Mannequin Fun

by Alexandria ML (edited by Dmuk)

[This story was retrieved from the Medusa Realm story archive, with the help of JMD, and is presented here. This edition varies slightly from the previously posted one, so both are being kept for contrast and comparision. However, anyone considering continuing this story should use this as the reference work. Ed.]

The girls had planned their escapade for weeks; finally the right time had come. Late at night when the store is dark and deserted, four slim figures skulk quietly through the shadowy halls. Michelle, Tammy, Claudia and Lisa open the access door to the display windows showing athletic wear. As they enter the window Lisa stops for a moment at the windowís curtain controls and closes the drapery; no one can see in. The other girls all head to a different female mannequin and begin stripping the mannequin's clothes off. As the girls are busy with the mannequins, Lisa rolls in the cart used to carry figures and clothes to the displays. Once Lisaís friends have undressed the mannequins they strip out of their own clothes and put on the garments the mannequins had been wearing before. Michelle puts on a pair of skintight biker shorts with a yellow Speedo top. Tammy puts on a multi colored sport bra with a black jogging outfit, and Claudia puts on a red sport bra with a pair of red skintight shorts. Taking the blue baseball cap from Ďherí mannequin, she threads her own ponytail through the gap in the back, completing the costume.

"What do we do with the mannequins?" Tammy asks.

"I'll reduce them to cardboard cut outs and put them into one of the storerooms". Lisa pulls out what looks like a remote control box, stands in front of the first naked mannequin and pushes a button. The girls watch as the mannequin is instantly reduced to two dimensions, flattening into a life-sized sheet that looks like a cardboard cutout. Unsupported, the flimsy silhouette falls over onto the floor. Lisa moves to the other mannequins and repeats the reducing process, then gathers the light cut outs and puts them onto her cart. "We almost always move the mannequins this way, It is easier than trying to carry them when they are full size."

"Looks painful," Michelle comments, "Like being run over by a steam roller.."

"On the other hand, " adds Claudia, thatís the quickest way to lose weight Iíve ever seen!"

"Never mind them, they can be restored just as easily. Iíll hide them in the storeroom before morning." Lisa replies, "Are you ready?" The three girls all nod. "Now, here are your mannequinizers, I have programmed them with a 1-minute delay and set them to release you on Thursday Morning at 3:00am." Lisa hands each of the girls a credit-card shaped piece of plastic, with a touch screen on one side and a cool metal plate on the other. "Put the cards into your shorts with the backside against your inner thigh, that way the units will get good contact and shouldn't be visible through the cloth. Just press the touchpad when youíre in position."

Tammy, the long-legged blonde, goes first; she touches the card to activate it and then places into her tight jogging pants, steps onto the waiting mannequin platform and poses. The other girls watch as Tammy takes her pose and holds it. After a few seconds the transformation takes place, quietly and quickly. Her body changes into what looks like hardened, smooth, plastic as her eyes become very glassy and blank. As time passes, she remains rigid and motionless. The other girls take a moment to touch Tammy and find that she is indeed been changed into a stiffened, rigid statue. The feel of her hard plastic skin sends tingles through their own bodies as the realize in a few seconds they will look and feel just like Tammy does.

Then Michelle and Claudia both activate their cards together and put them into their shorts. Each poses quickly on her own glass stand and after a few moments they join Tammy in statuesque repose as frozen plastic mannequins. Lisa takes a moment to check that each transformed girl is posed properly and that the figure is stable; after satisfying herself she grabs her cart then starts out of the window, pausing momentarily to open the outside curtain before leaving.

The frozen girls find that Lisa has positioned them so they can see into the darkened vastness of the mall, which is very quiet and uninteresting this late at night. Across the colonnade in another show window stand other motionless figures. Claudia wonders for a moment if those mannequins are girls like themselves, or simply painted fiberglass dummies. The novelty passes after a few minutes with nothing new to distract them the three quickly fall asleep. Morning would come soon enough.

Lisa takes her cart to a back storeroom and place the flattened mannequins into a closet filled with other reduced mannequins and other display props. Then she takes one of the mannequinizers out of the rack and slips in into her purse. Leaving the store and returning to her nearby apartment, she is thinking there is no reason her friends should have all the fun.

