Boning Up
(Talisman, part III)

by D. Monster

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Anna turned the key in the lock and walked into Walter's empty house. She – or rather, they, she supposed – had seen Walter off at the airport, bound for whatever city Geoff was performing in this week. She shrugged off her jacket as she walked into the bedroom, and ran her hand lightly across her stomach, across Callie, her emerald fabric form stretched almost impossibly tight on Anna's body.

Has this dress actually gotten tighter? She'd been wearing Callie for nearly three hours and despite her unexpected orgasm before departing for the airport, she had been horny the whole time.

She almost imagined she could feel Callie wail with pent-up pleasure.

Hehe. She's probably been in the middle of an orgasm for almost the whole time. She smiled. If my own reaction was any indication, that is.

She began to slide Callie off, pushing her off her breasts, then over her hips, then dropping her and letting her puddle on the floor. Anna stepped out. She looked down at the small pile of fabric.

That's Callie, she thought, then: Damn, that's almost me.

And she was sure that at some point in the near future she herself, not just her new twin, would be in a similar form. A small orgasm quaked through her.


She leaned over and picked Callie up. She had a thought and slowly turned the dress inside out, exposing the silken tan interior, whose color matched Callie's skin tone exactly. She looked at her own, paler arm and wonder if as a dress she would a have a white lining.

She lay down on the bed and spread Callie's flowing form over her torso, rubbing her on her breasts and between her legs, carefully stuffing a small amount of the fabric into herself. Then she closed her eyes and concentrated. Callie began to grow larger and heavier. As the weight increased, so did the size of that portion inside Anna. A vibration had begun, and as Callie grew more solid it increased in magnitude. The growing part of Callie that was inside of Anna was causing her to breathe heavily now.

She was going to have trouble holding on.

The vibration was now a violent shudder. Finally, just a moment after Anna heard Callie begin to breathe again, the quiet was split by gasps as Callie's orgasm, held at bay for three hours and grown quite massive, was released into the world. When quiet came again, Anna could hear her whisper.

"Why is my hand stuck in your…."

The hand moved within her and Anna herself let go, yet another orgasm shaking her drenched frame.

"Ohhhhhh," said Callie. And, nestled together, the two slept.

* * *

"Is this masturbation, I wonder?"

They had awakened some time past and had spent the better part of an hour exploring each other's bodies. Each knew the things that would most please the other, but were also able to come up with twists and variations that the other was unable to anticipate. Walt had been right – despite their common origin, they were indeed functioning as two independent women.

It was better than masturbation. On this they had to agree.

"I'm curious," said Anna, running her finger along Callie's hip, "I want to explore you further. Mind if I undress you a little more?"

"Okay…." said Callie, a little puzzled as she was already completely nude.

"Don't be alarmed," whispered Anna as she reached down between Callie's legs and grasped her clitoris. There was a sudden intake of air from Callie, which became a gasp as Anna pulled upwards and slowly began to move Callie's clitoris up the length of her torso. Anna was curious what this must feel like, so she concentrated for a moment.

In the wake of the clitoris, there was an odd sense of release and Callie felt those parts become a little colder than the surrounding flesh. Looking down at last, she saw with astonishment that the clitoris was a zipper handle and that Anna was unzipping her. Where she had been unzipped, the flesh had pulled apart slightly – she could see only darkness through the crack. There was no blood. It felt good.

Anna broke the connection. Callie's eyes were wide and she was breathing heavily. Time to explore.

She grasped each of Callie's breasts firmly and pulled in opposite directions. Callie's torso opened up, two flaps of flesh folding to the sides to reveal her ribcage and internal organs. Anna pressed on Callie's sternum and there was a click. The sternum came away clean in her hands, and the ribs, as though spring-loaded, opened up. Callie stared at the smooth white bones standing up from the edges of her chest like pillars.

"How come I don't feel any pain?"

Anna, looked at her surprised. "Honey, you just spent a week as a flower and three hours as a cocktail dress, and you wonder about this?" She held up a loop of small intestine so Callie could see it. It was clean, dry, pink, and free of the connective tissue that Anna – and Callie - knew would be holding it in were this a non-magical operation.

Anna was now pulling out ropes of intestine and laying them on the bed next to her. They weren't even getting the sheets dirty.

"Add this one to your list," said Anna, as the last of it was removed from Callie's body. "Disemboweled."

"Haha. Very funny."

"How do you feel?"

"Like I'm coming apart at the seams."

Anna reached her hand inside Callie's torso and began to touch the various organs, feeling her lungs expand in her hand. Callie groaned.

"Want me to stop?" Anna asked.

"Dear lord no."

"Here, feel this." Anna guided Callie's hand inside, giving her the tour of her own entrails. In the end, her hand came to grip her own thumping heart. After a moment, she began to pull. Anna closed her eyes and when she reopened them, Callie's heart had come free in her hand and she stared at it as it beat. She smiled.

