Mannequin Fun 2

by Alexandria ML

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Lisa pushed her cart back through the store followed by Jonah. When she got back to the workroom, she unlocked the door and the two of them entered. Still standing in the room were her three mannequin figures that were friends, Claudia, Tammy and Michelle. Jonah walked into the office and picked up the phone to make a call. Lisa lifted a flattened female mannequin from her cart and put it away in a storage closet, then began folding and putting away some of the other things on the cart when Jonah came back out. He paused for a few moments and gazed upon the three nude immobilized girls standing near the middle of the room.

"I want to thank you for your help with the new display. I haven't done a display in a long time and enjoyed doing it a lot. I'm sure that you can run this department in Sara's absence. If you need any help or have any questions I wrote my office number down on a sheet of paper by the phone in the office. I need to attend to some other business and from looking at your mannequins there, I think you need to either put them away or get them dressed for a display."

"I'll take care of everything here, you can count on me."

Jonah lifted his suit coat and pulled it on, adjusted his tie and started to leave, then stopped at the door. "Lisa, I think we should consider hiring some models for the summer. Your friends have given me an idea that a group of living mannequins in the store for the summer could be of benefit. Why don't you see if you can find a half dozen girls interested in summer jobs. I'm sure that I can find money in the budget for them," Jonah said as his eyes moved back to the three nudes standing in the room. "I'm not sure but I think you might already have three volunteers nearby." With a slight grin on his face Jonah turned and left.

Lisa watched as Jonah closed the door behind him and was gone. She walked over to the door and clicked the lock, then turned around and looked at her three friends. Lisa walked over to a workbench and lifted one of the small mannequinizer cards. She carried it towards the three frozen girls, while tapping on its electronic display. Lisa put the card against Michelle's thigh and pushed the activate button then stepped back to watch. Within a few moments the plastic shine faded from the girl's skin and she slowly took on her normal appearance. The first movement signaling that the girl was nearing full release from the mannequinization process was a couple of quick blinks of the eyes followed by arm stretches. Another couple of moments and Michelle was fully restored. Lisa repeated the restoration process with Claudia and finally Tammy. As each of the girls stretched their muscles, Lisa walked to a storage cabinet and pulled out their clothes.

"That was incredible. Those mannequin devices are awesome!" Tammy exclaims. "I could see and feel everything but couldn't move the slightest bit. I don't know how, but that device heightened many of my senses; especially touch. When Sara put her hand on my sex and began to stroke me, I thought I was going to explode."

"Oh, just thinking about how that felt makes me want to do it again," Michelle comments.

"Here, why don't you let me put you back under Michelle," Lisa says as she steps forward.

Michelle holds her arms up in front of her. "No, that is quite all right.  I've had enough of being a mannequin for a few days."

"I'm sure you three heard Jonah's suggestion about the living mannequins. Would any of you be interested---?"

"Yes!" The three say in near unison.

"Ok. I'll let Jonah know that we have three models, and I'll find a few more. I'll find out what he has in mind and what kinds of displays he wants to have you do. But we need to get out of here and get home. I am tired and after spending the night as a mannequin myself, I need to find give my pussy some attention. I'll call each of you in a day or two when I've got the particulars of what he wants to do."

Claudia, Michelle and Tammy quickly dressed.  Then the four women left the office and walked through the store towards the main exit. As they walked through the store, they couldn't help but glance at the many mannequins standing throughout the store and think that over the next few weeks that they would be the frozen display figures standing on those pedestals.


Lisa arrived at Jonah's office the next morning, her eyes were a bit baggy from lack of sleep. Her mind kept replaying the moments that she had spent helplessly standing in the workroom as Sara's fingers undressed and stimulated her. As Lisa walked into Jonah's office she hoped that her pants wouldn't show the dampness that she was feeling between her legs.

Jonah greeted her at his door, "Come on it and have a seat. Can I get you anything before we start discussing the living mannequin jobs?"

"A glass of water would be fine," Lisa replies.

Jonah walks out and returns a few moments later with a large glass of ice water for her and a cup of coffee for himself. Lisa is surprised when Jonah sits down in empty chair in front of the desk beside her, but feels at bit more at ease as he seems more open.

