The living art 'WORKS!

by CMQ       08-03

authors note: this is a sequel to the ‘WORKS story, which you may read by clicking here.

Kimberly, Dannielle and Lara arrived bright and early at the ‘Works’ employee entrance.  They had made such an impression on the management a year ago, when they had the honor of introducing Kimmy to the ‘Works. They had not only spectacularly christened Kimmy’s nineteenth birthday with the living statue experience, but they also won an overnight stay at the statue-making amusement park. Not too long after their memorable second day were they offered positions with the company on the spot.  They were the perfect employees, beautiful, outgoing, almost unashamedly bold regarding their bodies, and perfectly at ease with the ‘Works’ various contraptions.  Best of all they were all slightly exhibitionists and served them well in their new positions.  Now after having worked at the ‘Works for almost a year, they were all requested to attend a special meeting regarding future opportunities at the ‘Works.  Needless to say, the girls were quite excited at what this secret meeting might be about.

“I want to just say I’m happy to see the turnout today and welcome everybody,” Sandy started the meeting.  She looked around at the couple dozen young fresh-faced employees who had been offered the chance to broaden the Works’ sphere of influence.  “I think you’ll all be very interested in what we have to offer.” Being a supervisor at the ‘Works for a number of years, Sandy was responsible for personnel and general public-staff relations.

Kimmy recognized most of the people there.  A few of the people were rather new, especially a cute and handsome young guy who she had noticed was running the Frieze exhibit the past couple of days.  She batted her eyelashes at him, hoping for a response.  He smiled at her from across the room and Kimmy felt flush with excitement.  She had intended to go pose at the Frieze Play exhibit when he was working there but never could find a time that coincided with his appearance there.  That was one of the sucky aspects of working at the ‘Works, you actually had to work there.  The fringe benefits, however, of being able to use the exhibits during off-hours was more than enough to make up for that. She twisted a lock of her long wavy blonde hair in-between her fingers nervously as she waited.

“We’re getting ready to expand in Europe with another Works exhibition arena.” Sandy held up a posterboard image of the proposed development property.  “There is groundbreaking already in effect for a Euro version of Kidland and Thrill Central, so its only a matter of time before a Euro StatueWorks park followed, is built and ready to go.  You all have been called here this morning because we’d like to offer you positions as ambassadors of StatueWorks, Inc and introduce, or at least familiarize the continent with the concept of, and fun interactivity of the StatueWorks experience.  Our patented statue amusement park technology is, of course, known to many tourists from overseas, but this will be the first venture for the brand in this new European environment.”

The crowd of ‘Works employees murmured excitedly as Sandy flipped over the image and showed of the artists’ rendering of the Euro StatueWorks exterior dome.  Kimmy thought she could see little statues lining the pathways leading up to the park and wondered if they were strictly for décor or were actual models used as decoration.

“You’re going to be abroad for at least a year while the Euro’Works gets built and is up and running.  At least half of that year will be as interactive models for various mini exhibits we’re going to set up around various cities we tour as we spread the word about the grand opening.  The rest of the time will be in training the new employees, familiarizing them with the routine and equipment, and helping to test the exhibits.  It will depend entirely on how quickly the exposition hall gets built. The timetable is a little flexible but we’re figuring you’ll be on tour for at least 6 months, maybe a few weeks more depending.”  Sandy flipped over an interesting rendering of a crowded street in a European town square with a modern-looking contraption set in the middle of the cobblestoned square and a shimmering statue of a nude female posed atop.

“What kind of interactive modeling are you talking about?” Lara raised her arm to ask her question.  It was looking pretty obvious to most what the idea might entail but she was a little behind the curve sometimes.  Danni pinched Lara’s elbow and pointed at the picture of the statue in the square and then at herself.  Sometimes Lara could be so dense.

“I’m glad you asked,” Sandy got up off her chair and walked over to a darkened section of the room.  She flipped on the lights and pulled a cloth off a slick, hi tech console.  Nearby was a two-foot diameter pedestal, about two and a half feet tall off the ground, with a shiny chrome band on the top and polished emitter surface on top.  The base of the pedestal was made of a flat grey metal with a slightly larger diameter ring of about an inch or two attached by heavy industrial wires to the console which was reminiscent of a mini public comm kiosk found commonly throughout the world.  There was a series of tall conical pylons, sort of like traffic bars that were equidistant in a circle about three feet away around the main pedestal and a railing connecting the pylons that created a buffer zone from which the contents of the pedestal could remain undisturbed.

