Jane Steele's Mission of Peril

by Northern Chill

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                     The night was peaceful and serene outside the ordinary looking country home with the only audible noise being the chime of distant cowbells from the farms in the area.  However, the presence of two heavily armed men walking back and forth in front of the house suggested that the house was far from a routine residence. Dressed from head to toe in black with sub-machine guns slung from their shoulders, the two were on a vigil looking to deal with any disturbance they might encounter in a quick and deadly manner.

                    Just as the two had reached the far left of the property, a quiet hiss emanated from some nearby bushes that was barely audible.  A second or so later, a large red spot appeared in the center of one man's forehead. He stopped suddenly with a brief look of puzzlement crossing his face before he slumped to the ground dead. The second man barely had the time to register the death of his fellow guard before a similar spot appeared on his forehead and his lifeless corpse slumped to the ground.

                   About thirty seconds later, a lithe female figure emerged from the bushes and walked towards the two dead men with a purposeful stride.  Dressed in a skintight black leather catsuit that showed off her ample breasts and lithe body, she was known in the intelligence community by the name Jane Steele, operative for a clandestine NATO agency focusing on counter terrorism operations ranging from terrorist cells in the Middle East to larger criminal operations that spanned the globe.  It was known informally as the CAT SQUAD, a casual reference to the fact that most of its operatives were incredibly beautiful women who could charm the leader of a criminal organization into a night of passion before coolly dispatching the same with a slug to the heart.

                   Tonight's mission had brought Jane to this house which intelligence had indicated was actually the local headquarters for a criminal organization that had been influencing events on a worldwide basis mostly in the business/econimic aspects.  As she bent down to make sure the guards were dead while the nearby cows mooed, she surveyed the front of the two story building trying to determine which route inside she should take according to the intelligence she had been briefed with before the mission.

                  She moved around to the right side of the building to inspect the best way to enter as the cow's mooing grew louder by the second.  However, when she noticed the cow's moos were sounding a bit odd , she turned around to see three cows standing about fifty feet from her.  To her amazement, the first two cows' heads slowly tipped upward  revealing the mechanical insides of the robots they actually were and, more importantly, the machine guns that were beginning to fire at  Jane.

                 Jane ducked quickly behind the building to avoid the deadly hail of bullets that rained down on her.  Quickly detaching a grenade from her waist, she waited till she heard the guns reloading and peeked around long enough to hurl the grenade into the bovine's area. With a mighty BOOM!!!, the grenade went off and, as Jane noticed with grim satisfaction, the mechanical menaces were reduced to twisted pieces of chrome and silver.

                 Just when Jane thought things couldn't get any weirder, she heard a loud mechanical noise emanating from the third cow and and saw its tail slowly rising up with the end pointing at her.  The end then opened to reveal a red and silver missile within that started beeping loudly.  Jane's eyes opened wide and she threw herself to one side just as the missile fired and sliced through the area where she was just standing.

                A few seconds later, with the missile's explosion lighting up the background, Jane grabbed her last grenade from her belt and threw while still lying prone on the ground.  The resulting destruction threw pieces of metal raining down around Jane with one ripping a large hole in the top of Jane's outfit.

                The female spy got up from the ground and brushed dirt off her well toned stomach and heaving chest.  "So much for a stealth approach... might as well go in guns blazing!" she said to herself as she began to move back to the bushes where her satchel was concealed that contained the heavy guns and armaments she would need for the assault on the building.

                Before she advanced more than a couple of feet, several metal canisters dropped to the ground seemingly out of nowhere and white clouds began to billow forth. "Gass!!..." Jane thought as she grabbed for her portable gas mask she carried with her.  After putting it on, she moved to get away from the gas but found the strength rapidly draining from her legs as she slumped to the ground. Jane's head slowly hit the ground with her thoughts focusing on one thing before slipping into darkness..... "Howww ???????"


                Jane woke up to find herself in a large brown painted room wearing only her black boots, white panties and a brown armband from what was left of her top.  Quickly looking around the room, she saw no furniture of any kind with three barren walls and a fourth that consisted entirely of a smooth glass mirror.  She was about to start looking around for a way out of the room when a voice boomed out from speakers in the ceiling.

