Menagerie - Ch. 1: Eternal Beauty

by The Sculptor

Produced by Magnus

            The Eternal Beauty Boutique is a women’s clothing store run by Diane Grace.  It is a three story building located in downtown Port City.  The first floor of the building contains your standard female wear which is lingerie, formal wear, casual wear, club clothes, seasonal wear, undergarments, and accessories.  The second floor is where the fetish and rubber clothes are located.  The third floor is the locations of Diane’s living quarters and office.  Throughout the store and the living quarters are mannequins.  Many people have commented on how real the mannequins look with the exception that all the mannequins are faceless.  Many people have wondered where the mannequins have come from, but Diane keeps that as one of her many secrets.

            Diane Grace is a 5’9” black hair, blue-eyed woman.  She is of a fair complexion, which causes her hair and eyes to stand out the most when people see her.  Diane is the owner of the Eternal Beauty Boutique and in the realm of super-heroes and super villains she is known as Menagerie.  As Menagerie, she has the ability to manipulate materials.  Diane/Menagerie is a very vain woman and she uses her powers to steal the faces of woman in a technique she has called “Facelift”.  Menagerie will use her powers to steal the faces of women she think are prettier than her, a threat to her interests, or needs to use for a diabolical purpose. 

In a technique called “Faceset”, Menagerie will wear the face of a woman and take on the woman’s persona and physical attributes.  Menagerie will either turn the faceless women into her faceless nylon covered slaves or into mannequins.  Menagerie’s costume consists of a black rubber sleeveless miniskirt dress, high heeled boots that reach up to her thighs, and black rubber gloves that reach up to her elbows.

When she was younger, Diane was living on the West Coast.  She was considered unattractive and constantly taunted by the people at school.  It wasn’t until high school when she discovered her ability to manipulate objects.  She decided to use this ability to make herself the most attractive woman on the planet.  It wasn’t until she was in college that she was finally attractive.  Diane decided to use her newly acquired beauty to become a model.  Diane did all types of modeling from glamorous to fetish pics.  Diane eventually got tired of the competition against other models and decided to open a clothing store, where she would be the only beautiful woman.  Before she left modeling to start her store Diane knew she would need mannequins and some help for the store and decided to take a few models with her when she left.  The night before she left the West Coast Diane donned her rubber costume called herself “Menagerie” for the first time and acquired her first ten mannequins.  Diane decided to move to the southern city of Port City.  She figured that Port City was far enough away from her past and the police investigations of ten missing fashion models.

Like all businesses, Eternal Beauty went through its shaky first year.  Many people were unsure of another high-end store downtown and of its West Coast owner.  Nevertheless, word of mouth quickly spread about the types of clothes the store carried and about its display pieces.  The store appealed to the local college students who wanted to get club clothes and sophisticated businesswomen.  The store also saw its fair share of people who wanted fetish clothing.  The biggest highlight of the store however was the mannequins.  People were always amazed at how life like their bodies looked and would probably mistake the mannequins for actually women if they had faces.  Little did people know that the mannequins at one time were flesh and blood women who eventually wound up belonging to Menagerie for one reason or another.  What else people did not know about the store was that upstairs in the owner’s office was a group of nylon clad faceless women waiting to carry out their master’s wish and in a secret room next to the office are the faces of women taken over the years.  She sold the mannequins that used to be her fellow fashion models a few years back.  At various times throughout the years Menagerie will sell some of her mannequins, go out, and acquire new ones.  This happened to be one of those times when she would acquire new mannequins.  When it came time to acquire mannequins Menagerie would pay particularly close attention to her customers and determine which ones were better looking than her or possessed the characteristics to be mannequins.  When she would find an appropriate target Menagerie would get the woman’s address by saying she needed it to mail out flyers and promotional materials.  Menagerie was usually so carefully about acquiring women but for the past couple of months the Port City Police Department has been investigating the disappearances of Menagerie’s targets.  The person in charge of the investigation, Detective Emily Robertson, has come dangerously close to capturing Menagerie.  Fortunately, for Menagerie a friend of Detective Robertson came to the store, which just might change her luck for the better.