"Let me start by telling you why I want to do this project. Many stores like to use Living mannequins as publicity projects and have been very successful at it. It gets customers in the door because they come to see the girls posing as mannequins and see if they move. What I want to do is have several girls, maybe a couple of guys pose in the store for 10 to 12 weeks."

"Do you plan on using the mannequinizer cards?" Lisa asks.

"Yes, but I want to use an enhanced version that we just got a couple of weeks ago. I have a couple of other technology surprises that I think you and the models will enjoy as well. I might like to have a few of the models remain frozen for a few days at a time so we will have to reward them well, and I will have bonuses at the end of the summer for them also. Here is a short write up of the details of the job and the compensation plan.

"My three friends are very interested and I think I know of three others that might be interested as well. Can I give them the details you have here and see what their responses are?"


"Ok. Let me talk to the models and see what they think. The money figures you have here look inviting to me, but they will have to decide for themselves."

"Lisa, you are welcome to participate also. From what I have seen of you, I think you have the figure for it."

Lisa is almost embarrassed at Jonah's comment, thinking back to her standing helplessly nude in the storeroom as a mannequin on full display to him. Lisa gathers the paperwork and thanks him for his time, then heads to the workroom to make some phone calls.


The following Monday morning, Lisa has gotten a few girls together and they are in the workroom with Jonah as he explains the opportunity. "What I am purposing is to have each of you act a living mannequins in the store over the next twelve weeks of the summer. I know Lisa has shown you the plans I had drawn up, giving you the details about pay and schedules, so I won't get into all of that now. What I wanted to do is show you the technology items that if you accept the job you would be using. The first item is what we call the Mannequinizer. It is a credit card sized device with a small touch screen control. It has a built in programmable computer. Its basic function is when placed against a subject it can immobilize them and - at high power - make the subject into a mannequin." Jonah holds the card up and shows it to them, letting them hold it and look closely at the device. "Lisa would you please help me demonstrate the unit?"

Lisa is surprised at the request and for a moment her mind remembers the sensations that Sara gave her last time she was immobilized by one of the mannequinizers. Lisa steps up to the front of the room with Jonah and stands with her arms at her sides.

"I'm going to set the device on one of the lowest settings." Jonah says as Lisa holds out her bare arm to Jonah. He glances up at Lisa as she smiles at him. Without warning her he touches his finger to the display and activates the card. Instantly Lisa feels a tingle throughout her body. To everyone else in the room Lisa still appears to be completely normal but she suddenly finds that her body refuses to move when she wills it.

"I have immobilized Lisa; she is unable to move her own body on her own, but is still fully poseable by anyone else. Lisa can still see and hear what is happening but is completely helpless to respond." Jonah puts his hands on Lisa's arm and raises it and bends her elbow then releases her. "Our living doll is very pliable and will hold whatever pose we want to pose her in. I'll let you girls pose her to see how it feels before I show you the next setting."

Lisa can only stand helpless as each of the girls comes up and moves her body and limbs. They move her arms and head and are amazed at how she remains stiffly just as they pose her. Lisa gets a bit aroused when she feels Amy's hand between her legs pressing up against her sex. When the playing is done, Lisa stands with her legs in a walking position and her left arm on her hip and her right arm lifted high into the air.

Jonah steps back up and again touches the card to Lisa's arm and touches the screen. "The cards have several variable settings and one of them is how much rigid we want the subject to be. Right now Lisa is fully poseable but if we wanted to keep our lovely model just as she is now without change, we could adjust the controls," Jonah touches the screen as he talks, "and stiffen our doll so that she can't be reposed. If any of you want to try and repose our subject now, you are welcome to try," he says as he pulls the card from Lisa's arm and steps away.

Each of the young women in turn steps up and attempts to move Lisa's body. Each finds her completely rigid and unyielding. Jonah stands beside Lisa and reaches over, giving her a light pat on her butt as he speaks. "I think we'll leave our volunteer doll as she is for the moment. Any of you have any questions?"

"I noticed that the card doesn't have to remain in contact with her skin. Does the effect wear off over time -- can she be restored to normal without the card?" Michelle asks.

"The card makes subtle changes in her body that on the lower setting do wear off over time. If left poseable, she would return to normal within a couple of days. Though the higher settings do not degrade over time, so our model could be left as she is for an indefinite amount of time and would remain fully paralyzed," Jonah responds.

