Saga Of Heroes Unlimited I

by Gak

Chapter 1:“history repeats itself in a endless cycle”

“1,000 yrs later after the last conflicts, the celestial’s games are still celebrated once a year. But this time is to celebrate the peace between the dimensions and the rest of the universe the world was peaceful but they thought wrong. Deadly wrong!”

The celestial games are over! I can’t believe I’m this year champion!!! >Said Julian

“Julian is an 15yrs old boy from metropolis toabaja he is part of the gaktianamus religion he is one of the chosen ones he won the celestial’s games of this year he was fighting against he’s best friend Ana”

Yeah! Keep celebrating Julian, next year I’ll be ready for every trick that you try to pull on me little boy!    

“Ana is Julian best friend from school they both got chosen to become gaktianamus acolytes and they both participated in the celestial games but got defeated by Julian she’s a very sweet girl but sometimes she just acts tough but they really get along fine”.

Yeah! I would love to see you trying Ana and besides why are you calling me a little boy we are the same age!    It just a figure of speech!  Ok kids it’s to return to your peaceful and normal lives.   So soon sika?  Why?   The celestial games are over so is my duty to send you back to your normal lives where you belong. Ok then   let’s say the magic words! Want to have the honor Ana?   Yes I do!

Teleport to earth! Now!

“Julian and Ana teleported back to earth where they will find a shocking surprise that will leave them wondering what’s going on”.

We’re back!  Julian take a close look to our surroundings! Oh my god!!! What happen?  The earth looks destroyed it’s like a war just fired up. We should check the area to find more clues about what happen in here. Let’s go!    “Julian and Ana started to walk thorough the avenue when they found a survivor of the catastrophe”.

Ana! Julian!   Hector? What the hell happened in here?   A horrible event happened on earth a powerful evil dictator from an unknown dimension came to earth and conquered the dimension it established his headquarters in our school!  What happen to the maximum warrior of this system? Or to the school armada?   They were all destroyed in the battle against the dictator.    First he looked at the school and said:  this school is perfect to establish headquarters! Attack the school!   They attacked the school the principal sended the order to attack the dictator they all fought bravely against the dictator but they were all killed including the principal.   Then they activated the energy wall to prevent them from entering the lobby and all of the students who owned weapons use them against the dictator    and what happen to the students who were using the guns?   They were killed without mercy!  They blew up in a millions pieces when the dictator ship fired the missiles The enemy kept shooting the energy wall until they broke it they entered the school and killed everyone who dared to stand on their way. I escaped using one of the escape teleporters.  The rest of the students who survived were enslaved and since that happen I have been hiding it all happened so fast!  Shit! I can’t believe it we been only gone for 3hrs and all of this happened I can’t believe it!! >Shouted Julian.

We were in the celestial game that’s why we had to go early today but now that Julian and I are back and we see this it make us feel horrible because if we weren’t in the nimbo at that time none of this would had happened.    Do not worry about it Ana and Julian now that you both are here you both can stop them with your god like powers.    God like powers?  We are only celestials our powers are that advanced as you think we are only beginners. You both are pretty powerful I have read in the history books how powerful the gaktianamus powers can be!     Maybe your right…    ok let’s stop talking and let’s enter our school but you go first Ana hector stay hidden we promise you that we will free the rest of the survivors and save the earth!    Let’s go Ana!  Yeah!     

Good luck my friends!

“Ana and Julian entered the school to try and free the rest of the students will they succeed? Or they will fail? “   A new chapter has just begun in the saga of heroes!!


Chapter 2: “it begins again”

We got to be careful we don’t know what surprises they have waiting for us!
Well. Julian look behind us we got some company!  Let’s run!!!   

“They runned towards the lobby well what it remained of the lobby, in there the battle heated up”

I think is better to fight them Ana!   Yes you’re right Julian!   Let’s do it!

Star explorer! Ray beam!      Planet chooser!  Laser beam!   

“Julian and Ana they both are maximum warriors they both used their warrior operating tool they are like mini-computers with multi-uses”

It worked on them! We killed those two!  Well Julian don’t celebrate yet we got more company!       Then let’s do it again! Ready Ana!?   Yes!     Star explorer! Planet chooser! 

“They were about to shoot but the general of the evil army stole the operating tools from them using one of his techines”

Our tools! He stole them! 
Now your fighting tools are mine and you both are doomed! It’s time to finish off the both of you!

Is that what you think?  Then you are wrong!    Let’s show them Ana!

Gak acolyte transforms
Electric acolyte transforms!

“They both transformed into the great gaktianamus acolytes   they now are more powerful that in their warrior modes”

What the hell are you? >Asked the general
We are the gaktianamus acolytes we defend this world from evil forces like you!
I’m Julian the Gak gaktianamus acolyte!
I’m Ana the electric gaktianamus acolyte!

Good presentation but I got tired of both of you already so I’m going to kill the both of you and later help my master finish conquering what it remains of your world!

Yeah right general! Check this out!  Light beam!

“The light beam is a powerful beam of energy that has enough power to destroy half of the world if don’t know how to control it”

You missed gaktianamus!
Let me try now! Thunderstorm!  
You missed me too gaktianamus!
I got an idea Ana!
Let’s use the storm of friendship against him!
The storm of friendship?  What if we miss again?

Don’t worry Ana I have a felling that the storm of friendship is going to hit him and finish him in one second!   Then let’s do it!

Light beam!

Combine! And form the storm of friendship!   Ahh!!! Nooo!!!! 

“The general blew up into a million pieces there was blood all around the lobby they acolytes won the battle but the war was just starting”

We killed the general but my question now is what we are going to do now I mean we still haven’t seen who the main force behind all of this is!  We’re going to find out soon enough.  So let’s keep looking around the school! Yeah let’s start!

“Julian and Ana started to explore what it remained of the school they were looking for the evil responsible for all of the destruction”.

Wow! They sure trashed the whole school building! It looks like that the fights were even more intense than how hector told us.

“Ana and Julian kept exploring the first floor of the school when all of the sudden a giant earth worm jumped from underground”

Oh by the love of god! What the hell is that?  Julian I think that’s an earthworm! And a big one!  We got to stop that fuking worm from crushing what it remains of the school!   So what’s your plan now Ana?  I’m going to use my finishing move on that worm! But we got to lure it to the center of the school so it doesn’t cause more destruction to the remaining halls and classrooms!  Ana we can lure it faster by using the fast teleportation!  Then let’s do it!    Fast teleportation!

“The fast teleportation is a new kind of teleportation they become the element they represent and get teleported more faster than with a normal teleportation but the side effects of that teleportation was that they loose energy every time they use it”.

We arrived at the center of the school, but I don’t feel so good.   What’s the matter Ana?  I feel dizzy and tired! I forgot about that Ana that the fast teleportation has side effects and now thinking about it I don’t feel so good but anyways we need to fight that worm. I can’t use my finishing move against that worm but you can do it! So stand up! Be a strong female acolyte and crush that worm!   Yeah you are right Julian I’ll stop that worm even if I die in the process!

Go For It! Ana!

“Ana raised her left hand and prepared to activate her finishing move she was the only the only hope”.

Acolyte special effect activates!
Finishing Move!
Unlimited Thunder Storm!

“Lighting bolts and thunder strikes were striking her hand with her hand she strikes them towards the worm the worm was blown up by the humongous amount of lighting”.

The worm is crushed! I did it!     Yeah well done Ana not only did you destroyed the worm but you managed to save us and save what remains of our school.

“The acolytes were happy because they stopped the worm, but Ana was tired after all of that power and energy that flowed all of her body but the surroundings are calm once more but for how long? We’ll find out in the next chapter of the saga of heroes”!


CHAPTER III: “The Acolytes Are Falling! The Miraculous Help from Two New Acolytes”.

Don’t you think is too quiet Julian?  Stop worrying about our surroundings you have to rest you used a lot of energy in the fast teleportation and in the finishing move deactivates your powers so your heart and body can recharge.  Are you nuts Julian? If I deactivate my powers, there’s going to be more danger because if we get attacked again I could get killed. Don’t fucking worry about that Ana! I’ll protect you!  Ok if you say so! Powers down!  

“Ana deactivated her powers and she and Julian sat down in the floor to rest, but still Ana was worried about the attacks”

I can see it in your eyes Ana! You are still worried about another attack I just told you stop worrying about things that aren’t going to happen!   That’s what you say Julian! Are u psychic or something?  No! But. I say that there’s not going to be any more earthworms trying to crush us because they aren’t going to be that foolish to try it again.   

“All of the sudden the earth started to shake and the floor were cracking, another attack was coming underway”.

What the hell is going on?    Another worm! This time I’m going to be the one to squash you!   See! I told you Julian! That doesn’t matter now start running you cannot fight in your current status! Get out of here now! No! I’m not planning to leave you alone with that worm!  

Worm! Want to see some light?   Light beam!   

“The worm launched some kind of smoke that neutralized the light beam that Julian launched against that worm the smoke not only neutralized the attack but it also paralyzed Ana and Julian both”.

I can’t believe that thing neutralized my attack and paralyzed me!   It paralyzed me as well what can we do? It got us paralyzed at his mercy!   Ana it was nice meting you! The same with me my friend now prepare the worm is approaching fast towards us! I can’t watch!

“All of the sudden”

Double team kick!   “The worm was send flying to the other side of the school by a double kick inflicted by two mysterious students”.

More survivors! Did u see that Ana? Open your eyes and look!  Huh? Two students?  That means that hector wasn’t the only one who escaped the attack!

That worm will return soon so let’s transform! Yeah!
Fire acolyte transforms!
Water acolyte transforms!
Gaktianamus acolytes!

Hey you two the recently transformed! Can the both of you help us?   Oh! Another acolyte! He’s the Gak acolyte let’s help him!

Ok now it seems that the both of you are paralyzed so water acolytes please help them!  I’ll use my powers to heal them! 

Acolyte special effect!
Special ability!
Healing waters spread!

“The whole area of the hall they were was flooded with water, healing water that healed the      both of them”.     “The water levels went down”.

Now I feel better! Electric acolyte transforms!
Gaktianamus acolyte!

Now water and fire that worm is coming back can the both of you stop it once and for all!   Yes we can! And talking about the worm here it is it looks pretty mad and it’s about to shoot us a mega beam laser so we better act fast! Fire! Use lion agility!

“The fire acolyte vanished and rapidly reappeared and stroked the worm with his claws”

Lion claw!  Now it’s my turn!   Weapon! Torpedo launcher!    Wow! She has a torpedo launcher! Well Ana we’ll see how she manages this one.  Torpedo launcher!

“The worm was on fire the worm fell into the ground and blew-up”.
The games are over worm!
The worm just couldn’t handle our abilities!

Ok you two who are you? We have seen you in the school before but we never knew your name so it’s time to introduce yourselves! >Said Julian.

I’m Karla! The water acolyte!
I’m Gabriel the fire acolyte!
Nice to meet you both! I’m Ana the electric acolyte!
I’m Julian the Gak power acolyte!
So. Julia, Ana for how long have the both of you had this double life?

     It’s been like three months! We were competing in the nimbo celestial games but my dear     friend      Julian won the games this year.     He won by a miracle! Yeah-right Ana keep saying that!  Ok now returning to the subject Karla and I became gaktianamus acolytes one week ago we learned to use our powers fast.  But how did you become a gaktianamus acolyte?

   Karla and I became chosen ones the day of the bomb alert we were sneaked out of the     school         grounds when an angel appeared on our way and told us to unleash our power inside.    We all of the     sudden understood what to do so we transformed into acolytes.  And we were learning to focus our powers. But… if you knew already that Julian and I were the gaktianamus acolytes why didn’t you told us that you were chosen ones as well? Well. We had a reason for that we didn’t know how our parent’s our other people would have reacted to us being able to transform. Well they would have reacted very well I mean our teachers knows our identities. >Said Julian.    Well. Let’s change the subject! >Said          Gabriel.

What do we have to do with the junk of school that we have left? >Said Karla.

We got to freed the enslaved survivors and destroy the force responsible for this chaos.    Who is that force?  We don’t know yet.  Not even with your Gak powers you can figure out who are responsible for all of this chaos?  It doesn’t matter if I have this powers the problem is that we weren’t present when that force invaded the earth we got to figure this out so everybody split up and let’s take different areas of the school if you discover something then let everybody know now! Acolytes chose the areas to start and teleport there!


