No More Heroines

by Northern Chill

  Author's note : This is a serial based on the concept of disappearing heroines, new ones emerging and who or what that tries to take advantage of the chaos that ensues.  There are scenes of violence, sexuality and strong language so if this bothers you, please move on to another story, otherwise enjoy !

  All characters mentioned here are the property of their respective comic companies except for the ones I have created on my own.  This story is meant strictly as a parody.

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Chapter 2 - Things are quiet... too quiet

      The port next to the dock was completely deserted at 3 am and silent save for the sound of offshore bells and the tidal water lapping against the pier.  A lone port authority security guard walked down the pier passing numerous large warehouses and buildings as he went about his patrol shining his flashlight around while stifling a yawn.  If he had shone his light towards the roof of the warehouses on his right, he might have noticed a lithe figure crossing the roof to another via a thin rope anchored across the gap between them.

      The shadowy figure, once settled down on the desired roof, moved quickly to where a locked hatch sat in the center of the structure.  Opening up a pouch on a waist belt, the person quickly removed the padlock attached to the hatch's handle after a few bright flashes of light.  Lifting up the hatch, the figure peered inside for a few seconds before attaching one end of a rope to a pipe near the hatch and throwing the other end into the opening, the figure quickly moved down the rope with a canvas bag slung over the right shoulder.

       Moving quickly down the rope,  the figure reached the end at which a flashlight was dug out and light flickered outward in a 360 degree arc.  A minute or so later, the person dropped to the cement floor and moved silently among the crates examining the writing on some before moving on.

       Suddenly, the area around the person was lit up by a powerful light emanating from the other side of the warehouse.  "All right, Black Cat, hold it right there!  You better have a good explanation what you're doing in here tonight snooping around," the heroine known as the Phantom Lady shouted as she jumped down from the crate she was standing on.  She walked over to where the black and white clad woman was standing with a crowbar next to a large wooden crate.

       "Before you get all high and mighty, Phantom Lady, I'll let you know I'm here not to steal but to check out a lead I got from a tipster back in New York.  With all the disappearances that have happened with first the heroes and then heroines, I decided to try and figure out who was behind it all.  I was told that the company which owned this warehouse, Blackheart Consolidated, provided the technology to whoever is behind the disappearances.  I've got a friend checking out their main offices in the city while I have a look through this warehouse that belongs to them.  I'll only take anything that looks like it's out of the ordinary and if you want, you can look along with me,"  Black Cat said as she tapped the metal bar on the side of the wooden crate she was next to.

      "All right, Black Cat, I'll give you the benefit of a doubt.  However, let's not start ripping open every case in here just in case this is a wild goose chase.  Let's look around for a printed copy of a manifest around here or a computer we can turn on and find the contents of this warehouse," Phantom Lady said as she folded her arms across her chest in a determined stance.

      Black Cat nodded and the two started searching around the warehouse for the list in question using a flashlight Black Cat had brought for illumination.  After about 10 or 15 minutes of searching, the heroines failed to find any copies of the inventory list but did find a computer on a desk near the back of the warehouse.  Flicking the monitor and hard drive on, the heroines went into the file directory and looked around for a short period of time.  When they found a file marked INVENTORY, they clicked on the link and started scrolling through the long list of items.

      After several minutes of looking, the two women could find nothing that stood out of the ordinary as they went down the lengthy list of what was in the building.  They were about to give up when Phantom Lady saw an item near the bottom of the list that had a series of X's in place of descriptive words for it.  Puzzled, the heroine clicked on the item in question and saw it was a link to a much larger directory with a list of names and addresses cross referenced with a wide variety of initials.  As the two heroines looked over the list trying to make sense of it, Black Cat suddenly inhaled deeply and jabbed her left index at part of the screen.

      "Look at that entry...SHULK  is listed next to COLL and the date listed is ten days ago.  Wasn't that the day that She Hulk mysteriously disappeared during the attack on Boston by that Swiss terrorist group?"  Black Cat said with a grim certainty to her voice.  The slinky heroine looked around the desk for a blank CD-R disc the two heroines could use to copy the data onto a disc in lieu of a printer.

      Black Cat had found a blank disc and had just handed it Phantom Lady when the warehouse door swung open and two uniformed men came through armed with guns in their hands.  

      One shouted "HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!  GET YOUR HANDS UP AND DON'T MOVE!!"  while the other snapped the light switch on by the doorway which illuminated the interior of the warehouse in bright fluorescent lights.

