Menagerie - Ch. 2: Emily Robertson’s Story

by The Sculptor

Produced by Magnus

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“Detective Robertson, the chief said he wanted to see you when you got in.”

“Alright.  Tell him I will be there soon,” replied Detective Emily Robertson.

“You said you wanted to see me Chief?”

“Yes. Please sit down, Detective,” said a balding overweight fiftieth year old man.

“I wanted to know how you were doing on the missing person’s case I assigned you to.”

“Well sir,” the detective began, “The case has been rather difficult.  The only connection between the missing women that I could find is that most of them shopped at the Eternal Beauty Boutique before their disappearances.  Why do you want to know?”

“Because I just got the most recent missing person’s file.  I believe you know this person,” he said sliding a file in Emily’s direction.

Emily took the file and began to read it.  At once her face took on a combination of shock and surprise.  “Oh my god.  This can’t be right, can it?”

“Unfortunately, it is true; your friend Anne Robinson has just joined the list of the missing women.  That is why I wanted to know your progress on the case, because it has now turned into personal matter for you and I am thinking about reassigning you to some other case and assigning someone else to this one.”

“You can’t do this, Chief.  I am so close to finding these women.  If you assign someone else to the case they might set things back by weeks, maybe months, and by then who knows how many more women will disappear and who knows what will happen to the ones that are already missing.”

The Chief then turned his chair so he could face the window and said, “I know I am probably making a mistake doing this but considering how you foiled that last kidnapping case, I will not pull you from this case.”  He then turned to face her, tapping his finger on the desk as he said it, “But listen to me carefully - if I see you starting to take this case as a personal matter because your friend is one of the missing, I will pull you from it and no amount of protesting on your part will not deter me from my decision.  Do you understand me, Detective?”

“Yes sir, I do.”

“Very good.  You may go now.”

“Thank you sir.”

Shortly after leaving the Chief’s office Emily was on her way to the Eternal Beauty Boutique.

I can’t believe this, she thought to herself.  I warned Anne about that store and its owner and now she is missing.

Upon entering Eternal Beauty, Emily was greeted by the salesclerk Ariella Palmer.  Until recently Ariella lived her life under own free will but that was before she applied for a job at Eternal Beauty; now she lives her life under Menagerie’s will.

“Welcome to the Eternal Beauty Boutique.  How may I help you today?” said Ariella with a distant look to her face.

“My name is Detective Emily Robertson, with the Port City Police Department, and I am investigating a series of mysterious disappearances of several young women in the city. I have discovered that several of them have shopped here before disappearing so I would like to question your owner about them.”

“I am sorry, but she is not here right now.  You are free to look around the store if you like.”

“Do you know where she is then?”

“She is at her new strip club in the northern section of town, getting things ready over there.”

Emily then took out a pencil and notebook.  “Can you tell me the name of this club and where it is located, so I may speak with her?”

“Of course - it is called Club Villa and it is located on 25 Peppermill Parkway.”

“Thank you.  Can I ask you one more question?”

“Of course.”

“Are you feeling alright? You have this distant look about yourself as if you are not there altogether.”

“I am feeling fine.  Like I said before, you are free to look around the store.”

“Thanks.  I think I will do that then.”

Emily then started to walk around the first floor looking at the various outfits for sale and the display figures showing off the clothes they were wearing.

These faceless mannequins are quite impressive.  One could almost swear they would be real if only they had faces, Emily thought to herself.

Emily then proceeded to the second floor of the store which contained the fetish wear clothing.

Looking over the various types of leather and rubber clothes and shoes with several inches worth of heel Emily thought, this stuff is certainly risqué.  I don’t think I would wear this stuff even in my younger days.

She then headed over to a display case containing various types of love dolls and vibrators.  She was chuckling over the name of a blonde love doll called “Sexy Jessie” when her eyes fell upon a ten-inch long pink vibrator.

“Sexy Jessie” - where do they come up with the names for these things?  Hello, what is this?

Immediately upon seeing the vibrator, Emily’s sex began to moisten and she got the desire that she needed to not only buy this vibrator but buy it at that very moment.  Emily felt like the vibrator was calling out to her and with the way her sex was feeling it was calling out to the vibrator.

Emily then went back downstairs to get Ariella to unlock the display case so she can purchase the vibrator.

“Did you find everything alright?” Ariella asked.

“Yes, upstairs in the second floor I found a pink vibrator that I would like to purchase.”

“Alright; just wait right here and I shall get it.” Ariella then went upstairs to get the vibrator for Emily.

A short time later Ariella returned with the vibrator.  “Now, is this the vibrator that you wanted to buy?

“Yes, that is the one.  How much do I owe you?” Emily asked as she could feel her arousal over this vibrator increasing even more once it was out of the display case and almost in her hand.

“That will be $50.  How would you like to pay for this?”

“Credit card, please.”

Ariella then rang up the purchase for the vibrator and placed it in a box before handing it back to Emily.  “Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“Yes, just one more thing.  I noticed that this is a three-story building but only the first two floors are open to the public.  I was wondering what is on the third floor?”

“That is where the owner’s office and apartment are located.  Is there anything else you want or need to know.”

Interesting, Emily thought, I am going to have check that out later on. “No, that should do it with me,” Emily said as she left the store.

“Thanks for shopping and I hope to see you in here again.”

Once Emily left the store Ariella called up Menagerie at Club Villa.

“Hello, Mistress.  Detective Robertson was just in the store and she was asking about you.  She also purchased a special item for herself.  I believe she is headed to the club at this moment to talk to you.”