That friend of Detective Robertson was Anne Robinson.  Anne stood 5’6” and had shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes.  Anne and Emily were roommates in college.  While Emily studied criminal justice, Anne studied art education.  To earn some extra money Anne did some nude modeling for art classes.  Anne moved to Port City a month ago to teach art at John Hammond High School.  School would start up again in a week and Anne went over to Eternal Beauty to get something for that first day of school.  Anne today was wearing a gray sleeveless shirt, tight denim pants, a white bra, flesh tone colored pantyhose, a pair of white socks and a pair of white low tops.

            “Welcome to Eternal Beauty”, said Diane, “Is there anything I can help you with?”

            “Yes you might be able to,” Anne replied, “I am going to start teaching here next week and I would like to get some things to wear.”

            “Alright.  What is it that you will be teaching?”

            “I will be teaching art at John Hammond High School.”

            “Follow me then I think I have some items you might like,” Diane said as she proceeded to show Anne around the store.

            “How long have you been living in Port City?” Diane asked as she was showing off a tan skirt that reached down to Anne’s knees.

            “About a month.  Before here I was living in Central City.  Let me try this skirt on,” Anne said.  As she headed off to the dressing room Diane was looking at Anne with mischievous gleam thinking, She will make a good slave.

Moments later Anne came out of the dressing room wearing the skirt with a pair of flesh tone pantyhose she had on underneath her jeans.  The skirt was showing off her shapely legs quite well.

            “What do you think,” she asked.

            “Very nice.  They show off your legs quite well.  We want you to appear sexy but not too sexy or else the students won’t learn anything,” Diane said.

            “I know what you mean.  At the last school I taught at, a student did a painting as what he thought I looked like nude.  Despite the controversy surrounding the painting, it was quite complimentary.”

            “So do you know anybody here in town?”

            “Yes, I do.  My old college roommate lives here in town.”

            “Oh, really.  What is her name?”

            “Emily Robertson”

            “That name does not sound familiar to me.  What does she do?”

            “She is a detective in the police department.”

            “Oh that Emily Robertson,” Diane shockingly exclaimed, “I heard of her.  She was the one that stopped that kidnapper a few years back, who was selling business women into white slavery.”

Perfect, Menagerie thought, I have just the perfect person here to help me get rid of that meddlesome detective.

            “Yep that is her alright.”

            “You must have been proud of her.  I believe that was the case that promoted her to detective.”

            “I was and still am proud of her.  In fact one of the reasons I moved here is so I can be closer to her.”

            “I take it you two are lovers.”

            “Oh no.  Even though there are times, I imagine what it would be like to be with her.  When she was working as a stripper back in college I would go to the club and catch her show.”

            “I take it she prefers man flesh whereas you prefer woman flesh.”

            “Actually I prefer both types.  But would love to have Emily’s flesh more than anyone else’s.”

            “Have you ever told her how you feel,” asked Diane?

            “No, I would not want her to feel weirded out and ruin our friendship.”

            “I know what you mean.  I am also bi-sexual.”

Diane and Anne then proceeded through out the rest of the store to get some more clothes.  Anne wound up purchasing several knee length skirts of various colors, a few pantsuits, some shirts, and some lingerie for her personal enjoyment.  All the while Diane was debating whether she should get Anne’s address knowing that Menagerie might take Anne.

When Diane and Anne made it back to the cash register Diane decided it was now or never to make her move.

            “Anne, can I get your address and phone number,” she asked.

            “Yeah, how come.”

            “Well, I like to send out sales papers and promotional fliers to customers,” she said.  “And because I find you attractive and would like to ask you out sometime,” she mumbled.

            “What was that last part you said?”

            “I said ‘I find you attractive and would like to ask you out sometime’,” Diane replied.

            “That is not a problem with me.  How come you mumbled that part?”

            “Because I have a hard time asking people out and you are so attractive,” she said while mentally adding, and because I have a split personality that will get you turned into a faceless slave.

