Not Just Hypnotized!

by Window Dressee (translated from German by Dmuk)

Pam placed the pile of boxes on the seat, sat beside Yvonne as the stunning young woman fumbled with her tight-fitting skirt.  Pam hesitated, and then decided to speak her mind.

“Before we begin…” began Pam with a scratchy voice before she cleared her throat: “I must ask you something...”

Yvonne blinked twice with her heavily mascara-coated lids. “My God!” Pam thought, “Those lashes are so long that they almost create a breeze!”

Yvonne also knew her lashes fluttered like butterfly wings, but she had already gotten accustomed to the feeling; it was her intention to appear as beautiful as possible.  So too was her voice, which was soft and sensuous as she looked with those large eyes back at Pam, opened her bright red doll-like lips and replied casually, curiously: “Sure, what's on your mind?”

Pam coughed again, then she began: “You let Udo hypnotize you, actually, to be a mannequin at times?” Pam asked. Yvonne lowered her eyes and took Pam's right hand into her own, carefully manicured, hands.

“You have such soft, smooth hands and those manicured, red fingernails!”  Pam thought, looking again into Yvonne's deep blue eyes, which gazed back at her calmly from her carefully made-up face.  The young woman already seemed like a display figure come to life in many ways.

Yvonne smiled now; Udo had predicted that Pam would ask these questions; her answers were ready, but they corresponded exactly to what Yvonne truly thought and felt on the topic!   “He tried it a few times,” admitted Yvonne. “That was at the time when I wanted to cure my smoking.  It was part of his initiation, his theatrics.  To make me stiff, rigid, like a statue.  He placed me between two chairs like a wooden log; then he stood on my belly.  I couldn't move at all!”

“So, he took care of your smoking habit…” Pam wondered.

“Not really, no!” Yvonne jumped on the word. “He was never able to make me stop that.”

“However you don't smoke any longer?” puzzled Pam, letting confusion cloud her voice.

“I only stopped recently, after I used the nicotine patches!” Yvonne clarified.

“OK, well…” Pam's voice became subdued, and then trailed off.  With her left, free, hand she pointed at her own arm, where Udo had likewise glued on yesterday a skin-colored nicotine square.

But then she thought about the other, nagging, questions that she had.  Things that didn't seem quite right about her lovely young friend.

“So, Udo wasn't able to help me there, but…” Yvonne said.

Pam swallowed, took a deep gulp of air, then burst out: “Your chest was an A Cup before, now it's a C-Cup.  You're wearing a tight, laced corset, and shoes with 4 1/2 inch platform high heels; pointed spiked heels and…” here Pam had to pause to take a breath, while Yvonne smiled back at her in such a soothing way, like one smiles at an excited child.

Pam finally got to what was really bugging her:  “And now you want to become a shop window doll – what did Udo DO to you?”

“Nothing that was not in my own desire; Udo simply let me discover what I truly want.  I'm ready now; he told me what magic you can perform as well,” answered Yvonne. “I've been eating nothing but polystyrene flakes for four days straight!  There's nothing more in me anymore that could smell badly, once the rest becomes plastic!  He said the Mannequinizer treatment does not work in the intestines correctly.”

“Even if that is right!” Pam yelled. “You choked down these terrible flakes purely on your own will! To which end?”

Laughing, Yvonne rose. “If might please you?” she said, standing gracefully in that skin-tight stretchy blouse and fitted dress.  She ran her hands along her corset-sculpted profile and across her full breasts, throwing her blond curls back over her shoulder, then wagged her shapely tail, prancing like a model on her high-heeled patent-leather shoes once around in a circle. “How do I look?”

“You look drop-dead gorgeous!” Pam exclaimed, and she meant it seriously, even if there was a slight bit of added jealousy.

“That's it!” confirmed Yvonne. “I want to look even more stunning and I want everyone to see me that way – in the display of your shop window!  For all time.”

“Yes…” Pam said, but further doubts about her dream gnawed in her mind. “You are now the third friend of Udo that he's sent to me who wants to become a shop window dummy!  Was that their choice, or HIS?” Pam asked. “Look here!” and she pointed to two full bosomed mannequins in the display.