“Thank you for that information.  You have done well.  You may take some time off for personal enjoyment.”

Upon hearing the comment filled Ariella with pleasure.  “Thank you, Mistress.  I will do that.  Goodbye.”

“Goodbye,” said Menagerie and she hung up the phone.

It took Emily about a half hour to go from downtown Port City to the northern area of town.  Upon arriving at Club Villa, Emily took in the surrounding area.

Even in Port City, the strip clubs are located in the least friendly sections of town, Emily thought, reflecting back upon her college days when she worked as an exotic dancer to pay for tuition.  I wonder if I could still do it.  I believe that I still have the body for dancing but I don’t know about the energy.

Club Villa is one of the few strip clubs in Port City that allows full nudity; this is done by not selling any alcohol in the club, instead letting the patrons bring in outside containers.  Until recently Club Villa was owned by a man by the name of Leno Doriano who decided to get out of the strip club business and get into another type of business.  He then sold the business to Diane Grace/Menagerie.  Upon purchasing the club, Menagerie decided to make the dancers there loyal to her.

Emily passed throught the outer doors into a spacious lobby where an Oriental woman, with a pageboy haircut and wearing a white bra & panty set underneath a white silk robe, greeted her.

“Welcome to Club Villa.  How may I help you?” she asked with a dazed expression on her face that reminded the detective of Ariella..

“My name is Detective Emily Robertson, with the Port City Police Department, and I would like to speak to your boss Diane Grace.”

“Of course.  If you will just please come with me, I will take you to her.”

While passing through the club Emily took a look around the place.  A set of stairs led down from the lobby to the area where the stage was located.  The stage was located in the middle of the floor.  Surrounding the stage were chairs in case the people wanted a good look of the show.  To the right of the stage was a bar that sold overpriced non-alcoholic drinks.  To the left and behind of the stage were a row of tables.  Also behind the stage was a door that led to the dancers’ changing room and the dj booth.  To the left of the bar was a hallway that led to private rooms and to the right was a hallway that led to the store room and the owner’s office.  Emily noticed that there were twenty dancers in the main area.  All of them were wearing their dance outfits and had dazed looks on their faces.  Some of the women were talking to each other while some of them just stared off into space.

“Ms. Grace, there is a Detective Emily Robertson here to see you,” said the Oriental dancer, “Would you like to see her?”

“Of course; let her in,” Diane Grace said.

“You may enter.”

“Thank you,” Emily replied and entered the office.

“Hello, Detective Robertson.  Might I ask the purpose of this visit,” Diane said, rising from her desk.

“I am investigating a series of disappearances of young women and the only thing that I have discovered is that most of the women involved have visited your shop, The Eternal Beauty Boutique, before disappearing.  I would like to ask you some questions about it.”

“Of course.  By the way, how is your friend Anne doing?  It has been a while since I heard from her.”

“Unfortunately she, too, is one of the missing women.  I would like to also ask you some questions about her, since you might have been the last person to see her before her disappearance.”

“That is such a shame.  She was a lovely woman and thought very highly of you.  I will be willing to answer any questions you have.”

“Thank you.  First off, can you tell me what these woman might have been purchased?” Emily asked, handing Diane a list of the missing women.

Looking over the list Diane replied, “I do not know what they purchased off the top of my head but if we were back at my store I would be able to go through my files and tell you.  Judging by the occupations listed besides each name, they might have either purchased stuff for work or for personal usage.  The college students would have bought mostly club clothes and stuff for sex while the other women would have bought clothes for work and other events.  You see I sell all types of clothing at my store.  I sell clothes that you would see people wearing on the street, at the beach, or in clubs.  I also sell clothes for more intimate occasions.”

“I know; I visited your store before I came here.  I am thinking that whoever is responsible might be targeting the women because of a certain article of clothing that they have purchased in your store.”

“Like I said, if I was at my store then I would be able to help you more in that part.”

“Now tell me, what did you and Anne do before her disappearance?  She told me that you two had a “date” together.”

“Of course.  I took her around town showed her the sites.  We did some shopping and had dinner at an Italian restaurant not far from here.  We then headed back to my place and got to know each other better.  A few hours later, Anne left my place and that was the last time I saw her.  I would have gotten in touch with her, but I have been busy lately with my store and this place.”

“Can you tell me what places you went to that day?”

“I showed her some of the standard tourist sites.  We went to the beach together.  Went shopping at some stores, at the mall.  We walked around downtown.”

“Did any strange looking people approach you while you were out?”

“No, we had a perfectly good day.  Anything else you want to know?”

“No, that should be it.  Thank you for your time.  If there is anything else I need to know I will get in touch with you.”

Emily Robertson came home from another hard day from her job as a detective in the Port City Police Department.  It has been three months since she was assigned the case of the missing women and in that time she has been unable to find the cause of the disappearances of the women while at the same time the number of disappearances has increased.  She glanced in the mirror and was amazed at how the stress of this case was affecting her.  Emily was twenty-eight years old, stood 5’9”, and had short brown hair, like Erika Eleniak in Under Siege, and dark eyes.  She was considered quite attractive, but the stress of the job was starting to make her look much older.  Many people at work have tried to date her but she did not believe in mixing business with pleasure.  Back in college, she had worked as a stripper while she was studying criminal justice. 

