The Robot Teacher

by Dr.Robo

Sara walked down the hall as the kids ran past her, happy to be done for the day.

"See ya Monday, Mrs. Robinson!" called out Janie Smith as she walked past.

"Have a good weekend, Janie." Sara responded.

Sara saw Al Bentley, the science teacher, down the hall. She sighed to herself and walked toward him, conscious of the gentle sway and bounce of her very large breasts. He smiled as she approached. Al was a few years younger than her 31, and since the day he started teaching at the school had endlessly flirted with her. At first Sara was flattered, but she made it perfectly clear that she was happily married.

Al had been very persistent though. He always made comments about how nice she looked and paid her numerous compliments. Sara had at first gotten irritated at his come-ons but they were never so direct or crude that it could be considered harassment and eventually she just accepted and tolerated them. She had to admit that he was nice looking and sometimes she even found herself laughing and blushing at his words. Unfortunately that only seemed to encourage him.

"Hello, Sara. You certainly look nice this afternoon." he said with a smile and rather quickly looked over her body.

"Thank you, Al. Its been a long day." she replied. She noticed his glance over her. He often seemed to be studying her like a lab rat.

"We have a three day weekend. Any plans?" he asked.

"No, John is out of town for two weeks and I'm just going to relax." she answered, "How about you?"

"Oh, I'm going to be involved with a project I've been working on for a long time. An experimental project" he answered.

"Really? What kind of experiment?" Sara asked. She had heard that Al was supposed to be close to genius as far as his intelligence. She couldn't help but wonder what sort of things he did in his spare time.

"Its rather complicated to explain. I've been developing a new type of computer intelligence, essentially a computer that can think!" he said.

"Wow, that sounds very complicated, like something out of science fiction," she said with a laugh and immediately regretted it.

His face darkened slightly.

"Its not science fiction. Its quite real. I believe that what I have created will change the world as we know it." Al stated somewhat melodramatically.

"OK, if you say so, Al."

He smiled. "Perhaps you would like to see my work, Sara? Perhaps you could even assist me?"

"How could I assist?" she asked.

"Its too difficult to explain here. It would be easier to show you. Would you be interested?"

"Well I guess I could take a look and maybe I could help." Sara said.

"Excellent, tonight would be perfect. I would need to get a few things ready for you. Why don't you come by at 8:00 in the evening and I'll show you what I've been working on."

Sara thought for a moment. She didn’t have anything to do with John out of town and it would be easy to get a sitter tonight.

"OK. I will. But I cant be out too late, Al. And remember, I'm just helping you. It's not a date. Understand?" she stated.

"Oh, of course Sara. You made your feelings clear long ago. I understand," Al said with a smile, "See you at 8:00 then?"

"Sure, I remember how to get to your house from the faculty meeting last spring. I'll see you later tonight." she said and walked on.

Al watched her walk away and smiled. He had much to do to get ready for Sara's visit tonight.

Sara looked at herself in the mirror. Even though she had no interest in Al, she still wanted to look nice. Her brown sweater was a bit snug around her large bust but the tease in her liked how she looked. "It won't hurt to keep Al on his toes." she thought with a smile. She grabbed her purse and the baby carrier and walked out to her car.

She dropped Traci off at the sitter's and told them she shouldn't be out too late. Mrs. Johnson told her not to worry. There had been occasions when Sara and John had stayed out late, but they knew Mrs. Johnson very well and trusted Traci with her overnight. "I'll call if I'm going to be late", Sara said as she walked out.

Al heard the doorbell ring and smiled. "Your right on time, Sara" he laughed. He opened the door and greeted her with a smile.

"I'm so glad you could make it, Sara." he said as his eyes roamed over her lush figure once more.

She felt herself almost blush and wondered if she shouldn't have dressed a bit more conservatively.

"Well I didn't have any plans and what you said interested me. You really think you've discovered something that will change the world?" she asked.