“Susan and Harriet were once normal women, before they hardly knew Udo; since then they’ve screwed themselves up, became obsessed with their looks like two vacuum-headed bimbos.  If that wasn’t all, they came to me and asked: “Make me into a shop window figure!”  Look closely; now they really ARE hollow – in their heads, body, and all over!" Pam knocked on the neck of Harriet, and one could hear it resounded hollowly.

Yvonne became gradually annoyed. “Am I therefore an air-headed bimbo too? Some ‘Tussi’?” she asked sharply, and she knocked on the back of her own head - it sounded normal, not at all hollow.

Pam swallowed. “I don't want you to be hurt, nor anyone else,” she said with deep concern in her voice as she pushed tears back. “However, Udo asked last week to hypnotize me again…” Pam's voice trembled.

“Yes, and?” Yvonne asked, already calming down from her outburst.

“It's like I have no will anymore; I can't tell Udo to stop.  I have a sneaking fear that suddenly I may also want to become a window mannequin!” Pam burst out.

“Don't be so concerned!” comforted Yvonne. “I always wanted to be one sexy doll, but I could never admit this desire to myself.” Yvonne sighed. “Sometimes that still embarrasses me…” she admitted, by this time her voice was calm and sincere.  After a deep breath she continued: “Udo only made it possible for me to finally discover my most ardent hidden desire!  He can do the same for you.”

“And you already wanted it, before Udo uncovered that desire?” Pam asked, as tears ran over her cheeks.

“Naturally!” Yvonne said, and she really believed it. “Do you already have a secret desire be placed in your own window display too?”

Pam nodded her head; she wasn't completely comfortable with the idea, though, because last night she had had this dream.  In it she looked like Yvonne did now, every bit as perfect and artificial.  That vision had frightened her and excited her in equal amounts…

“Then you shouldn't be concerned!” Yvonne said dismissively.

“Are you really sure?” Pam asked and looked deeply into Yvonne’s lovely eyes.

Yvonne again held Pam's hand in hers. “Completely!” avowed Yvonne, and she pressed and caressed Pam's hand gently.

Pam took a handkerchief and dried the tears on her cheek.  “You must think I am being silly.”

Yvonne almost agreed, then decided to avoid the question; she said finally with a faint smile: “Are you now ready to grant me my wish?”

Pam nodded: “To become a mannequin?”

Yvonne nodded: “Yes, I truly do!”

The shopkeeper continued, “You want to be posed wearing a bridal dress during your initial transformation, but afterwards I may use you as a usual window display figure?” Pam asked.

Yvonne nodded again: “Exactly so!”

Pam sighed once again.  Whether because of Udo's suggestions or her own hidden passions, nothing was going to sway this young woman from carrying out her dream.  “Then please go into that changing room and we’ll get started,” Pam said and pointed to the wood-paneled cabinet, where the bridal display dress had already been hung for Yvonne.

Pam took now two of the boxes of accessories from the couch, followed Yvonne into the cubicle, and slid the curtain closed.

Yvonne stood already before the long mirror in cubicle and had taken a typical mannequin stance, as if she was trying out different poses, before choosing one to hold forevermore.

“I will now take off your street clothes and make you ready to be a bride fit for my window display!” Pam said. “Enjoy the experience, simply to be already treated like a passive doll!”

“Mmm Hmhm!” Yvonne agreed and smiled slyly.

With speedy fingers Pam removed the accent belt around Yvonne's skirt and the buttons of her blouse; she held the skirt a few seconds then dropped it to the floor around Yvonne's ankles so she could step away from the garment.  Then Pam worked the blouse down over Yvonne's arms, while the young woman let them hang loosely.

Pam opened the clasps on the garter belt and rolled down the stockings before she loosened the satiny corset. When Pam finally removed the corset and Yvonne's breasts lost the support of the cups, they did not sag hardly at all – secretly Yvonne was glad that instead of silicone implants, she had the surgeon put in polystyrene pads! Thus her boobs – despite their impressive size – were firm and stayed in position, instead of flopping around naturally; that was exactly how she wanted them!

Now Pam opened the larger of the two boxes; a pair of white patent-leather sandals with high stiletto heels appeared as Pam unwrapped the foam padding.  The high-heeled shoes, it seemed, were also attached firmly to a flat, chromed, metal plate that took up the rest of the box.