      The two heroines glanced at each other before moving out from behind the desk with their forearms raised above their heads.  They moved to the center of the warehouse area before the guards told them to stop where they were as one guard dug out what looked like a cell phone.

      "Look, everything is ok, guys.  We're not here to steal anything so why don't you put that gun down and we can talk things out?"  Phantom Lady said trying to calm the situation down before something unfortunate happened.

      "Not a chance, lady.  Once my partner gets hold of the owner, we'll make sure that you never pull this stuff ever again," the burlier of the two guards snapped while continuing to train his gun on the two women.

      "Hello? Is this Mr. X?  This is Jack Smith, head of security for your International Manufacturing Processing warehouses. We've caught two more heroines snooping around the inside of one your buildings yet again.  Should we hold them here like before with Firestar and Black Widow?" the other guard muttered in a low voice as he talked on the cell phone.

      "Firestar ?  Black Widow ?  Didn't they go missing three weeks ago?  I wonder if these idiots know anything about what's going on....."  Black Cat thought to herself as she rocked nervously back and forth on her heels trying to think of a way out of her predicament.

      As if someone was reading the heroine's mind, the lights suddenly flickered out, plunging everyone into darkness.  A second or two later, emergency lights came on inside the warehouse but the guards found themselves staring at an empty space where the two heroines formerly had been.

     "Shit !  Charlie, call and get the special back-up down here now!  If we let these two get away now, we'll both have to go before the company president for ' discipline'...."  the guard holding the gun yelled out as he slowly advanced further into the warehouse looking nervously about for the women.

      THWACCKK!!!  The guard holding the cell phone spun to the floor from a blow that seemed to originate from the shadows themselves.  When his partner spun around upon hearing the blow, he saw a distinctly female figure emerging from the shadows that strangely look like she was PART of the shadow.  Before the guard could aim his gun in the direction of the unknown woman, a black rubber disc came flying out of the mystery woman's right hand and struck the dumbstruck guard hard in the stomach.

     "OOOFFF!!!"  The guard grunted as he doubled over in pain with the gun slipping out of his weakened right hand.  Before he could recover, a quick karate chop to the back of his neck courtesy of the lithesome Phantom Lady sent him to the ground. As the guard fell unconscious, Black Cat came running to her fellow heroine and both stared in silence as their unexpected ally walked up to the area where they stood and retrieved her weapon from the ground nearby.

     "Who... who are you?" Phantom Lady inquired of the darkly clad woman that stood before them.  Dressed in a black and blue leotard that was bare at the shoulders, with matching blue boots and gloves and a red sash cinching her slim waist, the woman looked at Black Cat and Phantom Lady with an expression that was part confidence and part confusion.

    "The name's Silk Shadow.  I was investigating a few leads I've been following about the disappearance of my fellow Canadian crime fighters and the trail led here to New York.  I was just heading to patrol this area in the hopes I'd run a heroine from this area when I saw the activity and thought I'd check it out," the slender late 20's woman said as she tucked the disc into her sash.

    With a new sense of urgency, Black Cat and Phantom Lady finished their data download.  After Phantom Lady secured the disc in a bag she tied around her waist, the three heroines spent a minute introducing each other (including their identities when not clad for heroism) before agreeing to leave the warehouse and head their separate ways.  The trio agreed to meet each other in 72 hours at a small cafe outside the city to compare notes and such.

     As the trio departed the warehouse, leaving the guards trussed up in such a way that they would eventually wiggle free, none of them noticed that their movements were being observed discretely.  Of course, the women were used to looking for people on the ground and not those hovering overhead...........

Next day..........

      Bonnie pulled into her parking spot at Deltox HQ and stepped out breathing deeply as she looked forward to her meeting with Mr. Edgesworth, president of Deltox.  She had spent the last year, starting shortly after what the press had called the 'First White-Out ', working with the other executives in the company to maximize profits by taking advantage of the vacuum created by the disappearance of so many powerful individuals.  Through her efforts, Deltox had managed to expand their sales world wide especially in countries that were used to having super powered people protecting their citizens.

      "Good day, Ms. Dobson.  Nice day, isn't it?"  the security guard Gus said pleasantly as he handed Bonnie the log book for her to sign in.  The lobby of the Deltox building was busy with numerous people coming and going and cell phones actively ringing throughout the tiled floor.