“Julian and the others pushed the button of teleportation in their respective gate openers” “the gate openers is a wrist tool that can open portals and teleport them”

“Mechanized voice said:”
Teleportation sequence activated!

“The acolyte’s teleported to different areas of the school they were determined to find the force responsible for everything”.

Chapter 4: “the battles begin! Nuclear power will be their salvation!”

“Teleportation sequence completed!”

Ok I’m near the school library I still recognize this area even if it was super trashed! But anyways it’s time to start Exploring and start Kicking Ass!   

“Suddenly an evil voice was heard around the area it was trying to scare off Karla”

What was that?!

Acolytes get out of this school before you end up regretting it!  Acolyte you will find your dead in this school.  It’s too late to save your world….

Oh I get it! You’re trying to scare me off right?   You fucking evil force whoever you are I’m not scared of you!  If you want me come and Get me!

“All of the sudden an giant robot appeared out nowhere”

Whoa! What the hell is that!? 

Destroy the acolyte! Activating and loading mega laser!  Lock on! And fire!

Ahh!!! That thing just shoted it’s time teach it a lesson!  
Acolyte special effect Activates!
Water barrier rise up!

Acolyte blocked the attack!  Activating light of powering!

Light up!

“A blinding light illuminated all of the area the light was gone but it left some bad consequences”.

Shit! I can’t use my water powers!  But that doesn’t matter now because I can use other tricks besides my powers!  Let me show you robot!

Torpedo launcher comes to me!
Loading torpedo launcher locking on! And fire!

“Karla shooted the torpedoes towards the robot but the battle will prove to be even more difficult”

What! It survived!  How!?    
Mediocre torpedo attack launched resisted! Ready to stomp the acolyte!

Ahh!! What do I do!?  He survived one of my most powerful weapons and without my other powers I cannot defend myself this is going to be a horrible ending! 

“All of the sudden a stone fell out of the sky with a lighting bolt the earth shacked when the stone hit the ground” “the robot and Karla were able to keep their balance”

Wow!  A sword!  In that stone what kind of sword is that?  From where did it come from?

“There was a sword in the stone but Karla still was shocked and she didn’t know how to react” “in the moment that the sword arrived was perfect,” “but will it be enough to stop the robot”?

Analyzing sword!  Analysis completed! Sword represents thereat must be destroyed!  Missiles launch! Lock on! Fire! 

Oh shit! I better get out of the way!    

“Karla jumped out the way the missiles hited the sword and trashed half of the halls of that part of the school”.

What! Sword survived attack! Locking on again!
I better get that sword before that robot shoots again!  

“Karla jumped towards the sword she was a little nervous because she didn’t know what kind of sword was that but she was willing to take the risk”

Ok! Here we go! Yaah!    Hey I was able to pull the sword out of that stone!

“All of the sudden a lighting bolt fell out of the sky and hit the sword and Karla the robot was confused”

Can’t analyze situation!  Preparing emergency precautions!  Activating Mega V missile! Lock on and fire!

Wow! I feel supercharged!  It’s like the sword gave me more powers! Now I feel stronger it’s time to test this sword against that missile!

Yaah!! Silver slash! 

With the sword Karla was able to cut the missile in half then she realized the enormous powers that the sword possessed”

Cool! This sword can cut metal! It’s time to say bye-bye robot!

Analyzing enemy and weapon!   Preparing to stomp the enemy!  

Shit! That thing can jump?!  It doesn’t matter I can jump as well!    Super jump!  Silver slash!

Warning! System error! System error!
“The robot overloaded and exploded in a million pieces the power of the sword was incredible”

Wow! I beat him with just this sword!   Yes! My water powers are back!  

It’s time to communicate with Julian!   

“Karla decided to communicate with Julian using the gate opener to let him know about the sword and his amazing powers”

Julian! Can you hear me?
Yes I can hear you! 

A robot appeared out of nowhere it appears to be an security robot then the robot blocked my powers and there was no hope until a sword came out of the sky in a stone then the robot sended a missile to the sword and the sword survived and I pulled out the sword and it gave me more power and I slashed that robot in half!

That’s great Karla a new weapon now keep investigating and don’t get distracted by your new powers ok?

I never get distracted so,   bye! Karla out!

Now let’s see who wants to get their ass kicked!?
“Meanwhile Julian and Ana were in the parking lot of the teachers exploring that area”

Julian! Are you sure that what Karla told us was true that she received a sword that fell out of the sky?   

Yes it’s true! I mean why she would lie about it?   There’s no reason for her to lie I know it sounds too good to be true but that’s the reality she received a magnificent new weapon.

Anyways Julian I don’t think there’s anything in here except some trashed vehicles and the bodies of the students that died in battle this parking lot is giving me the creeps!

Do not let your guard down  Ana who knows what surprises they have in store for us  I mean if Karla  was attacked by a giant robot  we could get Attack  by something even worse!.

“All of the sudden the earth started to shake a giant worm was approaching the area”
What the fuck is happening?>asked Ana
Is a giant worm! 

Acolytes you are intruding in a property that’s off-limits please abandon the area or you won’t get out at all!

Wow!  That thing can talk!  And it just threatens us!
Don’t worry Julian I’ll take care of that worm!
Double mega pistol!
Come to me!
Do you think you’re be able to defeat it with an energy weapon?!
Yes I think so! Once I combined with something really special!
What is that special thing?
Weapon bullets!
Energy bullets come to me!

What! Energy bullets!  You know the power of that thing right?   Using energy bullets is pretty dangerous!     So... what!  I’m not afraid of Danger!

So u acolytes refuse to leave!?    Then you must die! Deadly breath!   

Start equipping your weapon I’ll protect us!
Wall of light!
You won’t be able to hold on much longer behind that wimpy wall of light!
Hurry up with those bullets Dammit!
I’m almost done! 
One click and done!
Now Julian uses your blinding Eyes!
Good idea! Blinding Eyes!
Ahh!!  My four eyes!

The counter effect of that technique of mine is that blinds me for 3hrs! So this supercharged weapon better be good!

It will be!  Double mega pistol fire!

Karla was fell into the ground when she fired her weapon by the energy bullets potential it was a direct hit”

Ahh!!!   You’re pay for this acolyte!

Is it gone the worm?

Yes we won Julian   there’s nothing but smoke and ashes left in that worm   it’s magnificent what  someone can do  with a weapon like this!

“While Julian and Ana keep talking Gabriel is alone in the lunchroom investigating the situation”

Ok next time I’m not teleporting at random but anyways I’m already here   there’s nothing worth investigating in this lunchroom what could be here a giant hamburger!?   Ha! That’s a laugh!

Be very careful in what you say Gaktianamus Acolyte! 
What! Who’s there?
I’m ninja 01 head of security! 

So... if you are the head of security then what is you doing in a lunch room?  I heard some rumbling in the other areas of the school that must mean that the other acolytes are playing tough on your partners!

Oh shut up!  Ninja blades!
Lion claw!
Ninja blade!
You are good acolyte but not good enough!  
We’ll see soon enough ninja!
Darkness Blade!
Inferno fire blast!
Another stalemate!  You keep getting good!
Now tell me ninja who’s responsible for all of this coos!
I’ll tell ya if u can evade and hit me when in this next attack!
Double darkness blade!
Inferno fire blast!

You won acolyte! I’ll tell you who did it   but still even if I tell you who did it won’t matter because you won’t be able to stop the world domination!    The evil is….


“All of the sudden he started to convulse and fell into the floor”

What the hell is happening to you? Tell me who is the evil force?

“The ninja head blew up”

Oh my god his head exploded but what caused that?
“Gabriel activated his Gate Opener to communicate with the other acolytes he was worried”.

Acolytes listen up! Something is wrong here!  Meet me in front of the lunch room now! Something tells me that things will get worse!

Gabriel out!

Now is time to teleport!   Hey why teleport when I can break down the doors!

Mega cannon! Come to me!
Mega cannon fire!
Good door down now it’s time for a reunion!

“A few minutes passed by and the other acolytes finally arrived they were curious to know why Gabriel called them in such a hurry”

Finally we’re here!  
What happened to Julian?  He looks confused>asked Gabriel

He used his blinding eyes technique   it has the same effect on him as it does on his enemies...

Don’t worry I’ll take care of that!  Healing waters!
“She used the healing water technique Julian eyes were healed”
Finally I can see!  Thanks Karla!
You own me one!

Ok now let’s go to the point!   I just fought with the head of security he was about tell me who was the enemy when all of the sudden his head exploded.

Eww! Gross!>said Ana
How horrible!>said Julian
How cool I want to see it!>said Karla
What!  Are u sure you want to see that thing?  Is really creepy!
Yes I want to see it where is it?
Inside the lunchroom!
Is time to see something out of the ordinary!
Didn’t she already experience something out of the ordinary by receiving that sword?
Ana maybe Karla wants to see more!>said Julian
She will be backing all scared out!  In 5, 4,3,2,1...

Ahh!! That’s gross!  Even more gross that than the bugs I saw in some parts of the lunch room! Eww!! I can believe you experienced that!

See I told you! Anyways things have been weird in this school! The only thing we know is that a powerful dictator but we don’t know who he is and from where he comes from!  This school is full of security I mean giant robots and earth worms and a ninja.  It’s like he wanted his headquarters to be untouchable no intruders.   And we still haven’t solved the mystery of the sword I mean who sended the sword?  

I think the one who sended me this sword was sika I mean this sword is super powerful it must come from her maybe she sended it to help me out!.

Maybe…. but we cannot communicate with her during a mission that’s one of the rules she told us unless she’s the one that communicates first.    But anyways we don’t really need to know about the sword is powerful she can use it. But remember Karla do not let your new found weapons and boost of power go to your head.   Got it!?

Yes Gabriel got it!
Now Julian what do you think our next destination should be?
The 2nd and 3rd floor of the school!
Ok! Let’s go!

All of the sudden 5 earth worms appeared in the center of the school”

This time is your dead acolytes!

More worms!  We got to finish them quick and fast!

Inferno fire blast!    One down!

Water energy!           Another one down!

Thunderstorm!           Another down!

Light beam!                 Another one down!

Now all together against the last worm!

Storm of friendship!


We won!>shouted Karla

“All of the sudden five more appeared”.

This will end now!

Well...  we’ll keep kicking some worm ass!

“Meanwhile in the avenue in front of the school a kid was passing by the area of the school”

Wow everything and everyone on this avenue got trashed it look like it happened the same thing as in my school!  Darn! I’m only on 7th grade and these things happen so early in my life but I got to find who’s responsible for this!   

“He kept walking until he passed in front of the school and noticed some of the attacks”

What the hell is that?   Water? Fire? Electricity? Light?

I got to find out!

“He entered the school and saw the battle”

Gaktianamus acolytes?  There’s more!  

Hey acolytes and worms!

“The acolytes and the worms stopped battling for a moment and started to look at the kid”

Who’s that kid?  Is he crazy?

My name is Gian Rodriguez I’m 13yrs old and I’m am a gaktianamus acolyte!

Is that kid serious? Where is his gate opener?

Gate opener comes to me!

Enough kid shut up! Deadly smoke!

Gate opener shield mode!

That worm needs to be taught a lesson!   Right now!

Nuclear acolyte transforms!

Gaktianamus acolyte!

Don’t worry gian I’ll help you! 


Sword Gak come to me!

Double silver slash!


The worms are a little resistant to blades so it’s you r time to blast this worms into oblivion show us your powers newbie!

Acolyte special effect Activates!

Acolyte finishing move!

Nuclear crushing!

“Gian power was amazing he blew all of the worms with one shot luckily the acolytes got out of the way”.

Wow! You’re powers are amazing you are one of the strongest acolytes I have seen!>said>Julian.

My finishing move is strong but it takes a lot of energy!

It’s to introduce you to the group:

I’m Julian the Gak acolyte

The water acolyte is Karla

The fire acolyte is Gabriel

And the electric acolyte is Ana!

Nice to meet ya all!

Now gian what do you say if we keep going and solve this mystery!?

You got it!

Let’s go!

Chapter 5: “Friend or foe?  Is the mysterious stranger a new kind of gaktianamus acolyte?


“The acolytes were walking towards the second floor along with the new acolyte”

We’re almost there just a little bit more till the second floor!>said Ana

But one thing stills puzzles me about the both of you!

What is it Karla?

You and Julian said that when the both of you came from the celestial games   the world was trash already right?   Yes!    But… why Gabriel, Gian and I weren’t called on to participate?

