Menagerie 3: Club Villa: Heroine overdose

by Magnus

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It’s been five years since detective Emily Robertson became Celeste and quit the force, in that time Angel City has prospered. Forgotten are the missing, the city exists under the spell of Menagerie.

Menagerie runs her bizarre operation from 3 places:  Forever beauty boutique, Marcy’s, and Club Villa.

Some say she is a witch; those that have met her are changed forever in some way. Especially if she takes a fancy to you or you have crossed her in some way.

Menagerie has found a way to suppress Diane Grace, taking control they once shared, control that comes at the cost.

In the alley behind Club Villa the area is dark save for the lone light above the door. Three young ladies are enjoying a cigarette and huddling themselves from the nights chill, unaware they are being watched.

Of the three there is Kelsey, a brunette, who is with her two friends Danielle and Melanie, both blonde, celebrating her final night in town. She had just received word from her agent that Playboy was interested in a test shoot, this was enough to convince the former Hooters girl that life in port city wasn’t what she once thought it was. She wanted to be a star!

“So are you nervous Kel”? Asked Danielle.

“No, I’m excited, can’t wait to get out of this hell hole of a town”.

“I know”, said Melanie. “Hope to hear from my agent soon, I have everything packed and ready to go to L.A, just waiting on this print ad job to finish”.

“Isn’t it kind of creepy out here, guys,” said Danielle shivering, “it’s cold and this outfit isn’t exactly built for this weather”. Which was true, the girls where dressed in halter mini’s and thigh boots accented with shiny tan pantyhose from work. It was 90’s night at Club Villa and the girls loved dressing up.

“Just chill girl”, said Kelsey as she looked up the alley to see a figure coming down the way.  “Lets get inside,” said Melanie as she stamped out her butt..

“We could but the door is locked, guess we’ll have to go around.” Danielle said as the figure drew closer.

The girls drew uneasy as the figure approached, they didn’t want to deal with anyone out in the alley but knew that between the three of then they should be fine.

They thought.

The figure approached making a clicking sound, the girls immediately knew it was a woman from her step, as she neared the light they saw that  it was.. She was six two and dressed in tight black rubber one piece suit accented by a waist coat with exaggerated, flared tails. Her legs were covered in black nylon sheathed in rubber thigh boots with 4-inch heels. Her head was capped with a black hat with a short veil. The girls could not make out her face, but as she drew closer they saw she didn’t have one.

“Locked out”? the figure asked in a cold hiss…

“Uhhmmm” was the only word Kelsey could get out of her lips as her and the others were silenced by her blank gaze.

“Smoking is bad for your health”, said Menagerie as she encircled the three transfixed friends; touching them, feeling the fabric of their outfits. “Smoking is so ugly and diminutive, very un-glamorous”. “Such and ugly thing for ones as beautiful as you she,” said to Kelsey. “Lucky for you I happen to have a cure” she said as drew Kelsey aside and began to look over her two transfixed friends.

The effect she had on them was total, immobile, they tried as hard as they could but could move nothing. Menagerie squared up with the two blondes and pulled up their spandex dresses, “I’m a bit short on help these days,” she said as she marveled at their choice of pantyhose. “The house brand, I could have guessed. The three of you will enjoy working for me”, she said as she stood between them and put her hands down their pantyhose. Running her hands down to their sexes where she inserted her middle finger in each.

“This part I’m sure you will enjoy,” she said as she turned up the heat on each of them hyper-stimulating their sexes. “I hope you’re watching, Kelsey, because you’re next”.

Danielle and Melanie appeared to be vibrating at this point, their crotches wet with their own juices.

Feeling they were finished, Menagerie stopped and removed her hands from their pantyhose, leaving her finger inside them.

“Now, you two should do nicely,” she said as she removed their dresses and bras; they disintegrated as they hit ground, blowing away in the light breeze of the night.

The two blondes began taking on a sheen, their skin becoming fake looking, almost as if they weren’t real anymore.

“Now for the fun part”, she quipped as she began stroking their legs. As she did the seams and gusset of their pantyhose disappeared as did the waistband. The pantyhose appeared to be growing, spreading, expanding over their skin and creeping up their bodies.

Within minutes it had fully encapsulated them, even their fingers were separately covered.

