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GIRLS UNDER GLASS (The Professor’s Secret ) 3

       Working on the night moves . . .




 Prolog: A figure wanders back and forth anxiously in his garage. He stops momentarily to overlook a checklist that he has written in a pocket sized notebook, then wipes away the sweat now running down his forehead. He shotguns one last cup of coffee before coming to the conclusion that he is as ready as he will ever be for this type of thing. The caffeine rushes to his head. He looks down at his watch and notices his hand trembling. He wipes his brow again, then presses the garage door opener. A cool breeze blows through the garage, as the man steps out onto the warm asphalt. He soon sports a sinister mile while looking up at a full moon.   This should be a good one! He exclaims, rubbing his leather like palms together. The old man turns walks back into the garage, then opens the door on an old Dodge Tradesman van. Recently purchased at a gas company auction, all the Dodge needed was a tune-up, freshly oiled door hinges and a coat of flat black paint, and it would be the perfect vehicle for the job. The old 318 fires up with a twist of the key, and driver heads for the outskirts of town . . .

   It is a warm and slightly breezy spring night in May. It’s the kind of night that you would take notice of the crickets chirping in unison, like some odd rural chorus line. Occasionally, a Bull frog belches out in protest as a full moon reflects unsteadily in the pond below . . .

   Several cars are parked in the field that overlooks the pond, in no particular order. A stereo blasts out of one of the vehicles, a lowered mid-80's Chevy Blazer which sports freshly polished 17" rims. The vibrations from the Chevy’s sub-woofer shake the ground within a half mile radius. A primer grey Ford pickup sits several feet away. The dull finish is a contradiction to the Blazer’s candy apple red paint. And finally, parked almost fifty feet away to offer its occupants some privacy, sits a rather mundane looking sea-mist green Chevy Celebrity sedan.

    Suddenly, the back door of the Celebrity bursts wide open, spilling a teenaged girl out onto the dew-covered grass. She quickly pulls her top back down as she shouts a quick “Screw you Nathan! You’re such an asshole!”

   The disgruntled girl quickly wanders off in the distance, as her disappointed boy friend is left behind, with yet another aching hard-on.


   Poking his head out the door, the boy glances around with a look of disgust, until his vision comes into focus. The familiar sight of his best friend Joshua’s ride rocking from side to side, quickly brings a sly grin to his mug.

At least Somebody’s getting some action tonight . . . ” the boy says out loud. He digs a pack of smokes out of his T-shirt, then puts it back on. He sparks a light, then begins to walk dejectedly toward the pond. He soon comes upon a huge blanket, which is where his girlfriend Velma is now sitting Indian style. The moonlight brings out the burgundy hi-lights in her page-boy hair . . .

   “You know. You can be such an ass sometimes. I can’t believe you even asked me to do that!” The girl shakes her head back and forth in disgust.

   “Whatever . . . most other girls will do it, Hell Mandy does it for Josh every time!” says the boy, now blowing a huge smoke cloud into the star filled sky.

    “Oh, so because Mandy Pepperidge does it, now all girls have to do it! If you want a little slut, then maybe she can hook you up with one of her stuck up cheerleader friends! You’re such an ass . . . I can’t believe I even let you talk me into driving all the way out . . . ”she is cut off a mid sentence by her boyfriend.

   “OK, OK . . . QUIT NAGGING ME!” the boy yells out. “I won’t mention it, again.”


...meanwhile, about one mile down the road, the old gas company van bounces and jostles its driver slightly about.

   “Dammit . . . I know it’s around here somewhere” mumbles the driver to himself. He flicks a lighter for yet another cigarette, “I guess I picked the wrong month to quit!” He lets out a short laugh, before it turns into the typical chronic smoker’s cough as a halo of haze quickly fills the cab.

   The van slows abruptly, almost driving right past its destination. The driver backs up slightly, then turns onto the seasonal one lane road. He stops at a road sign that has been placed leaning against a tree about twenty feet from the entrance . . .

   The driver adjusts his glasses, then reads out loud “Seasonal Road, Proceed with caution.” A sly smile quickly spreads across his weathered face “How ironic, I will surely to do that!”

   The driver proceeds down the one lane road and leans over the wheel to shut his lights off. He then reaches out and flips on a spotlight, which is mounted on the roof post, (an item left over from its service days with the electric and gas company). The only other clues that he is in the area, is the glow of the dashboard and his red taillights. He steers the van cautiously through the overgrowth, with the spotlight guiding the way, until he comes upon a clearing containing some familiar vehicles. The van comes to a rolling stop and the lights and engines are quickly shut off.