That’s weird!  Anyways let’s keep running we’re almost there!  

Stop right there acolytes!  

Who are these guys!?

How should I know Gabriel!

Karla, Gabriel please don’t start again fighting we got more trouble ahead with this ninjas!

So you are the gaktianamus acolytes just a bunch of kids! Anyways we’re the three ninjas and any of you aren’t passing through this stairs until you defeat all of us!

Challenge accepted!>shouted Karla.

Guys you have to exclude me out of this battle my nuclear evolution attack left me weak and tired.   

Ok gian I’ll cover you!>said Julian

Everybody ready!>said Julian


You fools you feel right into my trap!  Energy wall!

With the energy wall I can adsorb your energy and use it to power us!  This is you end!

No we got to get out of here!

If you shoot what you will do is give us more energy! We won!

“All of the sudden a mysterious voice shouted”

Light magic breaker!

We’re free!

Flashing light!

We are fully recharged!

Who are you?  How dare you break my energy wall!

My name is sheniah! And I will stop you once and for all!

Hey don’t worry sheniah now that we are fully recharged we can kill those ninjas!

Quiet! Acolyte! If you get in my way I’ll crush you along with these ninjas!

Ninjas let’s get him!

Foolish ninjas!    Piercing light!


Wow! The three with one shot!

Hey are you some kind of gaktianamus acolyte?

Why all of the acolyte generations ask the same fucking thing?!   I’m not a gaktianamus acolyte I’m from another religion called “the light” and it’s not by acolytes and besides I don’t have the time to explain children things so complicated see ya!   Light teleportation!

Wow! He’s weird!  He’s not one of us!

Then that means if he’s our enemy then he’s a very powerful one! We got to be careful very careful of him he could be dangerous!>said Julian

Never mind him Julian!  We got to go to the second floor immediately!

Ok as you wish!!  Let’s go!

“The acolytes went to the second floor to keep investigating the mystery”

Ok now there are two halls the one at our left or the one that we keep straight   where do we go?

Well the left one is trashed so we cannot pass let’s follow it right!>said Ana

Ok let’s go!

“All of the sudden”

Freeze! Acolytes!

More security! Julian! Leave these ones to me!

Are you crazy Karla? Do you want to die just for your sense of showing off?

Enough! Acolytes it’s time to fight!    Mega v cannon fire!

Water barrier!

That was close!>said Ana

They want to fight weapons by weapons so I’m giving them the fight of their life using my own weapons!

Karla be very careful with what you do they have strong weapons you may have the sword but still they are very agile!>said Ana

I’m not using the sword I’m using my double energy pistols!

Well anyways be careful!  We will all be watching you from here I trust in you that you can do it! 

Don’t worry Julian I won’t let you down!


Double energy pistols! Come to me!

So... the little acolyte finally decided to fight! Fine then it will be three against one acolyte we will finish quickly!

Let’s start!   Pistols! Energize! And fire!

“The weapons of the acolytes are voice activated they only have to hold their weapons and point at their target”.

Mega V cannon! Fire!  

Pistols! Energize!  And fire!   

“Both shots hit each other it was a tie”

So... acolytes you have strong weapons and a great aim but let’s see if you can shoot a moving target!   Rocket motor! Activate!    Now I can fly and shoot you!

“The soldiers flied to the center of the school and from there started to shoot the acolytes”

It doesn’t matter if you can fly me still can shoot you!   Energy pistols! Energize and fire!

Missed me!   

I will get you!

Missed me again!

Mega V cannon! Fire!

Everybody on the ground! That shot can blast you all into pieces!>said Karla

Water barrier!

I got to hit him somehow!   I got an idea! 


Flying vehicles!

Sky surfboard comes to me!

Now we both can fly!   Water energy!  

You missed me again!   Mega v cannon!    

Water barrier!

Energy pistols fire!

Julian I got a question! 

Tell me Ana what do you need?

They keep shooting each other and no one has hited yet for how long they will keep going like this?

For awhile knowing how stubborn Karla is she will keep at it until one of them gets shot in the meantime we got to stay on the floor if one of those cannon shots hit us it could be devastating.

“While the acolytes talked and Karla and the guards keep shooting each other sheniah was watching from the roof of the school”

They keep at it! Those acolytes still don’t learn that you do not play with forces that can be more powerful than then.   Anyways I’ll end this game is getting boring!


Huh? Sheniah?  You can fly!?  

Yes unlike you that needs a surfboard to fly!

Guards forget about the acolyte shoot him!  All power against him! Fire!

Light barrier!

No! He blocked it!  Retreat!

Not so fast guards!   Crushing light!


“The guards exploded into pieces”

Wow! You really are powerful sheniah but are you our friend or foe?

I’m not a friend but not a foe either   we will meet again soon acolyte!

Till next time!  Light teleportation!     No! Wait!

Darn! He’s gone!

Let me return with the other acolytes!   Acolytes you can get up now sheniah killed the guards for us!

Sheniah? He was here?   Where is he now?  He’s gone but he said that we will see him again very soon but... the question is to where we are heading now the last battle trashed the other part of the second floor!

Let’s head to the third floor maybe we will find the answer to our mystery!   Yeah let’s go!


Chapter 6: The mystery is almost solved!  The Only Clue To Answer The Mystery Is Sheniah And The Enslaved Students From The Third Floor!   


“The acolytes arrived to the third floor to investigate the mystery”
We’re finally here Julian what do we do now?

Well Ana we have to investigate the classrooms one by one to see where the evil force is hiding he must be hiding somewhere in this floor but I wish sheniah would help us investigate I mean with his amazing powers he can really be of help.>said Julian.

Don’t forget about me Ana with my nuclear powers I can blast any enemy into oblivion!

Oh please gian!  I didn’t see ya fighting those ninjas when they were flying and shooting that mega V cannon!

Well Karla you were the one that wanted to fight them by yourself if I recall correctly sheniah was the one that saved you from those ninjas because all of you kept evading each other shots it was getting boring already luckily sheniah came and turned on the fun with his amazing light powers if he were a gaktianamus acolyte he would have been a very powerful one don’t you think so Karla?

Well … No Comments! Let’s change the subject gian its better if we talk about other things than sheniah been a little stronger than me.

Little?!  You got to be kidding! Said: gian

Enough from both of you! We came here to investigate the mystery of this evil dictator not to hear the both of you arguing like crazy!>said Julian

I can hear something from afar it sounds like a motorcycle can you all hear it? Asked Karla
Acolytes leave this floor immediately or suffer the consequences!

“Another ninja appeared but this one was in a flying motorcycle and was about to shoot the acolytes the ninja wanted at all cost that the acolytes leaved the floor”

Let me take care of this one! I’ll use my sword to crush him into pieces!

Karla! Be careful!

Missile launches one! Fire! 

Don’t worry my friends I’ll protect you all!
Water barrier!


Sword Gak come to me!

“Karla started to move the sword in a circle motion she was performing one of the ancient tecquines of the sword”

Karla what the hell are you doing?>asked Julian

Karla stop playing around your water barrier won’t hold on for long and this floor of the school is not big enough for us to move around easily!>said Gabriel.

Don’t worry I know what I’m doing!
Your water barrier won’t hold on for long water acolyte missiles launch 2 fires!

Karla I can sense the barrier getting weaker by the missiles shooting whatever are you planning to do it now before we all get killed by that ninja!>said gian

It’s done I’m ready!   Water barrier down!

Foolish acolyte the barrier was the only thing that protect you all now you all going to die like dogs!

Missiles launched 3! Fire!

Yamato tecquines!

“Electric rays were coming out of the sword towards the missiles it destroyed all of the missiles”

Destroying a few missiles won’t be enough to stop me now prepare to die acolyte gaktianamus!

Not so fast! 5, 4,3,2,1

I’m sensing a big energy wave coming in this direction what the hell did you do Karla?>asked Julian.

You’ll see!

“A big energy wave came out of nowhere it destroyed all of the classrooms doors and destroyed the ninja he was vaporized by Karla sword attack”

Wow! I never have seen such much power in a sword! Julian don’t you think the powers of that sword are a little out of control for Karla? I mean I don’t think she’ll handle with responsibility the powers of the sword.

Don’t worry Gabriel! I think  she is able to handle by herself she’s just a little hyperactive that all now all of the doors were open we should check every classroom to see if we can find the evil one responsible for all of this.

“The acolytes started to walk and check every classroom until they found something really horrible in one of the classrooms”

Julian looks at this classroom! Come on!

This is Mrs. Vega classroom! You know the sexual health class.

Yes I know Julian she was my teacher!>said Karla.

“The students were inside tubes they had cables plug into their bodies and there was a computer in the room that was controlling the tubes”

This is horrible! So this is what they did to the survivors they trapped them inside this tubes to analyze them or maybe they did it to suck their energy!  What do you think Ana?

I think the same as you Julian but from the looks of this it may be used to energize his empire or something maybe this computer will tell us something.

Let me handle that Ana I’m the master expert on computer around here!

Gian you never told us that you knew about computers that’s so cool!>said Ana

Yep I know a lot besides having great nuke powers I’m a computer expert and hacker!

Let’s not waste time in here! I’m freeing these students from here right now!  Weapons! Sword Gak come to me!  I’m shattering these tubes to rescue these students once and for all!

No wait don’t do it acolyte!
Oh my god they can talk while inside that tube!

If you destroyed the tubes it will self destruct the whole school and we all are inside of it the one that trapped us make sure that no one will be able to rescue us from here.

She’s right Karla I’m checking the computer database and it shows what can happen if the tubes are shattered  now what I will try to do is connect my gate opener to the computer hack the system to teleport them out of the tube without using your wild methods Karla.

Why do evil forces always try to do any foolish thing to prevent failure!

Karla... the evil that caused all of this is very powerful look what he did to us this not a game of two anymore this is a dangerous adventure he will try to win at all costs you must be careful or you and the rest of the acolytes will have the same fate as us..  You must defeat him! He can bring Armageddon to the entire world.  Beware of him!

Tell us who is this dictator that came and conquered the whole country?
I really don’t know he’s identity I just know that he defeated us and trapped us here…

Karla don’t keep pushing them they are weak because of the adsorption we don’t want to hurt them or make them suffer more than they have already.>said Gabriel

Ok! As you say Gabriel!

I hacked into the system I connected my gate opener now I will see if it works!  Teleport now!

Teleportation sequence initiated!

It’s almost working!>said Julian

“Teleportation sequence failed”

Ah! Shit! The computer shutted down! 

What happened gian? The computer has some kind of protective protocol every time a process is forced it resets the process by shutting it down the only way to break and hack the protocol and it’s to find the main network and for what I see the network is not in this school the evil responsible for all of this must have a remote computer with him.   Now Julian I think is time we all start planning on what to do next we must find him at all costs!>said gian.

Everybody to the lobby now!>said Julian

Don’t worry my friends we will find a way to free you from those tubes!>said Karla


“Teleportation sequence initiated”

“The acolyte’s teleported to the lobby at the first floor to plan what to do it was 6:45p.m already it was night”.

We’re here! Shouted Karla

I wonder if the people that live at the moon had any problems like us at earth right now I wish I could live there!>said Ana

Yeah but it’s expensive and I’ll doubt our parents will want to move up there.>said Gabriel

You know Julian I wonder if leanna it’s all right  I’m still wondering if she knows about what’s happening here on earth right now…

Yes I wonder the same thing sometimes...>said Julian.

Who’s leanna?>asked Karla.

She was the princess Gak acolyte in our first mission after our training was finished at nimbo three months ago our first mission was at the school a kid somehow became an evil dragon and wanted to eat some of the students. Leanna was a master of disguise she disguised herself as a 12th grader to enter the school with us. Then she transformed into acolyte! And we all did the same!   Ana finished off the dragon and yes she killed the student she had no choice.   Then another kid all of the sudden became evil his eyes were glowing red that’s when leanna intervened she fought him then he trap her by creating a wall around them  he created an interdimensional car and trapped her in ,opened a portal and launched the car.   He turned the walls down after the portal was closed and I killed off the kid. She’s been missing for 4 months no one knows where she is.

That’s a big story...  anyways with my sword Gak that won’t happen to me!

So the gaktianamus children are still here!

Sheniah? You still here?

Yes Julian I’m still here! Now you must have realized by know that the evil is not here right?

We haven’t check all of the classrooms there’s always something interrupting us like Karla with the robot and sword!  Me and Ana with those worms and Gabriel was the only one who really got a chance to check well. Did you know about the survivors that are in the school?