The control console had a circular, tapered control station covered by a horizontal glass shield panel to protect it from the elements.  The control panel consisted of a heads-up style holographic instruction display that could be projected on the glass shield or hover above the console in mid air, a large green and red button and two spin dials with white markings evenly spaced around the dials.  The group of employees quickly gathered around as Sandy walked through the introductions.  Kimmy’s face was lit up like a lighthouse beacon.

“This is one of our portable ‘Works displays that we’ll be asking you to model on while on tour,” Sandy explained.  “We call it the Portable Pedestal Poser, or PPP.  Some of the designers have even referred to it as the PortaPoser.  These will be strategically situated in various locations around each city we visit.  Some indoors, some outdoors.  We’re going for high visibility locales so that there’s a lot of buzz about the ‘Works coming to Europe.  Now if I could have a volunteer, I could demon-…”

“Me!”  Kimmy’s arm shot up and Sandy motioned for Kimmy to come over.  She had her arms behind her back, coquettishly, as she spun her right heel on the ground.  “Do you need me to undress?”  Kimmy coyly asked, hoping for an affirmative, as she made eye contact with the young man she had been eyeing earlier.

“Yes, that would be nice if you did,” Sandy replied as Kimmy began undressing.  “All our Euro exhibits will be nude displays, that’s something that isn’t going to be a big deal over there.  This is the birthplace of the classical arts after all.”  Not that it was all that big of a deal anymore in America anymore either, but Europe always seemed ahead of the States when it came to taboos. 

Kimmy had slipped off her shorts, thrown off her top and bra, and stripped down to her panties, hesitating just a second as she wondered if the hottie who worked the Frieze Play display was looking at her.  She peeled off her undies and stood stark naked in front of her co-workers.

Danni and Lara looked at each other knowingly.  They knew Kimmy’s intent to pose for the cute guy for days before as a human frieze sculpture had been unrequited.  Now she was getting her chance to appear as a beautiful sculpture not only in front of him but also in front of the entire group that was here.  She would be the center of everyone’s attention and they were both a little jealous of the fact.

“Thank you Kimmy, if you would,” Sandy motioned for Kimmy to stand on the pedestal.

Kimberly gingerly stepped up onto the pedestal and felt everyone’s eyes were on her.  She smiled at Danni and Lara and, not knowing what to do with her arms, crossed them in front of her chest, then feeling awkward, let them fall to her sides.  Her hands rubbed her thighs.  Her heart started to beat faster in excitement of what was to come.  She couldn’t quite bring herself to look directly at the cute boy now that everyone was looking at her in the nude, but out of the corner of her eye she could see that he was intently watching everything she was doing.  Or she imagined he was, anyway.

“Now, you’ll each have your own pedestal,” Sandy started her explanation.  “This is going to be a completely interactive experience you’re going to have with the public.  In a sense, they will be the sculptors and you will be the sculpture they create.  And that’s the point we want to get across to the people.  This is a fun, beautiful, creative way to create, appreciate and become sculpture. It’s also your chance to be artistic as well and inspire the sculptors. Now, Kimmy if you could take a pose.”

“Like this?” Kimmy put her hands on her hips and tucked her legs like a swimsuit model.  She flashed a brilliant smile.  Her nipples were pointed in building excitement of being turned into a statuesque sculpture.

“That’s fine,” Sandy pointed at the control panel to the assembled crowd who gathered around to see.  “This red button is the POSE SET button.  It will immobilize our lovely model in whatever pose she finds herself in.  Are you ready, Kimmy?” 

Kimmy’s body trembled with excitement as she muttered “Ok.”  She tried to hold her pose steady as Sandy pressed the button, but that would prove to be unnecessary.  A brief tingle throughout her body was the only sensation she was aware of as she tried to move and found herself totally paralyzed in her pose.  She could still hear Sandy’s explanation and see straight ahead, but she couldn’t even blink or twitch an inch now.  Her body was rigid head to toe.

Sandy pointed at Kimmy.  “She’s now completely motionless and cannot move a muscle while she’s being posed.” 

“You mean you can still pose her after she’s set in place?”  A woman’s voice asked.  Kimmy thought she recognized it as Kina’s.  Kina was one of the ‘Works employees who sometimes worked at the Icezone.  Kimmy was glad she didn’t have to work all bundled up at that exhibit but apparently word was she didn’t have the right look to work some of the flashier exhibits.  Still, she and Kimmy had run into each other more than a few times when Kimmy had to fulfill her cravings to be flash-frozen after-hours, and she had always obliged the pretty and willing model. 

“Yes, if the patron, so to speak, isn’t satisfied with the pose you select they can release you with the green button.” Sandy pointed to the green button on the console.  “It deactivates the immobility field and allows the subject to repose.”

