A Night at The Adult Wax Museum

Turns out to be a Lifetime in Wax

by True ML,
edited by dmuk

It was a Saturday night and Joan and Tania were at the movies, amazed at how great the picture at the big-screen theatre looked after their dingy 7-plex at home. They were both very attractive young ladies; more likely to be seen in some dance club than watching a film. Tania had beautiful shoulder-length blonde hair and Joan had longer black hair, which she often liked to tie up in a ponytail. As the movie was just about over, Joan asked Tania what she would like to do afterward. She knew the City-Walk was not far away; that had sounded like a blast to her.

The two girls were from out of town, on a holiday in Hollywood, and were taking in all the sights during their short time. Little did they know they were about to become one of the sights…

Tania replied, "There is a Adult Wax Museum around here; I heard about from a travel guide at the airport. He said we might like to visit it, and gave me some discount coupons."

"OK we’ll go after the movie," Joan agreed. "It sounds like fun since it’s an adult wax museum." She had just thought about what the displays might be like inside an adults-only wax museum. Certainly not the dull figures of celebrities and old politicians she had seen in these kinds of places before. If there was anyone there she recognized, they would probably be in more interesting positions, for sure!

At the curb outside the theater, on Sunset, the two girls quickly caught a cab (almost being responsible for a minor fender-bender.) Leaning in the window, they told the driver where they wanted to be taken. He did a double-take, then looked at them oddly.

"Hey are you sure you want to go to that wax museum?  It’s on the other side of town. Take it from me, it isn’t exactly a good place for classy broads like you to be seen, ya know?"

This comment was a little surprising, but after a moment they replied eagerly "Yes we’re sure – let’s get going before they close!"

"Oh, you don’t hafta worry about that," the cabbie said with a cryptic chuckle as he drove off. When they arrived at the museum, they saw it was in the ‘older part of town’ that was kind of run-down compared to the strip. Joan looked at Tania and hesitated for just a moment before paying the cab driver and heading towards the entrance of the museum. Their sign had seen better days; only part of it remained lit now, looking kind of seedy. There was a lot of trash on the sidewalk too.

"Well, I guess we’re here." Tania said to Joan, needlessly. She didn’t want to say it was starting to sound like a bad idea to have come.

"Let’s go in," Joan replied. After a second's hesitation, her friend followed.

As the two girls were heading over to the door, an old man looked out of a crack in the filthy office window to see them walking towards the museum. He smiled in anticipation.  "Ah! My new wax figures have arrived, as planned," he said gleefully to the empty air, then turned towards a wax figure of a man standing in a display. "You did well, this time..." he said to the stiff, waxy figure.

The two girls paid for their admission to a bored-looking old woman and entered the museum. As they were walking in, the first exhibit caught their eyes. Tania was looking at the wax figures of a young man and a woman standing, holding each other in their arms. They seemed very much in love. This so far seems more like PG than X, she thought to herself.

Something seemed odd, though. Stopping after the first glance, Tania looked again at the male wax figure and said to Joan. "See that wax figure over there? It looks just like the travel guide I saw at the airport – the one that gave me the discount."

Joan looked back at Tania as if she was loony and said, "Tania, that is a wax statue. See! How can a wax figure talk to you at an airport?"

"You’re right, of course, Joan; but he is a very good likeness of the man I saw. Almost a spitting image. The girl looks familiar somehow, too." That figure was a petite redhead. dressed in a halter top and tight shorts.

"Let’s go and see the rest of the figures; stop freaking me out, Tawny!" Joan chuckled. As they were going in through a second set of doors to tour the exhibits, they noticed several people exiting the museum.

"I hope the museum’s not closing yet," Joan fretted.

A gruff voice came from behind her. "No my dear; not just yet. You two can take your time and explore the exhibits. Take in all the sights."

It was the old man that was lurking behind them. The two girls were just about ready to jump right out of their shoes. "Eek!" Tania gasped.

"Oh I’m sorry to scare you, miss. You see, I am the owner of this museum and these here are my ‘children’," he said warmly.