   The driver sits patiently, taking in the sites and sounds that surround him in the darkness. On the far left and some 70 feet away, a stereo blasts out of a metal-flake maroon Chevy Blazer. The vehicle sways back and forth gently, as its occupants sound undoubtedly like they are in the early stages of foreplay. Their laughter and the girl’s occasional screaming pleas of “Stop tickling me! ..And ouch that hurt!”sound more welcome, than not.

    Surveying the field, he spots a nearby primer grey pickup truck, then a mundane looking Chevy Celebrity Four door almost another 50 feet beyond the first Two.

    “Ah yes, so she is here!” thinks the driver, making a mental note of the slight throb in his trousers. He turns his attention back on the Blazer, smiles as he smears his cigarette into the ash tray, then excitedly mumbles to himself, “Thank god for those damned loud ass stereos!” The driver turns in his seat, then slowly climbs to the back of the van to gather up his gear . . .


   Meanwhile, the Chevy Blazer begins to sway a bit more rapidly as the lovers inside continue to ravish each other. A foggy haze covers the windows as the lust filled teens exchange moans and heavy breathing. They stop, then quickly change to another position . . .

   One of the star players of his highschool football team, Joshua or “Josh” as most call him, has been known for getting a lot of hot girls including his current girlfriend, the very popular Mandy Pepperidge. At 5'11, the sun bleach blonde looked more like a surfer dude from the west coast, than a guy from the North East. He was a great looking guy with a lot of connections, a nice looking ride and his hard body were enough to get Mandy’s panties wet at a mere touch . . . most girls either slept with him, or only wished that they could . . .


 His girlfriend was no slouch either. From the cute velvet ribbon in her dirty blonde hair, to her saddle oxford shoes, Mandy Pepperidge was every schoolboy’s dream. Whether in her cheerleading uniform, or one of her dozens of tight fuzzy sweaters, this girl-next-door was physically perfect from every angle! Her last boyfriend, a college preppie named Greg, held out on taking her virginity for seven months. She was so sexually frustrated with Greg that she totally spoiled her next couple of boyfriends. Word got around fast about Mandy’s special “talents,” and eventually she ended up with Josh.

    Mandy pulls her panties down over her calves and shakes her legs several times before finally kicking them off into the corner of the back of the Blazer. She straddles across her boyfriend as if she were about to do a push up, in a classic 69 positions, then looks back, underneath her armpit . . . “Come on honey, will you . . . please?”

    Joshua slides underneath his girlfriend, much like a mechanic slides underneath a customer’s car on a creeper. Mandy’s ass is jacked up high in the air as Joshua spreads his girlfriends leg’s wide apart above him. The boy’s tongue licks and pokes at the young girls’ nub occasionally stopping to nibble at her with his teeth. Her sweat smelling crotch tastes like candy as her blonde bush tickles and pricks his chin. His girlfriend’s juices are soon smeared all over his face like a sticky cruller donut. She grinds her crotch against him, eventually picking up momentum and finding her “rhythm.”


   Mandy quickly returns the favor, gripping his stiff rod and teasing him with licking the just the head of his cock. Within seconds, she will repeatedly gulp his rod down hard with her mouth, then pull back up quickly catching the edge of the head with her teeth. She soon begins to cup his balls with one hand and yanks violently at his shaft waiting for that violent shutter and sudden spurt of warm goo in her mouth. She thinks to herself: (... thank god I stole those porn movies from my brother’s closet to learn how to do this stuff, this boy must think he’s died and gone to heaven!) Mandy’s cheering sweater is rolled up around her neck, letting her perfect tits hang within an arms reach. Josh quickly grabs hold of them, noticing that they are like holding two perfectly formed fast-pitch soft balls within his palms, then switches back to firmly planting his hands onto his girlfriend’s tight derriere. She tenses up, then presses her crotch hard into his face.


  From the out side of the Blazer, a voyeur attempts to look in on the two lovers despite the heavily steamed windows, then quickly sizes up the situation. Sweat drips from his brow, seeping into his welding goggles, as his heartbeat increases by the second. He quickly checks the LED lights one more time, assuring that his battery pack is fully charged.

“OH. OH. . . HUH. JOSH . . . UH!”