Kimmy waited for Sandy to press the button and release he body from its motionless state, halfway hoping she didn’t and halfway hoping she would so she could touch her private place.  It was a little weird to be on the other end of the exhibits sometimes, especially with people she knew and worked with.  It was often easier to be outgoing in front of strangers, but at any rate, the release would not come as Sandy continued.

“Or they can select some of the preprogrammed poses that are stored in the control console.  Now we intend for you all to personally select some of the best poses for each of you individually and program them into the console, but there are some classic poses preset in this one that we can use for demonstration purposes.  She turned the smaller dial on the right of the green button to one of the eight-silhouetted diagrams and watched as her willing model was put through the auto-pose.

Kimmy would have gasped if she could speak.  Her body as if it had a mind of its own was moving against her will.  She felt her body moving, against her thoughts of staying in her static pose of choice, to assume a new pose.  This time she stood leaning forward with her back arched her legs together and her arms upward in an Y position.  No matter how much she strained, she no longer had any control over her body.  Her figure was at the whim of the operator of the console.  This is sorta cool! She thought as she stood like a dismounted gymnast.  When Sandy turned the dial again, Kimmy’s body obediently obeyed and got into the next pose, a dancer-like pose with one foot forward, one back, with toes aligned and one arm gesturing in an arc and the other flung behind.

“There are eight preposed selections the artist can choose from. Now after the pose has been selected we get to the statue selection dial.”  Sandy pointed to the various marked positions on the larger dial.  “We’ve got about a dozen different settings for our sculptors to choose from representing the different ‘Works attractions.  Marble, stone, gold, silver, bronze, two types actually…” she turned the dial and Kimmy’s heart raced as she felt her naked body change to bronze.

Her mind went blank as she was converted head to toe to solid metal and became a statue.  Her slender figure now had a dark greenish tint, looking much like classical statuary in every respect. Lara and Danni oohed in appreciation at the beauty of Kimmy the statue.  They couldn’t wait to jump right up there and join her but there definitely wasn’t room.

“This is a nice weathered bronze patina that will make you look like you’ve been there for years.  It’ll look great in the old European cities with all the architecture, you’ll blend right in.  Um, there are some more unusual settings like the freeze blast.  She turned the dial and jets of supercold liquid sprayed out from the pedestal and covered Kimmy’s body with their chilling touch.

Kimmy’s body went into instant suspended animation, as her naked body froze solid.  Her hair was covered with delicate frost patterns and icicles dangled from her thrust out breasts.  Her skin was slightly blue and had a definite glassine sheen to it as steam rose from her body.  She no longer had the bronze hue to her body but she was definitely as frozen stiff as she was before. The change from metal to ice sculpture was instantaneous and Kimmy had no knowledge at all that such a thing had occurred.

There were more muted conversations between the people present.  They had seen numerous exhibits that froze and turned the body to metal, but they had never seen one exhibit that combined both aspects in one rather compact unit.

“The freeze option needs to be maintained consistently to keep you frozen, so every twenty minutes or so another freezejet will spray you and keep you on ice until someone comes along and chooses something different for you to become.”  Sandy turned the dial to crystal and there was a slight pause as Kimmy’s icy body shimmered and became polished transparent crystalline glass.

“Oh, that’s beautiful!”  Someone complimented.

“Naturally Glass is too fragile for an outdoor environment, but it will be an option for our indoor displays. Sandy explained.  Most of the settings on the pedestals will be consistent, Gold, Marble, Ice, etc reflecting our various Works Zones but there will be some variation in substance choices between different PPPs.”  Sandy let everyone get a close, lingering look at Kimmy’s crystallized figure.  Her pubic hair, trimmed in a nice minimal stripe to get the most out of her low, hip hugging pants, looked like snowflakes layered upon each other, too delicate to even consider touching.

“What if you fall off the pedestal?”  Lara asked.  Kimmy looked to be in a pretty precarious pose.

“It’s not possible, you’re bonded to the pedestal once the pose setting is in effect.  It’s like a molecular glue that will keep you in position and sufficiently mounted onto the pedestal. You won’t be able to be removed from the pedestal at all until the green button is pressed and you’re released to move freely.  Now there’s glass…emerald, ruby…” Sandy kept turning the dial and Kimmy became a kaleidoscope of materials each time a new setting was chosen.  “Diamond, which is really cool looking out in sunlight…some of the PPPs will be programmed for jade, emerald, porcelain…”

Kimmy’s statued body changed to faceted diamond and she sparkled in the lights.  Then it shifted to cool green hues of the gemstones that her body had become.  One more turn of the dial converted the statue to a ceramic beauty.