Yes old news!  Now realize this the evil is not at this school he must have left little after you arrived I already check all of the classrooms  so now what all of you must do is to start looking for him teleport around the country and find him.

Are you going to help us?
No Ana you must do it on your own I will stay in metropolis so farewell!  Light teleportation!

No wait come back sheniah!

Now where do we start Julian?

Everybody set your gate openers to teleport you to the coordinates 54’, 22’, 44’

Now teleport!   Teleportation sequence iniated!

“The acolytes journey to find the evil has just started they won’t rest until they find him”


Chapter 7: the battles begin at the wild wild west of Puerto Rico! Showdown at Mayaguez city!


“The acolytes arrived at the coordinates indicated the journey is just beginning for the acolytes”

Where the hell are we?   Where the hell did you took us?

Karla! Control yourself! Welcome to Mayaguez city!   You are from puertorico and you don’t recognize the towns that go to show you how bright you are!

Oh never mind Julian now let’s start looking for the bastard who caused all of this destruction!

Mayaguez city is a big city we got to be really careful they could hide anywhere and this town looks abandoned so it’s an easy hideout for them.

Oh Julian why do you worry so much with my sword I’m unstoppable plus! Combine that with my water powers!

Sometimes I think that she doesn’t listen or doesn’t know the meaning of the word don’t you think so Julian?

I heard that gian stop giving Julian more ideas to comment!

Acolytes you finally arrived here just in time for your deaths prepare yourself you aren’t leaving this town alive!

Allow me to introduce myself I’m Julius gleans   I am part of his army I’m a sergeant I was send to this town to conquer it and find new headquarters!  So prepare to fight!

As you wish Sergeant Julius! 


Sword Gak come to me!

Karla let’s work as a team stop playing around with that sword darn it!
Julian let me do this! Silver slash!

Darkness shield!  

Great agility with that shield! But not good enough! Electric shock!

Ahh!! Good move acolytes allow me to show you mine!  Darkness chains!
Ahh!! I can’t move! I’m trapped!  

See I told you to stop playing around! Now gian I command you to finish off that sergeant with your nuclear evolution finishing move!

As you wish Julian!

“All of the sudden”

Burning solar light!

Ahh!! No!!!

“The sergeant was burned into ashes a new acolyte has arrived to the team”

Wow that was easy enough! Allow me to free you from those chains! Solar light!

Thank you solar acolyte! Even if I would have preferred to do it on my own and finish that guy off by myself!   

But you couldn’t so, shut up already!  Anyways my name is Gabriel I’m the fire acolyte!

Let me introduce you the team!  He’s Julian the Gak acolyte our leader.

He’s gian the nuclear acolyte he’s the youngest in our group!

She’s Karla the water acolyte she was a pride as big as a skyscraper!

And she’s Ana the electric acolyte she’s very cool for a girl!

“All at the same time said”:

Nice too meet you!

Where are my manners!?  Allow me to introduce myself  my name is lui amatsu I’m 15yrs old and I live in mayaguez I was patrolling around when I saw you and I decided to intervene from where are all of you?

We are from metropolis toabaja we teleported here to find the evil responsible for this destruction whoever he is he invaded our school and slayed half of the students and teachers and the surviving ones were enslaved.  We weren’t present when it happen we were at the celestial games at nimbo well not all of us some of us were traveling outside the area when it happened.

Nice story Julian. Anyways I’m joining your team!
That’s cool!>said Julian

Where are we going next?>asked Ana.

Yeah where the hell are we going to go next!?

Chill out Karla! Anyways everybody input the coordinates:

44’, 12’23’55

And let’s teleport!

Teleportation sequence iniated

“The acolytes teleported towards their next destination but they still haven’t discovered who was the responsible for the destruction but the danger is just starting!”


Chapter 8: The Journey Continues! The South of Puerto Rico is Their Next Stop!


“Teleportation sequence completed”

Where are we now Julian?  The town looks horribly trashed so it’s hard to know where are we!>said gian.

Welcome to ponce city! One of the biggest cities of puertorico maybe in this town we will find the evil responsible for this at last!

You think so Julian?

Yes I think so gian this city is big and it has some big buildings he could use it as a hideout just in case the school wasn’t enough for him.

Well you told us almost the same thing back when we were at Mayaguez city Julian!

Shut up! Karla!

And I thought that I was the youngest one in here!

I heard that gian!>said Karla.

Hey! Are you the gaktianamus acolytes?

Ok... who the hell are you?

Karla be nice with the girl; maybe she needs help or something, tell me what do you need? Asked lui amatsu.

My name is Selinette Aviles I’m 15yrs old and I wanted to ask you if you are the gaktianamus acolytes are you them?

Why Yes we are!>said Gabriel.

Them I’m with the right crowd!

What do you mean by the right crowd?>asked Ana.

Let me show all of you!

Ice acolyte Transforms!   Gaktianamus Acolyte!

What!? Another acolyte?>said Karla

An ice acolyte how cool this is getting welcome to our humble team ice gaktianamus acolyte!

Yeah Gabriel keep flirting around with every girl you find let’s see how far does it take you!>said Ana.

Ana please shut up!

Enough from the both of you!

Anyways don’t you recognize your own kind>?

I already knew  about the Gaktianamus acolytes existence even before I became one I just  don’t played much attention to the news until now.   But if you came to this town looking for evil I don’t think you’ll find any here there was a little disturbance and I took care of it. 

What!?  We wasted our time in here!?

Karla calm down!   Anyways we need you to come with us Selinette!

Don’t worry I will come what town is next?

Everybody input the coordinates 88’ 11’44’00

Teleport Now!

”teleportation sequence iniated”!

“The acolytes teleported once again to another town but this time they count with the help of their new member of their team”.


Chapter 9: “To the Ghost Town of Utuado! The Eve of the Final Battle!”


“The acolytes finally arrived to Utuado town a big quiet town on the mountain area of puertorico”

“Teleportation sequence completed”

This town is cold!   Julian why did you send us to Utuado this area of the country is pretty cold and I don’t like quiet towns.

Karla! Utuado is a ghost town right now so it’s going to be even more quieter and besides this town is big he could be hiding anywhere in this whole town .

Good thinking Julian!

Thanks lui amatsu!

Of all of you who was the first one to become gaktianamus acolytes?>asked Selinette

Ana and I became first we were at school when an angel from nimbo called Namus dragged us to nimbo. Then leanna was chosen as well and she was brought to nimbo. Then Karla and Gabriel became the next acolytes I think.

Everybody when do you exactly became Gaktianamus acolytes?>asked lui amatsu.

Julian and I and leanna became acolytes the 14th of august of 4,199

Gabriel and I became acolytes the 1st of September of 4,199.

I became an acolyte the 12th of September of 4,199.>said lui amatsu

I became an acolyte the 30th of October of 4,199.said >Selinette

Who’s leanna?>asked Selinette

She was the princess Gak acolyte in our first mission she was trapped and sended to another dimension she’s missing.


Anyways let’s keep on walking we don’t know what we can find in this town! So let’s keep our guard and let’s be real careful.

Whatever you say Julian>said Ana.

“All of the sudden”

Identifying enemy! Gaktianamus acolytes! Shooting missiles 1, 2, 3,4,5,6 locking on and fire!

Watch out!

That was fucking close!>said Karla

Ana use your thunder to bring down that robot!

Ok! Thunder attack!

Activating energy force field!

This robot just blocked my attack!  Gabriel try your fireballs attack maybe it can penetrate!

I’ll try! Fireballs attack!

Force energy field!

Shit! It did the same thing with my fireballs!

Shooting missiles 7, 8,9,10 locking on and fire!

Enough games! >said lui amatsu


Solar cannon come to me!

What the hell is that?

Karla! Allow me to introduce to you the solar cannon I just feed it with solar energy and it sends it at double potency!

But it’s night almost dawn!

I don’t need natural solar energy I can use my own solar powers watch and learn!

Transfer solar power to solar cannon 45% of power and lock on!

Analyzing enemy weapon!  Represent threat!  Activating nuke cannon!

Nuke cannon!?  Selinette freeze the cannon that cannon has nuclear powers even more potent that gian powers it could blow up the whole country if we don’t stop him!

Don’t worry I’ll do it!  Freezening power!

Nuke cannon unavaible! Switching to mega V cannon!

Are you fucking ready yet!?>asked Karla

Ready!  Solar cannon fire!

“The robot was blown up”

Game over!  I won!

Freeze acolytes!

Ninjas!   Everybody stay on your guard!

Everybody let’s do the storm of friendship!

Not so fast acolytes!  Mega sword assaults!

Water barrier!   Mega water pump!

This should keep them away for a while until we prepare the storm of friendship!>said Karla

Let’s do it!

Light beam!

Mega water pump!


Fireballs attacks!

Nuclear energy!

Solar light!

Freezing power!

All combined form the storm of friendship!


“All of the ninjas were destroyed in an instance”

We did it! We stop them all! Should we keep on walking? Yes let’s keep walking.

“All of the sudden a shadowy figure appear in front of the acolytes and spoke to them”

You have been great Gaktianamus acolytes even greater than the last time we saw each other now it’s time to destroy you all once and for all! This time I’ll crush you all!  I will return to my original headquarters. See ya there! If you dare hahaha!

He disappeared! Shouted Gabriel

Where are his original headquarters? Asked lui amatsu

Back at my school in metropolis!  Everybody teleport to school now!

“Teleportation sequence iniated”

“The acolytes teleported back to the school to confront the evil force and finally be able to defeat the evil once for all”

Chapter 10: “The Final Battle Begins! The Evil Reveals Itself!


The acolytes arrived at the school and prepared for their ultimate battle that will decide the fate of the country”

We’re finally here! Where are you! Show your true self!>shouted Ana

Welcome to my headquarters! Gaktianamus acolytes! Allow me to introduce myself I’m zerieus I’m a Dark Gaktianamus so that makes me half-acolyte.  

Wait! Dark gaktianamus?  I read that in the saga of heroes IV they invaded earth each year but gaber’s Gak defeat them all! >said Julian.  Exactly but I was the only dark gaktianamus that wasn’t foolish enough to come to earth. I waited for awhile but I came once in 1652 in the great gaktianamus war but when the battle was against us I runned away immediately and prepared for a new invasion. 13 centuries later the earth is almost mine and now  you still her as well  but you look different in powers and weapons xika must be up to her old tricks again!.

For your information this time our leader is her granddaughter and she’s our great leader!  Even if you are an enemy from our past generations still that doesn’t assure you that you will win soon.>Said Julian.

I don’t understand half of the things you said Julian what is the saga of heroes?

It’s like a chronicle of everything that has happen involving conquistadores and everything related to gaber’s Gak and the gaktianamus since 1992.

Ohhhh I get it now. 

I as a Gak I’m taught about the saga of heroes and the gaktianamus belivings since I was very little so it was logical that I became the Gak acolyte.

Enough history! It’s time to fight!   Darkness tornado!

Everybody on your guard! And spread!

“The acolytes started to jump and run around “

Divide and conquer remember now attack!

Ice crystal!

Shield of darkness!

We got to stop that tornado!

Acolyte special effect activates!

Climatic control!

Lui! I didn’t know you had that power!

Now you know it! Now the tornado has been putted down!

You’re good acolytes but I’m better!  Way better! 

We’ll see!  Acolytes testing time!

Let’s go to the roof!

Where the hell do you think all going?! Comeback here!

What do you mean by test?>asked Ana

I’m allowed to test one of you once every 24hrs now I chose Karla and the test is to fight alone against zerieus!

I’m accepting the test! I want to kick his ass!

Have you gone crazy Julian?   Selinette please learn to respect my orders I don’t want to hear another word it!

Yes Julian.

Now Karla goes into the battlefield and deactivates your powers then when the battles begins transform and crush him!  Make me proud!

I will!  It’s time to kick your ass!

Powers deactivated!   I’m ready when you are!

Your pride and bluff will be your downfall little girl!

We will see about that! Won’t we?

“Karla is about to fight zerieus this will be a battle till the end this battle will prove how powerful she really is”


Chapter 11: “Karla’s Turn to shine!”


“Karla’s battle with zerieus was about to begin they were both battle ready, while the other acolytes observed from the roof of the school”.

So... the water acolyte wants a one on one duel!?  Fine! It’s time to begin!

Water acolyte Transforms!