On a hunch, he holds the heavy camera up in the air and at a slight downward angle, aiming its high watt bulb into the Blazer’s back window . . . his arms begin to strain and wobble . . . the sound of the crickets and the young lovers nearing a climax, the summer heat, the sub-woofer shaking the very ground he stands on, all ringing in his ears, his heart feels like it could beat clear out of his chest, sweat burns his eyes . . .


....light suddenly fills the interior of the Blazer, . . . but it continues to rock back and forth!

   “Oh. . . oh. . . huh. . . UGH. . . OH. . . OH!”

   Concern begins to spread across the peeping Tom’s face . . . he begins to walk around to the other side and plants his hand firmly on the door handle of the vehicle, his heartbeat continues to race. . .

   “Oh . . . UGH . . . OH . . . HONEY! OH . . . UH . . . GOD YES . . . MMMPH, SPLURCH

    He glances in on the couple again from the other side. The girl now strokes her head up and down, but the male looks like he got it! The voyeur concentrates back on the girl, whose ass is humping back and forth like there is no tomorrow . . .

“Hmm, this one definitely passed the qualifying round . . . she’s got a lotta’ spunk!”


    The voyeurs mind races, and his pants stir in anticipation . . . YANK / PULL / SWING -OPEN! -

   “MMM . . . mmm . . . MMM.” (The girl mumbles with a full mouth). Her head jerks violently up and down, as her hand strokes her boy friend madly. She thinks to herself: FASTER . . . PULL UP ON IT HARDER . . . HOLY SHIT HE’S HOLDING OUT FOR A LONG TIME! ...her eyes begin to roll into the back of her head . . . she waits for the sticky surge, she sees . . . Two legs . . . her head still bobs . . . in front . . . of her . . . still bobbing . . . in front of the open door. Her body is bucking wildly in rhythm with her lover beneath her, but she feels like she is about to climax

....Her eyes begin to get as wide as saucers . . .



    Before she even has a chance to react any further, Mandy freezes in time, appearing surrounded in dark photo negative form at first, she slowly returns to living color after a few seconds. Her lips are sealed tightly around mid-shaft, and from their rolled in position, it appears that she was on a down stroke.

    The Peeping Tom lifts his goggles and wipes his brow free of sweat . . . then notices that the young girl’s buttocks remain clenched tight . . . her hips still twitch ever so slightly despite being suspended, yet she stares fixedly out the open Blazer door and across the field in front of her!

    The man crouches down on one knee so that he is somewhat at eye level with the bedazzled young lady. From between her shoulder blades and down through the small of her back, he watches her tight ass literally come to a grinding halt.

    “Are you done my Darling?” the man asks while running his hands through her dirty blonde locks. “You were quite a welcome surprise young lady, however, you’re not the one that I’m looking for!” He playfully brushes his index finger off of the tip of her nose . . . “Don’t worry little darling, with that kind of talent, I’m sure we can find a position for you to fill!” He suddenly notices some wet spots in the front of his boxers . . .

      The girl still stares off into the beyond, as if to accept his reassurance, despite the fact that her boyfriend’s cock remained fully erect and jammed deep into her mouth. She continues to cup his sack in one hand as the other hand remains gripped around his shaft as if patiently holding some perverse looking candle.


  “ What the hell was that?!” exclaims Velma, now standing upright from her hand made blanket and rubbing off her thick horn-rimmed glasses for a better view.

     Nathan still lying on the blanket, looks up quick hoping to get a quick glimpse of what may be lying under that pleated skirt, only to get caught peeking. A hard “smack” in the head makes him think twice about doing it again.

     “Dammit Velma! What the hell is your problem?” Nathan shakes it off and gives the girl the “scolded boy” look. He then wonders what it was that he saw in this nerdy looking girl, which inspired him to drive all the way out here.

      Compared to most of the girls in school, Velma was definitely not what most boys would consider to be hot. She looked rather plain with a page-boy haircut, and no make up. She was slightly heavy compared to most of the girls that he was attracted to. Not fat . . . just baby fat maybe. She always wore those old fashioned horn-rimmed glasses, plain brown pleated skirts, white knee high socks, big klutzy shoes and heavy sweaters that didn’t do anything for her. Well almost didn’t, anyway. She did have an awesome set of boobs that sat up firm and high . . . kinda like those chicks from the fifties pin-ups. They stood on end like two loaded torpedoes! Nathan almost got to see them in full view . . . but unfortunately blew it at the last minute when he brought up the whole blow-job question . . . maybe next time.