“And we’re expecting marble and stone to go over well in Greece.”  Kimmy’s body changed to solid white marble, and then to grey stone as Sandy demonstrated all the effects.  “We’re planning on matching the veins of marble found there so that you have a real home-crafted look.”

“Gold…” Sandy continued as Kimmy became Midas-touched.  Her body became brilliant and sparkling.

“Pretty,” Danni said softly as she imagined herself as the golden girl as she flipped her long black hair over her shoulder.  Her long bare legs brushed against each other and she could feel the inside of her skimpy hotpants getting wet.

“Silver…” now Kimmy’s body was like chrome.  Reflections played across her breasts and curvy butt.

“What about plastic?  Like Still Life Showcase?”  Lara asked.  She remembered how exhilarating it was for the three of them to be posed as mannequins in the ‘Works exhibit overnight.

“Well, we have the natural paralyzed setting, which is pretty much like being a mannequin.”  Sandy apologized.  “We might have room to put it as an option on one of the pedestals but there isn’t room for everything.  We do have a wax setting in honor of the famous Madame Tuss-”

“What if you get left like that?”  Someone asked from the back.  Lara turned around and recognized the voice as Don’s. “Will you just be stuck like that, aware of but not able to do anything?”

“Well yes and no.  There’s a preset default time.  If no one selects a statue setting for you and just leaves you in pose mode then after about 10 minutes the console automatically will set you in place in mannequin mode.  You’ll be completely in suspended animation, without having to deal with the mental thoughts of being stuck.  After another 10 minutes we figure someone got bored and walked away so it defaults to whatever is programmed, probably marble.  We haven’t decided yet. We don’t think people will do that though.  They’ll want to see you as a sculpture and leave you as such.”

“Can they turn us into statues without selecting a pose set?” Lara asked Sandy.

“No, the pedestal will not activate until you are safely frozen into a pose and you’re bonded to the pedestal.  They must press the red pose set button before the molecular statue transformation begins.  Once you’re in a statuesque form however, they can continually change you back and forth to different substances, as you’ve seen with Kimmy.  They just can’t alter your pose.”

“How long do we remain in whatever setting as a statue?”  Danni asked.

“As long as someone leaves you.  It all depends on how many people come up and want to sculpt you.  If there’s a lot of interest you could be changed numerous times a day.  If people leave you alone you could be in one form for a long time. One of our thoughts was to have you literally become part of the scenery, to really emphasize the historical monumental aspects of the ‘Works and your going to get to become part of the attraction.  We’re hoping people aren’t completely bored with you and leave you alone because the interactivity is something we want to emphasize.  But at the same time we want you to fit right in when you’re a statue if someone comes across a really neat pose they freeze you in.” 

“Are we allowed to talk to our sculptors?  I always wanted to meet a nice French boy…tee hee!”  Lara giggled.

“Well, we would encourage you not to fraternize with the people who will be sculpting you.  We want this to be a purely artistic forum for people to express their artistic sense through you.  Your job is to be the sculpture not the diplomat, or if you will, be the goodwill gift to the people from the ‘Works.  It will probably be a moot point unless you actually speak the language of the places you’re going to though.” 

“What about props, like a javelin or a discus?”  Don asked.

“Or clothing?”  Katy asked.  Everyone leaned out to stare at her like she was a Martian.  “I think a short toga would look cute on me in Greece!”

“Well, we’re considering some accessories for you to play with, but for now we think everyone should be relying on their natural instincts rather than on accessories. Oh I should de-statue Kimmy so she could hear all this.” Sandy turned the dial from silver to its neutral repose setting and Kimmy’s body lost its metallic glow and resumed normal flesh tones.

As her body converted from metal Kimmy’s consciousness returned.  Her long blonde hair lost its glossy silver sheen. Her shiny ass became the soft, yet firm, epitome of femininity.  She still could not move but she was now aware of the conversations. Sandy pressed the green button and Kimmy felt that she could move on her own.  She lowered her arms and squatted down on the pedestal.  She had a bright smile on her face.

“How do you feel?” Sandy asked her model.

“Great!  It was so weird to be poseable but not being able to move,” Kimmy giggled.

“I’ll fill you in on all the details of the program you missed, but that’s pretty much it for the rest of you.  If you’re interested then be sure to sign up.  We only have about a dozen slots to fill and I think they’ll go fast.”

“Can we try it out?”  Lara asked.

“Sure go ahead,” Sandy beckoned and immediately Lara was stripping off her clothes for a posing session. 

As Kimmy got dressed, the others gathered around the console and began posing Lara.  At first she was frozen in a rather lewd position as soon as she stepped up with one foot on the pedestal.  Her ripe pubic mound was flashed to everyone but somehow Lara knew Danni was behind the quick-freeze. Even her auburn hair was frozen in mid flutter.