      "Yeah, they say nothing but sunshine for the rest of the week.  If they let me take a few days off from here, I might get a chance to enjoy it.  Oh well, another day, another dollar,"  Bonnie said as she signed the book and picked up her daily ID pass from the guard. 

      As she passed the security desk,  Bonnie spotted several magazines on the right hand side of Gus' work area.  Although they ranged from the weekly tabloid newspapers to more serious magazines like Newstime and Earth This Week, all seemed to have one topic as their focus.

      "HEROES GO POOF! - NOSTRADAMUS PREDICTED IT!!"  was the bold headline blazoned on the Weekly Enduirer.  "COUNTRIES HIRING SUPER POWERED VILLAINS - FACT OR FICTION?"  was the less bold but ominous headline on North America Monthly.  "HEROES - SHOULD THE U.S. RECRUIT THEM IN THE INTEREST OF NATIONAL DEFENSE?"  was the lead item for Conservative Reader.

      "The only headline I want to see is one announcing my promotion.  Nothing else really matters,"  Bonnie thought to herself as she walked over to the elevator banks and hit the button to go up.  Upon entering an empty car and hitting the button for the top floor, Bonnie's thoughts turned to how she should present herself at the meeting.  Should she be the usual frank and efficient woman she was known for or was a more aggressive attitude necessary to show she could handle new duties?  It was with this, and other questions, that the business woman stepped out of the elevator and headed to the main conference room for the meeting.

      Upon entering the conference room, Bonnie was surprised to find that there was only other person in the room besides herself: the president of Deltox, Jack Matthews, who was seated at the far end of the table looking at a laptop in front of him.

       "Come in, Bonnie, come in!  I was just looking over the figures for the last thirty days or so and it seems we've made quite an inroad into the European market.  It seems that when there was an attempted overthrow of the French government by Blockbuster, Star Sapphire and a few others, it made more than a few people nervous.  Excellent!"  the company CEO crowed as he turned his attention to the woman walking in the room.

       "Have you given any thought to the memo I emailed you last week?  I have the specs behind my proposal back at my office if you want more details,"  Bonnie asked as she took a seat near Jack and flashed her usual look of confidence.

       "Well, I think your idea of selling weapons to the so called 'super villains' intent on conquering a country for themselves seems a trifle ambitious and could backfire if it got out to the press.  However, that's something that can be hashed out at the next board meeting when you take your seat as our newest vice-president.  Congratulations!"  Jack said with a broad smile appearing on his weathered face.

       Bonnie beamed in appreciation and murmured her thanks.  "Well, I hope I'm able to live up to your expectations, Mr. Matthews.  Is there any new matters you want me to look into as part of my new executive position?" the woman asked even as she was starting to envision a way of herself occupying the old guy's seat in a few years.

       "Actually, there is one thing I want you to look into.  As part of a diversification process, we've acquired a number of other companies that will allow us more streams of revenue.  One of these is a company, Frois Vrai, that is heaquartered in St. Germain, France and is a major supplier for cryogenic units in Europe and the Far East.  We've managed to acquire a contract to sell a large number of units to a firm we already do business with but in order to fulfill the order, the company's main plant has to expanded by 50 % in size.  I need someone to oversee the work and make sure the costs don't get out of hand.  Do you think you're up to such a task?"  Jack asked as he tapped a steel pen on a stack of nearby papers.

       "Well, I was thinking maybe of staying closer to company HQ and learning a bit more about what you have in mind for my new executive role.  Could you maybe send someone who is a little more familiar with the company and region it's in?"  Bonnie asked, trying to get out of something she really wanted no part of.

       "Bonnie, Bonnie, I think you're misunderstanding your role in your new position.  You see, your duties will be to troubleshoot our new acquisitions on a worldwide basis.  Considering your background, I would think that traveling would be something that you would look forward to.  If that's not the case, perhaps I should inform the board that we should reconsider your promotion,"  the company executive said with his joviality quickly fading into a much sterner tone.

       "No, no, I'll go and make this newest acquisition a proud new part of Deltox.  Just let me know when I'll be going and I'll have my things packed and ready to go,"  Bonnie replied, flicking aside a lock of her auburn hair.  Secretly, she knew she had little choice but to go along for now.