“Now for the coup de grace!” Menagerie said as she ran her hands over each of them, massaging their breasts and sexes. Upon closer inspection of their vaginas, they appeared to have vanished, leaving them seemingly sexless.

The girls meanwhile weren’t thinking of much with the finger still inside them pleasuring them, communicating with them, telling them their new roles.

Menagerie leaned into Melanie and placed her hands on either side of her face.

“A kiss good night my dear,” she said as she connected her blank visage to Melanie’s nylon-sheathed lips.

When the moment had passed, a change took place. Melanie’s lips and nose receded into her face, her eyes closed and her eyebrows pulled back into her brow. Her beautiful blonde hair matted against her neck and back withdrew into her scalp as if it had never been.

“There there now”, that wasn’t so bad now was it”? she said to the new Melanie, a newly formed nylon slave. “You won’t be needing these anymore she said as she pulled her boots off the standing figure. The soles and heel remained.

The process was again repeated on Danielle, she was made identical; they were now two perfectly blank twins, shiny, sheathed in their dark tan pantyhose.

She turned her attention to Kelsey, “Now I’ll bet you wonder why I saved you for last,” she said as she stroked her chin.

“Menagerie”! Shouted a lone figure descending upon them from fire escape across the alley. “You better release them or so help me I’ll make sure this is your last day”! she said as she strode purposely towards them. “Now”!

“Threats, all people can do is pose threats”. Menagerie turned to face her adversary. “Just who are you, you look familiar. Ah yes, Black Canary, have you come to sing me a song”?

Canary stood defiantly as she locked her stare with the blank one of Menagerie. “You cannot think your gaze can affect me,” she said, letting out and deafening shriek that would have split the ears of a normal human.

Menagerie didn't react at all, other than to command, “Well, I guess now is as good a time as any my dears: Get Her”!

Danielle and Melanie, now fully programmed slaves, sprang into action encircling their first foe. As slaves, they had many roles, one of which was assassin/bodyguard, though Menagerie didn’t need one; she didn’t like to fight.  The nylon assassins encircled Black Canary, patiently waiting for an opening. Canary let out another cry but it fell on deaf ears, cause they had none.

Perturbed by this Canary kicked one square in the jaw as she elbowed the other, sending them flying into the wall and a stack of nearby boxes.

Springing back at her like rubber balls, the assassins moved in, one high and one low, knocking Canary off her feet. Her breasts cushioned her fall, but it was enough to knock the wind out of her.

Subdued by the nylon assassins, Canary was roughly brought in front of Menagerie.

“My last day”? she said laughing, “You hardly put up a fight to my newest assassins”, she said as she grabbed the struggling Canary by the scruff of the neck. “You do have spirit though, I’ll give you that, perhaps I‘ll save you for my next meal”.

“You’ll never get away with this, Menagerie, I have pretty powerful friends, and they will stop you”.

“Still posing threats”? “Perhaps this is a matter that needs looking into”. Perhaps I will give you a pose that suits you”? “ But first, I need some information and you need some conditioning”,

“What are you going to do to me”?

“Are all you heroines so uptight”? Menagerie asked as she began to fondle her foe.

Canary began to feel very uncomfortable. “What are you doing”?

“Nothing that doesn’t need to be done”. “Has anyone told you how hot you are”?

“That’s none of you business”, replied Canary, trying to get away from her captor.

“Your costume is so erotic, makes me feel so warm inside, that leather smell, is that from a bottle?”

Canary began to wear down, from something that Menagerie gave off, something about her made her feel more at ease.

“Your making me feel so hot. I have a bone to pick with you”, Menagerie continued. Indeed, inside the crotch of her leotard you could see an erection forming underneath her pantyhose. Menagerie reached down inside her pantyhose and wetted her fingers with her scent, then dabbed it in Canary’s lips. “Something about you intrigues me”, she said as she pulled her erection from her costume.

To Canary the scent from Menagerie was intoxicating, and when she dabbed her juices on Canary's lips it became enthralling. Menagerie began to change to her, becoming more familiar, becoming, “Ollie”?

“She’s ready, my Dears,” she said as she leaned back against the railing, stroking her impressive member.

The slaves abided and removed Canary’s coat and bustier, boots and fishnet and black pantyhose. The slaves drew Canary close to Menagerie picked her up from either side and impaled her upon the waiting member.

“Ohhh, Ollie”, Canary shrilled as she took all he was and began to ride.