Once at home, she goes into her bedroom and strips. Lisa then programs the mannequinizer for a thee-hour freeze with a random activation time and places it in an elastic ankle cuff. Strolling to the kitchen, pouring and then taking a sip of riesling wine, she wonders when it will happen. Back in her bedroom, Lisa lays down and starts stroking herself slowly then more rapidly. Thinking about what is about to happen to her excites her to the point of orgasm and then just as she peaks, her body shudders as the unit activates and she feels herself freeze in place. Her hand still on her pussy, but she has been transformed into plastic like the others. Lisa spends the next few hours absolutely motionless, suspended at the peak of excitement, her mind racing with the combined erotic pleasure she feels at being frozen solid in the moment of climax. Like a loop of tape, the euphoria continues, over and over. Hours later when her release finally comes, the resumed orgasms are intense and multiple. Lisa loses count of them and finally fades into unconsciousness from the fatigue and relaxation that overcomes her.

* * *

The next day, the mannequinized girls awake to find the mall busy with activity. Realizing that they really are posed stiffly in a window and have not simply dreamed it all gives them a thrill. They spend the entire day watching the crowds of patrons wander past, finding that they become excited by the attention of strangers that stop and gaze upon them. The girls can only imagine the erotic thoughts of the many teenage boys and men that take lingering looks at their immobile figures. How perfect they must seem to these passersby. The girls imagine that they are classic sculptures in a gallery, works of art, being coveted and desired by all who look upon them. Fantasizing about how they would be caressed, made love to, increases their arousal and brings a twinkle to their glassy eyes.

Lisa finally wakes shortly after noon and rolls out of bed, wondering of she had spent some part of her sleep time as a slumbering mannequin. She removes the ankle cuff, showers, and decides to go back to the mall and look in on Ďherí mannequins. Finding a bench with a clear view of the window and her frozen friends, she spends a couple of hours watching the boys watch the mannequinized girls. She knows full well what is going through their minds as they stand there, unable to lift a finger. For non-professionals, Lisa muses, they make quite fetching mannequins despite their rather out-of-date poses. She especially likes the expression on Tammyís face; a mixture of surprise and delight.

Later, after the mall closes and the three motionless girls watch everyone leave, they hear someone enter their window. Someone who is not Lisa. They watch helplessly as an older lady they only know as Sara walks around their immobilized plastic-like bodies. She pauses thoughtfully while looking at Michelle, pulls out what looks like a remote control and points it at the frozen girl. Michelle can only watch blankly as Sara presses a button on the box which sends a tingle throughout her mannequinized figure that seems to soften her hardened body. The lady carefully alters Michelle's pose, placing Michelleís left arm on her hip and putting her right arm out in front of her. Finished, Sara pushes a different button to restore the mannequin to its fully frozen state then leaves, apparently satisfied with the figureís new pose. The night passes uneventfully and the girls sleep once again.

* * *

The next day is once more spent watching the crowds. The girls begin to have more sexually intense fantasies of their own about some of the men who stop to gaze upon them. The girls imagine these men dressing and undressing their helpless frozen bodies and then dream where they freeze the men and ride their hardened members. They wonder if some of the men are having exactly the same fantasy. Soon the day is done, the crowds again disappear, and the girls once more sleep happily.

Lisa decides, after taking a day off, to go to the store and check on her mannequinized friends. Upon arriving, Lisa finds Sara in her office working carefully on new designs for the display windows. The older woman must be pretty ancient, Lisa thinks, probably approaching forty, although she hopes that she will end up looking that good at that age. Sara retains the elegance of the model she once was.

Seeing her young assistant appear, Sara decides it is time to announce some new changes. "Lisa, will you please find me a male mannequin and meet me in window four; I want to replace one of the female mannequins right away. Iím trying for a different look in that display."

Lisa fetches her cart, opens the storage closet, finds a male mannequin and puts its flattened form on her cart. Heading towards the window, she muses about what changes Sara was talking about. When she arrives she finds Sara inside with the curtains closed, busily changing some of the props in the narrow display room.

"Here are the clothes I would like you to dress that male mannequin in, and over there is the one I want you to replace," Sara suppresses a smile as she turns toward one of Lisaís friends.