The worst part about this case was that a month ago her friend, and former college roommate, Anne Robinson joined the list of the missing women.  Anne was also twenty-eight but had blonde hair to her shoulders and green eyes and stood at 5’6”.  In college, Anne majored in Art Education and occasionally did some nude modeling for art classes.  A month before her disappearance Anne moved to Port City to teach art at John Hammond High School.  The only thing Anne and the other missing women had in common was that before they disappeared they shopped at the Eternal Beauty Boutique.  At times Emily felt like she was on the verge cracking this case wide open but there was always just some clue that kept eluding her grasp.

When she got home, Emily slipped out her of tan pantsuit, white blouse, and beige pantyhose and slipped into a hot steaming shower.  In the shower, Emily slowly soaped up her gorgeous body.  Rubbing her washcloth over her “D” cup breasts bringing her nipples to pointed perfection, Emily let out a low moan as she could feel herself become aroused.  She then slowly rubbed the cloth down to her vagina.  Emily started to slowly rub her vagina.  She started to slowly rub her vagina with the soapy washcloth.  Emily felt her arousal growing and her sex becoming moister by the minute.  After a little while Emily got rid of the washcloth and decided to give her vagina a cleaning with her hand.  She stuck two fingers from her right hand into her moist sex and proceeded to alternatively rub her breasts with her left hand.  Emily worked her fingers in and out slowly but then started to work herself faster.  Her moans started off quietly at first but quickly became louder and louder with each thrust of her fingers.

“OH, UMMM, UMMM, UMMM,” Emily moaned with each thrust of her fingers.  The feeling of water against her bare skin combined with the heat from the water was adding to her arousal.

After awhile Emily let out the most powerful orgasm, she ever had.

“AH, AHH, AHHH, UMMH, AHHHHHH,” she screamed out loud in an orgasm that literally brought her to her knees.

My God, she thought, I hoped the neighbors didn’t hear that.  I have never orgasmed like that before must be from all the stress of the job that I have been holding back.

Once she regained her, composure Emily finished her shower.  As she was drying off she, thought once this case is over I am going to take a long vacation!  When she was done drying herself off, Emily put on just a pink satin robe and fuzzy pink slippers.  Emily then went to the living room with her vibrator for a little bit more relaxation.  Emily switched the vibrator on and was settling into a comfortable position when she heard a knock on her door.

“Shit,” she said as she quickly shut off the vibrator and retied her robe, “Who could that be?”

When Emily opened the door she saw it was the kindly old Mrs. Albertson from next door.  Mrs. Albertson’s husband died ten years ago and she lived all alone with her cats.

“Oh.  Hi, Mrs. Albertson.  How you are doing,” Emily asked.

“I’m doing fine, thank you.  I heard a scream come from here and was wondering if you are all right,”

Damn, Emily thought, I can’t believe she heard that.

“Yeah.  I’m fine I just slipped in the shower.”

“Do be careful, dear.  A person can really hurt themselves in the shower, especially at my age,” Mrs. Albertson responded.

She then took a second look at Emily and asked, “Are you sure you are all right - you seem a bit pale?”

“Yeah.  I’m fine it’s this case I am working on.  I feel like by the time I have it solved those women will be dead,” Emily said.

“Well don’t you worry.  You will find those women and the person responsible for their disappearance.”

“I sure hope so.”

“Don’t worry you will.  Now let me go home, since you are okay.”

“Thanks for checking up on me.  See you later, Mrs. Albertson.”

“See you later, Emily.”  At that Mrs. Albertson turned at headed back to her apartment.

As she was locking the door Emily was thinking I had better keep it quiet next time.  Emily then headed back to the couch and got herself into a comfortable position once more.

“Now where were we before we got interrupted,” she asked her vibrator.  The vibrator was ten inches in length with a rounded end and colored pink.  Emily purchased it a few days ago when she decided to visit the Eternal Beauty Boutique.  When Emily first saw the vibrator it felt like it was calling out to her to be purchased and oddly enough it felt like Emily’s sex was calling out to the vibrator.  What Emily did not know is that particular vibrator was her friend Anne.  Today would be Emily’s first time using the vibrator since purchasing it, unless she was interrupted again.

Emily then undid her robe and switched on the vibrator.  A buzzing sound began to fill the room.  She started to rub the vibrator against each of her nipples.  Sending electrical waves of pleasure coursing through her nipples and pussy.  Emily then slipped the vibrator down into her moist pussy.  She slowly thrust the vibrator in and out.  The vibrator was slowly building up Emily’s pleasure.  The feelings it gave her was more intense than anything she has ever felt in the past.

She gave out a gentle coo as she slipped it past her labia into her hole.  The muscles immediately began their work to milk the long shaft of its juice.  Juice that wasn’t going to come.

Emily began working the vibrator with help from her muscles.

She always thought it was strangely arousing that she had this much control of them, being able to crush things with your pussy isn’t something you can brag about to people.  Somehow this vibrator seemed different than her last one though, it’s insistent vibrating her was almost like a finger massage.  Like the ones she used to get from her past lovers.

“Oh!  Ohhh!”

The vibrator seemed to have a life of its own; it is as if it was squirming in her insides.

“OH MY GOD!  It’s fucking me!”

Emily released her hand from it and gasped in an aroused shock as the vibrator insistently moved back inside her after her pussy shoved it out.

Let’s try and keep this thing out, she thought as she clamped down on her muscles and tried to deny the vibrator access.

“NOOOO!!”  The vibrator began vibrating more than before and Emily could not keep her concentration up.  The pleasure was too great and the fucking motion continued.

It was like a ghost was operating it.  In and out, in and out.  In and out.