For Menagerie, sex was always good. And it was her favorite way to find out everything about someone. Deep inside Canary she went, delving into her mind discovering her secrets her past her loves and her fears.

Canary feeling as free as she could, gripped the member hard and began milking it with her vaginal muscles.

With all her secrets laid bare, Menagerie leaned in and gave her a kiss.

“Ohhhumm”, Canary cried as they both came, feeling the cum shooting inside her.

An exchange was made. Menagerie both taking and giving.

Stillness game over Canary as she felt exhausted from the most passionate sex she felt she ever had. She felt strange, satisfied, yet aloof.

“Your quite good Canary, it’s too bad that was a one time thing.. but then that’s what memories are for”, Menagerie lamented as she detached herself from her member leaving it inside her foe. “A lil something to remember me by”, she said as she felt the smooth expanse that used to be Canary’s nether region, giving it a little pat.

Inside, Canary was fully enthralled, feeling the phallus drive her yet again to ecstasy.

“Now for my Prize”, gloated Menagerie. “I’ll enjoy being you and meeting your friends, I never realized how kinky you could be”, she said as she lifted Dinah’s face like a mask from its owner, leaving a visage as smooth and devoid of character as that of her new mistress.

Menagerie took Canary’s face and donned it, taking a minute to smooth the sides.. “Now, lets wrap this up.. I have some fun to get back to”.

If Canary was aware of what was going on, she would have been appalled at this injustice placed upon her.. Menagerie had stolen her looks, leaving her a featureless mannequin.

Menagerie wasted no time and licked Dinah’s engorged nipples, each of them slowly dissipating as she did. “You won’t need this anymore,” she said as she removed the flowing blonde locks from the former heroine as a wig.

Canary now stood completely utterly blank.

“I feel a pose coming on”, Menagerie said, stroking the chin of the vanquished vixen.

As if on cue, Dinah’s form shifted and took on a hands-on-hips pose with her weight shifted to the left.

Dinah’s form no longer looked like flesh; it hardened, becoming a polymer form of a shapely female body. A clean slate.

“Now that the meal is sealed, lets put it away.” Menagerie grinned as Canary began shrinking, shrinking down to twelve inches tall.

Placing the blank that Canary had become into her bag, Menagerie -- now appearing as Canary -- donned the her hair and the rest of her costume. Inside the pantyhose she found a pleasant surprise, a small nub that rubbed her as she walked.

“Now where were we? Ah Yes! Our dear Kelsey has been waiting all this time...”

“I’m sorry dear, but I couldn’t avoid that interruption. Now I’m going to make you the center of this threesome you had”, she said as she removed her dress; by now her middle finger had grown back and she grinned like a rictus as she pushed her hand down Kelsey’s pantyhose inserting it inside her. “O my, that is just a finger and you have to be the tightest yet,” she said, her finger masturbating her.

Menagerie reached down inside her own hose of her new Canary costume and produced more of her musky aphrodisiac. “There, maybe this will loosen you up”, she cooed, placing her fingers on Kelsey’s lips.

Inside Kelsey, her mind was in chaos after witnessing her friends being turned into slaves and the heroine Black Canary subjugated and minimized. Yet the musk from Menagerie was overpowering; soon her walls fell and her vagina succumbed to the will of her new Mistress.

“I’m making you the center piece of this trio, I don’t have a lot of space to afford, my accountant says I need to conserve”. Once she felt Kelsey give in she knew she had won. Had she ever lost? Pulling her hand out, leaving a special friend to keep Kelsey comfort, her programming began and Menagerie began the final series of transformations.

Smoothing everything as she went, Kelsey’s gusset and seams of her pantyhose disappeared, as did her cooch. This started the pantyhose growing about her, over her body, completely encasing her.

Menagerie bent in and did a lil touch on the tip of her nose and the features on her face receded, leaving her as blank as the others. Stripping Kelsey of her boots left the three looking like triplets.. which is exactly as she intended. “Ok girls, it’s now time to come together.” With that, the other two who were dormant came to life and came up one at a time and stepped into the blank that was Kelsey.

‘Now that is what I call consolidating help”. She said amusingly.