       “Nathan, your going to have to learn that I’m not like other girls”, says Velma. “My education comes first and I have worked far too hard to just blow it and end up getting stuck in this town forever. Besides, I told you before that I plan on saving myself for marriage. If you want to fool around, maybe you should look for somebody else.”

       The boy lights up a Marlboro and looks off into the distance, and wonders if he wouldn’t be better off hooking up with one of Mandy’s friends.

    The young woman suddenly shouts “Hey, I wonder if it was the Northern lights?! Do you know what causes the Northern Lights?” Well, let me tell you. What happens is the . . .


The girl is quickly cut off in a mid sentence by the frustrated young man. “Look, I don’t give a frigg in’ crap about the Northern Lights, Valedictorians, Biology, Trigonometry, what your S.A.T. score is, or what college your parents are sending you to! I just want somebody that is normal for once!” The kid tossed off his smoke after a long drag, then confessed “It wasn’t the damned Northern Lights, it was Josh taking pictures . . . he takes them of all of his girls, . . . Has a whole shoe box full under his bed. I KNOW BECAUSE I HAVE SEEN THEM!”

     The boy starts to walk off toward the woods . . .

    “Now that’s sick! I hope Mandy doesn’t mysteriously find out about them. HEY WHERE ARE YOU GOING ANYWAY?” The girl looks all around her to make sure she is safe. “ A gentleman wouldn’t leave a girl alone in the dark!” She waits for a reply.“Well, I think we should check on them anyway!”

    “Is it possible to take a piss without you hounding my ass?” the guy retorts sarcastically. He disappears into the darkness . . .

     Velma then spots a nearby frog and begins to reminisce about the first frog she dissected in class and the dozens that followed.

      Meanwhile, Nathan whips out his junk and takes a leak. He has to admit. The girl does have her act together. She had already been out looking at three different colleges just this year alone, and she hadn’t even started her senior year yet. One of those colleges guaranteed her an acceptance and she had even managed to befriend one of the professors. Great, just what he needed. A bunch of preppie boys messing things up even further! I hope things are working out for Josh at least. Wait, what was I thinking, with a cool chick like Mandy, of course he’s getting some-


Suddenly, Nathan’s world appears in photo negative form. He feels a prickly sensation spreading about his body . . . he faintly sees a shadowy figure before him, then after several seconds, things go black.




  “Well look at you mister, I’ll bet you have it easy here on the old pond” the girl pets the frog, staring at it curiously “Frog: a tailless amphibian with a short squat body and very long hind legs for leaping. Not to be confused with a Toad, which is a tailless amphibian with a short stout body and short legs, typically having dry, warty skin that can exude poison . . . and for some reason, you don’t look like your very impressed, Mr. Froggy. But Hey, that’s ok. It never impresses boys either! (She lets the frog down to go on his way). Wondering where her boyfriend disappeared to, Velma wanders off into the darkness . . .


    The voyeur heads back to where the van was, dragging Nathan underneath the armpits and barefoot . . . the young boy’s earth shoes having fallen off in the tall grass. He makes it back to the van and leans the boy upright, against the Blazer. The boy stands with both hands in the position of pulling up his zipper. He then heads over to the other side of the vehicle and opens the door once again. Young Mandy still lies in the 69 position, only with her boyfriends penis jammed even farther into her mouth. The head makes Mandy’s cheek “bulge out,” as if she were sucking on a lolly pop!

   The voyeur laughs at the site then once again gets down on one knee . . . ”I’m sorry honey, you must not have been completely frozen!” He notices that her ass was originally up somewhat higher, and her boobs are now squashed into the van floor between her lovers hairy legs. The old man reaches under the girls armpits, and pulls her upward repeatedly . . . each time she refuses to let go! “Hmm, let’s see here.” He begins to bend the girls cupped hand away from the boy’s sack, then peels away each finger individually from his shaft. The entire time, the girl remains stiff and unconcerned about her present condition. Stuck in this position, and without the use of her hands, she looks like a defenseless fish caught on the end of a fisherman’s line. “I have never seen anything like this!” thinks the old man, chuckling to himself. He grabs a can of WD-40 from the van, then returns and gives the girls mouth a good spray. He then gently massages the girl’s lips along while at the same time pulling her up by her ears and tilting her chin back and forth.

