that much is obvious.”  Elaine said, pushing the spandex down past Dee’s small, pert breasts to pool around her slim hips.  She began repositioning Dee’s arms into a more classical pose.  “Perfect. The Venus Dee-Milo.”

“Elaine!  Stop!  You can’t.”  Dee stood helplessly as Elaine backed away.  The Mannequin-in-a-Can arced towards her, exploding in a cloud of mist that completely obscured the tiny posed scientist for a moment.

“Champion.”  Elaine nodded as the mist cleared.  Dee’s small, pert form glistened in the few lights.  Elaine approached and rapped a long fingernail against  the small scientist’s shoulder and was rewarded with a the hard click of plastic.  Dee’s mouth was still open in a last, desperate protest against her fate.  Elaine leaned down and kissed her, relishing the smooth, hard, plastic of Dee’s lips.

“Now.”  Elaine hoisted Dee up and carried her towards the elevators.  “I shall deliver you to X and then it is Trish’s turn.”

* * *

“X, I have a rather smashing present for you.”  Elaine knocked the door to their shared room open with her hip and wheeled the cart in.  While Dee wasn’t terribly heavy, Elaine did not have X’s muscled mass, and had liberated a handcart to transport her plasticized victim.  “X?  Are you here?”

“She’s here.”  The dim lights switched on, revealing X.  The tall, marble scientist was arranged in the center of the room.  She looked like she was enjoying herself.  Elaine considered going over to enjoy her, but the situation would not allow for it.

“You have me at a disadvantage, Trish.”  Elaine felt the barrel of a golden gun press up between her shoulder blades.  “Well played.”

“Thank you.”  Trish closed the door, the gun never wavering.  “Put your hands up and spread your legs.”

“Are you going to frisk me?”  Elaine complied.  There was no way she could get the drop on Trish, the cat-agent’s reflexes would be far too fast.

“No.  I just think it’s a great position to freeze you in,”  Trish purred happily.

“Easy access to all the best parts, I quite agree with you.”  Elaine said.  “But would you mind saving the costume?  I just had it made and it is quite dear.  I do not think MMM will pay to have it replaced.”

“Nice try, Blondie.”  Trish prodded her with the barred.  “Keep your hands up.”

“Well, it was worth asking.  There’s no need to be beastly about it.”  Elaine said.  “When you are quite ready.”

“Beastly?  Moi?”  Trish said archly.  “Let me show you how beastly I can be.”

Elaine felt the brush of air against her back as Trish’s claws slashed neatly through her spandex halter.  It fell away slowly, releasing her breasts, which bounced fetchingly.  With the bounce, another small object fell and skittered across the carpet, jingling slightly.  The golden gun fell with a thump as Trish leapt forward and pounced on the small cat-nip mouse.  She nosed it happily, her tail whisking back and forth.

It was the classic booby trap.  In one smooth motion, Elaine dropped to one knee, swept up the golden gun and fired a shot at the right cheek Trish’s rather smashingly presented bottom.  Trish arched her back as the wave of granite began creeping up her body, a low, throaty purr echoing up through her throat.   It continued until she was completely covered in stone.  Elaine kept her distance for several long moments until the thermal reaction from the shell consumed Trish’s bikini.  The air in the room took on a slightly exotic scent as the cat-nip mouse was caught in the combustion.

“Well, when the cat’s all gray, the blonde will play.”  Elaine said, embracing Trish’s still, granite form, her hands running over the stone sheathed flesh.  “I’d love to stay and play longer, but I have a job to do.  I’m going to free X to make sure that you and Dee stay out of my way until I’m finished.”

* * *

Dr. VaVoom was unsuccessfully brushing her long black hair.  The handcuff that secured the small briefcase to her wrist kept getting in the way.  She tried holding the handle of the briefcase in her teeth as she brushed.  It sort of worked.  As she struggled, she was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Who is it.”  Dr. VavVoom pulled her robe closed.  It was hard enough getting the handcuff through the sleeve of the robe, let alone tying the robe closed.  The had tried in once and ended up tying her hand and the briefcase to the belt.  She held the robe closed with one hand.

“Room service.”  A musical, feminine voice called out.  “Compliments of the establishment.  I have a fruit-basket and magnum of champagne for a Dr. VaVoom.”

“Bring it in.”  Dr. VaVoom unlocked the door.  The uniform that the maid wore was certainly unusual.  She hadn’t though that the Colossal Centre would be partial to form-fitting spandex.

“Where shall I put it?”  Elaine pushed the cart in, making sure to close the door behind her.  The click of the lock told her that it would be that much more difficult for them to be interrupted.

“By the bed would be fine.”  Dr. VaVoom gestured, the briefcase on her wrist knocking over a lamp.  “Damn this thing!”

“Well, you should give it to me then.”  Elaine uncovered the cart and snatched up the golden gun, pointing it at Dr. VaVoom.  “The briefcase please.”

“I can’t give it to you.”  Dr. VaVoom’s eyes were glued to the gun.  “It’s like the only copy of my research to date, and I don’t have the key.  My manager keeps it.  He’s like afraid I’m going to lose it.  I’m a bit of a scatterbrain.  Don’t shoot me.”