Pam held the plate with shoes in such a way that Yvonne could see them well: “These sandals will remain firmly mounted on this baseplate,” she explained to Yvonne. “You will then slip into the shoes and I'll do up the straps at your ankles. These supports will prevent you from slipping out of the shoes or changing position before the transformation is completed.  Once you are a hardened mannequin who cannot balance on her own, this base will prevent you from falling over,” Pam detailed for her. “Clear so far?”

Yvonne nodded.

Pam put the baseplate in front of Yvonne on the floor, and then remained squatting with her head beside Yvonne's hips.  “Normally, without a slip,” began Pam, “anyone can see your genitals!”  Pam began to pull Yvonne's slip down over her hips. “But proper window mannequins don't wear any slips usually and nevertheless look smooth and sexless down there!”

Yvonne could see her vagina in the mirror; it was shaved immaculately smooth so her exposed labia could be seen all the more clearly.

Pam touched her down there, lightly caressing Yvonne's sex, then took a pleasurable exploration, dividing the labia gently with her finger and stroking Yvonne's clitoris gently.  “Hmm, What goes on here?” she asked playfully, continuing her probing, while Yvonne trembled in excitation and became very juicy.  She felt like an orgasm was seconds away.  However, Pam stopped her tickling right before she came.

Yvonne's knees almost buckled; she tried to stand quietly despite the compelling excitation and waited for Pam's next step.

Pam opened the smaller box and pulled a shiny plastic object out. “We'll take care those liquids, and more; look closely,” Pam commented. “Here is a rubber panty! When you wear it, a smooth pliant sheet covers the vaginal area.”

Yvonne breathed a sigh of relief, though she wished that Pam hadn't stopped.

Pam turned the inside of the panty outward; two dildos showed up! “Now these shafts will fill up your cavities, and this tiny egg," she showed Yvonne a bulge in the rubber at the front side, “this gizmo takes the place of my fingertip and arouses your clit continuously, so you're going to have a lot of fun for the next day or so!”  As a demonstration Pam activated and rubbed the buzzing egg over Yvonne's clitoris so that she groaned again with uncontrollable desire.

Pam then put the slip over the base in such a way that the tops of the tall sandals rose up through the leg holes of the rubber panty.

“Now you will mount your base!” announced Pam. “For that, however, I do need your assistance.  So, stop being a window dummy for a moment.  Now, slip out of your right shoe and move your foot into the right sandal!”

Yvonne slowly lifted her right foot clear of the hose and skirt, while Pam held the pumps. Then she guided Yvonne's foot into the shoe and immediately buckled the ankle strap tightly. “And now for the left foot!” Pam continued.  Yvonne obeyed as instructed and shortly thereafter both her feet were securely bound to the base.  The stance she was now held in felt strange, but not uncomfortable, with one foot turned at a slight angle to the other one for balance.

Pam now pulled the rubber slip up to a hand width’s distance under Yvonne's labial lips. “This ointment,” she began, showing Yvonne the tube she had pulled from the same box as the slip, “is on one hand a lubricating cream, so that the dildos will slide into your orifices beautifully, and on the other hand is a powerful vulcanization solution, so that the rubber parts will be connected to the rest of you firmly when you became a plasticized doll!”

Already Pam had put on a latex glove and began to smear the cream on the two dildos, the stimulating egg, and on the inside of the panty.  In addition, she spread the cool, tingly, cream on Yvonne's pubic mound, labia and clitoris, letting her fingers linger deep inside for a few seconds longer than needed.

Yvonne moaned quietly under the persistent fondling, not wanting to show her arousal.  Finally Pam warned: “Now I'm going to pull the slip into its final place!” An instant later both dildos penetrated her, bringing Yvonne all that much closer to climax; at last she gasped loudly with delight.

Giving Yvonne a few seconds to compose herself, Pam then pulled a hoar-frost colored petticoat over Yvonne's head; on its way to her waist the edge of the garment passed over Yvonne's nipples and they hardened almost instantly.  Fixing the petticoat in place finally, she cinched Yvonne's waist into a 22-inch circumference, while the bell of the fabric flared out to a regal five-foot diameter supported by 4 hoops. 

