Definitions: Chapter 4

by Anthyrax


Michelle watched as Janell restored Maggie and Liz to life size again, and then placed them back in the positions where they had been first acquired.   Like the photographer, neither of the women really knew what had happened to them.   The photographer and the make up artist had both been snatched while they were sleeping, and as far as they knew, they still where.   The hair stylist had been awake when she was snatched, but never saw her attackers and would find it impossible to explain in any case.

When the new spell wore off tomorrow around midnight, they would return to whatever they were doing when they were first transformed.  Only Maggie would know something was amiss, and she would not be able to explain what happened to her two missing days.

The Auditors would be satisfied with that, as no creditable witnesses would be left behind.

And Michelle knew no one would be able to connect her team to the disappearance of the five models and the photo editor. 


5 AM

The morning wake up call came in and Stacy blearily answered the phone.  Sitting up in her bed, she reached over and nudged Nicole awake.  Abby had told them last night that the shoot was scheduled for 6:30 and they had to be downstairs at 5:30 to meet the jeep that was taking them over to the location, a deserted beach further up South Padre Island on National Park land.  

Stacy, now fairly awake, walked into the bathroom, stripped off her clothes, and turned on the shower as she stepped in, the cold water shocking her into wakefulness before it gradually began to warm up.  

She loved early mornings, which was good for it was part of the modeling biz.  It was the only time you could get the photo shoots in at a reasonably empty beach, and the photographers usually liked that early morning sunlight.  

Meanwhile, Nicole was brushing her teeth, waiting patiently for her own shower.   At least they didn’t have to worry about makeup and the like, just a quick shower, blow dry the hair, and slip on some shorts and a tee shirt, and when they got to the location, make up and hair would be handled for them.   At least they got another hours sleep that way.

Nicole checked her appearance.   Dark brown hair, blue eyes, fit as always (although not without lots of time at the gym and running), and no lines as of yet, which was good for 24.   Thankfully no circles under the eyes this morning, so she was good to go. 

She knew she only had a couple more years at most of this, then back to college to finish that degree.  The money was good though, and it was fun traveling.  Traveling to beach resorts was much more interesting than living in College Station and the huge university, or the little town of Sweetwater in West Texas. 

Stacy finished her shower and Nicole waited for the tall blonde to towel off and put on her robe.   They had been friends for years, both starting at the same time when Stacy won the national contest and Nicole came in second four years ago when they both were in college.   Stacy was from Georgia, and they both had a lot in common. 

Small town girls who went to college and found they enjoyed the attention and exposure of modeling more than studies and college life. 

Stacy was a bit younger, only 21 now, as she he gotten lucky in her very first contest her freshman year in Atlanta.  She was as lovely as ever, becoming even prettier as she matured a bit the last couple of years, and Nicole figured she would have a few years yet in the business.   She was a pretty good mimic too, and funny as could be, and if wasn’t for the fact that Nicole loved her like a sister, she would hate her for being so perfect.  

“Ok sweetie, its your turn” Stacy drawled perkily with a smile, and Nicole grimaced.   What was worse, Stacy was a morning person.   Something Nicole was decidedly not.

“Thanks” Nicole grunted and she took her turn in the shower. 

A knock at the door came a few minutes later, just as Stacy finished blow drying her hair and while Nicole was drying off.   Peeking through the peephole, Stacy saw it was Abby.

Opening the door, Stacy stepped back so that Abby could come in.  

“A change in plan girls.” Abby announced briskly.  “A storm front is coming in and it’s supposed to rain.   I got us a studio over in Port Isabel, and we are going to do some practice shots with the new swimwear this morning instead.”

Nicole looked wistfully at her bed, a little bummed that Abby didn’t let them sleep in.

“Sorry girls, I just found out this morning, and luckily I picked up the keys last night for the studio, so we won’t lost any time.   You guys meet Misty, Sheila and Cassie downstairs and Sheila will drive you all over there.   She went there yesterday with Jake.”

“See you there.” She announced cheerfully, and walked out the door.

“Geez, she could have at least let us sleep.   It’s not as if we need the early morning now.” Nicole grumbled.