Lisa watches, flustered, as Sara points at the mannequin that is Claudia. Determined not to give the secret away, Lisa walks over and pulls Claudia's sport bra off then starts slipping her shorts down. It is glaringly obvious to Lisa that this frozen figure is more anatomically correct than usual mannequin, but Sara appears concerned about other things.

When Sara leaves the room to go get some additional props, Lisa pauses for a moment in her actions and whispers in the mannequinís ear. "I'm sorry but my boss Sara wants me to take you out of the window. I'll bring you back as soon as I can." At that second Sara returns and continues working on the back wall so Lisa can say nothing more.

Lisa finishes undressing her motionless friend, slipping the shorts completely off of Claudia, taking the clothing to her cart and putting it all into a basket. Then she walks back over in front of Claudia and pulls out the same control she had used on the real mannequins earlier but points it now at her friend. Claudia is horrified as she watches Lisa aim the box at her but is helpless as Lisa's finger depresses one of the buttons; all of Claudia's senses go blank and she cannot seem to think at all.

In an instant the Claudia mannequin is reduced to a cardboard-like cutout that falls over onto the floor. Hoping her stiffened friend is all right, Lisa steps over and lifts the reduced Claudia and places her onto the cart. In two-dimensional form she hardly weighs more than her costume had. Lisa then takes the male mannequin cutout and places it flat on the floor. Using the remote she restores it to full size, then lifts it into place and dresses it carefully. All the time Lisa is worrying about the flattened cutout that Claudia had become. Sara finishes her task and helps Lisa finish dressing the mannequin.

"Lisa, come to think of it, I'll want you replace these other two female mannequins with male mannequins also. I think the display should not have both sexes in it; looks too much like a yuppie party. I'll get you some clothes for the males, you go fetch the mannequins. Hurry up now!"

Lisa is shocked at what she has heard; all of her mannequinized frozen friends are about to be removed from the windows and Lisa is being forced to remove them. She cannot say anything because that would give away her deception to Sara. Lisa walks back to the store room and pulls two more male mannequins from the storage closet and carries their flattened forms back to the display windows.

When she arrives she sees that Sara has already brought outfits for the new male mannequins and has left to tend to other tasks. Lisa starts undressing her friends, and within a couple of minutes has them standing as frozen nude statues. Lisa gathers their clothes and puts them into the basket with Claudia's and picks up the flattening device. She knows this is more of an adventure than her friends had planned on; they wanted to impersonate mannequins for a little while, not spend the rest of their days as cardboard cutouts. It was too late now, though, for them to back out. "Sorry, girls; Iíll get you back as soon as I can," Lisa says to them.

She walks back over to Tammy and points the control, trying to ignore the mental wail from her immobilized friend. A button push later and Tammy lies flattened on the floor; Lisa moves over to Michelle, and aims the device. Another quick push and another flat cutout figure is lying on the floor. Lisa quickly gathers her friendsí forms and places them on the cart with Claudia, trying to ignore their accusing blank stares. Next she restores the male mannequins to three dimensions and begins dressing them. Sara returns and helps her finish dressing the men and placing them in the display window. Sara and Lisa leave the window together, stopping only to open the outside curtain, and walk back to the workroom. Lisa is worried about her three mannequinized, flattened friends and says very little.

When they arrive Sara goes into her office, which is a walled off section of the storeroom with glass windows overlooking the work area. Lisa sees Sara pick up the phone and make a call, but notices that Sara is still looking in her direction. She decides that to not create any suspicion she has to put the condensed bodies of Michelle, Tammy, and Claudia into the mannequin storage just as if they were only display dummies. Lisa picks up their flat, flimsy forms, carries them to the closet and places them inside with the others. Not knowing if they can hear her, she says "Iíll be back for you this evening." Returning to her cart, she carefully folds the clothes they had been wearing, stopping only for a moment to remove the mannequinizer cards from each set of clothes.

"So Lisa, how did it feel?" The accusing voice was directly behind her.

Lisa is startled at the sudden question. "How did what feel?"

"How did it feel to undress, flatten, and carry your girl friends into that storeroom."

"Whatever are you talking about, Sara?"