Menagerie then weaved her special magic, camouflaging her new slaves so that when they appeared to normal people they would appear to be a mix of the three, but to Menagerie they would appear as her blank slaves.. All her employees appeared that way, there was less confusion. Their advantage was they could split into three in a given situation to provide coverage.

Inside, Club Villa was divided off into two areas one for dancing and the other for stripping. The club - much like any other - had specials and theme events; 80’s night was all about pantyhose forms, 70’s night was about torso forms, and 90’s night was about full bodied mannequins and bra forms.

The laymen would think that Club Villa was about as consuming as it could be but that just isn’t so. Only the best of the best were taken. Menagerie’s greatest feat was in the replication process she invented to replicate all the types of forms she created. This allowed her to take only the ones she desired and the ones she needed to feed on. With her list of adversaries shrinking and her low profile, nothing could stop her.

Ginger, Kelly, Nicole, and Leeza had been in a club a few hours enjoying the evening;, it was girls night out and they needed to unwind from life’s stresses.

Their jobs are just as glamorous as they appeared to be: they are cheerleaders for the Port City Panthers. The team is away this weekend on a road game so the girls thought they would go out and unwind. Nicole recommended Club Villa, having seen the ad that tonight was 80’s night. So the girls got all done up in their finest slut wear and headed on over. Ginger is a brunette while Kelly and Nicole are blondes; Leeza, on the other hand, is a flaming red head.

Professional cheerleaders always get attention from Menagerie because they wear skimpy outfits and shiny pantyhose, and shake their asses every weekend. They also get attention from her cause of her deep hatred of them; they represent everything Diane could not be growing up: Pretty and Popular. The shameless self promotion of their bodies, taunting men and alienating women, it was clear to her that there would be no mercy.

The cheerleaders were taken to a special part of the club and given a round of free drinks which they gladly accepted. The drinks, as it turned out, were laced with a chemical that gives those unfortunate enough to drink it larger than normal breasts; it also makes them lighter than air.

Ginger was the first to finish with her drink and sat, reveling in the benefits. “Oh my god, I can’t believe how good that was; what was it called again? A Dizzy Bimbo?”

“Yeah, if we drink enough of them, well be just like Kelly”, said Leeza.

“Hey now”! injected Kelly. “Must we go there? I can make koolade and do my own laundry, you know”.

“How bout and other round?” said Nicole, waving her empty glass at a waitress.

“Yes, definitely,” they agreed.

They placed their order with the waitress,. Nicole then noticed something strange about Ginger.

“Ginger, is that a new bra your wearing? I swear your breasts are much bigger than yesterday. Are you using those inserts”?

“No; O man!, look at these! It’s like I’m lactating”! Gingers breasts were straining against her spandex dress, pushing the hemline up her thighs.

The second round arrived as the others noticed that their breasts were gaining size as well.

“Could it be vitamins”? asked Kelly, unsure as to what to make of it.

At this point the ZZ Top song “Legs” began playing and the girls got up and danced, not sure of what to make of their predicament, Ginger was enjoying her new breasts which by now were to a FF in size. Leeza was becoming increasingly concerned but unsure as to what to do, the pleasure she was feeling from her own body was just enough to keep her contained.

Gingers breasts so distended her dress that it looked more like a stretched out tank top and not the sexy mini that it was when she came in. The hemline now was around her waist and you could clearly see that she was wearing no underwear under her black pantyhose.

Distracted as they were by their predicament, Ginger hardly noticed her feet leave the floor. Lionel Ritchie’s “Dancing On The Ceiling” came on and girls kept dancing.

“I feel so light and free”, said Kelly, unaware that she too was bobbing a few inches off the floor. Her breasts had now become as distended as Ginger's, her racing stripe pointing the way to the wet patch her gusset had become.

A waitress came over to check on them as they now were five inches off the floor dancing away, she began removing Ginger's dress and bra which failed to support her new buxomness.

Menagerie, sitting off in her private area, watched intently as the four ladies each were stripped of their clothing save for their pantyhose, each getting higher by the minute, pantyhose reflecting the light of the club's interior.

She took interest in the blonde Nicole; for her facial structure was superb and her frame was slightly taller than the others. A perfect mannequin frame.

“Put her on a stand”, she told an attendant, “This one is too good for the ceiling”.

The girls were five feet off the ground when one of the attendants came and grabbed Nicole by the foot and hauled her down; her movement was still fluid but lethargy had set in.