Finally, the young girl gives up her lover’s swollen member. A faint “splurch” noise can be heard from the loss of suction, as the Two lovers are separated. The old guy lifts up on her only to find that her pussy has “Glued” itself to her boyfriends face as well.

    “You Two should be in movies!” He grabs a hold of the males feet and pulls the two together as a pair further out of the Blazer, until he can reach the guys face with ease. He notices the guy has his eyes closed with a look of ecstasy on his face, and that his girlfriend’s crotch has locked in place. Again he massages their skin until he eventually peels the sticky vagina away from the young man’s lips.

    “Dam guys, I have a lot to do tonight! What do you think you should get a special treatment or what?” The old man lifts the Blonde girl up around the stomach area and carries her over to the Black van...she looks almost like she’s in a leapfrog position after being recently rearranged. As the guy goes to place her in the van, whatever cum that wasn’t ingested, begins to leak out of Mandy’s “O” shaped mouth, first running and dripping down the young girl’s cheeks, then eventually dribbling out onto the vans floor! The whole time her expression remains unchanged. She is gently laid on her back so that her limbs are now facing outward.

   Next, Josh is dragged out of the Blazer, and also carried from behind around the mid section. As The man turns him completely around next to the van, Josh’s penis bobbles into him causing him to be startled. “Yeah I know kid, if I was banging that, I would be as hard as a Louisville Slugger too!” The teenaged boy doesn’t reply though, and is soon placed next to his girlfriend on the floor, with his arms still somewhat arched as if he was still feeling his girlfriend’s precious ass above him.

   Suddenly a voice calls out from behind him...

    “Nathan...is that you? Where the heck did you go? I have been walking around for the last fifteen minutes in the dark, as it is. . . come on” Velma runs her hands around him from behind, but gets a cold response, “Babe, what’s wrong?”The girl slowly steps around him only to be startled by a man stepping away from the back of the van.

     “HOLY SHIT!! WHAT THE. . . Wait, . . . Professor Claussen, . . . From the College?” Velma’s face begins to suddenly feel red..... “What the heck are you doing out here?

     “Oh, I’m so sorry to startle you my dear!” says Claussen, reaching out his hand,( which is quickly denied by the girl). “WELL, Velma darling, it gives me great pleasure to see you once again! You look just as lovely as I remember!” he holds the girl’s chin up to get a better look at the smooth texture of her young skin. “I decided to come and get some new samples from ‘er for class.” Claussen begins to stall her for time, because the Neutrofier is on the other side of the van. “ Ah. So, were there anymore of you up here tonight or was this it?”

   “No just me and Nathan, my sometimes boyfriend . His pervert friend Josh, and Mandy Pepperidge should be around here someplace......” the young girl again turns to her boyfriend to introduce the Two. “Nathan, this is Professor Claussen...the guy I met on the campus tour, just a few weeks ago.” She again waits for a reply but nothing happens. “What the heck is your problem anyway?” But as soon as Velma goes to turn Nathan around, a figure approaches her from behind...

   Claussen speaks out, “Yeah, don’t worry about him we met earlier.” he takes aim at the unsuspecting girl. “I’m sorry to have to do this to you Velma, but I can assure you that it will be painless, and worth your while in the long run.... maybe some day I can explain to you how it works!”

   Velma doesn’t even bother to turn around and pay attention as she is waving her hand in front of the frozen Nathan.




 The reflection of the camera’s flash is reflected in the side window of the blazer in front of her and bounces back into her brown eyes!


       Claussen lowers his Camera and goggles, then walks up to the girl who has her back to him. He slowly walks around her until he stands face to face with the young woman, knowing all to well, that she never knew what hit her. . .

         Velma’s expression, unlike the others is that of curiosity. Her big Brown Eyes sparkle under the moonlight magnified by those big black horn rimmed glasses. Her mouth is somewhat slack, with her head slightly angled off to the side. This is how Claussen had hoped to capture her, showing her curious nature.

         “Oh Velma my darling, you possess what so many youth fail to have after high school or even college for that matter! I only expected to get you and probably the inevitable boyfriend tonight, but now...now I have a whole display to consider!”

        Velma at this point, stares off into no-mans land like her other schoolmates before her.... she can briefly hear a muffled voice....

      Claussen gently caresses the young girls cheek, then runs his finger down to her supple lips, rubbing his finger through them, slowly prying them apart. The girls ample bossom begs to be felt.....but Claussen decides to wait until the proper time.