Gaktianamus Acolyte!

Darkness Dark gaktianamus acolyte Transforms!

Dark Gaktianamus!

Karla I officially let your test begin! No one may interfere until I say your test is over! Begin!

Water pump!

Darkness wave!

Shit! It was a stalemate!

But I’ll break the stalemate! Waters flood!

Ahh!!   Nice hit!    But not good enough!    Darkness blades!

Acolyte Special Effect Activates!

Water barrier!

Good shields acolyte! But not good enough!  Laser Eyes!

Water energy rays!

Julian neither of them give up only one of Karla attacks hit him I don’t think she will be able to pass this test!>said lui amatsu

Lui amatsu this is her test is up to her to do it well and now quiet and see the battle!

Yes sir!

Zerieus! I will present to you the weapon that will bring your destruction! Prepare yourself!

Really? Show it to me!


Sword Gak Come To me!

Ohhhh a sword how cute!  Your not the only one with swords allow me to show you!    Sword of Darkness!

You won’t win against my sword zerieus!  Double silver blade slash!

Double Dark blade slash!

We collided again acolyte our swords powers are evenly match!

Not for long zerieus! Thunder blasts!

“From the swords she unleashed thunderbolts hitting zerieus very critically”

Ahh!!  You bitch! You will pay for that insolence stupid gaktianamus acolyte you’ll sword will join my weapons collection when I finish you off!

Yeah right keep dreaming let me show you again!   Yamato Technique!

If you think a technique as old as that can stop me think about it!  Underground walk!

“Zerieus went underground and evade all of the attacks of the Yamato technique”

The earth is shaking he’s popping from underground!

Surprise acolyte! Mega punch!


“Karla fell into the ground”

You won’t win zerieus!

We’ll see about that little girl!

“Karla stands up”

This battle is Far from over zerieus!

“The battle kept raging their blows to each other were incredible they both had amazing powers and they were intercepting each other attacks the battle keeps up but only one of them will win”

Chapter 12: “Karla Falls! Sheniah Allies with the Gaktianamus Acolytes!”


“Karla kept fighting she won’t give up yet but things didn’t looked very well for her zerieus still has his maximum strength

You still don’t give up Gaktianamus? I’m impressed that you still are able to be on your feet for such a rookie of level of power celestials level Gaktianamus has.

Don’t patronize me zerieus I will crush you and take revenge for all of the people you have destroyed in this little game of yours!

Quiet girl!  Darkness energy ball!

Acolyte Special Effect Activates!

Water Barrier!

Are you going to keep blocking my attacks?  I assure that way isn’t the way to win against me gaktianamus!  Darkness blades!

Water pump!

Water energy blast!

Ah! Ah! You’re good but I’m better!

Darkness double slash!

Double Silver blade slash!

“Their attacks intercepted again”

My sword is way superior to your sword Gak powers!

I don’t think so Dark Gaktianamus!   Look some of my tricks!


Darkness bolt!

“The attacks intercepted and Karla sword was send flying to the other side of the school”

Oh my sword! Well... I don’t need it to defeat you!  Wild waters!


Dammit! He’s underground again! I guess is time to start flying! Vehicles! Flying Vehicles! Flying surfboard come to me!

“Karla aborded her surfboard”

Now we won’t be able to get me! And I will get him!  Water energies!

“He pointed the rays towards the ground and started shooting at random trying to shoot zerieus”

Surprise acolyte!    Unlike you I can pop out of the ground and jump high!   Darkness blade!

“He slashed the surfboard making Karla loose control and fall into the ground the tide of the battle was turning”

No! I will defeat you! Water mega pump!

Star speed!  Darkness blast!


“Karla fell into the ground she was conscious but very weak she couldn’t fight anymore”

Darn! I can believe it’s going to end like this! I Failed The Test!

Now acolyte to finish you off and prove to the gaktianamus children that the Dark Gaktianamus are unstoppable!

Oh my god Julian! He’s going to finish her off! >said Selinette

The Test is over! Karla Failed! Now acolytes let’s stop him!   Fast teleport!

“The acolytes bumped him and he fell against the wall”

Do you think that you are going to stop me by hitting me using fast teleport!?  You’re wrong!

Think again!  Kin Chou!

“Many chains appeared out of nowhere and tided up zerieus”

What the hell did you just did? > asked Ana

That’s the kin Chou technique! Mrs. Medina the gaktianamus teacher power acolyte used this technique on the angels of destruction and cyborg senbendinks when Gaber’s Gak wanted to used the apocalyptic blast level 04. Then gaber’s Gak was reborn as a newborn baby in the saga of heroes V final episode.

Ok Julian enough story let’s help Karla! >said Lui amatsu

Karla Are you all right?

I think so Ana but my pride has been broken I wasn’t able to pass this test!

“Karla started to cry”

Karla don’t cry there’s going to be more tests in the future don’t worry about this one this is your first one!>said Julian.

“Zerieus broke from the chains”

I told you that won’t be enough to stop me!

Acolytes be on your guard let’s protect Karla at all costs!>said Julian.

“All of the sudden”

Flashing light!

Ohhhh! I feel recharged! All of the sudden how do you feel Karla? Asked Ana

I feel a whole lot better this technique sounds familiar! Sheniah!

Look up there on the roof!

We meet again Gaktianamus children! It’s nice to see you all! 

What are you doing here?>asked lui amatsu

I’m here to ally with you to help all of you Gaktianamus Children to destroy zerieus!

This is weird! You helping us?

Quiet Karla! Don’t ruin it!  Said>Gabriel.

I knew that you will go here! He was being chased by the cybernetic police at the web dimension for attempting conquer I don’t know how you evaded been caught for a year  because unlike the Gaktianamus Children that their powers increase in other dimensions your powers are weaker so you couldn’t risked been caught so you stayed in time/space dimensional path for awhile later you arrived at random saw  how big the school and this dimension are so you decided to conquer it but with what you dint counted it was that the Gaktianamus Children were still on earth and that I was still on this dimension as well so give up and surrender the last time we fought it was at the Cybernetic Dimension and I almost won  that’s when the cyber police came and you escaped from the battle.  I already suspected that you were the one responsible for this so I hid for awhile and help the gaktianamus children a little bit until they could lure you out from hiding.  Now surrender or die!

So. Those were the strange disturbances! It was you zerieus!  Now Karla! Go to the shelter and protect hector he might be in danger we don’t know how tricky The Dark Gaktianamus Can be!

Ok! Teleport to the shelter!

“Teleportation sequence iniated”

Now zerieus prepare for your destruction!>Said sheniah

Hahaha! You still don’t know nothing about my powers and what I can do prepare yourselves for what’s coming you will regret ever crossing me.

“The Acolytes and sheniah now where working as teams but will they be able to win without Karla’s help?”

Chapter 13: “sheniah betrayal!”


“The acolytes and sheniah were ready to fight zerieus”

You gaktianamus children are very foolish if you think you can defeat me that easily do you really think that joining up with sheniah will be enough to stop me?   You very wrong acolytes!

Hey wait a second I just remember something!

What is it Julian?>asked Selinette

This is not the first I had heard of sheniah I read about him in the saga of heroes II final episode gaber’s Gak called him to ask him something about his flute.  And he Appeared in the saga of heroes Eternal III-VIII the first time you appeared in the eternal saga of heroes you were helping the acolytes fight the evil nuclear gaktianamus acolyte.

Yep you’re right! I was in those days! But anyways it’s time to show you all one of my few hidden tricks!

Flute of the light!

So sheniah is a flutist as well!>said Ana

Do you really think that you’re going to be able to defeat me with a simple melody of a flute? Let me show you what I can do Darkness blast!

Melody of light wall!

“Sheniah started to play the melody a wall of light blocked the attack and protected sheniah and the acolytes”

Shit! Curse you sheniah! Curse you and your flute!

Wow cool tricks sheniah! What else can you do?>asked lui amatsu

It’s time to trap him!   I’ll play the melody of the grass!

“He started to play his flute again giant vines and chains appeared out of the ground and trapped zerieus he was tied up”

Shit! I can’t move!

Now it’s time to finish you off zerieus!

“Zerieus started to laugh”

Hahaha! You still don’t have any idea of my powers! I do not need to move to be able to stop you all!   I cannot control the acolytes because once they are transform their minds are closed! But I can manipulate you sheniah! Dark manipulation!


Sheniah!! No!!! >shouted lui amatsu

Now sheniah free me from these vines and destroy those acolytes!

Yes! Master!  

“Sheniah played the flute and freed zerieus”

Yes now I’m free! Go! Destroy the gaktianamus acolytes!

Yes master! I must destroy the acolytes!

Gian now go to the roof and stay there and don’t come down until I tell ya to!

But why Julian?


Yes Julian!  Fast teleport!

“Gian fast teleported to the roof”

Don’t do this sheniah! You’re our ally!

Prepare for your destruction gaktianamus acolytes!  Crushing light!

Everybody fast teleport now!  

*the acolytes fast teleported and evaded the attack”

That was a close one!>said Gabriel.

And do you think that you are going to get rid of me that easily?

We have no choice we must stop him! Just like Ana, leanna and I did with those students!  Lui are you able to use your finishing move before sunrise?

No I can’t I can only use my other abilities but I cannot use my finishing move but try yours Julian finishing off!

I can’t use my finishing move so Ana try to finishing him!

I’ll do it with honor!

Just try it acolyte!

Acolyte special effect activates!

Finishing move!

Unlimited Thunder Storm!

‘Ana activated her finishing move but sheniah still had some tricks”

Star Light speed!

Shit! He evaded my attack!  He’s fast as hell I never seen someone been able to evade my deadly finishing move we got to keep trying to hit him!

“Sheniah now serves the dark forces but his powers seen to be stronger than those of the acolytes will they be able to stop him?”


Chapter 14: “Sheniah Falls! The Gaktianamus Acolytes Are Alone In The Battle!”


“The gaktianamus acolyte battle against Sheniah rage on”

We must stop him somehow! 

Yeah but how Julian?>asked Ana

Let me try to stop him!


Solar Cannon come to me!

Now everybody I need you to distract Sheniah so I can Power up the Cannon!
You got it!


Star speed!

You’re fucking fast sheniah!

You have seen nothing yet acolyte!

Fire spin!

Barrier of light!

Oh come on Acolytes you can do better than that!

Light beam!

Star speed!


Mega Cannon come to me!

Mega cannon fire!


Yeah I hit him!

Great job Julian!
Hahaha you think that because you had a lucky shot I’m beaten your wrong!

Crushing light!

Mega Cannon! Fire!

“Both attacks intercepted”
That makes it a tie sheniah!

Foolish Gaktianamus Children and your stupid strategies you don’t know anything about my powers!  I will teach you a lesson that you will never forget!

The solar cannon are ready!

Solar Cannon! Fire!

Foolish Gaktianamus Children!  Star speed!    

Advanced disable!

“A flashing light illuminated the area”

What the hell was that?!>asked Selinette

That attack I did disables all of your weapons! So no more tricks!

Now! Allow me to do mine!

Everybody fast teleport and bump him!

“The acolytes Fast Teleported”

Ahh!!  You will pay for this!     Light of Oblivion!

“A blinding light shooted out of his hands it was so bright that illuminated the whole school area”

What happened?  I can’t move!>said Julian

Prepare for your death!   Swords of light come to me!

“Sheniah summoned his powerful sword of light sheniah was about to finish off the acolytes”

Prepare for your death! With my sword technique called double slash Shining light!

Gak acolyte! You read the saga of heroes! Who was the only one who used this technique using the same sword?

It was on the saga of heroes IV   Gaber’s Gak was disguised as the mysterious man he was helping the heroes of the republic in Springfield Massachusetts and he gave to Yoli a light religion follower the sword of light she was a Gak student as well she was in training to be part of the Gak renegades. She used that same technique on Gaber’s Gak old enemy Pablo senbendinks who was in that time a metallic dinosaur but because the light sword cannot cut through metal as easy as the Gak sword then it was difficult but if he were flesh and blood he would have died instantly!



Sword Power up!

To do that technique he first needs to power up the sword then when is powered up he will strike with that technique!

I’m too young to die!>said Gabriel.

“Meanwhile gian was looking from the roof of the school and he was about to make a decision”

This may be risky but I have to do it! 

Acolyte Special Effect Activates!

Finishing move!

“While gian was charging up sheniah had just finished his powering up”


Double slash Shining light!

“All of the sudden Gian shouted:”

Nuclear Evolution!