            “Well thank you.  I find you attractive too.  My address is 515 Chalmers Street and my phone number is 555-3253.  What is your address and phone number?”

            “I live on the third floor of this building so my address is the store address and my personal phone number is 555-6666.  Here is my card.”

            “Thank you.  I will have to give you a call sometime whenever Emily is unavailable.”

            “I hope to see and hear from you sometime.  Good luck with the teaching.”

            “Thank you.  Bye,” Anne said and proceeded to leave the store with her new purchases.

            “Bye,” Diane said.

After Anne left the store, Menagerie started to look around the store trying to figure out where Anne should be displayed and how she will be used to trap the detective.

            “Oh no you won’t,” said Diane.

            “Oh no I won’t what,” Menagerie asked.

            “I know that look in your eye.  I know what you are planning and I will not let you harm her.  I will try and stop you if I have to.”

            “Oh please.  You cannot stop me.  You need me.  Do you remember what it was like before?  Do you remember how you were picked on and mistreated?  I was the only person that did not pick on you.  If you got rid of me or I left, do you think you could handle the loneliness?  I am the only friend you ever had,” Menagerie said curtly.

            “If you would stop making women I get close to into slaves, then maybe I would have some friends.”

            “All those women would eventually leave you.  Making you lonely once more.  In addition, some of those women were just too prettier than me.  You do know how jealous I can get don’t you.  Besides you are still that ugly little girl with no friends.”

            “I am not,” Diane said defensively.

            “Oh please.  You are too.  If you are not then how come you don’t go out more often and try to get someone.”

            “Because of you.  If I make friends with anyone or try to make friends, you wind up hurting them.”

            “Is that what you think I do?  I give them immortality and eternal beauty.  I give them eternal pleasure.”

            “Yeah, but at the expense of being your slave.  Like I said if you try to hurt Anne I will stop you,” Diane said defiantly.

            “I would like to see you try.  Besides Anne is friends with Detective Robertson, and she is a threat to us.  If I am caught then Detective Robertson will break us up.  Then where will you be?  You will be spending your nights alone and depressed.  If you try to forcibly split us up then I will pin all the crimes on you.  How do you like that?”

            “Doesn’t bother me as long as you are stopped and I am away from you.”

            “Fine,” Menagerie said and left to take care business.

Later that evening a dark shape was running through the city.  It would leap from rooftop to rooftop and slink from alleyway to alleyway, always staying in the shadows and always keeping its eye out for beautiful women.  Menagerie was still upset and amazed at how Diane stood up to her and just needed to let some steam off.  For Menagerie letting steam off meant some women’s lives were about to be changed.  Menagerie was wearing her traditional costume of the black sleeveless rubber miniskirt dress, thigh high boots, gloves up to her elbow, and a black rubber mask that covered the top half of her head.

            I cannot believe how Diane just stood up to me today, Menagerie was thinking to herself.  She has never done anything like that before.  All the years I have known her, she has always been so timid around me.  Even as kids if something bad happened, she would try to pin the problem on me.  However it would be her that would get punished. Ha ha ha.  Maybe she is finally developing a backbone.  Of course, if she is then she will be a big threat to me.  I just might have to end my relationship with her before she ends it.  The only question is who can survive without the other.

Menagerie was so lost in her thoughts that she almost did not notice a blonde and a redhead walking down the street.  Hello, what do we have here, Menagerie thought when she saw the pair.  She then quickly moved up the street to where she could intercept the two.

The redhead was named Lisa and stood 5’11”.  She was wearing a green sleeveless and backless mini-dress, pair of white pantyhose, and low-heeled green shoes.  The dress was held in the back by two pieces of cloth that went over her shoulders and connected at the neck.  The blonde was named Jessica and stood about 5’7”.  She was wearing a white see-through blouse, black bra, black leather mini skirt, tan pantyhose, and 3-inch platform heeled shoes.  Lisa and Jessica were students at the local college.  They were spending the night clubbing hoping to hook up with a guy.  They had lots of guys hitting on them during the night but none that they could stand spending much time with.  As they were walking down the street towards the next club they were talking about various things; the sort of guys they were looking for, what they were excepting in the next club, their string of “bad” luck for that night.  If they thought their luck was bad that night it was about to get a whole lot worse when a voice from a nearby alley called out to them.