"Lisa, don't play dumb with me; I saw you sneak them into the window a couple of nights ago, switch clothes with the original figures, give them the pocket mannequinizers. Everything. I watched the entire thing on the in-store security cameras; quite a show, too. I had stepped out to get some stuff from my car and on my way back in I noticed the curtain to that window was closed, so I went to the security office, turned the window monitors on and watched your little game. I thought that Iíd have some fun with you by making you undress them and remove them from the window. They had to be dismayed when you used the flattener on them."

"You knew the entire time." Lisa had stopped being shocked and had now gotten upset.

"Sorry, I just couldn't resist," Sara smiled brazenly at her assistant. "Now you had better get moving so we can restore them and let them in on my little prank. Theyíll be OK, you know."

Lisa returns to the closet, seething, takes her Ďcardboardí friends out and places them on the floor. Sara points the flattener device at them and three clicks later, the girls are once more three dimensional plastic mannequins. Sara and Lisa pick them up from the floor and put them back onto their feet. They look no worse for the treatment, but remain stiff and rigid.

"Lisa, what you you say we have some more fun with them before we restore their mobility?" Sara grins conspiratorially. "Let me show you a few things you donít know about yet." Lisa can only nod agreement, not knowing what her immobilized friends are thinking.

Lisa watches as Sara grabs one of the mannequinizers, adjusts the controls, and places it against Michelle's thigh. A moment later, her friend Michelle is restored to pliable flesh, but remains unable to move. Sara likewise restores the other girls but leaves them paralyzed in position as nude statuary. Placing her hand against Michelle's pussy, Sara starts to gently stroke the girlís sex. Michelle's body tingles from the feeling of Sara's hand in her crotch and the feeling of complete helplessness. Sara feels the motionless girlís body flush and Michelle's sex start to seep cum; she knows that Michelle is about to orgasm and uses that moment to reapply the mannequinizer full force. Michelle can't believe the feeling at the moment her body changes to rigid plastic again; all her senses are locked into a sustained state of ecstasy that never ends. Sara leaves Michelle frozen in her pleasure and starts to excite Tammy. Lisa takes her cue from Sara and goes to work on Claudia, thinking it is a small reward for their ordeal.

Soon the three friends of Lisa are once more transformed into plastic but with their minds and senses fully satisfied. Sara starts off toward her office; pausing beside Lisa who feels Sara's warm hand on her arm a moment before she finds her body becoming paralyzed too. Sara has used a mannequinizer on her.

"Time to join your friends, dearie."

Lisa stands helplessly like a statue as Sara unbuttons Lisaís blouse, opens the front seam, and puts her hands firmly around Lisa's full breasts. The feel of Sara's hands, along with her own abrupt immobility, sends shivers up Lisa's spine. Sara reaches up and pulls the shirt off of Lisa's shoulders. Next she walks around the rigid figure and unclasps Lisa's bra, allowing its lacy form to fall loosely onto her stiffened arms. Standing behind the immobilized girl, Sara encircles her torso to once more fondle Lisa's firm round breasts. Noticing that Lisa's nipples have become hardened buttons, Sara knows her stimulation efforts have not been wasted. She lets her hands glide across Lisa's supple body downward to her waist and slacks, the next line of resistance. Unbuttoning them and spreading them open across the frozen girlís hips, Sara pushes the garment down to Lisa's ankles.

Now kneeling behind Lisa, with her face at the same height as Lisa's shapely ass, Sara can't resist the urge to give motionless Lisa a quick kiss on her backside. She can smell the flowery scent of the girlsí body mixed with the sharper scents of her arousal. Carefully Sara balances Lisa on one foot and then the other while completing the act of removing Lisa's pants. Clad only is her pink panties, Lisa's body now tingles with Sara's every touch. Sara, still crouching behind Lisa, reaches between her rigid legs and slowly strokes Lisa's crotch. Sara can feel the thin fabric getting wetter with each caress as Lisa's feminine scent permeates the air. Her slim fingers once more dance across Lisa's flesh and find their way into the waistband of Lisa's panties. Sara pulls the dampened silk garment down and allows it to pool at Lisa's feet..

Sara's hands find their way across Lisa's pussy, breasts, and ass as they begin stroking her into orgasmic delight. Lisa can feel the building climax and knows what is coming, but is helpless to resist if she had ever wanted to. Then the moment arrives; just as Sara pushes her over the edge of delight, Lisa feels her body freeze solid into hardened plastic. The endless release is too much for Lisa and her overtaxed consciousness fades away. Sara can just perceive a faint smile frozen on her rigid features. Lisa has become one satisfied mannequin.