"Oh, that’s OK; you just scared us a little." Tania replied, with a self-conscious smile.

"My name is Jake – what’s yours?"

"I’m Tania, and this is Joan. Nice to meet you, Jake."

Jake smiled as if enjoying a secret, then replied, "You two lovely girls go on and enjoy the figures; I’ll keep my museum open just for you two. Take your time…"

"Thanks!" the girls replied in unison to the old man, then walked towards the static scenes that awaited them inside.

The old man turned back toward the entrance, then glanced back over his shoulder to watch them enter the museum proper. My! They are even more beautiful up close. They will be a great asset to my museum, he thought to himself smugly.

Meanwhile...  Tthe girls had discovered that the exhibits were finally starting to live up to their billing. These dioramas were definitely not for the kiddies.

"Joan, check this out!" Tania replied in an emphatic whisper. Her friend came over to see what the rush was all about.

"Wow!" Joan exclaimed. The grouping was a display of bondage; there was a handsome man tying up a beautiful red haired woman. She was bound tightly by nylon ropes at her feet and hands while the man was posed putting a gag into her mouth.

"Sick…" Tania replied at first, but she looked over at Joan to see the broad smile on her face. "You like this, don’t you, Joan?"

"Oh yes! It is a fantasy of mine to have my boyfriend tie me up and make wild love to me. He never goes far enough in our foreplay," she sighed wistfully, envious of the waxworks.

Tania continued walking along, then looked over at another display it was a young couple in front of a fake fireplace having sex. "Now there is my fantasy – to make love on the carpet in a cozy setting like that. Maybe a bear skin rug, instead."

The two girls approached the wax figures to take a better look. She was a young beautiful blonde haired girl and he had long brown hair that spilled over the carpet. The girl was sitting on top of him, grabbing the hairs on his chest; by the looks on both of their frozen faces it was as if they just were in the middle of an orgasm.

There were many more dioramas to see.   The fascinated girls did not notice that by now they were the only ones left in the museum.

Some of them were lesbian and gay exhibits, along with heteros, in an amusing variety of positions. Much of their surprise there was also an exhibit of a young black haired girl, all alone, masturbating. By the look captured on her waxy face it seemed like she was having a great time.

The two girls found themselves getting progressively more aroused looking at the exhibits; their felt warmer and their nipples were starting to get hard. Each had seen their private fantasies, enacted, then frozen in time for all to see.

As they wound past the many dioramas and were nearing the exit of the museum, at the very last exhibit, the old man approached them quietly again.

"How did you like my children?" The couple shown was in the middle of a mud-wrestle; their wax bodies coated in slick-looking reddish liquid.

This time they only jumped slightly. "They’re great! Simply stupendous," the two girls together replied to the old man.

"They are so lifelike, you’d think they would get up and ask us to join them," Tania continued.

"You know," Jake replied, "you took the words right out of my mouth."

Tania and Joan turned to him, astounded, and Joan said. "What do you mean, old man?"

Jake smiled again and replied. "Exactly that – you two beauties are going to join my museum. I have already decided that you’re going to become my new lesbian grouping."

The two girls looked at him as if seeing him for the first time. "You mean, you want to make wax figures that look like us?" Joan wondered. A chill shot down her spine; this was starting to get kind of creepy.

"No, silly girl," Jake replied. "I am going to turn you both into wax figures…"

"You’re crazy!" Tania cried; the two girls looked at each other and started for the door.

"You can’t escape…" the man yelled back at them.

The two girls ran right into the door, found it was locked . Then, looking frantically around the room, they saw the Jake approaching them holding some kind of tranquilizer gun.

"Joan – we’re two against a single old man!" Tania realized out loud.

"Yeah; let’s make him open that door," she boasted to Tania.

As soon as she said that, Jake snapped his fingers in the air. Suddenly two wax figures, one of them the young man that Tania had seen at the airport, started to move. Another young man from a different exhibit also reanimated, leaving his nude female companions standing without their partner in the exhibit. In a moment the odd had changed in Jake’s favor.