            “Hey, ladies over here,” Menagerie called out to Lisa and Jessica from her place in the shadows.

            “Jessica, do you hear something,” Lisa asked.

            “Yeah, I do it sounds like someone is calling us,” Jessica replied.

            “That is because someone is calling you,” Menagerie said as she stepped out of the alley.  “I heard about your string of bad luck and decided to change your luck for this evening.  Feel like getting lucky,” Menagerie said with a smile that would have sent the girls running if they knew what Menagerie had in mind for them.

            “I’m sorry ma’am but we do not go that way,” Jessica said.  As she was looking up and down at Menagerie’s costume she added, “Not even with hookers.”

            “You have offended me.  I am not a hooker,” Menagerie said defensively.

            Lisa then spoke up, “You must forgive my friend.  We have both been drinking tonight and from the way you are dressed and are coming on to us she just assumed.”

            “You are forgiven,” Menagerie said, “But for your friend’s comments you two must pay a penance.”  She then waved her hand at the two women.

            “What sort of penance,” Jessica asked as she tried to move to Menagerie only to find out she couldn’t.  “What have you done to me?  Why can’t I move?”

            “Oh my god.  I can’t move either,” Lisa cried out in terror, “What have you done to us?”

            “Like I said before you two are going to pay a penance and this is it,” Menagerie said as she waved her hands at the two women again.  Suddenly waves of pleasure came over the ladies.

            “Ohh,” moaned Jessica followed thereafter by Lisa.

            “What sort of penance is this?” Lisa asked as she could feel herself become hornier by the minute.

            “You will soon find out.  Now just follow me,” said Menagerie as she moved deeper into the alley away from the street.  Unable to do anything else Lisa and Jessica, against their will, followed Menagerie deeper into the alley.

            “All right ladies, I want you to strip down to your pantyhose.”

            As they were stripping down Jessica asked, “Why are you doing this to us?”

            “Like I said you two are going pay a penance for what you said earlier.  Don’t worry though I’m sure you will enjoy it.” 

            As soon as the women had stripped down to their pantyhose Menagerie noticed the growing wetness.  She replied, “Correction, I know you two are going to enjoy it.”

            Lisa said, “Well can you at lest let us relieve ourselves.  I have never felt so horny in my entire life.”

            “Alright.  But you two shall relieve each other.”

            “What,” Jessica asked.

            Menagerie replied with a combined look of surprise and disgust, “To relieve yourselves of your horniness you two shall relieve the other person.”

Jessica and Lisa then turned to each other suddenly relieving what Menagerie meant.

            “I can’t do this,” Jessica said, “Lisa is my friend.  However she is quite good looking.”

            “I agree with Jessica.  I can’t do this, but I am so horny and she is also good looking.”

            “We don’t have to do this Lisa.  It’s not like we are under her control.  We can leave at anytime,” Jessica said as she tried to leave.

            “Oh but you are under my power,” Menagerie said, “Now why don’t you two take care of each other.”

At that command Jessica and Lisa started to kiss each other.  This is wrong, Jessica thought, but it feels so right.  The duo then moved their hands down to cup the other’s breasts.  Jessica was slowly rubbing her thumbs over Lisa’s nipples feeling them growing stiff.  Lisa was slowly massaging Jessica’s breasts.  Lisa then slowly moved her hands down to Jessica’s pussy and started to finger her through the pantyhose.  Jessica let out a moan of pleasure as Lisa started to move faster. 

            Pulling her mouth away from Jessica’s Lisa said, “Jessica, I need to taste you.”