"I think so, at least my little corner of it." he said and led her inside.

"Would you like something to drink? I have some coffee if you'd like?"

She smiled, "Yes that would be nice, thanks."

Sara watched him go into the kitchen and looked around the living room. Rows and rows of books on science, electricity and other topics filled the shelves. She saw that his desk was covered with papers and material from school. "At least I'm not the only one who seems to be buried in paperwork sometimes." she thought.

He walked back in with two large cups of coffee and handed her one.

"Thank you" she said and took a sip, "Hmmm... very good."

"Your welcome. Its my own... special blend. Come..let me show you my lab."

She grinned, "Your lab?"

"Yes, I remodeled my basement into a lab for my work. It's much better than I'd planned. I bought a lot of used equipment and converted it to better suit my purposes." he stated, "Let me show you."

She followed him downstairs and was surprised at what she saw. Al smiled at her reaction.

"Wow, Al, its very impressive," she exclaimed.

Sara looked around the large room. All sorts of electronics and computers lined the walls. A mass of wires and cables ran across the ceiling to the various machines.

"Didn't this cost you a lot of money?" she asked in wonder at the strange equipment.

"I accumulated a lot of it over the past few years. I started my research in college. It has gone from a mere hobby to I'll admit to an obsession," he said, almost laughing.

She smiled. Sara looked over to one end of the room. It was concealed with a large curtain.

"And what’s behind curtain number one?" she asked.

He grinned. "I guess I wanted to be dramatic when I showed you what I have created."

"What do you do with all this strange equipment down here?" she asked and took another drink of her coffee.

"What I have been doing is genius, Sara!" he exclaimed, "I guarantee it will change our lives!"

"I have created a most remarkable computer. It can actually duplicate the functions of the human brain!"

Sara listened as she sipped her coffee. "I've read about computers like that, artificial intelligence they call it."

He smiled. "Yes but what I've created is much more advanced the other scientists have been working on."

"I am using nanites, tiny, microscopic machines that can form into remarkable advanced computer circuitry. Each is capable of artificial intelligence, but when integrated together, their power is incredible!

She listened not fully understanding what he said, but he didn't care.

"Much like the cells of your brain, these nanites can form a network, but also can integrate with the existing structure of a computer." he said excitedly as he watched Sara finish her coffee.

"I have used my nanites to create my powerful new computers and now I am ready to take my discovery to the next step!"

"The next step? What is the next step, Al?" she asked.

Sara put her hand to her head, she suddenly felt dizzy.

"The next step is to introduce my nanites into a human brain; your brain, Sara! I am going to transform your brain into a living computer!"

Her eyes widened and she took a step back. "What?! What are you talking about?"

He smiled, his drug was taking effect. "Once my nanites are finished with you, you will have a programmable, computerized brain! You are going to be my human robot!

Sara's eyes widened at his words. "No... you're mad!" she managed to cry out as the drug took hold. She gasped and collapsed into his arms.

"Mad? Perhaps Sara but you will soon not care if I'm mad or not!" he laughed and picked her up.

He picked up the unconscious teacher and carried her to a chair. Putting her down he walked the curtain and drew it back. He looked at what was behind it with a smile.

A large metal table, equipped with restraining straps stood surrounded by electronic equipment. At the side of the table hung a container with an IV tube attached. A long thin needle was at the end.

He walked back over, picked up Sara and carried her to the table. Laying her down on it he smiled and began to undress his human guinea pig. He unfastened her pants and pulled them off, grinning as he pulled of her panties as well.

Al pulled the sweater off her and gazed at her breasts. They were so large now, the object of his and many others fantasies. He remembered how much they had grown since she had been pregnant.

Pausing only for a moment, he unhooked the large, white bra she wore, pulled it from her and set her clothes aside. Al carefully strapped her wrists and ankles securely to the table. Stepping back he looked her over.