Danni relented to the others and pressed the green button so that Lara could resume mounting the pedestal.  As soon as she was standing on it though, Danni froze Lara by slapping the red button and started to spin the pose dial through all its markings.

 Lara could not resist as her body was moved into one pose after another at Danni’s whim.  Just when she thought her friend was taking advantage of her she could see Danni wave at her from the corner of her eye.

“Say Cheese!” Danni giggled as she turned the statue dial to marble.

I can’t even smi-Lara’s thoughts ceased as she whitened and became a marble statue.  Her body was in a classical pose, right hand on her right shoulder, hips tilted left hand on her hip.  She looked like an awesome monument.  Someone reached in over Danni’s shoulder and turned the dial to gold and Lara’s alabastered body took on a brilliant yellow hue as she became 24 karat through and through.

Other people were taking turns turning the dial now as Lara became stone, then silver, then glass, then shifted into another preset pose and turned back into coppery bronze.  Others were stripping down to try out the new experience themselves.

Sandy watched the employees play with Lara’s figure before finally releasing her and getting someone else up on the pedestal.  She turned her attention to Kimmy, who was just strapping her sandals on.  If you, Danni and Lara are all willing, we have something special in store for you.

“Special?”  Kimmy was intrigued as she called Danni and Lara over.  Lara was pulling on her panties after her statue session, but Danni dragged her over topless anyway.

“You three are our top employees and we’ve reserved three spots just for you.  You all have earnest enthusiasm and we feel you three would be great sculptures. What do you three think being in on our foreign exchange exhibit?” Sandy asked.

“Its great!”  Kimmy was ecstatic.  She was running all sorts of scenarios in her mind already on how she would look as a statue outside the Coliseum Rome, or in the Red Light district of Amsterdam, or on the streets of Berlin. 

“I love the idea, to be both model and sculpture…” Lara was adjusting her bra.

“I think you should make an exhibit like that here,” Danni suggested.

“We are, its going into the expansion zone but we’re premiering it for the people of Europe.  A small taste of what to expect when Euro Works opens.  Now, have you three decided if you want to go or not?”  Sandy looked as if she knew what the response would be but she still had to formally ask.

“I’m going!”  Kimmy exclaimed practically before Sandy had asked.

“Me too!” Lara chimed in.

“Oh I’m not so sure…” Danni hesitated.

“Oh no!”  Kimberly looked crestfallen.

“Fooled you!” Danni cheeks widened in a huge smile. “I’m not going to miss this.” Kimmy and Lana gave Danni playful/mostly painless punches to the arm.  “Ow!”  Hey you’re damaging the goods!  Danni rubbed her biceps.  “I have to be in perfect condition when I become a statue for the royalty of Europe…”she was sounding rather haughty.  “Why if some prince sees me he might fall in love with…”

“Your bronzed titties?”  Lara said with her eyes rolling.

“No she’s hoping to flash her ass for some French artist cutie,” Kimmy whispered not so softly into Danni’s ear.

“Hey you never know…this could be like that Galatea thing for real…I could be the subject of many artists’ sketchbooks…” Danni replied in mock smugness.  “I could inspire real works of art…”

“Or be a magnet for the pigeons!”  Lara giggled and Kimmy rolled over laughing.  Danni pouted her luscious lips.

“You won’t have to worry about the pigeons,” Sandy reassured Danni.  “There’s a pulse generator in the pedestal that will keep the wildlife away from you while you’re outdoors.  It has a subsonic wave that makes about a ten feet circle around you. It’s a better deterrent than omni-” 

“Hey, I like omni-hip-rap!” Lara looked hurt, but she rebounded from it quickly.

“You were saying you had something special for us? In addition to the offer?”  Kimmy tried to get Sandy back on track.

“Yes, we were pretty sure all three of you would join up.  And the shop is working on a larger pedestal for the trip, big enough for three of you all on one.  Something special for our best ambassadors,” Sandy smiled.

“Cool!” Danni clapped.

“All three of us, together?” Kimmy’s mind raced to think of all sorts of things they could do.

“Yes, but it probably won’t be ready for the initial touring city but should be available a few days after that.  We’re starting in London, then Paris…” Sandy began reciting the itinerary.

“Oooh, Paris!”  Lara gasped.

“You’re not going to see much of it if you’re working as a statue!”  Danni admonished.

