Spying Can Be Dangerous

by Northern Chill

       Note:  Originally posted at the Junction Portal site, closed but not forgotten. 
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                    The skylight window cracked open allowing fresh night air into the upper reaches of the large warehouse.  Seconds after the window opened, a small beam of light flickered through the opening then slowly went around in a circular motion.  A long rope dropped through the opening, followed by a woman dressed in tight fitting black leather who quickly descended down it.

                      Once Polly reached the end of the rope, she dropped the remaining ten or so feet to the concrete floor.  She remained in a crouched position for several seconds ready to react to an alarm or security personnel.  Once she was satisfied that there was no danger, she stood up and withdrew her flashlight from the canvas bag slung over her shoulder.  Flicking the light on, the curvaceous blonde started to walk around looking for the material she had been sent here to collect.  As she looked around, she saw several office doors at the far end of the building.  Polly felt reasonably certain that what she looking for was behind one of them.

                       As she walked across the floor careful not to create any more noise than from her thigh high boot heels clicking with each step, she thought over her previous experiences as a top operative in the organization headed by the man known simply as Herschlinger.  With tasks ranging from the assassination of rival agents that proved troublesome to baby-sitting that damn Siamese cat of his, Polly Williams had quickly risen in the ranks to where she was now one of the most trusted and feared operatives of Herschlinger.

                  "I don't know why Herschlinger doesn't want to put a name to the organization.  If he did, it might help recruiting new operatives... and our merchandising sales would really take off!  Ha!"  Polly said as she crept to the door she intended to open first.  However, when she got to within a few feet of the door, her right leg accidentally brushed against an invisible alarm beam that was set about a foot off the floor.

                  Almost instantly, bright red lights started flashing the length of the warehouse though it wasn't accompanied by the sirens usually associated by an alarm going off.  Polly pulled out her hand gun and ducked behind some barrels looking for the burly security force that would no doubt be flooding into warehouse any minute.

                  However, after several minutes, Polly saw no signs whatsoever of people entering into the warehouse.  The sexy spy stood up and reholstered her gun before starting to walk towards the office.  She walked a couple of steps before she heard the sound of what seemed like very tiny feet.  The agent looked up the corridor and saw a small brown rabbit sitting in the middle of it scratching it's nose with a paw.

                 Smiling at the sight of such a gentle creature, Polly turned to the left and saw three more rabbits sitting there in close proximity with the sound of more tiny steps all around her.  All of a sudden, the rabbit's eyes started to glow an eerie red and Polly realized the bunnies were not of the friendly cuddly type.

                 "DAMN!!!...."  Polly shouted as she flung herself to one side and opened fire on the mechanical killers whose mouths had opened spraying the area with machine gun fire.  If that wasn't bad enough, the white tails that were part of these killer bunnies were in fact small hand grenades that exploded when the rabbit was hit by gunfire.

                 After just a few minutes, the air was thick with smoke and the floor covered with spent bullets and the remnants of destroyed killer bunnies.  Polly herself was relatively unharmed though she had drop her weapon belt when one of the  mechanical menaces tore clean through it with paws ending in razor sharp claws.

                 "If only I had brought some H2 grenades with me... this would have been a lot easier..." Polly muttered as she shot at another leaping bunny and watched as it crashed backward into a warehouse wall and exploded harmlessly.  After a few more minutes of shooting and rolling away from bunnies blowing up, the agent stopped shooting and slowly stood up.

                 Wiping her forehead, the agent looked around the smoke filled warehouse and saw no sign of any other robot rabbits.  Dusting herself off, Polly headed back to the office she intended to ransack for the information she wanted before getting out of the warehouse.    

                  Opening the unlocked door, the spy quickly made her way to the computer and sat down hoping to get into the database.  Unfortunately, before she could get past the incredibly difficult ANY KEY password, a loud siren started sounding in the building. Flicking the computer off, Polly jumped up and dashed to the office door looking to see what foe she might have to deal with now.

                  When she opened the door, the agent saw there was a thick red mist permeating everywhere in the warehouse.  Leaning down to the ground, she picked up the furry remnant of one of killer bunnies and pressed it up against her face.  Polly then walked as fast as she could towards the area where she first entered the warehouse hoping not to breathe too much of the gas.