       "That's the spirit!  Here's a folder with all the info you need, a company charge card for any expenses you might incur on a personal level and a CD with details about the assignment after this one.  There's a company driver, Jacques, waiting for you in the lobby to take you directly to our private airfield.  A company jet is standing by, packed with other items you might need, to take you to France.  Do you have any other questions?"  Jack said, handing a fairly hefty red leather folder emblazoned with the company logo on the front to Bonnie.

        "I guess the only question I have is what's the weather like in France at this time of year?"  Bonnie asked which resulted in a boisterous laugh from both of the executives though Bonnie's happiness decreased significantly upon leaving the room..........


         The ruins of the ancient Mayan temple had been partially reclaimed by the jungle that surrounded it on all sides with brick entrances badly decayed or collapsed altogether.  A village about ten miles to the north held the belief that the ruins were haunted by the victims of the sacrifices made by Mayan priests centuries ago and consequently the villagers stayed far clear of the area.  With schools of piranha inhabiting the nearby river, the temple was an area that few ventured into save for the odd curious archeologist looking to make a rare find or two.

         However, the helicopter that was slowly descending into a clearing south of the temple contained a lone individual that seemed rather oblivious to the myths and dangers that surrounded the ruins.  When the copter settled on the ground and the blades slowly stopped rotating, a single woman emerged from the craft and walked quickly towards the main part of the temple that was still standing.

          Dressed in a skin tight silver lycra outfit from the neck down with kelvar woven into the torso and holsters visible on each hip, the woman was known to many people worldwide as Silver Sable.  The woman, whose hair color matched the shiny silver texture of her uniform, operated as the head of a highly skilled and trained group of mercenaries that operated out of the Symkarian embassy in New York.  Silver Sable and her Wild Pack, as she called her hirelings, often traveled around the world on paid missions that were hazardous to say the least.

          However, on this day, Silver Sable was traveling by her lonesome at the request of the two people she had agreed to meet.  Considering the nature of the two, Silver Sable had initially resisted traveling by herself but, considering the events that had gone on around the world with anyone considered heroes or heroines, she decided to dismiss his mental misgivings about the meeting.

         As she made her way towards the temple's entrance, Sable mentally reviewed the dossiers concerning the two she was meeting.  The first was known to most law enforcement agencies and heroes/heroines as the villainous Viper, a woman who headed up an organization dedicated to world conquest and domination.   Notorious for her fixation on wearing attire colored dark green (with even her lipstick taking on that hue) and for her utter disdain towards loss of life in the course of implementing one of her many plans, a nervous Viper had nevertheless requested the meeting with the location and conditions to be determined by a third party intermediary.

        The second woman Sable was to meet was a bit of mystery to her with very little information available about her.  The woman called herself Iron Maiden was a foe that was commonly encountered the now defunct superhero group know as the T.H.U.N.D.E.R Agents.  Once considered one of most feared criminal masterminds in the community, she had fallen out of favor with her fellow criminals due to her dalliances with the hero Dynamo, who was a member of the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents.  However, her tolerance for such disdain was quickly reached as a crime boss from the East Coast found out after a party the two both attended.  The boss had said to anyone within earshot that Iron Maiden 'was Dynamo's bitch' and 'she should go by the name Rusty Maiden  from now on'.  Three days later, the crime boss' body was found sealed inside a see-through plastic cube that was filled with what the police said was water heavily laced in lead and other metal particulates.

         Nevertheless, when Dynamo disappeared (along with the rest of the world's heroes), it clearly unnerved Iron Maiden as she spent the time afterwards using all her power and influence to find out where he was. Once she had exhausted all her sources, Iron Maiden turned her attention to the rumors of heroines (as well as a few villains) disappearing in a similar traceless manner.  It was against this backdrop that Iron Maiden had contacted Silver Sable through an intermediary and requested this meeting to compare notes and such.   Needless to say, it was a meeting that the mercenary head would have flatly refused, but these were different days.......

         "Considering the reputation of these two, I should have insisted on bringing one of my own people for protection.  I guess I'll settle for having my employees monitor my movements from a chopper a short distance from here,"  Silver Sable thought as she glanced at her wristwatch and saw that she was due to make her arrival in a few minutes.  One of the conditions of the meeting was that each would arrive at different times to avoid any unnecessary hassles or thoughts of potential ambushes.