The two girls screamed, struggling uselessly as the two young men grabbed them and held them tightly. For wax figures, they sure had strong muscles! Tania thought.  Their screams did no good either; there was no one alive nearby to help them. Only the remainder of the still wax figures, and they were not paying any attention.

Jake cautiously shot them, once each, with the tranquilizer gun and soon they were both fast asleep in the men’s arms.

"That should keep them quiet for awhile," Jake commented, "while I’ll go and prepare their exhibit space. I have just the pose in mind for them to be displayed in…" Turning to the young men, he told them to bring the drugged girls into the basement and put them in the cage to keep them from escaping after they woke up.

The two young men said nothing as they hefted up the girls onto their shoulders and carried them off downstairs as Jake went off to prepare his newest diorama for them.

The next morning arrived and the two girls started to awaken. Their heads were still spinning and they had splitting headaches. Looking around the barred space, they both realized that hadn’t been a nightmare last night. They were really trapped here, in the basement of a wax museum. Too late, they remembered that no one knew where they were.

"Good Sunday morning to you, my fine looking wax figures," the old man greeted them.

Then Joan got up out of the bed and yelled at him. "You’re f...in nuts, Jake! You won’t get away with this, not in a million years." She was too scared not to be bold.

Then Tania joined in, "But, why are you doing this, to us? Whatever did we do to you?" They both showed a lot of spit-and-vinegar. It would not do them any good at all.

"Nothing, my dears. You just happen to be the right subjects that I had been waiting for to arrive in our great city. In the right place at the right time, you might say."

Then Joan looked over at the wax figures standing very stiff right next to their cage; they were the same young men that grabbed them last night. What got her attention was seeing them remain so still now, after moving before. It was unbelievably strange, like some horror movie.

"How do they move, if they are wax; it’s impossible!" Tania blurted out her thoughts.

"Sorry, Tania, for not believing you when you said earlier you saw that wax figure at the airport," Joan conceded as she stared at the man’s rigid wax features in fear. She was starting to imagine herself standing just as still, just as waxy-faced, as this guy was and the thought terrified her.

Then Tania said to the old man, "You must of planned this all along; sending him to the airport to act like a travel guide. Giving us the idea to come here…" The man’s sly grin was all the confirmation they needed. "But why he wasn’t shiny like wax at the airport?" she continued.

"You two are going to find out soon enough," he replied. "While these young men may appear to be only wax now, they once were alive and breathing, as you are presently.  You are so lovely and fresh; it is a shame your beauty will fade all too soon."  The old man reached in to caress Tania's cheek but she flinched away.  He continued, "But I have discovered a way of – preserving – people so they will remain young and unchanging forever. The figures in this museum are all my family; you two will join us as my new children."

"Never!" Tania cried out.

The old man approached his silent wax figures and snapped his fingers again; they woke up, looking less waxy, and started to move again. He than ordered them to grab one of the young girls. "The blonde one, I think, to start with."

As the men entered the cage, the young girls became to very scared and huddled in the other corner of the cage. "No! Don’t do this to us!" they screamed as the men grabbed for Tania. Joan stepped in front, yelling "take me first."

Tania screamed "NO" as she was trying to fight off the men and keep them from grabbing Joan at the same time.

"Now, don’t struggle, ladies. I don't need bruises on my new wax figures." Jake replied.

"Screw you!" Tania screamed at him, but quickly the two men overpowered them and took the struggling Joan into the next room while Jake closed the door on the cage, locking Tania back inside.

Tania at last started to cry as watched Joan being taken away to the next room. It's probably that last time I'll see her alive, she despaired.

"Now don’t cry, my dear, you will be joining her very soon. If this will help, let me say that none of my children are dead. No, they are very much alive, but they can’t move unless I allow them to move . You will see your companion later my dear, and you will be amazed; I promise."

"You bastard…" she screamed at him, gaining renewed strength. "Let me at your scrawny neck!"

Then Jake thought to himself, what a temper she has; thank god it’s a Sunday and the museum is closed. Someone might hear her. He headed off to work on his new figure.

