Mannequin Fun

by Alexandria ML


Michelle, Tammy, Claudia and Lisa open the door to the display windows showing athletic wear. As they enter the window Lisa stops for a moment at the windows curtain controls and closes the windows. The other girls all head to different mannequins and begin stripping the mannequin's clothes off. As the girls are busy with the mannequins, Lisa brings in a cart used to carry clothes into the windows. Once the girls have stripped the mannequins they strip out of their clothes and put on the clothes the mannequins had been wearing. Michelle puts on a pair of skintight biker shorts with a yellow Speedo top. Tammy puts on a multi colored sport bra with a black jogging outfit, and Claudia puts on a red sport bra with a pair of red skintight shorts. "What do we do with the mannequins?" Tammy asks

"I'll reduce them to cardboard cut outs and put them into one of the storerooms". Lisa pulls out what looks like a remote control and stands in front of the first mannequin and pushes a button. The girls watch as the mannequin is instantly reduced to a life sized card cutout; once reduced it falls over onto the floor. Lisa moves to the other mannequins and repeats the process, then gathers the cut outs and puts them on her cart. "We move the mannequins this way, It is easier than trying to move them when they are full size. Now here are the mannequinizers, I have programmed them with a 1-minute delay and have programmed them to release you on Thursday Morning at 3:00am." Lisa hands each of the girls what looks like a credit card, the only difference was that each card had a touch screen on one side. "Put the cards into you shorts against your inner thigh, that way it will get good contact and shouldn't be visible through the cloth".

Tammy girls touches the card to activate it and then places into her jogging pants, then she steps onto the mannequin platform and poses. The other girls watch as Tammy takes her pose and then after a few seconds the transformation takes place. Tammy's body changes into hardened plastic, The other girls take a moment to touch Tammy and find that she is indeed been changed into a hardened plastic. Then Michelle and Claudia both activate their cards and put them into their shorts, Each poses on the mannequin stands and after a few moments they join Tammy as frozen plastic mannequins. Lisa takes a moment to check that each girl is posed correctly and stable, after satisfying herself she grabs her cart that starts out of the window, she pauses momentarily to open the curtains and then goes. The girls find that they can see into the darkened mall, but with nothing to distract them they quickly fall asleep.

Lisa takes her cart to a back storeroom and place the flattened mannequins into a closet filled with other flattened mannequins. Then she takes one of the mannequinizers and leaves the store and goes back to her apartment.

Once at home, goes into her bedroom and strips. Lisa then programs the mannequinizer for a 3-hour freeze with a random activate and places it in an ankle cuff. Lisa lays down and starts stroking herself, thinking about what is about to happen to her excites her to the point of orgasm and then just as she peaks, her body shudders and she feels herself freeze. Her hand still on her pussy, she has been transformed into plastic. Lisa spends the next 3 hours at the peak of excitement, her mind racing with the pleasure she feels at being frozen just at the moment of release. 3 hours later when her release comes, the orgasms are intense and many. Lisa loses count and finally fades into unconsciousness from the fatigue.


The next day, the mannequinized girls awake to find the mall busy with activity. They spend the day watching the crowds wander by, and find that they are excited by the strangers that stop and gaze upon them. The girls can only imagine the thoughts of the many teenage boys and men that took protracted looks. The girls feel a lot of excitement in having their bodies gazed upon and fantasized about.

Lisa finally wakes at noon and gets out of bed; she removes the ankle cuff and decides to go to the mall and look in on her mannequins. Lisa goes to the mall and find's a bench with a clear view of the window and spends a couple of hours watching the boys watch her girls.

Later after the mall closed and the girls watched everyone leave. The girls hear someone enter their window. They watch helplessly as a lady they know as Sara walks around them. She pauses while looking at Michelle, and pulls out what looks like a remote control and points it at Michelle, after pressing a button, Michelle watches as Sara reposes Michelle's arms, she places Michelle left arm on her hip and puts her right arm out in front of her. After she gets done she once more points the device and pushes a different button, then leaves apparently satisfied with the new pose. The night passes uneventfully and the girls sleep.


The next day is again spent watching the crowds. The girls start having fantasies of their own about some of the men who stop to gaze upon them. The girls imagine these men dressing and undressing their helpless frozen bodies and dream about freezing the men and riding their hardened members. Soon the day is done and the crowds again leave and the girls once more sleep.

Lisa decides to go to the store and check on her friends. When Lisa arrives she finds Sara in her office working on new designs for the windows. Seeing Lisa, Sara decides it is time to make some changes.

"Lisa will you get me a male mannequin and meet me in window 4, I want to replace one of the female mannequins."

Lisa gets her cart then opens the closet and finds a male mannequin and puts its flattened form on her cart and heads toward window 4. When she arrives she finds Sara there with the curtains closed. Sara is busy changing some of the props in the room.

"Here are the clothes I want you to put on that mannequin, and that is the one I want you to replace."

Lisa watches as Sara points at Claudia. Lisa walks over and pulls Claudia's sport bra off and then start slipping her shorts down. Sara leaves the room to go get more props and Lisa pauses for a moment. "I'm sorry but Sara wants me to take you out of the window. I'll bring you back as soon as I can." At that moment Sara returns and continues working on the back wall. Lisa finishes slipping the shorts off of Claudia and takes the clothing to her cart and puts it into a basket. Then she walks back over in front of Claudia and pulls out the remote control she had used on the mannequins two nights earlier and points it at Claudia. Claudia is horrified as she watches Lisa point the device at her and is helpless as Lisa's finger depresses one of the buttons, as she does all of Claudia's senses go black.