Ahhhh!!! Nooo!!!

“Gian used his nuclear evolution finishing move there was nothing left of sheniah the attack was critical”

Hey! We can move again!>said Lui amatsu.

“Gian fast teleported to the field”
I had to do it! And I did it! Sheniah is dead! 

It’s all right Gian don’t worry about it you had to do it was your duty as a Gaktianamus acolyte!

But... now we are alone in this battle against zerieus!>said Selinette
Gaktianamus Children you will pay for killing my Mind Slave!

“The acolytes now where left with no allies to help them out no they are the only ones left to defend the world”


Chapter 15: Hector Last Act of courage!  Julian thirst for revenge will unleash the power of the ultra crystals! 


“The Acolytes were still shocked by sheniah death they were now left with no allies Julian had a plan”

foolish children you’ll pay for what you did you destroyed my mind slave I was so close to winning this battle and conquering this world once for all!.

I still can’t believe that Gian Killed sheniah he looks so calm and peaceful if like nothing ever happened for a kid he’s sure strong!.>said Selinette.

Foolish gaktianamus children he’s not traumatize because your minds become closed once you are transform but once he’s powers are deactivated he’s going to be psychologically traumatized  this is so much fun!.

We will stop you!>shouted Gabriel.

I think is time to call Karla!  Gate opener Communications mode! Communicate with Karla!

Connecting with Water Acolyte Gate opener!  Awaiting reply!

“Meanwhile at the shelter”

Karla that tremor we felt was it an earthquake? Or something else?

I really don’t know hector but whatever it was something tells me that it has to do with the battle with zerieus!

Incoming communication!  Accept it or deny it?

Accept it!

Connecting to the communication source!


Communicator: Julian Gak Acolyte

What’s up Julian?

“From the Gate opener Julian’s Voice could be heard he was telling Karla what happened”

Karla! Sheniah is dead! And zerieus is mad as hell we need you back right away!

Ok! I’ll go! Karla out!

Hector are you going to be ok here all by yourself I hate to leave you alone but I must Save My friends and defeat zerieus.

Don’t worry about me Karla go and Help our friends you must save our world from destruction and free all of the enslaved Students.

Well I’ll see Later Hector and remember Stay here!

I will!

Teleport to the school!

Teleportation sequence Iniated!

“Karla Teleported to the School and when she arrived Julian explained the situation”

I’m here! And how the hell sheniah died?  I mean he was stronger than all of us! And zerieus doesn’t look serious or strong enough to kill sheniah!

Insolent Gaktianamus! You will die!   Darkness Blade!

Acolyte special effect activates!

Wall of Light!

This will keep him busy for awhile! Now let me explain you what happened zerieus was losing against sheniah so because he could not control our minds so he decided to control sheniah’s mind and sheniah started to fight us and he paralyzed us using one of his crazy techniques and he later summoned the light sword and it was about to finish us off and that’s when Gian used his nuclear evolution finishing move and he killed sheniah. 

Wow gian you are really powerful! I mean you killed sheniah from one shot that’s so cool!

Karla this not the moment for that!  My wall of light won’t hang on for much longer so my next trick is to upgrade our powers to the next level!

Next level?  What are you talking about? >asked Selinette

You will see soon enough!

Acolyte special effect activates!

Gak Signal!

“A shining light came out of the gak symbol encrypted in Julian forehead the blast of light was aimed to the sky Julian was planning something”.

What the hell did you do?>asked Karla.

That’s our only way to beat zerieus in the meantime let’s try to fight him off we need to keep him busy if we want our plan to work!

Whatever you say Julian!

“The wall of light deactivated”

Let me start!  Wild waters!

Star speed!   Darkness Mega Blast!

Acolyte special effect activates!

Water barrier!

Blocking my attacks won’t do you any good!  Foolish gaktianamus children!

Darkness Mega Blast!

Acolyte special effect activates!

Mirror Mega Move!

“Zerieus attack was deflected”

Ahh!! So the gak acolyte is using the technique that gaber’s gak used against the emperor in the saga of heroes II.

Yes he used it and that power I used it for my own advantage zerieus you have no Idea of my plans but for now we will keep playing this game.

Julian what the fuck is your plan?
Patience Karla you will see soon enough!

I’m going to finish all of you off gaktianamus children!

Mega darkness Blast!

Solar blast!
“Both attacks intercepted”

A stalemate! You’re powers are weak because the sun is not up that’s the disadvantaged of your powers!  So prepare to die solar acolyte!

Is that what you think?


Laser Gun!

Come to me!

So do you think your going to be able to stop me with a laser gun? How pathetic you are!   I got a plan zerieus and Julian has one as well!

We will see about those foolish children!

Laser gun fire!

Darkness Block!

Now everybody attack at the same time!

Our of all attacks combined form the storm of friendship!

Star speed!

“Zerieus evaded the attack”

He evaded the storm of friendship!>said Selinette.

Prepare to die Gaktianamus Children!

“All of the sudden a flying Temple arrived at the school”

Yes My Plan worked!

The sentianamus Temple!  You follow the saga of heroes very well.  You know that I can kill you all and later enter the temple and unbalanced your power spheres just like it happened with Gaber’s Gak in the saga of heroes IV.

Yes but if you know Only the Gak acolyte is able to open the gates of the sentianamus temple and the princess Gak acolyte as well. Remember the saga of heroes Eternal I.?

Yes I do but I can kill you and steal your powers so I can open the gates and get the ultra crystals so I can rule this world.

Acolytes stop him! I must enter the temple and get the ultra crystals try to hold him off for awhile I must get the ultra crystals at all costs!

Yes Julian whatever you say!>said Lui amatsu

Everybody fast teleport and bump into him!>said Selinette

Now I must open the temple!

Acolyte special effect activates!

Gak Opening ray of light!

“The ray opened the gates and stairs descended”
Fast teleport!

This temple is looks so cool let’s see which room leads to the ultra crystal? 

Oh I remember now! The door of the left!

Special effect activates!
“The door was opening”

Over there! The ultra crystals! They are in stone I must reactivate them and take them out of those stones!

Acolyte special effect activates!

Gak reviving light!

“The light was shining the crystals”

This may take awhile I just hope the acolytes can keep him busy enough so I can reactive the crystals.

“Meanwhile at the battlefield the battle was heating up but gian still wasn’t attacking he was left without energies after he killed sheniah last time”

You really are a strong and stubborn opponent!

You really are the same as well Water acolyte but still you won’t be able to keep me from getting the crystals for long!

Darkness chain!
Ahh we’re trapped!

Foolish gaktianamus children now watch me as I enter the temple and claim the powers of the ultra crystals!

“All of the sudden”

Energy Pistol fire!

Ahh!!  Who the hell are you?

Hector! I told you to fucking stay in the shelter get out here zerieus is very dangerous for normal people run!

I must stay and help!

You will pay for your insolence! Darkness Blast!


Hector!  Acolyte special effect activates! Chain Breaker!

Cool technique Selinette!

Now I will finish you off and make you pay for interfering in my mission!


“Zerieus was frozen solid”

This will keep him out of the battle for awhile! Now let’s go help hector!

“Then Julian finishes and came out of the temple”

Sentianamus Temple returns to the skies and close your gates!

“Then sentianamus temple disappeared”

Everybody catch your ultra crystals!

Hector?  Hector!

“Julian runned towards Hector”

What happened to you?

I tried to help you guys win the battle but it seems that I couldn’t  well I know part of this is my fault for not obeying Karla orders  but I just couldn’t stay there and do nothing Gaktianamus acolytes sometimes us humans beings need to defend our world ourselves well.. Goodbye Everybody...

“Hector died and his body exploded nothing of him was left”

No! Hector I can’t believe I lost my friend!

Zerieus really done it this time he killed our friend!>said Ana.

“Zerieus unfroze itself”

That was so funny seeing him trying to stop me but I don’t like stupid children interfering in my plans so I had to kill him!   Now all of you prepare to die!


“Julian star ultra crystal was glowing”

Wow Julian! Your ultra crystal is glowing like hell!  It’s going to blow!

It’s not going to blow Karla is just powerful and full of power!>said Selinette

Acolytes let’s stop him!

“All at the same time”

Ultra Crystal Powers Activate!

Gak power!

Star Ultra crystal power!

Fire power!

Dragon Ultra crystal power!

Water power!

Dolphin ultra crystal power!

Electric power!

Triangle ultra crystal power!

Solar Acolyte!

Lighting Ultra Crystal!

Nuclear Acolyte!

Atom ultra crystal!

Ice Acolyte!

Cross Ultra Crystal!

Ultra Gaktianamus Acolytes!

Foolish Gaktianamus Children! You’re as foolish as The Eternal Gaktianamus Acolytes thinking that the ultra crystal powers we’re going to be enough to stop destruction!

Stop talking bullshit zerieus and show me if you can defeat me and my acolytes!

As you wish Gak Gaktianamus Acolyte!   Darkness Blast!

“The blast dint even fazed the acolytes they were still standing and that are when Julian counterattacked”

That was your best zerieus?  Let me show you how is done!

Celestial Blast!

Ahhhh!! That was a critical hit you’re powers have really gone up the roof.  But still all of you are ignorant of the many things I can do and the many ways I can find to stop you all!

“The Gaktianamus acolyte’s powers have been upgraded to the Ultra Ultimate Level their powers were even stronger than in their Celestial Forms but zerieus still has some tricks left”

Chapter 16: More Tricks from both sides! Zerieus last trick!


“The acolytes still had the advantage in the battle they were defeating zerieus the tide of the battle is turning”

I still don’t know what tricks you mean but let me show you some of my tricks! Light Meteor Blast!

“Meteors of Light were falling of the sky”

You are very tricky gak acolyte but I can do the same but using darkness! Darkness Meteor Blast!

Let me stop him! Dragon Ultra Crystal! Activate! Disabling Fire!

My attack Disappeared!

Fire Blast!

Ahh!! I can’t believe these acolytes are defeating me!  I will crush one way or another! 

Random Dark Crushing Blast!

Everybody watch out!>shouted Karla

“Millions of Darkness Blasts and meteors of Darkness were falling off the sky”

Gabriel activates the effect of your Ultra Crystal again!  Do it!

I can’t Selinette! I can only use it once every few hours the power of my crystal requires a lot of power!

I think it time to end this!  

Mega Ice Crystal!


“The Blasts Stopped”

That was a good move Ice Gaktianamus Acolyte but it isn’t good enough!

Foolish zerieus you have no idea of the powers we have now thanks to the ultra crystals so why you just don’t give up and go away then you can prevent your own death!

My own death? You got to be kidding! Foolish girl.

“All of the sudden a stone fell out of the sky with a thunderbolt”

What the fuck was that!? What another trick you’re trying to do this time gaktianamus acolytes!

This isn’t one of my tricks whatever fell out of the sky I’m going to find out!  Acolytes let’s go!

You foolish acolytes aren’t going anywhere!

Is that what you think?

Acolyte special Effect Activates!

Wall of Light!

You can’t hide from me forever somehow someway I will break this wall of light and I will crush you all and whatever power fell out of the sky I will reclaim it for me!

Keep dreaming!>said Lui amatsu

It fell right there in the lobby!>said Ana

It’s another sword just like the one you have Karla but is it going to chose you again?

Let me check that out Julian!

“Karla grabbed the sword and the sword unleash an electric shock”

Ouch!!   That hurt!

Ana you are next!

“Ana Grabbed the Sword and was Able to pull it out”

The sword chose me!   I have the power!

“A thunderbolt streaked Ana making her even more powerful”

Now I remember the swords! In the saga of heroes IV the Sword gak was broken by a dark gaktianamus so lexer the guardian of the gak temple gave Gaber’s Gak the Sword that same sword that you have Ana the Master Gak Sword!  It’s twice as powerful as the gak sword! 

Dark shot!

“Zerieus broke the wall of light”

Quickly everybody prepare to fight zerieus has broken the wall of light I created and he’s mad as hell!

Let handle him!

Triangle Ultra Crystal power activates!


What are you doing to me acolyte?

Shoot yourself!  You can do it! Do it!

You won’t manipulate me! Dark shot!




Sword Gak come to me!

Double silver blade slash!

Darkness Double silver blade slash!

“Both attacks intercepted”

It’s my turn to test my sword!

Master Blade Slash!

“Ana sword broke zerieus sword”

My sword!

Everybody let’s do it!

Storm of friendship!


