The Lady Justice Series - Heroes & Villains

Lady Justice and her superhero associates protect a world fraught with villains every bit as crafty and resourceful as her multitalented cadre of superheroines. Also, what would a heroic tale be without supporting players who possibly could be victims or helpers.

NOTE: The Status At End Of Chapter detail given will be as of the end of the most recent story in the series, Episode 18.

Real Name Heroic Name Status at End of Chapter
Nathan Goldwin Silent Dragon Active
Victoria Hamilburg Judgement Girl Turned to a Mannequin
Jessica Wendell Lady Justice Active
Elsa Louiselle Scientist Turned to a Mannequin
Claire Greenfield Lab Assistant to Elsa Louiselle Turned to a Mannequin
Stephanie Walters Lockdown Active
Lilly Anderson Lawyer, Socialite Active
Trey Clifton Hyper Man Out of Town
Connor McManus Time Knight Unknown

Real Name Villianic Name Status at End of Chapter
Melissa Dusa Gorgun Petrified, in Police Custody
Jason Humington Cold Fusion In Police Custody
Lewis Maxwell Mister Mannequin Cryogenically Frozen, in Police Custody
Saeko Tachibana Nighttime Turned into Gold, in Police Custody
Technomagus Technomagus In Hiding
Tick & Tock Time Tricksters In Hiding
Trent Welski Fire Eyes Deceased
(at one time, Lilly Anderson) Cyberlady Not in Existance
Daniel Masters Dungeon Master In Police Custody
Nicolas Pryce The Mysterious Rune Active
Charissa Marlowe Siren Turned to Mannequin, in Police Custody
Namoko Masukura Mecha Kunoichi Cryogenically Frozen, in Police Custody

Real Name Occupation Status at End of Chapter
James Anderson CEO, Vernon Enterprises Active
Maria Chavez Model / Fashion Student Turned into a Mannequin
New Oslo Cops Police Active
Ashley Cornell Government Scientist Turned into a Mannequin
Wanda Meyers Chief of Police Active
Jenny Oliver Law Student Active
Paula Rushmore Mayor Active

The images in this index are presented in order of appearance by their character's name.  As new personae appear in the stories they will also be placed here.


Lady Justice


Judgement Girl



Silent Dragon






Hyper Man



Time Knight







Tick & Tock



Cold Fusion



Fire Eyes



Mister Mannequin












Dungeon Master



The Mysterious Rune






Mecha Kunoichi



Supporting Characters

Lilly Anderson



Claire Greenfield



Elsa Louiselle



Ashley Cornell



Wanda Meyers



James Anderson



Jenny Oliver



Maria Chavez




Paula Rushmore



New Oslo Cops




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