Tania started to calm down after Jake and his male wax henchmen were gone. She was all alone in the cage; there was no one to focus her anger on. The fear began to creep in.

Oh, what did we get ourselves into, she cried to herself. I don’t want to be a wax figure.

Meanwhile...  In the other room, Jake was already starting to undress his newest figure. Joan held a far away look in her eyes as the man carefully unclothed her. He had given her an injection of a different drug that made her totally paralyzed so she wouldn’t move as he worked on her.

As the man finished undressing Joan, he looked at his two young men standing nearby and told them to return to their exhibits for awhile; giving them enough time to get back in their poses before they froze with their female companions once more.

As the two men walked through the outer room, Tania looked up at them and vowed if she could get out of the cage she would show them a thing or two. The two men didn’t even glance at her as she called them every name in the book as they went back up the stairs. It was like they were in a trance, or something. Men always looked at her.

Time passed, it must have been hours, and there was no way of telling. Tania was getting restless and thinking about trying to pick the lock when Jake appeared out of the room and started towards her with a leer.

"Your turn, my pretty lady." He said simply.

"Never!" Tania hissed back at him.

"Now, don’t make this hard on me and yourself," Jake replied calmly, raising a syringe to show the defiant girl. "If you don’t come peacefully with me, then I will have to drug you here and now like I did your friend Joan."

"What’s the difference, you bastard!" Tania screamed back.

"None, for myself. You can save yourself considerable discomfort, my dear."

Tania seemed to think it over for a minute, then said. "OK, I’ll go along with you…"

Then as he opened the cage, she rushed him, finding too late that while he may have been old he was still a powerful man. Jake easily overpowered her, holding the syringe near.

"Please don’t do this to me – I don’t want to be a statue in a museum!" Tania begged.

"Now, my dear this, doesn’t hurt at all…" he tried to soothe her as he walked her into the next room, holding one arm up behind her back for control.

Tania stopped dead in her tracks as she saw Joan inside, on a table. She’s a wax figure!

She nearly fainted in shock, then was drawn nearer to the impossibly still figure of her friend. Joan was posed kneeling down on the table with her head arched up, staring at Tania with a far away look in her glassy eyes. Her tongue was reaching out as if in the middle of licking something, while her arms were stiffly held out in front of her as if she was holding onto another, now invisible, person. Joan remained completely motionless; her skin now had a waxy sheen all over her body.

"You like?" Jake suggested.

"She’s frozen stiff – how could you do this to her?" Tania cried as she moved in for an even better look at the wax statue. Joan’s lovely face sure looked like she was enjoying what she was doing, yet she remained so still and lifeless like the rest of the wax figures they had seen in the exhibits.

I wonder what she’s thinking right now? Tania was starting to feel very sorry for Joan when Jake spoke to her.

"Now, my dear, take a good look at her face; see how happy she looks. Soon you will share that happiness because you’re going to be on display in the same exhibit with her, as amorous companions engaged in a sapphic rite." He ran his fingers lightly over Joan's rigid face. "Did you know that she can see you fine right now?"  Joan's eyes did not blink.  "If she could speak she would be saying to you 'Join me, now'." So don’t slobber over her; she’s happy and waiting for you."

"What do you mean, join her? I mean, she’s a friend and all, but…" Tania asked.

"You see, you two are going to be lovers in my new lesbian display," Jake replied.

Finally what he had been saying started to sink in, past the fear. "No way, not Joan!" she objected. Tania started to back away just when she felt a pinch in her butt. "Ow!" she yelled, "That ..h..u….r…..t…….s……"

Jake pulled the now-empty syringe away from her backside. "This will help you relax while I work on you, my dear."

"....m…e…..e………." Tania noticed that she was starting to lose all movement and then she fell backwards into Jake’s waiting arms. He stood her back up again and made sure her body would not topple over. She couldn’t move at all as Jake started to undress her; not even blink came from her wide green-blue eyes. Her mouth was open, but no she made not a peep.  The paralysis was complete.