“OH MY GOD, I’M CUMMING!!  IT WON’T STOP!!!,” she let out as it plunged in one last time and stopped.

Knock, Knock, Knock!  “It's Mrs. Robinson!  Are you ok?” She heard from the door.

Oh shit, she thought.  “It’s okay, Mrs. Albertson.  I turned the tv on and it was too loud.”

“Oh, okay.  Goodnight.”

“Night, Mrs. Albertson.”

I have got to find a new place to live, thought Emily as she straightened herself up, and “I have got to find out more about where this vibrator came from,” she said as she licked her juices off of it.

Emily then proceeded to the bathroom where she was getting ready for bed, while out in the living room the vibrator changed from ten inches of pink plastic to a 5’6” nude blonde.  Heading back out into the living room to retrieve her vibrator, Emily was shocked to discover her friend Anne sitting naked on her couch.

“Oh my God,” Emily exclaimed, “Anne what are you doing here?  Where have you been?  Why are you naked?”

With a dazed look on her face Anne replied, “That is not important at the moment.  What I have to tell is more important than that.”

“But you must tell me.  There are hundreds of women’s lives who depend upon what you know.  You have been among the missing women and now you are back.  I must know what has happened to you.”

“When I was away, I was thinking about our friendship and all the good times we shared together.  There was something I have always been meaning to tell you but I have never been able to bring myself to it.  When I was gone I decided that if I should ever see you again then I must tell you what I have been holding back for years.”

“What is it?”

“Emily, I am in love with you.  I have been for years.  I have always been meaning to tell you how I feel but I have always been afraid of scaring you off.”

“This is completely shocking.  I don’t know what to say.  How long has this been going on?”

“Since college.  Sometimes when you were working at the club I would sneak in and catch your performance.”

Anne then leaned over to Emily and began to kiss her on the lips.

“Anne, please. I don’t go that way.”

“How do you know?  Maybe you just haven’t found the right person yet,” Anne replied, undoing Emily’s robe and began to caress Emily’s pussy.

Despite her feelings of confusion, Emily could feel her pussy beginning to moisten.  “Oh,” she moaned.

“You will find a woman’s touch just as good - maybe even better - than a man’s touch.” Anne then slipped Emily’s robe off and started to kiss her on the lips.

“Wait.  What about my neighbor, Mrs. Albertson? She might hear us.”

“Oh, don’t worry about her; I will make sure she doesn’t hear us.”

Anne then proceeded to run her fingers in out of Emily’s pussy while deep kissing her.  Emily was soon orgasming. “Oh wow,” she said, gasping, “That was so good.”

“See I told you would like it,” Anne said taking a taste of Emily’s juices, “Here take a taste.  You taste good, better than I imagined.”

Taking a taste of her juices Emily replied, “Your right I do taste good.  Now I want to taste you.”

“Of course.  Let me help you.”  Anne then took Emily’s hand and began to run it in and out of her pussy.  Anne then let go of Emily’s hand and let Emily do the work.  Soon Emily was bringing Anne to orgasm.

“My god.  That felt so good and this is your first time with another woman,” a quivering Anne asked.

“Yes, but I have had plenty of practice - on myself,” Emily replied taking a taste of Anne’s juices, “You taste good, Anne.”

“Thank you.  Let’s head over to your room and try some stuff out there.”


Anne then led Emily to the bedroom.  “Lay down on the bed spread-eagle, Emily.”

Anne then tied Emily to the bedposts and placed a gag in her mouth.  Anne then proceeded to alternate between Emily’s breasts and vagina causing Emily to orgasm many times.  The gag in her mouth muffled Emily’s screams of passion.  After a while Anne untied Emily. “See, I told you your neighbor wouldn't be able to hear you.  How do you feel?”

“Wonderful.  I have never felt like this before.”

“There is one more thing I want to do with you.”

Anne then got into a 69 position with Emily and began to eat her out.  Emily soon followed suit and the two engaged in that action for the next few hours.  Emily eventually blacked out from all the pleasure.

Emily awoke sometime the next day.  “Oh wow, my head.  What happened last night?  I remember using my vibrator, then Anne mysteriously appeared, and we - I think - had sex together.”  Feeling something buried deep in her pussy, Emily reached inside and pulled out her vibrator.  Looking at the vibrator, she said, “But that was all a dream, right?  A very erotic dream nonetheless.”

This went on for several nights.  Whenever Emily used the vibrator, it would later revert to her friend and the two would then spend much time together.  Emily was unsure whether or not any of this was real but it also made her more determined to find out what happened to her friend.  Emily was also unsure of feelings that were developing over her lovemaking sessions with 'Anne'.  She always loved Anne just as a friend and never had any desire to be with her in a sexual way, but now were these “fantasies” her mind’s way of telling her that she always loved Anne in a sexual way and wanted to be with her when she eventually found her.

One night, after a passionate lovemaking session with Anne, Emily received a phone call from the Chief.

My god that felt so good, she thought as she basked in the afterglow of being with Anne.  Maybe the Chief is right and I am starting to take this case a bit personally.  I better get cleaned up.

Emily then headed to the bathroom when the phone started to ring. “Hello,” she said.

“Hello, Detective Robertson.  This is the Chief; I need you to come to the Hooter’s in the north area right way.  Our mysterious kidnapper just struck and took pretty much all the waitresses except for one woman and left behind a mysterious faceless-nylon clad woman behind.”

“Alright, Chief.  I will get there as soon as I can.  I just stepped out of the shower.”

“Okay, but be quick.  I have no idea how long this trail will remain warm. Bye.”