Jessica could only nod her agreement as Lisa proceeded to work her way down to Jessica’s pussy.  Lisa then started to eat out Jessica through her pantyhose.  Lisa started on the outside licking up the juices that have soaked through Jessica’s pantyhose.  She then proceeded to move her way inside of Jessica.  Jessica orgasmed several times on Lisa’s face.  This only increased Lisa’s arousal feeling Jessica’s juices running down her face.  Jessica was becoming weak in the legs and lay down on the ground not caring what was there.  Lisa followed Jessica to the ground also not caring what was there. 

            After a while Jessica said, “Lisa, I need to taste you too.”  They then got into a sixty-nine position.  This went on for a while.  Both ladies fingering and eating each other out bringing the other to orgasm.  Once they had relieved the other, Jessica and Lisa stopped and got back to their feet.  Shock then came over them as they relieved what they had just done.

            Jessica asked, “Oh my god, what did we just do to each other?”

            “I have no idea, Jessica, but I am sure she has something to do with it,” Lisa said pointing to Menagerie.

            “Of course I had something to do with it.  That is the first part of your penance.  Now come over here Jessica.  I want you to satisfy me with your mouth.  After watching you with Lisa has gotten me horny.”

            “No way,” Jessica, “You might have gotten me and Lisa to go down on each other but I will not go down on you.”

            “I said come here.  So come here,” demanded Menagerie.

At that command, Jessica walked over to Menagerie, against her will, wondering what is about to happen to her.

            “Now eat me out,” Menagerie demanded.

At that command Jessica knelt in front of Menagerie, hiked up Menagerie’s dress, and lowered her panties.  Jessica then proceeded to eat out Menagerie.  Jessica alternated between using her fingers and tongue on Menagerie’s pussy. 

            What is happening to me, Jessica thought.  First, I am forced to pleasure Lisa, and now I am pleasuring this woman.  It is like she has us under her control and there is no way to break free.  I have to get away from this woman because who knows what will happen next.  Jessica then started to think new thoughts. However, this just feels too good to leave.  It was so good to feel Lisa’s tongue on me and it felt better to tongue her just like it feels so good to tongue this woman.  What the hell was that? Did I just think that?  This isn’t right.  I am being used and I need to get away.  However, the pleasure is so good. 

            It is good to receive but better to give.  A second mind spoke inside her head.  Menagerie.

            If I want to give, I will give to a man.  

            You had no luck with men tonight so why not give to a woman. 

            Because I don’t go that way. 

            But you are a giver now so it doesn’t matter. 

            I am not a giver.  I am being forced to do this. 

            Haven’t you always subconsciously had the desire to do it with a woman? 


            Don’t deny it.  This is what you always wanted.  You are a giver — a love doll; and love dolls do not discriminate against sex.  To give as well as receive to pleasure. 

            I am not a love doll.  I am a communications major in college.  I want to become a television reporter.

            Why do you want to become that?  It is so stressful all the long hours and hard work.  Become a love doll and it is a lifetime of pleasure.  You have always enjoyed dolls.  Sometimes you even pretended to be a doll.  Become a doll.  Make your dreams come true. 

            No, my dream is to be a reporter. 

            Look at what you are doing.  You have made Lisa happy tonight and you are making this woman happy.  Besides, you are enjoying what you are doing.  When you become a doll, you will make your owner happy. 

            No, I will not become a doll. I am a human being not a fuck toy for somebody to use. 

            As a doll, it becomes a lifetime of pleasure.  You will not age.  You will be beautiful forever.  You will always be taken care of.  You will have no worries or cares. 



            No!  Being a doll will mean immobility.  I will be bored most of the time.  I like to be active. 

            The orgasms will be better than you ever had them. 

            I don’t care — I want to remain the way I am. 

            Think about the orgasms you had tonight times ten. 

            They were good, but no. 

            You will never have to look for sex again.  You had such bad luck tonight with the men; why not let this lady make you lucky tonight. 

            If I do I will no longer be human. 

            True, you will be better.  You will become timeless.  Like I said before eternal beauty and pleasure are yours. 

            Those are tempting offers, but I like who I am. 

            Feel what you are doing to this woman.  Don’t you like it? 