     The girl remains standing there, as the professor picks up her boyfriend around the waist and drags him to the van to add to the others. He makes room on the floor and places him next to his buddy Joshua. He then returns for Velma, picking her up around the waist as well and gently adding her to the growing body pile in the back of his van. Ironically, he has to place her over the near naked Joshua. His erect penis stands outright, and fits neatly between Velma’s slightly spread legs. His penis catches the young girls front hem of her dress, holding it upright like a tent. Claussen gets a literal “brief” view of what this A+ student is hiding underneath.

   Once loaded, the Professor fires up the van, and turns back toward the way he came. With a smile on his face, he looks back in on the precious cargo behind him. “I would have to say that this was an evening well spent!”





   From his viewpoint, Nathan Darrow can barely make out the passing street lights flashing by on the interior walls of what appears to be . . . a van of some sort. He jostles back and forth in the ill handling vehicle, until it pulls into some sort of garage. He hears a chain driven garage door close followed by foot steps on the garage floor. . .

   “Well that’s kinda odd. . . I don’t remember taking any acid or smoking any dope....and I definitely didn’t drink enough to end up in the back of a van. . .” He waits patiently, as the footsteps come to a halt at the rear doors of the van. They yank open offering fluorescent light, but it does little good. The strong sent of coffee and stale cigarette butts is in the air, but doesn’t leave much of a clue either.

   Suddenly there is movement beside him. . .then somebody appears to climb on top and over him for a period of time. That same person moments later crawls back over him once again. . . then it really gets weird. A second person is climbing over, no wait. . .or more like lying on top of me. They drag themself slowly over me, until. . . until I smell a familiar perfume. Suddenly they start moving again until. . . oh no! It’s an ass! It is dragged until it lands perfectly with it’s crack directly on my face. . . I can smell that sweet female nectar right there in front of me, yet I can’t seem to move. The fuzzy material scratches my face, as the body is finally pulled off and away from me. Several minutes pass by. . .I definitely know I smell sex now. . . The footsteps soon return, and I feel what may be another body dragged along side of me. Only a few minutes pass by this time , before the footsteps return. This time I feel hair dragged across my face briefly....what may be a head now rests on my lower right thigh, but it disappears almost as quick as it came. I can almost make out a hose trickling in a bay next door, followed by what sounds like a moving dolly in need of a good oiling. Some time later, the footsteps return. . . they must be coming for me now. I feel somebody tugging at my shirt sleeve, and I’m not sure if they want me to get up or not. I want to ask if it is my turn yet, but I can’t seem to muster the energy. . . I feel like I’m being rolled over on my side, then back on my back again....somebody is rubbing something cold on my arm. . .


DAM THAT HURT!! I wait slowly and patiently for my turn, but the rush from whatever was injected into me is now rushing through my veins. . . I suddenly feel incredibly horny, then almost euphoric. I begin to have a strong urge to rub up against something! My nerve endings begin to tingle, then tense up all over. Eventually I grow accustomed to the endless loop of pulsating perversion, and invite the darkness to overtake me. . .



Some eight hours later


The professor pours himself another cup of Masters choice “Premium Blend”, then takes another long drag off his Winston, and lets out a sigh of satisfaction. After working throughout the night, he had finally decided to enjoy one of the spoils for his effort. . .

    “It’s good to have a cigarette after a good love making session don’t you think?” asks the late 50ish man. His question is directed at the newest acquisitions that line the wall just feet away from his computer monitor.

Josh Martin, high school senior, football star and all around highschool playboy, stands nude with his arms at his sides, staring directly at the wall that is just inches in font of him. Sophomore Mandy Pepperidge, his gorgeous girlfriend and the youngest in the group, stands at attention beside him. Hours before she was an up and coming sophomore member of her cheering squad, now reduced to a mere collectible waiting to be added to this mad man’s private museum of flesh and beauty. Her cheerleading outfit hangs on a hook, on the wall in front of her. Properly cleaned and ironed, the outfit awaits for it’s next use. Both have under gone the living doll treatment that so many others before them, had to endure.

   Claussen laughs while staring at the naked couple, gets up from his chair then walks up to Mandy taking a firm grip of her perfect ass.