This battle is ours we are unstoppable there’s nothing you can do to win this Zerieus we won!

Is that what you think Gak Acolyte?

Yes! That’s what I think!

Then you should check my latest trick!

Darkness Glow!

“Zerieus was glowing black”
Why are you glowing black? What the hell did you do?

With this trick if any of you foolish acolytes finishes me off all of the humans beings of this pathetic Planet will die!  Except you acolytes!  Hahaha!  What are you going to do now you so call great and all-Mighty Gaktianamus acolytes!

I can’t believe he’s doing this!  He very smart I got to admit!

Julian what are we going to do now? I really don’t know Gian! I really don’t know

“Zerieus performed the final Trick he knew that the Gaktianamus acolytes would never risk the safety of the planet so he performed that trick the acolytes are trapped”

Chapter 17: “United we stand! Divided we fall! Sacrifices must be made in order to win!


“The acolytes were frustrated because of zerieus last trick zerieus has played brilliantly the battle the acolytes must decide what to do next”

Julian I know that our mission is to save this world from destruction, Free the enslaved students and destroy zerieus but we cannot risk hurting every human being on this planet there’s something we can do.

Well Lui Amatsu I think I have an idea on how to stop zerieus but we need to distract him until I can do it!

Whatever you say Julian! 

No Trick you can do can stop this acolyte! If any of you finishes me off every human will die you acolytes will become the only survivors of this planet.

We’ll see about that! Solar Blinding Light!
Ahh!! My eyes! I’m blinded!

Whatever you’re going to do you must do it now julian remember because the sun is not up yet the Blinding effects of my solar Blinding light won’t last for long!

Don’t worry I got it covered!

Special Accessories!

Book Gak Come to me!

“The book Gak was a big book that is like a Bible to the gaktianamus were it contains scripts of legends and powerful spells”

First phase of my plan!  I will paralyze him the same way that Gaber’s Gak paralyzed one of the evil ones sended By Pablo Senbendinks In The Saga Of Heroes I Episode   22

Book Gak open in page 1,223!   Kerectero-kactamo!

“A blast of light came out of the page of the book gak and hit zerieus he was paralyzed”

Phase 2 Book gak open in page 555!

Spell reducer! Io-Paratano!

“A flashing light came out of the book”

What did you do?

Well Gian what I did was reduce the spell I wasn’t able to break it so I did the best I could reduce it so it only kills the enslaved students when he’s finish off!

That’s Still Not enough!>said Selinette
At least it’s a progress!  Sacrifices must be made in order to win the battle with zerieus!

I can see again!

And you will pay for those spells!

You’re not able to move for 30 minutes because of the spell I casted so you’re in no position to make Threats!

Foolish Gak Acolyte do you think this spell that was created like more than 12 centuries ago can stop me!  Dark Spell Breaker!

“Zerieus was able to move again”

Now to prevent more adsorbed tricks!  Fireball!

“He fired the fireball at the book gak it was left in ashes”

NO! The book gak! He destroyed it!  You will pay for that zerieus you won’t get away with this and all of the horrible things you have done!

And you’re going to stop me?  Foolish acolytes I thought that you will be even stronger than that in your Ultra forms now you’re not the only one who’s able to use Ultra powers allow me to demonstrate!

Dark Gaktianamus! Ultra Dark Power!

“Zerieus was glowing black in his whole body his eyes became red and his hair as well”

Whoa! Look at him he look diabolical I never saw such a thing in my life!

Selinette it figures you haven’t read the saga yet there has been more horrible things like him in the past!

Well it doesn’t matter now!  We must stop him! 

Come on Ultra Acolytes Try and Stop me!

Ice Blast!

Water Blast!



Light beam!

Solar Light!

Nuclear Atoms!

“All at the same time:”

Combined all of our attacks they form the storm of friendship!

Dark shield!

Shit it didn’t worked!

Don’t get desperate Karla you and Ana can still use your swords!

You’re right come on Ana let’s summon our swords!


Blade Disable!

“A loud sound came out of nowhere”

Ahh what was that?>asked Ana

Blade disable doesn’t allow any of you acolytes to summon any kind of blade!  So now what are you going to do to stop me?

There’s only one choice!

Karla! How many of us are us right now!?

We are 7 acolytes till the moment!

I think that’s enough to do it!

I’m still waiting Gak Acolyte!

Guys it’s time to show you my finishing move!  The power of friendship! All you have to do is channel you’re powers to me and by combining them with my powers it will launch a big blast call the power of friendship!

Finally you decide to show us what you can do!

Shut up Gabriel and follow my instructions!

Ok Julian!

Acolyte Special effect activates!

Finishing Move!

Power of friendship!

Now start giving me your powers!

Fire acolyte powers!

Electric Acolyte powers!

Water Acolyte powers!

Solar acolyte powers!

Nuclear acolyte powers!

Ice Acolyte powers!

Gak power of friendship blast!

“Gak fired his power of friendship finishing move at zerieus but zerieus wasn’t going to give up yet”

Dark Gaktianamus Power of Hate!

“Both attacks are intercepted now it depends on who’s strong enough to keep the interception up”

Foolish gak acolyte do you think you’re going to be able to hang on for much longer or do you forget that I can increase my powers while I'm shooting!  Power Boost!

Ahh! I don’t know for how long I’m going to be able to hang on!

Don’t worry Julian you will hang out!  Everybody let’s give him the powers of our crystals to him that way he can keep up with zerieus!

“All at the same time”

Ultra Crystal powers activate!

“The acolytes were returned to their celestial level”

All of the sudden I’m feeling stronger! 

Power of friendship! Blast!


“The power of friendship finally reached zerieus it looks like the battle is over”

Yeah Julian did it he won!>said Gabriel.

Was that your best? Gaktianamus acolytes!  You foolish children can do nothing to stop me from destroying conquering this world luckily you hit me when I was in this form in my normal form I would have been dead already  but in this form I’m 10 times stronger than normal and now acolytes prepare to die you defied me for the last time!

This not over yet!

What are you talking about Julian he beat us he’s stronger than all of us!

Karla Never lose hope because in this world everybody has the power to save it or to destroy it people just need to learn how to use that power that’s all!

What do you have planned Julian?>asked Ana

I’m going to do a Fusion!   Me and Another acolyte with compatible powers but sure you will say that is impossible to do it because there’s no one with powers compatible but you’re half right the princess acolyte powers were compatible but she’s gone so the only one compatible in here is Karla the gaktianamus water acolyte!

Me?  Fuse with you?  In what our powers are compatible!?

Water is as wild and free as the light!

Now this is not the time to question my theories we must fuse at once at end zerieus miserable existence once and for all!  Just repeat after me!

“Julian and Karla and the same time”

Acolyte special Effect activates!

Acolyte fusion Activates!

“They both started glowing”
United we stand! Divided we fall! As one we can work for a better future!

Water Acolyte Transforms!

Gak Acolyte Transforms!

Unite our powers and bodies let us become one!

“A Big explosion erupted”
What the hell are they both doing?>asked zerieus

“The fusion sequence ended a new whole being was Created the fusion was successful from the lobby of the school the fused acolyte came in direction to the middle of the school (Where the battle is) all mighty and powerful he was walking with a determined look in his face his eyes were glowing and his whole body as well everybody was amazed”

Now we are one!

Karla and Julian Fused to create…

Kariel!  The Gaktianamus Ultra Fused Acolyte!

Cool! I never thought Julian and Karla were so compatible!
So... now the acolytes are trying to fuse now we’ll see how powerful this trick of yours can be!

“Zerieus wasn’t afraid of Kariel he was determined that he still could win while the others were still in shock and amazed by the Great Fusion”.

Chapter 18: “Kariel the Greatest acolyte of them all! The conclusion of the final battle!”


“Kariel and zerieus were still looking at each other it looked like the Wild West waiting for the first cowboy in this case acolyte to make the first move” And do you think you can defeat me by doing that Crazy stunt you got to be kidding me gaktianamus!

Gaktianamus are weird I mean a Boy Fusing with a Girl!

I don’t think this is the right moment to say that comment gian and besides it doesn’t matter if it s a boy or a girl what matters is that he’s going to be powerful enough to stop zerieus.

Point taken Selinette!

So explain me Gaktianamus is this a mix of Karla and Julian personality? I mean half of your behavior will be tough and arrogant and the other half true leadership and Guidance.

No!  When Karla and Julian fused they created a whole new being with a whole new personality no personality mixes! Our powers are mixed is the only thing!

Very fascinating you gaktianamus are so full of tricks that you didn’t had in the past when your religion was young in this dimension I just wish there were more Dark Gaktianamus left so we could stomp your stupid religion and all of the stupid followers!.

Now before kicking your ass zerieus let me explain to the others acolytes and to you the types of fusion and powers!

I do not need any explanations I want this world and your swords and I going to take them! Darkness blast!

Wall of Light!

So you did that trick again it won’t help you from long remember that I beat that little trick last time!

Oh shut up zerieus and let me talk!  As I was about to say there are different kinds of fusion!

The cold fusion is the one where a person fuses with a weapon or an item.

For example in the saga of heroes I when Gaber’s Gak Fused with the sword gak after talking to the sword gak spirit.

The Mega Fusion is the one where two bodies fused and they have mix personalities for example in the saga of heroes I in the final episodes to defeat one of the villains that put all of the school to sleep and for the causality of things it happened in this same school. They fused using the fusion destiny card.

The Acolyte fusion that is the one that Julian and Karla did to create me is the one where two acolytes with compatible powers fuse to become one whole new being. 

Wow! So many fusions…

I wish I could fuse with my sword!

I think we had enough fusions for one day Ana.>said Gabriel

Dream breaker!>said Ana.

Now enough stalling! Wall of light come down!

So now you decide to continue fighting! What are you going to do with your other acolytes? Are they going to gang-up on me as well?

No! They stay where they are this is between you and me!

As you wish gaktianamus! Dark shot!

Star speed!  Energy Blast!


You’re stronger than I imagined!

Why yes I’m!

Well not for long!  Mega Darkness!

Mega Light!

“Both attacks intercepted and caused a big bang it was an stalemate”
Shit! Zerieus doesn’t give up that easy!

And who said I will give up easy just because you are fuse and Stronger than before!

Die! zerieus!  Mega Energy Blast!


Mega Ultra Punch!

“Zerieus fell against the wall”

And now to finish you off! Power Bolt!

Star speed!

“Zerieus evaded the blast”

You aren’t going to defeat me easily Gaktianamus!


Double Edged Sword Gak!

Come to Me!

Hey guys look! A double edged sword gak!>said Ana

One thing I forgot to explain our weapons and vehicles become different when we fuse and one even greater Detail They Become Stronger! And battle effects activated in the past they don’t count!

You aren’t scaring me Gaktianamus Acolyte!

Triple Silver Blade Slash!


“Zerieus was hurt seriously the sword had give him very deep wounds”

I won’t let it end this easily! Blade disables!

No!! My sword!

“The sword disappeared”

Now it’s my turn to finish you off!  Say goodbye to your friends! Now this world and all of his pathetic people in this world will be my slaves!

Your idea Of the World Is Heartless!>said Kariel.

“Heart Ultra Crystal starts to glow”

You foolish gaktianamus just because you have new powers and you’re fused doesn’t mean that you will be able to handle the power of that crystal your bodies may look different but it’s still the Body of teenagers!  If you use the heart Ultra Crystal you will die!

Kariel what is the effect of the heart Ultra Crystal?!>asked Selinette

The power of this crystal is to supply unlimited energy to his holder it boost it like hell! But so much energy flowing in the body could be disastrous the body may not handle such a force.

Are you still going to used it Gaktianamus Acolyte?

Yes I will!        

Heart Ultra Crystal Effect Activates!

Unlimited Energy!

“Both Kariel and the heart ultra crystal started to glow Kariel was getting stronger”
Now acolytes! I need your powers again!






Zerieus I will finish you off with Zack technique! The power of love and friendship!

You won’t win using the eternal electric acolyte finish move! Apocalyptic Blast!

Power of Love and friendship blast!

“Both attacks were holding and intercepting but Kariel blast takes the advantage”

No it can be! Nooo!!!!!!!

“A big explosion erupted zerieus was killed and nothing was left of him”


“All of the acolytes were happy and shouting with happiness their victory”

Acolytes are on your guard I’m sensing something!

“All of the sudden and army of ships was flying over the school”

You will pay for the destruction of our master Gaktianamus Acolytes!