            Yes, I do like it but this is wrong I am acting against my will. 

            You have always enjoyed pleasing other people.  Pleasure all the time.  No worries.  No cares.  

            Stop! I do not want this, I am human.  I do not want to become somebody’s love doll. 

            Look deep down inside.  You do want this.  You have always wanted this.  To be taken of care.  To have no worries.  Feel your own pleasure growing.  Your mind is saying no but the body is saying yes.  Give in to what the body is saying. 

            Yes, it does feel good, doesn’t it.  I will always be beautiful.  Someone will take care of me.  I will have no worries or cares.  Uhhh.  It does feel so good.  My body has never lied about pleasure before.  But I can’t take what will people say.  How will my family respond to my loss? 

            You will be a doll.  You will have no worries or cares. 


            Doll.  Doll.   Doll. Doll. Doll. Pleasure.  Pleasure.  Pleasure. Pleasure.  Pleasure.    

The thoughts of being a doll quickly overwhelmed Jessica.  She made her decision as Menagerie orgasmed. 

            Yes, I will become a doll.  I want no worries, no cares, eternal beauty, and eternal pleasure.  I want to feel this way forever. 

            Very good you have made the right choice.

            I am a doll.  I want to be owned.  To be taken care of.  To feel eternal pleasure.  To have no worries.  My only care is to give my owner pleasure and to receive pleasure.  I am a doll.

            “Stop,” said Menagerie, “Stand up Jessica.”

Jessica then stood up in front of Menagerie.  Menagerie placed her hands on Jessica’s head.

            “What are you,” she asked Jessica.

            “I am a doll.”

“What is your purpose?”

“To give pleasure and to receive pleasure.”

“How long have you been like this?”

“I have always been like this.”

“Very good,” said Menagerie.  With that she kissed Jessica on the mouth.  Lisa watched in horror as she was forced to witness Jessica’s change from college co-ed to love doll.  Jessica’s skin took on an artificial look took to it and her face took on a distant look to it.  Her arms moved into right angle positions and her legs moved into a v-shape exposing your pussy.  Her mouth become an o-shaped opening.  Jessica was also being slowly deflated as Menagerie was kissing her.

Oh my god, Lisa thought, if this is what is happening to Jessica what will happen to me.  She still looks good though.

When Menagerie pulled away from Jessica’s mouth, she was now a love doll in appearance and mind. 

            I am a love doll.  I am to give pleasure and to receive pleasure, Jessica thought endlessly.

            “You have done well little dolly.  You have pleasured me quite well.  Just as I am sure you will pleasure your new owner.  You have just completed your penance as you will for your new owner from now on.”

Upon hearing, the compliment filled Jessica with pleasure as she has successfully completed her new role.

            I am going to like being a doll, Jessica thought.  I wonder where I will wind up.

Menagerie then set the Jessica doll on the ground and started towards Lisa.

            As she was circling Lisa, appraising her body, Menagerie said, “Now what should I do to you?   “You have a lovely body.  I already have a love doll.  Don’t need to make another one.  Breasts aren’t all that big.  Looks like they are a B-cup.  You wouldn’t be a good a bra form.  Maybe a torso form.  Nah.  Already have a few of torso forms.”  Menagerie glanced down at Lisa’s long legs when an idea came to her.  “That’s it.  I know what to do to you.  This is so perfect.”

            “What are you going to do,” apprehensively Lisa asked.

            “You are going to be a pantyhose form.  Yes, that is what you will be.  Your legs are long enough and perfect enough.”

Menagerie then started to rub her hands over Lisa’s body.

            “Please don’t do this to me.  I don’t want to be a pantyhose form,” Lisa pleaded.

            “Relax, my dear, you are so tense.  You will enjoy being a pantyhose form.  You won’t have any worries or concerns anymore.”

Lisa’s body then started to change.  First, her hair flowed into her scalp.  Then her facial features melted into her face leaving her faceless followed by her head melting into her neck.  Her arms then melted into her shoulders.  Her upper body then merged into her waist leaving only her legs behind. At that point, her legs posed themselves and took on a plastic sheen.  Her left leg stood out bent at the knee while the right leg remained straight.