    “Thanks for everything Mandy Darling, You were even better than what I had hoped for!” says the old man, flashing a sinister smile. The professor presses a quick kiss onto her lips, as he drags his fingers across her hip bones, then gradually drifts down into her moist slit for about the ninth time in the last three hours. Then after smelling the results, he turns to what was her boyfriend only hours earlier, and puts his fingers in his own mouth for a quick taste. “Say Josh,” Claussen licks his fingers as if he has just dipped into a bucket of Kentucky Fried’s best, “did you ever notice how your girlfriends crotch, well my girl friends crotch now I guess, (laughs rudely), tastes just like candy? Yeah, she really does!...and that ass she’s got, well Lord have mercy! I’m gonna get some use out of that one, if you know what I mean? You don’t particularly mind, do you Josh? Well that’s just great, I do fully appreciate it. Hey, I meant to ask, how is that anal plug feeling? I mean, don’t take it personal...I gotta do what I gotta do, you know? Besides, with a unit like that, we just might be able to find you a new home someday. . . with somebody looking for a boy like you, OK?...Alright then.” Claussen pats the boy on the shoulder then exits the room whistling a tune, leaving the boy-doll in a cloud of cigarette smoke.


A few moments later , Claussen returns wheeling in a covered body that is standing upright. The figure's bare toes are all that can be seen. The old man rifles around some old equipment until he finds a notepad containing a checklist that he used earlier. He excitedly pulls the old white sheet from over the figures body to reveal the suspended form of his latest crush, Velma the distinguished honors student!

   He stands back and takes her in for a moment, reaches for his coffee mug and makes one lap around her. Her torpedo breasts stand firm and outright, stretching the front of her fuzzy orange sweater to the limit. They are so large, they almost look as if they would be out of proportion with the rest of her petite body. The old man can no longer resist the temptation to grab the girls breasts. He grabs hold of each, like he was feeling ripe melons in a grocery market! He grabs a pair of clothing shears from a workbench, and snips her heavy sweater right up the front, then pulls it away from her body, with several more snips her heavy dress drops around her legs and lands at her feet, revealing a plain Jane set of tightie- whities, covered by nude pantyhose.




   From the other side of the shop, Nathan begins to vaguely hear the sounds around him..... The last thing he remembered was being passed out (?) In some sort of van, with bodies being dragged or climbing up over him. . . and the smell of perfume that he recognized but couldn’t quite put his finger on. Oh yeah, and that other smell too. . . like ejaculation. The fact that he couldn’t seem to move his limbs didn’t help matters any. Hmm, that almost sounds like. . . like shears in the back ground. He struggles to focus on the Two blurry figures standing a few feet away from him. . .

   Snip, snip. . . snip (goes one arm hole). Snip, snip. . . snip (goes the other), a white under shirt drops slowly to the floor. After another ten minutes worth of snipping, her hosiery lays on the floor around her as well. The nerdy girl, actually turns out to have a decent body. She has a bit of a rounded belly sticking out, and her Butt is a little bigger than J-Lo’s, but over all she isn’t that bad. She has great curvy legs, and her breasts are just a little big for her petite body, but they are still very firm.. Suddenly, a 70's vintage dial up phone that Claussen has refused to give up, rings in the Corner.

   “Wait right here my darling...I’ll be back in a few!” exclaims Claussen, as a bit of a wise-ass joke. The schoolgirl doesn’t look like she’s amused.......


     Meanwhile her former boyfriend begins to regain focus of what could appear to be a nude or at least a semi- nude form in front of him....He struggles trying to focus, yet he still remains frozen in position by his captor. He then begins to hear bits and pieces, of a phone conversation in the back ground....


  “ Yes, yes Mr.Pitt! Yes, this is Jack Claussen! How have you been, yes great! Yes I have been doing great as well. Oh things couldn’t be much better...Say what?...a secured line, well certainly this is a secure line. Yes, and your business?. . . Really? Well congratulations! Now about the situation with Josephine, I. . . Well, I suppose you could stop over. . . Yes, well I am working on a project right now . . . have my hands full so-to-speak! Yes, I have a few examples that would work just fine, Yes. Oh, maybe around 9pm. Tomorrow. Certainly, I will see you then, bye-bye”.


    Claussen hangs up his phone, then stands silently for a minute looking from one acquisition, to another. Then, as if teaching one of his classes, the professor claps his hands together rapidly, as if to get everybody’s undivided attention. “Looks like we might have some company, my children!”

   Nobody in the shop seems to look overly concerned.......


To Be Continued...

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