Tania felt like a rag doll as he undressed her. This is so humiliating! she thought. Then Jake started to unbutton her blouse and stopped to  take a long look at her half-naked figure. There was nothing she could do to stop him; she remained as stiff as a board.

"Dear Tania, what a beautiful body you have! I am truly glad I picked both of you," he exclaimed with a smile as he finished undoing her bra, letting it fall away.

All Tania could do now was to watch Jake as cradled her full breasts in his sweaty hands. You PERVERT!! she thought to herself. She was even more pissed at him but still she could do nothing as he removed her suntan-hued pantyhose, then her thong panties. Tania stood naked in place, her clothes in a pile at her feet. What is he going to do now? she wondered.

Wasting no more time ogling her charms, Jake carried Tania’s paralyzed body over to a stainless steel table and laid her out flat on it, facing up. The lights shining down into her eyes were very bright, but she could not blink or turn her head. There was a sharp pushing sensation as he stuck a tube into her open mouth and then placed another one deep up her pussy.

"Now, my dear, you will not feel a thing as my potion does its work on you," he said gently as he stared into her unblinking eyes.

Tanya wanted to cry, scream, or do anything; but she remained motionless on the table. Then she felt a warm, thick, liquid entering her body. She was worried she would choke, but her swallowing reflex saved her from that particular fate as it helped prepare her for an entirely different one. The pumps droned on while Jake busied himself elsewhere.

She was left like this for an hour; wondering why she hadn’t blown up like a balloon when Jake returned to remove the tubes from her orifices. I feel – empty!

"How’s that, my lovely?" he said as he picked her up from the table.  He body was noticeably lighter as he stood her up again.

Tania noticed that she was very stiff, even more so than from the drug, and that it was very quiet. Without the pulsing of the pumps, it was clear to her now that she was no longer breathing; she realized her heart must of stopped too. So, why am I even alive?

Jake raised her arm in the air to check if the potion was working. When he released it, the limb stayed in place, like a display mannequin. He tried her other arm, then her leg. Her body was fully posable; wherever he moved her to, she would stay in that position.

It’s true – I am a wax figure, Tania thought.

Then Jake put a showercap over her hair and carried her easily over to what looked like a shower stall. She could see the build-up of hardened wax on the sides and floor. This was where the transformation happened. "Here you go, my dear," he said the stiffened girl, "this will give you that final touch, a waxy coating so people will never think you were once a living girl." He turned a valve and molten wax started spraying down on her. It was hot, but not unbearably so. Tania could feel it streaming over her body, seeping into her skin, covering her head to toe in shiny clear wax.

She was left alone in the wax shower for thirty minutes, then the spray shut off, the door opened, and Jake reached in to touch her rapidly cooling figure. "Just about hard enough," he said softly to her. Which is true, she thought, I can feel myself getting very rigid and solid.

Working quickly, Jake picked Tania’s wax-coated figure up and carried her over to where Joan was still kneeling on the table. He then started to pose the new figure, bending her legs at the knees so she would be kneeling down. Then he slid her hips in between Joan’s frozen hands, positioning them so Joan would be gripping Tania’s waxy ass cheeks.

At the same time, Joan was watching her friend being posed along with her. She could see an expression frozen on Tania’s face she took for joy; that made her feel better. By now Joan was starting to get used to of being frozen in wax and became a bit happier that her friend was going to be with her in the same display.  Joan didn’t want and had hoped not to be displayed with some stranger or with those assholes that grabbed them at the door. Tania was a good friend, and now a lover.

Jake was still working on Tania’s pose, before her body hardened too much. He placed her hands gently onto Joan’s face. Giving Tania's hard  nipples a little pinch to make her appear excited, he twisted her at the waist to place one breast nipple on Joan’s outstretched tongue. There was just the lightest of touches as the two waxy bodies met.

My god, Tania thought to herself, he is making lesbians out of us like he said he would.

Tilting her head down to look at Joan’s face, Jake gave her a facial expression that showed everyone that she was loving the special licking Joan was giving her. "NOooo!" was all Tania could think, though she could feel herself starting to become aroused by her own pose, the way her hand caressed her friend’s frozen face; the way Joan’s tongue brushed her waxy nipple. "This is wrong, isn’t it???" she though in confusion.