“Fine.  Just open the case and give me the research.”  Elaine said.

“It’s locked!  I can’t open it.”  Dr. VaVoom was trembling all over.  The full tremble looked good on her Elaine noted as she caught glimpses of the scientist’s lush body as the robe flapped open.

“Very well.  You give me no choice.”  The golden gun in Elaine’s hand coughed, sending a Midas Mix shell right between Dr. VaVoom’s impressive breasts.  Timing would be critical.

“It feels so good!”  Dr. VaVoom closed her eyes as the aphrodisiac effect of the golden gun set her aquiver.  Elaine darted in and grabbed the briefcase.  She slipped a lock-pick into the lock, working the catch with a practiced ease.  The handcuff sprang free and Elaine retreated with the case as the golden effect completed covered the buxom scientist.  There was a flash of flame as Dr. VaVoom’s robe burned away.  Elaine contemplated the golden scientist for several long moments.  No. She had a job to do first.  The lock on the briefcase only took a moment to pick.  The case popped open, revealing a single sheet of paper.  Elaine picked it up and read it.  It didn’t take more than a second.

“This can’t be it.”  Elaine grabbed the small ultraviolet light on the end of her key fob and shone it on the page.  Nothing.  She switched over to the infrared and tried.  Still nothing.  She quickly worked her way through a half dozen techniques, from heat to magnification.  If there was additional information on the sheet, she couldn’t find it.

“Fine.”  Elaine cleared the shell from the golden gun and pointed it at Dr. VaVoom.  There was a discharge of static and the golden coated melted away from the scientist.

“Oh wow!”  Dr. VaVoom ran her hands over her own breasts.  “That was, like, super trippy.”

“Where’s the rest of it.”  Elaine said, displaying the sheet.

“My speech!”  Dr. VaVoom made an attempt to grab the paper, but Elaine pulled it away from her.  “You can’t have that.  I like need it for tomorrow.”

“This is not your speech.”  Elaine said.  “There’s barely two sentences here.”

“They took me months!”  Dr. VaVoom said.  “I’ll give you anything!”

“Well…”  Elaine considered.  “I do happen to know of an independent film company that could use some additional funding.  And I myself could use some folding money for spare munitions and the like.  Shall we say three million American dollars?”

“I’ll write you a check!  Daddy gives me all the money I want.”  Dr. VaVoom said.  “Who shall I make it out to?”

“E. Blonde.”  Elaine said, and then spelled it out to ensure that it was correct.  She took the check and double checked everything.

“Excellent.”  Elaine folded the check and tucked it into her cleavage.  She placed Dr. VaVoom’s pager back in the briefcase and locket it.  “Oh, one more thing.”

“What?  Oh!  Nice!”  Dr. VaVoom shivered as Elaine shot her again.  She fell backwards on the floor and writhed in ecstasy as the gold covered her.

“Don’t worry.”  Elaine leaned down and kissed the glittering golden breasts.  “I am only going to leave you like this for an hour or so.  I want to make sure that I clear this check to Zurich and transfer the money before you get any ideas about canceling it.  It’s been a business doing pleasure with you.  Ta ta for now.”

* * *

“Welcome back Elaine.”  X looked up from her book as Elaine entered the room.  X was reclined in the most comfortable chair in the room, a plate of cheese and caviar at her elbow, a magnum of champagne resting nearby.  Her feet were up, the heels of her boots resting on Trish’s lovely stone bottom.  Across the room, Dee was suspended from the chandelier.  Small electrodes were attached to her skin, the wires trailing back to a control box that rested next to X.

“I have finished things up with Dr. VaVoom.”  Elaine said.  The money was confirmed and had been transferred.  There was no way that it could be recovered.  The Swiss were very good about such things.  She had unfrozen Dr. VaVoom, but not before spending a very enjoyable hour playing with the motionless, golden, scientist.  Dr. VaVoom had enjoyed it too.

“Elaine!”  Dee blushed, the colour reaching almost all parts of her naked body.  “Make her let me go, please.”

“Dee, I did warn you that I expected you to be quiet while I read,”  X said and pressed the button on the control.  “Another dose of theta rays for the naughty, naughty scientist.”

“Not again!  Oh! Oh! Ohboy!Ohboy!Ohboy!”  Dee writhed against her restraints, her body twitching as obviously orgasmic spasms ripped through it.

“X, we have what we came for.  You can let Dee and Trish go.”  Elaine lifted X’s heels off Trish’s backside and placed them gently on the floor.

“No yet!”  Dee managed from between clenched teeth.  “I’m still coming.   Ohboy! Ohboy!”

“Darling Dee is so responsive to pleasure.”  X said fondly and offered the tray of caviar to Elaine.  “May I see the research?”

“Here you are.  I will say this much for Dr. VaVoom, she is brief.”  Elaine handed over the copy she had written out from memory.  “My word!  This is excellent.  Where ever did you get it?”

“I ran into an old acquaintance.”  X said as she unfolded the paper.  “He has always had excellent taste for the finer things.  He left in such a hurry that he forgot his caviar and it would be such a shame to see it wasted.”