There were more surprises; Pam fitted a strapless brassiere around Yvonne's breasts, clasped it at the back, then demonstrated an exclusive feature of these bridal bras: “This lacy panel at the top of the cups has two positions,” Pam explained. “During the ceremony and the reception the panel is placed upward so your nipples are modestly covered, but on the wedding night the bride folds the panel downward to give the bridegroom a little treat!”  With those words, she reached for the lacy covering and folded it inward and down into the inside of the bra cups. This of course rubbed over Yvonne's already sensitive nipples, and Yvonne gasped excitedly, “That doesn't only drive the bridegroom crazy, also me too!”  Pam brought the upper covering back to the 'maidenly' position, then carefully made sure Yvonne’s aureoles were properly concealed while yet displaying her impressive cleavage.

“Now for the piece de resistance,” Pam flourished as she wrapped Yvonne's body in the brilliant white, subtly embroidered magnificence that was the bridal gown itself.  The section over the décolletage was semi-transparent, letting the satin sheen of the bra shine through, yet the tapered bustier-styled torso fitted very tightly to Yvonne's narrowed waist.  The closure seemed to be at the back.  “Exhale now, all the way, please!”  Pam directed.  When Yvonne didn't seem to have any more air in her, Pam quickly zipped up the dress all the way.  Yvonne felt almost as if she would faint, but knew she looked incredible.  Being affixed to the plate, she couldn't see the end of the train on the gown, but it had to be easily thirteen feet or more long!

Pam added more accessories to the ensemble as Yvonne simply stood there obediently.  The bridal dress, the gloves and the sparkling tiara with attached veil did not affect any particularly sensitive parts, but for Yvonne it was a beautiful feeling to be ever more prettily tightened in without having to do anything more.  “You'll hold this purse in your left hand in front of your hip,” Pam said, as she presented Yvonne the beaded clutch, “and hold the floral bouquet higher with your right hand so that you can smell it!”  Never mind that the flowers were plastic; she would be too, very soon.

Yvonne held the accessories as instructed and took the position that Pam described. “Now still keep your weight on right foot, then tilt your left foot as highly as you can, like it's barely touching the base,” Pam said as she pushed Yvonne's balance to her right hip.

“Marvelous!” Pam called out. “Remain that way, while I get the cart to bring around you into the display!” and disappeared with her old clothes, as Yvonne stood alone before the mirror, gazing back at her gorgeous figure in the exquisite bridal dress.  She thought she looked like a fairytale princess.

After short time Pam returned, and she had wheeled a handcart nearby. “So, now listen carefully; hold that pose and make yourself rigid: Stone Statue!” Pam commanded with the post-hypnotic trigger words; Yvonne's unconscious mind obeyed, and she instantly froze in position.  She was a little surprised, but couldn't utter a word.  Now Pam pressed her forward at the shoulder blades, causing the back of the baseplate to tip up slightly. Immediately she slid the tongue of the handcart under the plate and lifted it easily.

“I'm going to lay you down a bit, tilting to the rear, so remain absolutely rigid!” commanded Pam; Yvonne felt the cold metal tubes of the cart in her back already.  Her frozen face was now looking up at the ceiling.

Pam pulled the truck backwards from cubicle, turned and approached the shop window entrance. The window - HER window!  Yvonne almost stopped breathing as they drove up the ramp with momentum to the raised display window platform.  The door to the alcove already stood open.

Arriving in the shop window, Pam again placed Yvonne upright and pulled the truck out from under her base-plate.  “Alright, hear my voice, now Statue Unfreeze,” she directed, and Yvonne felt her muscles relax, almost losing her balance despite the support of the chrome plate and shoes.  Once Yvonne was standing again reliably, she corrected her pose using the reflecting glass of the display window to help her.  She did everything she could to remain perfectly posed as before when the hypnotic command was holding her still.

When she had moved away the hand-truck, Pam announced: “Lovely shop window dolls, May I present your newest colleague: Yvonne today will become one of you!” Pam clapped her hands happily, and the other mannequins seemed to turn as if they were actually welcoming Yvonne – or had their bases been fitted with grooves and pins running under the floor of the display stage under Pam's feet?  However the effect was done, Yvonne felt a profound sense of oneness with the rigid, beautiful display figures.