“Cheer up, we won’t have as long a day now, and I want to go check out the lighthouse later anyway.” Stacy said.

Nicole rolled her eyes, Stacy just loved lighthouses, and had been talking about the old lighthouse since she saw it yesterday.

A few minutes later Nicole and Stacy met the other three models in the lobby.    Sheila had the keys, and cheerfully greeted them, much to Nicole’s disgust.

“I hate morning people,” she grumbled to herself.

It was a only a short ten minute drive across the causeway to the mainland and they were in Port Isabel, a sleepy little fishing and tourist town.   It was almost dawn now, but rain drops were already hitting the ground when the girls rushed inside the small studio in an old Victorian style house off the main street.  

Only a few lights were on, and the only one there was Jake, the photographer.

“Morning girls, Abby went to get some breakfast for all of us, and she should be back soon.  Sheila, I need you and Cassie to come on with me so I can check lighting, the rest of you, your dressing room is in there,” pointing at a door, “go ahead and change, Abby left some swimsuits for you to try on.   She wants you to try them all, and make note of any that are damaged.”

The other three girls nodded, and with Stacy leading the way, they went through the door.

As soon as they left, Jake and the two models went through another door and closed and locked it.  

“Ok, we have them all here, so it’s time for the next step.” Sheila said.   Her features began to change as she spoke, rapidly becoming those of Liz once again.   Meanwhile, the same occurred with Cassie, who within moments, looked just like Maggie.  

“The disguise spells are working perfectly, thank goodness.” Maggie said.

“Yes, they do make things easier.”  Abby replied.   “Can you handle their hair, while I do makeup?” she asked Janell, who was currently disguised as Maggie the hairdresser.

“Sure, we are just doing easy stuff today anyway as far as hair goes, nothing too challenging.”

“Alright then, let’s get to it.  We will do their hair and makeup Dave, and send them in one at a time.  After the first two are transformed, we will take care of the other one in the dressing room.”

“Then we leave?” Jake (still disguised) asked.

“Yes, time to go home after that.”

The two women left the room to prepare their latest acquisitions.

About thirty minutes later, while Jake (still disguised) laid out the fruit and bagels that had been ordered and delivered out on the table, Stacy came into the room.

She was dressed in a very sexy one piece swimsuit and was on tall heels, an outfit that showed off her perfect legs to great advantage and Jake had to force himself to act like the professional he was supposed to be.  She was gorgeous, with bright blue eyes, and long beautiful hair, and Jake felt a bit of envy for the Patron. 

“Hi Stacy, why don’t you take a few practice poses while I check lighting, and then we will take a few practice shots.   Sound good?” 

“And then I get some of that food right?” she drawled sweetly with a smile, flirting a bit.   She was in a good mood, and was looking forward to getting everything over with so she could go see the lighthouse just down the street.  

“Yep, then you get to eat.” Jake smiled back at her.

Meanwhile, while Liz and Maggie where fussing with Nicole’s hair and makeup, the other model was getting hungry.

Misty was ready to eat.   She had been up a couple hours now, and she wanted breakfast.  She also needed to visit the ladies room so while everyone else was busy, she slipped out the door, and began hunting for the food and the bathroom, in whichever order she could find them.

Meanwhile, Stacy finally strikes the perfect pose, looking directly at the camera and while Jake can tell she is paying attention to his hands.  “Perfect” he decides, and releases a spell from his ring, freezing the beautiful young woman in place.

It’s a simple matter to walk over to her and cast the second spell, one that transforms her into plastic.   Caressing her arms and shoulders, he gently touched her to help her relax as she slipped into dream, something Michelle always insisted on if it was possible.

He watched with interest as the model begins the transformation.  Her skin first begins to smooth over, and then it begins to take on a glossy shine.  Her eyes, initially a bit alarmed, gradually lose focus and begin to take on the far away look he recognized.  

At that moment, he hears a gasp in shock as Misty, standing at the door starring in horror and fascination, finally realizes what is going on.   Her hunger forgotten, she turns and runs. 

“Oh shit.” Jake curses, “whoops...”



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