Freeze Tales 2 - Open Audition

by Dmuk

Author's Note: This is one of a series of short stories written around themes and plotlines of motionlessness and freezing seen in videos by Stuckfast Productions. Interested readers can vist this site by clicking here.]

"Hi, Steph, who's your cute little friend?"  Jennie asked with a mischievous smile.  "Anything going on there?"

"Meeow; aren't you the one to pry?" Stephanie chuckled.  For what seemed years the two had kept up a playful banter, often working in lines from SNL or favorite 'toon shows.  Both were already seated at lighted dressing mirrors, concentrating, working on their faces and hair.  Around them bustled many more young women, all very pretty and all very intent on getting themselves ready to try out.  "For your information, we both work out at the same spa; found we both kill at racquetsquash and have some favorite photographers in common.  I told her about the audition and she was curious. Nothing more."

"Sure, I believe you," Jennifer shot back in a tone that said anything but.  She watched as a pretty, red-haired, model-slim girl approached, holding a satin gown in one hand and a garishly colored jumpsuit in the other as she wound her way among the many bustling aspirants.

The girl seemed wide-eyed at all the commotion as she stood next to her friend.  "What do you think, Stephanie?  I could try out for the formal scene or the winter sports one, but I'm not sure."  Her voice was eager and unsure of herself.

"Always go for the one that shows off your body, kid!  That's what the producers will be lookin for." The three girls turned at the brash comment, seeing a very beautiful, very polished, blonde woman approaching who dangled a string bikini from one fingertip.  "This is all the costume I need…"  She was slightly older than the other three, probably even over thirty, but retained a very shapely figure and looked dazzling in professional office attire and heels.

"Hey, I didn't know they were starting a seniors tryout this season," Jennifer jabbed, ever the one with the playful biting remark.  The new girl was startled by their casual brashness and blushed slightly.

Ignoring the jibe, the brassy blonde sat down demurely at the adjoining makeup table, crossed her nylon-clad legs, and turned to the young redhead.

"So, it this your first modenacht?  You must be thrilled.   Oh, by the way, I'm Tina Dawes, nice to meet you, …?  She paused, leaving space for a reply.

"Uh, Amanda Wrobel," the girl managed to say, a bit star-struck as she finally recognized Tina as the actress from one of her favorite soap operas and recent costar of a lavish TV-movie.  Mandy always had thought of Tina as a role model, someone who had parlayed a modeling career into much more. She didn't want to admit that she had plastered clippings and posters of a younger Tina all over her room when she was in school.   Now the person she had once most wanted to become was sitting right next to her, the young woman was left a little tongue-tied.

They were interrupted by a harried-looking man who walked between the mirrors and the many bustling models with a clipboard, seemingly unfazed by all the commotion or by the open show of bounteous feminine pulchritude all around.  "People, listen up; the audition for 'Quiet Rendezvous' is coming up in five minutes.  FIVE minutes, people, so move your tushes faster if you want to be ready, girls!  'Snow Play' is ten minutes after that; better get going.  Hurry, hurry…"

"Never mind him, honey, just do your own thing," Tina confided.  "He's had one too many triple-espressos today, let me tell you!"

"Go easy on her, Tinny," chimed in Stephanie, "this is her first open audition."  Steph had finished with her makeup and was brushing out her long, chestnut colored hair.  Somewhere along the way, she had also doffed her dressing robe and was now clothed only in a sheer lace panties and garter set, with dark hose and matching black pumps.  There was no secret which scene she was trying out for.  The sleek model had already applied the sparkling glitter to her figure and hair and was simply stunning.

"So, what do you think of modenacht?" Tina asked Mandy, changing the subject.

"Not quite sure what to make of it; sounds like fun from what Steppi told me.  Weird word, 'mo-da-knock'; sounds foreign. But, like, the whole idea is way strange to me, posing as a…"

"Hey, it's no different than doing an advert, really," Jennifer spoke up.  "You just need to look and act your best.  Lose yourself in the role and you'll do well."