Pam continued the introductions.  “Yvonne, to your left:  Susan and Harriet, your maids of honor!”  The two earlier girlfriends of Udo were wearing festive bridesmaids' dresses and seemed to Yvonne quite friendly to see her; they seemed to bow when Pam touched them in each case, or were they just wobbling on their display plates? Yvonne slightly bowed to them in turn, smiling.

“And to your right:  Barbie 42 and Barbie 43!  They, by the way, never have any trouble standing straight; they've always been plastic!”  Pam chuckled at her little joke.  “Barbie 42 I fitted for a trousers suit – she is standing in as your bridegroom, because I unfortunately don't have any male shop window mannequins right now,” apologized Pam. “And as for Barbie 43 – can you read her placard?”

Barbie 43 was in the same pose as Yvonne, but was not modeling a bridal dress, only white lingerie, and instead of the purse held a sign:  “We also furnish everything for the perfect wedding night!” Yvonne read the sign and smiled with satisfaction.

“So, to the last things!” Pam called, and left the display for a few moments.

When she came back, Pam bent down and attached a large gold brooch to Yvonne's skirt. “That shows the price of your bridal dress,” commented Pam; Yvonne noticed the same kind of tags on the other dresses – she was another step closer to actually being a mannequin!

“And now, Yvonne,” Pam stood next to the lovely young woman on the platform, sighing deeply before continuing:  “You are finely-dressed like a most attractive bride, posed like an authentic mannequin, and located in a window display. By glancing at Barbie 43 or Susan, you can see what your future existence will be as shop window figure.  I must ask you one final time: do you, of your own free will, actually wish to become a genuine, irrevocably stiff display mannequin?”

Yvonne took a deep breath: “YES, I really do!”

“Then I'll inject you the plasticizing elixir now!  After few minutes you will become immovably rigid, and by tomorrow morning you will be thoroughly transformed into a hard, hollow, air-headed mannequin,” explained Pam solemnly. “There will be no going back, no changing your mind.  If you are ready, stretch out your left arm, so I can find a place to insert the needle!”

Yvonne turned and presented her left arm; Pam tied her bicep with a rubber cord.  A few seconds later the large syringe pricked Yvonne's veins and the process began; before a minute had passed, the entire contents of the syringe was in Yvonne's bloodstream.  Pam untied the rubber strap, looking at her watch.  “You must breathe in and out for 2 minutes, very deeply. Udo practiced that with you?  Do it now; very full breaths, fill your lungs with air.”

Yvonne nodded, inhaling.  She already felt a bit dizzy-headed.

“You've probably caught on that you must hyper-ventilate, don't faint.  Hold your mannequin pose while I do the final checking of your appearance!”

Yvonne breathed deeply in and out, while Pam guided her left hand back into position to nicely show off the bridal purse.

“Tomorrow morning,” Pam began to tease Yvonne, whispering in her ear, “I'm going to exchange you with Barbie 43!  I will zip her into your bridal dress, and you'll be left standing on display in your underwear! You won't be able to lift so much as a finger to stop me, either,” Pam said, and Yvonne felt her excitation returning suddenly; it had decreased during her travel on the handcart. “I'll probably fold away the top layer of your bra, too, exposing your nipples for all the world to see!” Pam added as she fondled Yvonne's heaving chest.

Yvonne's nipples became so hard that they now appeared through the covering of the bra and bridal gown.

Pam noticed Yvonne's reaction and continued to increase her caresses.  “So soon now you won't be able to touch yourself any longer, but I can creep under your skirt and tickle your clitoris any time I want! All I have to do is to rub lightly against the rubber slip, the egg will transfer my contact, strengthened, directly to your clit!”

The prospect of being played with like some kind of sex toy brought Yvonne almost to another climax, before the elixir had really affected her fully.  She panted violently but not deeply, no longer hyperventilating, but because of her burning desire.

“You must stop taking in air now, so the transformation can begin!” Pam introduced the last step.

“Can't.  Do.  It!”  Gasped Yvonne, “Gotten so. Horny. Have to reach.  The top.”