         "If I remember right, I light the torch and follow the corridor to a T section.  Go right and travel downwards to an opening that leads into a room supposedly used by Mayan priests to prepare human sacrifices for the gods they worshipped.  Hopefully, Sable and Maiden won't have anything like that in mind,"  the mercenary head muttered quietly out loud as she plucked the wooden torch from a holder mounted on a nearby wall.

         A short time later, Silver Sable found herself standing in the entranceway to the room that she was looking for.  She was puzzled by the fact that the room was completely dark and if she wasn't holding a torch, she wouldn't see anything beyond the end of her nose.  Even with the torch, Sable could only see what looked like a large altar in the center of the room with several decorations lining the walls to indicate the room's usage.

         "Viper?  Iron Maiden?  Are either of you two in here?  Speak up now and let me know where you are,"  Silver Sable called out with an air of annoyance evident in her voice.  She was in no mood for people showing up late or playing mind games and if she didn't receive any indication they were here, she'd head back to her home base and resume overseeing her organization.

         "Hello?  Viper, are you here?"  the silver haired woman called out as she took another step forward.

         And another.

         And one more.

         Suddenly, the floor seemed to open up from under Silver Sable and she found herself falling downwards.  Instantly, she shot her right arm out to the side and activated the micro thin loop of cable with a deployable grappling hook at the end that was secreted in her wristband.  To her disappointment, the cable failed to attach to anything of substance and she continued her rapid descent into a seemingly bottomless pit.

         After falling for what seemed like minutes, Silver Sable landed with a loud THUMP! on top of what seemed like a large rubber or plastic airbag though it was hard to tell in the pitch dark.  Before she had a chance to orient herself, she felt the bag slowly deflate and flatten out to the point where she could gingerly roll off it and onto the stone floor.

         As her eyes adjusted to the darkness around her, Silver Sable saw that she looked to be in a room that appeared to be roughly similar in size and shape to the one she was just in.  However, there was no sign of an exit or something like it anywhere not to mention that she had the feeling she was being observed at this moment.

         "Wild Pack?  Wild Pack, this is Sable, come in please.  Wild Pack, please respond!"  Silver Sable said as she pulled out a tiny transmitter she kept concealed in the belt around her waist and spoke into it.  To her dismay, there was no response or even an indication that the device was working despite the fact that it was state of the art and designed to work underground at depths up to three miles beneath the surface.  She figured that her support personnel, hovering in a jet just off the Peruvian coast, would hear her easily but that was not the case.

         "I'm sorry to say that no one will be answering your messages, Silver Sable,"  a voice called out from the darkness.  It seemed to come from a speaker of some sort though where it was located proved elusive.

         "Who are you?  Where are Iron Maiden and Viper?  Are they working for you?"  Sable called out, trying to figure out if she had heard the speaker's voice somewhere before.  While she talked, she moved her right index finger slowly until it was resting on top of the subcutaneous locator device Sable had implanted beneath her skin before leaving for the mission.  The mercenary head figured that even if her captors were right about their ability to block her communication attempts, they might not look for something that was invisible to the human eye.

         "Oh, the compatriots that you arranged to meet her today.  Well, they have been already taken care of.  Here's a little visual of what happened that might enlighten you a bit,"  the voice called out followed by two panels starting to illuminate on the far wall from Sable.  As she watched in curiosity, the panels illuminated to show Iron Maiden and Viper by themselves in what looked to be the same room Silver Sable now found herself in.  Judging by the two's actions, they were both angry and distressed about their predicament but seemed incapable of moving from the waist down.

         In the next few seconds, there seemed be a loud humming noise coming from the background of both the women which resulted in their voices increasing in volume.  Iron Maiden seemed to be threatening to bring her entire power and might to bear on her tormentor while waving her right index finger around in a semi circle in a commanding manner.  Viper was vowing death to the man or woman who had trapped her and any of their loved ones.  However, their cries of defiance decreased in volume which coincided with the humming becoming louder.

         A few seconds later, Silver Sable saw that the humming noise was an indication of something far more sinister occurring with Iron Maiden and Viper.  She saw that there was a sinister change happening to both women's exposed skin with Iron Maiden's taking on a gold sheen and Viper's skin becoming tan brown or bronze in appearance.  As this transformation, which seemed confined at first to the extremities of the two, spread to other parts of them, the women's movements became noticeably stiffer by the moment.  Although Sable hadn't seen it before, there was now a visible glow around both the women in question that was the same hue as the color enveloping them.

