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New Stories from 2005

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 These aren't exactly new, but they are the new stories from 2004 and before arranged in the order by date they were added to the archive.






The most current new stories remain here and will be split out, by year, in January

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28-Dec-05   Palesoles Posession Passion
(a poem; follows Ecstasy)
      Anger (a poem) Agony (a poem)
    Muscleborg It's a Job  
    RobotMan H is for Heuristic (Chapters 20~37)  
    Venus Redscare The Bakery  
    K Strings  
    Paul Jutras Liking Privacy Over Cooperative Living  
    Northern Chill New Outlook for School Staff
(from Yahoo group)
Last Wishes Aren't All Good
(from Yahoo group)
      Soft Comfort
(from Yahoo group)
Lasting Beauty
(from Yahoo group)
      Spandex Tights - 3
(from Yahoo group)
No More Heroines - 3
(from Yahoo group)
      Salesman - All Contracts Voided!
(from Yahoo group)
Change of Address
(from Yahoo group)
    D. Monster Talisman - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
(updated to continue 6~9 as link to MSU)
7-Dec-05   H. Dean The Wish  
    TinySexyGirl Les Yeux Sans Visage  
    Palesoles Ecstasy (a poem) Androids 'R Us
    Magnus Menagerie 3  
    Dmuk Never Try to Trick a Trickster  
    Northern Chill

A Contract is a Contract
(from Yahoo group)

Exclusive Club Privileges
(from Yahoo group)
      Hold That Pose
(from Yahoo group)
Plastic Assets
(from Yahoo group)
    lcdrjmc The Nanny2: Part 5/15
    The Sculptor Menagerie 1, 2  
26-Nov-05   Palesoles Acquisition for the Gallery  
20-Nov-05   Drake License to Still (final)  
    TinySexyGirl Mistaken Identities  
    RobotMan 'H' is for Heuristic (Chapters 1~19)  
    Leem Soulsnight  
    D. Monster Talisman - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  
    Vincent Jarrod Alvira Jones and the High School of Doom - pt.1, pt.2, pt.3 (cross posted from Medusa Realm stories archive) The Perils of Penelope T. Hoze
"Helga Hoffmeier's Hosiery Hut", pt.3
(from Medusa Realm stories archive)
Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3, Pt.4
(from MR archive)
    Alexandria_ML Mannequin Fun 1, 2 (from Medusa Realm stories archive)  
    The Gripper A Model's Nightmare
(attrbuted to this author, was Unknown)
A Model's Nightmare 2:
The Search for Tara

(attrbuted to this author, was Unknown)
      The Acting Job
(attrbuted to this author, was Unknown)
Support Your Local Plumber
(attrbuted to this author, was Unknown)
    goldlove Subject, Series indicies of LTBSA  
22-Oct-05   TinySexyGirl Changing Parts  
    Dmuk Loren Stands In (illustration added)  
    Disman Looking For Shoplifters (illustration added)  
    True_ML A Night at the Adult Wax Museum... (illustration added)  
12-Oct-05   Northern Chill Solitary Confinement No More Heroines 2
    Drake License to Still (parts 1, 2)  
    RobotMan The Mission  
    TinySexyGirl Still Life  
    Dmuk Mail Order Mannequin  

Girls Under Glass (the Professor's Secret) 4 - Mr.Pitt's Request

    Rodin Force Field of Dreams  
26-Jun-05   (auro_) Basilisk
Golden Age Origin of Atom Girl 1,2,3,4,5a  
    Leem Shalvi Valley of the Domes
    JMD Tales Of The Wand 8
(with Alexandria)
'Til Midnight
    Northern Chill Thoughts on Writing  
    goddessofthemachine Miho and the Black Widow  

Girls Under Glass (the Professor's Secret) 3 - Night Moves

    Paul Jutras Graduation Day Nylon Goddess
15-Feb-05   Northern Chill The Shape of Things To Come 3 No More Heroines 1
    CMQ Incredible Ring Thing, pt. 60-65  
    ButchyBoy The Nightingale's Song  
    Q Living Statues - Pawns of the State 5a (w/ dmuk)  
    AmishNightmare Makeup Makes the Woman 1  
    Johnsan Magical Costume Doll What Little Dolls Are Made Of
    Drake Diamonds Are For Adventurers  
    The Freeze Fan Restaurant of Frozen Patrons  
    Rodin Dark Side of the Moon (first revolution)  
    Paul Jutras Voodoo Who Do  
    Ms. Tiger to You Handy  

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