“I want to dance with the others,” she slurred, as the attendant ripped a hole in the gusset of her pantyhose and injected her in the ass with an antidote, her boobs began to lose their size and her progression to the ceiling halted.

The attendant placed her slightly over a stand that was on wheels and put her shoes back on her feet.

Nicole continued dancing as she reverted back to her former luscious form, the song still playing, she began her descent onto the stand which was capped by a fleshy colored dildo.

Ginger Kelly and Leeza, on the other hand, were gaining height and were nearing the ceiling. Each experiencing near oblivion;  fondling their breasts and sexes as they danced.

“I can’t believe the time we’re having”, slurred Ginger.

“I know”, said Kelly, “You’d think we was on the moon”, she quipped.

The party was about to end as Leeza bumped into another set of legs. “Hey, watch it!”

For Nicole, reality was becoming apparent as the effects of the Dizzy Bimbo were wearing off; the tip of the dildo was just coming into her sex when Menagerie appeared before her.

“Enjoying the evening, dear”? She asked.

“O yes”! Nicole replied. “But I can’t seem to see where my friends went... We were all dancing here a minute ago. Something’s tickling my pussy”, she said giggling.

“Look up,” Menagerie said.

“O, O there, they are. How did they get up there? Sure are a lot of people up there, dancing on the ceiling”. Nicole stared at them as Ginger raised her hands above her head as she danced. Her fingers seemed to effortlessly pass through the barrier, where they stayed stuck.

“Hey guys, I’m stuck here,” said Ginger in a moment of lucidity. “My hands are stuck in the ceiling... I’m, and I’m being pulled in!” Indeed Ginger's forearms were now buried as the crown of her head touched.

Leeza’s head hit something hard behind her and she turned to see the sexless expanse of a pantyhose form. “Something’s strange here; there are a lot of legs just stuck in the ceiling”. It was then that they had a sobering experience as Lionel Ritchie’s “Stuck On You” could be heard in the back ground.

“What’s happening”, shouted Kelly. Putting her hands to the ceiling; trying to stop her ascent. Ginger was gasping for help as only her mouth was below the ceiling.

“I’m stuck, help me,” Cried Leeza, her hands stuck up to her elbows wriggling to get free.

Menagerie stood by Nicole as she slid down the pole of the stand, with the dildo buried half way in her pussy. Nicole at this point appeared frightened as she was able to make out what was happening to her friends. “Help them, they're stuck on the ceiling”. She pleaded.

“I think you should worry about yourself”, quipped Menagerie as she squeezed the balls of the dildo. Nicole felt something warm shoot into her and immediately she calmed down. “I think you will enjoy your new still life” said Menagerie as she put her hands on Nicole’s shoulders, pushing her down that final inch, securing her to the stand.

Her mind already swimming; the feeling of pleasure began to arouse her and she lost interest in her friends and began to think about new clothes. She did not worry that she could not move her body any longer as she stiffened.

Ginger was now up to her waistband as the other two’s heads had also succumbed to the ceiling. Ginger's racing stripe had vanished, her pussy sealing up, her legs taking their final pose.

Menagerie gave the girls above a little wave goodbye as she turned her attention to Nicole and her transformation into a mannequin.

Menagerie did have a natural ability to transform, but sometimes liked to indulge in technology to meet her needs. The dildo on this stand was one of those. The balls of the dildo were filled with a special formula that enabled the curing process, from flesh into plastic.

Nicole’s pussy sealed around the phallus as Menagerie gave the balls another squeeze; she had adopted a pose because it felt right. The walls of her vagina cramped down on the phallus; milking the last of the formula out. Her face had a pleasant smile on it as her eyes blinked for the last time and froze as glass.

“There now, another trinket for the collection,” purred Menagerie.

The others, by now fully affixed to the ceiling amongst the other legs, sexy legs of professional cheerleaders.

“Wheel this mannequin into storage”, she said to an attendant, “I have a date tonight”. Diana smoothed out her shiny suntan pantyhose; getting ready for a night out hunting for Menagerie with Black Canary.

Centering the gusset over her pussy she thought about how Dinah had come to be such a great lover. Since Ollie had died, Dinah had no one to turn to and Diana was her closest friend, it was good for them both. Diana was looking forward to tonight because she had not seen Dinah in a few weeks and knew that tonight the sex would be mind shattering.