Menagerie then removed Lisa’s pantyhose from the form and started to rub the sexless crotch.

            “Like I said my dear you will enjoy being a pantyhose form.”

Menagerie then placed the form and love doll into a little bag she carried around her waist.  If anyone was watching what had just happened, they would have no idea whether to be amazed by the transformation of flesh and blood women into inanimate objects or by the fact that a little bag could hold a pantyhose form and a love doll without being expanded.  Feeling much better Menagerie decided to return home.


The next day at Eternal Beauty a new pantyhose form went on display and a love doll was put up for sale.  Much to Diane’s confusion, she had no memory of where the two items came from but deep down had a terrifying thought that two more women in Port City have just joined the list of missing women.


A few days later Anne was visiting her good friend Emily Robertson at Emily’s apartment.  Emily was living in Port City for a few years before Anne moved there.  Emily lived in an apartment complex between a lonely widow and her cats and two perpetual stoners.  Emily got the feeling the stoners were checking her out sometimes.  Emily was a 5’9” shorthaired brunette with a D-cup chest.  Emily and Anne had been friends since they were in college.  Anne had always admired how Emily looked and imagined what it would be like to be with her.  When Emily was working as a stripper Anne would sometimes watch her dance.  Since today was her day off Emily was wearing a pair of cut off denim shorts and a tight short sleeve red shirt.  However, with this case Emily did not consider this her day off.

            “So how do you like living in Port City,” Emily asked as she handed Anne a coffee.

            “It’s lovely,” Diane replied, “I can see why you moved here.  What I don’t understand is why you are living in an apartment instead of a house.”

            “Well, I really don’t need the room.  I am not married, dating, or have kids.  Why would I need all that excess room?  Unlike you I do not need extra room.”

            “Touché.  Still all things consider it is a nice apartment.  How are your neighbors?”

            “They are all right.  I got Mrs. Albertson to my right with her cats. Her husband died about ten years ago.  She is a sweet lady but will show up at the most inappropriate times if you get my meaning,” Emily said with a sly grin, “Then there are Larry and Daryl to my left.  They are a couple of perpetual stoners.

            “Not that kind of stoner,” Emily said when she saw Anne’s eyes light up at the word stoner.  Anne did some nude modeling in college, for painting and sculpture classes, and ever since has been aroused by the idea of being a nude sculpture.

            “How is the case coming along,” Anne asked.

            “Terrible.  A few nights ago, two women disappeared and all we could find were their clothes in an alley.  There were no signs of a struggle.  It looked like the women willingly stripped and to top it off their pantyhose were moist, like they were enjoying what happened.”

            “Maybe they ducked in the alley to satisfy each other and were kidnapped from there.”

            “Perhaps, but there would have been signs of a struggle.  I don’t know.  This is the most confusing case I have ever worked.  How goes the teaching career?”

            “Not too bad.  The students here are a bit more disciplined than the ones at the other school I taught at.”

            “You are lucky to be teaching at that school.  Some schools here are much worse than the other one you taught at.  So have you made any new friends since moving here?”

            “Yeah, I have.  I met this woman named Diane Grace who owns the Eternal Beauty Boutique downtown.  This Saturday she is going to show me around town.”

            Upon hearing this, Emily got a shocked look on her face.

            “Listen, Anne I want you to be careful around that woman.  Most of the missing women have shopped at Eternal Beauty before disappearing.  I just don’t want you to disappear too.”

            “Don’t worry I will be careful.  I am a big girl after all.”



Business at Eternal Beauty has been very busy and very good lately that Diane decided to hire an assistant in helping her run her the store.  Many women have applied for the job but were not considered good enough for the job.  Diane wanted a woman with experience working in a woman’s boutique store whereas Menagerie wanted a beautiful looking woman to become her slave.  Today they were interviewing a woman who met both their qualifications.

