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New Stories from 2004

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 These aren't exactly new, but they are the new stories from 2003 and before arranged in the order by date they were added to the archive.





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25-Dec-04   Ratravarman Stone Art Vanity Kills (w/ Las Vegas)
    Freezefan6 The Alternative  
    Johnsan Balancing the Books  
    Northern Chill Jane Steele 3 The Factory Tour, with Options
      Long Term Pose The Shape of Things To Come 2
    Leem Cendriller  
    Dream Writer The Girls Get Even The Dancer Model ad
      The Higher Power  
    CMQ Incredible Ring Thing, pt. 57-59  
    Cobalt Jade Right Click and Enter  
    Drake Gorgon Eye Live and Let Doll
    Paul Jutras Sabrina's Christmas Stocking The New Girlfriend
20-Oct-04   Northern Chill Jane Steele 1, 2 Out of Time and Place 2
      Shape of Things to Come 1  
    Drake Octaposey  
    Dream Writer Music Box Ballerina  
    Leem Gillian in Bronze  
    Disman Spontaneous Vacation  
    Nicky Wishmaster - Ariella Transformed  
    Dmuk Another Neat Trick  
    Q Living Statues - Art Scene (w/ dmuk)  
    Paul Jutras Timeless Beauty 2  
05-Sep-04   Drake Goldfingered For Your Eyes Stonily
    Magnus Essence  
    Northern Chill Grunge - Beer, Pizza, and Dolls  
    Mark Runnells Time with Julia 3  
    Vogon Where You Belong  
    Paul Jutras Timeless Beauty  
    Theodoric of York The Demon Blade  
31-Jul-04   Leem The Shepherd The Treasure of the Ancients
    Northern Chill Night of the Living Dolls 2, 3, 4  
    Mark Andrew Runnells Defrosting the Fridge Time with Julia 1, 2
    Anthyrax The Brokers 4  
    Disman A Stiff Bet  
    Voyer Institution  
    Johnsan Celebrity Doll  
    Rubberwolf Working Late 2  
    Dr. Robo The Robot Teacher  
    Paul Jutras Scott's Wishes 2  
    Heinrich Brueckmann Open and Shut Case (aka 'Evidence')  
05-Jun-04   Anthyrax The Brokers 1, 2, 3  
    Northern Chill Puppet Master 7 Night of the Living Dolls 1
    Paul Jutras The New Fantasy 3 Scott's Wishes
    Magnus Artfull Crime - A ReImagining (w/ dmuk)  
    Leem Suspended  
    Mines_Eye The Model Schoolgirl  
    Rubberwolf Working Late 1  
24-Apr-04   Anthyrax Enemies 2 (updated) Enemies 4, Epilogue
    Eternity's Gaze The Gaze 1, 2  
    Rodin A Not-So-Brief Avenging Encounter  
    Magnus Excerpt - A Prince Among Statues (updated)  
    Leem The Singer  
    Johnsan Dana Doll A Suitable Position
    0mn1vore Divergence  
    Paul Jutras The Babysitter A Day for a Knight
17-Mar-04   Johnsan Latex Nina Doll Magical Transformation 1
    Teslaboy Magic Show Petra-Fiction 1
    Dmuk A Brief Encounter with Fame  
    The Sculptor Menagerie 2 (produced by Magnus)  
    Leem The Enchanted Grove  
    Lucy Yip Boxed Up  
    Gorgo Deanna's Surprise 3  
    Cobalt Jade
Zang Long
The Franchise 2 (from Medusa Chronicles)  
    Dr. Robo Hotel Robotica  
    JMD The Inventor's New Invention  
    Squashflat ...Nor a Borrower Be....  
    Paul Jutras New Year's Dolls 3  
17-Feb-04   Johnsan Room Service 1, 2 Lucy's New Position
    DL A Brief Encounter with Her Majesty's Secret Service (w/ dmuk)  
    Taryn Alynn Beyond The Century  
    Q Living Statues - A Special Freeze
(w/ dmuk)
    Kirstie A Mannequin's Life - Deeper  
    Gorgo Deanna's Surprise 2 - Marlenn  
    Anthyrax Enemies 3 (continuing the Enemies saga)  
    Ladymecha Computed Resurrection  
    Zapped Girls Under Glass - The Professor's Secret 1, 2  
    Leem Ketrin - Part Five  
    M.P. Connie the new Coppertone Spokesmodel  
    Rubberwolf Invitation to a Fetish Party  
    Paul Jutras Late Letter to Santa  
    Dr. Robo Transformation of a Superheroine  

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