"You'd think no one had ever broken it." She tossed it to Anna, who caught it gingerly.

Callie sat up in the bed, propping herself on some pillows. She began to try to press the ribs closed again. "Can you help me with this? There's one more thing that I'd like to see before the anatomy lesson is finished."

Anna knew what she wanted. It had always been a rather morbid notion, but as the talisman allowed it, she didn't see the harm. She placed the heart in Callie's lap and helped her fold the ribs back in place, replacing the sternum. She then pulled the blanket over Callie and asked "Ready?"

The figure under the blanket nodded in reply. Anna concentrated and Callie's form diminished slightly and ceased to move. Anna got up and moved the floor mirror to a position where Callie would be able to see herself in it. Then she pulled the blanket away.

Only Callie's skeleton remained.

It sat alone on the bed. Her dry, white bones shone in the light. Her empty eye sockets stared blankly in the direction of the floor mirror. Anna noted the green emerald circlet set on herskull and knew that Callie could sense and see everything.

Anna sat and pondered Callie's skeleton – her own skeleton, in all truth. It looked much smaller than Callie had. Flesh takes up a lot of room, Anna decided. Callie and Anna were both very slender, but she now knew that referring to them as all skin and bones was an extreme misnomer.

Anna sat down next to Callie and examined her closely, running her fingers up the long bones of her leg and across the pelvic bone. Callie's bare skull grinned at Anna – Anna imagined that she was now locked into another unresolved orgasm. Or…

Probably not yet. Let's try…

She reached up to Callie's shoulder and pulled, disconnecting the arm from the rest of the skeleton. Pulling again, the arm itself separated at the elbow. Slowly and methodically, Anna disassembled Callie bone by bone, from the largest to the smallest. Soon, Callie had been reduced to pile of disconnected bones. Anna pulled Callie's skull (sans jaw, of course) out of the pile and set it on top so that she could see, in the mirror, the changes that had been wrought upon her.

That will probably do it.

Then Anna had another idea.

But just in case….

Reaching into the pile – being careful not to topple Callie's carefully placed skull - she withdrew the longest, largest bone that she could find.

Femur? Yes, femur…upper leg bone. Right or left leg? Hmmm. Can't tell. No matter.

Standing in view of the skull on the bone pile, Anna began to run the end of Callie's femur up and down her arms and her legs and across the tips of her breasts. She felt a trickle run down her leg. Disassembling Callie must have turned her on more than she had realized. She placed the bone between her legs and began moving its shaft back and forth across her pussy.

"I've been boned before…but never quite so literally," she spoke aloud to her silent, captive, but undoubtedly enthralled audience.

She sat down on the bed and slowly inserted one of the bone's large knob ends into her vagina. She began pumping it in and out as waves of ecstasy passed through her. In all her previous experience, she realized, she'd never masturbated with a bone. And certainly not with the femur of a previously nonexistent twin sister…who was, technically speaking, still using it.

First time for everything, I suppose.

She thrust Callie's leg bone even deeper inside her and the floodgates opened up and her orgasm washed her away.

* * *

Whoops. Did I fall asleep?

Anna lay in bed. It had grown dark outside. The far end of Callie's femur had become caught in a fold of blanket, such that the near end was still lodged deep within Anna. The rest of Callie lay piled on the bed. Her skull rested on its side and a few small bones had fallen onto the floor. Anna slowly extracted the femur from her vagina, placed it on the pile, and bent to pick up the escaped bones.

She surveyed Callie, piled silently on the bed. Time to get you back together.

Making sure that all the bones were present, Anna covered the pile with the blanket and, concentrating on refleshing Callie, watched the mass under the blanket expand and begin to twitch. It hummed strangely. Throwing the blanket aside, she saw that she had been incomplete in her instructions to the talisman. While all of Callie's bones had regained flesh, they had not been reassembled. Callie was now a pile of flesh-covered parts.

Callie quivered and hummed, but did not speak. Anna was confused until she found Callie's head. Callie's dark eyes, opened wide, rolled in there sockets, but lacking her lower jaw, she could not speak. Anna dug through the fleshy pile, found her lower jaw, and reattached it. The two flesh surfaces – rather like the surface that had appeared the first time Walt had caused her lower torso to disappear – rejoined and the indistinct humming was replaced by a low moan.

"How are you?" Anna asked. Callie looked at her but did not otherwise respond.

She was stuck in mid-orgasm. She'd probably been there for hours again. Anna had to reassemble her. As she sorted through the pile of Callie – causing Callie to groan even louder each time she touched a sensitive surface – she wondered how much of Callie had to be contiguous before release occurred.