"Are their any lasting health risks?" Tammy asks.

"Obviously, if left paralyzed long enough Lisa would get thirsty and hungry but one of the effects of the cards is that it slows the metabolic functions of the body, so that it would take several weeks before she got thirsty. If we switch on the Mannequinizing settings the body is adjusted and all metabolic functions are arrested to the point of being able to leave the target as a statue for an unlimited amount of time without them suffering any ill effects. Trust me, I won't be leaving any of you as living mannequins for more than a day or so."

Claudia steps forward. "I remember another device that makes a mannequin a bit more transportable; will you be using that one on us also?"

"I wasn't going to show you this but since you asked..." Jonah says as he moves to one of the workbenches and lifts a small boxlike device. "We call this the Flattener. It can compress any target into what is best described as a cardboard cutout." Jonah steps back toward the others and holds his hand out with the flattener to Claudia. "Perhaps you would do the honors with our demonstration model."

Claudia smiles at Jonah as she takes the device and steps in front of Lisa and holds the device up. Claudia remembers the last time she saw the device used and remembers that Lisa and her were in opposite roles then. Claudia's fingers hold the device and she gently pushes the activate button. Lisa's body reacts, nearly instantly collapsing down to a flattened cutout version of herself about a quarter-inch thick. Lisa begins to fall forward toward Claudia but Claudia quickly catches the flattened young woman.

Jonah advises, "Don't be concerned. Lisa is all right, the device has simply altered her body into a more easily transportable form and put her into stasis. She can be restored as easily and quickly as she was flattened. We use this device to store our unused mannequins in a closet over here," Jonah says as he motions at a door.

Each of the girls instantly wonders if any of them might end up getting stored behind that door but each dismisses the idea as Jonah continues. "Since each of you is fully capable of walking around on your own, we won't make any plans to use the flattener to transport you, Unless of course you'd prefer we did," he says with a slight chuckle. "Now Claudia, if you would reverse the process and restore Lisa to her normal dimensions, I can release her then get all of you started." Claudia glances down, rests her finger on the restore button, points the flattener at Lisa, pushes the button and watches as Lisa's body quickly returns to normal.

Jonah steps up to Lisa and puts the card on her arm again and touches the display. Lisa feels the tingle of the device's power and is suddenly able to move once more. She lowers her arms to her sides and gives a grin to Jonah.

"As you can all see, I'm perfectly fine. I hope I haven't scared any of you. Let me assure you that the devices we have shown you are completely safe. I think that you will find them useful in helping you be our mannequins over the next few weeks if you are still interested. I hope to be seeing all of you gracing our store displays soon."

The girls talk amongst themselves for a few minutes and then each of the girls agrees to Jonah's plan.

"Well Lisa, looks like you have your models for the summer. I will leave you to take care of things with the girls, Lisa. If you need me; you have my office number. Let me thank each of you and welcome you to our store," Jonah says warmly, then leaves.

Lisa goes into the office and comes back with six of the mannequinizers. She gives each girl one and tells them about the digital display, going over with them how to program it. "It will probably work best if when you are on display you put the card inside of your panties or bra so that it is held tight against your skin and isn't likely to show. One word or warning is that if the device should come loose and fall out while you are immobilized as a mannequin, you will remain a mannequin 'til someone reattachs the device and restores you. As Jonah mentioned, you're in no danger that way but might be surprised at the amount of time that's passed. I will control the mannequinizers from the office here; I can see everywhere with the in-store cameras and watch where you are, so when you are in position and posed I can immobilize you.

"Since Amy, Jessica and Elizabeth haven't been immobilized before, I thought that I would have all of you put your cards on and we could do some playing with the system. Michelle, if you would, make sure the door is locked; then we won't have any surprise guests interrupting us."

Lisa walks back into the small glassed-off office and turns on the control system that Jonah had shown her earlier. She activates the monitors and checks that she has complete access to all of the cameras in the store, then activates another monitor that is linked to a computer system that controls the mannequinizers. Lisa checks each mannequinizer and sees that the telemetry from each card is being broadcast back to her system. Lisa can see the very thorough list of data that the cards provide, including heart rate, respiration and body temp of each of the girls as well as the power setting.