"I told her a little bit about it," Stephanie added, tugging her panties higher on her hips to show more of her supple thigh.  "How it got started in Germany at the holidays, meaning 'fashion night,' and then spread when all-night shopping turned into an excuse to have a party, an event.  How appearing in a scene a first was a lot tougher then, before the new technology.  I invited her here tonight." Steph bent over to the mirror, not sitting down, and checked her perfect appearance once more.  The she dashed off toward where the clipboard geek had gone.

Jennifer put in, "Yeah, and you never know who's going to see you.  Lots of producers and media going to be around, too.  Photographers, designers, casting directors. Make a good impression here, and maybe you'll get noticed.  You've got a fresh look, Mandy, that counts for a lot.  Nice body."

The young model had taken off her tank-top and jeans, and sat uncertainly at the dressing mirror, applying more makeup than she was used to.  Her workouts in the gym showed in her well-defined shoulders, flat stomach, and sinuous legs. Whether naturally or by a tanning booth, her skin had a sunny glow to it that also was reflected in the highlights in her strawberry-blonde curls.

"What do you all think?  Formal or Sports?" Mandy asked, angling her head at the two costumes she had picked out.  "I'm not sure anymore…"

Jennifer had also chosen a gown that her hourglass figure flattered nicely.  With a sparking tiara in her honey-blonde hair accenting matching diamond-studded necklace and bracelets, she looked like a princess just about ready for the holiday ball.  She concentrated on her final touches at the mirror but managed to toss in the comment "I've got the Rendezvous scene all sewed up, you know, so go for what you're good at.  You'd look very natural on skis, I think.   Oh, gotta go…" Jennie jumped up and half-ran for the theatre since she was slightly late as usual.  Slowly the dressing area was emptying out as the candidates went in for their auditions.

"Just let it all hang out, kid," added Tina, emerging from behind a discreet screen and showing off the skimpy swimsuit that amply demonstrated that she practiced what she preached.  Her prominent (probably enhanced, Mandy thought) breasts were hardly contained by the tightly stretched fabric; the barely-there thong bottom seemed almost painted on.  Only the sheer sun-wrap top offered any kind of concealment but served to just make her outfit even sexier. Tina wore high-heeled sandals that made her legs look endless but were totally out of place for a real beach scene.  She had arrived mostly made up and put in a few final touches on her eyes and a misting of the highlighting spray that most of the models had used.

Amanda wasn't sure; she was having second thoughts.  Time was running out.  She knew she had to give something a try though, otherwise Steph and of course Jennifer would never let her hear the end of it with their kidding.  She slowly walked back to the racks of clothing with her two choices, not really knowing what she should be doing when a silvery wisp caught her eye and inspiration struck.

A few minutes later she checked herself one last time in the mirror, took a deep breath, and pranced off to the theatre entrance door.  It was darker and much cooler inside; she could see the spot lit stage looking like a fashion-show catwalk and the gorgeous models lined up in the aisle to audition.  Her heart sank at seeing them all, as well as the one who was currently going through her routine on stage.  'What chance do I have?' she thought despondently, talking herself out of auditioning as she slowly filed up to the stage that now seemed impossibly brilliant; a cloud of multicolored light that seemed unreal.  The auditioners looked impossibly beautiful. Finally, in a daze, she heard her name called, ascended those last few steps, and walked into the dreamy lights.   The rest of the theatre seemed to vanish into the darkness and she knew what to do.


"Beginners luck, huh?" Jennifer offered bravely as the two models stepped casually along the lighted sidewalk.  She had added a mock-fur stole to her evening gown, but kept the rest of her dazzling ensemble.  They approached a brightly lit window and looked keenly at the static figures inside.

The scene was of a beach in mid-summer; there were several mannequins posed there; some walking along, others reclining as if taking in some sun.  To one side was a volleyball net, along with more display figures acting as the players.  Here was Mandy, motionless as all the rest, caught in the middle of an energetic return shot.  Her stance recalled a classical Olympian's, though the silvery maillot was purely modern-day as she displayed it wonderfully.  She had been suspended with one foot on the ground, no doubt mounted to a plate hidden under the sand, and the other raised almost like she was in the middle of a dance routine; the pose certainly showed off her excellent muscle tone, as did the strategically placed cutouts in the tight-fitting swimsuit she modeled.