Sara lay there naked and restrained on the table. Her large breasts fell to her arms, her nipples erect in the cool air of his lab. Al wiped a disinfectant on her arm and inserted the needle. Satisfied he watched as the serum containing his nanites began to flow into her vein.

The blueish-green liquid contained millions of nanites and they started to flow through her body, awaiting the electricity that would activate their pre-programmed tasks.

Al went to his computer and double checked all his equipment. Everything was perfect, he only had to wait.

Thirty minutes later, Sara began to stir, awakening from the drug. She tried to move but found she couldn't.

"Oh...where am I?" she weakly asked.

"Welcome back, Sara. You're still in my lab of course," he said with a laugh.

She pulled against the straps and felt a pain in her arm. Looking down she saw she was naked and saw the now empty container hanging from the IV stand next to her.

"What... what have you done?" she cried in horror.

"The serum containing my nanites is now coursing through your body. Soon the nanites will be activated... to begin the changes. Your transformation into my human robot!" he exclaimed.

Everything came back to her and she struggled futilely against the straps. He watched as she struggled, her breasts jiggling and quivering from her movements.

"You cannot escape, Sara. I advise you to relax and accept what fate has decided for you." he laughed.

Al looked over his helpless subject and smiled, "Now for some necessary equipment, my dear."

She watched helplessly as he attached the electrodes to her wrists and ankles, cables led from them to the apparatus that hung over her.

"What are you doing?!!!" she cried.

"This procedure requires a great deal of electricity. With the nanites in your system, your body will now be able to conduct the voltage with ease. The electricity will be as natural to your body as the air you breathe.”

She watched in horror as he gently took hold of her erect right nipple and inserted a thin electrode into it. Sara gasped as she felt it enter her but without any pain. He hooked up her left breast as well, the wires running to the equipment above her.

"Your breasts are already quite large, Sara, but I think a few more inches couldn’t hurt." he laughed.

"Noooo... you're insane!" she cried and again struggled. Her breasts jiggled and the wires connecting them to the equipment swayed from her action.

Al ignored her and lifted up a strange looking helmet. "Soon Sara, anything I say will be perfectly reasonable to you. Once you have been reprogrammed, such offensive thoughts as that will be erased from your mind."

He placed the helmet on her head, ensuring that it was snug. Two metal electrodes attached to it were clamped firmly to her temples. Al proceeded to plug various wires and cable into the helmet, hooking it up to his computers. With a satisfied smile, he stepped back.

Sara looked up at him, a terrified expression on her face. He just smiled down at her. "Try not to resist the procedure, Sara. You can't fight technology!" he laughed.

"Nooo... please let me go, Al..."she cried, wondering what was going to happen to her.

"Just relax, Sara. Soon everything will be so much better." he said and walked to his computer.

Sara lay there, trembling in fear. Her eyes wide with panic, her heart racing. She heard switches being thrown and a humming sound filled the lab. The lights dimmed slightly as power was drained from them to the equipment that surrounded her.

"You will feel a powerful charge as the electrical voltage enters your body, but rest assured, Sara, it will not harm you in the slightest." he stated.

She braced herself and cried out as the current hit her. Sara's body stiffened in shock as the electricity surged into her. A low moan escaped her lips.

Al watched his monitors intently, their gauges and readouts measuring and recording the process.

"500 volts... 600 volts.. 700 volts..." he called out to her as the current increased.

It felt like every cell in her body was pulsating with power. The electricity surged freely through her, charging her, preparing her. Sara could never imagine the intense sensation of the high voltage electricity blasting through her.

Al stood up and walked over to her. He smiled at the sight. Sara's body was vibrating, quivering from the current surging into her. Her eyes were wide, a stunned look on her face.

"What's... happening... to... me..?" she gasped.

"The electricity is increasing to the necessary level for nanite activation. It is almost there. Soon the hundreds of nanites now in your body will begin to make the changes that have been programmed into them." he said as he gazed down at her.