"How about each of you walk across the room and pose near the far wall? When you are posed nicely, I will activate the cards one by one and freeze you. Amy, why don't you go first?  Show everyone what a living mannequin's stance looks like."

Amy, a tall redhead, walks across the room and turns, standing with her feet apart; she bends her right elbow and puts her hand on her hip and bends her left arm in front of her then angles her head looking slightly down. Lisa watches and when the model's pose is right touches a key on her control system. Amy feels a tingle as her body is immobilized. Claudia follows Amy's lead and strikes a pose standing with her legs slightly apart and her left arm above her head and her right in front of her. Claudia feels the familiar tingle that ceases her movement. Tammy saunters over to the motionless pair of models and stands with her arms on her hips, in a classic super hero pose as she is instantly frozen. Elizabeth pauses for a moment thinking, then takes a position with right arm bent and hand on her hip and her left arm hanging at her side, a moment later and she too becomes rigid. Jessica walks over and poses bent forward at her waist, pausing only a moment before Lisa turns her into a statue; she would have gasped if not frozen stiff. Michelle takes a look at Lisa before taking her place in the grouping, striking a ballerina pose with one arm high above her head; Lisa seeing this classic pose pushes the button that immobilizes Michelle instantly. Suddlenly all is still and quiet; six new living mannequins stand posed along the wall.

Lisa gets up from the controls, walks out into the workroom, and walks around them in turn. She makes a few modifications to the each of the girl's poses and adjusts how their clothes lay against their figures. Lisa inspects each model and is pleased at how they make nice mannequins before moving back into the office. Lisa then touches a couple of buttons and adjusts the Mannequinizers power setting before activating each of the units again, making the girls completely rigid and unposable.

Lisa comes back out of the office and pauses for a moment in front of the girls, a sly smile on her face. "I have some errands to run, ladies; I'll be back a little later. Now, don't any of you go anywhere 'til I get back," Lisa says while trying not to laugh. She then walks directly to the door and leaves, locking it behind her.

A couple of hours later, the mannequinized girls remain completely helpless and unmoving in the workroom when they hear the door unlock and someone enter.

"I see you are all still here. I guess that means that everything is ok, then." Lisa walks in front of the statuary tableaux and grins. "I suppose you have all gotten used to being frozen for an extended period; I'll release you in a moment." Lisa walks back into the office and keys their mannequinizers to restore the girls to full mobility. Then walks back out as the girls come to life, expressing their surprise, amazement, and pleasure. Lisa knows exactly how they are feeling. "Ladies, I think tomorrow we will start, if you still want to do this." They all nod or just smile their agreement. "If you all want to come in around nine, we can get you ready."

"Lisa, what do you want us to do tomorrow? What are your plans?"  Claudia asks.

"I think we will set up an area in the store for you to pose in. You will each be given something nice to model and some time to make yourselves up. Then when you go out to the area I will program the cards to freeze you for 15 to 20 minutes out in the store, in view of the public. Take a mannequin-like stance, as you did today; when you are in just the right pose, I will turn your cards on and you will be frozen. At the end of the time the card will release you automatically; you will return here and change clothes, then go back onto the floor and we'll repeat the freeze cycle again. I will monitor everything and make sure each of you is ok during the day. I have a mobile remote that will allow me to be out on the floor with you and freeze or unfreeze you as I need to."

"Sounds like we are going to have lots of fun tomorrow; posing, being frozen and unfrozen," replies Michelle. "I don't suppose that we could - practice - being frozen some more, if we wanted?" Michelle smiles as she asks.

Lisa sees all of the girls' faces smile at hearing the question from Michelle; the others had been to shy to ask. "If you want to be frozen some more, I'm sure my arm can be twisted to allow you extra time with the cards. What kind of things did you have in mind?"

"Remember when we were in the window and Sara told you to remove us? I was thinking you might want to practice dressing us." Michelle half-giggles as she suggests the idea.

"Would it bother any of you to be undressed while frozen?" Lisa asks, looking at each girl questioningly.

"I would like to try it; sounds erotic to me," Elizabeth says frankly when Lisa looks at her.

"Can you pose my body some more when I'm immobilized?" Amy adds, blushing slightly "It seems so strange for me to be completely at the whim of someone else, like a I'm a puppet or something," she concludes.