"Yes, I suppose so," Tina answered with a hint of wistfulness in her voice.  That had been the scene she had planned to be chosen for; things had gone otherwise though she'd been put on the callback list in case one of the models was unable to pose for the full display period.  'Not much chance of that,' she thought to herself.  Like Jennifer, the store had let her keep her costume, though she had added some shiny Capri pants over her skimpy bikini bottom.  "She'll do well, I think; has the right figure for this kind of work."

"I'll never forget the first time I was suspended," Jennifer recalled.  "I was maybe even a little bit  younger than Mandy is now, and had to sneak out of the house to the tryouts.  Being chosen was like the ultimate high, I thought, until they turned that machine on.  I remember being so surprised at being frozen, unable to move even a muscle, then the endorphin rush kicked in; almost as good as sex, but it lasted a lot longer too!  The sensation of having the merchandisers moving me into the window, fussing over me like I was some kind of celebrity.  Then the peacefulness of just being there as a mannequin.  I was so caught up in it that I'd forgotten to tell my parents!  Good thing my friend let them know or they would have freaked out."  She chuckled.  "They told the school I had the measles.  I was doing make-up assignments for weeks…"

"Yeah; there is something about it," Tina agreed.  She smiled broadly and waved at the stiff figure in the window, not knowing if the young mannequin could see them but wanting Mandy to notice that her role model was proud of her if she could.  "That one will go far, I think," she mused.

"Not afraid of the competition?" Jennie said wryly.

"Speaking of," Tina deflected the question, "what happened with you?  I thought you had the Rendezvous scene all wrapped up in a ribbon with a bow on it."

"I did, but then I ran into Brad Kendall as my partner.  Of all the rotten luck."

"Not the one you…?"

"Oh, yes; exACTly the one that I decided to play arts and crafts with one late night at the store.  That was years ago, but he hasn't forgotten.  He pulled the lead merchandiser aside, said something, and then it was 'Thank you, Miss Peledeau, that will be all'.  Are there footprints on my butt?"

Tina giggled, then the two models strolled on to the next window.  This was the ski scene, and the mannequins were skiing, snowboarding, and para-skiing.  It was quite an artfully done display, with sparkly faux snow and a wind machine to stir up the models' hair and scarves.

Next one along was the lingerie display, where another familiar figure was posed.

"Steffie looks scrumptious tonight," Jennie remarked, a little too candidly, but a completely accurate appraisal.  Their friend was positioned in front of a full-length mirror with one leg in front of the other as statically she brushed her hair with one hand while the other was held elegantly to one side.  Her pose showed her supple torso and legs outstandingly as well as giving excellent coverage of the lacy ensemble she was displaying.  One of the merchandisers was hovering around her, making sure all the straps on the garment lay flat, the price tag was easily visible, and the frozen model's hair was fluffed out suggestively. There were several other living mannequins in this particular window, all very nicely appointed and posed.  After a few seconds of taking in the vista, Jennifer pointed towards the back of the window.  "Isn't that Nicole Cruz?  I'd heard she was going to take some time off and get back to her roots.  I never knew she did any mannequin work."

"I think you're right about that one; it is her!.  If that's the fact, this window is going to be swarming with paparazzi soon!  Lucky Stef - she's going to be seen on a lot of covers soon."

"Maybe this is a good point to be elsewhere, then," Jennifer suggested.  Better not having to answer awkward questions, such as why she was not IN the window…

"Hey, the night is young; but it's modenacht anyway so that doesn't really matter does it?  I heard about a bash by Prada up at Cirque's — want to hit the dancefloor?  Seeing as your friend stiffed you," Tina glanced up at the motionless mannequin that was Stephanie, "we might as well try to have a fun evening anyway.  Let's go!"

Impulsively, Jennifer grasped Tina's hand and together they headed off into the promising fantasy of another fashion night's timeless revelries.


Copyright 2003 by Dmuk - all rights reserved.

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