Sara hardly heard him, her mind and body consumed by the electrical charge. She could barely think, her thoughts seemed to be so distant, so empty. Electrical energy surged through her, rising and falling in her body, changing her.

He watched as the nanites began to work. A smile crossed his face as he gazed at her breasts, quivering and jiggling from the current surging into them. Al could see them slowly begin to grow. He had programmed the nanites to enlarge her breasts by 25% as well as increase her milk production. He licked his lips as he watched.

His eyes wandered up and down her body, watching as her figure became more toned, her muscles stronger. Though he couldn’t see it, he knew what changes were also occurring within Sara's brain. Al walked back over to his monitors and watched the 3-D model of her brain evolve.

Electrical circuitry was forming within it, the nanites constructing themselves into a powerful computer, integrated with her own brain. Sara's brain was being hardwired into a living computer, ready for the programming that he had designed.

After nearly an hour, the readouts told him that the nanites had completed their task. Her body was altered as he had programmed and her brain was now computerized. She was ready for the final phase of her robotization.

"Sara!" he called out.

She felt the pull of his voice and her consciousness tried to return. Her body felt so strange, different. A weight seemed to be pressing on her chest, yet she felt good, full of energy. The electricity, now at over 5,000 volts, felt so wonderful, natural... necessary.

"Sara, the nanites have completed the physical changes in your body and brain. You are now ready for reprogramming." he exclaimed

His voice seemed to echo in her ears, her mind. She was aware on one level what was happening but couldn't comprehend it.

"...changes complete... ready for reprogramming..." she mindlessly repeated.

He smiled at her response. "Yes, you are ready for reprogramming! You will soon think as I program you to think, do as I program you and obey me completely. You will become a human robot!"

"..ready for reprogramming... become a human robot... yes..."

With an evil grin, Al began entering the commands into his computer. A loud buzzing filled the air and his computer activated.

Sara stiffened and moaned as the computer entered her mind. She felt her thoughts return, fully conscious and aware of what was happening.

"..what..are... you...doing?.." she weakly cried out.

"You are being reprogrammed, Sara, becoming my human robot!"

She felt the programming, the computer in her thoughts.

"Relax... accept... relax... accept.." the words seemed to caress her mind, over and over, calming her. Sara felt the fear vanish, her thoughts seemed to be fade away. She tried to concentrate, to think, but couldn't.

Thoughts began to enter her mind. Thoughts that weren't hers but seemed to blend in with hers, overwhelming them. Her mind couldn't concentrate, she couldn't think clearly.

'I'm being programmed...' she realized, 'He's programming my thoughts!'

The computer increased the flow of data, more programming surged into her mind. Sara tried to resist but she could no longer tell her own thoughts from the programming. They were becoming one.

She lay there, feeling the data pouring into her, becoming her. Understanding, accepting the programming... feeling herself
changing... accepting the changes... wanting the changes...

Her mouth opened. "receiving programming... receiving programming..."

Sara's voice sounded distant, mechanical. Al smiled.

"Very good, Sara. Your mind has accepted the computer within your brain."

She sensed the computer increase the flow of data and eagerly opened her mind, letting it in, to take her, to control her, to transform her.

New thoughts raced through her mind, what to think, how to think....

'Receiving programming... Receiving programming...'

For 30 minutes the computer programmed her, informing her of her new life, creating a new identity within her, a human robot, a new individual.

Al watched the monitors and smiled as the final programming was downloaded. He walked up and let his eyes roam up and down her body, feasting on her enlarged breasts, her engorged nipples dripping milk as the electrodes inserted into them continued to charge her with electricity.

"Sara, listen to me!" he commanded.

Her eyes stared blankly up, gazing at the equipment above her.

"Yes.Al" she replied in a monotone, robotic voice.

"You are no longer, Sara Robinson!"


"You are no longer a human woman."


"I have transformed you."