Sliding up her bodice and centering her boobs inside, she imagined what Dinah would do to her; she was always coming up with something kinky which always excited her.

She knew that Dinah had a nub inside the crotch of her costume to stimulate her clit which was nearly the size of a small pinky finger; almost like a small penis. She always seems to be wet when they were together she could barely contain herself.

Diana’s boobs where her favorite thing to suck on, she would swirl her tongue round and round them and pull at them with her mouth while fingering her pussy with her middle finger.

Diana didn’t know she was a squirter, but found out last month. Dinah was going hard on her with her index middle and ring fingers when she just couldn’t take it anymore and let loose the flood drenching poor Dinah who wasn’t ready.

It was a very sexual relationship; a relationship that made her former lover Power girl very jealous. Power girl had a tremendously powerful vagina and could prolly form a diamond out of coal if she chose to. She and Diana’s relationship ended amicably, with Karen going on to find something with Kara> They all remained good friends.

Dinah had left a message saying to meet her next door to Club Villa, the club Dinah had been watching for the last few weeks. Not much is known about Menagerie, her powers or weaknesses were unknown. Karen and Kara would be along later, there was supposed to be a JLA meeting in the morning to go over what findings there were. Diana landed in the alleyway behind the club and walked to the back entrance to the neighboring building; it was open.

Excited at seeing Dinah, she bounded up the stairs to the second story. The building was storage for a local department store, the second story overlooked Club Villa giving Black Canary a perfect perch to view it. Unaware to Diana, though, was that Menagerie had taken Dinah’s place and was waiting for her.

Dinah was waiting for her as she entered the room, she was standing near a window, the room was dimly lit with candles, nearby there was a bed, and it appeared that Dinah had been staying here awhile. “You look like you have been camping”, said Diana as she stepped into Dinah and embraced her.

“It’s been a while, princess, you ought to try it sometime”, she replied.

Their kiss was deep and long, Diana truly had missed her friend and lover.

“What have you got so far”?

“Not much really, this place seems to be the area’s hot spot, but I haven’t been able to see this Menagerie or anyone suspicious yet. I went inside a few times and everything seems normal”.

“We should go dancing; maybe we could root her out”, said Diana as she did a lil bump and grind on Canary.

“I don’t know, maybe after some quality time we could go down”.

“I still don’t have a good feeling about this place”, Dinah said as she snuggled up to Diana, her hand finding its way to Diana’s  pussy, slowly circling it.

Diana could feel the blood swelling her clit; she returned Dinah’s affection with a little of her own, Dinah grinded the knob in her crotch into Diana’s leg kissing her passionately.

Diana became more than aroused as she felt something stirring in Dinah’s crotch as she ground on her leg, she put her hand down to feel it, a bulge!, Diana’s eye’s widened for a moment but wasn’t enough to distract her from Dinah’s lovemaking.

Dinah Backed Diana into a nearby table taking off her coat and throwing it to the bed. Diana could feel the wetness forming as Dinah moved aside her suit to reveal a sizable penis. Diana’s eyes went wide as she knew that Dinah didn’t have a penis but this was truly some miracle of some sort, she bent down and grabbed it and slathered her tongue over it before inserting it in her mouth.

Dinah grabbed the back of Diana’s hair and bobbed her head up and down her shaft lubricating it with her spit. Near climax Dinah pulled her up for a deep kiss.

Diana was deepening into the moment she felt Canary’s fingers moving aside her suit and tear through her new pantyhose. Dinah effortlessly slid her phallus into Diana who gripped it and stoked it from inside, savoring each push, clinging on each withdrawal.

Canary slid down the bodice of Diana’s suit and began nipping at the well-endowed amazon's breasts.

Her nipples rock hard and the throbbing phallus of her lover inside her, Diana paid little notice to the recession of her fingers, only to the passion that Dinah and her dream phallus gave to her. Little by little they retracted; she ignored the clanging of her bracelets on the floor. She even ignored the soft sound her boots made as they plopped on the floor, empty pantyhose where her feet once were.

Her ride continued as her extremities slowly regressed to form flat stubs mid-thigh and mid-upper-arm. Canary’s hands were one with her waist as she came, sensing this, her lover let loose her load filling her with her hot juice.