Elaine watched as read the two lines.  The blonde scientist’s eyes grew wider and she began laughing.  X fell backwards into the chair, the laughter growing even more raucous and intense.  Her leather boots kicked the air in pure glee.

“What’s gotten into her? Umm. Elaine, could you get me down from here.”  Dee said as she watched she spectacle.  As X continued to thrash, her arm came down on the button again.

“Never mind!”  Dee shrieked with ecstasy.  “I’m fine here! Ohboy! Ohboy! Ohboy!”

* * *

“I still don’t like it.”  Trish said sourly as she watched Dr. VaVoom climb the podium.  Elaine had restored her the previous night, and had been energetic and enthusiastic enough to wear out the last of the Trish’s reserve of power.  “Did that machine really make us megalomaniacs?”

“Yes.  Yes it did.”  Elaine confirmed.  “I have already submitted a strong recommendation to both MMM and Felicia that the research be discontinued and the machines be taken out of services.”

“That’s too bad.”  Dee leaned between the pair.  “I think that it makes X just a little nicer.”

“Now Dee, that’s not fair.”  X giggled in an entirely uncharacteristic manner.  “Let us all listen to Dr. VaVoom’s brilliant speech.”  She broke down and began laughing again.

“You really are mental, you know that.”  Elaine commented as X doubled over in laughter again.

“Ahem!”  Dr. VaVoom’s manager had undone the briefcase and handed the sexy scientist the paper.  “I hope that all of you like have had a great time at this conference.”

“Some of us.”  Trish said, glaring at X, who was struggling for breath.

“Do not be catty.”  Elaine smiled and dropped an arm around Trish’s waist.  “I do have a rather excellent surprise for you later.”

“Anyway.  Here’s my latest paper on the status of my cold fusion research.”  Dr. VaVoom drew in a deep breath, her impressive chest swelling further.  She read from the page.  “Cold Fusion is really, really, hard to figure out.  I am still working on it.”

“That’s it?”  Trish gaped, while X fell over backwards and drummed her heels on the floor.

“There’s more!”  Dr. VaVoom’s voice cut through the murmur of the assembled scientists.  “I want everyone to know that as of today, I will no longer be working on cold fusion.  My experiences at this conference has opened my eyes to a whole new area of science.”

“Elaine, what did you do to her?”  Trish said warily.

“Nothing you wouldn’t have done.”  Elaine said.

“I know exactly what I would have done.”  Trish said with a nod to Dr. VaVoom’s lush physique.  “I take it that you did what I would have done?”

“Several times.”  Elaine admitted.

“From now on.”  Dr. VaVoom continued, “I will be dedicating my scientific brilliance, and not inconsiderable fortune, to developing a process for turning people into statues.”

“I think there may be hope for Veronica VaVoom yet.”  X said, getting back to her feet.  “Our work here is done.”

“I cannot help but think we may regret this,”  Elaine said as they left the hall.  Behind them, Dr. VaVoom was detailing the planned scope of her next project.  In graphic detail.

“So what’s this surprise you have for me?”  Trish said as they reached Elaine’s room.  “I take it that is something other than Dr. VaVoom’s celeb-utante science.”

“Yes.  This.”  Elaine handed Trish a envelope.

The redhead tore open the envelope and read the letter inside.  Her eyes grew wider and wider.  With a scream of joy she leapt into Elaine’s arms.

“Independent funding!”  Trish shrieked, dancing Elaine around the room.  “We don’t have to shut down the studio.  There’s enough money here to do dozens of films!”

“Smashing news.”  Elaine disengaged from Trish and sat down on the edge of the bed.  “I daresay that your adoring fans will never want for Lesbian Cat Girl theatre films.”

“I have some great ideas for scripts.”  Trish enthused.  “I want to do all the classics.  Lesbian Cat Girl Theatre presents A Tale of Two Kitties.  Lesbian Cat Girl Theatre presents Ivan Ho’s – A Tail of Sex’n Vixens.  Lesbian Cat Girl Theatre presents A Midsummer Night’s Cream!”

“Champion ideas, all of them.  Very intellectual.”  Elaine said.  “Though I think I recall seeing something in the letter about script approval.”

“What.  I didn’t see that.”  Trish bent down to pick the letter back up.  As she did, Elaine drew out the golden gun and shot Trish in the left cheek, having shot the right one earlier.  Trish froze in place as the liquid gold rushed over her.  Elaine waited with ill concealed impatience as the thermal effect of the transformation consumed Trish’s clothes, leaving her naked, glistening golden form on display in the center of the room.

“Oh, it is there.”  Elaine leaned forward and whispered in Trish’s golden ear.  She embraced the statue from behind, her hands cupping Trish’s breasts, teasing the peaked, stiff nipples.  “And as the person with script approval, I am going to insist that we begin with Lesbian Cat Theatre presents The Passion of the Midas.  A three hour, deeply historical film that details the exact acts that Queen Midas – I know he was male, but I am taking artistic license here – engaged in with the victims of her golden touch.  I have quite a list here, so I was hoping that we could go through them all and see which ones you like the best.  This being a historical film and all, research is of utmost importance.”


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