"Ok, if you are all game, we will freeze and undress and dress each of you," Lisa proposes.

"Maybe we can help also?" Claudia exclaims eagerly.

"Sure. Let me get the mobile remote and we'll get started." Lisa goes back to the office and returns carrying a small pager-sized device. "Who wants to go first; maybe we should do half and half? Amy, Michelle, and Elizabeth, why don't you pose for us and you three can do the dressing first?" They all agree.

Amy, Elizabeth and Michelle step forward and as each poses like a mannequin, Lisa points the small remote at them, pushes the 'freeze' button and they instantly stop moving. Each stands aroused, trapped within their immobilized bodies. Then Claudia, Tammy, Jessica and Lisa start to undress them. The three frozen girls are not frozen rigidly so it is easy for the others to reposition the models while removing their clothes. They are quickly left standing exposed in only their bras and panties.

Michelle feels a surprise as Claudia stands behind her and pushes her hand into Michelle's panties. Claudia's fingers quickly find Michelle's pussy and start to rub against it. Michelle can hardly believe the feelings she feels at Claudia's touch. Jessica and Tammy notice what Claudia is doing and each pushes her fingers into the panties of Amy and Elizabeth.

Lisa just steps back to watch, amused at the heightened arousal of her frozen friends. Lisa waits for a few moments before once more using the mobile remote to surprise freeze the three active girls with their hands in their friend's panties. Lisa smiles while looking at her friends, thinking that she has caught them like kids with their hands in cookie jars. Lisa is pleased with her sexy frozen tableau and leaves them all standing motionless while she goes into the back office.

Once at the desk, sitting down, she finds it hard to keep her own finger from reaching down into her own panties. Lisa resists the urge and tries to do some planning for her mannequins but finds her eyes being drawn out into the workroom to the six frozen girls. Lisa gets up and returns to the workroom; she thumbs the remote to unfreeze Amy, Elizabeth and Michelle, who each moan involuntarily from their pent up passion. Each rubs her pussy against the frozen fingers still in their panties for a moment as they each feel the warm joy of pleasure sweep over them from their orgasms.

Now it is Amy, Elizabeth and Michelle that get to relieve their frozen friends of their outer clothes. Soon all six girls are in the work room in their underwear. Lisa watches and feels her own pussy getting very wet and in need of attention. She finds her fingers against her shorts touching her pussy area before catching herself. Helping the three frozen girls practice is reminding Lisa of how exciting it feels to be caressed when she cannot lift a finger herself.

Michelle notices where Lisa's hand is straying and pulls out her own mannequinizer; she quickly touches the screen and sees that it is ready to immobilize. Michelle moves over beside Lisa and opts to help her friend and boss; she touches the card against Lisa's skin and pushes the button to activate it. Lisa has only a moment to react before her body tingles and freezes in mid-fondle. She finds herself standing immobile and helpless. Michelle quickly strips Lisa out of her street clothes, down to her lacy bra and panties.

Meanwhile, Amy and Elizabeth have reached into Tammy and Jessica's panties and start to slowly stroke their pussies. Michelle whimsically reaches over, takes the small remote from Lisa's stiffened fingers, and points it at Amy and Elizabeth; a moment later they too are once more frozen like mannequins. Michelle puts her own mannequinizer back into her french-cut panties and goes into the office to get another mannequinizer. She returns a moment later, clips the new device into Lisa's panties, then gives Lisa a light pat on her firm butt. "There you go; you are now just one of the gang and can be frozen at will like the rest of us. Michelle steps in front of Lisa, gazes into her fixed stare, and slides her fingers up against Lisa's pussy as she begins to stroke her. Michelle feels Lisa get wet and hastens her efforts. Michelle herself is becoming highly aroused and can smell the scent of arousal in the room from all of the pussy stroking. She knows all seven of them are highly aroused and could orgasm at any moment from the effects of being stroked and immobilized. Michelle adjusts Lisa's hand position and pushes her own pussy against Lisa's stiff fingers in an effort to get herself off also. Her aim is off slightly and Lisa's hand presses the to the side; Michelle feels her mannequinizer activate with a tingle and she becomes an inanimate statue, unable to move.