The woman was a light-skinned African-American woman named Ariella Palmer with long black curly-hair down to her shoulders.  She had moved to Port City a month ago leaving all her friends and family behind in her old town.  Today she was wearing a light blue blouse, black skirt, and tan colored pantyhose.  Menagerie was looking over the woman thinking that she would make a good assistant.

             “How long have you been living here in Port City, Ms. Palmer,” Menagerie asked.

            “About a month.  I used to live in Greenville, North Carolina,” replied Ariella.

            “What did you do in Greenville?”

            “I worked at a store called Venus Lingerie where I was a saleswoman.”

            “Tell me more about the job.”  

            “In addition to helping the customers, I was also responsible for changing the mannequin displays.  Sometimes I would have to re-order the merchandise.”

            “Thank you.  I have heard enough.  Now let me ask you one more question before we conclude this interview.  Do you have any friends or family here in town?”

            “No I do not.  All my friends and family are back in Greenville.  I have been busy since I got here looking for a job that I have not had time to meet people.”

            Upon hearing this Menagerie’s eyes lit up.  Ariella met all the qualifications of the job.  She had experience, she is good looking, and as an added bonus, she is all alone in this city.

            “Thank you for your time, Ms. Palmer.  I will call you to let you know what I have decided.”

As Ariella reached out to shake Menagerie’s hand, she could feel a tingling sensation course through her body leaving her paralyzed.

            “What has happened to me,” Ariella asked.

            “I have just made my decision and you will become my assistant.”

            “But why can’t I move?”

            “That is part of the job.  You are now under my control and will do what I say.  Now strip for me.”

Unable to control her actions, much to her shock, Ariella removed all her clothes.  Menagerie then walked around Ariella probing her body with her fingers.

            “Yes, you will make a good sales assistant.  Now walk into the back room with me and we shall discuss the rest of your job here.”  Menagerie then walked into the back room followed by a nude Ariella worrying about what is going to happen to her next.




Anne and Diane was spending the day together.  Diane was showing Anne around town taking in all the sights and sounds that Port City had to offer.  The two then had dinner at a little Italian restaurant that Diane knew about.  The two were now back in Diane’s apartment getting to know each other better.  Diane was sitting in a recliner while Anne was eating her out.  Diane was watching Anne’s blond hair bobbing up and down and decided now was the time to carry out the next phase of her plan.  Diane then reached out and placed her right arm on Anne’s shoulder.

Anne was so engrossed in the love making that she thought Diane was reaching out to bring her in closer only to feel a tingle course through her body and her thoughts to be replaced by a desire to serve Menagerie and to do whatever she said.

            “Stand up and go to the center of the room,” commanded Menagerie.  Anne obeyed Menagerie’s orders without question.

Menagerie then proceeded over to the center of the room and began inspecting Anne’s body.  Menagerie was running her hands over Anne’s breasts and running her fingers in and out of Anne’s pussy.  All the while talking to herself.

            “Yes, you will be good for what I have plan.  You have such a lovely body and your friendship to Detective Robertson makes you the perfect candidate for what I have planned for her.

            “I am going to turn you into a vibrator and have you sold to Detective Robertson.  At night, after her first use of you, you shall become human and seduce your way into bed with her.  You shall do this for several nights.  I want you to leave her so confused about her mindset that she will not be able to focus on her job.  Now lets get you ready for your job.” 

Menagerie then placed her hands on Anne’s shoulders.  Anne began to feel a pleasurable tingling sensation spread through her body and hear a buzzing sensation fill the room.  Anne’s mind was filled with thoughts of pleasuring her friend Emily as she watched the room grow bigger while her body was shrinking.

Menagerie watched as Anne’s body was slowly shrinking and compressing into a ten inch pink vibrator.  Once the transformation was complete Menagerie carried the vibrator down to the fetish wear section and placed it amongst the other vibrators.

“Now all we have to do is to wait for Detective Robertson to purchase you and then you can begin your job.”  Menagerie then left the room and headed off to bed leaving behind a pink vibrator awaiting the day to be purchased and used.


To be continued… in Chapter 2

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