Yes, this may be the opportunity to find out what happened to Anne and all those other missing women.


A short time later Emily was headed to the Hooter’s restaurant, hoping she could finally end this case.  Shortly after Emily left her apartment a dark clad figure entered, took a ten-inch pink vibrator, and then quickly left again.

When Detective Robertson arrived at the crime scene the Chief was the first person there to greet her.
“Ah, Detective Robertson.  It is about time that you got here,” said the Chief as he greeted her upon her arrival.

“Sorry about that, Chief, but the traffic her from downtown was terrible.  So what happened here?”

“At about 11:30 we received a call from the only waitress left here that a woman dressed in black calling herself Menagerie kidnapped her fellow employees - and this sounds a bit insane - by turning them into inanimate objects and nylon-clad faceless slaves.  Before leaving, this Menagerie also left behind a faceless slave.”

“Where is the witness, Chief?”

“Right this way; she is sitting my car being taken care of by the psychiatrist.”

As they were walking to the Chief’s car, Emily asked, “Chief, I was wondering why you are here? I figured we had plenty of other cops to deal with this until I got here.”

“Because I have as much interest in this case as you do.  If this case becomes too much for you or if you do something that shouldn’t be done because your friend is one of the missing, then I will be held just as much responsible for it as you will be.  Maybe even more so, because I did not remove an officer from a case that had a personal involvement in it.”

The two soon approached the Chief’s car where the police detective Dr. Cavanagh was interviewing a very distraught brunette wearing the standard skimpy Hooter’s uniform and had a blanket draped over her shoulders.

“How is she doing?” the Chief asked Dr. Cavanagh upon reaching the car.

“Well other than witnessing what happened to her coworkers she is relatively fine and is able to answer any questions that you have.  I would suggest however that you do not ask her to many probing questions at this time due to her situation.”

“Alright.  We will take it from here.  You can go now,” the Chief said.  He then turned to the brunette and spoke to her.  “This is Detective Robertson.  She is in charge of this investigation and will ask you about what has happened tonight.  Do you think you are up to it again?”

“Yes, I believe so,” the brunette replied.

The Chief then left to take care of some other business leaving the two women alone.

“Hi; my name is Detective Emily Robertson.  I was wondering if we could start off by asking you some personal questions.  First off, what is your name and address.”

“My name is Mary Jones and I live at 2525 Steele Street.”

“How long have you been working for Hooter’s?”

“Ever since it opened here.  I believe it has been almost a year.”

“Thank you.  Now I am going to ask you a more personal question.  Can you tell me what happened here tonight?”

“I don’t think I can; it is very disturbing to think about and very hard to say anything,” Mary said, becoming more distraught.

“That is alright, but let me tell you something.  I believe that the woman who took your friends also took a friend of mine and I also believe that the only way we will be able to get them back is if you help.”

“Alright, I shall try if you believe that we can get them back, but after what I saw tonight I have no idea how we could get them back.”

“That is all I ask of you - that you try.”

“Very well.  Well shall I begin?”

“I feel that it is always good to start at the beginning and when you get to the end, stop.”

Mary then started to tell her story of what happened that night.

“It was about ten-thirty.  The restaurant was closed and some of us, myself included, were up front counting our tips.  Some of the other waitresses were in the back helping with the clean up and the manager was in her office dealing with the paperwork.

There was suddenly a knock on the door and Diana, she was a redhead, answered the door. ‘I’m sorry but we are closed now,’ Diana told them.

I am not sure what the person on the other side of the door said, because Diana had to repeat herself several times and each time she got closer to the door.

‘I said we are closed,’ she kept saying as the person at the door kept knocking.

Eventually Diana was standing right on top of the and she repeated for what seemed like the one hundredth time, ‘For the last time, we are closed.’

When suddenly a hand shot through the glass and grabbed Diana by her throat and we could hear someone talking. ‘What was that you said?’

All Diana could do was gasp for breath and reply incoherently.

‘That is what I thought you said,’ the stranger said before throwing Diana across the restaurant.

The stranger then casually unlocked the door and walked in.  She was wearing an all-black outfit.  It consisted of a thigh-high boots, long gloves that reached up to her elbows, a sleeveless mini-dress, and mask that covered half her head.  She had long black hair tied in a ponytail and the most piercing blue eyes that I have ever seen.

A couple of the women went over to where Diana landed to make sure she was alright.  The rest of were frozen in shock over what just happened.

The stranger spoke to us. ‘Ladies, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Menagerie and as of this moment you all now belong to me.’

‘What do mean by that?’ asked a tall blonde by the name of Gracie.

‘Simple.  I have been watching you ladies for a while now and have been impressed by your beauty that I have decided to add you to collection of beautiful women, just like these women behind me.’

When she said that, a group of faceless - they appeared to be - women entered the restaurant and stood behind Menagerie.  The faceless women were covered from head to toe in various shades of nylon and all of them were faceless.

‘These women like you,’ Menagerie continued, ‘were once very beautiful women.  Now I am a very vain woman and did not like having to compete with their beauty and since I needed help in my line of work I decided to employ these women in my services.  These women resisted my offers of employment and immortality at first but eventually they came around to my way thinking and now they live to only serve me.  Soon, you will be just like these women.  No cares in the world, immortality, and your only desire will be to serve me.’

‘Are you saying that you are going to turn us into faceless women?’ Gracie asked.

‘That, and various types of inanimate objects.  However best you can serve me. Now ladies,’ Menagerie said turning to her faceless slaves, ‘get these women ready for the rest of their lives.’