Jake stepped back to admire his handiwork on the girls. They looked luscious! "I’ll be back in awhile ladies; this will let you two harden up in peace. Don’t go anywhere…"

Joan was so amazed at how Tania was now looking down at her with love in her expression that she lost track of time. After a while she noticed she could still see to one side of her companion, to the door, and watched as the old man was came back with a large cart. Now he had his young helpers with him again.

He ordered the two men to put the new wax figures on the cart and bring them to the museum hall. Tania and Joan couldn’t believe how stiff and rigid they were as the men placed them on the cart. The two could not be separated and had to be moved together.  The wax had hardened into a clear shell on their naked bodies.

They were then taken over to a freight elevator and then wheeled to where they would be displayed. The two men lifted the pair of frozen women off the cart and placed them on a large bed in the diorama, then Jake walked them back to their own displays. He must have a way of freezing and unfreezing them, Joan observed, and hoped he would at least let Tania and herself move again someday. But by the look in his eyes this may be a long time, she concluded. He’s enjoying his new exhibit way too much right now!

The old man came back over to their tableaux carrying a bag of accessories and a box containing some underwear. He placed a black bra around Tania’s rigid shoulders, leaving it undone in the front so her breasts would be exposed; did the same to Joan but with a blue bra. Then he placed knee-high hose on them along with a garter belt on Tania, but left their panties dangling loose at their ankles. Jake was giving them the appearance of having started to get undressed when they found they couldn’t wait to get at each other. Then he placed articles of clothing scattered around the bed and on the bed too. He is good at this, Tania thought, relishing the touch of Joan’s rigid tongue on her breast as he repositioned their frozen bodies slightly.

Then Jake took out a hair brush and lacquer spray and did both their hairdo’s for them, changing little but making sure their faces and expressions were not hidden.

Then he placed some earrings and other jewelry on the girls and did their display makeup. Stepping back and he admired his newest exhibit. He has known they were going to make a great couple! Giving them both a light kiss on the cheek, Jake wished them a good day as he tidied up the display area and then he was leaving them, alone for the first time in the museum. Soon he would be opening for the day and the public would be wandering through the displays and be amazed at how beautiful his children looked. So still, so enduring. He loved them all, dearly.

Just as though the two frozen girls could hear what the other one was thinking, they silently shouted back at him: ‘PERVERT!’

The first day came to the end and then the next, and the one after that; all Tania and Joan could do is to hold each other rigidly and gaze at each other’s waxy faces and feel the constant stimulation as their two motionless bodies touched. Seeing some of the other stiff wax figures out of the corners of their eyes, they wondered about them as well and how they had come to this odd fate. They must be all like us too, they knew, and wondered how long they had been frozen as wax figures. How long are we going to remain here – forever?

Then they noticed they could sleep in their positions, that they had been sleeping and just not realized it. The occasional dreams of a past reality made it easier to accept their new lives as wax figures.

One day they were awakened to sounds of nearby voices; the two frozen girls noticed a young couple taking pictures of them as they walked by. The couple whispered together, then the man reached out and cupped Tania’s rigid breast and nipple. Whooo-eee!

"Don’t touch the waxworks!" The young woman scolded.

"I just wanted to see. Yup, they’re wax alright…" The couple walked away while Joan idly wondered what kind of display those two would look good in…

Later, maybe that day or maybe a month from then, they saw a young man as he glanced around to see if anyone was watching while he was fondling himself. He looked like he was in love while gazing raptly at Tania and Joan’s diorama.  His eyes played over their frozen figures while his hands were very busy in his pants.

Wow, we are really turning this guy on, they thought together and felt rewarded. They had become part of someone else’s fantasies.

As the weeks and months and years went by; as many people came (and came!) and went, Tania and Joan started to accept what had happened to them.  They eventually started to truly enjoy the attention they were getting as X-rated wax figures. They found they were being turned on as much as the visitors were, especially by the ones who masturbated in front of their erotic tableaux.


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