Guys I will call your vehicles and mine as well so we can defeat these interruptions!

Vehicle Calling!

“Kariel eyes glowed”

“the vehicles were on their way  Selinette Vehicle was a jeep lui-amatsu was an skate, Gian vehicle was a flying Motorcycle , Gabriel vehicle was an Helicopter and Kariel vehicle was big ship”

WOW! Kariel you have a cool vehicle!

Thanks Lui amatsu now everybody aboard your vehicles!

You won’t win acolytes!

Well will see! Now acolytes follow my lead single file formation fire your big missiles!

“All at the same time”

Big missile fire!

Just because you destroyed a few ships doesn’t mean you had won acolytes!  Fire the laser gun!

“All of the enemy ships fired their laser guns at the acolyte’s vehicles”

Ahh!! That was a critical hit on my skate!  Kariel we must finish them off now!

You’re right lui!  Everybody it’s time to finish them off attach your vehicles to my ship by doing that it will activate my ship special effect the Gaktianamus Gun!

As you wish!

“Everybody at the same time”


Now let’s end this with a big blast!

“All at the same time”

Gaktianamus Gun fire!

“The gaktianamus gun was a giant deadly laser cannon that was created when they attached to Kariel vehicle”


“All at the same time”

Vehicles Detach!

Vehicles report!

Selinette here! I still can’t believe we won!

Gabriel here! Everything is fine! That gaktianamus gun is awesome!

Gian here!  Everything is fine I’m just happy that is all over!

Lui amatsu here!  Finally Victory is ours!

Ana here! Everything is fine but it’s sad that the students had to die in order for us to defeat zerieus!

Everybody leave your vehicles!
“The acolytes went to the ground their vehicles returned to the celestial port at Nimbo”

Fusion deactivated!

“Karla and Julian de-fused”

Ok!!! That was a freaky experience been fused with Julian!

It wasn’t so bad to be fused with you Karla!

Well... the sun is almost up so my powers will be pretty strong soon but we don’t need our abilities anymore but I’m still asking myself a question what are we going to do now? I mean now that sheniah is dead, Hector is dead and the rest of the slaves are dead and the school was left in ruins what are we going to do to fix all of this?

Well lui amatsu My Ultra Crystal has the ability to revive people but on the material things it will take a while to Repair...

Well then Julian what the hell are you waiting for Activate your crystal and start reviving people at once!

Calm down Karla I’m going to start right now!

Ultra crystal power activates!


“Julian ultra crystal was glowing and it rose to the sky and started to spin and golden glow covered the whole area and sky”

Wow how beautiful is this! Everything is in gold color!  And that start is spinning like a bottle!

“The students were starting to reappear again the ultra crystal powers were working”

Hey you guys I’m alive again!

Hector! I’m glad that you are back with us!

Karla why Julian has his eyes closed and his hands are raised to the sky?

He’s concentrating and navigating the powers of the crystal!

“Sheniah was revived”

Huh? I’m alive?  So the gaktianamus acolytes are smarter than I thought! 

Sheniah! Julian is revving all of the people and students that died in the process of winning the battle but he can’t repair the material damage!

Don’t worry Lui amatsu I will Take Care of that you foolish gaktianamus always need someone to help you clean your messes.

Flute of the light come to me!

I’ll play the revival Melody!

“A sweet melody started to play from sheniah’s Flute the school started to rebuild itself and all of the destroyed building, homes and places around the country”

“Julian Thinking Says:”

Sheniah? It’ working!  I better keep concentrating on this!

How cool the greatest team-up ever Julian using the star crystal and sheniah using his flute how glorious this looks!

Karla calm down please!>said Selinette

“The Star Crystal returned to Julian’s chest and sheniah stopped playing the melody” 

”julian whispered”

Be reborn!

Wow I feel weird the school looks so crowed everybody is shocked because of this!

Well we did it! Thanks for helping sheniah!

I got to admit that it wasn’t so bad to work along with all of you Gaktianamus Children we’ll see ya next time!  Light Teleportation!

“Sheniah teleported”

Well goodbye Sheniah!>said Ana.

“Then a few hours passed it was 2:30p.m the acolytes were still transformed at the school looking at the sky”

You know guys I still remember when sika told us that our lives will change once we say the words

Acolyte Transforms!

Yeah she was right!

“Selinette, Gian, and Lui amatsu arrived at the school they were patrolling the area”

Guys were here! We patrolled all of the area and everything looks like if anything ever happened like if zerieus never arrived!>said Gian.

We must go now to Nimbo and inform sika about everything don’t you think so Julian?

Yes I think so Karla! Let’s go!

Global Teleport!

To Nimbo!

“The acolyte’s teleported To Nimbo”

So... is this Nimbo?

Yes Karla this is Nimbo welcome to it! This were all of our powers come from!

Welcome Acolytes! For those of you who didn’t had the chance to know me I’m sika The Guardian of Nimbo and Earth I was the one that sended The Angel Namus to reclute each one of you to become what you are the gaktianamus acolytes!

How cool is this place and I really like your golden clothes!

Thank you Ice acolyte! Now all of you go to the cybernetic dimension and go to the king palace he wants to honor you with the justice medal!

What an honor!>said Karla

All right guys let’s go! Teleport to Cybernetic King Palace!

“The acolyte’s teleported”

You deserved it my great acolytes!

“The acolytes were on their way to receive the medal of justice the king of the cybernetic world wanted to congratulate them personally”


Chapter 19: “Their Greatest Reward! The Final Honors!”


“The acolytes arrived to the ceremony in their honor it was their Greatest Reward”

Wow! So many people!

Scared already? Karla!

No Of course not Julian!

What about you Julian?

No I’m not my dad always taught me to behave and stay calm in situations like this so I’m not nervous or scared of a little crowd.

Little? There must be Like 1,000 People in here!

Oh Please Lui amatsu at least there are 2,000 people which half of them are Great Warriors and senior officers of the royalty!

How can you say this so calmly Julian Gak!

Well As I said before I was taught to behave and not get nervous in events like this one!

Show off!

I heard you Karla!

Shh!! Guys it’s about to begin!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Warriors, Officers and Celestial Royalty I King Cyber I’m proud to present one of the greatest Heroes the alliance of the 25 dimensions could have ever The Gaktianamus Acolytes!

“Everybody Started Applauding and a spotlight illuminated the acolytes”

Now when I call you will come to me!

The Gak Gaktianamus Acolyte Julian Gak Ceptart

The Electric Gaktianamus Acolyte Ana Espinal Terarno

The Water Gaktianamus Acolyte Karla Alexandra Rivera

The Fire Gaktianamus Acolyte Gabriel Fernando Ortiz

The Nuclear Gaktianamus Acolyte             Gian FORTRAN

The solar gaktianamus acolyte Lui amatsu

The Ice Gaktianamus Acolyte Selinette Aviles cordero

They are the Gaktianamus acolytes! And one more acolyte is left that I haven’t mentioned!

Leanna Kemmerer Literati the Princess Gak Gaktianamus Acolyte!

Excuse your Highness but she disappeared during a mission 3 months ago and she hasn’t been found yet.

I know that Gak acolyte and I want you to personally give her the medal when you find her you will tell her that even if she wasn’t present when all of this happened she is still a hero and a gaktianamus acolyte!.   Now acolytes receive your medals!

“The king gave to all of the acolytes the medal of justice everybody started to applaud and they were shouting”:

Long live the Gaktianamus acolytes!

People of this dimensions this new team of great defenders will know no stop against the fight against Darkness and evil!  Because of great people like the gaktianamus acolytes the dimensions are in peace and we enjoy the greatest things on life thanks to their sacrifices.

Gaktianamus acolytes! The legacy continues!

“They kept applauding even harder than before and they kept saying long live the gaktianamus acolytes it was their greatest reward”


Chapter 20: “Goodbye Gaktianamus acolytes! Until the next time that the world needs you once again!”


“The ceremony was over the Gaktianamus acolytes returned to Nimbo to talk to Sika about what’s coming next”

Well it was a great ceremony I just wish leanna would have been here to receive her medal personally but I’ll make sure to give it to her as soon as we find it!

Julian you’re dad will be so happy to hear that you won the medal of justice and that you became a Gaktianamus acolyte  he’s a gaktianamus acolyte he stills has the Eternal acolyte powers but as you know he’s on a mission With O.R.A.R  industries in the United states so he won’t be coming back for awhile!

Yeah I know that sika but I’m sure my aunt would like to know that I won this medal!

Yeah I’m sure she will!

Sika what are we going to do now?

That’s a good question Ana!  First! Julian do you remember when you first transformed into a gaktianamus acolyte that I asked you what is your biggest dream?  And you told me that you’re biggest Dream was to meet Gaber’s Gak is that still you’re lifelong dream?

Yes of course! Why do you ask?

I got a surprise for you!

A surprise?

 Allow me to introduce to you the great ambassador of peace and justice for the last 21 centuries! Gaber’s gak!

“A blast of light from the sky landed in front of the acolytes Gaber’s gak arrived”

So you are the new generation of Gaktianamus acolytes! Nor bad you look pretty strong!

Is him gaber’s gak? The one that Julian and sheniah don’t stop talking about he doesn’t look so impressive!

Ohhhh!! Excuse the shocking look on my friend Julian face it’s been always his life-long dream to meet you Gaber’s gak and excuse the arrogant behavior of my friend Karla she’s just very hyper sometimes!. By the way my name is Lui amatsu.

Nice too meet you all Gaktianamus acolytes!

Mr. Gaber’s gak! I’m Julian gak the gak gaktianamus acolyte I always dreamt of meeting you sorry for looking so nervous I’m just impressed that I finally met the hero of the saga of heroes! I mean you were a child prodigy!

Just call me Gaber’s! anyways don’t worry about it I know how you feel I know I was very hyper like your friend but I was very shy as well because As you know it took Johan to confess what she felt so I could tell her that I loved her. Remember the saga of heroes I Episode 79.

Yes I do remember!

And who has the swords this time?

I do!

Me too!

I Karla have the sword gak!

I Ana have the master sword gak!

This time the sword chose Non-gak for their managing of the sword I’m very impressed I mean this generation is very different!

Gaber’s gak the gaktianamus acolytes has you have known them are Gone forever in their place has emerged a new fighting force mix with the gaktianamus magic and technology  they are the Unlimited Gaktianamus acolytes!

Good point sika! Well I got to go now I have a very busy schedule as an ambassador of peace it was nice to meet you all Farewell!

“He disappeared in a shining light”

Did that just happened?

Yes Julian it just did!>said Gabriel.

Now acolytes now that your mission ended you must hand over your gate openers!  Floor closet Open!

“A door opened in the floor”

Place you gate openers in there!

I can’t believe we have to do this!

Me neither Karla but we must!>said Gabriel.

“They finished placing their gate openers in the closet the floor door closed”

Now gaktianamus acolytes deactivate your powers as soon as you do it your powers will be blocked until they are needed once again!

“All at the same time”

Powers Deactivated!

You all fought greatly and with honor I will miss you all!

We will miss you too sika my dad is lucky that he gets to keep the powers but it was a great experience being a gaktianamus acolyte!

Now acolytes follow those stairs at your left they will take you to earth you just go downstairs and you back on earth immediately.

A fast way to go… said Selinette

Goodbye Gaktianamus acolytes until the world need you once again!

Well... good bye sika!

“The acolytes follow the stairs they arrived immediately at earth”

Whoa! We’re back at the school! I just wish my gak powers were with me!

But... where it’s Gian, Lui amatsu and Selinette?

Karla I think they were send to their schools I mean only you, me, ana and Gabriel study in this school.

Well you’re right about that!

It was a great experience working with all of you guys

I agree with you Karla even if you and I don’t agree on many things we were a great fused acolyte in battle!


We will be forever Gaktianamus acolytes!>said Ana

“For now This the end of the saga of heroes finally zerieus and all of his evil allies were destroyed and everybody got the chance to start over with their normal lives once again But the day that this world that god created is in danger once again the gaktianamus acolytes will be ready to save it”


The End!


Zero One:

“Saga of Heroes Unlimited II preview”

“The actual team of gaktianamus acolytes must team up with three new gaktianamus acolytes to battle the next face of evil!”

“New acolytes! New Villains! And a Brand new masks adaptation!”


Saga of Heroes Unlimited II

Chapter I “Stars are falling of the sky! Her almighty return!”

Coming soon!

New rules! New adventures!


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