‘OH MY GOD,’ someone screamed, I can’t remember who.  Panic broke out. We then tried to escape from this mad woman and whatever plans she had for us.  We scrambled over tables and chairs.  Some of us headed towards the rear of the building to get out through the back exit and others of us were going to try and get out through the front entrance.  Unfortunately, Menagerie and some of her faceless slaves guarded that entrance.  The other faceless slaves quickly grabbed us while others headed to the back and brought out the people from back there.  We all were all struggling to get loose but those slaves had us in iron-like grips.  It was weird feeling those nylon hands holding us preventing us from escaping.  It felt like we would be able to slip free from their grasp but somehow these women were very strong.

The faceless slaves then had us lined up in a row, facing Menagerie.  The last person brought out from the back was Joanne, the manager.  She was a thirty-five year old brunette.  She was wearing a white polo shirt, khaki pants, white tennis shoes and the standard Hooters pantyhose.

‘What is going on here?’ Joanne demanded.

‘For you ladies,’ Menagerie said, ‘that have just joined the party, let me reiterate.  My name is Menagerie and these nylon clad women holding you are part of my special group.  A group that you will soon be joining.’

‘I don’t think so,’ Joanne said, defiantly spitting on Menagerie for added emphasis and struggling very hard to get free.

‘I like your spirit,’ Menagerie said, wiping the spit off of her face, ‘for that action I will let you watch what I do to your co-workers and save your fate for last.

All right slaves, prepare these women for their new jobs,’ Menagerie announced to her slaves.  The slaves then proceeded to strip us of all our clothes except for our pantyhose.

‘Oh yes.  You ladies will make excellent additions,’ Menagerie said as she walked up and down the line inspecting us. ‘The Hooters company did a good job when they hired you.  It is a shame that they are going to have to lose you, but you will like your new jobs better.’

The first person Menagerie went up to was a 5’11 blonde named Nicole.  Menagerie started to fondle and massage Nicole’s artificial D-cup breasts.

‘Please let us go,’ Nicole pleaded, ‘we have done nothing wrong.’

‘Once I have selected a person to join my group there is no way for them to get out of it.  Don’t worry though you will enjoy what is to happen to you.’  Menagerie then slipped her hand down Nicole’s pantyhose and started to pump her fingers in and out of Nicole’s pussy.

‘Uhmmm,’ Nicole stared to moan. ‘Please let us go,’ she continued to beg through her moans of pleasure.

‘Just relax and enjoy what will happen to you,’ Menagerie said.

‘Oh.  Uhm.  Oh.  Uhm.  Please don’t.  I don’t want to uhmmm.  Got to resist.  Must not succummmmmb.  Feels so good.  Got to fight it.  Ah.  Ahh.  Ahhh.  AHHH.  Menagerie is my master now.’  This was all I could make out as Menagerie was fingering Nicole.  It sounded like Nicole was desperately fighting to remain who she was while being pleasured by Menagerie.  Unfortunately it turned into a losing battle when she orgasmed and stated her loyalty to Menagerie.

What happened to Nicole after that was the most shocking thing that I have ever seen.  Menagerie removed Nicole’s face, hair and all, like it was a Halloween mask and then placed Nicole’s face into a bag she had tied to her waist.  Menagerie then took Nicole’s pantyhose and pulled it up all over her body.  Arms, fingers, breasts, and even what was left of her head.  Somehow, the pantyhose did not run or even tear.  Soon Nicole was turned into a faceless slave.  Indistinguishable from one of the other slaves in the restaurant. She stood at attention like she was in a trance, not moving at all.

‘Don’t worry ladies.  Nicole is still very much alive in there only better.  She can still see, hear, and even feel.’  When she said that last part Menagerie pumped her fingers in and out of “Nicole’s” pussy causing her to shuddering with pleasure.  ‘The pleasure she will feel from now on will be much greater than she has felt in the past and her only desire will be to serve me, thereby increasing the pleasure she feels.’

Menagerie then proceeded to turn the other women into either her slaves or various types of display pieces; faceless mannequins, torso forms, bra forms, and pantyhose forms..  She would always pleasure them before changing them.  Eventually me and Joanne were the only two left unchanged.  I was getting scared, thinking that I was going to be the next one to be changed.  Somewhat to my relief Menagerie passed me by and turned her attention to Joanne.

‘For your defiance earlier I have come up with a special fate for you.  I will not turn you here but rather take you back to my place and deal with you there.’  She then tapped Joanne on the forehead, knocking her out.

Menagerie then turned her attention to me and I grew completely terrified over the thought of what would be done to me.

‘You.  I have a special task for you.  When I leave here I want you to call the cops and tell them what happened here and who did it.’

‘Why?’ I asked.

‘Because I have felt it is time to be recognized for my work and I need someone to tell the world about me.  To keep you company while you wait for the cops, I am going to leave one of my slaves with you.’

Menagerie then walked over to one of the slaves she brought in with her and began to run her hands over its body causing the slave’s body to buck wildly with pleasure.  When Menagerie stopped caressing the slave it fell to the ground and started to masturbate profusely and non-stop.

‘All right slaves, I do believe it is time for us to go.  Gather up Joanne and the display pieces and let us leave here.’

I was forced to watch in shock as the slaves that used to be some of my co-workers gather up Joanne and the display pieces that used to be my other co-workers and leave the restaurant with Menagerie.  I was hoping that some of them were fighting what happened to them but it appeared that were all completely under her power.  I was also worried over what would happen to Joanne.  Whatever happens to her will be terrible, in my opinion, because she just like the other women were good people and did not deserve what just happened to them.

