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New Stories from 2003

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 These aren't exactly new, but they are the new stories from 2002 and before arranged in the order by date they were added to the archive.




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22-Dec-03   Mines_Eye Bridal Barbie The Perfect French Maid
    Silverhope Shining Lives Anniversary
    Lucy Yip On Display (sequel to Modeling Job)  
    Kirstie A Mannequin's Life - Discovery  
    DL A Brief Encounter with the Law 2  
    Anthyrax Enemies 2 (continuing the Enemies saga)  
    CMQ Living Art 'WORKS  
    JMD Redecorating  
    Gorgo Deanna's Surprise  
    Northern Chill The Salesman - Uninvited Guests  
    The Sculptor Menagerie 1 (produced by Magnus)  
    Gak Saga of Heroes Unlimited II (sequel to SoHU)  
21-Nov-2003   Silverhope Zanika Zanika 2
      Ariel Ariel 2
      Leap of Faith Leap of Faith 2
    CMQ Incredible Ring Thing, pt. 53-56 The Girl from S.T.A.T.U.E.
    Northern Chill Ten Heroines in Lingerie 3 Femforce - Perfect in Plastic 3
    Dmuk A Brief Encounter with The Law Freeze Tales 3 - Found Treasures
    The Sculptor Lunch Hour  
    Lucy Yip Modeling Job 1  
    JMD Football God  
    Anthyrax Enemies 1  
    Nicky All in a Day's Work  
    Heinrich Brueckmann Glory's Opposite  
    Theodoric of York Girl Stools (illustrated)  
    Paul Jutras New Year's Dolls 2  
    Unreal A Little Head  
    Andi The End  
20-Aug-2003   Northern Chill Ten Heroines in Lingerie 1, 2 Spandex Tights - DCaOFS 1, 2
      Puppet Master - 6 Wonder Woman and Friends vs. The Artiste 3
    Anthyrax Definitions: 3, 4, 5  
    Nicky Wrong Place, Wrong Time! A Brief Encounter
    Paul Jutras Harem Mannequin - 3 The New Fantasy 2
    Culthos_Mythos The Hardening (3rd revision)
(with Heather St.Claire, Magnus)
    Heinrich Brueckmann Standard Of Deviation (previously 'Very True') Tinted Windows (revised)
    madmans070 The Shipment  
    Scientist J The Creation - 1  
    Unreal Wicked Witch Barbie  
12-Jun-03   Anthyrax The Commission: 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 (epilog) Definitions: Prolog, 1, 2
      Every Job Has Its Perks: 1, 2  
    Northern Chill The Last Woman Standing Out of Time and Place 1
      Sersi - A Party to Remember: 4 Wonder Woman and Friends vs. The Artiste 2
    Leem Flotsam: The New Goddess Ketrin - Part Four
    CMQ Gray Gargoyle does the Marvel U: 1, 2  
    Petros Another Reality, parts 1..2..3  
    Gak Saga of Heroes Unlimited I  
    Sallybot The secret diary of a Sallybot  
    Zapped! Frozen Goods  
    nom3n Taking Control  
    Monocrome Cocoon  
    Paul Jutras The New Start  
    Ryric Curiosity  
    Anynom Real Life Model  
26-Apr-03   Anthyrax The Commission: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11  
    Paul Jutras Harem Mannequin 2 Casino Dolls
      SRU: Beauty Wash 2  
    JMD Just Imagine  
    Northern Chill Puppet Master - 5  
    Thunder Perfect  
    Dmuk Freeze Tales 2 - Open Audition  
    Heinrich Brueckmann Tinted Windows  
    Monocrome Essence Container  
    Unreal The Long Weekend  
    XXXecil Faeophobia - 'Make Out Spot'  
14-Jan-03   Northern Chill Femforce - Perfect in Plastic 2 Sersi - A Party to Remember 1, 2, 3
    CMQ FF Inc - Plaster of Pairs Incredible Ring Thing, pt. 52
    Anthyrax The Commission: Prologue, 1  
    Gorgo The Galatea Syndrome - The Nerima Situation 1, 2, 3  
    Sashua Real... or Not?  
    MadBirdCZ What Goes Around...  
    Taryn Alynn Only the Lonely  
    Paul Jutras New Years Dolls  
    Heather St. Claire The Hardening (updated)  
    Dmuk Freeze Tales 1 - Psyched Out  

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