Seconds later, Elizabeth and Amy also freeze unexpectedly into position. All seven immobilized girls feel their mannequinizers activate and begin to stimulate their bodies. The effect has a slight warming feeling throughout their psyche as it stimulates their pleasure centers. Their nipples become very hard and their pussies very wet. Lisa is as surprised as the rest of the girls at the new effect, but is as helpless as they are to do anything about it, and isn't sure she wants to.

An hour passes with the cards continuing to pleasure the girls and hold them completely frozen when they hear the door open and footsteps approach from behind them. "How are we doing, girls? I see you are enjoying the stimulator program that these new mannequinizers have," Jonah says as he walks around the bra and panty clad living erotic statuary. "I apologize for freezing you all, but when I saw on the monitor camera you were playing around, I couldn't resist the urge to show you another of the many features these little cards have." By their frozen expressions, he knew they would not have objected in any event.

Jonah walks over to Michelle and takes the remote, leaving her hand posed in mid-grasp. He looks at the wonderful visions of beauty standing immobile in front of him. "Maybe I should have all of you put into a window, just as you are right now. I think I can find a window theme and come up with a display for you. Perhaps a lingerie display, in the window beside my bridal display. I am sure I can arrange a few changes of the lingerie for those who would prefer silk to cotton panties." Jonah steps back, points the remote at all of the girls, and pushes the release button. Feeling the mannequinizers release them to mobility and at the same moment the stimulation program end, each of the girls involuntarily reaches down to her pussy and strokes it hard, trying to reach a satisfying climax. Jonah walks into his office to give them a few moments to pleasure themselves.

About ten minutes later the girls are all sitting along the wall, or on tables, looking very pleased and happy when Jonah comes out of the office.

"I know that you are all still experimenting with the mannequinizers and certainly seem to be enjoying the stimulation that the cards provide, but remember you are here to work as mannequins, not be constantly turning each other into scandalous display figures."

"Sorry, sir," Lisa mumbles. I guess we sort of got... carried away." She looked down at her feet, realizing somewhere she had lost her shoes.

Jonah smiled. "You're not on shift, so I'm not going to object to your having a good time now. However, I have left a schedule on the desk of locations and clothes that I would like to have displayed tomorrow. I think that it would be good if each of you could arrive here quite early so you can be dressed and immobilized out in the customer area before the store opens. Then as the day goes by, Lisa or myself will release you so that you can return here and change your outfits. There will be racks, marked with your names, holding the garments I want you to display. Each of you should be able to position the mannequinizers under your clothes so that you can activate the card yourselves with a push against it through your clothes. I will set up the cards with a 10 second freeze delay to give you a chance to get your arms and hands positioned before your time frozen as mannequins. I'll also program them to give your bodies a slight tingle when you activate them just to make sure that you know the card has been activated."

There were no questions, so the six girls left together, talking excitedly amongst themselves. Lisa stayed at the store, getting the clothing arranged, embarassed at being caught by her boss with her pants down, so to speak. She knew she was expected to be the supervisor, not one of the grab-ass girls, despite how good it made her feel to pose them while frozen and being frozen herself.

The next morning the girls were punctual, arriving before 8 am; they almost trembled with anticipation of the coming stimulation that the day promised. Lisa was at the store first and pointed out the clothes that she wanted each of her models to wear first. Lisa also set out a silk pair of bra and panties for each girl to wear under her modeled clothes. As the girls dressed, she gave each of them their mannequinizer card and told them to slip it inside of their panties near their sex; she then applied a small dab of a sticky adhesive to keep the cards in place.

Once all the girls were dressed and had their cards in position, Lisa took them out into the store to show them where each of them would be positioned, some on pedestals or showcases, others free-standing. She then had the models move into alluring positions and strike the display poses that she wanted before pointing the remote at each and freezing her into place. Once all of the girls were frozen into mannequins and were ready for the store's opening, Lisa returned to the workroom and found Jonah.

"Lisa, if you want to grab some clothes from Jessica's set - I think you're her size - and join the others on the floor, I think we can program the control panel to give you an immobilized hour on the floor, then release you to return here for new clothes with the other living mannequin models. That way you can help them with their outfits and poses until they get the hang of it."

"But Jonah, don't you think I shou-" Lisa started to say but was cut off by Jonah

"Lisa, I'd like you to join the others on the floor. I will adjust the programming on the cards and I will be around if there are any problems that need attention. Besides I can always restore your mobility if you are needed; besides you will only be frozen for an hour at a time.