Soon I was left alone with a masturbating slave and I was wondering who it used to be and how it came to wind up like that.  After awhile I was able to regain enough of my composure, I then dressed and called the cops.  That is what has happened,” Mary said, finishing her story.

My God, Emily thought, I wonder if that has happened to Anne.  Did she fall under this Menagerie’s influence and is she the masturbating slave.

“Thank you.  That must have been hard for you to experience and to retell.  Do you have any idea where Menagerie went to?”

“It was.  No; she never said where she came from or where she was going.”

“Can you come down to the station with me and fill out some forms and file a statement with us over what has happened?”

“Of course, anything to help get my friends back.”

A few hours later, Mary was done filling out some paperwork and filing an official statement over what happened.

“Thank you once again for your cooperation Mary.  I am going to get an officer escort you back to your apartment and keep an eye on you in case Menagerie does come for you.  Here is my card in case you want to get in touch with me.”

“Thank you.  I appreciate it,” Mary said then she left the station.

Emily was in her office filling out some paperwork of her own when the Chief approached her.

“How are you doing?” he asked her.

“Exhausted,” she replied, “This has been a very long night.”

“I agree with you on that.  How close do you think you are to solving this case now?”

“I am a lot closer than I was before tonight.  I believe that this Menagerie woman is responsible for the all the recent disappearances.  All I need to do now is find out where she is hiding and place her under arrest.  Where is the masturbating slave Ms. Jones told us about?”

“We placed it in a cell by itself.  We tried to interrogate it but all the thing could do was masturbate.  I am feeling sorry for the woman who is trapped in that nylon shell unable to do anything else but follow some mad woman’s commands.”

“I would like to see this slave.”

“Alright.  It is in holding cell ten.  I will take you there.”

Shortly, Emily was standing in front of the cell trying to ask the slave some questions.  Unfortunately, it would not answer anything she asked it.  All it could do was sit on the floor pumping its right hand in and out of its pussy and squeezing its breasts with its left hand.  The slave did the entire thing in silence without making a single sound.

“Hey, can you let me out of here.  That thing is creeping me and out,” one of the prisoners shouted from a nearby cell.

“So, what do you think of it,” the Chief asked Emily.

“It is creepy and pitiful.  To lose your freewill like that and to be forced to do whatever someone says.”

If that is you, Anne or whoever you are then I will find a way to restore you.  Wherever you are Anne I vow to restore you and all the other missing women, Emily thought.

“If there is nothing else Chief I am going to go home and try to get some rest.”

“You do that now, and take the next two days off because you look like you need.  This case is now pretty much all wrapped up now that we have a suspect.”

“I will do that.  Thank you, Chief.”

Coming home, Emily decided a few moments with a special friend would help her relax from the stress of the past few hours.  Looking all over the apartment, Emily was unable to find her vibrator.

Where is that thing?  I could have sworn I left it in my nightstand next to my bed.  Its not as if someone broke into here and stole it.  There would have been signs that someone broke into here.

Over the next few days Emily took a much-needed break that, the Chief gave her.  Of course, it was not used that much as Emily was still focused on the case and wondering where this Menagerie person hid out.

A few weeks after her vacation Emily received a very disturbing phone call.

“Hello, is this Detective Emily Robertson?” someone asked, sounding very scared.

“Yes, and who might this be.”

“It’s me, Mary Jones from the Hooters restaurant.  Do you remember me?”

“Of course I do.  How are you doing?  Do you still work at the Hooters restaurant?”

“No, I quit that job, too many bad memories.  I am now working at Club Villa not far from the restaurant.  Have you heard of it?

“Yes, I have in fact, I was there not long ago asking the owner about the missing women.  Of course, that was before Menagerie attacked your restaurant.  What do you want to talk to me about?”

“It has to do with Menagerie.  She just called up here and said that she still had Joanne unchanged and that if I didn’t go to her then she should send Joanne after me.  She also said that I shouldn’t go to the cops or else bad things are going to happen.  I am so scared that I had to call you.”

“I am glad that you called me but what exactly is it that you want me to do?”

“I want you to go to Menagerie’s hideout and try and stop her.  She said not to go to the cops but I am so scared for Joanne and myself that I had to call you guys, and you are in charge of the investigation after all.”

“I will call the Chief and tell him what is going on.  Just give me Menagerie’s address and we will stop her.”

“No, that is what she is probably hoping for, a big attack on her hideout.  I was hoping that you could sneak in there by yourself and free Joanne and any other women held prisoner there.”

“Just give me the address and I will go there by myself.  Don’t worry I will free your friend and stop Menagerie.”

“Thank you.  The address is 316 Center Street.”

That is the address of The Eternal Beauty Boutique, Emily thought, I knew there was some connection between that place and the missing women.

“Now just relax, Mary.  I am going to go there right away.  I will call when I am done over there.”

A short time later Emily was heading over to The Eternal Beauty Boutique.  She was wearing a black sweatshirt, black sweatpants, and a pair of black pantyhose to make her harder to spot in the shadows and to quiet her footfalls.

I can’t believe I am doing this.  I should have called the Chief and we could have launched a raid on the store.  However there is a possibility that we could be endangering the lives of any women in that store and lose any chance of finding the women not in the store.  I better be careful because, according to Mary’s report, Menagerie has the ability to turn people into inanimate objects and who knows how many of the display pieces used to be flesh and blood and personally I would hate becoming a display piece or a faceless slave.