“Don’t worry, you’re going to have plenty of time to sightsee after Euro Works is online.”  Sandy reminded them.  “We’re going to hopefully get you three on the extra large pedestal for Rome, Paris, Athens and maybe one other city before we start rotating in other teams, unless you three really gel, and I have no doubts you will.  Remember though, this is a working tour, so we’re expecting you to put your best foot forward and work hard…”

“Oh there’s no question of that!  We’re hard workers!”  Kimmy whooped.

“Yeah, hard as rock!”  Danni quipped. The girls all laughed.

“Then get everything squared away, the guys are going to need you to select your eight poses by Saturday so think really hard about the best poses for each of you. And we’re going to ship you off on Monday morning.  Needless to say you’ll only have to pack lightly for the first half of your tour.  We’ll supply you with an apartment and credits to activate the Euro purchase plates once you start working the non statue part of your tour.”  Sandy handed them the contracts.

“Looking forward to it!”  Kimmy bounced up, her natural talents jiggled pleasingly.

Sandy shook her hand.  “Welcome aboard then!  I’m sure you’ll make us proud!”

“I can’t wait to get started,” Lara hugged Sandy.

Danni spun around in glee. “This is going to be great!” Her long dark hair helicoptered around her.

Saturday morning the three girls arrived bright and early at the ‘Works.  They saw a line building for entrance to the park already but today they would not be working the exhibits!  Soon they would be the exhibits!

They saw the other volunteers from the ‘Works who had chosen to be ‘sculpture ambassadors’, as that was their official title.  Kimmy recognized the cute guy whose name was Cory.  He was quite muscular and had a cute face.  She made a mental note to get to know him better during their stay.  She didn’t see Kina around.  She was sad she wasn’t here but her excitement drowned out any sympathy for the unchosen.

There were a total of 13 sculpture ambassadors and three extra Works personnel who would serve as a liaison staff.  Since there were only going to be ten pedestals ready for London, they had to choose lots on who would get to be statues first.  Kimmy, Danni and Lara were all lucky enough to get in on the first batch and had their poses, which they had practiced all week long.  They mingled with the others, Kimmy making a beeline to Cory, while Danni and Lara made goo-goo eyes during their courtship.  It ended up being a nine to four ratio of female to male models so Danni and Lara were sort of left out of the hookup angle.  But they did know some of the other girls from work.

Katy was a brunette who had incredibly long beautiful hair down to her ankles.  Lara recognized her as someone who often worked at the Sculpturezone.  She usually had her hair done up in elaborate braids and Lara didn’t realize her hair was that long.  Talking to her was Janae, an exotic mocha-colored beauty with a dynamite figure and a short cute dark hairdo.  Celicity was a platinum blonde goddess who often worked at the faux silver spray exhibit.  She was quite smitten with Don, who she was snuggling up to.  He was an athletic type who frequented the Icezone and Metalzone attractions.  He was also about five years older than Celicity (Silly, as she was nicknamed by some of the staff) and was more interested in Pamela, a leggy slender mannequin sprayer from the department store exhibit.  Lara foresaw some edgy relations in the year to come if they had to work together.

Danni saw Pete and Mark, two good buddies razzing each other and trying to impress three of the girls going to Europe.  They both were fairly attractive men, but Danni thought they were the kind guys to stay away from.  She often saw them taking advantage of the situation, working in Midas exhibit, of ogling the golden girl statues that went past them on the conveyer belts or touching them in their golden forms.  Physical contact wasn’t forbidden, per se, at the Works between staff and patron.  But it was generally frowned upon to ‘take advantage’ so to say, of the statued patrons.  They would have no knowledge of what had transpired in their frozen states and the whole Midas situation was set up that the guy playing Midas had to give the golden touch to the willing victims.  But she thought that they often took advantage and steered the prettier victims into exploitative poses and then touched them in their more private parts.  Not that there was anything particularly wrong with sexually suggestive posing, she herself had indulged herself in more than a few dalliances as a patron but to be an employee and suggest poses just wasn’t legit in her opinion.  Part of the Works philosophy was for the patron to become one with the artistic experience and choose their own ways to represent themselves.  She suddenly wondered if their going was going to be a good idea as they were going to be on the other end of the stick, as sculpture ambassadors.

The three girls they were trying to sway were Taffi, a petite young beauty with dirty blonde hair.  Her twin sister, Tracy, was going along as one of the support staff.  Both were identical in appearance, and even though Danni had spoken with both numerous times there was still some doubt in the back of her head that she was talking to the right one.  Andrea was another of the support staff, one of the longer employed ‘Works people who was going to be the senior representative of the delegation.  Still, she was only in her mid thirties and was a typical blonde spokeswoman type, capable of charming anyone she spoke to.  Why she was hanging around the two goofs was anyone’s guess.  The other female sculpture ambassador was Hannah, a buffer athletic girl who looked like a fitness specimen.  She often got quite a workout in Metalzone, swinging around the blocked in patrons, encased in liquid metal blocks and hanging from chains, and thus had a little more muscle definition than the other girls going on the trip.