"I have robotized you!"


"You are now a robot, a human robot!"


"You are my female robot. Your purpose in life is to serve and obey me."


"I am your Master!"


"Your name is now, Fembot. You are Sara Fembot."


The computer activated her programming acceptance function. She began to repeat over and over her new programming.





"I.hear.and.I.obey.his.commands... I.have.been.robotized...






She repeated the commands that would now direct and control her new computerized brain.

Al smiled and shut off his machines. The procedure was complete. Sara Robinson was now his obedient human robot.

The loud hum of the electrical equipment died down as the power was shut off. The lights on the helmet Sara wore blinked a few more times and dimmed to nothing. Her eyes were closed. She lay there motionless, her enlarged bosom rising and falling as the newly created robot breathed.

Al began to unhook the equipment from her body, removing the helmet, unplugging the electrodes from her nipples. As he unstrapped her from the table his hands shook with excitement. Standing back he looked over his new creation.

"Sara Fembot, open your eyes." he commanded

Her eyes opened, she gazed vacantly at the ceiling.

"What is your name?"

"" she answered.

"Very good. Stand before me."


Slowly, mechanically she rose from the table. Each movement processed by her computerized brain. Sara stood stiffly before Al, her new, larger breasts jutting towards him as if for inspection.

Al walked around her, inspecting her. He smiled at what he saw. Sara's body was more toned now, her skin seemed to glow with a younger appearance. He licked his lips as he stared at the milk droplets falling from her engorged nipples.

"You are perfect, Fembot. The perfect female robot." he declared.


He adjusted his pants. His erection was so insistent it was almost painful for him. He couldn't wait any longer and walked over to his computer console.

Sara stood there waiting. Her mind empty of all thoughts but obedience to her new master. She was aware of her enhanced body, the nanite alterations she had undergone. Her body felt wonderful, so full of energy, so perfectly robotic. The weight of her enlarged breasts was very noticeable. They felt so erotic, so powerful.

She was aware of who she was but it was a distant feeling. Her mind was focused on the present, on her master's commands, waiting to obey him. Everything else was irrelevant now. Sara Robinson was a distant memory. Sara Fembot was who she was now, a human robot ready to serve.

Al walked back over to her, holding a small device in his hand. He held it up for her to see.

"This is a remote control device, Fembot. It can activate your robotic programming when ever I desire. Some of these buttons I have already programmed to send various signals to your neural implants. I can also use it to speak directly to your mind when I choose." he stated.

She watched as he pointed the device at her and pressed a button. Sara felt a small tingling in her head and a charge of current surged throughout her body. The sexual arousal was instant and powerful. Her eyes widened, her back arched slightly as a wave of pleasure raced though her.

Al smiled at her reaction. "Now Fembot, Pleasure me!" he ordered.


Sara walked to her Master, her breasts bouncing and jiggling with each step. Milk steadily dripped from her nipples, her mammaries engorged and full. She reached up and kissed him. Her tongue met his as his passion and her programming joined. After a few moments she pulled back and dropped to her knees before him.

Quickly and efficiently her hands undid his pants, pulling them down to his ankles, his stiff cock sprang forth, ready for her attention. She licked her lips as her fingers wrapped around the long, hard shaft. Sara opened her mouth, took him in and began to suck.

Al moaned loudly as his new robot sucked on him. He set the remote down and gently caressed her as she serviced him. "I've been wanting this for so long..." he groaned.

Sara heard him but did not react. Her mind was focused on the task at hand, pleasuring her Master. With robotic precision she sucked, her hands squeezing and stroking the long shaft, her head pistoning back and forth on him. Her mouth was a tool of pleasure to be used for bringing her Master to orgasm.

Her tongue swirled around the swollen head in her mouth, deep throating him with the ease she now possessed. Sara felt it jerk and spasm in her mouth and a blast of cum spurted out. She quickly swallowed it down, her hand went to his balls and squeezed them as another and another blast of cum shot into her.