Menagerie moved forward a step, placing Diana on the table, the phallus detaching itself from her pubic region. Diana felt Dinah’s tongue enter her mouth as they shared one more kiss. The phallus still squirming in her victim, Menagerie reached down and squeezed the balls of her toy, making sure her venom had totally drained into Diana.

Diana felt a tingle on her face as Menagerie reached up and pulled her new mask from her victim, she would savor this moment, as it replayed in her mind over and over.

Menagerie always loved these intimate interludes, almost ashamed that they had to end, reliving them with each new encounter.

Diana had made a perfect torso as her blank head finally receded to form a flat edge on the top of her neck. Menagerie quickly placed the Wonder Woman suit into her pack as well as the new mask and wig her former lover had so graciously surrendered.

Giving the torso that was Diana a once-over, she was satisfied with the results. Diana’s nipples were smoothed over and her areolas blended in with her natural body color.

The phallus that was evident a moment ago had smoothed over her once quivering pussy forming a blank mound that all mannequin related display pieces had.

“Sorry it had to be this way,” she said as she gave her mark a final rub on her crotch.

Tucking the trophy under her arm she made it to the window just in time to see Power Girl land in the alley.

“Shit” was all she said as she quickly thought of the best way to get out of the building as she knew that soon Karen would be up here.

Opening the window and finding the fire escape, Menagerie made her way to the street and was crossing the alley way when Power Girl made it to the window in the room she was just in.

“Canary! Wait up!” said Karen, standing in the window sill. “Wonder what that crazy woman is up too and what that was under her arm. Looked like some sort of mannequin”.

Her communicator must be broken, she thought, as she made the drop to the alley and proceeded to follow Canary’s trail, which led into the back of Club Villa.

“Kara, this is Karen checking in, I’ve spotted Canary, she went into the back of the club. No sign of Diana anywhere, you copy”?

“Copy that”, came Supergirl’s voice from the communicator. “I’ll be there shortly, will catch up to you then”.

“Roger that, moving in”.

Karen moved into the back of the club just as Canary turned at the end of the long hall. Moving quickly, she dashed around the corner just in time to see a door close halfway down the corridor. Entering the room, it was dark and no apparent light switch on the wall. “Maybe there’s one hanging somewhere in the middle”, thought Karen as she proceeded to grope the air in the middle of the room. “Dinah, are you in here? Answer me... “Oh! What’s this?” Groping about the room for a light pole Karen bumped into something about crotch high, she thought it was some sort of saddle, but it wasn’t, it had something sticking up where you sat; it felt hard yet flexible.

As she was about to turn and leave, the lights flicked on and something was sprayed into Karen’s face.

Shocked, she inhaled a majority of the gas and bent over coughing.

“It’s ok, Karen, just breathe deeply”, said a voice. Karen stood up straight and her vision was a little fuzzy, but it looked like Black Canary standing there, but that wasn’t her voice.

“What’s was that, what’s going on,” she said, trying to clear her vision.

“You’ve been given a dose of my new aphrodisiac, should be taking affect soon. Why don’t you get out of your uniform and sit here?” said the voice, convincingly.

“I, I don’t think ohh”.. Karen tried to say as she began to feel heat build in the room. “It’s getting hot in here, I’m I’m, Ohhooohh. What did you say? Aphrodisiac? You mean a love potion”?

“In a sense, yes; you will find the answers soon enough”.

Karen began to feel a quivering in her crotch, with most of her uniform removed, she quickly pulled the rest of it off, leaving her in her pantyhose and boots. The room she was in appeared to be some sort of work room with a bench in the back with several figures on it. On one end was the torso that formerly was Diana. In the center was a kind of a box that was rounded on top. On top of the box was rubber penis.

“Sit here please; I think you’ll enjoy what I have in store for you,” said the mysterious woman who looked like Dinah. Karen could not resist the offer to sit on the phallus. Her nipples engorged, clit swollen, she felt the need and mounted the phallus, punching a hole right through the crotch of her pantyhose. Immediately she began to feel a buzzing come from the device as well as a warm sensation. Karen rode the stick up and down, drawing it in and out of herself. Using the lessons Diana taught her she stroked the member for all it was worth.

Menagerie leaned up against the bench and watched with wicked disdain as Powergirl's skin started flattening out in tone, becoming rubbery in texture.