Arriving at the store Emily quietly slipped around towards the back.  Using a lock-picking device she unlocked the back door and slipped inside.  Upon entering Emily found herself in a storeroom with a bunch of faceless mannequins and forms.  To the left of the doorway was a set of stairs that led up.

My God, how many of these things used to be flesh and blood women, she thought.

Emily began to inspect the display pieces, hoping to find some clue as to their former identities when she heard a buzzing sound.

What is that?  I hope I haven’t set off any alarms.

Emily followed the sound to an adjoining room in the back.  In the room, she discovered the salesclerk Ariella nude and mounted on a rod stand like a mannequin figure.  Emily tried to get the salesclerk’s attention but was unable to.  Bending down, Emily discovered that the buzzing sound came from a vibrator attached to the rod stand.

What sort of place is this?  The salesclerk is nude and mounted on a vibrating rod stand and some of the display pieces might have been flesh and blood women.  If I am to discover anything about this place, I am going to have to go the third floor.  If I remember correctly that is where the store’s office and the owner’s apartment are located.

Emily then climbed the stairs to the third floor ignoring what could be on the second floor.  Meanwhile on the second floor, Menagerie was watching Emily search the building via a security camera.

Upon reaching the third floor, Emily began to search the floor.  Emily started in the apartment, searching through the rooms, looking for some clue as to the fate of the missing women.

There is nothing here.  I had better check the office now.  If there is any evidence then it most likely will be in the office.

Emily was on her way to the office when she heard muffled cries of help coming from that direction.

“Help.  Help.  Is there someone there?  Please help me.”

That is coming from the office, Emily thought.

“Hang on.  I’m coming,” she replied.

Reaching the office was surprised to see no one there.

“Where are you?  I don’t see you.”

“I am in a secret chamber.  Pull down on the candlestick to the left of the painting to open the chamber.”

“Alright.  Just hang on.”

Emily then followed the directions and opened the chamber.  Much to her shock and surprise the chamber contained the faces of women captured over the years by Menagerie. Chained spread-eagle to a wall was the nude Hooters manager, Joanne.

“Oh thank god you are here.  I have been like this for weeks,” she said.

“Don’t worry I’ll get you out of here,” Emily said as she was unchaining Joanne, “Can you tell me what has happened to you?”

“Of course.  I will tell you what has happened after the restaurant.  I awoke to find myself chained to the wall surrounded by these faces.  Menagerie had me chained facing the faces of my co-workers from Hooters.  She would come in every now and then, threatening to turn me into a display piece or one of her faceless slaves.  Sometimes she would bring me close to orgasm but would stop.”

“Come on lets get out of here,” Emily said as she helped the weakened manager out of the chamber.

“Not so fast, Detective Robertson,” said Menagerie stepping out of the shadows.

“You must be Menagerie,” said Emily.

“Yes, I am.  It so good to be finally meeting you face to face, while you still have one.”

“Come on, Joanne.  I believe we can take this woman together.”

“I don’t think so," Menagerie replied curtly. "Joanne, if you will..”

Emily then felt strong hands grab her from behind and force her down into a nearby chair.

“Joanne, what are you doing?”

“She is under my control now, ever since the raid at the restaurant.  Just like her friend, Mary Jones.”

“You mean then that this entire thing has been a setup.”

“That is correct.  You have been getting to close to me and I needed to take you out.  I think this is the best way.  Joanne, if you will remove the good detective’s clothes.  She won’t be needing to be so overdressed after tonight.”

Joanne quickly stripped Emily of all her clothes.  Doing it all with a distant gaze on her face and not responding to Emily’s protests.

Menagerie then pulled a ten-inch pink vibrator from her bag.  “I have one more surprise for you, Detective.  I am sure you recognize this object.”

“That is my vibrator, but it has been missing for a while now.”

“The night of the raid I went to your apartment and took something - or should I say someone - that belonged to me.”

“You don’t mean what I think you mean?”

“That is correct.  Those nights of pleasure with your friend Anne Robinson have been according to my plan.”

Menagerie then turned on the vibrator and began to run it over Emily’s vagina, bringing the helpless detective close to orgasm before turning it off and setting it on the middle of the floor.

“Now watch this.  You are going to enjoy this part.”  Menagerie then touched the vibrator and in moments it turned back into Emily’s friend Anne.  Emily tried desperately to get her friend to help her but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

“She can’t help you.  She is under my control just like you will soon be.  Anne, will you please bring the detective over here.  Joanne, you may go back downstairs and wait for me there.”

Brought before Menagerie, Emily knew that her time was almost up and she was silently cursing herself for not calling the Chief.  In a mirror in front of her Emily watched as Menagerie slipped a pair of suntan pantyhose on her legs.

“I don’t think those black pantyhose look good on you, but this suntan pair does.”  Menagerie then kissed Emily on the lips and Emily could feel the pantyhose covering every inch of her skin as her thoughts were being replaced with an overwhelming desire to serve Menagerie.


“Ladies and gentlemen, lets give a big Club Villa welcome to our newest dancer, the dazzling... Celeste,” the d.j. announced from his booth.

Coming out on stage, wearing a red bra and panty set underneath a red silk robe, Celeste, formerly Detective Emily Robertson of the Port City Police Department, started her routine.  The only thoughts going through her mind were of pleasing her new boss and receiving pleasure in return.  Any thoughts she had of her past life were quickly dismissed.  This was her life now and this was the only life she would ever want.


To be continued/concluded… in Chapter 3

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