The Commission - 17

by Anthyrax

Epilogue: One Job is Done

Silver City, 8 AM

Gavin watched the magic circle he had drawn, and as first Molly, and then Cindy appeared, he took their hand and hugged them. 

Molly found herself in shock again.   A castle (?) stood in the middle of a small town in New Mexico.  A bunch of knights in armor were riding around on huge horses, and what could only be an Elf, dressed like a cross between a fitness instructor (nice black silk though) and something from Xena was standing next to the man (?) who had changed her life.

“Special Agent Molly Malone,” Gavin said in a courteous tone, “this is Princess Gabrielle Elendril.”  Not knowing what else to do, Molly saluted.  The princess chuckled, but let it pass. 

“Gavin has told me all about you Molly.   Very impressive.  You really almost caught them?”  Gabrielle said.  

Molly marveled at the perfect soprano she heard, and the unearthly beauty before her.   It made her feel both inadequate and blessed at the same time.   She could only nod.   She wasn’t too sure if catching them had really worked out, but yes, she had found them was all she could say.

“Oh, it worked out pretty well for you and your people I think.   You will find your new mission will make it all worth it in the end.”

Gavin and Grim looked at each other and shrugged.  “And so another Scout joins for life.” Grim whispered.

“It’s not just a job, it’s a life sentence.” Gavin replied quietly.

A few yards away, a Legion officer was directing the troops as they secured a perimeter around the area.   A few of the townspeople stood at the edge of the empty field that now held a keep instead of a multi acre university.   For now they seemed too awed and frightened to approach any closer.

“Well, thank god Gabrielle thought to bring a healer with her.  The Prince should be ok soon enough.”

A few feet away, Cindy hugged her friends as they celebrated their survival.   They had done it.   Earth had the seeds for a rebirth, even as it fell into darkness.   It was enough.


Shiron, weeks later

Sarah and Dave walked along the beach, arm and arm.   Sarah wondered if her witch counterpart was as happy.   Dave was young again, and so was she, and her children were safe with her sisters back at the village that had been built for them.  Training was going well, and soon, they would be on their way to a new life on a new world.

“A virgin Earth Sarah; just think of it.  We can build something to be proud of there.” Dave said, enthusiasm and hope in his voice.  

Sarah smiled and reached up and pulled him to her.  She kissed him happily.  She didn’t love him as fiercely as he loved her.  Not yet, but she could feel it growing in her.   He really looked good now, and she was amazed at how good she and her sisters looked now too.   Her former life seemed like a dream now, and she found she liked it that way. 

Besides, he was such a good father with her kids.

A few miles away, a pair of former West Point cadets examined themselves in the mirror.   Their new Scarlet and Gold uniforms, their dress swords and their shiny armor looked great.  

“Well Bobby, you did say you wanted to go in the armored cavalry.”  Ben said with a grin.

“You have to admit, those horses are a lot prettier than tanks.” Bobby replied.

“Good point.” Ben said, “now hurry your ass up.   We have to meet Amanda and Tracy in a few minutes.”

Down the street, two young women who used to call North Carolina and Texas home brushed their hair and checked each others outfits.   They looked forward to the evening ahead.   Tracy thought it beat the hell out of cutting hair, and for Amanda, it was like a dream.   She was learning magic, living in a cross between Medieval Britain and Renaissance Italy, and it had Elves.   And best of all, boys from home. 

That trip to the spa had certainly been the best makeover she had ever had!


Morro Bay, months later.

Gavin frowned as he sat on the couch on his patio, watching the waves crash on the cliff below.  Cheryl  sat next to him, her head tucked against his shoulder.

Whispering,  she asked him what he was thinking about.

“I was thinking about Sarah’s counterpart, and how happy she seemed with the Dave...”  

Cheryl didn’t answer for a few minutes.   What to say about that?

“Our Sarah is happy, Wes.” She finally said. “I love you.  And Michelle loves you, and so does Beth.   My sisters.  You greedy bastard, we all love you, and each other.  How could it be different?”

“I don’t know Cheryl, I really don’t.”

Cheryl sighed.   She didn’t either. 

“We have many years to go love.  It will work out someday.  I promise.”  Was all he could say.  

“I know my love.”  She replied, and thought to herself, “at least you are all mine next week.”

She thought about Molly, the extremely super competent FBI agent.

“Will Molly be joining us soon?” 

“Yes, she will be moving into Michelle’s house, along with a couple of new ones that you recruited.  You remember Michelle telling us about that intern in New York?”

“Oh him?  The one who fought back and almost took Michelle out?  You better watch him.  I think Michelle is a little sweet on that boy.  He might just steal her away from you.”

“I bet that would make you happy as hell wouldn’t it.”

Cheryl smiled to herself.  

“And the other?”

“She was a medical student you kidnapped in Houston.   She is here to help you out.”

“Cool, we will probably need her.    When do you have to go again?”

“When Caredoc sends word love.   Someday soon I guess.” 

They were on the porch for hours, Gavin thinking and enjoying the warmth and love of the two women.   Soon Cheryl was asleep, and Gavin happily watched the sun go down.  

Behind him, in a large living room, there stood a collection of statues.   Life sized, they looked like mannequins, and in fact, they were.  Michelle, Sarah, Beth, Holly, and Kim stood elegantly posed, frozen in plastic, dressed in their favorite outfits.   Dreaming erotic or peaceful dreams. 

Soon he would have Cheryl join them.   And then he would spend the hours until it was time to sleep admiring them.

His girls, his real treasure.

Soon it would be time for a new commission.   Until then, he had his paradise.  



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