Karen could only ride; her thoughts centered on milking the beast she rode. Hard. All the while the phallus pumped its precious venom inside her. Karen’s movement soon slowed considerably; as she reared up and appeared to have some sort of orgasm, her lips parted and expelled air and she went still.

This is getting too easy; if this goes on, there will be no heroines left in short order,” thought Menagerie as she took a metal hook and went over to the back of Powergirl and popped then screwed it into the back of Karen's rubberized shoulders. Pulling her off the saddle, there was a popping sound as the phallus came free from its intended receptacle.

A trail of cum followed them as Menagerie took her latest victim to the wall and hung the Power Girl doll on a support hook there. “Powerdoll, I like the name,” mused Menagerie, cupping Karen’s face in her hands. “I may try you out later”. Menagerie then put her hand down to Powerdoll’s new rubber pussy and felt around it. “Your just a lil tight, aren’t you”? she said as she brought her juice up for a taste. “Very sweet”.

“As much as this has got me all worked up, I’m in need of some nourishment, we will have to take this up another time”, she said as she patted powerdoll on the head and turned to leave the room.

Before she could get to the door, it flew open; standing there was an enraged Supergirl.

“I saw what you did to Karen, Dinah, and I will make you pay for it”, she said venomously.

“Supergirl, whatever made you think you could just burst in here”? Menagerie folded her arms and took in Supergirl’s fantastically proportioned body, her blonde hair mussed slightly from her entrance.

The Maid Of Might froze as Menagerie held her gaze. “What did you come here for anyway”? She asked.

“I’m looking for my friends”, the superheroine replied.

Menagerie circled her, “I would think you’d be seeking fulfillment,; with a body like yours, you must be horny all the time”. Menagerie tweaked a nipple which grew hard almost on contact. “You seem to be all pent up”. Menagerie was reading Supergirl’s mind, searching for that once thing she could exploit and gain power over her. “Ah! You need release... that’s what you seek. I tell you what; I will release you and you can release me”.

Supergirl couldn’t quite get what she meant when Menagerie put her hand down inside her hot pants under her pantyhose and began fingering her. Immediately Supergirl’s mind exploded with arousal, her desire to orgasm intensified as Menagerie found her g-spot and circled it incessantly.

Powerdoll and Wonder Torso watched as Supergirl gave herself up to Menagerie, her body writhing in pleasure.

“Please, let me cum”, she begged. “I need to cum”. Her hips grating Menagerie's hand, her hands held Menagerie's, guiding it to finish.

“There, there now,” said Menagerie, stroking Supergirl’s hair with her free hand. “I make you come”, she said with a hiss..

Menagerie’s eye’s glowed as Supergirl felt something stirring in her pussy, it was her orgasm. She began to let loose, screaming in ecstasy, her pussy throbbing all the while her body began to shrink. Menagerie kept working her fingers on the shrinking Supergirl, who now was not moving much as her once skin-tight clothes became increasingly larger.

In a matter of seconds Supergirl’s clothes fell to the floor, empty and Menagerie stood with a rigid dildo in her hand, one that looked remarkably like a certain superheroine posed ramrod straight with her hands at her sides.

“I told you I would release you; now you will return the favor,” Menagerie said as she pulled aside the front of her costume and pulled her pantyhose down revealing her bare naked pussy dripping in anticipation. She tucked her pelvis up as her vaginal muscles pushed out its last charge, a blackened dildo dripping. She threw the used rod away and tipped the new one in for the trip home. “You should keep me going for a long time, Supergirl”, she said pushing the last of her adversary inside.

Finished changing her battery, the villainess pulled a familiar 12-inch tall statue from her bag. “I think I’m done with heroines for now,” she said, putting the figure on the floor. She concentrated, using her power to transform once more.

Standing back, she watched as the figure grew to its former size; Menagerie removed her own costume and laid it on the mannequin. She waved her wrist and the costume refitted itself back on Dinah. Replacing the wig on the stiffened display dummy, Menagerie took a moment to revel in her defeated foes' condition. “I’m keeping the face,” she said as she touched a switch under her workbench and one of the walls slid away, revealing rows and rows of faces.

Removing Dinah's face from her blank visage, she placed it in an empty space, giving it one last caress before she hit the button again, sealing the wall up.

“Ok dears; I’m tired now, I need my rest”.

Menagerie stood blank and naked, featureless. In repose.


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