"If you insist." Lisa replies, feeling as if she had let her boss down yesterday.

"I think you will enjoy it if I'm not mistaken. Besides, you have a great figure for this kind of work and our customers should get only the best mannequins."

Lisa feels a bit embarrassed by Jonah's last statement but quickly grabs some display clothes, strips out of her own and into the new outfit that she will be modeling while Jonah goes into the office and makes the adjustments to her mannequinizer's programming. Jonah comes back out of the office just as Lisa finishes dressing.

"I should tell you that a new, smaller, mannequinizer is going to be available soon. I have been talking to the R&D boys and they are telling me that it will have some increased capabilities and should be available for our use in a week or two. Here is your mannequinizer, Lisa, now get out on the floor and have a fun day."

Lisa leaves the work area and walks out into the store. A quick glance to a nearby clock tells her that she has about ten minutes before the first customers will enter the store. She walks around to each of the frozen mannequin models and tells them about the change in the programming on the cards and that they will only be frozen for an hour at a time. Once she has told all of the others she finds herself a pedestal to stand on and moves into place. Quickly she smooths out any wrinkles on her clothes and touches the spot that is on top of her own mannequinizer. She feels the slight tingle as the card activates and begins into the preprogrammed 10-second countdown. Lisa positions her body in a typical pose with her arms in front of her, tilts her head slightly and smiles while waiting to be immobilized. A few seconds pass and she feels the full effect of the mannequinizer wash through her body as she becomes fully immobilized. A minute after freezing up, she feels the stimulation program activate and is instantly happy that Jonah asked her to become one of the mannequins. An hour seems to flash past; almost not enough time frozen, she thinks.

The day goes by with the seven young women spending most of the time frozen into mannequins. They stand and gaze helplessly as customers walk by, some of them not even noticing the posed display figures while others do notice the gorgeous lifelike statues and stop to take a second look. A couple of times during the day, curious customers stops and touch the motionless girls just to see if they are real; then when their fingers touch warm flesh the customers quickly pull their hands back, unsure what to do, before they scurry off into the store to disappear in the crowd. Every hour in rotation each girl is freed from her immobilization; she silently steps down from her pedestal and walks back to the workroom. After a quick change of clothes and a short break, they return to the floor and step up onto their pedestals.

Customers stand and watch in amazement as they adjust their clothes and hair, then give the hidden mannequinizer cards a slight touch to activate them as they strike their elegant poses. The tingles tell the young women just before they are about to be frozen; afterward they slip quickly into the effects of the stimulation program but the store's customers can only watch in wonder as a living moving girl poses, then right before their eyes changes into an unmoving mannequin. Customers stand and watch the still figures for several minutes, hoping to catch a slight shiver or shake or eye blink but can only marvel at how well the women can stand unmoving for so long a time. The mannequin's secret remains their secret, locked behind frozen lips.

Late in the day Amy is released from her pose; there is nobody watching her as she steps out of the three-sided glass enclosure and walks back to the workroom to change. The mannequin modeling is something she feels she is getting to be good at, since throughout the day many customers stop by to look at her display position. Undressing without a second thought, she checks her schedule, gets her next modeling position in the store and pulls out her next garment. A couple of minutes later Amy has finished putting on her two piece yellow bikini, then reached down to grab her mannequinizer. She reaches with her hand holding the card protected, down into her bikini bottom and slips the card inside to a position to the right of her sex and at the top of her right leg. Pulling her hand away, she is satisfied that the card would remain in place inside the tight-fitting stretch fabric and then begins her walk out to her next pedestal, one where focused spotlights will make her the center of attention at the entrance to the intimates department.

When she reaches the busy store she feels a bit flattered as she glimpses the eyes of several customers turn in her direction. This attention, too, is starting to become normal to Amy, though she doesn't respond; after all, she is a mannequin. She simply continues on toward her destination. In the winding route back to her display she encounters a large group of shoppers and moves to the side of the aisle to give them room to pass. As she moves past them a small running child suddenly appears in front of her, causing her to reflexively turn to one side to avoid the collision but also resulting in her hip to brush against a glass-topped display table at the edge of the aisle. Amy smiles at the close call and continues after a moment's delay as if nothing had happened, hardly noting the slight tingle in her leg where she had bumped herself. After a few steps further, her conscious mind suddenly realized the cause of the tingle and a flush of panic suddenly gripped her.