         As Silver Sable looked on in silent horror, she saw the two women's bodies quickly change to inanimate, lifeless objects that were chillingly realistic in appearance.  Iron Maiden's face froze in a final look of anger, disbelief with perhaps (most perplexingly) a tinge of pleasure evident in it.  Her right hand had curled up into a fist with her forearm extended outwards in a clear act of defiance that looked remarkable considering her body now was nothing more than a solid mass of gold.  Although her outfit remained the intricate seams of silver right up to the mask covering her eyes, the rest of the master villainess looked like it was cast from a vat of the purest gold.

         As for Viper, her transformation into a statue happened almost as fast as the change to Iron Maiden.  The metallizing of her body seemed to freeze her body almost in mid breath with her back arching just a little bit and her chest jutting out ever so slightly.  Judging by the fact the green costumed woman's nipples could clearly be seen pressing against the cloth of her outfit, it was possible that the transformation, as terrifying and shocking it must have been to the subjects, was somehow extremely pleasant in an erotic way.  Viper's right hand was extended above her with her right arm bent at the elbow giving the appearance that the villainess was trying to shield herself from an unseen attack.  Her left arm froze while hanging by her side with her left hand looking like it was in the middle for reaching for a secret weapon of some kind.  In a matter of moments, all her visible skin had become bronze in color indicating that the subject was now completely inorganic inside and out with Viper's eyes frozen wide in a look of surprise and contempt.

         Thirty or so seconds later, the humming ceased altogether and the images faded to black.  Strangely, Silver Sable saw that the monitors were still on by the flickering going on that she picked up on.  From what she could perceive, there were two or more people moving the statues around while uttering phrases in a language Silver Sable had never heard before.

          "Well, my silver colored guest, do the scenes you just witnessed impress you?"  a voice different from the one before called out in a mocking tone.

          "I suppose you're trying to frighten me.  You should know that my people will be here in a matter of minutes and you'll regret what you're doing!"  Silver Sable called out while looking around trying to figure out where an opening was to the room that she could pry open.

           "Yes, yes, this is all very boring.  I think Storm said something similar to that earlier..... or was it Valkyrie..... or Supergirl?  It doesn't really matter..... they were all empty threats in the end.... or was it solid threats?"  a voice replied with an evil laugh audible upon uttering the last few words.

          "We'll see about that!!"  Silver Sable snapped and took a step forward intending to race a wall and start climbing out of the predicament she was in.  Unfortunately, her first step proved to be disastrous and she realized too late that the people responsible for her predicament had anticipated her actions.  Manacles slid up from the floor and grappled onto both of Sable's ankles resulting in her being unable to move at all.  Instinctively, the mercenary head went to grab the miniature blowtorch hidden in the waistband of her pants with her hands but two more cuffs sprang from the darkness to secure her hands like her feet.   With a collar snapping around Sable's neck, the silver haired woman was unable to move from the neck down no matter how much energy she put into her efforts.

          "We could use the new freezing procedure for this one.  It would make transporting her much faster especially if we want to make our quota this month,"  a voice that Sable hadn't heard before called out from the darkness.

         "I don't think so.  We're going to be using that in the continent of Europe for Level 3 and 4 of the collection.  Once that's done,............"  the familiar voice from before replied before the voice faded in volume and was indiscernible to Sable.

         Moments later, a powerful electrical charge passed through the chains that were restraining Silver Sable; a jolt that seemed to cause every muscle in her body, even her eyes, to freeze solid.  Once the charge dissipated, the chains withdrew, leaving a figure of a woman that seemed to be suspended in time.  However, the energy that went through the chains was not merely electrical in nature as Sable's skin, like that of the the others, was quickly changing in color and appearance. Her hands and face seemed to be taking on the same polished silver appearance that her outfit and hair had with no blemishes or imperfections visible anywhere.

         A minute or so later, two figures emerged from the darkness and started to swiftly remove Sable's outfit from her motionless body.  As they did, it became apparent that the woman's entire body had been transformed into solid silver with features such as her nipples and finely trimmed pubic hair indicating that this was no ordinary statue.

         "Should we make her ready for transport like the other two, boss?"  one of the figures called out.

         "Yes, and make it quick in case any of their colleagues get here soon,"  a familiar voice replied before chuckling at the end.

         "By the way, call me Gus.  It's much more friendly,"  the voice intoned.

To be continued........

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