                  Unfortunately, before she was able to get close to where the rope still dangled  from the ceiling, she felt a growing sense of weakness that made her drop to her knees unable to walk any further.  In doing so, she ripped open the crotch area of her sheer pantyhose exposing the fact she was not wearing any panties and leaving her pussy open for anyone to see.

                   "Damn.... I knew I should have packed a gas mask with my gear tonight!"  Polly thought to herself as she quickly covered up the ripped area with her right hand while leaning on her left.  Having been involved in missions before where things went astray, the spy felt reasonably assured she could get out of the situation without capture or harm.  Once out, she'd confront Herschlinger and get a pay raise from him as well as some time at the private spa Herschlinger owned in Europe.

                   However, when Polly went to pull herself to her feet, she found herself unable to move in the slightest no matter how much she tried.  Her limbs were locked in the same position from just a minute ago and she found herself staring straight ahead looking at the barren floor and the rope to freedom that was so tantalizingly close yet so far.

                  "Must be some sort of paralyzing compound... mmmm... but why do I feel so goooddddd...."  Polly muttered softly before she found her ability to speak disappear as well accompanied by a growing feeling of sexual euphoria.  She felt a tingling sensation spreading through her body and it was particularly strong around her mouth, breasts and lower torso.  She hadn't felt this good since seducing the head of a company in Europe last year and being ravished by him in bed over and over.  It was truly unfortunate that she had to pull a bullet through his brain but an assignment had to be carried out.

                  Polly's self absorption quickly came to a halt as she saw herself in a nearby barrel and the true nature of the gas became apparent.  Her skin was rapidly changing from warm pink colored flesh to tan colored plastic devoid of freckles and other signs of humanity.  She could see lines appearing on her upper shoulders though strangely this caused her no pain whatsoever.

                  "What... what..the hell is..happpening...? ...why can't ...I move... still feel good...."  the spy though as she saw the process slowly work its way up her torso.  Her breathing slowed considerably and finally stopped, though strangely this did not affect her in the slightest.  As the transformation neared its completion, Polly suddenly realized what was happening to her.





    Polly fumed as she tried desperately to think a way out of her predicament but to no avail.  

   She remained as a rigid, immobile mannequin even as she heard powerful fans come on and the red mist dissipate quickly from around her stiffened body.


                 Next morning.....

                After what seemed like waiting forever, Polly heard the approach of several feet along with the sound of heavy machinery in the background.  With her fixed look,  she saw two women clad in black catsuits with CAT SQUAD logos displayed just above the right breast walking towards her and in front a blonde haired woman in a business suit carrying a PDA barking orders at the workers behind them.

               "...get those barrels over there.  You guys, check the office computer for any viruses!"  the woman shouted before the trio stopped in front of the exotically dressed, stunningly gorgeous mannequin half sitting/half standing on the floor.

               "Ah, you must be the infamous Polly Williams, lead agent for that criminal madman Herschlinger.  It took us quite a bit of time and effort to set all this up to lure you into this trap but now you're ours.  After our agent Jane Steele recently disappeared and then photos were emailed to us showing us that we she was in a state much like yours, we wondered how to get her back.  I figure we can now do a simple exchange... you for Jane.  Once we put the word out, we...."  the woman started to say before being interrupted by a subordinate handing her a piece of paper.

               The woman's eyes narrowed in anger "It seems Herschlinger has pushed up the day of an inevitable confrontation quite a bit.  He's threatening to unleash 'Operation D' unless he gets the country of Canada to rule for himself and Egypt for Ramses (whoever that is).  If not, he'll carry his plan through of changing every woman between the ages of 18 and 50 on the planet into inflatable love dolls or other types of dolls," she hissed in anger.

                "Damn!  Ok, Cat Squad, let's get ready to visit Herschlinger!   We've got 48 hours to find his base and take him out.  Let's move!"  the woman called out and started to hurry away before stopping and looking back at Polly.

                "Take this mannequin and put her in the front window of the adult shop we own down the road.  Make sure they use a display rod on her... she's screwed so many in the past, it's time she found what it's like to have something up her ass that she couldn't kill.."  the woman said with a nasty undertone.

                 "You bitch... you wait until Herschlinger gets through with you all...!"  Polly thought even as she felt herself being picked up and carried away to her new home....

                 Her only hope was that the exchange would be taking place someday soon...

                 If Herschlinger was willing... and able....

          To Be Continued............

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