The mannequinizer card had been triggered!

No not here, I have to deactivate it, she thought with dismay. Amy quickly stepped off the main aisle into the sportswear section of the store and tried to move behind a clothes rack to cover her reaching into her bikini. Her hand thrust down into the tiny garment, trying to reach the small device before it completed the countdown and frozen her in her tracks. She had touched the edges of the card and was just about to pull it away from her skin when she felt the full tingle of its paralyzing effect sweep through her. No! her mind screamed as her body become completely rigid and ceased responding to her mental commands. Her eyes locked in position, staring out into the store where she could see shoppers walking by, and where they could see her. Amy was horrified at the prospect of standing mannequin-still for the next hour in her sexy teensy bikini with her hand thrust deep into her bikini bottom. Someone is going to see me here and then what, she could only wonder.

Minutes passed as customers walked by, none seeming to note her presence except with a quick glance and then simply they continued on. Amy felt someone walk by behind her and as they passed felt them bump heavily against her arm, causing it to slip out of her bikini.

"Excuse me, miss," an elderly woman said as she partially turned her head back toward the young model, then continued on her way, hardly noticing that Amy hadn't moved at all.

Amy wanted to breathe a sigh of relief that her hand was not in her bikini anymore, but then the horror hit her that her rigid fingers were still tightly gripping the mannequinizer card and that its active surface was no longer making contact with any of her exposed skin, thus preventing it from being able to function as expected and restore her mobility at the end of the hour. She was stuck in position, unable to budge, a permanent living statue. She knew there was nothing she could do about it but hope that one of the store employees noticed her diffculty and came to her aid.

Amy continued to watch people pass by and couldn't guess how much time had passed when she heard the intercom announce that the store would be closing in ten minutes. Finally, when the store closes and I don't report back to the workroom, they will come and find me. Just have to wait for them to rescue me. Her mind began to wander as she considered how the others would respond when they found her here and discovered that she had somehow frozen herself in the middle of the store and gotten herself into a predicament from which they had to rescue her. Again she heard the intercom as it announced that the store was closed and asked for all of the customers to move to the checkouts. Amy watched as a few more customers passed by her, then the area around her grew quiet. The overhead lights dimmed.

After what seemed like an eternity to the unnerved model, Lisa walked over to Amy's frozen form and began to investigate why she had remained frozen. Her eyes caught sight of the card trapped in Amy's fingers and immediately realized the cause but wondered how Amy had gotten into this fix. Lisa stepped over to a spot from which Amy's staring eyes could see her and held up the small remote control. "Here, Amy, let me release you," Lisa said as her finger depressed the restore button on the remote. Lisa feigned uncertainty at what could be wrong and she glanced at the remote then pointed it at Amy and pressed the button harder. "I don't understand what is wrong, here." After a couple of more glances at the remote, Lisa lowered it, then said to herself. "I guess we will have to strip this one and move her to the workroom to investigate," Lisa said. With an obvious glance at her watch, she said ominously. "Oh, my, look at the time! Where has the day gone? Time to go home. Guess we'll just have to put this mannequin away and work on it tomorrow," Lisa continued as she lifted the remote again and placed her finger on the flatten button.

Amy could hardly believe her ears. What are you doing, she thought. Can't you see that the card is in my hand! Then she spotted the slight grin on Lisa's face.

"Just kidding," Lisa said as she moved back to Amy's side and pulled the mannequinizer card from Amy's frozen grasp. Lisa quickly touched the display and reset it to release and slipped it back into Amy's bikini bottom. Lisa's fingers paused long enough to enjoy a slight tickle of the pubic area within her grasp before pulling her hand free as the card counted down.

Amy stood motionless for a few more moments before feeling the tingle of restorative power sweep through her. She moved for the first time in hours.

"Thanks," she said as she took a deep breath, "You had me going there for a minute!" She immediately reached down to retrieve the mannequinizer so that it couldn't freeze her again, at least until she wanted it to. Amy handed the card to Lisa and headed for the workroom to change her clothes. Lisa walked beside her, smiling.

To be continued...

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