“You've got to make your oxygen scarce, otherwise nothing will happen!”  Pam said seriously and placed a breathing mask over Yvonne's mouth and nose. With her next shallow breath Yvonne blew the plastic sack up; because of the breathing mask she started to inhale the same, used-up air again. After a few breaths, the remaining oxygen in the breathing air and in Yvonne's blood became less and less. “When the oxygen falls under 5%, everything becomes rigid and stiff – then when you cannot move any longer, you'll be a mannequin!” Pam whispered.

Yvonne could only gasp and groan; the prospect of becoming a hardened window figure excited her tremendously, maybe even more than it aroused her sexually.  She tried not to breathe so deeply, but immediate orgasmic desire started to win out over long-term rapture.   She dropped her purse and started rubbing her crotch with her left hand.

Pam observed the air-bag, which blew up itself again and again, the sides pulling together violently under Yvonne's hard breathing.  Yvonne was obviously too strongly excited; in this condition she would not be able to reduce the oxygen sharply as first planned so her final pose when she did harden would not be predictable.  Pam decided to switch to ‘Plan B’.

“Stop moving around!” Pam whispered urgently, “and listen carefully – resume your display pose – I will help you to reach your goal.”  

Pam bent over and lifted up Yvonne's gown and tulle petticoat with her left hand, while her other hand held the mask over Yvonne's ruby-red bow-shaped lips and moaning opened mouth.

Pam's left hand found Yvonne's pubic mound, her fingers groping for the buzzy egg, which continued to stimulate Yvonne's clit, while all the while watching the air-bag. Slowly the indicator changed its color from greenish to a bright yellow:  the oxygen level had dropped under 7%!

“Don't blink, close your eyes!” Pam whispered in Yvonne's ear, “and enjoy what fun I'm going to have with your little helper-egg now!”  Pam began to move the egg in the rubber slip in a circle over Yvonne's inner sex.

“Oh!  Oh! Ohh!”  Her shrieks were only short gasps now.  Obediently Yvonne closed her eyes and paid attention to the core of her being; the constant physical stimulation brought Yvonne still closer to her climax.

“I'm coming too early!” she cried, muffled, into the breathing mask, but she was wrong.  Just then the indicator turned reddish; the oxygen level was below 5%!

“Eyes open! Stop your breathing!” ordered Pam. “You're right on the money!”

Those last words eased Yvonne; while her building orgasm became more and more intense, she inhaled deeply, reflexively, until the breathing bag was completely empty.  She opened her eyes wide in ecstasy and seemed to pause at the absolute peak of that endless moment.  Pam took the mask off Yvonne's mouth, and Yvonne could see herself in the reflecting mirror.  She tried to close her mouth somewhat but her muscles had turned suddenly rigid.

With far open eyes and partially opened mouth Yvonne solidified, while that ultimate orgasm rolled over her!  It was the most enormous, thundering, climax that Yvonne had ever experienced!  She wanted to cry out in triumphal desire, but her lungs, vocal cords, and tongue were already solid – every part of her body was becoming hard, rigid:  Utterly immovable!

Pam noticed Yvonne's last facial expression as she solidified was luckily a slight smile with only a hint of something more lustful deep in her eyes.  That moment was now forever frozen; and no further movement would ever take place, but Pam could smell clearly that Yvonne had reached her climax – from the edges of Yvonne's rubber slip the vaginal juices dripped!

Pam rubbed at the vibrator egg, knowing Yvonne should be allowed savor her climax fully; in truth Yvonne's orgasm was becoming colossal, because she could not move a millimeter to release her urges properly!   As soon as the first one started to fade, another full orgasm gripped her motionless figure, then another, as the egg continued to beat its stimulating rhythm in her sex.

Pam felt the stream of the desire juices flowing over her fingers and whispered to Yvonne: “Your intense excitement makes you so slippery that you're literally dripping wet! That's good, too, since the faster your body loses liquid the more quickly you will become a proper, hard, hollow display mannequin!”

Yvonne understood the words and implications perfectly; her ongoing arousal was helping to make her a genuine window display figure.  At last she had fallen into, no become entrapped, in an erotic feedback loop that fulfilled her fantasy while she could enjoy constant orgasms!