She found out. When she had Callie reassembled into four largish pieces, Callie began to scream with pleasure, her disconnected parts flopping around the bed until her orgasm passed. While she recovered, Anna was able to complete the reassembly.

Anna decided to try again: "So how are you?"

Callie smiled weakly. She looked exhausted. "Oh, I feel fine."

"I'd say."

* * *

They'd slept quite soundly the rest of the night. Callie, Anna supposed, hadn't had a real night's sleep in over a week and needed all that she could get. Anna was sitting in the kitchen reading a book, a half-eaten bowl of cereal forgotten on the table next to her, when Callie wandered into the kitchen. It was mid-morning.

"Hey there sleepy-head."

"G'mornin." Callie plopped down in the seat next to Anna, appropriated the bowl of cereal, and began eating noisily.

Anna watched her. When she was finished, Anna held up her hand, the hand with emerald ring on it. "Wanna switch?"

Callie smiled slyly and nodded. Anna reached up and removed the circlet that Callie was still wearing. Both of them felt the connection break. Anna then removed the ring and handed it to Callie. As Anna donned the circlet, Callie slid the ring onto her finger. Her smile widened. This was the first time that she had had possession of the control talisman.

"So," asked Anna, spreading her arms, "what would you like to do now?"

Callie put her index finger in the air, as if to say One moment please, then stood and left the room. Anna, slightly puzzled, returned to her book.

When, fifteen minutes later, Callie returned to the kitchen, she was wearing a miniskirt and bustier – the same outfit Anna had been wearing when they had met and, in fact, the only real clothing that either of them had here (Anna was presently wearing one of Walt's old shirts). In Callie's hand was a credit card that Walt had left for them. The single word she uttered answered Anna's question:


* * *

"Aw, c'mon! Wait up!" came Anna's complaints.

Callie strode into the shopping district, smiling to herself. Just a little mild revenge for that zipper stunt you pulled.

"Anna dear, please keep up!" she called behind her.

Anna stumbled along, unused to having such short legs. She caught up with Callie, who had stopped, and looked up at her.

"Okay, mother," she said with sickly sweetness, then skipped on ahead, behaving exactly as an eight-year-old in a green flowered sundress would. Which, and eight-year-old being what she actually was right now, wouldn't have struck any of the people near them as even slightly odd.

Okay, so maybe that wasn't the best idea.

They began their run of the shops. For Callie, a handbag was the first priority. Though she preferred to travel light, she preferred a purse that was large enough to store anything that she might need. And while Walt had had various duffels deposited about the house, Callie would sooner have burned them as carried them anywhere.

At the third shop, she found the bag she was looking for. She checked the size of its mouth. Should be big enough, she thought. She took Anna in hand and headed to the changing rooms. They were empty.


As they entered the stall, Anna began to ask a question.

"So why do you need a bag that size? It not like you have that much stu…"

Her talking ceased abruptly as Callie pulled the handbag over her head. It came down to her shoulders. Anna struggled for a moment, trying to pull it off. It wouldn't budge. Then, shrugging, she grabbed the handles and pulled down. Slowly, the mouth moved down her body – there was just enough room for her tiny eight-year-old frame to fit into it – until it came down to her hips and she could pull no further. Her arms had mostly disappeared into the bag.

What Callie saw was pair of small legs topped by an upside-down handbag which was far too small to accommodate the amount of Anna that had been fed into it. What was left of Anna sat down and, placing itself between the changing room wall and the chair, managed to push her even further into the bag. Soon there was only a pair of feet and ankles protruding from the bag. Callie picked up the bag and pushed each foot, first one and then the other, inside. Then she closed the bag and pressed it as flat as she could without damaging it.

Then she opened it up and looked inside.

It was empty.

Actually, if she looked carefully she could detect a tracery of green and white threads in the lining.

"Hello," she said into the empty bag before closing it. After a moment she reopened it.

Anna's now very adult face stared up out of the mouth of the bag. She looked flushed.

"Hello yourself. That was interesting. Am I now an accessory?"

Callie didn't answer, but instead closed the bag. When opened, it was again empty. She closed and reopened it. Reaching in, she rummaged around and pulled out…

…a breast.

It was a single, perfect breast, a paler match to those that she herself possessed. The nipple was pierced with a small emerald ring. Callie looked into the bag and noted that it was otherwise empty, even of the green and white threads. This adorable pad of flesh was all that existed of her twin at the moment.

She dropped the breast back in the bag, closed and opened it, and reemerged with a pale dildo with a green dial on its base. She turned the dial and it began to hum. She hummed along with it and noticed that they shared the same voice. She gently kissed its - or rather Anna's - tip and placed it in the bag.

She opened the bag and seeing that once again it was seemingly empty, she smiled.

"You are now a toy."


To be continued…

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