With a sigh of contentment, Sara decides to leave her four new frozen friends just as they stand. Returning to her office to satisfy her own building desires, Sara carefully closes the door as she picks up a card from her desk and places it alongside her hip. Closing her eyes, she begins to caress her own body while imagining she is touching Lisa or her friends and having them touch her in return. The change occurs before she ever realizes it.

* * *

The light of morning finds four sexually aroused (and arousing) mannequins still standing in the middle workroom along with a fifth display figure posed sitting in her office; her hand still locked firmly against her own silk-covered crotch.

The first person to see them is the first shift stock boy, arriving to pick up clothes to re-rack. The tableaux reminds him of a scene he once saw in a magazine layout. Except that these models look even better and are standing in the same room with him. Walking gingerly over to Tammy, calling out to see if anyone is there (and getting no answer,) he explores the nearest frozen girl cautiously. Her skin is very stiff, smooth, and rigid; almost like fiberglass or plastic. Her figure is supple and fully exposed, while her face has an almost ecstatic look. These sensations begin to mingle as he feels a pressure in his groin, along with a growing bulge of an erection. He reaches out and touches one rigid breast before realizing that someone could walk in at any time. Pulling away, the stock boy picks up a phone and calls his supervisor, relating the fantastic tale to her.

Fifteen minutes later, a fifty-ish man dressed impeccably in a double-breasted suit appears; taking in the room and the five figures in a single glance. "Leave this to me; you can go now, son." he commands the stock boy, who takes his cue and disappears without a word. He knows better than to question an Executive Vice President of the store..

The older man follows behind him to lock the outside door, then leisurely strolls to each frozen girl. Walking around, he examines each with a practiced eye and likes what he sees. Finally, he enters the enclosed office where Sara sits rigidly. Pressing a combination of buttons on the mannequinizer card, he watches as she is restored to flesh. "Up to your old tricks again, I see, " he says with a smile, knowing Sara can see and hear him, but not answer. "Just like the days when you were in display and I was doing visual merchandising." He caresses her immobile body and sees that she has retained most of the stunning beauty he remembered. "Those long hot nights; well it seems you have found some new playmates now." He looks over the four naked mannequins and gazes back at Sara, frowning.

"However, you let the time get away from you -- that never happened before -- what am I going to do with you?" The executive touches the control on the mannequinizer and Sara begins breathing more deeply as full motion is restored, along with the ability to respond to the passion she held within her frozen body for many hours.

Sara wraps her arms around herself and continues to touch her own body all over, trying to restore the tingling feeling she had felt just a few seconds before. The moment fades and her eyes focus on the man in the suit standing in front of her. "Jonah! Why, you still care, darling." She rises up and hugs him tightly, unaware of how odd it looks, sensing only the touch of the fabric on her exposed skin. The kiss comes naturally, as their lips meet at first hesitantly and then with increasing fervor. His hand begins moving across her smooth soft skin as he strokes the curve of her tummy. It is as flat and firm as he had remembered; her lips were just as sweet. But he has a job to do now, orders to perform.

Disengaging, he tries to assume a stern expression. "Ms. Vorna, this behavior is highly inappropriate and could damage your position.... your position with..." He stops but cannot suppress a smile as Sara strikes a pose that leaves nothing to the imagination and beckons him with her finger.

"Make love to me, Jon? For old-times sake?"

"Could jeopardize... Oh, the hell with it!" Without another word, he starts to remove his suit coat, then the tie. Sara is undoing his belt and the fly of his pants while rubbing her own crotch with his other hand. Soon his engorged member is throbbing in her hand.

"OH, I canít wait any longer!" She gasps, "Take me -- take me now!!" Sara turns around, presenting her heart-shaped derriere to his appreciative view, then bends over so her panties are exposed. "Ohhh...." She is quivering with excitement and gyrates her hips slightly as she fondles her own nipples with one hand. Suddenly the manís hand is on her other nipple as his other pulls down her undergarment exposing her glistening sex. After a momentís hesitation as he guides himself in, the man starts to plunge deeper and deeper with every stroke. Her panted "Ahh.....AAhh.... AHHh...." comes in synchronization with the thrusts as she is drawn closer to her climax with every second. She knows her orgasm will be intense, a sunburst, and can think of only one thing that could make it better.