The last member of the group was Smith, Danni wasn’t sure if that was his first name or last, but that’s what everyone referred to him.  He tended to work in ‘Works support behind the scenes and rarely fraternized with the up front cast that ran the exhibits.  She figured he was going along for his mechanical and troubleshooting skills.  It certainly wasn’t because he was as good looking as the four guys going as ambassadors.  In fact Smith was kind of skinny, a wiry kind of skinny, but still kind of underweight.  She had said hi to him a few times when they crossed paths and he reciprocated but it rarely went beyond that exchange.

“OK everybody, are we ready to get going?”  Sandy entered the room and commanded the attention of everyone present.  Andrea and her support staff of Smith and Tracy moved into position alongside Sandy as the ambassadors gathered in a semi circle around them.  “I hope you all have had plenty of time to choose your poses because you’re about to get them programmed into the sculpture pedestals today.”

“But there are only ten pedestals,” Taffi observed.

“We can save your positions on these chips, and program them into each pedestal so it doesn’t matter which one you use,” Smith spoke up and then looked sorry that he did as he returned to the background.

“Thank you Smith,” Sandy said sweetly.  “We can, indeed, save your personal poses and when its time for you all to use the pedestals you will have everything preset and ready to go.  Now if you’ll all choose your pedestals we can get started.”

The models split up into groups.  Danni, Lara and Kimmy grouped together at one pedestal, Pam and Don shared one pedestal and everyone else got their own.

Kimmy started stripping out of her clothes when Taffi spoke up.  “Should we be undressing if this is just a practice run?”

“Yes,” Sandy replied.  “We want to see what the final sculptural look of your poses will be and that means we’ll have to see all of you nude.”

All the participants started undressing, until all 13 were naked.  Each mounted the pedestals in front of them, only Pam, Danni and Lara were left out for now.

Kimmy couldn’t help glancing over to Cory whose buff bod was quite the view.  She knew he was familiar with her body as she deliberately volunteered to pose that first day the PortaPoser was introduced to them.  But she had never seen him in the nude before and she liked what she saw.  She wondered if he was going to get aroused at her posing in the nude and thought that that might be a funny looking statue with an erect penis.

Smith was walking around to each PPP and inserting a memory chip into the unlocked maintenance panel on each PPP.  The various models were stretching and getting warmed up for their poses.  Sandy, Andrea, and Tracy manned three of the PPP consoles.  Lara, Danni, and Pam were drafted to help man three more consoles as Smith took his position behind the one he had just installed the memory chip.

“Okay, now I want all of you to get into your first pose,” Sandy instructed.  The 10 models all complied, moving their bodies into their preferred poses.  Most of the guys flexed their muscles like bodybuilders, most of the girls concentrated on showing off their curves. Kimmy sort of bent over and had her hand up to her puckered lips as if she was blowing a kiss.  Her other hand was on her knee and she had a nice perky lift to her butt as she leaned over as far as she could without losing balance.  Her boobs were squeezed together as they dangled and she looked quite voluptuous.  Lara, manning Kimmy’s console, smiled in appreciation.

Danni looked at Celicity’s pose, with one hand on her opposite hip and the other on her chest, between her breasts and reaching towards her neck.  Her legs were spread apart and a rather furtive looking glance over her shoulder completed the pose.  Danni wasn’t sure if that was a deliberate aspect of her pose or if she was just spying on Pam to see if she was getting Don’s full attention.

Lara was on Hannah’s pedestal.  The girl had some nice muscle definition on her legs, Lara thought as she watched Hanna bend her legs like a discus thrower and arched her arms up in a circle like a ballerina.  Not too muscular like a bodybuilder but with a good feminine tone that was reflected throughout her naked body.  Hannah had a nice pair of breasts that had the perkiest upturned brown nipples.  She looked so strong and set in that pose that Lara had no doubt Hannah could keep that pose on her own, PPP or no PPP.

Tracy looked up at her svelte twin and wondered if she would get a chance to pose as well.  She was sure her sister would be quite agreeable to a switch at some point during the tour. Nobody could tell the difference between us anyway…

Sandy looked up at Janae’s pose, a reclining, dancer-like position with her arms planted on the pedestal and her body stretched out across the complete diameter of the surface.  She twisted her torso to one side, bending one leg underneath her and arcing the other far across, with an arched to her back and a look to the heavens.  “Is everyone ready?  Models?”