The robot sucked and swallowed as more cum filled her mouth. After nearly a minute the flood subsided. Sara squeezed and milked him, determined to get every last drop. Her belly was filled with his cum.

Finally she released the softening prick and stood up, licking the remainder from her lips, her assigned task complete.

Al grabbed a nearby chair and collapsed into it, panting heavily. He looked at Sara standing before him, ready and waiting for her next command. Gazing at her dripping nipples he called her to him.

His hands trembled as he began to squeeze and caress her breasts. Al lifted her right breast up and began to suckle. His robot's milk started to flow steadily from the nipple and he greedily drank it down. He suckled at both breasts for several minutes, relishing the taste he had so long desired.

Sara, though remaining still as he suckled, felt the powerful sensations from his mouth flow through her body like a charge of electrical arousal. The swollen feeling in her breasts subsided as her Master emptied her.

Al set her breasts back and looked up at his robot. "You are magnificent, Fembot. This is better than I had ever imagined!" he exclaimed.

He asked her about the plans she had. Sara answered his questions. Al ordered her to call her sitter and inform her that she would be unable to pick her daughter up until tomorrow morning. Sara did and Al smiled at her.

"Now that you're free from your responsibilities, Fembot, I can enjoy you all night." he said.


Al took her hand and guided Sara up to his bedroom.

The next morning after some additional programming was installed in her brain, Al sent his new robot home. He knew she had a life that she must continue with despite his desire to have her to himself. He sat down at his computer and began to document everything that had happened. Al was always meticulous with his experiments, keeping track of all he did.


After picking up her daughter, Sara decided to she needed once again to get fitted for new bras. Her recent growth was perfectly natural, she believed. Al had programmed this into her and she remembered nothing about the previous night. As far as she knew she had seen her doctor and was told that there was nothing abnormal about her increase in size.

That afternoon after she got home, Sara went to her bedroom and looked over the items she had purchased. The new bras she'd bought were much larger than her old ones. She now needed a 40JJ bra to hold her 50" bust. The plain, white underwire bras weren't very pretty or sexy but it was what she wanted. “Strong... utilitarian” was what she told the sales lady who waited on her.

She had also purchased several plain dresses that had been tailored to her top heavy figure, the hemline raised to mid thigh, two white, one brown and one light blue. For some reason she wanted these rather plain dresses and she loved how she looked in them. Sara hadn't noticed the sales woman staring at her as she had tried them on. She was unaware that she had been standing at attention, her chest thrust out as she looked herself over in the mirrors.

With a smile she undressed and put on a new bra, appreciating how it lifted and supported her larger breasts. Sara picked up a white dress and put it on, tying the belt snug around her waist, accentuating the jut of her bosom. She moved stiffly, slightly mechanically but was not aware that she was doing so.

The phone rang and Sara went to answer it.


There was silence on the other end and then a series of beeps and buzzes. She stiffened and her face went blank, her eyes glazed over.


Sara listened to the voice on the other end closely. After a few moments she nodded.


She hung up the phone.

Tim Ingram sat at his computer looking over the data. The 16 year old computer whiz hadn't studied for his science test the coming Monday and was now desperate for a way out. He had learned today that Mr. Bentley, his teacher, was a big computer geek and always had his PC on at home.

"I'll bet he keeps his tests and answers on his home computer. If I could hack my way into it, I wouldn't have to bother studying." he laughed.

He started up his custom made password hacking program and within a minute he was in.

Tim grinned as he looked over the files on his science teacher's computer.

"There it is!", he exclaimed when he saw the folder called '4th Quarter Tests'.

As he was about to open the folder, something caught his eye. Another folder. The title was 'Project Fembot'.

"What is this?" he wondered as he opened the folder. It was filled the hundreds of files. Tim opened one up and began to read and his eyes widened...

Continued in “Student-Teacher Relationship”

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