For the next two minutes Pam worked her magic fingers on Yvonne's desire spot, then she bent and at last put her hands on Yvonne's sexless crotch.  She plugged in a collecting hose to drain any more liquids into a plastic jug and switched the egg-like vibrator to remote controlled mode, allowing her to continue to hasten Yvonne's lust from a distance anytime she wished.

Finally she carefully draped Yvonne's bridal dress, concealing the apparatus, and then left the shop window. Yvonne remained frozen in place.  Pam cleared up the various boxes, arranged the curtains of the changing rooms and tidied up the workroom. Yvonne's street clothes could be taken care of the next day.  She left her fashion shop and locked the main entrance securely.

The stiffly multiple-climaxing Yvonne had come again; most everything else faded into a sort of distant daydream.  She barely heard the locking of the entryway. Then a few seconds later the lights in the shop window went out; the glass didn't reflect her image any more and Yvonne could see Pam standing on the sidewalk outside, wistfully looking in at her newest display figure.  Yvonne could not grasp how her newly artificial appearance beckoned to the pensive shopkeeper.

Then Pam visibly jumped at something that broke her dangerous reverie; she reached into her bag, looked at her mobile telephone.  Her face showed only a brief shock, then with a smile in the direction of Yvonne, Pam shoved the mobile telephone back in her bag and walked quickly out of the view from the window.  This time Yvonne concentrated on the outside world enough to hear the key turn in the lock and a door opening followed by rapid footsteps.  Then Pam paused for a breath and explained to her newest mannequin:  “I forgot the alarm settings! This complex alarm installation detects any human presence, even if they aren't moving.  You're not a doll quite yet!”  Pam laughed.

Yvonne listened as Pam tapped on the keys of the computer.  “Now the building knows that you are a window mannequin, standing there,” Pam called to Yvonne, while she ruffled her petticoats to examine the can at the end of the collecting hose. “You have already released a half liter of fluid by your fervent desire!”  She added. “When I'm outside again, I'll switch on your vibrator and leave it on, all night,” Pam continued. “You will be further excited, have yet more orgasms, and eliminate more water.  The more fluids you release, the harder and hollower you'll become!”  Pam let the words work sink in, then concluded: “This evening I'm locking you up with four genuine mannequins in the window alcove; tomorrow morning, when I come back, there will be five perfect mannequin figures located in my display!”

Yvonne heard for the last time Pam's receding footsteps, how the entrance door was closed up tight, secured by the alarm system. Outside on the sidewalk, Pam bowed before the motionless, beautiful Yvonne as she stood so stiffly posed in the bridal showcase.  Again Pam sighed before pointing a remote control toward Yvonne's platform and pressing a button.  The egg’s vibrations began again, tickling the core of Yvonne's desire, this time from afar.  Then, with a grin, Pam turned and walked away.

Quickly the arousal built inside Yvonne's rigid body and the desire juices began to flow again as she could feel another climax engulf her.  Pam's last sentence resounded like an afterthought:  The greater the excitation and the juicier she became, the faster she would be transformed into a completely hollow (not only hollow-headed) actual shop window mannequin! Her most zealous desire was about to be fulfilled!

Then, with a timer, the lights went in the display, and Yvonne saw herself reflected through eyes that became ever glassier:  A particularly life-like mannequin, dressed and detailed gorgeously, standing between genuine display window dolls!

Then the next overwhelming orgasm was upon her; Yvonne was falling into the waves of absolute bliss, succumbing to the endless moments of pure pleasure. Wave after wave crashed over her consciousness and rinsed every past thought and memory away.

 * * *

The next morning when she opened the shop, Pam emptied the container holding the fluid drained over night from Yvonne; it was almost overflowing.  Without all that water Yvonne was now as light and hollow as any other plastic mannequin.  Her strappy sandals held the stiffened figure in place on the display stand; otherwise Yvonne would topple over in an instant.

Pam gazed at the latest result of her craft, not knowing if curiosity would eventually change her too into a lovely timeless shell. 

In one hour Udo would be coming over to install the joints at the new mannequin’s waist, shoulders, and wrists; while Udo worried about Yvonne, Pam would be selecting more suitable underthings, because her newest friend would have wanted her increased breast size to be fully appreciated by the patrons and motionlessly entice them with the finest in bridal lingerie…


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