A scattered series of acknowledgements responded Sandy’s query.

“Okay, then all of the sculptors please press turn the first dial marked POSE to the #1 position, then press the red Pose Set button.”  All the console people did as instructed, with Sandy, Andrea and Smith moving to the three unmanned consoles to do likewise.  Upon pressing the red buttons, instantly all 10 models were frozen motionless into their positions, completely unable to move.

Oh!  Kimmy’s body stiffened into full rigidity and her excitement started to build as she could hear but no longer respond to any of her surroundings.  She imagined Danni and Lara would enjoy this sensation of timeless immobility rather well.

“Okay, all our models should be fixed in position one now.”  Sandy walked around, inspecting the various poses the models had chosen.  “Very good, nice, lovely…” she commented as she walked down the row.  Andrea was doing likewise and they met in the middle.  Tracy looked a little bored and somewhat envious of her sister’s modeling opportunity while Smith checked the readouts on the pedestals to make sure the positions were copied into memory.

“Can we turn them to stone?” Danni eagerly asked Sandy as she leisurely strolled up to Kimmy’s statue-still body.

“Not right now,” Sandy smiled.  “There may be time for you to play later but right now I want to get everybody’s poses programmed onto their chips.”

“What happens if someone gets the wrong chip installed in their pedestal?”  Lara asked.

“Well, the chips work on a general muscle template memory stimulation process,” Smith piped up.  “You’d just assume whatever pose was programmed onto someone’s chip.”

“That could end up pretty funny looking,” Danni remarked.  She imagined one of the guys posed in Kimmy’s current frozen position.

“Okay, lets move on to pose two, Everybody press the green button.”  Upon depressing the green button, the models were released from their poses.  They started to chatter, comparing their experiences and feelings and stretching their bodies, after being denied movement. Sandy got everybody to focus on the job at hand right away though as she told every model to get into their second pose and then had the operators freeze the models and set pose #2.

It took about half and hour to set five poses for the first 10 models.  Then Pam, Danni and Lara got their turns to be pose-programmed onto their chips.  Kimmy seemed to take an extra delight in freezing her friends.  She made note of which poses she thought would be the best received.  She and her two friends had spent the whole week critiquing each others poses and they finally ended up with 15 poses that they thought would be killer.

After finishing up the second round of posing, Sandy and Andrea huddled.  They had some of the models choose different poses as there were some they thought could be improved but overall they seemed quite satisfied with the choices their models had selected.  “This is a learning process,” Sandy reminded them.  “It is your job to improve and become better sculpture the longer the tour goes on.  I expect all of you to be worthy of being permanent exhibits in the Lourve by the end of this trip!”

The group laughed and then after Smith finished locking the controls, the models got to play around with the pedestals.

Everybody was having a good time experimenting with the controls and posing.  It continued to be amazingly weird to have the pedestal force their bodies into certain positions and many of the models were experimenting on others’ chips to see how their bodies could be manipulated into strange and foreign poses. 

Celicity even somehow got Mark up on one of the PPPs that had a female models’ chip installed.  Danni wasn’t sure whose chip was in the machine but the pose certainly wasn’t flattering for the male physique.  “Not cool, Silly!” Pete fought for the controls as Celicity started spinning the second dial to change Mark into different statues like a speed changer on his remote control.

Tracy was even persuaded to get undressed and hop onto Taffi’s pedestal.  Kimmy noted that it was impossible to tell the difference between the two naked girls even in their statue state.

After an hour of posing and statuing, Sandy reminded everyone that they had to be up bright and early for their departure.  The group divided as people went home to pack, or at least prepare for their experience.  Statues wear very little clothing, so suitcases would be very empty.

That morning Kimmy, Danni and Lara met up at the Transatlantic Hypertrain station.  Nobody else from the group was there, and the three girls thought they must have showed up too early due to their enthusiasm.  Within a few minutes Pam and Celicity showed up.  Andrea was right behind, as were Taffi and Tracy.  Sandy even showed up to see them off. After the total 15 people in the first Euro Works ambassador team was gathered and said their good-byes to Sandy, they were off on their great adventure.  It would take a few hours for the Hyper to arrive in London, but they got to ride in style in the plush passenger cars.  The PortaPosers were already en route the day before and would be set up and ready for the models upon their arrival. Andrea explained that Smith had gone on ahead with the equipment so that everything would be ready for the models’ arrival. As everybody boarded the train, Kimmy took one last look at the scenery and reflected on how wonderful the past year had been since she was introduced to the ‘Works by her good friends.  What was to come would be equally memorable, she smiled as she plopped down on the comfy seat and the train shot out of the station.



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