Lisa watches as the Claudia mannequin is reduced to a cardboard cutout and falls over onto the floor. Lisa steps over and lifts Claudia from the floor and places her on the cart. Lisa then takes the male mannequin and places it on the floor and then using the remote restores it to full size. Then she lifts it into place and dresses it. Sara finishes her task and helps Lisa finish dressing the mannequin.

"Lisa, I think that I'll have you replace these other 2 female mannequins with male mannequins also. I'll get you some clothes for them, you go get the mannequins."

Lisa is shocked at what she has heard, all of her friends are about to be removed from the windows and Lisa is being forced to remove them. Lisa walks back to the store room and pulls 2 more male mannequins from the mannequin closet and carries their flattened forms back to the windows. When she arrives she sees that Sara has already brought clothes for the new mannequins and has left to tend to other tasks. Lisa starts undressing her friends, and within a couple of minutes has them standing as frozen nude statues. Lisa gathers their clothes and puts them into the basket with Claudia's and picks up the flattening device. She walks back over to Tammy and points. A button push later and Tammy lies flattened on the floor, then Lisa moves and points at Michelle and another push and another cutout lying on the floor. Lisa quickly gathers her friend's forms and places them on her cart with Claudia. Next she restores the male mannequins and begins dressing them.

Sara returns and helps her finish the dressing. Sara and Lisa leave the window, stopping only to open the curtain and both ladies walk back to the workroom. When they arrive Sara goes into her office which is a walled off section of the storeroom with glass windows. Lisa sees Sara pickup the phone and makes a call, but notices that Sara is looking in her direction. She decides that so as not to create any suspicion she should put her friends into the mannequin closet. Lisa picks up her flattened friends and carries them to the closet and places them inside, that finished she returns to her cart and folds the clothes they had been wearing, stopping only for a moment to remove the mannequinizers from each set of clothes.

"So Lisa, how did it feel?"

Lisa is startled at the sudden question.

"How did what feel?"

"How did it feel to undress, flatten, and put your friends into that closet."

"What are you talking about?"

"Lisa, don't play dumb, I saw you sneak them into the window a couple nights ago. I watched the entire thing on the in store security cameras. I had stepped out to get some stuff from my car and on my way back in I noticed the curtain to that window closed, so I went to the security office and turned the windows monitors on and watched your little game. I thought that I would have some fun with you by making you undress them and remove them from the window. They had to be horrified when you pointed the flattener at them."

"You knew... the entire time."

"Sorry, I just couldn't resist. Now you better get them out so that we can bring them back and let them in on my little prank."

Lisa goes back to the closet and takes her friends out and places them on the floor. Lisa points the device at them and after 3 clicks, her friends are once more plastic mannequins. Sara and Lisa pick them up from the floor and put them back onto their feet.

"Lisa, you think that we should have some more fun with them before we completely restore them."

Lisa watches as Sara grabs one of the mannequinizers and places it against Michelle's thigh. A moment later, Michelle is restored to flesh, but unable to move. Sara restores the other girls to flesh and leaves them paralyzed. Then Sara places her hand against Michelle's pussy and starts to stroke her. Michelle's body tingles from the feeling of Sara's hand in her crotch and the feeling of complete helplessness. Sara feels Michelle's sex start to flow cum and knows that Michelle is about to orgasm and takes that moment to reapply the mannequinizer. Michelle can't believe the feelings of that moment as her body changes to plastic; her senses locked in a state of ecstasy. Sara leaves Michelle and starts her work on Tammy. Lisa taking her queue from Sara goes to work on Claudia. Soon the 3 girls are once more frozen plastic with their minds and senses satisfied.

Sara starts off toward her office and stops beside Lisa, who feels Sara's hand on her arm and a moment later finds her body stiffly frozen. Sara has used the mannequinizer on her.

"Time to join your friends"

Lisa stands helpless like a statue as Sara unbuttons her shirt; Sara opens the front of the shirt and puts her hand firmly around Lisa's breasts. The feel of Sara's hands sends shivers up Lisa's spine. Sara reaches up and pulls the shirt off of Lisa's shoulders and pulls it off. Next Sara walks around Lisa and unclasps Lisa's bra. Sara allows its lacy form to fall onto Lisa's arms and then stands behind Lisa and reaches her hands around to once more fondle Lisa's breasts. Sara notices that Lisa's areolas have become hardened buttons and knows that her efforts are not being wasted. Sara lets her hands skate across Lisa's body to her pants and she unbuttons them and opening the front she pushes them down to Lisa's ankles. Now kneeling behind Lisa her face at the same height as Lisa's ass, she can't resist the urge to give Lisa a kiss on her backside. Carefully Sara balances Lisa on one foot and then the other and completes the process of removing Lisa's pants. Clad only is her pink panties Lisa's body tingles with Sara's every touch. Sara still behind Lisa reaches between her legs and slowly strokes Lisa's crotch. Sara can feel the fabric getting wetter and Lisa's scent permeates the air. Sara's fingers once more dance across Lisa's flesh and find their way into the waistband of Lisa's panties. Sara pulls the dampened silk garment down and allows it to pool on Lisa's feet. Sara's hands find their way to Lisa's pussy and her ass and start stroking her to orgasmic delight.

Lisa can feel the building orgasm and knows what is coming. Just as Sara pushes her over the edge of delight, she feels her body frozen into hardened plastic. The release is too much for Lisa and her mind goes unconscious.

Sara decides to leave her 4 frozen friends as they are and goes to her office to satisfy her own building desires. Morning finds 4 sexually aroused mannequins still standing in the workroom and a fifth sitting in her office her hand still locked against her crotch.


To be continued... read Mannequin Fun 2

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