With one hand still on her breast, Sara feels for a thin card-shaped device clipped to her satin panties. Almost delirious with pleasure she presses the buttons by touch alone. In seconds the unit is ready. "AAHH.... Ah.... Freeze.... Ahh.... Me.... Ah Ah.... Jonahh.... Freeze... Me.... Now!!!" His hand reaches for the mannequinizer just as Sara succumbs to her orgasm and lets it envelope her. She throws out her arms to her sides, arches her back and neck, and closes her eyes. Saraís climactic scream of "AAAAaaaaeeeEEE!!" cuts off abruptly as her body stiffens and hardens. The man, still inside her, feels the soft flesh of her vagina become a rigid tunnel as she is instantly transformed into a mannequin figure. The sensation of her rigid flesh gripping his member is enough to trigger his own orgasmic release and for an instant he is also held motionless in total concentration. The pair of linked lovers look for an instant like waxworks in some erotic museum. Then the man resumes his thrusting motion as he empties his load into her unbending body.

The orgasm fades slowly, and with it his erection. Sara, of course, cannot move. Within a few minutes he can remove himself from her. Turning slowly to face the mannequin, the man is struck with what a gorgeous pose she has been frozen in. An idea sparks in his mind and comes to fruition as he cleans himself up and puts on his business attire once more. For now, he leaves off the suit coat.

Going over to the nearest of the other nude figures, he adjusts the controls on Lisaís unit to start her revival, The shiny plastic sheen of her skin fades to a normal tone as her breathing resumes.

"Hello, what is your name?" His voice is soothing and calm as he addresses the girl he has just restored to animation. He had seen her around the displays before but never introduced himself.

"Lisa... Lisa Fredericks." She replies, realizing she cannot ever tell anyone at the store what she had just seen while frozen. Certainly not the big boss who has released her. "Iím Saraís helper."

"I see. Well, for now, you can help me."

"Anything you say, mister..."

"Kunzl; Jonah Kunzl. I manage this division."


"Although I used to be a pretty good window dresser years ago. In fact, Iíd like to try a display right now, using that mannequin over there." He points at the hardened plastic-like figure of Sara.

"But thatís.... Thatís," Lisa stammers..

"A new style we have received just today. Ms. Vorna should have notified me that we were getting a shipment of display figures but she does not seem to be around today. Is she on holiday?"

"Uhhh, I believe so," Lisa replies. For a very long time, she thinks.

"Very well; for now you can be her replacement," he states. Lisa opens her mouth to say something and reconsiders. She just nods slowly.

"Splendid! Then let us begin. Do you have any bridal gowns here in the department?...."

Lisa and Jonah (as he has allowed her to call him) have just finished setting up the display in the corner window. The set is decorated in white and white flowers, with a single figure occupying the focus of the spotlights. Dressed as a bride, with the long flowing veil trailing behind, the mannequin is very elegant and, at the same time, very provocative. For instead of the usual tranquil pose, this figure is cast in a moment of private contemplation. Her eyes are closed and she seems to be imagining how she will look at the reception as she waltzes with her new husband. Her expression is one of utter bliss and joy that would seem to passersby as almost sexual in intensity. In one satin-gloved hand she holds a bouquet of white roses; in the other a small clutch purse.

Lisa straightens the veil and train as the man flicks the last remaining mote of dust from Saraís mannequinized figure with a small feather plume. He straightens her flowing skirt and the layers of gauzy petticoats underneath. The humming of the vibrator he had placed in her empty tunnel when he dressed the frozen woman could barely be heard. He knew this would keep her from being bored.

"She turned out rather nicely, donít you think?" he asks the girl. "Seems as if I still have the right touch...."

"Yes, I think so. This figure has a certain -- something -- which makes her very appealing."

"I could not agree more. In fact, she may become one of our most-used display models."

"Of course, Mister Kunzl."

"Jonah," he reminds her as they open the curtain of the bridal display. "And you must also introduce me to your friends, in time...."

The frozen fun continues in Part Two...

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