               "Good evening, Ms. Steele.  I trust you're aware that you're now inside the house you desperately wanted to enter," the sinister voice said icily.

               "Herschlinger!!" shouted Jane as she recognized the voice immediately.

               The mirror suddenly flickered and Jane could see two figures staring through on the other side. One, a man in his mid 40's with brown hair and a scar running down his left hand, was sitting holding a siamese cat in his lap.  Standing next to him was a heavyset man of Asian descent dressed in a black suit carrying a briefcase in his left hand.  Jane could see there were other people moving around in the dimly lit background

              The sitting man leaned forward to admire Jane's semi-nude body. "Well, Ms. Steele, I must say that if you were wearing that outfit from the start, we would never have stopped your entrance from the outset.  Those cows do cost quite a bit to replace, you know," Herschlinger said as he stroked the fur of the cat on his lap.

            Jane glared at the man while trying to cover herself as best she could. "Give yourself up,Herschlinger!  My superiors know of your set-up and will be sending in reinforcements within hours," she said in a demanding voice.

           Herschlinger smiled "Reinforcements? You mean like your partner... Jill Williams?" he said, waving his hand to a figure in the dark background.

           A woman with brown hair stepped forward dressed in a white and blue blazer and skirt wearing a dark set of sunglasses.  Slowly removing the sunglasses, she eyed the captured woman. "Hello, Jane.  Fancy meeting you here!" she said maliciously.

           "Jill! What the hell are you doing??" Jane shouted as she was mystified by her partner's indifference to her predicament.

           "Jane, Jane, simple idealistic Jane... surely you can appreciate the value of financial security these days.  In this case, Herschlinger provided me with enough money to secure my employment in his organization.  My first assignment was to tip them off when you next planned to attempt to disrupt his operations.  I then secretly tampered with your gas mask to render it useless and..well... here you are," Jill said smugly.

             "You bitch!! I swear I'll make you pay!" Jane shouted theatrically while desperately trying to think of a way to get out of the situation.

            "Tut..tut, Ms. Steele.  I'm afraid escape is quite impossible in your case.  Ms. Williams, will you hold Ramses for a minute?" Herschlinger said as he handed the cat to the traitorous Jill.

            "My cat Ramses believes itself the descendant of one of the ancient cats of the Egyptian king Ramses II.  Personally, I think it's a cat with a really snotty attitude.  Anyway, on to you, my dear.  You've interfered with my plans for the last time, Ms. Steele.  I intend to make an example of you," the evil madman snarled as he took the briefcase from the Asian man .  He flipped it open and dramatically pushed down on a large blue button.

           Almost immediately, a loud hum emanated from inside the room where Jane was being held.  She could feel the temperature rising in the room and knew something sinister was underway.

          "Do you expect me to talk, Herschlinger?" Jane shouted as she felt her skin becoming tingly as if it was coming in contact with electricity.

          "No, Ms. Steele, I expect you to plastify!" Herschlinger snarled as he jabbed down with his index finger on the yellow button with a flourish.

         Almost immediately, a wide beam of yellow light shot out from the left side of the room centering on the sexy super spy.  Jane  tried to shout in defiance but she had been rendered mute by the ray beam.  Suddenly, she remembered she carried a tiny explosive charge inside her panties for just such a predicament.  She slowly pulled her panties down though she found her strength rapidly draining away.

          She had only pulled them part way with her right hand while holding her left hand to her chest when she found her limbs were becoming unresponsive to her thoughts.  Her last action before all movements and even thinking ceased altogether was to curl her upper lip in a last sneer of defiance.

          A few seconds later, her transformation was complete.  Jane was now a very lifelike plastic mannequin with joint lines visible on her arms, torso and right leg.  Her warm green eyes had been replaced by orbs of lifeless cold glass and her breasts were now twin mounds of rigid plastic capped by round circles of a dark brown color.

          Herschlinger chuckled an evil laugh. "Very good..very good indeed. 

          Jill, take your former partner to the room I've set up for the pictures I want taken.  I'll arrange to have them delivered to her superiors as a warning to those who might follow her," he said as he walked off, still chuckling.

           Will Jane spend the rest of her life as mannequin?

           Can Herschlinger's madness be stopped?

Is Ramses really descended from the Egyptians?


            Someday, these questions will be answered....

 To Be Continued..............

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